Tuesday, January 07, 2014

David Weatherly's 'Strange Intruders'

As soon as you look at the book cover, you instantly know that you're going to enjoy the content. David Weatherly's 'Strange Intruders' is a wonderful collection of real-life narratives and anecdotes, that includes engaging information about various beings and phenomena.

What are these beings? Why do they exist? And will they return? David makes an exceptional attempt in explaining the nature of these phenomena. Those who enjoy the works of John Keel and H.P. Lovecraft will recognize a similar writing style...by rationally describing experiences that defy the natural order of things.

I was distinctly attracted to the Djinn encounters by U.S service members in Iraq, the 'Shadow People' scenarios, the Malaysian 'Oily Man', the 'Grinning Man' confrontations (including David's personal incident) and those unknown beings 'Hiding in Human Form' (which was my favorite chapter). An array of extraordinary circumstances and events are keenly presented in 'Strange Intruders.'

David Weatherly's previous book 'Black Eyed Children' was an excellent study of the mystifying BEK phenomenon. Since then, David received numerous reports of personal encounters with black eyed children and adults. Those fascinating accounts are included in 'Strange Intruders.'

I highly recommend 'Strange Intruders'...it is a 'must read' for any devotee of the unexplained and a 'must have' for any paranormal library. Lon

You can purchase 'Strange Intruders' and 'Black Eyed Children' at Leprechaun Press

173 pages
Published by Leprechaun Press (first published August 2013)

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