Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Bloodied BEK

Keith from Sidney, Australia wrote to Dave Schrader about a BEK experience he'd had:

“I live near Sydney in a busy part of town. One afternoon I was asleep, as I work nights and there was a knocking on the front door. I had to walk down the stairs to answer. Whoever was knocking was very persistent so I couldn't just ignore it. I went down and looked through the spy hole and saw two young girls. I couldn't see much of them and asked what they wanted. One said, 'we're hurt, let us in. We're hurt.' I couldn't make out their faces and then noticed there was blood on their hands. I opened the door and they hurried in. I was still a bit groggy from sleep but saw the blood on their clothes and hands. I asked where their parents were and they just said, 'far away.' I told them I would call an ambulance and turned to get my phone. As I did, the brown haired girl grabbed my arm with a lot of strength and told me not to go. I was taken aback by this. I looked at her face and saw that she had pure black eyes. This freaked me out and I pulled out of her grasp, a little too hard and I went to grab my phone that was in the next room. This all occurred in under a minute and I was quite shocked that this was happening. When I got back they were gone. I checked the house. They had vanished. I ran out the front and down the stairs to look down the street but still nothing. I was thinking to myself that I must be stuck in a dream. I thought that until I got to my steps and saw the blood stains on my front door then saw the blood on my arm and it wasn't mine. I told my wife when she got home and she showed me the black eyed kids info on the internet. I'd never heard of them before. I had a few bruises on my arm from when that child grabbed me and they lasted until a few days later.”

Source: Darkness Radio – June 2, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

The Black Eyed Children and Leprechan Press

Strange Intruders and Leprechan Press

Humanoid Encounters Series - 6 Books - Albert S. Rosales

The Black Eyed Kids


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