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A Case Of Time Travel?

A few weeks ago, I received an interesting inquiry referencing an incident that occurred in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland in June 1992. The information was forwarded by a now-retired attorney who continues to live in the area. At the time of the incident, he (who I will refer to as MB) had a private practice with several offices in the Baltimore / Washington DC metro area. He also provided pro bono legal services for the State of Maryland, particularly representing clients with mental disabilities. Since receiving the first email, I had 2 more conversations with MB...which were recorded with his permission. I am going to write his allegory as it was given to me...the resulting statement was approved by MB. Many of the specific and personal details will not be included for MB's confidentiality and privacy:

Statement - MB - Baltimore, MD - 4/5/2013

* In June 1992, I was assigned a pro bono case / client who was being housed, by court order, in one of the State Hospitals located in the metro Baltimore area.

* I interviewed the client at the State Hospital facility. I informed him that he was facing a weapon possession charge (a vintage Marlin Derringer handgun and ammunition were found in his pants pocket) and other local vagrancy violations.

* The client told me that he went by the name Morris Winthrop. He stated that he was from New Jersey and lived most of his life in New York City. The file showed that there was no record of him residing in the State of Maryland.

* When arrested, Morris wore a high collar white shirt and a brown frock coat and pants. I examined the clothes...later I would discover that these were very similar to Victorian era men's clothing from the 1870-1880s. He also possessed a silver metal case...similar to a cigarette case. Inside the case was a square piece of black colored material that resembled hard plastic. He was allowed to retain this object while at the facility.

* Morris looked to be in his early 30s, though there was no hair or stubble on his face...just thin eyebrows. He had wispy blond hair and a very pale complexion. The eyes were very deep blue...almost violet in color.

* During the interview, he would look directly at me and smile. He answered few questions other than his name, that he was living in New York City and that he didn't know how he arrived in Baltimore.

* The physician at the hospital stated that he may be suffering from shock and that there may be some memory loss. I didn't get that impression while in Morris' presence. It seemed to me that he knew exactly what was transpiring. To this day, I still do not know why I felt that way.

* At the end of the interview, I told him that he was being held at the facility under court order and that I would seek a hearing date. Morris' reply to me was 'thank you for your service. I will contact you...I promise.'

* The next day I was contacted by the Baltimore County State Attorney's office and informed that my services were no longer needed in this case. No further information was provided.

* I contacted the physician who was treating Morris. He stated that Morris was no longer at the facility. I asked where he was taken and told that I would need to contact the State Attorney's office.

* For almost 2 years, no official information was available in regards to Morris.

* In 1994 I was approached by an attendant who had worked at the State Hospital during Morris' brief stay. I was told that Morris had suddenly disappeared from the ward after his late meal. There was a thorough search conducted without results. Morris' clothes were retained by the State Attorney's office. All other items, including the silver metal case, were missing. I have never found out where the weapon was stored...though I assume it is at State Police headquarters.

* At that time, I conducted a private search for Morris Winthrop. I hired a private investigator who found very little information other than that a single 32-year-old man named Morris Winthrop had resided in New York City in 1877...until he went missing without a trace. All his property (in Manhattan) had been left behind. The police found no evidence of foul play.

* After 19 years, I never found another reference to Morris Winthrop. This has become a bit of an obsession for me. I have hired other private investigators over the years but nothing has been found. If Morris was a 'time traveler', I wonder if he'll contact me as promised? MB

NOTE: Like I stated before, this is the final statement approved by MB. Could this be a case of 'time travel?' I would have preferred more information but MB is quite wary of how others would interpret his quest into Morris' identity and deposition. He asked me not to conduct a private inquiry. It seems his long-term investigation has ruffled the feathers of a few local and state officials over the years. Lon

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The Cahill Alien Encounter

I've been looking over a few of the classic UFO encounter / abduction cases for updated information. This particular incident, for the most part, is one of the more descriptive alien abduction scenarios. As far as how much of it is believable...well, I'll leave that up to you. I have provided a few interesting links as well:

In August 1993, 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children were driving home after a visit to a friend's house.

Their routine journey would soon become a harrowing trip into an unknown world of strange beings that occupied space but were void of color as we know it. The Dandenong foothills, near Belgrave, Victoria, Australia would have its location forever linked to one of the most unusual sightings of a strange creature in Ufology archives.

Journey Home:

After midnight, the Cahills were on their journey home when they first noticed the lights of a rounded craft with windows around it.

It silently hovered above the road. Different colored lights were clearly visible on the bottom of the object. The UFO was so close to the ground that Kelly thought she could see people through the window openings.

As she began screaming to her husband what she was seeing, the craft zoomed off to their left, disappearing as quickly as it had made itself known.

Blinding Light:

Continuing their drive home with a renewed interest in the sky, they suddenly came upon a light so bright they were practically blinded.

Shading her eyes from the intense light with her hands over her eyes, Kelly begged of her husband, "What are you going to do?" Her husband, now frightened to death by the glowing presence before them, replied, "I am going to keep on driving." Within what seemed only a second or two, Kelly was now very relaxed, suddenly calmed by the absence of the UFO.

Click for video - Kelly Cahill Incident

Missing Time:

The first words out of Kelly's mouth were, "What happened, did I blackout?" Her husband said nothing, as he had no answer to give his wife. He cautiously drove his family home.

Upon their safe arrival Kelly could smell a foul odor, like vomit, and she suddenly felt as though something was missing from their drive home. Something was missing... an hour or so of time had vanished from her and her family's life.

That night as Kelly undressed for bed, she noticed a strange triangular mark on her navel-a mark she had never seen before.

It must have been created early this every night. But how? And why? And most importantly, by whom? Kelly suffered from general malaise for the next two weeks, and was taken to the hospital on two occasions, one for severe stomach pain, and another for a uterine infection.

Walking Toward a Giant Craft:

Kelly would recall the object they had seen in a slightly different place than she first remembered. It was hovering in a gully, and the UFO was big. She estimated it at 150 feet in diameter.

She could also recall that when the object was first spotted, her husband had stopped the car, and both her and her husband had gotten out of the vehicle, and walked in the direction of the massive craft.

Not Having a Soul:

To their surprise, they noticed another car stopped on the side of the road. As they walked toward the craft, they saw a creature unlike either of them had ever seen before.

It was black, not a black color but black as if all matter was removed where its presence was. Kelly would later describe it as "not having a soul." Kelly's words for the alien were "void of color." The black alien entity was taller than an average man, about 7 feet tall, according to Kelly.

Aliens Moved Effortlessly:

After being mesmerized by the sight of the being, she saw more of them. "Heaps of them" is how Kelly described them as she stared into the open field. The aliens were out there in the field, beneath the immense flying craft.

The beings seemed to congregate in small groups, and one group glided toward Kelly and her husband, covering a hundred yards in a mere few seconds. Another group was approaching the other car which sat motionless near the hovering craft.

Second Family Abducted:

Her great fear and dread would cause her to scream at the alien-looking entities to leave them alone. She remembered going unconscious, and then... she was back in their car. As strange as this encounter seems, it was not without corroboration.

The occupants in the other car would come forward and tell almost an exact story, a story of abduction, mind control, and embarrassing medical procedures.


This particular case is the only one to my knowledge to describe such a being, although there are some very strange aliens described in various accounts. We have no reason to discount the Cahill account, and it remains one of the best cases of alien abduction on record.


Comment - Bill Chalker

Kelly has gone on to write her own account of the experience and its difficult aftermath. In October 1994 John Auchettl and PRA, whose investigative thoroughness is to be commended, released a comprehensive report on the affair. In this emotionally explosive area it is easy for people to get caught up in less than satisfactory situations while they attempt to understand extraordinary experiences. I hope this event and the documentation that flows from it will be of some help to others in similar situations.

The victims of these experiences must not be unrealistically encouraged by advocates of an alien presence; nor, at the other extreme, should they be ridiculed by the sceptical among us. They should be helped to deal with their experiences, whether those experiences turn out to be prosaic or profound in origin. The second part of this report will review the PRA report and examine in detail the accounts of the other group of witnesses. It will also consider the physical evidence and provide reflections on the nature and meaning of this event.

Update (12/6/02) The Cahill case:

It should be noted that the above "comment" in the 1994 IUR report was prepared on the assumption that the "PRA comprehensive report on the affair" was about to be released. Despite nearly a decade passing, John Auchettl and PRA have not released their report other than a few fragments of information.

As the researcher responsible for passing Kelly Cahill onto PRA in the first place, principally because I am NSW based and the incident occurred in Victoria, I have to say now that that decision was, in hindsight, a mistake.

My comment in my 1994 IUR report: "John Auchettl and PRA, whose investigative thoroughness is to be commended", was based entirely on conversations with Auchettl and discussions with Kelly Cahill at the time (1993-1994), and in retrospect should have been qualified more accurately. While Auchettl & PRA may well have been thorough in their investigation, in reality there has been no way to absolutely verify this, because of their unwillingness to release their report and data on the case. PRA have offered some seemingly unusual and convoluted explanations for this lack of sharing.

I have long encouraged openness and sharing in UFO research (my web site is in part an expression of my position on this matter). My attempts to encourage PRA in this direction, from my perspective, have been very disappointing, and have instead lead me to not to refer cases to John Auchettl and PRA. Unless PRA changes their apparent lack of transparency and openness, researchers and witnesses should carefully consider the wisdom of cooperating with Phenomena Research Australia (PRA). - Bill Chalker, International UFO Reporter

NOTE: UFO investigator Bill Chalker's full assessment of this case can be found at AN EXTRAORDINARY ENCOUNTER IN THE DANDENONG FOOTHILLS - Bill Chalker, International UFO Reporter, Sept/Oct 1994, Vol 19, No 5. Click for an in-depth video interview with Kelly Cahill. Another interesting account can be found here. Personally...I have a few problems with the Kelly Cahill case, not unlike some aspects of the Travis Walton abduction. I'm not going to go into detail...I'd rather the readers come to their own conclusions. Lon

Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions
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The Oz Files : The Australian UFO Story : Government Files Reveal the Inside Story of Australian UFO Sightings
A World of UFOs

Just the Facts?: Tom Cruise...'aliens may exist' -- Roger Ebert's Best Bad Reviews -- Entity Disguised as Human

Tom Cruise says aliens may exist

Tom Cruise is promoting his latest alien adventure flick, Oblivion, this week at its Russian premiere. In response to questions by the British newspaper The Sun, he says he would be up for a trip to space, and would not be surprised to find aliens when he gets there. Cruise is known for several roles in movies about alien invaders. In Oblivion, he plays a drone repairman who is one of the last surviving humans on earth, which, you guessed it, has been devastated by attacks from an alien race.

When asked whether he would like to take a trip to space, Cruise told The Sun, “Who wouldn’t want to do something like that?” He added, “I’m going to let a couple of other people test it out first but it would be great. I was always hoping when I was a kid that we would be travelling to different planets by now.”

The other people he may be referring to are the several other stars who already have their tickets for space flights being offered by Virgin Galactic. The space flights have yet to begin, but actors Aston Kutcher, Kate Winslet, and Russell Brand already have seats reserved. Brand’s ticket was a birthday present from his ex-wife Katy Perry, who is reportedly “obsessed” with extraterrestrials, and is a big fan of the TV show Ancient Aliens.

Cruise offered his opinion on aliens, saying, “I don’t think you can actually count it out.” He continued, “It might be a little arrogant to think we were the only ones in all the galaxies throughout the universe, but I’ve never met one!”

Incidentally, Cruise is probably the most high profile scientologist in the world. According to many who have left the Church of Scientology, some of their more advanced and secretive teachings are of an extraterrestrial named Xenu, who manages this part of the galaxy. Supposedly, this alien brought humans to Earth, and it is due to this alien’s antics that we have many of the psychological issues we deal with today. No wonder Cruise likes to blow them away in the movies. - Open Minds

War of the Worlds [Blu-ray]

Minority Report

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection (Collateral / Days of Thunder / Minority Report / Top Gun / War of the Worlds)


Woman says aliens are helping fix British economy

A spiritual healer from Bromley says aliens are guiding the economy towards recovery, and have some important advice for Arsenal football manager Arsene Wenger.

Stephany Cohen is in constant communication with extra terrestrial races, including Grays, Cat People and the half-reptile, half-alien Reptilians.

The 52-year-old former policewoman says Reptilians, who are highly skilled in business and finance, have taken a special interest in Britain's faltering economy, and are trying to help.

She said: "The people of Britain need not be too down - Reptilians are helping.

"They are working with people's minds, in the background, to steer the economy in the right direction.

"It is a very bad time for everyone but recovery will happen in its own time, at the right time."

While it may not be suprising that George Osborne's economic policy is influenced by giant lizards, perhaps we should find comfort in the fact there is a superior race looking after us.

The selfless aliens travel regularly to Earth from their home in the Canis Major system, which also homes Grays and Cat People.

And Ms Cohen, of Durham Avenue, says Grays regularly pass on advice, intended for struggling Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

She said: "The Grays offer guidance to Mr Wenger.

"At the moment they are telling him he needs to get rid of a whole lot of people and bring in a stronger squad - especially in the defence.

"He also needs to let assistant manager Steve Bould do his job.

"Mr Wenger likes to do everything but he is not good at everything."

Ms Cohen, who discussed her alien connections on This Morning last week, admits she possesses a physical relationship with Grays, who give her orgasms.

She says her appearance on This Morning resulted in an increase in alien activity, which is the reason for the unfavourable weather of late.

She said: "Aliens have been travelling from other planets to Earth because they knew I was on This Morning.

"That has been the reason for the bad weather recently - to cover up the alien ships.

"They have been bringing young aliens to see what I was saying in the studio - like a school trip from other planets.

"Their ships hide because they do not want to be bombed out of the air - they know most of us do not understand what they are about."

Ms Cohen has just started working on her autobiography, which begins with her first encounter with Grays in Negril, Jamaica, in 1986. - News Shopper

Video - Cohen interview

Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?

Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids


Getting High on Hydrangeas

A Nuremberg pensioner named only as Roland S. told the tz regional paper on Wednesday that a number of his hydrangeas – large bushes found in suburban gardens and often favoured by the elderly – had been deflowered.

He asked his neighbours and indeed they, too, had found theirs bare. Gabi G., from nearby Binswangen told the paper how she had woken up to find the flowers and leaves missing from her shrubs as well.

Reports of hydrangea raids have, the area's police told the paper, been filtering in increasingly regularly due to the rising trend of it being smoked – it reportedly has an effect similar to cannabis.

Though side effects are unclear, the plant releases hydrogen cyanide – a poisonous substance linked to brain and nerve damage, German pharmaceutical industry magazine Pharmazeutische Zeitung said after examining the trend more closely.

“The shrub-like plant with large pink or blue flowers has been linked to having an intoxicating effect. Shoots, flowers and leaves are being smoked,” said a recent article on the site. It added that doing so “can even cause death.” - The Local


Roger Ebert's Best Bad Reviews

Roger Ebert passed away on Thursday at age 70. The following are some of his best bad reviews. Let's revisit those today as we mourn the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize.

When Roger Ebert hates a film, he really doesn’t mince words about it. Here are 10 films he absolutely loathed (including a couple of surprises) and his dry assessments of their value.

1. Armageddon, one star. OK, say you do succeed in blowing up an asteroid the size of Texas. What if a piece the size of Dallas is left? Wouldn't that be big enough to destroy life on Earth? What about a piece the size of Austin? Let's face it: Even an object the size of that big Wal-Mart outside Abilene would pretty much clean us out, if you count the parking lot.

2. The Brown Bunny, zero stars. I had a colonoscopy once, and they let me watch it on TV. It was more entertaining than The Brown Bunny.

When the movie’s director responded by mocking Ebert’s weight, Ebert said, “It is true that I am fat, but one day I will be thin, and he will still be the director of The Brown Bunny."

3. Jason X, half star. "This sucks on so many levels." Dialogue from "Jason X"; rare for a movie to so frankly describe itself. "Jason X" sucks on the levels of storytelling, character development, suspense, special effects, originality, punctuation, neatness and aptness of thought.

4. Mad Dog Time, zero stars. "Mad Dog Time" is the first movie I have seen that does not improve on the sight of a blank screen viewed for the same length of time. Oh, I've seen bad movies before. But they usually made me care about how bad they were. Watching "Mad Dog Time" is like waiting for the bus in a city where you're not sure they have a bus line.... "Mad Dog Time" should be cut into free ukulele picks for the poor.

5. The Usual Suspects, one-and-a-half stars. Once again, my comprehension began to slip, and finally I wrote down: "To the degree that I do understand, I don't care." It was, however, somewhat reassuring at the end of the movie to discover that I had, after all, understood everything I was intended to understand. It was just that there was less to understand than the movie at first suggests.

6. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, zero stars. [The title character] makes a living prostituting himself. How much he charges I'm not sure, but the price is worth it if it keeps him off the streets and out of another movie. "Deuce Bigalow" is aggressively bad, as if it wants to cause suffering to the audience. The best thing about it is that it runs for only 75 minutes.... Speaking in my official capacity as a Pulitzer Prize winner, Mr. Schneider, your movie sucks.

7. North, zero stars. I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it.

8. Spice World, half star. Spice World is obviously intended as a ripoff of A Hard Day's Night which gave The Beatles to the movies...the huge difference, of course, is that the Beatles were talented--while, let's face it, the Spice Girls could be duplicated by any five women under the age of 30 standing in line at Dunkin' Donuts.

9. Good Luck Chuck, one star. There is a word for this movie, and that word is: Ick.

10. Freddy Got Fingered, zero stars. This movie doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn't the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn't below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels. - Mental Floss

NOTE: this is why is liked Roger Ebert...I usually agreed with him. Lon

Life Itself: A Memoir

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Tarantula discovered...the size of a human face

Scientists have found an enormous, previously unknown, species of venomous spider in a remote Sri Lankan village.

The giant tarantula is as big as a human face.

Its legs, which have unique daffodil-yellow markings, span a massive 20cm (eight inches). The arachnid also has a distinctive pink band around its body.

The new species was found in the war-torn north of the South Asian country by scientists from Sri Lanka's Biodiversity Education and Research (BER) organisation.

It has been named Poecilotheria rajaei, in recognition of a senior police officer called Michael Rajakumar Purajah, who guided the research team through a hazardous jungle overrun by civil unrest in order to seek out the spider.

The arachnid had originally been presented to BER three years ago by villagers in Mankulam, who had killed a male specimen.

Scientists immediately realised the dead spider was not like anything they already knew and a group was charged with finding any living relatives.

The living Poecilotheria rajaei were eventually discovered in the former doctor's quarters of the village's hospital.

According to, Ranil Nanayakkara, the co-founder of BER, said: "They are quite rare.

"They prefer well-established old trees, but due to deforestation the number have dwindled and due to lack of suitable habitat they enter old buildings."

The website described the tarantula as "colourful, fast and venomous".

The species is said to be related to a class of South American tarantula that includes the Goliath bird-eater, one of the world's largest spiders.

In other reports Mr Nanayakkara is quoted as saying none of the tarantulas found in Sri Lanka have bites that are deadly to humans. However, the Poecilotheria rajaei would be able to kill animals as large as mice, lizards and small birds and snakes.

Peter Kirk, who covered the discovery for the British Tarantula Society's journal, told Sky News: "Ranil has been working on these spiders since 2009 out in Sri Lanka and this is the first of what is thought to be a number of new species he has discovered in what was previously the inaccessible northern region of the island.

"It demonstrates that wildlife continues to survive whilst we are in the throes of conflict and that they can adapt to its changing environment - but also highlights that we risk destroying the habitats of species new to science and condemning them to extinction before they are even discovered." - Sky


Entity disguised as human

El Monte, California - 2/1992 - unedited: This was a strange event,I got a letter in the mail that i was to receive a free camera,all i had to do was show up at a specific address at a specific time and date. note: this was a long time ago back in the early 90s.the location was in el Monte California,so me and my brother decided to go.upon arriving at the exact location we noticed that the address where we were led to was a vacant lot. we thought okay this was obviously a hoax,but to what end?,we were also very hungry and decided to go to the burger king across the street,it was here where the event took brother told me what he wanted and i stood in line,about four people in front of me then this guy walks in who to me looked like a bum,dirty,cut off gloves,long brownish coat.and he got behind me and i remember looking at my brother and over to the cashier girl who also noticed this man.i feared he was going to ask for money,i expected it.instead he leans over and taps my shoulder and i turn to him and he asks me or rather questions me.he says "you really dont know what time it is do you?,you dont know what 145 is? i turned around back towards the line and now the few people in front of me as well as the cashier girl noticed him and then all of theyre faces turned to shock,i thought he maybe pulled out a knife or a gun,but instead what they witnessed was he simply vanished... i quickly turned behind me and he was gone without a trace,the lobby door just feet away stood still,he couldnt have made it out without one of us seeing him do comes even the weirder the time i reached the front of the line everyone including myself forgot what transpired just a few minutes earlier.this incident wasnt my first either concerning the number 145,and every time i encountered a human looking being,the situation was the same,they questioned me about the time,and honestly to me i have no idea the significance of this number,i was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced anything similar? - MUFON CMS

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Reader Submissions: Uncle Al's Ghost / Mothman In My Bedroom

I'm currently working on a 'time traveler' incident that supposedly occurred here in the Baltimore area several years ago. I've been conducting interviews with the I'm pushed for time today. In the meantime, I offer the following narratives submitted by readers:

Sir: I've always believed in and been interested in the paranormal. I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and have been a firefighter for over five years.

We have a ghost in our fire department. It's an old member who died many years ago and many of our members, myself included, have had experiences with "Uncle Al" as we call him. There have been many times where someone has experienced sounds, noises and just odd feelings while being in the fire department. We have had a game room added onto our department after our member had already died, so he cannot pass into the new room, but you can feel his presence in the doorway.

One of the most memorable experiences I have had with Uncle Al was one day when I was in the engine bay office with 2 members, Ken and myself (this has occurred before when I was alone). We could hear chairs being knocked off of the tables in our social hall. We went upstairs to investigate, and all the chairs looked like they were pushed off the tables.

Ken and I went back downstairs and left everything as is and not long later (maybe 10 mins) we hear the chairs moving again. We went back upstairs and all the chairs were set back up onto the tables. I am not making this up.

Another experience with Uncle Al occurred when I was standing in the bathroom, which is in the social hall (the part where Al can roam around). It was about midnight and I looked out the window at least 5 mins previous and noticed no members cars except mine were in the lot. Soon, I heard someone calling my name. The sounds were coming from the doorway to the stairwell. I can also hear people walking around in the bays again and people stepping on the grates on the floor. I went downstairs to investigate, looking out the window cars in the lot. I go to the door to the engine bays and see that the lights were off. There is always the sense of being watched by Uncle Al, be it one person, or 10 people in the fire can always feel a presence of someone or something watching you.

Spooky Pennsylvania: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore

Haunted Pennsylvania: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Keystone State (Haunted Series)

Strange Experience: The Secrets of a Hexenmeister


Hi Lon...I am from Waterville, Maine. Back in the late summer, early Fall of 1971, I was newly married and living in Killeen, Texas with my husband who was in the army. We had a small duplex apartment in Killeen. One night he had duty and I was home alone in bed around 3 am in the morning. I woke up suddenly and saw a black figure standing at the bottom of my bed. It was 8 or 9 feet tall and had huge big black wings and red eyes. I closed my eyes and opened them again and it had moved closer to me on the right side of my bed...I couldn’t scream. It was as if I was frozen in fear. I covered my head in the blankets. I was so afraid!

About 5 mins. later I looked and it was gone. It gave me a horrible feeling and I prayed never to see it again. Shortly after this event I came back to Maine as I was way to frightened to ever stay alone at night when he had duty. I told my mom I had seen a huge black angel that night and she was glad I came home as that didn’t sound good. I had never heard of the Mothman but a few years later I came across an article and a drawing of one. Even before I read the article I said 'wow'...that is exactly what I saw in Texas. It didn’t have a noticeable neck and its face was like hooded, its wings tucked in on its side but you could tell they were very large. It was totally black except for the eyes were round, large and red. Lon...I still think of this thing with fear. Personally do you have any idea what it is? I'm 57 now and I am still searching for an answer.

P.S. - The apartment I lived in had a well in the entrance way that always gave me the creeps...a cistern I believe it is called. Just a flat rock covered it and it still had water in it. I couldn’t see the water but I heard the plop when I dropped a rock in it. This probably has nothing to do with any of this but felt I should tell you anyways.

Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend

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Just the Facts?: Paranormal Alaska Casting Call -- Little Grey Men -- 'Big Cat' Spotted Again in Dorset

Casting call seeks 'real Alaskans' looking for paranormal adventures

Sorry, Alaska, but reality TV isn't quite finished with you yet. A production company is currently seeking "great Alaskan men and women" who are interested in paranormal activity in the state. In particular, the company is seeking Alaskans with stereotypically "Alaskan" professions. So if you're a gold miner or a park ranger who has a unique tie to the other world, you may be just who they're looking for.

Here's the full casting call:

Are you a true Alaskan with an interest in the spooky, creepy and unexplained? A new television show is looking for people that live or work in Alaska who also find the paranormal world irresistible.

Are you a logger that’s seen existence of Big Foot and want to investigate further?

Are you a fisherman that knows where all the best ghost-hunting spots are?

Are you a native Alaskan with deep-rooted beliefs in the spirit world and native legends?

Do you love Alaska? I mean, do you really LOVE Alaska? Then you might be just what we're looking for!

If you are a rugged Alaskan with a thirst for adventure then we want to hear from you! A keen interest in ghosts, UFO’s, cryptid monsters or the supernatural is a MUST. So, whether you are an experienced paranormal investigator or a newbie who wants to find out what’s REALLY out there, you could be the star of the next great paranormal adventure show.

To be considered, please email us at CastingSHP(at) with the subject line: "True Alaskan." All inquiries MUST include 3-5 photos, a brief bio and any video you might have.

It's maybe not the worst idea for an Alaska-based show: the state does, after all, have a rich history of the paranormal and the unexplained, everything from a tradition of Alaska Native mythology to regular spottings of the "Hairy Man," better known as Bigfoot in much of the rest of the world. Add to that a number of unexplained ghost sightings -- including along Alaska's legendary Iditarod Trail -- and cryptids like the "Lake Iliamna Monster" completely unique to Alaska, and you have an interesting blend of adventure and mystery hidden among the vastness of the Last Frontier. - Alaska Dispatch

Strange Stories of Alaska and the Yukon

Raincoast Sasquatch: The Bigfoot / Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia & Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat


Little Grey Men

Winfield, Missouri - unedited: My Grandmother related this personal story to my Mother while they were seated around the dining room table in about 1976. My sister & I were in the living room and listened to the conversation as she related it to my Mom.

She said that in the early 1950s when my Mother was in School and her husband was at work in St. Louis, she was outside hanging laundry on the clothes line. She then related that 4 or 5 "little Grey Men", came down the hill toward her in the back yard.

She was frightened and ran into the house and locked the door. She then said that they came through the walls and got her. At this point my Mother told her to shut up; that people would think that she was crazy and not to ever mention it again. She didnt. After my Grandmother died in 1989, my Mother burned her diaries.

Winfield, Missouri was a very rural area in the early 1950s and before many UFO sightings were prevelent. My sister & I never talked about this event until after my Grandmothers death, but wanted to share it for all that it is worth. My Grandmother would have been about 40 years of age at the time of the "incident". This was on the old Portwood road, (now Hammett Road), 1/2 mile off of Hwy. 47, between Troy and Winfield. - MUFON CMS

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity

Are Aliens Real? Aliens and UFOs Proof


Skeleton of Enormous Sea Creature Pulled out of the Water in China

A skeleton measuring 3.5 metres (11 feet 5 inches) in length has allegedly been discovered in waters off China’s Shandong Province.

The skeleton, which is believed to have a total of 153 joints, was found by fishermen in Qingdao on 28 March. Local camera crews and crowds of onlookers soon gathered to catch a glimpse of the strange creature, whose origins have yet to be confirmed.

Despite appearing online a couple of days before April 1, both the colouring and condition of the skeleton have led many to believe that it is, in fact, an elaborate carving or part of a well devised practical joke. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a mysterious object has popped up in Chinese media only to leave members of the press red-faced; in June last year, footage of a “legendary mushroom” appeared online as a young Chinese reporter poked and prodded what eventually turned out to be a discarded sex toy.

Placed on top of a stretch of red cloth, however, the skeleton certainly looks impressive! - RocketNews24


More 'booms' in Michigan

More than 30 calls coming into the Branch County 911 Dispatch Center this weekend about mysterious booms. All from the northwest part of the county.

Many residents in the area thought someone was breaking into their home. While others were speculating that the booms were coming from the Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek. We reached out to the base and they told FOX 17 that they don’t know where the booms are coming from and that it isn’t them.

Officials are looking into these reports and say they don’t have any idea where the booms are coming from or what the sound could be. - Fox17 Online

....and elsewhere

The cause of the mystery booming noises Flint, Michigan residents had complained about may be explained by the secret bomb range Flint police recently confirmed.

For months, years even, residents have reported random loud noises, like thunder or fireworks.

Flint isn't the only place where people have reported noises like this. All over the country are reports of strange noises and loud booming sounds. Usually, nobody seems to know where they're coming from.

Let's take a look.


In January, a television station out of Salt Lake City reported that "hundreds of people from Weber County to Utah County, and some as far north as Rock Springs, Wyoming reported that they felt shaking or heard loud booms." Experts reported seismic activity in the area, but there was no record of any earthquakes.


Last November, reports out of Salem, Mass., indicated that "police responded to a report of loud explosions in the area of Bridge Street."


In January, a local Oklahoma City television station reported that residents in the town of Guthrie had been reporting a mysterious noise around town.

"Everyone seems to have their own theory behind the boom," read the report.


In March 2012, residents in the town of Clintonville reported "five loud, mysterious booms thundered through the town at approximately two-hour intervals starting at around 8 p.m. They occurred again the following night, and, much to the sleepless residents' relief, finally stopped Tuesday night," according to this report.

It seems the cause of these noises was uncovered, when the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed a 1.5-magnitude earthquake in the area.

West Virginia

In Kanawha County, there were reports of mystery booms. The mystery, however, was quickly solved.

"The Keystone surface mine, which is in the Rush Creek area east of Charleston, apparently caused the boom when it used a controlled explosion, referred to in the industry as a "mine shot," to extract coal, a state Department of Environmental Protection official said," according to this report.


Residents in San Diego reported a mystery boom earlier in the year. "News 8 began receiving reports at about 10 a.m. from people in the South Bay and downtown San Diego. A local naval base also confirmed they heard the noise," according to the local CBS station. - MLive


‘Big cat’ spotted again near Dorchester, Dorset

Kevin Paul Fillary claims to have seen a ‘large black panther’ on the prowl in a field near Monkey’s Jump roundabout.

The 42-year-old lorry driver had been travelling on the A35 from Weymouth to Bridport at around 3.30pm when he spotted the mysterious creature.

Sightings of big cats in Dorset have sparked intense debate in recent years.

Many are convinced that there are panthers roaming the countryside while others maintain that with no conclusive proof of their existence that it is highly unlikely they exist in the wild.

Mr Fillary, of Somerset, said: “I was driving along and I looked to my left and spotted a large black panther.

“When I’m in my lorry I’m high up so I could see over into the field and I could see the creature clearly.

“I travel down that road every working day and have done for the past four years but this is the first time I’ve seen a big cat.”

He added: “I just wish I’d had time to take a photo but I was driving and had to move on.”

The lorry driver, who works for C&D Transport, said it was not the first time he had spotted a big cat.

He added: “I’ve spotted one before in Ilminster, so this was my second sighting.

“I told my family and they believe me but I didn’t tell anyone at work in case they thought I was mad.

“I am convinced that they exist in Dorset after people who kept them as pets years ago let them out into the wild.”

There have been numerous reported sightings in recent years.

According to figures obtained by the Echo last September, a total of 53 people made emergency calls to report their wild cat encounters since 2006.

After talk of a lion on the prowl in Essex, the popular subject resurfaced with Dorset named as a ‘hot spot’ for sightings by big cat experts.

Big cat researcher and author Merrily Harpur said: “There have been a lot of big cat sightings reported in the county over the years.

“Dorset is a hot spot for big cat sightings.

“In the last 10 years I have been told of more than 600 sightings.

“One of the interesting things about big cats in Britain is that they are very variable in their colours.

“Most of the sightings report a black cat but quite a few say they resemble a panther-like creature or are brown like a puma or the colour of a Scottish wild cat.

“Anyone who glimpses these creatures for more than a few seconds is very lucky and I would urge people in that area to carry a camera.”

OVER the years each sighting has added a new twist to the mystery of the Dorset Big Cat.

In March 2010 a lamb was savaged in Bockhampton in what was believed to be a Big Cat attack.

The ‘Beast of Bockhampton’ struck in a field close to Pine Lodge Farm and Tearooms run by Jean and Tony Waterman.

Vet Duncan Reavell looked at a picture of a deer thought to have been killed by the predator in the same year and said a Big Cat could have been responsible.

RSPCA shop worker Judy Paterson came across the carcass while walking her dog at Conygar Hill near Dorchester. In January 2004, Margery Hookings, former editor of the Bridport News, claimed to spot a big black cat while driving on the A3066 road between Melplash and Beaminster.

Teenager Ashley Blanning, from Bridport, who witnessed a similar animal running down the field in September.

In the same year, photographer Alan McNamee, of Bridport, had his first wild encounter. He has set up a team ready to respond to sightings.

Victoria Briggs, 31, of Weymouth, says she saw a ‘big black cat’ in 2000 at Sea View Holiday Park in Preston while eating lunch with her mum.

STORIES of big cats go back to the 1960s and 1970s when it was legal and fashionable to keep exotic animals as pets.

Before the Dangerous Wild Animals Act in 1976, the wealthy could take their lion, tiger or cheetah for a walk around the park without needing a licence.

But the law was changed to protect the public and animals.

While many owners gave their pets to zoos or put them down rumours started that some people released their animals into the wild where their offspring are thought to still roam to this day. - Dorset Echo


Big Cats: Facing Britain's Wild Predators

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Herbert Schirmer UFO / Humanoid Encounter

On December 3, 1967, around 2:30 a.m., in the vicinity of Ashland, Nebraska, police sergeant Herbert Schirmer, 22, noticed some red lights along Highway 63. Thinking that it was a stopped truck he approached and shown his high beams on it. Soon he realized it was no truck. Instead it was a disc-shaped object with a shiny, polished aluminum looking surface, and a catwalk that went around it. The red lights, which were blinking, were shining out from windows in the object. The UFO appeared to be a mere 6 to 8 feet above the road, and was hovering in the air with a slight tilt. Then the object began to slowly ascend, making a siren kind of noise, and issuing a flame-like display from the underside. Sticking his head out the window, Sgt. Schirmer watched the UFO pass nearly overhead. Then suddenly it shot up and out of sight.

Schirmer then got out of the police car and, with a flashlight in hand, inspected the surface of the road where the object had hovered so low to the ground. After this he drove to the police station and wrote in the log book, “Saw a flying saucer at the junction of highways 6 and 63. Believe it or not!” He was puzzled to notice that it was now 3 a.m., as the sighting seemingly lasted no more than ten minutes. As the morning wore on, Schirmer was to suffer a headache, a “weird buzzing” in his head, and would discover that he had a “red welt” on his neck. It was about two inches long and approx. half an inch wide, and was located on the “nerve cord” below one of his ears.

A few hours later, Chief Bill Wlaskin would visit the alleged encounter site and find a small metallic artifact. Chemical analysis revealed it was composed of iron and silicon. Investigators from the Condon project out of the University of Colorado speculated that it was probably “ordinary corroded earthly waste.”

Later, under hypnosis, Schirmer would recall for investigators how humanoid beings, between 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall, escorted him from his car and into the ship, where the “leader” gave him a tour and explained various things about themselves and their mission on earth.

The entities had slightly slanted “catlike” eyes (that didn’t blink), gray-white skin, long and thin heads, with flat noses and slitlike mouths. They wore silver-gray uniforms, gloves, and helmets (which had a small antenna on the left side around their ear), and at the left breast of each suit they had the emblem of a winged serpent. Schirmer had the impression that the small antennas were somehow a part of their communication process with him - that part of their contact with him was mental and part of it was physical.

A few years back, I discussed this case with noted UFO author Brad Steiger, who was involved in the initial hypnotic regression work with patrolman Schirmer. He recalled: “He was describing, ‘Well I’m walking here,’ ‘Well I’m walking there.’ We asked him to make certain sketches and so forth, and then all of a sudden the control seemed to slip away instantly. I guess I shouldn’t say slip away. It was an abrupt kind of thing, and he began to speak as though he were one of the occupants and said he would be, from time to time, returning in one way or another to keep tabs on Herb.”

What did Brad make of this? “Either it’s a case of extreme identification or some sign of hypnotic contact that we seem to uncover as we probe deeper and deeper into the unconscious,” he replied.

Psychologist R. Leo Sprinkle of Wyoming, had also been involved in hypnotic regression work with patrolman Schirmer at the University of Colorado. He offered, “In a few cases (e.g., Herb Schirmer) the UFO witness claimed to experience ‘mental communication’ with UFO occupants at the moment of the interview. I have no way of knowing whether the claim is ‘true’ or whether the observer had been ‘programmed’ to experience such a feeling when hypnotic time regression procedures were followed; however, to the person, the experience was ‘real.’”

So what did Dr. Sprinkle think? “I believe that each person is ‘monitored’ by spiritual guides, but in regard to the UFO contactee, the monitoring process seems to be unusually intense,” he stated. “Perhaps someday, we will learn if the prophecies about “good” vs “evil” and predictions of earth changes....are related to this monitoring process.”

Click for video 1

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Type of Case/Report:
Major Case
Hynek Classification: CE4
Number of Witnesses: Single
Special Features/Characteristics: Abduction, Police, Missing Time, Contact, Physiological Effects, Artifact, Polygraph Test, Witness Sketch, Witness Photo


By James Spears, Vancouver Province (BC, Canada)

The Province - Saturday, March 20, 1976

Most scientists believe that it is inconceivable that homo sapiens is alone in the universe ... the lord of creation. Attempts are now being made with space probes displaying clever universal symbols, to contact intelligent life in the light-year immensity of our galaxy. But what if our infantile hands, groping into the vastness of space, have already been superceded by visitors from space-time itself; by observers who reach us through the 'wormholes' that scientists believe, may provide corridors through space and time. Periodically we hear of people who claim contact with the crew of a UFO and the great global controversy of truth or fiction intensifies. Such a claim is made by former police chief Herb Schirmer, formerly of Nebraska, whose story was uncovered in a deep-trance hypnotic state by UCLA scientists. While in this state of altered consciousness, Schirmer made several drawings of the vehicle into which he was taken.

Whether you believe or not, his story is a fascinating one. Perhaps one day the governments of the world will tell us what they know... if they know.

"On the left side of his head was a small antenna. The skin on his face was of a grey color. His nose was long and flat and his mouth was narrow and slit like. His eyes looked like cat's eyes...

"Then he spoke, saying: Are you the watchman of this town? I said: Yes sir, I am. He spoke again, saying: Watchman, come with me."

So began the UFO experience of Herb Schirmer, now 30, who was a policeman, and later police chief, at the town of Ashland, Nebraska. The date: Dec. 2, 1967.

It was not a pleasant experience, especially after he wrote on his police log. "Saw a flying saucer at State Junction 6 and 63. Believe it or not."

Some townspeople hanged Schirmer in effigy as an expression that they didn't believe him. Tires were slashed and a windshield broken on his car.

"I would give somebody a traffic ticket and they would look at me and laugh, and tear up the ticket. What could I do?, said Schirmer in an interview at his home in Point Roberts.

He didn't last long as police chief, and quit. He has held other law enforcement jobs, including a job in a private security force in Oregon. When word reached his employers of his UFO experience, he was told to move on.

Despite ridicule, Schirmer has stuck with his story since 1967, and feels he is ready to begin telling it to the public.

"There might be a lot of people who have similar experiences who are afraid to admit it," he said.

The UFO encounter was brief in Schirmer's memory, but it was later found there was a 25-minute gap in his radio log. U.S. Air Force investigators in Boulder, Colorado, interviewed Schirmer and discovered he had no memory of events between the takeoff and landing of the UFO. He was later hypnotized, and the memory of the 25 minutes returned. He has since been hypnotized a number of times, mostly by a group of UFO scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles. It was under hypnosis that Schirmer drew scale diagrams of the interior of the space ship he saw, and the grey-skinned being who spoke with him.

With friends, he has attempted to duplicate the sounds the spacecraft made through the use of a sound synthesizer. And he is putting his memories on tape at an inexpensive homebuilt sound studio in Point Roberts.

In 1967 he was working the midnight shift in the small town and a little after midnight noticed a bull had broken loose from an auction barn. The patrolman got the bull back in the pen, and then checked on two gas stations nearby.

"I made a radio check with Wahoo Sheriff's office and informed them that all was secure," said Schirmer in a report he wrote after the hypnotic sessions. "The time was 2:20 a.m. I pulled on to State Highway 6 going west."

Then he saw the UFO, first as flashing red lights, then as a football-shaped object.

He tried to call the sheriff's office but his radio was dead. "The craft was moving over the highway north about 40 feet in the air. It seemed that some great force was pulling the patrol car up the embankment towards where the craft was beginning to land."

Schirmer saw a red-orange glow on the bottom of the craft, and saw a hatch open. "It was then that a shape of a man came out and walked over to the front of the patrol car. Then a second man came out of the craft and walked over to the car. The first man stood in front of the patrol car and, holding a small box-like object, pressed something. A green mist came out, spraying all over the patrol car. "The other man walked over to the driver's side of the patrol car and reaching inside, pressed a silver object against my neck, directly under my left ear. I felt a tingling sensation go through my whole body."

It was then that the grey-skinned man addressed Schirmer as "watchman of the town."

The grey-skinned man told Schirmer how the craft operated, showed him the power source and computers, and answered questions on the purpose of the craft's visit.

Among the answers: The craft landed to extract power from a nearby hydro transmission line. 'He said: Look watchman. And I saw a blue bolt of light. through a port hole. It was like a beam and it hit the transformer on a power pole approximately 200 feet from the craft. There was a bright flash of fire and the blue bolt came back to the craft.

"Then the man said that one of the reasons they landed was to extract electricity from power stations. He also said that they have been observing us for a long time."

One of the men also told the patrolman that spacecraft would visit him again twice in his lifetime. "If I were some kind of kook I would be saying that I had a visit last week, but it isn't true. I never saw anything again."

Under hypnosis, Schirmer has drawn detailed sketches of the power plant of the craft, which the spaceman said was based on "reversible electromagnetism."

He saw a room circled with cannister-shaped objects, with wires connecting them. In the middle of the room was an object, glowing red, like a spinning football.

Schirmer said he was conveyed, by a glass elevator, to another level of the craft and saw a TV-like screen which the spaceman manipulated. He showed Schirmer what his own solar system "in a galaxy next to yours," looked like, and saw pictures of the craft's mother ship on the screen.

By the screen, he said, was a map of a sun with six planets "with writing beside each planet. The language was one that I could not read."

Schirmer says he is not a church-goer, but looks to a Bible quote as a source of comfort that he is not going crazy. It's from Ezekiel, Chap. 1.

"And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire enfolding itself, and a brightness was about it ... out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man."

Schirmer saw four men and talked to two of them, and hopes that others who have seen similar creatures will not be afraid to talk about them.

In early 1968, shortly after his UFO experience, Herb Schirmer was interviewed by members of the Condon Committee, a research project at the University of Colorado funded by the U.S. Air Force.

Among those who spoke with Schirmer was Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, currently director of counselling and testing at the University of Wyoming.

Dr. Sprinkle told The Province that during the interviews Schirmer appeared "sincere and telling the truth as he saw it."

"He was aware of a loss-of-time experience (the missing 25 minutes in his radio log) and said he sensed someone coming toward him. At that time he didn't have any memory of being taken aboard."

Later, Schirmer was put under hypnosis to delve into the missing 25 minutes. Dr. Ron Katz, of the University of California (Los Angeles) department of anesthesiology, told The Province that Schirmer had submitted to a number of hypnotic trances and drew sketches of what he saw while in a trance. The drawings were made in 1974.

Dr. Katz said that although he could confirm the trance sessions took place he could not speak about them because it was a doctor-patient relationship.

Generally, he said, subjects under hypnosis do not attempt to fabricate stories. The one exception, said Dr. Katz, might occur if a subject had been previously hypnotized to "remember" a series of events under subsequent trances.

Schirmer said that he believes he was put in some sort of trance, perhaps with the aid of the silver object placed beside his neck.


NOTE: When Schirmer returned to his duties in Ashland, Police Chief Wlaskin resigned, and Shirmer was appointed as new chief. But because of ridicule from the citizens, and the UFO experience, he was not able to rightfully perform his duties, and resigned two months later. Someone had thrown dynamite into his patrol car, and his wife left him during this time. Gods, Demons and Space Chariots and Gods and Devils from Outer Space were written by Eric Norman and detail the Schirmir incident...Lon

Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction
The Historical And Modern Case For The UFO (Volume 1)
Police Officer Goes Aboard
Nightmare Alley: Fearsome Accounts of Alien Abduction: New Evidence You Could Become Their Next Victim!
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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