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Boy Recalls Observing Bigfoot Sitting On Riverbank

Sketch by Al

The Delta Discovery has published another Bigfoot encounter incident in the Yukon River delta area in Alaska:

People talked about these big hairy people-like creatures ever since I can remember.

In my Yugtun dialect, we call them Miluquyulit (the throwers) because they throw something at you when if you get too close to them or to let you know they are there.

They throw something like, most of the time I heard, a piece of dry branch – but never to hit, just so the person will see the branch.

I never saw one, but people said they are very big, with hair all over the body, arms down past the knees, and don’t seem to have a neck. When they turn their head, the upper part of their body turns.

My mom’s young cousin saw one when he and his step-brother were looking for rocks for their slingshots along the riverbank during low tide at fish camp.

He said his step-brother was doing something and was behind him, but he, trying to find more rocks walked on ahead picking up little rocks that he saw.

He said he then looked up into the trees above the riverbank where water doesn’t reach at high tide, and saw a very big, hairy manlike creature sitting there between two trees, holding the trees alongside him, his legs hanging; the creature was watching him and his step-brother who was behind him.

He said he then got so scared that he froze there for a long while, looking at the creature, like he was stuck to the ground. He thought of running, but couldn’t turn and run.

When he finally turned, his legs felt so heavy he couldn’t run, and he stumbled when he tried to run. When he reached his step-brother, they went back to fish camp.

When they reached fishcamp, he told his mother that he saw the Miluquyuli when he and his step-brother went looking for rocks along the riverbank.

This story was sent in by letter and the writer asked for anonymity. The writer is from Nunapitchuk.

NOTE: Bigfoot sightings in the Yukon River delta area are increasing:

Chased by the Yugpall’er

New 'Hairy Man' Sketch - Alaska's Yukon River Delta Region

The 'Big Hairy Man' of Alaska

Raincoast Sasquatch: The Bigfoot / Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia & Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat

Arctic Homestead: The True Story of One Family's Survival and Courage in the Alaskan Wilds

Strange Stories of Alaska and the Yukon

Friday, May 03, 2013

Solved: Grooved Stone Mystery

Several years ago I found an inquiry from a man in West Virginia who knew someone who found a carved rock (pictured above) thinking that it may be a petroglyph of some type. Today I stumbled across the original I decided to look again to see if anyone had figured out what this was. Read the original inquiry...I think you'll be surprised by the identification:

A few days ago, a gentleman was walking in the woods, in an undisclosed location in WV, when he happened upon a curiously carved rock. This particular gent has been all over this ground, for years, and had never noticed this rock carving before.

He came back and reported the find, and so far no one else has ever noticed it before either. Keep in mind these gents have been all over this territory hunting and such, and are keen observers due to that pursuit. No much gets by them, but no one has noticed this rock before.

I went out this morning in the company of one of them to see this rock for myself, as I was not a little dubious.

The rock itself is embedded in the bed of a small mountain stream, around 200 meters or so away from the nearest road, up a small hollow. The stream I think is mostly dry, but has had some water running in it lately due to heavy rains. The area it's in is little frequented, and mostly uninhabited.

The circle is 22 inches wide at the inside edge of the circle, and 21 1/2 inches tall at the inside edge of the circle. The depth that the circle is cut to is between 5/8 and 3/4 of an inch. The orientation of the stem of the central "tree" is east by north-east.

I did a cursory search of Google images (just the first 20 pages) and found similar, but not identical, figures. They were the Norse "World tree" (Yggdrasil), the Celtic "Tree of Life", and a Buddhist figure somewhat resembling the carving. None of these explains how THIS carving would be found in the middle of nowhere in West Virginia, with this obvious patina of age.

The "branches" of the central "tree" vaguely resemble the layout of the surrounding hollows. There has been some lively discussion today of whether or not this could be some sort of "map" of the surrounding one or two square miles. Some say it most likely IS, others are equally certain that it ISN'T. So far, no theory has been advanced as to why anyone would take the time to rock-cut a map of such a small area.

An idea has been advanced that it is some sort of Indian carving, but no purpose for it has been suggested.

Why the "tree"? Why the circle? Why in the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path, in an uninhabited area? Why in the middle of a stream bed? Who would take the time to carve it, and for what purpose?

Any ideas? Explanations? suggestions for further research? I have to admit my perplexity in the matter once again.

ANSWER: Believe it or not, this is a pine tar kiln stone. It is grooved to allow pine tar to be directed to a storage vessel. It was confirmed by the National Forest Service and a North Carolina archaeologist in Asheville. Here are a few links that explain the process:

Tar Kilns
Forest Industry in South Carolina
Tar - Wikipedia

Mystery Stones

Wood: A History

Tapping the Pines: The Naval Stores Industry in the American South

Old-Time Country Wisdom & Lore: 1000s of Traditional Skills for Simple Living



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Just the Facts?: 1st Tunguska Meteorite Fragments Discovered -- 'Finders Keepers' -- A Chorus Of Angels

First Tunguska Meteorite Fragments Discovered

The Tunguska impact event is one of the great mysteries of modern history. The basic facts are well known. On 30 June 1908, a vast and powerful explosion engulfed an isolated region of Siberia near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River.

The blast was 1000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, registered 5 on the Richter scale and is thought to have knocked down some 80 million trees over an area of 2000 square kilometres. The region is so isolated, however, that historians recorded only one death and just handful of eyewitness reports from nearby.

But the most mysterious aspect of this explosion is that it left no crater and scientists have long argued over what could have caused it.

The generally accepted theory is that the explosion was the result of a meteorite or comet exploding in the Earth’s atmosphere. That could have caused an explosion of this magnitude without leaving a crater. Such an event would almost certainly have showered the region in fragments of the parent body but no convincing evidence has ever emerged.

In the 1930s, an expedition to the region led by the Russian mineralogist Leonid Kulik returned with a sample of melted glassy rock containing bubbles. Kulik considered this evidence of an impact event. But the sample was somehow lost and has never undergone modern analysis. As such, there is no current evidence of an impact in the form of meteorites.

That changes today with the extraordinary announcement by Andrei Zlobin from the Russian Academy of Sciences that he has found three rocks from the Tunguska region with the telltale characteristics of meteorites. If he is right, these rocks could finally help solve once and for all what kind of object struck Earth all those years ago.

Zlobin’s story is remarkable in a number of ways. The area of greatest interest for meteor scientists is called the Suslov depression, which lies directly beneath the location of the air blast and is the place where meteorite debris was most likely to fall.

Dig into the peat bogs here and you can easily find layers that show clear evidence of the explosion. Zlobin said he dug more than ten prospect holes in the hope of finding meteorite fragments, but without success.

However, he had more luck exploring the bed of the local Khushmo River, where stones are likely to collect over a long period of time. He collected around 100 interesting specimens and returned to Moscow with them.

This expedition took place in 1988 and for some unexplained reason, Zlobin waited 20 years to examine his haul in detail. But in 2008, he sorted the collection and found three stones with clear evidence of melting and regmalypts, thumblike impressions found on the surface of meteorites which are caused by ablation as the hot rock falls through the atmosphere at high speed.

Zlobin and others have used tree ring evidence to estimate the temperatures that the blast created on the ground and says that these were not high enough to melt rocks on the surface. However, the fireball in the Earth’s atmosphere would have been hot enough for this.

So Zlobin concludes that the rocks must be fragments of whatever body collided with Earth that day.

Zlobin has not yet carried out a detailed chemical analysis of the rocks that would reveal their chemical and isotopic composition. So the world will have to wait for this to get a better idea of the nature of the body.

However, the stony fragments do not rule out a comet since the nucleus could easily contain rock fragments, says Zlobin. Indeed he has calculated that the density of the impactor must have been about 0.6 grams per cubic centimetre, which is about the same as nucleus of Halley’s comet. Zlobin says that together the evidence seems “excellent confirmation of cometary origin of the Tunguska impact.”

Clearly there is more work to be done here, particularly the chemical analysis perhaps with international cooperation and corroboration.

Then there is also the puzzle of why Zlobin has waited so long to analyse his samples. It’s not hard to imagine that the political changes that engulfed the Soviet Union in the year after his expedition may have played a role in this, but it still requires some explaining.

Nevertheless, this has the potential to help clear up one of the outstanding mysteries of the 20th century and finally determine the origin of the largest Earth impact in recorded history. - Technology Review

Tunguska - Impact in Siberia 1908, Comets, Asteroids, and Near-Earth Object Threats, NASA Programs to Survey and Study Asteroids and Comets (CD-ROM)

Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups

Near-Earth Objects: Finding Them Before They Find Us


University Spectre?

My buddy Pete got this from his Foreman - he took this picture today on the job where they are working with his cell phone. Makes you think twice....scary a bit. Look on the left side of the stage. Nobody else saw the ghost on the job site but him - this was taken today at Margery Reed Hall (University of Denver). All I have to say is wow! Do a search in Google for haunted DU Margery Reed Hall – this is one of the most haunted campuses around. Tim

NOTE: I agree with Tim...the University of Denver has had it's share of haunting experiences. As for this photo...I'm afraid this is a ruse using an a cellphone application. Take a look and LMK what you think...Lon

Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses

America's Haunted Universities: Ghosts that Roam Hallowed Halls

Creepy Colleges And Haunted Universities: True Ghost Stories


Finders Keepers

A man accused of taking items from a Derry, NH store is trying to clear his name, saying that he was confused by the name of the store: Finders Keepers.

Police said Ruben Pavon was shown on surveillance video taking a grill from the porch of the Finders Keepers thrift shop.

"I grabbed the box," Pavon said. "It was a fire pit, something like that. It turned into a grill, and I took it home."

Pavon admitted that it wasn't the first time he had taken something from there, but he said he thought the items were free.

"I just grabbed one. I thought it was there for the taking," he said. "The sign did say 'Finders Keepers.' So I took that DVD player, took it home. A couple of weeks later, the stuff is still there on the porch, so I'm thinking to myself, 'Finders Keepers. They probably just put stuff out there for people to take.'"

The store's owner, Laura Barker, said she doesn't buy Pavon's claim.

"I don't know of any stores where there's free stuff," she said. "It would be nice if there were. I'd be there on a regular basis myself."

Barker said Pavon could have asked to verify his assumptions.

"I've never seen him in the store," she said. "He didn't appear to try and open the door to see if we were open, if anybody was there, if anyone was even there to help him load it. Because the lights were off. So I assume he knew that nobody was there."

The video also shows a child helping Pavon carry the box off the porch, police said. Pavon said he's not a bad person. - WCVB


A Chorus of Angels

Baltimore, MD - 8/11/2005 - unedited: I was in my 1st floor apt. in a house in Baltimore, MD laying on my bed which was very near to the front of the house. I had an audio recorder on because of noises that I began hearing in the house especially at night.

I had been attacked by several unknown entities and severely so I was laying on my bed saying the names of several entities or beings from the Bible hoping an angel or somebody would come to help. I fell asleep calmly for the first time in a while and immediately as I entered the dream state an entity began to speak to me and I could feel the reverb in my skull. It asked if I wanted to go with "them" though I didnt see any being. I felt as if the entity was good and so I said yes. I got the feeling to look up and I did and I saw a cloud form out of nothing near above the street in front of my apt. (I was then standing outside... in the dream state). I saw a cloud form out of nothing about 100 ft. or less approx. above the street. Then a round silver craft appeared out of the cloud. For some reason I asked if I could take somebody with me to see the space ship and then the craft disappeared, but the cloud was dragged towards the south east. Then I went into another dream and I woke up (approx. 8 hours later).

After I woke up I remembered the space craft and quickly grabbed my digital recorder and uploaded the data to my computer. After I did I noticed large wave patterns which meant a lot of noise. I checked it out and I heard several entities speaking and what sounded like a conduit opening. Too a word that spoken by the entities in unison and then the sound of an electromagnetic oscillation shortly after I can be heard saying, "Jesus Christ Jesus Christ". So it was REAL! Something did happen and actual living entities or beings were there and were speaking and conducting some type activity. - MUFON CMS

Audio - Calling Jesus Christ

The Angel Therapy Handbook

Angels All Around Us: A Sightseeing Guide to the Invisible World

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Just the Facts?: Sasquatch History Lesson -- Time Crystals / Perpetual Motion -- 'Borg' Cube UFO?

History Lessons: Bigfoot, The Viceroyalty and the Natives of Nootka

By Scott Corrales (c) 2013

During the 18th century, exploration of "la Alta California" (Upper California) pushed northward beyond the deserts and forests of the San Francisco Mission and into the virgin forests of the modern states of Oregon and Washington - lands lacking gold or readily accessible mineral wealth, but whose waters attracted the otters that stirred the interest of Russian settlers in Alaska. As they sailed southward in search of their prize, they came into conflict with the forces of the viceroyalty of New Spain.

In 1774, captain Bruno de Esceta reached the inlet known as Mowichat by members of the nuu-cha-nulth tribe. While no landings took place, the local inhabitants approached the Spanish frigate with handsome animal pelts, seeking to trade them for Californian mother of pearl. The mission assigned to Captain Esceta and his vessel, the "Santiago", was to ascertain that trade was indeed taking place between the natives and the Russian mariners. Measures would be taken to defend the Crown's monopoly over those distant waters, but bad weather and the dreadful scurvy tormenting his crew kept the Spanish officer from sailing north and expelling the Russians from their settlement. Continue reading at Inexplicata

Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Search for North America's Incredible Creature

The Collector: David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest

The Discovery of the Sasquatch


Shamanism and Curanderismo: The Approach to Healing in Peru

Shamanism is a not a discrete activity like, say dentistry or ­aromatherapy, but a body of practices that have the effect of connecting the material and immaterial worlds, the worlds of man and God, matter and energy. These practices are performed by shamans who, by various means and methods (such as the use of San Pedro and ayahuasca in Peru, or a trance state arrived at by drumming in cultures like Mongolia and Siberia) are able to travel between these worlds to obtain solutions from their spirit guides and helpers, and in this way address the problems that are afflicting their patients or the community in general. These solutions may take the form of guidance, counsel, or direct and spirit-driven healing to ameliorate the sicknesses of the soul and restore balance and equilibrium.

The word shaman is not Peruvian in origin, but comes from the Tungus people of Siberia and arises from the word saman, which has a specific usage there. It literally means "priest of the Ural-Altaic people," although it is often interpreted more generally as "one who sees" or "one who knows." It has now come to be used generically for anyone who carries out healing, counseling, or divinatory work in partnership with spirit guides, allies, and helpers, and which normally involves ritual or ceremonial procedures to make these spirits manifest and elicit their help to create beneficial change.

This way of working is the oldest psychospiritual tradition known to humankind. Shamanic artifacts discovered in the African Rift Valley date back four hundred thousand years, and cave paintings depicting shamanic scenes of shape-shifting (where the shaman takes on nonhuman powers and shifts into animal or plant forms), such as those at Lascaux and Tassili, though not as old as this, certainly date back thousands of years. Continue reading at Reality Sandwich

Cactus of Mystery: The Shamanic Powers of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus

Shaman, Healer, Sage: How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas


UFO activity around Sun emulates Star Trek Borg Cube

Images captured through a National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) and SOHO iPad application have revealed unidentified flying objects, akin to Star Trek `Borg Cubes’ episodes, coming out of the surface of the sun. This phenomenon has been sighted twice, a few days ago as per UFO Sightings Daily. The first sighting was at 1300 hours on 29th April 2013 and the second sighting was done at 0106 hours on 30th April 2013. SOHO is the official Nascom site that gives information on the mission being carried out on the space-born solar observatory.

Attention could be drawn to which had reported similar sighting as mentioned in the `UFO Sightings Daily’ site on 14th November 2012, just a week before the Mayan apocalypse day for the world. When we look at these shots here, we wonder whether these UFOs are trying to send a message that seeks to tie into Earth's organized religions. Indeed, the Book of Revelation refers to these Cubic entities.

These cubes are going round the sun and they could even head toward planet Earth. On deeper probing, it has been ascertained that these shots are not the effect of pixilation but instead, they are images of real spacecraft type bodies of mammoth proportions that are surviving the heat emitting from the sun.

These images bring to mind the combined beliefs of the Luciferian Liberation Front (LLF) and the Pagan Gnostics that GOD is going round the sun in the shape of a gigantic cube. GOD stands for Galactic Obliteration Devices here. In fact, Luciferian Liberation Front has sent its interpretation of the Bible in its report to `UFO Sightings Daily’ a couple of years ago, mentioning this galactic obliteration device.

This is a fascinating interpretation of the Book of Revelations from the Bible, Chapter 22, when it describes the New Jerusalem as the `City of God’ in the shape of a giant cube that comes down from the heavens.

The Luciferian Liberation Front (LLF) have taken these references and tries to explain heaven as a gigantic source of psychic energy that emits from all souls gathered there to turn Earth into hell with the eventual annihilation of the human race. The LLF goes further in pointing out that the Book of Revelations goes to describe the descent of `New Jerusalem’ that would coincide with `a new heaven and a new earth’ and `no more sea’. The Pagan Gnostics also believed that organized religion is a spurious version of spirituality with a humanized shape of regressive aliens or a man who is artificial.

These giant cubes seen around the sun have sides roughly about one thousand five hundred miles across them and the images have revealed that there is not one cube but many cuboids going round the sun. Is there any link to the appearance of these cubes reminding us of the Mayan Pyramids and the ending of the Mayan Calendar? Scott Waring, the founder of the site, `UFO Sightings Daily’ feels that these cubes are circling round the sun to harvest energy. A point to ponder! - agoracosmopolitan


Time crystals and perpetual motion

In February 2012, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek decided to go public with a strange and, he worried, somewhat embarrassing idea. Impossible as it seemed, Wilczek had developed an apparent proof of “time crystals” — physical structures that move in a repeating pattern, like minute hands rounding clocks, without expending energy or ever winding down. Unlike clocks or any other known objects, time crystals derive their movement not from stored energy but from a break in the symmetry of time, enabling a special form of perpetual motion.

“Most research in physics is continuations of things that have gone before,” said Wilczek, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This, he said, was “kind of outside the box.”

Wilczek’s idea met with a muted response from physicists. Here was a brilliant professor known for developing exotic theories that later entered the mainstream, including the existence of particles called axions and anyons, and discovering a property of nuclear forces known as asymptotic freedom (for which he shared the Nobel Prize in physics in 2004). But perpetual motion, deemed impossible by the fundamental laws of physics, was hard to swallow. Did the work constitute a major breakthrough or faulty logic? Jakub Zakrzewski, a professor of physics and head of atomic optics at Jagiellonian University in Poland who wrote a perspective on the research that accompanied Wilczek’s publication, says: “I simply don’t know.”

Now, a technological advance has made it possible for physicists to test the idea. They plan to build a time crystal, not in the hope that this perpetuum mobile will generate an endless supply of energy (as inventors have striven in vain to do for more than a thousand years) but that it will yield a better theory of time itself. Continue reading at Wired

Perpetual Motion: The History of an Obsession

Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?

On the Origin of Clockwork Perpetual Motion Devices and the Compass - The Original Classic Edition

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Skinwalker: Conjured Evil

I thought this would be a good time to post several of the better 'Skinwalker' related reports and submissions I have received over the years. I've included a few recently received encounters and one of JC Johnson's investigations (which he mentioned on the 'Desert Wasteland' episode) as well. Go watch the video presentation of Monsters and Mysteries in America - Desert well as an interesting encounter report I received as a result of the show - Eyewitness: Shadow Wolf.

According to the Diné Navajo people, Skinwalkers are shapeshifting witches who conduct all sorts of terrible things. These beings can make people sick and commit murders. They are graverobbers and necrophiliacs. They are greedy and evil entities who must kill a sibling or other relative to be initiated as a Skinwalker. They supposedly can turn into were-animals and can travel in supernatural ways. Anthropologist David Zimmerman of the Navajo Nation Historic Preservation Department explains: "Skinwalkers are folks that possess knowledge of medicine, medicine both practical (heal the sick) and spiritual (maintain harmony), and they are both wrapped together in ways that are nearly impossible to untangle."

These medicine men train over a period of many years to become full-fledged practitioners in the mystical rituals of the Diné Navajo people. The medicine men have shown themselves to be effective in treating a range of ailments according to the U.S. Public Health Service. But, there is also a dark side. Witches follow some of the same training and obtain similar knowledge as their more benevolent colleagues, but they supplement both with their pursuit of the dark arts, or black magic. By Diné Navajo law, a known witch has forfeited its status as a human and can be killed at will. The assumption is that a witch, by definition, is evil.

The cautious Diné Navajo will not speak openly about Skinwalkers, especially with strangers, because to do so might invite the attention of an evil witch. After all, a stranger who asks questions about Skinwalkers just might be one himself, looking for his next victim:


Location/Date: Near Albuquerque, New Mexico - February 2006 - 9:15 pm

At a small reservation outside of Albuquerque, a young boy was sent out to get a juice bottle from a parked car and while his uncle lay on the couch he heard the boy screaming. His uncle got up to see the boy’s father coming in with the boy holding his hand. The boy appeared terrified and was shaking. His grandmother talked to him and asked him what was wrong. He then said that a “thing” had watched him from the fence line and then came after him. He said it was about 4ft tall and had red glowing eyes, gray hairy feet, long claws and a snout like that of a dog. Human-like footprints with “claws” were found near the window.

Source: Reservation authorities / Albert Rosales

NOTE: the encounter was reported to a local newspaper but never published. A reservation police officer stated to an investigative reporter that several 'skinwalker' sighting reports had been made within a 2 month period.


I try to read about skinwalkers and/or Navajo witches whenever I hear of any articles or books about them. When I was a little girl traveling with my family on vacation, we came across something strange that had to have been a skinwalker or Navajo witch. It was 1967 or 1968 and we were driving from California to Arkansas to visit family. On the way to Arkansas we were on Route 66 outside of Albuquerque, NM and we had stopped at a rest area so my Dad could sleep. It doesn't happen often now, but back then a lot of people used to stop and sleep in the rest areas.

It was the middle of the night and something startled my father awake. He woke up and was extremely scared and nervous. He was trying to figure out why he woke up and why he felt scared when he saw a man walking across the desert. He said that he almost couldn't take his eyes off the guy because, even though the man was kind of far out there, something was wrong. The man was walking towards the rest area from out in the desert, as he got closer, my father saw what was different about him. The man had a fur skin thrown across his shoulders and as he walked his feet were not touching the ground. He passed right beside our car and looked my Dad in the eye. My Dad said that all of the hair on his body stood up. H immediately started our car and drove away as fast as he could.

It was later that we found out that some crazy guy came into the same rest area, the very same night that we were there, and shot a bunch of people. From what I was told, some of the people were killed. I was a little girl 3 or 4 years old, I was asleep when it all happened, but we never stopped in NM after that. Every year we went to Arkansas to visit family and we never stopped in NM again, we always drove straight through. Nina


I live close to the reservation just outside Mesa, Arizona. I have a couple of Native friends who I just recently went camping with around 20 miles outside the valley to a place they call Three Poles. This place is considered holy land in their eyes and is close to a river. There are numerous stories I know about this place, such as the flute player you can hear at night or the boulder-sized splashes you hear in the river. But the most notable are the stories of the skinwalkers.

We arrived at the camping site around 9 p.m. It was already dark, so we started to unpack and made a fire. Once that was done, my Native buddies put up the barriers and puffed the smoke of tobacco upon us as a personal barrier. They told me never to go anywhere alone and that around 3 a.m. is when the spirits are the most active. Around 2 a.m. the beating of a drum became very clear; this is a sign of the skinwalker, they told me. At around 3 a.m., the smell of wet dog became apparent. This is the sign of either two things: Hoofy, an extremely evil spirit; or the skinwalkers.

The fire grew small and we could see the shadows of animals. We all decided to move to another site in the morning. As first light dawned, we packed. I sat in the back of his truck to hold down the stuff. As we left, I saw a rottweiler walking on its hind legs straight to the middle of our camp. It was easily 5 feet tall and had bright orange eyes. I freaked out and screamed as it was running at us, still standing up. It disappeared into a bush after we turned the corner.

Later on at our other camp, an old man with his face covered up by hair visited us and acted very strangely. We ran out of drinks, so a friend and I decided to head out on foot (no car; a friend had to take it home). We saw a car. As it approached, it slowed down to a halt and the same man asked if we wanted a ride. We said no because by this time my friends had told me the man was a skinwalker. He grabbed my arm and pulled me by his car and looked straight at me. As my friend ran up to grab me, the man took off in his car.

Once we got back, I relaxed. It was around dawn when just behind me the man appeared about 10 feet away and asked if I could help him with something back at his camp. As he did, two trucks came around the corner to head further into the grounds. He watched them as they passed and then all of a sudden he bolted after them. I was astonished seeing this 60-year-old man chasing down a car. My native friends put up a salt barrier. I heard sounds all night, but never saw anything after that. LD


As a teenager, I would visit my grandma at her home on the Navajo rez for several weeks every summer. I loved to spend time with her, eat her delicious fried bread, and hear her tell us stories. Every so often my grandma would hire a worker (the harmless town drunk) to do odd jobs around her house and property. One evening right before the sun went down, I was asked by my grandma to take him home, which was about four miles out of the valley where she lived. I was more than happy to, seeing that I was only 14 years old and was asked to drive a truck! Mind you that on the rez, nobody cares that you're only 14 years old and driving around. Hell, there's hardly anybody around to see you anyway! So my 9 year old brother jumped in the truck cab with me while this "worker" and my dog shared the tailgate of the truck and we were off. After I dropped the worker off at the shack that he and his brothers called a house, we headed back down the road to grandmas. As I mentioned before, it was evening and the sky was a deep red as the sun began to set behind us. We were leaving a nice dust trail from the dirt road and the radio was playing music from the only radio station that could be picked up from the nearest town of Holbrook, Arizona.

There was nothing unusual, nothing weird. It was at this time that my eye caught movement of something in the bushes a little up the road to the right of us. I remember slowing down thinking that it was one of the many free roaming sheep in the area that would dart out in front of the truck. As I passed where I thought I saw it, I sped up thinking nothing else of it. Then out of nowhere I just felt this dark feeling of fear and dread. I had no idea why I was feeling this way but I definitely felt that something was wrong.

As I play this memory back in my mind, there are only a few clear memories that I have of that evening. I clearly remember looking in my rearview mirror and seeing the dark silhouette of something very tall and very skinny that seemed to be covered with some kind of hair or fur running behind the truck after us! Whatever it was, it wasn't a normal human or human at all. I remember hearing my brother crying and my dog barking ferociously at whatever was chasing us. I remember speeding very fast and shaking violently as the truck bounced on the washboard dirt road. I distinctly remember that this thing was only getting closer as my brother cried "it's coming up on your side!" I remember being as scared as hell and thinking that I didn't want to die. At the moment that I thought would be our last. I remember speeding around a bend in the road and seeing a car coming towards us in the opposite direction. At that moment I felt instant relief and felt that whatever was following us was gone.

Shaken up but alive, we made it to grandma's house wondering what the hell had just happened. We ran inside not looking back, hoping that whatever was chasing us had not followed us home. As we told my grandma about our experience she didn't seem too surprised, which surprised us. She continued by repeating stories that we had already heard at one point or another about black magic, witches, and something that the Navajos call Yee Nadlooshii or Skinwalkers. Needless to say, I didn't even want to look out any of the windows at all the rest of that night. As a matter of fact, I never drove on the reservation at night until I was 21 years old.

Without going too deep into explanation, I'll just say that these Skin-walkers are evil men and spirits that use black magic for evil doing. I tell you that as farfetched as it may sound, they are real! I believe that if God and his greatness are real, the devil is equally as real and also has his ways of showing himself.

This may not sound very scary to some readers and that may be due to my lack of writing skills. But what happened that evening really did happen and scared the living crap out of me. I invite anybody to visit this part of Arizona if you have any doubt or want huge scare. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

I hope that you enjoyed my story and I look forward to sharing other experiences soon. Tracker337


I've seen a skinwalker ONCE! I have never seen one since. My older brother, older sister and I were going home for the weekend. We were coming in from Phoenix. We had to leave pretty late. It usually takes us 5 hours to get home which is in Low Mountain near Pinon, AZ. We drove toward Keams Canyon highway and took a certain dirt road that would take us straight to Low Mountain. Before we reached the dirt road we noticed a very old lady walking on the side of the highway with a cane at 2 o'clock in the morning! She had her scarf around her head, a long black jacket and wearing a green dress. We did not think anything of it but thought it was weird that she was walking late at night on a highway. The reservation is really dark at night and there are hardly anyone driving on the roads. We eventually turned on the dirt road.

A mile away from the highway we noticed the same old lady walking on the side of the dirt road with her cane. I freaked out! I started crying because we knew that it was the same lady 15 miles back. My brother stepped on the gas and started driving faster. He gave us some medicine to protect us from harm. We eventually got to a highway that takes us to Chinle, Low Mountain, or Pinon. We passed the first bridge and we noticed that the old lady was sitting on the highway with her head down waving the cane in the air. Before we could pass her the car just shut down and wouldn't start. The old lady stood up facing the opposite way from us so we wouldn't see her face and walked across the other side of the road. She turned her head to face us and her face was painted all black. She kept walking and eventually disappeared in the distance. My brother turned the ignition and the car started!! It scared the hell outta me!!! I was crying so bad that I never wanted to drive through the road again.

When we got home we told my parents about it. My dad said that there was an old couple that lived between the two highways that did bad medicine on people. He also said that her husband had passed on not long ago and that she walks that road every now and then. They had two kids; one of them passed away at a very young age with an unknown cause of death and the other one drinks and huffs. We ended up driving back the longer way which was taking the highway to the junction road and going toward Ganado. It was very real and very scary. DN



JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners contacted me in reference to a raid and killing of 7 sheep, including a large ram, on a farm in the Navajo lands in New Mexico. The culprit is unknown though evidence suggests a bi-pedal or upright creature. The most astonishing aspect of this particular raid is that there was very little blood found at the scene. Many of the sheep had puncture wounds but scant blood traces were left after the carnage. It didn't seem like there was any feeding on the carcasses...though the 300-400 lb. ram was dragged a fair distance.

There have been earlier reports of hominid attacks on livestock - Bigfoot Raids Farm as well as other raids / maulings by unknown entities - Sheep Mutilation Mystery - Diné Navajo Reservation, Near Hogback, NM.


There have been reports of canine-like hominids in the area...not unlike those described as shapeshifters. In fact, there has been trace evidence collected at earlier events which is currently being tested for DNA.

Could this be an attack of a lycanthrope or possibly a skinwalker / Mai-cob? The activity suggests that, whatever it is roaming and hunting in the area, it will continue to do least in the near future. Stay tuned for updates...

Click for video - Bloodless Carnage at Sheep Pen

This is the location where the sheep with the neck puncture wound was blood splatter or pooling
Above - Example of the many fresh scratches found around the pen
Above - A series of fresh tracks were also found including a few hoof-like prints
Some examples of the carnage inflicted


I received a correspondence on from an individual with the moniker 'Coy Criptid.' He is a resident of the Diné Navajo reservation and this is a reply to an inquiry I made in a previous post. I have not changed anything in the email....completely original:

Well, where to start......? We are not skin walkers, we are "eaters of all" (closest translation I can do to our real name, sorry) We are old, so old that some of us remember this world when it had many moons and the land flowed like water. We are not evil, nor good. We just are. In the way of modern thinking, we are like animals; not fallen from grace, and speak and hear God directly. I don't know if we have souls, because we don't die, just .... this is really hard to explain ..... we don't go dormant, just change the way we live. Right now I am Human. I look, feel, think, and act just like one of you. I will apparently die just like one of you, only to spread out from where my " mortal remains " fall or are eaten, adsorbed... or interred, mingling with the strings of life (another hard one to put into words) that come into contact with me. Until I decide to become one of them (I have sort of decided on one of the squids, we'll see how that works out). In the time between dedicated forms, we walk in our true forms, remembering all the things that we have been. Its hard to describe being many things at once, but we do go back to places we've been because the "memories of love"(?) draw us back. We watch over you as we are directed to do, letting you live your lives according to Law both good and bad as is the will of the Creator. You are right to fear us in our true forms because we do not think as humans do, but a collage of thoughts from many forms at once.

The Creator bid us to stay our feeding on you many many eons ago, but left us with the right to protect ourselves if threatened in any of our forms (careful with that fly swatter or bar of soap). We have the ability to grasp your, or any other creatures mind if we choose, and hold them while we eat. In this form it is a very unpleasant thought and leaves me nauseous just thinking about it. All of us by now (except the ones that left this world early on for "walk about" or from the great shame) have spent many lifetimes in human form and almost all of them love people deeply. Every creature on this world fears us because you are all from survivors that have sensed us in true form. We have to calm you to walk among you even in dedicated forms.

We have traits that can be used to identify us in any of our forms. The closest thing that I can call them is "tells" mine is that I don't eat feet (yuck how nasty, .....this includes fins, hooves, tips of tentacles, pads, wing feathers or anything used as contact points for locomotion blahhhhuch). One of my co cross mates (don't ask, we have 17 separate sexes, talk about a bitch on Friday nights) will not eat anything "purple" as she sees it. Another friend of mine dislikes certain forms of nerve tissue, says it makes him itch. Short of these little peccadilloes we can consume almost anything and derive energy for life from it, from sunshine to radionuclide and every thing in between, yummy (I know, I know, "feet" have all that and more too but eeuuuuwwww!!) ! I personally have always wanted to taste anti-matter but have never gotten around to going above the cloud tops to taste any. Well, I am rambling on a bit too much, and I have to go to sleep because I have to go to work in the morning, I thought you should know some more about what we are.

With best regards,
Coy Criptid


Skinwalkers: Witches of Navajo Country [DVD]

The Tony Hillerman Audio Collection: Skinwalkers and Talking God

Just the Facts?: Close Encounter in NYC -- Cannibalism Discovered in Jamestown - Woman Fights Ghost

Close Encounter in NYC

NYC, NY - 8/25/1993 - unedited: I was sleeping soundly when I began to wake up due to sounds from the kitchen; I was flat on my back with two pillows under my head. I normally am asleep on my side, when a series of distinct sounds began to wake me up. The sound was coming from our kitchen.

My first thought was my son might have gotten out of bed, for the first time and was opening and closing drawers. I decided to get up out of bed but I was immediately and totally paralyzed by a buzzing feeling at the base of my brain.

Immediately my mind focused away from the noises to what I thought I was having, which was a stroke or brain hemorrhage or some sort of serious problem. I could not open my eyes I could not move my legs or any part of my body. The buzzing did not hurt.

My mind was 100% totally awake yet I was unable to move my body. I attempted, at first, to move my feet then legs. Then my arms and get up. But I absolutely could not. It was like a weight on my body. There was no pain. I could not speak.

I decided to try to open my eyes. I could not. I concentrated on opening just one eye which was my right eye. It took every bit of trying to get the eye lid to open, as it started to open. I noticed a creature with its arms extended over me at my knees. Its hands were glowing -yellow greenish.

Immediately I knew it was not my son! This has to be an alien! I was completely amazed. I struggled to keep my eye open. Suddenly this thing, moved out of the room directly through the wall! It moved fast, and was silent. The fact that it went through the wall was overwhelming.

The paralysis quickly went away. Physically I felt fine yet amazed at the event and experience I had. I went into my son’s room to check on him, he seemed fine. I walked to the kitchen and around then returned to the bedroom and went back to bed. I chose not to wake my wife who had been next to me the whole time.

I kept this experience to myself, briefly but seriously mentioning it the next day. Three days later I became really afraid and since that time I have just tried to deal with not knowing what this thing was and what it maybe had done to me. - MUFON CMS

Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Blu-ray]

Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction, UFOs, and the Conference at M.I.T.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Making of Steven Spielberg's Classic Film


Psychic searches for dognapped pup

A psychic from Puerto Rico is trying to find a dognapped Territory puppy using telepathic powers and the Archangel Michael.

Humpty Doo retail worker Andrea Beagley, 51, called in the help of higher powers after searching in vain for her 16-month-old best friend Buddy.

Ms Beagley said the maltese-dachshund cross was stolen from the front garden of her girlfriend's home at Lake Bennett.

"He was unhooked from his running lead," she said.

A creepy set of circumstances the day before the April 2 disappearance led Ms Beagley to suspect foul play.

She was lying down at a causeway with the dog on her chest when a passing car with a couple inside reversed and drove past twice, stopping to look at her for a long time.

"I think that they may have followed me home," she said.

Ms Beagley searched, printed leaflets and set up a Facebook page called Find Buddy Budsta.

After she had no luck, a friend from the US suggested "animal communicator" Jessica Westleigh.

The Puerto Rican-based energy healer says on her website she can telepathically communicate with animals of all species.

In a spooky coincidence, Ms Beagley said psychic Jess first described the same couple from the car: a tall lean man with a comb-over and a woman with dark curly hair.

After preparing a "healing altar" with crystals and gemstones, Jess called in the Archangel Michael to help find and protect Buddy.

The psychic reported visions as the dog sent her thought waves of distress.

"He said it was dark right now where he was. I got the impression he was inside a building," Ms Westleigh wrote.

"Buddy feels like the people are trying to decide what to do with him.''

Ms Westleigh explained the dog was desperate to come home and had tried to escape.

"I can do it,'' Ms Westleigh interpreted Buddy as thinking. "I know I can find my way. It's far, but I can do it.''

Ms Beagley doesn't know whether the psychic will be able to help but she sincerely loves her dog and wants him back.

"No questions asked," she said.

"People make mistakes and if they choose to do the right thing I'd be so grateful. I just want him back." - NT News


Passenger plane involved in near miss with UFO near Glasgow airport

A passenger plane was involved in a near miss an unidentified flying object, two pilots have reported.

The blue and yellow UFO came within 300ft of the Airbus 320 on December 2 above Baillieston as the plane approached Glasgow Airport.

The UK Airprox Board – which investigates near misses in the skies – heard the incident had taken place at around 3500ft. Both pilots on the flight reported seeing the UFO “loom ahead”.

The board head the object passed directly beneath the plane before either of the crew had time to take avoiding action or had “really registered it” although they were both agreed that it appeared blue and yellow or silver in colour with a small frontal area but that it was “bigger than a balloon”.

The estimated miss-distance was 300ft.

An air traffic controller said that he was not talking to anyone else in that area and that nothing was seen on radar at the time.

The board said: “The pilot of an A320, inbound to Glasgow, gave a contemporaneous account of his ac’s encounter with an untraced object at 3500ft.

“Investigation of the available surveillance sources was unable to trace any activity matching that described by the A320 pilot. Additionally there was no other information to indicate the presence or otherwise of activity in the area.”

The report concluded: “Members were of the opinion that, in the absence of a primary radar return, it was unlikely that the untraced ac was a fixed-wing or rotary-wing ac or man-carrying balloon.

“It was considered that a meteorological balloon would be radar significant and unlikely to be released in the area of the Airprox.

“A glider could not be discounted but it was felt unlikely that one would be operating in that area, both due to the constrained airspace and the lack of thermal activity due to the low temperature.

“Similarly, The Board considered that a hang-glider or para-motor would be radar significant and that conditions precluded them, as they did para-gliders or parascenders. Members were unable to reach a conclusion as to a likely candidate.” - STV

UFOS: The Hard Evidence Vol 3, UFOs Over Britain / The Sterling Sightings / UFOs Over Scotland / Underground Bases



Scholars find cannibalism at Jamestown settlement

Scientists said Wednesday that they have found the first solid archaeological evidence that some of the earliest American colonists at Jamestown, Va., survived harsh conditions by turning to cannibalism.

For years, there have been tales of the starving English settlers resorting to eating dogs, mice, snakes and shoe leather at Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America. There were also written accounts of settlers eating their own dead, but archaeologists had been skeptical of those stories.

But now, the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and archaeologists from Jamestown are announcing the discovery of the bones of a 14-year-old girl that show clear signs that she was cannibalized.

Evidence indicates clumsy chops to the body and head, and it appears the girl was already dead at the time.

Smithsonian forensic anthropologist Douglas Owsley said the human remains date back to a deadly winter known as the "starving time" in Jamestown from 1609 to 1610. Hundreds of colonists died during the period. Scientists have said the settlers likely arrived during the worst drought in 800 years, bringing a severe famine for the 6,000 people who lived at Jamestown between 1607 and 1625. Continue reading at Scholars find cannibalism at Jamestown settlement

A Land as God Made It: Jamestown and the Birth of America

The New World

National Geographic - The New World: Nightmare in Jamestown


Woman Fights Ghost

There was high drama in Braeton, St Catherine, on Wednesday following an incident in which a woman reportedly got into a fight with what residents said was a ghost.

The incident left many residents speechless and cowering in fear after the ghost, said to be that of a male, reportedly knocked the woman unconscious.

A woman who said she glimpsed the ghost, described the spirit as a short, bald-headed man, who was not wearing a shirt.

"Everybody a wonder a weh di duppy come from, but I don't have a thing to say because mi remember one time duppy tell mi dat mi chat too much," a resident from the area said.

THE STAR understands that since the incident, the woman has been wandering in the community barefooted.

It is reported that sometime after 7 p.m., the young woman was at home when she was knocked unconscious by what she later told residents was a strong force.

Residents say that when the young woman regained consciousness, she started fighting the ghost and kicking a fence.

THE STAR was told that incident drew a large crowd, and sent tongues wagging. The woman, it was further heard, was taken from the area to a gated community in St Catherine by relatives a couple hours later, but was then taken aback, apparently as the ghost was still tormenting her.

One resident who heard that the woman was taken to a gated community, made several comments, one of which caused much laughter. "How di duppy fi go a dat community, is a gated community," said the resident to much laughter.

A resident who was a part of the crowd said he too became afraid, as the young woman is known by many in the community as a sane person.

"Mi never see anything like dis, mi always hear dem a talk about duppy, but a first mi ever see somebody a run up and down so and a fight back duppy. One person even seh dat dem see di duppy so people start ketch dem fraid because it look like everywhere di girl go, di duppy go deh to," the resident said. - Jamaica-Star

Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica (P.S.)

The Voodoo Doll Spellbook: A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Spells and Rituals

Caribbean Twilight: Tales of the Supernatural
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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