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Ebu Gogo: The Flores Hobbit

Ebu Gogo are a group of human-like creatures that appear in the mythology of the people of the island of Flores, Indonesia. In the Nage language of central Flores, ebu means 'grandmother' and gogo means 'he who eats anything'.

The Ebu Gogo are described as small, nasty people with a voracious appetite that sometimes included the devouring of the occasional human baby. Ebu Gogo have hair covered bodies, longish arms, big bellies and protruding ears. They were said to walk awkwardly and could be heard murmuring in their own language and were said to be capable of mimicking human speech. When they could tolerate the Ebu Gogo no more the Flores islanders drove the small people in the direction of the caves, perhaps near Liang Bau or perhaps they burned the survivors alive. In any case, these stories were probably told to keep truculent Flores children in line in much the same fashion as some western fairy tales are told.

Indonesian culture just like any other has folklore about ghosts, little people and mysterious beings. Word of mouth folktales are handed down from generation to generation. Indonesian village people would talk of an ape-like creature that walks like a man.

Some scientists believe that the Ebu Gogo folklore maybe a shared cultural memory of Homo floresiensis but there is no solid evidence to support that theory. However, legends have the Ebu Gogo disappearing about 400 years ago at the time of the arrival of the Dutch and Portuguese explorers. Scientists working on the Homo floresiensis find have also referred to the Ebu Gogo as 'Hobbits'.

From October 2004 - telegraph - Richard Roberts, discoverer of the 'Hobbit', says local tales suggest the species could still exist.

When I was back in Flores earlier this month we heard the most amazing tales of little, hairy people, whom they called Ebu Gogo - Ebu meaning grandmother and Gogo meaning 'he who eats anything'. The tales contained the most fabulous details - so detailed that you'd imagine there had to be a grain of truth in them.

One of the village elders told us that the Ebu Gogo ate everything raw, including vegetables, fruits, meat and, if they got the chance, even human meat.

When food was served to them they also ate the plates, made of pumpkin - the original guests from hell (or heaven, if you don't like washing up and don't mind replacing your dinner set every week).

The villagers say that the Ebu Gogo raided their crops, which they tolerated, but decided to chase them away when the Ebu Gogo stole - and ate - one of their babies.

They ran away with the baby to their cave which was at the foot of the local volcano, some tens of metres up a cliff face. The villagers offered them bales of dry grass as fodder, which they gratefully accepted.

A few days later, the villagers went back with a burning bale of grass which they tossed into the cave. Out ran the Ebu Gogo, singed but not fried, and were last seen heading west, in the direction of Liang Bua, where we found the Hobbit, as it happens.

When my colleague Gert van den Bergh first heard these stories a decade ago, which several of the villages around the volcano recount with only very minor changes in detail, he thought them no better than leprechaun tales until we unearthed the Hobbit. (I much prefer Ebu as the name of our find but my colleague Mike Morwood was insistent on Hobbit.)

The anatomical details in the legends are equally fascinating. They are described as about a metre tall, with long hair, pot bellies, ears that slightly stick out, a slightly awkward gait, and longish arms and fingers - both confirmed by our further finds this year.

They [the Ebu Gogo] murmured at each other and could repeat words [spoken by villagers] verbatim. For example, to 'here's some food', they would reply 'here's some food'. They could climb slender-girthed trees but, here's the rub, were never seen holding stone tools or anything similar, whereas we have lots of sophisticated artefacts in the H. floresiensis levels at Liang Bua. That's the only inconsistency with the Liang Bua evidence.

The women Ebu Gogo had extremely pendulous breasts, so long that they would throw them over their shoulders, which must have been quite a sight in full flight.

We did ask the villagers if they ever interbred with the Ebu Gogo. They vigorously denied this, but said that the women of Labuan Baju (a village at the far western end of Flores, better known as LBJ) had rather long breasts, so they must have done.

Poor LBJ must be the butt of jokes in Flores, rather like the Irish and Tasmanians.

A local eruption at Liang Bua (in western Flores) may have wiped out local hobbits around 12,000 years ago, but they could well have persisted much later in other parts of the island. The villagers said that the last hobbit was seen just before the village moved location, farther from the volcano, not long before the Dutch colonists settled in that part of central Flores, in the 19th century.

Do the Ebu Gogo still exist? It would be a hoot to search the last pockets of rainforest on the island. Not many such pockets exist, but who knows. At the very least, searching again for that lava cave, or others like it, should be done, because remains of hair only a few hundred years old, would surely survive, snagged on the cave walls or incorporated in deposits, and would be ideal for ancient DNA analyses.

Interestingly, we did find lumps of dirt with black hair in them this year in the Hobbit levels, but don't know yet if they're human or something else. We're getting DNA testing done, which we hope will be instructive.

Click for video - The Real Hobbit

From December 2004 - smh - Chief Epiradus Dhoi Lewa has a strange tale to tell. Sitting in his bamboo and wooden home at the foot of an active volcano on the remote Indonesian island of Flores, he recalls how people from his village were able to capture a tiny woman with long, pendulous breasts three weeks ago.

"They said she was very little and very pretty," he says, holding his hand at waist height. "Some people saw her very close up."

The villagers of Boawae believe the strange woman came down from a cave on the steaming mountain where short, hairy people they call Ebu Gogo lived long ago.

"Maybe some Ebu Gogo are still there," the 70-year-old chief told the Herald through an interpreter in Boawae last week.

The locals' descriptions of Ebu Gogo as about a metre tall, with pot bellies and long arms match the features of a new species of human "hobbits" whose bones were recently unearthed by Australian and Indonesian researchers in a different part of Flores in a cave known as Liang Bua.

The unexpected discovery of this tiny Homo floresiensis, who existed until at least 12,000 years ago at Liang Bua, before being apparently wiped out by a volcanic eruption, was hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds in decades when it was announced in October.

The chief adds that the mysterious little woman in Boawae somehow "escaped" her captors, and the local police said they knew nothing of her existence when he quizzed them.

The prospect that some hobbits still exist in pockets of thick, fertile jungle on Flores is extremely unlikely, says Douglas Hobbs, a member of the team that discovered Homo floresiensis. But it is possible they survived near Boawae until 300 or so years ago, when the chief's ancestors moved into the area, he says.

The detailed stories that the villagers tell about the legendary Ebu Gogo on the volcano have convinced the Australian and Indonesian team to search for bones of hobbits in this cave when they return to the rugged island next year, says Hobbs, an emeritus archaeologist with the University of New England, who discussed excavation plans with the chief last week.

Getting to the cave on the 2100-metre-high Ebulobo volcano, however, will be no simple matter for the team led by Professor Mike Morwood of UNE. The blood of a pig must first be spilt in this society where Catholic faith is melded with animist beliefs and ancestor worship.

The sacrifice and the feast will please the ancestors and bring many villagers together to talk about the cave, says the chief, whose picture of his grandfather, the king, in traditional head-dress, sits framed on the wall next to images of Jesus.

If the right rituals are followed, "then we will be able to find the road to the hole again", he says.

A Dutch palaeontologist, Dr Gert van den Bergh, a member of the team, was first shown the cave at a distance more than a decade ago, after hearing folk tales of the Ebu Gogo, which means "grandmother who eats everything".

People living around the volcano told him a consistent story of the hairy creatures that devoured whatever they could grasp in their long fingers. The villagers tolerated the stealing of food until the Ebu Gogo began to snatch babies and eat them too. They then set upon the little people, forcing them out of the cave with bales of burning grass.

Van den Bergh dismissed the tales as akin to those of leprechauns and elves, until the hobbit bones were found.

While the search for more bones is being planned, a political furore has broken out after a leading Indonesian palaeoanthropologist - with no connection to the find - last week "borrowed" all the delicate remains from six hobbits found at Liang Bua against the wishes of local and Australian team members. Professor Teuku Jacob, of Gadjah Mada University, who has challenged the view that Homo floresiensis is a new species, had previously taken the skull and bones of the most complete specimen, a 30-year-old female hobbit, from the Indonesian Centre for Archaeology in Jakarta, where they had been kept.

Professor Morwood said it was wrong that the team who found the remains were unable to analyse them first. "It is not good for the Indonesian researchers nor their institution."

However, he said Professor Jacob had signed an agreement to return all the bones by January 1.

Are Orang Pendek and Homo Floresiensis related...or the same species?

Surviving Homo Floresiensis

NOTE: Wildlife scientist, cryptid hunter Pat Spain will be joining us at 'Beyond The Edge' Radio on Sunday, July 21st at 8:00 PM. Pat's great uncle was anomalous phenomena pioneer Charles Fort...Lon

A New Human: The Startling Discovery and Strange Story of the "Hobbits" of Flores, Indonesia

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The Fossil Chronicles: How Two Controversial Discoveries Changed Our View of Human Evolution

Just the Facts?: Haunted Statue of Liberty -- Mystery Intergalactic Radio Bursts Detected -- Japanese Monster Scroll

Haunted Statue of Liberty

Dubuque [IA] Daily Herald - 2 April 1896

Unearthly Noises Proceed from the Interior of Bartholdi’s Emblem

The Statue of Liberty is tenanted by ghosts. At least that is what the river men claim, and say that the statement is susceptible of proof. They say, and they know whereof they speak, that as the witching hour of night approaches most unearthly noises are heard, as if the statue were possessed.

There is a scientific explanation, however, of these ghostly disturbances, but it does not interest the harbour men and sailors on board ships lying at anchor within a stone’s throw of Liberty Island, their hulls brought into strong relief by the electric torch. Many a “fo’c’s’le” yarn has been spun about the midnight carnival of spirits within the goddess. The sailors in the creaking of her joints hear the ghoulish shouts of the revelers. When the night is calm and bitterly cold the mysterious din is plainly heard.

The most terrifying of these mysterious sounds for those who are not in on the secret are the spirit rappings. The goddess rivals the most expert spiritual mediums. These rappings may be heard almost every night in the year. During the daytime the solemn figure is as quiet as a graveyard, but when darkness settles down it is easy to imagine that several spiritualistic séances are being carried on successfully in this gloomy interior. The explanation is, however, exceedingly simple. The statue, as everyday knows, is formed of enormous plates of copper bronze, firmly riveted together. The action of all sorts of weather to which this very exposed position renders the statue subject tends to gradually loosen these little bits of steel.

The dampness which draws in from the water from all four sides forms a thick coating of copper verdigris on the rivets, eating away the copper. This does not weaken the statue materially, but it affords a certain amount of play between the overlapping sections. The goddess, under the gentle influence of Old Sol. expands throughout every part of her enormous figure. At night she in a measure draws her robes more closely about her; as if to protect herself from the cold. The contraction of the copper sheets, it may readily be seen, causes a gentle motion which produces a very faint rap. But this reverberates through the vast interior, which magnifies it over and over again and lends to it a gloomy, hollow sound.

The members of the guard of honor who attend the goddess throughout the night tell many strange stores of the haunted statue. Several of these watchmen have preferred to give up their positions rather than listen to these remarkable object lessons in acoustics. They could not be persuaded that the mysterious figure was not haunted, and all said that they had never in their lives heard of any haunted house which could boast half as many hair-raising noises as the dignified goddess. It sometimes happens when the contrast of temperature is greatest that the groans and rappings are loud enough to be heard on the boats passing close to the island. The sound of hollow groans, accompanied by weird rattlings and other uncanny noises, has frightened more than one superstitious sailor as he floated across the dark waters. (N.Y. Journal)

Haunted Places: The National Directory: Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, UFO Landings and Other Supernatural Locations

Empire Ghosts: New York State's Haunted Landmarks

Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks


19th Century Japanese Monster Scroll

Here is a look at the Kaikidan Ekotoba, a mysterious handscroll that profiles 33 legendary monsters and human oddities, mostly from the Kyushu region of Japan (with several from overseas). The cartoonish document, whose author is unknown, is believed to date from the mid-19th century. It is now in the possession of the Fukuoka City Museum. Much more at ‘Kaikidan Ekotoba’ monster scroll


The Dictator's Bathtub

Just hours after Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, 1945, former fashion model and Vogue correspondent, Elizabeth (Lee) Miller was photographed taking a bath in his tub. Miller had been accredited into the U.S. Army as an official war correspondent for Condé Nast Publications and upon the American liberation of Munich, she entered the city with the 45th division and LIFE photographer David E. Scherman at her side. Lee and David began to explore the crumbling city and by chance, happened to wander into an apartment in a building at number 16 Prinzenregentplatz. Incredibly, the pair had stumbled upon Hitler’s abandoned Munich apartment.

”Almost anyone with a medium income and no heirlooms could have been the proprietor of this flat,” Miller wrote in her diaries, “The place was in perfect condition, including electricity and hot water and heat available and [an] electric refrigerator. It wasn’t empty enough to be ‘sub-let’ as it stood, but a quarter of an hour’s clearing cupboards would have made it ready for any new tenant who didn’t mind linen and silver marked AH.”

The photograph was taken by David. Allegedly there is also a photograph taken by Miller of David in the bath. But with the former model looking like she did, it was the photograph with Miller as the subject that became the iconic image from their collaboration during World War II. “I looked like an angel on the outside. That’s how people saw me,” wrote Miller. “But I was like a demon inside. I had known all the suffering of the world since I was very a little girl.”

There are many questions surrounding Miller’s decision to disrobe in the Nazi leaders private bathroom and bathe herself, possibly using his flannel. The pair reportedly spent up to three nights in his apartment together, sitting at his desk, even sleeping in his bed, “using Hitler’s toilet and taking his bath and generally making ourselves at home,” wrote Miller. They had just come from Dachau, and with those double-buckled boots that sit in front of the bath, Miller had walked through the horror of the death camp only a few hours earlier. In the midst of controversy following the photograph’s publication in Vogue, Miller said that she had merely been trying to wash the odors of Dachau away.

In a letter to her Vogue editor, Audrey Winters, Miller recounts her stay in Hitler’s home:

“I was living in Hitler’s private apartment when his death was announced, midnight of Mayday … Well, alright, he was dead. He’d never really been alive to me until today. He’d been an evil-machine-monster all these years, until I visited the places he made famous, talked to people who knew him, dug into backstairs gossip and ate and slept in his house. He became less fabulous and therefore more terrible, along with a little evidence of his having some almost human habits; like an ape who embarrasses and humbles you with his gestures, mirroring yourself in caricature. “There, but for the Grace of God, walks I.”


Mystery Intergalactic Radio Bursts Detected

Astronomers were on a celestial fishing expedition for pulsing neutron stars and other radio bursts when they found something unexpected in archived sky sweeps conducted by the Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales, Australia.

The powerful signal, which lasted for just milliseconds, could have been a fluke, but then the team found three more equally energetic transient flashes all far removed from the galactic plane and coming from different points in the sky.

Analysis later indicated that, unlike most cosmic radio signals that originate in the Milky Way or a nearby neighbor galaxy, these four seem to have come from beyond.

Whatever triggered the bursts has come and gone. The signals, detected between February 2011 and January 2012, were one-time events so little follow-up work can be done.

What is known is that in just a few milliseconds, each of the signals released about as much energy as the sun emits in 300,000 years.

“They have come such a long way that by the time they reach the Earth, the Parkes telescope would have to operate for 1 million years to collect enough to have the equivalent energy of a flying mosquito,” astronomer Dan Thornton, with the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, wrote in an email to Discovery News.

Scientists have all kinds of theories about what exotic phenomena may have triggered the bursts. The contenders include colliding magnetars, which are neutron stars with super-strong magnetic fields; evaporating black holes; and gamma ray bursts that involve a supernova.

Or, as Cornell University astronomer James Cordes points out, the bursts could be from an entirely new type of high-energy astrophysical event.

“It is still early days for identifying the astrophysical origins of such common but (so far) rarely detected events,” Cordes wrote in an article published in this week’s Science.

Whatever is happening is probably a relatively common, though difficult to detect, phenomenon. Extrapolating from the research, astronomers estimate there are as many as about 10,000 similar high-energy millisecond radio bursts happening across the sky every day.

“This might seem common, and it is, but you need a big telescope to detect them,” Thornton said.

Typically, telescopes only look at a very small patch of the sky at any one time, he added, “so you have to look for a long time before seeing many. This is why we have only detected a handful so far.”

Similar radio signals have been found before, but astronomers could never nail down whether they came from inside or beyond the galaxy.

Thornton and his team did so by characterizing the plasma the radio waves had to travel through before reaching the telescope. The shape of the wave is impacted by the amount of plasma along the signal’s path.

The astronomers found that these four signals traveled through more plasma than what could be accounted for by interstellar gas in the Milky Way.

They suspect the extra gas lies between galaxies, a finding that opens the door to a potential new technique to probe the contents of distant galaxies and why lies between them.

The research appears in this week’s Science. - Discovery

The Search for Extraterrestrials: Intercepting Alien Signals (Springer Praxis Books / Popular Astronomy)

SETI 2020: A Roadmap for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with Alien Civilizations

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Mysterious Lights and Sounds in High Mountain, NJ

I came across the following odd newspaper article from 1885 that describes weird lights & sounds occurring in, what is currently, the High Mountain Park, NJ area (near Wayne, NJ):

The Bucks County Gazette, Bristol, Pennsylvania - 30 April 1885

Uncanny Sounds Heard and Mysterious Lights Seen by the Valley Residents

Superstitious residents of the regions known as Preakness, Haledon, and other suburbs hemmed in by the lofty hills known as High mountain, writes a Patterson, N.J., correspondent to the New York World, place extra bolts on their doors now o’ nights are are careful to be indoors “after hours.” Numbers of superstitious ones, and some who are not superstitious by any means, are willing to make affidavits that they have heard uncanny sounds proceeding from the heights, and nearly every body in the vicinity who has been near the foot of the mountain after dark will vouch for the statement that mysterious lights have been seen flitting to and fro up among the trees.

No soul lives there, and, as it is said that several murders have been perpetrated there, the villages state, with a solemn shake of the head, that “the devil is at work and no mistake,” and that there are “spooks on High mountain.”

A party of the braver and brawnier lads of the bailiwick endeavored to solve the mystery a few nights ago, but they soon returned with white faces and quaking limbs, and informed those in waiting by the stove of the place of rendezvous that it was all well enough for them to be sittin’ there toastin’ their shins and joken’, but if they wanted to find out anything about the spooks they had better make the trip themselves. Upon being mollified with “something hot,” they became more communicative, and related to their open-mouthed audience the following hair-curdling tale:

They said they had climbed to the top of the mountain, where the lights had been seen, when all at once they were surrounded by lights that jumped around them and climbed the trees and performed other acrobatic feats. Although they appeared to be right in the midst of the flames not a hair on their head was injured and their clothing wasn’t even singed. They smelled phosphorous just as plain as it could be smelled, and while they were wondering what to do next the wind whistled through the trees, producing such unearthly sounds that they came right straight away and let the wind have it all to itself.

Doubting Thomases in the audience plucked up courage and firearms enough to make the trip themselves and they, too, soon returned, looking as pale as the historical ghosts and shaking like rattle-boxes. Nobody showed a disposition to go home, and finally, when the host informed them that it was time to close up, they started off in a group and spent the night together by a hospitable neighbor’s fire rather than pass the mountain until daylight did appear.

Since then the phenomena have been witnessed by scores of those who were brave enough to approach within sight of the bleak and densely wooded mountain, and the matter has been the chief topic of conversation in the country stores, in the taverns, in the village schools, and has even been refereed to by the local dominies. The town hodlums are now free of going to the stores after dark, for their parents would not think of sending them where they would not go themselves. The jolly hosts of the roadside taverns are jolly no longer, or must be content to be jolly by themselves, for the loungers now lounge at home.

Old residents say that the same thing occurred just before the last cholera epidemic, and that the light presaged another visitation of that dread scourge. Scores of old timers are willing to wager on this, and prominent citizens are willing to encourage them in their belief, for it is on record that the same thing did occur in 1836, just before death stalked through this section of the country.

Reports from Pike county, Pennsylvania, say that the same phenomena have appeared there just as they did in 1836, and that the citizen of that place spend most of their night-times in their homes.

Citizens who pretend to be wise assert that the Pike county phenomena are caused by the escape of coal gas from the mountains, and that it is really no phenomenon at all, but is the result of natural causes. They also say that the mysterious lights on High mountin can be traced to the same cause, and are apparently honest in their belief that a vein of coal would be found by anybody taking the trouble to hunt for it. Â Should this prove true there is wealth in store for the gentlemen who own High mountain, but they will have to seek foreign aid to unearth it , for no native will go within gunshot distance of it since the experiences above related.

Weird N.J.: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Weird N.J. Vol. 2: Your Travel Guide to New Jersey's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Weird NJ Presents FORSAKEN: Abandoned in and Around New Jersey

Just the Facts?: Late 19th Century UFO? -- Late Pope John Paul II To Get Sainthood -- Man Hears People Before They Speak

Late 19th Century UFO?

Click image for larger version

This photo was forwarded by a reader. Is there a UFO in the image?


Humans could eventually grow beaks, scientist predicts

Dr Gareth Fraser, of Sheffield University, said a beak would be “more robust and practical” than teeth and would not rot, chip or fall out.

We will not be seeing beaked humans in our lifetime, however, as any evolutionary change in which the teeth fused together to form a tough, pointy bill, would not happen for several million more years.

Dr Fraser said: “It could be possible for humans to evolve to grow beaks, like pufferfish, which may be more robust and practical.”

The biologist has explored why humans grow only two sets of teeth in their lifetimes, while some other creatures grow many more.

Sharks, for example, form a new set of teeth about once a fortnight.

Dr Fraser has pinpointed the cells responsible for the growth of new teeth in other animals and believes scientists could eventually stimulate similar cells in the human mouth to create more sets of teeth.

He told the Daily Mail: “I guess people will be looking at whether you can make perfect teeth. But there will always be orthodontists employed because even when you have new teeth, there is going to be a need for positioning.

“With our extended lives and modern diets, the limited supply of human teeth is really no longer fit for purpose.

“Our research is focused on looking for ways in which we can replicate the way that fish create an endless supply of teeth and bring this capability to humans.”

This is unlikely to happen for at least another 50 years however, he added.

In 2009 scientists from the University of Tokyo successfully grew replacement teeth in mice from cells in a laboratory. - Telegraph


Late Pope John Paul II to get sainthood, Vatican says

The Roman Catholic Church will declare the late Pope John Paul II a saint, the Vatican announced Friday.

Pope Francis signed the decree Friday morning, the Vatican said. John Paul was pope from 1978 until his death in 2005, and was in a way the first rock star pontiff, drawing vast crowds as he crisscrossed the globe.

At his funeral, thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square and chanted "Santo subito" -- Sainthood now! The Polish-born pope was fast-tracked to beatification and became "the blessed" John Paul II barely six years after his death, the fastest beatification in centuries.

No date has been announced for the canonization ceremony.

Pope John Paul II, the third-longest serving pope in history, died in April 2005 at the age of 84.

He had suffered from Parkinson's disease, arthritis and other ailments for several years before his death.

During his tenure, he became the most widely traveled pope in history and canonized more saints than any other pope.

His papacy included a lot of firsts. He was the first modern pope to visit a synagogue and the first pope to visit Cuba.

There are essentially three steps to becoming a Catholic saint after death.

First, the title "venerable" is formally given by the pope to someone judged to have exhibited "heroic virtues." Second, a miracle must be attributed to the deceased person's intervention, allowing beatification. Canonization -- or sainthood -- requires a second attributed miracle.

In 2010, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI approved John Paul's first reported miracle: a French nun supposedly cured of Parkinson's disease.

Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre, a nun whose order prayed to the pope after he died, said she was cured of the disease, an ailment that also afflicted John Paul.

The second miracle reportedly occurred in Costa Rica, where a woman said she recovered from a severe brain injury thanks to the intervention of John Paul, sources told CNN Vatican analyst John Allen.

Patrick Kelly, executive director of the Blessed John Paul II Shrine in Washington, explained the church's process for investigating reported miracles.

"A team of doctors first examine the miracle. Secondly, the team of theologians look at the miracles, and then they discuss amongst themselves the legitimacy and all the facts surrounding the miracles," he said.

Despite being so beloved, John Paul didn't live up to expectations at a crucial moment in the church's history, as revelations of sexual abuse scandals involving thousands Catholic priests erupted across the world in the early 2000s, critics say.

In the United States alone, the scandal involved more than 16,400 victims or alleged victims and cost the church $2.6 billion in settlements, therapy bills, lawyers' fees and care for priests removed from ministry, according to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

John XXIII was famed for calling the Second Vatican Council in 1962, which ushered in great changes in the Roman Catholic Church's relationship with the modern world.

He was pope from 1958 to 1963, and was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000. - CNN

Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II

John Paul II and the Meaning of Suffering: Lessons from a Spiritual Master


First man to hear people before they speak

Ever been watching an old movie, only for the sound and action to go out of sync? Now imagine every voice is like this – even your own. That's the world PH lives in.

PH is the first confirmed case of someone who hears people speak before registering that their lips have moved. His situation is giving unique insights into how our brains unify what we hear and see.

Light and sound travel at different speeds, so when someone speaks, visual and auditory inputs arrive at our eyes and ears at different times. The signals are then processed at different rates in the brain. Despite this, we perceive the events as happening simultaneously. How this happens, however, is unclear.

An opportunity to study this process came about when 67-year-old PH started experiencing bad dubbing following surgery. "I said to my daughter 'hey, you've got two TVs that need sorting!'," he recalls. PH then realised that he was hearing his own voice before feeling his jaw move. A scan of his brain showed he had two lesions in areas that may play a role in hearing, timing and movement.

To investigate, Elliot Freeman at City University London and colleagues performed a temporal order judgement test. PH was shown clips of people talking and was asked whether the voice came before or after the lip movements. Sure enough, he said it came before, and to perceive them as synchronous the team had to play the voice about 200 milliseconds later than the lip movements.

The team then carried out a second, more objective test based on the McGurk illusion. This involves listening to one syllable while watching someone mouth another; the combination makes you perceive a third syllable.

Since PH hears people speaking before he sees their lips move, the team expected the illusion to work when they delayed the voice. So they were surprised to get the opposite result: presenting the voice 200 ms earlier than the lip movements triggered the illusion, suggesting that his brain was processing the sight before the sound in this particular task.

And it wasn't only PH who gave these results. When 34 others were tested on both tasks, many showed a similar pattern, though none of the mismatches were noticeable in everyday life (Cortex,

Freeman says this implies that the same event in the outside world is perceived by different parts of your brain as happening at different times. This suggests that, rather than one unified "now", there are many clocks in the brain – two of which showed up in the tasks – and that all the clocks measure their individual "nows" relative to their average.

In PH's case, one or more of these clocks has been significantly slowed – shifting his average – possibly as a result of the lesions. Freeman thinks PH's timing discrepancies may be too large and happened too suddenly for him to ignore, resulting in him being aware of the asynchrony in everyday life. He may perceive just one of his clocks because it is the only one he has conscious access to, says Freeman.

Tim Griffiths at Newcastle University, UK, says any interpretation is hard, but that Freeman's multi-clock theory is possible. As for PH, help may be at hand: Freeman is looking for a way to slow down his hearing so it matches what he is seeing. - New Scientist

Facts & Influence of Adolf Hitler

More so than the horror of Stalin's soviet state or Mao’s monstrous regime, Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship stands as a paradigm of the 20th century. It reflects unforeseen levels of state repression and violence, unparalleled manipulation of the media to control and mobilize the masses, acute dangers of over-expressed nationalism, the destructive power of ideologies of racial superiority and racism, and a perverted use of modern technology and social engineering. In the past, I have written about the decadence and evil of Hitler and his Nazi co-horts - Gifts From The Master Race...but there are a few more lesser known facts surrounding Adolf Hitler and his influence on the people around him and the modern world:

- Hitler’s longest relationship was with Eva Braun (1912-1945). She tried to commit suicide twice in an attempt to garner more of Hitler’s attention.

- In his last will and testament that he dictated to his secretary Traudl Junge (1920-2002), Hitler stated that “in spite of all set backs” the war “will one day go down in history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of a people’s will to live.”

- In 2009, DNA tests reveled that the skull fragment long thought to have been Hitler’s is that of an unknown woman under 40. Scientists don’t believe the skull belongs to Evan Braun because she committed suicide by cyanide rather than with a gun.

- Hitler’s unusual medical remedies included enemas and leeches.

- The name “Adolph” means “noble wolf.” Hitler used the pseudonym Herr Wolf early in his career when he wanted to avoided recognition. He named his headquarters “Wolf’s Lair” and “Wolf’s Headquarters” and named his favorite German shepherd puppy “Wolf.”

- Hitler’s father’s name was originally Alois Schicklgruber but changed it to Alois Hitler in 1876, 13 years before Adolf was born. He later said that nothing his father had done had pleased him so much as when he changed his name. It is unclear why he changed his name.

- The name Hitler means “small holder” and appears interchangeably with the names Hiedler, Hietler, Huttler, and Hutler.

- Hitler was a decorated WWI veteran. He received the Iron Cross, Second Class in 1914. He received the Iron Cross, First Class in 1918. He also received the Black Wound Badge on May 18, 1918.

- The phrase “Sieg Heil” was devised by Harvard-educated businessman Ernst Hanfstaengl. Hanfstaengl was impressed by the camaraderie and excitement at Harvard football games and sought to simulate the excitable atmosphere at Hitler’s rallies.

- In 1937, Hitler created a new medal for foreign friends of the Reich called The Cross of the German Eagle Order. The first recipient was American Henry Ford. Hitler admired Ford largely because Ford hated Jews and had bought the newspaper Dearborn Independent to publish anti-Semitic stories. Ford even built Hitler an automobile assembly plant in Berlin.

- In 1937, Carl Jung analyzed Hitler’s handwriting and wrote that it included “typical characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct.”

- Hitler’s personal dentist Johannes Blaschke (1881-1959) reported that Hitler had terribly bad breath, abscesses, and gum disease. Hitler dreaded going to the dentist to the point of it being a phobia.

- Biographer August Kubizek reports that a teenage Hitler was obsessed with a young Jewish girl Stefanie Isak. He allegedly stalked her and fantasied about kidnapping and committing suicide with her.

- Historians note that Hitler was terrified of getting cancer and had polyps removed from his vocal chords twice. He also had high blood pressure and chronic gastrointestinal cramps and took massive amounts of a drug to flight flatulence. Additionally, Hitler suffered from hepatitis, which was triggered by blockage around his gall bladder.

- Historians have noted that Hitler’s private physician gave into Hitler’s every demand, which led to Hitler being addicted to pills. For example, Dr. Morell supplied him with the stimulant Pervitin, which is an ingredient in the drug crystal meth. Hitler also supplied his soldiers on the front with the drug. Incidentally, today Pervitin is also called “Hitler speed.”

- Some historians believe Hitler had a son with a French teenager while serving as a soldier during WWI. Hitler is said to have had an affair with a woman named Charlotte Lobjoie, age 16, in June 1917. Their son Jean-Marie Loret died in 1985 at the age of 67. He never met his father, but he did fight the Nazis during WWII.

- Hitler’s regime is often called the Third Reich, or Third Empire. Hitler’s Propaganda Minster Goebbels heavily promoted this terminology. The first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages; the second was the one established by Bismarck.

- A recently opened clothing store in the Indian metropolis of Ahmedabad is named “Hitler.” A swastika dots the letter “i” in Hitler.

- In 2010, parents who named two of their four children Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation lost custody of all four kids. The New Jersey appeals court ruled that putting children into state care had nothing to do with their names, but that there was sufficient evidence of abuse or neglect and prior domestic violence to seize the children.

- Hitler once ordered a team of phrenologists to take measurements of his skull. They concluded that his skull was “just like Napoleon’s” and they had seen “nothing like it since Frederick the Great.” Ironically, when he was on trial earlier in life for attempting to seize the government, a professor of something called “racial hygiene” reported that Hitler’s features demonstrated “bad race, mongrel, low receding forehead, ugly nose, broad cheekbones, small eyes, and dark hair.” -

Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection

Dark Side of the Moon: Wernher von Braun, the Third Reich, and the Space Race

The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible? Tesla? The Nazi? NASA? Or A Breakaway Civilization?

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Just the Facts?: My Alien Hybrid Son -- It's Time To Disclose My Experiences -- UFO's, Werewolves & The Pig-Man

Hey folks...I'm going to post just a few odds and ends today because of the July 4th holiday. We've had a lot going on lately at SRI...a few new intense cases that are going to require a lot of time and energy. Have a safe holiday and weekend...Lon


My Alien Hybrid Son

Fowlerville, MI - 1/28/2013 - unedited: My hybrid son was taken mid April of 2012. "They used the word claimed. I carried him for about 2 months. I knew he was a boy and I named him Drax. Named after Max(his human father) and the Draonian Reptilians I am involved with. During my pregnancy my ex was shut down and I was taken for several hours. When I was coming to I saw a figure standing to the side of the bed making circles above my stomach. I knew I had just been returned and I knew they were making one last check on the baby. He was brought to me October-10-2012 for breastfeeding and bonding. I am sending pictures of my pregnant stomach and claw marks where he held on to my left breast as he fed from the right. He didnt mean to hurt me. There was absolutely no feeling to the red and infected looking claw marks and they were basically gone in 4 hours. However, my right nipple felt like it had been pla ced in a vice. The only other time I experienced that pain was when I breast fed my daughter. The tracks that were left in the snow (see videos) were left 1-28-13. I didnt know what they were until a couple weeks later. I was standing in my kitchen and I heard these words.......Drax Tracks. I stood in that kitchen laughing and crying. I know it was my son who told me. I felt it....I knew it.

There is so much more to this than I could possibly try to write. "They" have been manipulating my pineal gland. They are able to use me as a computer, loading and downloading information. I feel as if I am "ahead of time." I have received many messages from them and continue to.

I have many very credible witnesses. They include an attorney, a fireman/farmer, and a prison guard.

I have been regressed 5 times and some are recorded. The psychologist who regressed me would be willing to speak.

I need help. I have reached out to many people. The only time I feel ok is when I am sharing what is happening to me. Some of the things that are happening are difficult to share because they make others very uncomfortable. So I am left holding all this inside.

I have been doing illustrations and writing down everything and keeping track of dates the best I can.

This all started in 1961 when i was 12. It was a sighting (daylight) with several witnesses including two police officers. I am still in contact with the Chief of police from back then. Unfortunately, he is 93 and in bad health along with good and bad memory days. He was at the station and said he fielded calls for over 20 minutes. One of the calls was from a fellow officer at the scene and another was a city councilwoman. I was discouraged from talking about this in hopes that I would forget. It was the worst thing my parents could have done. I never talked about it.....for 50 years I never talked about it. It was only when I met a Ufologist and college professor September 1st, 2011 that I opened up. I told him of the sighting.......thats all I thought it was for 50 years. But, I lived with PTSD and panic attacks. I havent had a papst smear in 20 years and still am unable to watch someone get a shot of tv. I have always had physic abilities. He was a smart man and knew there was more to it than that so he found the regression therapist. At the end of my first regression I felt myself immobilized and going up into the ship.

One of the very first messages they gave me in 2011 was, "All memories are packed and taken with us in each new life." "When the load becomes to heavy or we no longer have the energy to carry it we travel as, LIGHT KNOWLEDGE ENERGY."

"THEY TOLD ME TO TAKE THIS BATON AND RUN WITH IT"........that is what I am trying to do. MUFON CMS

Children Of The Greys

The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us


It's Time To Disclose My Experiences

Indiana - 2/1/1999 - unedited:


Serious events often happen in this world that cause me to worry. When things of a national or global nature occur, many people’s lives are affected. There isn’t a lot I can do, but I don’t feel totally helpless. As a citizen, I believe it’s my civic duty to write letters to public officials. I write to express my views when I think there’s a chance I can help people in positions of power understand reality a little better.

When I write, I often use symbolism and analogies. Since everything in the universe is relative, it’s sometimes easier to step back and look at the situation from a different, relative angle. Once I grasp the basic principle, I’m in a better position to apply my knowledge to the situation. Some can get the wrong idea about what I’m trying to do when I write letters.

In September, 1998, I felt the need to write a letter to the President of the United States. Our president was in the process of being impeached from office and impeachments don’t happen every day. I thought he might be able to use a little moral support from a fellow citizen.

I thought I was writing him a private letter, but I learned there is no such thing as a nine-page, private letter written to the president. The number-10 envelope was about an inch thick. I’m certain the envelope raised eyebrows when it reached the White House - and possibly, before it got there.

I had serious doubts as to whether I should mail it. I wanted to be certain I was doing the right thing by expressing my thoughts. The letter sat on my desk for a few days before I finally decided to mail it.

On the way to the post office, a man in an old car with an American flag on the front bumper pulled up behind me. I heard one of those little voices inside my head. I thought the voice was telepathic and coming from the man in the car. The voice said, “That’s a good letter, Avery.”

I wondered, How does he know it’s a good letter? There’s no way he could have read it.

After I mailed the letter, I didn’t think much about it until the following day. I was on my way home from my real estate office. A guy in a truck pulled up beside me at one of many stoplights. He was in the next lane to my left. I glanced over and saw him covertly pointing a thumb into his chest. I thought it was strange. Then I looked into my rear-view mirror and saw a dark blue car with a small red and blue light in the front windshield. The man appeared to be telling me an unmarked police car was following me.

I thought, Come on you crazy people, it was just a letter.

I guess any time a suspicious letter is sent to the president, there are people who make certain no one means to do him harm. I can’t fault anyone for doing their job, but all the attention I was receiving caught me a little by surprise. One evening, a couple of days later, I got a little more attention than I’d bargained for.

It was a Friday evening. A friend of mine was staying at my house because he had taken a new job. The change required him to move to another city. [Item removed/CMS/rjl] needed a place to stay on the weekends while he visited his friends and family.

I wanted to go out to a nightclub and party. I asked [Item removed/CMS/rjl] if he wanted to join me, but he said he was too tired. He’d worked all week and wanted to stay home and relax.

I said, “That’s fine.”

Then I went to the club on my own.

I don’t remember the exact time I returned home, but it was after midnight. I walked through the front door and closed it behind me. [Item removed/CMS/rjl] was stretched out and lying face up on the sofa. The lamps by the sofa were on; there was plenty of light in the room. I looked at my friend and stopped dead in my tracks. Something was terribly wrong with him.

[Item removed/CMS/rjl] was looking at me with a silly grin. He appeared to be in shock and frozen in time.

I gave him a curious frown and asked, “What?”

He responded telepathically, “They’re here!”

I thought, They’re here! What the hell does he mean by that?

Something else caught my attention and I looked ahead. Twelve feet away, someone stepped out from the doorway of my kitchen. As I looked to see who it was, a red laser beam was all I could see. For the next few moments, I couldn’t help but focus on the pinpoint of red light, wondering what it was. Then I saw three bright flashes of white light, which nearly blinded me. A second later I felt as though some kind of energy weapon had ransacked my mind. There was no pain, but the energy of my body had been significantly drained.

I instinctively yelled, “Oh!” as I turned away and went down on my right knee. I regained my composure, rose to my feet, and saw a “Gray” alien. The strange-looking creature was about four feet tall, and had big, dark, almond-shaped eyes. It limped slightly, but walked with determination in my direction. It looked like your typical extraterrestrial on television, but this one was real and in my house.

When the alien was about two feet away, it looked up into my eyes. It asked in a telepathic voice, “Do you mean to do harm to the president?”

I was angry about being assaulted by the alien’s energy weapon. It may have been the seven beers in me talking, but I didn’t care who this was. I wasn’t going to take this kind of s**t from anybody. I responded in a louder telepathic voice of my own, “No! Of course not!”

The alien quickly moved backward a foot. I sensed it was surprised at my loud telepathic response. The being quickly regained composure, stepped forward and stared into my eyes again.

It asked telepathically, “Then why did you write the letter?”

I responded in a normal, audible voice, “Well, I just wanted to express my opinion.”

The alien replied in an equally calm, yet telepathic voice, “Okay. That is what we thought. We were just checking."

The being stepped back, made a quarter turn to its right, bowed its head, and reported to someone who wasn’t in my house, “It is a good letter.”

It turned back to face me, looked up, and projected another thought, “Keep your nose clean.”

I responded, “I will.” Then I thought for a moment and said, “Well, I’ll try.”

The alien walked over to my friend on the sofa, stared at him for about ten seconds, and then ordered, “Roll over and go to sleep.”

[Item removed/CMS/rjl] quickly complied.

I watched intently as the alien walked to the lamp on the end table on the right side of my sofa. I laughed to myself when the alien reached up underneath the lampshade to find the switch. The bail that holds the lampshade was pressed hard against the power knob. It isn’t the kind of lamp that turns on and off with a switch. All you have to do is touch it.

The alien was keeping a close eye on me as it bent over to turn the lamp off. I thought it was funny when the alien touched it, and it got brighter. I had a three-way bulb in the lamp. After a few seconds, the alien managed to turn it off with a touch from its slender left hand. It walked to the lamp at the left end of my sofa and quickly turned it off as well.

The house became awfully dark, but not totally. There was light emanating from my computer monitor in the back bedroom. I’d turned the bedroom into a home office.

My eyes hadn’t totally adjusted to the darkness, but I could see the alien walk over and stand in front of me. We stared at each other for a few moments.

The darkness didn’t frighten me, but I was apprehensive about the intentions of the small, strange-looking being.

It moved its head slightly to the right and looked at the side of my face. I mirrored its movement. It moved its head to the left to see the other side of my face. I mirrored its movement again. We continued to stare quietly at one another for about fifteen seconds. I then heard it stepping down what seemed like a volume switch in its mind, then the alien barely whispered telepathically, “You are good.”

I gave the alien the biggest smile I could muster. I knew I was good. I also knew the extraterrestrial was testing me to see how telepathic I was. A smile was my friendly way of saying, “You’re going to have to do better than that if you don’t want me to hear your telepathic test.”

I quickly, intentionally put a serious look on my face as I continued to stare back at the alien. I slowly tried to raise my right arm and hand, wanting to see if it would shake hands. When I tried, my left arm moved instead. I thought, This being has my body mechanics crossed up some how.

My experience with this Gray seemed incredibly surreal to me. I continued to stare at the alien for a few more seconds. Then I laughed. It wasn’t a big laugh. It was more of a slight grin and a, Humph!

The alien leaned its head back and started laughing too. The sound the alien made was, “Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack, Ack!” Its laugh sounded like the Popeye cartoon character.

The alien turned and walked through the doorway leading into my unlit kitchen.

After a few seconds, I could move my entire body normally and with ease. I cautiously walked to the kitchen and said, “I don’t appreciate this. Who invited you into my house?”

I turned on the kitchen light and searched the room. The alien was gone.

I asked, “[Item removed/CMS/rjl] , did you invite him in here?”

Donnie was asleep and didn’t answer, but from a distance, I heard a telepathic voice reply, “No.”

Then, as if someone had cut and pasted time, I found myself standing on the driveway outside my house. I felt as though something strange had just happened but I didn’t know what it was. In this new timeline, I had no immediate knowledge of the extraterrestrial contact that I had just had. I walked down the sidewalk, up the front steps of my house, I opened the front door and walked in. It was exceptionally dark. The only light in the house was that coming from the computer monitor in the back bedroom. I walked over and touched the lamp on the right end table. When the room became illuminated, I saw [Item removed/CMS/rjl] asleep on the sofa.

I turned on the television with my remote control and put a movie into the VCR. It immediately ate the tape. My VCR had never done that before and I became angry. I began ranting, raving, and stomping through my house. I knew I was overreacting from a malfunctioning VCR, so I felt something else must be terribly wrong.

I remember saying to myself, “This is a little too obvious!”

[Item removed/CMS/rjl] awoke and asked what my problem was.

I responded, “Somebody broke my VCR.”

In his defense he said, “It wasn’t me, [Item removed/CMS/rjl] I haven’t used your VCR!”

“I know it’s not your fault. There’s something else going on here and I don’t know what it is,” I replied.

I sensed my friend’s thought, “Maybe he has had too much to drink.”

Before he could say the words, I responded, “No. It’s not that.”

It wasn’t until the next day that I was able to recall the event of the extraterrestrial contact, and piece my memories of the event together. I sat on my sofa and thought about the experience at great length. I knew it wasn’t a dream; it was too real and detailed. The flashes of light were like this being had taken a three-dimensional picture of me. I had the feeling the alien was trying to teleport a part of my being - but not my physical body - to another place and time. I thought I might have sent forth a scout-type soul a few minutes ahead of my physical body. Through clairvoyance, the report I received back was the alien visitation.

During the encounter, once I stood back up, I felt immobilized. I could only move my head. I knew why the Gray being paralyzed me. The alien was acting in self-defense. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d had the ability to move my entire body freely and normally; I never had the chance. I’m not a violent person. I don’t believe I would have tried to harm the alien unless it had tried to hurt me.

It temporarily paralyzed my body below the neck by manipulating the circuitry of my brain. For the creature from outer space, this may have been as easy as remotely flipping the correct circuit breakers on the electrical service panel of a house.

I was a little intoxicated, but I wasn’t that drunk, not enough to have imagined something like this.

When I entered my house, [Item removed/CMS/rjl] said telepathically, “They’re here.” This told me, although I only saw one, there may have been more than one alien.

My friend’s experience may have been more traumatic than mine. Looking into the eyes of one of these extraterrestrials for the first time is like a deer looking into the headlights of an approaching car. It stuns you. Intuition and deductive reasoning told me these beings interrogated my friend. They may have mistook [Item removed/CMS/rjl] for me. Prior to my returning home that evening, they probably made Donnie tell them what he knew about me. This may have included the worst things Donnie had seen me do. It would have been a logical way for the aliens to determine if I posed a threat to anyone.

The extraterrestrial was wearing gray clothes. I’ve never examined their fabric, but it looks soft and conforms closely to their bodies like spandex. I have no idea how strong their fabric is, but they’ve worn it in all our encounters.

I don’t know how the alien knew I’d written the letter. Considering the advanced technology of these beings, it wouldn’t have been difficult for them to read the return address on the envelope from space or overheard conversations of influential people.

The alien may have laughed because it found the needle in the haystack. I was a human who had created disruptions for this species in the past, and they had discovered me by investigating a small, unlikely lead. The alien may have been laughing from what it saw in my house. I have a wooden plaque my sister gave me as a Christmas gift. The plaque is hand-painted in blue and says “WELCOME FRIENDS.” I felt a need to hang it in the wrong place. Nobody can see this sign when entering my home because it’s on an inside wall next to my front door. When the alien stared at me in the darkness of my living room, it may have been looking past me and reading the words. If the alien had taken a picture, the “WELCOME FRIENDS” sign would have been in the background of the photograph.

After piecing together this close encounter event, I stood from my sofa and walked to my home office. I looked at my computer monitor and saw something amazing. I saw the same thing written repeatedly.













I read it and thought, What does this mean?

I highlighted the first line and deleted it. The line mysteriously reproduced itself at the end of the bizarre repetitions. When the strange text reappeared, it inserted itself over the text of a story I was working on, effectively erasing what I’d written.

I thought, Oh no! Not another computer virus!

I scrolled down to the end of the repetitions, deleted the last line, then scrolled up to the top to see if anything had been erased above the weird insertion; it hadn’t. I erased it, line by line, from bottom to top, until it was gone.

Oh! Thank God, I saved it! I thought.

Since it had been a few weeks since I’d backed up my computer’s hard drive, I would have lost a lot of data if I hadn’t cleared the virus.

I said out loud, “1309yy xyz in a box.”

(I cant reproduce the xyz in a box here. It was above the line and located at the right.)

A voice inside my head shouted, “That’s a bug!”

I analyzed the strange insertion, wondering what it meant. Was the Grey or someone else sending me a coded message? I remembered the one red light, the three white flashes and going down on my knee and yelling “0h!” but what did the number 9 mean? I kept thinking number 9, number 9, number 9. It reminded me of a Beatles song.

I thought “yy” might be a question from two different sources or two questions from one source. Was someone asking me a question? I wondered if the “xyz in a box” was someone’s way of saying, “Fill in the two dimensional space with an ending.”

I questioned why the strange insertion could only be removed in reverse. No logical reasoning for the computer bug made much sense, but I thought it had something to do with my alien encounter.

I’d referred to this type of alien as a bug in the past. This message in the bottle of my computer may have been its antagonistic way of saying, “We’ll show you a bug.”

If this alien had wanted to talk, I wish it had knocked on my door and asked to be invited in. I don’t like it when they teleport in and out of my house the way this one did. It is better than them teleporting me into one of their spacecraft as had happened twice in my past. Once when I was 17 and again when I was 21. Being teleported onboard an extraterrestrial’s spacecraft can be a much scarier scenario.

This wasn’t the first time I’d encountered aliens of this kind. It was the fifth time I could remember making contact with this species, but there would be other species, and more encounters to come. - MUFON CMS

Nightmare Alley: Fearsome Accounts of Alien Abduction: New Evidence You Could Become Their Next Victim!

Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Where It Originates And How It Stops

Countdown to Oblivion: The Definitive Alien Abduction


Massive Bee Deaths Continue

As scientists struggle to find the cause of the massive die-offs, a phenomenon they call “colony collapse disorder,” Elmwood beekeeper Dave Schuit is pointing the finger at neonicotinoid pesticides. Schuit lost 600 hives.

Research suggests that even at nonlethal does, the world’s most popular class of pesticides can confuse bees’ navigation and make it hard for them to find home.
After a record-breaking loss of honeybees in the United Kingdom, the European Union has banned multiple pesticides, including neonicotinoid pesticides.

Bees are critical to our food supply; one out of every three bites of food comes from a plant pollinated by honey bees and other pollinators.

“More than 85 percent of Earth’s plant species — many of which compose some of the most nutritional parts of our diet — require pollinators to exist,” Eric Mader, assistant pollinator conservation director at The Xerces Society, told Whole Foods. “Yet we continue to see alarming declines in bee numbers.”

"In the United States alone, native bees contribute at least $3 billion a year to the farm economy,” Mace Vaughan, pollinator program director at the Xerces Society, told the National Wildlife Federation.

The evidence linking pesticide use on our crops to bee deaths is compelling. - MSN


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Lee Brickley's Terrifying New Book

UFO's Werewolves & The Pig-Man

(Exposing England's Strangest Location – Cannock Chase)

"UFOs, werewolves, orbs, more monsters than an old Universal Studio film. Cannock Chase has them all, and now Lee Brickley is bringing them all into your living room in his exciting new book." - Brad Steiger

The eternally mysterious woodlands of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England are known throughout the
world as an entry point for bizarre and unearthly, paranormal phenomena. From werewolf sightings and
spectral encounters, to documented UFO crashes and spooky urban legends, this supernatural portal area
experiences more inexplicable activity than you even dare imagine.

In this book, Lee Brickley chronicles his investigation into the very location many researchers call “England's
Strangest”. With brand new sighting reports, spine tingling tales of gruesome monsters, and fresh
information on the alleged top secret military connection that could be responsible for it all. Are you brave
enough to find out what's really going down in the woods today?

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The 1976 Stanford, KY UFO Incident

Summary: On January 6, 1976, three women were abducted near Stanford, Kentucky. As they were driving together to have dinner, a bright red object appeared in the sky, which Mona Stafford at first thought was an airplane on fire. As the object descended from the right side of the road to a point ahead of them, they could see that it was not an airplane, but a huge object bigger than "two houses."

Original Report: January 6, 1976 was Mona Stafford's 36th birthday. To celebrate, she and her friends Louise Smith and Elaine Thomas decided to drive thirty-five miles from their home in Liberty, Kentucky, to have dinner at the Redwoods Restaurant, between Stanford and Lancaster, Kentucky. Louise Smith was driving them in her '67 Chevy Nova.

The three women had an enjoyable dinner together. None of them drank any alcoholic beverages with their meal. At about 11:15, the trio headed back home, expecting to be home by midnight. At Stanford, Kentucky, nine miles from Lancaster, they turned off Highway 27 and onto Highway 78 towards Hustonville.

Just outside Stanford, a curious thing happened. A bright red object appeared in the sky, which Mona Stafford at first thought was an airplane on fire. As the object descended from the right side of the road to a point ahead of them, they could see that it was not an airplane, but a huge object bigger than "two houses." The object stopped about a hundred yards ahead of them, stretching across the road on both sides. It rocked back and forth for a couple of seconds, and then moved off to the left.

They kept driving, and assumed that whatever it was had kept going. However, after they had been about a quarter of a mile, a blue light appeared through the rear window of the car. At first they thought it was a highway patrol car with its lights flashing, but soon they realized that the flying object had circled around and had come up behind them. Suddenly, something wrested control of the car away from Louise Smith. The car accelerated even though Mrs. Smith took her foot off the accelerator, and the speedometer was soon on 85 mph. Mona Stafford, in the front passenger seat, tried to help Louise regain control of the car, but it was not possible. The women began to feel a burning sensation in their eyes. The ignition lights lit up on the instrument panel, an indication that the car's engine was stalled, but they were still speeding along. They saw a wide, brightly lit road ahead of them, and then, seconds later, the scene became Highway 78 and they recognized they were on the outskirts of Hustonville, a full eight miles from where they had just been. Checking the time, they found that, incredibly, an hour and twenty minutes had passed.

They arrived at Louise Smith's trailer in Liberty at 1:25 am, almost an hour and a half late. They went inside to collect themselves and found that they each had a red mark like a burn on the backs of their necks, and they all had burning, irritated eyes. Louise Smith went into the bathroom and removed her watch to wash her face. She saw that the hands of her watch were spinning at a much higher than normal speed. When she splashed water on her face, she found that contact with water caused pain in her hands and face.

They went next door, to the home of Mr. Lowell Lee, and told him what had happened. He had them separately sketch the object they had seen. The sketches were extremely similar, if not identical. They called the police and the local navy office, but neither showed any interest in their story.

In the days that followed, Mona Stafford had more problems with her eyes than did the other two women, and she sought medical help for severe conjunctivitis. Louise Smith's pet parakeet was now inexplicably terrified of her and the bird died a couple of months later. Smith's car also began to develop mysterious electrical problems.

The navy office reportedly gave information about the story to the news media, and the story was soon in the newspapers. Hearing of the case, Jerry Black of MUFON set up an interview with the three women. J. Allen Hynek of CUFOS and Jim and Coral Lorenzen of APRO also investigated the case. The investigators found that other individuals had independently reported sightings of a UFO in the Casey and Lincoln counties that same night. Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming heard of the case and flew in, and on March 7, 1976, he performed a preliminary hypnotic regression of the women.

In July of 1976, Lexington Police Department detective James Young separately gave the three women lie detector tests regarding their experience. They all passed with no problems. Later that evening and continuing into the next day, extensive hypnotic regression of the women was performed by R. Leo Sprinkle. These sessions were similar to the story of Betty and Barney Hill in that they revealed that during the period of missing time the three women were taken on board the object they had seen. While there they were medically examined by shadowy beings that they later identified as being similar to depictions of aliens. -


Drawing of the UFO by Mona Stafford

The Kentucky Abduction - APRO Bulletin, Vol. 25 No. 4 (Oct 1976)

The February first issue of the Kentucky Advocate, published at Danville, Kentucky, carried an article pertaining to UFO sightings in that general area, among which was the story told by Ms. Louise Smith, Ms. Mona Stafford and Mrs. Elaine Thomas about their drive home to Liberty from a late dinner at the Redwoods restaurant located five miles north of Stanford. The ladies said that at a point about one mile south of Stanford, they saw a huge disc-shaped object which was metallic gray with a white glowing dome. A row of red lights rotated around the middle and underneath were three or four red and yellow lights that burned steadily. A bluish beam of light issued from the bottom.

The newspaper did not carry a lot of detail but it was mentioned that when the women arrived home in Liberty, it was 1:25 a.m. Having left the restaurant at 11:15 p.m., they should have arrived home by midnight, indicating that there was a time loss of about one hour and 25 minutes.

The Kentucky Advocate article was forwarded to APRO by Field Investigator Bill Terry but meanwhile he put in a telephone call and asked if we felt the case was good enough for him to make the necessary 60 mile trip to talk to the ladies. After he had read the pertinent information, Mrs. Lorenzen said she thought it would be well worth the trip. A few days later he called back and told Headquarters he thought it was a case of abduction, and that the usual hypnosis procedures should be utilized.

A call was put in to Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, APRO's consultant in psychology and he was asked to travel to Liberty to interview the women and possibly use hypnotic procedures to relieve their anxiety and obtain any repressed information. Headquarters learned that his first free weekend for the trip would be the weekend of the 6th and 7th of March.

We will here relate the information obtained by our investigation and later explain why this report has not been published until now.

It is important to note that although Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Thomas had known each other for many years, and Mrs. Stafford had known Mrs. Thomas for some time, Mrs. Smith had only gotten acquainted with Mona a few weeks previously.

On the evening in question, Mrs. Smith left work at the usual time and went home. She is employed as an extension assistant for the Casey County Extension Office where her duties consist of visiting families in the county, counseling them in food perparation and preservation, nutrition and gardening. She fixed herself a sandwich and soup, which she ate, then got into her 1967 Chevrolet which she had just purchased that day and drove to a service station to get gas in preparation for the next day.

While at the service station, Mona Stafford, who was driving by, spotted Louise's car, pulled her car into the station, whereupon Mrs. Smith asked her if she would come home with her and help her put the collar on a jacket she was making, as she was having trouble fitting it. The two ladies, each in her own car, drove to the Smith trailer home and set about the task. At about 8 p.m., Mrs. Thomas dropped by and the three lapsed into conversation about their favorite subject: art. Mrs. Stafford had planned to go to her sister's home to have her hair done and at about 9 p.m. said she'd better call her sister because it was getting late and besides, it was her (Mona's) birthday.

When Mrs. Smith learned about the birthday, she suggested that they al! go over to the Redwoods for a late dinner and a sort of birthday celebration. Also, there was a painting on the wall of the restaurant which she had wanted to sketch. The restaurant, incidentally, is the only restaurant open at that time of night in that area.

The three drove the 29 miles to the restaurant, had their dinner and then pulled out sketch pads and went to work. A man at the restaurant asked Mrs. Smith to sketch him, which she did, and then she realized it was getting late, so the three paid their checks and left. Mrs. Smith drove, Mona sat in the middle of the front seat, with Mrs. Thomas on her right by the passenger window.

After Mona spotted the object, which was descending from their right to the left, she asked Louise to speed up as she thought it was a plane about to crash and she wanted to help any survivors. Mrs. Smith saw it clearly, but Mrs. Thomas didn't see it until it had stopped at treetop level at what they estimated to be one hundred yards ahead of them. All of the women said the object was huge, Louise describing it as "as big as a football field," while Mrs. Stafford said it was at least as large as two houses.

Mrs. Smith said that the object rocked gently for perhaps two seconds, at which time she estimated its size, for it extended beyond the edges of the road and over the fields on both sides. Then the thing moved across the road to their left, circling behind and above some houses, and then apparently came back to the highway and swung in behind the car.

At a point in their journey about a quarter of a mile beyond the houses, the inside of the car was lit up with a bluish light which came from behind. Mrs. Smith said that at first she thought it was a state trooper approaching from behind, but realized almost immediately that it wasn't. At this point Louise and Mona were near panic. The car began to pull to the left and Louise screamed at Mona to help her control it. The speedometer was registering 85 miles per hour and both Mona and Mrs. Thomas shouted at Mrs. Smith to slow down. Louise held her foot in the air to show them and said,"I don't have my foot on the accelerator and I can't stop it!" Mona reached over and grabbed the wheel and they fought the force together. Then, quite suddenly, the women experienced a burning sensation in their eyes and Louise later described an additional pain which seemed to "go right through the top of my head! It was almost unbearable!"

The next sensation was that of some force pulling the car backward. Also, they got the feeling that the car was going over a series of "speed bumps" (raised ridges in a road which are meant to keep the speed of automobiles to a minimum). Mrs. Thomas began urging Louise to stop so that she could get a good look at the object, but Mona and Louise were too terrified. Elaine had only had a glimpse of the object as it had circled to their left and around behind him and was later to comment about the object's beauty. "I can't describe it," she said, "I've never seen red that beautiful. 1 wanted to get out and look at it."

Then, the women said, they saw a strange, wide, lighted road stretching as far as they could see ahead of them. At the same moment Mona noted a red light come on on the instrument panel which indicated that the engine had stalled, despite the sensation that they were moving very fast.

At what seemed to be a split second later the women saw a street light ahead and realized that they were coming into HustonviHe, a full eight miles beyond where they had encountered the strange aircraft. They wondered among themselves how they had gotten there so fast, then became quiet while they proceeded on into Liberty.

When they arrived at Mrs. Smith's trailer, they ail went inside. Mrs. Smith went into the bathroom, took off her glasses and splashed water on her face, whereupon her hands and face began to burn with searing pain. All three had a red mark on the backs of their necks, measuring about three inches long and one inch wide, with clearly defined edges, giving the appearance of a new burn before it blisters. Louise and Elaine's marks were centrally located between the bases of their skulls and the top of the back, whereas Mona's was located to the ieft, behind her ear. They could not account for the marks, which disappeared two days later. All three were experiencing burning and tearing of their eyes, but Mona Stafford had a much more severe case of conjunctiveitis (an inflammation of the conjunctiva membrane of the eyes).

Prior to washing her hands, Louise had taken off her watch and was startled to see that the hands of her watch were moving at an accelerated rate of speed, the minute hand moving at the speed of a second hand, and the hour hand was moving also. Upon experiencing the pain of the water on her hands and face she forgot about the phenomena of the watch and does not recall when it returned to normal or when she reset it.

Concluding that something was wrong, the three ladies went next door to the home of Mr. Lowell Lee, and told him what they had seen. He asked them to go into separate rooms and sketch the object and when finished, he found the resulting sketches to be almost identical.

Although all the women had trouble with their eyes, only Mona Stafford sought medical help, as her problem was so severe. The doctor who examined her found no explanation for the pain and tearing but gave her some eye drops which helped very little.

Bill Terry found out that all three of the women enjoy good reputations. Mrs. Smith, 44, is a tall, thin woman of 44 years who was widowed when a young woman and brought up her son and daughter by herself. She has two grandchildren and busies herself in her spare time with painting and sketching and gospel singing. She performs around Casey county with the Jubilee Echoes, consisting of herself, a 14-year-old boy singer and a bassist who is a police lieutenant in Danville. She is a lifelong member of the Baptist church and attends services regularly at the Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Liberty. Inquiries to such people as police personnel, her minister and employer, elicited only good comments. Several weeks after her experience she had lost 28Vi of her normal weight of 125Vi pounds.

Mona Stafford is 35, the former owner of an arts and crafts shop in Liberty and currently unumployed except for secretarial work which she does for her father, who owns a mobile trailer park. She was once married but has been divorced since 1970 and lives in a trailer home parked near her parents' home. She is a devout Christian, a member of the Hilltop Church of Christ near Liberty. She also lost weight amounting to 17 pounds but at this writing had regained 7.

Elaine Thomas is a 48 year-old-housewife who has lived in Casey County, Kentucky all of her life. She and her husband Otis live several miles out of Liberty. They have a grown daughter and three grandchildren. Mrs. Thomas is also a lifelong churchgoer and is a member of the Contown Church of Christ.

The foregoing information indicated to APRO's staff that the women were of good reputation, sincere, honest, and had no motivation to concoct a story so we proceeded with the investigation. It is at this juncture that we will explain the tardiness of the publication of this case. Bill Terry met Dr. Sprinkle upon his arrival and the two proceeded to Mrs. Smith's home. They were met with a conglommeration of investigators from CUFOS and MUFON, who felt that they were "first" on the case and that APRO should not be allowed to enter. (They had preceded Mr. Terry to the Liberty site by only one day). Sprinkle, being a gentleman and a scholar did not want to intrude, and it was finally decided to call APRO Headquarters for an opinion. Mr. Lorenzen talked to Len Stringfield of CUFOS and MUFON who wanted to use the services of Dr. Sprinkle but did not want the report to be sent to APRO. Mrs. Lorenzen pointed out that she had written a book (Encounters with UFO Occupants) specifically so that the proceeds would furnish APRO with the wherewithal to conduct such investigations, and that not only was APRO's money (air fare and expenses for Dr. Sprinkle) wasted, but Dr. Sprinkle's time away from his family was wasted as well.

It was finally decided that Dr. Sprinkle would conduct the hypnotic sessions but that there would have to be a mutual agreement concerning the release of the story. Also, during meetings before Sprinkle's arrival, some representative of MUFON or CUFOS had told Mrs. Smith (she doesn't recall who) that the ladies should be careful about having anything to do with APRO because "they would call in the National Enquirer" and they would receive much unwanted publicity. Later, in a letter from Jerry Black, a MUFON investigator and, consequently, a CUFOS investigator, suggested that the ladies contact the National Enquirer about their experience, which was a surprise considering their reluctance to have anything to do with that paper if APRO was on the case.


At any rate, it was for this reason, after the waste of several huhdred dollars, APRO was unable to complete the case. Then, after the National Enquirer contacted the ladies, Dr. Sprinkle, because of his participation in the "Blue Ribbon Panel" of National Enquirer experts, was called upon to go back to Liberty and regress the women.

His report of the weekend of March 6 and 7 is quite sketchy except for his characterization of the three women as reliable, sincere, etc., because Saturday was largely wasted in quibbling about who should have "control of the case." Incidentally, the MUFON people wanted to make use of Sprinkle's expertise, "as long as he was there." But they admitted they neither had the consultants nor the funds to send in someone expert in hypnotic techniques to carry out the trance sessions.

On the 23rd of July, under the National Enquirer's aegis, a polygraph test was conducted on the three ladies, and James C. Young reported, in each case, that it was his opinion, based upon the polygraph examinations, thai: the ladies believed they were telling the truth to the listed questions.

In his report, Mr. Young made the following pertinent observation: "Prior to the examination of these three persons it was determined by the polygraphist that these persons had been previously interviewed by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle and the above-mentioned members of the Mutual UFO Network. How much or how little these previous interviews played a part upon what these persons now believe about this alleged encounter cannot be determined by the polygraphist. I cannot discount the fact that previous interviews with these persons could influence their personal beliefs as to whether or not this alleged encounter did or did not occur."

The three women who were abducted near Stanford, Kentucky. Left to right: Louise Smith, Elaine Thomas, Mona Stafford. (credit: Jerome Clark)

Mr. Young makes a very good point, that being that interviewers showing sketches of UFO types to a witness before they make their own renderings of what they saw, is highly suggestive, as is the display of any drawings of occupants. This apparently was done by MUFON representatives prior to the polygraph test or the trance hypnosis carried out by Dr. Sprinkle on the next day, the 24th of July. APRO has a complete transcript of the trance sessions which have been examined by the staff. While Robert Pratt of the Enquirer, and Dr. Sprinkle, who has had extensive experience in this phase of UFO research, were careful not to lead the subjects, some very suggestive or leading questions were asked by Mr. Stringfield and Mr. Black of MUFON. It is just such errors that the skeptics will leap upon in attempts to discredit the investigative procedures or reliability of witness testimony in such cases.

We would like very much to quote in polygraph tests and the hypnotic trance sessions, but space will not allow us to do so. Therefore, we summarize Dr. Sprinkle's findings from the hypnotic sessions.

". . .Mrs. Smith suffered much as she relived the experience. The behaviors, e.g., weeping, moaning, tossing her head, shuddering, and shaking, etc., were evident to those of us who observed her. especially as she seemed to "relive" an experience of a fluid material covering her face. Her smile, and evident relief in "seeing the street light" at the end of her hour and one-half loss-of-time experience was dramatic and indicated that she was "safe" in the car, once again, and returning home with her friends." Sprinkle then goes on to recount Louise's claim that her pet parakeet, who, according to her claims and the claims of others who observed the bird, refused to have anything to do with her after the UFO experience. Others could approach the bird and it would not react wildly; however, whenever Louise came close to the bird, the bird would flutter and move away from her. The bird died within weeks after the UFO experience.

Mona Stafford. . ."responded well to the hypnotic suggestions and she was able to describe impressions which led her to believe that she had been taken out of the car, and that she was alone on a white table or bed. she saw a large "eye" which seemed to be observing her. She felt as if a bright white light was shining on her and that there was "power" or energy which transfixed her and held her to the table or bed. She experienced a variety of physiological reactions, including the impressions that her right arm was pinned or fastened; her left leg forced back under her, with pain to the ankle and foot; pressure on the fingers of the left hand, as if they were forced or squeezed in some way; a feeling of being examined by four or five short humanoids who sat around in "surgical masks" and "surgical garments" while observing her. At one point, she sensed that she was either experiencing out-of-the body travel, or else she was waiting outside of a large room in which she could view another person, probably a woman, lying on a white bed or observation table. She perceived a long tunnel, or a view of the sky, as if she had been transported to an area inside a large mountain or volcano. Although, she wept and moaned and experienced a great deal of fatigue as a result of the "reliving" of the experience, she felt better the next day; she expressed the belief to me that she now had a better understanding of what happened during the loss-of-time experience.

. . . "Mrs. Thomas had been rather quiet during the initial interview in March, 1976, although it was obvious that she is perceptive and aware of other people's attitudes and feelings. Like the

others, she has lost weight, but she has also experienced some personality changes. She dresses a bit more colorfully now, and she is more willing to talk and to share her ideas with others. She, too, experienced a similar reaction during the hypnotic techniques: she apparently was responding well to suggestions to go deeper; when she "relived" the UFO experience, she experienced a great deal of emotional reaction. Her main impression was that she was taken away from her two friends, and that she was placed in a "chamber" with a window on the side. She seemed to recall figures which moved back and forth in front of the window of the chamber as if she were being observed. Her impression was that the observers were four-foot-tall humanoids, with dark eyes, and grey skin. One disturbing aspect of the experience was the memory that she had some kind of contraption or "covering" that was placed around her neck; whenever she tried to speak, or think, the contraption or "covering" was tightened, and she experienced a choking sensation during these moments. At first, Mrs. Thomas interpreted the memories as indication that she was being choked by hands or that she was being prevented from calling out to her friends; later, however, she came to the tentative conclusion that an experiment was being conducted, and the experiment was to learn more about her intellectual and emotional processes. She recalled a "bullet-shaped" object, about an inch and one haif in diameter, being placed on her left chest; she previously had experienced pain and a red spot at that location.

". . .During the polygraph examination, and during the initial hypnotic sessions, each UFO witness was interviewed separately from the other witnesses. After the initial description of impressions, the women were invited to attend the additional hypnosis sessions, so thai each woman could observe the reaction of the other two women. During these sessions, there was much emotional reaction, which seemed to arise from two conditions: the compassion of the witnesses for their friend, who was "reliving" the experience and releasing emotional reactions to the experience; also, it seems as if the description by one witness would "trigger" a memory on the part of another witness, even if the experiences seemed to be "similar" or "different."

"Certain similarities were observed: a feeling of anxiety on the part of each witness regarding a specific aspect of the experience. For Ms. Smith, it was the "wall" and the "gate" beyond which she was afraid to "move psychologically"; for

Ms. Stafford it was the "eye" which she observed and the impression that something evil or bad would be learned if she allowed the eye to "control" her; for Ms. Thomas, it was the "blackness" which seemed to be the feared condition or cause for anxiety. Each woman seemed to experience the impression that she had been taken out of the car and placed elsewhere without her friends and without verbal communication. For Ms. Smith, the lack of verbal communication was most distressing; although she had the feeling of "mental communication" that she would be returned after the "experiment."

"Differences were noted in that each woman seemed to have a somewhat different kind of "examination," and in a different "location." Ms. Smith did not have a clear impression of the location, although she did recall a feeling of lying down and being examined; Ms. Stafford had the impression of being in a "volcano or mountainside," with a room in which a bright Sight was shining on a white table with white clothed persons or humanoids sitting around and observing her; Mrs. Thomas recalled impressions of being in the dark chamber with grey light permitting a view of the humanoids who were apparently observing her."

In his conclusive paragraphs Dr. Sprinkle reports:

"In my opinion, each woman is describing a "real" experience, and they are using their intelligence and perceptivity as accurately as possible in order to describe the impressions which they obtained during the hypnotic regressions session. Although there is uncertainty about their impressions, especially in regard to how each person could be transported out of the car and relocated in the car, the im pressions during the "loss of time" experience are similar to those of other UFO witnesses who apparently have experienced an abduction and examination during their UFO sighting.

"Although it is not possible to claim absolutely that a physical examination and abduction has taken place, I believe that the tentative hypothesis of abduction and examination is the best hypothesis to explain the apparent loss-of-time experience, the apparent physical and emotional reactions of the witnesses to the UFO sighting: the anxiety and the reactions of the witnesses to their experiences which have occurred after their UFO sighting. An interesting subsequent event is the concern of the women that they were "re-experiencing" the physical symptoms which had been experienced for several days following the January 1976 sightings. . . .When I called them on July 26th, the women said that they were re-experiencing some of the same kinds of symptoms, e.g., fatigue, listlessness, sensitivity to skin, burning feeling on the face and eyes, fluid discharge, etc.

"I tried to reassure the ladies that it is not an uncommon experience in hypnotic regression that persons — after "reliving" earlier emotional experiences — may re-experience some of the symptoms which accompany those emotional reactions.

"In my opinion, the UFO experiences of these women are a good example of the type of apparent abduction and examination which seems to be occurring to more UFO witnesses. I believe that the investigation could be continued with the hopes of obtaining further information about their experiences. However, the present evidence suggests to me that the women have cooperated sincerely and openly in describing their reactions to their UFO sighting and loss-of-time experience, and the polygraph examination and hypnotic regression sessions have been useful in uncovering their impressions of the UFO sighting and subsequent events.

"I believe the case is a good example of UFO experiences, because of the number and character of the witnesses. . . and because of the results of further investigation through polygraph examinations and hypnotic regression sessions."

Dr. Sprinkle alludes to "subsequent events." Conversations with Mrs. Smith since the regressive hypnotic sessions took place yielded two very interesting bits of information: Mrs. Stafford had been having trouble sleeping, would not stay home, and would go to her parents' home or that of a friend, and curl up on the floor to sleep. She also has said repeatedly that she would not live "to see another birthday." Hopefully this is only a fear and not a portent of things to come.

Also, in the fall of 1976, Mrs. Smith was overcome by an inexplicable urge to go back to the scene of the original sighting. On August 1 she did return to, got out of her tar, and "heard" the words: "feel of your hands."When she did so, she realized that three rings, which she habitually wore, a small gold ring, a pearl ring, and a gold ring with onyx and a small diamond, were gone. On the 26th of September, Mrs. Smith walked out onto the stoop of her trailer home and found the onyx and diamond ring lying there. For some inexplicable reason, she scooped up the ring, walked to the creek which runs by her home, and threw it into the water.

This, then, is the entire story of the Kentucky abduction. At last contact with Mrs. Lorenzen by telephone, Mrs. Smith intimated that she was beginning to have recall of the whole experience, and asked that Mrs. Lorenzen not divulge the details as she was writing a book about the experience. We appreciate Mrs. Smith's desires, and will not comment on further information learned from her until such time as the book is published.

However, we laud these ladies for their bravery; theirs is a very interesting and hair-raising experience and we feel sympathy for them in that their greatest ordeal may well still lie ahead: the attacks of the skeptics. - APRO Bulletin, Vol. 25 No. 4 - October 1976

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"The Kentucky Abduction." International UFO Reporter - March 1977
APRO Bulletin, Vol. 25 No. 4 - October 1976

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