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XENU Pays A Visit?

Many years ago, I picked up a copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health and quickly read the entire book. At the time, I wasn't very open-minded to the 'wonders of the universe'...and this book certainly didn't offer any answers. That was as close as I got to Scientology.

Over the years, I have discussed Scientology with several active believers and ex-members. I suppose if you're into L. Ron Hubbard's concepts, then you'll fit into the regulated lifestyle. It never appealed to me, for a lot of reasons. But some of the stories that have been made public over recent years assure me that I made the correct choice.

Anyway...I haven't railed about Scientology for awhile, but recent news articles are a bit intriguing:

- Three aircraft reports seeing 'two flat silver discs' on final approach

- Objects showed up on air traffic control radar - then vanished

- UFOs were just 100ft below one of the jets, a Boeing 777

- They were above Scientology HQ in East Grinstead, West Sussex

Three passenger jets sighted UFOs above Britain's Scientology headquarters on their approach to Gatwick Airport, a report has revealed.

Their pilots each saw 'two flat, silver discs', with some flying within 100ft.

Air traffic control then spotted six UFOs on their radars before they suddenly disappeared.

Spooky: Two UFOs, similar to the one pictured here, were spotted by jets on their approach to Gatwick, right

Eerie coincidence: The encounter happened very close to the British Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead, Werst Sussex
The encounter, which was probed by the UK Airprox Board, happened on December 30 just before 9am.

A Boeing 777 was flying over the Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead minutes from touchdown when all three pilots on the flightdeck spotted the objects about 100ft below them moving slowly or stationary, according to the report.

A following Boeing 767 also spotted the two white or silver discs, which were at approximately 1,000ft above ground. An Airbus A319 then landed before the objects disappeared from ATC screens.

The crew of the first aircraft described seeing 'some some sort of toy'. The information was passed on to air traffic control and then to police.

Investigators offered the possibility the objects could have been balloons or kites but, with the UFOs remaining untraced, the incidents was deemed unassessable.

The encounter came the day before Scientologists, followed by actor Tom Cruise, carved a message to aliens in hills in New Mexico, America. The cult believes aliens inhabit human bodies.

The Airprox Board primarily investigates near misses between aircraft. - Daily Mail


3 pilots report seeing UFOs over UK’s Scientology HQ

Pilots aboard three passenger planes in the vicinity of London's Gatwick Airport late last year reported seeing a pair of "flat, silver discs" hovering near the UK headquarters of the Church of Scientology.

Air traffic controllers also said that they saw six UFOs on radar screens before the objects disappeared, according to a report issued last week by the UK's Airprox Board.

The board examines reports of air traffic safety violations in UK airspace and recommends safety measures. Last week's report failed to find an explanation for the pilot sightings from last Dec. 30 at about 9 a.m. It did describe how a Boeing 777 pilot raised the alarm at 8:53 a.m. after spotting "two flat silver discs"over the Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead minutes from touchdown at Gatwick. The three pilots on the flightdeck said that they saw the objects about 100 feet below them, moving slowly or stationary, according to the report.

Scientology follower Tom Cruise has starred in numerous science fiction movies, but authorities are wondering about the scientific facts behind the recent sightings in the UK.

Minutes later a Boeing 767 and an Airbus 319 saw the same "saucer-like" shapes hovering about 1,000 feet above ground. The 777 crew said they looked "man-made" and "toy-like."

Airprox Investigators considered explanations including that the objects were balloons or kites.

The juxtaposition of UFOs and Scientology is not surprising. Some think that the movement, which purports to have the answers to life's questions, believes that aliens inhabit humans, although Scientologists insists the "alien descendent" theory is a set of "scurrilous statements, issued by the Internet fringe." The movement's most celebrated follower is actor Tom Cruise.

The encounter came the day before Scientologists supposedly carved messages to aliens in an "alien space cathedral" in the hills in northeastern New Mexico. - NY Daily News

Video - South Park Proved Right About Scientology XENU Story

Video - Xenu and an Illustrated History of Scientology

Video - Secrets of Scientology: Xenu

The Road to Xenu:Life Inside Scientology

Scientology Exposed: The Truth About the World's Most Controversial Religion

Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health (English)

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Just the Facts?: Unknown Physical Contact -- Burke & Hare Murder Dolls -- Moehau: NZ Cryptid Ape-Man

Unknown Physical Contact

6/29/1956 - unedited: I was about 3 years old having just moved with my family to Marshall, Texas from Pineland, Texas. We were poor and rented a small 2 bedroom house and with 7 children, beds were everywhere!! I slept with my just older brother in my parents room. The head of the bed was toward a wall with 2 large windows which were left open for coolness and air circulation. The foot of the bed was toward the center of the room but had a door going into the second bedroom just at the end of the bed on the right. There was also a dresser at the foot of the bed against a partial wall. I woke sometime in the early AM hours and felt like I was being watched. I couldn't understand the feeling I had and could see no one. Suddenly, I felt something being placed, or thrown over me and slowly pulled to the foot of the bed. I reached out and touched it finding it to be like some sort of net. The material was very sturdy but pliable and lightweight. Whatever or whoever was at the end of the bed pulled the "net" slowly and evenly until it was completely off of my brother and me. He never woke during the whole process and knew nothing about it the next morning. I heard nothing in the room but shortly afterwards, I heard the back door close and my father, who was in the same room, got out of bed and went to lock it. This in itself was very off because my father was a very light sleeper and never went to be with the doors unlocked. Securing the house at night was as natural to him as breathing. I called to him but he told me to go back to sleep, which I did even though I was very frightened during the incident. My father denied everything the next morning telling me not to say anything to anyone about it. Ive never spoken to anyone outside my immediate family but when we did talk, it seems as though the whole family have had memory lapses in time. Ive never read anything like this event and was wondering if there are others out there who have had the same? - MUFON CMS

Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitations

Alien Abductions and Ufo Visitations

Alien Mysteries, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups


Bizarre: Burke and Hare Murder Dolls

In the late 1820s, two men in Edinburgh, Scotland, began a grisly cottage industry. William Hare (who owned a boarding house), and William Burke were Irishmen who became friends. When a tenant at Hare’s house died, the pair sold his body to Ediburgh University. They quickly realized they could make a pretty penny doing this, but unfortunately bodies were in short supply. So they decided to create some of their own. All told, they killed 16 people, mostly by smothering, and sold their wares to a Dr. Knox at the University. One day, a tenant at Hare’s boarding house found a body and went to the police. They managed to dispatch with the corpse before the police arrived, but Burke & Hare’s crime spree was over.

Hare turned over on his accomplice in exchange for his freedom. Burke’s fate would mirror that of his victims; after his execution, he was dissected in public. Hare vanished, never to be seen again.

But the story doesn’t end there. Shortly after the murder spree, a young boy playing in a cave in Edinburgh came across a collection of carved wooden dolls in a cave. There were 17 in all, about the size of a finger, each secreted in its own tiny coffin. It didn’t take long for people to realize that the dolls greatly resembled the victims of Burke & Hare in both number and appearance. DNA tests on the macabre toys against the remains of Burke yielded no results. Only 8 of the 17 are still known to exist; they can be seen at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Just who created these morbid effigies, and what they were meant to represent, will never be known. - Listverse


Yeti Crab

Also known as the Kiwaidae, this crab is a type of marine decapod living at deep-sea hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. The animals are commonly referred to as "yeti crabs" because of their claws and legs, which are white and appear to be furry like the mythical yeti.


Crop formations in Italy

New crop circle formation in Italy. This huge one was found in Barbiano Lugo near Ravenna on Thursday, 6th June 2013.

The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends

The Heck Hypothesis: Crop Circle Insight


Moehau: New Zealand Cryptid Ape-Man

New Zealand has its own cryptid ape-man called the Moehau, although it is also called Maero, Matau, Tuuhourangi, Taongina, and Rapuwai. The large hairy creatures which haunt the Coromandel Ranges are aggressive and are thought to be responsible for the deaths of a prospector and a nearby woman in 1882. The woman had been abducted from her home and was found with a broken neck. The prospector had been partially eaten. Moehau are the size of a normal man, with an apelike face, long shaggy hair, and extremely long fingers and sharp fingernails or claws.

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Reader Submission: Is Bigfoot An Extraterrestrial?

A reader forwarded the following email a few years ago...before I started to post my theories on the subject. I decided to report in order to get other reactions and comments:

Hi Lon. I read your site daily and have enjoyed the personal stories by your readers. I had an experience when I was a boy that I hope would be of interest.

In September 1978, I lived with my father on a farm in the vicinity of Shawano, Wisconsin which is very near the Menominee Indian Reservation. There had been some buzz within the community of an unknown large hairy creature spotted by two deer hunters not far from our farm. I had heard stories of the Manabai'wok or 'The Giants' from stories told by the Menominee, but I just considered these tales to be legends.

Then one evening, my father and I were coming home from the store and noticed what appeared to be two hairy creatures collecting squash from the garden. Each creature was at least 6 foot tall. It was dusk but there was enough light to clearly see what they were doing. My father immediately cut the headlights and stopped the car as we just sat there and watched them pick and eat the squash. They didn't seem to even notice us even though we were about 100 feet from them.

After about 5 minutes, one of the creatures looked in our direction and you could see it's eyes glow red from the moonlight. We started to get scared and decided to make a dash for the house and call the police. Then suddenly, a huge disc-shaped objects appeared above us and slowly moved towards the east field which was about 200 hundred yards from us and landed. I estimate the craft was about 40 feet in diameter. A large sliding door opened immediately and a foggy green light glowed from within the craft. After a few seconds, the door closed and craft slowly rose and shot off towards the north. Then we noticed that the creatures were gone.

A few days later, our neighbors from down the road came over for dinner. After we finished eating, my father and Mr. Cain walked outside. After an hour or so, the neighbors left and I started to clean up the kitchen. Later that evening, I was watching TV in the living room. My father walked in, turned off the TV and sat down beside me. He told me that Mr. Cain and his sister witnessed one of the craft on the same night that we had our encounter. As well, they witnessed several of the large hairy creatures meandering in the nearby woods. Mr. Cain said that he knew something had been in the woods for several weeks but never got a good look until the craft arrived. After that night, we never had another encounter or did we hear of more sightings by any people in the area.

Do you think that these creatures were Bigfoot, aliens or one in the same? I has always seemed strange to me that a Bigfoot body has never been found. Is it a possibility that Bigfoot is an extraterrestrial being? Please let me know if you post this. I want to read your readers' comments. Thanks, Donald

NOTE: At the time, I researched this incident before I posted...and discovered that there was some precedent to Donald's account. According to a reference online, there were similar sightings reported in the Fall of 1978. Here's the link The W Files. If you find more similar incidents in this area, please comment.'s is my latest post on this subject: Interdimensional / Bio-Engineered Sasquatch and Cryptids...Lon

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One

The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection

MONSTER DIARY: On the Road in Search of Strange and Sinister Creatures

Just the Facts?: Bizarre Cryptid: Sigbin -- Monster Shark -- 66-Year-Old Man Discovers He's a Woman

Bizarre Cryptid: Sigbin

The Sigbin is a terrifying creature from the Philippines, said to lurk in the shadows at night, who sucks the blood of victims by consuming their shadows (the Philippines has some amazingly bizarre cryptids: for some real horrors see this list). The Sigbin is said to walk backwards, with its head lowered between its hind legs. It has the convenient advantage of invisibility – and especially humans are vulnerable to its powers of deception. It resembles a mere hornless goat, but has very large ears which it can clap like a pair of hands and a long, flexible tail which can be used as a whip – it’s unlikely that this goat ever encountered serious problems while crossing the bridge to the Other Side. The Sigbin is said to emit a nauseating odor. Sometimes, it has a tendency to crabwalk backwards, looking for children to devour. In 2005, scientists in Borneo discovered a “cat-fox-like carnivore” with hind legs longer than its forelegs, suggesting that it was endowed with the awkward gait and terrifying physical appearance of the Sigbin. Indeed, many of the characteristics are uncannily similar – but no conclusive evidence has yet been unearthed. The Sigbin, evidently, hides its tracks most effectively.

Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters

Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature

Tales of the Cryptids: Mysterious Creatures That May or May Not Exist (Darby Creek Publishing)


Southern Right Whale Dolphin

The southern right whale dolphin is a small and slender species of mammal found in cool waters of the southern hemisphere. They are fast active swimmers and have no visible teeth and no dorsal fin. They are very graceful and often move by leaping out of the water continuously


How Modern Fortunetellers Pull Off Their Scams

The voice on the other end of the phone, spiky with transatlantic static, told Ranima Khanom that if the curse were lifted, one day she'd be worshiped like a god. The key step now was to build a temple in Egypt that would clear out the dark energy.

Sitting in her bedroom in Luton, 30 miles north of London, Khanom, 27, was getting used to such advice. In the four months she'd been swapping calls with the American psychic she knew as Sienna Miller, news flashes from the spirit realm had been reliably weird. But deity status didn't sound too bad.

"Bloody hell, who wouldn't want something like that? It was like a dream come true," she says today. "You're going to be like a god? It was going to be an end of all my suffering." Very interesting and long article....continue reading at Miami New Ties


Possible World-Record Shark Caught Off SoCal

A group of fishermen may have broken a world record with a huge shark caught off the coast of Huntington Beach.

A fisherman named Jason Johnston, from Mesquite, Texas, chartered a boat out of Huntington Beach on Monday.

His group hooked a massive shortfin mako shark about 15 miles offshore.

The shark was 11 feet long, 8 feet in girth and more than 1,300 pounds, according to the fishermen’s estimates.

It took more than two hours and a quarter-mile of line to reel in the shark, according to Johnston.

The shark was being taken to a weigh yard in Gardena to be certified by a weigh master.

It was expected to be donated to a research organization for study.

As they waited for news on their possible world record, the fishermen planned to head out again on Tuesday for another adventure. - KTLA

NOTE: witnessed an 700 lb+ Mako pulled out of the Chesapeake Bay near the Bay Bridge several years ago. 1300 lbs is really huge...glad it's going for research. Lon


66-year-old man discovers he is actually a woman

A Chinese man who went to the doctors with a swollen stomach was told that he is actually a woman.

The 66-year-old, who even has a beard, had lived his entire life as a man but was told by doctors in Hong Kong that his enlarged abdomen was caused by an ovarian cyst.

Tests revealed the patient suffered two rare genetic disorders that had gone undiagnosed.

The Hong Kong Medical Journal, which published the information yesterday, said only six cases of people with both disorders had ever been reported in medical literature.

Turner Syndrome usually results from a problem with the chromosomes and can leave women infertile and shorter than normal.

Women with the syndrome are missing one or part of their second X chromosome.

Hong Kong doctors found the patient was suffering from two rare genetic conditions.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is a group of inherited disorders of the adrenal gland that causes more male sex hormone to be produced.

The condition affects one in around 15,000 births and there is no cure.

Girls with CAH tend to have normal female reproductive organs but genitals that look male.

They may also have deeper voices, facial hair and may fail to menstruate.

All patients with the condition are tall as children but short as adults.

Girls with male-looking genitals will usually have surgery between ages 1 month and 3 months to correct the abnormal appearance.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia affects one in around 15,000 births and causes male characteristics to appear early or inappropriately.

The patient had grown up an orphan and stopped growing after puberty at the age of 10 and was just 4.5ft tall.

The patient also had no testes and a 'micro-penis', according to the report.

Girls with the disorder have normal female reproductive organs but can suffer with fertility problems.

Seven doctors, writing in the medical journal, said the Vietnam-born patient would continue to live as a man and may be treated with testosterone replacement.

They said: 'Were it not due to the huge ovarian cyst, his intriguing medical condition might never have been exposed', according to AFP. - Daily Mail

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Morphing Multi-Colored UFOs Over Nova Scotia

I received the following images from a reader & friend in Nova Scotia:

Good morning Lon,

Last night I opened the door and snapped a few pics....

I noticed one straight ahead and one to my left quite far away and about 30* from the horizon two flashing orbs that were strobing. The one on the left was flashing primarily blue and the one straight ahead was strobing red. There were also other colors but red and blue were more evident than other colors. I believe these are the same things I send before. I set up the tripod. I tried to focus to take video, but it wasn't working. I went back to pic mode and tried to get the blue one in focus without much success. When I played with the settings I got the red one to focus quite clearly (it my have been closer than the other). What I got was quite awesome, it was morphing into different shapes and in one pic it looks quite clear. I'm adding these to the e-mail for you to see. I'd like to know what you think and if these have something to do with the orbs filling the yard in the night. Your friend, G

NOTE: This area has had a significant amount of paranormal and other unexplained activity. It is also an active Sasquatch habituation location. Lots of strange energy orbs...oval and 'signature' shaped (orbs that attempt to manifest). Many UFO sightings...and landing craft. In addition, there have been very unusual tracks discovered...including other strange evidence. Quite an intriguing place, which I hope to visit sometime soon. Lon

UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry

The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia: The Most Compreshensive Single-Volume UFO Reference in Print

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

Operation Trojan Horse: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs

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The Paintsville, KY Train / UFO Crash Mystery

This incident has grabbed my attention since I read the report in 2006. Occasionally I'll search for updates and send out an inquiry or far, there has been very little response. Any pertinent information would be appreciated:

Original statement by witness:
Paintsville, Kentucky -- At exactly 2:47 a.m. on January 14, 2002, while working a coal train enroute from Russell, Kentucky to Shelbiana, Kentucky, our trailing unit and first two cars were severely damaged as we struck an unknown floating or hovering object. I know it was 2:47 because my watch froze, and to this day shows that time.

Along with my watch the entire electrical systems on both locomotives went haywire. Approaching a bend near milepost 42 in an area referred to as the Wild Kingdom, for the many different types of animals spotted there, my conductor and I saw lights coming from around the way.

This ordinarily means another train is coming and will pass on the other track. The outlay of the area is this, the river, #1 track, #2 tracks and a straight up mountainside, carved out for the laying of these tracks. I killed our lights as not to blind the oncoming crew.

As we rounded the corner our onboard computer began to flash in and out, speed recorder went nuts, and both locomotives died. Alarm bells began to ring and that’s when we saw the objects. Apparently scanning the river for something. At least three objects had several "search" lights trained there, the first object hovered about 10 to 12 feet above the track.

It was metallic silver in color with multiple colored lights near the bottom and in the middle. There were no windows or openings of any kind that we could see. It was 18 to 20 feet in length and probably ten feet high.

With both engines dead as we rounded the corner we made little noise and the first object did not respond in time, I estimate that we hit the object at 30 mph with 16,000 trailing tons behind us. It clipped the top of our lead unit then skipped back slicing a chunk out of our trailing unit and first two coal cars. The other objects vanished.

Our emergency brakes had initiated due to the loss of power and we stopped approximately a mile and a half to two miles after impact. Our power restored after we were stopped and we notified our dispatcher, located in Jacksonville, Florida of what had happened.

We were told to inspect the cars to see if they'd hold the rail and try to limp into milepost cmg 60 which used to be the Paintsville yard which is no longer in full operation. We checked everything out and the cab of the rear locomotive was demolished and smoking, the second two cars looked as if they had been hit with a giant hammer, but looked like they'd hold the rail.

We pulled into Paintsville yard at approximately 5:15 am. The huge overhead lights lining the yard were noticeably dark and the only lights came from what we assumed were railroad officials vehicles parked near the end of the track. We pulled to a stop and began unloading our grips off the wounded train. We could hear what sounded like an army of workers immediately tending to our train.

Vehicle doors slamming, guys running by in weird outfits and lights glaring from all directions, the one thing missing was railroad officials.

A guy named Ferguson shook my hand and asked me to follow him into the old yard office. We did, once inside they, and by they I mean I have no idea who these people were, began to ask us hundreds of questions, they then told us for our own protection we'd be medically tested before we could leave.

I asked repeatedly to talk to my road foreman or trainmaster and not only were these requests denied but they confiscated my conductor’s cellular phone.

Hours later we were led outside the old yard office and the strange things continued to happen, the 2 locomotives and two cars were removed from the rest of the train we had brought in and my only guess was parked 4 tracks over under a huge tent like structure buzzing with activity.

We were led off the property and told, due to national security, our silence on this matter would be appreciated.

We were then put in a railroad vehicle and taken to Martin, Kentucky were we went through questioning again with railroad officials and were then drug tested. After all of this we were sent on to Shelbiana, where we took rest for 8 hours and worked another train back to Russell. Working back we passed by Paintsville, no sign of the engines, cars, tent, people, nothing. - Report from NUFORC and confirmed by original witness

UPDATE - this interesting account is from a nearby resident:

I live near Paintsville, actually in an rural community 9 miles North of the town. I'm pretty well tied in to the community and monitor EMS/Police/Fire frequently. Our local Ham club works with and has members from local EM agencies and I just heard about this incident today.

The railroads around here (CSX) pretty much take care of their own business. Very little is ever mentioned of a railway incident. If someone is hit and killed on the tracks, there may be a mention on the local news but that's about it. Our local news does not really seek the story. If you call with a story, they might print it but no in depth reporting. My supervisor knows more than I do about the goings on in town and he had not heard of this either.

It is possible for this to have happened and have been kept quiet, especially if it happened between two towns like Russell and Paintsville. There is a lot of the river bank that is not visible to the public through this area.

I happen to know a gentleman who works for them as a safety engineer. I will try and contact the individual and ask him about this. We spoke last year so I think if he knew about it, he would have told me.

NOTE: Like I previously stated, this is still an ongoing case. If anyone has additional information on this incident, I would love to see it.

UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals

Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups

Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups

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Reader Submission: Confronting An Abomination

The following narrative was forwarded to me several years ago by a reader from the small nation of Brunei:

A much-loved sport amongst fervent fans and football enthusiasts, this game has beckoned millions to its allegiance, dominating the world of sports on a global scale and in some cases apparently, captivating even the scariest of sorts. In this story, a group of friends journeyed back in time to relay their appalling tale, which they claim, occurred during a friendly match with fellow schoolmates at a random field in the district during the 1990s.

En route to their destination, the group cycled pass a row of wooden houses and shops before reaching a wide stretch of road leading to the open field. Although the sun radiated its golden rays over the turf, a disturbing presence loomed in the dark shadows of the forests and seemed to drape the surroundings in a menacing fa├žade. Wilted leaves cloaked the paved walkway as a decrepit rest house stood beside the precipice landscape. This didn’t bother the youngsters at all as they geared-up to begin their much-awaited football match.

It started off as an exciting first-half but 15 minutes into the next round, the goal keeper kept a wary glaze at the nearby electrical poles. The curious lot stared blankly at their only source of defence against a possible goal and threw the ball in his direction. “Azim, what are you staring at? Focus on the game otherwise we’ll have to ‘belanja’ the other team if we lose!” Nazri said. The goalie simply nodded and laughed at the mild teasing but an evident fear loomed in his eyes.

As the game intensified, Daud, another player, skillfully maneuvered the ball in an attempt to strike for goal but before he could hit home, the striker dropped to his knees and twinge in pain. The others rushed to his aid and offered to escort him to the hospital but instead, Daud refused and opt to watch the game despite the untimely injury. While cheering on from the sidelines, he was taken aback by what seemed to be a piece of linen cloth dangling from one end of the electrical poles but dismissed it as nothing out of the ordinary. He occasionally diverted his attention back to the poles and was surprised to find that the ‘linen’ had shifted to another area. Only this time, it resembled a formidable ‘apparition’. His heart skipped a beat as he quickly glanced at the leaden sky. Darkness engulfed the skies as the sun took its leave over the horizon, radiating the last strokes of light, which resembled orange smears in the dusk, indicating that night was fast approaching. “It’s just my imagination. Must be the pain from my ankle,” Daud thought silently to himself and snubbed the idea of informing his friends about the strange sighting.

Both teams refused to surrender to defeat and before long, night had fallen. “Just one goal!” Razak playfully said as they jubilantly tried to win the match. Then, a striker from the opposing team attempted to make his mark but inexplicably smashed his volley into the nearby forest. The players stole quick glances at one another, indicating their refusal to retrieve the ball from the creepy terrain. One of their teammates, Ali, eventually volunteered to recover the object and immediately emerged from the woods after a few short seconds. “That was fast. So excited to win the game?” Nazri teased but his happy-go-lucky friend remained silent, a solemn look darkened his expression. The others simply shrugged off Ali’s ’sulky’ mood and thought the poor guy was fuming over recovering the ball earlier on.

As the match continued, Razak reinforced their attacking options and crossed for Ali to clip home the first goal but his teammate stood unresponsive to his gestures. Rage overwhelmed the defiant defender as he marched across the field to give Ali a piece of his mind. “If you’re angry over a small matter, don’t play. You’re just standing there like a statue! And why in the world do you reek of dead rats?” Razak shouted while covering his noise. Again, ‘Ali’ maintained his ‘poker face’. While the outburst transpired, Nazri tapped the furious defender on the shoulders and pointed towards the direction of the woods. Before them, their blithe comrade emerged from the dark shadows and ran hastily towards the others.

“Sorry guys. Took a while for me to find the ball,” Ali said nonchalantly. The players exchanged bewildered looks amongst themselves as their eyes searched the grounds for the ‘mysterious’ doppelganger and remained practically speechless at the bizarre ordeal. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Ali said, his eyebrows frowning at the uncanny glances around him. Daud limped towards the disorientated lot and disclosed the mysterious sighting he had spotted earlier on. Azim confirmed the bizarre incident for he too, caught a glimpse of the ‘entity’. “We had better leave. This isn’t a good sign,” Razak said. As they gathered their belongings, a ball ricocheted against the goal post and into the field. It moved bafflingly across the turf on its own and suddenly came to an abrupt stop.

Out of the blue, it struck Razak on the face with a sturdy force as blood started oozing out from his nose. Fear paralysed the entire team instantaneously and they scurried from the premises, leaving behind all their belongings. The perplexed lot stared in amazement at Daud’s sudden vigor and agility for he zoomed past the rest despite his so-called ‘injury’. “I never ran so fast in my life. All I felt was numbness but was more concerned about the impending terror behind us,” Daud joked.

The scampering crowd came to a sudden stop as a ghostly apparition emerged from the forest and glided towards the players while clasping a child’s bloody hands in the other. They vaguely caught sight of its distorted face and some managed to make a run for it but the others panicked and remained solidly still. As it released a petrifying laugh, the entity moved towards Razak and stared at him intently with its blood-shot eyes.

The others summoned their inner strength and began reciting prayers to ward off the spirit. It took on a defensive stance and attempted to shatter their fortitude by disrupting the group’s unified chants. Its ear-piercing snarl sounded like a pack of wolves howling in the night but they kept their grit together till the ’spirit’ disappeared into thin air. The terrified lot nervously retreated to the exit, reciting prayers each step of the way.

After a good five minutes, the group sighed in relief as they reached the junction to the main road. A deafening silence fell upon them as they ruminated over the uncanny state of affairs that ensued earlier. Their nightmare was however, far from over. That night, the foreboding shadows crept into their homes fueling a lurid episode of bizarre occurrences.

The group was plagued by a series of poignant haunting as three of them came down with mysterious illnesses that triggered anomalous hallucinations and paranoia for months while the others experienced encounters out of the norm.

Days after the dreadful field experience, Razak claims that his parents saw a ghostly apparition prying through his bedroom window. They initially perceived that it was a woman and child, who probably required help but as ‘it’ turned around to confirm their suspicions, the couple remained silent and intuitively knew what it was. A creaking sound then echoed near the gallery as they hurried towards the door to tentatively secure the bolt. “They don’t need the door dear. They can simply go through any wall,” Razak’s father implied as his wife gestured for him to hush down. Peering through the corners of the shutters, his mother caught sight of a ‘poltergeist’ commonly know as ‘hantu pochong’ to the locals, but soon vanished into the shadows.

The phenomenal encounters, seemingly plucked from the scenes of a horror film, continue to remain a mystery. In Azim’s case, several ‘visits’ scared the wits out of him as he struggled to fight his fears. “One night, a loud banging erupted on the front door. My parents thought it was a late visitor but after peeking through the window, they caught sight of a paranormal entity gliding from corner of the house to the other,” he said frightfully.

The daunting episodes didn’t stop there. At the stroke of three in the morning, he could perceive the sounds of loud footsteps, which then faded along the dark corridors. This was followed by strident thuds on the roof, which sounded like giant fingers drumming from above.

Now in their mid twenties, the group of friends evidently illustrated their hidden fears as they reminisced over the events of that fateful year. “It’s been more than ten years but the events remain freshly imprinted in my mind,” Razak said.

The notorious field, known for its lurid ghost stories, has undergone major transformations throughout the years and a building now stands in its place. The colourful blossoms and green pastures have supplanted the once-gloomy surroundings. Behind the building, the great forest loomed high above the grounds and concealed its sinister facade.

“We probably stepped into forbidden grounds or accidentally offended the malevolent spirits. Whatever the case, this is something no one should experience,” Nazri said before concluding their tales.

Malaysian Ghost Stories

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