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Just the Facts?: Lough Foyle Monster? -- John Zaffis on BTE Radio -- Human Ear Found in Graveyard

Ireland Lake Monster in Lough Foyle?

Interesting video footage of 'something' in the waters of Lough Foyle in Ireland. The footage was shot by students making a fishing film called “Fishing with David Lynch” when the anomaly was seen breaking the waters surface. It seems to be quite large and even though there have been reports of whales in Lough before, I doubt that it's a whale. For years there have been stories told by locals about mysterious sightings often explained away by people saying it was whales or basking sharks. But some believe it may actually be a Loch Ness Monster type of lake monster in Lough Foyle.

Video: Ireland Lake Monster in Lough Foyle

Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures

The Loch Ness Monster and Other Lake Monsters (Graphic Mysteries)


This Week On 'Beyond The Edge Radio': John Zaffis - Paranormal Investigator & Demonologist / 'The Haunted Collector'

Join Eric, Lon and Sean as we present our friend and colleague, paranormal investigator & demonologist John Zaffis. Get ready for another interesting and entertaining broadcast at 'Beyond The Edge Radio!'

John Zaffis has over thirty-six years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John's involvement with cases of possession and exorcism and working with prominent exorcists in this field. Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Malachi Martin and the Rev Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

Ghosts and poltergeists where among some of his first-hand paranormal experiences, as well as the demonic and diabolical. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), or the calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

Follow John and his team at The Haunted Collector on the Syfy Channel

John has been featured in the Discovery Channel's documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live, and many other print and news media events. John is also in the books of Ed and Lorraine Warren Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery and In a Dark Place John's first book, Shadows of the Dark co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities. The John Zaffis Paranormal Museum opened in 2004 and displays hundreds of artifacts collected over John's years as a paranormal researcher and investigator.

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Clenching fists 'can improve memory'

Memory can be improved simply by clenching the fists, a study suggests.

Clenching the right hand for 90 seconds helps in memory formation, while the same movement in the left improves memory recall, say US psychologists.

In an experiment, 50 adults performed better at remembering words from a long list when they carried out these movements.

The researchers think clenching a fist activates specific brain regions that are associated with memory processing.

The experiment

50 right-handed students were given a list of words to learn

They were divided into five groups

One group clenched their right fist for about 90 seconds before memorising the list and then did the same before recollecting the words
A second group carried out the same test, but with the left hand

Two other groups clenched one hand prior to learning the words (either the left or right hand) and the opposite hand prior to recollecting
A control group did not clench their fists at all

The group that clenched their right fist when memorising the list and then clenched the left when recollecting the words performed better than all the other hand clenching groups

This group also did better than the group that did not clench their fists at all, though this difference was not statistically 'significant'.

Lead scientist Ruth Propper, of Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, said the research suggests simple body movements can improve memory by temporarily changing the way the brain functions.

"Clenching your right hand immediately prior to learning information and clenching your left hand immediately before recalling it would be helpful to improve memory," Dr Propper told BBC News.

Past research has shown that right hand clenching activates the left hemisphere of the brain, while left hand clenching activates the right hemisphere.

This has been associated with emotions - for example right hand clenching with happiness or anger, and left hand clenching with sadness or anxiety.

Memory processing is thought to use both sides of the brain - the left for encoding memories and the right for retrieving them.

Future research will examine whether hand clenching can also improve other mental processes, for example verbal or spatial abilities, and memory of pictures and places, as well as words.

However, more work needs to be done in more subjects to be certain of the results.

Prof Neil Burgess, of University College London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, said a larger study was needed to be certain of a specific effect on memory.

This should include brain scans to look at blood flow to the left or right hemispheres of the brain.

Commenting on the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, he said: "Ideally replication would use a more powerful design (i.e. more people or a within-subjects design) and include fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging to measures brain activity) verification of the effect on blood flow." - BBC


Human ear found in graveyard

A human ear has been found by a man walking his dog in a Buckinghamshire graveyard.

The St Mary the Virgin Church, in St Mary's Square, Aylesbury, was cordoned off after police were called on Wednesday evening.

Thames Valley Police said investigations were continuing.

A spokesman said: "Police were called at 18:37 BST by a man who was walking his dog and discovered what he believed may be a human ear."

Police have sent the ear to a Home Office pathologist to be analysed.

Results are expected next week and officers will begin an investigation if the body part is found to be "current rather than historic", the force said.

The area is being searched for any other evidence.

The church's rector, Father Shane Wood, who lives close by, said he first heard about the find when police arrived to cordon off the church and he went to make sure that any people inside were not affected.

He said he was "shocked and surprised", and his thoughts were with anybody in involved in the "tragic circumstances which may surround it".

"It's not a normal thing and it's rarely seen, if ever, in this sort of town " he said.

"You would normally associated body parts with the fictional Midsomer Murders."

He said that there had been many offers of alternative accommodation for church activities and a lunchtime concert had been diverted to Aylesbury's Methodist Church.

"The town pulls together well in emergencies," he said.

"It's a good community." - BBC

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Reptilian Encounters!

This photo was taken as a 'Reptilian' started to appear before David Eckhart. These beings appear in 'solid' form as they arrive, then within a split second transform to a non-solid, holographic type form. They are said to use a type of 'stargate-like' transport system, though they do use propulsion craft as well and have the ability to move within conduits (electrical & telephone lines). David stated that he and his family have been transported to locations on and off Earth, including underground & underwater cities that are located on this planet. The beings can speak our language and, for the most part, conduct themselves like humans.

I have included two instances of Reptilian encounters forwarded by witnesses:


I was attacked by a Reptilian!

I awoke one night in a state of which I can only explain as a spasm, my body was in a rigid state. I could not move a muscle and felt like something was on top of me.

I fought to get movement back in my body. I could not turn my head or move at all. It was like I was having a fight to get control of my body.

After a few panic stricken moments, I could just barely move my fingers, only a little bit. I then felt that there was more than just a spasm. I felt dirty and touched. It was a horrible feeling from deep inside me.

I could barely move my toes, again very slightly. My throat felt like it was being held. I could feel something was on top of me. My hands where by my side, but it felt like they were around my own throat, holding tightly. I was using all my might to break free from this spasmodic state.

Then could feel something breathing into my left ear, a sound of a growl-like noise right next to my ear. I struggled to move my head to the left, like breaking free from a strangle hold.

I could barely see the outline of a head, a big long head next to my own face. As the spasm-like feeling started to wear off, a tiny bit at a time, I could work out that this thing on top of me looked like a lizard/newt thing. It was like a blending together of all that was around it, or maybe invisible. I'm not very sure which, but I could see it clearly as the seconds passed on.

It was reptilian. I growled at it, or I think I did. My mind and my body gave all it could to do so. I bared my teeth at it and I could feel it could read my mind. I was swearing at it and shouting all sorts of obscenities at it. I felt violated and used.

The next thing, it was quickly off of me and was standing to one side of the bottom of my bunk bed. A light came through the thin gap in the curtains. There were different shades of a golden light which also had very small particles inside it, like dust or small stars which moved around like little bright lights.

This reptilian creature was about 6 feet tall. I could sense it was either proud or happy with itself, maybe both. I tried to sit up as best I could and through my mind I swore at it again.

The creature walked forward and stepped into the light beam. As it did, the feet and legs vanished into the light. The more the creature moved forward towards the window, the more of it vanished.

After it was gone I felt relaxed, but I could still feel where I was held around my throat. I felt I was raped by this horrendous monster.

I awoke to a bright sunny day. I could hear my mother downstairs, washing up and doing housework. I laid in my bed and didn't move a muscle. I ran the incident through my mind again and, yes, I could still feel where I was held around my throat.

I know this happened. My mind, heart and soul knows that this happened. For the life of me, I could not run downstairs to explain to my mother about this. Who would have believed it? How would my parents have handled such a thing? I did not know what to do?

Since that night, my stepfather passed away. I asked my mother if she believed in aliens or ufo's. She replied that my stepfather said once that he saw a ufo near Brighton while at sea in the 1960's and he swore that it was a ufo, but only told my mother this.

I never told my mother about my experience, as I thought it would be to harrowing for her to hear.

What do I do about my experience? I would love to do something about it. It may help somebody, as I am being very honest. Things like this should be disclosed. An answer has to be found on why this is happening. - RR


Missouri Caver Encounters Underground Reptilian Humanoid

I received this intriguing typed letter in October 2011 from Jerry (not the witness' real name) who now lives on the US west coast. No contact information was given. A bit of personal information was removed in order for me to post and also preserve the witness' anonymity. This post received a huge response from the I thought I'd include it here for the new readers:

Sir - this is the 1st time I am disclosing my experience to the public. My family has been previously informed of the details. At the time, I owned a small business which I had started after I finished a 12 year stint in the military. I was then living near Eldridge, Missouri and was raised in the general area and knew the terrain fairly well. I had spent time at the US Army Engineer School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and some of the training included spelunking. When I left the Army I continued to explore caves as recreation.

In 1993 I helped form a local group of experienced 'cavers'. We would get together on weekends and explore some of the cavern systems throughout Missouri and Arkansas. The experience I am about to describe took place in the Summer of 1995. I was on my own that day, which was not uncommon.

I had decided to check out a cave in Camden County, Missouri which was part of a fairly large system in the area. From what I could tell, this particular cave had not been explored for a long period of time. The entrance was very narrow and well hidden. After squeezing through the opening I descended another 50 feet or so before the cave began to open up into a series of chambers. I moved through several of these chambers taking my time to examine the area for possible artifacts and formations. I finally reached, what I thought, was the end of the cave.

I started to hear a rustling sound that was echoing from a small opening near the top of the chamber. I assumed the sounds were bats and didn't pay much attention to it. But after awhile I heard motorized sounds and talking. I stood and listened for several minutes wondering what was on the other side of this chamber. The opening was about 10 feet above me. I maneuvered my way up to the opening which was flat and narrow but big enough for me to get a decent look into it.

As I positioned myself to the front of the opening I started to see light at the other end. The passageway was only a few feet long but it was just too narrow for me to move through. As I looked through the opening there was a very warm draft of air hitting my face. As well, the air had a very acrid vinegar-like odor. There was a very large and well lit 'room' with limestone walls. I noticed a small vehicle that looked like a golf cart but was very low to the ground and without wheels. I continued to observe until I started to hear voices that were getting louder and nearer. Something was making its way towards the vehicle. I had to rub my eyes because I didn't believe what I was looking at.

This 'creature', because it was not a man, stood about 7 foot and had brown scaly skin. The face and head were shaped like a human with a flat nose but there were no ears or hair. The top of the head had a slight scaly ray or ridge that extending down the back of the neck. From what I could see it had lips and regular sized eyes. The arms were very long and muscular with human-like hands. It also had a massive 4-5 foot tail that tampered to a point. It was dressed in a gold metallic outfit with long pants and shoes. It also carried an oval pack attached to its back.

I watched as this thing was looking at something on the vehicle. I had a high speed camera which I use to document my cave explorations. I was able to obtain a few distorted images of the being. For some reason while I was taking photos the creature stopped and turned, looking in my direction. I'm not sure if it heard me but it definitely knew of my presence. It then made a terrible 'hissing' sound as it continued to look in my direction. That was enough for me. I quickly started making a beeline out of the cave. When I reached the entrance I was shaking and hyperventilating. I finally reached my vehicle and drove home.

I continue to explore caves in the area. I have heard stories of people encountering strange underground beings but I have never disclosed my experience. A few years after my experience I went back to the cave but was unable to get near it since the area is now government property. I can assume that I witnessed something that I was not supposed to see. It pains me to think what secrets are being kept from us. To those who say that there are no non-humans living among us, well, think again. They are here. I do have the aforementioned evidence of the experience but I do not wish to release this at the present time. Jerry

NOTE: This report is somewhat similar to another incident in Missouri - 'The Underground' Reptilian Encounter - Carthage, Missouri. You may be interested in this post as well - The Reptilian Files...Lon

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Just the Facts?: Atacama Specimen vs. Kyshtym Alien -- Chupacabras Encounters Increase in Puerto Rico -- My Alien Protector

Atacama Specimen vs. Kyshtym Alien

Are these similar? The 'Kyshtym Alien' was lost and never found despite a $200.000 reward.

Atacama Specimen

Kyshtym Alien

Russian geneticists to reveal alien’s DNA mystery

Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions

There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA (Earth Chronicles)

Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us


Chupacabras - The Night Siege in Puerto Rico

Chupacabras activity in Puerto Rico is reaching levels not seen for well over a decade. As occurred in the mid-1990s, a number of different "entities" appear to be at work in the situation -- large avian beings, winged vulpine predators and shadowy indefinite creatures, a situation that replayed itself in Chile during the 2000-2001 mutilation wave. INEXPLICATA thanks José Pérez and his team for providing us this information firsthand -- Scott Corrales

On the morning of 18 April 2013, before leaving for my job, I checked the voice messages on my cellphone and came across a call from Mr. Angel Joel Soto, owner of the mare “Lucero”, victim of an attack by a strange creature in late January – an attack that it miraculously survived.

Upon hearing the message, I noticed that the excitement in Mr. Soto’s voice as he said: “Don José, the creature attacked again last night. The person who saw it caught it attacking a goat. That thing took off running and leaped over a really tall fence, vanishing into the brush. The goat is here with wounds to its neck and other parts of the body. You’ve got to come and take a look at this. That thing got entangled in the concertina wire, cut itself and left hair stuck to the barbs.”

I called him back immediately and he gave me some preliminary information, but told me he was off to investigate it. He phoned about half an hour later, putting Mr. Rafael Flores – known to his friends as “Tigre” – on the phone.

Don Rafael began telling me the incredible tale I will share with you below.

On Saturday, 20 April 2013, the research team formed by José Pérez, Ilbis Domínguez, Luissepi Quiñones, José A. Martínez, Aníbal Martínez and Richard Flrores paid a visit to Mr. Flores’ farm for an interview. This was after interviewing Mr. Fernando Díaz, the person whose car collided with a strange creature back in March. Mr. Flores (“Tigre”) told us the following:

“For some two or three weeks now, my animals have been turning up dead in a mysterious way. First it was the chickens, then ten rabbits, five ducklings and finally two lambs. All of them showed perforations near the neck and on various parts of the body. Whatever was killing them broke their cages.

“On Thursday, 18 April 2013 at around 9:00 p.m., I headed to the farm to make sure everything was ok was the animals. As I approached the stable where I keep my horses, I saw them running around, frightened, as though fleeing from something.

“I grabbed my flashlight and went to the pen, opened the door and immediately noticed that the wooden cage in which I kept my last remaining goat was opened. I suddenly heard a sound and when I pointed the flashlight to see what it was, I saw the goat stirring on the ground. I called to my wife: “The goat’s injured!” I got closer and that’s when I saw a dark figure near my goat, which was motionless on the ground. All I could make out was a crouched figure, black with shiny black eyes (possible flashlight reflection).

“When that thing saw me, it took off running toward the fence in the back of the pen. The fence is approximately nine feet tall, and has a concertina type razor wire on top of it. That thing ran quickly. Just as it faced the fence, it got ready to leap with its hind legs, taking an incredible flying leap to reach the other side. As it did so, it was momentarily entangled in the concertina wire, cutting its skin and leaving hair on the wire.

“Once it reached the other side, it ran to the left of the fence, plunged into the brush and vanished. To tell you the truth, I don’t know who was more frightened – that thing or I. That night I quit being “Tigre” for a while (humorous remark). That was definitely not a dog. I didn’t see any wings on it or anything.
“The little goat was my son’s pet. He even called her “Li” after his grandmother, whose name is Lili.”

When our research team visited the site the following Saturday, we could examine the goat’s carcass. The night on which the events occurred, all it had was a laceration on its neck and some perforations near its genitals, but when we examined it, the animal’s head was twisted and it seemed as though its neck area had been enlarged further, and its mouth was open. We had the impression that the creature had returned during the night to finish the job.

We examined the entire area but didn’t find any prints. We did, however, take samples of the blood and hair of the animal that was left on the concertina wire. These samples of genetic material have been submitted to a laboratory for analysis. We will keep you apprised of the results.

The most curious item of information was that when the creature leaped, it did not take a running leap. It simply stopped in front of the fence and took a nine-foot jump on its hind legs. We are not aware of any animal known to man that is able to do such a thing.

Mr. Flores told us the thing had no wings, and when it ran, it did so on four legs, although sometimes standing on two legs. He was unable to make out facial features. At no time did the creature fly away, which makes us wonder that we are perhaps dealing with a different creature from the one seen by Mr. Fernando Díaz, which had bat-like wings.

This is impressive, as it would seem there are several types of creatures on the loose in the sector. What is going on? This is a mystery, but we shall continue to work until we gain a clearer picture of the matter, or until the truth finally becomes known.

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to José Pérez, PRMUFON)


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Infamous Last Words

Robert Charles Towery (2012): 'I love my family. Potato, potato, potato.'
Towery was executed in Arizona after strangling his robbery victim Mark Jones in his Phoenix home in 1991.

Mark Stroman (2011): ‘Let’s do this damn thing’
Stroman was executed in Texas after he went on a shooting spree following the 9/11 attacks, killing three people he thought were Muslims.

Thomas J. Grasso (1995): ‘I did not get my Spaghetti-O’s, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this’
Grasso was executed in Oklahoma for a double murder. His last meal included a can of Franco-American Spaghetti-O’s.

John Wayne Gacy (1994): ‘Kiss my ass! You’ll never find the rest’
The ‘Killer Clown’ was convicted of the rapes and murders of 33 men between 1972 and 1978.

George Appel (1928): ‘Well, gentlemen… you are about to see a baked Appel'
Moments before his execution, he also said, ‘Damn, no power outage.’ He was executed via electric chair for robbery and the murder of a NYC police officer.

Edward H. Rulloff (1870): ‘I’d like to be in hell in time for dinner’
Known as the ‘Man of Two Lives’ for his paradoxical lives of respected educator and swindler, he was hanged for the murder of his wife and daughter.


My Alien Protector

Madison, Wisconsin - unedited: It was 1994 or 1995 I am not too clear on the date because I was 4 or 5 years old at the time. I know it was late summer because it had to have been to be warm enough in Wisconsin to swim in a pool. Mom, Dad and my two brothers, one was my twin and the other was a year younger and has autism. We went up there to Madison to visit my uncles and other relatives. It was a long drive since we live in Arkansas. We drove up there. Anyway, after a long day, I guess I ended up falling asleep so I was put in this papasan chair with a blanket in a guest room. My mother tells me we all slept in the same room, I didnt hear any other noise from anyone in the house, but people must have been awake because no one else was in the room with me. It was like I was shielded from everyone else in that room or something. As I woke up, I seemed to be situated about 5 feet in front of the window in the chair. I am not sure but it seemed very quiet and dark. I remember feeling scared at first as I woke up, and when I looked at the window, because I saw light coming from it. There, right at the window, was an entity with its hands on the window sill, staring directly at me. As soon as I looked at its face, I immediately felt calm, unafraid, and actually curious. It, too, looked interested in me. You know how when you have the flash on a camera and you take a picture too close? How the light from the flash is so bright you cant really see the detail of someone or something? Thats what the light on its body looked like. A white light. But also, around its body, was this golden aura. Almost metallic looking. It seemed to tilt its head sideways slightly. I remember its eyes were small, black, but it seemed to have a reassuring look. I felt like everything was going to be okay. It was like it was comforting me somehow. And then, after that, I must have lost consciousness. It was an odd atmosphere in the room for sure. I cannot explain it. I know there are gray aliens, reptilians, and other aliens but I have never heard of this particular type. I have researched everywhere and have come up with nothing. From what I could tell though, it seemed to observe children as if it was guarding me or protecting me from something. Thats how I perceive it. - MUFON CMS

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Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity

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Morbach Werewolf: The Actual Events

In May 2011 I posted The Morbach Werewolf, which included the early history of the beast and a few of the modern anecdotes and statements. I recently received a narrative from a retired USAF Staff Sergeant who was stationed in the area. This narrative includes the actual events in 1988. I investigated and received confirmation on the locales and unit placements communicated to me in the statement and in a subsequent email. What follows is the true story of the Morbach Werewolf:

In 1988 I was the assigned Security Supervisor for the Wenigerath Munitions Storage Area. Although it was just on the other side of the Village of Wenigerath we called it Morbach. We were assigned to Hahn Air Base and not Morbach. Morbach isn't even a base, it is a town just down the road on the B327. As we drove through Wenigerath, I was driving the bus, some of the guys noticed that the candle in the shrine was not lit and there was a full moon. We all knew of the local legend. We sort of just laughed about it.

When we first came on duty my patrols would do a sweep of their assigned sectors. As I was in the Security Trailer with the security controller (radio dispatch) reading the previous shifts logs, one of my foot patrols found 3 dead deer within one of the wooded areas and radioed us. When I arrived on scene I noticed that their throats were damaged and 2 had their entrails and hind quarters eaten along with what appeared to be their internal organs (liver, heart). We did have wild boar in and out of the area and these were a small barking deer species. We placed a call to the local Forest Meister so he could remove the deer carcasses.

I went back to the Security Control Trailer to phone the base on the incident. After that I radioed all patrols for an area briefing at Control. As the patrols rolled in we heard a low level but loud growl/howl coming from the direction of our only alarmed structures to the west of our location. I radioed the foot patrol assigned to that area since they were still enroute. As I did, they came running out of the darkness yelling "Did you guys hear that?!" About that time it howled again. Low, deep, long and loud. It sounded like it was within our fence line. I called the entry control point to see if they had permitted any K-9 patrols in the area. They said no and also reported the howling. One of the guys said "What if it's the Werewolf?" We all kind of giggled but then it howled again. This time from the center of the site but this howl was unreal. It vibrated you inside. Hard to describe.

The Shrine

I called the base and updated them that we had a breach of some kind of animal. Sounded like a large dog or possibly a wild animal. They stated that the Forest Meister had been called and was on his way. I asked the patrols if they wanted me to turn on the area lighting. They said no. The area lighting usually made matters worse since they casts too many shadows and ruined your night vision. As it was with the full moon we could see pretty good. I issued Night Vision Scopes to two of the patrol leaders. They mounted on our M-16's. I informed them that they did not have permission to "Lock and Load". Since it was peacetime (Cold War) we carried our weapons with a loaded magazine, weapon on safe and no round in the chamber. When it was about to get noisy, lock and load meant to charge your weapon (jack a round in the chamber) and get ready to 'Rock and Roll Baby!'

I took one of the foot patrols with me (strength in numbers) and headed to the perimeter in case it tried to circle my guys. I went by the fallen deer to show the patrol. When we got there I noticed that the third deer had also been snacked on. I immediately called all the patrols. It had come back and fed on the third deer. About that time one of the mounted patrols (vehicle), had made contact and was pursuing a large dark K-9. We ran in a circular route as to try to out flank whatever it was they were chasing. The Entry gate radioed me saying that our K-9 patrol had arrived. I had them dispatch to the western fence line since that's where we were all going. The pursuing patrol radioed that it was turning towards the Command Trailer. Here's a funny part. Alpha Control radioed that he was locking down and wasn't opening the door 'til daylight.

I took the foot patrol and headed to the fence line since we had 2 patrols going to Control. The K-9 patrol was already there and I dispatched him to the alarmed structures to stand by. I did this since they were between Control and the perimeter fence. When we got to the fence I put one of the guys near the fence line and I with the patrol leader headed to a small hill to over-watch his position. I asked for status reports because I could hear a lot of yelling. They said it was coming toward us. I radioed Control to turn on our sectors lighting. Our area was mostly open with trees on the right side. We switched off our scopes and in that instant that we reached to turn off the units our guy on the fence started screaming. We turned in time to see a huge dark mass clear our 9 foot fence! It quickly faded from our perimeter lighting into the darkness. I asked for the area lighting to be turned off. I walked further up to the hill and switched on my night scope. I looked in the direction it had run. Since the magnification was weak I really didn't expect to see anything then I saw it. It was leaned up against a tree looking at us on it's hind legs breathing heavily. I yelled 2 o'clock 200 meters! Then it turned and faded into the trees. Only one other patrol leader saw it.

It was now 2:30 am. The Forest Meister arrived at the entry gate. I had to sign him in. I asked the K-9 unit to foot patrol the fence but the dog had retreated to his kennel and would not come out. I put all units back on active patrol and to remain extra vigilant. As I escorted the Forest Meister to the dead deer I explained what had happened. He listened carefully and seemed to be absorbing it all in. He took pictures of the deer for records then bagged the bodies. He said that it didn't appear to be the work of wild boar. It had all the markings of a wolf attack. He said wolves usually didn't kill their prey, they usually died from shock and blood loss. They would knock it down and start eating the hind quarters with the animal still alive. This one killed them then ate them as evidenced by the neck injuries. I asked if they could jump 9 foot fence. He said this one could and laughed.

The guys were jazzed to say the least. We had a group meeting around 4:00am. I said that I needed written reports by the shifts end at 6:30 so to take turns patrolling. Alpha 2 (Command Trailer) opened his door even though it was still dark out. I remember sitting there sipping some coffee saying "Are they going to believe this?" He said we were all going to "piss in the bottle". That meant a Urine Analysis to see if we were on drugs. We laughed about it.

When we got back to the Armory I was pulled aside by my Flight Chief and Shift Commander. I briefed them on what had happened. My Flight Chief asked me to take home the statements and proof read them first then to turn them in before Guardmount.

When I arrived I noticed that the roster had been amended. We were all going back to Morbach. It was very rare to have the same patrol twice let alone the entire area. On the bus ride out there we were pretty much quiet. I stopped the bus at the alter to make sure the candle were lit and the old guy awake. Thumbs up! The Flight Chief showed up around mid-night and we had a pow wow. He said we had two choices. We could turn in the statements but omit the "werewolf" references or shred the statements and have me write in the log book that a wild animal had killed some deer in the wooded area behind the ammo building and that the Forest Meister had been dispatched...end of story. As we all looked at each other. He stated that our PRP would be called into question. PRP is a program that enables us to work around Nuclear Resources. To lose your PRP cast a dark cloud over you plus you got crap details while you were being re-evaluated. Took up to 45 days. So we opted for the later.

Some of us choose not to talk about it, but obviously some did. It really happened. It wasn't some story to scare the jeeps. Jeeps are FNG's, rookies, etc. Was it a Werewolf? Was it an endangered European Wolf? Was it a coincidence that the candle was out that night of a full moon? You decide. As for me...I'll say this. The above statement is true to the best of my knowledge. D

The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings

A Lycanthropy Reader: Werewolves in Western Culture

Timothy Green Beckley's Big Book of Werewolves: In Reality! In Folklore! In Cinema! And In Lust!

Werewolves: A Field Guide to Shapeshifters, Lycanthropes, and Man-Beasts

Just the Facts?: Sirius Genetic Report -- Mischievous Shadows -- French Family 'hit by flying chairs'

The Sirius Genetic Report

Click - Sirius disclosure PDF

Professor Nolan concludes that Ata is a human with unknown genetic defects and mutations, although the markers for dwarfism are not present. He also adds that this is only a preliminary report and he intends to publish his findings in a peer reviewed journal later on. Anyway...I'm not sure what evidence Steven Greer has that this is an alien, unless he thinks that it was a hybrid of some type.


Meteorite falls through Connecticut house

A Yale expert confirmed Tuesday that an object that crashed through a house in Wolcott Friday night was a meteorite.

Larry Beck, of Williams Court in Wolcott, called police at 10:20 a.m. on Saturday and said a rock crashed through the roof of his house on Friday night and damaged the roof and copper piping, and cracked the ceiling in his kitchen.

"All the sheet rock had broken apart and it was on the floor," Beck said.

That was around the time that people from several towns along the shoreline called police and reported a loud boom that rattled windows.

Beck told police that he’d heard a loud crash and thought that a joist or rafter had broken.

When he checked the attic on Saturday morning, he found a hole in his roof, damage to the pipes and rock broke in half in the attic, police said.

"As I'm crawling across, I say 'honey, I can see some daylight coming through the roof," Beck said.

At first, police thought the rock was a broken piece of airport runway concrete that had dropped from a plane when landing gear was being lowered, because Beck said that there is a lot of overhead airline traffic at all and Bradley Airport and Oxford Airports are nearby, police said.

Officials contacted the New England Regional Office of the Federal Aviation Administration and arrangements were made to have someone from the FAA view the rock.

Beck also contacted a local meteorolgist about the rock that crashed through his roof. John Bagioni, who owns Fax-Alert Weather Service, LLC in Burlington, immediately thought the rock might be a meteorite. The description of the rock, coupled with reports of a loud boom across the state around the time the rock struck the home, lead Bagioni to his conclusion.

Bagioni contacted NBC Connecticut meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan Monday afternoon about the discovery in Wolcott.

On Monday, NBC Connecticut contacted police about the possibility of it being a meteorite and police said they were made aware that a meteor shower had taken place on Friday night.

Bagioni said he was called in to help check out the specimen and his opinion is that this appears to be a Chondrite meteorite.

After examining the object on Tuesday, Stefan Nicolescu, the collections manager for the Mineralogy Division at the Yale Peabody Museum confirmed it was in fact a meteorite.

We are toward the end of the Lyrids meteor shower, which happens every year between April 16 and April 26, when Earth crosses the orbit of comet Thatcher, according to Nicolescu.

The first recorded meteroite in the New World fell in Weston, Connecticut in 1807, according to the Peabocy Museum Web site.

There were reports of loud explosions from more than 40 miles away and fragments of stone fell in at least six places.

Hundreds of meteorites fall to earth each year, but only five to 10 were immediately recovered, according to the Peabody's Web site on Meteorites and Planetary Science.

Two meteorites also fell in Wethersfield, hitting two houses a mile and a half apart over an 11-year span. - NBC Connecticut


Mischievous Shadows

I received the following story from a reader:

I have had so many strange experiences and for the most part don't talk about them to my family since they would probably think I was nuts; but I know I'm not crazy. One comfort is that when I read and learn that other people have had the same kind of experience, it lets me know there is something to all these weird things. The one thing I was reading about tonight was shadow people. The first place I ever experienced them was when we lived in Maryland, in military housing. From what I could tell they would be about four feet tall, and slender in size. All that you can see of them is black, from head to foot and even the face would be covered in black. They would be fleeting shadows peering around corners and they moved quickly. I could never associate any kind of sound to them but I think they are simply mischievous and enjoy peeking around corners and liked getting your attention by sneaking around.

I read somewhere else about an experience that I also had in that same apartment. I would lie down after my husband and daughter left for work and school. But it would be difficult to sleep. In the apt. next door (the only other people in the building at the time were the people downstairs and they both worked.) I would hear what sounded like someone walking in heavy boots stomping around on the floor. At other times it sounded like high heels tapping on a wooden had that hollow sound that amplified the sound. When I would wake up and listen intently the sound would stop. If I tried to fall asleep I would be awakened by the loud clomping or the high heels tapping on the floor. It was all a bit unnerving. Whenever I would be sitting at my desk my dog would be looking at something high on the wall and just stare at it. I never felt alone there that's for sure.


Haunted: The Incredible True Story of a Canadian Family's Experience Living in a Haunted House

Haunted Family Vacations


Family 'hit by flying chairs' in haunted house

Housing authorities in northern France have agreed to move a family from their home, which they claim is haunted. They’ve witnessed oranges floating across the room, violent attacks by soap trays and earlier this month a member of the family was hospitalised after being hit by a flying chair at the house in the village of Mentque-Nortbécourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

The family say that the strange happenings have been going on since last July. To prove they were not going mad they brought in others from the village, including the mayor, to witness the events. “It’s becoming dangerous,” the mother said. “My friend had to go to hospital this week after getting hit in the head by stones. It’s serious.”

Paramedics were called earlier this month after one member of the family said he was hit by a flying chair in his face and a soap tray on the back. The local diocese has sent in an exorcist to try to banish any troublemaking evil spirits that may reside in the home.

The ghostly goings-on became so bad that the family pleaded with authorities to move them to a new home. The family were initially given temporary lodging on a campsite, but currently have no fixed accommodation. The local council in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region have told the father they are taking care of their case. - The Local

Poltergeist: A Classic Study in Destructive Hauntings

POLTERGEISTS: A History of Violent Ghost Phenomena

Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena, from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory


The Cardiff Giant

The Cardiff Giant was one of the most famous hoaxes in United States history. It was a 10-foot (3.0 m) tall purported "petrified man" uncovered on October 16, 1869, by workers digging a well behind the barn of William C. "Stub" Newell in Cardiff, New York. Both it and an unauthorized copy made by P.T. Barnum are still on display.

Ricky D. will never top this matter how much attention he wants.

A Colossal Hoax: The Giant from Cardiff that Fooled America

The Mystery of the Cardiff Giant (Cover-to-Cover Informational Books)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Forgotten Humanoid & Other Encounters of the 'Roaring 20’s' - Part 3

The following article was forwarded by long-time humanoid researcher and colleague Albert S. Rosales. The full narrative will be presented in three parts. Enjoy!

During those turbulent times in between the two World Wars, right before the Wall Street Crash and the beginning of the Depression, there were little known and mostly hidden encounters with ‘strangers’ among us.

For various reasons, probably because of witness reluctance and faltering memories, many of the encounters reported from 1920 through 1929 were mainly ignored and poorly documented. But there is a core of incidents that appear to mirror what was going to occur in the not too distant future. I will attempt to cover some of the least known incidents reported during the time, not only ‘humanoid’ encounters but other high-strangeness events:

In a 1984 article in ‘Fate’ magazine, authors Rob McGregor and Trish Janeshutz recount an extremely bizarre and improbable tale occurring sometime in the year 1926 near the location of Ancud, southern Chile, without going into any speculations I will present the following narrative from the article:

The 18-year old brother of Marcelino Zaldivia was sleeping one night on the porch when he disappeared and was not found until Easter week of 1976 when Marcelino, feeling nostalgic about his lost brother visited their old home on the banks of the Rio Pudeto. There seated in the living room and dressed as he’d been half a century earlier, was his brother, now old and evidently demented. When Marcelino asked where he’d been all those years, the man replied only that he’d been on a ‘boat’ and implored him not to ask anything more. When a woman named Elena Vera Guerrero asked him about it, he shook his head and said, “They hear everything.”

This area of southern Chile has been the scene of numerous other bizarre and similar tales. Whatever happened to the unfortunate 18-year old perhaps will never be known, I do wonder who he meant when he said, “They hear everything.”

Seasoned Polish researchers Bronislaw Rzepecki and Marcin Mioduszewski provided me with an interesting case from the area of Ujazd, Poland said to have occurred one afternoon in September of 1926. The case both involved a disc and related entities:

The witness (Zofia) was alone in a meadow grazing three cows when she suddenly turned around and saw three gray discs (about 2 meters in diameter) hovering just above the ground and three strange entities standing in front of them. There was total silence. All three objects had something resembling opened doors. The humanoids were less than 120-130 cm tall, maybe about 80 cm, and wore dark green suits and something like belts or ropes around their waists. She was unable to see any hair or facial features as the humanoids stood about 100 meters away staring at her. Very scared she began running away. She briefly turned around and everything was gone.

From French researchers Joel Mesnard & Michel Morel Seythoux we get a brief summary mentioned in the UFO magazine FSR Vol. 37 # 1 of a case which would have been labeled as a CE3 type ‘A’ (occupants seen within UFO) using modern UFO research classifications:

Location. La Combe De Morbier, Jura, France
Date: Winter 1926 Time: evening
A woodcutter reported seeing a large brightly lit sphere hovering at treetop level, several figures, human-like in appearance could be seen inside the object. These apparently ignored the witness.

Quoting Italian UFO researcher Paolo Fiorino in UFO Universe another CE3 type ‘A’ incident was reported sometime in 1927, one morning, in Corbola, Rovigo, Italy:

One morning while a 12-year old girl was going to fetch drinking water at the River Po she saw a shiny and round object come from the sky, it later crashed in the water seven meters away from her. After a couple of minutes, the witness noticed a big bubble in the water and later the object resurfaced and flew away disappearing in the sky. The girl had the chance to observe the interior of the object and saw a little man who seemed to be seated because he was only visible from the neck and above. The facial features were human looking and he was not wearing a helmet. The object, which emitted a hissing noise, had a diameter of 2-3 meters.

Researcher and author Jacques Vallee illustrates another similar case in his book CONFRONTATIONS: A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact the following is a summary of this very interesting case:

Location. Near Yakima Washington
Date: late April 1928 Time: 1600
Harry Dillon was driving along an unpaved country road when as he reached the top of a slight rise he saw an object slowly coming into the view. The object was described as resembling a metallic hexagon with a dome on top, olive drab in color. The witness could see rivets along a vertical section and a two by three foot window set in a metallic frame. In the window he could see the upper torso of a man dressed in a dark blue uniform. The man had a dark complexion and was totally human-like. He looked intently in the direction of the witness’s car, and then the object rotated, flew across the road, and shot away at terrific speed.

Depiction of entities seen at Bolton

Long time English researcher Norman Oliver shared with us in Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 11 # 4 a humanoid sans UFO encounter said to have occurred on November of 1928 one late evening in Bolton, Lancashire, England:

A young boy, Henry Thomson, playing with a gang of friends was running through a dark alley when he saw in the backyard of a house three strange figures peering into a lighted living room. The central figure was tallest; it turned and looked at the witness. He mumbled at the other two and they all turned. A wide black eyepiece divided down the center by a ribbed silver piece covered the face of the tall entity. All three appeared to be wearing inflatable rubber suits with dark boots. On their heads were transparent dome-like helmets. Tubes came from these and joined tanks that were on their backs. They had pale heads shaped like light bulbs, slit-like eyes, scarcely any nose, and no visible mouth. One made a strange noise, and all three began to move toward the boy. He ran away from the area in terror.

One of the strangest incidents of this roaring decade was said to have taken place one morning sometime in 1929 in Hertford, England. The incident is summarized by researchers and authors Janet and Colin Bord in Modern Mysteries of Britain: One Hundred Years of Strange Events It definitely involves a humanoid and an ‘unorthodox’ conveyance to say the least:

A sister, 5, and brother, 8, were playing in the garden one morning, at that date the road was a lane, with just two pairs of houses, one of which was theirs, and behind the houses there was an orchard. As they played, they heard the sound of an engine---years later the sister would likened it to a quiet version of a trainer plane. Her brother and her looked up and saw, coming over the garden fence from the orchard, this small aeroplane (of biplane type) which swooped down and landed briefly, almost striking a dustbin. It remained there for possibly just a few seconds and then took off and was gone, but in that short the girl had a perfect view of the tiny biplane but also of a perfectly proportioned tiny pilot wearing a leather flying helmet, who waved to them as he took off. Neither she nor her brother spoke of the strange sight until years later. She estimated the wing-span of the tiny aircraft at no more than 12-15 inches, with the tiny pilot in perfect proportion thereto.

Larger version of a 'real' trainer biplane

A more ‘mundane’ incident (if there is such a word in the world of humanoid encounters) was given to me by veteran Brazilian researcher Antonio Faleiro from Passa Tempo Minas Gerais. It consists of brief but very interesting details of an incident said to have occurred in 1929 (no specific month) in the town of Paraguaco, Minas Gerais Brazil:

One night a large shiny white metallic craft with several window-like apertures was seen on the ground. Two giant humanoid figures about 2.50 meters in height stood next to the object. These wore silvery outfits and brown boots and gloves. No other information.

In his excellent book When Saucers came to Earth: The Story of the Italian UFO Landings in the Golden Era of the Flying Saucers Italian researcher and author Maurizio Verga gives us the following very ‘high strangeness’ report:

Location. Roccagloriosa, Salerno, Italy
Date: summer 1929 Time: 1400
A girl was working in a field when she looked up and saw a stationary ball of white light in the sky. This then descended vertically, stopping just a few centimeters above the ground, while descending the ball greatly dimmed creating a sort of “opening” in the center of the sphere. After 5 or 10 seconds, a female figure emerged from the opening wearing sumptuous black garments, “like those from the 19th century”. Inside of the ball, 2 or 3 small beings moved slowly and peered outward. The female figure walked toward the witness, without her feet touching the ground. Thereafter, she turned left and was lost in some trees. The girl was frightened and made the sign of the cross. She then ran to call her father. When he arrived at the landing site, he smelled the fragrance of roses.

There seems to be a combination of unusual factors in this case. The female entity could have been interpreted as a type of ‘Marian’ vision, the small beings unfortunately are not described, but in modern terms they could represent ‘aliens’. The fragrance of roses at the site is also interesting, which tips the balance to the Marian vision hypothesis. Whatever took place was definitely out of the ordinary.

According to French Canadian UFO researcher Henri Bourdeleau on or about June 15 1929 at Fermeneuve, Quebec, Canada what appears to have been a close encounter of the third kind took place:

Louis Brosseau, riding home to Fermeneuve, saw on a hillside a sort of black “cloud” with a yellowish light coming from within. Approaching on foot to within 150 ft, he saw it to be a dark object on the ground; he could indistinctly see, in the darkness, 4 or 5 small “yellowish” colored men running around in a 20-foot radius. The dark object rose & passed over him at about 50 mph, “purring like a milk separator,” with a rush of air; coming from it he heard 2 voices as if in argument. The object was about 50 ft in diameter, with windows “lit like the moon,” and with black protuberances 3 ft apart all around the circumference.

Quoting an entry on the NUFORC site (National UFO reporting center) we learn of an alleged incident said to have taken place one afternoon on July 5 1929 near Burns, Oregon:

The witnesses were traveling east of town climbing up through a cut in the rim rocks when an object, very slowly flew over the top of the car, about 50 ft above the rim rock. The object stopped and through a transparent window the witnesses could see two completely human-like figures that appeared to be pointing down at them using their arms and hands. One of the witnesses stepped out of the car but his mother demanded that he get back in. He stood on the running board observing the craft, which was two tones of brown. The craft, which had windows in the middle section, hovered for about 40 seconds emitting a soft hum. One of the figures then moved to another window and the craft suddenly accelerated and was gone in a blink of an eye.

Russian researcher and author Aleksey K. Priyma in his book “UFOs: Witnesses to the Unknown” (later quoted in Soviet Ufo Files: Paranormal Encounters Behind The Iron Curtain) mentions another close encounter case that allegedly took place in the Pestovskiy area in the Novgorod region Russia, one day in August of 1929. It again involved an object with occupants seen inside through a clear or glass-like dome:

17-year old Anna Petrovna Poletayeva was walking on a road on her way to visit her parents. The road passed next to Gusevskoye Lake and as she glanced at the lake she noticed a flying craft hovering above the lake. The object was round, small, without wings. Its lower part was yellow-reddish in color, resembling copper. The upper part was a glassy cupola. The glass from the cupola was joined to the lower part by large “copper” bolts. The UFO hovered about 15 meters above the water. Anna could see two small sized “people” inside the glassy cupola---one male the other female. They were dressed in gray tight-fitting suits. Both were smiling, looking at the witness. Their faces were very much like ordinary humans. Feeling initial fear she panicked and ran from the area stumbled and injured her elbow. She looked back and the object was still hovering in the same place.

I will finish my case summaries with an incident reported by Greek researchers C. Trantafyllou and Homer Carajas of an incident said to have taken place one midnight during August of 1929 in the village of Krini in Chalkidiki Greece:

Theocharis Moustakas was carrying flour in his cart, returning home after the grinding of wheat at Krini mill. Suddenly he saw an object like a “parachute” (semi spherical) landed on a nearby field and three “little people” speaking a very curious language between them. They were dressed in white clothing with white hoods and their skin was also white. Near them was a fence and the small men repeatedly jumped over it with ease. The witness was terrified and went to the village running. Some of the villagers told him that he had seen “devils” while others laughed at him.

Of course there were many other encounters and strange encounters during the roaring 20’s, I could not have possibly include them all, I hope I was able to chose the most interesting and perplexing cases. The fact is that whoever or whatever this entities are, they have been with us for decades before the so-called modern era of encounters in June 24, 1947. Many of these ‘ancient’ or like some like to say, ‘pre-Arnold’ cases are mirror images of modern cases and were mere glimpses of things to come. Please feel free to contact me at for additional information or questions.

Sincerely, Albert S. Rosales, April 20, 2013

Thanks to Albert for sharing another fantastic narrative!

The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us

Flying Saucers 101: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About UFOs and Alien Beings

Alien Dawn: A Classic Investigation into the Contact Experience

Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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