Tuesday, February 14, 2017

'Craig, I'm home'

Craig called in to tell of something weird he experienced at his home:

“Me and my buddy one time, we were downstairs. I was like 10. We were playing with toys or whatever. We were playing with Nintendo. I don't really remember exactly what it was but we heard 'Craig, I'm home.' I was like, Okay, I'm like, wicked, we run upstairs, my dad's home. Run to the door and nobody is there, right. I'm like, Okay, whatever. I go back downstairs. My buddy Ryan is like, that's weird. I'm not sure if he heard the same thing or not. I'd have to ask him. It was a long time ago. But like 30 minutes later, the exact same thing, like, 'Craig, I'm home.' I just froze. I didn't know what to do. Anyway, I walked up the stairs and he was actually home that time but I heard that exact same thing like 30 minutes apart.

Another time, I'm with my brother...he was 14. I was like 12. It was two years later or so and we were in the living-room and he's messing around with something he shouldn't have been messing with. Anyway, I look through the curtains because I'm kind of freaking out because he shouldn't have what he has, and I see my dad walking up the grass, coming across. He used to walk home from taking the bus. I saw him come right up to the door as I was running downstairs and my brother was running upstairs. I saw him at the door, right. I go downstairs, I heard the door opening, I go downstairs, start fiddling with the TV acting like everything is cool, you know what I mean, and nobody is there. So I go back upstairs, I look around. He's not there. I walk outside, he's not there. Go back downstairs, start watching TV and, boom, I hear the door open. It was like 10 minutes later. I heard the door open and he was actually home. He came down and I wouldn't even talk to him, it was so messed up.”

Source: Jimmy Church - Fade To Black – February 8, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Time slips, an entity...or simply imagination? Sight & sound manifestations of some type? It's your call. Lon

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