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Friday, February 26, 2010

MUFON Photo: UFO / Alien / Black Ops? - Over Pacific Ocean

MUFON witness report (unedited): While traveling to Korea I took a picture of a cloud that to me looks like Abraham Lincoln. The picture clearly shows why I took the picture but what I found many years later was some what confusing. Now I do know what the two beings in the photo as well as the aircraft is. In the Army I was a Top Gun M1A1 Abrams Gunner, and until the photo thought I was trained on all vehicles of this world whether foreign or domestic. I did not see this vehicle in broad daylight with the naked eye and it was hoovering right next to my plane as we flew over the ocean. The object in question is clearly shown on the picture. I have been trying to get MUFON to analyze the pic but have been told that unless I have the negatives that my case is of no importance. If MUFON is on a quest to find out the truth not only do I have more evidence but I have also been visited by the visitors and now dream dreams of end of the world destruction and things to come. I have had white liquid leaking form my eye sockets from being visited and objects around me being picked up by the visitor who presented themselves to me invisible. My son has also been contacted by the visitors. He since seeing them has been confused ever since. I am not trying to make a name for myself but am interested in what MUFON opinion is of this photo. The object is blue/ black/ and white. The beings on the picture have double eyelids bird like features and the look somewhat like humans. In my dreams they look the same. All I would like is someone from MUFON to look at the pic. I will even bring the pic to MUFON. This is not a hoax. I am also positive that I can help with your research of demensional travel as well. I have given a picture to the U.S. Airforce and was told if I value my life, that I will not show the picture. The airforce did tell me that it is one of the militaries AUROA PROJECTS and they do not know how I got it. Interesting huh! The bolts from my government vehicle when I was in the Army was also stripped from my vehicle and in an attempt to take my life. So why am I trying to be silence for coming forward with this truth. I am now a disabled Vet and have nothing else to lose. The people have to know the truth and I have some evidence to help my claim. This Is not a HOAX!

NOTE: well, don't know what to make of this one....but the witness definitely photographed 'something'. Though I have no idea who this person is, I truly hope MUFON looks into these claims...Lon