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The Florida Scoutmaster Encounter

Florida Scoutmaster D. S. “Sonny” Desvergers and three boy scouts report seeing a UFO in Florida near Palm Beach, Florida on 19 August 1952. This was Project Blue Book Case Number 1981:

Strange Object Found in Woods Blasts Scouter

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (AP) - A deputy sheriff and two Boy Scouts added details Saturday to a Scoutmaster's story of his encounter with a strange object in a rural wooded area last Tuesday night.

They told of scorched grass, strange lights and showers of sparks in the area where D. S. Desvergers said he was "blasted by a ball of fire" from the object when he investigated flashes of light near a country road.

Desvergers, 30, hardware salesman, has described the object he encountered as shaped "like half a rubber ball," about three feet thick at the edge and high enough at the centre for men to stand erect inside.

He told Palm Beach reporters that he knows what the object was, but added: "It's better for me not to go any further for the public good because it might cause panic."

Desvergers reported he was taking three Scouts home Tuesday night when he stopped to investigate the lights in nearby woods. He said he was blasted by the ball of fire and overcome.

Deputy Sheriff Mott N. Partin, summoned by the Scouts, said the hair was singed off Desvergers' arms and three tiny holes were burned in his cap. He also said he found evidence of scorched grass where the Scoutmaster said he encountered the object.

The Scouts said the group saw a "big glow-white light come down out of the sky" and "there were about six reddish lights around it when it neared the ground." - United Press International, 25 August 1952

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The Florida Scoutmaster Case

The case involved a scoutmaster in West Palm Beach, Florida, who had been close enough to a flying saucer to reach out and touch it. In fact, he probably would have if it hadn’t stunned him first with a heat ray!

The incident must have really shook up someone in the Air Force, because unlike the Washington sightings, Ruppelt received all the assistance he needed to investigate. Colonel Weldon Smith in particular expressed great interest in the case. An Air Force B-25 came to Blue Book’s disposal to give Ruppelt and his assistant, 2nd Lieutenant Robert M. Olsson, personal and speedy transportation from Dayton, Ohio, to Florida. In addition, Ruppelt was under no time constraints. He even received special assistance from two other Air Force Captains, Hoey and Davis, who flew down with them and remained to assist.

Upon arrival, the ATIC team heard an interesting story from the witness. He was a curious character. A Marine during the war and supposedly a widely respected man around town, he was also scoutmaster of Troop 33. Because the incident took place right after a meeting ofthe troop and involved some of the boys, it has ever since been referred to as the Florida Scoutmaster Case.

According to the scoutmaster, D.S. “Sonny” DesVergers, it all began while he was driving three scouts home that night. He turned off the coastal highway and down an inland blacktop to go where one of the boys lived. After traveling about ten miles inland he noticed a bright lightin the palmetto thickets. At first he passed by it, but then stopped some way down the road and turned the car around to go back. He hesitated in doing this, but could not help feeling that the light mighthave been a fire, perhaps indicating a crashed airplane.

Despite the pleas from the scouts who did not want to be left alone, DesVergers got out of the car and headed into the thickets—a very dangerous thing to do in the snake infested south Florida swamps. About 50 yards off the road he entered the dense thickets and pushed through waist-high brush. Suddenly a sharp pungent odor came across him. The temperature also seemed a little warmer as he pushed 30 yards further through the undergrowth. Chopping the brush with a machete that he had taken from the car, DesVergers lit his way with one of two flashlight she had on him. From the car the boys could see the flashlight beam and tracked his progress from its reflection. Knowing this, DesVergers periodically paused and shined the light up on the tree canopy.

After moving near an opening, he stopped again to signal his location. Suddenly at that very moment DesVergers felt overcome by a suffocating moist heat. He paused, wondering if the supposed clearing was actually a quicksand-like bog or a pond. Luckily the ground was quite solid, but by this time he had become a little more concerned about his location. He cast the beam of the flashlight down so he could look up at the stars to try to figure out what direction he was facing. But to his great surprise, the stars were gone. Moments ago there were hundreds—now none. Then he realized they weren’t all gone, just the ones directly above him. “This just couldn’t be,” he thought—unless. Unless something was above him!

As his eyes slowly adjusted he realized there was a large oval object hovering only about 30 feet overhead. Slowly stepping back from this frightening situation, he shined his light up on it. Now he could clearly see a concave bottom beneath a smooth gray circular-craft. Stepping back some more he could see a dome on top of the object. The edge of this “saucer” looked like it had evenly spaced veins every foot, with a type of nozzle between them. The former Marine was, to say the least, humbled by this sight and continued to give the craft further space. Suddenly, however, he froze in his tracks. A horrifying sound came from the craft. It was the sound of a door, just like a heavy metal safe makes when opened. Feeling as angry as he was scared, he then found himself helplessly enveloped in a red mist. It seemed to originate from a ball of red fire slowly being expelled from the craft. This overwhelmed him, causing DesVergers to lose consciousness.

In the car the boys, Bobby Ruffing, Chuck Stevens, and David Rowan, claimed they saw their leader become surrounded by a big red ball of fire. Severely shaken by the sight, the boys piled out and ran down the road as fast as they could to the nearest house. They found a farmer who called the State Police who were soon on the scene with a deputy sheriff, Mott Partin, to pick them up. Partin then drove the scouts to the sight of the occurrence to find DesVergers running out of the woods. He stated that the scoutmaster appeared sincerely frightened, more so than he had ever witnessed anyone to be in all his years of law enforcement. The officers went into the thicket and found one of DesVergers’ flashlights still burning near some flattened grass where he had apparently collapsed. His second flashlight was never found. Once they got him to police headquarters, officers noticed that DesVergers’ hands, arms, face, and cap were all burnt. Although the police may have been somewhat doubtful of the heat ray story, they decided to call the Air Force and thus initiated the investigation.

Ruppelt personally questioned DesVergers upon arriving in Florida. He did so at regular intervals, determining that he remembered details well, but did not repeat them in a rehearsed or exact manner. Ruppelt’s experience with hoaxers indicated to him that this testimony stood in great contrast, showing sincere answers. An Air Force flight surgeon then examined his wounds and likened them to a mild sunburn withindications of singed hairs, suggesting in his words “a flash heat source.” The scoutmaster’s nostrils also showed signs of burns.

Ruppelt examined the sight of the encounter and found nothing to contradict the story. Neither, however, were there signs of scorched earth or grass, or residual radiation. But curiously (although not revealed until after laboratory tests were conducted in Dayton) the roots of the samples of grass extracted at the scene were charred. This puzzled Ruppelt because his team personally collected them. They were from undisturbed ground and while they didn’t pay any attention to the roots at the time, the grass blades were certainly not burnt. The scorched hat also fell under lab scrutiny which suggested it had been damaged by sparks of some sort, possibly electrical in nature. Ruppelt felt satisfied it had not been burnt prior to the incident, as the boys had handled it earlier that night at the scout meeting. In fact, Ruppelt personally questioned the boys, even dressing in civilian clothes during the questioning so as not to intimidate them. His impression was that the boys were sincere even though they did not all give the exact same details.

It started to look like one of the better cases, perhaps the best case yet, but then things fell apart. In those early days of Blue Book investigations, background checks were still conducted. The checks revealed DesVergers had been a Marine, but not a decorated hero as he often bragged. His records only had a dishonorable discharge to show for his war service. Nor was DesVergers a widely respected citizen as he claimed—just widely known.

Local area citizens stated that he was a likable enough fellow, but all agreed they wouldn't believe him if he told them the sun was shining on a bright Florida afternoon. Another complication arose when Ruppelt later returned to the area of the sighting and determined the scouts could not have possibly seen DesVergers overcome by the mysterious flame, even if they were standing on top of the car looking for it. The foliage was just too dense. And although Ruppelt interviewed the scouts again, he did not feel they were part of a hoax. Yet he did file it as such in the official report.

Describing the incident in his 1956 book, he indicated that he still felt it had to have been a hoax, although he did suggest if so, it was the best in UFO history. Other authors and researchers have tried to sensationalize the Florida Scoutmaster Case. Even good books on thesubject claim that the case was so fantastic that the files were never entered into the Blue Book records and that the case does not even appear in the index.

Not true. The case is in the index and Ruppelt’s extensive report can also be found in the National Archives. The material is somewhat misplaced but is all there. And any researcher who has the patience and time to study the files will piece together the same story this author has. Unfortunately, no records will ever tell us if DesVergers really saw a UFO or not. What an irony, if the one time in his life he may have been telling the truth—and no one bothered to believe him. - Captain Edward J. Ruppelt - NICAP



Headlines shouted, "Scoutmaster Tells of Finding Disc in Everglades: Fired on From 'Saucer'." Putting a somewhat different spin on things, Project Blue Book chief Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the U.S. Air Force's lead UFO hunter, labeled the man's story "the best hoax in UFO history."

But was it? A hoax, that is. Much has been written about what may be the strangest of many strange and intriguing cases of the flying saucer summer of 1952, a good deal of it wrong or incomplete, some of it "tweaked" for reasons obscure. Here is the full story, with all known pertinent dates, people, events, and facts correct and in their proper places, so far as is possible 45 years later. Go to The Best Hoax in US History? - Karl T. Pflock


NOTE: the MUFON version of this case can be found at MUFON Minnesota Journal. There was also speculation that the case was discredited by the US Government in an attempt to cover up the incident as described in UFO/FBI Connection: The Secret History of the Government's Cover-Up

I find it interesting the Florida Scoutmaster case occurred only one month prior to the infamous Flatwoods Monster Incident where another 'red alien or entity' was involved:


In Flatwoods, West Virginia, three boys were playing in a field when a red ball crossed the sky in an arc and fell behind a nearby hill. The youths, thinking it might be a meteorite, investigated. As the headed to the crash site, they attracted a crowd including a woman with her two sons and other local townspeople. A dog accompanied them and and ahead barking.

When the crowd caught up to the dog they found a thick, pungent smelling mist. The red ball was sitting on the ground. Soon the crowd has spotted a creature in a nearby tree. It had a huge head and two glowing eyes staring at the crowd. Emanating from them were beams of blue light. The alien had no clear lower body or legs. It glided towards the crowd silently. Mass panic happened to the crowd and the dog collapsed, having to be dragged from the path of the alien. The encounter deeply shocked the townspeople. Even after they had fled back to the town, they still could not talk coherently.

On September 13 there was clear evidence of what had happened the previous night. The grass gave off a foul odor and was crushed flat. There were also marks on the ground from the UFO. The encounter was investigated by the US Air Force, who's represenatives were not identified as such. A week before the encounter a woman in Weston, West Virginia (ten miles from Flatwoods) had had a similar encounter and was hospitalized for several weeks.


A month prior to the encounter at Flatwoods, a similar encounter had occured in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 19. A scoutmaster, "Sonny" Desvergers, was driving some of his scouts home when they saw an odd light. When they entered the brush, Desvergers found himself in front of a hovering object with a red vaporous glow. The glow engulfed him and the object emitted an ozone smell.

Desvergers collapsed and was discovered by police at the scene. The hat he had been wearing showed electrical spark holes and the soil under were the UFO had hovered showed bizarre traces. A US Air Force lab discovered that the roots of the grass had been cooked from below, but the exposed blades were unaffected. An alternating magnetic field is a possible cause for the plant damage and injuries to Desvergers. The field could possibly have been part of the purpolsion system of the UFO.

Chronicles of the Strange and Uncanny in Florida

Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions

Mysteries of the Universe: A Revolutionary Commentary on UFOs, Aliens, Angels, Pyramids, Bible Codes, Reincarnation, the Antichrist...

Just the Facts?: 'Finding Bigfoot' Squatched on South Park -- USO Reported -- Strange Serpents Plague Settlement

'Finding Bigfoot' Squatched on South Park

Watch the South Park episode - Jewpacabra


USO incident off California coast

Case Number 37146
Log Number US-04052012-0012
Date Submitted 04/05/2012 06:10 UTC
Date of the Event 03/14/2012 09:30 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Two large, very bright objects submerged in ocean with distinct "disc" shape.
Tags disc lights
Sighting Location
City Pacifica
Region California
Country United States
Latitude 37.6202553
Longitude -122.4795094
The latitude and longitude presented here is an approximation to protect the reporters identity
Sighting Specifics
Viewing Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary
Object Shape Disc
Weather Factors Unknown

3/14/2012 - unedited: This event was observed by a large group of witnesses including a highly credible coworker that wishes to remain anonymous. While driving the coastal highway near the town of Pacifica California, this individual observed two very large, glowing objects in the ocean and roughly ¾ mile from the coastline. The evening sky, at approximately 6:30pm, was 100% overcast with no direct sunlight anywhere in sight. The glowing objects appeared as sharp ovals from this distance. But it was clear that the actual shapes were discs and were submerged in the ocean at an unknown depth. A group of witnessed developed as vehicles stopped to see. The observers shared their thoughts, and agreed that the two objects were in fact submerged and moving with indistinct patterns, but not in a way that resembled a worldly vehicle such as a submarine. The group also concluded that sunlight could not be the cause because there were no breaks in the dense cloud cover. Furthermore, the lights continued to project into the late evening until about 9pm, well past sundown. At some juncture during the event, a passing ship (perhaps a Coast Guard vessel) approached the objects in an attempt to investigate. The ship then quickly veered away from the objects in an apparent evasive maneuver to avoid confrontation. At this juncture, most of the witnesses were in fear of their safety and left the scene. - MUFON CMS


Township to use owls to help eradicate 'cat size rats'

The city of Johannesburg has enlisted the services of owls to rid Alexandra township of rodents.

Situated north of the city, the township is home to fat rodents, some as large as cats.

Having been tormented by these "wild domestic cats" for years, residents can now look forward to whether the new owls innovation will bring some relief.

The city will launch the Owl Box Project next Friday.

Johannesburg's head of health and social development Nonceba Molwele said the city would use three natural ways to eradicate the nuisance - owls, rat cages and fumigation.

"In order to achieve this natural process (of using owls), the city has partnered with EcoSolutions amongst other partners.

"This project will be running in Alexandra for the next three years, and has so far involved educating the local communities and schools on the role that owls play in eradicating rats. The education covered the myth and beliefs that associated owls with witchcraft," she said.

While rodents are associated with filthiness, black people generally associate owls with witchcraft and evil spirits.

Molwele said the city and EcoSolutions had been working with three schools - Zenzeleni primary, Iphuteng primary and Minerva secondary - for the introduction of the owl project.

"The owl nesting and release boxes have been installed in all three schools. This has helped them to learn and understand the role that owls play in controlling and managing rodent populations.

"To encourage community participation in the project, a selected team of school children will be feeding the owls for 21 days with food provided for by EcoSolutions."

Molwele said residents should stop using poisonous pest control substance like ratex "because should an owl eat a poisoned rat, that would have the same effect to the owl, it will kill the owl".

"Prevention is, however, the best solution for rat control. We have to eliminate the conditions in which the rodents thrive and for this we need the active co-operation of all residents of Johannesburg. Illegal dumping and the careless disposal of food and waste material are the primary causes of rodent infestation.

"Illegal dumping attracts rodents and provide them with a comfortable environment to nest and continue breeding," Molwele said. - sowetanlive


Namibia: 'Strange Serpents' Plague Settlement

Since December last year, Erongo's Tubuses settlement, north of Usakos near the foot of the Erongo Mountains, has apparently been plagued by hundreds of 'large strange snakes'.

Speculation is rife, but one peculiar version has it that some residents claim that they saw a helicopter flying low over the area before the New Year - soon after which there was a sharp increase in the snake population.

According to one resident, the snakes are not the usual kinds (like pythons, puffadders, whip snakes and mambas) found in the area. The 'new' snakes were also larger and more dangerous.

"Instead of staying in the bush, these snakes are coming into the homes as if the houses belong to them," said David /Nuseb.

One story has it that a toddler was apparently sitting on the couch watching television, when a large serpent entered the living room and made its way to the TV where it started 'fighting' with the images on the screen.

"The child called his parents; the snake was cornered and killed," /Nuseb said.

There is agreement among the community that there is usually an increase of snakes after a good rainy season, like that of last year, but then the snakes apparently stay in the bush, away from people.

Another member of the community, Isak â‰Naweseb said that scores of them have been killed by people over the past few months, or by vehicles driving over them on the roads.

"Just this past weekend, when a relative of mine went to a funeral nearby, he said that he drove over three large snakes," said â‰Naweseb.

(While he was speaking to the newspaper, another resident at the area, a certain Yvonne, sent an sms to the this reporter's mobile claiming that a snake was in the generator room at the waterpump.)

Mobile images of some of dead snakes were given to The Namibian. The images are of poor quality, but a comparison to the snakes kept at the Swakopmund Snake Park did not shed much light except - considering the colours - that some of those photographed could have been Angolan or Mozambican cobras and a mambas. Some of the snakes are found in that area, while others not.

One argument is that the snakes could have been washed downriver from another region.

"Sometimes large snakes are found in Swakopmund, especially after the Swakop River has flooded. The river bring the snakes downstream from the interior. Maybe this was what had happened, an official at the snake park explained.

The owner of the Snake Park, and author of books regarding reptiles of the Namib, Stuart Hebbert, said that nothing is "impossible" anymore, but there were definitely things that were "improbable".

"The story of the helicopter is improbable. Helicopters are very expensive, and it would be much easier to transport snakes by car. And why would someone drop snakes from a helicopter?" he asked.

Hebbert said that he did not want to shrug off the community's stories as fables, but admitted that he was a sceptic.

"I've heard many snake stories, and once a story gets off the ground it spreads like wildfire, and with that the snakes become more in number, bigger and more dangerous," he said.

He said that the idea of good rains bringing more rodents into the area, attracting more snakes, was more probable. - allafrica

Thanks to Karl for the heads up!


Smallest Town In US Sold By Its Only Resident

A tiny town in Wyoming, advertising itself as the smallest in the US, has been sold by its only inhabitant in worldwide internet auction.

Buford was purchased by an anonymous Vietnamese buyer after 11 minutes of frenzied bidding.

The sale of the south eastern Wyoming town, which comes with a convenience store, gas station and a three-bedroom home, attracted online viewers and on-site bidders from 46 countries.

The new owner flew to Wyoming for the auction, according to Williams & Williams, the auction house handling the sale.

"Owning a piece of property in the US has been my dream," the Vietnamese businessman said in a statement.

The 10-plus acres of land also includes a mobile phone tower and a car park that a lorry company uses to switch trailers at night.

I'm happy and I'm sad all at once.

Don Sammons, currently the town's only resident, moved with his wife from Los Angeles to the Buford area in 1980.

In 1992, six years after his wife died, Mr Sammons purchased the town.

The 61-year-old decided to auction off the Western hamlet to move to Colorado to be near his adult son.

"I'm happy and I'm sad all at once," Mr Sammons said.

"But I'm more happy than sad because this is all I wanted. I can continue and start the next chapter of my life."

He added that he planned to go somewhere with sandy beaches and "maybe a palm tree" for a week or two before writing a book about his life in Buford.

William & Williams executive Amy Bates said the firm had never seen the level of interest that accompanied the Buford auction.

"It's the Wild West in the US. It's owning your town and getting away from it all," she said.

The former railroad stop once was home to about 2,000 people but they started to move away after the train service ended. - sky

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Bigfoot Pair Encountered Near Crane Lake, Minnesota

I received this inquiry on Wednesday night:

Hello Sir - I am writing you about an incident my daughter and I had this past weekend near Crane Lake, Minnesota. We were on our way home and traveling south on Crane Lake Road only a few miles from the lodge we had stayed the weekend. As we drove around a wide bend in the road we noticed two tall dark creatures walk out of the forest to my left. I slammed the brakes and stopped about 30 feet from them. They seemed oblivious to us as they walked onto the road and barely gave us a glance. They crossed in front of the car and leaped over a ditch then into the forest. I quickly hit the gas pedal and drove for about a quarter mile. I then pulled over to collect myself. My daughter, who is 15, was sitting with a shocked look and not moving. My heart was racing and I was shaking uncontrollably.

I think we sat there without saying a word to each other for over a minute. I then asked my daughter what she thought those creatures were. Immediately she said that we had seen 'Bigfoot'.

Both creatures were about 7 foot tall and massively built. I was surprised by the amount of dark reddish hair they both had and how proportionate their bodies were to humans. I saw the face of one of the creatures briefly as it glanced at us. The nose was very broad but the rest of the face was similar to those you see on TV that are supposed to be cavemen. They walked upright like humans and didn't slouch. I believe they were both male.

I have lived in Minnesota (in St. Cloud) all my life and I never heard of anyone seeing a 'Bigfoot'. My daughter is convinced that these creatures were 'Bigfoot'. We looked online and found your website and an image that best represents what we witnessed.

Have there been sightings in the Crane Lake area previously? I called the lodge where we stayed and the woman who answered said that there had been a few sightings in the area over the years but nothing that close to their location. I'd be interested to know what it was we saw. I can't believe that there are not more reports of these creatures. Thanks for reading. MM

The image forwarded by MM that she says best represents the hominids they witnessed.
Canada's Legendary Animals Series

NOTE: I posted the email as I received it. I contacted the witness by an alternate email she provided...she replied that I could post her report minus any personal information. She added that her daughter has had nightmares since the encounter and that they have not mentioned the incident to anyone else other than the woman at the lodge. I told the witness that these encounters are something that you never forget (from personal knowledge). I sincerely hope her daughter's nightmares subside...though I have known of some witnesses who suffer PTSD long after these close encounters. I didn't get a time but they had just checked out so I assume it was during daylight on Monday (4/2) morning.

I also contacted the lodge where MM and her daughter stayed this past weekend. I talked to a very nice lady who asked me to talk to someone who knew the area better than her. Another woman got on the telephone and asked me to call her back at another number. Well, we played 'phone tag' for most of the afternoon (seems like it's busy at the lodge) but finally she was able to talk.

I inquired about Bigfoot sightings in the area. She said that there had been several reports north of their location in Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park and that there had been an expedition (I supposed it was BFRO) near Voyageurs National Park in the summer of 2011. She said several of the people in the expedition party had stayed at their lodge. I gave her my contact number / email and asked that she contact me if other information became available.

The image that MM forwarded to me is posted above...Lon

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Strange Minnesota Monsters

The M-Files: True Reports of Minnesota's Unexplained Phenomena (Tales of the Supernatural)

Just the Facts?: Covered Saucer-Shaped Transport (Photos) -- Mrs. Kennedy and Me -- Ex-Military Pilot UFO Encounter

Covered Transport Near Dayton, Ohio

4/5/2012 - Riding east on I-70 just outside of Dayton Ohio there was a tractor trailer with a unusual load on the trailer covered with TARP surrounded by police vehicles as a trucker you don't see four police cars escorting a truck that much with two pilot cars also saw a black SUV in the traffic (not saying it was with them didn't get a look at tag of it. Took pictures figured I would share them - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Wright-Patterson AFB is located in east Dayton, OH...wonder if this was going to or coming from the base? Lon


UFO Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years By Ex-Military Pilot

On the night of Feb. 6, 1975, Marine Reserve Squadron Capt. Larry Jividen was piloting a T-39D Sabreliner (see image above) combat trainer and utility aircraft with five Naval officer pilots on board for a special training flight. He didn't know the evening would evolve into a game of "tag" with an unidentified flying object.

Jividen hasn't spoken about that experience from nearly 40 years ago -- until now.

The nine-year Marine Corps officer -- and later commercial airline pilot -- had taken off at twilight for a two-hour roundtrip that began and ended at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla.

"At about 9 o'clock, we were descending from a high altitude -- around 33,000 feet -- and I looked off to the right side of the airplane where I saw a solid red light at our 1:00 o'clock position and altitude," Jividen told The Huffington Post.

"It was not flashing like normal anti-collision lights flash on airplanes. I thought it might be some other traffic, but I wasn't sure, so I called Pensacola Approach Control and said, 'Understand we're cleared for the approach, but we have traffic off to our right, and who's first for the approach?"

The traffic that Jividen and the other five crew members saw was mutually described as "a solid, circular object about the relative size of a kid's marble held at arm's length," Jividen recalled.

When they were informed that ground control had no other traffic in their vicinity, Jividen became concerned that the mysterious object hadn't shown up on radar. So he asked for clearance to deviate from their approach and turn directly toward the bright red UFO "just to see what it does." Continue reading at UFO Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years By Ex-Military Pilot


Jackie Kennedy's secret service agent relives horrifying moments after JFK was assassinated

The secret service agent employed to protect Jackie Kennedy has recounted the terror following the president's assassination in 1963, and how he wrapped John F. Kennedy's shot head in his jacket.

Speaking on the Today show, Clint Hill, now 80, recounted his determination to throw himself between the Kennedys and the bullets as parts of the president's brain and skull splattered over his shirt.

When a third bullet hit the president's head and the motorcade sped to hospital, Hill said the First Lady refused to leave the car, fearful that onlookers would see her husband's horrific injuries.

Painful memories: Jackie Kennedy's secret service agent Clint Hill appeared on the Today show to talk about his new memoir, in which he recounts John F. Kennedy's assassination in November 1963
'I recognised that the problem was she didn't want anyone to see him,' Hill told the Today show. 'It was a gory situation. And so I took my jacket off and I covered his head and upper back. Then she let go.'

The heartbreaking scene came just minutes after John F. Kennedy was hit in the neck and head by accused gunman Lee Harvey Oswald while driving through Dallas, Texas in November 1963. Continue reading at 'I wrapped the president's exploded head in my jacket': Jackie Kennedy's secret service agent relives horrifying moments after JFK was assassinated

Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir


Snake Forces Plane's Emergency Landing

An Australian pilot was given the fright of his life when a snake slithered from the dashboard of the plane he was flying, forcing him to make an emergency landing, according to airline officials.

Braden Blennerhassett was on a freight run for Air Frontier from Darwin to the remote town of Peppimenarti in the Northern Territory on Tuesday when the reptile appeared in the cockpit.

He made a mayday call and landed safely back in Darwin.

“My blood pressure and heart rate was a bit elevated — it was an interesting experience,” Blennerhassett told Nine News.

“As the plane was landing the snake was crawling down my leg, which was frightening.”

Air Frontier director Geoffrey Hunt said Blennerhassett handled the situation well, given Australia is home to some of the most venomous snakes in the world.

“He said, we’ve got a snake on board,” Hunt told reporters, adding that the pilot had trouble communicating with the control tower.

“The snake popped its head out near the transmit button that he needed to press to talk to the tower.”

Blennerhassett managed to get his small plane back to base where a snake handler was organised to meet him.

“We have got another chap here who is an aircraft engineer and a snake handler and he had a look and he couldn’t find it,” Hunt said, adding that they now planned to use a live mouse in a cage as bait.

Until the snake is found, the aircraft will be grounded. - Raw Story


Baby In Purse Of Mother Driving In U.S. Virgin Islands, Police Say

U.S. Virgin Islands police say a woman was allegedly driving with her newborn baby zipped up in her purse.

A police statement says an officer pulled over a woman driving a pickup during a routine traffic stop Tuesday. While asking for the St. Croix woman's license, the officer reported hearing a baby crying but did not see a baby seat in the vehicle.

The motorist then allegedly unzipped a purse sitting on the seat next to her and revealed a tiny newborn.

Police say the woman told them that the baby girl was born at home a week ago and had no prenatal care. She was apparently driving the infant to a doctor.

Authorities rushed the newborn to a hospital. The mother may face criminal charges. Her name and age were not disclosed. - THP

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ichthus-Humanoid Close Encounter

I received the following information from my colleague Sunny Williams at Lights in the Texas Sky:

I've been debating on whether to even post this (it belongs in the ultra strange and weird category) but I do so, in hopes that someone else may have seen, or experienced something similar and will come forward to give their account.

A few days ago I woke up and thought, "Now that was one weird dream!" Well, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Own A Part Of Your Favorite Celebrity!

I'm not really sure if it was a dream, or not. I was in bed, asleep. I woke up suddenly, to see an alien face peering down at me. I had just enough time to take note of it's most outstanding features, think "Wow!" to myself and then immediately drifted back into slumber.

Shortly after, I woke up. I got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed, only to realize that there was blood on the bed. I checked myself and could find nothing amiss, no cuts, scratches, or other mean of blood letting. I was bemused, to say the least.

I dressed, left my husband sleeping in bed and let the dogs outside. I then walked over to my cell phone and tried to "wake it up" but it was dead. Now that might not seem like a problem, but when I went to bed, it had a full charge.

When the battery died, the phone shut off and it wasn't going to turn on. I reached for my charge cable, plugged it into my Samsung Infuse and when the battery icon appeared, it showed the phone had no charge at all. Coincidence?

OK, so let's get this straight. I have a dream that may, or may not have been a dream (with an alien in my face), there was blood on my sheet and pillow and my fully charged phone was dead as a doornail.

As for the alien, it's pretty much depicted in the picture submitted with this report: Bulging, round, fish-like eyes, gill slits where a nose would be (I saw the gills flare open as it exhaled when I opened my eyes), mottled green tinted white skin and nobs and a frill on the head. Hey, it would make a good sci-fi movie alien! Thing is, that's pretty much what I saw.

Later on in the day I noticed a tiny needle stick in the top of my right hand, made more noticeable due to bruising.

I'm a UFO investigator. I "investigate reports of UFOs and aliens." I'm not supposed to experience these things but then contact with something not of this earth, is the driving force behind my search for the truth.

In my research as a UFO investigator, I've not been acquainted with fish-like aliens, so I did some checking and found that the Apkallu, were a fish-like race that supposedly helped to advance the Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotamia. There is a problem here. The Apkallu are depicted as been fish-like from the waist down (i.e., merman). I only saw this chap from the neck up.

Listed among the many supposed types of aliens that are here, or visit Earth, or made an impact on human civilization, are the amphibians. I could not determine what these beings possibly look like but they are listed as "semi-aquatic". Gills might be a good indication.

Some researchers seem to think that "greys" have a cetacean ancestry, or is it that Sirius Reptilians, with scales and gills, lurk among us? Well, this is all speculations and hopefully it was just a silly dream, mixed with eerie coincidences.

NOTE: I rarely run across an Ichthus-humanoid report. There have been the occasional Merman reports and Reptilian variants that may or may not be related to the being in the reports. Albert Rosales will be joining Eric and I on Beyond the Edge Radio on April 22nd. I'm going to ask him about these beings to see if there have been other should be a very interesting show! Below is a post pertaining to the Merman...Lon


For several years, residents of coastal areas around the southern and southwestern Caspian Sea have been reporting of an amphibious creature resembling a human being. In March 2005 an eyewitness account from the crew of the Baku, an Azeri trawler, was published by Iranian newspaper Zindagi: “That creature was swimming parallel course near the boat for a long time,” said Gafar Gasanof, a captain of the ship.

“At the beginning we thought it was a big fish, but then we spotted hair on the head of the monster and his fins looked pretty strange... the front part of his body was equipped with arms!” said the captain. Back in Azerbaijan, nobody took his story seriously. It sounded ridiculous to those who thought that the guy must have been drinking while on board.

On the contrary, shortly after the publication of his interview, the offices of the Iranian paper got flooded with numerous letters of the readers who claimed that the story was yet another piece of evidence proving the existence of the so-called “man of the sea.” The readers pointed out that many fishermen had repeatedly seen the strange creature at sea and on shore after the seabed volcanoes in the area of Babolsera had come to life in February and offshore oil production operations had intensified in the Caspian.

All the eyewitness accounts provide a similar description of the marine humanoid. His height is 165-168 cm, he has a strong build, a protruding ctenoid stomach, his feet are pinniped and he has four webbed fingers on either of his hands. His skin is of moonlight color. The hair on his head looks black and green. His arms and legs are shorter and heavier than those of a medium-built person. Apart from his fingernails, he has nails growing on the tip of his aquiline nose that look like a dolphin's beak. No information as to his ears. His eyes are large and orbicular. The mouth of the creature is fairly large, his upper jaw is prognathic and his lower lip flows smoothly into the neck, his chin is missing.

Iranians dubbed the creature Runan-shah or “the master of the sea and rivers.” The name is partly based on stories about large shoals of fish accompanying the creature at sea. Other stories refer to the waters that would turn crystal clear and stay that way for two or three days after the creature was seen swimming in those areas. Fishermen claim that fishes that stay alive for a while in the net can feel the creature coming out of the deep blue sea. Fishes were reported producing barely heard gurgling sounds as the monster came near. He was said to answer the call of the catch by making similar throaty sounds.

Some researchers believe that there is no smoke without fire and the stories circulating in Iran can be true. Besides, Runan-shah was seen by Azeri fishermen living in the villages located between the cities of Astara and Lenkoran. According to a theory, the creature is not alone; there is a family of underwater humans who are on a mission ... to tackle environmental problems of the Caspian.

The Caspian Runan-shah is not the only species of underwater humans on record. Both Herodotus and Plato believed that original human beings were amphibious and might have founded an underwater state.

A book of collected scientific articles titled “The Universe and Humankind” that was published in St. Petersburg in 1905 contains a story of “marine female” caught in the Caribbean. It also has stories about dead bodies of the amphibious humans washed ashore in the Azores in 1876. Their descriptions largely correspond with the reported description of Runan-shah.

An amphibious humanlike being was reported in Karelia in 1928. The creature was repeatedly seen in the lake of Vedlozero by local residents. A group of researchers from the Petrozavodsk University arrived to investigate the case on location. Unfortunately, the findings were classified and the members of the research party eventually perished in the Gulag.

According to latest reports in the media, Iranians have already started their research of the Caspian phenomenon. The international scientific community might as well help unravel the mystery if politics do not get in the way of science this time around.


NOTE: I found 2 independent sighting reports filed by the Azerbaijani government and BBS News. Not a great difference in the reports which may indicate that the witnesses were consistent. Information is somewhat scarce in reference to other sightings of this creature which is not surprising. The Caspian Sea holds a great number of sturgeon (4 different species) that can become quite large and be mistaken for the creature....though, you would think a fisherman would know the difference...Lon

Location/Date: Caspian Sea, Astara & Lenkoran Azerbaijan - March 2005 - Afternoon

Residents of a few towns on the Caspian shores in Iran and Azerbaijan say they have seen an amphibious man, he was reported to be swimming amidst huge shoals of fish. Rumor has it that the waters where he swam were becoming sparkling clear. Recently eyewitnesses onboard the Azeri trawler, “Baku” reported seeing the creature. According to Gafar Gasanof the captain of the trawler, the creature was swimming in a parallel course near the boat for a long time. At first they thought it was a large fish, but then they spotted hair on its head and his fins looked very unusual. And incredibly the front part of his body was equipped with arms. Shortly after this report was published in an Iranian newspaper, numerous readers came forward describing their own sightings. The readers pointed out that numerous fishermen had repeatedly seen the strange creature at sea and on the shore after seabed volcanoes in the area of Babolsera became active in February and offshore oil production operations intensified in the Caspian. All the eyewitness accounts provide a similar description of the marine humanoid. His height is about 165cm to 168cm, it has a protruding stomach, his feet are pinniped and he has four webbed fingers on either of his hands. His skin is pale white in color. The hair on his head looks black and green. His arms and legs are shorter and heavier than those of a medium-build person. Apart from his fingernails, he has nails growing on the tip of his aquiline nose that resembles a dolphin’s beak. There is no information as to his ears. His eyes are large and orbicular. The mouth of the creature is fairly large, his upper jaw is protruding and his lower lip flows smoothly into the neck, his chin is missing. Iranians have dubbed the creature, “Runan-shah” or “Master of the seas and rivers”. Other stories report that the waters remain crystal clear for days in the area where the creature has been spotted. Fishermen report that the fish that are caught in their nets seem to sense the creature when it approaches and produce a barely audible gurgling sound. It is said that the creature answers the call of the catch by making similar throaty sounds. According to a theory the creature is not alone and that there is a family of underwater humans, who are on a tackle environmental problems in the Caspian. The reproduction of flora and fauna in the Caspian has significantly deteriorated due to a surge in offshore oil production operations and underwater volcanic activity. The Astrakhan fishermen have long complained about the decrease in the stock of sturgeon.

Location/Date: Caspian Sea territorial waters of Azerbaijan - end of March 2005

Azerbaijani fishermen from the trawler “Baky” (Baku) were stunned to see a weird entity in the water. The entity swam for a long period of time near the trawler, parallel to it, reported Gafar Gasanov Captain of the ship to the local newspaper “Zindagi” when he arrived at the Iranian port of Enzeli. At first the crew thought that the entity was some type of unknown large fish, but soon they noticed that the entity’s head had distinct hairs on it and the front fins were not fins at all but webbed hands. They acknowledged that the entity looked more like a humanoid than any kind of known fish. They all concluded that they had never seen something like it in the waters. The amphibian entity then plunged deep into the waters and disappeared from sight. When Captain Gasanov returned to Azerbaijan people there refused to talk to him about the incident alleging that he and his crew had all been drunk. But the Iranians took the report seriously because of numerous rumors about “a man from the sea” were circulating in Iran long before this report. After publication in the local newspaper “Zindagi” local Iranian residents wrote numerous letters to the newspaper reporting their own encounters with a similar entity. The common opinion was that underwater volcanic activity in the area of Babolser and the intensification of oil extraction in the Caspian Sea has somehow caused unknown deep water dwellers to venture up to the surface. The entity is shorter than that of the average height, about 165-168cm, thickset, with a protruding belly, feet with flippers, and 4 fingered webbed hands. The skin is pale yellowish gray in color and it has stiff black-green hair. Arms and legs are slightly shorter and thicker than that of humans. Sharp nails grow on its hands and also at the tip of its hump-shaped nose, forming something like a dolphin’s beak. The ears are not visible. The eyes are big and round and the mouth is quite big with a protruding upper jaw, smoothly connected to the neck, without chin, the smaller lip is similar to that of a shark’s jaw. In Iran this amphibian humanoid is called “Runah-Shah” which means, “Sovereign of waters and rivers”. Interestingly the fishermen have noticed that the fish seemed to react when the entity appears, like if there were some kind of distant, extra sensory communication between the entity and the fish. Other witnesses reported seeing the same or similar entity in May between the small fishing villages of Astara and Lenkoran.

BBS Newspaper Kiev, Ukraine

The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us

Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past

A New Order of the Ages: A Metaphysical Blueprint of Reality and an Exposé on Powerful Reptilian/Aryan Bloodlines Volume 2

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Isla de Lobos Event

Isla de Lobos is a small island a few miles off the Uruguayan coast, just where the River Plate meets the Atlantic Ocean. Its name means literally “island of the fur seals”, as these animals roam freely, and it is a lonely place where the only outstanding feature is the lighthouse.

The maintenance of this lighthouse is the responsibility of the Navy, and for that purpose a small garrison of 4 or 5 men is kept on the island. Their main task is to attend to the electric generators, as the actual operation of the beam is automatic. It is a routine and non-stressing job, and the tours of duty are 15 days in and 15 days out.

On the night of October 28, 1972, there were five men at the house which serves as headquarters for the Navy personnel: the witness, Corporal Juan Fuentes Figueroa; two enlisted men, Jose Gomez and Hector Gimenez; a telegraph operator, Jose Lima; and the sub-officer in charge, Francisco Cascudo. After dinner, the men sat around the table for a while, talking and playing cards, until at 10:10 PM it was time for Corporal Fuentes to inspect the generators, which are located at the base of the lighthouse proper.

The lighthouse is a 66-meter-high tower sitting at the center of a large building which contains the electric generators, the telegraph office and other dependencies. The top of this building is a flat terrace, which is about 6 meters above the adjacent terrain. The house where the garrison lives is at a distance of 45 meters from the lighthouse.

As soon as Cpt. Fuentes started to walk toward the lighthouse, he noticed on top of the terrace some lights that shouldn’t be there. In fact, he thought first of a car, a complete impossibility, and his reaction was to return to the house and procure a pistol that he had in his room. To do this, he didn’t have to pass through the kitchen where the other men were, so he didn’t speak to them. As will be discussed later, this behavior is typical of the personality of the witness.

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Carrying the pistol, he went outside again and started walking decisively but not fast toward the lighthouse, meanwhile removing the safety from the gun and cocking it. As he advanced, he noted that the object had several lights: some white, some yellowish, and a third color that he describes as violet, as in the “rainbow”. Those lights were sufficient to allow him a good view, and he saw that a figure was next to the object and that a second was in the process of descending. A third and taller figure started to descend almost at once, but at the same moment, the initial two figures noticed Fuentes progressing toward them. They had what appeared to Fuentes as a moment of communication, and all three of them faced him.

By that time, Fuentes was at about 27 meters from the object, which, we will recall, was on the top of a 6-meter terrace. Hence, the object was above him, and he started to raise his extended arm to shoot. He was never to complete his motion, as the entities prevented him, from doing so. Fuente, a man of limited education, tried in vain to explain to the investigators how this was accomplished. It was not telepathy, and he felt some physical effects, like a “vibration” and his hair standing on end; but more than anything else it was like a premonition, in his words like: “Don’t shoot because it is useless”. At any rate, he felt paralyzed and confused, and was unable to shoot.

The action continued rather fast: the entities reentered their craft, the tallest one first. Although Fuentes did not see steps or a handrail, he could see quite well the motion of the figures against the lights of the object, outlined by the light coming out through the open door. He is certain that there were steps, as while the entities were climbing up with their backs toward the witness, their motions were like those of a person pulling himself up with handrails.

The door closed sideways, and the craft started to move straight up, emitting a humming sound until it reached about 45 meters, as judged by the adjacent lighthouse tower. It then tilted, belched a blinding fireball from the bottom, and disappeared in silence at a tremendous speed toward the southeast.

The witness returned to the house, where the other men noticed him white as a paper and still with a gun in hand. When he said that he had seen a flying saucer, he was not believed, except perhaps by Sub-Officer Cascudo.

Corporal Fuentes was rather upset that his equals and his immediate superiors were dubious of his story, and was planning when he returned to Montevideo to go to one of the leading newspapers and make his experience public. However, before this was accomplished, he was ordered to report to a higher ranking officer, who carefully listened to what Fuentes had to say. He then disappeared into an office in which two members of the personnel of the American Embassy had been waiting.

According to Fuentes, they were officers of the “Spatial Affair Service”, (sic) and their presence in the Command Offices was not unusual. Fuentes was left waiting in the corridor, and after a while someone came out and offered him some drawings for inspection and asked him to select the one closest to what hi has seen. He did so and was dismissed. He never talked directly to the Americans, but from the conversation overheard through the door, he concluded that they were surprised at the short distance of Fuente’s observation. And I am amazed at the continuous interest shown by American Embassies in collecting information about a phenomenon that we have been told many times does not exist...

While the whole incident lasted about one minute, Corporal Fuentes had the object in direct view for more than about 15 seconds. It was well illuminated by its own lights, and it was fortuitous that the external lights usually illuminating the exterior of the installations were not in operation that night. If the floodlights had been on, they would have prevented a clear view by the witness, even blinding him at the location of the observation. As things turned out, he observed the entities in the background light of their own craft, and even if this prevented him from seeing facial details, for example, their outline and motions were quite evident.

When Corporal Fuentes started to walk toward the lighthouse, the first entity was already on the terrace, while the second was alighting from the craft. These two entities were about 1.50 m. (5 ft), while the third one, the last to descend, was 1.75-1.80 m. (6 ft). Thus, their heights were within the normal human limits (Fig. 2). Their silhouettes were dark, as if they were wearing heavy black rubber suits. The witness attributed their slow and deliberate motions to the weight of their suits, and thinks that his presence surprised the strangers at the beginning of an operation never to be completed. Their descent from the craft was done backwards, as if using a ladder not seen by the witness. Likewise, when they climbed back into the object, their motions were those of a person pulling himself up using handrails.

The most distinctive feature of the entities, clearly noticeable in the profile view that they offered to the witness, was the elongated shape of the back o their heads. It is not clear if this corresponds to the heads themselves, or it is was the result of some type of hood or garment.

The craft itself had the shape of an inverted bowl, with a diameter of between 4 and 5 meters. It had a dome on top and a rectangular aperture or door, used by the entities to descend (Fig. 3). It also had legs, which the witness saw clearly during the first stage of the departure. as the craft was slowly gaining altitude. Those legs did not fold like the landing gear of a plane, but retracted telescopically.

The surface of the craft was undoubtedly metallic, with a somewhat reddish color that Fuentes compared to mahogany. The most distinctive feature of the object was the antenna that topped it, shaped like a corkscrew and rotating.

The lights have already been described, and it only is necessary to add that they seemed to Fuentes like “little squares”, moving and flashing like “an advertising sign”.

This is a single witness sighting, and yet it has become the best case coming from Uruguay due to the in-depth investigation done by the members of C.I.O.V.I.. This paper is based on the information contained in their report on this case. (Ref.1).

The first stage of the investigation consisted of two lengthy interviews with the witness in his own home. The two interviews were recorded, and the transcripts do not reveal any discrepancies in the narrative.

This was followed by an “in situ” reconstruction of the events. with the participation of the witness. Sub-officer Cascudo, present on the island that night, verified that the initial version by Corporal Fuentes was similar to the subsequent descriptions relayed later to the investigating team. Sub-officer Cascudo, as well as other superiors of Corporal Fuentes, described him as a “simple and honest man, incapable of inventing a story of this nature”.

But indeed the most fascinating part of the CIOVI investigation was to request the assistance of a professional and to submit the witness to a battery of psychological tests that extended over a total of 9 hours, and that included, among others, Raven, Bender, Rorschach and PMK.

The result of those various tests dwell on positive and negative aspects of the personality of the witness, but when analyzed in the light of the narrative presented by Corporal Fuentes, they complement each other and tend to lend credibility to the story.

In what follows, the key elements of the psychological evaluation will be indicated with quotation marks, interspace with comments on how they relate to the particular facets of the case.

First of all, the witness is described as “sincere, uncomplicated and simple”. He expresses what for him is the truth, and he does that in a straighrforward manner, with no cultural burden distiring what he has to say.

The witness “has no tendency to fabrication or fantasy”, which if existing would damage his credibility. Moreover, he has “less that average intellectual capacity”, to which the psychologist adds that he “lacks an average imagination” and “has a remarkably poor knowledge of what is going on in the social environment”. All of these are pluses from the viewpoint of the credibility of the witness, and negate the possibility of him having created the whole story. And in fact, the investigators were able to determine that the ufological knowledge of the witness was practically non-existent.

From the emotional viewpoint, the witness is typified as “insecure, prompt to react anxiously and even aggressively” to an unexpected situation. That is exactly what the witness did when confronted with the impossible presence of a car on the terrace: his first reaction was to arm himself, although he could not explain later to the investigators what he intended to do with the gun. But he was following his training, and thus bolstered his confidence.

Another result of the psychological tests is that the witness has “a balanced psychic personality”, and it is “unlikely that he would confabulate by himself, unless an external event would upset him”. To summarize, his poor intellectual capacity and lack of imagination did not allow him to reason what was best to do when confronted with the unexpected, and instead of firing his gun or alerting his companions, he failed to do either, remaining paralyzed and confused. When he returned to the house, the other men noticed his trembling voice and his pale color, so there is no question that an external stimulus affected him deeply.

The conclusion, then, is that the psychology and personality of the witness are such that his reactions and behavior under the circumstances are totally compatible. Therefore, the probability that the witness is telling the truth is very great.

Of course, there is always an uncertainty about what percentage of the description of the witness corresponds to the physical reality of the object and the entities, but we can assert that in fact that Isla de Lobos is a remote place, moreover, a restricted area with difficult access, controlled by the Uruguayan Navy, and where no conventional explanations are viable, the inescapable conclusion is that this case is, using Dr. Maccabee’s coined word, a TRUFO. - Dr. Willy Smith (UNICAT Project)/ C.I.O.V.I.



On November 17, 1972, Navy Captain Ruben R. Varela, Chief of the 2nd. Division of the Naval General Staff sent official communication # 237/17/XI/72 to the Chief of the 2nd.Division of the Uruguayan Air Force General Staff, giving details of the report made by 1st. Corporal Mr. Juan Fuentes Figueroa, related to the observation he made at the Isla de Lobos Lighthouse of an object that landed on the ceiling of the building that surrounds the lighthouse itself, on October 28, 1972.

The Centro de Investigación de Objetos Voladores Inidentificados (Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Center) – CIOVI- knew about the case in August, 1973, when the Air Force gave it to the Center to investigate and study. The Center started the investigation immediately.

In August of 1973, the Uruguayan armed forces had already taken over the government of the country. This is the context in which the report came to CIOVI.

Besides, this was the first report of an ECIII (Close Encounter of the Third Kind) in Uruguay. There were some rumors of other events, but they never got beyond that point.

Reviewing the case today, it has to be said that although the investigation was done in a consistent way, with dedication and determination and at considerable financial cost, the members of the Center did not have enough boldness to take some complementary and indispensable steps. In the same way, no one thought about a conventional solution to the case, given the strange circumstances –the place and the time when it happened—and the lack of information that would have allowed to satisfactorily solve the case.

Nevertheless, CIOVI was cautious in its final evaluation. It was written in the report:

“Although this Center cannot affirm that there was an Unidentified Flying Object at the Isla de Lobos on October 28, 1972, there is a high degree of possibility that such event happened.”

The report ended saying: “From the investigation and study done there is no stimulus –either natural or artificial-- that could account for the case, except the one that the witness described.”

The Center always sustained that this case has a mere value of a 50% given the fact that there was only one witness.

The time dedicated to the investigation, the reconstruction in-situ, the questioning sessions, the search for additional information, the complementary interviews to other people and the psychological tests applied to the witness, plus the doubts the case has posed, proves why CIOVI only came to a conclusion after an ordinary session on March 21, 1975, and an extraordinary session on March 25 of the same year.

CIOVI affirms that UFO is a technical/operational definition and that is always provisional, because what on a precise historical moment is not known by the investigators, could become something known at a later time and then it is possible to find an appropriate explanation to a given case. The un-identified is no longer such and then, the case reaches a conclusion.

In 1973 the members of CIOVI were not aware about a kind of aircraft that could have explained what happened, and that fits the descriptions given by the witness.

But we also have to recognize that --influenced by the UFO cases known at an international level and having developed a work of Compared Ufology— we were lead to emphasize certain mistakes of perception about the characteristics of the Isla de Lobos case. We also ascribed to the case some characteristics of cases from other parts of the world, because we trusted in those other sources of information.

Currently, we have learned that the magazine “Flying Saucer Review” is not a source of data in which you can trust. But we also have learned that there is not an intrinsic value in the cases used by Dr. Jacques Vallee to sustain the thesis in his book “Passport to Magonia”, nor are the cases referred in “The APRO Bulletin” (a clearly pro-ET publication), neither the cases mentioned in the books: “Flying Saucers Uncensored” by U. Wilkins; “Les Apparitions des Martiens” by Michel Carrouges; “The Humanoids” by many authors; or “UFOs over the Americas” by Coral E. Lorenzen.

1973 was another time for Ufology and also for CIOVI.

Maturity will start a couple of years later and it will reach a peak with the publication of the book “Elements of Ufology” in 1989, and –of course-- all that process is testified in the book “UFOs: The Secret Agenda” written also by the author of this report. The book will be published at the end of 2005 by Spain’s Fundación Anomalía, because it was awarded with the International Zurich Prize.

When we recently reviewed the folder of the case, in March 2005, we found two basic issues that were sidestepped then and that should have lead us to look for something conventional. But in 1973 we didn’t know what they could be.

The first issue, is –as the witness pointed out opportunely—that three days later, he went to the roof of the building that surrounds the lighthouse, and verified that the painting of the lighthouse that usually is pealed out by the wind and covers the ceiling, was swept out. The witness said that he found the ceiling “Clean, clean, clean, as if they had blown on it” (interview of August 18, 1973).

The second issue, is the most conclusive: the sound. The witness perceived vibration –probably of the air—due to the fact that he approached the craft as close as 27m50, and three kinds of sounds that he describes perfectly well and that today make us raise our eyebrows, but that then, were left aside, --we have to admit-- unforgivably.

In order to go sequentially, step by step, about what happened, let’s start with the description of the situation given by the witness:

The first sight and the door that opens: three crew members

“I was in the service of the Navy taking care of the lighthouse…at 10PM I went out to check the engine that in those moments was working. We have already finished our dinner and then I went out, I opened the door and I looked at the lighthouse terrace and I saw a craft on the terrace, that seemed to be…. first I said to myself ‘but it couldn’t be, a car over the house, on the terrace’ and then the first thing I though was to go to my bedroom and take a pistol, a 32 caliber, and I went on through the way that goes to the lighthouse approaching it, and as I approached a door was opened and three individuals emerged from it”

The color of the craft, the hum, the take-off maneuver and the exhaust

Later the witness declared that the object: “had a reddish color, something like burned...a mahogany color, the thing, the metal plate of the craft, because the lights that were below allowed to see it. At that moment I pointed with my weapon ready to shoot, and I felt…I don’t know, like a vibration, something strange in my body, eh…I heard a humming sound…. then I remained quiet until I saw they were getting inside the craft, one after the other, the door closes automatically and then it started to produce a sound, a sound, a sound, I don’t know, something like, a whirring sound, something fantastic…it emitted a hum and begun slowly to take…ehh, to take- off there from the terrace, until it reached a height the half of the lighthouse approximately, --the lighthouse has a height of 66 meters. It took an elevation until the half of the height of the lighthouse and then it inclined itself pointing to the coast, to the beach where there are big rocks, there are tremendous cliffs, and then it blew out a ball of fire from below, something blinding, a ball of fire, like a flame of all colors, reddish and white, and then from that moment, it took an inclination at an angle of more than 45 degrees, --because it totally inclined itself—and it let that puff of fire, and that whirring sound continued, and then it took a fantastic speed going toward the beach, and I said to myself ‘well, there’s going to be an explosion, it’s going to smash itself, but it was incredible, because you couldn’t hear anything else.”

The crewmembers went down giving their backs to the witness and using a ladder

The witness also declared that the individuals: “opened a door and went out” and he said later: “it seems that they went down giving their backs” to the witness. In another moment of his deposition, when the witness saw them to get in the craft, he said: “they take three steps”. It is important to clarify that the witness sees everything as a silhouette, without details, against the lights of the craft.

The noise at take-off, the exhaust. The flight begins with an inclination

Later the witness said once again: “and then it is when it starts doing that sound that it is going to take-off, that sound, that sound that it does, it is when it gets high until half the height of the lighthouse, it rears up itself and ejects that ball of fire, that big flame, (that) later keeps as a white ball and (the craft) takes that incredible speed, very impressive.”

Cyclic sound, the exhaust noise

In the same declaration, the issue of the noise returns. The witness talked about the humming sound and is requested to imitate it with his voice, and then the witness said:

“It made beeoogh…beeoogh… beeoogh (a cyclic sound that he imitates onomatopoetically) as it is clarified in the transcription of the recorded interrogation. A bit ahead the witness said: “That fire has to have done noise…that’s what I think, that the fire makes noise, the flame makes noise when it is ejected powerfully”

These are the things the witness said during the first interrogation session, done on August 18, 1973.

The use of a ladder, the pilot first

On a second interrogation session, done on September 1st., 1973, the witness said that the door was opened to the left and closed to the right, adding: “These guys stepped up, I think, they stepped up a ladder, they took some steps and the last that got off was the first to get in.”

And again he mentioned: “The whirring sounds at the departure…that shrieking sound”.

Discussion and hypothesis

It seems obvious, when reading again these statements, that they point to a helicopter.

What the members of CIOVI didn’t know in1973, was that a kind of helicopter that could explain the observation existed. Certainly, that kind of helicopter was not used in Uruguay. But since 1968, the Argentinean Air Force for instance, had this particular kind of helicopter that allows us to explain the case due to its characteristics.

This said, we do not mean that the helicopter implicated in this case was Argentinean, but that is the closest geographical reference that we have.

The Hughes 500

The kind and model that allows us to explain the case is the Hughes 500, a small, versatile, light aircraft well suited for observation, reconnaissance, surveillance missions, etc.

Making a little bit of history, the Hughes model 369 had its origins in a US Army competition for a light observation helicopter in 1961. One of three designs selected for development was the HO-6 later known as OH-6A, which flew for the first time on February 27, 1963. The OH-6A Cayuse was selected in May 1965 for production, and is widely recognized for its service in the Vietnam conflict. This version has subsequently undergone development in its power plant and rotor configuration through the C & D versions.

As the military version was proceeding, Hughes was also pursuing commercial development of the Model 369. Known as the Hughes 500, the aircraft originally had three versions - the basic 7-seat version, a 5-seat executive version, and a utility model. The latter, powered by an Allison T-63-A-5A, was known initially as the 500U, but became the 500C. An export military version, the 500M, was also produced, and the company extended licenses for the helicopter to be built in Argentina, Italy and Japan.

The Hughes 500 series is the world's most popular light turbine helicopter. Its rugged construction, operational performance and reliability puts the Hughes 500 ahead of the competition. Crisp handling and maneuverability combine to make it the favorite of many helicopter pilots.

Case Analysis

1)The perspective in which the witness saw the craft and its dimensions

The witness didn’t see the craft from one side but on an oblique position, which keeps perfectly the measurements of the height of the craft calculated by the Directive Counselor Mr. Germán Vázquez in 2 meters –the real is 2m48—during the reconstruction in-situ of the case.

That same oblique perspective reduces for the witness the size of the cabin, which in he occasion was calculated with a length of 3 meters, being the total length of the fuselage 7m01 and 4 meters that of the cabin.

The superposition of both images (the helicopter and the drawing made by Mr. Vázquez in 1973) is totally convincing.

2)The color of the craft

The witness said: “It had a color a little bit reddish, like something…burned, it had a color…ehh…mahogany, the thing, the metal plate of the craft”

Obviously the color will depend of the painting used in the helicopter. Here we bring two examples that in certain way can fit the description made by the witness.

In one case, it is a helicopter of the Argentinean Air Force. In the other case, it is a helicopter used for tourism purposes.

3)The door

According with the witness the door opens to the left and closes to the right.

4)The ladder

The witness said: “they take three steps”. “These guys stepped up, I think, they stepped up a ladder, they took some steps and the last that got off was the first to get in.”

5)The sound of the rotor

The witness said: “It made beeoogh…beeoogh… beeoogh…” “The whirring sounds at the departure…that shrieking sound”.

The onomatopoeia used by Corporal Fuentes couldn’t be more precise, because it imitates quite well the whipping sound that is produced by the rotary wings of the helicopter cutting the air when the rotor starts moving, and then the increasing shrieking sound belonging to the engine turned on.

6)The take-off maneuver, the rear fire exhaust and its sound

The witness said eloquently:

“and then it is when it starts doing that sound that it is going to take-off, that sound, that sound that it does, it is when it gets high until half the height of the lighthouse, it rears up itself and ejects that ball of fire, that big flame, (that) later keeps as a white ball and (the craft) takes that incredible speed, very impressive.”

“That fire has to have done noise…that’s what I think, that the fire makes noise, the flame makes noise when it is ejected powerfully”

It is well known that at their departure helicopters tend to go rear up until they stabilize themselves.

The Hughes 500 has a nozzle behind the cabin where the flames would be seen. Have in mind that this is a nocturnal case.

The witness completed his description of the maneuver saying that the craft “described like a curve to the horizon and it was lost in the distance”

7)Time and total duration of the sighting

Once again we need to emphasize –particularly dealing with details— this was a nocturnal case that started at 10:10PM. That the total duration of the sighting was of one minute and three seconds, approximately, and that the witness saw the craft over the roof of the building that surrounds the lighthouse for just 15 seconds.

The weather was good, with a clear sky and there was no Moon. The New Moon was on October 26, 1972, just two days before.

8)Final considerations

As it was opportunely reported by Psychologist Licentiate Pedro Cassou, who applied to the witness a total of 9 hours of psychological tests in two sessions: “the subject is not going to confabulate something by himself unless an external event disturbs him in such a way that then yes…..the subject fails in an adequate objective discrimination of the perceived object”. And this is exactly what happened that night. Mr. Fuentes failed to adequately discriminate the perceived object, but he didn’t confabulate anything. He truly saw something over the roof of the building that surrounds the lighthouse that caught powerfully his attention and that baffled him.

First he thought it was a car, but because it was impossible, he was so impressed that run to get a weapon as to feel more secure.

Maybe the individuals of the helicopter verifying the reaction of Fuentes decided immediately to run away.

To all this considerations, it is necessary to add that the witness had seen some TV programs conducted by he Argentinean Nicolás “Pipo” Mancera, where the UFO issue appeared recurrently dealt in the most sensational way possible, dimming the lights of the studio, speaking with tremulous voices, using special effects, and recurring to the presentation of cases that have been shown as frauds.

An example of this is the alleged ECIII (including a message and images) of which two casino employees of the Mendoza Province (Juan Carlos Peccinetti and Fernando Villegas) were supposedly witnesses on August 31, 1968; and the case which allegedly happened in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, on June 14, 1968, in which María Eladia Pretzel, who was 19 years old at that time, said that she met at her home with an “extraterrestrial being” while she was alone.

CIOVI had two other UFO reports of witnesses that often watched the above-mentioned TV program. In both cases the witnesses were very excited. Both cases had totally conventional explanations.

In one case, the witness, a commercial traveler, arrived at a police station agitated and babbling. After calming him the officers were able to write a document where the witness said that a UFO has been following him on the road. That UFO was no other than planet Jupiter.

In the other case, the witness arrived at his home very afraid. The following day his wife noticed a strange and evasive behavior.

The witness went to a number of institutions, starting with the American Embassy, then to the Army Command, the Planetarium, the Air Force and finally met the people of CIOVI to whom the Air Force transferred the case to investigate.

The witness mistook a yellow sweeper machine –near a deposit for them-- and a municipal worker as a “UFO” and an “alien”. Later, he said the UFO was already in the sky. He saw it when he arrived at his home, it was shining in the sky, and it is in that circumstance when he received some “telepathic messages”. That shining thing in the sky was the Moon.

These examples show clearly the suggestive power of a TV program like that, on certain minds.


Due to:

a)A thoughtful review of the whole case;

b)The descriptions of color, size, shape, sounds and maneuvers given by the witness;

c)The date the Hughes 500 helicopter was built and its characteristics;

d)The comparison and compatibility of the description given by the witness with the characteristics of the Hughes 500;

The undersigning Directive Counselor, who investigated and studied the case in 1973, concludes that it was originated in the unusual observation of a Hughes 500 helicopter over the roof of the building that surrounds the Isla de Lobos lighthouse, on October 28, 1972, made only by one witness: 1st. Navy Corporal Juan Fuentes Figueroa.

The Directive Counselor Mr.Germán S. Vázquez, who also investigated the case originally and with whom the undersigning exchanged ideas, information, etc. during the process of this study, shares this conclusion.

The undersigning Directive Counselor refrains himself from speculating about the reasons or motives why such a helicopter landed on that date, place and hour.

According to what has being always a tradition in CIOVI, on Monday, April 25 of 2005. Directive Counselor Mr. Germán Vázquez, tried to reach Mr. Juan Fuentes Figueroa to tell him about the conclusion of his case. The phone call was answered by Mr. Fuentes wife who told Mr. Vázquez that her husband have died three years ago.

CIOVI deeply regrets the passing away of Mr. Juan Fuentes Figueroa. He was a very good man who cooperated fully and unconditionally with all the stages of the investigation of this case, and we suppose he would have gladly accepted the conclusion of it, because he always wanted to know exactly what it was that he saw. - Milton W. Hourcade, Directive Counselor - C.I.O.V.I.

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