Saturday, December 28, 2013

'Phantoms & Monsters' Upgrade

Hi folks...I decided today that an upgrade to the 'Phantoms & Monster' site must be done sooner than later. The amount of errors on the old template is causing problems...and compromising the archive as well as the SEO. I'm hoping that during the changeover the archive doesn't get wiped out. Anyway...I'm going to perform the change this weekend (Saturday & Sunday). Hopefully I'll be back on schedule Monday. Thanks....Lon

Update: The upgrade went well and nothing was lost. If the readers have any suggestions or notice a problem, feel free to contact me. Thanks...Lon


Blodbrok said...

Good work, as usual, Lon.
I like the new look, and I hope Everything will work out ok.
//JP, Sweden

Jaime Stringer said...

Love it

Occams Razor said...

Thanks and good job, Lon! I was having trouble holding your site open on my iPad and thought the trouble was with my Wi-Fi. It's working just fine now.

Rainer Spott said...

It looks good! Reading the articles will be much easier now.

Donna said...

Everything looks good!!

John Doe said...

All seems ok, never really had a problem with site content as only use wi-fi used..Good to go Lon as always.

James Walker said...

Looks great. Looking forward to another awesome year of reading phantoms&monsters. ..

rk last said...

A perfect change Lon. I love reading your reports and have done for the last 4 years.

Baby Boo said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Lon!

Sean Oliver said...

Very nice! it looks a lot more organized and I really love the way the posts are archived now.

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