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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart

NOTE: AlienPhotog and David Eckhart, contactees who disclosed their experiences on 'Phantoms and Monsters', got together for a very interesting interview. The interview links are provided below. As well, links to their anecdotes and evidence are also provided...Lon

Part 1: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010

Part 2: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-1

Part 3: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-2

Part 4: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-3

Part 5; http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-4

Part 6: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-from

Part 7: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-5

Part 8: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-6

Part 9: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-7

Part 10: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-8

Part 11: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-9

Part 12: http://ufozone.ning.com/video/alienufo-radio-show-3172010-10

David Eckhart's Alien / Human Entity Activity Videos

Photo and Video Archive / Updates

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Contact: AlienPhotog Interviews David Eckhart

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