Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Never Ending Mystery of Those Nasty Chem-Trails

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - I am not sure who took this photo as a friend sent it to me and did not have that information. I wanted you l to see it as it is exactly like the colorful large cloud masses that are sprayed where I live on the coast of Long Island New York.

They are first sprayed out as extremely long (covering miles of sky) white fluffy lines that immediately start to spread out to a wide long cloud. Shortly after the cloud becomes wide and full it begins to change color until it looks exactly like the cloud in this photo taken along the Idaho and Washington border.

Who ever took this photo commented on how it was a chem-trail that was sprayed white and turned just as the ones I see do. The photographer commented that they think the chem-trails are sprayed with aluminum and barium. You can see in this photo how the white chem-trail turns into pretty colors as it spreads and lingers for hours in the sky. Contrails are not anywhere as long as a chem trail. People have been seeing these long lines for the last 22 years since spraying has started. A contrail from a high performance jet would be less than 1/4 that length. They spray long chem-trails like this and at the same time spray much shorter ones to confuse everyone so they have no understanding of what is happening right over their heads.

Along with this photo and comments I recently received a group of emails from my readers who have been paying attention to their skies and have noticed the bizarre constant spraying going on over their heads. Many send me photo’s all are concerned.

I watch as this activity continues and know it is a huge event that we need to understand. I have tried many times to write about this subject yet it seems to be one topic that the public seems to refuse to take seriously or worry about.

We are having an extreme winter where I live. The world seems to be off balance in many ways yet we seem to be almost drugged in reaction to all of these things. I can only continue to show you videos and photo’s and passes on the growing concerns of others who also are aware we are in the middle of something that is unnatural and possibility dangerous to us all.

I will leave you all with an email I received from a reader named Tommy from Texas. Tommy shares my concerns. Tommy understands that this spraying is not normal and has given time to thinking about what is happening to all of us.


I just wanted to say that I completely agree with you about the whole Chem-trail/HAARP issue.

I really wish they would stop spraying our skies. I live in Texas and virtually every blue sky, sunny day is eventually covered in Chem-trails. Then followed by several ugly gray, usually rainy, dank, dreary days – it is making me sick.

I have tried to tell co-workers and others about the whole issue and like you said – they kind of look at me as some sort of nut. But I will continue to point it out to people and hopefully get them thinking on their own.

I also have a theory: I think the HARRP project/program is destroying the magnetosphere as it apparently is utilizing electromagnetic forces that ‘push’ the fake clouds to where they need them (or don’t need them). I have been reading about how that there is a big hole in the magnetosphere – I believe the HAARP people are causing it. I don’t think they caused it intentionally though, it just happens to be a by-product.

The big problem with all of this is: Solar Flares disrupting the power grids in 2012 and 2013. The magnetosphere is what helps protect the earth from solar flares – but with a big hole in it – Zappo!


I hope all of you will begin to waken from the fog and start to pay attention to your surroundings. It is important that we are aware of what happens around us including watching the sky.

You need to notice if you are in an area that has heavy spraying if you are sick often or if your weather is different or if people seem numb and mechanical.

I think we are in a time of needed change and part of that change is our becoming aware instead of oblivious.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
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