Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alien Implant Horror

I received this interesting narrative on Tuesday:

Hello Lon,

I am writing to you to tell you about a strange development that has occurred to me throughout my life. I am a bit hesitant to write about this due to the fact that I don't want to be looked at as crazy nor as a science experiment. I approach you knowing you and your site are honest and welcoming to the many strange things that happen in this big world of ours. The following may be some of the strangest accounts you have heard but they are sadly all true.

I honestly am not sure what is happening to me but the only rational thing I can think is that for some reason I have been continually exposed to having implants put into my body. When I was about 15 sudden I found that on my mid section I had a series of 8 bumps protruding from the skin right underneath, but following, my bottom of my rib cage (4 on each side). The bumps are perfectly spaced and it almost looks as if something was there to spread my ribs. I had showed my doctor them at one point and he just looked at me puzzled and said ,"Huh, I've never seen something like that before." I am in my early 30's now and the bumps are still there and the strange thing about them is that they will raise and lower during periods of high energy. My wife is fascinated by them and wants me to show them to who ever will listen but I am cautious.

If the bumps weren't strange enough about 10 years ago I was roused from sleep suddenly at 5:30 am for no apparent reason but at the same time I felt completely refreshed (I am not a morning person). I carried on my day as usual but later I happened to look at my arms and noticed a strange development. If I held my hands palm up and closed my fingers my wrists moved as if there is pistons under the skin. Now I know some people have something "sort of" similar but no like this. It truly looks as if when I close my fingers the "piston" moves down a good 1" up my arm and when I open the fingers it returns back.

About six years ago I ,again, awoke suddenly at 2:00 am and felt the need to go to the bathroom (which I am rarely ever awoken by need to relieve myself). I went to the bathroom and as I turned to leave and I blacked out and fell on the bathtub. It only took a moment to collect myself from the floor and I crawled back into bed. I am not one to go to the doctors office very often nor the ER but when I woke up I told my wife I needed my ribs checked out. At the hospital I had chest x-rays done to which I had cracked two of my ribs. In our hospital when they get x-rays back they put them up to examine them in the nurses station to which a patient can look out and see them. My wife and I kept hearing the doctors saying, "What is that?" and when I opened the curtain of my room I saw they were looking at my x-ray and on it about where my left pectoral muscle sets was the perfect image of a black box with wires coming from the top about 3" long and 2" wide. The doctors kept staring at it and discussing it but when they came to my room nothing was mentioned. I don't have heart problems and the only surgery I have had is on my right knee (so it wasn't a pace maker).

I know you must be reading this thinking this guy is just messing with me but I swear all of it is true but sadly my latest development is the most strangest thing to date. It was an event that I even had a hard time approaching my wife about for fear she would think I had lost it. So other than my wife you are the second one to hear this. Two days ago I was sitting on our couch just relaxing before supper the tv wasn't on and it was kind of getting dark out. I happened to look over at the arm of the couch and suddenly in my left eye three lines of alien like symbols appeared scrolling in a Matrix fashion only in an almost illuminated blue light. The problem was it wasn't something I was seeing it was literally IN my eye and it happened to me two more times that night. The symbols scrolled so fast I could only pick up 4 or 5 of them but it put me in mind of a computer doing diagnostics. After going to bed I was again awoken from my sleep feeling refreshed at 5:30. I am not sure if anything new has been added or if something has been removed.

I don't use drugs, I quit drinking 8 years ago so I am clueless. I am beginning to feel like I am being transformed into a cyborg slowly. It's mad and ludicrous but I am helpless and left without any answers. I fear going too public about it since I don't want experimented on or worse (grabbed by a secret agency). I have no issues with publishing this as it may help others who are just as afraid as I am. I have enclosed pictures I have tried to draw via paint to try to show what I have going on.


The Aliens and the Scalpel

Casebook: Alien Implants (Whitley Strieber's Hidden Agendas)

Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda


Lucas said...

I stumbled across a new show on the Science channel about UFOs while I was reading this. The show is horrible and a disgrace to the paranormal community. It's called Uncovering Aliens and it's set in Myrtle Beach for this episode. This idiot saw lights over the beach and filmed them, calling them UFOs. I live here and all it is are C-17s out of Charleston dropping flares over the ocean. I used to see them several times a week in the summer. They then go to the wrong Air Force base to ask about military activity in the area. The guy making the claims also has a blatantly doctored image as well. There is so much fail in this show my head is hurting. Grrr!

J.Griffin said...

that comment doesn't help the poor soul trying to come to terms with their experiences.

It is strange that the docs didn't say anything if the account is true as described.

I'm guessing MILAB.

Look it up-
yes,they ARE real.

if you are looking into MK-Ultra,
you should research the
Monarch Program and the
Franklin Federal Credit Union.

The best material on the
Franklin Cover-up is the book by
Sen.John W. DeKamp.

The Monarch Program came from

It is very simple in principle yet HORRID in practice.

If you are interested,
then please just respond to this comment and I will tell you more.

Lon Strickler said...

J.Griffin...sure, I'm interested in the information. Lon

EmeraldMist said...

I had the "matrix" thing happen to me before. It lasted for an hour after I was trying to learn how to see auras. A friend of mine tried to explain how to see them, and I spent an afternoon trying out her technique. Only it to my surprise, I only saw scrolling symbols floating around me. I was scared that I broke something in my head or something. This is the first time I've read anything similar.

sporto22 said...

Lon,you try and follow up with him to see if you can get a copy of the x-ray.
all he has to do is sign a
form to receive his medical documents.If you have info that makes you feel confident
it's true,you should contact Dr.Leer,he would probably get involved.

Arcturus said...

Well, this ought to be the easiest thing in the world to verify if this person is serious about it. If they are not, then this is the easiest thing in the world to dismiss.

The Thrifty Collector said...

To the writer of the story, I would encourage him to read about the experiences of Ken Bakeman (The Verges, Vol. 1) and Eva Draconis (Orion Mind Project) and perhaps even communicate with them. There is a growing community of human "participants" being used in an agenda that is very difficult for us to comprehend. I have done a lot of research on this phenomenon and all I can say is that you are not alone.

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