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St. Anthony Hotel: Spiritual Being?

I received the following inquiry a few days ago:

Hi Lon,

Can you look at a picture (upper left) and tell me what you think? I took it last year at the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio TX. I am currently installing internet and WiFi and I have been in and out of this hotel for almost a year. I have taken approx. 300 pictures and some video. This is the only picture that has me wondering what I’ve taken a picture of. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Rene R.

I emailed Rene for additional information:

The St. Anthony Hotel was built in 1909 and is located in downtown San Antonio, TX. Downtown is supposedly haunted because of all the battles from the Alamo. It's in walking distance to the hotel. There has been one reported suicide on the 5th floor. I have talked to the staff and a few have had seen orbs and witnessed a woman in red wandering the first floor. I have personally seen a black orb on the 3rd floor. I was in a shaft that has pipes and some ac ducts that goes from the first to the tenth floor. I was looking into the shaft while pulling cable and saw a black ball the size of a tennis ball shoot from right to left and disappear into the wall. I've had dizzy spells in the Alamo conference room bathroom. As soon as I stepped out the feeling would instantly go away. It also has happened to my coworker. On the the first floor there is a conference room that is always freezing even though the ac is off. I also get the creeps on the 10th and 5th floors. I have captured orbs on camera but they are probably dust. This is a grand old hotel. I almost forgot a staff member saw a half woman half bird thing on the 4th. I am not sure if I believe him because he also gives me the creeps. I will continue taking pictures till this job is over.


Rene R.

UPDATE: for those who insist that this is an insect, please note that this image was taken without a flash.

Here are a few links describing paranormal activity at St. Anthony Hotel:

Ghost Hunting At The Saint Anthony Hotel

The Ghosts of St. Anthony

San Antonio is one of the most haunted cities in America

NOTE: These 'sprite-like' entities are known to manifest in high-energy haunted locations. There is probably no connection to earth beings (elf-like creatures, including fairies, and similar beings) and more likely a manifestation of a spirit energy...similar to signature orbs and other non-descript apparitions. Lon

When Darkness Falls: Tales of San Antonio Ghosts and Hauntings

Coast To Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America

Mysteries and Legends of Texas: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained (Myths and Mysteries Series)

Just the Facts?: America’s Deadly Phenomenon: Sinkholes -- The New Pandemic? -- 3 Ways to Hypnotize...a Chicken

America’s deadly phenomenon: Sinkholes

Police are still investigating what caused a 100-foot-wide sinkhole in Florida that killed a man when the ground disappeared beneath his house.

The fear of looming danger is real and present all over the globe, and pictures of the terrifying holes that appear seemingly unannounced and leave a trail of bodies and damage in their wake.

Officially sink holes are caused by the dissolution of soluble bedrock and the frequency and likelihood of such changes occurring depends on a number of natural factors like the type of rock present and the weather conditions in the area. Continue reading at (several photos) Daily Mail


'Hair police' in Nepal

Police authorities in Kathmandu are facing flak from residents following a drive targeting young boys and a few girls for keeping long hair and wearing earrings. On Monday police detained 711 persons including three girls as part of a campaign to bring down incidents of theft, loot and other criminal activities.

But instead of taking action based on past records of those detained, the main criterion behind the action was the length of their hair and their appearance.

After rounding them up from all corners of the city the police took down names, fingerprints and photos of the detainees before handing them over to their parents and guardians.

Some unlucky ones also had their hair cut by the police in presence of their guardians and were warned not sport long hair in future.

“Is it against the law that I want to keep my hair long? Are we being ruled by the Taliban,” quoted an unidentified youth who was forced to cut his hair short.

The police action has sparked an online outrage with many accusing the authorities of trampling on personal liberty of residents and some demanding an apology from IGP Kuber Singh Rana.

“Who in Nepal Police comes up with idiotic ideas occasionally? What right (do they) have to arrest people for looks,” wrote senior journalist Damakant Jayshi on Twitter.

“Nepal Police has gone into retard mode if you think catching kids with long hair and earrings is going to help you catch the criminals,” wrote Tamu Hoina on Nepal Police’s Facebook page.

“Keep you tweet short or you will be thrown behind bars,” tweeted Sagar Ghimire, another journalist.

Senior police officials could not be contacted for their comments but reports in local media quoted unnamed police officials as defending the move. - Hindustan Times

Nepal - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture

Nepal in Transition: From People's War to Fragile Peace


3 Ways to Hypnotize...a Chicken

By Linda Riggins, The Old Farmer's Almanac
Source: MindTrip Magazine

"I've been hypnotizing chickens since I was nine, when the county 4-H agent in Milwaukee showed me how," says Dr. Doris White, a Bernardsville, New Jersey, chicken farmer who is also professor of elementary education at William Paterson College and a chicken hypnotism instructor.

"When he taught me, I thought everyone knew how to hypnotize chickens." She was wrong. She points out that "some farmers are still surprised that a person can hypnotize chickens. But after they see me demonstrate how it's done, they go home and try it themselves"

The Oscillating Finger Method
Dr. White shows her audiences two methods of hypnotizing chickens. The Oscillating Finger Method is probably the easier of the two. Place the bird on its side with a wing under its body and hold it down gently. Make sure its head is flat on the table. To hypnotize the bird, use one finger of the free hand, moving the finger back and forth in front of the bird's beak from its tip (without touching it) to a point that is about four inches from the beak. Keep the finger in a line parallel to the beak.

The Sternum Stroke Method
The second technique is the Sternum Stroke Method. Gently put the bird on its back. It may be necessary to use a book, purse, or other item to keep the bird from rolling onto its side. Hold the bird down. Lightly massage the bird's sternum, using the slightly spread thumb and index finger of one hand to do the stroking.

The Chalk Line Method
(Editor's Note: A third technique, discovered buried in the files of The Old Farmer's Almanac, is the Chalk Line Method. Draw a straight chalk mark about a foot long. Hold the chicken with its beak on one end of the line, staring straight out at the chalk mark. In a few seconds, the chicken will be hypnotized.)

"A bird will stay hypnotized for a couple of seconds, minutes, or hours," says White, although in her demonstrations they're "out" for only minutes. Regardless of the method used, a sudden movement or loud noise will bring the chicken out of the hypnotic trance.

White adds, "Pheasants go out faster than any other bird. Wild pheasants are very nervous and high-strung, and usually very easy to hypnotize." In her demonstrations, she is protective of pheasants, because after they come out of hypnosis, they are likely to hurt themselves unless they are carefully monitored.

Noting that domestic birds are more difficult to hypnotize than wild ones, she suggests that one reason may be that wild birds are using a survival skill when they submit to hypnosis.

White has reported the results of her experiments at several New Jersey science conferences and fairs. In one of her studies of 11 birds, the heart and respiration rates, when measured five minutes after hypnosis, were significantly lower than in the prehypnotic state. For example, in a Bantam White Cochin cock, the heart rate before hypnosis was 457 beats per minute and after hypnosis 372. The rates for this bird's respiration were 22 and 20 breaths per minute, respectively. The temperatures of nine of these birds went down or were unchanged in the posthypnotic state.

NOTE: makes it easier when you wring it's neck. Just saying...Lon

The Everything Hypnosis Book: Safe, Effective Ways to Lose Weight, Improve Your Health, Overcome Bad Habits, and Boost Creativity (Everything (Health))

Dictionary of Animal Behaviour (Oxford Paperback Reference)


Psychic called to help find stolen plant containing human ashes

A psychic has been called in to help find a bonsai plant containing human ashes stolen from a Gold Coast nursery.

The valuable Queensland small leaf fig tree was stolen from a Mudgeeraba nursery last week along with several other bonsais.

Nursery owner Carole Waller discovered the theft on Saturday morning. Some of the bonsais were more than 40 years old, including one nurtured by her late husband for more than 20 years.

However, it is the small leaf fig, containing the ashes of a client's best friends, that hurt most.

He had brought the plant to Mrs Waller for maintenance.

"I was just devastated," she said.

"I knew it had ashes in there and how important it was to my client."

The man wanted to remain anonymous, but Mrs Waller said she was so desperate to find the plant, she had engaged a psychic.

"Police are investigating, but I've also spoken to a leading psychic," she said. "You probably think I'm mad, but I thought there's a link to the afterworld in that plant so it was worth asking for some help."

She appealed to the thieves' consciences to return the plant.

"They don't have to turn themselves in," she said. "They can just put the plant back on the property and we would leave it at that. We'd be so grateful." - Daily Telegraph


The New Pandemic?

The emergence of a deadly virus previously unseen in humans that has already killed half those known to be infected requires speedy scientific detective work to figure out its potential.

Experts in virology and infectious diseases say that while they already have unprecedented detail about the genetics and capabilities of the novel coronavirus, or NCoV, what worries them more is what they don't know.

The virus, which belongs to the same family as viruses that cause the common cold and the one that caused Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), emerged in the Middle East last year and has so far killed seven of the 13 people it is known to have infected worldwide.

Of those, six have been in Saudi Arabia, two in Jordan, and others in Britain and Germany linked to travel in the Middle East or to family clusters.

"What we know really concerns me, but what we don't know really scares me," said Michael Osterholm, director of the U.S.-based Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy and a professor at the University of Minnesota.

Less than a week after identifying NCoV in September last year in a Qatari patient at a London hospital, scientists at Britain's Health Protection Agency had sequenced part of its genome and mapped out a so-called "phylogenetic tree" - a kind of family tree - of its links.

Swiftly conducted scientific studies by teams in Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere have found that NCoV is well adapted to infecting humans and may be treatable medicines similar to the ones used for SARS, which emerged in China in 2002 and killed a tenth of the 8,000 people it infected.

"Partly because of the way the field has developed post-SARS, we've been able to get onto this virus very early," said Mike Skinner, an expert on coronaviruses from Imperial College London. "We know what it looks like, we know what family it's from and we have its complete gene sequence."

Yet there are many unanswered questions.


"At the moment we just don't know whether the virus might actually be quite widespread and it's just a tiny proportion of people who get really sick, or whether it's a brand new virus carrying a much greater virulence potential," said Wendy Barclay, a flu virologist, also at Imperial College London.

To have any success in answering those questions, scientists and health officials in affected countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan need to conduct swift and robust epidemiological studies to find out whether the virus is circulating more widely in people but causing milder symptoms.

This would help establish whether the 13 cases seen so far are the most severe and represent "the tip the iceberg", said Volker Thiel of the Institute of Immunobiology at Kantonal Hospital in Switzerland, who published research this month showing NCoV grows efficiently in human cells.

Scientists and health officials in the Middle East and Arab Peninsular also need to collaborate with colleagues in Europe, where some NCoV cases have been treated and where samples have gone to specialist labs, to try to pin down the virus' source.


Initial scientific analysis by laboratory scientists at Britain's Health Protection Agency (HPA) - which helped identify the virus in a Qatari patient in September last year - found that NCoV's closest relatives are most probably bat viruses.

It is not unusual for viruses to jump from animals to humans and mutate in the process - high profile examples include the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS and the H1N1 swine flu which caused a pandemic in 2009 and 2010.

Yet further work by a research team at the Robert Koch Institute at Germany's University of Bonn now suggests it may have come through an intermediary - possibly goats.

In a detailed case study of a patient from Qatar who was infected with NCoV and treated in Germany, researchers said the man reported owning a camel and a goat farm on which several goats had been ill with fevers before he himself got sick.

Osterholm noted this, saying he would "feel more comfortable if we could trace back all the cases to an animal source".

If so, it would mean the infections are just occasional cross-overs from animals, he said - a little like the sporadic cases of bird flu that continue to pop up - and would suggest the virus has not yet established a reservoir in humans.

Yet recent evidence from a cluster of cases in a family in Britain strongly suggests NCoV can be passed from one person to another and may not always come from an animal source.

An infection in a British man who had recently travelled to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, reported on February 11, was swiftly followed by two more British cases in the same family in people who had no recent travel history in the Middle East.

The World Health Organization says the new cases show the virus is "persistent" and HPA scientists said the cluster provided "strong evidence" that NCoV, which like other coronaviruses probably spreads in airborne droplets, can pass from one human to another "in at least some circumstances".

Despite this, Ian Jones, a professor of virology at Britain's University of Reading, said he believes "the most likely outcome for the current infections is a dead end" - with the virus petering out and becoming extinct.

Others say they fear that is unlikely.

"There's nothing in the virology that tells us this thing is going to stop being transmitted," said Osterholm. "Today the world is one big virological blender. And if it's sustaining itself (in humans) in the Middle East then it will show up around the rest of the world. It's just a matter of time." - Reuters

Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

Little Book of Pandemics: 50 of the World's Most Virulent Plagues and Infectious Diseases

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Archive: Dark Cloaked Being -- Bear-Like Creature in Illinois -- Encountering Humanoids

I've been digging in the archive for a few interesting submissions:


I have never tried to contact someone before about this, but here it goes. It's not a traditional "alien" story, but I am interested in seeing if anyone else has seen what I did. When I was 7 or 8 years old, I lived on Oahu in Hawaii, in the Salt Lake City area, which is located next to the base on that island.

We lived in a very populated area in a 12 level apartment building. It was a two bedroom - my parents room was on the other side of the apartment. One night I had a bad dream and got up in the middle of the night to sleep in my parent's bed.

Only my dad was there - I don't remember where my mother was. At some point in the earlier morning hours I had to go to the bathroom. I wasn't scared - I was just sleepy. The bathroom was adjoined to the bedroom. As I walked out of the bathroom toward the bed, something in the corner of my eye caught my attention and I looked up and saw a figure in a dark cloak walking past the doorway.

It saw me at the same time. We both were startled, and just stared at each other for a moment. I was scared out of my mind. I couldn't move or scream. One thing that was impressed on me was how little it was. It was my height.

It was wearing a dark cloak that covered its head and was clasped at the neck. Inside the cloak was pitch-black (so much that it seemed unnatural), and two large oval slanted (typical) RED glowing eyes was all I could see.

We stared at each other for a moment, then it jumped out of view. I had no idea what I saw nor what to do - I was completely freaked out and my dad was lying there asleep. So I did what most children do when they are scared - I laid down on the bed, and pulled the covers over my head.

It seemed like I might be imagining it as it happened, but I felt someone pushing down on the bed in a circle around me, and then last pushing on my pillow. I remembered everything very clearly, but didn't tell anyone for a very long time.

It never crossed my mind that it was an alien until much later. I thought it was some kind of demon. There are a lot of stories about evil little people in Hawaii, and I figured that was what I saw. But I met a lady who heard my story and told me about the greys, and the fact that I surprised and shocked it is what I can't get over. She said that it was probably expecting me to still be in my bed and that it was there for my father. JJ



Long time reader, first time writer…I want to firstly say how much I appreciate everything you do/have done with the site. It’s a great blog and I check it everyday, usually more than 3 times a day.

A few years ago, my now ex-wife and I were coming home from a trip to Vincennes, IN. It was around 10:00pm and in the late Spring. We were traveling north on ILRR 33 towards Palestine, we lived in Robinson, IL. Somewhere just South of the “Fuller Cemetery” I spotted a wild turkey or some other large bird on the right-hand side of the road. As we past it, she started to scream. She worked herself up to nearly tears and I was laughing (I’m so mean), but I could tell she was honestly distraught. As I pulled over into the cemetery drive, I told her to calm down, it was just a turkey that we saw. I asked her why she got so scared. She said, “I didn’t see a turkey!” I asked her what she saw and her response gave me goose-bumps. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up now, years later, re-telling the story. “What do you mean!? What did I see? You didn’t see that?” I had no idea what she was talking about, but she told me just as we came around a small curve (where I had seen the turkey that she didn’t see), that she saw a large animal running along side our car. “All I could see was dark fur and red eyes. It was running along side the car. Its head was at the top of the window. It was humongous!” I started going through animals that were big and near that height. The only half-way logical one I could think of was a bear.

So when we got home I photoshopped a picture of a bear illuminated as she would have seen it and reddened the eyes just a bit. She was frantic again, “that’s what I saw…that’s what I saw!”

Crawford County is not known for its bear population, in fact, other than this story, I’ve never heard from anyone else who has encountered one. They just aren’t here. She would probably swear today that it was what she saw. Jason



"Sir, I have read many of your reader's experiences. Because of your presentation, I have decided to come forward with a personal event that happened to me in 1987 while living in New Zealand. You have my permission to post this for your readers."

"One January morning, I set off on what should have been no more than a 3 hour drive to Auckland, NZ. I arrived at my destination feeling extremely tired and confused. When I went to the hotel front desk to check in, I was told that I had no room reservation. Then, after the desk clerk checked the records, I was stunned to learn that I had lost 5 days and had no idea where I had been."

"Luckily, there was a vacancy, so I checked in and went right to the room. After a quick shower and a bite to eat, I decided to grab a nap. I laid there wondering what had happened to me and that I may as well drive back home because I missed all of the appointments I had scheduled."

"Eventually, I drifted off to sleep but would wake up every hour or so feeling nervous and helpless. The next day, I drove back home. After a few days, though, I continued to experience extreme anxiety. I called my GP and was able to see him the next day. I didn't tell the doctor about my experience but did explain my nervousness and lack of sleep. Sensing this was more than a physical ailment, he suggested I see a anxiety therapist. After several sessions with the therapist, who I confided in about the lost time, I was recommended to a psychologist who had dealt with this phenomena before."

"A week later, I went to see the psychologist. As soon as I saw him, I had an instinctive feeling this was going to be an unusual session. He was fairly young with short blonde hair. His mannerisms were unlike those of any person I have ever met though, I just couldn't put a finger on why I felt this way. I sat down in a large leather chair directly facing the doctor. He stared at me for almost a minute, then smiled and asked me to tell him what I remembered. All of a sudden, a large flash seemed to hit me in the face and I was able to remember being escorted on board a huge craft by a tall and thin female dressed in a dark gray leotard. Her body features were human-like, similar figure with hips and breasts but a slightly larger head. Her nose, mouth, ears and hair looked human-like but her eyes were large and round with onyx black pupils. I suppose she could be termed as a 'humanoid'. She directed me to a room where I was told (in English) to wait."

"Soon, I was approached by three other humanoids, one tall, looking like the previous female humanoid, the second a bit shorter and was male. The third was a very short and stout male and walked ahead of the other two. All three had similar facial features except the short, stout humanoid had a small mouth and nose. I was struck with an almost overpowering feeling of his presence as if he possessed an energy that was being projected then reabsorbed by his body. The short humanoid said, "welcome" and told me that he was the designated “guardian” of this section. The humanoids seemed to communicate to each other by using telepathy and various hand motions."

"I was shown another "world" and arrived at a huge metropolis, which was very neat and orderly. I noticed when the craft landed that the city lacked any tall buildings and most of the buildings were pyramid shaped dwellings and made of what appeared to be a transparent but tinted material. I was taken to a residential area with children who were playing just like human children. The buildings here where cylinder shaped and opaque. The color inside the buildings was mostly a bright white with a touch of silver, gray and red inside. A soft light seemed to radiate from everything and all the residents seemed so peaceful."

"After what seemed like a few minutes, I remember sitting in my car parked in front of the hotel in Auckland. Then I hear the words "is that everything?". I opened my eyes and looked directly at the doctor, but this time he had transformed into the small, stout humanoid wearing a business suit. He simply said "hello...did you enjoy your journey" and I attempted to reply but could not speak. Then he told me to wait here and walked through a side door in the office."

"Several minutes later, the secretary walked in, shocked when she saw me and inquired to who I was and why I was in the doctor's office. I told her that the doctor had just left. She gave me the oddest look, then told me the doctor was out all day on an emergency. She then asked if I would care to reschedule an appointment. Still taken aback, I replied that I would call back later."

"I never have figured out how I got in the psychologist's office and why the small, stout humanoid confronted me there. Since that time, I have never had another experience."

"I wonder if others have had a similar encounter?"


Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters

Strange Encounters : Bizarre & Eerie Contact With UFO Occupants

The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television

Just the Facts?: Has Lemuria Been Found? -- Giant Sinkhole Swallows Florida Man -- Jeremy Wade Hunts For Nessie

Has Lemuria been found?

A a group of international scientists have found evidence that an ancient, lost continent may be buried beneath the Indian Ocean floor.

Nature reports that the study, published Feb. 24 in the journal Nature Geoscience, reports that fragments of an ancient micro-continent dubbed "Mauritia" now lie underwater between Madagascar and India.

As evidence of this lost continent, the researchers point to ancient sand grains that contain minerals pre-dating the volcanic eruption that they argue brought them to the surface, according to the BBC. These zircon minerals could be anywhere between 1,970 and 600 million years old.

"We found zircons that we extracted from the beach sands, and these are something you typically find in a continental crust," co-author Professor Trond Torsvik, from the University of Oslo, Norway, told the BBC. "They are very old in age."

Fragments of Mauritia may be found about 10 kilometers beneath the volcanic island of Mauritius, according to BBC, and would have existed between Precambrian Era and the time of the dinosaurs.

Mauritia may have been destroyed by plate tectonics between 50 million and 100 million years ago, according to ScienceNOW. The researchers, referred to by ScienceNOW as "geological detectives," used a variety of techniques in their study, such as gravity mapping, rock analysis and plate movement reconstruction.

From the journal of Nature Geoscience:

On the basis of reinterpretation of marine geophysical data, we propose that Mauritia was separated from Madagascar and fragmented into a ribbon-like configuration by a series of mid-ocean ridge jumps during the opening of the Mascarene ocean basin between 83.5 and 61 million years ago. We suggest that the plume-related magmatic deposits have since covered Mauritia and potentially other continental fragments.

Scientists told Nature that while there were "remote chances" the ancient zircons could have traveled to the islands on the wind, that possibility is very unlikely, bolstering the paper's claim.

Speaking with ScienceNOW, geochemist Andreas Stracke at the University of Münster in Germany said that, while there has been some speculation about buried ancient continental fragments in this region, “this could be a smoking gun.”

The Agence France-Presse notes that the floor of the Indian Ocean may, in fact, contain many different pieces of ancient continents that were destroyed or fragmented when the supercontinent Pangea broke apart about 200 million years ago.

Torsvik told the BBC that further research is needed to prove his paper's claims. For example, he said, seismic data could be used to image the structure, which would give researchers "ultimate proof." - THP

The Lost Land of Lemuria

The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria


'River Monsters' Jeremy Wade searches for Loch Ness Monster


This groundbreaking new season will culminate with a special Memorial Day two-hour season finale on Monday, May 27, at 9 pm ET/PT, which may just uncover the mother of all RIVER MONSTERS. For more than 30 years as a professional angler, Wade has gone head to head with the world’s most legendary RIVER MONSTERS – but there’s one legend he has yet to tackle – that of the Loch Ness Monster. Wade will take viewers along on an epic mission from the depths of Loch Ness to the volcanoes of Iceland to track down the world’s most famous water-dwelling monster.

The Loch Ness Monster: The Evidence

River Monsters : Piranha , Alligator Gar , European Maneater , Amazon Assassins , Amazon Flesh Eaters , Freshwater Shark , Killer Catfish : The Discovery Channel : 2 Disc Box Set : 346 Minutes


Florida man swallowed up by giant sinkhole

A huge sinkhole about 30 feet across opened up under a man's bedroom and swallowed him, taking all of the furniture too.

Jeff Bush, 37, was feared dead after the floor gave way Thursday night. As he screamed for help, his brother Jeremy Bush jumped into the hole to try to help, but couldn't see him and had to be rescued himself. With the earth still crumbling, a sheriff's deputy reached out his hand and pulled Jeremy Bush, 36, to safety.

"The floor was still giving in and the dirt was still going down, but I didn't care. I wanted to save my brother," Jeremy Bush said through tears Friday as he stood in a neighbor's yard. "But I just couldn't do nothing."

The only thing sticking out of the hole was a small corner of a bed's box spring. Cables from a television led down into the hole, but the TV set, along with a dresser, was nowhere to be seen.

Officials lowered equipment into the sinkhole but didn't see any sign of life.

Jeremy Bush said it took him only seconds to get to his brother's room about 11 p.m. Thursday. He had just knocked on his brother's bedroom door, telling him they weren't working Friday. The brothers were employed by the Transportation Department and picked up trash along interstates and roads.

"I went in my bedroom, heard a loud crash, ran in that direction," he said. "I was getting ready to run into the room and I almost fell into the hole. I jumped into the hole and started digging for me. I started screaming for him."

Engineers worked to determine the size of the sinkhole. At the surface, officials estimated it was about 30 feet across. Below the surface, officials believed it was 100 feet wide.

The state is especially prone to sinkholes because underneath the ground is limestone, a porous rock that easily dissolves in water, sometimes forming a hole in the earth.

From the outside of the small, sky blue house, nothing appeared wrong. There wear no cracks and the only sign something was amiss was the yellow caution tape circling the house.

There were six people at the home when it collapsed, including Jeremy Bush's wife and his 2-year-old daughter.

"It was something you would see in a movie. You wouldn't, in your wildest dreams, you wouldn't think anything like that could happen, especially here," he said.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputy Douglas Duvall rescued Jeremy Bush.

"I reached down and was able to actually able to get him by his hand and pull him out of the hole. The hole was collapsing. At that time, we left the house," Duvall said.

Sheriff's office spokesman Larry McKinnon said authorities asked sinkhole and engineering experts to help with the recovery effort, and they were using equipment to see if the ground can support the weight of heavy machinery that was needed.

"We put engineering equipment into the sinkhole and didn't see anything compatible with life," Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico said. "The entire house is on the sinkhole."

Neighbors on both sides of the home have been evacuated. - THP


Israeli researchers: Group of Colorado Native Americans have genetic Jewish root

Sheba Medical Center geneticists have found that a population of Indians in the U.S. state of Colorado has genetic Jewish roots going back to the expulsion of Jews from Spain.

The common marker was a unique genetic mutation on the BRCA1 gene. This mutation, commonly known as the “Ashkenazi mutation,” is found in Jews of Ashkenazi origin and is associated with an increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

The trail began with research conducted by Prof. Jeffrey Weitzel, an oncogenetic (cancer genetics) expert at the City of Hope Hospital in California. Weitzel examined samples from 110 American families of Hispanic origin, and followed them through a computational genetics study, and in 2005 published an article pointing to their common ancestry: People who had immigrated to the United States from Mexico and South America.

Weitzel’s discovery of the BRCA1 mutation in these Hispanics led him to suspect that there was a genetic connection between them and European Jews, and he sought to confirm the connection.

A study recently conducted at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer whose findings have been accepted for publication by the European Journal of Human Genetics has found the missing link: The mutation was also found in a group of Mexican Indians who had immigrated from Mexico to the United States over the past 200 years and settled in western Colorado.

When their samples were submitted to a computational genetic study, it emerged that they, along with Weitzel’s original Hispanic subjects, all had a common ancestor: A Jew who immigrated from Europe to South America up to 600 years ago, the period in which Christopher Columbus discovered America and the Jews of Spain were expelled.

The Sheba research was performed by a team headed by Prof. Eitan Friedman, head of the medical center’s Oncogenetics Unit, and student Yael Leitman, and sought to identify the original source of the BRCA1 mutation, found in about 1.5 percent of Jews of Ashkenazi origin and 0.5 percent of Iraqi Jews.

To do this, they collected samples from 115 families carrying this mutation from all over the world. These included Jewish families of Ashkenazi and Iraqi origin, and Jews originating from the Indian city of Cochin. They also, with Weitzel’s help, collected samples from 16 mutation-carrying families among the Mexican Indians in Colorado, five British families from Manchester, and three families from Malaysia.

The study was based on previous Sheba research from 15 years ago, during which primitive analyses were done on the mutation found in Ashkenazi and Iraqi Jews; at that time, it was thought the mutation had first occurred 2,500 years earlier, during the dispersion after the destruction of the First Temple.

However, the new analysis, which checked 15 different genetic markers associated with the mutation, demonstrated that the Iraqi version of the mutated gene traces back only 450 years, which testifies to a migration of Ashkenazi Jews to Iraq – most probably merchants – that has not been well documented.

Meanwhile, the mutation found in the Colorado Indians was found to be identical to that of Ashkenazi Jews, and dates to a period more than 600 years ago. Researchers say this offers incontrovertible genetic proof that some of the Jews expelled from Spain who reached the New World intermarried with local Indians whose descendants later migrated to the United States.

The mutation identified in the British and Malaysian families, on the other hand, does not come from the same source as the Ashkenazi mutation, indicating that the mutation developed in other communities in parallel.

According to Friedman, the Mexican-Indians of Colorado, who are concentrated in the Mesa Verde area, have never demonstrated any adherence to Jewish customs, nor do they possess any oral traditions that might link them to Jews. - Forwarded by email

The First Americans: Prehistory-1600 A History of US Book 1

The First North Americans: An Archaeological Journey

Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America's Clovis Culture

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just the Facts?: ET Visits Government Center? -- Manned Mars Mission Planned -- 2nd 'Titanic' to be Built

ET visits government center?

An employee of the Bacolod City Treasurer’s Office was surprised to see a 2-feet tall figure that looked like an extra terrestrial creature standing beside her in her photo taken by a fellow city employee in front of the Bacolod City Government Center at about 4 p.m. yesterday.

The employee, identified as a certain “Emily Santodelsis,” had requested her co-worker, Arian Ponce, to take a solo picture of her using her cellphone. When she looked at the photo later she saw a strange looking creature that looked like an alien from outer space standing beside her.

In another photo of Santodelsis taken on the same day there appeared a streak that looked as if she was being hit by lightning in the head.

One of her co-workers prayed over her after the experience because she was scared and shaken by what she saw on her cellphone.

Several personnel of the Public Order and Safety Office, who were on duty to secure the vicinity of the government center for the arrival of the Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines, as well as other city employees who were preparing to go home, saw Emily while her picture was being taken but did not see any creature beside her.

Some employees have claimed that they had seen about four of these “extra terrestrial beings” in the area. - Visayan Daily Star


The 'Inspiration Mars' mission planned for 2018

The first humans to visit Mars could be a married couple, after organisers of an ambitious manned mission to the Red Planet said that only a “tried and tested” male-female partnership could cope with the close confinement of a return trip.

Dennis Tito, the multi-millionaire financier and former rocket scientist behind the planned 2018 mission, said he was confident of raising the estimated $1.5bn to $2bn (£1bn- £1.3bn) needed to send a two-person mixed crew to Mars – but admitted that the total funding has yet to be found.

Mr Tito, who once worked for Nasa, promised to fund the Inspiration Mars mission for the next two years, and will ask other wealthy individuals and charitable foundations to contribute to the final cost of building and launching the manned space craft.

“I will come out a lot poorer because of this mission, but my grandchildren will come out a lot richer in terms of inspiration,” Mr Tito said at a press conference in Washington DC.

In addition to charitable and personal donations, Mr Tito said that he expected to raise money from television and media rights. The choice of a mixed crew of one man and one woman would heighten media interest, he said.

The privately-funded mission has signed a “space act” agreement with Nasa. A wide range of industrial partners has already approached the group with the hope of collaborating.

Selecting the man and woman who will become the first people to journey beyond the Moon will be a lengthy and complicated process.

“The requirements are going to be so high. It’s going to be quite a crew-selection process,” Mr Tito said.

The Spartan nature of the crew’s journey is outlined in a scientific paper to be presented this weekend by Mr Tito to an aerospace conference in Montana. There will be no luxuries or privacy, with both crew members expected to share the same small space for eating, sleeping and toileting.

“The journey is treated as a high-risk mission, which drives towards reliable – but minimalist – accommodations and provisions… that would meet only basic human needs to support metabolic requirements and limited crew comfort allowances,” the feasibility study says.

Jane Poynter of Paragon Space Development, who is an adviser on the mission, said that the man and the woman would have to be in a stable relationship.

“The idea of a man and woman going on this mission is an important idea. It’s important also that they are a tried-and-trusted couple,” Dr Poynter said.

“It’s also important that they are man and a woman because they represent humanity…and just as important they represent our children,” she said.

Each crew member will be psychologically profiled so that they are able to endure the long return journey together, with no prospect of an emergency abort procedure if things go wrong.

The fact that the two crew members will share the same living space for 501 days suggests that the man and woman will have to know each other intimately before the mission.

The feasibility study points out that a man and a woman working and living together may be better than two people of the same sex.

A key aspect of the mission will be trust between the crew and mission control, which must be staffed by people who are sensitive to the psychological needs of the two astronauts.

The plan is for the two crew members to spend an extended period of time living and working together before the mission begins. “Experience has shown that it is extremely difficult to train, select and evaluate a crew team without those individuals having had experience living and working in an isolated confined environment for an extended period of time, preferable for the full mission duration, but for at least six months,” the study says.

“Working on this mission will also be a means to train the skilled workforce needed for the future manned Mars mission…. Sending humans on an expedition to Mars will be a defining event for humanity as well as an inspiration to our youth,” it says.

“Social media provides an opportunity for people to meaningfully participate in the mission, likely making this the most engaging human endeavour in modern history,” it concludes. - Independent


Plans launched for Titanic replica

An Australian billionaire is getting ready to build a new version of the Titanic that could set sail in late 2016.

Clive Palmer unveiled blueprints for the famously doomed ship's namesake Tuesday at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York. He said construction is scheduled to start soon in China.

Palmer said 40,000 people have expressed interest in tickets for the maiden voyage, taking the original course from Southampton, England, to New York. He said people are inspired by his quest to replicate one of the most famous vessels in history.

"We all live on this planet, we all breathe the same air and, of course, the Titanic is about the things we've got in common," he said. "It links three continents."

The original Titanic was the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner when it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank on April 15, 1912. Only 700 people of the more than 2,200 on board survived the most famous maritime disaster in history, partly because there were not enough lifeboats to carry everyone.

Palmer said an unknown when the original ship sailed — climate change — may play into a positive for the new ship's fate.

"One of the benefits of global warming is there hasn't been as many icebergs in the North Atlantic these days," Palmer said.

Passengers on board the replica will dress in the fashion of that period and eat dishes from the original menu, in dining rooms copied from the ill-fated predecessor.

Joining Palmer on Tuesday was Helen Benziger, the great granddaughter of Titanic survivor Margaret "Molly" Brown. Benziger, who agreed to serve on the advisory board for the Titanic II, said her great grandmother, who died in 1932, would have loved to see the Titanic rebuilt and complete the journey it never got to finish.

In what some may consider a temptation of fate for a remake of a notoriously "unsinkable" ship that sank, a representative of the Finnish designer of the Titanic II said it will be the "safest cruise ship in the world."

Markku Kanerva, director of sales for marine design company Deltamarin said that while the vessel is modeled after the legendary liner — the diesel-powered ship will even have four decorative smoke stacks mimicking the coal-powered originals — it will meet modern navigation and safety requirements.

In addition, plans call for a new "safety deck" featuring state-of-the-art lifeboats, safety chutes and slides. The new ship will also have amenities unknown a century ago, like air conditioning.

Palmer, who is funding construction of the ship himself, built his fortune in real estate and coal. Australia's BRW magazine estimated his net worth last year at $4 billion, although Forbes puts it at $895 million.

"I want to spend the money I've got before I die," he said. "You might as well spend it, not leave it to the kids to spend, there will be enough left for them anyway." - Xfinity

Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived

A Night to Remember


Bronx mother-murder suspect posed with mom's severed head

The twisted Bronx man who allegedly killed his mother and chopped up her body reveled in the slaying by snapping a picture of himself holding her severed head, sources told The Post yesterday.

Bahsid McLean, 23, pulled out a cellphone camera, posed in front of a bathroom mirror and snapped the gruesome photo of himself smirking while holding his mother’s head under his arm like a trophy, the sources said.

Then McLean and a buddy stuffed his mom’s head in a bag, packed away the rest of her mutilated body, and dumped the parts with the neighborhood trash — in several locations, cops said.

One of the four bags holding the remains of Tanya Byrd, 45, a home health aide and devoted mother of three, was found in Morrisania early Tuesday morning by a father and son walking their dog.

Her body parts were wrapped in plastic, with some stuffed in luggage, cops said.

Detectives were already disgusted by details of the case: the brutal bedroom stabbing, the blood drained in the bathroom, and the body hacked with a brand-new power saw.

“He’s definitely sick,” a law-enforcement source said. “It’s a ghoulish act. This guy is so mentally defective to do that. That’s pretty outrageous. That’s hardcore s--t.”

Byrd was killed probably late Sunday night or early Monday morning in her Westchester Avenue home, sources said. McLean asked a friend, William Harris, 26, to help him get rid of the body, sources said.

Surveillance video picked up the two men in a Third Avenue hardware store in The Bronx, where they bought a power saw with cash, sources said.

A blade and a box were found in the apartment McLean shared with his mother; the saw was found in Harris’ home, sources said.

McLean was charged last night with second-degree murder, police said. Both men were charged with hindering prosecution and unlawful dissection of a human body. They blamed each other for Byrd’s death.

Cops said McLean killed Byrd because she “wanted him to grow up and move out and be a man.” - NY Post

Serial Killers and Mass Murderers: Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric Criminals

Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Witness: Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sighted - Laredo, Texas

I received the following report last evening after the witness searched the internet for similar sightings:

I was driving home to my house at 1:20PM when I came across this stingray grayish-white looking thing flying over my car - coming from the lake we have here in Laredo, Texas going into the golf course next to it. It was roughly 3 feet wide - maybe bigger and it had a glide to it - no wings, just looked like a stingray - literally. It passed about 30 ft. in front of me and I watched it for about 10 seconds. It looked as if it was swimming, but flying. What could this creature be? I'm kinda freaked out by this. I jumped on the internet as soon as I got home and thank gosh, I'm not the only one. AR

I contacted the witness for further information which I added to the initial report. This is the first flying ray-shaped cryptid report I have received from Texas. It seems the sighting was between the Casa Blanca Country Club and Lake Casa Blanca located in east Laredo, TX. The witness was driving north / northest on Rt. 20. I have been researching this phenomena for several years and mentioned in my book Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters as well. Below are links to the other sightings previously reported to me:

Winged Manta Ray Shaped Cryptid - Near Ashton, WV - 12/3/2004

Additional Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sightings in WV Ohio River Valley Revealed

Flying Translucent Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Hampton Bays, New York

New 'Flying White Sting Ray' Sighting - Hebron, Kentucky - 1/25/2012

New Flying Manta Ray Sighting - Lynchburg, VA

Reader Submission: New 'Flying Manta-Ray' Sighting - Jordan, Minnesota

NOTE: There were 2 reports of a large leather-winged 'V' shaped bird in Spring, Texas...but the reports differed from the others. I'd appreciate any followup the readers could provide:

Huge Leather-Winged 'V-Shaped' Bird - Spring, Texas

Reader Submissions: 2nd Sighting - Huge V-Shaped Flying Cryptid - Near Spring, Texas

Just the Facts?: Indiana Farmer Reports UFO / Bigfoot Encounter -- More Doomsday Prophecies -- Mysterious Derby Lights

Indiana Farmer Reports UFO / Bigfoot Encounter

New Washington, Indiana - 12/12/2012 - unedited: I was checkin my cows on gill road in southern indiana when and fireball looking object came over the trees an landed in my pasture. At this time my cows ran away scared for there lives an I was amazed. After this a apelike object jumped out the bottom of the space craft and made weird noises. So it continued to walk around the field in search for my cows that were now hidden in the barn. At one point in time it looked me in the eyes an made some for of that weird foreign language i mentioned before. At the moment i was scared for my life. After this he got back in and took off. I investigated the area and there was nothin to be seen. It was a horrifying event. - MUFON CMS

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One


Creepy movie location...the Monroeville, PA Mall

The mall can be stressful, but it's downright scary in Dawn of the Dead George A. Romero's sequel to Night of the Living Dead was primarily shot on location at the Monroeville Mall, where four survivors of the zombie apocalypse have taken refuge. It is now a destination spot for both shoppers and horror lovers, as well as the occasional zombie crawl. - Mental Floss

NOTE: I have learned that many residents of southwest Pennsylvania are zombie fanatics. My colleague Eric Altman of BTE Radio is really into fact, there's a video floating around of Eric dressed as a zombie dancing in his front yard on Halloween Night. Maybe we can find a copy of that again...Lon


More Doomsday Prophecies....

The Mayan prophecy about 21 December being the Doomsday failed to leave the desired effect. But that has not deterred many from predicting the end of the world. People have found another set of prophecy that they believe will lead to the end of the world by the end of this year.

Two prophecies- one made by St Malachy and the other one made by non-other than Nostradamus has not let the dust to settle down around the Doomsday euphoria.

According to the prediction the world will end with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and when comet ISON will pass through the earth.

The successor of Pope Benedict XVI is going to be the last Pontiff according to the prophecies. According to Popular belief: The next pope will be the last one because "Judgment Day" will take place while the soon-to-be-named papal successor is seated.

The prophecy is made by St Malachy a 12th century Irish Archbishop. He was known for some reported miraculous powers, such as healing and declaring prophecies.

He is also said to have had a vision of all the future Popes-- from Pope Celestine II (1143 AD) up to the reigning pope, Benedict XVI.

According to predictions, the successor of Pope Benedict XVI will be the last Pope to sit in Vatican before Doomsday.

A second prediction further strengthens the prediction. The prediction is made by Nostradamus, a 16th century astrologer. Nostradamus predicted the pope to replace Benedict XVI will "flee Rome" in the month of December, at a time when the sky has two suns.

Comet ISON, is expected to pass by the earth in December 2013. The comet will be visible from all corners of the earth even during the day time, appearing like a second sun. - Bhaskar

The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: The Soon Coming End of Days

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here

Unveiling the Apocalypse: Prophecy in Catholic Tradition


Mysterious Derby Lights Spark Alien Worries

A Loscoe woman has sparked a flurry of UFO speculation from internet users across the country - after witnessing strange flashes in the sky.

Dawn Ratcliffe, 30, of Milward Road, posted on a popular UFO spotting website when she saw the strange phenomena out of her window at around 10pm on Saturday, January, 26.

She was hoping other users of might be able to offer an explanation as to what it was - and since then a host of people - from as far north as Lancashire - have come forward to confirm they too saw the spectacle - though its cause remains a mystery.

Dawn originally wrote: “I was sat on the floor in the living room talking to my boyfriend, facing the window, when outside I saw a massive white flash that lit up the whole sky. It only lasted a split second. It was like it had come from a ball of light, not like lightning. It definitely wasn’t a firework and we went straight outside to see If there was anything out there or an aeroplane or something, but the sky was clear. It was such an intense bright white flash.”

Site users immediately responded to Dawn’s post.

An Amy Mulier wrote:“Me and my friend also saw this. We were in Ripley standing at the back door chatting. It was a big flash of light that lasted seconds. It certainly caught our attention as it lit the whole sky up! We listened out for thunder thinking it was really close lightning but there wasn’t any.”

Dawn then posted what she had seen on the national Facebook group UFO UK with similar success. Users from Barnsely, Wakefield, Burton on Trent and Lancashire all claimed to have seen the ‘flash as Dawn described, but at slightly different times.

Explanations offered by other users have included alien visitors, solar flares, Government testing of large lasers - and just lighting.

But Dawn is keeping an open mind.

“I don’t think it was lightning or some sort of power surge,” she said. “It was a brilliant white light unlike anything I have ever seen before.

“I’m not saying it’s definitely paranormal or alien - I’m perfectly willing to accept it might be something else.”

Heather Dixon of the British UFO research Organisation, which looks to find rational explanations to UFO sightings, confirmed that it was investigating reports of strange flashes in the skies above Derby at the end of January.

The organisation has agreed to contact the News with its findings when they become available. - Ripley and Heanor News


Beast on the Move: The Chupacabras Returns

By Scott Corrales

The Puerto Rican media approached the subject of the paranormal predator again in 2012, when reporter Yaritza Santiago wrote an article for El Nuevo Dia about the entity’s return to the scene, this time in the island municipality of Vieques. “A strange wild animal prowls the verdant fields and communities of this island municipality. This is the only way to explain the discovery of dead horses, hens and rabbits in situations that terrified Viequenses have ascribed to a panther that allegedly escaped from an American tourist’s possession. Others say it is a jaguar; still others speak of the return of the Chupacabras, whose existence they do not question for a second.”

Thirty chickens met an untimely demise on the property of José Martínez and his wife Jeami in Barrio La Hueca. The couple had gone off to a birthday party on the previous night, returning home an hour before midnight. They went to bed and Mr. Martínez woke up at half past five in the morning to feed the family animals. In cold glow of his flashlight, José was startled to find the roosters dead in their cages, with deep puncture marks on their backs, drained of blood. The couple told reporters that they had not heard any abnormal sounds in the night. Continue reading at Inexplicata

Chupacabras and Other Mysteries - authored by Scott Corrales

Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rudi Nagora's Austrian Alps UFO Photos

I wonder how many people outside of ufology have ever heard of Rudi Nagora?

On May 23, 1971 at about 12:30 P M, one of the most convincing photographs of a UFO was taken by Nagora, a Munich musician. Nagora, along with his wife, were vacationing near St. Lorenzen, Styria, Austria.

After finding a suitable place to park his car, Nagora left his wife inside the vehicle while he scouted the general area before the two of them ventured out. Suddenly, he heard a "whizzing" sound coming from above. Looking up, he could clearly see a shining, silver disc which was between him and the cloud plane. The object was moving in a zig-zag pattern. He ran back to his car, told his wife what he had seen, and grabbed his camera.

Pointing his Agfa-Click camera at the object, he took a full roll of 12 exposures, capturing several stunning images. Now out of film, Nagora could see the object come even closer, and then shoot straight up, disappearing through the clouds.

After the approximately 5 minute sighting and film taking session, Nagora took his film back to Munich. UFO researcher Engineer Adolf Geigenthaler heard about the photographs, and began an investigation into the sighting. After careful examination, Nagoras photos were deemed legitimate by several reliable experts. The photos have never been debunked, and still testify today that we are not alone. - Michael Hesemann


An Analysis of Multiple UAP Photographic Images
(May 23, 1971, Austrian Alps)
Richard F. Haines

ABSTRACT: This paper presents an analysis of 11 consecutive color photographs and related eyewitness testimony of an alleged unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) taken over at least a 10 minute period beginning at about 12:30 p.m. on May 23, 1971, about 30 miles south-southwest of Graz, Austria, by Mr. Rudi Nagora, 25. Details of the camera, lens, film characteristics, and other relevant optical and historical details are presented. Each frame shows a dark and/or “metallic” object in the daytime sky. Its flight path was determined on several adjacent frames by overlapping relatively unchanging cloud and fixed background details. No evidence of pixel distortion is found surrounding any image of the object as might be produced by radiated heat, nor is there evidence of double exposure, a suspension thread above the UAP images, or mismatch of pixel dimensions within the UAP image or outside it. There is evidence of finite object motion blur in some frames where stationary background detail is in focus. A geometric composite analysis of all images supports the view that the UAP’s three-dimensional form is not circular in planform but rather a blunt-cornered isosceles triangle with flat bottom and convex upper surface. The object remains unidentified at this time.

NOTE: I have always thought that the Nagora photos were a bit too convenient...but he really had no reason to perpetrate a farce. Lon

Alien Identities : Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena

If UFO's Are Real (UFO Library)

Project Delta-A Study of Multiple Ufo
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters - Witness Sightings Map

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