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The Demon Cat

The US government has been keeping a secret for the last few hundred years...a demon lives in the sublevels of the US Capitol Building and in the basement of the White House. This demon has spooked security, baffled witnesses, and said to be an omen of terrible tragedy for the United States or a change in office.

The demon comes in the form of a black cat. When sighted, the animal appears to be a normal stray cat but when it approaches, it's said to have glowing eyes and grows larger to the size of a lion or bear. The caterwauling of the demon cat, said to walk the hallways in the basement near the Catafalque Storage Room, can sometimes be hear echoing through the damp corridors. In 1862 and again in 1898, guards shot a black cat that had swollen to the size of an elephant.

The story of the demon cat, nicknamed "DC" by Capitol employees, begins shortly after the capitol building was completed. Washington DC had something of a rat problem and cats were brought into the building to get rid of them. As the rat problem was taken care of, the cats either wandered off or were adopted by people who worked there. It seems that one cat was left behind in order to roam the recesses of the capitol building for a longer period.

“One guard who saw it wants to remain anonymous. It happened on a January night in the 1970s. As he was walking through a passage way, he saw the black cat approach. The phantom appeared to get larger as it walked toward him. Its eyes had a reddish glow. The guard was afraid to move. Finally, the phantom reached the size of a tiger and its meowings changed to roars. It crouched and sprang and all the guard could do was to pray and close his eyes. Nothing happened. When the guard opened his eyes, the cat had vanished.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune of 11/1/1992 stated: "The demon cat would usually meet someone alone in a dark corridor. It had large yellow eyes that seemed to hypnotize, and it would snarl. It would seem to grow larger and larger until it would make a final lunge toward its victim and then either explode or disappear over the victim's head. Historians recorded stories of guards firing guns toward the hissing cat as it disappeared only to find they were shooting into an empty hall. It was said to appear only on the eve of a national tragedy or the change of administrations."

DC has been seen periodically throughout the last 200 years. Reportedly, he was spotted before the assassination of Lincoln and Garfield, before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the death of Roosevelt, the assassination of Kennedy, the attempted assassination of Reagan, and there was even an account of the cat being spotted the night of September 10th, 2001. At the White House, it is usually seen during times when the presidency is moving to a new person.

DC's predicting ability isn't the only thing it is known for. It's said to live in a room originally intended to house the body of George Washington after death, a place that would remain empty as Washington was buried at his estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia. This empty room is one of the many places witnesses have spotted the mysterious creature.

When the subject of ghosts and the paranormal on Capitol Hill is approached, a few incidents are brought to light. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is a firm believer. “In my old hideaway we had ghosts,” Leahy said. “We had a 300-pound table that we’d come in and find in different parts of the room that we hadn’t left it had moved around by itself about every two or three months.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she hadn’t seen any ghosts in her more than 20 years in Congress, but added that “sometimes it feels haunted.”

Rep. José Serrano (D-N.Y.) agreed, saying that when he presided over the House floor, he sometimes felt another presence in the room. “When I sat in the [House] chair at times, I knew that there were members around me that were not just not in the chamber to vote on something,” he said.

Anthony Wallis, a research analyst with the House historian’s office states, “One soldier is known to have undergone excruciating pain one night during surgery and he died on the operating table. So Capitol Police swear that they hear moaning and see figures walking across the Capitol Rotunda, because it was used as a makeshift hospital during the Civil War.”

Whether real or the result of years of paranoia I cannot say, but if you ever find yourself in the Capitol Rotunda during a tour, take a look at the floor near the old entrance to the Senate Hall. One thing that you cannot deny is the set of cat prints across the stone floor said to be made by the US Capitol's demon cat.

NOTE: Personally, I don't care for the word 'demon'... malevolent is a more suitable description for an evil being or entity in my opinion. Similar to the Mothman, these supposed 'harbingers of death' or 'omens' usually have the 'demon' tag attached to it, even though there doesn't seem to be any malevolent intent. The Capitol Building, built by slaves and with a nucleus of strife and bloodshed over its more than 200-year history, has a rich history of ghosts and mystical folklore. But while some lawmakers embrace, and almost relish, this eerie presence, others deny the existence of ghosts...or, at the very least, have serious doubts of the stories people tell...Lon

"Ghosts: Washington Revisited" (The Ghostlore of the Nation's Capital)

Washington, D.C., Ghosts, Legends, and Lore

The Ghost in the White House

Alexander, John - 'Washington's Most Famous Ghost Stories' - 1988

Just the Facts?: Iran Predicts Christianity's Collapse -- Aliens Abducted Stray Cats -- Navajo Rangers...UFO Hunters

Leather-bound 'gospel' which Iran claims will bring down Christianity and shake world politics

A leather-bound religious text, thought to date from the fifth century but discovered only 12 years ago, will cause the collapse of Christianity worldwide, claims Iran.

The book, written on animal hide, apparently states that Jesus was never crucified and that he himself predicted the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, according to the the Iranian press.

Written in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, the gospel even predicts the coming of the last Islamic messiah, the report adds.

Turkish authorities believe it could be an authentic version of the Gospel by Jesus's disciple Barnabas, and the Iranian press report has claimed that its contents will trigger Christianity's downfall by proving that Islam is the final and righteous religion.

Others have dismissed the Iranian claims as 'laughable' anti-Christian propaganda.

The Basij Press claims the text was written in the 5th or 6th century and it predicted the coming of the Prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam. It says the Christian world denies the existence of such a gospel.

Basij claims that Chapter 41 of the Gospel reads: 'God has hidden himself as Archangel Michael ran them (Adam and Eve) out of heaven, (and) when Adam turned, he noticed that at top of the gateway to heaven, it was written "La elah ela Allah, Mohamad rasool Allah",' meaning Allah is the only God and Mohammad his prophet.

Turkish authorities seized the text in 2000 in a crackdown on a gang who were charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations and the possession of explosives.

But excitement at the find only peaked in February this year, when it was reported that the Vatican had made an official request to view the book. It is not known whether the request was granted.

Its origins are unknown, but National Turk reported that the book had been kept in the Justice Palace in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and was being transferred under armed police guard to the city's Ethnography Museum.

Phil Lawler, writing on the Catholic Culture website, described the claim as a 'laughable Iranian challenge to Christianity'.

He said: 'If the document was written in the 5th or 6th century, it couldn’t very well have been written by someone who was traveling with St. Paul about 400 years earlier.

'It must have been written by someone claiming to represent St. Barnabas. Should we accept that claim? Another good question.

'Keep in mind that the dating of the document is critical. By the 7th century it didn’t take much foresight to 'predict' the appearance of Mohammad.'

The Basij report suggests that the discovery is so immense that it will shake world politics.

'The discovery of the original Barnabas Bible will now undermine the Christian Church and its authority and will revolutionize the religion in the world,” it states.

'The most significant fact, though, is that this Bible has predicted the coming of Prophet Mohammad and in itself has verified the religion of Islam.'

Although Turkish authorities believe the text to be genuine, other observers have questioned its authenticity.

Erick Stakelbeck, a terrorism analyst and a close observer of Iranian affairs, told 'The Iranian regime is committed to stamping out Christianity by any means necessary.

'Whether that means executing Christian converts, burning Bibles or raiding underground churches.'

Phil Lawler, writing on the Catholic Culture website, described the claim as a 'laughable Iranian challenge to Christianity'. - dailymail

The suppressed Gospels and Epistles of the original New Testament of Jesus the Christ, Volume 7, Barnabas

The Gospel of Barnabas

Ancient Epistle of Barnabas: His Life and Teachings


Moon rock chips returned to NASA

It's been a long, strange trip for what appears to be several tiny chips of lunar rock that found their way into a casino mogul's hands after being collected by the first men on the moon.

If they're real, they were plucked from the lunar surface by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, given by then-President Richard Nixon to former Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza Garcia, pilfered by a Costa Rican mercenary soldier-turned Contra rebel, traded to a Baptist missionary for unknown items, then sold to a flamboyant Las Vegas casino mogul who squirreled them away in in a safety deposit box.

Now, more than 2½ years after Bob Stupak's death, an attorney for his estate has sent to NASA officials in Houston a tabletop display featuring the four gray chips the size of grains of rice.

They're magnified in a Lucite dome about as big around as a U.S. 50-cent piece set with a small blue and white Nicaraguan flag.

Combined, the chips weigh 0.05 grams.

A NASA spokeswoman, Renee Juhans, confirmed Tuesday that the agency was "taking steps to authenticate" the display it received from attorney Richard Wright. Juhans declined to say what would happen after that.

Wright said he expects that if the chips are authentic, they'll be returned to the people of the Central American country. If not, he said they should be sent back to him.

"I told them it was either Stupak's or Nicaragua's," said Wright, who said he counseled Stupak when ownership questions were raised more than a decade ago not to try to sell or auction the display.

The tiny rocks can be considered priceless or worthless, said Joe Gutheinz, a retired NASA investigator and moon rock hunter who has spent decades on a quest to find 160 missing moon rock samples around the world.

"In a sense, they're worthless because you can't sell them," Gutheinz said by telephone this week from his law office in Friendswood, Texas. "But for people who love space, you can't put a price on it."

They're part of a limited supply of about 842 pounds of rock collected by U.S. astronauts in six missions between Apollo 11 in 1969 and Apollo 17 in 1972. The Soviet Union collected about 300 grams of rock, or about two-thirds of a pound, during unmanned probes to the moon.

Gutheinz said the U.S. distributed 270 moon rock samples in the 1970s as a goodwill gesture to countries around the world. States received 100 samples and territories received six. The United Nations received a sample from the Apollo 11 mission.

The tiny chips that made their way to Stupak by 1987 apparently came from Nicaragua.

Stupak was a wheeler, dealer and gambler of the first order. He won a $1 million wager on Super Bowl XXIII and a World Series of Poker championship bracelet, both in 1989, nearly died in a motorcycle crash in 1995, and lost a bid in 2006 to become lieutenant governor of Nevada.

For a time, Wright said, the lunar stones were displayed at the Moon Rock Cafe at Bob Stupak's Vegas World casino, which featured a rocket ship logo and big sign declaring "Sky's the Limit." The display went into storage after Stupak replaced the place with the tallest structure on the Las Vegas Strip, the 1,149-foot Stratosphere tower resembling the iconic Space Needle in Seattle.

Stupak bought the rocks for $10,000 and 200,000 shares in his casino from Arizona preacher and businessman Harry Coates, according to documents provided by Wright and the recollections of Coates' widow, Silvina Coates Harry Coates, a Baptist minister and missionary, met his wife in 1985 during a mission to Costa Rica. He died in July 2005 in Arizona at age 85.

Silvina Coates, of Casa Grande, Ariz., recalled Tuesday that her husband had lots of side business deals, including one with a man in Costa Rica for the moon rock display. She couldn't remember what the trade involved.

Wright has a copy of Stupak's $10,000 check to Harry Coates' business, Midway Development Inc., along with an affidavit describing how Coates acquired the display from a man named Bob Stone of Golfito, Costa Rica.

The display had been picked from a pile of looted items by an unnamed Costa Rican mercenary fighting with Nicaraguan soldiers when a Somoza compound dubbed "El Retire" was sacked "at the time of the revolution in Nicaragua," according to the affidavit.

It said the mercenary later switched sides to fight for the Contras, before returning to Costa Rica in 1979.

"Bob bought it in good faith," Wright said. Stupak wanted to sell the display a little more than a decade ago. He offered Wright 10 percent of the proceeds if he could help, then upped the offer to 25 percent.

Wright counseled him that he couldn't auction or sell it, because whether it had been lost or stolen, it wasn't clear that Stupak had any legal right to own it.

After Stupak died, Wright contacted NASA and the Nicaraguan consulate about returning the display.

Wright obtained a written promise in April from NASA attorney Cedric Campbell that if the rock display is authentic, "NASA will return the rock to the people of Nicaragua."

Gutheinz, who teaches an online University of Phoenix course and enlists student sleuths to find missing moon rocks, said the sample sounded authentic. He said he expects an ownership fight in Nicaragua.

But that'll just provide another chapter for one of the many stories Gutheinz tells about moon rock samples. He says his students have helped find the 79 displays since 2002.

Governors took them home in Colorado, West Virginia and Missouri, he said. A display given to then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton turned up in archived materials after Clinton became president.

"Here, the attorney did the right thing," Gutheinz said. "He told NASA and they're in the process of turning it over properly. We can only hope that Nicaragua gets its property back." - cbsnews


UFOs: Abducted stray cats, shopping carts and a Hardees meal

Lake City FL - 5/20/2012 - unedited:....they were practicing a cone like formation, taking turns landing and beaming stray cats. none of the beamed cats were returned and electrical devices and systems were not functioning and it seemed like gravity was really light weight. they had multicolor lights and beam systems that were able to lift objects. they also took a few shopping carts and a Hardees meal. - MUFON CMS


Flying Humanoid / Strange Light Beams

The incredible variety of different types of UFOs reported – from disc shape, spheres and orbs, splitting UFOs, triangular and tubular, plasma and the spectacular cluster sightings – certainly provide any serious researcher an important graphic dossier to make studies and analyses of this phenomenon.

One of the most curious types of sightings – and quite rare – are those of human-like beings that fly.

Is it possible that the dark figure on the photographs taken in the grounds of Balmerino Abbey, Scotland, is a dark Flying Humanoid figure?

Besides this rare Humanoid figure, you see a kind of haze / ghost figure floating among the trees as well as a beam of light (probably caused by the Sun?) - thetruthbehindthescenes

Click for video

Hidden Realms, Lost Civilizations, and Beings from Other Worlds (Unexplained Phenomena the Para)

Unearthly Disclosure

The How and Why of UFOs


Navajo Rangers...UFO Hunters

The Navajo Rangers have been modestly performing their duties on the reservation for more than fifty years now. The group has seen their numbers decline due to funding, but have remained dedicated to the needs of their people. Jonathan Dover and Stanley Milford provide law enforcement, public education, preventive patrols, and regulatory enforcement to the reservation as Navajo Rangers. And they keep open minds when unique cases come forward. Their investigations have included UFO sightings, paranormal cases, and big foot. Examining these occurrences has led to an array of skepticism from other law enforcement agencies.

A short time ago, the two Rangers attended the 2012 International UFO Congress and gained attention from a local TV station, which ran a story on what they’ve been investigating. This has sparked more interest in the pair, and how they go about their investigations. Dover and Milford carry on case by case though, listening intently to the witnesses and recording the evidence. Recently, the two presented on their experiences and investigations at a monthly meeting held by the Phoenix Chapter of MUFON. In the future, Open Minds will be travelling north to ride along with the Rangers for a glimpse of their practices, investigation techniques, and the affect this has on their people. - openminds

Click for video

The Book of the Navajo

Diné: A History of the Navajos

Top Secret/Majic: Operation Majestic-12 and the United States Government's UFO Cover-up

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ancient Anomalies vs Accepted Awareness

There have been enigmatic artifacts found worldwide that simply do not fit the accepted geologic or historical timeline. These ancient anomalies, also referred to as ooparts (out-of-place artifacts), are objects that by scientific measure are very old, but in form or construction appear to be quite modern. If our current history of the world is correct, they just should not exist. And there are many examples...many more than geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists care to admit.

Unlike ghosts, cryptids and other phenomena these unexplained artifacts have been seen, touched, and examined. The fact that these objects do exist and do not fit the standard scientific timeline, geologic record and anthropologic chronology, suggests that either the current standard dating techniques are wrong, geology does not progress the way we suppose it does, or there is far more to the history of life on this planet than we currently know about. In my opinion these enigmatic artifacts are indications that the ancient alien theory is probable.

May I suggest that you go to the Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race website and read about the various human remains, advanced technology, maps/drawings and other artifacts that have been documented.

Scientists attempt to explain such enigmas by suggesting that human remains and stone tools found at deep levels are the result of intrusive burials. All this means is that holes are dug in which bodies and artifacts are placed. When found they can therefore be misinterpreted as stemming from a much earlier age than they are in reality. Perhaps this is a solution in some cases. However, in one particular case a human skeleton, anatomically similar to modern man, was found beneath a solid layer of slate. The rock strata in question was 300 million years' old!

Then there are discoveries that just seem to defy logic and science.

It is a known fact that coal is formed over thousands of years from fallen timber that has been charred and undergone immense pressure for many years beneath many tons of earth. A lump of coal therefore, by the simple nature of its own creation, is very ancient stuff. There is quite literally, no such thing as ‘new coal’. Yet one morning in June of 1891, a Mrs. S. W. Culp, of Morrisonville, Illinois was fragmenting coal into smaller pieces for her kitchen stove when she noticed that one of the lumps she had broken apart had a chain necklace of elaborate workmanship stuck in it. The chain measured about 10 inches long and was later found to be made of eight carat gold. Unfortunately no photograph exists of the necklace and its whereabouts is presently unknown, however, the actual event is quite well documented.

The Morrisonville Times of June 11, 1891 published that investigators concluded that the chain, which was described as being "of antique and quaint workmanship" had not simply been accidentally dropped in with the coal by a worker, since an examination of the item clearly displayed some hard fragments of the coal that still clung on to the links of the chain, while the part of the coal that had broken apart also still bore the distinct impression of where the chain had been encased in it. The reporter of the day described it in this way:

"Mrs. Culp thought the chain had been dropped accidentally in the coal, but as she undertook to lift the chain up, the idea of its having been recently dropped was shown to be fallacious, for as the lump of coal broke, it separated almost in the middle, and the circular position of the chain placed the two ends near to each other; and as the lumps separated, the middle of the chain became loosened while each end remained fastened to the coal....."

How did a finely manufactured gold chain come to be encased in a lump of coal, an object that’s very existence requires it to be many thousands of years old?

Strangely enough, the Morrisonville incident is not the only one of its kind. In 1844 an unidentified gold artifact was discovered in a quarry in England.

Workmen blasting granite, came across the discovery of an item of gold thread about eight feet below the surface. It was embedded in rock thought to be over 60 million years old. Experts sent at the behest of the Times newspaper concluded that the object had been artificially manufactured, but ventured no opinion as to how it could have found itself embedded in rock so unimaginably old.

Obviously these artifacts weren't lost in recent history. Is it possible that the emergence of humanity has taken place on various occasions during the earth's long history? Could it be a cyclic process, whereby the current human race is destroyed and reborn time and time again? If this is the case, then each cycle is dependent on how long it is allowed to evolve before its inevitable destruction, most probably through planetary catastrophes. Its obvious that the world isn't quite what the majority of people think it is.

NOTE: The following link - Ancient Metallurgy - is an interesting reference. Below are a few links to Michael Cremo's books on the hidden history of the human race...Lon

Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

Forbidden Archeology's Impact: How a Controversial New Book Shocked the Scientific Community and Became an Underground Classic

Forbidden Archeologist: The Atlantis Rising Magazine Columns of Michael A. Cremo

The Mysterious Origins of Man (UFO TV Special Edition)

Maxwell Igan - 'Earths Forbidden History' - (

Just the Facts?: Priest Claims Vatican Kidnapped Schoolgirl -- Trainee Witch Beheads Nephew -- Bear Attack In Outhouse

Priest claims schoolgirl was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties

A Catholic priest has claimed a missing schoolgirl was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties and has implicated diplomatic staff and members of the Holy See.

Italian priest Gabriel Amorth, 85, said girls were recruited for parties at the Vatican and said the death of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi, last seen alive in 1983, “was a crime with a sexual motive”.

The priest spoke out last week as investigators broke into the grave of a known gang boss in Rome following an anonymous tip that the key to Emanuala’s disappearance would be “found there”.

But so far bones which do not belong to mobster Enrico De Pedis, have not be positively identified as the girl’s.

In an interview with La Stampa newspaper, Father Amorth said: “It has already previously been stated by (deceased) monsignor Simeone Duca, an archivist at the Vatican, who was asked to recruit girls for parties with the help of the Vatican gendarmes.

"The network involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy to the Holy See. I believe Emanuela ended up a victim of this circle,"

Father Gabriele Amorth was appointed by the late John Paul II as the Vatican's chief exorcist.

Emanuela Orlandi disappeared after leaving her family's Vatican City apartment to go to a music lesson in Rome. Her father was a lay employee of the Holy See.

Four years ago, Italian news reports quoted the dead mobster's former lover as telling Rome prosecutors that criminals from the city's crime syndicate, known as the Magliana gang, had kidnapped the girl and had her body dumped in a cement mixer near a beach outside the capital. - belfasttelgraph

The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia

Hidden Secrets of the Vatican: The Ark, the Holy Grail and the Turin Shroud

Dark Mysteries of the Vatican


Trainee witch beheads 3-year-old nephew

A trainee witch has admitted beheading her three-year-old nephew on the orders of a dark arts teacher in Nepal.

The 25-year-old was allegedly told her skills would only be complete after sacrificing her nephew and eldest son.

Police in Nepal arrested the suspect in the town of Samanpur, south of the country's capital Kathmandu and charged her with 'sacrificing' a child.

Human rights campaigners in Nepal have been left stunned by arrest of a woman accused of beheading her nephew.

The New York Daily News reported today that Yadav sacrificed the boy following instructions from her guru with whom she had been learning witchcraft.

She was quoted as saying: 'I had been learning witchcraft from Chhabilal Yadav of Haraiya for the past month. He told me that my witchcraft skills would be complete only after the sacrifice of the nephew.

'Accordingly I took him at Bramhsthan and beheaded him on Saturday after a pooja.'

Yadav then threw the boy's head into the Bagmati river while she buried the torso in her 'pooja' room, the New York Daily News said.

Police have exhumed the body and taken it to Gaur near the border with India for a post mortem.
According to Yadav, Chhabilal further demanded that she sacrifice her eldest son as well.

The victim, a resident of Manpur, had been staying in his maternal uncle's house for the past month.

Police became suspicious of Yadav's 'activities' after she informed them that she found the boy's body.

Earlier, she had registered a complaint with the police saying that the boy had gone missing.

SP Thule Rai told the press that Chhabilal and Yadav's family members are at large. Villagers said Mahadevi was a normal woman and that she did not have a history of mental illness that they knew of.

The incident has left the local people and rights activists shell-shocked.

'We are shocked to hear the news at a time when incidents of torture against women for allegedly practicing witchcraft are on the rise in the region,' said rights activists Bipin Gautam.

An Indian couple was arrested last month for attempting to bury her child alive on the orders of a guru. - dailymail

The Guru Question: The Perils and Rewards of Choosing a Spiritual Teacher


Chinese couple accused of burying hit-and-run victim alive

A young couple believed to have buried an elderly woman alive after knocking her down last month while drunken driving have been placed in criminal detention. "It's certain the woman was not dead when buried," a publicity officer from Yuyao public security bureau, who only gave his surname Zhou, said. "Legal medical experts detected particles identical to those in the surrounding soil in her lungs, which indicates she was still breathing," he said. But police have not formed a definite conclusion on the case, according to Zhou.

"Preliminary judgment of the cause of death is brain injury by the impact from the car and asphyxia," he said. Police in Yuyao, Zhejiang province, received a report from construction workers about a car without license plates abandoned in a remote construction site on May 1. Officers found cracks on the windshield of the car. Police received another report the next day from the same people that a body was buried in the mud nearby. They later found the corpse of an elderly woman 300 meters from where the car had been discarded.

Judging from the windshield and a bloodstain on the backseat of the car, as well as marks on the body, the police believe the woman might have been buried after being hit by the car on the morning of April 30. "A witness said he heard someone crying and saw an elderly woman lying on the ground near a Santana. A man and a woman got out and put the elderly woman in the car, saying they would send her to hospital," said a policeman surnamed Song, from the criminal investigation brigade of the Yuyao public security bureau, who is handling the case. The woman, surnamed Fang, was a 68-year-old native of Anhui province.

The young man and woman, both 25, were captured in Liupanshui city of Guizhou province on May 9. Police believe the couple had been in a karaoke bar all night before the accident. They believe the couple worried about criminal liability because of drunken driving and causing the accident, and may have found the elderly woman was no longer groaning and breathing on their way to hospital, said Song. Shen Ning, a criminal lawyer from Shanghai Watson and Band Law Firm, said it could be considered intentional homicide if the woman was alive when buried. - chinadaily


Canadian man dragged from outhouse by black bear

A Winnipeg man who was dragged out of an outhouse by a black bear is recovering at home with some cuts on his back and an amazing tale of survival. Gord Shurvell, 65, was camping and fishing with a friend at a cabin by Dunbar Lake, about 60 kilometres north of Sioux Lookout, Ont., when the bear attacked him early on Saturday. Shurvell said he was in the outhouse, with the door wide open so he could enjoy the morning view, when the bear barged in. "I'm sitting on the throne, and my feet are sort of up on the 'poopstool,' we call it," he said in an interview on Wednesday.

"So I'm kicking at him to get away, but he grabbed my pants and that gotch that were down around my ankles. And that was the start of it, and he just kept coming." When asked if the attack scared the "you-know-what" out of him, Shurvell replied, "It was already gone! I'd already done my business," he added. "All the defence I had is a … piece of [toilet] paper in this hand." Shurvell said the bear then dragged him by the arm through the bush, and he immediately went into survival mode.

"I know if he gets me back there and I pass out, my buddy won't know … it would take too long to find me. So I'm trying to get a tree to slow him down," he said. Shurvell's friend, 63-year-old Daniel Alexander, said he was inside the cabin when he heard the commotion outside. "I started out of the cabin and something clicked in, and I thought 'bear.' I turned around, went back into the cabin and got the gun," Alexander said. "In the meantime, Gord is screaming, 'Danny, Danny, Danny! It's a bear!'"

Alexander said when he found Shurvell and the bear in the bush, he initially had a difficult time figuring out how to shoot the bear and not his friend. "Just as I started to do that, the bear dropped Gordy and turned towards me," Alexander recalled. "The bear was down on all fours, with his head was down. And as soon as he done that, that's when I shot him, right in the head. Thank God that that bear turned." Shurvell escaped the attack with some scratches on his head, neck and arms, as well as a puncture in the back of his head. Shurvell was treated in a Sioux Lookout hospital and released, and he returned to Winnipeg late Tuesday. On Wednesday, he received his third rabies treatment. - cbc


Fish lodged in boy’s throat for 14 hours

SARAWAK - A 12-year-old boy had to endure the agony of having a 4cm-long fish stuck in his throat for 14 hours before it was surgically removed.

Philip Muan from Rumah Endawie Nangka Jela Engkari in Lubok Antu caught the ikan puyu (climbing perch or anabas testudineus) while fishing in a drain near Batang Ai with his 10-year-old brother at about 9am on Sunday.

He removed the hook and tried to bite the head of the fish to kill it but it slipped into his mouth and lodged itself in his throat.

His father Muan Burong, 40, a rubber tapper said his sons returned home when they failed to remove the fish from Philip's throat.

Muan took the boy to the Batang Ai clinic from where he was taken to the Sri Aman Hospital about 40km away. From there, Philip was rushed to the Sarawak General Hospital in an ambulance.

It was already 11pm by the time he arrived and the boy was spitting blood. The fish had by then died and a foul smell emanated from the boy's mouth.

The operation to remove the dead fish took just a few minutes.

The climbing perch is a hardy fish, which has a labyrinth organ in its head that allows it to breathe atmospheric oxygen. It can be out of water for about seven hours. - thestar

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cryptid Canids of the Four Corners

On Wednesday, Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners posted a video titled Wes and the Wolfens. After watching the video I left a message for Jc to contact me. Well, in a few minutes Jc was calling back. He explained that this video from 2008 had been lost and recently found. He added updated information in the beginning and at the end of the presentation.

I was interested in Wes' sighting of a 'dogman' like creature in a residential section of Farmington, NM. as well as the smaller wolf-like animal he encountered while playing in a field in the Four Corners area. Wes' description of the 'dogman' was somewhat similar to those sightings in Michigan and Wisconsin as described by researcher/author Linda Godfrey. Linda and Jc have confided that they believe these particular creatures are natural and terrestrial. I still lean towards the interdimensional 'side of the fence' though I am open for all arguments.

Jc explained that the Four Corners has had a variety of canid sightings (natural and supernatural) other than the typical foxes, dogs, jackals, and coyotes. NOTE: any wolf sighting in the area would be remarkable in itself since the species was hunted out over a century ago.

A Skinwalker is a person (witch) with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires, though they first must be wearing a pelt of the animal, to be able to transform. These are commonly described as wolf-like beings though it can be shapeshifted as any past or present indigenous animal. I have previously posted several first-hand accounts at Skinwalker Chronicles

The Weir is similar to a lycanthrope, a supposed mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf-like creature. Whether the change is made on purpose or the result of an affliction is unknown. The difference between the Skinwalker and the Weir, in my opinion, is little more than interpretation. Those people who have witnessed these creatures tend to place a distinction between them.

Dire Wolves are classified as an extinct carnivorous mammal closely related to the smaller extant gray wolf. Some of the modern sighting reports are of huge wolves with varied markings...some as big as an average sized horse. The American Alsatian was bred to resemble the ancient Dire Wolf in many respects...but the sightings tend to be of a much larger canid. Are these natural or supernatural beings?

The Dogman is an enigma...basically because all the evidence has been anecdotal to this point. There have been legends, hoaxes and everything else in between. Most of the information that is available can be found at Linda Godfrey's The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf and in her writings. As I stated earlier, I tend to believe these are interdimensional beings. Jc mentioned an interesting tidbit to me...though the Dogman's strong back legs are like those of a canid there have been reports of a 'spur-like' appendage at the back of the foot that gives this creature a tripod structure in which to stand.

Jc also talked about a particular sighting from a few years ago on the Navajo lands in the Four Corners. The witnesses stated that their sheep and goats had been let out to graze during the day. When the herd started to return early they were concerned that something was amiss. When they conducted an inventory, one sheep and one goat were missing. The witnesses climbed into their vehicle and drove to the grazing area.

When they arrived, the carcasses of the sheep and goat were located...though there was very little left other than spines and skulls. On a distant rise the witnessed could clearly make out the shape of a large canid standing on two legs. There was also a much smaller juvenile canid accompanying the adult. The fact that there were multiple witnesses, it was daylight and that there were defleshed carcasses tends to give the 'natural' argument some leverage.

I first heard the word Wolfen after reading Whitley Strieber's 1978 novel The Wolfenin which a New York City cop investigates a series of brutal deaths that resemble animal attacks. So...what is a Wolfen? In the book, the Wolfen was a superior predator, not a spirit...though there could have been a supernatural aspect to it. Basically, the Wolfen was a mystery. Well folks...that's what we have here.

I'd be interested in your comments. Jc Johnson has been our guest on 'Beyond The Edge Radio' and Eric and I plan to have Jc back on in the near future. There are lot's of cryptid mysteries to discuss...Lon

Hunting the American Werewolf

The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the U.S.A. (Unexplained Presents)

Stalking the Tricksters: Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts and 2012

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf

Just the Facts?: Walter Cronkite's Dark Side -- Chilean Glacial Lake Vanishes -- 'Men In Black' Encounter

Walter Cronkite Biography Reveals His Dark Side

A new biography of Walter Cronkite reveals the less trustworthy side of the most trusted man in America.

The CBS anchor is remembered as a media giant who gruffly championed hard-hitting journalism. This is a mostly justifiable assessment. But some unscrupulous actions outlined in the book muddy his otherwise almost spotless reputation, and make clear how much the media has changed.

For starters, he had no problem accepting freebies. These weren't occasional drinks, but flights to remote and luxurious vacation spots around he world for him and his friends and family, courtesy of now-defunct airline Pan Am.

News organizations today place heavy restrictions on the amount of gifts their journalists can receive, if any. This is done in order to protect the organizations' neutrality. For example, The New York Times' company policy states:

Staff members and those on assignment for us may not accept anything that could be construed as a payment for favorable coverage or for avoiding unfavorable coverage. They may not accept gifts, tickets, discounts, reimbursements or other benefits from individuals or organizations covered (or likely to be covered) by their newsroom.

An article in The Daily Beast relates Cronkite's other shenanigans, which included dining with a go-go dancer and bugging a committee room at a GOP convention. The piece questions how Cronkite's more private affairs would have been perceived in the era of Internet tabloids:

Looking back, Cronkite’s virtual immunity as a public figure is troubling. But I see an upside as well: he wielded his enormous clout on behalf of muscular journalism. As Vietnam and Watergate eroded public confidence in government, Cronkite emerged as a new kind of authority figure, his public image unsullied by the grime of politics. What a stunning contrast to the corrosive distrust of the news business today. - THP



Chilean Glacial Lake Vanishes in Less Than 24 Hours

In less than 24 hours Lake Cachet II in Chile's southern Patagonia vanished, leaving behind just some large puddles and chunks of ice in the vast lake bed.

The lake's water comes from ice melting from the Colonia Glacier, located in the Northern Patagonian ice field, some 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles) south of the capital, Santiago.

The glacier normally acts as a dam containing the water, but rising temperatures have weakened its wall. Twice this year, on January 27 and March 31, water from the lake bore a tunnel between the rocks and the glacier wall.

The result: Lake Cachet II's 200 million cubic liters of water gushed out into the Baker river, tripling its volume in a matter of hours, and emptying the five square kilometer (two square miles) lake bed.

Cachet II has drained 11 times since 2008 -- and with global temperatures climbing, experts believe this will increase in frequency.

"Climate models predict that as temperatures rise, this phenomenon, known as GLOFs (Glacial Lake Outburst Floods), will become more frequent," said glaciologist Gino Casassa from the Center for Scientific Studies (CES).

Casassa, a member of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, told AFP there have been 53 similar cases of lakes draining in Chile between 1896 and January 2010, with increased frequency in the later years.

CES research assistant Daniela Carrion was camped out with a small research team taking measurements of the Colonia Glacier when the lake drained in March.

"When we woke up, we saw a change in the valley," Carrion told AFP. "The paths that we walked on had flooded, and the whole area was filled with large chunks of ice."

The lake dropped 31 meters (90 feet) when the water drained out, according to a report from the General Water Directorate, which monitors lake levels in Chile using satellite data.

When the lake starts draining an alarm system is triggered, giving residents in the sparsely-populated area up to eight hours to move animals and flee to higher ground.

The Tempanos Lake, also in far southern Chile, drained in a similar fashion in May 2007. Forest rangers working to save endangered huemuls -- mid-sized deer native to the region -- were surprised when they came across the empty lake. There were ice floes on the floor of the ten square kilometer lake bed, but no water.

Forestry officials had visited Tempanos in April and it was full, and when a team of scientists and naval officials flew over the area in July they found that the lake, which also is fed by waters from a nearby glacier, was starting to re-fill.

The GLOF phenomenon is not exclusive to Patagonia: it has happened in places like the Himalayas, and in Iceland due to volcanic activities, Casassa said.

In a phenomenon also related to rising temperatures, a slab of ice the size of a city block broke off Peru's Hualcan glacier and slid into a high mountain lake with destructive consequences in April 2010.

The crash unleashed a giant wave that breached the lake's levees, causing a tsunami of mud on a village in the northern province of Carhuaz that destroyed more than 20 homes and leaving some 50 people homeless, regional Civil Defense chief Cesar Velasco told the state Andina news agency.

A 2009 World Bank report said that in the last 35 years, Peru's glaciers have shrunk by 22 percent, leading to a 12 percent loss in the amount of fresh water reaching the coast, home to most of the country's citizens. - discovery


Goblins Attack Family, Burn Down Homestead

Zimbabwe - Three huts and a house were flattened last Sunday, while people are occasionally being pelted with stones by unseen things, believed to be goblins at a Chisumbanje homestead in Chipinge South where mysterious occurrences are haunting the Sithole Family.

In this true to life tragedy whose scripts reads like a horror movie, the Sithole family had to make do with stones being thrown at them for the past two months, while soil is intermittently tossed into their pots by invisible assailants as they will be preparing food. However, things came to a boil early last week when three huts at the homestead as well as a house suddenly went up in smoke and the family now sleeps in the open, while the few belongings they managed to salvage from the raging fire are heaped outside.

Whenever one young male member of the family, Taso Sithole (16) entered each of the huts and as soon as he came out, that hut would unexpectedly go up in smoke and this happened on all the four structures that were burnt at the homestead. To make matters worse, efforts to put out the fire were rendered futile as the well at the homestead mysteriously ran dry, only for the well to automatically fill up to the brim with water soon after the huts had been razed.

A visibly traumatised Sarah Muyambo (52) said they were not aware of the hand behind the calamity. She, however, admitted that her 29-year-old son was once fingered by some traditional healers as having caused the misfortunes after he had allegedly laid his hands on some money making magical charms!

"It was around 10am when the fire started. All along we were used to being occasionally pelted with stones, while soil would be hurled in our pots as we were cooking sadza. In fact, it has been long since we last prepared a decent meal simple because you would not want to spend a long time preparing a meal, lest soil would be thrown in whatever you will be cooking. My son, we do not even know why the Lord has allowed this to happen to us. So many things have been said by our neighbours and other passers-by, but no one knows the truth yet. As per our tradition, when such things happen, we consulted different traditional healers for possible solutions. On more than one occasion, we were told that my son - Enoth, is responsible. They said he laid his hands on some money-making magical charms and things are now backfiring. When he returned from Bindura we went to one traditional healer with him so that he could hear it from the horse's mouse, but he vehemently denied the allegations."

She added that the family has been left without any option, but to come out in the open and let the world know that they were in serious trouble. She said different Christian groups visited her home and prayed, but nothing has improved yet.

"We are now sleeping in the open. We have no choice. After all, we hardly enjoy peaceful nights because at times we are pelted with stones by some unseen assailants. Today, it happened about three times when all of a sudden we found ourselves scurrying for cover as we were being pelted with stones. Sometimes some big objects like pots mysteriously rise from the ground coming in your direction and you just need to be alert all the time," she said.

In a separate interview, Enoch professed ignorance on the causes of the calamity that has befallen their family. The distraught Enock said he actually came back from Bindura to clear his name.

"I was told while I was in Bindura that I was being fingered by some traditional healers as the person behind the mysterious happenings at our home. That is why I came back to clear my name. I know nothing about it. I have never consulted any traditional healers with the aim of acquiring riches. My hands are clean," he said.

However, some neighbours confirmed that strange things were taking place at the Sithole homestead. Others went on to claim that snake-like creatures wearing sunglasses, a suit and a pair of shoes had been seen at the homestead. - zimdiaspora


Indian state to let forest guards shoot poachers on sight

A western Indian state has declared war on animal poaching, allowing forest guards to shoot hunters on sight to curb attacks on tigers, elephants and other wildlife.

The government in Maharashtra says injuring or killing suspected poachers will no longer be considered a crime.

Forest guards should not be "booked for human rights violations when they have taken action against poachers", the Maharashtra forest minister, Patangrao Kadam, said on Tuesday. The state will also send more rangers and jeeps into forests, and will offer secret payments to informers who give tips about poachers and animal smugglers, he said.

India has about half of the world's estimated 3,200 tigers in dozens of wildlife reserves set up since the 1970s. But illegal poaching remains a serious threat, with tiger parts sought in traditional Chinese medicine fetching high prices on the black market.

According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, 14 tigers have been killed by poachers in India so far this year – one more than for all of 2011. The tiger is considered endangered, with its habitat range shrinking more than 50% in the last quarter-century and its numbers declining rapidly from the 5,000-7,000 estimated in the 1990s, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Eight of this year's tiger poaching deaths in India occurred in Maharashtra, including one whose body was found last week chopped into pieces with its head and paws missing in Tadoba tiger reserve. Forest officials have also found traps in the reserve, where about 40 tigers live.

Tiger parts used in traditional Chinese medicine are prized on the black market, but dozens of other animals are also targeted by hunters across India. Rhinos are prized for their horns and male elephants for their tusks, while other big cats such as leopards are hunted or poisoned by villagers afraid of attacks on their homes or livestock.

Encounters are rare between guards and poachers, who generally hunt the secretive and nocturnal big cats at night, according to Maharashtra's chief wildlife warden, SWH Naqvi.

"We hardly ever come face-to-face with poachers," he said on Wednesday, predicting few instances when guards might fire at suspects.

Instead, he predicted that the state's offer to pay informers from a new government fund worth about 5m rupees ($90,000) would be more effective in curbing wildlife crime. "We get very few tips, so this will really help," Naqvi said. - guardian


'Men in Black' Encounter (Wayne)

Many many years ago, in grade school there was a selected group of six kids that were placed in a room to meet three adults, all dressed in black. I was one of those children, there was two men and one woman. We were told by the principal that they were goverment people and were doing some type of student research, and for us to cooperate with them. They arrived first when we were the 5th grade, how strange thinking about it now as an adult, because they never spoke to any of us. They just remained standing, but we knew what the woman was asking us. Strange how children accept what adults would not. We were "asked" if we were well and accepted, and that they would be watching over us throughout our lives. They came again the following school year, then one final time after the transition from grade school to junior high school. I can still remember them like it was yesterday. I remember telling my parents at the supper table after my dad got home from work, about the first visit only. I can still remember the look on his face when I said that goverment people came to my school and they would be watching over me without moving their mouths. Somehow, to this day I had the impression he knew more than he was willing to say. After all these years, thanks to facebook, I have reconnected to one of my classmates that was selected along with myself. He too never forgot it either, he's on my friends list. Somehow Ken, I have the growing impression that what has happened to me in my life since, wasn't by accident. I was really hoping to have been put under hypnosis and begin opening those very strange doors from my past. Wayne

From Ken Pfeifer: Wayne is a very interesting person I found on Facebook. I am hoping he will come forward and begin the hypnosis sessions. This encounter was sent to World UFO Photos and

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reader Submission: The Dark Walker

I received the following correspondence a few days ago. It was forwarded by 'John' a retired Federal employee who lives in northern Nevada and who wishes to remain anonymous. The story centers around an experience John had while living with his Grandfather. John later stated to me that the property was in a rural area of Aleppo Township in Greene County, Pennsylvania. He did not want to pinpoint the location but did say that he wanted the anecdote dedicated to his Grandfather - Samuel Hill, who he considers the most remarkable man he has ever known.

John seemed quite sincere in my opinion. He decided to come forth with the account after he had a rather strange encounter a few months ago (which he did not want to discuss). John did mention in his most recent email that he was 81 years old and a veteran of the Korean War. He also stated that he truly felt his Grandfather's actions were taken in defense of his family:

When I was a boy my mother and I lived with my grandfather who had a farmhouse in a rural location in southwestern Pennsylvania. My grandfather was a handyman who also worked a small blacksmith shop in his old barn. My grandmother had died before I was born and my father had also passed away while serving overseas in the U.S. Army.

Beginning in the summer of 1946 we noticed strange howling sounds coming from the woods that surrounded the property. The activity came at night and was very frightening when the howling came close. The sounds didn’t seem to bother my grandfather though my mother and I were shaken when it would begin. The sounds continued off and on for about a year but we never noticed any animals. My grandfather and I would hunt for deer and squirrel in the woods during the colder months but we never saw signs of unusual animal activity.

One late afternoon in the spring of 1947 I was helping my grandfather in his shop when I noticed something moving around the edge of the woods near an area where by grandfather had a few junk cars and other items. It was about 200 feet from our location but I clearly noticed someone or something moving around. I told my grandfather to look. He walked to the door, lit his pipe and said nothing. After a minute or two he turned around and got back to work. About that time this thing moved into the woods and disappeared. I couldn’t judge how big it was but it sort of reminded me of a magazine picture I had seen of a large ape that was said to inhabit in the Asian jungles.

Later that evening I told my mother what I had seen. She was shocked because she knew I wouldn’t lie to her and that the howling sounds had been closer lately. I also told her of my grandfather’s response when I pointed the creature out to him. She immediately stood up and walked into the sitting room in order to ask my grandfather what it was. He started to shake his head slowly and said that he was hoping that we wouldn’t ‘see it’ because he was worried we would be scared and leave him.

After assuring him that we’d never leave him my mother again insisted that he tell us what this creature was. He looked away, took a deep breath and said ‘it’s a Dark Walker’ and said that it had lived in the woods for many years. He said the native Indians called it ‘Stone Spirit’ and they thought that it was an evil spirit who would appear when someone was about to die. The last time he had seen the ‘Dark Walker’ was the night before my grandmother died. My mother was skeptical of the ‘harbinger of death’ angle but she sensed that there was something unnatural nearby.

The howling continued each night though we hadn’t seen any signs of the ‘Dark Walker’. One warm evening we were sitting on the back porch. There were a few howls but it seemed like the sounds were further away. We were listening to the radio when all at once my grandfather stood up and looked out towards the barn. He turned to me and said 'John, go get my pistol and ammo - hurry now'. I ran into the sitting room and grabbed the .455 Webley revolver and a handful of bullets from the old steamer trunk. I handed it to him and watched him load the gun. He then picked up a hatchet and slid it in his pants belt. 'Now both of you get into the house – now!' We were in the kitchen looking through the screen door and watched my grandfather walk slowly towards the barn. We saw him turn and walk out of sight into the dark. I decided to grab my shotgun and keep it nearby. After a minute or so we heard three gunshots and a blood curdling scream emanate from the woods near the barn. Then it suddenly stopped and there was complete quiet. We were frozen and wondering if we should go look for my grandfather. A few seconds later we heard him yell ‘stay in the house until I come back.’

I heard the pickup truck start up. I looked out the storage room window and saw my grandfather drive to the back of the barn and park. Several minutes later he backed up and drove by the side of the house out onto the road. I could see that there was something in the back covered up with a tarp. It was getting late so my mother told me to go to bed.

The next morning I came downstairs and sat beside my grandfather who was reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. My mother was sitting at the other end of the table staring at my grandfather. Not long later she said ‘well dad, tell him’. My grandfather put the paper down and looked at me. ‘I killed the Dark Walker’. That was all he said. My mother told me not to tell anyone and that the matter was closed.

We never talked about it again. My grandfather lived another 15 years and my mother stayed with him until his dying day. When I grew older I moved away and raised a family. I would return home to visit each summer – and never heard another howl. John

NOTE: I asked John if he thought the 'Dark Walker' was a Bigfoot or hominid. He responded by stating that he didn't think it was a hairy man or human-like creature. He thought it seemed more animal-like than human and that it moved lower to the least during the brief time he observed it. John mentioned that there were Shawnee legends of similar creatures but he never found a reference to a 'Stone Spirit'. If anyone can offer information in reference to this mystery, please feel free to forward it to me at

Monsters of Pennsylvania: Mysterious Creatures in the Keystone State

Strange Pennsylvania Monsters

Really Mysterious Pennsylvania: UFOs, Bigfoot & Other Weird Encounters Casebook One

Just the Facts?: 2012 Kecksburg UFO Festival -- Big Cat Remains Found in Scotland -- Alien in a Tree?

2012 Kecksburg UFO Festival To Host “Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters” Conference

The 2012 Kecksburg Old Fashioned Days & UFO Festival will be held July 28th and 29th, at the fire department festival grounds in Kecksburg, PA, located in Mount Pleasant Township. This will be the seventh annual such festival founded by the Kecksburg volunteer fire department. Join us for this two day event that will feature many special events including a parade, classic car show, and their famous Burn Out Contest.

Prizes will be awarded this year for the best UFO entry in the parade, as well as for the best alien costume. New this year will be additional contests for the Best UFO Alien Pet Costume, and the Best UFO Motorcycle. On Sunday the very popular “Out of This World UFO Hot Dog eating Contest” will take place at 1 PM.

On Sunday from 1:30-5 PM, The Kecksburg UFO Committee will host their second annual Kecksburg UFO Conference titled, “Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters”. The conference is free, but a donation at the door is appreciated to support the Kecksburg volunteer fire department.

The 2012 Kecksburg speaker line up includes:

Stan Gordon, Author and UFO-Bigfoot Researcher. Gordon is the principal investigator of the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident. He will be speaking about, “ Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania”. This will be an illustrated discussion about the history of UFOs, Bigfoot and other strange creatures reported across the state including recent incidents.

John Ventre, Author and Pennsylvania State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, will discuss his recent appearance on the Anderson Cooper TV show discussing UFOs, and how they edited the program.

Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, will talk about past and present Bigfoot encounters reported in Pennsylvania.

Dave Dragosin, Assistant Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society for Western Pennsylvania, will discuss the implication of forensic sketches in relation to Bigfoot investigations.

During the two day festival, various Pennsylvania UFO, Bigfoot and Paranormal researchers and groups will set up displays in the social hall. Those who are expected to attend include, Stan Gordon-UFO-Bigfoot Researcher and Author, Eric Altman-Director of the PA Bigfoot Society (PBS), John Ventre-PA State Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Dave Dragosin- Assistant Director of the PA Bigfoot Society (PBS) for Western Pennsylvania, Dan Hageman-Director of the Butler Organization of the Unexplained (BORU), Brian and Terrie Seech-Center for Unexplained Events (CUE), Keith Bastianini-UFO Researcher and Graphic Artist, Jim Brown-Brown Electronics Lab-Independent Research Associates, and Joe Kosczuk-Westmoreland Paranormal Investigations.

Kecksburg located in Mount Pleasant Township in Westmoreland County, is located about 40 miles SE of Pittsburgh. This rural community has become a location of international interest after a mysterious object reportedly fell from the sky into a nearby wooded area on December 9, 1965. What that metallic acorn shaped object with strange hieroglyphic-like symbols may have been is still being debated. The military that arrived on the scene that night apparently recovered the device and hauled it away.

The Kecksburg festival will be held on the volunteer fire department festival grounds. The location is Claypike and Rt. 982. The address is 5128 Water Street, Kecksburg, PA. For more information and event details visit the Kecksburg V.F.D. website at: or or call 724-423-9540.

2012 Kecksburg UFO Festival To Host “Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters” Conference - Facebook Events Page

UFOs in Pennsylvania: Encounters with Extraterrestrials in the Keystone State

Unidentified Flying Curiosities: The Battle of Los Angeles and the Kecksburg UFO Incident

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook


Pumas may be on the loose in Scotland as cat corpse is discovered

A dog walker has stumbled upon the corpse of an animal experts believe may have been a puma near a Scottish beauty spot.

John Robertson, 50, was walking his two dogs along a rural path in Cullen, Moray, with his wife Pauline, on Monday when he found the remains of what appeared to be a cat the size of a large dog.

Just metres from the rotting corpse were the remains of what may have been its last meal – half a dozen mauled seagulls.

Mr Robertson, from Drybridge, Moray, said yesterday: “I was walking my two dogs on Monday morning when we came across all these dead birds scattered about everywhere.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen so many dead birds in one area. They were completely mauled, they had their guts totally ripped out of them lying on the ground.

“Then a little further on we came across a horrible rotting smell which was this big cat.

“It looks like it has feasted on the seagulls and maybe it has fallen down the cliff nearby, injured itself and just lay there till it died.”

But despite its 18-inch-long tail and its sharp teeth, Mr Robertson claimed the animal was a cub.

He said: “If you see its skin, it’s jet black and I actually think it’s a juvenile.

“I didn’t have a tape measure on me to measure the tail, but I’m a builder so I have a pretty good idea that it’s about 18 inches long, which is huge.

“I reckon it’s a cub – its teeth are too clean and there isn’t enough damage to them, which means they must be pretty new. If that’s a cub though, you can imagine how big its mother would be.

“I’m sure we’ll find out from the DNA tests what type of cat it is, but it certainly seems like one of the big cats.”

Bob Wallace, an expert with the Big Cats In Britain research group, is now studying the remains to determine what Mr Robertson found.

While the cat is not big enough to be an adult leopard or jaguar, Mr Wallace believes it is the right size to be a cub.

He said: “If it is a juvenile, it would have to be last year’s cub, as both leopards and jaguars mate between January and March.

“It is also hard to say whether this is the cat that is the subject of the spate of recent sightings.

“Over the past few years, there have been several reported sightings of black panther-type cats, as well as pumas and lynx.”

As recently as 16 April, there was a sighting of what was described as a cat-like animal as large as a labrador, by a man walking his dog at Rathven Burn in Moray.

That sighting was very similar to eyewitness accounts from just two months earlier.

In February, a man from Portgordon, also in Moray, said he saw an animal matching the same description beside an old railway line in the village. Later that week, there was a similar sighting at Buckpool Golf Club. - scotsman

Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained


From the 'you can't make this shit up' department:

'Donkey rape' sparks tribal massacre in Yemen

Fifteen people were killed or injured in tribal fighting in Yemen after a male donkey chased an ass and raped it just near the house of its owner.

The owner of the ass became mad after he saw the donkey attacking his animal, prompting him to chase the donkey and hit it. The attack infuriated the donkey owner, who called his armed tribesmen and asked them to take revenge.

“The problem snowballed into an armed fight between Makabis tribe, which owns the donkey, and Bani Abbas which owns the ass. 15 people were either killed or injured in the battle.

A large police force intervened and stopped the fighting at a village in the southwestern province of Abb. Police have arrested eight persons involved in the conflict. - emirates247


UFO over Clifton, NJ

On May 21, 2012, while driving in Clifton, NJ, I was distracted by an image on an oil truck driving ahead of me. I was able to get a quick picture of it as I was driving. After observing the picture later in the day I noticed something in the top corner of the shot. It looked like an oval shape that didn’t seem to be any type of familiar object. After zooming in to get a better look, it occurred that the object looked similar to a UFO.

After viewing the picture a few times I was unable to come to any other conclusion. I believe I captured the image of a UFO passing over RT 3 in Clifton, NJ. I returned to the site several hours later to see if the object was still there but it was gone. - MUFON CMS

The UFO Invasion: The Roswell Incident, Alien Abductions, and Government Coverups

Visitors: A New Look at UFOs


Alien in a tree?

Hi, my name is [Item Moved/CMS/nd] On Friday 5/11/2012. After dropped a lady at Elementary school, SE Powell Valley road, Gresham. I driver [Item Moved/CMS/nd] to find somewhere to get a good shot of Mount Hood because that day the sky was very clear! ( my hoppy is to take photos). I shot some pictures of Mount Hood but I wasn’t happy because they were not good enough! Then I accepted one order from Highway 212, North Clackamas. I used GPS and I had to drive 20 miles to get [Item Moved/CMS/nd] When I was driving on Waybill road, Gresham. I saw the Mount Hood with very beautiful view. I stopped [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and took 02 pictures. I was so happy because I had very good shots. And then I come to pick up and drop off customer at Estacada. When I come home at night, after download memory card to my laptop. Open the pictures,I saw one UFO next to Mount Hood. I was very excited because I had one UFO picture. (Last year, I saw something with diamond shaped above the trees when I drove my cab on Ross Island bridge about 7a.m. It moved slowly and disappeared).
The next day. I called my closed friend [Item Moved/CMS/nd] and he believed on UFOs, because he saw one brown round on Gresham areas. When I showed him the picture of UFOs. He said” Wow! You got one”. Latter when I zoom in the picture, I saw 04 other UFOs around the big one. Then I looked around my picture I saw something like a man above the tree! Was that an Alien?
This is my story about UFOs Pictures.
[Item Moved/CMS/nd]
P/S: These pictures were took with Nikon D 90/ lens 18-105mm.
1/The first picture there were one blur big and 2 little dot of UFOs. But the alien was above the tree.
2/The second pictures there were 5 of UFOs with the alien.
and included my 04 another zoom pictures. - MUFON CMS

1520 Things You Don't Know about Ancient Aliens, UFOs, Aliens Technology, Extraterrestrials and U.S. Black Operations. Part 2 (Aliens among us)

Gray Highway: An American UFO Journey

Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters - Witness Sightings Map

NOTE: Any use of witness information, which includes any attempt to contact a witness or persons involved in an event, is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Lon Strickler.


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