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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Gable Film' Revealed As Hoax...MonsterQuest Ends It's Run

MonsterQuest's statement for this evening's broadcast of 'AMERICA’S WOLFMAN'

History says that a large and wolf-like beast is the stuff of legend, but recently uncovered film footage and new witnesses say something frightening is out there. MonsterQuest heads into the dark, isolated forests of the Midwest to search for this creature and analyzes the evidence to finally end this mystery.

Personally, I believe that there is a cryptid wolf-like creature in the northern midwest based on the eyewitness accounts I have seen and investigated. Tonight's presentation did prove one thing....the 'Gable Film' is a hoax. Yes, the truth was finally revealed after all the speculation. Honestly, I don't know what motivates people to create hoaxes and it irritates the hell out if me each time one is uncovered.

Nonetheless, one's person's cheap thrills does not change my feelings about this cryptid. There may not be a 'Michigan Dogman' on film but, IMO, there is an unknown creature roaming somewhere in the area.

Honestly, this MonsterQuest production was one of the best in the entire series. It included fact based evidence (include debunking a hoax) and restrained from using ridiculous conjecture and time filler. I suppose they were saving the best for last...this episode marked the end of the MonsterQuest series.

The producer of MonsterQuest, Doug Hajicek, passed along a statement to Cryptomundo today:

Dear MonsterQuest Fans,

Like many of you, I am a bit saddened by the official cancellation of MonsterQuest. However, we will continue to produce similar programming in the future as opportunities arise.

Cryptozoology will always be passion for me personally.

The official end of MonsterQuest did not happen because of any lack of topics or for lack of viewers. The Network has decided to go another direction to assure their future as a powerful force in television. We are extremely happy to have been part of the successful growth of the History Channel.

I am forever grateful to Loren Coleman and everyone at Cryptomundo. I also thank the hundreds of researchers, scientists and the courageous witnesses we had a chance to work with over the last four years.

It was an amazing run for the topic of Cryptozoology in prime time.

I am sincerely humbled by the opportunity to have created so much programming on this fascinating topic.

Doug Hajicek
Producer/ Creator/ MonsterQuest
Whitewolf Entertainment Inc.

MonsterQuest did bring cryptozoology into the homes of many people who had little idea what the study of 'perceived nonexistent animals' was. That said and for various reasons, I also feel the series ran it's course. Maybe in the future, more in-depth productions will evolve from the spectre of MonsterQuest...Lon

'Gable Film' Revealed As Hoax...MonsterQuest Ends It's Run