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Just the Facts?: Surrogate For Neanderthal Baby Needed -- Strange Lights Over Utah -- New Lloyd Pye Interview

Wanted: Surrogate for Neanderthal Baby

GenomeWeb caught what must be an interesting Q&A with George Church in Germany’s Spiegel Online (I can’t personally attest to the original story as it is behind a paywall). The Harvard Medical School geneticist is quoted as saying that eventually, an “adventurous female human” will be needed to be the surrogate mother for the first Neanderthal baby in some 30,000 years.

This isn’t the first time Church has talked publically about cloning a Neanderthal, or at least a near-Neanderthal. In 2009, when the Neanderthal genome was first reported, the New York Times described a scenario in which a current day human genome could be tweaked into the “Neanderthal equivalent” with tools of molecular biology. Eventually, this could lead to a Neanderthal-like embryo in need of a surrogate mother.

While the idea of reviving Neanderthals may sound farfetched, take for example the work of biologists to clone endangered or extinct non-human animals (see “Stem-Cell Engineering Offers a Lifeline to Endangered Species”). In 2009, the extinct bucardo, a subspecies Spanish ibex, was cloned from a frozen skin sample. The newborn died immediately due to respiratory failure, but its birth suggests that resurrecting extinct species may be possible. - Technology Review

After Dolly: The Promise and Perils of Cloning

Human Cloning: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy


Mysterious Dog Slashings

A number of mysterious dog attacks have some Neosho residents concerned for their safety.

One neighborhood west of Neosho has been experiencing brutal animal attacks, seriously injuring and even killing some pets.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, rangers have not yet determined what is behind these viscous attacks.

Residents living in the neighborhood say whatever it is has to be big and mean to cause serious injuries to pit bulls, Siberian Huskies and Rottweilers.

"Punk'n" is the smallest of several dogs attacked.

"Two slashes across her back and in some places it's two inches deep," says owner Reta Liles. "It was bad. She was laid open from side to side."

Liles' second dog to be attacked, "Buddy," a golden lab, was not so fortunate.

"He hadn't been dead very long when I found him. I think he just laid there and bled to death. It broke my heart. I cried all night."

So far, neighbors living on Mint Lane have been able to confirm eight brutal dog attacks caused by something living in the wilderness behind their homes.

"There has been two that I know of that have been killed and the rest have just been attacked and I know it has cost a lot of money."

Some residents were so concerned they hired professional trackers to find out what was doing the killing.

"Thought it was a mountain lion because of the depth of the tracks and so forth."

The mysterious animal has not yet been seen and Liles says she is concerned it may turn from attacking dogs to humans.

"This thing needs to be relocated or irradiated or something. I don't want to see any of my kids or my neighbors get tore up."

As for Punk'n, she now has to be kept indoors, while Liles says she is still missing Buddy.

"I just had a feeling that he needed me, but I couldn't get to him. It hurts a lot. He was a good dog."

Residents on Mint Lane are working to install a critter cam in their neighborhood because authorities tell them action can't be taken until there is visual proof of the animal. - Ozark First


Someone has a friend...


Dark Web Warning

A 12-YEAR-old boy from Cleethorpes stumbled across an internet underworld selling guns and sex with underage girls while looking for games online.

His appalled father now wants to spread the word to other parents and has even written to the Home Secretary about it.

Robert Palmer, 53, of Arundel Place, Cleethorpes, was horrified when his son Morgan, who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), told him what he had unearthed.

The computer whiz had found an ominous tutorial, explaining how to download a different web server, which he did, that unveiled the whole section of the internet not available to normal users.

Services advertised on the dark web include guns, contract killers, drugs, credit card skimmers, sex, child and animal pornography and identities for sale, which can be bought using an online currency called Bitcoins.

Mr Palmer said: "There is nothing you can't get on there and some of it is pretty grim, so I think that other parents should know about it.

"Young people could get hold of drugs without even meeting a drug dealer, which is worrying. Morgan is sensible and luckily he told me.

"These people could sell some awful stuff to anyone without even meeting them – it could be a 12-year-old child and they wouldn't even know."

Mr Palmer, who writes computer programmes himself, contacted Humberside Police but was told nothing could be done – although they have offered advice to parents and assured them that calls will be taken seriously.

Frustrated, he has written to Home Secretary Theresa May about the dark web, urging her to take action to protect the public from such blatant illegality.

However, a spokesman for the Home Office confirmed that they had received the letter but they advised Mr Palmer to report it to the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Mr Palmer added: "I was really disappointed with the response – this is serious criminal activity but the authorities clearly don't know how to deal with it and seem to be just passing the buck."

Morgan, a gifted pupil at Humberston Academy, said: "This is the mother-load of criminal websites – some of the things on there are appalling.

"I knew what it was straight away so I went to get my dad."

Humberside Police have since offered advice and DCI Andy Oliver, of the Force Intelligence Bureau, promised that reports will be followed up.

He added: "Parents of children should always utilise parental controls on their internet browsers, and be aware of what their children are looking at on the internet.

"The majority of illegal sites and pages are well hidden and cannot be found using standard search engines, but should anyone encounter a website or page they believe to be illegal whilst browsing the net, they should note the URL, webpage name, search engine used and other relevant details and contact the police.

"Your call will be taken seriously and the information followed up and relevant action taken." - This Is Grimsby

Internet and Technology Dangers: The Wake Up Call Every Parent Needs

Cyber Criminology: Exploring Internet Crimes and Criminal Behavior


Strange Lights Over Utah

1/17/2013 - My boyfriend and i were on our way back from Las Vegas, our connecting flight was in of Salt Lake City International Airport. We left at 5:10 pm January 17, 2013. I had a window seat so i was snapping photos of the sunset, was very beautiful scenery. I snapped quite a few random pics, not really paying attention to what was in the photos. I was just trying to capture different angles of the horizon. Few hours in the flight i looked through the photos on my digital cam and originally thought this was part of the little or big dipper, not thinking into it too much. When i arrived home and looked at the photo my laptop, i realized there are not any other stars in the pic and those lights are not in any other photos. I am not sure if these are satellites orbiting the earth or if there is another explanation for these lights. - MUFON CMS


New Lloyd Pye Interview - George Noory

Beyond Belief with George Noory - History and the Alien Skull (Part 1/4)

Lloyd writes: Unfortunately, the version below comes in four parts and is a poor copy of the original at Gaiam TV. It has a much grainier "look" to it, and the audio is annoyingly out of sync. I'm hopeful a topnotch version will soon be made available on Youtube, but for now this is better than nothing.

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The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?



Best Fortean Tale Of The 2000’s? The Unknown String Phenomena!

Rick Phillips has recently posted an interesting article describing a personal experience...go to Best Fortean Tale Of The 2000’s? The Unknown String Phenomena!

Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2008 Stephenville UFO Events (The Heavy Stuff)

The Slippery Slope Of Now And Real - The Phenomenology Of Actualization

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Follow-up: A New Mother's Concern

In January 2010, I received a disturbing email from a new mother who I referred to as Lisa. We corresponded once was a brief followup from Lisa which I received in March 2011, letting me know that her son was doing quite well. Last January 2012 I received another followup email from Lisa. I contacted Lisa by telephone. She was at her office so she may have been more discreet than before. Her demeanor was quite uneasy...she was very concerned that something is seriously amiss in relation to her son's physical and mental well being. She was also worried that some procedure may have been performed on her during the time she was sedated while pregnant. She had a few odd physical changes that I was asked not to least for now. She promised to keep me 'in the loop'...though I felt that she needed to come forward in order to receive extensive medical treatment. She continueed to maintain that her family and I are the only parties with knowledge of her identification and situation.

Tuesday (January 15th 2013) I received another update from Lisa:

Hello Lon - I hope you are doing well. I have been receiving your email newsletter daily and enjoy it.

My situation has changed since I last wrote you. We now live outside Los Angeles, CA. My son is now 3 years old and attends pre-school though it has been difficult because he refuses to join activities that involve the other children. He'd rather sit by himself and draw or read - his reading level has been tested at 3rd grade level and is very accomplished at drawing. He has the ability to draw almost perfect straight lines and circles.

He was being seen by a psychologist who said that he is anti-social, possibly a savant. I totally disagree with this assessment and have decided to have him tested at a local university. The testing includes a full physical evaluation which has me a bit worried. I'm scared that something unusual with be discovered that may lead to more intensive examination. I'm probably be paranoid but I am concerned.

As before he occasionally sits on the floor with his arms folded and stares directly ahead for up to a half hour at a time. I've noticed that his eyes still turn a darker shade of violet but it doesn't last for more than a few minutes. He doesn't make any noise and is impossible to rouse. Afterwards he takes a brief nap. This only happens at home - the pre-school staff has never mentioned this behavior.

If you get a chance, there are a few things I'd like to ask you by phone - not for public consumption. I don't mind you publishing this because I want your readers to offer advice. I look forward to talking to you.

NOTE: I called Lisa today and we discussed a few other odd incidents. I personally feel that Lisa's son may have been influenced by 'others' though I don't want to get too specific at this time...Lon

The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

The Et-Human Link

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity

Just the Facts?: Megan Fox Talks Cryptids -- Alien Abduction Horror -- Australian Finds Massive Gold Nugget

Megan Fox: Bigfoot, Leprechauns and the Loch Ness Monster

Bigfoot, Leprechauns and the Loch Ness Monster are all real, according to Megan Fox.

The Hollywood bombshell opened up about the supernatural in an interview with Esquire magazine, calling herself a “believer.”

"I believe in all of these Irish myths, like leprechauns,” the “Transformers” actress told the magazine. “Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns. But maybe was there something in the traditional sense? I believe that this stuff came from somewhere other than people's imaginations.”

She added that she believes in aliens and the Loch Ness Monster, saying “there’s something to it.”

"What distracts me from my reality is Bigfoot,” she said, bizarrely adding that fairy tale creatures “are my celebrities.”

The new mother also revealed that she is in the process of altering her body, getting rid of a tattoo she has of Marilyn Monroe.

"I started reading about her and realized that her life was incredibly difficult. It's like when you visualize something for your future. I didn't want to visualize something so negative."

Fox said Monroe reminds her of Lindsay Lohan…but not in a good way.

"She wasn't powerful at the time. She was sort of like Lindsay. She was an actress who wasn't reliable, who almost wasn't insurable.... She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered," she told Esquire. "I'm not interested in following in those footsteps." - Fox News


Alien Abduction Horror

UFO researcher Stan Hernandez recounted a terrifying story of alien abduction he was recently told by a 48 year old trucker at a convention in Las Vegas:

“My wife, Elizabeth and I have three children, all of them out of the house and with families of their own. I am a truck driver and have been in this profession since I was 22 years old and it is something that I do enjoy, minus the time away from the family. At times, I would take the wife and kids with me, but with the new company regulations, I have not been allowed to do it.

I was in Michigan when I got a call from my wife, panicking. She couldn’t fully explain why she was so upset but she had told me that she believed that she was drugged and possibly raped. I immediately turned around and drove right home, insisting that she phone the police, but she wouldn’t. I got there and she was still a wreck and she began telling me that she thought that it may have been aliens. I didn’t know what to say, but I thought that she was just delirious.

That night, I took her to the ER and there were no signs of rape. There was an odd burn on her right shoulder. I brought her home and thought nothing of it…thinking that she must have just had a bad dream. Well, I called my boss and took the week off to stay with her. That’s when it got strange.

The next morning, I went to cut the grass and I noticed four large burn marks in the grass…all circular in formation. There was also a small burn on one of the pieces of wood in the stockade fence. The grass was black and brittle and broke in my hand. I didn’t know what to make of it. That’s when I looked up at my tree and noticed that there were leaves that were burnt but still attached and they were 20 feet high. It was as if a fireball had come from the sky and singed them and then somehow bounced around in my backyard. Let me say this too. I live about 2 miles away from my closest neighbor…so asking around wasn’t a practical thing to do.

My wife would go through hypnotic regression and would recall being taken to a ship in our backyard, exactly where the burn marks were and brought upon a ship where they performed several acts upon her, each more intrusive than the last. She became a basket case and the week that I returned to work, she would end her life. I gave her a gun for protection because I was never home. I never imagined that she would turn it on herself.

I have gone everywhere I could to tell this story. I want answers. I know that you work with a lot of victims, Stan, and I’m hoping that you can get this story out there. Many dismiss regression, but there is physical evidence. I sent the grass to the (college removed) and they said that there are signs of radiation burns. Then they tell me that there was no radiation burns…like they were told to say that. I don’t know where to go. I’m incredibly depressed since my wife’s passing and don’t want her to die in vain. So, please, help me.” - Ringsider Report

Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story

The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda


Love Thy Neighbor


Now...where did I put that Ebola virus?

Laboratories that work with biological select agents and toxins—materials highly regulated for their potential to cause human disease—reported that pathogens were inadvertantly released 639 times between 2004 and 2010. During the same period, laboratories also reported losing 88 samples, although bookkeeping errors accounted for all but one. The remaining lost sample was accidentally destroyed by a commercial courier.

The study, which published in the current issue of Applied Biosafety, says that no occurrences of theft were reported.

Over the 7-year period, laboratories reported 11 lab-acquired infections, at an average annual rate of 1.6 per 10,000 authorised workers. Ten of the infections were traced to bacterial sources, and one was due to fungal exposure. None of the infections were fatal, and none were reported to have spread to other people.

The infections could not be linked to obvious breaches in personal protection, such as torn gloves or cuts from sharp objects. Instead, the authors suggest that workers likely acquired infections from the release of aerosols containing the harmful agents. The team says it is continuing to analyse reports of pathogen releases and lab-acquired infections to identify possible gaps in safety procedures.

“The bottom line is we have a lot of success to report, if you consider that it’s a program that regulates over 300 [laboratories] across the US,” says report co-author Robbin Weyant, director of CDC’s division of select agents and toxins.

Current regulations date back to counterterrorism legislation passed in the wake of the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US. An FBI investigation concluded that microbiologist Bruce Ivins, who worked at a government biodefence laboratory, was responsible for mailing anthrax spores that killed five people and sickened 17 others.

In recent years, government scrutiny and restriction of research on infectious agents has escalated to the point of slowing scientific progress, says Michael Buchmeier, deputy director of the Pacific Southwest Center for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of California, Irvine. He says the report suggests that theft and accidental loss of dangerous pathogens from research laboratories are not as widespread a problem as some people have predicted.

The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story

No Time to Lose: A Life in Pursuit of Deadly Viruses


Australian amateur prospector finds massive gold nugget

An amateur prospector in the Australian state of Victoria has astonished experts by unearthing a gold nugget weighing 5.5kg (177 ounces). The unidentified man, using a handheld metal detector, found the nugget on Wednesday, lying 60cm underground near the town of Ballarat. Its value has been estimated at more than A$300,000 (£197,000, $315,000 ).

Local gold experts say gold has been prospected in the area for decades, but no such discovery had been made before. "I have been a prospector and dealer for two decades, and cannot remember the last time a nugget over 100 ounces (2.8kg) has been found locally," said Cordell Kent, owner of the Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop. "It's extremely significant as a mineral specimen. We are 162 years into a gold rush and Ballarat is still producing nuggets - it's unheard of."

Gold currently trades in Australia at about A$1,600 per ounce, meaning the discovery would be worth about A$283,200, but its rarity and the fact it weighs more than a kilogram would add a premium, said Mr Kent. He said the prospector had been using a state-of-the-art metal detector, which meant he was able to find the gold relatively deep underground in an area which had been searched many times in the past.

The man had only made small finds before, he said, but was a "person that really deserved it". "A finding like this gives people hope. It's my dream to find something like that, and I've been prospecting for more than two decades." I've got no doubt there will be a lot of people who will be very enthusiastic about the goldfields again, it gives people hope," said Mr Kent. "There's nothing like digging up money, it's good fun." - BBC



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Searching for the Mogollon Monster

Video of an intriguing covered nest-like structure found abandoned in Arizona is being hailed as a possible home of the legendary Bigfoot.

With a narrow entrance and hollowed inside, the lair is buried half under the ground in the wild woods of the Tonto National Forest on the Mogollon Rim.

Discovered in June of 2010 and featuring on Animal Planet's current 'Finding Bigfoot' series, the footage of the large mysterious den unfortunately offers up little evidence that the fabled giant ape ever dwelt inside.

Filmed by Arizona researcher and Bigfoot expert Mitch Waite and his wife, Susan Farnsworth, the nest is reputed to be of the big-foot type creature called the Mogollon Monster, who crypto-zoologists believe inhabits the south west of the United States.

Sightings of the creature have been reported for decades by cowboys, drifters and forestry workers and some claim that the creature has attacked and mauled people.

The first reported sightings were in the early 1900s and continue to this day. Apache and Navajo native American people's have told the legend of the 'Big Hairy Man' or 'The Old Man of the Mountain' for hundreds of years.

According to Waite and Farnsworth, the Mogollon Monster has been seen in every corner of Arizona, however most center around the Mogollon Rim.

This is an escarpment that exists on the edge of the Colorado Plateau that runs 200 miles from Flagstaff into New Mexico.

The monster itself is described at standing seven to ten feet tall, with mostly brown and red hair. The creature is also described as having a strong musky odor.

In addition, reported witnesses have seen the monster engage in rock throwing, howling and chest thumping, all of which are behaviours observed by primate experts.

Waite has collected footprints, hair samples and feces with the help of his investigative team and claim to have put together a series of photographs and videos which back up their claims.

On a camping trip near to Young, Arizona in 2008, Waite and Farnsworth claim to have had their tent collapsed by a marauding Bigfoot/mogollon monster.

When they returned they found a 19 inch footprint and what looked like an area the creature had used to sleep. - Daily Mail

Video can be found at - Is this the lair of Bigfoot in Arizona?




In central and eastern Arizona, Bigfoot is known as the Mogollon Monster.

According to Weird Arizona: Your Travel Guide to Arizona's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets the reclusive creature is described as being at least seven feet tall, hairless in the face, but otherwise covered with a long, thick coat of either dark or reddish brown hair. He travels with a wide, inhuman stride, sometimes leaving footprints measuring 22 inches in length. Often, reports of the elusive beast involve a piercing, sometimes deafening scream or howl unlike that produced by any known wildlife.

Those who say they've crossed paths with the beast regularly describe an eerie silence prior to their encounter, an appreciable stillness in the woods that commonly surrounds predatory animals. Even more common are reports of a strong, very foul stench, which has been described as that of dead fish, a skunk with bad body odor, decaying peat moss and—by someone with an exceptionally keen sense of smell, apparently—the musk of a snapping turtle.

Most sightings of the Mogollon Monster, as suggested by the name, occur in and around the Rim country. The lumbering giant reportedly covers territory stretching from Prescott up to Williams, east over to Winslow and down to the Heber area, but most agree he generally sticks to the vicinity of Payson, near the Rim's edge.

It was near Payson where the creature was spotted by cryptozoologist Don Davis, whose run-in is generally accepted as the first known encounter with the Mogollon Monster. Davis said he witnessed the tall, hairy beast during a Boy Scout trip in the mid-1940s, when he was about 13 years old. As he and his fellow Scouts were camping near Tonto Creek, something in the night woke him while rummaging through the boys' belongings. When Davis called out to the noisemaker, who he thought to be a fellow Scout, the figure approached him and stood over his sleeping bag. Davis later described what he saw:

There, standing still less than four feet in front of me was a monster-like man. …The creature was huge. Its eyes were deep set and hard to see, but they seemed expressionless. …His chest, shoulders, and arms were massive, especially the upper arms—easily upwards of 6 inches in diameter, perhaps much, much more.

Davis also reported being overwhelmed by the Monster's incredible odor, although he believed at first he had simply messed his sleeping bag.

An even earlier report has surfaced from a 1903 edition of "The Arizona Republican." In it, a visitor to Arizona by the name of I.W. Stevens recounts his confrontation with what he referred to as the "wild man of the rocks." Though his encounter occurred further north, within the Grand Canyon, the story may be one of the earliest written records of such a sighting.

Stevens described the wild man as having "long white hair and matted beard that reached to his knees." When he approached for a closer look, Stevens saw that the creature "wore no clothing, and upon his talon-like fingers were claws at least two inches long." He also noted that "a coat of gray hair nearly covered his body, with here and there a spot of dirty skin showing." While this is not a traditional description of the beast we've come to know in recent years, we could perhaps infer that Stevens had run across an elderly Sasquatch, possibly suffering from a touch of the mange.

Stevens went on to tell how the canyon dweller threatened him with a large club and "screamed the wildest, most unearthly screech" he had ever heard, after Stevens discovered the beast drinking the blood of two young cougars that he had just beaten to death.

Another tale, regularly told secondhand at Boy Scout summer camp, involves an Arizona pioneer named Bill Spade. Spade supposedly built a log cabin on land adjacent to what is now Camp Geronimo, a Scout facility. Spade was attacked one night by the monster, who left no trace of his victim, save for Spade's face, which was torn off and left hanging from a tree. The cabin remained for decades afterward and the Mogollon Monster could often be spotted loitering nearby, waiting for a new inhabitant to deface.

Other stories making the rounds attempt to explain the origins of the Mogollon Monster. They vary in detail, but for the most part implicate a tormented Indian bent on revenge. One variant tells of a prehistoric tribe who, for untold reasons, exiled their own chief. The chief called upon the spirits and was transformed into a hirsute bogeyman, which enabled him to scare away his former clan. He lives on today, continuing to defend his territory.

In other versions, it was the tribe's medicine man who performed the transformation, enabling the chief to seek revenge on a rival who had stolen his wife. Further variations identify the Mogollon Monster as a pioneer who was the victim of an Indian attack; he escaped into the woods, but was cursed by the spirits and went insane. In a strange amalgamation of stories, the monster is the phantom of a white man who, as punishment for murdering an Indian woman, was hung from a tree by his hands, stretched to a height of eight feet, then skinned alive and left to die. Damned by the spirits, his ghost continues to roam the woods.

NOTE: Here is a link to an alleged encounter with the Mogollon Monster...Lon


'Finding Bigfoot' comes calling

March 2012 - The search for the fabled shaggy, seven-foot-tall, yetish, yowling, howling, discombobulating Mogollon Monster will hit Payson on Thursday at a “town hall” hosted by the Animal Planet television network, seeking locals with a link to the legend.

The show’s producers say they’ve already talked to 20 people who have had close encounters with Arizona’s version of the Abominable Snowman — and hope to collect more anecdotes at the 7 p.m. Thursday session in the Oxbow Saloon.

Presumably, the proceedings will at least entertain the ghost of the long-dead madam said to haunt the dark corners of the Oxbow.

“We do our research before we come,” said one of the show’s producers who insisted her name remain mysterious. “We wouldn’t come here if we didn’t know there were a lot of sightings.”

She said the 20 people they’ve already talked to have had close encounters with the beast between the early 1970s and “a few weeks ago.” The sightings are scattered from Payson and Strawberry past Show Low and into the White Mountains.

“Some people have videos,” said the producer, “some people have photographs. Some have recordings of howls.”

She said the show will probably not actually air until next year — or maybe in “a few months.”

Better hurry: We need help with the tourist season this year. Picture the banner outside town: Payson, home of the Tonto Natural Bridge and the Mogollon Monster.

Although scientists doubt its existence, the creature did make it into a 1966 song written by Arizona’s official balladeer Dolan Ellis as part of an anti-littering campaign.

Sightings have persisted for years, but no one has ever produced hard evidence to convince the many skeptics, who insist a giant, nocturnal, omnivorous, hominid could have escaped notice, even in the wilds of Rim Country. In the Wikipedia entry on the Mogollon Monster, Northern Arizona University Professor Stan Lindstedt said, “I put that in the category of mythology that can certainly make our culture interesting, but has nothing to do with science.”

However, one of the “consultants” on the video search for Rim Country’s very own Bigfoot, is self-declared Arizona Cryptozoologist Alex Hearn, says he’s seen the beast twice during an obsessive, six-year search.

Hearn says he moved to Arizona in part in hopes of finding the Mogollon Monster. The Gilbert father of six maintains a Web site ( with accounts of his expeditions in search of supposedly mythological monsters.

In 2008, Hearn said he came eyeball to eyeball with a maybe seven-foot-tall Mogollon Monster just off Highway 288 about 20 miles south of Young.

“He had reddish brown hair — the most unique thing that I saw. I don’t know if this means it’s a female,” he said. “It was very upright: I looked to my left and there was this brown head and shoulder, raising its arm up in almost a swimming motion, lifting the branches out of the way.”

Hearn insisted: “It had human-looking eyes — very dark and big. It did have a huge, huge brow — that seemed to be more brownish skin. The eyes were deep and stared right at me: I was caught in this glance. It didn’t look away. Its eyebrows went up.”

He said on that trip he also made a plaster cast of a footprint and got a hair sample by hanging a trout about 15 feet up in a tree next to an arrangement of duct tape. He said he’d submitted the hair sample to a group of Bigfoot researchers for DNA analysis, but couldn’t yet release the results.

Hearn said he saw another monster in May of 2008, while investigating a cluster of sightings on the White Mountain Apache Reservation.

He was heading for a campground with a caravan of vehicles when he heard screams. They fanned out, moving toward the sound. The group included several people with thermal imagers. Hearn said he was equipped with a night vision scope.

Hearn caught a glimpse of something standing behind a tree. The creature stepped out from behind the tree at a distance of about 20 feet, said Hearn. He said the creature was much thinner — about six feet tall.

At that moment, the team with a thermal imager warned him on the radio that something was approaching him from behind, said Hearn. “I heard some twigs break. I just didn’t know what to do, but I started running towards what I heard — and whatever it was went the other way. I don’t know what made me think that way: I’m certainly not brave enough to chase one of these things if I think about it.”

Hearn said that despite the close encounters, they collected no physical evidence. - Payson Roundup

The Mogollon Monster, Arizona's Bigfoot

More Mogollon Monster, Arizona's Bigfoot

Just the Facts?: Metro Phoenix Light Show Continues -- Werewolves in Wisconsin? -- High Times in North Korea

Light show continues over metro Phoenix

Dozens more reports are coming into MUFON regarding amber lights over metro Phoenix. The following is one of the latest reports:

On the evening of January 14th 2013 around 7:30 pm from my residence in Apache Junction Az. looking to the southwest accross the valley in the direction of Maricopa or Gila Bend I saw two clusters of amber lights at an unknown distance. My guess would be at least 25 to 30 miles from my location. Each cluster containing approximately three lights. The next night (Jan. 15) the two clusters were back but there were five lights per cluster and both clusters were in straight horizontal lines and there were distinct red lights periodicaly flashing mixed with the steady amber lights. One cluster was at about 8 degrees above horizon and the other slightly farther south about 4 degrees above the horizon. As I watched them the hight cluster dimmed out all lights at the same time. (Unlike flares burning out at slightly different times). Then I saw them again last night January 16th all three nights the lights had gone away by 8 or 8:30 pm. - MUFON


Star Trek - 1st run ad - premiered Thursday, September 8, 1966

Star Trek: The Complete Original Series DVD (Seasons 1-3)


Werewolves in Wisconsin?

Greg Posada and Eugene Pointer of Shawano County, Wisconsin called the paranormal hotline with their report of two werewolves seen near Grass Lake on January 9, 2013. They claim that these two creatures that appeared to be werewolves were definitely bi-pedal. One of the creatures had grayish hair, while the other had brownish hair. Both creatures had snouts. When the creatures were observed, they both seemed to be bent down drinking water from the lake. Eugene and Greg both claim that the creatures sniffed the air and then turned and looked at them. They let off a howl, that sounded like a regular wolf and ran off into the nearby thickets. The encounter occurred around 1400 Hours and Eugene and Greg were both shaken from this encounter. Greg says that the brown coated creature was at least 7 feet tall, while the gray coated creature was perhaps 6 feet tall. Eugene says that this is not the end of the story. After their encounter with the werewolves, it was no more than 10 minutes later, they spied a silver disc in the surrounding forest. The silver disc was hovering, tilted and then shot up into the sky. The sighting of the disc lasted only about 3 minutes, but during the time of the sighting, everything felt surreal. Everything moved in slow motion. Eugene and Greg felt relaxed and at ease while they watched the disc in the sky. Eugene does not understand how they could have two paranormal encounters in one day. Continue reading at Werewolves of Shawano County, Wisconsin

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Marijuana legal and plentiful in North Korea

You might be surprised by what we’re about to say: the most tight-lipped, conservative and controlling country in the world is also a weed-smoker’s paradise. Despite the North Korean government’s deadly serious stance on the use and distribution of hard drugs like crystal meth (which has its own inauspicious legacy in the North), marijuana is reportedly neither classified illegal or in any way policed. The herb of the bohemian and free is not even considered a drug. As a result, it’s the discerning North Korean gentleman’s roll-up of choice, suggesting that for weed smokers at least, North Korea might just be paradise after all.

NK NEWS receives regular reports from visitors returning from North Korea, who tell us of marijuana plants growing freely along the roadsides, from northern port town Chongjin, right down to the streets of Pyongyang, where it is smoked freely and its sweet scent often catches your nostrils unannounced.

There is no taboo around pot smoking in the country – many North Koreans know the drug exists and have smoked it. In North Korea, the drug goes by the name of ip tambae or “leaf tobacco.” It is reported to be especially popular amongst young soldiers in the North Korean military – rather than getting hooked on tar & nicotine like their contemporaries in the West, they fraternize without fear of repercussion by lighting up king-sized doobies during down time on the military beat. Continue reading at NKNews

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Bigelow Aerospace's Inflatable Space Module

NASA has spotted an evolution in space engineering that could save money for space exploration if privately developed inflatable space dwelling prove to be successful.
A new agreement between NASA and a Nevadan firm to add a privately built module to the International Space Station could evolve into uses of the innovative technology beyond low-Earth orbit, space agency and company officials said on Wednesday.

NASA’s $17.8 million venture with Bigelow Aerospace to build an inflatable module, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), is planned to be tested at the ISS in 2015.

California-based SpaceX company will help BEAM make it to orbit by providing a Falcon 9 rocket. Once in space, the module will be installed on an open dock of the station's Node 3 by uniting the module using a robotic arm.

The Beam weighs around 1,360 kilograms and is about 4 meters long and 3.2 meters wide.

Bigelow Aerospace has so far spent around $250m to develop inflatable space habitation. It has preliminary agreements with seven non-US space and research agencies in the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Sweden and the UAE.
NASA has placed high hopes in private industries to develop ways to take its astronauts to and from the space station. That service is now provided by Russia at a cost of more than $60 million per person. - RT

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Cressy 'Cigar'

The Cressy UFO sighting remains as one of Tasmania's best known UFO encounters. The following TUFOIC report is the best available account on the incident:

The Cressy sighting of October 4th 1960 remains as one of Tasmania's best known UFO sightings. The cigar shaped 'mothership' and attendant discs were witnessed by the local Church of England minister, the Reverend Lionel Browning and his wife, about 6.10pm on a cloudy evening. The case was investigated by the Royal Australian Air Force, details were taken by the Victorian UFO Society, whilst Prof: James E McDonald (senior Physicist in the Dept: of Meteorology at the University of Arizona) interviewed Rev Browning in 1967. TUFOIC published details of the sighting and other events in the area at that time in its Annual Report for 1970, with a more complete account in its 'Cressy Revisited' publication. The sighting was the page one story in the Launceston Examiner of October 10th, 1960. The sighting prompted questions in the Australian parliament and was mentioned in various books and journals both in Australia and overseas.

Subsequently the Rev Browning became the patron of the Tasmanian Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Centre when it was formed in 1965. He remained interested in Tasmanian sightings until his departure from the state in 1990. Rev Browning travelled to Melbourne soon after the 1960 sightings to present details of the case to a VUFORS meeting.

Cressy is a small country town in the rural Northern Midlands of Tasmania about 30 k south-west of Launceston. The surrounding area is mainly pastoral and relatively flat, although the Western Tiers some 20 k to the south-west rise to over 1200 m. A similar distance to the north-east of the town is Launceston Airport.


The RAAF files had a full account of the sighting together with a sighting report form.

Rev Browning stated that at approximately 6.10pm on the 4th of October 1960, he and his wife were standing in the dinning room of their Cressy home. They were looking out through the window at a rainbow over some low hills about 12 k to the east. The hills , the highest of which are about 400 m, were partly obscured by low cloud and rain. As they were looking at the scene, his wife drew his attention to a long cigar shaped object which was emerging from a rain squall.

The object was a dull greyish colour, had four or five vertical dark bands around its circumference and at regular intervals along its length had what looked like a short aerial array which projected outwards and upward from the northern facing end of the object. The object seemed to be slightly longer than Viscount aircraft which Rev Browning frequently sees flying in that area and he therefore estimated the object's length at about one hundred feet (32 m). The outline of the object was well defined and was even more so a little later when it had as a background the tree covered slopes of a rain free area of the hills. Rev Browning estimated from landmarks below the object, that it was over Panshanger Estate owned by the Mills family and was probably 3 to 4 miles distant (6-7 km).

The object after emerging from the rain squall moved on an even keel in a northerly direction at an estimated speed of sixty to seventy miles per hour (100-110 kph) at a constant height of about 400 feet (120 m). His estimate of the speed of the object was made by comparing its rate of movement with that of Viscount aircraft which he has seen flying in the area. His estimate of the height of the object was by comparison with the height of the hills behind it. The object moved approximately one and a half mile(2 km) north, also estimated by reference to land marks below it, and then abruptly stopped. Within seconds, it was joined by five or six small saucer like objects which had emerged at high speed from the cloud above and behind the cigar shaped object.

The small objects stationed themselves at positions around the cigar shaped object at a radius of about one half of a mile (800 m) and then, after an interval of several seconds the cigar shaped object accompanied by the smaller objects, abruptly reversed back towards and then into the rain squall from which it had emerged. The reverse movement was at about the same speed and height as during its outward movement. In all, the cigar shaped object had been visible for approximately two minutes and the small objects for about one minute. Neither the Rev Browning or Mrs Browning heard any unusual noise during the period of the sighting.

Rev Browning and his wife watched the area for several minutes after the disappearance of the objects into the rain squall but there was no reappearance. Rev Browning then telephoned the Control Tower at Western Junction (Launceston) Airport and reported the sighting. The weather at the time of the sighting was overcast but fine after past rain at Cressy with showers still to the east in parts.

Rev Browning stated that on October 9th he gave a full report of the sighting to the Launceston 'Examiner'. A sketch of the object was superimposed on a photograph taken through their dinning room window. The following day (October 10th) the story was published in the paper. The published report apart from giving the length of the object as 300 instead of 100 feet and having stated that he knew of other witnesses was accurate. He also stated the artist's impression depicted a fairly accurately the shape, size and appearance of the objects but they should have been shown as being below and not above the skyline.

Rev Browning stated that since making the sighting public, he has received several reports of believed sightings of flying objects and has also received many reports of loud explosions. He himself heard such an explosion at 21.30 on October 27th. He is of the opinion that it was too close and loud to have been from an area 10 miles (16 k) distant where the Hydro Electric Commission does rock blasting. Rev Browning was of the opinion the explosions are someway associated with the flying objects seen by him and his wife.

Rev Browning said that prior to his and his wife's sighting of the unidentified flying objects he had been sceptical about reports of such objects but now he and his wife are convinced such objects exist.


Michael Hervey's book, UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere mentions the Cressy sightings and that another eye witness a Mrs D Bransden who said: 'It was a fantastic sight - like a lot of little ships flocking around a bigger one.' In TUFOIC's 1970 report gathered from the Rev Browning and his notes on the case, a Mrs Bransden is also mentioned as having seen the cigar from near the Rectory. A young child is also reported as having seen the objects. Unfortunately no further information is know about the Bransden sighting.

Two hours after the sighting many outlying residents in the Cressy-Perth district heard a loud explosion. It was too loud to be from Poatina, one of the residents, Mrs J Robson of Barlington estate claimed. She said it was a loud explosion like someone banging heavily on a wall. She said she could hear the earth shake. Mr B Spencer of Woodlands, Cressy, said the explosion shook the house. It was followed by rumbling vibrations. It seemed to come from towards the Panshanger estate over which Rev Browning had made an earlier sighting.

The Civil Aviation Department said there were no aircraft in the vicinity at the time of the report. They had made a report to headquarters of Mr Browning's sighting.

For several weeks following the Cressy sighting there were numerous reports of strange airborne objects in the Longford, Cressy, Poatina, and Evandale districts.

In 1990 TUFOIC obtained copies of the RAAF sighting form completed by Rev Browning but the form was undated.

Professor McDonald received a letter from the RAAF officer who did the interrogation of the Brownings. The Brownings impressed the officer as being mature, stable, and mentally alert individuals who had no cause or desire to see objects in the sky other than objects of definite form and substance.


The meteorological summary for October 4th describes a small depression over the Central Plateau with a front extending to the east of Flinders Island. Light to moderate rain was experienced ahead of the front with rain clearing after 15.00 (3 pm). However, extensive cloud build up were associated with the trough along the Western Tiers (south-west of Cressy) during the late afternoon. Thunderstorm activity was reported from areas near the Tiers.

The RAAF summary explained the case as 'Astronomical". Moon rise would have been visible shortly after 6pm in an east south east direction; as the objects were seen near the skyline, the moon's reflection on scud type cloud associated with the rain squall were responsible for the sighting.

Rev Browning dismissed the RAAF's explanation. The moon he said would have been competing with a glorious sunset, whilst the easterly skyline was not visible due to rain covering the Ben Lomond area.

A check reveals that the sun was indeed about to set in the western sky, and if anything would have been the more likely of the two astronomical bodies to light up the sky. Rev Browning told Professor McDonald that the sun was illuminating the objects, there being a distinct difference in tone between the dull grey of the larger object and the shiny, metallic lustre of the smaller disc-like objects. The moon was just rising but at the time of the sighting would have been at a mere 6 degrees to the east. In fact it may have had trouble at that time in being visible over mountains to the east.

No mention is made if the Brownings heard the explosions two hours later, nor does the RAAF seem to have been informed of these events. Possibly the explosion and rumblings were due to the thunderstorm activity near the Tiers. The residents of the Cressy district were quite used to explosions from the Hydro works at Poatina but these as a rule were daytime occurrences.

It seems a pity that the RAAF did not take a more active approach to the sighting and others reported in the press in subsequent days. A logical step would have been to interview Mrs Bransden the second witness to the case, from a different view point would she have also seen moonrise reflecting on scud cloud? The 1960 Cressy case remains a classic sighting of a 'mother-ship' and attendant discs, a type of case that seems to have become less frequent in recent times. - Keith Roberts, TUFOIC (Tasmanian UFO Investigation Center)



The Cressy area of Tasmania became the centre of a spectacular wave of sightings in October and November, 1960. An entirely crediblewitness was at the centre of the milieu. Once again, an Anglican priest reported that he had seen a UFO. The Reverend Lionel Browning and his wife witnessed a fantastic sight from the dining room of the Cressy Anglican rectory on 4th October, 1960. A detailed account appeared in the Launceston Mercury of October 10th headlined "FLYING SAUCER" SEEN AT CRESSY. Mysterious ships in the sky. A succession of media stories followed elevating the sighting in to national prominence.

Again, because of the undeniable credibility of the witness, the RAAF were in a difficult position in their efforts to contain the rapidly escalating public clamour.

Wing Commander Waller interviewed Rev. Browning and his wife on November 11th, at their Cressy home. Waller concluded that the couple were "stable, responsible and unexcitable individuals who would not perpetrate a hoax", and were "genuinely and firmly convinced that they saw actual objects." He confirmed this assessment in a letter to Dr. James McDonald, who undertook a retrospective investigation into the sighting during his 1967 Australian visit.

The RAAF's attempts to explain the Cressy sighting away were rather hollow, particularly given an intriguing sighting report I found buried in the DAFI UFO files. On November 15, 1960, some 50 kilometres north of Cressy, a United States Air Force JB57 aircraft, operating out of East Sale RAAF base, encountered a UFO.

The Cressy affair even had a sequel in Australia's federal parliament. Rev. Browning's federal member, Mr. Duthie, asked the following question on October 20th, 1960:

Mr. Duthie: "Has the Minister for Air read the reports of unidentified flying objects sighted in Australia in the last two years, especially the detailed description of such an object at Cressy in my electorate by the Reverend Lionel Browning and his wife two weeks ago, and twice last weekend? Inc idently, the reverend gentleman was my Liberal opponent at the 1951 and 1954 elections. Does the Minister accept responsibility for investigating these sightings? Has the Minister any information about them that may be of interest to the people of Australia?"

The Minister for Air, Mr. Osborne, responded with an answer that would form the basis of RAAF policy for more than a decade to come.

Mr. Osborne: "I have read the press reports of these sightings in Tasmania, and in accordance with the usual practice, all the information that is available concerning them has been furnished to my department and is now being examined. The Department of Air does obtain information about all well reported cases of unidentified flying objects. The department not only receives information about them but also exchanges it with the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force. There is a regular exchange of information on these matters. I can tell the honourable member for Wilmont that although reports of this sort have been investigated very carefully for years, nearly all of them are explainable on a perfectly normal basis. Sometimes they are found to be weather balloons, high-flying aircraft or even stars.

On one occasion, it was established that a reported spaceship was the moon. Of all these reports, only 3 per cent. or 4 per cent. cannot be explained on the basis of some natural phenomenon, and nothing that has arisen from that 3 per cent. or 4 per cent. of unexplained cases gives any firm support for the belief that interlopers from other places in this world, or outside it, have been visiting us."

The Gill "entity" reports of 1959 and the Browning "mothership" report at Cressy in 1960, provided substantial dilemmas for official UFO investigations. In both cases Anglican ministers were the primary witnesses and press coverage was extensive and positive. A confidential briefing paper prepared by DAFI to the RAAF Staff Officer to the Minister of Air concluded after cursory investigations:

A preliminary analysis of the available information indicates that (the Cressy) sighting was some form of natural phenomena associated with the unsettled weather condition. You will recall that the sighting by Reverend William Gill in the Boianai area of New Guinea, which also received wide publicity, was very similar and occurred under almost identical weather conditions. On that occasion, after investigation, we concluded that the sightings were either known planets seen through fast moving cloud, or natural phenomena. The notable difference between the reports is that objects observed by the Reverend Browning were dull grey in colour, while those seen by the Reverend Gill were brightly lit and, in one case, allegedly contained humanoid beings.

The Brownings in the case of Cressy impressed the investigating RAAF officer as "mentally alert individuals who had no cause or desire to see objects in the sky other than objects of definite form and substance." In the case of the Gill reports the investigating officers' opinions on the main witness's character were also most favourable. Despite the impact of the Boianai and Cressy reports and the apparent incongruity of the official "explanations", the prevailing controversy failed to shift the official stance on UFOs that "nothing that has arisen from the 3 or 4 per cent of unexplained cases gives any firm support for the belief that interlopers from other places in this world or outside it have been visiting us." A close analysis of both cases (Boianai and Cressy) argues powerfully that the RAAF "explanations" are unsatisfactory. - UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry


Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena

UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry

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Flying Saucer Review Volume 7: The Phenomenon - Sept-Ot. 1961

The APRO Bulletin - Sept 1960

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