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Archive: Horror in the Apple Orchard

I decided to post another archived incident from Adams County, PA, this time near Arendtsville... approximately 6 miles northwest of Gettysburg. The narrative was forwarded by Joe, who was a camp counselor at Camp Nawakwa in 1972. I spent several Summer weeks at this particular camp as a child in the mid and late 1960's. Camp Nawakwa is owned and operated by the Lutheran Church and is still going strong today. Since this was a church owned facility there was only so much 'nonsense' that could be initiated or talked about, including paranormal activity and spiritual energy...which, I will admit, I sensed on occasion. Anyway, here's Joe's story:

Hi Lon - my name is Joe and I currently live in Myerstown, PA. I would like to share an incident with you and your readers that happened in 1972 while I was a counselor at Camp Nawakwa. I understand from a friend at my church that you had spent some time there as a boy (I wonder who this 'friend' was...Lon). I was there for a few seasons between 1967-1973 so we may have bumped into each other at some time (it's possible, but doubtful...Lon).

As you may remember, we would take the kids on a hike through the back woods and apple orchards to the clearing on the hill. There we would build a campfire and spend the night in sleeping bags. I liked it because it was the only time we could spend time with the female staff from the camp (well, that's not quite how I remember it. The counselors where sneaking in and out of their cabins every night...Lon).

One night several of the counselors were sitting near the campfire and bantering about. One of the counselors, whose name was Paul, was reciting certain passages from the Bible and discussing related religious subjects. He was a theology student at the Gettysburg Seminary. At one point a female counselor asked him if he believed in the afterlife and ghosts. Paul didn't hesitate in giving her an answer as he said "there are spirits and I have witnessed many." He then described apparitions of soldiers he had seen at the Seminary. Before long, every person in the group was creeped out.

It was getting late and all the kids were already asleep. We decided to get into our sleeping bags and get some needed rest. Usually one or two of the counselors would stay awake in shifts and watch over the area. After a few hours I was startled out of my slumber when someone started to shake me. It was a female counselor who was frantic. She had noticed that one of the 10-year-old girls from her cabin group was not in her sleeping bag and she couldn't find her. One counselor stayed behind with the kids while the rest of us started to meander through the orchard looking for the girl.

We were searching for hours and dawn was beginning to break. We had been in contact with the camp director by radio to see if the girl had returned to camp. There was no sign of her. Then suddenly, the girl appears from the orchard. She was hysterical and crying. There was two gashes on her back and several scratches on her arms and legs. We immediately called the camp for medical help. Paul and myself rushed the girl back to the camp which was about a mile or so away. While I carried her on the trail she told us that an 'ugly man' had grabbed her from her sleeping bag and carried her to a house. She said that she had fallen into a gully after she had gotten away from the man and had hurt her back. When we reached the camp the police and ambulance were there waiting for her.

We gave our statements to the police and told them the girl's story which they totally disregarded. To be honest, I didn't believe her story either but Paul was convinced something odd had happened. That was the last overnight sleep-out for the Summer though the season was ending the next week anyway.

The incident had always bothered me and there was never any resolution since the police said that the girl had wondered off and got hurt while trying find her was back to the site. Well, that changed a few weeks ago.

I was contacted recently by Paul, who is a Lutheran pastor in New Jersey. We had kept in contact off and on for the past 40 years. The incident with the girl has always been in the back of our minds since then. He said that he had some information to tell me.

He had received an email from the daughter of the girl at the camp. She was contacting Paul because she had found a card with his name in her mother's confidential papers. Her mother, whose name was Cathy, had passed away a few months previous to this contact. There was also a letter written by her mother detailing her experience that night at camp. She wrote that she was kidnapped by the ghost of an old man and that it had tried to lock her in the cellar of an old dilapidated farmhouse. When she broke free, a wolf-like being attacked her. She was able to get away after it had pinned her down and she hit it in the muzzle with a rock.

Paul told me that Cathy wrote that she had been in therapy ever since the incident but that no one ever believed her. Cathy also wrote that a wolf-like spirit would appear and harass her day and night. She had written Paul's name and other contact information on a card with the instructions "contact Pastor Paul - he knows the truth".

That's about all I have to tell you. Paul is deeply troubled by this revelation and feels somewhat responsible that he didn't help Cathy earlier - though Cathy never sought his help at any time before her death.

Do you believe that a ghost could have physically kidnapped Cathy? What are your thoughts on the wolf-like spirit? You have my permission to reprint this if you wish. Joe E.

Camp Nawakwa 1960's

Pennsylvania's Adams County Ghosts: Gettysburg, New Oxford, Cashtown, and East BerlinSupernatural Books)

Nawakwa: 75 Years At the Camp in the Woods

Haunted Pennsylvania: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Keystone State (Haunted Series)

Ghosthunting Pennsylvania (America's Haunted Road Trip)

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Archive: Mr. Z 's Paranormal Adventure

Since I'm spending the week in a familar location (Gettysburg, PA), I decided to present a personal true-life experience from my archives:

I had a personal experience in 1969 that most likely defined my acceptance of the paranormal. I had an affinity with spirits since I could remember though I didn't give anyone any indication of what I had been witnessing or feeling. I was born and raised near Gettysburg, Pa. and was fascinated with the history and unusual chronicles of the famous battle. At an early age, I discovered my ability to sense and recognize spiritual energy during my explorations of the battlefield while riding my bicycle.

When I was in the 5th grade I had a teacher named Mr. Z. He was a devout church goer and a strict disciplinarian who had a deep affection for American history. He was also a friend of my parents so I knew I was on a short leash. Honestly, I didn't particularly like Mr. Z. There was something about him that rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know if it was his attitude or the way he would look at you with his thick coke bottle glasses. Then again, my animosity towards him could have been the result of him smacking me on the back of my head in class one day because I was talking to another classmate. Regardless, I was always wary of him.

There was one thing required of each of Mr. Z's students...the memorization and reciting of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. He was animate about it. As well, each of his classes took a field trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield near the end of the school year.

A few weeks prior to the field trip, there would be intense study of the 3-day battle with all the particulars. This was fine with me because I knew much of the information already and Mr. Z was impressed with my prior knowledge...until the day before the field trip.

On that day, the discussion centered around the high number of deaths during the battle and how the wounded and dead were dealt with. I will remember his question to me like it was asked yesterday, "Lon, what was the result of the carnage at Gettysburg?" Hoping that I would answer 'the development of the Sanitary Commission'...instead I answered 'ghosts'. I'll never forget the look he gave me. Needless to say, the answer got me a conference with Mr. Z after class.

After everyone had left school Mr. Z instructed me to wait for him in the classroom. I had no idea what was in store for me. A few minutes later, Mr. Z and my mother walk into the classroom. Mr. Z explained to her what I had said and told her that he didn't appreciate 'my wise-ass remark'. I said nothing...other than to apologize and promise to never talk out of turn again. When I got home, my mother never said a thing about the incident...which was OK by me. I kind of think she had an idea of what I was going through, although we never discussed it until several years later.

The next day my classmates and I hopped on the bus and proceeded towards Gettysburg. When we arrived, a National Park Service tour guide boarded the bus. Actually, the whole affair was old hat for me but I remained quiet and enjoyed the day out of the classroom.

After an hour or so, we arrived at a very familiar and favorite location...what I called 'Death Valley'. This included the Wheatfield and the area leading up to Devil's Den. Soon after stopping at these locations and listening to the tour guide we made our way to the summit of Little Round Top. At this point, we were allowed to disembark and stretch our legs.

We walked to the rocky summit of Little Round Top and looked out onto the vast battlefield. I had always loved this location and had felt many fallen spirits here over the years. We next walked down the road a bit until we reached the pathway to the 20th Maine monument. We trekked the short distance until we reached the short stone wall where these brave soldiers had essentially saved the Union on July 2nd, 1863. It is truly a sobering place.

We stood and looked on for a few minutes when Mr. Z walked up to me and smirked "where are those ghosts?" front of my classmates. I was embarrassed by his comment as the other kids started to laugh and tease. Mr. Z just leisurely walked away with his hands in his pockets and a big smile on his face. He was standing by himself beside the 20th Maine monument when suddenly I heard him yell out. I turned and watched him tumble head first down the hillside. He rolled quite a distance, but eventually got back to his feet...struggling to climb back up to the pathway.

The tour guide asked if he was all right. The first thing out of Mr. Z's mouth was "someone pushed me." I couldn't help myself...I tried to hide the smile on my face. He had torn the inseam of his slacks and received a nasty bump on his forehead. After making an attempt to straighten himself out he shot a quick pissed-off glance my way. I was still smiling.

Mr. Z never said one word to me after that. In fact, I never saw him again after the last day of school. Anyway, Mr. Z was right about one thing....he was pushed but only I saw who did it. Lon

The Twentieth Maine: A Classic Story of Joshua Chamberlain and His Volunteer Regiment

Stand Firm Ye Boys from Maine: The 20th Maine and the Gettysburg Campaign

Through Blood and Fire at Gettysburg: General Joshua L. Chamberlain and the 20th Maine

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Is This The Creature Witnesses Are Reporting?

I received the following information from former BTE co-host Joe Biello:

Hey Lon,
Your last email about the lemur like like sightings reminded me of an old report from the BFRO database that had a drawing of a wierd lemur like creature. The witness descirbed it as sloth like and orangutan like.

I am so glad Joe reminded me of this this what witnesses are reporting?

Report # 2405 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 06, 2001.
Dusk sighting on shoreline of Lake George at Deer Leap

YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Spring

DATE: Spring

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Warren County

LOCATION DETAILS: Just south of the Tongue Mt.Lookout on Route 9N.

NEAREST TOWN: Sabbath Day Point


OBSERVED: My brother and I were canoeing on Lake George, in N.Y state at about sunset. We headed south for 10 minutes to an area known as Deer Leap. At lake side it is a boulder strewn area with cliffs rising 600 feet above the shoreline. As we were begining to come on to this area we saw something standing on shore. It was brownish in color and standing straight up with it's arms at it's side. It was about the size of a small man and very thin. Its body was facing south, looking down the shorline when it suddenly turned its head directly towards us and looked very intently. We whispered to each other and watched it while it watched us. We were 2 grown men paddling parallel to the shore and about 200 feet out but we could not summon up the courage to go in closer. This thing had a strange look, almost a crazed grin. Like a giant Lemur. The sun was set now as we continued to watch it in the shadows of the mountain. As it was standing next to an old, dead pine tree, it turned and climbed, sloth-like up the tree about 20 feet to the first and only large limb and onto the crook of a branch. We paddled back around and as we approached it again cocked its head directly at us, after a minute or so it turned its face downward into its body and became as if it were a part of the tree. Just a lump on the crook of the branch. You would not know it was there unless you saw it move. I have been in this area all my life and have never seen anything like this and have not seen it since.

In my searchings I have found reference to a creature found in the woods of New Hampshire. Back in the 30's they called it the "Wood devil or Stick Men". The one thing incommon is they are able to blend into trees to avoid being seen.

ALSO NOTICED: It did not make any sounds.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses, 30 and 35 years old. Canoeing. Swimming.

OTHER STORIES: I have not heard of another story like this one but I did submit a "bigfoot sound" report that I heard near this location back in 92 and 93.
Also there is mentioned way back in the 1700's, in a report by Roger and his Rangers that "as they were traveling in Vermont from an attack on a French Fort in Canada, they were followed by a thing they called Old Slippery Skin ( a skinny thing) which threw rocks and branches down on them from the ridges above the valley floor they were traveling on. It did't make much of an impression on them , it seemed to be just a pest.


ENVIRONMENT: Boulders, lakeside. towering cliffs near by deep water and pine trees.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Withers:

The witness described the animal as about five feet tall and extremely skinny, like "a teenaged boy." It appeared to be covered with reddish brown hair and had a pale face, expressive eyes and mouth, and a "deranged" smile or smirk on its face. Unlike a bear, its arms were long and it lacked a pronounced snout.

The witness supplied these two drawings:

When it first spotted them, it turned its head and looked down its shoulder at them. It was standing ten to fifteen feet away from a dead pine tree that was about thirty-five feet tall and devoid of pine needles; the lowest branch was about fifteen feet above the ground.

Once the witnesses had passed the animal and turned their aluminum canoe around, it had already begun climbing the tree. It was ten feet up the trunk near the lowest branch, moving slowly like a sloth. It crawled onto the branch and moved its head to look at them again. Then it tucked its chin down into its chest and appeared to blend in with the reddish brown bark on the tree. The witness said that, once it blended into the tree, "The shape didn't have any definition to it."

The witness described it again to me in writing: "As soon as it put it's head down into it's underbelly, it looked like a large bump on the branch. If you hadn't seen it move it's head you would not know it was anything but a large branch. When it bent over on the branch blending in with the bark of the tree, it's fur had a pine bark look too."

During this sighting the witness felt no fear, however he did feel that there was a "boundary line," or a certain area between him and the animal that should not be encroached upon.

The witness' brother was contacted and he corroborated his brother's story, although his recollection of the sighting was not as detailed. He said that the creature was about four feet tall, and both sloth-like and orangutan-like in appearance, although he did not see its face. He doesn't remember seeing the creature standing on the shore before it climbed the tree; nor does he remember seeing it tuck its head down and "blend in" with the tree as his brother did.

According to the witness, several years later two girls, one of which is a lifeguard at a nearby YMCA camp, saw something they called "Monkey Boy" jumping on and off a wall. Attempts to locate and contact these witnesses have thus far been unsuccessful.

Update 11/7/2009: Another witness may have seen the same or another one of these creatures. See the email sent to the BFRO below. [Mike Aragona, BFRO Investigator New Jersey]

To whom it concerns: My girlfriend told me of an experience she had at Lake George 11 years ago when she saw a "monkey boy" at Lake George. I immediately searched for "monkey boy lake george" and found your case #2405: The description there is a striking match with her story, and in the same area. In fact, she worked at Silver Bay (the "YMCA camp" referenced in the report) and that is where she had her sighting. Her physical description is downright identical to the one provided by the witnesses in #2405. She saw the picture in the report and said, "That's him." The one difference is that she remembers the animal having a short tail. She doesn't want to contact you but I told her I would anyway. There's even a chance that she is one of the two girls mentioned in your report in reference to the YMCA camp, though her experience did not occur with another girl but with her boyfriend at the time.

Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter

Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting

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Reader Submission: Haunted Location - Lincoln, CA

Hi Lon, here is another pic for you. This one was taken by use of a Full Spectrum Camera. The house this was taken in was my father in law's former residence. He died 2 years ago and it has been sitting there empty ever since. His house is in Lincoln, California. The picture was taken about a year and a half ago. When he was ill and prior to dying, my wife took care of him. While in the house she would hear voices of people talking. The voices were muffled and she could not make out what they were saying. Although her father didnt believe in ghosts he told her there was something very wrong with the house and he heard voices also.

So after his death we began periodically checking on the house. While there we would perform EVP sessions. At times it was fairly quiet, at other times it sounded like a party going on with multiple spirits. We isolated what we thought were perhaps 3-4 females and maybe 5 male voices. One of the females spoke German. It is not an old house as it was originally built in 2005.

I attempted to enlarge and change the spectrum of the image in order to enchance some detail...Lon

One of the male voices was what I would call demonic. It was very profane and at one time promised to kill us both. After that my wife refused to enter the house and I have personally reduced my visits there.

We ordered a 10 megapixels Full Spectrum Camera and decided its maiden voyage would be in this house. I talked my wife into going in on this one and as we entered I held up the camera and verbally warned the spirits there that I had a device in my hands that would allow me to see them. I repeated the warning as I snapped random pictures. I walked toward the rear of the house where the master bedroom was snapping pics along the way. I entered the master bedroom and turned to my right. Directly in front of me was the master bedrooms bathroom. I snapped a few pictures of the bathroom.

In the first picture you will see the bathroom without magnification. On the right is a tall pillar that is somewhat lighted. About halfway down you will see what I call "the critter" peeking out. The critter is actually inside the closet. The closet has mirrored sliding doors and the the right sliding door has been moved to the left revealing the inside of the empty closet. He or "it" is peering out of it at me.

The next picture is a close up of the thing in the closet. As you can see his face is skeleton like. He appears to have hair locks on the top of his head. You can clearly see his eyes, nose and mouth. Above his right eye and in his forehead is what appears to be a hole. Is this how he died??

I find it amusing that this "thing" apparently ran from us and attempted to hide at the rear end of the house and in the closet! I have done a few more EVP sessions there but have not gotten our little Demon on recording. So who knows, maybe he was frightened out of his wits and took up residency next door. Somewhat amusing to see that something scares them also.

Dan in Roseville, CA

NOTE: I contacted Dan and mentioned that I didn't sense that this was an evil entity...though it is what I call a 'trickster'. These spirits are earthbound and have a tendency to lash out out the living if provoked. Unless he wanted to move the entity along, it's best to ignore it. Most earthbound spirits will take on the personality that they demonstrated in life. If the house does indeed harbor several energies then it may be best to move them along. I'm not positive what Dan captured in the image...I'll leave that to the readers to decide. Lon

Haunted Houses of California: A Ghostly Guide to Haunted Houses and Wandering Spirits

Haunted Northern California: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Golden State (Haunted Series)

Spooky California: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore

Just the Facts?: Earthquakes Turn Water Into Gold -- The Truth Is Out There -- Cat Turns 27 Years Old

Earthquakes turn water into gold

Gold could be deposited almost instantaneously in the Earth's crust during earthquakes, say Australian researchers.

The researchers have found gold is formed when an earthquake widens a fluid-filled rock fracture, causing a drop in pressure, which in turn allows gold dissolved in the fluid to rapidly leach out.

Their study, reported in the journal Nature Geoscience, explains how the metal changes from a soluble state to concentrated deposits.

"[This process] may underpin the formation of up to 80 per cent of the world's gold deposits," they write.

Much of the world's gold is found in quartz veins that formed during periods of mountain building up to three billion years ago and was deposited by large volumes of water along deep, seismically active faults.

The veins were formed under fluctuating pressures during earthquakes, but until now, the magnitude of these pressure shifts and how they influence the formation of gold was unknown.

Dr. Dion Weatherley of the University of Queensland and Professor Richard Henley from the Australian National University, developed a mathematical model to see how different earthquake magnitudes affect fluid-filled rock fractures.

They found that a sudden drop in pressure in the fracture causes the fluid inside to expand and vaporise — a process known as flash vaporization.

"The change in the volume of the fracture causes a change in fluid pressure," explains Weatherley.

"The fluid becomes supersaturated at the low pressures and the various minerals that are dissolved will precipitate out very rapidly."

Different minerals are known to precipitate out of fluids at specific pressures.

Weatherley and Henley found the ability of minerals to dissolve out of the water grew quickly even for relatively small earthquakes.

While a single event may not deposit significant levels of gold, successive earthquakes in the same area can cause a build up of these deposits within the fracture eventually leading to economically viable gold concentrations, say the researchers.

The bulk of gold mined today has been found where deposits are exposed on or near the surface.

According to Weatherley, geologists believe they've explored the majority of the dry part of the planet, and now have to start looking for deposits which are hidden in deeper parts of the crust.

That requires more knowledge on the geological processes that have been occurring in that part of the world.

"When we know what forms a deposit, we can go looking for ancillary tell-tale signs of where those kind of mechanisms may have been occurring both in the recent past and through geological time," says Weatherley.

"This may assist in future gold exploration efforts." - CBC


The truth is out there: aliens visit to help, and use the loo

There have been many interesting presentations at the Mitchell Theatre over the years.

There was the Tom Keneally Anniversary Lecture and a talk on the building of the Harbour Bridge, and last month Peter FitzSimons spoke about his latest book, Eureka.

But the lecture scheduled at the Pitt Street venue next month is in a different realm.

Aliens. Tall, white ones, at that.

Charles Hall, a nuclear physicist, ex-military American weather specialist and author is touring Australia with his claims that the United States military has been in contact with an alien species for years.

He says the aliens would dress as humans and visit Las Vegas.

''In 1964, when I was a weather observer at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, I witnessed interactions between the military and a group of mysterious tall, white, human-like extra-terrestrials,'' the Vietnam veteran said from his home in Albuquerque.

''Their craft are capable of travelling faster than the speed of light because Einstein was wrong about relativity.''

Mr Hall said no cameras were allowed at the site, which has since been wiped off the map.

When he arrived, a colleague had wanted to lock them in the weather station and not go to the other end of the building ''because that's where he had encountered them. There was a group of five, two men and three women, and they had come to go to the bathroom.

''When you encounter the 'tall whites' it's such a shock, you are not sure if you are looking at a ghost or an angel, or if you are dreaming,'' he said.

Mr Hall said he had contact with three types of aliens - the ''tall whites'' (about 2.5 metres tall), ''greys'' (with yellow/orange skin) and the ''Norwegians with 24 teeth'', who look like humans and speak English.

They were principally involved in technology transfers with the US military, and tall whites would dress like humans and go to shows at Caesar's Palace.

Mr Hall said he originally penned his experiences into a fictional book to disguise the identities of those involved - but what was written was true. He said US officials had kept it all quiet because people weren't ''emotionally ready'' to accept alien life forms.

Mariana Flynn, the president of UFO Research Centre NSW, believed Mr Hall had encountered aliens. ''The topic is a red rag to a bull to some people, particularly those in authority,'' she said.

The lecture and book signing is on April 6. - SMH

Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors


NYU student invents wound-closing goo

A brainy NYU student has cooked up a magic gel that he says can stop even heavy bleeding — an invention that could make routine bandages obsolete.

Joe Landolina, 20, an Ulster County native and NYU junior, says his Veti-Gel almost instantly closes and begins healing even major wounds to internal organs and key arteries.

“There’s really no way to quickly stop bleeding except to hold lots of gauze on a wound,” Landolina told The Post. “I thought if you could pour this gel into a wound, it would solidify and stop the bleeding.”

Landolina, who is simultaneously pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biomolecular and chemical engineering and a master’s in biomedical engineering, created the substance with Isaac Miller, a 2013 NYU grad.

The precocious entrepreneur first honed his scientific chops working at his grandparents’ winery, Baldwin Vineyards, in upstate Pine Bush. - NYPost


Penis Stealing 'On The Rise' In African Countryside

The economy is still in shambles, drones could be surveying your house any day now and to make matters worse, penis stealing is 'on the rise'.

Alternet's headline warns, "Penis Snatching on the Rise -- Africa’s Genital-Stealing Crime Wave Hits the Countryside."

The story comes from UC Berkley anthropologist Louisa Lombard, who writes in Pacific Standard Magazine that reports of penis theft, typically confined to urban areas in West and Central Africa, have now spread to Tiringoulou, a "peanut-growing hamlet" in the Central African Republic that's "so small and poor it barely has a market."

Though Lombard admits she has never witnessed someone's manhood getting snatched, she spoke with "several eyewitnesses" who assured her this crime is all too real.

Some thieves are out to cash in on the "illicit and lucrative trade in organs," residents told Lombard.

Reports of penis larceny are older than Christ.

Harper's traces the first accounts of penis disappearance to China around 300 b.c., "when the mortal dangers of suo-yang, or 'shrinking penis,” were briefly sketched in the Nei Ching, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic Text of Internal Medicine."

The last penis stealing incident to grab worldwide headlines also took place in China. In July, 2012, Fei Lin of Niqiao village was sleeping when thieves reportedly put a bag over his head and then cut off and took little Fei.

Police suspected the heist was carried out by the jealous husbands of women Lin was rumored to have slept with. - THP


27-Year-Old British Cat May Be The World's Oldest

On March 6, a British cat called Wadsworth celebrated his 27th birthday, possibly making him the world's oldest feline.

Waddy, as he is more commonly known, is named after the British beer. He has lived with owner Ann Munday in Bedfordshire, England, since 1986. She adopted the cat when he was just 4 weeks old and had apparently been thrown out by his previous owners for being too small.

"When I got him I think he must have been the runt of the litter, he’s got no claws on his back feet,” Munday told Bedford Today.

"He was very poorly and sick when we got him," she told BBC. "He was back and forth to the vets in the first few weeks, he was full of infection."

Gill Monsell, Waddy's vet, says that the cat is largely healthy with only a few old-age ailments like hyperthyroidism. "Mrs. Munday does a fantastic job of treating him and he is very stable on the medication."

‘I’ve always had cats, but he is an absolute dream," Munday told Metro. "He has been a fantastic companion since my husband died 13 years ago."

At 125 cat years, it's no surprise that Waddy has slowed his pace a little. Munday describes him as a "little old man" who mainly eats and sleeps.

It is likely that Waddy is the oldest cat in England and possibly in the world. However, the title of oldest cat ever goes to Creme Puff from Texas, who was 38 when she passed away in 2005. - THP

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Black-Eyed Children in Dulce, NM

I recently received the following email:

My father and I were in Dulce, NM today. I've lived in NM since 2000, but never been to this town, despite it having quite the history in cattle mutilations, etc. As we were inside the grocery store, there were 2 very strange-looking teens wandering around, almost like brother and sister. The younger boy was about 11 and had his hair slicked like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals and the teen girl was wearing dark black sunglasses indoors the whole time.

Upon leaving the store, another family was coming in - a white, engineering-type nerdy government lab-looking type with a native American woman, along with their 4 children. There was a baby in the basket covered with a blanket, 2 year-old, and what looked like 4 and 7 year-old girls. The combination of the nerdy engineering-type white guy with his native-looking wife, in such an insular community seemed strange, to me, for this area.

Then, there was the children, whose skin was much, much darker than that of what I assumed to be their native American mother. The 2 girls stopped short of me, as I was coming out of the grocery store entrance. The way they looked at me - almost animal-like, in curiosity, with silent gazes and their heads cocked inquisitively, almost like a curious puppy dog, with what seemed to be extremely dark black, very reflective, glistening eyes. KZ

NOTE: This is an interesting combination of two phenomena related to aliens...Dulce Base and black-eyed children. I'd be interested to know if others have experienced an encounter this unique. Is it possible that the BEK phenomena is a result of human experimentation in deep underground facilities...ex. Dulce Base? I have posted information I received a few years ago about the location. There is much more information available...just use the search tool at the blog - Phantoms & Monsters


I received the following email in March 2011:

Lon, I read the letter you posted recently about the Dulce Labs genetics experiments and wanted to share my experiences with your readers. When I was an undergraduate studying genetics in the mid-1970s, I did a 10-month internship at Dulce Labs. My primary duties were on level 1, that is where I spent almost all of my time. But once a week I accompanied one of the junior researchers to levels 5, 6, and 7 to collect data tapes and other documentation. I never got past the "clear zone" on those levels, but on a couple occasions I heard inhuman shrieks and wailing noises on level 6. I was told that level 6 was a psychiatric facility for especially disturbed patients, and that they were known to have emotional outbursts.

On one occasion while we were waiting for someone to bring out the tapes, I heard part of a message come through the intercom, and the words are burned into my memory.


After a pause a second voice came over the speaker:


The guard at the desk told me and my colleague that we had to leave immediately, we were rushed back into the elevator before the materials were delivered to us. It was two days before they let us go pick up the tapes, and when we went that time, everything was normal. Nobody ever talked about it. I tried to ask my colleague, the junior researcher who was there at the time, about it, but he said he didn't know what I was talking about, and something in his tone told me I'd better forget about it too.

After I graduated I was interested in returning to Dulce because I was really excited about the potential for genetic science, and Dulce had some very advanced equipment and knowledge - better than anything being used anywhere else. But I was told that there weren't any openings. I wondered if I was being blown off because of my curiosity about that event, if I was considered a risk. I tried contacting the junior researcher, but never got a response from him.

NOTE: This was not an anonymous email, but I will not divulge the identity for obvious reasons...Lon


The above email was in response to the following post:

Sir, first off, if you want the full story let me know. But this will explain how Mothman came about. U.S. Energy Secretary John Herrington named the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory to house advanced genetic research centers as part of a project to decipher the human genome. The genome holds the genetically coded instructions that guide the transformation of a single cell, a fertilized egg, into a biological organism.

"The Human Genome Project may well have the greatest direct impact on humanity of any scientific initiative before us today", said David Shirley, Director of the Berkeley Laboratory. Covertly, this research has been going on for years at the Dulce bio-genetics labs. Level 6 is hauntingly known by employees as "Nightmare Hall". It holds the genetic labs at Dulce. Reports from workers who have seen bizarre experimentation, are as follows:

"I have seen multi-legged 'humans' that look like half-human/half-octopus. Also reptilian-humans, and furry creatures that have hands like humans and cries like a baby, it mimics human words... also huge mixture of lizard-humans in cages. There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those species. There are several cages (and vats) of winged-humanoids, grotesque bat-like creatures...but 3 1/2 to 7 feet tall. Gargoyle-like beings and Draco-Reptoids."

"Level 7 is worse, row after row of thousands of humans and human mixtures in cold storage. Here too are embryo storage vats of humanoids in various stages of development. I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told to never try to speak to them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. It began the Dulce Wars".

When the truth was evident that humans were being produced from abducted females, impregnated against their will, a secret resistance group formed. This did little though. Over time they were assassinated or "died under mysterious circumstances".


The Dulce, New Mexico Base

An underground Military Base/Laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico connects with the underground network of tunnels which honeycombs our planet, and the lower levels of this base are allegedly under the control of Inner Earth beings or Aliens. This base is connected to Los Alamos research facilities via an underground "tube-shuttle." (It can be assumed that such a shuttle way would be a straight-line construction. It should then be possible, by using maps and some deduction, to determine the most likely location of this base, especially since the general location is already known.) Beginning in 1947, a road was built near the Dulce Base, under the cover of a lumber company. No lumber was ever hauled, and the road was later destroyed. Navajo Dam is the Dulce Base's main source of power, though a second source is in El Vado (which is also another entrance). Most of the lakes near Dulce were made via government grants "for" the Indians.

Dulce Base - The Central Hub

-1st Level - contains the garage for Street Maintenance.

-2nd Level- contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and UFO maintenance.

-3rd Level - the first 3 levels contain government offices.

-4th Level - Human Aura Research as well as aspects of Dream Manipulation, Hypnosis, and Telepathy. They can lower your heartbeat with Delta Waves and introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind (for those implanted with brain chips). Most people already are, they just don't know it.

-5th Level - witnesses have described huge vats with amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside. Rows and rows of cages holding men, women and children to be used as food. Perhaps thousands.

-6th Level - privately called "Nightmare Hall." It contains the genetic labs. Here are where the crossbreeding experiments of human/animal are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages and vats of humanoid bat-like creatures up to 7 feet tall.

-7th Level - Row after row of 1,000s of humans in cold storage including children.

NOTE: It is alleged that Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest are the major holding area of earth based extraterrestrial beings in North America, although there are a number of smaller habitation locations scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51. 'Dulce Base' is said to hold the second largest repository of extraterrestrials and equipment in North America. None of this information takes into account what resources other nations and governments possess. All the evidence I have received is anecdotal but, IMO, the sources are reliable. You can find more at Dulce Conference Ends / The Dulce Report, What Really Happened in the 1979 Dulce Firefight? and Blue Planet Project - The Dulce Base...Lon

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

The Dulce Protocol

The Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology and the Coming New Race

Just the Fact?: One-Way Ticket to Mars Available -- Myaaka Skunk Ape Update -- Reptilian Encounter in Taiwan

Wanted: People willing to die on Mars

The man behind the private space project dubbed Mars One is looking for people to travel to Mars, but he's not offering a return ticket.

"The technology to get humans to Mars and keep them alive there exists," Bas Lansdorp told Day 6 host Brent Bambury in an interview that aired this week on CBC Radio.

"The technology to bring humans from Mars back to Earth simply does not exist yet."

Lansdorp said he's looking for people who are utterly dependable, good in groups and "at their best when things are at their worst."

The never-to-return explorers will require eight years of training, and the search starts this year.

The flight is scheduled to leave in Sept. 2022. - CBC


Dead fish at the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro on March 14, 2013. About 65 tons of fish have been removed from the lagoon after oxygen levels dropped due to pollution, according to local media. Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon will host the rowing competitions in the 2016 Olympic Games.


Myaaka Skunk Ape Update - Possible Coverup Attempt

Video - Myaaka Skunk Ape Update - Possible Coverup Attempt

Local officials and State Park Rangers ticketing Skunk Ape hunters. This this an attempt to coverup the existence of these hominids? Use the video link above. Stay tuned....

Abominable Snowmen, Legend Comes To Life: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Oh-Mah, Grassman And Skunk Ape: The Story Of Sub-Humans On Five Continents From The Early Ice Age Until Today Illustrated

The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster


Abduction Dream

Dewey, Arizona - 9/28/1991 - unedited: My daughter was only a few days old, went out side as she slept in her crib, watching the stars with my husband wondering about life having a brand new baby exc... went to bed about 1030pm, at midnight I woke up to a blended sounds of wind chime and humming noise to see my hall way was all lit with a beautiful bluish light with what looked like powder all threw the light. I looked at my husband who was facing the opposite way that as I laying and our child facing his direction as well. I looked at the light hallway when I seen this fat stumpy dark being appear with his hand out, I just stood up and I was next to the baby crib at this point, I then looked at the clock which showed midnight, then I looked back at the being when a small gray about 1/2 foot taller then the stumpy being came threw the wall looking at me with his hand out as if he was insisting for me to come with it, I took one step looking at them when a very large being appeared again with its hand extended to me, I for some reason did take its hand passing the other two looking at me and we faced the wall, then all of a sudden entered a beautiful white all molded seating spacious craft, in the middle of this craft there was some kind of box with some oval ball hovering above the box making a vibration feeling and hum sound, I turned to the wall as the three watched me standing on the other side of that glowing oval ball as I was looking at the wall of the craft, when I touched the wall tiny swirls between my fingers turned iridescent pearl like, I walked to the glowing ball and reached out for it when the stumpy being grabbed my wrist, the small gray alien grabbed his hand from my wrist which felt like sand paper and looked at me, then I just stood there as the inside of the craft became brighter and brighter, then it stopped briefly and they were just starring at me when the small gray being moved its head a bit and said with out moving its mouth "We do exist where we cant be seen!" then they moved their heads a little and the fat stumping thing did something to the glowing ball and we went down into what looked like water, then you can feel the craft plunge and you could see bubbles everywhere still going down a bit, the sides of the craft became more transparent and I was now looking up at a coral reef and fish with the suns light gleaming threw the water, it was very beautiful!! then all of a sudden the craft was going upward and out of the water traveling back the inside of the craft was getting a little darker, the tall insect being took my hand and before I knew it, we were back in my hall way, I was looking at my husband and I could see our baby between the crib bars laying the opposite way and the clock said 12:15am. Still holding its hand I looked up and seen how the beings eyes were huge wrap around black eyes about as tall as the ceiling in the hallway, a slit for a mouth, the skin had dimpling around the eyes and below the cheeks only, very thick bottom short lashes and very tight bluish-green grayish skin every where, black wrap around eyes, 4 long long fingers, thin build large chest, the feet looked like all one, maybe two bulges for toes but were long feet. The short stumpy thing was about 4ft tall was brown, no neck, fat stumps for fingers and feet with some what like a young boys eyes lips and no nose slits and more of a slit mother, the small gray being was the traditional look of a small gray alien 2 slits for a nose and mouth slender 4 ft tall. I was not scared but I would like to have hypnosis on this!! Thank you - MUFON CMS


Reptilian Encounter in Taiwan

I received the following email from a reader in Taiwan:

It was early in the morning. I was living in a small temple with some monks and nuns. (Near Hsinchu city in northern Taiwan) The master told me not to go jogging too early in the morning but I had to get back and be ready for morning ceremony. I left the temple at around 4.00am. I had jogged the same route a few times already. As I ran down the hill to the valley I could see someone standing on the side of a small Chinese bridge. I was thinking,' must be some strange guy - I will go a say good morning to him'. As I got closer I thought this is too big to be a man. The road side is cover in bamboo on the side. I would lose sight as I turn the bend in the road going down to the valley. As I got within about 30 feet or the last bend in the road \my body went into shock. I knew this because my arms and legs turn white as the blood race to my vital organs so I had to slow down. Around 15 feet I was thinking, O my God, how this can be; this is not human, what the ----. So I slowed right down to a slow walk, I was thinking that I could lose my life at any moment, my amazement took over my fear. The reptilian was about 9 feet tall. I remember its legs were powerful, its skin was green and had green scales it also had wings and head like that of a lizard or like a dinosaurs, but he was good looking. He looked kind of royal looking, extremely well built and very powerfully looking, his wings made him look a little angelic. As I approach him he turn his head to look at me with his small black shining eyes and then turn his head to look at a pack of dogs on the overside of the bridge as if to call them. The dogs started to chase me away so I had to run back up the hill. I ran back to the temple to see my master - I said master I saw a dragon, he just turned away. A few years after some other master confirm what I saw. I admired him I thought he was free, not trap buy material things.

NOTE: Interesting encounter...I wonder if this was a Confucian temple? Lon

The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion and Alien Mythos

The Dulce Protocol

The Grand Deception: They're Already Here, Have Been For A Long Time, And They're Still Coming...

Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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