Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Look at the Gas Plant Entity - UPDATE

In March 2013, I posted a photo and commentary from a witness at a gas plant in Kenedy, TX. The information was forwarded to me by Ken Pfeifer.

I subsequently received a follow-up sighting in nearby Beeville, TX in September 2013.

On Tuesday, I received the following image and description from clairvoyant artist J.K.McCandless:

Attached is the drawing I told you I would do. I think it is enough to answer the question of: What is it? This was done completely independent of the photo.

After I completed it I looked at the video by Stephen Hannard ADGUK, titled: Creepy Entity Caught At Texas Gas Plant.

I looked at the close up version and I saw the reptilian with its mouth tugged downward on his left side. I also recognized the deer head and saddle horn at the top. Other objects have been covered, I think, or bagged, so I drew certain things beyond the covers. The pair of boots are covering a head of a man who has had his face split in two. The face can be seen through them.

A full-size image can be found here --> Gas Plant Entity - Full-Sized:

NOTE: I invite you to 'pick' the image apart and study the various parts. What are we looking at? Lon

UPDATE: I received a telephone call from abduction experiencer David Eckhart this evening. As soon as he noticed the drawing, he immediately gave me a call. He stated that the reptilian beings he encountered, on occasion, would outfit themselves in a bulky wooly-like 'cloak' that helped to camouflage them under certain conditions. David said that he witnessed this attire several times during the years of his ordeal...Lon

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