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The Vancouver Island Photo: Best UFO Evidence To Date?

Ufologist James Fox recently announced a $100,000 reward for proof of an alien spacecraft. The following case is considered by many to be the best evidence of extraterrestrial craft...the Hannah McRoberts photograph. It'll be interesting to see what evidence is uncovered in the near future because of the reward offer:

On October 8, 1981 at about 11:00 A.M., Hannah McRoberts is with her husband and their daughter on a service area close to Kelsey Bay, on the East coast of the Vancouver Island. During their pause they notice a cloud which passes on the top of a mountainous peak and makes the impression of an erupting volcano in eruption spitting a huge vaporblast. They find the scene rather amusing and worth a picture.

Several days afterwards, when the photographs were developed, they noticed on one of the photographs a discoidal object in the sky. They were surprised as they do not remember noticing anything in the sky at the time when they shot the photograph.

They contacted David Dodge, director of the of Vancouver planetarium. He examined the picture and remains disturbed by this singular photograph. He contacts Ufologist, David Powell, who analyzes the pictures and cannot find any evidence of tampering.

Richard F. Haines, a retired NASA scientist who became a famous ufologist, gets interested in the Vancouver case. He carries out a thorough analysis of the negative and cannot discover any tampering either. His analysis is inserted in the scientific report of the Sturrock Panel. - Science et Vie #976, January 1999



Mrs. Hannah McRoberts (aged 25) of Campbell River, BC, was with her family at a rest-area some thirty miles to the north of Kelsey Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island, from October 10 to 15, 1981. During this five-day period she says she took a number of pictures of her family and of the local scenery, using her 35 mm Mamiya camera with a 50-55 mm lens, 125 speed, and ASA 100 film. At one point during the holiday they observed that one of the mountain peaks was surmounted by a cloud somewhat suggestive, as they described it, of "a volcano issuing steam", so Mrs. McRoberts snapped that as well. None of the party noticed anything else in the air at the time, and the presence of the UFO was therefore only discovered by them when the prints and negatives came back to them after processing.

The resulting photograph shows an object to the right of and above the peak and the plume of cloud. This photo came to the attention of Mr. David A. C. Powell of Vancouver, who is on the staff of the McMilllan Planetarium in that city, who in turn contacted Bill Allan and provided him with an enlargement, and also got in contact the APRO of Tucson, Arizona, the respected American UFO investigation group who claim now to be the oldest in the world.

In the meantime, Mr. W. K. Allan was able to speak with Mrs. Hannah McRoberts and to interview her on CKOV Kelowna open line radio programme, in the course of which he formed the opinion that her story was entirely genuine and that what we have here is therefore a "legitimate classical type UFO photo."

(The place where Mrs. McRoberts says she took her photograph lies incidentally, some 450 kms or so to the north-west of Mount Rainier in the US State of Washington, where, as readers will recall, Kenneth Arnold claimed on June 24, 1947 to have seen his famous flight of nine saucers moving in formation at 1,200 mph and at an altitude of 10,000 ft over the Cascade Range.)


Very wisely indeed, in view of past experience (what a story there is to be told, one day, about the interceptions of UFO photos and UFO reports from the public mails - and all over the world!) Mr. Allan had arranged that the negative of this photograph should remain very firmly in the hands of Mrs. McRoberts herself.

APRO had meanwhile passed their prints of the picture to one of their most eminent specialist consultants, Dr. James Harder, who is the Professor of Engineering in the University of California at Berkeley, and he and APRO agreed too that the negative should remain where it was.

Here in Britain we passed our copies of the prints to FSR's photographic consultant Mr. Percy Hennell, who is generally regarded as the leading expert in this country in all matters where colour photography is concerned.


After careful scrutiny, Mr. Hennell informs us that he would naturally have preferred to have the actual negative in hand for, as he warns, all kinds of hoaxes are possible, and do occur. Nevertheless, he says that he finds nothing dubious or suspicious about the picture, though he does warn us that, if the picture is indeed genuine, then the disc must have been of enormous size - several hundreds of feet wide - to have shown up so large at such a distance! (There have indeed been frequent reports, over the years, of discs estimated to be of such sizes- indeed in some cases of discs believed to be as much as 1000 ft in diameter, as for example in the confidential report which APRO published a good many years ago, and which they had received direct from the pilot and co-pilot of an American troop-carrying plane which, while en route from Tokyo to South Vietnam with a party of American soldiers, encountered two enormous metallic discs that flew on a parallel course with them for half an hour.)


We now see, from APRO Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 12, that Dr. James Harder submitted his report on the photo on November 4, 1982, and they give their own conclusion, which is as follows:- "All this considered, the photo presented here appears to be an excellent and probably genuine photo of a classical disc photographed in daylight. Although unlikely, if further information and clarification is available, it will be presented in a future issue of the Bulletin."

In view of the obviously very great interest which this photo will evoke, I take the liberty of quoting in full Dr. Harder's opinion as given in APRO Bulletin Vol. 30, No. 12 -

"Generally I feel that the best test of authenticity is in the good reputation of the photographer, insofar as it is impossible to prove a negative - in this case that there is no possibility of a fraud. However, some of the indicators of an authentic photograph can help establish likelihood of an authentic photo. These are -

1. That the negative involved is one of a sequence of outdoor pictures and that the frame in question is not an isolated one. One way of producing a hoax is to re-photograph a positive print onto which has pasted an addition. To do a good job of hoaxing then one would have to re-photograph an entire roll of negative film.

2. That there are no inconsistencies in the lighting of the strange object and the rest of he scene. In the subject photo, I note that the shadows in the lower left of the scene indicate a Sun position nearly behind the camera. There is a reflection on the forward face of the UFO that is consistent with this Sun position. There also seems to be a bright spot under the UFO not connected with external lighting - maybe a light on the UFO.

3. With the right equipment, it is possible to make certain measurements of negative density of the UFO image and of other images of objects at estimated distances from the lens. Here the object is to show that the unknown is not nearby - and thus not a hubcap or other such object thrown into the air. The idea is to measure, from the image of the object at a known distance, the atmospheric 'extinction coefficient'. On a clear day, with a low value, contrasts between dark shadowed areas and brightly lit areas retain their distinction over greater distances. On hazy days, the light and dark areas blend towards a mid-range shade, giving the appearance that distant mountains have of being one shade of grey. Nearby shadows can show their true darkness, as opposed to the lighter shade of distant shadows. But in this picture there are no nearby shadows to serve as a standard, only shadows of trees in the lower left bottom.

It has been alleged that edges become fuzzy at greater distances and that this can help distinguish nearby objects from those far away. I know of no theoretical reason for this based on the optical properties of the atmosphere, but will ask Jim Lorenzen if we have a consultant who could be more sure of this. After all, we do take remarkably clear pictures from space with no trouble from edge-blurring of objects on the ground, and that is through 14.7 lbs per square inch of air in the path.

So proving authenticity is likely to be elusive, insofar as there is only the evidence of internal consistency to go on. I wish I could be more positive, but then there is so much evidence of other sorts for the reality of UFOs that we shouldn't have to add to it excepting for those who are beyond believing anyway."


In a further letter from Mr. W. K. Allan, he comments on Dr. Harder's reference to the fact that Mrs. McRoberts photo is one of a sequence of outdoor pictures, and says: "It is unfortunate that the importance of keeping the individual exposures on the roll unseparated was not fully realized, but when I saw the negative it was still unseparated from one of the family snaps."

With regard to the lady who took the photograph of this UFO, Mr. Allan goes on to say: "What is of great importance to me is the fact that Hannah McRoberts is the niece of one of Canada's leading nuclear engineers, a man in charge of a multi-billion dollar electrical generating complex, whom I have known continuously since his attendance in my class at Western Canada High School in Calgary, Alberta." - Gordon Creighton / Richard Haines

NOTE: you may want to read Richard Haines' paper on PDF - A Scientifically Based Analysis of an Alleged UFO Photograph...Lon

The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia: The Most Compreshensive Single-Volume UFO Reference in Print

Photography Methods for the UFO Hunter: A "How-To" Book for the Discerning Reader who Wishes to Photograph UFOs

UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence

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Odd Sighting in York County, PA

I found an interesting account posted on Stephen Wagner's Paranormal About by Stacy L. The incident took place recently in York, Pennsylvania...a location I am very familiar with. I have received several odd cryptid sightings from in and around York and Lancaster counties (which are in south-central Pennsylvania...where I grew up and just north of my residence in Baltimore, MD). Was this a natural sighting...or a lost pet?

I was just relaxing in my house and watching some TV. We have double sliding doors with windows facing our backyard, and I can see outside from where I was lounging on the couch.

That's when something began moving in the corner of my vision. When I glanced over, I noticed our 10-foot-high dogwood tree on the very end bordering our yard from the neighbors was shaking violently. I couldn't figure out what kind of animal, aside from a human, could shake an entire tree like that. I stood up and walked over to the window to peer out.

There are also several extremely large pine trees bordering along the end of the backyard and I couldn't see anything through the thick foliage, even though the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The dogwood continued to shake, and then to my astonishment an enormous gray creature jumped from one of the dogwood's flimsy branches and into a huge pine nearby.

I only glimpsed it for about three seconds at most, but I definitely got a good look at it, and it was like nothing I have ever seen before. The creature was rather large, perhaps around 4 feet in length and about the size of a fox. It was all gray except for its long skinny tail that had black and white stripes along it, like those lemurs from Madagascar. Its front end was somewhat slouched down, as if it had short front legs and large powerful back legs, like how a kangaroo would look.

It was the weirdest creature I had ever seen. Unfortunately, I didn't get a look at its head as it quickly vanished into the pine. A few minutes later, I was outside rooting through the leaves and long grass at the end of the yard looking for footprints and maybe to catch a sighting of the creature, but I didn't find anything. Yet I know what I saw.

I live in York, Pennsylvania, and such creatures like that don't live in this area. If I absolutely had to call it a specific animal, I would say it was a lemur, but the tail wasn't bushy, but very slender and agile like a cat's. Wish I had taken a picture.

I haven't seen it since that day, but there have been weird scratching noises below my bedroom window at night ever since I saw the creature and I wonder if the two are related or if its another incident that coincidentally just happened in the same time period. And I wonder if I should report the sighting. If I should, who do I report to?

So...I previously mentioned that I had received odd reports from York and Lancaster counties over the years.

This video was forwarded to me with very little information...although I do know it was from a suburb of York, PA and that it was taken with a trail camera that was mounted on a tree approximately 8 ft from the ground. There had been sightings of a Bigfoot-like creature over a series of nights...but they captured something else instead. Whatever it was dislodged the camera and it focused towards the ground. This is not a deer or any other natural hooved animal in the area. A cow could not have dislodged the camera. Take a look --> Video - Unknown Creature - Hoof, Hand, Paw or What? This incident has baffled me for over 3 years.

Here are a few other strange encounters:


Near Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - August 1978 - afternoon

Three Amish men were working in their field when a odd looking man approached them from the direction of a neighboring farm. The man was yelling and jumping about. The Amish men were alarmed and noticed that this 'man' had arms, legs and a face that seemed different...more animal than human. He had coarse dark hair on his limbs and face and wore what appeared to be a dark colored and tattered pair of old style boxer shorts. As the man-creature approached closer, he was yelling something but it was not understood by the men.

The men ran towards their house...the man-creature was right behind them. One of the Amish men ducked into the dairy barn and the other two immediately went in the house. An elderly Amish woman who had been in the garden, came to see what was going on. When the man-creature saw her it suddenly stopped running, sat down on the grass and remained quiet while staring at the sky.

The men came out of the house and one of them slowly walked over to the man-creature and attempted to talk to it. The man-creature continued to look at the sky but started to mumble. The man and woman noticed that a horrible stench permeated from this creature...described at rotting flesh.

After several minutes, the creature got to it's feet and started to walk towards the dairy barn. As it did, the witnesses noticed that the creature started to 'fade away'...eventually it completely disappeared from view just before it reached the barn. Shocked, the Amish witnesses dropped to their knees...not knowing what they had witnessed.

NOTE: this account was communicated by one of the witnesses to a non-Amish friend who periodically purchased produce from them. It was disclosed to me several years after the incident though I do know the location of the incident and who two of the witnesses were (I was raised in the general area). The other witnesses have since passed away. The witness who gave the account still lives at the location and has (reluctantly) verified the incident to me. In turn, I promised to keep personal information confidential.

Historically, Wild Men and/or Bigfoot-like creatures have become part of the Lancaster / York County folklore. There have been sightings as old as the earliest settlers in this area as well as the Susquehannock people who inhabited the land previously.

In 1987, I had a conversation with a self-described shaman whose Susquehannock relatives had moved to Ohio after many others were killed off by smallpox and invading settlers. The Susquehannocks were said to be 'giants' by John Smith and the early settlers...most described as being 'well over 6 foot high' and broad chested. This shaman told me that the Susquehannocks had placed a curse on the land before they left and that the dead would rise as shape shifters and torment the white man...Lon



Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - August 1973 - various

An ungodly looking creature created havoc among the local god-fearing Amish community. Witnesses described the creature as following: The size of a good heifer, gray in color with a white mane. It had tiger like fangs and curved horns like a Billy goat. It ran upright on long legs, and had long grizzly claws. In one incident, the creature sent a team of horses and two brothers flying when it approached their hay wagon. The following day, a man was cutting weeds on his farm about five miles from the previous incident when he heard a fierce roar and turned to see a monster with three horns and a tail charging in his direction. He raised his scythe to defend himself, only to have the implement ripped from his hands. At that point, the man wisely decided to turn both cheeks to the monster and escaped as fast as he could run. A day later a woman was feeding poultry on a farm midway between the two earlier incidents when she heard a commotion and turned to see the creature in the act of snatching a goose in each of its hands. She bravely ran toward the thing, waving her apron. The woman managed to recover one of her geese when the creature threw it at her, knocking her to the ground in the process. The interloper then escaped with the remaining bird in hand.

Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters


Also...this link --> York County, PA Flying Cryptids


Strange Hominid Sighting Reported Near Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania

I received a telephone call today from a woman who claims to have seen a small bigfoot-like creature on July 18th, 2008 near the town of Red Lion, Pa. She stated that she had been shopping and was on her way home. As she was driving south on Rt. 624 about 2 miles from Red Lion, she noticed something running across a field near a home construction site. At first, she thought it was a large dog but it stood upright like a human. She pulled her car into an unfinished side road and observed the creature for several minutes as it would stop, look around, then continue running until it reached a small woods. She states that it was around 7PM in the evening and clear.

She described it as stocky with muscular arms and legs and no more than 4 foot in stature and sparsely covered in dark gray hair. It had no clothes though she could not determine the gender. At one point, she says that she was near enough to notice the head was smaller than that of a human child of the same height. She said that only one other person (a neighbor) was told of this sighting and that she did not want any notoriety. Her only reason for contacting me was because she had seen my blog and that I lived nearby (about 50 miles south in Baltimore) and thought I may want to check the area out for myself.

Note: She only gave me the name 'Macy' as a reference (I assume this is not her actual name) and refused to disclose her address and other personal information. There have been Bigfoot sighting reports in this area of Pennsylvania in the past as well as in neighboring Maryland. This very well could have been a juvenile Bigfoot. There have been local and Indian legends of a small hominid (the Albatwitch) in Lancaster and York counties...Lon

Strange Pennsylvania Monsters

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One

Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters

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Reader Submission: Gambier Island, BC Sasquatch / Polish Werewolf Encounter

Today I received a Sasquatch encounter account and a followup from Albert Rosales that describes a werewolf incident similar to the Brazilian Werewolf Encounter I posted the previous day:

In 1973 I had one of my eeriest experiences. It was on Gambier Island, located in Howe Sound near Vancouver B.C. On the south end of Gambier are three bays, one called Centre Bay. My parents and I had tied up to a pier on a week day when no one else was around. During the afternoon I had gone up to an old house that was in ruins. As I was checking out the back of the house I heard three "whoos" from the bush right behind me. Thinking it was my dad playing jokes on me or a bear, I walked away. Whatever it was could have reached out and grabbed my shoulder. When dark came I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me. I heard something on the shore, the same "whoos" that I heard earlier in the day. I called Dad out to the back of the boat. For several minutes we heard something splashing in the water, having a great time in doing so. A few years later I posted this encounter on a Bigfoot email subscription list. Similar encounter(s) happened on either Mt. Shasta or Mt. Rainer. Apparantly it's a sasquatches way of letting people know it is around. Since that night on Gambier Island I've heard several species of wildlife from cougar to wolf to black bear to deer, elk, moose and caribou. What I heard that night was none of the above but was distinctly ape like.

Ron Murdock


Location: Southeastern Poland

Date: summer 2012

Time: 08:00 a.m.

Somewhere in southeastern Poland, around eight in the morning in summer of 2002 I and my cousins were sitting on a bus headed out to a stay away camp where we would be for the next two weeks. On a remote road to our destination we had exited a forested area and came up on a wide field. Sitting in the back left side of the bus I looked out the right window at a small elevated area stretching from the road. Atop the small hill, I saw a large silvery figure standing upright and looking off to its side with its profile facing me. It had a long snout like a wolf and it was much taller than any man. Then from its upright position it leapt to the bottom of the small hill several times on all fours. Once at the bottom it stood upright again and it looked towards me. Needless to say, due to the bus driving onward, a thicket of vegetation that was at the bottom of the hill eventually obscured the view of this being, at which point I began to yell incoherently on the bus in broken Polish about how I'd seen a werewolf at which point everyone assumed I must be crazy. Also, in the middle of the trip at the camp, some girl stated that she'd seen a wolf looking at her directly in front of a window on the second story of the cabin she was staying in, which was also my cabin. I do not know whether I believe her or if she just wanted the attention, but certainly no one else believed her, while I tried desperately to state my case.

Source: direct from witness requesting anonymity / Albert Rosales - Humanoid Sighting Reports

Miramar II: Gambier Island's History

Sasquatch in British Columbia

Just the Facts?: Bigfoot Along Neches River? -- Anatomy of a Stoning in Iran -- Mystery Mass Fainting

Bigfoot sighting along Neches River?

Chill bumps rise on David Arceneaux’s arms as he looked across Block Bayou at a line of trees about 100 yards away.

“I’m not crazy. I don’t do drugs and I’m not a drinker,” Arceneaux said before telling his tale of seeing not one but two Bigfoot-like creatures huddled together one December morning.

The Nederland native visits Oak Bluff Cemetery about once a month to clean the graves of a friend and a cousin, something he has done for years without incident. But on an overcast, windless day Arceneaux got the fright of his life.

“I heard a blood curdling scream and a lady nearby asked me if I was OK. I told her it wasn’t me,” Arceneaux said as he stood, uneasily, at roughly the same spot where he saw the creatures. “We walked over to the water and looked to the left then straight ahead.”

What he saw next amazed him. Two Bigfoot-like creatures who had been throwing rocks in the water looked across at him and the unknown female. One was standing next to a tree, arms around the trunk and the other was squatted down. As the second creature rose from the crouching position Arceneaux estimated the creature was about eight-foot tall. So he snapped a photo with his phone, he said.

“All of a sudden they started walking then running through the woods,” he said of the bipedal creatures. “When they began to run, the lady said ‘I’m leaving’ and left. I stayed a few more seconds and then thought there may be a way for them to cross here so I left, scared.”

Arceneaux said he could see the face of the creature “clear as day.” There was hair from the mouth down like a man and when the creature turned he could see hair hanging down its arm.

Disturbed by what he saw, Arceneaux went home and watched an episode of “Finding Bigfoot” but had to change the channel when they played an audio recording of Bigfoot — it was too real.

“This is my first time back here since December,” he said.

Arceneaux said he spoke to a game warden, describing the situation, and was told there had been other sightings along the Neches River. Calls placed to a local game warden was not returned by Tuesday afternoon.

There are a number of organizations throughout the state that researches and documents Bigfoot sightings. Groups such as Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy and Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. These groups strive to find evidence to scientifically prove the existence of the creature.

Jerry Hestand of Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy said there have been reports of sightings in the Big Thicket area and he has had personal experiences at the Lance Rosier Unit in the Thicket.

Hestand said one of the creatures entered his camp and growled at one of the dogs. The dog, he said, growled back but by the time the men jumped up from their tents the creature was gone. Hestand said the group was part of an episode of a Travel Channel show called Weird Travels in which Bigfoot vocalizations were played.

“There is a sound on the Internet called the Ohio howl,” Hestand said. “That’s exactly what we heard clearly and distinctly.”

Arceneaux said he did not come forward with his story sooner because he worried about what others would think of him. He has shown this photographic evidence — which was taken at a far distance with a cell phone — to friends and family and only had one person scoff. He will continue to research Bigfoot, he said, but remains wary of returning to the spot where the encounter occurred. - PANews

The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster

Monsters of Texas


If you ever hear this at night....

Video - Dueling Bobcats

...then you'll now know what it is. The one and only time I heard it, I was sitting in a car at night in the Patapsco State Park near Marriotsville, MD (very near where The Blair Witch Project was filmed and only a mile or two from the infamous Henryton Center). Bobcat calls are some of the scariest sounds I've ever heard.

Bobcats are beautiful felines, but not suitable as least not those that live in the wild throughout the Mid-Atlantic. I have seen what they can do when cornered or threatened. Don't let their size fool you...they are fierce when provoked. Lon


Graphic: Anatomy of a Stoning in Iran

We look at the brutal practice of stoning in Iran. This method of execution is still practiced in certain countries, where it is used to punish adulterers and other criminals. The graphic shows how a stoning occurs in accordance with the exact language of the Iranian Penal Code.

Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shi'ism (Library of Modern Religion)

The Stoning of Soraya M.: A Story of Injustice in Iran

Understanding Iran: Everything You Need to Know, from Persia to the Islamic Republic, from Cyrus to Ahmadinejad


Mystery mass mass

No-one knows exactly what caused eleven people, mainly teenage girls to faint and become sick during a mass at a Sydney church early today.

Ambulance officers were called to Our Lady of Dolours Church on Archer St, Chatswood at 9.45 to treat a young girl who had fainted but when they arrived they found a number of people in a distressed state.

Most were suffering dizziness, nausea, and having trouble breathing.

"The initial call was for one patient but when the officers attended the church a lot more people were reporting similar symptoms," an ambulance spokeswoman said.

"We treated eleven people at the scene including some adults and five had to be taken to Royal North Shore Hospital."

The incident was then reported to the NSW Fire Brigade because it was thought a gas or chemical had caused the problem.

"But they could find nothing," the spokeswoman said.

"It was a bit stuffy inside the church, but we don’t honestly don’t know what happened for certain," she said. - Daily Telegraph



Well,'s going to be a busy Sunday night.

BTE is now LIVE on PARA X Radio! Yes...we have a new home. Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome Scotty Rorek to BTE. Scotty is a psychic medium whose mission is to bring spiritual understanding to people searching for answers. He works toward that mission through education, medium-ship, and mentoring. Don't miss this one! LIVE Sunday February 24th at 8:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CT - You can listen & chat on the network page at or use the show link at - Call toll-free 1-877-677-2858

Then...later that night, I will be appearing as a guest on Coast to Coast AM w/ George Knapp. We'll be discussing cryptids and other paranormal encounters. The show begins at 12 midnight ET.

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Reader Submission: Brazilian Werewolf Encounter

I recently received an email from Brazil that describes a supernatural encounter...possibly with a werewolf or dogman creature. It was written in Portuguese, so I did my best at translating it...even though some of the original text was difficult to piece together:

Dear Sir - I write you this story of my attack by a werewolf last August. It was a clear moonlit night as myself and a friend were sitting outside my home. I live near Oros, Ceara, Brazil near a large lake. I had heard strange sounds coming from the lake valley for many nights. It reminded me of a snorting bull but louder. There are legends of large demon dogs and stories of people who roam the night with wolf masks who steal sheep, but I never believed any of these tales.

My friend, who lives near me in the valley, tends sheep and he had lost 2 in recent days. There was no blood found but there were large dog tracks in the mud by the lake edge. We decided to wait out the night and search if we started to hear sounds again.

The time was around 11:00 PM when we started to here the grunts coming from below my property. It is a swampy area with a spring. We both carried shotguns hoping to find the varmint. We both thought it was probably a wild dog or maned wolf though we had never seen anything over the years we had lived here.

As we walked closer to the swamp, something stood up over the weeds. It was hard to see but we both described it as a large wolf man and over 2 meters high. It stood like a man but had a wolf head and upper body. We were both shocked at this sight. I was able to fire a shot as it ran off but I was unsuccessful. But just a few minutes later we heard the grunts again as it become louder and closer. This creature charged on all fours out of the weeds towards me. It got very close but stopped and turned when my friend shot behind it. It was so close that he shot away so I would not be struck. It ran towards the valley.

We tried to find this creature for weeks but never heard it again. Some of the local people think we witnessed a werewolf. I will never question the legends in the future.

Do you have any idea what we saw? The local authorities refuse to search for it though I feel it may have left the area. Marcos

NOTE: There are werewolf legends throughout Brazil but very few sightings. The most recent on record is a follows:

São Paulo, Feb 13, 2009: Woman claims to have been attacked by ‘werewolf’

According to the victim’s account, the creature looked like a big dog. Police are looking for a suspect that may have used a costume to attack the girl.

The inhabitants of São Sepé, Rio Grande do Sul, [Brazil] have one more reason to fear Friday the 13th. Besides the bad luck and the strange happenings during the day, a ‘werewolf’ is supposedly at large. One of the possible victims, a 20-year-old, recorded her complaint in the police.

According to the police, Kelly Martins Becker claims to have been attacked in the night of January 28 by an animal that looked like a big dog, that was standing on its back feet and walked as if it were a man. She made a sketch of the creature.

According to the complaint, the creature scratched the face and arms of the victim. The police informed that Kelly underwent medical examination, where the wounds were confirmed. Officers also claim they will investigate if someone is using a werewolf costume to scare people. No suspect was arrested until Friday.


Cases similar to the one from São Sepé were recorded. In the rural area of Tauá, Ceará, locals asked for police help in July 2008, scared with sightings of an individual “half man and half wolf” that was stealing sheep and breaking into houses.

At the time, the police investigated the case, suspecting that a gang was using costumes to scare the locals and commit the crimes. The case, called ‘the midnight mystery’, then became a joke in the city.

In April 2008, some inhabitants of Santana do Livramento, Rio Grande do Sul, also had their moments of terror with the attacks of the ‘Man in the Black Cape’. With no solid evidence about the creature’s sightings, the police archived the records as folklore.” - AP

I also ran across the following reference:

When hunting for a werewolf it is important to remember that your biggest clues will come through your suspects personalities. Becoming a werewolf is not transparent, no matter how the victim tries to hide it. The tainted, sub-human blood greatly alters the subject's own mind and personality, even physical appearence. Therefore, look for symptoms in your human suspects that include increasing violence, increasing aggression, unprovoked rages, insomnia, restlessness, and other bizarre behavior. Unfortunately, over time these symptoms can be brought under control, so do not rely on them exclusively. A good example of this comes from a case reported by the ancient priesthood society, Manos Del Sol, of Brazil. A rash of werewolf killings there was tracked to a high ranking officer in the army. The society became aware of the man mainly through rumors of his violent behavior and changed personality. The case was successfully resolved with the man's capture.

The above reference was probably a case of Lycanthropic Disorder, a mental condition in which the subject (called a Lycanthrope) believes that he or she is a werewolf. The subject does not actually change shape, but is nevertheless capable of being as dangerous as an actual werewolf. Most cases of supposed werewolfry are really the works of Lycanthropic Disorder victims.

I'm not sure what Marcos and his friend encountered but I do believe this was not the results of a simple mental condition...Lon

Werewolves: Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena

The Flying Cow: Exploring the Psychic World of Brazil

Folktales of the Amazon

Just the Facts?: Did NASA Find Fossil on Mars? -- NYC Hidden Underground -- Russia to Build Asteroid Defense

NASA Curiosity Photographed Gigantic Creature Fossilized Spine On Mars?

Has a fossilized, reptilian spine been spotted on Mars by the Curiosity rover?

According to plenty of NASA watchers on the web, it's possible.

In the latest round of photos published by the space agency to the Internet, one picture caught the attention of the eagle-eyed public dedicated to poring over every pixel downloaded from the rover carefully making its way across the Martian landscape.

The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection Between Earth and the Red Planet

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Anything You Say on Facebook Can & Will Be Used Against You in a Court Of Law

Facebook may seem like a harmless hobby, but make no mistake: The blunders you post on the site can come back to haunt you.

In March, a Michigan man was charged with polygamy after he shared photos from his second marriage on Facebook. The wedding was a surprise to his first wife, from whom he was separated, but not divorced.

More recently, a Virginia court fined a widower and his attorney a combined $722,000 after trying to pull a fast one on the legal system. After a truck overturned and killed his wife, the widower filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucker and his employer. But when the defendant asked for a copy of the widower’s Facebook page as part of their discovery request, the widower and his lawyer deleted the widower’s account instead of producing it. (The offending page apparently showed the widower holding a beer while wearing a t-shirt that read “I [heart] hot moms.”)

With increasing frequency, people are finding that their Facebook posts can be used against them in the court of law.

A Lot of Incriminating Evidence

Facebook has more than 800 million active users—and, on average, they upload 250 million pictures a day to the site. There are no estimates on how many of those pictures people regret uploading, but you can be sure it’s more than a few. The photos taken after a few too many drinks, the pictures that show people engaged in dangerous or even illegal behavior…anyone who’s been on Facebook for a while has seen those images.

But it’s not just the pictures that can get you in trouble. Maybe you’ve testified in court you were in one place at a particular day and time, but your Facebook page shows you checked in elsewhere. Maybe your child custody agreement limits how far you can travel with your kids, but you post a status update telling friends you’re taking them to Disneyland and their father can’t stop you. Maybe you’re asking for a no-fault divorce but there’s evidence on Facebook to suggest you were having an affair before separating from your spouse.

There are all sorts of ways in which Facebook can get you in legal trouble, or be used against you in a court case.

Mind Your Ps & Qs

At the California family law firm of Heath-Newton LLP, lawyers say that it’s more and more common for social networking sites to be used as evidence in divorce and child custody cases.

“We advise all of our clients to take the following five steps with their social media, particularly in child custody matters,” says Erik W. Newton, a partner at the firm. “Change all of your passwords so that your spouse or ex cannot log into your account. Double-check your security settings so that only friends can view your page (not friends of friends), and so that you are notified when someone tags a photo of you. Remove any unsavory or questionable photos, especially those depicting alcohol consumption or parties. Remove your Wall completely so that other Facebook friends cannot leave undesirable comments on your page. And emphasize pictures of your children.”

But locking down the security settings on your Facebook account isn’t always enough.

If, during the legal discovery process, the other side asks for access to your social networking accounts, you’re required the supply the information intact—preserved in the same state it appeared when you got the request (or even had reason to believe you might have gotten the request).

And make no mistake—it’s not just Facebook accounts that are cause trouble. Newton says judges are even starting to order couples to swap passwords for their online dating sites.

A recent Forbes article tells the tale of a divorcing Connecticut couple who was forced to exchange the log-in information for their Facebook, Match and EHarmony accounts.

According to the husband’s lawyer, his client had seen some possibly incriminating evidence on a shared computer that gave him reason to believe his soon-to-be-ex-wife might not be a fit parent for full custody of their children. The wife reportedly complied, but not before allegedly asking a friend to log onto her accounts and deleted some message. Needless to say, the judge apparently wasn’t pleased.

Remember when accounting firm Arthur Andersen got in trouble because it shredded evidence in the Enron scandal? Deleting or editing your online activity if you know it’s could be used against you in a lawsuit is no different. In other words, don’t expect to be able to clean up your act after the fact. -


New York City’s Hidden Subway Station

Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful untouched station resides that has been forgotten for years with only a limited few knowing of its existence. Stunning decoration with tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights run across the entire curve of the station, almost a miniature imitation of Grand Central Station… But it sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter, right?

It was opened in 1904, with the hope of making it the crowning glory of the New York subway system in elegant architecture and a place for commemorative plaques to honour the work that had resulted in such a successful underground mass transit system. It was to be the original southern terminus of the first ‘Manhattan Main Line’; however the station was closed and boarded up in 1945. The gem of the underground began gathering dust, forgotten by the general public, as passengers were forced off at the Brooklyn Bridge Stop before the train continued on to the terminus to make its turnaround.

The reason for its closure was that newer longer cars were required to match the demand of passengers that passed through the system. But as the stations tracks were severely curved, a dangerous gap between the train doors and the platform was formed making it an unsafe area. This combined with the fact that only about 600 people used it, resulted in its closure with only mythical plans of turning it into a transit museum. But this was never followed through.

However, now you don’t have to take my word that the secret City Hall Station exists, as the 6 Train will now allow the passengers who have been enlightened with the knowledge of its whereabouts to stay on the train during its turnaround and see the Station. You won’t be able to get off, but you’ll be taken for a slow tour of the platform and see what a beauty it was in its heyday!

And if that isn’t enough, The Underbelly Project has turned it into a kind-of off-limits art gallery. They are a group of street artists who have painted the walls of the unattractive concrete areas with their art in a spooky art exhibition that will be witnessed only by urban explorers who prowl the deep train system at night and Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers. - Travelettes

The City Beneath Us: Building the New York Subway

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Russia to spend billions on asteroid defense

Moscow believes an operable national defense against threats from outer space can be built within 10 years’ time. The 500-kiloton explosion of a space bolide above the Urals region has sped-up allocation of some $2 billion to prevent future threats.

Russian scientists have presented a federal program designed to counteract space threats. Elaborated by the Institute of Astronomy at Russia’s Academy of Sciences and the Central Engineering Research Institute, Russia’s leading space industry enterprise, the program has already been approved by Roskosmos, the national space agency.

The program has nothing to do with Hollywood sci-fi movie scenarios; no lasers, annihilators or Bruce Willis drilling a huge peace of rock rushing towards Earth.

The system will consist of a network of robotic telescopes monitoring space around our planet, some of them delivered to orbit, others operating from the surface.

Destruction of an asteroid in emergency cases may be performed by a rocket with a powerful megaton-class thermonuclear warhead. If the threat is detected early, more advanced means of changing an asteroid’s orbit may be considered.

The program costing 58 billion rubles (over $1.9 billion) has already been handed over to the head of Russia’s defense industry, Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin who is expected to present it to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Lidia Rykhlova from the Institute of Astronomy (RAS) who presented the project, reported that Russia will need to modernize and fully computerize the 60 cm lens telescopes it already has. Several larger telescopes with 2 meter lens will have to be additionally installed.

Rykhlova announced that an analytical center will be created to collect the data from various sources and analyze it in real time mode.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has denied reports about the Russian government’s intentions to spend 58 billion rubles on asteroid defense system.

Professor of the Moscow State University, head of the laboratory for space monitoring Vladimir Lipunov told Interfax news agency that it will take about two years to modernize all Russia’s existing nine telescopes with the diameter of the lens of 40 centimeters and unite them into one network. A network of larger telescopes across the globe could be ready in five years.

“It will cost a mere trifle. What [Russian billionaire] Roman Abramovich paid for Chelsea [football club] would cover all the costs of the project,” Lipunov said.

According to Forbes during the eight years of owning Chelsea Abramovich spent $1.3 billion on the football club.

Lipunov stressed that tracking and forecasting space threats is more real and efficient than engaging air defense systems to deal with meteorites in the atmosphere, as people could be evacuated from an impact zone in advance.

Asteroid threat is growing by the year

“There are a lot of asteroids orbitingclose to Earth and every year up to 1,000 more are being discovered,” Lidia Rykhlova said, specifying that three years ago the number of known asteroids passing close to our planet was about 7,000 and now their number has grown up to around 9,400.

Most of the relatively large asteroids, with a diameter of one kilometer and larger are already known.

“We know about 90 per cent of kilometer-class asteroids, their orbits are well known and predictable. As for the smaller 40-50 meter ones – we still have insufficient observation apparatus. The more we observe – the more of them we find,” Rykhlova acknowledged.

If the space object is discovered beforehand, at least a month prior to possible collision with Earth, there is time to find out its size and consider various measures of its elimination.

The execution of a really complicated operation will require at least a year, Rykhlova pointed out. - RT

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Which Russian Meteor Conspiracy Theory Sounds Best To You?

Did a UFO deliberately crash into a meteor to save Earth 100 years ago? That's what one Russian scientist was claiming in 2009.

Dr. Yuri Labvin, president of the Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation, insisted that an alien spacecraft sacrificed itself to prevent a gigantic meteor from slamming into the planet above Siberia on June 30, 1908.

The result was was the Tunguska event, a massive blast estimated at 15 megatons that downed 80 million trees over nearly 100 square miles. Eyewitnesses reported a bright light and a huge shock wave, but the area was so sparsely populated no one was killed.

Most scientists think the blast was caused by a meteorite exploding several miles above the surface. But Labvin thinks quartz slabs with strange markings found at the site are remnants of an alien control panel, which fell to the ground after the UFO slammed into the giant rock.

"We don't have any technologies that can print such kind of drawings on crystals," Labvin told the Macedonian International News Agency. "We also found ferrum silicate that can not be produced anywhere, except in space."

Well...the theories are starting to surface since the recent meteor strike over the Russian Urals.

This video has been release showing UFOs in the vicinity of the meteor - UFO SAVES US FROM RUSSIAN METEOR. Is it CGI? Probably...but the point has now be raised. Are we being protected by an alien UFO force?

Some officials in the Russian military are claiming credit for dispatching the meteor or missle...which ever you wish to believe:

Within minutes of the meteor’s impact alternative theories began to circulate that the object seen in the video had been shot down by Russian air defence missiles to prevent further destruction.

The theory seems to have stemmed from a report from the local Znak newspaper, which quoted an anonymous “military source” who claimed that the object was intercepted by an air defense unit at the Urzhumka settlement near Chelyabinsk.

According to the source, a missile salvo blew the meteorite apart at an altitude of 20 kilometers, scattering burning debris over the region.

Russia Today picked up the report and sent it viral on the internet, adding that “Regnum news agency quoted a military source who claimed that the vapor condensation trail of the meteorite speaks to the fact that the meteorite was intercepted by air defenses.”

In the hours that have passed, the story has been tweeted and retweeted thousands of times.

The Russian regional Emergency Ministry has denied that any military air defenses were involved in the incident.

Witnesses in a town 50 kilometers from Chelyabinsk, where the meteor is thought to have hit, said they saw a streaking object suddenly burst into flames, break apart and fall to the ground. They then described a black cloud had hanging above the town. Witnesses in Chelyabinsk itself said that the air smelled like gunpowder after the object hit.

Reactions to the shoot down theory have been mixed, with detractors suggesting no upward missile vapour trail or intercepting object can be seen in the videos, and that it would be impossible to shoot down an object travelling with such speed at the trajectory it approached.

More wide eyed theorists have suggested that the object may not have been a meteor at all and could have been a satellite that was shot down, or some form of kinetic bombardment weapon aimed at Russia.

The latter theory seems to have stemmed from comments made by Russian nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who claimed that the flashes and sonic booms witnessed were the results of a secret US weapons test.

Zhirinovsky, known for making such startling claims about advanced weaponry, suggested that he had advance knowledge of a test. He also claimed that US Secretary of State John Kerry had attempted to warn Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about a coming “provocation” earlier this week, but couldn’t reach him.

It seems more likely, however, that the “provocation” Kerry had spent time trying to speak to Lavrov about by phone was in refernce to the recent nuclear test in North Korea. - InfoWars

Also, a few eccentrics are claiming that the AutoBots are coming to earth:

Russian Meteorite Conspiracy

Some people want us to take the alien theory a bit further:

On Friday afternoon at approximately 12:44 p.m. PT, the 150 foot wide asteroid known as 2012 DA14 will be racing toward planet Earth at an estimated speed of 17,500 mph. Although space debris hurtling toward Earth is not unusual, what makes this event so significant is the narrowest of margins (relatively speaking) that 2012 DA14 will pass Earth’s orbit. This particular asteroid will come within only 17,200 miles of striking the Earth. Lets place this in perspective.

Man made satellites that circle the Earth maintain a geosynchronous orbit of approximately 22,000 miles. This means that 2012 DA14 will pass within a full 5,000 miles, or 1/4, of the orbit held by our man made communications satellites. If 2012 DA14 were to collide with the Earth, the ensuing explosion would be the equivalent to a 2.4-megaton atomic bomb. This is twice as devastating as the most powerful active weapon in the United States’ nuclear arsenal, the 1.2 megaton B83 nuclear bomb.

For you astronomy buffs, the 2012 DA14 asteroid will only be visible from portions of Eastern Europe. Interestingly enough the last significant asteroid/meteorite in recorded history took place in 1908 when an asteroid similar to 2012 DA14 struck the Tunguska region of Siberia. The resulting explosion leveled tress within a 820 mile radius from the impact site. Many people who subscribe to the Ancient Alien or Ancient Astronaut theory suggest the Tunguska incident was actually aliens crash landing on Earth. Although there is little to no physical evidence to support this theory it is food for thought nonetheless....

This impact from this supposed “meteorite” occurred in a rural area near the base of the Ural Mountains. Ironically, the Ural Mountains make a nearly perfect half way point between Tunguska and Moscow. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. - Football PHDS


There are hundreds more articles and videos with an assortment of theories. This is the response one would expect from those people who watch Ancient Aliens and take it all too literal. Frankly, I love the TV series...but trying to find an answer by applying these theories for every celestial body that makes it's way into our atmosphere is absurd.

It is true that UFO sightings have increased over most of Russia in the past few days. But it is also safe to say that more people are looking to the skies and watching for meteors...and, maybe, the alien UFOs that will hopefully shoot them down. Lon

Ancient Aliens Collector's Edition

The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors

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Just the Facts?: Interesting CCTV 'Ghost' Capture -- Green 'Space' Slime -- Possible Spontaneous Human Combustion in Oklahoma

‘Ghost’ caught on CCTV video at ‘haunted’ community centre in South Ruislip

2013 NIGHT GHOST footage... genuine ghost on CCTV in London

The video shows a slim man suddenly appear outside the entrance of South Ruislip Community Association and Community Centre on February 1.

It captures the transparent figure walking calmly towards a metal railing before seemingly disappearing into thin air.

The strange moment was reportedly witnessed by the centre’s caretaker who went outside to investigate.

‘I was sitting inside the hall and noticed a figure on the front CCTV camera,’ the caretaker is quoted as saying in the video.

‘I looked up at the screen and thought I saw a person but wasn’t sure so went out to check.’

He added: ‘I went outside and no one was there but I thought they might have quickly walked around the side of the building into the park so I just went back in.

‘After downloading the CCTV footage I was surprised to see that the figure had been recorded onto the system.

‘I can’t explain this.’

Run by a local committee since 1945, the centre was reportedly used as a prisoner of war camp for Italian prisoners during World War II – leading many to speculate the haunting figure may be from the 1940s.

A previous chairman is said to have believed the building was haunted and he used to greet the spirits when he entered the building in an attempt ‘to make them friendly’.

The video has racked up over 100,000 hits online, with users remaining divided over the authenticity of the footage.


Walking Haunted London: 25 Original Walks Exploring London's Ghostly Past

Ghost Milk: Recent Adventures Among the Future Ruins of London on the Eve of the Olympics


NYPD investigating 911 calls from Katie Couric's dead husband

Katie Couric has become the focus of one strange investigation.

The NYPD is probing a series of mysterious 911 calls apparently originating from a phone line registered to Couric's late husband, Jay Monahan.

Monahan died in 1998 after a battle with colon cancer. But, according to the New York Daily News, his phone dials 911 every Tuesday around 2 a.m. There have been at least 10 instances of the calls since last month, according to the Daily News.

Couric relayed the bizarre story to her studio audience during a commercial break this week. She says she asked NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly to investigate the matter.

"So I called Ray Kelly, who I know just through the years seeing at different things. 'Ray, this is so weird but can you help me? I don’t know what to do,'" Couric told the audience, per an eyewitness account in the Daily News.

Whenever the mysterious calls are made, the police call back to check. In addition, a patrol car is sent to investigate. Couric told her audience that she always has a hard time getting back to sleep afterward.

Some experts believe "spoofing" is to blame for the calls. That's an illegal technique in which a hacker uses a device to hijack a phone line. Other celebrities who have fallen victim to the trick include Ashton Kutcher, Chris Brown, and Kim Kardashian. - Yahoo


Oklahoma Man Dies In Fire, Spontaneous Combustion Not Ruled Out As Cause

The Sheriff in an eastern Oklahoma county said his office is investigating what could be a case of spontaneous combustion.

Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart told News On 6 that deputies were called to a house on Bawcom Road, between Sallisaw and Muldrow, around 10:50 a.m. Monday. A neighbor had reported seeing smoke coming out of a home.

Lockhart said they found the nearly completely charred remains of a man in the kitchen, but that there was no other damage done to the home.

The man has been identified as 65-year-old Danny Vanzandt, according to CBS affiliate in Fort Smith, KFSM.

Sheriff Lockhart spent about 20 years as an arson investigator for the Fort Smith, Arkansas Police Department, before retiring to run for Sheriff in Sequoyah County. Lockhart said he'd never seen anything like it. He said it didn't seem that any accelerant was used and only the floor below Vanzandt's body was damaged.

Lockhart said his remains have been sent to the Medical Examiner's office in Tulsa for examination.

Lockhart said Vanzandt was an alcoholic and a smoker. But KFSM reports that Lockhart said Vanzandt's body was burned in a way that was inconsistent with the fire being started by accident, such as by dropping a lit cigarette.

The Sheriff said the investigation is still ongoing, but that he is not ruling it out spontaneous combustion as the cause of the fire. - News On 6

Faith, Madness and Spontaneous Human Combustion

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers


Green 'Space' Slime Baffles Nature Experts

A "weird" green slime said in folklore to appear at the same time as meteors hit Earth has been found in a birdlife park in Somerset.

The RSPB has appealed for help in identifying the slime, which is said to be scattered on grass banks close to pools and lakes around Ham Wall Nature Reserve near Glastonbury.

The jelly-like substance could be bacteria, fungus or toad innards, wildlife experts said.

Some believe it could be a substance that has been written about for centuries called star or astral jelly, which is said to appear in the wake of meteor showers.

Its appearance has coincided with a meteor strike in Russia and the harmless fly-by of an asteroid at a record distance from Earth last week.

Steve Hughes, the RSPB site manager at Ham Wall, said: "This past week we've been finding piles of this translucent jelly dotted around the reserve.

"(It is) always on grass banks away from the water's edge. They are usually about 10cm (4in) in diameter.

"We've asked experts what it might be, but as yet no one is really sure. Whatever it is, it's very weird."

Tony Whitehead, an RSPB spokesman for the South West, added: "Although we don't know what it actually is, similar substances have been described previously.

"In records dating back to the 14th Century it's known variously as star jelly, astral jelly or astromyxin.

"In folklore it is said to be deposited in the wake of meteor showers."

One of the more favoured explanations is that it is a form of cyanobacteria called Nostoc.

Others suggest that it is the remains of the regurgitated innards of amphibians such as frogs and toads, and of their spawn.

Alternatively, it may be related to the intriguingly named crystal brain fungus.

Mr Whitehead added: "We've read a few articles now, and much speculation.

"One suggested it was neither animal nor plant, and another that it didn't contain DNA, although it does give the appearance of something 'living'.

"Our reserve team will be looking out for the slime over the next few days, but if anyone can offer any explanations we'd be glad to hear."

The public are being warned not to touch the mystery substance, and to inform nature reserve staff if they spot any. - Sky
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