Saturday, May 25, 2013

TAKEN: Experiencing the New World Order Initiative

The following detailed report was posted on the MUFON CMS on 5/23/2013:

Liberty, NY - 8/1/1967 - unedited: I first want to clearly establish the events that I will be recording in this report are my absolute clear and vivid recollection with no uncertainty whatsoever. I am as sure of the details of the experience as if they occurred yesterday. I want this to be understood and declared before I begin. Whether you accept them as the valid truth will be at your own discretion.

An advocate and I have been working on this report for more than a year. Due to time constraints from conflicting work schedules at best we can collaborate three hours a week. In the course of a year this equates to 3 standard work weeks. As detailed and thorough as I would like to be this report would never get filed in our lifetime. The abduction section is detailed and complete. As for my theory’s, postulates, supposition, conjecture, hypotheticals I would have liked to included far more Bible scriptural support and collaborating research data which would authenticate the global New World Order initiative and also included decades of research, documentation and witness accounts that clearly establish and off world presence of multiple extraterrestrial races and the direct relation between the three, Bible, NWO and UFO.

The beginning:

I awoke on the evening of the event floating and stationary 6" from the ceiling above my bed. My first impulse was to reach up and touch the ceiling. One of my strongest ambitions as a child was jumping on the bed as if it were a trampoline; I always tried to touch the ceiling. I was so excited to be that close to the ceiling and so I could attain my childhood ambition. I attempted to touch the ceiling for a period of 5-10 minutes and could not comprehend why my body would not respond to my intentions. During this time I realized that I was completely immobilized. I could look with my eyes but not move my head. I was staring down the length of my body with the additional desire to kick with my legs once I realized I could not move. I could not understand why only my eyes could move and not my body. I found this puzzling, most unusual, and frustrating. This state of mind seemed to last for approximately 15-20 minutes. Upon looking down the length of my body I noticed, which I found particularly bizarre, my blanket was not draped over my body but was still in the layout of four distinct corners, as if it were still on top of the mattress, this I found fascinating. I was experiencing a feeling of euphoria and excitement thinking I was the one making this happen. My immediate association of floating came from the variety of cartoons I had been familiar with such as the Road Runner and the Coyote, Bugs Bunny as well as the variety of cartoons airing every Saturday morning that any child from the 1960s would be familiar with. In the innocent mind of a child the potential of control floating could easily be possible. During this 15-20 minute period I would repeatedly try to touch the ceiling, move my legs and not once did this occur. I remember the colors of the blanket being dark blue, light blue, white, with a plaid pattern and red piping. I thought it odd that not once did the blanket ever move or drape from the original time I became conscious throughout the entire time frame.

Then I and the blanket started to move in unison, both the blanket not moving and myself still in a state of immobilization. Immediately I positively sensed that this was being done and controlled by evil, threatening, menacing "people", and that they were doing this from outside the house and were located respectively. I immediately started screaming, felt complete terror, and overwhelming, in a threatened state of mind. For clarity I want to state that I went from euphoria to complete terror in the same second and was then very aware that I had not been making this happen. What I thought at the time to be "people" who were doing this to me, were clearly in control and I was terrified. I began uncontrollably screaming, and experienced the deepest sense of fear I had ever known.

This event occurred in the summer of 1967. I was 6 years of age and was on vacation with whom I will refer to as Guardian A and Guardian B, not my parents. Guardian A and Guardian B had been sleeping in the adjoining bedroom. Guardian A was awakened by my screaming. I could hear G/A saying to G/B, "Something is wrong, Andrew is screaming you have to go see what’s happening." G/B said to G/A, "Everything is okay." G/A and G/B repeatedly said to each other, "Something is wrong you have to go see what’s happening, No everything is okay." G/B by nature is an extremely strong willed and determined individual with a strong sense of protection and provision. G/B is intensely confrontational by nature and would not be intimidated by a threatening situation and would challenge directly any potential threat. It was completely against G/Bs nature to be complacent or passive. The fact that G/B kept repeating that, "Everything was okay" in a voice tone which was submissive with no sense of responding at all to my obvious traumatic screaming, I had not understood. I was most literally waiting for G/B to come to my rescue. I was counting on this desperately. G/B kept repeating, "Everything is okay." I could not believe G/B was not responding to my traumatized screaming. I then thought that G/A who had awakened first and then woke G/B would come into my room to see what was going on. This would be a natural reaction of any guardian responding to a child screaming, that they were responsible for. I could not understand this at the time. It is clear to me now that in some way their minds, thoughts, and emotions were somehow being controlled, manipulated as to not to interfere with what had clearly been an abduction attempt. At this point I felt the intensity of what must have been the gravitational containment field that I and the blanket were in, increased dramatically in power. I remember starting to drop towards the mattress and while drifting down, lose consciousness.

My next recollection was that I was lying face down on the mattress with a sensation of being beyond completely exhausted. As I awoke in this state of mind, I sensed that "someone" was in the house and about to walk into my room. The door was open; I was staring into the doorway with the undeniable expectation and assurance that someone was going to walk into the room. In retrospect, when I had awoken this second time, I had no sense of fear or recollection of the trauma that I had just endured. As I was staring into the doorway I saw four long slender mint green fingers wrap around the door frame and come to rest on the surface of the wall of the bedroom. I had thought it strange that the fingers were approximately a foot long, obviously longer than any human hand. I visually measured this by the fact that only the fingers appeared around the frame of the door, never the palm. They would have to be a foot long to wrap around the width of the door frame and come to rest, extending an additional 4 to 6 inches onto the surface of the bedroom wall. Then the head of the creature peaked around the door frame. I noticed by association it was approximately the same height as the doorknob. The creature peered in very slowly as if it did not want to startle or frighten me. I got the sense it was being particularly tentative in its own movement. Both in the slowness of how the creature wrapped its fingers around the door frame and how it slowly looked into the bedroom. It stopped with its entire head exposed, a slender short neck and right shoulder. The color of the being was a pastel, light mint green. I looked at the creature and felt a sense of happiness and friendliness. I tried to wave hello but so tired that my arm felt too heavy to move. All I could do was barely raise my hand and two or three fingers to express what I would have liked to have been a wave of hello or greeting. I smiled, laughed, and felt very drawn to him. The physical effort to raise just my fingers was so draining that I actually fell back to sleep immediately.

I awoke for the third time this evening still in my bed noticing immediately a brilliant white light of indescribable intensity. It was shining through the front door and window, lighting up the living room and my bedroom which was adjoined to the living room. When I awoke this time, I felt particularly energized, full of enthusiasm, and was extremely curious as to what was the source of this intense brightness. I remember the experience of meeting the Green creature, but not the trauma which was associated with my first awakening. I still had the sense that it was night and this light was so overwhelming that it could not be a flashlight or some other type of spotlight; headlights from a car, or any other light source I have ever encountered. I got up and walked into the living room staring at the wall which was the front of the house. At that point I realized the entire front yard; from looking through the windows and the glass door, was bathed in a brilliant whiteness. As an illustration it was the same as when you look into a thick white fog and cannot see anything, in this case a brilliant white light substituted for the fog. As I entered the living room I became acutely aware that multiple “people” (beings), were outside behind the white light. At this point I had a sense, although not sure, that non-human beings were generating this light and that they were aware of me and that they knew I was aware of them. In this moment I felt intense curiosity to go out into the front yard. At the same time I felt a strong sense of caution, not fear, but a reason to be cautious. I walked closer to the window and to the door which was filled with this brilliant light. Even though it was clearly established in my mind that they knew I was inside and that I was also aware of them, I did not want to be seen at the window or at the glass part of the entry door. Staying behind the wall, I did not directly look out of the window or the door. The brilliance of this light was so overwhelming that the window and the door seemed as though they were just a picture of a blank white field.

I stood in the living room for what seemed to be up to two hours, repeatedly saying to myself, “This is happening, this is real, this is not a dream. You are awake and I put this in my mind and convince myself repeatedly this is happening.” In this moment I realized that when I would tell anyone about this, they would not believe me. In the 1960’s, children’s thoughts, observations, and feelings were most often, not taken seriously and hurtfully dismissed. I was not going to allow that to happen to THIS!!! They would say you were dreaming or you were imagining this. I wanted absolute conviction to myself that this was all a factual occurrence. I was awake and aware of what was going on and wanted to solidify this in my mind so as to never doubt myself of the reality of what I was going through. I went over this over, and over, and over again repeatedly, till it was indelible in my mind and I was self-assured of the certainty of what was occurring.

My sense of curiosity and caution were competing with each other. I remember feeling that if I do not go outside and see what this is, I would regret it literally for the rest of my life, and be disappointed and bitter with myself for not going outside. G/A and G/B’s bedroom door was in direct line with the front door of the house. The kitchen was between the living room and their bedroom. The door to their bedroom was open and both were sleeping as I had looked into their room and for some unknown reason I felt no desire to wake them; I felt the need to, and wanted to do this on my own. I don’t know how to describe the immediate sense of the understanding that whatever what was going to occur was between myself and THEM. Not knowing what to expect walking into the front yard, I went into the kitchen and moved the table and chairs out of the way. I had to clear a path to run from the front door or from the yard straight through the front door, living room, and kitchen, and jump directly into the bed of G/A and G/B. I must have spent at least an half an hour staring at this pathway and walking it back and forth from the bedroom door to the front door. I did so to assure and reassure myself that if anything went wrong in the yard, nothing would block my escape route directly into their bed.

At this point I felt confident about if anything occurred in the front yard I would run straight through the house and jump into their bed. As I walk towards the front door I recall the slats on the door were open and the brilliance of the white light was shining through in beams. Still feeling a strong sense of caution combined with intense curiosity I approached the door, turned the handle, and opened it. When I opened the door the light that was so bright you could not see anything in the front yard. Once I opened the door the light receded to the point where I could see a perimeter of approximately sixty feet which included grass, trees, and a walking path, and so on. I looked up at the source of the encompassing white light and could see nothing but the brightness and no part of the sky what-so-ever. It was so bright it hurt my eyes to look at it directly, much like staring at the sun. Through the brilliance of the light I did not at any time see the actual craft. I recall cautiously taking one step at a time continuously looking back at the front door looking straight through the door into the bedroom to make sure that the path had still been clear. When I was approximately twenty feet past the door, a cylinder beam of light was projected through the ceiling of white light, thirty feet ahead of me. The cylindrical beam was about four feet in diameter. When the beam reached the ground, I immediately felt drawn to it with a desire to enter into this beam, I did so. As I walked into this beam, I felt my back and shoulders arch backwards, immediately, I started floating upwards and lost consciousness approximately three to four feet off the ground. At twenty feet I regained consciousness and was next to one of the pine trees in the front yard, reached out to grab a branch, and as I did so I felt the intensity of the beam increase which caused me to lose consciousness again.

My next recollection was standing in front of a circular window in complete darkness, for an unknown reason, I felt as though I was standing in a spacious auditorium. The diameter of the window started two feet off the floor and went to approximately ten feet. The Earth took up the entire window with the exception of a six inch border of black space; we seemed to be in a geosynchronous orbit. I came to this conclusion because there was no sense of motion which would have been recognizable by a change of view. This could compare to the view from inside of a moving vehicle looking out at a stationary object. I recall the stunning beauty of the Earth from orbit, this completely captivated me. The Earth acting as a source of light lit the room I was in with a soft glow of light which penetrated no more than six feet. I was initially standing three feet from the window and walked right up to the window so I could be as close to the Earth as possible. I associated this immediately with the Star Trek series, as a child this was my favorite show. Many times on Star Trek you would see the enterprise go into orbit around planets. Captain Kirk would say, “On screen” and you would see the planet from the perspective of an orbiting space craft, this seemed to be a natural association. I felt very excited for as a child I always fantasized about traveling through space like the crew of the enterprise, and now I was doing it. The earth was just incredibly beautiful and I was staring at it in admiration. I would say ten minutes went by and my focus was fixed on the planet.

The next thing that occurred was hearing a voice not audibly through my ears but inside my mind. This voice was very complimentary towards me, as though communicating with someone else, commenting that I have a very brave boy here. I heard this reemphasized several times. I got the sensation that the source of the voice in my head was behind me, to the left about ten feet and about three feet high. I turned and looked but could see nothing due to the total darkness of the room. As previously established, the only light source was the sunlight reflecting off the earth penetrating maybe six feet into the room which formed a semi-circular perimeter, past this, absolute darkness. A Green being walked into the field of light from my left; I sensed that this was the same one which looked into my bedroom, I could see him. I sensed that they were the same being. I can’t tell you how, but I was positive this was the same being that peered at me in the bedroom. Again this being said, (hearing in my mind), “we have a very brave young boy here”. I sensed that the creature was not speaking to me, but speaking to somebody else. Next I heard a response of a deeper, gruffer voice that immediately seemed threatening and very skeptical in a condescending way, saying “we’ll see in about three seconds”. This time, the source of “The Voice” was to my right and seemed to be coming from approximately eight feet high; the feeling my mind established was that the voice was in my mind and not being audibly heard, however, I felt with certainty that this being was tall, without being able to see this creature. Shortly after I heard this response, a tall Grey creature (about 8ft high) walked into the window frame and was illuminated, I could see him. I sensed the being doubted what the Green creature was saying about me, being brave, and looked down at me with and intimidating and condescending expression and I could sense his lack of belief in what the Green was saying. Then right on cue, three seconds later, this craft flew so far from the Earth, so fast, there is no way for me to describe this speed. The Earth was literally out of sight in less than two seconds. My first response was to instinctively reach out towards it and try to grab it to hold onto everything that I knew, I did not do this as I was trying to be brave and courageous to support the Green’s view point of me, and I felt now I was representing the human race and I wanted to be brave and courageous. I felt an instantaneous emotional devastation, everything that I knew is now gone; family, friends, pets, places, experiences, all of my stuff and more, everything gone!!! The next feeling that came into my heart and mind was that the earth was incredibly insignificant and nothing that happens on this planet truly matters when compared to the vastness of the universe and the distance we had already traveled. In some respects I still feel this way today. The obvious, incredible, acceleration did not affect me at all, as I did not feel a sense of speed, motion, nothing. I was not concerned with that at the time, nor was I thinking about it in the moment. However, reflecting on this, how could this be; when you experience inertia in a car during acceleration and braking at “Miles per Hour” as compared to “Millions of Miles per Second”. I feel that in order for this to be possible there must be a gravitational containment field projected inside the craft. At that moment, the tall Grey turned, looked down at me and again in my head I heard him conveying to myself and the Green, “He is brave” and looked down at me and I detected look of actual happiness and approval on his face. To describe the Grey, it was identical to the Grey depicted in the movie “Fire In The Sky”.

Within seconds this craft had reached Jupiter. I would say total elapsed time was fifteen seconds, from Earth orbit to the planet Jupiter. The ship slowed and curved around Jupiter and I heard what I would described as a low humming electronic power drain with my ears from the energy source of the craft. Jupiter took up the entire window. We seemed to be fighting against the pull of Jupiter’s gravity which caused the strain to the power source of the craft. This lasted three to five seconds and we were at speed again. Seconds later, the same experience occurred with the planet Saturn, this lasted two to three seconds, then back to speed. This occurred for the third and last time for one second at either Neptune or Uranus. Then we were in deep space outside of the solar system. The entire elapsed time from stationary orbit of earth to out of the solar system was less than thirty seconds. Now we were in deep space and I saw white lights streaking by the window and was trying to figure out what they could possibly be. It then occurred to me, and I said to myself out loud, “Oh my God, those are stars”, which would indicate just incredible speed. Amazingly I still had absolutely no sensation of motion or speed what-so-ever, which leads me again to arrive at the conclusion that there must be some kind of stasis gravitational field being projected inside the craft. This experience I could now describe as identical to the Star Wars movie when Han Solo accelerated to, the jump to light speed. This craft was traveling far faster than light speed which is indicated by the fact that we left earth orbit and were out of the solar system in thirty seconds. To my knowledge it takes seven minutes for sunlight to reach the Earth and we traveled from Earth to out of the solar system, which is a far greater distance, in thirty seconds or less.

Next I remember being led to what I would describe as a waiting room. This room seemed to be an eighty foot circle. After being led there by the Green and the Grey, feeling their overwhelming sense of approval of me, I was left there alone and the door to the room closed. I felt as though I was being observed. I remember there being a sneaker of a small foot, a doll, a baby rattle and a variety of other clothing items and toys belonging to small children scattered about on the floor. This seemed strange to me that they would leave these items in this un-kept way. I was conscious of this as my mother was always after us to keep our rooms clean and neat, and to put things back in their proper place when we were done using them. I felt as though I was in this room for about two hours. I walked around picking up and looking at the items that were around me. I remember that I kept looking at the walls and that they were made up of what I would describe as cinder block in nature by design, with the blocks being three feet high and four feet wide, rectangular in shape. They look like semi melted ice cubes with rounded corners. It seemed as though the blocks were behind about four inches of what I would describe as glass. The blocks were light grey as well as the floor, the ceiling, and walls. The room was circular by design with bench like seating which attached to the wall which extended around the entire circumference. I was obsessed with trying to understand what the translucent film-like substance in front of these grey blocks was. I walked over the wall and tried to touch it and my hand made contact with a gelatin like substance that was solid yet soft enough for it to come off, all over my hand with a slime like consistency. I remember immediately being repulsed by this slime on my hand and wanted to wipe it off immediately on to a towel or piece of cloth. Looking around the room, I didn’t see anything big enough, nor did I want to wipe it off on my clothes. I just shook my hand to try to get as much of it off as possible and waited for the Green and Grey to come back to ask them if they had anything I could wipe it off with. When the door finally opened, I was grateful, for at this point I recall being somewhat bored from waiting and was glad that the door was finally open. I remember being led down the hall way by the Green and again having no sense of fear or feeling threatened on any level. The hallway we were walking down was approximately ten feet high, ten feet wide, and was full of multiple hoses, piping, and wires suspended along the ceiling and down the side of the walls. Again there were all sorts of loose items, human in origin, articles of clothing, toys scattered about all over the floor as in the waiting area only considerably more. Again I found this to be strange that They would leave these items discarded all over the floor. There were so many items in the hallway that you had to pay attention and look down at the floor as to not trip on them or step on them. I kept thinking to myself, “Why don’t they clean up?” I was viewing them as adults, as I was the child, and couldn’t understand why they would allow all of this clutter. I still don’t understand this. The hall way was very dimly lit and was approximately a hundred feet in length; this also had a light grey ceiling, walls, and floor which led to what I would describe as an examination area, which I could see in the distance. This was very brightly lit.

Upon walking into the examination area and I say area because there were no visible walls or ceiling. The area was lit up with spot lights and outside of the perimeter of the lights you could see only darkness. The original Green accompanied me down the hallway into this area from the waiting room where we were joined by the original tall Grey and a number of examination technicians that were shorter than the tall Grey but taller by about eighteen inches than the small Green. They were light grey in skin color, with almond shaped sun glassed eyes. I am not sure but I think, if I recall correctly, they were wearing white, gown-like cloaks over their bodies with high collars and hoods. I was led to a table and laid face up on the table. The Green was to my left with a Grey on each side of him, two at the bottom of the table, two to three to my right and two above my head. The tall Grey was about fifteen feet to the bottom left of the table and was observing the whole procedure. About eight to ten feet above me was a light source that was illuminating myself and the immediate examining area. There was a variety of implements and tools which kept coming up and down directly over me through this light source, which the number of technicians would grab, use, and release. The implements would retract back up through the light out of sight. The implements would ascend and descend through the light rapidly. They were using each tool no more than five to ten seconds, touching them to various parts of my body, face and head. I could not describe to you what the purpose or functions of each of the instruments were. I had a strong sense that the small Green was particularly proud of how I was contending with the examination process. I would hear the creature inside my head communicating with the tall Grey, I had a clear understanding that the creature was very satisfied with the small Green who apparently was the creature that had selected me for whatever purpose they had for “Taking” me. I felt proud of myself as well for having the approval of these two beings. All three of us seemed to have this psychic, congenial, shared appreciation and respect of each other collectively. I wanted to contribute on my part as much as I could to the examination process and felt that I was accomplishing this. My mother was a nurse and we were always going to doctors, I remember always having a good rapport with the pediatrician in particular. To me this was just another examination, similar to trying to please my mom and the doctor when we went for regular visits as children. I associated no trauma through the examination procedure and was actually enjoying that. Everything was going from my perception better than expected and I would like to emphasize that the Green and the Grey were somehow projecting in my mind a strong sense of approval towards me. One procedure that stood out was when they put a metallic ring around my right eye and started to drip a milky white semi translucent gelatin like substance over my eye. I wanted to keep my eye open to see what was going on but it became difficult as the substance started to build up, no sense of pain, but irritation that I could not see through the substance and eventually closed my eye and kept it shut as it continued to fill. During this procedure a probe was inserted into my rectum which felt cold, I immediately related this to a thermometer which my mother would use to take our temperature many times when we were sick. So I did not think this was unusual at all. I was experiencing no sense of tension or stress or fear during the examination and was constantly being reassured and approved by the small Green and tall Grey from whom I was sensing a feeling of strong approval relating to how I was participating and contributing to the examination process. As I mentioned before, instruments were consistently descending and ascending, making a buzzing motorized noise while doing so. All instruments were connected to metallic cords above the examination table through the white light that was illuminating the examination area. All was well leading up to the point where they inserted a tube into my nose which created an intense feeling of pressure in my nostril leading into my sinus and head. The fluid in my eye was becoming particularly irritating but not painful at all. This tube inserted into my nostril was causing intense pressure, not pain, but I was contending with it and again being reassured by the small Green, who I was now starting to intensely focus on. At this point I felt as though I was becoming dependent on the support I was receiving mentally from the small Green and was starting to become uneasy, but still determined to see this examination through, as best I could. There was then a snap in my nose that caused pain. As the snap occurred I sensed the small Green have a wave of panic. In my opinion, because he did not know how I was going to respond to this, the creature was extremely concerned about my potential response. I sensed fear in him, he turned and looked over his left shoulder immediately at the tall Grey and turned back again as if he did not want the Grey to have seen him looking. I was getting a sense of stress coming from the small Green and of rising concern from the tall Grey. I felt as though I did not want to disappoint either one of them and focused my thoughts and intentions to continue to maintain my composure, and determination, to allow the examination to its conclusion, whatever that may have been; I did so. I sensed relief from the small Green and approval of the tall Grey towards directly relating to how I responded to this unplanned deviation of procedure that went awry. I expected them to withdraw the nasal probe and was anticipating they would do this. Instead I felt the insertion continue deeper, the pressure increase, and heard crunching coming from my nasal and sinus area. Now it started to cause severe pain. I audibly told them to stop; they did not. I started yelling “stop, it hurts, I want you to stop now,” they did not, and continued to insert it further.

I learned in 1995 from a cat scan, that what had happened during the examination was that my septum had snapped completely in half; I will talk more about this later on in the report. Upon receiving a cat scan in 95’ the doctor said that the break had to occur when I was very young due to the nature of how the sinus tissue and septum had grown and developed. Back to the examination, I repeatedly said to “stop, it hurts, I want you to stop now.” I was yelling at this point, I was angry and I had, had enough. I made a reassessment that they were not my “Friends,” instead, they were using me to serve their purpose, and that my well-being was not actually their concern. It was clear that I was in pain, suffering and that the probing was causing this. If they were truly concerned with my welfare, they would have immediately ceased this activity; however they continued, disregarding my obvious trauma. The trust which we initially shared was progressively being betrayed and replaced by mutual animosity. The small Green I was now sensing was angry at me for responding this way. The tall Grey was angry and disappointed in the small Green for selecting me; in turn the small Green was extremely angry with me because the tall Grey was angry with the Green being. The tall Grey Being’s disappointment turned to disgust with the Green and myself prompting the Grey to leave the examination area with a sense that all of the efforts, up to this point, were a complete waste of time. All of this, I was hearing or understanding in my mind, that’s how all the feelings between the beings was being revealed to me. There was never any audible talking nor was there any other sound aside from a slight buzzing noise from the instruments as they descended and ascended from the light above the table. At this point I felt intense anger and hatred coming from the small Green directed at me “saying” only mentally, in my mind, “You are not brave, you are not brave at all.” With the fluid in my eye, the probe up my nose, the pressure, the pain, and the unnatural crunching sound as the probe penetrated deeper into my head, the intense feelings of hatred directed at me from the small Green and the sense of overwhelming disappointment in me from the tall Grey, I just wanted everything to stop. Now, I just started screaming similar to the screaming and feeling of fear for my life that I had experienced and felt when I had awoken over my bed floating and had started to be drawn towards the door of my bedroom. The small Grey’s at the examination table above my head and to the left and right of me, was pulling a film like substance, translucent and rubbery in nature, over my face half way down my chest. I thought they were trying to smother, suffocate, and kill me. I was then screaming for my life and thought I was going to die. I remember the film coming over my face and being pressed down firmly and was feeling as though I could not breathe and was about to die. I lost consciousness and it was my last recollection of this abduction experience.

Obviously they had returned me to the vacation home at some time during that evening. In retrospect, the following morning, I had no recollection of this traumatic event, and apparently nor did either of my guardians. I did not discuss this with either of my guardians; anything relating to this experience, they didn’t mention anything to me, so it was clear that they had no recollection of the event as well. Neither of them to this day; as we discuss this frequently; recall anything, what so ever. I had not recalled this experience for approximately two to three years after these events occurred. Then vivid memories started to occur of the specific events that I described. I also remembered being in the living room before going out into the front yard for the intense two hour period when I was repeatedly drilling into my mind that this was real, this is happening. I began informing my guardians at the time; my parents, brother, sister, relatives and friends of what had happened. No one believed me, as I had assumed the night of the abduction, which is specifically why I assured myself that evening that it was happening, it was real and that I continue to insist to this day that this was a genuine abduction experience.

I have openly discussed this with anyone I have been close to, as well as total strangers while traveling and have found the variety of responses to be most entertaining. I have spoken to high ranking personnel from the military as well as people with as much as forty years in commercial aviation and they have admitted to me that there is an alien presence on this earth and that they believe that the general public should not be informed.

During the 1970’s I would watch any documentary related to UFO’s, reading any article that would appear in magazines or newspapers. I became a member of the Center for UFO studies during the mid-seventies. When the book Communion was released I intensely followed the related events involving the controversy that surrounded the authenticity of the non-fiction novel, by Whitley Strieber. I recall the New York Times listing the book in their non-fiction section. I remember this causing intense debate on whether or not this was legal eventually leading to a congressional hearing and a ruling by some governing body which took the side of the New York Times and allowed the book to be listed in their non-fiction section. This was profound in its day, and to my knowledge, was the first step of credibility that abductions were genuine. I remember speaking about my abduction continuously to anyone interested during this period of high profile media attention. Contrary to popular perception and belief that any sightings or abductions were always related to mentally imbalanced or inebriated individuals, there have been, from the Roswell incident in 1947, a high volume of extremely credible people. These particular individuals from a variety of fields were established and highly respected ranging from military service, law enforcement, aviation and scientific communities. Many of them have stepped forward and validated the fact that there is a UFO phenomenon interacting with human societies and government authorities collectively on this planet. I have been following the UFO/Abduction phenomena since the 1970’s to this day. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the transition of this field of UFO phenomenon being mocked and disrespected, not taken seriously at any level to its current state of intense scrutiny by debunkers and supporters of the most accomplished individuals in military service, aerospace, scientific communities, law enforcement, politics; noted and respected individuals in every walk of life. My opinion is that there has been an interaction with non-human beings that can date as far back as thousands of years ago.

I would now like to record family history that I think relates directly to me being “taken.” In high school I took a course on the Jewish Holocaust that occurred in Germany. One of the course activities was interviewing someone who had been living in Germany at that time. My Grandmother was born in 1901 in Germany; I asked her if she wouldn’t mind doing an interview relating to her experiences. I did not know what the sensitivity of this issue would be to her. She immediately responded by saying, “Sure”. I recorded the interview and submitted the cassette tape to my teacher, I don’t remember if the tape was returned or not, or if so, I lost it; I still wish I had this. During the interview my grandmother told me that she did not like what she was seeing during the early 1930’s. Although being married at the time to a well-established man from a family of German aristocracy, she decided to leave on her own and moved to America, she then took a job working in a diner as a waitress to support herself. During the interview she stated that her husband followed her and stayed for two years, going to the beach every day and not working. She told him she wanted a divorce, he stayed several months more thinking this was just a phase. Her intentions were then made clear, so he then returned to Germany. His in-laws then came and pleaded with her to have a baby with their son, they would take the baby back and raise it in Germany and she no longer needed to be involved in their lives. Aristocrats were not known to marry into a low-socioeconomic class that was not of their own status. I wondered why they were so intense on her being the mother of their grandchild when they easily could have forgotten her and selected another wife. Being in that most of the nation was in economic distress, post-World War I, his economic status alone would have drawn thousands of women to him; I am sure he knew this, yet why was he focused on my grandmother. Traveling back and forth over the Atlantic, during this time period, was a risky expedition, and quite costly, not without peril. During the first Olympics, after World War I, my grandmother was training with the Olympic Women’s Diving team; this is when she caught his eye. In that environment and with the current social structure, there had to have been many other prominent, attractive females. Why Her?

In response to the request of her in-laws to have a baby with their son, and then abandon it, she said she had never heard such a ridiculous thing, further stating, that she wanted nothing to do with them or their son and continued with her divorce proceeding; it was granted. She met my grandfather and remarried.

To my knowledge the German government recovered the first alien craft in 1936. To my understanding there was also a surviving E.T. from this crash. From several documentaries that I have reviewed it is clear the Germans were interacting with off world life forms, and they were sharing their technology with German scientist, they were both collaborating directly with a hybrid program and reverse engineering simultaneously. I have heard testimony on these documentaries that Hitler declared he had flown on both UFO and USO crafts and had left earth’s atmosphere. If you accept these as facts, it is most reasonable to adopt the reasoning that the E.T.’s were receiving enthusiastic cooperation from the Nazi regime directly relating to their interactive E.T. human hybrid life form agenda. I believe my grandmother’s husband and in-law’s, may have had knowledge of this; this is pure speculation, and for some reason she was a candidate for this program. I have also been made aware that Dwight Eisenhower was approached by two E.T. races and a proposal was made by them that if he granted noninterference of human abduction and the collateral suppression of evidence and testimony of theses abductions, they would share their developed technologies with the leaders of this country. To my understanding he agreed. All the information I have come across relating to abduction experiences lead to a single initiative, the creation of a hybrid life form between a human and a non-human. I believe this to be an undeniable, tangible fact. There seems to be no established pattern for a clear outline relating to how candidates from our species are selected, that I know of. I believe my grandmother was approached by her husband and in-laws for the hybrid program. I don’t think they revealed this to her. They were part of the ruling German aristocracy that survived World War I, when the Treaty of Versailles was signed.

Information was revealed to me from family members after my grandfather and grandmother had passed away, which I believe is relevant of my personal theory of blood line, consecutive-generation abduction. I was told that my grandfather stated that my mother was not his daughter. I was further informed that prior to the pregnancy of my mother, he had taken my grandmother to a hospital in Manhattan and forced her to get an abortion in the 1950’s, again stating that he was not the father of that child. The events involved with the abortion procedures in this era and the relating consequences of this traumatic experience for my grandfather and grandmother, were too horrendous to be repeated when my grandmother conceived my mother. Even though my grandfather insisted that my mother was not his child, his emotions led him to allow the pregnancy to continue, because of prior, horrific, experience. I had an extremely close relationship with my grandfather and I believe I was also the son that he never had. He was extremely organized, and the most meticulous, methodic man I have known. I have to say that if he felt and acted as strongly as he did, I agreed with him. It is clear to anyone that if you have not slept with your wife and she becomes pregnant that child is not yours. I cannot prove what I am going to say and it is speculation, but I believe that my “grandmother had been taken” and had been impregnated as a candidate in the E.T. hybrid objective. I believe my mother may be a hybrid embryo, and that I, in turn, may be a third-generation hybrid. There was a fourth generation abduction attempt, which was prevented. This was discussed and it was decided there was to be no mention of this experience. Again I would like to state that this is speculation, however, there is a strong potential that there could be sequential abductions from generation to generation. If there is any knowledge regarding bloodline lineage abduction experiences I would like to hear from you.

There were two issues I was discussing with a MUFON representative who at one time was a consultant for TV programs and movies. I believe that both of these relate to my mother and I being “TAKEN”. These two highlights were from the television series X-Files. I directly asked him, “Are TV programs and movies that claim to be based upon “TRUTH” and “FACTS” relating to the UFO/Abduction phenomenon, from actual events, accurate???” His response was this, “Is there truth in UFO/Alien based TV programming and movies? Yes. How much truth? That is unknown.” “When I was consulting, I found the people who inquired may take fragments of truth to make the claim that it is based on actual events, and then ‘Hollywood it Up,’ to sensationalize the actual event to sell the broadcast or movie, and increase profits. That is why I stopped consulting, because they weren’t genuinely interested in the truth.” The truth was exploited to make money. Regarding myself, in first grade, on parent teacher night, my teacher (a nun, Sister Mar_ _ell, I still remember you. Then you changed your name to Sister P_ _), stated to my mother, with emphasis, “He has an exceptionally high IQ.” I remember her tone of voice and facial expression to this day. On one of the episodes of the X-Files, Scully and Mulder came across files stored in an abandoned mine, vaulted. The files were all of the IQ tests that have been administered to all of the school children in the country. The second episode relating to my mother was when Scully approached a group of women that were MUFON members who had all claimed to be abducted and impregnated, who were all dying one after another from brain cancer. My mother had cancer five separate times in her life. First, uterine cancer then a double mastectomy, cancer in the sciatic nerve, cancer in the lymph nodes, and finally brain cancer which ended her life. Again, speculating, I believe there to be a high probability supported by this particular episode from the X-Files, that my mother was “Taken” and impregnated with me. If anyone has information regarding this theory, please forward it to me.

I would now like to relate to what I will refer to as POINTS OF AWARENESS.

1. 1995 - Initial revelation of spinal cord artifact: chiropractic/neurologist.

While receiving chiropractic care in 1995 during a particular session I received a cervical adjustment. I immediately became paralyzed from the neck down. My back arched, my arms extended outward and my body had the shape of a cross. The chiropractor repeatedly asked me what was going on and what did I feel. I told him I could not move and it felt like electricity was static in my body. There was no sensation of pain and I would describe it as the same feeling as when you receive electronic impulse from a tense unit, which was very popular at this time in the chiropractic field. This condition persisted for approximately 15 minutes and gradually dissipated. The doctor was understandably highly concerned, we discussed it as to the nature of what caused this reaction and the sensation it had produced. At my next weekly visit I came with my girlfriend at the time, as she was concerned when I described what had happened on the previous visit. The doctor adjusted me and the same reaction occurred. I have seen over 30 chiropractors and this man in particular has an exceptional concern for the welfare of his patients. He was very upset. On this occasion my ability to speak was affected and I could not initially answer any questions he was asking. After 20 minutes I regained all movement and could speak clearly. He said in no uncertain terms, “I cannot touch you again until I see what’s going on inside you.” He started a series of tests. One I recall most clearly was an instrument that on one end had a small metal wheel and he was rolling it repeatedly up my arm from inner wrist to my shoulder, this wheel felt as if it were a razor blade and caused so much pain I eventually told him he had to stop. I repeatedly looked at my arm waiting for them to bleed as I was so sure that he had sliced them during this procedure. He would not discuss with me why this test was causing so much pain as I had repeatedly inquired as to why. I was insistent upon what he thought it might be or what the possibilities were that this test was designed to detect, he repeatedly said he did not want to discuss it. He insisted on having me get an MRI and did not want to discuss anything until he read the report. I received an MRI from an open imaging system and he informed me that it revealed in my spinal cord, what the radiologist was referring to as an artifact. He then insisted I receive an MRI from a closed, system as this would produce a sharper image. I did so. When he received the report we scheduled a visit for consultation. When I met with him in his office he was elated and repeatedly informed me that I was okay. Upon showing me the report, he specifically covered a portion of the printing with his thumb and brought my attention to the segment of the report that stated ‘brain normal.’ I asked the doctor for the report as it was odd that he deliberately covered a portion of it with his thumb. I don’t think he was trying to be deceptive, but he clearly was trying (I’m sure for my own benefit); to prevent me from seeing what he was covering. I was intensely curious and I wanted to know what it said. He said that he wants to hold on to it and discuss it with other doctors. I again asked him for it and he again stated that he wanted to hold on to it with firm emphasis in his voice. I then asked a third time if he could make me a copy so I could show it to a family member in the radiology field. This way they can circulate it among their co-workers. I thought this was a very reasonable request and anticipated his cooperation. Then completely out of character he said, “No. I want to hold on to the report and discuss it with some doctors I know.” He was acting completely out of character at this point and I was getting irate towards him. This whole exchange between him and I was completely bizarre. From my point of view I paid for the test and it belongs to me. However, I agreed. At my next visit two weeks later I asked him if had he gotten any feedback from the doctors he planned to confer with. He said no. I then said can I have the report to show to my family member. He said I gave it to you, I said you did not. He again insisted he gave them to me at my last visit. I said doctor, now I was getting angry and I was showing it, you’re going to tell me that you don’t remember when I repeatedly asked for it and you persistently told me you wanted to hold on to it? At this point I was being very, very firm. He leaned back, tilted his head and a very distant trance like look came over his face. He was deeply pondering what I had just said to him as if he were trying to recollect it because I was being intensely direct with him. I got the impression that he did not recall this conversation at all and was completely blank when he was trying to remember it. He said I must have it in your file and went to get it. He returned with a look on his face with a merge of disbelief, uncertainty, concern and slight fear. He then said to me in a very uncertain nature, “I must have given them to you because they are not in your file.” Someone took it out of his file, he most definitely did not give it to me and it was not in the file, there is only one conclusion that can be reached, someone removed it. He said this in a way as though he did not believe that he gave it to me but it was not in his file and he must have concluded that he did. During this entire conversation he seemed to be drawing himself proceeding into a deeper state of uncertainty, combined with a sincere desire to recall something that he should know but didn’t and found this extremely puzzling in his own mind. He seemed distressed. It was clear to me that he did not have it and at this point I did not see any benefit in debating the issue any further. I then asked him what he had thought had been causing the pain during the radial arm test and the paralysis from the adjustment. He told me he thought that I had brain or spinal cancer from my symptoms. He then insisted that I see a highly respected neurologist, whom all of the people in the medical field go to see when there is any nerve related disease or condition for themselves or their family members. I discussed this with friends in the medical field and they unanimously agreed and I am quoting “This man is the best!” I made an appointment and at the initial consolation I brought the MRIs and showed them to him. The chiropractor had already discussed with him the reason for the visit was to determine what the artifact in my cervical spine was. Both radiologist stated in their reports they were unable to determine what this artifact was. The neurologist looked at it and said that he had been anticipating my visit and was very interested in seeing the images as well. He said that he had never seen anything like this before. I believe this man has been practicing for 30 years. He said he had no idea of what it could be and informed me he was attending a National Neurologic Convention the following week. He asked if he could make copies to bring to the convention and wanted to circulate them amongst his colleagues to see if he could get any information regarding what this artifact actually was. I told him to take the original film, he did so. We scheduled a visit pending his return. During the consultation there were many inquiries and tests he performed. During the Q&A session and the physical tests I found his personality to be very distasteful, arrogant, and disrespectful. At the conclusion of all the tests, his initial diagnosis, was that they did not appear to be any nerve dysfunction. He attached me to a nerve monitoring device that measured the speed of neuro-impulse, he said it was fine. We made the appointment for the follow up visit, I thanked him and I was very curious of what the results would be from him conferring with the other neurologists at the convention. During this waiting period I reflected on his personality, his manner and my distaste for him kept growing. I informed the chiropractor that I did not want to see him again, the chiropractor insisted. I did not go to the scheduled visit, informed the chiropractor, he redoubled his insistence. I made a second appointment, I did not show. Although I was intensely curious as to what may have been discovered at the conference, I thought the neurologist could more accurately relate to the chiropractor any analysis of what the artifact could be, directly to him. The chiropractor seemed to be determined to have me see this man again. The only reason I went back to see him was to appease the chiropractor and his heart felt concern for my welfare. I scheduled a third appointment. The policy for the neurologist was a seventy-two hour of notice cancelation and a four hundred dollar per visit fee. At this point technically I owed him eight hundred dollars plus the four hundred dollars for the third appointment. I had no money to pay him for any of his fees. I told the chiropractor this and he said “You can make payments, I already discussed it with the neurologist” as the chiropractor was acting as my liaison. I took the last appointment for the day which was five o’clock and showed on time. Approximately an hour went by and there was nobody else in the waiting room. The receptionist commented that she did not know what was taking so long because he had no patient in his office at the time. I told her it was okay and apologized at this time for not making the two previous appointments. The doctor then opened the door and started walking towards the receptionist and started to speak to her. He then saw me indirectly in his peripheral line of site and instantaneously turned red in his face. He jumped from where he was standing backwards into his office and slammed the door shut behind him. To illustrate his reaction, it was like catching a small child doing something they know they should not be doing and they instinctively jump back when seen, to make it appear that they were not doing whatever it was they knew they shouldn’t be. The receptionist looked at me shrugged her shoulders, and put her hands up in a gesture, “what was that?” she looked at me shaking her head. I looked back at her with the same gesture. We did not exchange any words and I continued to wait. Approximately half an hour went by and I was wondering what was taking so long and why he reacted the way he did. He came to the door finally. I think he was trying to regain his composure during this time to face me. When he opened the door, he was still flushed red in the face, and trembling. I walked into his office and first apologized for missing the two previous appointments and attempted to establish a payment plan for them as well as the current visit. He responded saying “No, no. That’s ok don’t worry. There’ll be no charge for anything, that’s fine, that’s fine, it’s alright.” I was very surprised at this, I didn’t know what to say, I told him that I’ll pay for it, just give me time. He said “No, no. They’ll be no charge for anything.” I then asked him what did he find out. He said “I showed it to everyone, and nobody knew what it was.” I was walking to the chair in front of his desk. While he was telling me this he quickly walked over to a table, picked up the MRI’s, laid them across my chest. I thought we were going to sit down and discuss at length any number of possibilities or potential doctors he would refer me to. Or at least speak about what some of the other doctors at the convention may have theorized. I never made it to the chair, in a semi-forceful way he turned me around physically and escorted me to the door and said “Everything will be alright, just go back and see the chiropractor.” I started to ask him what he thought, he cut me short and repeated twice “You’ll be ok, everything will be alright. JUST go back and see the chiropractor.” This impressed me as being a complete and total contradiction to the first visit when his curiosity was intense. It is natural for people in any field, particularly when they are a specialist in their field, whatever that may be, that when they come across something unknown they are driven to discover what it is. The entire medical field is always on the watch for anything new and unknown, so they can identify it, treat it if necessary and then convey this to other doctors so that the entire medical practice can advance collectively. The fact that he was at first so interested and then completely uninterested is a profound contradiction; especially in light of the fact that he is clearly a leader in the field of neurology, and respected as such. I related this experience recently to a member of a UFO support group meeting that I attend, he said “That someone GOT TO HIM, there are PEOPLE out there that monitor conventions because they know that these implants, artifacts are going to be revealed, and in some way they intimidated the neurologist not to pursue identifying or discussing with me what the artifact in my spinal cord was.” I now believe this to be a completely accurate assessment of why the neurologist responded the way he did. I explained what happened at the neurologists’ office to the chiropractor and he thought it was just as bizarre as I did. He said “He did not discuss anything with you at all?” I said no. The chiropractor then said “Well what was the point of the visit then?” I said “I don’t know ask him.” the chiropractor frowned and shook his head in a very disappointed manor. He then offered to give him some time and he was going to find someone else that could help identify the artifact. I thanked him for his concern and said to him “I have no money, I am not taking any dyes or contrasts into my body, I absolutely will have no operation so what is the point of any further inquiry?” He responded by saying “If I had something in me, I would not stop until I found out what it was.” I explained to him even if someone found out what it was I don’t have the money for an operation or treatment, and I cannot afford to go from doctor to doctor until somebody does. He said he understood my position from the financial aspect and agreed that you could see any number of doctors and might not know anything and that he does understand the financial impact and the unfortunate reality that it does take money for treatment and people are limited by their financial ability. He then repeated that he would be obsessed if he had something inside of him to find out what it was. I said to him “I could understand and appreciate your philosophy on this matter but that I don’t feel as you do.” He then said I respect your decision as well. At this point we continued with normal chiropractic care and did not discuss this issue again.

2. 1996 - Sinus implant: Otolaryngology or ENT (ear, nose, and throat)

In the spring of 96’ I was scuba diving at Lake Mead while vacationing in Las Vegas. I dive exclusively in the Caribbean and wear a thin neoprene vest so my skin is not irritated by the tank straps and weight belt. I’m not familiar with diving in fresh water at all. The seasonal temperature water year round is 80 degrees, no need for a wet suit for me personally. The dive master at Lake Mead explained to me that there is an ice melt cold water runoff that feeds the Colorado and in the spring the water in Lake Mead is very cold, particularly in deeper waters. We dove a 90 foot wreck that day. He suggested I wear a 3/8” neoprene farmer pants suit, and the top portion of the wetsuit had legs that extended down to the knee and was 3/8” thick as well. I never dove with this much neoprene and was unsure what the buoyancy coefficient would be. In saltwater I wear 18 pounds which makes me slightly negative in buoyancy. I discussed this with the dive master and he suggested 22 pounds to compensate for the additional neoprene. At the start of the dive I was positive and found it difficult to descend during the first atmosphere which is surface to 33 feet. He handed me some additional weight bags and I forcefully swam downward and proceeded with the dive. At the end of the dive we planned a decompression stop at 15 feet. Beginning at 20 feet the wetsuit began to refill with air and I floated directly to the surface. The dive master came up and grabbed me by the ankles and was trying to pull me back down to 15 feet to complete the decompression interval. I struggled downward as well, concerned about the “BENDS”, a condition that occurs when nitrogen bubbles form in your blood stream during a rapid change in pressure. When we got to the deck of the ship my nose was bleeding, the dive master was concerned; I still wanted to make the second dive, so he increased the surface interval and picked a different location for the second dive that was not as deep as the one he initially planned. He also suggested I double the decompression interval. I did as he suggested, at the conclusion of the dive when we surfaced my entire mask was full of blood and poured on the deck. It took approximately an hour to stop the bleeding. My nose bled intermittently for the remainder of the vacation and on a daily basis for six weeks after I returned home. I do not like seeing doctors at all. My experience with physicians on an unrelated matter revealed to me that they make opinions, assessments, and there is direct contradiction and completely different diagnosis conclusions from doctor to doctor. I went to eleven doctors for the same issue and was prescribed seven completely different treatment suggestions. None of them knew I had seen other physicians and none of their diagnosis was in harmony with any other conclusions drawn by them collectively. In one case I saw two partners from the same office deliberately on different days with different receptionists in the same week and got two completely contradictory prescribed treatment directives. I had to see a doctor for my consistent nose bleeds and chose an ENT that a friend suggested. At the visit the doctor said he wanted a CAT scan of the sinuses and mentioned he had never had a patient before with the symptoms that I had. After reviewing the CAT scan on the return visit he said, “It appears that I have an infection in one of the sinuses.” He seemed deeply disturbed, extremely concerned and emotionally unstable. This was in sharp contrast on how he conducted himself... - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I think that there was more to the report...but since it was posted on the MUFON CMS, I think it simply ran out of room. Lon

The following CAT scan images were including in the report...none were attributed to specific notations:

UFO's Exopolitics and the New World Disorder

The New World Order - H.G. Wells

The Real Truth About UFOs and the New World Order Connection

UFOs, the Grand Deception and the Coming New World Order

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Project

I'm going to take a day off from the blog in order to catch up on a few neglected tasks. Irene and I worked through an interesting remote view session last evening, of which I am now experiencing some physical effects. This does happen on's a part of the process. This new project is an old unresolved incident that we are determined to clarify. Because of the nature of this investigation, I may need to take a day away from the blog occasionally. Be assured, these pauses will be rare...I just believe that I should give the readers a 'heads up.' I don't want to offer any details at this time...but, if you have been regularly reading the blog, then you should have an inkling of what incident we are researching. Optimistically, our continued analysis will deliver satisfactory and persuasive results. Have a great weekend...Lon

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The Dechmont Woods Encounter

Robert Taylor was sixty-one-years-old at the time that he had the most unusual encounter of his life. He was an unassuming man, steady, phlegmatic, with a thick brush of white hair and a craggy outdoorsman's face. He liked a pint, and a dram too, but not when he was working. He smoked, but not too many. He had worked as a forester all of his adult life in the Dechmont woods located in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. On the morning of Friday, November 9, 1979, Mr Taylor set off that morning, with his red setter Lara, to check the woods on Dechmont Law for stray sheep and cattle. It was a damp day and, after he had parked the van and set off down the forest track, even the noise of the Edinburgh-Glasgow motorway was muffled by thick, dark fir trees. The dog ran, and Mr Taylor's trudging wellingtons made the only sound. Then he turned a corner into a clearing filled with light, and saw it...a UFO!

The object was a dark gray color, and its texture was like an emery board: small brighter highlighted areas against a darker background. The appearance of the exterior seemed to change from time to time. Taylor thought that the UFO was attempting to camouflage itself. He estimated the size of the object as 18-20 feet around, and about 12 feet high. It looked to be mounted on a ring, making the object look like a hat with a brim. There were also protruding from the outside of the craft stems topped by propellers. Nothing at the time moved on the object.

Suddenly, two small spheres rushed at him. They were like the large craft, only a much smaller version. They made a sound as they moved toward him, as spikes on the outside made ground contact. They stopped by his side, and attached themselves to his trousers. They began to drag him back to the UFO. He also was sickened by an extremely strong smell which caused him to pant for air. He soon lost consciousness.

When Taylor came to, the UFO and the smaller spheres were gone. His red setter was still with him. The dog was unsettled, running around the area, and barking madly. Trying to holler at the setter, he had no voice. He could not stand either. Eventually, he crawled back the way he had come for about 300 feet. In time, he was able to stand up and walk back to his pick-up. He attempted to contact the forestry headquarters with his two-way radio, but found his voice was still not back.

Taylor tried to go back home in his pick-up truck, but only got stuck in the mud. He then began the long walk back to his house, approximately a mile distance, and finally arrived at 11:15 AM. His entire experience had lasted just over an hour. His voice had now returned. He had developed a headache, and a great thirst by the time he came to his home. It took some two days for his thirst to abate, though he could still smell remnants of the awful odor from the small spheres. He generally felt ill.

Arriving at this house, his wife was stunned to see his condition. He was covered with mud, and his pants were torn. He began to tell her the story of his experience. His wife wanted to call the police, but Taylor was against it, considering the subject of the matter. He did allow her to call his job supervisor, and the head of the forestry department, Malcom Drummond. He took a bath while she made the calls.

Drummond called a physician, and drove straight to Taylor's house. He was so anxious to find out what happened that he questioned him while he was still in the bathtub. Taylor and Drummond agreed that there must be some kind of physical evidence left on the ground by either the craft or the small spheres, and Drummond headed to the area to check it out, but he was unable to find the exact location.

Dr. Gordon Adams arrived and began to check out Taylor's condition. He found a grazed area on Taylor's left leg, and another graze under his chin. There were no apparent head injuries. At this time, anyway, Taylor's body temperature, blood pressure, and other body functions seemed normal. Adams called in for an ambulance to transport Taylor to the hospital for a head X-ray and an interview with a counselor. Taylor refused to make the hospital visit until later.

After Drummond came back to Taylor's house, the two men set out to return to the scene of the UFO, and attack of the small spheres. They found the ground markings, and called the police. Shortly thereafter, Taylor, accompanied by his wife, went to the hospital for the X-ray, but he was kept waiting so long, he decided to leave unattended. He was anxious to make a planned trip to see relatives on the weekend.

Soon, the press heard about the encounter in the woods, and by Sunday, it was known about all over the United Kingdom. News of the event was known all over the world within a week. The story would be the subject of television documentaries, magazines, and books. The company that Taylor worked for even erected a plaque at the site, commemorating the event. It was later stolen.

The local police department had no experience in dealing with UFO cases. Because of this, at least they never discounted Taylor's description of the incident. They did take testimony from Taylor, his wife, and Dr. Adams. Because an assault was involved, the police were required to send his clothing of that day for forensic examination. A cursory overview showed that both of his pant legs were torn at the hip area. Also found by the exam were traces of a powder.

This powder turned out to be nothing more than a maize starch which was transferred to the trousers by the bag they were sent in. The police also checked for any flights that might have occurred that day of planes, helicopters, or any other equipment that might have been in the area. Nothing was found, and none of the forestry equipment matched the marks found at the scene.

There were two types of ground markings found at the scene. The first marks were two parallel ladder-like tracks, each about 2.5 meters long, and the same distance apart. There were also 40 holes around the tracks. They were 10 centimeters across. To cut to the chase, there was ample physical evidence to prove that "something" had been on the spot that Taylor indicated. Taylor was known by many people in the area, and they all viewed him as honest and responsible. There is nothing to indicate that he would hoax an incident of this nature. He did have a history of several illnesses, and surgeries, but there was nothing in his medical history that would indicate he had any type of head injury or psychosis.

There would also be a timeline done by an investigator to determine the length of time that Taylor was unconscious. This accounting indicated that he was probably out of it for about twenty minutes, give or take.

“I know what I saw,” said Mr Taylor. So stringently did he stick to his tale (and kept a camera with him ever after, to take the aliens' pictures if they ever came for him again) that the police opened a criminal investigation for assault, the only one in Britain to arise from a UFO “sighting”. It remains open.

Mr Taylor's neighbors proving much more skeptical, he eventually moved away to an undisclosed address. But he also became the most famous “witness” to aliens in Britain. His trousers were taken to spiritualist meetings to be analyzed by psychics (“I feel pain from these trousers”), and on anniversaries of the sighting UFO-spotters would gather in the clearing, just on the off-chance.

The aliens, meanwhile, did not give up. Since that November day they have filled the skies of West Lothian with glimmering discs, strange lights and bouncing balls of fire. The “Falkirk Triangle” now registers more UFO sightings, around 300 a year, than any other spot on Earth. A good many happen outside the Forge restaurant in Bonnybridge, where fireballs sail over the trees and “wingless planes” are seen in the fields. Some experts say West Lothian may be a “thin place”, offering a window from the Earth into another dimension.

If we take Taylor's account as is, he was abducted by something "other-worldly" on November 9, 1979 for about twenty minutes. There has been no evidence presented to discount his story. By all accounts Taylor was well respected by friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., and never attempted to make money from his alleged experience.

Robert Taylor passed away on March 14, 2007, aged 88.

UFO Case Files of Scotland (Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters)

UFO Case Files of Scotland Volume 2 (The Sightings)

Video - The West Lothian Question, Part 1
Video - The West Lothian Question, Part 2
Video - The West Lothian Question, Part 3

Aliens and UFOs: Case Closed Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
U.F.O Case Study
Edinburgh Evening News - Scotland, Dec. 12, 1998
The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - July/August 2012

NOTE: Most of the accounts I read on this encounter were fairly similar. It is regarded as the most renown alien abduction case to occur in Scotland but beyond Great Britain it doesn't seem to garner as much attention as other reported occurrences. The West Lothian area continues to experience a great deal of UFO activity...Lon

Just the Facts?: Big Cat...South Gibson, PA -- Communicating With Other Beings -- Human Snail

Click above image for larger version

Big Cat - South Gibson, PA

Received this information today...I passed it along to a few colleagues for their thoughts. General consensus is 'indeterminate.' LMK what you think:

This is a picture from our neighbor's cell phone - she saw this at the top of our land. We saw a mountain lion (not sure if the same one) on Tuesday May 7th at approximately 11pm in our yard as the deer were feeding on corn.

Very scary! We have seen it a few times in the last year around dusk - dark brown, very long thick tail and looks like a phantom! We would see on the edge of State Route 92 as it jumps into the woods.

Why does no one believe they exist?

Regards, Steve and Rose

NOTE: looks like it has markings of a Bobcat, but the tail is too long. I lightened it up to get a better look at the shape. Is this a hybrid? I do believe there are Mountain Lions roaming Pennsylvania but not quite sure of the identity of this particular cat...Lon

Forest Cats of North America

Cougar: Ecology and Conservation


Communicating with other beings

Pleasantville, NJ - 5/20/2013 - unedited: Ive always been a skeptic of aliens and UFOs, up until two nights ago, and I feel lost and confused, thats why I am here. I would like to start off by telling you that about 3 weeks ago I saw an unidentified flying object that looked like a fireball in the sky, and since then I have felt like I am being watched. Two nights ago as I was about to go to sleep I saw something in my room through my peripheral vision. I dont remember going to sleep, but I do remember waking up in a metal room and I was lying on a metal bed and I was restrained. I struggled to turn my head and I saw many people lying in these metal beds just like mine and I focused on one in particular which I realized was my sister, it seemed that everyone was in some state of unconsciousness. At that point I realized that something was very wrong and I was conscious of the scary situation I was in. I started to panic and tried to free myself. At that point I realized that I was surrounded by short beings, they were grayish in color and seemed oblivious to the fact that I was trying to fight my way out of the restraints. Suddenly out of nowhere came a bright light and another being appeared, this one was taller and had a more oval shaped head with indentations in it and it was almost tan in color. It communicated with me telepathically and I asked it what it was doing to us and it said "We are looking at your DNA." I asked it why it was doing this to us and it replied "All humans have alien DNA, but not all humans have the same alien DNA" I asked it where they were from and it said "We come from Sirius" and it also told me that they have been coming to me for a long time. At that point it disappeared and my fear returned and I started screaming from the top of my lungs, the next thing I remember is jumping up from my bed screaming waking up everyone in the house.I havent slept for 2 nights now.....MUFON CMS

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating with Alien Civilizations


Crop formation - Red Lion, PA

Crop circle appeared and has remained for at least 10 days. Vegetation remarkable in its depression (not broken but cleanly bent). Walked into. Patterns observed: would like an areal view. Looks like code as well as symbols - MUFON CMS

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles

The Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology and the Coming New Race


Big kitty...big hairball

It's not unusual for a cat to get a hairball, but a 400-pound tiger needed help from veterinary surgeons in Florida when he couldn't hack up a basketball-size hairball by himself.

The 17-year-old tiger named Ty underwent the procedure Wednesday at a veterinary center in the Tampa Bay area community of Clearwater. Doctors said in a statement that they safely removed the 4-pound obstruction from Ty's stomach.

The tiger, which is cared for by Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Seminole, was brought to veterinarians after not eating for nearly two weeks. Doctors said they detected the hairball using a scope with a camera.

Vernon Yates, whose nonprofit group regularly assists law enforcement agencies with seized animals, says he's thankful the hairball was removed and Ty is doing fine. - WBIR


Human snail carries house on back

A Chinese man has turned himself into a human snail by creating a house he can carry on his back.

Liu Lingchao, 38, from Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, carries his home every day as he moves from place to place.

"I can go anywhere I want to go. It's an easy decision when I want to move on," he said.

His simple but ingenious portable home consists of plastic sheets attached to a light bamboo frame.

"This is the third portable house I've made. They only weigh about 60kg and last for about a year."

Along the way, Liu supports himself by collecting and selling recyclable beverage bottles.

"I feel free, I can go wherever I want to go, and I live on my own," he said. - Orange

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just the Facts?: 'Starchild' Update -- Market's Ghostly Visitor -- Vatican Denies Pope Francis Performed 'Exorcism'

'Starchild' update

Lloyd Pye posted the following:

1. We've enjoyed considerable forward momentum establishing the support of capable businessmen (something I am definitely not) in Tampa. They are laying the groundwork for a wide-reaching campaign to raise the funds we need to recover the Starchild's genome. It will not be a Kickstarter campaign, it will be more personal than that. The details are not quite ready to reveal, but topnotch people are hard at work on every aspect of the campaign.

2. The "small DNA kits" that were purchased with donations a few months ago have now been used up, and the results are several hundred million of the Starchild's base pairs. We are MUCH further along now in terms of collecting DNA data, but now we have the problem of interpreting such data with very limited computer equipment. That problem will be solved when we have the money needed to sequence the genome, but suffice to say that at every turn of the DNA screw, the Starchild moves farther and farther from human. From all we can determine at this point, it's a dead-lock cinch that the Starchild's DNA will prove beyond any possible doubt to be as alien as we can imagine.

3. I will be discussing the Starchild in a new TV show on the Travel Channel called "Mysteries of National Parks." Recently I flew to be filmed discussing the many UFO sightings in and around Joshua Tree National Park. They also have many sightings of the "Yucca Man" hominoids, which are the local name for their bigfoot/sasquatch type of hair-covered bipedal primate. I also discussed those, but it's hard to know what will survive the editing process.

4. The USA's top forensic artist, Lois Gibson, is creating what we hope will become the definitive (and iconic) image of the Starchild as it might have looked in life. Lois is based in Houston, and her masterful portraits of rapists, murderers, and child-stealers, and her age-progressions of long-missing children, have led to over 300 successful convictions of criminals, and the return of dozens of missing children. She combines the skills of a fine artist with a "sixth sense" of perception, which has made her #1 in her field. As soon as her image of the Starchild is completed, we will make it available.

Your donations allow us to continue providing free public information about the Starchild Skull, maintain the website, and fund ongoing work with the Skull. Thank you for your support!

The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

Alien Origins by Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye: Where Did We Come From? Aliens, UFOs and our Origins


New Mexico Bigfoot

The Valles Caldera is an enormous volcanic crater in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico, known for its elk herds.

Now the area is getting attention for what else may be living there.

According to some field researchers, the area has perfect living conditions for Bigfoot.

They even provide proof, a video that brought investigators from the Finding Bigfoot TV series , that airs on Animal Planet, to New Mexico.

See what you think after watching what was caught on this video: Bigfoot thermal

On an episode of Finding Bigfoot, the team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization heads to the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico.

The BFRO came to New Mexico late last year after a thermal video was taken in 2011 by another man on an expedition to find Bigfoot.

Now, the team is trying to figure out the size of the image to make sure it's not just another camper by comparing it to a picture of Bobo, one of their researchers, who is standing in the same place. - KRQE

NOTE: they need to go west in the Four Corners...Lon

Tales of the New Mexico Mythos: Weird Fiction from the Land of Enchantment

Eccentric America, 2nd: The Bradt Travel Guide to All That's Weird and Wacky in the USA


Market's Ghostly Visitor

Video: Wellington Market's Ghostly Visitor

Some things have to be seen to be believed.

Which is perhaps unfortunate for anyone trying to prove that Wellington Indoor Market is haunted.

A ‘probably explainable’ video has been posted on YouTube, sort of showing what could possibly be construed as a ghost-like figure making its way up the stairs and pulling some boxes over in the Victorian building in Telford, Shropshire.

The events were captured at 2.22am on May 4, according to Town and Country Markets, which posted the video. Though the time and date – much like the ghost – can’t be seen just before the boxes fall.

Market manager Kay Boaky is certainly a believer. Kay said after finding boxes all over the floor that morning, they went straight to CCTV to see if there had been an intruder.

‘We couldn’t believe what we saw. All the hairs stood up on the back of my neck,’ Kay told the Shropshire Star.

‘There was nobody there when the boxes fell off. We watched it again and we could see the shadow walking up the stairs then chucking the boxes over.’

The video, which asks ‘did you see it?’, has sparked some comments.

‘i dont see a damn thing’, replied viewer john simmons.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time ghostly goings on have been talked about at this market. There have also been reports of a ghost, possibly with clean hands, a bit of a cold and a short temper.

‘Once there were two people alone in the market,’ said Kay.

‘They were talking when they heard coughing coming from the other side of the building. They thought there must be someone else there but when they looked around it was totally empty.

‘We also have times where the hand-dryer starts on its own or doors slam.’

PJ Godsell, from investigators Mercia Paranormal, described the video as ‘quite interesting’.

‘My initial reactions from watching the video is that this is probably explainable.

‘But we would never say 100 per cent that it is not paranormal.’ - Metro


Vatican denies Pope Francis performed 'exorcism'

The Vatican has denied claims that Pope Francis performed an exorcism, after TV images showed a man apparently reacting to him putting his hands on his head.

The encounter - during Sunday Mass - was shown on a TV channel owned by the Italian bishops' conference.

The station quoted exorcists as saying there was "no doubt" the Pope had either performed an exorcism or a prayer to free the man from the devil.

Its director later apologised for "having altered the truth".

The Pope's spokesman said he "did not intend to perform any exorcism".

"Rather as he frequently does with the sick or suffering who come his way, he simply intended to pray for a suffering person," said Federico Lombardi in a statement.

The footage shows a young man, who is in a wheelchair, opening his mouth and either screaming or breathing deeply as the Pope puts his hands on his head and prays for him during the Mass in St Peter's Square.

The man then convulses and slumps in his chair.

On Tuesday, the director of the TV station which broadcast the pictures, TV 2000, apologised for the report, saying: "I don't want to attribute to him a gesture that he didn't intend to perform."

"I apologise for having altered the truth of the facts and for the people who are involved, in particular I apologise to the Holy Father," said Dino Boffo.

Religious figures in Rome had insisted the act had been an exorcism.

They included the Vatican's former chief exorcist, Gabriele Amorth, who was quoted by Italian media as saying the act "was an exorcism alright" and that he had since performed his own exorcism on the young man, who he said was called Angelo.

Exorcism is the ancient practice of driving out demons or evil spirits from a person or place they are thought to possess. It is practised by some Roman Catholics but treated with deep scepticism by others. - BBC

Deliver Us From Evil: A Guide To Spiritual Warfare And Exorcism

Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans

Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters - Witness Sightings Map

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