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Casting Out The Devil

New North, 'Rhinelander', Wisconsin - 12 October 1893

Description of the Operation, by a Believer

The possessed woman of [?] is cured now, not by the doctors, who were unable to do anything for her, but by the theological science of the cure of the parish and the firmness of Monsignor [?oux], Bishop of Versailles, which shows that exorcism has its reasons for existence and that “possession” is as real as hysteria. As a matter of fact, the church has never laid down her arms in the presence of the the devils.

There are four principal signs through which the possessed one is recognized. First, no known remedy relieves him; second, he speaks of incidents and facts beyond his natural reach, and which nobody has revealed to him; third, he foretells events and speaks several languages unknown to him before his affliction; fourth, in the presence of a priest and at sacred ceremonies he trembles, suffers pain, writhes and blasphemes.

The Catholic priests and especially the Dominicans have, from away back, practiced exorcism. According to the canons the exorcist belongs to one of the minor orders which precede the priesthood. He must be humble of heart in his ministry, and, if he operated with any thought of display, he risks for himself the contagion of the evil spirits that still remain to be cast out.

Ordinarily the ceremony takes place in the church in the presence of the faithful assembled at prayer, particularly at the feasts of the Nativity, of the Resurrection, of the Ascension, of Pentecost, of the Virgin Mary, and of the Apostles. After the morning mass, to which the possessed one assists, the exorcist puts on the surplice and assists the priest who puts on the violet colored cape, the symbol of the pains of Purgatory. The patient who has confessed then approaches. A stole is passed around his neck to tie the devils that have become the masters of his body. Then the sign of the cross is made upon him and he is sprinkled with the holy water. In Latin, the devil is commanded to tell his name, to say whether or not he is alone, and why he is there. Finally, he is ordered to depart. The conjuration in any other language, and especially in Hebrew, is useless. Hebrew is reserved for Satan himself.

The Flagelllum demonum contains the most complete formulas of exorcism, consisting of well-known prayers mingled with the most ancient and strangest appelations of God, such as Oh, Adonal Tetragrammaton, and others, which come in part from Chaldea, from Phoenicia, and from Greece. The words are supposed to possess in themselves a certain power of evocation of celestial virtues which terrify the infernal legions. The words of Christ, according to Saint Matthew, 1, 2, 3, are the most in use to drive out evil spirits.

If the demon does not retire immediately , the exorcist takes a painted image representing him and throws it into the consecrated fire along with incense [?] and sulphur with strong mystic odor, intending to prove by this act that he will send the evil back into his natural element, hell. This done, he places upon the head of the possessed one the Book, the Relles, the Crucifix, and sometimes even the Host, the last and invincible remedy. According to the authority of certain demonographs, the devil then comes out through the nose of the patient.

In the ancient monasteries they made the exorcist carry upon his person certain amulets containing protective formulas. Sometimes these formulas, written upon pieces of parchment, were swallowed. In the process of digestion he exorcism was accomplished without fatigue

In our days exorcism has taken refuge in La Trappa. The clergy are somewhat averse to it, while at the same time they do not refuse to admit it. The man who breaks the spells is very old. But the devils cast out by the good monks are reduced to the tormenting of animals. Pigs are their favorites. Then the old spell smasher whips them with beads and sprinkles them with holy water, and the pigs recover and become happy, because the devils go away.

J.K. Huysmans has been able to speak of the power of demons and the efficacity of exorcisms. Morever, the emiment writer was well acquainted with one of the most learned demongraphers of his time, the Abbe Bonlian, who ran through hell in his bare feet, and holding the Host in his hands.

Either the Church of Sancipt or the Church of Senneville I received this curious document from M. Gilbert Augustin Thieery, the author of [?] The cure of Petites Dalles, in curing the possessed, says a special mass, called the “red mass” or “mass of the martyrs.” Red flowers are placed upon the altar, and the priest wear a tredle. The church is draped in purple.

But, stranger still, a few years ago the wife of the editor of a leading Catholic journal in Paris, being troubled by evil spirits, witnessed the death of the Dominican priest who was endeavoring to exorcise her, and who was unable to guard himself against the forces with which he was contending. – Paris Figaro

NOTE: I'm fascinated by these early accounts of the supernatural and religion...especially the way it is described in the news. Though I'm not affiliated with a religious denomination, I am very spiritual. I have a keen interest in early religions, practices and particular the Middle Ages. I was raised a Christian and subjected to various denominations through my family members (Amish Mennonites, Lutheranism, German Dunkards, Church of the Brethren). As a result, I feel my perspective on the subject is somewhat heterogeneous...Lon

Exorcism Now: The Ritual, Use, and History of the Roman Ritual

Interview With an Exorcist

Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans

An Exorcist's Field Guide: to Blessings, Consecrations and the Banishment of Malevolant Entities

Just the Facts?: Change Your Fortune With Palm Surgery -- The 2013 Kecksburg UFO Festival -- Highway to Hell

From left, before and after photos of a patient who underwent palm surgery to engrave an “emperor’s line,” heralding great success and good fortune. (Shonan Beauty Clinic)

Your Future Is in the Palm of Your (Surgeon’s) Hand

Want to be richer? To live longer? Easy. In Japan, the latest craze is to change your fortune with palm surgery that extends your lines. Jake Adelstein and Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky report from the fortune-telling frontier.

In Japan, where palm reading remains one of the most popular means of fortune-telling, some people have figured out a way to change their fate. It’s a simple idea: change your palm, change the reading, and change your future. All you need is a competent plastic surgeon with an electric scalpel who has a basic knowledge of palmistry. Or you can draw the lines on your hand with a marker and let him work the magic you want.

Missing a marriage line? That can be fixed. Wedding bells may ring.

Need some good fortune? Add a money-luck line and you might win the lottery or be promoted to vice president in your firm. For the smart shopper—one willing to undergo palm plastic surgery—the future isn’t what it used to be.

“Doctor, I want you to change my fate. Please change my palm.”

Even in Japan, where odd surgery requests are not unknown—like the man who had his penis removed and served it as a special dinner—Takaaki Matsuoka, a plastic surgeon at the Shonan Beauty Clinic’s Shinjuku branch, was taken aback. It was January 2011, and a female patient wanted her palm reformatted to bring her better luck. Matsuoka wasn’t sure he could do it.

He scoured medical journals until he found examples of such surgery being done in Korea, studied the methods, then confirmed with the patient what she wanted done, and performed the surgery for ¥100,00 ($1,000). It went well.

The surgery had to be performed with an electric scalpel—which burns the flesh, creating the scent of burnt hot dogs, and leaves a semipermanent scar.

“If you try to create a palm line with a laser, it heals, and it won’t leave a clear mark. You have to use the electric scalpel and make a shaky incision on purpose, because palm lines are never completely straight. If you don’t burn the skin and just use a plain scalpel, the lines don’t form. It’s not a difficult surgery, but it has to be done right.”

From January 2011 to May 2013, 37 palm plastic surgeries have been performed at the Shonan Beauty Clinic alone, 20 of them by Matsuoka. Several other clinics in Japan offer the surgery, but almost none of them advertise it. Word-of-mouth is more than enough. Shonan Beauty Clinic did advertise the service briefly, but couldn’t keep up with the demand.

This year Dr. Matsuoka has already performed the surgery on five patients and the clinic was in consultation with three others last month. The surgery usually takes 10 to 15 minutes and includes anywhere between 5 and 10 lines on the palm. The patient is free to draw the lines they wish to have, but of course Matsuoka pays attention to make sure the ones they have in mind are the proper harbingers of good fortune. It takes about one month for the wounds to heal and form palm lines, during which time the new lines need to remain bandaged.

The majority of the patients are men and women who are in their 30s and have a predilection for fortune-telling.

Men want money, women want men: the favorite palm lines

Matsuoka didn’t know anything about palmistry—the art of reading fortunes from palms—when he began doing the surgery. Over time he realized that to do the job better, he needed to know the fundamentals of the ancient divining art.

Listening to Matsuoka enthusiastically explain the meanings of the palm lines like the highly desired tripartite emperor’s line (覇王線)makes you realize he could probably have a second career practicing palmistry.

“Well, if you’re a single guy trying to pick up a date, knowing palm reading is probably good. It’s a great excuse to hold a lovely woman’s hands,” he says, laughing.

“If you don’t have the marriage line, it means you will most likely not get married. So the job of the doctor is to create a marriage line.”
Men usually wish to change their business related success lines, such as the fate line(運命線), the money-luck line (金運線), and the financial line (財務線).

Matsuoka explains, “The money-luck line is for making profits. And the financial line is the one that allows you to save what you make. It’s good to have both. Because sometimes people make a lot of money, but they quickly lose it as well. A strong fate line helps ensure you make money and keep it. These three lines, when they come together just right, create the emperor’s line. Most men want this.”

He notes that the Japanese celebrity, comedian, and actor Takaaki Ishibashi (co-star of the Hollywood classic Major League II) has a strong emperor’s line.

Women often want to change their marriage line.

“If you don’t have the marriage line, it means you will most likely not get married. So the job of the doctor is to create a marriage line. Sometimes the marriage line is there, but it came too early and the woman missed her chance. So we add another one.”

One of his patients was 30 when she came for the surgery. Her wedding line was low on her hand, indicating she should have gotten married in her 20s, so at her request, the doctor added another marriage line to her palm. He put it high enough so that she’d be married within one to three years after the surgery—if all went well.

Not all women want marriage lines; some just want better romance lines. And that includes married women as well.

Does it work?

Matsuoka isn’t sure how effective the surgery really is and hasn’t done an analysis. He believes there may be a placebo effect.

“If people think they’ll be lucky, sometimes they become lucky. And it’s not like the palm lines are really written in stone—they’re basically wrinkles. They do change with time. Even the way you use your hands can change the lines. Some palmisters will even suggest that their clients draw the lines on their hands to change their luck. And this was before palm plastic surgery existed. However, anecdotally I’ve had some success.”

The woman with the early wedding line wrote to the doctor that she got married soon after he had performed the operation. Two male patients wrote to him that they had won the lottery after the surgery. His luckiest patient collected more than $30,000 (3 million yen).

“Of course, I can’t say there is a cause-and-effect relationship, but if there was, the guy who won the lottery made an excellent investment: a 2.9 million–yen ($29,000) profit. Maybe changing your palm won’t change your fate, but if you have that much determination to try to change it—and are willing to endure a little pain for that chance—maybe you can change your life.”

At the end of the interview, as if to prove his point, Matsuoka looked at my palm and added, “Yes, your palm says you have good luck. You can make money, but you’re terrible at saving it.” He was stunningly accurate ... or he’d seen my bank balance somewhere.

Looking at Ms. Stucky’s palm, he added, “You’re doing the perfect job for you. It’s one you’re suited for and like a lot.”

I would have asked him to read my palm even more, but I had a feeling that if he had, I’d have ended up becoming patient No. 38.

For right now, I’ll stick with the marker.


Mutilations: Aliens?

At first, rancher Tom Miller thought the savagery wrought on his cattle was a cruel joke.

Mutilated cows and calfs. Field-dressed and missing ears, organs and eyes. Carcasses devoid of blood.

A second-generation rancher, it wasn’t until 1999 that Miller said he started looking at the animal deaths differently, not as the product of twisted mischief or the feeding scraps of predators.

“At first I thought it was a prank, but there were no tracks, no blood. It looks like the carcass is pealed off, and it happens overnight,” Miller said.

“There are just so many things that happen that doesn’t seem like it’s human. I know people think you’re crazy, but there are so many things people can’t explain.”

Since ‘99, six cows and calfs have been mutilated on Miller’s ranch northeast of here. Two calfs were mutilated in May and the day after meeting with a Chieftain reporter and photographer this week, he found another mutilated cow on his property.

Miller thinks the seventh death happened in the last week.

Chuck Zukowski has been investigating UFO sightings, paranormal cases and animal mutilations throughout the United States for 28 years.

A California native who lives in Colorado Springs where he makes his living designing microchips, Zukowski has investigated at least 24 mutilation cases in Trinidad and Southern Colorado.

In his cases, he’s found little evidence to suggest human intervention or natural predators.

“You don’t see any predator markings at all — bite marks, claw marks — and if you did it would be a clear giveaway,” Zukowski, a former volunteer sheriff’s deputy said.

“I don’t see blood stains on the hides, which is ridiculous. Completely devoid of blood. Why would an animal carve and cut a perfectly round circle on one side of a head? Why would a scavenger do that? The lack of blood, unusual cuts, and there’s no human evidence there — no foot prints, no tire marks.”

Not everyone subscribes to the thought of extraterrestrial life. For some ranchers in the San Luis Valley they believe the deaths to be the work of the blood-thirsty “Chupacabra,” a creature of Hispanic lore that preys on livestock.

Zukowski said some ranchers have seen black military helicopters hover over their cattle and later find a mutilated carcass.

Some may think Satanic cults are to blame, or such was the case in some of the earliest publicized mutilation cases in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Whatever the thought or theory, mutilations continue to happen and the culprit(s) remain at large. And Zukowski, who volunteers his time to investigate, has linked commonalities that he says points to aliens.

“I believe, without a doubt, that there is life outside of the planet,” he said, adding that the mutilators are “a highly intelligent predator.”

“In the cases I investigate, there’s no signs the animal struggled. In some cases, it looks like (the animal) was dropped there,” said Zukowski, whose investigations can be found on his website,

He’s found animals inside a depressed ring and in one out-of-state case, found a mutilated animal inside a fresh crop circle.

Zukowski collects soil both inside and out of the rings and has the samples tested at Colorado State University-Fort Collins.

“I’m seeing some kind of nutrients being altered in the soil. The soil inside the depressions are less soluble than outside the ring.”

In one of the May cases at Miller’s ranch, Zukowski said he picked up high radiation readings around a carcass found beside a tree.

Above the carcass, Zukowski said, he found broken limbs in the tree, which leads him to think the animal was dropped from above.

“I had some unusual radiation readings in a field at Tom Miller’s place, and you could see where branches were broken where the carcass was found,” he said.

While some ranchers may be scared, Miller said he’s not, only more concerned for his herd. Years of drought have taken a toll and, looking down at the remains of a mutilated calf, he says: “That could’ve been $800.”

After staring at the carcass for a minute, Miller looked up: “There’s just so many questions no one can answer.” - Chieftain

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery

Enter the Valley: UFOs, Religious Miracles, Cattle Mutilations, and Other Unexplained Phenomena in the San Luis Valley

An Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms


The 2013 Kecksburg UFO Festival

Video - Nearly 50 years later, Kecksburg UFO sighting remains mystery

An unidentified flying object was reported on Dec. 9, 1965. The fireball landed in the woods in the Kecksburg area of Mount Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County. It was only a meteor, according to the U.S. government.


Kecksburg - The Untold Story

UFOs over Pennsylvania


Highway to Hell

The Satanic Temple in the U.S. is launching a campaign to clean up New York's highways to "promote a message of Satanic civic pride and social responsibility."

The Satanists have set up an Indiegogo page to raise the $15,000 they need to adopt a stretch of New York highway for two years "by way of litter cleanup and landscaping."

If they succeed, the Department of Transportation will have to put up a sign acknowledging The Satanic Temple as the adopters.

"We call on all people to support the Satanic Temple in this effort to engage their community in a positive, productive manner," the church said.



I was a spy for the CIA... and helped end Cold War

Massive Triangles and Mass Abductions

Hobbits’ Size Not Likely Linked to Growth Disorders

If You Think China's Air Is Bad, You Should See The Water

The Bestial Virus: The Infectious Origins of Werewolves, Zombies & Vampires

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Was It The 'Fairvilla Gorilla?'

I recently received the following account:

Late one night in 1968 my mom jumped out of bed and into her housecoat and grabbed her clothes basket, as she had remembered she had left some clothes on the line in the backyard. A few minutes later she came back into the house and as she walked into her bedroom I heard her say to my dad, "Sam, there were two red eyes staring at me from the grove!" Now I'm up and scared. So the three of us went out into the Florida room (sun room) and my dad turned on the backyard light as he opened the door. I was too scared to go outside and too scared to stay in the house alone. As we went out into the backyard my mother showed us where she was standing at the clothesline when she saw the red eyes peering at her in the darkness.

"It was standing right over there between those two orange trees" she said as she pointed toward the darkened grove. My dad told her she had probably seen a 'possum or a raccoon as we went back into the house and back to bed.

I had almost drifted off to sleep when all of a sudden we heard a loud THUMP at the back of the house. My dad almost fell out of bed as he jumped up and exclaimed, "What was that? Greg, did you hear that?!"

Once again, the three of us went to the backdoor to investigate. Daddy turned on the backyard light and just as he opened the door an overwhelming odor permeated the air. "A skunk! It's a doggone skunk!" Daddy said as we walked out into the yard. But the odor was so overwhelming and nauseating it made us beat a hasty retreat back into the house.

Nothing more was seen or heard - or smelled - of our night time visitor.

Years later I became a fortean and developed an interest in cryptozoology. In my readings of the Florida Skunk Ape I learned of the "Fairvilla Gorilla" that was sighted occasionally in the 60's. Fairvilla is a community about three miles north of where we lived in Orlando, Florida. Back in the day it was known for its shopping center which was built on the edge of a large wooded area. Route 441 is known as the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. It runs through Fairvilla north to Plymouth, a small community that is on the outer fringes of the Ocala National Forest.

There is an account of a woman who was frightened by the sound of heavy footsteps around her mobile home in that rural area. She grabbed her rifle and ran out of her house toward a swamp which lay between her home and the highway. In her panic she fell. When she looked back, she saw a 'bigfoot' standing beside her house. The frightened woman ran through the swamp and thicket to the highway where she flagged down a motorist. Later that day she returned to her home with friends and found the door had been ripped off by the hinges.

There are many other accounts of the Florida Skunk Ape but for some strange reason they were most numerous back in the sixties. Greg May

NOTE: The 'Fairvilla Gorilla'....I haven't heard that moniker since I was in Orlando and the Indian River area in 2004. Lon

Abominable Snowmen, Legend Comes To Life: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Oh-Mah, Grassman And Skunk Ape: The Story Of Sub-Humans On Five Continents From The Early Ice Age Until Today Illustrated

Sasquatch The Living Legend

The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster

Just the Facts?: Sasquatch Corpse Found? -- Bedbugs in the Court -- More Spirits Than He Expected

Sasquatch Corpse Found?

The recent mass flooding in southern Alberta has exposed a rotting corpse of what is believed to be the legendary Sasquatch. Cryptozoologists worldwide are lining up to examine the remains, which were located by a hiker along the Bow River, northwest of Canmore, Alberta.

Eminent Paleontologist Wally Johnson has conducted a preliminary site examination of the remains, and has discovered that the carcass appears to be ancient. “I can report that from the bone structure, stature and a comparison of the mandibles and teeth, that I believe the remains are that of a Gigantopithecus.”

“We have always believed that the Sasquatch, Yeti, or even Bigfoot, if you will, was really a surviving clan of Hominids connected to the line of Gigantopithecus.” stated Cryptozoologist Coren Lowman, “The find near Canmore is extraordinary!”

With the massive rains of June which washed away ancient glaciers of the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, scientists are speculating that the remains may have been frozen high in the rockies for many years.

This is the first report of a Gigantopithecus within North America. The first fossils of this creature were originally found in China.

One cryptid theory is that the creature “Sasquatch” migrated across the Bering sea bridge into North America and hides out in mountainous regions. No living Gigantopithecus has ever been found and the known fossil records indicate that the creature lived one hundred thousand years ago.

“This is the find of a lifetime,” stated Lowman, “Only a climate event such as what was witnessed in Southern Alberta this year could wash this beast's remains into the banks of the Bow River.” - Sage News

NOTE: actually, it's another rug. These satire sites are a real pain-in-the-ass..Lon

Notes From the Field: Tracking North America's sasquatch

In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters

Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena


Man Unearthed 56 Skeletons / Set Up a Museum

A man has been arrested after police found 56 skulls and other human skeletal remains which had been stolen from graves in a museum at his home.

Police conducted a search of the house in Austria's Burgenland province after the unidentified 47-year-old tried to sell three of the skulls and two thigh bones at a flea market.

Detectives discovered the man had created a museum in his home which contained the skulls and 55 other bones.

State broadcaster ORF said Tuesday that the bones were taken from graves of a church cemetery.

Detectives displayed some of the skulls in a cardboard box at a news conference today.

Speaking to The Guardian, a police spokesman said he had never encountered such a case in his 37 years in the force.

He said he did not know why the man had collected the bones or why he had tried to sell some of them.

'But there's nothing new under the sun,' he said.

The man has been charged by police with 'disturbing the peace of the dead' following the discovery.

Police said the bones had now been returned to the cemetery. -


Bedbugs in the Court

Everyone would have been better off had this man not been given a ticket.

Pandemonium erupted inside Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday after panicked spectators said they spotted bedbugs crawling up the neck of a man who was there to answer to a desk-appearance ticket.

The sickening sight sent court observers scrambling out of their seats, a witness told the Daily News.

“People started bolting,” added the witness, a 49-year-old Manhattan woman. “Even the court officers were freaked out. It was disgusting.”

Courts spokesman David Bookstaver confirmed the insect-fueled ruckus, but said “no evidence of the alleged bugs was uncovered.”

The icky incident happened about 11:30 a.m. A court officer assigned to one of the courtrooms designated for arraignments saw a commotion in the back and asked what was going on, the witness said.

A woman stood up and announced that a man sitting near her was covered with the creepy crawlies, sparking chaos in the benches.

Several observers raced out of the courtroom. The apparent offender also sprinted away from the scene, the witness said.

The court officers emptied the three final rows, and the proceedings continued, the witness said.

After about 20 minutes, an exterminator arrived and the courtroom was evacuated.

When the room was reopened, yellow police tape was cordoning off the three final rows.

“People were scratching themselves,” the witness said. “Everyone in the courtroom was uncomfortable.”

“I’m still scratching myself,” added the witness. “Just telling the story I get itchy.”

Bookstaver said the incident started after “spectators thought they saw bugs jumping from a defendant.”

“Court personnel were notified and immediately inspected the courtroom,” Bookstaver said, noting that there was no sign of the bugs.

But the court workers weren’t going to take any chances, Bookstaver said. “As a prophylactic measure, the courtroom was sprayed,” he said. - NY Daily News


More Spirits Than He Expected

Ray Braiden took over the Seven Stars in Robertsbridge [England] on June 3 and moved in to the High Street property with wife Michelle, daughters Hannah and Emily and Emily’s partner Ben.

Days after the family moved in, strange incidents were reported in the top room, occupied by Emily and Ben. Items were moved around and a small dish sitting on a speaker was seen to be ‘skimmed’ through the air across the room. And one night the couple woke to find the mattress they had been sleeping on had been moved. Emily and Ben have since moved out of the pub.

The Seven Stars has a reputation for spooky goings-on and was previously named one of the top ten most haunted pubs in the country...

Ray contacted old friend and paranormal investigator Rob Foster...Hastings-based Rob said: “We are trying to find out what it is in a bid to coexist with it and find out whether it’s harmful. At the moment the jury is out on that. We are going to come back and do a full investigation shortly and establish exactly what is here.”

Rob believes that several spirits inhabit the 14th Century pub, with previous incumbents reporting sightings of mysterious figures in the bar and items flying off the shelves in the kitchen.

Rob said he was able to communicate with one of the spirits using electronic equipment. By asking closed questions and measuring the response, which sounds like radio static, he says the ghost gave its name and claims he was buried in Salehurst churchyard in the 1600s.

Rob is carrying out additional research to discover who the spirits are. - Rye and Battle Observer



UFO Encounter Antecedent to Villas Boas and Socorro

The Government Tested a Flying Saucer in 1956

Experimental Support for Controversial Precognition Study? - Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities

World's most married couple have tied the knot 106 times

Psychic Possibilities and Giving Skeptics a Bad Name

The Flight 191 Crash Prophecy

In May 1979, 23 year old David Booth, a Cincinnati office manager, had a well documented premonition, that came to him in a series of vivid dreams, regarding an American Airline crash.

Booth feverishly called the FAA and spoke with a representative of American Airlines. He told them in no vague terms that he had had a vision of an airplane going down in flames among tall buildings. Obviously, there was nothing that could be done even though the authorities were eventually convinced of Booth's seriousness and that he wasn't just trying to pull a joke or be a pain in the butt.

On May 26, 1979 Lindsay Wagner-famous at the time as the Bionic Woman-arrived at Chicago's famous O'Hare Airport. She was to board an American Airlines jet, but canceled at the last minute due to a sudden sick feeling that left her nauseous without any explanation. David Booth was perhaps not the only person who had the ability to foresee trouble aboard that American Airlines DC-10. Shortly after takeoff an engine fell off the plane, causing it to crash into buildings. Everyone aboard died.

With a sickening feeling, the authorities compared the details of the crash to David Booth's premonition. Although never seriously suspected of complicity they had little choice but to make sure he hadn't had a hand in causing his remarkable feat of foretelling the future to come true. The comparisons were enough to send shivers up and down the spine of anyone reading them. For all intensive purposes, David Booth had predicted with astonishing accuracy the disaster that took place at O'Hare Airport that day. Even so, the question of whether anything could possible have been done to prevent that disaster were immediately rejected. It was the only time in his life that anything of this magnitude had ever taken place and his inability to do anything to prevent him left him emotionally fragile.

In the book Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets: A Historical Anthology of Women's Spiritual Writings it states "David Booth stopped having nightmares once the disaster had happened, but he continued to feel disturbed by the whole affair. 'How can you make sense of something like that?' he asked. 'There's no explanation for it. No meaning. No conclusion. It just doesn't make sense.'" - /


American Airlines Flight 191

May 25, 1979 remains the darkest day in American aviation. On that Friday before the Memorial Day Weekend, 270 passengers and crew aboard American Airlines Flight 191 lost their lives when their airplane literally fell out of the sky. To this day, the accident is the most deadly commercial airline crash in United States history. Here is the story of what happened on that blusterry Spring day in 1979.

In command of flight 191 was Capt. Walter Lux, a 22,000 hour pilot who had flown the DC-10 nearly since its introduction eight years earlier. Assisting him on the flight deck were First Officer James Dillard and Flight Engineer Alfred Udovich, who had 25,000 flying hours between them. At 2:50 pm, N110AA was cleared to taxi to runway 32R at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, and at 3:02 pm the flight was cleared for takeoff. The wind was Northeast at 22 knots.

In the cockpit and cabin, the takeoff roll seemed totally normal. The view from the cockpit was even being broadcast on the airliner's closed circuit television system for the passengers' enjoyment. But six thousand feet into the takeoff roll, air traffic controllers in O'Hare's control tower saw small parts of the aircraft's no.1 engine pylon fall away, and as the aircraft started its rotation, the entire number one engine separated from the wing.

Behaving exactly as it was designed to, the severed engine flew up and over the left wing, falling to the runway below. Unfortunately, in the process, it ripped out all of the hydraulic lines to the leading edge slats. As a result, pressure slowly started to leak out and the leading edge slats slowly started to retract. The plane continued to climb normally, however.

The tower controller called "American 191 heavy, you wanna come back and to what runway?" There was no response... the crew was too concerned with keeping their wounded beast flying. The Captain, following American's engine-out procedures to the nth degree, pitched the nose up and slowed the aircraft down to V2+6, or 159 knots. Decelerating through 165 knots, something odd began to happen.

The Captain was putting in full right rudder and aileron, yet the aircraft was still rolling left. At an altitude of 400 feet and with an airspeed of 155 knots, the airplane rolled past wings vertical and fell to earth with a bank of 112° and a nose down attitude of 21°.

The accident investigation revealed that, when the engine separated, it disabled the Captain's control panel, which contained both of the slat disagreement systems. The severed hydraulic lines allowed the slats on the left wing to gradually retract, and the stall speed on the left wing rose considerably. When the aircraft slowed through 164 knots, the left wing aerodynamically stalled because of its clean configuration, while the right wing continued to produce lift with its slats still in takeoff position. With one wing stalling and one wing producing full lift, the airplane eventually rolled past a 90° bank, and fell to the ground. The crash killed two people on the ground when it hit a field directly adjacent to a trailer park. All 270 passengers and crew aboard were also fatally injured. -

NOTE: Author, Judith Wax was one of many who perished that day in 1979. She was bound to Los Angeles to promote her new book, Starting In the Middle about the middle-age life. An ironic twist of fate or coincidence can be found on page 191 of her book where she describes her fear of flying in airplanes. “When the job required travel, I developed such a fear of airplanes my head trembled from takeoff to landing...” Of course the flight was 191 the same as the page in her book. Over the years, there have been several reports of paranormal activity at the location of the crash. Animals seem to react strangely, sometimes violently, when in the vicinity. I have personally heard remarkable EVP and disembodied voice recordings from the area as well. Maybe one day those wandering spirits will find their loved ones...Lon

Mystics, Visionaries, and Prophets: A Historical Anthology of Women's Spiritual Writings

Air Crash Investigations: The Worst Single Plane Crash In American History, The Crash Of American Airlines Flight 191

Crash Of Flight 191

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