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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Large Light Green Luminescent 'Birds' Observed Over Hayward, CA

NOTE: I received the following inquiry from Elaine who hopes to find a explanation for a sighting she experienced:

"I believe it might have been a little more than a year and a half ago. I was outside in my backyard at night when I heard a weird squawking noise, almost like a seagull, but different. I look up at the sky and see a flock of birds flying.

Their wings were straight out, unmoving, and they were flying in a straight line. It was like they were gliding. I could see them well against the dark sky. They were what I can only describe as a light green luminescent color. There was a faint light coming from them, almost like they were glowing.

They continued to glide across and over my house, towards the front. I ran inside my house and towards the front door. I could still hear them, but I couldn't see them anymore.

My younger brother had also seen these birds, once alone and once with my mother. On both occasions, they had only seen one bird, but they were the same kind that I had seen and with that same squawk.

The thing is, as far as I know, birds rarely fly at night, let alone a flock of them. Do you have any idea what they could have been?"

Elaine from CA

I asked Elaine for further details...she forwarded the following:

"Thanks for replying!"

"There was probably around 5 to 7 of them. They were flying real close together.

As for the location, I live in Hayward, CA.

I'm sure it was after 8 or 9 p.m. being that it was fairly dark outside. It was around the end of summer or the beginning of fall, I'm not exactly sure.

The birds were flying not too high up, but not too low. I would say around 20 ft.

The birds looked like they were fairly large. I could see them well against the sky. When I think about it, they kinda of remind me of seagull, but they didn't sound like seagulls and had a different shape to them.

I actually told the rest of my family about this and my grandmother told me that they were probably witches. Where she grew up, there had been a old woman that was believed to be a witch and the woman had turned into a big, black bird. But then again, the birds I saw were a pale greenish color."

NOTE: The first thing I thought was a radio controlled device...but that is unlikely since these were multiple objects flying in a straight line and probably too large in size. The former native people of this area, the Costanoan and Ohlone, recognized several bird species in their beliefs, namely the hummingbird, eagle and a falcon. As well, there are the 'thunderbird' legends that seem to be part of most native cultures in some degree. The only natural species of bird that I can find that uses the bay area as part of a flyway and somewhat resembles the description would be Canadian Geese. Also, I am unaware of any military installations in the immediate area...though, I doubt this would be military related anyway. If anyone has information or thoughts on Elaine's sighting, please comment...Lon

Large Light Green Luminescent 'Birds' Observed Over Hayward, CA

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