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Huge Short-Snouted Snake-Like Creature - Ft. Myers, FL - 1/20/2012

Sighting: January 20, 2012
Location: SR 80, Ft. Myers, FL and I-75
Time: 8:25 a.m.
Weather Conditions: Warm, bright sunshine, few clouds
Duration of Sighting: About 30 seconds.

Events: I'm a department director for a county in South Florida. I was traveling with another director to a meeting. We were on Palm Beach Blvd (SR 80) near the ramp to I75. A traffic accident was blocking two of the three westbound lanes of SR 80, and traffic was backed-up and moving very slowly.

To my right was a small lake. While the general area is heavily populated, the lake connects to the Caloosahatchee River, and eventually to the Gulf of Mexico. On the other side of the river is a large wildlife refuge.

While sitting in traffic, my companion and I noticed a strange disturbance on the lake. I first though it was a fish jumping. However, the disturbance grew. She suggested it was a manatee or a dolphin, However, we ruled this out as manatees don't rise this high above the water, and there was no evidence of a dorsal fin. What we saw appeared to be something like a very large snake -- I would estimate that it was close to the diameter of a telephone pole, though probably a little narrower, and could have been as much as 40 feet long. At sometimes it would disappear, and at other times it appeared as if it had multiple parts of its body rising out of the water at the same time. It looked almost like a very large snake, until it stuck its head out of the water. The head did not look like a snake's -- it appeared to have a short snout. I did not see any fins, but my companion said she was certain she saw one fin. I thought the color to of the body was dark grey, but the head appeared to be brown. It was approximately 400 feet away from us throughout the sighting, and it remained circling around one area. Eventually traffic cleared and we had to drive on.

I have lived in Florida for over 20 years. My companion has lived in South Florida all of her life. She and her husband have an offshore boat and often go fishing far out into the gulf. Neither of us have ever seen anything like this.

NOTE: witness wished to remain anonymous...Lon

The Cryptid Creatures of Florida

Florida's Unexpected Wildlife: Exotic Species, Living Fossils, and Mythical Beasts in the Sunshine State

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just the Facts?: Thursday Night Lights Over Florida -- Cat-Boy is Back -- Helping Hand

Thursday night 1-19-2012: Rash of UFO sightings in Florida (unedited raw reports)

Lake Worth 19:40, FL, US: My wife and I were driving northbound on I-95 when we sighted an orange flame-like circular orb just above the interstate street lights and the buildings in the distance to the WEST. At first it looked like it might have been just an antenna, but the light grew brighter and larger as we continued to look at it. Very quickly, we knew this was something strange we had never seen before. The light started to move slowly across the interstate and began to change shape. It started to resemble something like a missile or a comet that had a pronounced fire-like body and tail. As it made its way across the interstate, for a few moments I thought we had lost it, but immediately we could see the same shape as before, only now it was a very dim white outline in the sky. It looked like a cone-shaped comet with a long tail. I could not believe what we were seeing so I took out my cell phone to try and record it. It looked like it was moving very slow, but by the time my cell phone began to record, the light made its way across the interstate and was now EAST of I-95. Slowly it began to dim and get smaller, resembling a star. It looked like it stopped moving, so I put my phone down and stopped recording it. The weirdest thing is that the moment I put my phone down and looked up again, it was gone. When I tried to play back the video on my phone to see what it looked like, my phone said "OOPS! your camera will not open. Please try again later." and the video I recorded on my cell phone would not and still will not play despite rebooting it. Whatever we saw, I know it was something we had never ever seen before.


Lake Wales 19:38, FL, US: On January 19th, 2012 at 7:38 PM. s I came outside from the Walmart store which is located on the East edge of Lake Wales, I observed the following.
I observed an orange glowing disk shaped object (brighter and larger than Jupiter)in the sky east of my location. The object was seen over what are orange groves and the sky was clear with no obstructions. The object was travelling at a slow speed going south. The object stayed on a straight line. After a few minutes the object which was glowing orange blinked out and could not bee seen again. I am a retired Police officer/Deputy and I belonged to MUFON many years ago.


Deerfield Beach 19:40, FL, US: I was driving directly north bound on Powerline Rd. & was passing Sample Rd. at the time. I was just in or near Deerfield Beach as this object in the sky grabbed my attention. At 7:40pm EST I saw a what looked & was behaving like a missile like object going up into the sky. It caught my attention because it had just emitted an orange-yellow like emission leaving a trail behind it as it was ascending. It was far too high and large to be any flare light, so that question is answered. I kept my eye carefully on it as I saw it change its flight pattern & no longer gave the appearance that it was ascending. It then gave off a more faint yellowish-whitish glow afterwards. I no longer saw the object & its dark right now so cant say anything much about that. It may have become too faint after that point. The only reason why I decided to post here is because there are no active military bases any where near where I live. It did not make any sense. I wish there was a way to debunk this. Could a jet engine appear like this in the sky were it possibly had an engine explode & it still be able to maintain itself in flight? It was a very strong emission, enough to grab my attention while driving. Im not typically looking for things in the sky so just dont know what to make of it. Oh, there was a helicopter in the sky just afterwards, but this is also common for south Florida so wasnt sure if it was a coincidence or not..... As I type theres a helicopter with a search light shining down. A common happening. My feelings on this are more like I just want to know the answer since seeing something like this is not normal. I might see if I can reach the nearest airport (its a small private one in boca rating) to the incident & see if theres any logical explanation.


St . Augustine 19:45, FL, US: Saw a very bright amber light in the south east sky about 7:45pm on Jan 19th 2012, Object was low in the sky and moving with a slowing speed untill stopped then disappeared. it was brighter than all the stars and moved for south to east i thought i noticed a trail with some red embers when i first noticed the object and another red ember when it disapeared. we managed to get a single photo of it before it was gone the whole event lasted only a 3-5 minutes that i witnessed.


port saint lucie 19:44, FL, US: My friend and i were driving to go play basketball, about 7;40pm. We went around a corner and at the same time we noticed a street light sized/colored orb come into view. My friend and I watched the object change direction then turn from an orb into a larger light that seemed to flatten out. Its hard to explain. It almost looked like an airplane was flying sideways and had flames shooting out of the top of its two wings. The objects lights then dimmed down to a smaller orb and we then noticed a smoke trail coming from the back of the object and intermittant lights that would illuminate the smoke trail. The smoke trail disappeard and the object looked now like a star. It appeared to remain motionless for 1 min, pulsated about 3 times, then the light went back solid then it dissappeared. Initially I thought it was a Missile or rocket. I then thought it was an airplane on fire until the light dimmed down a just sat there. Also when i first noticed the light there was an airplane in the area and this object looked to be three times the size of the airplane. After about 20 seconds of watching the object we reached a stop light and the people in the car next to us were recording the object on their phone. I asked them what it was and they said they didnt know. We also drove by a soccer field and soccer players were observing the object as well. It was not a plane or a helicopter, and I dont believe it was a missile. Very interested in finding out what this was


New Port Richey 21:15, FL, US: I was leaving my church at approximately at 9:10 pm after our church band rehersal. I looked up at the west sky and saw several red lights in perfect formation across the sky. The lights were lined up stationary from south to north. I drove home less than three miles away, but did not see the lights from my front yard. I got back in my car and drove back to the church, but the lights were no longer there.

. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .

The red lights were lined up in this formation.


port saint lucie 19:30, FL, US: I was standing in my front yard in Port Saint Lucie, FL smoking a cigarette because I do not smoke in the house. A bright red-orange light caught my eye. I do not want to say which direction because I am not 100% sure if it was exactly south or south east. At first I thought it was an airplane but it did not appear to have lights like an airplane. Instead it seemed to be a glowing ball. After focusing on the object I noticed a red trail behind it like you would see on a comet. This made me think it was a meteor something similar. However, the most shocking thing happened that I find difficult to describe. A white light begin to shoot from the back end of the object. (I say back because it exited the object from the opposite end of the direction it was heading) The light shot from the object and traveled down the length of the red tail. It did not stem from the object like light from a flashlight stems from the flashlight itself but rather after it was shot from the object it traveled detached. The white light was shot a number of times from the red orb. The sight was very perplexing and almost fearful due to the unknowns surrounding what it could be. The white light then stopped and it was just the red orb and the red tail again. Shortly after the white light stopped, the red tail disappeared. The object traveled for a few seconds more then disappeared as if it went behind a cloud. I thought that it was clear skies but it was dark out so I cant say for sure. However, the stars could be seen near where the object disappeared so I watched and waited for it to reappear hoping to see the trail and the white light again. However, it never reappeared. It was like it disappeared or the light went out. I immediately went inside to check online for any events such as meteor showers happening but couldnt find anything so I went back outside to look at the sky for anything strange. Within a few minutes a police officer came down my street shining its spotlight. The officer talked to some kids walking down the street but I was too far away to catch what the conversation was about. The cop then continued on shining the spotlight from the car as if looking for someone. About 10 minutes later a helicopter flew by extremely low and it too had its spotlight on but it is unclear if the police and the red orb were related in any way. It all happened around 7:40 pm eastern standard time. I checked periodically throughout the night for anything in the sky but it is now 12:00 am and no cops or strange objects have been seen since.


St. Augustine 19:30, FL, US: Let me start by saying I am an occasional sky watcher. I have never seen anything that was unusual enough to feel led to report in my 35 years. This is my first time to this website.
I got off work at 7:15pm tonight. I went to the gas station across the street to fuel up. As I began to refuel I heard a jet flying by headed, what sounded like, in a southeast direction. It was fairly low by the sound of it, but I was unable to see due to the station canopy. I thought nothing of it because its not the first time Ive witnessed/heard night flights from the local military bases.
While driving home on I95 from Jacksonville to Saint Augustine I saw a stationary, bright light that I initially thought was a comet, due to what seemed like a small tail. I found it very off and out of place. I moved my head around to judge whether or not it was just a reflection from the windshield. It wasnt. I also adjusted my glasses to see if it was a smudge or reflection from them. As I was doing that, the "tail" brightened and I was able to tell that it was neither and it was definitely a beam of light, not very long, coming from the starlike light. It began moving slowly from west of I95 to east. As I got closer I could also see, in the beam, what appeared to be smoke or mist as it moves through a beam of light. I watched it move approximately 1 mile across the sky in an eastward direction over a two minute period. About 3/4 of the way through it started to slowly gain altitude as well and I could no longer distinguish the short beam. After the two minutes it hovered, with no beam for another minute. Just a bright, starlike light. Then it just disappeared. I thought OMG. WTH was that. Maybe it went behind clouds, but there were none. It was a cloudless night.
I considered that it could have been a helicopter with a searchlight, and it could be, but the altitude was way to high for the light to have done any good. It appeared to be at least 600 feet off the ground when I first spotted it and the beam was only visible for maybe 70 feet of that distance and I dont know that searchlights get three times brighter or have adjustable intensity settings. Maybe they do. The object wasnt using it for navigation purposes, because it was pointed in the opposite direction as it was heading.
I wasnt the only one to have seen it either because the traffic slowed down as it passed over the interstate and I noticed a few vehicles parked on the shoulder of I95 most likely watching the same thing.
I later realized the jet I heard earlier was headed in that direction and not towards the closest base. It would have been heading southwest if that were the case, not southeast.
As I got home I searched the sky for a bit and noticed Venus. Using that as a reference I would say the object was at least twice as big and bright as it is.
I mentioned at the beginning that I was an "occasional" sky watcher. I like looking for unexplained things but remain on the skeptical side. This is the first time Ive seen something that didnt seem it could have an easy explanation so I submitted this in hopes of getting a reasonable explanation. Let me know if you have one.


East of Parish florida, FL, US: We were sitting on the lanai which faces east and saw a bright orange light in the sky. I thought it was maybe a strange reflection through a cloud, Lori said look at the stars there are no clouds. She thought maybe a plane on fire. We noticed it was brighter than airplane lights. It appeared to be stationary. We were watching it and trying to figure it out when it became bright white. Then it suddenly went left and right and left again very fast and disappeared as we watched. This was somewhere east of Parish dont know the distance but guess pretty far and very bright. Thats when we said we just saw a UFO.


Heart specialist of over 30 years exposed as carpenter

A bogus doctor who operated as a heart specialist for more than 30 years has been exposed as a carpenter without a single medical qualification to his name.

Self-styled expert Vladimiro Colloca, 58, is understood to have been consulted by thousands of patients around Milan, Italy, in three decades of posing as a cardiac specialist, say prosecutors.

He was caught out when some of his patients mentioned him in consultations with real heart experts, who had never heard of him.

Police are now investigating his extensive patient records to establish if any of them died or suffered as a result of his treatment. - austriantimes


Old story going viral again....'Cat Boy' from China

A child of Chinese nationality can be seen from small in total darkness. According to specialists of the hospital in Dahua, south of that country, it is a genetic condition that leaves less protection for your eyes and make them more sensitive to light.

Nong Youhui rage with his superpowers. His parents are still concerned about the case.

It all started with a visit to the doctor when the child’s father appeared to review your child’s eyes.

The problem was that his father noticed the boy’s eyes glowed in the dark like flashlights.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, to the surprise of the doctors at hospital in Dahua, southern China, found that the child has the ability to see in the dark.

According to medical examinations that made ​​him able to determine that the boy easily readable in complete darkness and without the aid of any light. Moreover, you can see as clearly as if it were daylight.

Experts believe that the child was born with a rare condition that leaves less protection for your eyes and make them more sensitive to light.

On the other hand, the father of and boy they nicknamed “Cat-Boy” (boy cat) warned that some time ago the doctors said that the eyes of his son leave to shine, to become black like most Chinese.

But that never happened by This growing concern in your environment, however the condition does not reverse the specialists explain serious danger.

Of course, this story was reported as early as 2009, but the amazing aspect of it all is that Young Nong Youhui is still going strong with this genetic condition and his eyes have not turned dark.

While doctors in China are attributing this to Leukoderma, in my opinion it’s more likely due to some other eye issue associated with Rhodopsin.


China's 'Cat-Boy'

From 2/2009

A 'cat-boy' has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark.

Doctors have studied Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight since his father took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, concerned over his bright blue eyes.

Dad Ling said: "They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did."

Medical tests conducted in complete darkness show Youhui can read perfectly without any light and sees as clearly as most people do during the day.

Experts believe he was born with a rare condition called leukodermia which has left his eyes with less protective pigment and more sensitive to light.


French Women Live in Cave to Escape Electro-Magnetic Rays

Anne Cautain and Bernadette Touloumond suffer from hypersensitive reactions to electro-magnetic radiations. The symptoms include unbearable burning and terrible headaches, so bad that they couldn’t stand to live in the outside world anymore. After trying several other options, a cave has become their ultimate refuge. Anne and Bernadette’s cave is located outside the town of Beaumugne, on the edge of the Vercors plateau range, in France. To gain access to the area, a small ladder needs to be scaled while clinging to a rope. A sign reading “Mobile Phones Prohibited” is displayed on the hillside. 52-year-old Anne says, “I can’t take any sort of electro-magnetic waves, whatever they may be: Wi-Fi, mobile phones or high-tension wires.” She was the first to settle down in the cave, and is now spending her third winter there. -


Rick Phillips of UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock discusses the possibilities and paranoia related to the 'Sky Noise Phenomena' at The `Hearing Sounds' Ultimate Conspiracy Theory



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The Montauk Project: Mind Manipulation, Alien Beings and Time Travel

Montauk, N.Y. — like Area 51, written about in Annie Jacobsen’s book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Basehas been the center of an otherworldly conspiracy theory for decades.

Believers say that people were kidnapped at a U.S. Air Force base and subjected to mind control and time travel experiments. And extraterrestrials somehow had a hand in it all.

It’s been dubbed “The Montauk Project,” and is the subject of an upcoming docu-drama, “Montauk Chronicles,” executive produced, directed and written by independent filmmaker Christopher Garetano.

But nobody has been able to actually prove these allegations. And all that’s left of the Montauk facility — currently a state park — are the above-ground remnants of the original Air Force base. According to a document issued by the Air Force Historical Studies office, the Montauk base, known as Camp Hero, was decommissioned in the early 1980s.

Montauk is a small seaside resort town on the tip of Long Island that draws vacationers to its shores every year. Camp Hero, located a short distance outside of Montauk, has roots as far back as the Revolutionary War, during which it was used to test military cannons. Later, during World War II, Camp Hero served as a coastal defense installation against any possible Nazi intrusions into America.

“Montauk Chronicles” follows the story of three men, Alfred Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols, who claim that Camp Hero ended up as an underground site for scientific atrocities.

Bielek, a retired electrical engineer, maintains he was part of the mysterious Philadelphia Experiment, where in 1943, the U.S. Navy allegedly tried to make a small destroyer undetectable to radar. The test ended in disastrous results, including the ship disappearing from the Philadelphia Navy yard and — purportedly — traveling through time.

The Philadelphia Experiment: Invisibility Time Travel and Mind Control - The Shocking Truth- Al Bielek

According to Bielek’s story, he was transported ahead in time from Philadelphia, and extraterrestrials were responsible for the technology used in the Philadelphia Experiment. He also maintains he was recruited in 1970 to work on mind control and time travel projects at the Montauk facility.

Swerdlow’s story involves being kidnapped as a teenager from his Long Island, N.Y., home, taken to the Montauk base, and subjected to a variety of experiments.

“Beatings, a lot of torture, electrical shock, burials, near-drownings,” Swerdlow said. “They’d bring you to the point of death, and then they would save you, and the person doing this would be your rescuer or god, and would say, ‘I’m the one that saved you and remember that.’ And that became your handler — your programmer.”

Swerdlow recalls being part of some horrific experiments while at the Montauk facility.

Montauk: The Alien Connection- Stewart Swerdlow

“The walls were very damp, oozing water, so it appeared to be deep underground or even underwater. I was always on this cold, hard table. Sometimes there’d be other people around, either my age or older, and electrodes were put into me and injections.”

All three men claim to have seen extraterrestrials while at the underground Camp Hero facility.

“Well, there were quite a number of aliens at Montauk,” said Bielek. “Some were there on a semi-permanent basis. A lot of them were just visitors that came in and looked at what they wanted to see and went back home.

“There were little grays there, which I suspected were degenerated humans from out of the future. Large gray aliens (which are a different species) were also at Montauk, and they were highly intelligent.”

Nichols, like Bielek, was an electrical engineer, who says he worked with Bielek in the mind control and psychic aspects of the Montauk Project.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time- Preston B. Nichols

“There were definitely alien beings at Montauk,” Nichols said. “We had the little grays and the larger grays as well as a variety of reptilian beings. The large grays didn’t want anything to do with me because they couldn’t reach me telepathically. When I entered a room they would leave.

“They were the strangest thing that I ever saw. At that point, I was beginning to doubt my own sanity.”

And Swerdlow also saw an alien presence at Montauk. “Most of the time my interaction was with human beings, but I did come into close contact with alien beings.

“I did see, occasionally, intelligent reptilian humanoid beings as well as gray aliens who were once human beings but were physically altered as a result of degeneration and radiation toxins in their system. Most of them communicated with mental telepathy.”

Garetano shot much of his upcoming film at the actual site of Camp Hero. - Lee Speigel - Montauk Project: New Film Takes On Allegations Of Mind Control, Time Travel And Alien Encounters At Military Base - THP

NOTE: Here is a link to a very good online source - The Montauk Project. Al Bielek's site can be found at Camp Hero - Fort Montauk. There has been conjecture and conspiracy theories pertaining to the location since the 1980's. I have seen some of the evidence and have read many of the claims...I do believe some covert experimentation existed though I have scant knowledge has to the extent. Below is some of the activity I have covered related to Montauk Project and the Brookhaven National Laboratory in reference to a UFO crash near Southaven Park in Shirley, Long Island...Lon


Statement to MUFON: In 1992 a UFO crashed into Southaven Park in Shirley, Long Island. Many witnessed the event as it is near Sunrise Highway, a well traveled roadway. The park was closed for three days. Brookhaven National Labs was called in. A large flatbed truck brought something large back to the lab. My brother, who worked on the lab at the time, told me that they had an alien, alive, on the lab property. He told me this shortly before he died in 2006. He told the same thing to my mother, and his family in real time, at the time of it happening. There are reports saying there there is film footage of the event. The spot of the crash is still obvious from aerial view. The trees are twisted and turned about. Some of them are bent and it is reported that there is no electro-magnetic field there.

In order to corroborate my sighting information I offer you this report from the paranormal investigative group, Long Island Oddities. I have also enclosed a picture of the twisted trees.
NOTE: I have posted additional images...Lon

Southaven Park - The Crash

The most coherent information on Southaven was located in the LIUFON Press Release on August 3 1998. The actual crash occurred at 7:00pm on Nov. 24th, 1992. A man was driving east on Sunrise Highway heading toward WIlliam Floyd Parkway. There was a patch of trees separating Sunrise from Montauk Hwy. To the south of Sunrise he saw a large craft that he describes as, "tubular in shape with two large bright blue lights on each end with a bright white light in its center whose structure was composed of a dull metallic grey texture". He saw the object make a very tight right angle, cross the highway, and crash into the woods of Southaven Park. When it hit, the object emitted a dazzlingly white beam that was said to turn night to day for a moment.

The same man turned and came back on the other side of Sunrise to backtrack and find the source of the crash. He saw helicopters near the exit to William Floyd Pkwy. Neither the helicopters or the personnel that came to block off the westbound exit to William Floyd bore any markings or insignia and the men were dressed in plain black. Finally he went west on Victory which was closed off later, and reached the second turn on Gerard Ave. This street and its neighbors would soon report all manner of electrical glitches, phone ringing with no one there, and TV static. At this time though our witness could see a huge fire back in the woods.

At the same time someone also driving east on Sunrise saw an oval shaped object fly over the town dump hill, "on a descending course 30 degrees to the horizon which was leaving a green ionization trail as it passed". Could this have been part of its crash trajectory? The oval craft or one like it may have been scouting out the local area because there was an incident "reported over Islip Town which were seen on the Channel 12 News in March 1992 at the Bagatelle Road Exit of the Long Island Expressway".

Some researchers say even now that there are areas of Southaven that have the trees bent as if almost torn out of the ground at some point in their growth. On a scouting mission we think we found such a site. We also found a good aerial shot of the area that shows a large roundish area that has no trees at all. The photos are below.

NOTE: the following is the original news article and an account on John Ford, founder of LIUFON, who was later sent to a mental health facility...Lon



ISSUE; Vol X, No. 7

DATE; Tuesday, May 25, 1993

A local investigative group that has been researching accounts of unidentified objects on Long Island for the past five years released a report (with photos and a video tape) yesterday that claims an alien space craft crashed into a remote area of Southaven Park in Shirley just before Thanksgiving last year. The incident happened just after 7:00 P.M. on the night of November 24, according to John Ford, chairman of the Long Island U.F.O. Network, who said that it has taken his group six months to do a thorough investigation.

It was just recently, though, that his group was able to acquire the video and the photos. "We knew that something crashed into the park that night and we have, bit by bit," said Ford, "been able to finally put the picture together." Several motorists who were traveling along Sunrise Highway that night, according to Ford, contacted his organization and described what they thought was a plane that was going down into the park. And many local residents whose homes border Southaven report that they heard loud rumbling sounds and saw strange lights.

"Eyewitness accounts have confirmed that a fire was reported immediately after," noted Ford. "In addition, the roads around the park were blocked off to travel by county and park police. The next day, and for a few days after, the park was closed to the public."

One local resident who lives near the park said that for a five to six day period after the incident, his house experienced numerous power surges and the phone would ring strangely without anyone on the other end.

"I ride horses in the park so I'm pretty familiar with the activities there," said the 45- year-old man who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of his job ("they would fire me if they thought I believed in flying saucers").

"For the next few days there were a lot of military helicopters going over the park --- and I couldn't get in."

Records show that Southaven Park was closed between November 25 and 28. According to park officials, the park was closed to the general public that week because it was reserved for duck hunting. Although some of the area fire departments were initially called, they were turned back and the fire was handled by the federally controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Department, said Ford. Ford's group finally gained admittance into the park a week later.

"We found an area that was burned out and some trees were bent over," Ford recalled. "A section looked like it had been plowed over by machinery." But two things were of particular interest to Ford. "We were getting a higher than normal radiation reading in the area, higher than regular background radiation, and the fence line in that area," said Ford, "had no magnetic reading."

Ford explained that metal fences maintain a magnetic charge from the Earth.

"Something had stripped away the magnetic charge of the fence."

Last week Ford received what he had been waiting and hoping for: a video film of the crash.

"I can't say where I got it from because these people who supplied the tape are afraid that the government will go after them.

" Because of the poor quality of the tape, Ford has been working with video specialists to try and enhance the quality of the picture and to produce stills. The video, a copy of which was given to South Shore Press, shows people examining a bright reddish, metallic-type object about four-square feet that appears to be emitting a white, cloudy gas, and a hissing sound can be heard --- a sight and sound that resembles dry ice that has been exposed to warmer temperatures.

The next shot shows what appears to be a person trying to lift up a body near a tree, but the poor quality of the film makes positive identification impossible. In a final scene, three uniformed men (wearing dark jackets and rounded caps similar to federal swat teams) are seen placing a large shiny spread (similar to mylar) over something on the ground. Ford makes no apologies for the poor quality of the video:

"Things are happening fast and the guy who took the shots doesn't want to be too obvious." And he confesses that it is hard to get people to come forward and admit what they've seen.

"One of the major problems in researching UFOs is that people are afraid of sounding like lunatics when describing strange, unexplained events."

But an even greater fear, notes Ford, is the government.

"You get involved with things that the government doesn't want people to know and they can make life pretty tough for you."

What are Ford's conclusions about the Southaven incident? "We are still very actively investigating this event. We believe that an extraterrestrial craft, with aliens, crashed that night in the park --- and we are out to prove it." - LIUFON


Skeptics UFO Newsletter -7- Jan. 1998
UFO Group Leader, Accused Of Plan To Kill Local Government Officials, Sent To Mental Institution After His Two Partners Plead Guilty.

John Ford, the 49-year-old founder of the Long Island (N.Y.) UFO Network (LIUFON), who in mid-1996 was charged with plotting to kill several local government officials because he believed they were covering up three crashed-saucer incidents on Long Island, has been found to be "delusional" and has been sent to a New York state psychiatric center. If/when Ford is judged competent to stand trial, he faces the prospect of a 25-75 year jail term. Two of Ford's partners in the plot to poison Suffolk county officials by inserting radium into their food and toothpaste earlier pleaded guilty to participating in the plan. Joseph Mazzuchelli was sentenced to 3-9 years. Edward Zabo, a Defense Dept. employee who obtained the radium, is slated to be sentenced in early March [SUN #40/July 1996]. The evidence included a tape recording of Ford and associates discussing their plan which was covertly recorded by a person who had been asked to participate but who instead gave the tape to law enforcement officials.

Ford claimed that in 1989, the U.S. had forced down and recovered an ET craft near Moriches Bay, L.I., that in 1992 an alien craft had crashed in Southaven Park, and that a third had crashed later near the Pine Barrens area. He publicly accused local government officials of collaborating with the federal government to cover up the incidents.

In an article in the November 1996 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, Ms. Elaine Douglas charged that Ford was the "first UFO investigator to be seriously persecuted by the authorities." (Douglas is MUFON's state director for the District of Columbia and co-director of "Operation Right To Know." The latter, which periodically stages public demonstrations, describes itself as "the only UFO organization with guts." It has scheduled a march on the White House to "End UFO Secrecy" for July 5, 1999.) In her MUFON article, Douglas announced the formation of the John Ford Defense Committee and sought contributions. SUN eagerly awaits the reactions of Douglas and MUFON to recent events.

Some of Ford's own comments, contained in a 102-page handwritten "Statement to the Media," were quoted in a lengthy feature article recently published in the Jan. 11 issue of The Washington Post. Ford claims he had been a CIA agent for the last 30 years, but was not paid so there would be no record of his employment in the agency's files. Further, that Mazzuchelli was an officer of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency. Another Ford claim is that the AIDS and Ebola viruses were brought by ETs to kill off peoples of sub-Sahara Africa. In a letter to LIUFON vice president Steve Iavarone, Ford predicted that after a few months at the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center he would return and that all charges against him would be dropped. Ford concluded his letter with UFOlogy's popular slogan: "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE...."

In June 1996 Ford was arrested on charges of conspiracy to murder local Republican officials John Powell, Fred Towle and Anthony Gazzola by doctoring their toothpaste and their cars with radium. Ford was right about his phone being tapped - the main evidence against him was a taped phone call to a police informant. People who have heard the recording say that Ford and the informant discuss the radium poisoning scheme and then laugh heartily as if it were a joke. Arrested with Ford was Joseph Mazzachelli, and the next day a third suspect, Edward Zabo, was arrested in Medford, New York. Zabo was an electrical inspector at military contractor Northrop Grumman. The three men were all members of the Long Island UFO Network. The group has accused the government of covering up sightings of extraterrestrials. Zabo, a former Defense Department employee, had provided the radium, and Ford was supposed to plant it.

The intended victims of the plot could not say why the three wanted to kill them. Mazzachelli was a convicted burglar, and Zabo had been arrested twice for driving while intoxicated and may have had some tax troubles. In the raid on Ford's home in Bellport, police seized dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Friends said Ford was a gun collector. Police also found what they and the media described as "militia" literature. However, actual militia ties are dubious.

In 1997, a Suffolk County Court judge ordered that Ford be sent to an upstate New York mental hospital, where he remains today. Three psychiatrists and a psychologist, two hired by District Attorney James M. Catterson Jr.'s office, examined Ford and all four concluded that he was not competent to stand trial. Robert H. Berger, director of Forensic Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital Center, said that while Ford seemed to understand his legal predicament, he thought the criminal case against him was in reality an intelligence operation being run by the CIA together with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

Responding to an article about himself in Saucer Smear, Ford wrote:

My case is a frame-up and a smear tactic to destroy my UFO organization and to neutralize my effectiveness.

The main reason I'm sitting here is due to the fact that I had information indicating that the 1995 East End Forest Fires had been deliberately set to cover up the crash of a large disc near Suffolk Community College, south of Riverhead (Long Island). The County was asked to set fires near the crash site, to keep people out of the area; but dirty politics being the case, the Republican leadership, in an effort to gain control of Pine Barrens properties, set Forest Fires South of Sunrise Highway in populated areas near the coveted land. I was able to document some of this. While doing so, I was targeted for elimination by the politicians. I had several attempts on my life fail, due to the intervention of Israeli intelligence, which protected me for some 3 1/2 months.

Yes, it's true what I said. There is a heavy intelligence presence involved in my case. The man to talk to about it all is Preston Nichols. ... He can give you a briefing on the various aspects of the case ...

Preston Nichols, also a LIUFON member, is the same Preston Nichols of Montauk Project fame.

What happened here? Was Ford getting too close to something he shouldn't have, or had he been delusional for years? - /

NOTE: The official description of the Brookhaven National Laboratory was "a multidisciplinary, fundamental research laboratory. Research in the life sciences is conducted in the Departments of Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Medicine, whose strong programs, characterized by many interdisciplinary collaborations in long-range basic, biological, and environmental problems assist the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with its decision-making."

In July, 2000 the following was reported by an anonymous source: Brookhaven National Laboratory, located in vicinity of the Montauk Airforce Station, is known as a place of mysterious events connected to Project Phoenix and the preparation of the Philadelphia Experiment. Founded in World War II, it was the place of the first scientific accelerator and a radar laboratory. Nowadays, BNL is known for weather radar work and - in conjunction with the Phoenix Project - as a place of secret weapon developement, which allegedly caused the crash of both the TWA 800 flight and the crash of JFK, Jr.

Another unnamed source familiar with the activity at BNL stated that "Brookhaven National Laboratories had something to do with the crash of JFK, Jr's airplane. The night JFK, Jr. died, Brookhaven was conducting an experiment that scientists from around the world had begged them not to conduct. Other physicists were afraid that the experiment could cause perterbations in the universe that might even destroy the entire universe." - PX Archive...Lon

Just the Facts?: New MUFON Director / Headquarters -- Ottawa River UFO -- Headless in LA

New MUFON International Director / Headquarters Moving to Cincinnati

The Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON) International Director Clifford Clift announced he was stepping down with Kentucky State Director and board member David MacDonald taking on the leadership role.

Clift said his decision was based on a need to spend more time with family.

"MUFON has come a long way in a positive direction and I'm excited to say that the Mutual UFO Network is in good hands with David," Clift said. "His level of dedication and his leadership skills will be an incredible benefit to our organization. David will be a very effective International Director for MUFON."

MacDonald is no stranger to MUFON and the organization's mission. He currently sits on MUFON's Board of Directors, is Assistant Director of Investigations, is MUFON's STAR Team Administrator, and he is the conductor of testing for new field investigators.

As a businessman over the years MacDonald has had numerous successful operations. Currently he runs a school for pilots and aircraft dispatchers. He owns and runs Flamingo Air, a charter airline.

"David MacDonald has excellent credentials within MUFON and the business world," Clift said. "David's business background and knowledge of the UFO phenomenon is very sound and successful. He brings much to the table as the new leader for MUFON."

MacDonald officially takes on the new position February 1, 2012.

"I'm excited about taking over the leadership role of MUFON and I'm looking forward to working with all the great people in the MUFON organization," MacDonald said.

MacDonald will move MUFON International Headquarters to Cincinnati, OH, where he operates Global Airline Education Center and Campus. Being centrally located, the International Headquarters will be easily accessible to many more members. Cincinnati is within a 6-hour drive for 60 percent of the population of the United States.

The location will have high visibility to pilots and many perspective new MUFON members in the aviation industry as well as increased exposure to the general public. MUFON will have room for office space, storage on site and a walk-in merchandise store.

"We ask everyone to have patience during this transition period," Clift said. "Keep your eyes on the sky and let's all welcome Mr. David MacDonald as MUFON's new International Director." - examiner


Headless in LA (I can bet someone's writing a screenplay already)

Something very strange and very creepy is afoot Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon two women and their nine dogs were hiking beneath the iconic Hollywood sign that overlooks the city when they made a gruesome discovery: the severed head of a man in a plastic bag. Karen Rayner, a spokesperson for the LAPD, described the way the disturbing find came about:

Two dogs were playing with it, and that's when the dog walkers looked closer and realized it was a human head.

Yikes. Police have been using cadaver dogs to search the area, which is a popular hiking and tourist destination, for a body to go along with the head. Earlier today they uncovered one hand and later a second hand about 50 yards away. Then a few hours ago they located two human feet, near where the head had been. It seems safe to assume they all belong together, but the police said they'll need to "run tests to confirm that the body parts belong to the same person." Let's hope they do.

The Hollywood intrigue thickened when investigators on the case were seen talking to Brad Pitt's bodyguard this afternoon. Pitt, who strangely had his own run-in with a severed head in the movie Seven, has a house right down the road from where the head was discovered—but don't worry he's not a suspect. Police are simply going around talking to all of the neighbors trying to gather evidence.

There are 30 detectives working the scene, and so far they think the crime occurred somewhere else, and the body was later dumped in the park. They say the head is a man who is "possibly of Armenian descent, in his 40s with salt-and-pepper hair." They're working to identify him based on fingerprints and dental records. They've also set up a grid system in order to search for any other body parts, but it could be difficult since the park is home to lots of coyotes and other wild animals who might have already moved (or worse) some of the missing pieces. If it wasn't so horribly real, this would have all the makings of fascinating crime drama. - jezebel


Fake clay iPad Xmas gifts...not quite 'lumps of coal' but same effect

Retailers in Vancouver, British Columbia are red-faced with embarrassment after selling as many 10 customers Apple iPad 2 tablets that turned out to be made of clay.

According to an investigation by CTV News, scam artists purchased iPads during the holiday season at a number of Best Buy and Future Shop locations around Vancouver, paying for cash for the hot-selling tablet computers. They then replaced them with clay shaped to fit iPad 2 boxes, and returned the boxes to the stores, where they were evidently restocked without staff ensuring the boxes contained actual iPads.

Best Buy and Future Shop, which are different brands owned by the same company, are investigating the incidents.

But according to Vancouver resident Mark Sandhu, who found clay instead of a tablet computer in his holiday gifts, neither the retailer nor police were interested in the case until he contacted a consumers' rights program on CTV.

Sandhu said Future Shop staff didn't believe him when he returned to the store with his "clay iPad 2." Nor were police interested in the matter, Sandhu says.

"Maybe the way I was dressed, I don't know," Sandhu said. "[The store manager] made me feel like I'm trying to scam them out of $700. I was the one getting scammed."

The store changed its tune after CTV began investigating.

"Customers don't expect to receive this kind of product from Future Shop, so it's a very serious matter and something we are addressing right away for anyone who has been impacted," spokesperson Elliott Chun told the media.

Sandhu has received an apology and a full refund from Future Shop.

iPads and other Apple gadgets are popular targets for thieves, thanks to the products' popularity and often prohibitive prices. In Asia, scalpers selling sold-out Apple products are a common sight, and frustration with the high price of scalped goods recently spilled over into a riot in Beijing.

More than $100,000-worth of iPads were stolen from a Best Buy in Brooklyn last fall, and authorities in Denver last year were looking for "Ken and Barbie," two prolific iPad thieves. - THP


Click image for larger version

Ottawa River, Ontario UFO Encounter

Written up on December 23, 2011

I have created Google Map Images of my location and UFO passage that are added below.

Ottawa, Canada UFO – Summer 1986

During the summer of 1986 when I was 24 years old, I was very fortunate to witness a high speed UFO travelling just above the Ottawa River at what I estimate to be 3,000 to 5,000 feet. This observation is based on aircraft normally flying at 20,000 to 30,000 feet.

The craft was a cigar shape. Tapered at both ends and thickening in the middle.

The width and thickness of the object observed from my distance was that of a Canadian dime. True length of object viewed from 1.7 miles is 30 meters to 40 meters.

Please note that the human eye has a natural zoom capability for distant objects of about 1,800x. This observation is based on my use of a modern 2011 Sony video camera with a 50x optical zoom and 1,800x digital zoom. Model DCR - SR20

Distance to object has been estimated at 1.7 to 2 miles using Google Earth, measuring from the top of the hill at the intersection at Duford Street and Jamison Avenue.

My viewing location for this event was at the top of the Queenswood Height's hill in Orleans located approximately 10 miles from Ottawa. Intersection at Duford Street and Jamison Avenue.

In 1986 there were no houses built on this hill giving a clear view of the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Valley 1.7 miles away.

Month of sighting is June 1986. Estimate

Viewing time was between 15:00hrs to 17:00hrs, broad daylight.

I had the UFO in sight for only 2 seconds.

Later on I would determine with Google Earth that the distance covered by the UFO during my observation time was 4 miles. This was possible because of my elevated position on Queenswood Heights Hill giving me a clear view of the Ottawa River and Gatineau Valley in the distance.

The UFO travelled rapidly over the Ottawa River moving in an East to West direction towards the city of Ottawa.

The UFO would be spotted by several students at Carleton University, reported to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, and written up the next day in a small story.

The event happened on a Friday. Exact date unknown.

Technical details of the event.

Time in view 2 seconds.

Distance covered 4 miles.

Speed 4 miles per 2 seconds.

4 miles = 6437.376 metres

6437.376 m in 2 seconds

Speed of the UFO = 3,218.688 m /s

Speed of sound at sea level 340.29 m/s

Speed of the UFO = 9.45866 times the speed of sound

The UFO moved through the air in absolute complete silence.

There was no sonic boom associated with this high speed travelling object and I was completely surprised. I was listening for it intently.

This UFO therefore had the capability to move through a medium like air without displacing it.

Travelling at 9.45x the speed of sound the only way NOT to create a sonic boom is NOT to displace the medium of air in the first place.

Therefore UFO craft have an ability to move through a medium like air and water without displacing it. This means that there is NO friction with the medium allowing such fast velocities and changes in direction when required.

How this is accomplished is not known at this time.

Could a magnetic field enable an object to move through a medium without displacing it?

A engineering challenge for future aircraft designers.

The technology to move an object through a medium without displacing it exists.

I have seen it in 1986 and that was 25 years ago.


Tuesday January 17, 2012

Noble Peace Prize Committee
cc Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
(Please forward to Canadian Defence UFO Research)

Re: How UFO's achieve such high velocities like 9x the speed of sound without breaking the sound barrier causing a sonic boom. How UFO's achieve extreme manoeuvrability at high speeds. How UFO's achieve such rapid acceleration that defy the laws of physics.

After watching the documentary below last night I came up with a hypothesis for how UFO's accomplish their tricks. I have been thinking about this subject for the past 25 years since my own observation of a UFO travelling towards Ottawa, Canada at 9x the speed of sound without breaking the sound barrier. This UFO was spotted by four other independent observers in June 1986 and written up in the Ottawa citizen newspaper.

Best UFO's Documentary – I Know What I Saw – Full 1:30:31 hrs - Good


UFO Time Slip Drive

Last night I went to bed thinking about a comment that I had written about UFO's and their ability to defy conventional wisdom by travelling above the speed of sound without breaking the sound barrier.

UFO's are observed to travel at high velocity and change direction as if beyond capability.

When I was 24 years old, I was very fortunate to witness a UFO in June 1986 travelling above the Ottawa River at about 5,000 feet towards the city of Ottawa at a very high rate of speed. Later on in 2010 I would determine the speed of the UFO to be 9x the speed of sound based on the fact that it covered a 4 mile distance in 2 seconds. Event happened on a Thursday or Friday in the late afternoon in June 1986.

The presence of jet fighters are very rare in Ottawa, but at least once every two years one would fly over Queenswood Heights, Orleans where I lived from 10 years to 26 years of age. From experience I knew that jet fighters generated a lot of noise when they passed overhead.

Standing at the top of the Queenswood Heights hill, overlooking the scenic Ottawa River and Gatineau, Quebec (intersection of Duford and Jamison Avenue) I was intrigued by a very high velocity object that suddenly came into view travelling East to West over the Ottawa River (5,000 feet estimate) headed up river towards the city of Ottawa 10 miles (15.6km) away.

Upon seeing the high speed object cover 4 miles in 2 seconds, I immediately began listening intently for a sonic boom and any kind of engine noise. There was nothing, the object was completely silent and there was NO sonic boom. “Impossible,” I thought at the time.

“How could an object travel so rapidly through the air and NOT make a sonic boom”, I wondered?

The UFO was observed by four other students seconds later, who then contacted the Ottawa Citizen who wrote up a story the next day and printed it in the newspaper. I was thrilled to have seen the news story to learn that other people had witnessed what I had seen.

I instantly became a UFO believer having witnessed my own event. Then my life moved on and I forgot about the incident.

Throughout the next few years I would read about more UFO sightings and see video footage in 2006 shot from the US Space Shuttle showing a high velocity object travelling over Canada and the United States at a phenomenal rate of speed. The speed of the UFO was very similar to the one I had observed in 1986, twenty years earlier.

Out of curiosity, in 2010 I would determine from Google Earth and Google Maps that the UFO I had observed in 1986 was travelling at 9x the speed of sound. I had the UFO in sight for a distance of 4 miles due to my elevated viewing angle on Queenswood Heights hill. The time for the UFO to travel this 4 miles was two seconds.

The UFO is estimated to have been 1.76 to 2 miles away from where I stood on the Queenswood Heights hill to the middle of the Ottawa River. Estimate determined using Google Earth.

The UFO was an aerodynamic cigar shape approximately 30m to 40m (1,000ft) in length.

From my perspective the UFO was the width and thickness of the edge of a dime.

If one were to stretch out their right arm, index finger pointed out and slowly draw your arm in arc from right to left this was the velocity of the UFO over the Ottawa River 1.76 to 2 miles away. Time in sight was 2 seconds. Distance covered 4 miles. Velocity 9x the speed of sound.

Sonic boom – none.

Engine noise – none.

Disturbance of air around the object – none.

If you have ever seen a fighter jet travelling at or above the speed of sound near the ground you can see the shock wave around the aircraft. The water vapour in the air condenses into droplets around the aircraft. It is very cool to see.

So a UFO can move through a medium like air without displacing it.

This then allows the UFO to move through air at above the speed of sound without making a sonic boom.

In my case and others UFO's are observed to travel at 9x the speed of sound and faster without creating a sonic boom. Meaning the medium of air is NOT displaced when the UFO travels through it.

The same effect has also been seen with UFO's travelling through the water.

UFO's can travel at a high rate of speed through a medium without displacing the medium they are in.

UFO's it then stands to reason, do not experience friction from air molecules like other aircraft.

UFO's have also been observed making impossible manoeuvres in the air like abrupt jumps to the left and right of aircraft and fore and aft of aircraft.

UFO's have also been observed making abrupt 90 degree turns above the speed of sound.


If UFO's do not displace the medium they travel through then why are they so streamlined?

Why are UFO's cigar shape? Why not a cube? Why be so aerodynamic?

Another clue. Fighter jets engaging UFO's report a loss of their control surfaces and electronic instrumentation when they get too close.

All of the above observations make sense if one considers that we live in Space-Time and the UFO is warping time around it.

The UFO is streamlined because it is travelling through the medium of air.

it is travelling through the air VERY slowly from its perspective.

The UFO is travelling in a bubble of accelerated time.

The world outside of this time bubble is moving in slow motion.

This explains the observation of UFO's travelling at high velocities through the medium of air and water without apparently displacing it. The time frame of the UFO relative to its surroundings is adjustable based on the time acceleration in the bubble surrounding the UFO.

This explains how a UFO can suddenly accelerate away at an unbelievable speed.

The UFO is NOT accelerating away. The observers time reference is being slowed down relative to that of the UFO.

UFO's making abrupt 90 degree turns in flight can now be explained if one understands that the UFO is moving very slowly in its bubble of accelerated time. To the outside observer from their frame of slowed time the manoeuvres seem impossible. However from the perspective of the UFO inside the accelerated time bubble they are moving very slowly.

Therefore a UFO can never create a sonic boom, because it is never close to breaking the speed of sound in its time reference.

This can best be illustrated by running a movie through a projector at a much faster speed. The action in the film seems to be impossible based on known physical laws. The observer is experiencing a slower time reference to that of the film.

The UFO appears to do amazing feats of aerodynamics and acceleration because it is accelerating time in its bubble.

When jet fighters get to close to a UFO in flight they risk penetrating the accelerated time bubble surrounding the UFO.

This is what causes a jet aircraft to loose flight control. The jet is moving from a normal time frame of 600mph to one of 60mph or slower. The fighter jet cannot stay in the air at the much slower speed.

Moving through the accelerated time bubble no doubt causes avionics to behave in very strange ways, which has what has been observed in numerous military cases. Specifically that of the Iranian pilot in 1984.

It is impossible for modern jet fighters to catch an aerodynamic UFO, because the UFO has the ability to accelerate time in the bubble that surrounds it. The greater the risk posed by the fighter jet, the more that time is accelerated in the UFO bubble to escape the threat.

The UFO never changes its velocity. Only the time acceleration changes, relative to the outside world.

The creation of a time accelerated bubble around the UFO may be tied to the gravitational drive that keeps it aloft in the air.

It is important to remember now that the UFO is now moving slowly in accelerated time.

This acceleration of time may also affect gravity allowing the craft to appear to be weightless.

The concept of accelerating time in the bubble that surrounds the spacecraft can be extrapolated even further to allow these spacecraft to travel between star systems and galaxies. The speed of light is NEVER broken inside the space-time bubble. However outside the UFO Bubble in normal space-time the spacecraft would appear to defy physics breaking the speed of light.

The speed of light however has never been broken, only time has been accelerated in the confined bubble containing the spacecraft / UFO. To my knowledge there is no limit to the acceleration of time.

Therefore faster than light travel is theoretically possible from an outside viewers perspective.

The same phenomenon is observed when UFO's are observed to be travelling faster than the speed in normal space-time, yet there is no sonic boom (in my observation 9x the speed of sound). This is because in the accelerated space-time bubble surrounding the UFO, the UFO is NOT exceeding the speed of sound, nor is it even close to it. Therefore no sonic boom is ever heard.

The same concept applies to faster than light travel from a normal space-time perspective.
UFO's can exceed the speed of light by simply accelerating time in their space-time bubble.
Speeding up time is much easier and convenient to enable interstellar travel. - MUFON CMS


For sale: Hearse that carried John F. Kennedy's body in Dallas

An auto auction company in Scottsdale, Ariz., plans to sell a 1964 Cadillac hearse that company executives say transported the body of President Kennedy after he was assassinated in Dallas. The car was used to take the body from Parkland Memorial Hospital to Love Field Airport, where Air Force One was waiting to return it to Washington.

The Barrett-Jackson company has posted photos of the hearse on its website, along with a history of the vehicle.

The hearse was the first 1964 model built by Miller-Meteor Co. of Ohio, and it was the show car at the National Funeral Directors Assn. convention. Funeral home director Vernon O’Neal purchased it there in October 1963, a month before the assassination.

In the late 1960s, the O’Neal funeral home went out of business, and the hearse was sold. About a decade later, the title passed to Arrdeen Vaughan, now a hearse dealer in Texas. Vaughan restored the hearse and put it up for auction in 2007 at the Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook, Texas.

Vaughan set an asking price of $1 million, and stuck to it, turning down a bid of more than $900,000.

When the hearse was put on the block again in 2009, the high bid was only $165,000 and was not accepted. The current owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, is being represented at this week's auction by Mesa, Ariz.-based Desert Autosport.

"It is titled to us and we have copies of the previous titles," the owner says on the auction website.

Until recently, the hearse was listed on eBay for $1.5 million, according to a post on the Antique Automobile Club of America’s website. Barrett-Jackson has no asking price set for the hearse, meaning there will be no minimum starting bid.

The Times spoke with Steve Lichtman, who serves on the board of directors of the Lafayette, N.J.-based Professional Car Society. The association has about 1,200 members, many of whom have been awaiting the auction of the hearse.

How do we know this is the actual hearse that transported Kennedy's body?

We have kept track of this car over the years. People have seen it; they know that it has the correct serial number. Various members of the club have seen it, and the history is correct. We know who has owned it and where it has been.

Does it look the way it did back then?

A collector -- a member of our club -- owned it after the second funeral home painted it a brown, sort of a dark gold color, and he repainted it white and restored it in the 1990s.

There was some debate when this same car auction company sold an ambulance that it said had transported Kennedy after the assassination. Some people believed the real vehicle had already been destroyed in a junkyard. Was the ambulance authentic?

Unlike the hearse, the ambulance was government-owned, and we had to track down its ultimate demise. There was ample evidence that the ambulance had been crushed and destroyed.

How did you confirm that?

We contacted the Sixth Floor Museum [in Dallas] for archival information on both vehicles. Last year, we also contacted the Kennedy Library, which had signed affidavits.

When I spoke to the woman there, I said, "What would seal the deal is if we had a picture of the ambulance in he crusher.” She said, "Give me 15 minutes," and it was in my inbox.

Who ended up buying the ambulance?

It was bought by a museum and put on display in Grand Junction, Colo.

But you're pretty convinced that the hearse is authentic?

Members of the club have photographed the hearse over the years. This really is the correct car. I'm willing to say when it's wrong, but also when it's right.

How much do you think people will bid for it?

It's hard to say the value. The value that is going to come with it is the value that people place on a collectible that relates to President Kennedy’s assassination.

There's nothing to compare it to. It’s going to be a wait-and-see thing what the value is.

Will the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination make a difference in terms of the hearse's significance to collectors?

I'm not sure. There are a lot of us that feel this is sort of a morbid reminder of the assassination. It may be something that people may not want. But clearly there would be antique car museums interested.

What happened to the convertible Kennedy was riding in when he was shot?

The convertible is at the Henry Ford museum in Michigan. It was modified after the assassination by the Secret Service with a hardtop roof. - latimesblog



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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Witness Sickened: UFO Encounters On Successive Nights

A couple traveled from Eagle Rock, Missouri to a small resort near Marion, Ohio. Witness saw the "stealth-like" craft in the drawing above crossing highway 61 very slowly and very low. She heard no sound and passed right under the object. Over a month after the two encounters the witness continued to experience physical symptoms that surfaced since her encounters in August of 2005.

Date of Incident 1: August 24, 2005
Description of Incident: Sighting of Fire and Multiple Lights (Strong Odor Detected)
Time of Sighting: Around 2 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: A Few Miles West of Indianapolis, Indiana
Latitude: 39.75 Degrees North
Longitude: 86.2 Degrees West
Weather: Clear

Date of Incident 2: August 25, 2005
Description of Incident: Sighting of "Stealth-Like" Object. Strong Odor Detected
Time of Sighting: Shortly After Midnight
Location of Sighting: About 5 Miles North of Mount Gilead, Ohio
Latitude: 40.533 Degrees North
Longitude: 82.817 Degrees West
Weather: Clear

Description: This case involves a two day journey that neither witness will forget. A couple traveled from Eagle Rock, Missouri to small resort near Marion, Ohio. (Only the wife has been interviewed.) A few miles of West of Indianapolis, Indiana the wife was driving their Ford Pickup truck eastbound on I-70 (see above map of sighting one.) She noticed what looked to be fire, smoke, and flashing lights behind trees to her left (North). She immediately smelled a strong putrid odor that made her sick. The odor was similar to sulfuric acid and burnt tar. (The witness was familiar with chemical odors because she used to work for Dow Chemical.) She then noticed lights rise from the fiery area and noticed them for about 90 miles until she stopped for gas at Richmond, Indiana. The couple then pulled off the road and slept until sunrise and then completed their journey to the resort near Marion, Ohio. Later that day they drove from the resort to Marion, Ohio to visit another relative. On their return right after midnight on August 25 she saw the "stealth-like" craft in the drawing above crossing highway 61 very slowly and very low. She heard no sound and passed right under the object. The same putrid smell experienced the night before was very evident. Upon her return to Marion she noticed the severe damage to the new shoes which had never been worn before her trip. A few days later the couple returned to Eagle Rock, Missouri and the wife was still experiencing sickness. (Coughing, laryngitis, white stool, and burning lungs.) She also stated that her hair looked "burnt. "

It should be noted that the lady informed the Morrow County, Ohio Sheriff Department of the incident. The sheriff took no action and told her to report the incident to the FBI. The witness reported the incident to the FBI's Indianapolis, IN office. The FBI said that no fire occurred to the west of Indianapolis where the witness saw the bright display and later lights flying from this display. The FBI chastised her and told her that she should have reported the incident earlier. (She didn't report the incident until her return to Missouri on August 30, 2005.) She then called Homeland Security and they told her that they were too busy with the Hurricane situation on the Gulf Coast and therefore they took no action. She then reported the incident to UFOS Northwest.

Update: Over a month after the two encounters the witness continued to experience physical symptoms that surfaced since her encounters in August of 2005. She has experienced a significant rise in blood pressure, noticed that "black flakes" would fall out of her hair when brushing (mostly occurred a few days after incident) and had a red sore on her ankle which has since healed. The witness purchased another pair of shoes from Walmart similar, but not the same as the boots worn in the encounters. The shoes were purchased at my request. I now have the shoes and will use them in future analyses in comparison of damaged material on the shoes she wore on the nights of the incidents versus material on the new shoes. (Both pairs of shoes are constructed of the same type of "synthetic suede" material.) The material is actually a rayon suede. The witness also added that she felt a "mist like" material during the encounters.

First Update: The witness reports that more than a month after the two incidents that she had noted a significant rise in blood pressure. Subsequent to this the witness visited a doctor and told of her UFO encounter.

Second Update: The witness visited a physician on October 11, 2005. She told the physician of her close encounters with a UFO. The physician was familiar with possible physical ailments as the result of close encounters with UFOs. The physician has diagnosed "chemical pneumonia" and kidney infection. More tests are being run. The witness will be keeping me updated on her prognosis.

Third Update: The witness has reported that she is feeling much better nearly two months after her encounter. Her physician also confirmed her improving physical condition.

Investigator's Notes: This is the first case that I have ever received where a witness became sickened by a close encounter with a UFO. (Actually the witness had two encounters.) Her husband experienced similar problems that the wife did. (He had similar problems with the gastrointestinal track.) He is a disabled veteran and did not want to go to the VA hospital. According to his wife that is why he didn't talk about the problem until well after the fact. The damage to the shoes is another interesting aspect. I have tested the shoes for radioactivity and magnetism and not found any abnormal measurements. I have sent the shoes to an organic chemist (Phyllis Budinger) who has over 30 years of experience in analytical chemistry. The results of the analysis will be posted when available. - UFOs Northwest / MUFON CMS

Chemist's Analysis of Boots: Recently Phyllis Budinger a well respected organic chemist with years of experience completed her analysis of the boots damaged during the encounters. Ms Budinger did not find any unusual residue on the boots. However, she did say that the polymer surface on the boots is soluble in phenols and creosol. (Creosol contains phenol compounds.) The witness said that she smelled a substance similar in odor to creosol. The complete analysis report can be downloaded by clicking here (ADOBE PDF 441 KB).

CE-VI: Close Encounters of the Possession Kind--A Different Kind of Interference of Otherworldly Beings

UFOs: Alien Abduction and Close Encounters (Graphic Mysteries)

Just the Facts?: Living In Cages -- The Super Power Building -- Predictions With Asparagus

Hong Kong poor living in cages

NOTE: I posted an article a few years ago about the Hong Kong poor being housed in cages...I see it has not improved. Lon

Small enclosures line the room, leaving just enough headroom to sit up within the confined walls. Money is as tight as the spaces hidden among multimillion dollar high-rise apartments.

Australia-based photographer Brian Cassey flew to Hong Kong, where he had discovered people were living in nothing more than cages because of dire economic conditions.

But nailing down the location of these caged dwellings proved to be harder than Cassey expected.

“The cage people are very well-hidden in dense, packed high-rise buildings,” Cassey said. “All cage homes are well-hidden behind several bolted doors.”

This set-up doesn’t come as cheaply as one might expect, either. Cassey said it costs about $200 a month to rent the space.

“No one wants to live here, but we need to survive,” a resident of one of these facilities told. Mak, 72, works as a janitor at the nearby Times Square and said his living conditions are “a step up from being on the streets.”

Cassey said he was looking for a project that “had the prospect of making a difference by bringing the situation to light.”

With only two hours to spend with his subjects, there wasn’t much time to get personally involved with them. Instead, the British photographer tried to hide in the shadows and “be as unobtrusive as possible,” he said, adding that it was very difficult task to accomplish in the cramped space.

“The atmosphere was one of resigned but controlled despair,” he said. “From those few I talked to, they are resigned to their fate,” deeming it preferable to being homeless.

He found the situation “extremely depressing” but said he was impressed by the attitudes of many of the people living there.

“The cage home residents I met acted, despite their dire circumstances, with amazing dignity and grace,” he said. - leenks


​Scientology: Secrets of the Super Power Building

The Voice has obtained hundreds of new renderings of Scientology's Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida, as well as a comprehensive collection of its architectural drawings. [Go here for our primer: What is Scientology? Update: More renderings of the building's odder features. And we reveal part of how the Super Power Rundown itself works.]

A few renderings of Scientology's expensive new "mecca" were published as long ago as 2007, but that release, and a few since, have included only a few images of how the building's interiors will look once it is finished.

This new leak of material to the Voice is much more comprehensive, and includes detailed information down to the building's fasteners, fixtures, and signage, not to mention its major architectural schematics.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard devised the "Super Power Rundown" in 1978. He envisioned it as a series of counseling routines, some of which would be used to enhance the human senses with the use of elaborate and futuristic platforms and machines. Hubbard died in 1986, and it wasn't until the early 1990s that the rundown was performed on a few wealthy donors at Scientology's secretive "Int Base" in the California desert. Then, in November 1998, Hubbard's successor, church leader David Miscavige, broke ground on a massive new building project, "Flag Mecca," known commonly as the Super Power Building, where the new rundown would be housed. Thirteen years and $145 million in fundraising later, the building is thought to be largely completed, but it is still not open for business. On the following pages you'll get a detailed look at what's inside...- Go to Scientology: Secrets of the Super Power Building - Amazing!


The fortune teller who made successful Royal predictions using ASPARAGUS

A fortune teller who uses asparagus to predict the future has revealed her top tips for 2012 - including two Royal births and British glory at the Olympics.

Mystic Jemima Packington, 56, claims to be the world’s only 'Asparamancer' and sees the future by tossing the spears into the air and interpreting how they land.

She has made dozens of accurate predictions in recent years, including the demise of Gordon Brown, the credit crunch, and Oscar glory for British film The King’s Speech.

Today she made her predictions for 2012, which include two Royal pregnancies, a change of leadership for one of the UK’s main political parties, the collapse of the Euro and the death of a high-profile British figure.

Jemima, who is originally from Pershore, Worcestershire, but now lives in Bath, Somerset, said: 'It might sound silly to some people but my readings are very accurate.

'I have been doing readings using asparagus since I was eight years old. My great aunt read tea leaves and I have inherited her gift.'

Jemima only uses fresh Worcestershire asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham - the UK’s main supplier of the vegetable.

She picks a handful of tips, tosses them into the air and 'reads' the shapes they form when they land.

One of Jemima’s most remarkable predictions was that Gordon Brown would not only be ousted but also leave politics completely after his election defeat in 2010.

She said: 'I was asked to do a reading about Gordon Brown just before the general election.

'I cast the spears and the were all pointing down and several spear tips had lost their spores which indicates tears.

'My reading of this was that he would lose the election in 2010 and would then leave politics altogether.

'I was the first person to predict this and people said I was mad at the time but it came true.

'I have a very good success rate, but because it’s an interpretation you can sometimes be slightly off the mark.'

Last year she correctly predicted a Royal baby with the Princess Royal’s son Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn announcing their second child.

She also foresaw the downfall of Scottish Lib Dem leader Tavish Scott and Northern Ireland Social Democrat leader Margaret Ritchie.

The spears also correctly predicted economic turmoil in America and the Oscar’s success for Brit flick The King’s Speech.

This year she predicts Olympic success for Britain but a dismal performance for the England football team at Euro 2012.

She also predicts older players being recalled for the England squad in Euro 2012, several celebrities being outed as gay, a devolution referendum being granted to Scotland, laws introduced to prevent phone hacking following the Leveson inquiry into Press ethics and an animal scooping an Oscar.

Jemima said: 'When I was making the reading for the Olympics I cast the asparagus and the spears landed in the shape of a sun.

'The spears all remained strong and intact which I interpreted as good weather and a solid performance from the athletes.

'When I did a reading to predict the England football team’s chances at Euro 2012 a lot of older spears pointed upwards and many lost their spores.

'Many younger spears landed below the older ones indicating younger players being left out in favour of experienced members of the squad.

'The spores from the spears showed there would not be success for the England team.” Excitingly, her reading for Royal announcements hinted at babies for newlywed couples Kate and William and Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall.

Jemima said: 'I took another casting for my reading for Royal announcements and the spears fell in the shape of a crown.

'Two smaller spears were pointing towards the crown indicating two visitors - therefore two babies or pregnancies.

'I can only do readings for individuals when they select the asparagus tips so I was not able to read whether one of the pregnancies would be Kate Middleton.'

When she asked the spears to show her what would happen with the Euro financial crisis one of the vegetables ominously broke in half.

Jemima said: 'When a spear breaks it is the equivalent of the death card in Tarot readings.

'It is not necessarily a bad thing because it indicates a parting of ways.'
Baby joy: Peter Phillips' wife Autumn, who is expecting their second child in March, is captured kissing their first daughter Savannah in July last year

Baby joy: Peter Phillips' wife Autumn, who is expecting their second child in March, is captured kissing their first daughter Savannah in July last year

However when she predicted what national tragedies lay ahead another spear tip snapped.

She said: 'It was very strange because I cast the spears and one of the very healthy ones broke it’s tip very high up.

'I interpreted this to be a death of a high-profile, much loved British figure which will cause the nation much sorrow.' - dailymail


Man tells court it was dog who strangled wife

A German man suspected of strangling his wife has pointed the finger at the family dog instead, saying the Labrador could have smothered her to death by accident.

The 50-year-old man was convicted of manslaughter after his wife was found strangled to death in their bathroom in Düsseldorf November 2010, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Monday.

But his conviction was overruled by a federal court which said that the fact the woman was strangled for several minutes did not necessarily on its own mean she was killed intentionally, and now the case is being heard again – complete with a witness who is an expert on dogs.

The man’s lawyer said he and his wife had been drinking heavily on the night she died – he had a blood alcohol level of 3.4 parts per thousand when police arrived at their house.

He said the woman had fallen over in the bathroom and her husband had been unable to lift her up. He had given her a pillow and blanket and gone to bed, to find her dead the following afternoon.

Their 35-kilo dog must have smothered her, the lawyer argued, saying it was well-known that they sometimes kill their own puppies this way by accident.

The man said he only realised she had died at around 4 p.m., having got up, taken the dog for a walk and talked with his mother on the phone.

But Hans-Hermann Sangen told the court it was unfair to make the dog the scapegoat in the case.

The expert from the Labrador club in Velbert, said adults could not be put in danger by one of the dogs. He said newborns could be accidentally smothered by one of the animals if they snuggled up to them, but that adults could not.

The case continues. - thelocal
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