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Just the Facts?: No Permits...BFRO Expedition Nixed -- Cannibal Serbian Gangsters -- Umbilical Cord Theft

BFRO dolt books expedition...fails to get permit

Buffalo National River (AR)
Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

On February 24th, rangers received information from a concessionaire who reported that there were visitors in the park who were on a "Bigfoot hunting expedition." Rangers Billy Bell and Ben Henthorne proceeded to the Steel Creek Campground to investigate. After questioning numerous people associated with the group, they discovered that approximately 30 people had paid Matt Pruitt, who is affiliated with The Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization, to lead them on a hunt for the creature. Several participants said that they had paid $300 to $500 each to be lead on a three- day expedition. Pruitt was cited for a violation of the regulation on engaging in a business without a permit or written agreement (36 CFR 5.3). Paid activities that do not have commercial use authorizations or special use permits appear to be on the increase on a nationwide basis and need to be on the radar of all park staff to insure that only sanctioned and permitted activities are conducted in the parks. - Karen L Bradford, Chief Ranger

NOTE: Ricky D...take notice


Serbian gangsters killed rival then ate him for lunch

Sadistic gangsters tortured and killed a treacherous gang member then turned him into a stew, police believe. They are thought to have beaten Milan Jurisic, 37, to death with a hammer, skinned and boned him with a sharp knife then put him through a meat grinder. Their hitman, Sretko Kalinic, nicknamed The Butcher, confessed to the crime after being arrested in the Croatian capital Zagreb last year.

He said he ‘literally dismembered him’ in order to turn the body into mincemeat and throw any remains into the river in Madrid. Spanish officers this week found 50 bones in the Manzanares river and located the house of horrors where the bloodbath took place. They are awaiting forensic confirmation that the bones are those of Jurisic. The cannibal gang is also said to have made a sinister face mask from the victim’s skin before eating him for lunch.

The killers are believed to have spent the next five days cleaning the premises where the murder took place. Jurisic was on the run after being convicted in his absence to 30 years in prison over the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003. Police believe the gang which killed him was led by Luka Bojovic, who was arrested last month and also accused of assassinating Mr Djindjic.

Inside Bojovic’s apartment in Valencia they found documents backing up Kalinic’s account of the killing. Officers also found a letter suggesting Jurisic and Bojovic fell out over a woman. Previously, it was thought their argument was over money. All of those involved in the Madrid murder are said to be members of the Zemun Clan, a Serbian crime group from Belgrade. The crime is being investigated at the National Court in Madrid. - metro


Men jailed for 'accidental' umbilical cord theft

Three men have been convicted after a witness saw them breaking into an apartment in southern Stockholm, whereupon the burglars filled their pockets with valuables – and an umbilical cord. The thieves were discovered when a witness in a nearby residence saw them prowling around the apartment in Örby Slott, south of Stockholm. She called police when she saw two of them climb through a window, while another kept watch below.

When the police arrived on the scene, two men, aged 25 and 27, jumped from the balcony and fled the scene, but were soon caught by police. When police asked the thieves to empty their pockets, they were surprised to find an umbilical cord among the loot – of which 2,700 kronor ($401) in cash, jewellery and digital music players were included.

“We had saved our newborn baby’s umbilical cord as a memory, kind of like how some people keep a lock of their children’s hair. It’s a tradition in some countries,” said the child’s father. Luckily, the family got the precious appendage back as well as everything else that was taken.

The two thieves were charged with aggravated robbery, while another man, 22, was charged for being an accomplice to the theft. The robbery occurred in January this year, and the 25-year-old admitted in court that he couldn’t remember the event due to being under the influence of pills. The 25 and 27-year-old were nevertheless each sentenced to nine months prison, while the 22-year-old was given a suspended sentence for aiding and abetting. - thelocal


Man shoots 3 inch nail in to his head

Shooting a three inch nail into your skull, sounds like a painful experience, but when construction worker Jeff Luptak accidentally did exactly this, he surprisingly reported that he 'didn't feel any pain.'

Infact his first concern was saving the new baseball cap that was pinned to his head.

'The doctors told me they were going to have to cut my hat off,' said Jeff, who got it as a freebie for spending lots of cash at a sporting goods store.

'I jokingly told them: You can't do that. I had to spend $300 to get that hat,' he added.

The potentially fatal accident accident happened on February 1 when Jeff, 45, was working on a new house in Bismarck, North Dakota, where he lives with his 38-year-old wife Kim and their three daughters.

Mr Luptak was in the basement, installing flooring, when he asked another worker standing above him to hand him a nail gun.

'When I reached up to get it I pulled it down and I heard it go off. I immediately felt this pressure in my skull so I knew I'd just got shot in the head,' he said.

'I didn't feel any pain. All I felt was some pressure, like somebody was pushing their thumb down on my head.'

Mr Luptak made his way to a ladder to climb out of the basement when he suddenly felt his legs shaking.

'I thought: I'm going into shock. I'm going to die right here. I thought of my wife and kids. I thought: Oh God, I'm never going to see them again,' he said.

Mr Luptak, still conscious, was rushed to a hospital in Bismarck.

Doctors took X-rays that showed the nail had penetrated almost 3 inches into his skull.

'The doctor said the nail was either in a main artery or right beside it. He said he didn't want to attempt to pull it out because he was afraid I'd bleed to death,' he said.

Mr Luptak was flown 500 miles to another hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, where a team of brain surgeons successfully removed the nail.

They removed a golf ball size piece of his skull, extracted the nail, put a titanium plate over the opening and then used 26 staples to put back the piece of skull they'd taken out.

'After the surgery, a nurse told me: You're the luckiest unlucky guy I've ever seen,' he said
Mr Luptak spent a week in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

As for the precious hat, Mr Luptak said: 'They were able to save it. They just cut a small hole in the top of it. I can still wear and it serves as a reminder that I've been given a second chance on life.' -

NOTE: I witnessed a guy shoot a skid nail into his hand once...didn't realize it until he tried to move the hand and it was attached to the skid. I don't think I've ever heard a man cry like that. Lon

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Bizarre and Odd Locations You May Not Know

Bhangarh Fort, India

The ruins of Bhangarh Fort in the Rajasthan state in India are known for being the most hunted place in south Asia. According to one of the myths, Bhangarh was cursed by Guru Balu Nath (Baba Balanath), who originally sanctioned the construction but warned that his sacred meditating place lies nearby and should the palace reach the size which would cast a shadow big enough to reach his forbidden retreat, the city would fall into ruin. Ignorant of the warning, Ajab Singh – one of dynasty’s descendants raised the palace to a height that cast the shadow on the Balu Nath’s retreat and the city was cursed. There are several other myths and legends that explain the reasons why the fort was abandoned overnight and never re-inhabited, but they all revolve around the fact that the city was cursed and is now haunted by ghosts.

Even the army is scared – The Government of India wanted to put the myth of ghosts haunting the Bhangarh Ruin to rest by deploying the military to patrol the fort at night. However, none of the Indian military personnel dared to participate in this ghost busting operation because the belief that it’s haunted by ghosts is so deep. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the official government body responsible for maintenance of monuments and ruins throughout the country officially recognizes the Bhangarh Fort as a place haunted by ghosts. Because of that, no accommodation if offered within the ruins and even the office of ASI was built at a safe distance from the fort, instead of within it as is the case of other similar sites.

There are warnings at all entry points to the Bhangarh Fort advising people not to venture into the city at night. Some of the signs posted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) not only advise against, but literally prohibit visitors from entering Bhangarh Fort at night, stating:

“Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.”


The Screaming Bridge

Outside of Fairfield, Ohio on Maud Hughes Road is the legendary Screaming Bridge It’s said that the ‘scream’ that is heard is that of someone who has died here. One of the earliest tragedies linked to the bridge goes back to a railroad accident in which two men were scalded to death when the locamotive they were on exploded between West Chester and Gano. However, that accident was in West Chester Township (formerly Union Township). The Maud Hughes bridge is in Liberty Township, yet somehow, the accident became attributed to this area.

Other tales tell us though that the ‘Screaming Bridge’ name came from one of several possible other events. Stories such as an arguing couple crossing the bridge, when a woman was pushed, or fell, to her death. Or of another couple breaking down at the bridge, and the boyfriend left his girlfriend behind to go get help. When he later returned, she was found hanging by her neck from the bridge. Yet another tells of a distrought mother throwing her newborn baby from the bridge, so the screams you hear are of her misery and horror of what she did.

While these are all stories told of any number of bridges around the world, there’s more. Reports of phantom trains or engineers on the tracks below. Orbs seen floating along beneath the bridge, along with supposed Satanic rituals taking place below as well. Still other variations of the tales say that if you stop on the bridge, and flash your headlights 3 times, some form of ghostly activity will occur. I wouldn’t recomend trying though, the bridge turns sharply at either end, making it impossible for oncoming traffic to see you until they are right on you!

A 1909 accident killed two engineers and injured 3 others aboard a train on October 24th. One of the engineers killed was off duty, hitching a ride back home to Middletown when the steam locamotive exploded. It had been fully loaded with water when it left Ivorydale in Cincinnati, but after about 11 miles out, a leak had drained most of it, causing the explosion. That accident wasn’t the only tradgedy along that stretch of track. On June 7th. 1976, at the Princeton Road overpass in Liberty Township, a Penn Centeral employee was killed when two rails protruding from a southbound work train penetrated the cab of the Northbound locamotive he was on.

So while I can’t say no one had died here, in fact, i’m sure they have at some point in time, but all these tales surrouding the bridge seem to be just urban legend, or error. But who’s to say, after all, those phantom trains and engineers have to come from somewhere, maybe they are just passing by here on thier way to the other side!


The Merry Cemetery - Sapânta, Romania

The original character of the cemetery is first of all suggested by its name: Cimitirul Vesel that means The Merry Cemetery. This paradoxical name is due to the vivid colours of the crosses and the amusing or satirical epitaphs carved on them. It is said that this joyful attitude towards death is a legacy of the Dacians who believed in the immortality of the soul and that death was only a passage to a better life. They did not see death as a tragic end, but as a chance to meet with the supreme god, Zalmoxis.

The cemetery dates back to the mid-1930′s and is the creation of the local folk artist Stan Ioan Patras, sculptor, painter and poet rolled in one. Patras used all his skills to create colourful tombstones with naïve paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the persons that are buried there as well as scenes from their lives.


The Forbidden Island

This island is one among 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki itself. It is also known as "Gunkan-jima" or Battleship Island thanks to its high sea walls. It began in 1890 when a company called Mitsubishi bought the island and began a project to retrieve coal from the bottom of the sea. This attracted much attention, and in 1916 they were forced to build Japan’s first large concrete building on the island. A block of apartments that would both accommodate the seas of workers and protect them from hurricanes.

In 1959, population had swelled, and boasted a density of 835 people per hectare for the whole island (1,391 per hectare for the residential district) - one of the highest population densities ever recorded worldwide. As petroleum replaced coal in Japan in the 1960’s, coal mines began shutting down all over the country, and Hashima’s mines were no exception. In 1974 Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine, and today it is empty and bare, with travel currently prohibited. The island was the location for the 2003 film ‘Battle Royale II’ and inspired the final level of popular Asian videogame "Killer7".


The London Dungeon

London Dungeon is Europe's largest ‘dark' visitor attraction and is appropriately sited under the bleak, foreboding arches of London bridge. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted and visitors see torture, execution, and macabre medieval madness along the way. The Dungeons are some of Europe's premier themed attractions offering visitors the opportunity to take a terrifying journey through the darker side of history. The Great Fire of London, a Boat Ride to Hell, and the Labyrinth of the Lost are all fantastic multi-million pound themed attractions amongst dozens of other exhibits and tableaux. Live actors add to the terror and excitement. There are many hideous instruments of torture to be seen in recreated settings, most of which are unbelievably sadistic and cruel. The dangerous streets of Whitechapel in Victorian London were the hunting grounds for notorious murderer and mutilator Jack the Ripper. One of the most infamous serial killers of all time, you can meet Jack at the London Dungeon.

Just the Facts?: Chupacabras in Michoacán, Mexico -- Giant Crocodiles Stalk Man -- Booms Linked To Minor Quakes?

Chupacabras in Parácuaro, Michoacán

By Arq. Claudio Mora, La Esfera Azul
(With thanks to journalist Martha Flores Rodríguez for her cooperation)

Thanks to Scott Corrales - Inexplicata

On March 1st, 2012, an event took place in the Mexican town of Parácuaro, Michoacán, whose characteristics can be catalogued as uncommon, if not outright extraordinary.

On that day, Antonio Rosiles, an animal caretaker, was faced with the unpleasant surprise that the pen in which several sheep were kept, 35 of them were dead, and others injured. All of the dead sheep shared the same characteristic: practically little or no blood, an incision to their necks, traces of scratch marks (made by three-fingered claw) and most importantly, signs of apparent fang-marks on their necks.

Antonio Rosiles himself stated something that was as revealing as it was intriguing. He claimed to have been an eyewitness to the creature itself, describing it has having wings, fangs and claws, and that several sheep were found dead and exsanguinated outside their pens. This pen – as stated by Agustin Carrillo, the owner of the property – has a two meter tall cyclone fence which betrayed no signs of damage or openings through which an assailant (or assailants) could have entered, thus accentuating the mystery surrounding this case.

The case was covered at the time by Miguel Estrada García, a renowned journalist from Michoacán with over forty years of experience in the field. He reported the case in an extremely professional manner for CuasarTV, Michoacán’s news agency. Furthermore, he mentioned during the course of a phone interview with us, that he was specifically summoned to the case by German Gil Uribe, a veterinary zootechnologist with SAGARPA (Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Foods).

It should also be mentioned that in a case of such magnitude, involving characteristics of so-called “Chupacabras”, had not taken place in our state of Michoacán for some years now, and it was based on this that the La Esfera Azul Group took it upon itself to investigate and hold friendly chats with parties who were present on-site, in an effort to learn all of the details of the case, and have the journalist speak openly about his experiences while on assignment.

So it was that journalist Miguel Estrada Spoke with this author [Claudio Mora] during a broad and detailed phone interview – an exclusive for La Esfera Azul – where he discusses the case in a professional manner.

A case that in of itself, as I have said, marks an interesting precedent on the presence of the “predator”, as the creature has come to be known, in our country. The aim of this report is to stimulate thought in our readers so that they may reach their own conclusions

Transcription of Telephone Interview With Journalist Miguel Estrada, Conducted by Arq. Claudio Mora, La Esfera Azul, Regarding the Parácuaro Chupacabras Incident.

Mora: [...] We are in the middle of a telephone interview that Mr. Miguel Estrada has kindly decided to give us. We will be talking to Mr. Miguel Estrada about the very interesting case involving the Chupacabras, appearing only a few days ago in Parácuaro Michoacán. What is commonly known as Chupacabras, he had the opportunity to conduct research in this regard. Good morning Mr. Estrada, how are you?

Estrada: Good morning, arquitecto. I’m here at your disposal

Mora: Many thanks, many thanks indeed, Mr. Estrada. First, we’d like to know how it was that you learned of this event and well, everything that happened around it.

Estrada: Well, [garbled] I’ve been involved in the profession of journalism for some forty years, shall we say. [garbled] and I received a call that day from veterinary Uribe, who was inviting me to accompany him to Parácuaro Michoacán to look into a matter of which he had firsthand knowledge. In a sheep pen, they had found a considerable number of animals attached by an animal, about 30-35 dead sheep.

Mora: This thing you’re telling us is truly interesting, Mr. Estrada, because as far as we know, your state of Michoacán had never had any cases of such a nature. And we’d like to know more about the highly polished and professional video you made in which you also interview the possible witness, who claims seeing the strange being, describing it in a way that is interesting and intriguing.

Estrada: Of course. In such cases I’m very respectful of the people being interviewed, and I simply record what they saw, what they felt, and what actually occurred, or that they supposedly saw in such a case. Personally, I have to abide by what these people have told me, as I cannot very well contradict them. Those people experienced the situation at the moment, and I didn’t. Our job is to be aware, to glean the information, how it was seen in this situation, resulting in the deaths of 35 male and female sheep by an alleged predator. That’s as far as I’d like to go, as part of my work. But what really struck me was that within the premises where the pen was located, there were others, even pig pens. The entrance to this complex of animal pens is at least one hectare wide. Some enclosures held beef cattle, others contained horses. It surprised me that with such a wide variety of animals present, only sheep should have been attacked. What’s more, the perimeter, which runs about a quarter of a hectare, has a cyclone fence at stands at least two meters tall. While talking to the owner, Agustín – I’m forgetting his last name, I think its Carrillo – we toured the fence and could not find any part that was deteriorated or with an opening that would have allowed any animal to go through. I was further surprised to find in the sheep pen that there was no way that any animal could have walked or dragged itself in. The cyclone fence has a small door, measuring a meter and a half tall, was closed and secured, so how did the person or animal responsible [for the slayings] get in? I was also surprised that in parts of the animals skins – specifically the ram, found some 30 meters away from the pen – showed signs of a claw, but not an even claw, showing claw marks running – how shall I say? – up and down. The wounds displayed were three, but cross-shaped. Imagine that you were extending your hand and making a “peace and love” symbol with your fingers. Now put your fingers on your desk, run them up and down, and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

Mora: This is very compelling, Mr. Estrada. You’ve given us something to think about. Given your long professional experience, you certainly have the wherewithal for opining on this case from the journalistic standpoint, and as you say, we can’t say if the witness is telling the truth or not. But given that you were at the scene of the events yourself, we can state that were a facing an interesting and intriguing case. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to know, throughout all your long and distinguished years in journalism, if you had ever heard of anything similar to this case.

Estrada: Well, what can I start with, here in the Tierra Caliente region, about 20-25 years ago, there emerged a rumor or belief among the population about the animal I spoke about in the beginning. I never had the chance to be present at any of these attacks on animals...or even on birds! But yes, the entire region was aware, and [garbled] reminiscences of those attacks emerged again as a result of this. Some 8 or 9 months ago in Apatzingán, at the municipal meat storage locker or in its vicinity, a farmer suffered similar attacks to his livestock. I did hear remarks from people who work at the abattoir who said that thirty something sheep had been attacked by an unknown creature. This was some 8 months ago, I tell you. So if you check out the accounts of other witnesses, you’ll learn that five years ago, another resident of Parácuaro had an experience that was similar to the present attack we’re discussing. Five years ago, this person had his sheep taken away and devoured, leaving traces of some of the ones it had carried away. But up to now, that’s the extent of the record that we have.

Mora: Very interesting, Mr. Estrada. So we can say with regard to this case that there are differences with the previous case that you’ve told us. In this present case, no remains of eaten sheep have been found. Can we speculate as to what the unknown animal in this case could be, Mr. Estrada?

Estrada: Well, in this case I will stress that that I’m startled by the fact that some sheep were left alive, but I’m startled that [the attacks] were directed against the animals jugular veins, I don’t know how to describe it. I’ll send you the photos as soon as we’re done with this conversation so you can form your own opinion based on the images. Personally, I repeat, I respect [what I was told] and cannot say to what extent it was true or false. But what we cannot dismiss is that over 35 sheep were slain at that location.

Mora: In closing this interview that Mr. Estrada has so graciously given us, I’d like to make one final question [garbled – asks interviewee if a case of full exsanguination versus partial blood remaining in the carcasses would’ve made a difference]

Estrada: Well, no specimens were found lying in a pool of blood. There was blood visible at the site of the injury and nothing more. No, there was no blood in evidence in the ground where they lay.

Mora: And that’s another mystery to ponder. I want to thank you for your great willingness to be interviewed, and is there some closing statement you’d like to leave us with?

Estrada: I’d like to thank you for your interest in the matter and for contacting me, and I remain at your service.

(Translation & Transcription (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Arq. Claudio Mora)

Chupacabras and Other Mysteriesby Scott Corrales


Giant Crocs Stalk Australian Man For Days

An Australian man has been rescued after being stalked by huge crocodiles for three days at a remote flooded fishing hut.

Terry Donovan, 65, was at the hut on Dinah Island, in north Queensland, when he was cut off by flood waters this week, the Cairns Post reported.

Mr Donovan saw four-metre saltwater crocs lurking in the waters, with one lunging at a wallaby sheltering on the hut's back deck.

"The first time I saw it and it saw me, it was just outside. It sank below the surface and I saw it swim under the house,'' he said.

"I was determined I wasn't going outside, come hell or high water.''

He said he was afraid that if the water rose much higher, one of them could swim in and attack him.

I was determined I wasn't going outside, come hell or high water.

Mr Donovan positioned himself in the highest place he could find, taking refuge on a billiard table, which he packed with supplies.

"(The water) just kept going up and up and up, and it was just an inch or so above the nets where the balls are collected by the billiard table," he said.

"And I thought, 'Well, the next step is the roof, I'm out of here'."

Mr Donovan was eventually rescued after being spotted by a helicopter which came to check on him after he failed to answer his satellite phone. - sky


Why Is Nearly Every President Left Handed?

Did you know that being left-handed is basically a requirement to hold the U.S. presidency? Lefties comprise just 10 percent of the population, yet the only right-handed president over the past three decades was George Dubya Bush. What does it mean? Are the left-dominant a superior race? Is the “evil” hand some sort of Illuminati-approved symbol? Via Wikipedia:

As of 2012, four (five if Reagan is counted) out of the last seven presidents have been left-handed. In the 1992 election, all three major candidates – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot – were left-handed. The 1996 election also involved three left-handed candidates: Clinton, Perot, and Bob Dole, who learned to use his left hand after his right hand was paralyzed by a World War II injury. Additionally, both major-party candidates in the 2008 presidential election – Barack Obama and John McCain – were left-handed.

According to Daniel Geschwind, a professor of human genetics at UCLA: “[The phenomenon] is statistically significant, and probably means something.” - disinfo


Clintonville, Wisconsin Earthquake: Booms May Be Linked To Minor Quakes

A minor earthquake occurred this week near the eastern Wisconsin city where researchers have been investigating a series of unexplained booming sounds, federal geologists said Thursday.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday just after midnight in Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay.

Geophysicist Paul Caruso told The Associated Press that loud booming noises have been known to accompany earthquakes. It's possible the mysterious sounds that town officials have been investigating are linked to the quake, he said.

Earthquakes can generate seismic energy that moves through rock at thousands of miles per hour, producing a sonic boom when the waves come to the surface, Caruso said.

"To be honest, I'm skeptical that there'd be a sound report associated with such a small earthquake, but it's possible," he said.

Those reservations didn't stop Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss from declaring "the mystery is solved" at a news conference Thursday evening.

She said USGS representatives described the event as a swarm of several small earthquakes in a very short time.

"In other places in the United States, a 1.5 earthquake would not be felt," she said. "But the type of rock Wisconsin has transmits seismic energy very well."

The U.S. Geological Survey says earthquakes with magnitude of 2.0 or less aren't commonly felt by people and are generally recorded only on local seismographs. Caruso said the Tuesday earthquake was discovered after people reported feeling something, and geologists pored through their data to determine that an earthquake did indeed strike.

Local residents have reported late-night disturbances since Sunday, including a shaking ground and loud booms that sound like thunder or fireworks.

City officials investigated and ruled out a number of human-related explanations, such as construction, traffic, military exercises and underground work.

Clintonville resident Jordan Pfeiler, 21, said she doubted an earthquake caused the noises. She said the booms she experienced were in a series over the course of several hours and not continuous as she might have expected if they were caused by an earthquake.

Still, she said, "It's a little scary knowing Clintonville could even have earthquakes."

Steve Dutch, a geologist at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, said a 1.5 magnitude earthquake produces the energy equivalent of 100 pounds of explosives and could produce loud sounds.

But he was reluctant to describe Tuesday's event as an earthquake, saying the term is generally used to refer to widespread stress in the earth's crust. What happened in Wisconsin could be near the surface, perhaps caused by groundwater movement or thermal expansion of underground pipes, he said.

Still, Dutch said it was possible that the event could produce a series of sounds over time.

"If you've got something causing a little bit of shifting underground, it may take a while for whatever is causing it to play itself out," he said

Caruso, the U.S. Geological Survey scientist, said Tuesday's event was confirmed as an earthquake because it registered on six different seismometers, including some as far as central Iowa.

Jolene Van Beek, 41, had been jarred awake several times by late-night rumbling this week. When asked by telephone Thursday whether she thought the noises were caused by an earthquake, she joked that she was at a nearby lake "waiting for the tsunami to hit."

"Anything to do with earthquakes is going to freak people out," she said. "You'd never expect it in Wisconsin." - THP

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lyndia Morel Encounter - Goffstown, NH

The following information is condensed from the very detailed and excellent report submitted by Mr. Walter Webb, one of APRO's Consultants in Astronomy, as well as that of Mrs. Betty Hill, F.I. in New Hampshire.

At 2:45 a.m. on Friday morning, November 2, 1973, Mrs. Lyndia Morel signed out at the Swedish Sauna in Manchester, New Hampshire where she is employed as a masseuse. She then proceeded south in her 1964 Chevrolet Corvair, arriving at Ben Roy's Restaurant on South Willow Street in Manchester, about 10 minutes later, where she had two cups of coffee with a friend from work. After approximately 45 minutes, she and her friend left the restaurant and parted company. Mrs. Morel drove across the street to a gas station and purchased two dollars worth of gas. This episode, according to Mrs. Morel may have taken about 10 minutes.

After crossing the Merrimack River via Queen City Bridge, Mrs. Morel proceeded northwest on Mast Road (Route 114A). As she passed the Bi-Wise Supermarket in Pinardville (outskirts of Manchester), her attention was attracted to a large, bright, yellow light in the sky to her left and ahead of her. Resembling a bright star, the object flashed red, green and blue colors. In fact, the witness couldn't tell at this point if it was moving and thought the object was a planet. Mrs. Morel also was aware of another bright yellowish "star" to the left of the object which undoubtedly was the planet Mars. The UFO was brighter and yellower than the other object.

The witness continued to drive at what she believed was an average speed of about 30 miles per hour although she had no way of checking her speed since the speedometer was broken and disconnected. After traveling about a mile, Mrs. Morel said she looked at the object and saw that it was still in the same position but seemed to be brighter.

Approaching the intersection of Routes 114A and 114, the woman lit a cigarette and at that moment, as she looked at the object, its light went out. Thinking that was peculiar for a planet, she entertained the idea for the first time that the object might be a UFO. However, she was not apprehensive and after passing the intersection the light reappeared in the same spot to the left and ahead of the car.

The road was dark but up ahead on the right Mrs. Morel said she could see the lights of the Hillsborough County Nursing Home (the so-called "county farm") and across the road on the left, the lights of Moore General Hospital. As her car approached the farm, the object's light went out again. Immediately after this disappearance, a couple of cars traveling toward Manchester passed by in the eastbound lane. The witness recalled seeing no other traffic in either lane throughout the rest of the sighting, at least not until after her arrival at the Beaudoin house.

About a half mile from the nursing home, near the Boston and Maine Railroad crossing, the light came back on again, perhaps at an even brighter level. For another two miles the strange object maintained the same appearance and relationship to the Morel car as before.

On the outskirts of Goffstown (population 1050) about where the town's street lights began, the UFO's light vanished once more and after about .7 mile (mileage intervals from Mr. Webb's speedometer) reappeared for perhaps 15 seconds, according to Mrs. Morel. But as she veered right around a corner into downtown Goffstown, the light went out and remained out during the drive of .3 mile through the lighted downtown area.

Veering left at the intersection of Routes 114 and 13 (near a popcorn stand) the witness said she was astounded to see the light dead ahead down North Mast Road (Route 114). The object appeared larger, quite a bit closer, and lower than before and positioned as if waiting for the observer. Mr. Webb had Mrs. Morel indicate the UFO's position and apparent distance and size. His estimate of the elevation/ true azimuth was 5°/287-290°. Although she could not really judge how far away or how large the object was the witness pointed out a landmark near where she thought the object might have been, and that was determined by speedometer check to be 1600 feet away. By holding various coins at arm's length, she guessed the UFO's apparent size was as large as a pea.

Mrs. Morel said that she was amazed at what she perceived before her. According to her, the object appeared to be an orange and gold globe completely covered with a honeycomb design of hexagons except for an oval window of paler color situated on the upper left portion of the UFO. The witness thought the object was not totally opaque but had a peculiar translucent quality about it. The flashes of red, green and blue light were rays or beams emanating

from a source in the center; these three colors constantly changed back and forth (as in the twinkling of a star). A steady, thin, high-pitched whine was emitted by the object and, according to the woman, this sound was felt through her body as a tingling sensation.

Mrs. Morel said her amazement quickly turned to panic when she suddenly was unable to remove her hands from the steering wheel. Moreover, she reported that she felt her eyes pulled toward the UFO and had the sensation it was taking control of her body and drawing her toward it. When asked about any possible disturbances to the car's electrical system, she said she was not aware of any effects on her automobile's engine, lights or radio which was playing at the time.

At no time during this phase of the sighting did the witness recall stopping her car. However, as she drove forward a "short distance" from the intersection she said she experienced a "loss of memory" (for nearly a half mile). She said she was unaware of driving a stretch between a church on her right and Westlawn Cemetery on her left although she felt her eyes followed the UFO without interruption. After the experience, she speculated that "they" may have retrieved and recorded her memory during this interval.

Suddenly Mrs. Morel said she realized where she was and became cognizant that the car was moving at a high rate of speed and that the vehicle was out of her control. She had the definite impression that the UFO was pulling her car toward it like a magnet and getting closer, its apparent size having increased to an angle subtended by a dime at arm's length. The observer thought the object's actual size was "at least" as big as a large automobile." When Mr. Webb questioned Mrs. Morel closely about the car's increased acceleration, she replied she normally was a slow, careful driver, rarely driving very fast, but did admit she could have unconsciously stepped hard on the pedal from fright although she didn't think that was the case. It was at this point that she noticed the figure in the upper left window.

As the car approached a point opposite the middle of the cemetery the UFO closed possibly to within less than 500 feet (perhaps considerably less) becoming larger than a quarter at arm's length. At the same time the object grew brighter and the whine seemed louder. At this point she estimated the object to be at the height of a three-story building. The figure in the window was now distinct (see drawings by Brian James which accompany this article). Mrs. Morel barely mentioned the occupants in newspaper accounts because she thought it would be too unbelievable and might discredit the whole experience.

Mrs. Morel said that the figure's head, upper body and arms were visible while a dark horizontal surface occupying the lower portion of the oval window obscured the rest of the body. The woman guessed this humanoid could have been standing at a control board of some kind. Behind the figure was a white background. The occupant's body appeared darker than the face, with small shoulders, but it was uncertain whether the body was clothed in a uniform or not. The rounded head was grayish (between a gray and flesh tone) except for a darker color on top, and the face bore wrinkles or loose skin like an elephant's hide. Angling upward across the forehead, two large "egg-shaped" eyes with large dark pupils gripped the observer's attention so much that she felt unable to look away. She said she received an impression or awareness that "told" her "don't be afraid." A mouth-slit turned down at the corners, completed the description of the face. No nose or ears were noticed.

Panic-stricken, Mrs. Morel believed she was in imminent danger of being captured by the UFO. Passing by the cemetery, she spotted a house ahead on the left. The globe became so dazzling that she covered her eyes with an arm and simultaneously turned the wheel with the other hand, entering the driveway of the Beaudoin house at an angle and coming to a halt partly on the front lawn. The witness had covered a distance of almost exactly a mile from the Route 114/13 intersection and now she was only 3/4 mile from home.

Leaving the engine running and the headlights on, Mrs. Morel said she pushed open the door of the car. At that instant the Beaudoin's growling German Shepherd dashed up to the woman as she got out of the car. Normally afraid of strange dogs, she said she "belted" the animal across the mouth! Though she did not recall running to the house, she began pounding on the kitchen door, ringing the bell and yelling over and over again, "Help me! Help me! Help me!"

Glancing to her right, she noticed the UFO had shifted its position from west to north as if to keep her in view and was now hovering directly across the road opposite the Beaudoin house. The object still emitted its high-pitched whine, which according to Mrs. Morel was becoming almost unbearable. (Mrs. Morel pointed out the globe's new position and Mr. Webb determined an elevation/azimuth of 12°/15°; the object had changed direction from about 280° to 15°, a drastic shift in azimuth of 95°.

After what the witness estimated to be about 2 minutes of attempting to attract the attention of the residents of the house, the door was opened by Mr. Beaudoin as Mrs. Morel began sinking to her knees in almost a faint. The Beaudoins had been asleep upstairs and reluctantly came down in response to the persistent noise at the door. Mrs. Beaudoin said an obviously frightened woman, her eyes wide open with terror, fell into Mr. Beaudoin's arms, crying, "Help me! I'm not drunk! I'm not on drugs! A UFO just tried to pick me up!" Mrs. Beaudoin said the witness was covering her ears but neither she nor her husband remember hearing any unusual sound. Mrs. Morel said that the sound ceased and the numbness or tingling sensation she had experienced vanished after two minutes in the Beaudoin kitchen. However, she became aware of a bright spot much similar to the effect caused by staring too long at a bright light source.

The clock on the kitchen wall read 4:30. Mrs. Beaudoin said the woman's story sounded impossible but she did phone the Goffstown Police Department and reported the occurrence. Goffstown Patrolman Daniel Jubinville, 23, received the call while on routine patrol and proceeded to the Beaudoin house, arriving there at 4:40 a.m. On his way to the door the officer turned off the lights and engine of the Morel car, then heard Mrs. Morel's account. In his report to Mr. Webb he stated: "This writer took note that the subject was quite shaken up and this writer did not note any evidence of alcohol or drug influence."

This, basically, is the "meat" of the Goffstown incident. After officer Jubinville arrived the four went outside and spotted an object whose light seemingly went out when a flashlight was trained on it, and appeared to move slightly, occasionally changing colors. However, in his evaluation of the report, Mr. Webb said: "The multiwitness phase of the sighting, in my judgment, must be ruled ambiguous and therefore nonsup-portive of the Morel sighting because (1) the object, as described by all four observers, matched the appearance and behavior of both the planet Mars and the UFO (the latter when seen at a distance) and (2) the planet's known position was too close to the UFO's estimated position to entirely dismiss the planet from contention.

Mr. James worked with Mr. Webb and the witness to execute the artwork which accompanies this report. - Walter Webb & Mrs. Betty Hill, APRO Bulletin, Vol. 12 No. 4 (Jan/Feb 1974)


The 1973 UFO sighting of Lyndia Morel Lyndia Morel, a masseuse at the Swedish Sauna in Manchester, New Hampshire, signed out from work at 2:45 A.M. on Friday morning, November 2, 1973. She stopped and had coffee with a friend, then stopped for gas and then headed for home in nearby Goffstown, about eight miles west of Manchester.

As she reached the outskirts of Manchester on highway 114, she noticed a bright light in the sky. At first it was yellow, but then it flashed red and blue and green colors. She thought that was a bit odd, but she drove on, thinking it to be a planet. After driving about a mile, she noticed that it stayed in the same place in relation to her field of vision, but that it seemed to be getting brighter.

As Lydia neared the intersection of highways 114 and 114A, she lit a cigarette. As she did, the light blinked out, but reappeared after she had gone though the intersection.

It reappeared in the same spot, ahead and to the left of her. As she drove on to Goffstown and into the city, the light vanished and then reappeared twice more, seeming to be a little brighter each time.

After she drove though Goffstown on highway 114, she was surprised to see the light reappear again, straight ahead of her, even brighter and closer than before. So much closer, in fact, that she could make out details. She could see that it was an orange and gold globe covered with hexagons like a honeycomb, with an oval window on the upper left. The red, green, and blue flashes were coming from somewhere near the center of the object, and she could hear a high-pitched sound.

Lyndia later reported that she suddenly found that she was unable to remove her hands from the car's steering wheel. She felt that the object was taking control of her and the car and pulling them to itself. The speed of her car was increasing against her will as she passed Westlawn Cemetery.

The object grew closer and closer. When it was only a few hundred feet away, Lyndia could see a figure in the window. She saw what she described as a smallish humanoid figure standing behind a console of some sort. The figure had a round, grayish head, a wrinkled face, a down turned slit of a mouth, and two large eyes with dark pupils. She felt that he was sending her a telepathic message to be unafraid.

If she was, the message did not work, because Lyndia was terrified. Somehow, she was able to slow the car and turn into the driveway of a house just past the cemetery. She jumped out of the car and ran to the kitchen door of the house, ignoring a German shepherd dog that growled and barked at her. She pounded on the door and rang the bell and yelled for help as the UFO moved to a position across the street, hovering and watching her, still emitting that high-pitched sound.

Finally, the residents, Mr. And Mrs. Beaudoin, came to the door. They opened the door to a terrified woman who was covering her ears and claiming that a UFO was after her. The Beaudoins could not see or hear anything, but Mrs. Beaudoin called the police.

When Goffstown Officer Daniel Jubinville arrived, he found Lyndia's car in the driveway with the lights on and the motor still running. He went in and listened to Lyndia's story, noting in his report that she did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As Walter Webb has noted, the planet Mars was near its brightest and was in the Western part of the sky where Lyndia saw the object. However, that does not explain the other events that she claimed occurred.

Note also that this sighting occurred only about 100 miles from the site of the 1961 Betty & Barney Hill abduction event. - Loy Lawhorn -

Encounters at Indian Head: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited

Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction

Extra-Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

Just the Facts?: China's 'Black Jails' -- Why Aliens Avoid Us -- ‘Zombie’ Disease Afflicts Thousands

Seeking answers inside China's 'black jails'

The phone call came on Friday afternoon. My colleague took the call. I could hear his end of the conversation.

"Your daughter has been what?! Taken... by whom?"

"Please calm down, I can't help you unless you speak slowly. I don't quite understand you..."

"You say your daughter violated the one-child policy... And local officials had her sterilised. She had some sort of forced procedure in the hospital?"

"Wait, okay... I see. This was many years ago. She wants to present evidence to the central government. Okay... and then she disappeared."

Before the conversation was over, I was already starting to gather my things together.

Liu Zhuying's daughter, Zhang Wenfang, had managed to call the night before and tell her mother where she had been taken - to a hotel in southwest Beijing.

I knew about these hotels. We had investigated them back in 2009. Cheap places rented out by the block to officials to set up as ad-hoc prisons, known as "black jails".

They are illegal, of course, with no one imprisoned there given any due process. Most of the people in black jails are not petty criminals, but rather ordinary citizens who have stories of corruption to tell. Precisely because their evidence threatens the government, officials whose interests would be harmed by any revelations go after them.

'Black jails'

We met Mrs Liu one block from the hotel. She had brought a group of friends with her.

As I followed her into the hotel, I noticed tape crossed in X's on the entrance - it was an abandoned building, no longer managed by its owners. There was no electricity. We walked up one floor, up another floor, then to the third floor in the dark. She banged on the makeshift door that blocked off one wing of the building.

"Wenfang! Wenfang!" shouted Mrs Liu, hoping her daughter would answer her call.

Black-clad men opened the door. They tugged Mrs Liu in.

Two years ago, I had knocked on the door of a black jail and had witnessed a woman screaming for help on the other side. I had been unable to stop the men when they shut the door in my face. I was not going to let this happen again - so I stepped over the threshold, and gripped the sill. A moment later, our team - together with the camera - stumbled into the hallway and the men scattered.

The rooms were empty. Mrs Liu's daughter had gone, although one of the men told us that she had been there and was safe.

In these moments, in my experience, two things can happen: the situation can become confrontational and threatening, or the black-clad men spot the camera and disappear.

By and large, people are not fond of being filmed acting like bullies, so the men scattered as we followed Mrs Liu, who by this time was sobbing, screaming, and throwing her arms up into the air.

Her friends - also other petitioners - had entered the building.

"They know black jails are illegal. They hold us here. I was in a black jail," said one man.

"You can't just grab people from the street anymore, you can no longer do this," said another, referring to the new criminal procedure law.

New legislation

The criminal procedure law is due to be passed by China's legislature on Wednesday. Under the new regulation, families must be notified within 24 hours following the detention of a suspect.

Black jails have never been legal, but if police had placed Mrs Liu's daughter somewhere in secret detention, they would now be bound to report it. It means that black jails and other forms of secret detention would not be allowed, except in extraordinary circumstances.

But standing in the hallway, it was very clear to our team that if there will be change, it would not take place overnight.

The petitioners surrounded me. They pressed in close, tugged at my sleeve, handed me photocopies of documents and testimonies they believed would help them in court - if they can ever have their day, that is.

I noticed that not only were many of the people old, but a number of them were on crutches, and I wondered what terrible stories were behind their disabilities.

One of them crumpled down to the dirty cement floor, exhausted from the brouhaha, and just looked up at me, the dirty and worn cardboard sign stating his grievance hung around his neck. These people live desperate existences, and in the back of my head, I knew that at some point, I'd get out of this building, and that I'd go home to central heating, a soft mattress, and a good meal. I did not like the dissonance of all of it.

The inner Confucian upbringing in me also made me feel uncomfortable that anyone in their sixties or seventies would need to appeal to someone like myself - a young woman. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

A sense of piety made me think that in another circumstance, I would go down the hall, boil some hot water, and bring them some tea, the way I would do for my grandmother. Why are they begging me? There was something fundamentally wrong, something topsy-turvy, about elders beseeching the child.

Their old, brown, wrinkled faces crowded in, and I was standing in the middle of this circle, the centre and the hope for them. They were orbiting around me, and the truth was, I knew I was not the harbinger of hope, and felt like a fraud, a misrepresentation.

A real challenge

When we interview people in China, we always make it clear to them that we can only report their story, that we can't change things or make things better for them. And I said this several times to the petitioners on this particular afternoon as a way of apology and embarrassment at my own feeling of helplessness. I could not do anything to change their situation.

We had come here to film visual evidence, to show that the enforcement of China's new criminal code would be a real challenge considering that basic violations of the law took place right in the capital.

Eventually, uniformed police officers arrived at the scene. They ignored the unidentified men who'd been managing the jail and showed no indication that they would shut down the jail.

Despite some efforts to come down on illegal detention facilities and some high-profile raids in recent years, police usually prefer not to get involved with those working in different departments and different jurisdictions. It is easier for them that way, even though I sensed the uniformed officer who dealt with us felt bad for the petitioners, and didn't think we had done anything wrong.

We were ordered to stop filming, and to leave.

Mrs Liu and her fellow petitioners followed us to our car. Different petitioners handed me documents, each one a story of abuse I would look over later back in our office: someone sent to a labour camp for half a year, a house burned to the ground by a local police officer, a farmer's land taken away from him.

To Mrs Liu as we stood by our vehicle, we wished her luck finding her daughter. We repeated again that our report would likely not do her any good.

She didn't care.

She was just thankful that someone had listened to her story, and had cared enough to show up at all. - aljazeera


‘Aliens avoid us for ecological reasons’

An astronomer at one of Russia's largest observatories says he knows why we have failed to make contact with aliens – basically, they are avoiding us.

The reason they are doing that is because they think we are a danger judged by how we treat our planet.

“Aliens believe we are childish idiots,” said Sergey Smirnov, senior research fellow at Pulkovo observatory. “They don’t really like the way we are polluting our planet. Obviously, they warned all the space inhabitants to avoid contacts with the Earth, because our civilization is dangerous and all the secrets they might reveal to us will be used for constructing a new super bomb or poison.”

The scientist added that the Earth could have easily been separated from the rest of the space by some kind of a shield in order to protect the aliens.

The scientist also says Martians probably look a bit like Russian footballer Andrey Arshavin – though the mass media interpreted his words as being a bit more sensational than they actually were.

“I was only poking fun at my favorite footballer, Andrey Arshavin,” Smirnov told RT. “I noticed he had gained weight after training in Britain. The football pitches there are very advanced, but it was hard for him to play with all that excess weight here in Russia, especially in winter. He's slower now. I was just trying to say that conditions in different places can be very different. That is why people sent to Mars will undergo changes. And aliens sent to the Earth will change as well, because they are not used to our conditions.” - RT


Mysterious ‘zombie’ disease afflicts thousands of Ugandan children

Agnes Apio has to tie up her son Francis before she can leave the house. In his state, he is a danger to himself. Where once he walked and talked like a normal child, now he is only able to drag himself along in the dirt. Francis is suffering from “Nodding Disease,” a brain disorder that, according to CNN, afflicts at least 3,000 children in northern Uganda, leaving them physically stunted and severely mentally disabled.

“I feel dark in my heart,” Apio says as waves flies away from her son’s face and mops up his urine after a seizure, “This boy has become nothing.”

“Reportedly the children gnaw at their fabric restraints, like a rabid animals,” says The Daily Tech. The article calls them “zombie children,” having “no cure” and “no future.”

First the victims become restless, can’t concentrate. They say they have trouble thinking. Then comes the nodding, an uncontrollable dipping of the head that presages the disease’s debilitating epilepsy-like seizures. It is this nodding motion that gives the illness its name.

Nodding Disease first attacks the nervous system, then the brain. As the epilepsy-like seizures progress and worsen, the children become less and less like themselves, and more and more distant and blank. Eventually the brain stops developing and the victims’ bodies stop growing. So far, no patients have recovered.

Grace Lagat also has to tie up her children in order to leave the house. Daughter Pauline, 13, and son Thomas are bound hand and foot to keep them from shuffling away and getting lost. Pauline recently disappeared for five days.

Experts are baffled as to what causes the disease, which only occurs in children. Early findings suggest a confluence of the presence of the black fly-borne parasitic worm Onchocerca Volvulus, which causes river blindness, and acute vitamin B6 deficiency.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, onset usually takes place at the age of five or six and progresses rapidly, leaving the victims severely mentally and physically handicapped within a couple of years.

Victims can wander off and disappear. Some 200 “secondary deaths” have been blamed on fires and accidents caused by children with the disease.

Physicians and workers with the Ugandan Red Cross are frustrated by what they see as a lack of urgency in the government’s handling of the disease. After months of lagging, officials have only begun an official tally of cases within the last two weeks.

The situation was already dire when a team from the World Health Organization visited northern Uganda in 2009. CNN quotes one doctor from the team, Dr. Joaquin Saweka as saying, “It was quite desperate, I can tell you. Imagine being surrounded by 26 children and 12 of them showing signs of this. The attitude was to quickly find a solution to the problem.”

Solutions, however, have been slow in coming.

Doctors have been treating the seizures caused by the disease with epilepsy drugs, but their efficacy is limited. The drugs only slow the progression of the disease, but fail to stop it.

Currently, Ugandan government officials say that they are doing everything they can to fight the epidemic. They say that new epilepsy drugs are being tried and special training has been instituted for local health officials. This, they say, is as much as can be done for a disease whose cause and cure are largely unknown.

Saweka said, “When you know the root cause, you address the cure. Now you are just relieving the symptoms. We don’t expect to cure anybody.” - rawstory


Faith healing event disaster

One man died and sixteen others were rushed to hospital after they collapsed at a faith healing event run by a controversial Nigerian televangelist. The Higher Life Conference, which also takes place in Britain and the United States, is staged by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who can reputedly perform miracles such as healing the paralysed.

An estimated 150,000 people, among them children and terminally ill patients, travelled to the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, to attend the three-day Pentecostal event over the weekend.

"Pastor Chris", one of Nigeria's most wealthy evangelist preachers with a global following of millions, is believed to be worth as much as £30 million. Simon Williams, a 56-year-old pastor from nearby Paarl, was taken from hospital intensive care to the event by his family. He collapsed and died from renal failure inside the stadium.

Dr Wayne Smith, head of disaster medicine for Cape Town, said he treated about 30 patients in the stadium's medical centre and sent 16 to hospital. "Some of them had travelled long distances to get there, they had ongoing medical issues and were in a lot of pain," he said. - telegraph


Bigfoot witness interview

You may want to subscribe to Michael Merchant's SnowWalkerPrime YouTube channel...he has an upcoming interview series about a Bigfoot sighting in the Allagash region of Maine. As many of you know, the Allagash has a reputation for strange and supernatural activity. Look over Michael's videos...very entertaining and informative.

Click for video - Maine Sasquatch sighting in the Allagash (FULL interview!) TeamTazerBigfoot


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'...and that's all I have to say about that'

The following 'true' story has been posted at other blogs and websites over the past month or so. The author, Dennis Daryl, recently asked that I publish. If I am not the original recipient of a witness report or narrative I won't normally post...but the utter improbability of this story has made me think twice. If you have read the book Forrest Gump (the movie left a lot out) then you'll have an idea of what you're about to get into. The prior reviews to the authenticity of this anecdote have been mixed...but here it is for you to ponder:


If you go to the zoo, always take somethin' to feed the animals...even if the signs say "Do Not Feed Animals." It wasn't the animals that put them signs up. - Forrest Gump


Living In The Heart Of Bigfoot Country

By Dennis Daryl - It was in the summer of 64 that my life would make an abrupt change forever. I would forever leave my childhood behind at six years old and meet strange new people and creatures that would touch my life. That summer I was six years old being born March 5th 1958 in Fairview Oklahoma. Fairview was a small southern town made up of russian immigrants and ex german prisoners of war. It was a safe place where a kid could play and be friends with the whole town. My dad had another life that he kept hidden from everyone including my mother. He was the average type of father and husband until Fridays came around. Then he would be gone until Monday, and pretending to have been on a fishing or hunting trip. From the airline tags attached to his suitcases, we all knew it wasn’t the truth. My dad was Malvin Leroy Shamblin and my mothers maiden name was Wanda Mae Simpson.

One day while me and my brother Merle were playing with our next door neighbor Pamela Koehn in the backyard, two men in hats and dark sunglasses walked up and carried me and my brother away. They locked us up in a cellar in the country. When my dad paid the ransom to the mobsters, they gave directions to where me and Merle were stashed. Instead of letting the mobsters go, they received a little vigilante justice. Dad and the local business men from around Fairview decided the mobsters fate. They put them in an old electric chair that was on display at a insurance agency and fried them. My uncle John Warren Shamblin had taken me and Merle to the car, so we wouldn’t see the execution. Some of these men had been Nazi war prisoners, and the Nazi’s were tough on crime.

In a few weeks dad moved us to a farm five miles northeast of Colony Oklahoma. My great grandpa James Shamblin had built it many years earlier, when he was in the brick business, hiring the local Indians. At first I hated it, until dad explained ,that living here would keep us safe from his business enemies. The house didn’t have running water, telephone service, or electricity. Mother and my big sisters would cry almost every day we lived here. It was hard work pumping water for bathes, washing, and the garden. That summer the wind seldom blowed, so we spent hours pumping water, because the windmill didnt turn very often. In July a small tornado carried me and the out house into the sky and deposited me into the road. Thank heaven the out house had a wooden floor, and a strong latch. I was unharmed. This is when I first began roaming the countryside and exploring. We had many relatives in the Colony area, and Tarzan was the television show, that I loved the most. At the time, we couldn’t watch television at our house, because of the lack of electricity. I started school here and had a great teacher named Mrs Risinger. She taught the first and second grades in the same classroom. Later when I was in the 5th grade Colony and Corn schools consolidated and became Washita Heights. Our school was leased from the indian tribe. It was part of Seger’s Indian School. Here was the ideal educational and industrial school where children of the forest and the plains, who were strangers to civilized life, whose parents knew nothing but the chase and the warpath, and who had no conception of farming and industry, were taught to be useful, self supporting members of society. The work was done by the students who were given a share in all crops grown. The farming was planned and all work was done under the supervision of John H. Seger.

Riding the school bus was terrible because the high school boys, would fist the little kids in the back and twist our arms. So each day I dreaded going to school. But just as soon as the school bus dumped me off, I would run across the peanut field while stripping off my clothes, so I could become Tarzan Lord of the jungle. I would pretend the fields and pastures were Africa. Gradually our bikes and toys become missing. Mother blamed it on, the retarded Ewy brother named Edmund who lived between us and Ghost Mound. His brother Alfred was his guardian and worked for the city of Weatherford. Neither one ever married, yet always managed to be happy. One day I went walking down the road looking for my bike and Army toys, and something big and hairy ran across the road, I didn’t know what it was, yet it scared me lots at the time. So I quit wandering around after dark. A few weeks later something began pulling parts from our chickens. Dad thought it might be an enemy sending us threats so he moved us a year later to a house, that was a mile and a half north of Colony. Dad taught us to always be aware of what was around us. Never walk any place looking at the street or road.

I was sure happy to live once again in a house filled with modern conveniences. Now that I was seven years old dad began dumping ever more responsibilities on me. Each morning I had to feed the livestock, and work in the fields for eight hours along with my sisters Malva Fay and LaDonna Gail. When I was eight I was expected to move irrigation pipe, along with my sisters, and then work ten hours in the fields. At the end of a hard day, there were always the heavy irrigation pipes to move across the peanuts and cotton. Me and my brother got to sleep in the upstairs part of the house. There were some of a famous Nazi’s old uniforms hanging in the closet, two pairs of his boots, his engraved rifles and swords, and a chest full of his personal effects. Mother wasn’t sure if they belonged to dad or Buell Lasley, the houses former resident. One of the two mom said probably brought them back from Germany as war souvenirs. My dads military records showed he got to watch as the first atom bomb was exploded in New Mexico July 1945, while he watched in the distance. He was one of the few survivors. I took the papers to school for show and tell, and the principal alerted the Army. They came to school and took the classified papers. Said they had sent them to dad by mistake. Now all his records have been sealed permanently. So as a kid I wondered if this famous Nazi had maybe survived and was living in America. Mom cleared the Nazi’s stuff from our room, after about two weeks. When I was eleven me and my brother found 47 sheets of gold coins, under each was a description in a language we could not read. There were about 20 coins on each sheet. Whoever brought the Nazi stuff probably stole these coins from a museum or a millionaires collection in europe. When we showed dad the coins, he zipped out the door with them, and said he was returning them to Buell Lasley the rightful owner. Me and my brother kept one sheet for ourselves and buried them in the backyard, after making a treasure map. When we moved from there in 69, me and my brother couldn’t find the coins. Of course we didn’t have a metal detector because I was only eleven years old. My great grandpa was the first white man, to settle in western Oklahoma among the indians.

I was seven years old when I joined Cub Scouts in Colony Oklahoma. Our den masters were Herschel and Glen Rhoads plus Clifford Payne. They took turns having the meetings in their homes. Jack McLemore was in charge of the much older Boy Scouts. A year later the Cub and Boy Scouts had a joint camping trip to Paynes Lake. We all had a great time, until bedtime rolled around. Since there were twice as many Boy Scouts as Cub Scouts, they decided to put each Cub Scout in a tent with two Boy Scouts. I was having none of this because big boys beat me up on the school bus every day. So as the rest of the Scouts went to sleep, I wandered around the lake. Clifford Payne stayed up and fed the campfire. He kept a watchful eye on me and my flashlight. Every hour or so he yelled at me to go to bed. Before long he jumped in his pickup and went for my dad. So angry his wheels were spinning in the deep sand. Clifford died in his forties because acting as a deputy sheriff, he entered a drug dealers house in the middle of the night, and got shot. He should have identified himself as law enforcement.

After he left, I felt it safe to climb twin mound, which is located beside the lake. It was easy because there was a full moon. As I was scanning the lake and pastures around me, I noticed movement near the lakes drain below the dam. It looked as if two tall bears were noodling catfish from under the streams banks. After a while I hurried to the road as dads pickup pulled up. He scolded me and said I could sleep in the truck that night. When I got back to camp, Clifford insisted that dad use his belt on me for being a spoiled baby. Dad got shamed and beat me so bad, I had welts on me for a week. Said no Shamblin in history ever showed any fear and I was a miserable little coward. From that day forward I fought vigorously anyone who hurt me, no matter how big or old they were. Never wanting my dad to feel ashamed of them. That’s how I got my nickname Rooster, ready to swing my fist at a moments notice. And to fight long and hard until there was nothing left in me. Riley was so furious because he thought I made the bear story up, to cover up for not minding him. The next week I went to the encyclopedia and found our bears only live in forests. Trees are in short supply in western Oklahoma. Windbreaks or shelterbelts were planted in a variety of settings, such as on cropland, pasture, and rangeland, along roads, farmsteads, feedlots, and in urban areas. They were established to protect or shelter nearby areas from troublesome winds. They were put in after the Dust Bowl and trees growing around lakes creeks and rivers, and that’s about all. This was my first Bigfoot sighting, unknown to me at the time. Between 8-14 I called them bears, like the ones I had seen at the Oklahoma City zoo. The hairy animal that crossed the road when I was six, most likely was a Bigfoot. It also probably stole our toys and hurt our chickens.

The next year when I was nine years old my mother hosted a family reunion. After just about everyone had done gone home, me and my cousin Cheryl Renee Goss continued to play under the huge native elm tree, which was about a quarter mile north of the house. I was the first one to notice the bear looking animals running towards us from the west. They probably had been dining on prairie dogs, just over the hill I figured, because there was a bunch of them. I didn’t scream bears or my cousin would not have moved, just begin arguing with me, since she knew bears weren’t in these parts. So I yelled pack of wild dogs at the top of my lungs. This sent Renee racing up the tree, and me following behind, just to make certain she climbed high enough and out of reach. As the bears came running at high speed under the tree I covered Renee’s mouth and eyes to shut her up, or else they would know our location in the heavily leafed tree. Because of the tree branches I couldn’t get a good look at the bears who ran on two legs beneath us. After they crossed the road, they began eating on Richard Humbarger’s peanut vines, and later went into his creek. Renee was crying hysterical as we walked back to the house, and soon both my big sisters came running, to see what was the matter. When I was nine dads mobster friends began hanging around, trying to catch a few words with him. My dad was really rude and seldom said a word to the mobsters, mom ignored them entirely. It was awkward watching television in silence with people who had come so far to do business, knowing they were going to be disappointed. So I decided to entertain them, when they came knocking. I took them fishing at Worth Richmond’s lake about a half mile north of us, and a quarter mile east. The men seemed to enjoy our fishing, and I enjoyed hearing about far away places like Chicago, New York City, Boston, Houston, Moscow, London, Paris, and Berlin. They were ever so anxious to take part in my dads business enterprises. However dad didn’t want any more business partners he said. Dad made contracts with companies to deliver goods, the goods never got delivered and he would split the money with top management. I figured this out from reading dads mail. He also forced people to sell him their mineral rights, refineries to buy stolen crude oil, and ranchers to sell him their cattle and tractors for cents on the dollar. At one point dad had over two hundred oil wells. Some of the locals got to calling him JR Ewing, like the tv show Dallas.

Ever since I was small I raised many breeds of chickens and sold hatching eggs. My goal has always been to save the rare breeds from extinction. Dad only cared about his fighting chickens which he fought in countries throughout the world. I was in charge of the breeding program for all of the chickens. It was a huge responsibility because dad wagered a huge amount of money on them. He sold his brood cocks for $10,000 -$25,000. And the battle stags sold for $2,500-$4,000. Over the years I got better at selecting breeding stock and our roosters almost never lost in the gaff. In the long knife luck plays a large role, so the better rooster can lose, because the weapons are so lethal. Dad fought lots of mains for between one and five million dollars. I never attended the fights because dad didn’t want me taking up gambling. We moved to the Ghost Mound area when I started the 6th grade. Men who became business partners with my dad soon became broke. So they began mailing threatening letters to the house. Mom and dad felt the move was the safest thing to do. Besides my family had plans to take over horse racing and pro sports, both of which would have a big impact on gambling, if you knew who was going to win. My mothers parents Melvin and Alta Simpson were mostly into importing cocaine from Columbia and heroin from Karachi Pakistan by the tons. Alta sponsored these poor kids through church organizations. When they became old enough she turned them into mules around the world. Both sides of my family were heavily into organized crime. I think on the Herrian side of the family in Corsica, they have been crooks for generations.

Me and my siblings could all read and write by the time we were five years old. We all represented our schools in competitions. Starting school at Hydro in the 6th grade was okay. None of the high school boys on the school bus wanted to fight the younger boys. Had a great teacher Mrs Opal Hargrave. Besides school work, she had us growing plants and making ceramics. My dad tried his best so that we kept a low profile, so nobody would report him to the feds. In the seventh grade he quit letting mobster associates visit. We were required to attend church every Sunday and Wednesday, so we wouldn’t turn out like my dad. However many people in the area still knew about my dads wicked ways. Many Sundays we had to hear the sermons about my dads sinful ways. It was in 1970 that I learned about my dads other marriages, from a friend at school. Seems he had five wives prior to my mother, and never messed with divorcing any of them. He was 30 and mother 19 when they married. I kept the information secret from mother until dad died in 1999 from lung cancer. Living one half mile east, and a half mile north from Ghost Mound was a blast. Each day nearly me and my brother would climb it, and look over the countryside. Sometimes we would see the bears walking upright across the cotton and peanut fields. This didn’t keep me from playing tarzan and running nude along the creeks fields and pastures. Animals got to know me from my roaming and leaving food for them. Each day I chopped up five gallons of fruits, vegetables and meat, and scattered them along my paths. Soon some of the animals began following me, and I felt just like Tarzan. I carried a long spear as I ran, just in case any mean cow or bull, wanted to chase me. Near Thanksgiving of 1970 when I was twelve years old, me and my brother just go off the Hydro school bus, and was putting our school books away. When through the front door a man walked in carrying a pistol. He told me and my brother to get into the deep freeze. It was a new one, mother had just began to use. So there was plenty of room in the chest freezer. The keys were still in the lock. Guess he wanted to have my parents discover two frozen sons. We tried very hard to break the lock using our legs and back. When we ran out of oxygen, we took breaths through the drainage hole, which I cleared by pushing the pencil I found in my pocket through. Eventually the lock broke, and we escaped. That was the second time we had almost been killed by dads enemies. I prayed he would quit cheating people. Rex Bottom told my mother, that I had been running the creeks like a wild boy, not even wearing any clothes. I thought I was careful not to be seen by the neighbors. So August 1970 my days of pretending to be tarzan ended with shame. Dad made me any my sisters practice using the guns every tuesday night. He was always afraid somebody would harm us, while he was away on weekends.

Johnny Mays had a farm pond a quarter mile up the canyon from ours. We enjoyed fishing there and catching frogs and camping. Often we would see bears east off at a distance with their young cubs. Now I believe they were actually Bigfoot families. We would be scared and climb the trees, figuring the tree branches couldn’t support their weight, and home was too far to run to without getting caught. My brother was two and a half months younger than me, born December 8th 1960. When my brother Merle was in the 5th grade he invited Dennis Dick to come spend the night at our house from school. Merle had already been to his house several times. I recall this day very well. After getting off the school bus, Merle and I took Dennis Dick to climb Ghost Mound. At the top of the peak the height and high wind terrified my brother’s friend. Fearing he would be blown off, he clung to a large boulder on the top. I had to drag him down several hundred feet, as he kept grabbing the boulders on the way down, and I had to pry his fingers loose. We spent the next few hours fishing at the pond behind the house. I didn’t want to share our room with my brothers friend, so I suggested he and Merle have a campout. Telling them it should be loads of fun. We had a Rambler station wagon parked under a huge cottonwood tree, that we didn’t use any longer. Dennis refused to sleep in a tent, because he heard the coyotes off in the distance. But I convinced him sleeping in the station wagon would be safe, he could even roll up the windows and lock the doors, if he got scared. I made a bed for them in the station wagon, then retired to my bedroom. At about 3:00am I heard muffled voices coming through my open bedroom window. I climbed through the window, so I would not awaken my cranky dad. As I walked up in the bright moonlight, I could see the station wagons windows were rolled up, and it wasn’t even raining. The car was rocking back and forth, so the boys must be playing inside. All the sudden I saw some tall dark shadow flee from jerking the door handle. So I ran across the yard for a baseball bat. The boys were badly shaken up and didn’t want to leave the safety of the car. So I decided to sleep in the front car seat for the rest of the night to protect them, from whoever it was. About an hour later, while I was fast asleep. Someone began jerking on the doors, and hitting the windows hard with their fists. The car was under the tree, so its shadow kept the moonlight away. The flashlight my brother and his friend were using lost its charge, and the car wouldn’t start, so I couldnt drive away. Because the battery was low. The light from the inside car lights didn’t help me identify the attacker. And I was only thirteen years old, no match for a big criminal. Finally I thought to honk the horn, and out came my dad with a 45 Colt automatic pistol in both hands. We yelled it was only us, then he cussed and sent us to bed. The next day we looked over the station wagon and it was covered in scratches and the entire top of the car was caved in. Dad then sold it for junk to the Hydro Salvage Yard.

It was on a windy hot scorching day in mid July 1972, that I finally laid eyes on Bigfoot. Dad had requested that we help Richard Waters out with chopping weeds from his cotton. The day earlier we had chopped the weeds from the farm, in which he lived on. He had a hippie couple working for him from California. They were middle aged and used drugs while they worked. They were suppose to meet us the next day, at Richard Waters cotton field north of Hydro on the South Canadian River. His son Rodney Waters has later since built a home there. When we arrived at 1:00pm the small foreign car was parked next to the field and a small table was set up with sandwiches and potato salad. Only a bite or two was taken from the sandwich and salad. We looked around for the couple but couldn’t find them, in this remote area. Mother said they probably got too hot and walked down to the river for a swim. There was an old farm house on the property, that nobody had lived in for decades. Next to the house was a big peach tree, full of big ripe peaches. Me, my oldest sister LaDonna, and little brother Merle headed up our rows, in the baking heat. My mother Wanda and sister Malva went over to the tree, to get a peach. We just had lunch so the rest of us, were not hungry. After me Merle and LaDonna were about four city blocks down our rows, we began wondering what was taking mother and Malva, so long to start up their rows. Suddenly mother came rushing from behind the old house and was waving her arms frantically. We all figured they got into a nest of yellow jacket wasps, and was trying to fend them off. A few minutes later Malva went running for the car. We thought she got stung several times, and was wanting to go home. All the sudden one of the bears, like what I have seen while growing up, was walking along the barbed wire fence north in our direction. Mother went dashing to the car, and was trying to get Malva to unlock the doors, so she could drive the car to us. The bear moved forward until it was across from us. The car was too far away to make a run for it. I was 14, but my little brother was just 11 at the time, and couldn’t run very fast. I tried to talk my brother and sister into making a run for it, while I kept it busy chasing me, by running close to it. LaDonna decided our best chance was to stick together. So I came up with the idea to charge the bear, and yell while swinging our heavy steel hoes. As it crossed the fence and got closer, it became quite obvious that it wasn’t a bear. It looked like a big hairy human with huge jaws and bright golden eyes like a lemur. If you look up Homo Erectus, it will give you a good idea what the Bigfoot looked like. It looked very angry and I figured we were all dead. However we charged the beast and it stopped dead in its tracks. We began shouting and charging once again and the Bigfoot turned and walked over to the fence and crossed it. It stood and looked at us for about three or four minutes, doing what appeared to be sign language with its hands. Then it turned and ran, like nothing I had ever seen. Its running stride must have covered 30 feet. And it ran as fast as a cheetah. It kept its body perfectly 90 degrees as it ran, Its head could turn and watch us ,as it ran away without stopping. Several minutes later some Army helicopters flew over, probably from Fort Sill Oklahoma. They were flying low and in the same direction that Bigfoot went. I thought maybe this beast was something that belonged to the Army. Some type of remote controlled robot. So my fear went away. I just couldnt get a grip on what we just saw, because it made no sense to me. The couple never came after their belongings from Richard Waters house, and he eventually had the car towed away. I guess the Bigfoot must have killed them before we arrived. I dont believe Richard ever reported the couple as missing.

Dad was farming partners with forty or more farmers. He provided the tractor machinery and seed, and they provided the land labor and irrigation if needed. We were not allowed to report the Bigfoot sighting because dad didn’t want the extra attention. In fact he never allowed us to call the law. He always preferred taking care of problems himself. When I was sixteen we moved from Hydro to Weatherford, which was okay by me. Just about every man and boy in Hydro is bisexual, so I never wanted them as friends. The coaches liked to kick me and walk on my hands while I was doing push ups. Some of the other teachers beat me with the paddle for no reason. It made them feel really big beating up on Bud Shamblin’s son. They didn’t have the courage to stand up to him, so they took out their frustration on me. I never told dad about it because I knew they would end up hospitalized or in an accident. Many of the local farmers had lost farms to dad in poker games. From the first day we moved to south airport road the trouble began. In 1974 we moved in a house from Colony, to a location a mile and a half south on Airport Road and a quarter east. Our address was Rt 5 Box 164 Weatherford Oklahoma 73096. The first day the house was moved in somebody knocked out the windows. A week later somebody stole all the power tools. So we built a shop which had a strong lock. After a few months of remodeling we moved in. However the bad stuff kept happening such as moms veggie garden would get raided, and the fruit trees would get pulled out of the ground. Eventually we got everything established in the garden and in the orchard. We built a barn and chicken coops to house my 50 breeds of chickens and jungle fowl. It was a constant battle stopping the thieves and vandals from stealing our things and destroying our automobiles. Even though I stayed up all night long sometimes, I never caught the vandals and thieves. We kept a big chest freezer in the shop full of steak to eat. One night somebody ripped off the entire lid and stole all the meat. We then had dads best friend Floyd Goss install lighting all around the property. I loved watching wildlife so I always spread peanut butter and honey on our back fence posts. So I could watch the deer raccoons and opossums. This may have been what first attracted our unwanted guests. Vandals would drive steel fence posts through our car tires, drive wooden spears through our car and truck radiators, hurl bricks from the canyon near to us, send waves of homemade arrows at us. And many more wacky things. We had no idea who the crazy people were. Why didn’t they just puncture our tires with a cordless drill, or shoot store bought arrows at us.

A few years later when I was 22 years old the puzzle began coming together. Ripe strawberries, currants, and blackberries began disappearing, before mother had the opportunity to pick them. The sheets that she put on the clothes line would be ripped to pieces, while she was indoors cooking meals. One Friday morning when dad was on his way, out of town for the weekend as always, he found a pickup that was totally destroyed, and the seat had been torn out and was missing. This sent my dad into a rage, and he went door to door in the neighborhood, trying to find the guilty person. While he was gone, I threw all of his guns into the pond behind our hous. Dad never really forgave me for that, although I knew it was the right thing to do. I had a pen of really huge Poland China sows, where the vegetable garden use to be. Mother finally gave up having a garden because seventy percent of it would end up get stolen. These 800 pound sows were really mean from being tormented by the vandals. I was selling show pigs to kids in 4H and FFA club. Most of the sows had already farrowed and were suckling pigs in the garden. Mother went to check on the last sow to farrow one morning and came running back to the house yelling one of the sows is eating a gorilla leg. As I began to dress, I thought what she was seeing was probably a large dog or coyote being eaten. I did know pigs love the taste of meat. Once there was a car wreck by Carnegie, where the car landed in a pig pen. By the time help came the people were already eaten. If a chicken ever got caught in the pig pen, it was quickly devoured. As I rushed upon the scene I found a sow with a large leg in its mouth. The leg was covered in short brown fur. The calf of the leg was just as large as the thigh. The sows kept trying to bite me because of the baby pigs, so I had to keep kicking they away with my cowboy boots. The sow wouldn’t release the leg, so I could take it to my college for inspection. I was a senior at SWOSU. I went into the house and got the pistol mother kept in her purse, to shoot the sow, so I could retrieve the leg. When I returned two sows had began eating on the thigh portion of the leg. It looked like I was going to have to shoot three sows to get at the mysterious leg. Mother came up behind me with a stick of firewood, and it was lights out. By the time I came to, the leg had long since been devoured. So now I began to figure it was the Bigfoots that had been tormenting us. Like the one we saw in the cotton field eight years earlier. We must live near their village I thought, or a place special to them. Why else would they spend six years trying to run us off. I told mother it was just a cows leg the dogs had drug up. The truth would have made her too scared to sleep at night or leave the safety of the house. Mother apologized for hitting me over the head, with a stick of firewood. She said the neighbors would have called the law, if I began killing all three sows.

I bought three male Old English Mastiffs to protect us from Bigfoots and thieves. Each of them weighed over 200 pounds and were lean and strong. Lots of chickens were getting stolen, and I wasn’t certain Bigfoot was the blame for all of it. Because our gamefowl was very expensive, so cockers who couldn’t afford them, might be inclined to steal them. Many of my rare breed chickens were European and Asian imports and I had a small fortune invested in them. The dogs did a great job protecting the acre of land ,we were living on. Rottweilers and German Shepherds we had died from a broken neck or broken ribs. So finally we were having no problems here. Some of my friends brought over their trail hounds and we scoured the local sections for signs of Bigfoot. They lost several dogs to wooden spears and primitive arrows, so they called off the hunts. They figured some psycho must be livng on the local creeks. I don’t think I ever convinced them there were Bigfoots. My friends tend to believe only what they see, with their own two eyes. It wasn’t long before cattle and horses near to us, began getting mutilated. Their legs being bound with heavy gauge barbed wire, and meat cut from their body, with them still alive and writhing in agony. Knives were always getting stolen from our tackle boxes, in fact all the fishermen in my area were losing hunting knives and fishing equipment from their fishing camps. Seems ole Bigfoot likes to steal what he can use.

It was Christmas 1984 and many relatives were joining us for Christmas. We were busy opening the presents, when my brother looked out the kitchen window and whispered Dennis somebody is carrying away your chickens over the back fence. It was beginning to get dark and the yard light couldn’t illuminate the area because of the barn. I sprang to my feet and ran to the fence and climbed over it. It just struck me. I hope this thief isn’t armed. The thief came into view with the chickens in each hand. I grabbed his arm and demanded he release them. All the sudden this huge fist struck me in the jaw, and drove me back six feet into the small cedar trees. This made me terribly mad because I wasn’t being hostile towards him. In a few seconds I responded with four quick jabs to his stomach, and heard him lose his wind. I was a scrappy 6ft6 300 pound kick boxer who hammered his thick skull and hairy body. All the sudden he began biting and scratching me with these huge finger nails. Next he flung me into the cedar trees, where my brother had built a tree house. I yelled for my brother and cousin to get back across the barbed wire fence, because we were no match for this giant of a man. It clamped its huge hands around my throat, I knew this guy was planning to finish me off. So I screamed at the top of my lungs to release the dogs. We had them in pens because of the relatives being here. My mothers cousin Dorthy Nelson from Tonkawa Oklahoma was running our way, she had pulled her revolver from her purse, planning to rescue me. In the darkness she could accidentally shoot me by mistake. When she heard me scream for the release of the dogs, she stopped and opened their doors. The dogs were already foaming at the mouth, ready to bite my attacker. They hit Bigfoot like a freight train, pushing him into the ground. I was terrified they would bite me by accident. The Bigfoot screamed in pain as the punishing jaws tore at his flesh. From the scream, I knew it was not human. Soon Bigfoot was up and running with the mastiffs on his heels. When they took me to the emergency room, I was covered in bites and scratches. I have no idea what the emergency department thought about all my unusual wounds. Dad said I looked like a bear had attacked me. It fractured my skull and bruised me from head to toe.

My family moved from here in 1992. I moved a girlfriend in, and we stuck it out until 1994. Eventually all my dogs died at the hand of a Bigfoot, wooden arrows, wooden spears, cement blocks, and beaten with a fence post. Even electric fences didn’t stop them. Meth makers began taking over the area, so my family moved away. It seemed every place I moved the Bigfoots would soon follow. Neighbors complained that someone was trying to scare them in a gorrilla or bear suit. We would have the same pounding on our walls at night. I contacted the Bigfoot research people, and sure enough Bigfoots were being spotted in my vicinity. I have no clue why these creatures are attracted to me. Finally I moved so far away, that they might never find me.


"Keep your bullshit detector in good workin' order." - Forrest Gump

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