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Just the Facts?: Chilling 1920's NYC Crime Photos -- 'Ritualistic' Horse Killings -- 'Grimm' Finds Bigfoot

Chilling black and white pictures of 1920s crime scenes reveal the Big Apple's bloody history

The New York City Police Department has opened its vaults and released some of the most bloodcurdling images of the 20th century: its catalog of killers and their victims.

The 1,326 police evidence photographs are now available on the Department of Record’s website, sure to inspire more than a few nightmares.

The images were taken between 1915 and 1930 and show dozens of dead bodies, grieving mothers and portraits of the cold-blooded murderers themselves.

However, MailOnline spoke to a retired detective who saw something different: just another day in the life of an NYPD officer.

The photographs depict another New York City, one that bore witness to anarchist bombings, devastating fires and horrific crimes.

But Mike Codella, a retired NYPD detective, saw his own life imbued into every image.

Looking at the images of limp bodies and weeping victims, Mr Codella saw the gaze of an NYPD officer.

'One of the saddest, yet greatest attributes of being a cop is the ability to not let devastating situations affect us too deeply,' Mr Codella said to the Mail Online.

He felt a camaraderie with his colleagues from the previous century.

‘It makes me believe that cops of years ago had to have the same feelings as cops of today, especially when it comes to truly heinous crimes.'

In order to take the grisly photographs, police photographers used special tripods that suspended the camera above the victim.

The resulting images are an oddly beautiful collection of grisly portraits of homicide victims in their death beds.

Click for NYC Police Evidence Archive


'Ritualistic' horse killings on the rise

Two horses have been killed in horrific attacks linked to black magic worshippers.

One was beheaded and left on a beach with a driftwood cross topped with the body of a dead seagull.

And a pregnant mare was found mutilated in a field. She was treated by a vet but died after her foal was stillborn.

Both attacks happened around the time of the recent “supermoon”.

The beheaded horse was found on Pentewan beach near Mevagissey, Cornwall, on Bank Holiday Monday with “Rest in Peace” written in the sand beside it.

The other was discovered near Gainsborough, Lincs.

The killings come after a stallion called Eric was found dead in Cornwall with his right eye gouged out, teeth removed and genitals hacked off.

His death coincided with a day of satanic animal sacrifice and cops said they could not rule out a ritualistic motive.

In recent weeks three bullocks have been mutilated with blunt instruments in St Tudy in Cornwall.

A fisherman said of the Cornwall horse killing: “I’ve seen many carcasses of seals and dolphins washed up on the foreshore over the years and some have been mutilated as the result of propeller injuries.

“This animal has no such injuries and the head seems to have been removed surgically as a clean cut.

“The way it was arranged makes me shudder. I believe whoever did this is sick and needs help.

“It really seems like some sort of black magic ceremony has taken place.”

Police Inspector Stuart Gibbons confirmed that a cross and a dead seagull were found on the horse.

He said: “It appears that the head had been severed quite cleanly.

“Rest in Peace was written in the sand but we don’t know if it was to do with it.”

He said no-one locally had reported a missing horse.

In Lincolnshire a heartbroken family are offering a £1,000 reward to help catch the sick thugs who mutilated their 19-year-old pregnant horse Penny.

Devastated owner Rupert Worrell, who found her covered in blood and barely alive, said she had been assaulted after being restrained.

He said: “Nobody knows why someone would do something like this, but you can look on the internet and there are all these Satanic cults.

“It always seems to happen on a full moon between the 2nd and the 7th of May — poor old Penny was attacked on the 4th May.

“My family are offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible.”

Lincolnshire Police’s wildlife crime officer PC Nick Willey said: “This was a terrible crime, which resulted in the death of a horse and her unborn foal.

“We are asking the horse owning community to be extra vigilant at this time and report any unusual activity.” - thesun


Calling all Grimm and Bigfoot fans.....

This week on Grimm, a group of Bigfoot hunters, a la the Blair Witch Project complete with their own cameras capturing their moves, get attacked by what they believe is the very enemy they're hunting.

Larry the Bigfoot

Naturally, Monroe knows Bigfoot. Larry comes to visit Monroe after he's stabbed. He says he didn't mean to do what he did and struggles to pull some sort of device from his neck. This story sang a different tune than ones in the past, as the creature turns itself right in, instead of Nick having to hunt it down. Monroe doesn't know what to do to help him, other than having the idea to lead the dogs to another direction by wearing Larry's shirt and then going off into the woods. All this time I was thinking how much easier it would be for him to just toss the shirt into the woods instead of giving himself up. He's able to fend off the dogs but then "bumps" into Hank, who's shocked and doesn't know what to do.

Identity Crisis

When two other deaths are turned up, both with those devices inside their necks, Monroe finds out they're connected to a psychologist who is helping the men get "cured" of their creature-like tendencies. Apparently they're in some sort of identity crisis, not wanting to be who they are anymore. It's sort of sad, as they just want to be human, but the fact that when they turn into Bigfoot, they look like the "Geico Man" was a bit humorous.

Hank Sees the Light?

First Hank bumps into Monroe, who's not his human self when they do. Then, when they track down the psychologist who had also injected himself with the device drug, he sees him turn from Bigfoot to human. Then, Juliette also begins to wonder if the Bigfoot stories are real, leaving Nick in a bind as to how to answer these pretty practical questions.

This episode didn't do much to set up next week's season finale, but got those around Nick questioning the odd things that are going in their lives. Esther Gim - Contributing Writer

NOTE: Great show...tugs at the crypto heart strings. Lon


Catholic bishops investigate the Girl Scouts

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has opened an official inquiry into the Girl Scouts to determine if troops may continue meeting at local community churches, according to a report published Friday.

The bishops are investigating the scouts to determine whether they promote contraception and abortion, The Associated Press claimed.

A letter sent by Bishop Kevin Rhoades, who chairs the committee leading the investigation, reportedly noted some “problematic relationships” with other groups like Doctors Without Borders or Oxfam.

Some conservatives have of late taken to attacking the Girl Scouts for ‘sexualizing’ young women and promoting a liberal reproductive health agenda. Even though Fox News jumped on that bandwagon, the line of attack has not been a popular one.

The scouts say that’s not true, however.

“[Our] policy is not to take a stand on or advocate for or against any issue regarding a girl’s health and sexuality, especially outside the confines of Girl Scout programs,” a document on the Girl Scout’s website (PDF) explains. “We also believe that parents have the primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of their girls within the context of Girl Scout programs.

“These policies enable the Girl Scout program to fully respect and yet remain responsive to the varying beliefs of individual girls and their families. Importantly, when a council or troop offers programs that address many of these issues, they are offered with the fully informed consent of the parents or guardians of the girls who choose to participate.” - RawStory

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Reader Submission: Knocked Out!

I received the following email a few weeks ago. I was eventually given permission by telephone to publish. I believe this is a very sincere anecdote that gives anyone who reads it something to ponder:

A while ago I came across your site and read about David Eckhart and his family as well as other unexplained things you write about. I decided to send you my description of something that happened to me when I was 14 years old.

Every August my family, aunt, uncle and cousins would spend a week camping at Cabwaylingo State Forest. It was a tradition because my grandparents used to do the same thing when they were raising my dad and aunt, except we were using campers. Back then we could take our bikes along and go all over the place.

In the summer of 1991, my cousins (2 boys - we were all within 3 years of age of each other) decided to go to an area we had never been before. I remember seeing a trail sign that had 'Sleepy Hollow' on it so I suppose that was the name of the area. Most of the trail was along a small creek and it was a very thick forest. It was around noon time and it had been overcast all day. We were raised in a rural area so our parents didn't worry too much about us exploring the park.

There was a group of large rocks near the trail so we decided to stop and take a look. We were just jabbering when we noticed a loud humming sound coming from above us. We looked up into the trees and were hit in the face with what I describe as a blast of energy.

All I can remember is my cousins yelling at me because I had been knocked out. I asked them what happened and they said they were knocked out as well. We started to get scared because everything around us seemed different than before, so we headed back to the campsite.

When we got back my mom asked me why we didn't come back for dinner. I looked at my watch, it was gone. I hadn't even noticed. She told me it was just after 7 pm. No wonder everything seemed strange out on the trail! We must have been knocked out for about 6 hours.

My cousins and I were very tired - so much so that we headed to our bunks right after eating. I was exhausted but I couldn't fall asleep. In the morning I was feeling very sluggish. My cousins slept until 11 am. Later in the day we decided to tell our parents what happened out on the trail.

To be honest, our parents thought we were playing a stunt on them by concocting this wild story about being knocked out for 6 hours by a blast of energy. I was very upset with them, especially my dad because he never let me forget about it. To this day he still thinks it was a made up story.

My cousins and I still talk about what happened that day. We all feel that we were possibly abducted because of some of the weird dreams each of us has had since. In 2005, I was diagnosed with leukemia though I'm now in remission. One of my cousins was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma while my other cousin has suffered kidney disease for over 10 years. We had been 100% healthy before the incident on the trail. Though we have never seen any scars or marks on our bodies we truly feel that we were physically and mentally violated by something.

Thanks for reading.

Sam - Monroe County, WV

Just the Facts?: Did English Discover the Americas? -- Pastors Survive the Almighty's Wrath -- Jelly Creature Mystery

Did an English expedition BEAT Columbus to the Americas?

Although Christopher Columbus is widely credited as the 'discoverer' of America, a new loan form to the first sailor to find North America hints that other expeditions might have found the continent BEFORE 1492.

The loan to John Cabot - discovered by historical detective work - makes reference to 'THE new land', hinting that sailors had discovered America BEFORE Cabot or Columbus.

Christopher Columbus famously sailed to the Caribbean islands in 1492 - but with a royal patent from Henry VII of England, John Cabot, a Venetian merchant, sailed from Bristol to North America in 1497.

The new discovery shows that the first European to set foot in North America since the Viking Leif Ericsson in the 11th Century was financed by a loan of 50 nobles (£16, 13s, 4d) from the Bardi banking house.

Just like Columbus, the Engish voyages were financed by the great Italian merchant banks of the era, receiving the loan in 1496.

John Cabot - also known as Zuan Caboto or Giovanni Chabotte due to his Venetian birth - made two voyages, one in the summer of 1496, one in 1497.

On the second journey, he landed in Newfoundland.

The entry itself is also curious in that the reference to ‘the new land’ implies that the money was given so that Cabot could find a land that was already known about.

As such, it may revive claims that Bristol merchants had discovered North America at an earlier time. Dr Guidi-Bruscoli is more cautious on this score, however. ‘While the entry implies that the Bardi believed in a prior discovery, we can't assume this had occurred.

'It is likely the Bardi were referring to the mythical 'Island of Brasil', which Bristol mariners certainly claimed had been found by one of their number in times past. Whether this story can be equated with an actual discovery is much more uncertain, however.’

Dr Jones agrees. ‘It would be wonderful to find that Bristol mariners had first visited North America before the 1480s – if only because it would cast new light on the originality of Columbus' venture of 1492. Right now, however, we can't be sure about that. Although one never knows, that could change.’

Dr Evan Jones, who leads the project in Bristol, describes the new evidence as a ‘fantastic find’. He adds, ‘We have long known that Italy's great merchant banks were key to the success of the ventures launched by Portugal and Spain. But it always seemed that the English ventures were an exception. Now it is clear that they too were part of network of Italian-financed expeditions to explore beyond the limits of the known world.’

The payment of 50 nobles (£16 13s. 4d.) was made so that 'Giovanni Chabotte' of Venice, as he is styled in the document, could undertake expeditions 'to go and find the new land'.

The second of these was to result in the European discovery of North America – Christopher Columbus not having ventured beyond the Caribbean islands.

Dr Guidi-Bruscoli, who is based at the University of Florence and is also a Fellow at Queen Mary in London, found the financial records after being contacted by Jones and his co-researcher, Margaret Condon.

For several years they have been attempting to relocate the research findings of a deceased historian, Dr Alwyn Ruddock.

She had made some extraordinary finds about Cabot's voyages, but had all her notes destroyed following her death in 2005.

One of Ruddock's claims was that Cabot was financed by an Italian bank.

She had, however, refused to reveal the source of her information.

Following an invitation to visit the deceased historian's house in 2010, Jones and Condon discovered the source – in the form of a sticky label on an old shoe cupboard: 'The Bardi firm of London'.

They then contacted Dr Guidi-Bruscoli in Florence, who was able to locate the archive, the financial ledger and the entry concerned.

Finding out about the funding of Cabot's voyages is exciting because, while it has long been known that the explorer received political support from the King, the identity and motivations of those who paid for the expeditions has never been known. - dailymail


Pastor Survives Lightning Strike

As a pastor, Kathy Nolte likes to think she has insight into how quickly the end can come for anyone.

During a thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon, lightning from the heavens literally drove that point home for her. The 57-year-old was hit by a ricocheting bolt of electricity that struck a tree in the 1000 block of Fair Oaks Avenue in Oak Park.

She had been out with members of her Good Shepherd Lutheran Church congregation, walking to help fight hunger. Storm conditions quickly developed.

“The sky was getting worse and worse looking and we were hearing all this thunder in the distance,” Nolte told CBS 2’s Brad Edwards on Monday.

A group decided to take cover, but she didn’t make it.

“The next thing I know, I can tell I’m in a vehicle with emergency people all around me, and they’ve got electrodes all over me,” Nolte says.

Emergency responders asked her if she knew her name.

“I couldn’t remember,” she says. “What day is it? Not a clue. Every cell in my body aches like crazy.”

The lightning that had struck the tree — leaving a jagged groove in the bark — had hit her and knocked her unconscious. She was taken to Loyola Medical Center with what fire officials said were non-life-threatening injuries.

Pastor Kathy Nolte of Oak Park was injured Sunday when lightning hit this tree. (CBS)
Nolte, however, has more than a dozen staples in her skull. She is suffering from a concussion from the fall and must have her heart monitored from the jolt from above.

Make no mistake, though, she is grateful.

“I’m alive,” she said. “Being a pastor, there’s a part of me that always thinks about someday I won’t be here, and you’re really satisfied with just when that comes I hope I’ll be ready. But I’m really glad that it didn’t happen yesterday.” - cbslocal

AND another pastor struck by lightning....Pastor and son struck by lightning, survive


Has the placental jellyfish mystery been solved?

Solving the Mystery of the Placental Jellyfish

(Original Article)

Did Capt. Nemo ever see anything like this when he was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”?

A mysterious creature was caught by underwater cameras recently during deep-sea drilling near the United Kingdom.

The camera catches the giant blob – which looks brown in color and appears to have scales — floating around, with organs and appendages sticking out, something rarely ever seen before.

So … should we be afraid of this new sea creature and will it take over the world?

Steven Haddock, a scientist for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, Calif., says that the mysterious creature is a Deepstaria enigmatica jellyfish, much to the chagrin of some Reddit users who thought it was a whale placenta.

“This bag-like jelly is not that rare, but is large, so rarely seen intact,” Haddock said on his “JellyWatch” Facebook page. “In the video, the swirling from the sub makes the medusa appear to undulate and it even turns inside-out.”

This type of jellyfish is usually found in the south Atlantic Ocean, some 5,000 feet below. According to the Marine Species Identification Portal, the jellyfish has “oral arms […] terminating in curious hook-shaped organ[s].” - cbslocal


Boston woman claims she was hypnotized into giving away $160,000

A 57-year-old woman claimed three women used hypnosis to get her to lay out over $160,000 in life savings, police say.

Police say the victim was food shopping in Boston's Chinatown April 15 when the trio of women tapped her on the shoulder and began asking her questions. The victim says one of the suspects spoke and her henchwomen handed her a plastic bag. She was told to go home and meet them several hours later on Boston Common.

The victim filled the bag with a necklace, a jade bracelet, two gold rings, her passport and $160,000 in cash. She then went to the meeting spot and handed over the fortune.

The incident has Chinatown on alert, with two similar shakedowns reported since then. Mark Liu, director of Boston's Chinese Progressive Association, has warned members to remain vigilant when approached by strangers.

"It seems like it's something that's potentially very dangerous," Liu told the Boston Herald. "I think the elderly are particularly vulnerable because they obviously would have a hard time just walking away."

Liu said rumors of hypnotizing thieves have roots in Chinese lore. He said his mother warned him of them when he was a child in Hong Kong.

Clinical hypnotist Harvey Zarren has his doubts.

"Having somebody instantaneously hypnotize you on the street and you turn over huge amounts of valuables, to me, sounds a little unlikely," he said. "I look at this story and I say somebody is going to have to prove this to me."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reader Submissions: Panic in the Woods -- Ghosts of Sherwood Forest

I received another response to my post The Trail...which seemed to connect with many people. The reader, who has submitted content previously, wanted to convey a personal experiences and a tale told by a neighbor:

After reading about the oddness experienced in woodland it reminded me of one such occurrence from my childhood and also a tale from a neighbour.

Panic in the Woods (location: Mansfield Woddhouse, Nottinghamshire, UK)

Every other Sunday we (myself and a friend) would walk towards a small wood that was surrounded by fields. Its main appeal was the silence and two very tall trees that where easy to climb. I`d estimate the size of this small wood as being 3/4s the size of a football field. You couldn’t really get lost in there as sooner or later you`d spot the fields surrounding you. We eventually found a small pond in there which seemed amazing and we decided this place was our “den” or camp. We had plans to make a very crude looking tree house and also camouflage everything – so other kids wouldn’t take an interest. Sadly, the tree house idea never worked as our parents once caught us walking off with wood, a hammer and some rusty nails  We resorted to making a very poor looking shelter that always fell apart. One visit to our “camp” revealed that someone else had taken the shelter away! Why someone would take every twig, branch and the scraps of plywood was a mystery. We climbed the trees and discussed plans to build a new, better hidden one. This is when we heard a noise like a thump somewhere in the wood. We looked around and listened but we couldn't locate the cause of this noise. So, we decided to climb down and investigate. After ten minutes of exploration we got bored and decided to make our way back to the two tall trees. This is when things got weird.

Our journey back became puzzling – retracing our path led to barriers of thorn & holly bushes. Walking around these and following the trodden path resulted in us walking around in circles. Even the clearings didn’t help us get our bearings & the surrounding fields no longer seemed to exist – just more trees and bushes. We decided to head down a banking into more dense undergrowth with the idea – eventually, were going to find the fields. This is when we heard the noise again and we seemed very close to it. We both froze and nervously looked around, but again nothing. After a short pause we noticed that everything was just too quiet here and both of
us started to panic. Then we heard a dog growling behind us but no dog could be seen. We ran for it! Again, we ran around in circles until we spotted one of the tall trees in the distance. We just ran without breath directly towards it and again found the route leading us elsewhere. It was only when we decided to ignore the two trees that we suddenly rushed into open fields! It spooked both of us and took many weeks (Winter was approaching which meant alot of rain) before we dare enter that wood again. Strange thing is, we never got lost in their again and never came across the banking where we had heard the noises. In 1998 I took my dog for a walk and saw that little wood. I thought, "what the heck" and went in. I was filled with memories and found I could move through it without difficulty. I found the pond/two trees and then looked for that steep banking of earth. Couldnt locate it and ultimately was left with a silent chill down my spine. I went back many times and my little dog loved it. There was an "odd" feeling of peace in that place. Its still there today in the middle of fields.

Ghost Sighting - (location: Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, UK)

This is the tale told to me by a neighbour many years ago. One afternoon whilst walking his dog through Sherwood Forest, he began to notice how quiet and peaceful it was. Even the gentle breeze in the air seemed to be missing. His dog became excited by something and ran into the bushes. Calling his dog back didn’t work so off he went in search of him. This is when he saw a man on a horse ahead of him. He was about to ask this figure if he`d seen his dog when he noticed something odd about him. He was dressed in medieval soldier clothing complete with a small metal looking hat. Stranger still, he couldn't see the horses legs – it looked like the lower part of this animal had been erased. This “soldier” had noticed the dog walker and turned his head to stare at him – no doubt in shock just like my neighbour. The neighbour told me that when he moved away from this strange sight it all disappeared. He quickly found his dog and walked briskly away. I thought this tale was amazing and if left me thinking – did a ghost from the past witness a ghost from the future?

NOTE: I want to thank Mark for forwarding the anecdotes...Lon

Chilling Tales from Nottinghamshire

In Search of Britain's Haunted Castles

The World's Scariest Places And Most Haunted Locations

Just the Facts?: 4th Generation Alien Abductee -- U.S. / Russia Mars Mission? -- Hire An Evil Clown

Alien abduction runs in the family

Texas - unedited: I am a 4th generation abductee. I have experienced missing time, spider bites, punctures strange blotches on my hands, small wound that healed in six hours on my palm, and scoop marks. A psychic told me the punctures in the pic attached were immunizations.

I saw 3 greys when I was five years old. I have seen three ships as ships, up very close about a hundred feet from them. I have seen cars do very odd things which in all probability they were small craft instead of cars. I have seen portals in broad daylight. I have seen kiwi birds in Nacogdoches as well as mule deer, none of which are here in this part of Texas.

I am often psychic and sometimes I see the future. I know nothing of coming disasters they havent told me anything like that.

They have saved my life eight times that I know of. One of the incidents was saving me from an exploding cannon. Someone got hurt in my place. There is lots more stuff. This is just a brief overview. They come one or more times a month. They have been very active the last two months.

I believe at the moment I have an implant in my sinus or brain.

Sometimes they talk to me. I talk to them often. They have done a few things for me as proof. When I discovered what was going on in 2009 I thought I was crazy, and they helped me through some rough spots. I always thought that guardian angles were doing stuff to me.

Id like my case investigated further by MUFON if possible. I will take lie detector tests, x-rays, anything. I want the truth revealed to and understood by the public. I do not like having a secrete life.

I also had cancer when I was 2.5 years old. I had it for over a year before they found out why I was sick. It was a sarcoma. The doctors didnt have a clue as to why I lived long enough for them to find it. Sarcoma is the most invasive cancer there is. Most still die from it. I may have been the first to live from it. - MUFON CMS

The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda

Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens


Fortune teller told mother to make children work as slaves

A mother made slaves of her two children and forced them to work for gypsies rather than go to school after a fortune teller told her it was right thing to do. Within weeks of the meeting, Linda Clappison started locking her son and daughter, then aged 10 and six, in their rooms and assaulting them. She fed them only sandwiches and took the light bulbs, toys and all mattresses and bedding from their rooms, leaving them needing hospital treatment for frostbite. Clappison, 46, of Keyingham Marsh, East Yorkshire, was found guilty of two child cruelty charges at Hull Crown Court last month. She was jailed for 18 months concurrently or each charge. Judge Michael Mettyear, the Recorder of Hull, described the case as “tragic’’.

The trial heard that the mother of four forced her two youngest children to work for gipsies as slaves after falling under the spell of a fortune teller. Her son, Andrew Clappison, now aged 18, told the trial: '’We were treated like dogs.’’ After her daughter, now aged 13, told the court her mother had shaved her hair at least five times as punishment, Clappison said the girl wanted to look like Britney Spears. Judge Mettyear told her: “This is, in many ways, a tragic case for all those concerned. Nobody sitting through the trial, as I did, could fail to be moved and impressed by your four children.

“They were the sort of children that any parent thinking clearly and sensibly would admire. They were measured, sensible and pleasant. That’s a credit to them, rather than to you, that they have somehow survived what you have put them through and turned out well.’’ The judge said he could not help but have sympathy for Clappison because he believed something had happened in her life to make her think in a “strange and illogical way’’. He said he had no way of knowing if the change was due to the meeting with the fortune teller but added: “I am satisfied that something changed and changed with disastrous consequences.’’

The court heard that Clappison had still not admitted the offences, instead insisting that her children were “liars’’ and that she would never consider a reconciliation. He said: “The children, with great fairness, said that there was a long period when you were a perfectly good mother, caring and, if anything, overprotective. And that then something went very, very badly wrong in your life and your mind and caused you to change and treat them in the way that you did.’’ He added: “It is sad that seeing your children in court giving evidence did not in any way melt your heart.’’ Jailing Clappison, Judge Mettyear said: “You blighted the lives of those children and only custody can be justified.’’ - telegraph


U.S. / Russia may hook-up for Mars mission

Russia would be willing to be a partner with the United States on a manned mission to Mars, a Russian space official said at the United Nations.

At U.N. headquarters to mark the International Day of Human Space Flight, Sergey Saveliev, deputy head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, said only international cooperation could make such a mission possible.

"I have to say that currently there is no country that could organize a manned spaceflight to Mars and a safe return," Saveliev said.

"We strongly believe that this project can be accomplished only through international cooperation," he said. "In this field, Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States, with Europe and with other countries."

NASA head Charles Bolden, attending the event, endorsed the idea of an international mission.

"We are absolutely trying to partner with everybody to go -- anyone who wants to participate," Bolden told "Our goal is to try to form international coalitions.

"Almost everything we do today has some international flavor to it, whether it's science flights, or human spaceflights. I think you'll find everything we do from here on out is probably going to be international in nature."

While NASA has no timetable for sending humans to Mars, the agency says it is beginning work on a huge new heavy-lift rocket that could take a crew there and has set its sights on a first flight of the rocket, dubbed the Space Launch System, in 2017. - marsdaily

Mars: The NASA Mission Reports: Apogee Books Space Series 10 (Includes CDROM: Mars Movies and Images)

Colonizing Mars. The Human Mission to the Red Planet


Evil Clown Will Stalk and Attack Your Child for a Fee

He may look like one, but Dominic Deville is not some escaped lunatic out to hurt your kids. He’s an evil clown for hire who stalks young victims for a week, sending them scary texts, making prank phone calls, stalking them from a distance, and ultimately attacks them with a pie to the face. And yes, he expects to get paid for it.

If you’ve ever seen Stephen King’s “It”, you know clowns can be very scary. I myself am terrified of them, to be honest, and I’ve never even seen that movie, just some quick scenes of it. But horror films like this are exactly what inspired Dominic Deville to start up his lucrative business, Evil Clown, in Lucerne, Switzerland. His service requires him to put on an evil clown outfit and scaring a child senseless for a week. During this time, he stalks his “prey” from a distance, sending them creepy messages, making prank calls and warning them they are being watched and that they’ll soon be attacked. ”The child feels more and more that it is being pursued,” Deville told Metro, but “the clown’s one and only aim is to smash a cake into the face of his victim, when they least expect it, during the course of seven days.” And if they manage to avoid the hit, they are given the cake as a present.

According to the evil clown himself, the scary fun can be stopped at any time, if the chilled gets too freaked out or the parents so demand. Deville says that ”the clown will never break into a residence or show up at work. ‘It’s all in fun and if, at any point, the kids get scared or their parents are concerned, we stop right there”, but goes on to add that that almost never happens because “most kids absolutely love being scared senseless”. Yeah, of course they do… There’s nothing like an evil clown stalking you and sending you creepy messages. I’d probably be in therapy right now if this service was around while I was growing up.

I’m sure many of you would love to be able to set up a “surprise” like this for your young ones, but I for one am glad this evil clown works in Lucerne, Switzerland, which is pretty far away. - odditycentral

NOTE: This doesn't surprise me coming from the ancestral home of the Strickler family...Switzerland. The country has festivals for everything...and most involve people dressing up in the most outrageous costumes. my ancestral village Richterswil in Canton Zurich there is the annual Rabechilbi Festival or 'Turnip Festival' and parade. Along with the thousands of illuminated hollow turnips, people tend to exhibit some interesting regalia (and I'm not talking lederhosen and Heidi dresses). In fact, in Basel during the Fasnacht Festival, some of the locals walk around as haystacks and other interesting attire. BTW...a 'fasnacht' is a pastry or doughnut. In my hometown of Hanover, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities most of the locals of German and Swiss descent (in particular Amish and Mennonite ancestors) still recognize 'Fasnacht Day'...basically we eat a lot of doughnuts on that particular day. Anyway, my point is that odd costumes are nothing new for the Swiss...Lon


The wacky 'Andrew Breitbart death conspiracy' continues

Following the suspected arsenic poisoning of a forensic technician in the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, the only eyewitness to Andrew Breitbart’s death has now vanished.

26-year-old Christopher Lasseter saw Breitbart drop dead “like a sack of potatoes” on March 1, hours before Breitbart was set to release a damning video that showed Barack Obama fraternizing with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

Lasseter reported that Breitbart’s skin was a bizarre bright red color when he collapsed, a symptom not associated with heart attacks and one which was not explained in Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey’s autopsy report, which lists the cause of death as heart failure.

“I asked Lassiter specifically about Breitbart’s skin color and he said it was “bright red.” That bothered me because as an Army medical corpsman I knew that most heart attack victims turned blue,” wrote Paul Huebl, adding that Breitbart had drunk little alcohol and, “Poisons like cyanide, or carbon monoxide are known for turning skin red…The reality is they cannot be detected by normal toxicology testing.”

After World Net Daily hired a private investigator in an effort to locate Lassiter, it appears as though he has completely vanished.

“After recruiting the assistance of private investigators, WND found that Lasseter, the 26-year-old witness who saw Breitbart drop dead, is no longer residing at his last known address in California,” writes Jerome Corsi.

“At the request of WND, Ohio-based private investigator Susan Daniels recruited a California-based private investigator to find Lasseter. The local investigator tried without success to find a cell phone or landline phone number for Lasseter.”

“The investigator concluded Christopher Lasseter had “hunkered down” in what seemed to be an attempt to avoid further questioning.”

Is it possible that Lassiter decided to flee after hearing about the suspicious death of Michael Cormier, a forensic technician who worked as a photographer in the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and could easily have known damning information about Breitbart’s death?

Cormier died suddenly from suspected arsenic poisoning last month on the same day Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy report was made public, with police considering foul play as one of the motives. Was Cormier targeted because he knew something about the strange red color of Breitbart’s skin which contradicted the autopsy report?

Despite the fact that Breitbart made it clear both publicly during a CPAC speech and privately to World Net Daily that he was set to release bombshell video on March 1 which showed President Barack Obama alongside Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, when the footage eventually was released it actually showed Obama embracing radical Prof. Derrick Bell.

Breitbart News Network’s Steve Bannon now denies there was any footage featuring Obama with Ayers and has slammed World Net Daily for asking questions about the bizarre circumstances surrounding Breitbart’s death.

“He died of natural causes,” Bannon said. “The family wants the matter put to rest, and WND is beginning to irritate me suspecting foul play.” - infowards

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lights Over Pennsylvania: The Killian UFO Case

The sighting of three glowing objects by several airline crews February 24, 1959, is one of the most thoroughly investigated (and ironically, one of the most controversial) on record.

On February 24, 1959, Captain Peter W. Killian and First Officer James Dee, American Airlines, were flying a DC-6B nonstop from Newark to Detroit. It was a clear night, with stars brightly visible and no moon. At 8:20 P.M. (EST) the plane was approximately thirteen miles west of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, flying on a heading of 295 degrees at 8,500 feet. Off the left wingtip, Captain Killian noticed three bright lights, which he first thought was the three stars making up the belt of the constellation Orion. But then he realized that Orion was also visible, higher overhead. The UFOs were about 15 degrees above the plane.

As he and Flight Officer (F/O) Dee continued to watch, the objects pulled ahead of the wingtip. At this point, in the vicinity of Erie, Pennsylvania, Captain Killian contacted two other American Airlines planes in the area. One, at the "Dolphin checkpoint" (over the northern shore of Lake Erie), saw the objects directly to the south over Cleveland. The other aircraft, near Sandusky, Ohio, and heading toward Pittsburgh. spotted the objects a little to the left of their heading, to the southeast.

As the DC-6B continued west, the UFOs occasionally pulled ahead and dropped back until they were in their original position with respect to the left wingtip. Then Captain Killian began letting down for landing in Detroit, and the crew no longer had time to watch the objects.

During the forty-five minute observation, the UFOs continuously changed brightness, flashing "brighter than any star," and then fading completely. This did not occur in any apparent pattern. The color fluctuated from yellow-orange to a brilliant blue-white at their brightest. The last object in line moved back and forth at times, independently of the generally western motion of the formation.

Visibility was unlimited. The pilots agreed: "It could not be any clearer than it was that night above 5,000 feet."

Capt. Peter W. Killian

When the plane began letting down for landing, about 9:15 P.M., Captain Killian and F/O Dee lost sight of the objects. At 9:30 P.M. in Akron, Ohio, George Popowitch of the UFO Research Committee received a phone call from a contact at the Akron airport. A United Airlines plane
(Flight 937) had just landed for a fifteen-minute stop and reported sighting three UFOs which had followed their plane for thirty minutes. Popowitch had already received nine reports from local citizens between 9:15 and 9:20 of there UFOs seen in the area, so he arranged to interview the crew of the airliner.

Captain A. D. Yates and Engineer L. E. Baney said they had tracked the object from the vicinity of Lockhaven, Pennsylvania, to Youngstown, Ohio, between 8:40 and 9:10 P.M. United Airlines flight 321, also, had discussed the objects by radio. Captain Yates had seen the UFOs pacing his plane to the south. But in the vicinity of Warren, Ohio, the objects passed the aircraft, veered to the right, and finally disappeared to the northwest.

On May 6, 1959, Major General W. P. Fisher, Air Force Director of Legislative Liaison, in a letter to Senator Harry Byrd, stated: "The investigation of this incident revealed that an Air Force refueling mission, involving a KC-97 and three B-47 aircraft, was flown in the vicinity of Bradford, Pennsylvania, at the time of the sighting by Captain Killian. The refueling operation was conducted at 17,000 feet altitude at approximately 230 knots true air speed (about 265 mph) for a period of approximately one hour."

An American Airlines DC-6

THE NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE ON Aerial PHENOMENA pointed out several discrepancies in this explanation:

(1) Bradford was to the north of the airliner's flight path; the UFOs were seen to the south.

(2) Triangulation’s of the pilots' sighting did not conform to the altitude and position information given for the refueling operation.

(3) The American Airlines crews checked with Air Traffic Control at the time and were told that no three aircraft were in the area and, after landing, were told that no jet refueling tankers were in the area.

Queried by the press, Captain Killian said: "If the Air Force wants to believe that, it can. But I know what a B-47 looks like and I know what a KC-97 tanker looks like, and I know what they took like in operation at night. And that’s not what I saw."

The Air Force subsequently released a (unsigned) statement which they said was made by Captain Killian, saying that the UFOs might have been a refueling operation and that he was not aware of what this looked like at night. In the ensuing controversy, American Airlines instructed Captain Killian to keep silent. The Air Force officially concluded that the UFOs were aircraft. - Richard Hall - 1964 - (NICAP)


The Truth About the "Orion Belt" Sightings

On February 24, 1959, an American Airlines four-engine DC-6 airliner captained by Peter Killian, sighted three flying saucers. Crew and passengers observed them for 45 minutes. Other airliners were radioed and also reported seeing the same three objects. Here was an unmistakable refutation to Air Force claims that there is no such thing as a flying saucer. Yet, within days, this sighting became the most incredible snafu in flying saucer history. Because of it, airline pilots have become involuntary members of a new "society of angry men". What are the facts to this historic case?

In order to evaluate what has become known as the "Orion Belt" sighting, it is necessary to describe the sighting in precise detail before going on to the various explanations and analyses offered by various authorities, and by the ever-acrobatic gyrations of the Air Force Spokesman type of public relations, intelligence and secrecy classifications. It all began at 7:10 p.m. on February 24, 1959 aboard a DC-6 leaving Newark Airport enroute to Detroit, non-stop. At the controls was Captain Peter Killian, a pilot of twenty years experience, fifteen of them piloting airliners for a total of more than four million miles. For a change, the story hit the nation’s headlines, and typical of the unusually accurate stories published is the one presented by the Detroit Times, which we quote with capable reporting in mind, particularly of the type presented by Al Leaderman, star writer for the Times:

Thirty-five passengers aboard a Detroit-bound American Airlines DC-6 watched with awe last night as three illuminated "flying saucers" escorted the ship through the dark sky for 45 minutes.

Both passengers and crew members on the plane which left Newark nonstop for Detroit at 7:10 p.m. viewed the phenomena while questioning each other, their own powers of observing and their sanity.

Probably the most startled was Capt. Peter Killian of Syosset, N. Y., who has flown passenger planes for 15 years and "never saw anything like it before."

Killian even radioed two other American Airlines planes flying in the vicinity to make sure "I wasn’t seeing lightning bugs in the cockpit."

BOTH OTHER captains called Killian back to assure him he wasn’t – they saw the saucers, too.

The captain and co-pilot, John Dee of Nyack, N. Y., said they lost the three strange objects in the haze when they started their descent for landing at Metropolitan Airport while they were over Lake Erie.

N. D. Puscas, 41, of 30835 Barton, Garden City, a passenger, told the Times that while he was no exponent of flying saucers he saw the strange objects "dancing in the sky."

Puscas, general manufacturing manager of Curtis Wright division at Utica, asked that before his version of what he saw was printed, it be corroborated by the pilot.

"I don’t want to be quoted alone," Puscas explained. "People might get the idea that I’m the little boy in the corner with a dunce cap on his head."

KILLIAN SAID: "We were flying around 8,500 feet between Philipsburg and Bradford, Pa., at 8:45 p. m. when I looked off to the south and saw three yellowish lights in a single horizontal line overhead.

"At first, I thought it was the Belt of Orion (a group of stars in a constellation) but then I took a second look and saw both the Belt and the foreign objects."

"When Dee caught the expression on my face he asked me if my eyes were tired. I then pointed in the direction of the "things" and asked him if there were any lightning bugs in the cockpit.

"The objects were by no means close to the plane, but one would move in at intervals, fall back again, and change its place in the formation while keeping abreast of the ship, which was traveling at 350 miles per hour."

At the MCMath-Hulbert Observatory of the University of Michigan, at Lake Angelus, Dr. Orren C. Mohler, assistant director, said:

"There is no astronomical explanation of the reported sightings. I know of nothing that occurred in the skies last night that could account for the objects described."

"Deciding it might be an after-dinner treat for his passengers, Killian talked to them over the intercom.

He started off jokingly by telling them that he didn’t want them to get the idea he was losing his mind but he thought some "flying saucers" were trailing the plane.

He prefaced his intercom comment with:

"Don’t get excited. I’ve had only a cup of tea with my dinner."

THE PASSENGERS peered out, saw the objects and began guessing what they might be.

"It couldn’t have been an apparition," Killian continued, "because all the others on the plane saw them too.

"All in all, the objects traveled in our direction for about 45 minutes," Killian said.

"During the time I kept watch on the radar screen but saw nothing on it.

"At one time I thought it might be a high altitude jet refueling operation, but the varying intensity of the lights and the changing positions of the objects made me toss out that theory."

KILLIAN SAID he also radioed the tower at Metropolitan to notify CIRVIS of the sighting. CIRVIS, he said, was a civilian agency which investigates UFOs – unidentified flying objects.

Killian, a flier since 1929 with more than four million commercial air miles, said the objects gave off a "yellowish glow."

The captain is married and has three children. His wife is Kay; the children, Peter M., 14; Stephen, 13, and Kathleen, 6.

PUSCAS PRAISED Killian’s actions in informing and chatting with the passengers about the sight.

"The way he broke the news to is was very clever. No one panicked or showed any signs of worry. Everyone immediately began to show a keen interest in what was going on. He did a fine job.

"There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when I looked out and saw the objects in precision formation. They were round-like and every now and then one would glow brighter than the other as if it had moved nearer to the plane.

"I have been making that same trip a number of times because the home office is in New York but I have never experienced anything like that before."

THE PLANES two hostesses, Edna Le Gate, 22, and Beverly Pingree, 25, said today they were still puzzled over the objects.

Miss Le Gate, of Walton, Ariz., whose birthday was yesterday, said:

"I don’t know what they were. I’m a terrific science-fiction fan, but I know what I saw."

There are the basic facts. Added to them, secured by later interviews, we can list the following: Visibility was 100 miles. There were broken clouds below the plane, at 5,000 feet. All the sky above that layer was absolutely clear. Captain Killian at first guessed the objects were a mile distant, but says this was just an impression, since he cannot estimate their size. On later consideration, he was of the opinion that they were not that close. The DC-6 was flying at 8,500 feet when the objects were sighted. All lights inside the plane were switched off to afford the passengers a better view. Two other American Airlines planes were radioed. One informed Killian that he had been observing the objects for from ten to fifteen minutes when Killian radioed him. This plane was north of Killian’s position. The other plane was near Toledo, and he readily discerned the objects upon searching for them in response to Killian’s directions.

Meanwhile, independent sightings were being made by United Airlines crews. Captain A. D. Yates reported tracking the objects visually from 8:40 p.m. to 9:10 p.m., between Lockhaven, Pennsylvania and Youngstown, Ohio. Flight engineer L. E. Baney was also a witness on this plane. In addition, United Airlines Flights 321 and 937 encountered the objects while flying west of Newark. While observations were going on, radio discussion concerning them was carried on by the planes. All pilots and flight engineers agreed as to what they were seeing, and stated that they were separate vehicles on a formation course, from which they occasionally deviated somewhat, only to return to formation.

Ground witnesses added to the confirmation. At Akron, Ohio the Akron UFO Research Group, an organization of flying saucer spotters, sighted the three objects between 9:15 p.m. and 9:20 p.m. Over 100 separate reports have come in to the editors of FLYING SAUCERS from the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin area for the same night, all generally agreeing as to the number of objects, although there were scattered instances of one object or two, or as many as six.

Later, Hugh McPherson of Radio Station WCHS, Charleston, West Virginia, recorded an interview on tape between himself and Captain Killian, in which additional facts were disclosed concerning the sighting. The objects, said Killian, changed color during the sighting. The last of the three objects would change position several times, going higher than the other two. Then it would dip down under the other two before resuming its normal position to the rear. At one time, one of them disappeared, leaving only two. At another time, all three objects vanished, only to reappear suddenly. The three objects were seen in the section of the sky where the constellation Orion is visible. However, Captain Killian had both the three stars of Orion’s Belt and the three U.F.O.s in sight at the same time, and said he could not have mistaken one for the other. Passengers on the Killian plane had requested him to fly closer, for a better look, but he did not deem it within safety regulations for him to do so.

It will be interesting now to repeat the various Air Force comments on these sightings, as they were issued. On February 28, the Air Force said: ". . . pilots may have been seeing stars instead of ‘unidentified flying objects’ in a recent flurry of flying saucer reports. The Air Force Technical Intelligence Agency at Wright-Patterson Air force Base, Dayton, Ohio, gave the opinion. It said the crew of an Air Force transport flying between Washington and Dayton made a report similar to those by the crews of two commercial airliners who reported seeing bright moving objects in the skies Tuesday night, February 24, 1959 in the Pennsylvania-Ohio area. The Air Force transport was flying under a broken cloud overcast at about 8,500 feet altitude. Experts of the Technical Intelligence Agency (the word intelligence is purely technical) said they believed the pilots may have sighted stars, especially the formation of Orion."

A letter from Major Lawrence J. Tacker, Executive Officer, Public Information Division, Office of the Information Service, Department of the Air Force, Washington, D. C., to Bob Barry, Director Aerial Phenomena Investigations Society, 328 North 6th Street, Olean, New York, states as follows:

"The American Airlines sighting of 24 February new Bradford, Pennsylvania, turned out to be a B-47 type aircraft accomplishing night refueling from KC-97 tankers. The American Airlines pilot’s report of the sighting confirmed this and Air Force records show that three B-47 type aircraft were in the vicinity of Bradford, Pennsylvania, on a night refueling operation. The tanker has several groups of lights which at a distance would appear to be one or more lights. The time duration of a refueling operation varies, can last well over an hour, depending on the type of operation. The KC-97 refueling a B-47 will fly at approximately an altitude of 17,000 feet at around 230 knots. This would account for the lights being approximately 30 degrees above the American Airlines pilot’s horizon and his seeing them for 40 minutes."

Even in this letter, we have confusion. Either it was one B-47 and two KC-97 tankers; or it was three B-47s and an unstated number of tankers. Further, only the tanker has the lights which might explain the American Airlines pilot’s sighting, and would have to have the faculty of disassociation, one from the other, so that the one mounted on the rear could climb above the other two, dip below them, then return to the rear. If Major Tacker cannot say from Air Force records exactly what kind and number of planes was in the vicinity that night, it would seem that Air Force records are vague indeed, if in fact any records such as described actually exist. Perhaps it would be better to refer to Major Tacker’s Division as the Public Mis-information Division, Office of Mis-information Services (services of doubtful value to the public).

The day following the Killian sighting, the New York Herald Tribune, wishing to give it readers the facts, queried the Air Force about the sighting, shared by crews of six American and United flights on the night of February 24. On March 1, the Air Force answer appeared in the newspaper. There was much in the answer that had nothing to do with the February 24 sighting such as references to "people who can’t remember anything when they sober up the next day"; people who are either deluded by ordinary objects or are outright liars. No, the Air Force didn’t say that Killian and his five fellow pilots were drunkards, but the implication was there by these unnecessary associations. The Air Force knows quite well that airline rules prohibit drinking, particularly before flights. The reply, in effect, was a slur, since it branded the crews of the planes as incompetent observers, or deluded, and belittled the intelligence of all the passengers who saw the flying objects.

Radio Station WOR, in New York, on its "Long John" show, interviewed First Officer Dee. Here it was explained by Dee that the sky above the plane had been "very clear". It was also revealed that the plane’s crew had actually considered the possibility that what they were witnessing was a refueling operation, but that they had discarded it, except for checking upon landing if such flights were actually in progress that night and getting a negative answer.

Overlooked by the Air Force is one of the most important factors of the 45-minute sighting, which no doubt is overlooked because even Air Force mental calisthenics cannot hurdle it, specifically the constant radar watch maintained by Captain Killian and his crew during the sighting. At no time were there any objects detected by the radar screen. There can be no question that, had these objects been either B-47s or KC-97s, there would have been a powerful signal received on the radar screens of all planes included in the sighting. This one fact alone rules out any refueling operation. Captain Killian’s estimate of distance is varied, of course, ranging from one mile to an unknown distance, but based on the angles of sightings from other planes, the distance cannot be too great. Certainly at all times within efficient radar range.

American Airlines, contrary to its usual policy, seemed to be startled out of its equanimity sufficiently to issue a public statement on February 26th that its pilots had had a considerable number of sightings in the midwest, where this particular sighting had occurred.

Asked about the color changes of the objects, Captain Killian later stated that they had changed from yellow to bluish white, and ranged from extreme brilliance to temporary fade-outs. No pattern was discernible in these fluctuations, and apparently no attempt at intelligent signaling.

In Major Tacker’s report, the speed of the supposed refueling planes was given as 230 knots, or around 270 miles per hour. Yet, when questioned, Captain Killian said it was not only safety regulations which persuaded him not to chase the mysterious objects upon the request of the passengers, but the fact that he obviously did not have sufficient speed to catch up with the UFOs, since his own speed was 350 miles per hour.

If it was the Air Force’s purpose to warn all airline pilots that they would be openly ridiculed if they reported sighting flying saucers, it worked to some degree, because many airline pilots have stated that they will never report any unusual objects sighted in the air. However, other pilots are not taking the matter so negatively. They have been aroused, and a movement is underfoot to form a private organization to combine their testimony and present it to Congress to force the issue out into the open.

The Newark Star-Ledger published a report that the Civil Aeronautics Administration has been tracking unidentified flying objects by radar in all parts of the United States. If the truth were known concerning radar tracking of UFOs, the result might be startling indeed.

A group of fifty commercial pilots who fly into Newark, which is one of the busiest air freight ad passenger centers in the world, are of the opinion that the Air Force policy of secrecy on UFOs is just plain silly. Every one of the fifty pilots had reported to the Air Force seeing at lease one flying saucer. Each had been questioned and then told, in effect, that he had seen a mirage. Then to cap it off, he was warned that if he told anyone else what he had seen, he might face up to ten years in prison for revealing military secrets. To the pilots, this makes no sense. If the UFOs are mirages, as the Air Force claims, why all the secrecy? And if they are military secrets, why does the CAA bother to track them by radar?

"They are very strict about requiring us to report the mysterious objects – then they are downright insulting in telling us we haven’t really seen anything." Was the gist of the pilots’ complaints.

Truly the attitude of the Air Force is becoming utterly ridiculous, and in fact, of actual disservice to the nation as a whole. It seems time that a more respectful policy is adopted, and a more efficient one, less conductive of engendering distrust of the capability of the Air Forces in the public mind. Certainly it is not too much to ask that all military personnel measure up to "conduct becoming a gentleman" in the tradition of the American armed forces.

The ‘Orion Belt" incident has, in effect, been a sound strapping for the Air Force Intelligence Crew, and will most certainly prove to be embarrassing in the future. It will no longer be possible to keep the anger of the competent pilots and crews of our commercial airlines in check, and to intimidate them concerning the reporting of what they know to be facts and not delusions, or "delirium tremens" due to guzzling whiskey. There is no more responsible person than the commercial airline pilot, nor more intelligent.

What Captain Killian and a hundred other competent people, saw on the night of February 24, 1959, was not a group of stars known as "Orion’s Belt". Of that you can be sure. And the other thing you can be sure of is that the Air Force public announcements concerning the sighting are pure drivel. It is irresponsible and unsatisfactory, and the citizens of America have every right to demand that an immediate change be made.

We wonder what would happen if all Airline pilots carried a good camera with telephoto lens at all times? Considering the number of sightings commercial pilots have, there should soon be an impressive number of good photos of "Orion’s Belt" to present to the public. FLYING SAUCERS offers to print any photo, even if presented anonymously, which can be shown to be a legitimate image of a sighting such as are being kept quiet by pilots who can see nothing to reward them for reporting except public insults and attacks upon their intelligence and integrity and ability. - July 1959 - Ray Palmer's "Flying Saucers" Magazine /

UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973

Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups

UFO Testament: Anatomy of an Abductee

Just the Facts?: NASA's Moon Rock Heist -- Did Germany Launch Rocket Crew In 1933? -- Tylenol May Save Guam's Birds

Revealed: How multi-million dollar NASA moon rock heist was an inside job carried out by physics geniuses

A new British documentary is set to reveal the incredible story behind the multi-million dollar moon rock heist at NASA - and how it was an inside job.

In July 2002 'physics genius' Thad Roberts and three accomplices pulled off perhaps the greatest ever theft in NASA history at the Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas.

Using their NASA IDs Roberts, and one female partner in crime, slipped into the centre at night stealing a 600lb safe containing moon rocks from every Apollo mission.

As well as samples from every Apollo mission between 1969 and 1974, they also managed to bag ALH84001 - a famous meteorite that might contain fossilised evidence of micro-biotic life on Mars.

Thad and his accomplice Tiffany Fowler managed to escape the lab and met the third gang member Shae Saur who was waiting in a car for them.

Thad and his fellow interns then were supposed to contact student Gordon McWhorter who was waiting 1,400 miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah, having tried to find buyers online.

The brainiac burglars eventually put the rocks up for sale on the web site of the Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium.

But a Belgian rock collector who got wind of the sale was suspicious, and he decided to contact the FBI. With the collector’s help, special agents set up a ruse to catch the thieves.

FBI agents had the collector e-mail 'Orb Robinson' (one of the interns who was offering the rocks for sale) and say he was interested in buying the lunar treasures.

But when Roberts and his gang agreed to meet the Belgian collector's 'relatives' in a Italian restaurant in Orlando, Florida, they were rumbled when the relatives were in fact FBI agents.

Thad was arrested along with the two women and McWhorter was also later picked up. Ironically the moon rocks - which were recovered from a nearby hotel room - were all safely returned to NASA on the 33rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Sadly for NASA 30 years worth of hand written Apollo note books - which were also in the loot - have never been recovered.

All three interns pleaded guilty. On October 29, Roberts was sentenced to more than eight years in prison for his role in the moon rock caper, as well as for stealing dinosaur bones from a Utah museum - the fossils turned up during a search of Roberts’ house. The fourth accomplice was convicted at trial.

Now the full story of the 'Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist' will be aired for the first time on the National Geographic channel at 9pm on Thursday, May 10.

Cris Warren, assistant producer for British filmakers Iconic Films, said it was estimated that the Johnson loot could have fetched up to $300million on the black market.

He said: 'The moon rocks were returned to US custody on, ironically, the same day Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the moon 33 years earlier.

'Thad Roberts, a member of NASA’s elite Co-operative Education Programme, was hailed in some quarters as a Physics genius and had a possible future as an astronaut.

'He had already been stealing fossils from the University of Utah and decided to hatch this can’t fail get rich quick scheme.

'The person you feel sorry for is Gordon McWhorter, he was recruited by Roberts to find a buyer for the rocks, but at the time he was vulnerable of smoking quite a lot of drugs.

'Gordon agreed to be interviewed for the film and gave us a brilliant interview. We also have the FBI and NASA and interviews with the other gang members.

'These rocks are national treasures and could not have been sold anywhere in the US, but if it had worked the gang could have been looking at six to 500 million dollars.'

Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist features exclusive interviews with key characters on both sides of the story.

They include the people closest to the real Thad Roberts, the world renowned scientists he betrayed, and the unlikely Belgian super-hero who proved to be his nemesis.

Undercover agents from both the FBI and NASA’s internal Federal investigations branch The OIG are also featured, to reveal the extraordinary operation they undertook to crack the case. - dailymail


NASA spots light being emitted from “super-Earth” planet

Light glowing from a "super-Earth" planet beyond our solar system has been detected by Nasa’s Spitzer Telescope.

Until now, scientists have never been able to detect infrared light emanating from 55 Cancri E, a super-hot extrasolar planet twice the size and eight times the mass of our own.

The Spitzer telescope was detected the super Earth's direct light for the first time using infrared vision.

Experts are hailing the latest discovery as a historic step towards the eventual search for signs of life on other planets.

55 Cancri E is one of five exoplanets orbiting a bright star named 55 Cancri in a solar system lying in the constellation of Cancer (The Crab).

Previously, Spitzer and other telescopes were able to study the planet by observing how the light from 55 Cancri changed as the planet passed in front of the star.

In the new study, Spitzer instead measured how much infrared light came from the planet itself – revealing some of the planet’s major features.

At 41-light years from Earth, the giant planet is considered uninhabitable.

The giant planet is tidally locked, so one side always faces the star. The telescope found that the sun-facing side is extremely hot, indicating the planet probably does not have a substantial atmosphere to carry the sun's heat to the unlit side.

The new findings are consistent with a previous theory that 55 Cancri E is a water world: A rocky core surrounded by a layer of water in a "supercritical" state where it is both liquid and gas, and topped by a blanket of steam.

Bill Danchi, Spitzer programme scientist at NASA, said: “Spitzer has amazed us yet again. The spacecraft is pioneering the study of atmospheres of distant planets and paving the way for NASA's upcoming James Webb Space Telescope to apply a similar technique on potentially habitable planets.”

Michael Werner, who also works on the Spitzer project, added: “When we conceived of Spitzer more than 40 years ago, exoplanets hadn't even been discovered. Because Spitzer was built very well, it's been able to adapt to this new field and make historic advances such as this.”

The planet was first discovered in 2004 and the new findings are published in the current issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters. - yahoo


Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria after zip lining accident

It was a zip lining accident that went from bad to much, much worse.

Just one week ago, Aimee Copeland, 24, was enjoying a trip kayaking down a creek with some of her friends in Carrollton, Ga. But when Copeland stopped to ride on a homemade zip line along the water, the line snapped and cut a large gash in her left calf.

Now the University of West Georgia graduate psychology student is in critical condition after a flesh-eating bacterium entered her body through the wound in her calf, causing her leg to be amputated Friday night, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The Facebook page, “Believe and pray for a miracle to happen for Aimee Copeland” has been set up for people to stay updated on Copeland’s progress. According to a post on the page by her father, Andy Copeland, the doctors have said her chances for survival are “slim to none.”

"Today Aimee’s condition has worsened," her father wrote in an update. "Her temperature is up to 102 and the progress she made yesterday was lost overnight."

Initially, Copeland had gone to the emergency room at the Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton on Tuesday after she had received the gash. She thought the ordeal was over after the doctors stapled her leg up with 22 staples and told her to take pain medication, according to her father.

But Copeland returned to the hospital Wednesday after she continued to complain of severe pain in her leg. She was prescribed pain killers and sent home yet again.

The pain still did not subside, so a friend drove a “pale and weak” Copeland to Tanner Medical again Friday morning. When she arrived, an ER doctor diagnosed her with “necrotizing fasciitis” – a flesh-eating disease of the deep layers of the skin – in her damaged leg.

“The surgeons advised me that they wanted to try to save her leg, but at this point saving her life took precedence,” Copeland’s father wrote on the Facebook page. “They removed all of the infected tissue and advised that she would have limited, if any use of her leg.”

Copeland was then life-lighted to JMS Burn Center in Augusta, Ga., where doctors rushed her into surgery and performed a high-hip amputation of her left leg. After surgery, Copeland suffered a cardiac arrest, but the doctors were able to resuscitate her.

Since the surgery, Copeland has made progress, but her condition may be getting worse as her five major organs have started to shut down. Copeland’s friends have set up a website where people can donate blood and money to help save their friend’s life. - foxnews


Did the Germans launch a crewed rocket into space in 1933?

On October 29, 1933, the London Sunday Referee published a report from Rugen, an island in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Germany. Someone named Otto Fischer had flown inside a 24-foot steel rocket, to an altitude of six miles. Were the Germans really testing out a rocket that could carry people, nearly three decades before Yuri Gagarin?

Reports said that Otto was the brother of the rocket's designer, Bruno Fischer. The flight had been made in total secrecy because of a fatal attempt at a launch the previous year, combined with the fact that the flight had been made under the auspices of the Reichswehr, the German War Ministry. The rocket, the Referee reported, had been constructed in the town of Barmbeck, near Hamburg, and transported to RĂ¼gen.

"On Sunday morning, at 6 o'clock," the paper reported, "Otto Fischer shook hands with his brother and the small group of Reichswehr officials present to witness the experiment, and crawled into the rocket through the small steel door.

"Bruno Fischer and the three officials then retired to a small hollow in the ground about two hundred yards away and Fischer closed the switch that sent the rocket on its journey. There was a blinding flash and a deafening explosion, and the slim torpedo-shaped body was gone from the steel framework in which it had rested. Continue reading at io9


Guam using Tylenol-lace mice to get rid of invasive snakes

Wildlife officials in Guam are dropping Tylenol-laced, parachute-equipped mice from helicopters in an effort to wipe out an invasive snake population.

That measure is just one of many that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has resorted to in its desperate bid to control the non-native brown tree snake population, BBC News reported.

In the 60 years since the snakes arrived on the tiny island, their population has swelled to 2 million — and wiped out 10 of 12 native forest bird species in the last 30 years, according to one wildlife official.

They've also become the bane of Guamanians' lives, regularly shorting out power by slithering along lines and popping up in bed with people.

That has required the drastic measures like the airlifting of the dead mice laced with the common painkiller — toxic to snakes.

"If they eat that dead mouse containing acetaminophen, they will die," an official from the U.S. Department of Agriculture explained.

As officials battle the snakes with mice on the home front, dogs are helping to ensure the reptiles don't create headaches for other islands, too.

The dogs inspect every piece of cargo at a depot near the airport for stowaway snakes before the cargo gets shipped off the infested island.

"Cargo doesn't stop, the airport doesn't shut down, so we have to be there to make sure the cargo going on the airplane has indeed been snake inspected," the agriculture official said. - nbcdfw

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Just the Facts?: Marilyn's Secret Soviet Fling -- 'Jack the Ripper'...A Woman? -- 'Finding Bigfoot' In Sumatra

Marilyn...From Russia With Love

Marilyn Monroe was in contact with the Soviet Secret Service and even had an affair with a Russian spy, a documentary by a former KGB agent suggests. The film legend is meant to have visited the USSR secretly for some tender loving care – Soviet-style.

Premiered in Russia last year and currently heading west, Monroe in the Land of Dostoyevsky by Lyudmila Temnova implies that the Hollywood blonde had quite a story with a Soviet secret agent, MK daily reports.

The film tells the tale of Marilyn’s alleged secret visit to the Soviet capital in 1960, when the actress disappeared for nearly two weeks while shooting – ahem – Let’s Make Love.

Temnova’s movie features the sex symbol’s alleged Soviet friend, talking about their relationship. In the film, the man is known as Vladislav Egorov.

In the late 1950s and 1960s, “Egorov” was a Soviet Secret Service agent in the US. He claims to have met Monroe in 1959, at a Soviet Embassy reception dated to Nikita Khrushchev’s visit to the States.

In 1960, after Monroe had a jealous fight with her husband Arthur Miller, “Egorov” allegedly invited her to visit Moscow. He recounts how he met her at the airport and took her to a hotel overlooking the Kremlin, before escaping to the countryside.

“Those were two unforgettable days… But there was a certain tension between us, as both of us knew that although we were alone, we could still be seen and heard,” “Egorov” says.

Afterwards, Marilyn went back to the States. There is no proof that the story told in the film is true… But nonetheless, the intrigue remains. - RT

Marilyn: Her Life in Her Own Words: Marilyn Monroe's Revealing Last Words and Photographs

MM-Personal: From the Private Archive of Marilyn Monroe


The Death of UFO Archivist Mr. X

'Mr. X', a former UFO archivist

Video - Project Camelot interviews "Mr X", a former UFO archivist

"Mr X", as he has come to be known, came forward quite unexpectedly in December 2005, posting a message to Bill Ryan on the website contact page. His story was unusual and important. He claimed that, back in the 1980s, he was employed by a Californian defense contractor as an archivist. Working long hours in a locked vault, he opened large mail bags full of photos, videotapes, alien artifacts, and volumes of top secret eyes-only documents that told the story behind Roswell, alien visitation and the government's careful handling of what was documented evidence of reverse engineering of alien craft.

Softly spoken, polite and truthful to a fault in all appearances, Mr X was hard to ignore and impossible to disregard as anything but what he seemed to be: a hard working believer in the ET presence and courageous crusader on behalf of disclosure. He has chosen to put himself and his family on the line in coming forward. We salute him and applaud his valor.

Video - Mr X UFO Archivist Found DEAD

Mr. X was a military photograph archivist. His duties gave him the privilege of seeing some amazing pictures of UFO's and ET's.

He subsequently died not long after giving this interview.


British author claims serial killer 'Jack the Ripper' was a woman in new book

A British author caused a storm among historians after claiming that infamous serial killer "Jack the Ripper" was actually a woman.

John Morris, 62, claimed Lizzie Williams was behind five brutal murders in Whitechapel, east London, that shocked England in the late 1880s, the Birmingham Mail reported.

He claimed Williams - the wife of royal physician Sir John Williams, who himself was seen as a prime suspect by some - killed her victims because she could not have children.

His new book, Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman was written alongside his late father. Both men searched through thousands of medical and legal documents before coming up with their culprit.

Morris said his theory was unpopular with other "Ripper" experts.

He told the newspaper, "The case for a woman murderer is overwhelming, but unfortunately it does not sit well in some quarters, where such a theory flies in the face of long-held beliefs. There's absolutely no doubt that the 'Ripper' was a woman. But because everyone believes that the murderer was a man, all the evidence that points to a woman has always been ignored."

"Jack the Ripper" killed five women over a 10-week period in 1888. All five - Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Catherine Eddowes, Elizabeth Stride and Mary Jane Kelly - were prostitutes who had their throats cut. Three also had their wombs removed.

Lizzie Williams died from cancer in 1912 and was never questioned over the murders. - couriermail


Swiss politician offered mother and child to cannibals

A 53-year-old Conservative Party politician goes on trial this week in Winterthur for placing an advertisement on behalf of his friend’s wife and daughter, claiming they wanted to be slaughtered and eaten.

Hans Ulrich R, a convicted murderer and Winterthur council employee, put out a “wanted” ad on the internet in 2010, supposedly on behalf of his friend Peter J’s wife, the 27-year-old Patricia J, and their 12-year-old daughter, newspaper Blick reported.

The ad said the pair were offering themselves up as sex slaves and looking for a “sadistic master or butcher who can educate us mindless creatures”.

It went on to say: “We are also keen to meet gentlemen interested in slaughter and dolce who would like to roast us on a spit."

He later told police that "dolce" in this context meant cannibalism.

A trained cheese maker, Hans Ulrich R, also known by the name “Marquis el Diablo”, co-founded the Embrachertal branch of the Conservative Party with his policeman friend Peter J. The pair had got to know each other at a gathering for sadomasochists.

Hans Ulrich told the police that he had posted the ad in the hope that someone would get the wife out of the way so that his friend, who was going through a traumatic divorce, could get custody of their children.

He was hoping Patricia would “be picked up by a butcher and never show up again”, and that she would play along with the sadomasochistic game that would ultimately result in her death.

According to Hans Ulrich, about 20 people responded to the ad, one saying that he had a special dungeon in his farm basement.

Another described himself as an "ideal and very experienced master butcher". Hans Ulrich responded, detailing the woman and girl’s supposed sexual repertoire.

“We are tired of the normal life. Will you pick us up?” Hans Ulrich wrote on the woman and child’s behalf. He sent through pictures of the woman and child, and posted their address.

Luckily for the would-be victims, the "master butcher" turned out to be an undercover policeman. He arrested the killer in October 2010.

Hans Ulrich had previously served ten years in prison for the murder in 1988 of a woman he found sleeping in her car. Having shot her several times, he dragged her into the woods and impaled her naked body on a tree branch.

Although reports found that he was unable to control his aggressive tendencies, he was nevertheless released and later secured a job with the Winterthur town council.

He now faces charges of plotting murder. The trial begins on Wednesday. - thelocal


Capsules filled with 'powdered human baby flesh' found by customs officials

The capsules were made in northeastern China from babies whose bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder, the Korea Customs Service said.
Customs officials refused to say where the dead babies came from or who made the capsules, citing possible diplomatic friction with Beijing.

Chinese officials ordered an investigation into the production of drugs made from dead fetuses or newborns last year.

The customs office has discovered 35 smuggling attempts since August of about 17,450 capsules disguised as stamina boosters, and some people believe them to be a panacea for disease, the customs service said in a statement.

The capsules of human flesh, however, contained bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

The smugglers told customs officials they believed the capsules were ordinary stamina boosters and did not know the ingredients or manufacturing process.

Ethnic Koreans from northeastern China who now live in South Korea were intending to use the capsules themselves or share them with other Korean-Chinese, a customs official said. They were carried in luggage or sent by international mail.

The capsules were all confiscated but no one has been punished because the amount was deemed small and they weren't intended for sale, said the customs official, who requested anonymity, citing department rules.

China's State Food and Drug Administration and its Health Ministry did not immediately respond to questions faxed to them Monday. Chinese media identify northeastern China as the source of such products, especially Jilin province which abuts North Korea.

The Jilin food and drug safety agency is responsible for investigating the trade of such remains there. Calls to the agency and to the information office of Jilin's Communist Party were not answered Monday.

The South Korean customs agency began investigating after receiving a tip a year ago. No sicknesses have been reported from ingesting the capsules. - telegraph

Simple Chinese Medicine: A Beginner's Guide to Natural Healing & Well-Being

The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing: Guarding the Three Treasures


Adam Davies and Finding Bigfoot crew in search of Orang Pendek

Adam Davies is once again heading an expedition to Sumatra in search of the Orang-Pendek. This time Davies will be joining the crew of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. Here is a statement from Mr Davies ….

On 12th May, I will be departing for Sumatra again, looking for more evidence of the Orang-Pendek, for the 7th time! I will return to my home in Manchester on 3rd June.

Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking the World's Mystery Animals

You can see previous information on my work on this wonderful creature in Edge Science Magazine issue 7, entitled ‘New Primate Species in Sumatra’. By way of a specific update on the last CFZ 2011 expedition which I led, the hair analysis, being conducted amongst others by Professors Bryan Sykes, Todd Disotell and by Lars Thomas, is still ongoing, and as yet no conclusions have been reached. I do remain grateful for the extensive analysis they are conducting. As ever the key objective from my point of view is to extract D.N.A. from these hairs.

This time, I will be part of the `Finding Bigfoot` crew. I am under contract for the show, so I am not allowed to reveal any details, but I can tell you that we will be conducting comprehensive field research, which involves a dedicated jungle excursion.

Here’s to the finding of more great scientific evidence in our quest- and hopefully making a really enjoyable film in the process!
- cryptoreports
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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