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Crypto Four Corners: Disturbing Attraction - Valles Caldera, New Mexico

Crypto Four Corners was called in on this case to help investigate and determine why a ranching family, in the Valles Caldera in north New Mexico, was missing over 40 head of cattle...along with other assorted livestock. Because of the location and the nature of the attacks, the investigators felt at least a half dozen culprits could be responsible...lycans, cougars, bear, coyotes, dogman, hairy hominids, ultraterrestrial activity and reported covert military "whisper chopper" sightings. The team on this investigation were lead investigator JC Johnson, Navajo elder Leonard Dan and investigators Tom Sirchia & Kevin Puckett.

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After interviewing the family it was revealed that the two daughters, who grew up at the location, witnessed a pre-teen 4 foot male Sasquatch or 'Furry One' about 5 years ago. The hominid is now around 8 feet tall, and continues to hang around the ranch. It seems that this Sasquatch is attempting to gain the attention of the daughters, who are now mature teens. This Sasquatch has an attachment to the daughters. While the team was on location, several rock stacks appeared overnight. The young male Sasquatch, placed these stacks around the entire perimeter of the ranch. This is basically a 'No Trespassing' sign to other Furry Ones.

According to Navajo elder Leonard Dan, the cattle deaths and property damage may be the result of the young male Sasquatch demonstrating it's attraction to the exhibiting it's strength and prowess. The family has stated that for years this young male would climb trees near the house at night and call out to the daughters...who both stated that the calls were affecting them mentally and physically. There has been a theory that hairy hominids have an ability to manipulate the minds of humans.

JC also mentioned another strange phenomena that has been noticed in a few other cattle mutilations...namely, the bodies are not scavenged. This includes coyotes, cougar, vultures, porcupines, beetles, maggots, etc...all stay away from the carcass. The remains literally take months and years to blend into the landscape. You will notice in the photos, the bovine hides and bones simply remain where the Sasquatch dragged the bodies. Even the porcupines and coyotes refuse to gnaw on the bones.

JC also mentioned that a bi-pedal wolf-like beast has occasionally been seen by the family. The description suggests that it may be a lycan of some type. The Valles Caldera has a huge number of animal species, including the amazing Elk herds. Because of the terrain and available food sources, it's easy for me to imagine that most any cryptid could easily exist there.

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