Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Blog Launch: Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader

Hi folks...I want to announce the launch of a new blog by my wife Vanessa, titled Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader. This blog is for book lovers who immerse themselves in reading and find themselves becoming one with the characters. Get acquainted with books new and old. Learn about your favorite authors. Share information on giveaways, book signings, book reviews, etc.

Even as a small child, Vanessa loved to read. It all started with the Nancy Drew Mysteries. Then she discovered a new love for fantasy & paranormal romance books. Vanessa has a passion for indie authors and hopes to show them all the support they need on the blog.

Though this is a new venture, I'm sure that Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader will soon become one of your favorite daily destinations.

Are you a new or established indie author of fantasy and/or paranormal romance? Send Vanessa an inquiry

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