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Cylindrical Circumstances

Over the past decade, I've noticed that there have been a significant number of cylinder-shaped UFOs reported throughout the south-central section of the particular, in Texas and Oklahoma. The following report is from 2005 and represents one of the earlier sightings. I have included 2 more sightings that were forwarded to me over the past few years. I'm doubtful that these were sightings of secret military, the reason for sightings of these objects in this general area of the US is just another mystery associated with the UFO phenomena:

Summary: Around 11:30 pm my wife and I went out side to enjoy a cool breeze that had just moved in, we sat and talked for about five minutes when by peripheral vision I caught a glimpse of an object moving in the skies. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

Date Reported: 10/11/2005

Sighting Time: 11:35
Day/Night: Nighttime
No. of Witnesses: 1
Duration: 15 to 20 secs.

Appearance / Description of Object(s):

This highly reflective object was quite large easily being over 100 feet wide. It was a cigar shape but more oval on the sides than round, being maybe 20 feet in diameter and it had spere in the middle of it protruding from the center top. The spere was more a dome on top of the body and was maybe a third of width longwise of this ship. Picture a small ball cut in half placed placed on the top center of a semi smushed cigar but all dark polished mirror surface. I could see that it was made of sections that if separated would have evenly divided the it lengthwise into four or five sections. It had no lights whatsoever or at least they were not lit and it made absolutely no sound and it moved in a perfect straight line and traveled side ways meaning the long side of the body moved forward with the dome sitting on top so there were no visible moving parts, it was solid and looked solid and clean.

Size of Object(s):

If I stretched out my arm it would be 6 inches to hold in the view of my widespread fingers. I would have to estimate the length of this cigar shaped ship to be no less than 100 ft wide, and with an oval cross section of 30 feet wide by 20 feet high with a round half dome of about 30 ft. in diameter sitting on the top and in the middle of it.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude:

It was flying as high as I see helicopters fly by. 400' to 600' plus or minus

Description of Area / Surroundings:

We live in suburban town right outside of Houston so while on certain night we have clear skies we are limited somewhat by the light pollution that reflects off the sky. This particular night it was hazy, cool and somewhat windy. Certain bright stars could still be seen throught the hazy sky, however there were no clouds. There are now military bases that I'm aware of in this area (Zip Code 77459) only a small airport around 5 miles away which serves Sugar Land mainly for small and private aircraft. It did seem to be moving parallel with a some large powerlines that maybe a mile from our home.

Full Description & Details:

The weather had been warm and humid throught most of the month of October so when the cool front finally came into our suburb town of Missouri City, located just southwest of Houston, my wife asked me to come outside to our patio to just sit and enjoy the much awaited cool breeze. Well cool it was, somewhere in the upper '60's and breezy just enough to make the tree tops sway so all that could be heard was the wind passing through the leaves. The skies were hazy, but not cloudy almost a medium grey tone. This of course is a result from local light pollution reflecting on our skies. A couple dozen or so stars managed to shine through this haze anyhow. Well we were talking face to face and our patio is open to one end almost in the shape of a U so my right side was facing the open end. Well I was about the comment on something when out of my right peripheral vision up in the sky at about I spotted something moving so naturally I turned to see it. I sprang to my feet out of astonishment in what I was seeing. It was an object, a ship like I had never seen passing throught the night sky almost directly over my adjacent neighors back yard only it was maybe four or six hundred feet high but was of a good size. Immediately I ran to the middle of our backyard dragging my wife by her arm hardly being able to speak I cried to her to look at up at the sky and bare witness to what I'm seeing here, I pointed at it! It was moving in a perfectly straight heading in a southerly direction and moving slowly, ominously and without any noise nor any lights, it was almost invisible, nearly cloked but since I caught its movement I was able to focus on it and clearly see it's shape and what its surface looked like. Had it not been for the ambient lighting of city light pollution and the grey lit sky serving as a backdrop I might have missed it since it's surface appeared to be reflective, a mirrored surface but a dark polished mirrored chrome which reflected everything around it including the grey sky and lights off the ground. I saw it clearly for what seemed a long time but infact was more like 15 to 20 seconds. It was utterly fantastic and some what frightening to witness this. I could hardly believe it was happening and I was there at the right time. However much to my disappointment it went beyond the tree line in our backyard before my wife could see it as well but. Well we ran through our home to the front to hopefully get a second glimpse of this slow moving object but we were unable to spot again.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

The shape of this flying object was one like I have never seen before. I've seen many military experimental craft and am a Sci-fi fan but not even in any movies have I seen such a shape. It was running under power as it took a steady course flying at an even altitude and maybe traveling 100 mph or less. It was moving slowy but steadily and was almost unoticable if you didnt catch its movement. Think Predator from the movie, you can see the outline and that it reflects it's environment, practically cloaked. Just amazing in size.

Witness Background: Designer for Civil Engineerig Firm, 4 Years College

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting:

I'm 39 years old and as a youth always dreamt of journey's to the stars in make believe of course. I've been a Star Wars fan since youth so yes I looked up many nights wonder what is out there. Through out my life I witnessed maybe one other time what seemed to be lights that seemed to dance across the dark sky but they were too high an altitude see other than what looked like bright stars zipping back and fourth. There were three of them and they traveled back and fourth like no airplane could and finally just zipped off in separate directions. I was a young teenager when I saw these walking home one night while looking up at the heavens. I never saw them again, only in dreams of course but who doesn't. I'm not one to dismiss the possibility of UFO's and I am intrigued by the whole notion but I have never really seen something so amazing real with my own two eyes. I believe there many things with no explanation but I'm a rational average man with a family. I would like to see it again but since that night a few days ago have not had any luck. I am fortunate to have witnessed this and would like to know if any one else might have seen this particular shaped flying object. I have a sketch I drew up the very next day and would be happy to scan it and send it to you. Thanks for your time

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Daniel
Location: Missouri City, Tx. 77459
Age: 39



Last evening I received a report of a cylinder-shaped UFO hovering over woodlands approximately 12 north of Paris, Texas near Pat Mayse Lake:

January 7, 2013 - east of Pat Mayse Lake. I was driving north on Rt. 271 and had just passed a few farm buildings when I noticed to my left a large (I'd say 200 ft long) cylinder UFO stopped mid-air about 500 ft above the trees. I pulled over and watched as the red and amber lights flashed along the bottom. It was about 1 am and very dark, but the UFO glowed. There was no sound but the air felt electric and dense. I watched for about 2-3 minutes when it started to fade away until it was completely gone. There was no trace of this thing anywhere.

I was stunned that I had been given the chance to see this UFO, but that wasn't all.

I got back into my truck and drove another few miles north when I started to hear heavy rumbling sounds. It sounded like a jet had just passed over me, but there was nothing there. I stopped again, got out and looked around. I didn't see anything. When I got back into the truck I immediately noticed that the door and bonnet of the truck were very hot. In fact, the entire outside of the truck was so hot that there was steam coming off of it in the cool night. Something cause my truck to heat up but I just can't figure out what. Any ideas? Do you think the UFO was cloaked somehow and passed over?

BTW, the computer in my truck stopped working the next day and had to be replaced. The mechanic said that it shorted out but there was no other problem electrically. He said an outside source had to have caused the short. SG

This report is similar to several reports from north Texas and southern Oklahoma...though one in particular stands out:


I want to share something strange and unusual that happened on this Easter Sunday night April 24th.

I had been to a Church's Easter Service night Cantata in Texas. I was driving to get back home on a desolate Farm to Market Road as their was not much traffic on it day or night.

The night was very clear and stars were bright and beautiful. I saw in the east as I was driving east a very bright star or at least, that is what I first perceived, but then I noticed that this star or object was moving, so I in turn, pulled my vehicle off on the side of the road to get a better view. It kept approaching and getting larger as it came forward and finally to a complete stop. I got out of my vehicle to get a better look.

I realized, that this was not a star and it was rather a huge object, sort of like a silver cylinder and it had red, orange, green and white lights on top of it. I thought this was strange, by this object coming to a complete standstill and I could not hear any noise.

I just for a second glanced to my left, which was North and I saw this other bright star, again that is what I again perceived coming from the North and as it came closer, it had the same color lights on it.

Well it approached the other standstill object it came to a standstill also. I was amazed and I happened to look at my watch and it was 10:15 PM.

The two objects remained stationary and the only thing that was active were the rotating lights on both objects. After about 10 minutes, the object that came from the north extended a wide red laser or something similar to the other object and that went on for about 15 minutes...they seemed to be a distance between the objects when this wide red laser went to the other object and it reminded me of someone or something rolling out a red carpet. At times, I saw what looked like little black dots within this red whatever.

After about 15 minutes, this red carpet started retracting back in to the north object. When that happened, this object from the east after close to 5 minutes, started moving sideways to the south, then moved upward and then shot to the south at a high rate of speed and finally disappeared.

The other northern object, after the other object had disappeared going south, it started to lift high and then it shot off at a high rate of speed back to the north, whence it came from and disappeared.

I don't know what I saw that night, but I will never forget it, I have not spoke to anyone about what I saw.

So I figured they were making a transfer of something or maybe not, but I have thought about this red carpet scenario several times since as well as what these two objects were, that came together side by side and became stationary and after the red carpet whatever, both objects left at a very high rate of speed and disappeared. Very strange indeed. But anyway, this is what I saw on Easter Sunday night. I eventually made it home, but my thoughts of these two objects, were on my mind and for days to come, I still think about them from time to time.

Thank you for taking the time to read whatever encounter, I had with two unknown objects.

P.S. I do not do drugs or drink!.

Tommy D.

A rendering of one of the objects

After an inquiry, I received the following from the witness:


I apologize for not getting back with you before now.The incident occurred in Northeast Texas between Paris, Texas and Hugo, Oklahoma on FM Road 195 where the Church was located.

I stated in my earlier email to you, that the objects, looked cylindrical, because of the multi-colored lights that were flashing were on top and the length of them on the objects showed that they were on a cylindrical object, not a circular one. Again, there was no sound and when they left, it was at a high rate of speed and just vanished. The rolling out of the "Red Carpet" scenario, was really strange as it was a bright red in color and what looked like black dots of some kind and those were not visible at first, but I suppose 2 minutes into what I call a "transfer" then they appeared on the "red carpet" and they looked like they were moving on the "red carpet".

That's about all I can say about whatever I saw that night, but I do think altogether, it was very strange indeed.

Tommy D.

NOTE: I am particularly interested in these 'large craft' sightings and/or those encounters that include entities. Feel free to forward your narrative and evidence. Thanks...Lon


Another similar sighting:

Location. San Antonio, Texas
Date: September 6 2011
Time: night

The witness observed a UFO shooting a beam of light into the water tank owned by the city water board on Vanderbilt Street on the southeast side of town. An egg-like object then came out of the rear of the hovering cylinder-shaped object and landed in the fenced in area at the base of the water tank, an entity came out greeted another that was already on the ground and they both boarded the egg-shaped vehicle which then zipped back to the cylinder at very high speed.

HC addendum
Type: B

Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups

Oddball Texas: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places (Oddball series)

True UFO Accounts: From the Vaults of FATE Magazine

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Just the Facts?: Greenville AFB UFO / Alien Encounter -- Postscript to 'Flight 2012' -- Ahmadinejad...Iran's 1st Astronaut?

Greenville AFB, Mississippi UFO / Alien Encounter

6/20/1954: My uncle was an electronics specialist and a civilian employee at the Air Force base in Greenville, Mississippi in the mid 50s. One day some military authorities escorted him and several other civilian employees into a large aircraft hangar and ordered them to stay there until they were told they could come out. None of the mens questions about what was going on were answered. The military men closed the hangars doors and left. The men in the hanger hung around the area where the hangars doors came together, and they discovered they could peek outside and see what was going on. A disk shaped aircraft about 40 feet in diameter descended vertically and landed on the tarmac outside the hangar. Several men with cameras filmed the entire incident from an elevated scaffolding. Other cameramen stood on the ground. A door opened on the aircraft and a child-sized alien being walked down a short ramp. The alien used a hand-held computer to communicate with the military personnel. The aircraft was on tripod landing gear with wheels, and several men were ordered to pushed it into the hanger across the way. Once the ailen aircraft was inside the hanger, the men closed the doors. The doors were reopened several minutes later and the same men pushed the alien aircraft back outside and to its original position. The men around the aircraft stepped away from the aircraft and it soon lifted vertically and silently and quickly darted away. As soon as the alien aircraft was gone,some military men opened the hanger doors where the civilian men were standing and told them to carry on.

I was a teenager when I heard this story and my reaction to it was a mix of uncertainty and disbelief. My uncle didnt have any reason to lie about it, but... Years later, I was watching a program about UFOs on television, and a man who saw the same event described it exactly as my uncle had described it years earlier--in every detail. I was amazed, but while I have seen many UFO programs on television repeated several times, I never saw that particular interview again.

I now realize the importance of that event, but my uncle died several years ago, and I imagine that the other witnesses are probably all dead as well. Just the same,I wanted to get this information out there for what it is worth, so here it is. I hope it proves to be beneficial. Our government isnt about to confess that it has lied to us about UFOs since 1949. Doing so would destroy what little credibility it still has. - MUFON CMS

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

The Pyramids and the Pentagon: The Government's Top Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts, and Lost Civilizations

Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny Insider Account of Alien Contact & Government Cover-Up


Postscript to Flight 2012

A few days ago, I posted Flight 2012 which was forwarded to me a few years ago by Vivian Harper. Yesterday, upon noticing I published her narrative again, Vivian added a postscript:

The eclipse that day 12/21/12 was with the galactic center.
The switch was turned on that day.
There was a visual lineup to the center of the galaxy but it may take time to be receiving the energy. It is a long way away.
We may feel the effects from it even now.
Like a door opening (maybe slamming) in our face, I am told. It won't hurt but it will change us. The door opens, figuratively and perhaps physically .
Perhaps spiritually.
If we picture in our mind's eye the Galaxy, as a bicycle wheel spinning, picture it wet. Of course it is not water it is energy.
The Galaxy sucks in and spits out gravity. Sounds like a piston to me. The spit is dark matter, called that because they can't see it and don't know what it is.
The best answer-ers say it is gravity being spit out from the Galaxy and we know that anything that spits creates a charge.
Magneto charges.
What ever it is it was predicted by scientist Dimetri__. He found a 'cloud ' with his telescope that earth's path would enter. I bet it was 20 years ago. When asked how long will we be in that cloud he guessed maybe 2-3000 years.
We will get used to it. The effect it would have on earth would be a quickening of frequency of our whole solar system and any other solar system in the way.
Sounds exciting.
That is how the story ends.
A Golden Age Cometh.

Vivian Harper


Eyeball falls out in court, mistrial declared

Let it now be recorded in the annals of the U.S. justice system: a Philadelphia trial has ended in mistrial by eyeball.

It was the assault trial Commonwealth v. Brunelli, involving an early morning fight outside the New Princeton Tavern in Burholme where one punch cost John Huttick his left eye.

Huttick, 48, was on the witness stand Wednesday, weeping as he told the Common Pleas Court jury about the impact of losing an eye when he literally lost his eye.

Two jurors, seated feet away, gasped and started to rise as if they wanted to leave. Huttick caught the $3,000 prosthetic blue eye and cried out.

"I couldn't believe it just came out," said Huttick after Judge Robert P. Coleman granted the mistrial motion by defense attorney Eileen Hurley.

Coleman set a new trial for March 4 and, with judicial understatement, declared it an "unfortunate, unforeseen incident."

For Huttick, a tall, burly red-haired man who once worked as a bouncer at the New Princeton Tavern, the trial's bizarre end was just another chapter in his life's downslide since the Aug. 18, 2011 fight.

According to Assistant District Attorney Mark Gilson, the incident occurred after 2:30 a.m. involving a group of people, including Huttick and alleged assailant Matthew Brunelli, a 23-year-old cook, drinking inside the New Princeton Tavern.

Gilson said Brunelli left the bar first with a girlfriend but got into an argument with another bar patron that turned into a fight in the parking lot of the bar in the 7100 block of Rising Sun Avenue.

Somebody relayed the news to people still inside the tappy and Huttick came out to intervene.

As Huttick tried to separate Brunelli and his opponent, Gilson continued, Brunelli threw a punch that hit Huttick's left eye.

Hurley, Brunelli's attorney, said her client struck Huttick with a fist.

Hurley said Brunelli did not use a weapon and struck in self defense when he encountered the much larger Huttick getting involved in the altercation.

Gilson, however, alleged that Brunelli hit Huttick with a metal key protruding from between his fingers.

"He was stabbed," added Gilson, who said Huttick's eyeball was pierced, bisected and collapsed and the orbital bone around the eye broken.

Huttick, who is suing both Brunelli and the New Princeton Tavern, said the injury and impaired vision cost him his job at another bar. He said his depression nearly ended his relationship with his girlfriend and emptied his bank account.

"A year later I have no place to live and I ran out of money," Huttick added. - Philly


Ahmadinejad: I'll Be Iran's First Astronaut

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has revealed his dream to be his country's first astronaut.

He said he was willing to sacrifice his life for Iran's space programme, which aims to send a man into space by 2020 and put an astronaut on the moon by 2025.

"I'm ready to be the first Iranian to be sacrificed by the scientists of my country and go into space, even though I know there are a lot of candidates," state news agency IRNA quoted him as saying.

Speaking at a ceremony to unveil two new satellites, Mr Ahmadinejad added that he was willing to "auction (himself) and donate" the money to the space programme, which has been hit by international economic sanctions over Tehran's controversial nuclear drive.

Iran claimed last week it had successfully sent a monkey named Pishgam - or Pioneer in Farsi - into space and brought it back alive.

However, doubts have been raised over the mission as before-and-after images appear to show two different animals.

In 2010, Iran said it launched a rocket into space carrying a mouse, turtle and worms, but an attempt the following year to put a monkey into space failed - although no official explanation was given.

Western nations have suggested the space tests could be a cover for the development of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, but Tehran denies there is any link with its nuclear programme.

The UN Security Council has imposed an almost total embargo on the export of nuclear and space technology to Iran since 2007. - SKY

NOTE: He'll also be Iran's first 'dead' astronaut...Lon

Understanding Iran: Everything You Need to Know, from Persia to the Islamic Republic, from Cyrus to Ahmadinejad

The Twilight War: The Secret History of America's Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran

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UFO Encounter: 'Horrible Experience'

The incident occurred on June 6, 1954, when two teenage girls from Dandenong, Victoria near Melbourne claim, a ‘flying saucer hovered less than 20 yards above their heads. A cylindrical shape, about 30ft. Long and 15ft. High, with a canopy and window on top and a window on each end'

MELBOURNE - Two teenage girls, usually gay and happy, are spending sleepless and restless nights after what they claim was a "horrible experience. The girls are Janette Brown, 16, and Jeanette Johnston, 13, both of Dandenong, a Melbourne outer suburb.

Both girls are a bundle of nerves and refuse to leave their homes at night alone. Their reason for barring themselves behind closed doors is a fear they will be attacked from people from another world. Last Saturday night, the girls claim, a ‘flying saucer hovered less than 20 yards above their heads. The girls were by themselves on a lonely road in Dandenong where they saw the object. The girls mothers said this week the experience had seriously affected the children.

"I believe her story"

Mrs Johnston said : " My girl has been nervy and restless. "She wouldnt tell me a lie. I believe her story. Mrs Johnston said her daughter hoped the story would not be published in case the object attacked them. Her daughter had asked her to move to another suburb because she feared the saucer might try to destroy her home and family.

Janette Brown saw the saucer first. This is what she said: Shortly after 6p.m. I left my home to meet Jeanette Johnston". "I was standing outside the main gate of a partly built factory on Prince's Highway, waiting for Jeanette. "I heard a loud drumming noise, something like a motor cycle. "I looked toward the factory, and hovering over the top of the end dome of the building I saw a large dark shape".

"I flashed my torch in its direction, and it came towards me, and three lights, one on top and two on the ends, lit up. I thought they were rays and fell to the ground. Janette said: "I was terrified. It was terribly weird and fascinating. I just couldn't move or even run away, I was so scared".

"Then it came towards me and stopped, hovering about 20 yards away on the top of the factory gate, as if it deliberately wanted me to look at it - or it wanted to look at me. "It was a cylindrical shape, about 30ft. Long and 15ft. High, with a canopy and window on top and a window on each end".

"I was so close I could even see how it worked. The under-carriage consisted of three wheels which were half turning and making a low clicking sound. "Just then a car came along the road. The saucer must have heard it or seen the approaching lights, because it swung around and settled behind the caretaker's house."

At this stage Jeanette arrived to meet Janette, who told her to watch the house. Jeanette said: "As I watched the house a silvery coloured cylinder rose into the air. "It stayed there hovering for about two minutes and then swept away in a wide circle to another factory a few hundred yards away".

"It stayed on top of the factory for about one minute where the bright lights flashed out and only the top and left lights kept shining. "Suddenly the left light spun around to the right-hand side of the saucer and it crossed the road and disappeared behind the tree. - Sunday Telegraph June 13th 1954 / Australian UFO Research Network


05.06.54 DANDENONG, VIC 1820hrs
Source: Melbourne Argus (16.06.54), The Victorian UFO Report 1954

A 16-year-old girl and her friend said they were terrified as an object hovered twenty metres from them. It was cylindrical in shape, about ten metres long and five metres high, with a canopy and window on top and a window at each end. It issued a bluish/silver-grey light, and hovered in mid-air. A loud drumming noise had been noted at first. Reportedly, Miss Brown’s watch had stopped at 6.23pm; the battery of her torch was drained and her handbag and belt clasps were magnetised, as was an iron fence over which the object hovered. A Victorian geologist indicated that the fence was no more magnetised than a control fence some distance away.

Using a geiger counter and a highly sensitive compass, a Victorian Mines Department geologist yesterday searched an area at Dandenong for magnetic traces of a ‘flying saucer’. The geiger counter gave no tell-tale sounds or movements. The compass needle flickered, showing magnetism was present.

Please note...there was another sighting in the area 3 weeks after this incident occurred:

26.06.54 DANDENONG, VIC 2050hrs
Source: Dandenong Journal (30.06.54), The Victorian UFO Report 1954

Four youths sighted a big round red spinning object in the sky on Saturday night at 8.50pm. Two other young Dandenong ladies who did not want their names disclosed have reported having seen a ‘saucer’ in the sky at about the same time as the four youths.

...the saucer was round and flat on the bottom and top and was spinning and moving very fast, but made no noise.

Weird Australia: Real Reports of Uncanny Creatures, Strange Sightings & Extraordinary Encounters

The Field Guide To UFOs: A Classification Of Various Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Based On Eyewitness Accounts (Field Guides to the Unknown)

DISCLOSURE! Breaking Through The Barrier Of Global UFO Secrecy

Just the Facts?: U.S. Strategist Calls For McKinnon Pardon -- Attempted Cattle Abduction? -- The Cannibals of North Korea

U.S. strategist calls for Gary Mckinnon help recruit hackers

A senior U.S. military strategist has called for British hacker Gary McKinnon to be pardoned - as part of a drive to recruit hackers to the U.S. military.

John Arquilla, a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, called for the British hacker to be pardoned by Obama in an essay entitled 'Uncle Spam Needs You' in Foreign Policy magazine.

Britain's Home Secretary ruled against Mckinnon's extradition on humanitarian grounds - but the U.S. charges against him remain in place.

'If the notion of trying to attract master hackers to our cause is ever to take hold, this might be just the right case in which President Obama should consider using his power to pardon,' says Arquilla.

'One presidential act of mercy, such as in the case of McKinnon, won't entirely repair relations or build trust between hackers and the government, but it would be a strong signal of officialdom's growing awareness of the wisdom of embracing and employing the skills of these masters of their virtual domain.'

Hackers are frequently employed by security firms after serving sentences - and Arquilla suggests that the U.S. military could do the same.

The Pentagon aims to expand its cyber security personnel from 900 to 4,900 in the next few years.

Arquilla says, 'Today's masters of cyberspace are not unlike the German rocket scientists who, after World War II, were so eagerly sought by both sides in the Cold War to help them build missiles for war and rockets for space exploration.'

' Hackers may be courted and pampered in China, Russia, and other countries, but in the United States they are often hunted by lawmen.'
China is widely thought to employ hackers, after a number of high-profile atacks on U.S. government targets originating from Chinese IP addresses.

In 2011, U.S. government accounts were penetrated by hackers in China, after their Google Mail accounts were hacked.

The targeting of government officials led many to suspect the Chinese government was involved - and the attacks originated in Jinan, home of the Chinese army’s ‘Technical Reconnaissance Bureaus.’

'Blaming these misdeeds on China is unacceptable,' said Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei after the attacks.

Cal Leeming, an ex-hacker who was convicted for a cyber crime, but now works in computer security for Simplicity Media, says that the practice of recruiting hackers is well-known in the private sector.

"One of our clients actually makes a point of tracking down people that abuse our systems, and then employing them rather than reporting them to the police - this has been a huge success and really keeps us ahead of the game," says Leeming.

"On several occasions I have given ex-hackers (or people on the edge), a certain amount of trust with our clients systems, and kept them under a very tight leash.. I make a point of telling them, if they abuse our systems, it's not hacking, it's abuse of trust."

"The military will obviously have to be more careful because some hackers may use the opportunity as a social engineering tool to dig their way into systems, but this is a risk associated with any employee."

"Not all ex-hackers are scary, and they do not pose an more of a risk to a company than any other employee. In fact, it could be argued that ex-hackers are quite possibly more trustworthy, as they have a lot more to lose if they mess up again." - Yahoo


Is this a photo of a cow being dropped from a craft?

Attempted Cattle Abduction?

Melissa, Texas - 2/13/2009

Location: Across the street from us.... Farm country......Open Fields.......

The weather was nice outside. I was just enjoying the night sky. Looked out over the field of cattle and horses and saw a red object that just kept in one position for about 30 minutes over the tree line...(Just remember this was over four years ago, and I think you can check the date and time on the picture stamp.) I held the camera so it would not move while snapping the shots. After I downloaded the pictures, believe it or not, it looks like a cow is being dropped. Really.... I live around neighbors with shotguns and you dont go around asking questions. Trust me... I would love for someone to take a look at the picture and then you all can make up your own decisions about the view. The farmer that lived across the street has died....So you wont be able to ask him any questions. He lived alone.... Kept going in and out of the house. Then I went into the house, but still kept an eye on the object. Went to the restroom and when I went back to the window it was gone... But the next day we had black helicopters in about the same area flying up and down that creek area. It wasnt just one helicopter but about 3.... So I have decided the next time, I will take snapshots of them also... With the time stamp on the camera that will help also. Just take a look at my picture and let me know what you all think..... Something about being called "Off the rocker", NO ONE LIKES. But the good thing is that my husband saw the same thing I did. I will only forward one picture, but I have more. Would like to have an intelligent conversation with someone regarding this photo....and others. Enjoy.... Let me know what you think.
Ms. "M"



The Cannibals of North Korea

There were times and places in North Korea in the mid-1990s, as a great famine wiped out perhaps 10 percent of the population, that children feared to sleep in the open. Some of them had wandered in from the countryside to places like Chongjin, an industrial town on the coast, where they lived on streets and in railroad stations. It wasn’t unusual for people to disappear; they were dying by the thousands, maybe millions. But dark rumors were spreading, too horrifying to believe, too persistent to ignore.

“Don’t buy any meat if you don’t know where it comes from,” one Chongjin woman whispered to a friend, who later defected and recounted the conversation to the reporter Barbara Demick for her book, Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea Fear of cannibalism, like the famine supposedly driving it, spread. People avoided the meat in streetside soup vendors and warned children not to be alone at night. At least one person in Chongjin was arrested and executed for eating human flesh.

The panic, Demick concludes, may have exceeded the actual threat. “It does not seem,” she writes, “that the practice was widespread.” But it does appear to have happened.

One defected military officer, who fled with his family into China, repeated the horror story that had long followed mass famines. “People are going insane with hunger. They even kill and eat their own infants. This kind of thing is happening in many places,” he said, according to the North Korea-focused postscript to Jasper Becker’s history of the famine that wracked China 30 years earlier, in which reports of cannibalism were widespread.

North Korea’s famine is over, but the stories of desperate men and women, driven so insane by starvation that they consume their own children, have resurfaced.

Last week, Asia Press published a report alleging that thousands recently died of starvation in a North Korean province, a trend that is sometimes called a micro-famine. The story was sourced to Rimjingang, a collection of underground North Korean journalists whose work is generally considered reputable. According to Rimjingang’s sources, the famine, like others before it, had led to cannibalism. One man, they said, had been arrested and executed for killing and eating his children.

The story of that man has swept through the Western media, a harrowing tale of the horrors still unfolding behind North Korea’s largely closed borders. But is it true? Could something so awful still be happening?

The simple answer is that we don’t, and can’t, know for sure. North Korea-watchers seem skeptical about this one, sensational report, but they often point out that stories of micro-famine and cannibalism are coming at a worryingly regular pace. Joshua Stanton, who runs the site One Free Korea, wrote in May, the last time that stories of cannibalism leaked out of North Korea, “My first reaction to these reports years ago was skepticism, but if you hear enough people say the same thing, you start to think they can’t all be lying.”

North Korea is supposed to have solved its famine problem, in part with food aid from the foreign powers it considers mortal enemies, and it largely has. Officially, North Korea’s economy is collectivist; the state owns all products, including every single crop grown within the national borders. But, as China and the Soviet Union learned, this isn’t very good at keeping people fed. Since the 1990s famine, the regime has tolerated informal food markets and small, private farm plots. When the official, state-run food market fails, which it inevitably does, the secondary market can keep people fed.

And yet micro-famines are still possible, or at least plausible, in North Korea. The government can’t bring itself to surrender control over food. Though agricultural trade has more flexibility now than it did 15 or 20 years ago, it is still one of the world’s most rigidly controlled. With a weak secondary market and virtually no social safety net, it’s not difficult to imagine local North Korean communities facing the sort of brief but deadly famines that the rest of the world has largely learned to avoid. Unlike in places such as East Africa, where thousands died of hunger last year, the primary causes are not environmental but human.

The regime needs the secondary food trade to prevent mass starvation, but it appears to fear these markets as threats to its power. There is likely an ongoing cat-and-mouse game, with the state working to keep farmers sufficiently weak, and the secondary markets sufficiently spare, that everyone still relies on the regime to feed themselves. It’s about power and control, and it places North Korean families at real risk.

Recently, members of China’s sympathetic state-run media were allowed to visit a special “economic zone” across the border, a commune of thousands of North Koreans who grew their own food. During the tour, the North Korean minders let slip that all 13,000 residents would be forcibly relocated and replaced by new workers, a disturbing policy that seems meant to secure state control over food at the risk of its continued production.

State-run “collectivist” food distribution systems have always failed, leading to some of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes of the last century. North Korea’s failed catastrophically in the 1990s, and though the system has changed significantly since then, it’s difficult to know the degree to which informal markets and private plots are tolerated.

In an arbitrary and closed system, the state’s approach might vary from place to place and time to time. Kim Jong Eun has worked aggressively to consolidate his power since taking over a year ago, a campaign that might well extend to the agricultural sector.

Maybe the stories of cannibalism are nothing more than that; rumors, stories from two decades prior that devolved into folklore. But cannibalism, for all the voyeuristic horror it inspires, is a symptom of something much worse: starvation and social breakdown, the conditions for which remain in North Korea. Perhaps most telling is that North Koreans themselves still seem to consider it possible, the defectors and underground reports still whispering of starvation and worse, a medieval horror in the 21st century. - WP

Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World's Most Repressive Country


Bury your Plantagenet King somewhere else....

Bones Under Parking Lot Belonged to Richard III - such a noble footmark to infamous British monarch's remains found buried under a parking lot. Even though it was a battlefield burial and that he was not the most indearing least someone could have marked the spot.


'Beyond The Edge Radio' Format Changes...your opinion needed

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Archive: FLIGHT 2012

I first published this interesting narrative in May 2009. It was forwarded by a reader named Vivian Harper who was attempting to sell the full script for film or TV production. I was told that this is a true event:

In 1967 our UFO club in Vancouver BC was hosting a speaker from California. The day before she was to do her lecture she was on ‘talk radio’. “Bob” heard her and phoned the station. A meeting was set up in our house because dad had a brand new reel to reel audio tape recorder.

Poor old Bob. He said he was dying of cancer and just had to get this story off his chest.

He tells us he was a watchman for a gold mine in the Yukon that was closed for the winter. He had no electricity. He was isolated except for his dog. On this day he was baking bread and roasting a chunk of beef in his wood stove. The date he gives us is the 14th of February 1950. At -52’F it is so cold, if you opened the door the cold air would come rolling onto the floor like a cloud of CO2.

And this is the way it happened that day. All of a sudden, standing before him, in the mist, were three not so human beings. They scared the pants off Bob.

He spoke to them, they just stared at him not speaking not moving. Looking very sinister, they then looked around the room. Bob tried to ease the situation with some light chatter. He began to think they were Russians. At the time we were hearing a lot about the Russians. The cold war started later that year. He spoke a few Russian words to them and there was no response. Bob is trembling by now but offers them some fresh baked bread. Now what human could refuse fresh baked bread I ask you? I can imagine the aroma coming from that little cabin in the middle of nowhere in the blowing snow and sub zero temperatures. But no they were not there for the cuisine. Bob tried to motion to them “Close the door”. That’s when Bob hears them speak to each other in clicks and clacks and some guttural sounds. His confusion became terror when they tore off their hoods and Bob shone the kerosene lamp into their faces. Humanoids for sure but not quite. Still Bob is not sure what he had here. The humanoids looked troubled Bob said. He does not know how troubled they really are. If he knew the extent to their troubles he may have hid under a rock. In the poor light he notices their bald heads are kind of a green color. He told us that if you saw these beings from 30 feet you would not notice them to be different. But up close they were quite different. Their jaw joint was put together differently. Their hands were small like a child’s and their arms are very short. Bob tells the story of how he finally realized who and what they were. He reached for a knife to cut himself a piece of bread and one of them grabbed his arm so hard he nearly fainted from the pain. “Oh my.” He recalls, “I knew he could kill me in a second.” The pain continued with him in the corner, moaning and groaning. Just then one of them came over and motioned to Bob to place his finger in this small depression looking device. At first he was too afraid to do anything but decided anything was better than the pain he was feeling. Once he did he felt a complete and utter pleasant feeling go through his body and the pain disappeared. He says it was then that he realized that they were not from Saskatchewan.

Their clothes smelled badly of burned metal. The next 3 ½ days Bob watches as they bring in boxes of “stuff” he does not recognize.

“Looks like some machinery and instruments.” he says. They used a screen that answers to our description of a laptop computer, on his kitchen table to examine and take apart the equipment. All of it smells like burned metal. He thinks that they have crashed themselves and are working on their own craft using screwdrivers. Did he not know that alien crafts were not made of nuts and bolts?

Actually Bob was a witness to the aftermath of a more sinister story. One that starts on earth.

Early on February 14th 1950, a B36 bomber left Fairbanks, Alaska doing what the US Air Force described as a simulated combat mission. It was a war readiness test for the B 36 and it’s crew. This meant that it was supposed to be an actual test carrying the actual nuclear core to be put in the actual Fat Boy bomb once in the air. This duty was given to Captain Ted Schreier who was the acting Weaponeer. There were 17 members to this crew. Captain Harold Berry at the controls and Co-pilot Ray Whitfield.

The pertinent rule in this story is the no fly zone over Canada. Their route was from Fairbanks to Great Falls Montana with an attack approach in San Francisco and ending in Fort Worth Texas. Following the coast they were about 7 hours in the air when out of no where there was absolute panic aboard flight 075. They radioed the Alaskan tower.

“May Day...! May Day…! Loosing air speed” Captain Berry bellowed into the mouthpiece.

The plane shudders. Someone in the background yells, “We have engine 1, 2, 5 in flames. “ They are at 8000 feet. They know they are going down and so does the tower at Fairbanks. The main concern now is to get rid of the bomb. But the bombay doors are stuck and the plutonium has been inserted. It is Captain Schreier job to dismantle the plutonium core. It is not clear if he managed to do this however.

The story is they turn west to drop the bomb and turn east again to enable the crew to parachute out over Princess Royal Island off the coast of BC. Can you imagine the courage it would take to jump out of an airplane in the middle of the night in Northern BC in February? Five men did not make it.

Except a strange thing happen about then. The plane did a 180’ turn around, back to Alaska.

At this point we do not have enough evidence to say exactly what happened after that but circumstances do tell us a lot.

Captain Schreier, the weaponeer, was never found and his parachute was found 54 years later at the crash site meaning that he never used it. We believe he was trying to fly the weapon and the B 36 and the plutonium back to Alaska. The fear was that it would get into the hands of the weapon hungry Russians. If he wasn’t protecting the contents on the flight what was he doing risking his life for nothing more than an old B 36.

The plane lays crashed in the blowing snow with no hope of rescue. America’s first ‘Broken Arrow’.

Did the three aliens steal something from the plane? And did they take it to Bob’s cabin?

The real interesting story is the relationship Bob had with the aliens. The day after Bob hears one of them say a few familiar English words.
“Stay” …”you stay” he says.

“OK” Bob says astonished.

It is clear from the start that Chris had a job to do and Bob was in the way and a nuisance. Time after time Bob would ask questions. If he had an answer at all it was only a word or two.

“Where do you come from?” What is your name? “Cliss” is the response.

Bob chose to call him Chris. A name he understood.

“Do you have women aboard?”

“No women” with no explanation.

But added that they came from a place very far away. So far away in fact, Chris has never been there himself. His grandfather had set out on a scientific mission. Since then there was Chris’ father and then himself.

Bob couldn’t figure out how to ask but wanted to know how did Chris come into being if there were no women? He let the question pass.

Bob wanted to know how many years it would take to go home. This opened up a can of worms for Bob.

“No time” Chris said.

“From here to here”. Chris motioned with his hands.

I can understand that, but Bob had never thought about time as being anything except linear.

Later, watching from across the room he is observing their antics as closely as possible.

And they don’t look happy. They are engrossed in their work.

Bob went to go outside and feed the dog. He should have known better for all of a sudden all three of them were down his throat so to speak. Chattering up a storm and physically blocking the doorway.

Chris calmed them down. And told Bob under no circumstance should Bob try to leave the cabin.

It was this moment when Bob realized that Chris was the boss and that he was a prisoner.

The one he called Red because when he got mad his face and neck went beet red. He was the scariest one and would have no trouble killing Bob if need be.

Red is an interesting character though. He is the only one to get angry but the first to laugh a bit. He was banging on the table trying to tell Bob to stay in doors when a pot fell off the wall with a loud bang. The silence afterward was deafening until Red and Bob both began to laugh. For Bob it was a nervous relief.

Red wore contact lenses. It gave him a bug-eyed look.

The third character, Burnie, was a “gofer.” Go for this and go for that. He was out doors so much Bob said the bit of skin around where a missing ear was burned off was so cold it was blue. Bob hunted up a pair of old earmuffs for him.

At dinner Bob offered them food but they had their own. A liquid mixed with a powder and stirred and eaten with a small paddle. The cup was 2 inches wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. If the top was twisted it would warm up.

I hope Bob felt better after the heavy load was off his shoulders. He died soon after our visit.

There is a message in his story that is important today. Our beautiful blue jeweled planet is in danger.

But more than that, our galaxy experiences a trickle down effect caused by any nuclear explosion.

“Earth will not be allowed to do this again”. said Chris.

Chris also said he would be back, bringing his troops with him.

Something about a convergence in 2012 AD.

How about that?

NOTE: Was there a convergence? Lon

Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

Contact with Alien Civilizations: Our Hopes and Fears about Encountering Extraterrestrials

Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFOs

Monday, February 04, 2013

Just the Facts?: King Richard III Skeleton Confirmed -- New 'Black Dahlia' Clues -- Odd Unexplained Experiences

King Richard III skeleton confirmed

A skeleton found last year under a council car park in Leicester has been shown “beyond reasonable doubt” to be that of King Richard III who died in the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, experts have concluded.

A detailed forensic examination of the skull and bones, including DNA tests, has solved the 528-year mystery of what happened to the body of the last Plantagenet King, claimed the University of Leicester, which funded the archaeological dig.

Radiocarbon dating has placed the age of skeleton within the time frame of Richard’s death, and the skull and bones bear the brutal hallmarks of being cut down on a medieval battlefield.

The man also suffered severe spinal curvature, which would have made his right shoulder higher than the left. This is consisted with the Shakesperian notion that Richard, the “hunchbacked king”, had a deformed stature - but there were no signs of the fabled withered arm.

Scientists said that the age of the man at death was between 30 and 33, which is consistent with the age of the 32-year-old king. He also had a slender, almost feminine physique, which matches historical descriptions of Richard.

Crucially, DNA extracted from the teeth and bone match the two living maternal relatives of Richard who genealogy has been confirmed, university scientists said. The chance of this being a random match are only “a few per cent”, they added.

“It is the academic conclusion of The University of Leicester that the individual exhumed at Greyfriars in August 2012 is indeed King Richard III the last Plantagenet King of England,” said Richard Buckley, the lead archaeologist on the four-year project.

The genetic study used maternally-inherited mitochondrial DNA extracted from two living relatives, a London-based carpenter called Michael Ibsen and an unidentified person who has also been traced through 16 generations of genealogical records to Richard’s elder sister, Anne of York.

“We were very excited to find that there is a DNA match between the maternal DNA from the family of Richard III and the skeletal remains we found at the Greyfriars dig,” said Turi King, who carried out the DNA analysis.

“The DNA evidence points to these being the remains of Richard III...The type of DNA we extracted is extremely rare, shared by only a few per cent of the population. Taken together with the other evidence, it is a very strong and compelling case,” Dr King said.

The announcement today at a packed press conference was the remarkable culmination of a quest that began more than four years ago when enthusiastic amateurs suggested that Richard may be buried under the car park of Leicester’s department of social services.

“Everyone thought I was mad. It’s not the easiest pitch in the world to look for a king under a council car park...I’d like to thank Leicester City Council for allowing us to dig up their car park,” said Philippa Langley, a screenwriter and member of the Richard III Society.

The skeleton was found in a grave dug under the choir of Grey Friars church, which stood on the site until the monstery was dissolved in the 16th Century. The man was buried with crossed wrists, suggesting he had been bound, and was slumped in a hole that was slightly too small for the 5ft 8in tall man, said Dr Buckley.

Radiocarbon dating showed that the man lived between about 1455 and 1540, which is consistent with the 1485 battle at Bosworth, he said.

Jo Appleby, an osteologist at Leicester, said there were 10 separate sites of damage to the skeleton - 8 to the skull and 2 to the body - that occurred around the time of death. A large part of the base of the skull had been sliced off by a sharp blade, possibly a sword, and another part of the head had suffered a severe puncture wound, possibly by a halberd. Either of these wounds would have been fatal.

There were other, non-fatal injuries to the cranium and the face that could have been caused by knives or daggers, Dr Appleby said. Other marks to the bones, especially the ribs and pelvis, suggest the body was further damaged once armour had been removed - which is consistent with Richard’s body being stripped and humiliated.

“Examples of such ‘humiliation injuries’ are well known from the historical and forensic literature, and historical sources have suggested that Richard’s body was mistreated after the battle,” Dr Appleby said.

The damage to the pelvis may have been caused by a blade being thrust into the right buttock of Richard’s body, possibly when it was slumped over the back of a pack horse when carried from Bosworth to Leicester, she said.

Richard III will now be buried in nearby Leicester Cathedral. - Independent

Richard III and the Murder in the Tower

King Richard III


Black Dahlia case: Cadaver dog discovers death scent at Hollywood home of suspect 66 years after the murder

A former LAPD detective who believes his father killed the Black Dahlia believes a cadaver dog's search of his old Hollywood home has turned up the scent of the woman who was killed 66 years ago.

The shocking murder of Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia, is one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles history.

On Jan. 15, 1947, Short's severely mutilated body was discovered in a vacant lot near the intersection of 39th Street and Norton Avenue in South Los Angeles.

The body of Elizabeth Short, 22, had been severed at the waist and completely drained of blood. Her face had been slashed from the corners of her mouth toward her ears, creating an effect known as a Glasgow smile

Short also had multiple cuts on her thigh and breasts, where entire portions of flesh had been removed. The body had been washed and cleaned and had been ‘posed’ with her hands over her head, her elbows bent at right angles, and her legs spread.

The gruesome murder generated masses of media interest at the time. The newspapers of the day, which had a habit of nicknaming colorful crimes, started referring to Short as the Black Dahlia after the then popular film The Blue Dahlia.

To add to the case’s sense of mystery and intrigue, both LAPD officials and newspaper editors received taunting notes believed to be from Short's killer.

The Los Angeles District Attorney office drew up a list of 25 people it considered viable suspects, although as many as 60 people have confessed to the murder at one time or another.

In his 2003 book ‘Black Dahlia Avenger,’ Steve Hodel first made the claim that his father, a doctor, was responsible for the murder.

George Hodel had been a suspect in the original case and investigators had even planted a bug in the house to listen for incriminating admissions. But before authorities brought charges, Dr. Hodel abruptly abandoned his family and relocated to Asia. He died in 1991.

Steve Hodel believes his father killed the Black Dahlia at the family’s then home, the distinctive ‘Sowden House’ in Hollywood, which is largely unchanged and looks the same as it did at the time of the murder.

Hodel was also able to establish that he and his siblings had been away with their mother at that time.

When the opportunity arose for Hodel to return to his childhood home, he jumped at the chance after producers of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters program arranged it with the current owners.

Last November Hodel, together with retired police Sgt. Paul Dostie of Mammoth Lakes and Buster, a Labrador retriever trained to detect the unique smell of human composition, visited the property.

Once let loose, Buster quickly established four locations in the basement where he could pick up a faint trace of human remains.

The basement had never been finished and since the floor was still dirt, soil samples were taken.

Hodel is awaiting the results of those samples, which might once and for all confirm who killed the Black Dahlia. - Daily Mail

Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder

Black Dahlia Avenger II: Presenting the Follow-Up Investigation and Further Evidence Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel to Los Angeles's Black Dahlia and other 1940s- LONE WOMAN MURDERS


Odd unexplained experiences

The following anecdote was recieved recently:

I just discovered your website when someone posted a link to it on Reddit. Since I have nothing to lose, I thought I'd share my story with you just in case someone else has contacted you with a similar experience.

Throughout my life, I've had strange/paranormal encounters. For each encounter, I've come up with probable explanation, either based on science or the paranormal. All, that is, except for the following story which has had me totally perplexed.

Around five years ago, my husband and I experienced something for which we have no explanation. In the house we lived in back then, we went downstairs to the kitchen late at night to get something to drink, probably near 2:00am. We were talking and joking around like we usually do, then something caught our attention.

In our living room (which was part of a great room and clearly visible from the kitchen), hovering in the air about five feet off the ground, were these... sparkling things. They were very bright, looked the way twinkling stars do, were in a group of about seven, and they moved around but stayed in the same area and in a group. We both stood there and watched them for about fifteen seconds.

Suddenly, the entire group darted FAST to the left (our right) and we couldn't see them anymore. About five seconds later, I felt a strange sensation on my back. It felt like static electricity and it wasn't an unpleasant sensation, just really odd. I told my husband to look at my back to see if he saw anything. He looked and everything down my backside looked like it was being pulled away from my body. My hair, my shirt, my pants -- all looking like they were being pulled backwards.

After this went on for about twenty seconds, I was ready for it to stop. I told him to stand behind me and hold me close to him. He did and we both felt something slip out from between us and then it was gone.

About a month after that incident, I was sitting alone in a room, browsing the internet on my laptop, when something caught my attention. I looked to my left and a little behind me and I saw those same sparkles again. They weren't as bright because I was in a well-lit room. They floated around in a group about seven feet away from me for approximately ten seconds, then just disappeared.

We moved three years later into the house we currently live in. One night, about six months after we moved in, I heard a snap sound from the southeast corner of our room right after I'd gotten into bed. About three seconds later, I felt that same static electricity sensation on my back near the base of my spine. Startled, I quickly rolled onto my back (I had been laying on my right side facing my husband). The sensation stopped as soon as I did that and then I heard the snap sound again in the same corner.

A few months later, it happened again. The snap in the southwest corner of the room, then the sensation at the base of my spine. That time I decided to just be still and see what would happen. The sensation slowly worked its way all the way up my spine, pausing occasionally along the way. After it reached my head and paused again for a few seconds, it went away and I heard the departing snap again. This happened at least twice more after that, each incident about six months apart.

I've shared this story with quite a few people. A couple have said it might have been aliens implanting something and then returning to activate it. A few more said it might have been angels or light beings. The rest found it interesting but had no clue what it might have been. As for me, I'm totally clueless about what it could have been... and I'm wondering if it will be visiting me again in the future. Cat

Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe

Handbook For The Recently Haunted


Abduction - Salt Lake City

7/10/10 - unedited: There is one experience I am uncertain about. I would have called it a vivid dream--except for one detail I will shortly tell you. For five years, from 2008 to 2012, I lived in a one-story house on the northwest side of Salt Lake City. Outside my bedroom window was an apricot tree. In 2010, the tree had a large crop of apricots, and I had picked them up as high as I could get. But many beautiful apricots were left on the highest branches of the tree where I couldnt reach them, even with a stepladder.

I "dreamt" I was slowly descending down through the air toward the apricot tree and my bedroom window. I was in a fetal position, my arms wrapped around my knees. It was the bright light of morning, so I could clearly see the apricots on the high branches. They hung down below me. I descended amongst the branches and could feel them and the leaves touch me, touch my forehead. I thought: "If I can pick one apricot, I will know this really happened." I tried so hard to reach out and pick one apricot, but I could barely move my arms.

I woke in my bed, and thought I had dreamed it all: but my right hand was tightly closed around one leaf from the apricot tree. - MUFON CMS

The Utah UFO Display: A Scientist's Report

Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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