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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flashing Lights / UFO Battles: What's Going On Over Slough?

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maidenhead-advertiser - A baffled father-of-three is trying to work out if he saw a series of UFO attacks above Slough.

Richard Gibbons, who lives in Sussex Place, photographed black dots darting around the afternoon sky followed by explosions at the end of last month.

The 44-year-old said it 'freaked him out a bit'.

"These black dots were darting around looking like they were attacking this star and then you'd see these explosions," he said.

"It looked like something out of Star Wars."

UFO Report: Cippenham, Slough-4th January 2010

Location of Sighting: Cippenham, Slough
Date of Sighting: 04/01/2010
Time: 2205
Witness Name: Mike

Witness Statement: I’m not one to believe in UFO sightings mainly because I have never seen one. Until last night…..

I was driving down my road in an easterly direction just after 10PM. It was a very cold and clear night and the visability was excellent. I saw a bright orange ball rapidly shoot up into the night sky. The object looked like it was launched from the ground and seemed to hover at altitude. Obviously the ball got smaller the higher it went but eventually it hovered in the same position almost like a very bright star.

Less than a minute later another orange ball apeared, moving rapidly upwards and in a similar direction to the first. Several followed shortly after (around 7 in total) and they all hovered for a while before quickly disapearing one by one in quick sucession.

These were something I could not explain. They were definitely not lanterns, fireworks, planes or helicopters. They almost seemed to move initially in a rocket like fashion before standing still. I was quite a distance away but the orange orb like objects seemed to be quite large.

The objects looked like they were a few miles away so I am wondering if anyone closer could shed any light on what they were. They were quite spectacular and were seen by several people on the same road as me. Surley others saw the same thing. I live in Slough, Berkshire and they came from a north easterly direction.

Maybe there is a rational explanation for these particular UFOs but personally, I have never seen anything like it.

January 16th 2008 : Slough, Buckinghamshire, England

Slough, Bucks, U.K. A Flash And Then A Circular UFO

Date: January 16, 2008
Time: 11.30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Slough Bucks, U.K.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular very bright light.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was outside in the garden putting out the rubbish. I looked up into the sky and while looking at the stars, all of a sudden there was a flash in the upper atmosphere followed by the appearance of a circular object. It was super white and a little reflective looking. It looked like either heat shimmer or I could describe it as liquid light? It had a crisp hard edge to it against the darkness of the sky and it stayed for about 2-3 seconds and as quick as it appeared, it vanished with a little blink. It only wobbled a tiny bit all the two seconds it was there and it didn't fly or move around the sky. In terms of size, I could see the moon in the sky at same time and it was about a quarter of the moons size. Did anyone else see it ?

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


Dozens of mysterious lights seen flashing over the night sky in Slough have left a woman convinced she saw a UFO.

Reports of the strange sighting have come from Carol Swan who was at home in Britwell on Saturday at 11.40pm when she saw about 20 lights coming from behind a row of houses off Travic Road, Slough.

Mrs Swan, of Goodwin Road, said: 'I have never seen anything as spectacular or moving in my life, and I must admit I felt quite emotional. Truthfully I think it was UFOs, it was absolutely breathtaking."

Mrs Swan was unable to get any photographs of the sighting but she is keen to see if anyone else spotted anything strange in the sky around the same time.

The sighting of the lights last for about five to seven minutes.


In 1967, in late October/early November, there was a spate of UFO sightings in the skies over Slough. Two of the sightings were made by Bob Percival, the chief reporter at the Slough Express newspaper. As well as being a journalist, he also had over 25 years' flying experience.

Both Mr Percival's sightings were on a Saturday. The first was in the early morning, when he saw a bright shining cross in the sky, which appeared to be hovering over London Airport. However, he was certain that this was actually the planet Venus.

His second sighting took place in the evening, and this one he was unable to explain away. He described it as looking like a blinking red ball with a cigar-shaped tail beneath it - like an upside-down exclamation mark. It was south-east of Cippenham, where he lived, and appeared to be north of London Airport. He observed it for 4 minutes during which time it remained perfectly still.

The previous Thursday there had been two other sightings. The first was in the morning, by housewife Christine Deuchart. From her balcony, she saw a light in the sky. It was a bright glowing ball, silver in the centre with a halo of white light around it. It was quite low in the sky, hanging over Suters tower, and moved in a circle as if inspecting the tower, before moving off northwards.

There was another sighting in the evening, by library assistant Patricia Gainer. She was travelling home on the bus from Maidenhead, and looking out of the window at the Huntercombe roundabout she saw a silver oval shape in the sky. It split into 6 smaller shapes, which moved off in the same direction as the bus. She kept track of them until she got off the bus at Slough Town Hall. They weren't reflections in the glass, as she still saw them after getting off the bus, and she was certain that it wasn't an aircraft.

After this flurry of activity it seemed to go quiet, and there were no further reports of UFO sightings in the local papers.

NOTE: there have been many UFO reports over the years from Slough (Buckinghamshire? Berkshire?) in the UK. The recent flap of sightings, including the recent 'UFO attacks' seems to suggest that the area is becoming a hotbed...Lon


Flashing Lights / UFO Battles: What's Going On Over Slough?