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Just the Facts?: Newspaper Gets Statement From Dr. Melba Ketchum -- U.S. Planned Lunar Nukes -- Scorpion On A Plane

Yakima Herald gets statement from Dr. Melba Ketchum

The whole Sasquatch thing may be moving from the realm of the weird to the level of “truth is stranger than fiction.”

That will depend on how mainstream science responds to the impending release of a five-year DNA study apparently suggesting Sasquatch exists, and is not entirely human and not entirely non-human. It is, says the study’s author, a hybrid cross of the two.

The research was done by a team led by Melba Ketchum, a former veterinarian who moved into genetic research 27 years ago and runs DNA Diagnostics, Inc., based in Texas. Ketchum had hoped to see the results announced in a peer-reviewed scientific journal but they were “outed” last Friday by a note on the website of the Russia-based International Center of Hominology.

The center’s director, listed on the site as Dr. Igor Burtsev, wrote that Ketchum’s findings prove Sasquatch or Bigfoot “is human like us only different, a hybrid of a human with unknown species.”

Reached on telephone Monday, Ketchum said the 50-page manuscript containing the research and DNA findings is still in peer review at a scientific journal. As for whether the premature announcement would impact that, she said, “I hope not. So far we haven’t heard anything that says it’s going to stop it.” As for when the study might become public, she said, “in weeks instead of many months, that’s for sure.”

Ketchum said the study had sequenced “three complete Sasquatch nuclear genomes” and determined the species is a human hybrid — “the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.”

Sasquatch nuclear DNA, Ketchum said, “is incredibly novel and not at all what we had expected. While it has human nuclear DNA within its genome, there are also distinctly non-human, non-archaic hominin (member of the genus Homo, including Homo sapiens), and non-ape sequences. We describe it as a mosaic of human and novel non-human sequence.”

What does that mean in non-scientific terms? David Paulides of North America Bigfoot Research, one of several private groups and individuals that financed the DNA study, said the research makes one thing clear: Sasquatch isn’t nonexistent and it isn’t an ape. It’s human. Or, at least, partly human.

“It falls in the realm of human,” Paulides said. “It has a human mother we can identify, that somehow evolved in the last 15,000 years, but in an unusual aspect of this we can’t track the father or find out who the father is. Based on millions of DNA strains that exist around the world, the father doesn’t exist.

“The only species we can identify is human. The male that procreated is unidentifiable.”

Then what is it?

“Some people out there have said we’ve used this word, ‘angel DNA.’ That is not true,” said Paulides, a former police officer in San Jose, Calif. “But there is some very unusual aspects to that male DNA that cannot be explained right now.”

Ketchum’s Texas lab didn’t do all of the testing. She said 13 labs — at universities, state-run forensive labs and private-sector facilities — were involved in the process, which included blind studies “and repeatability on most of it.” She said the labs tested 109 samples of all kinds — hair, tissue, blood and saliva.

“And all of them had the same results,” Paulides said. “If someone pooh-poohs it, they either haven’t read (the study) or they just refuse to believe it.”

Another Sasquatch DNA-research project is underway at Oxford University in England, but is entirely unrelated to the Ketchum study, said Thom Cantrall, a Sasquatch author who hosted an international Sasquatch symposium in the Tri-Cities last summer.

“They’re not working in concert at all,” Cantrall said. “It’s entirely different, with entirely different samples. Some of the samples are from the same people.”

The release of Ketchum’s findings, Cantrall said, is “igniting a war” among different factions in the Bigfoot-believing community — those adamant that the creature is an ape or gorilla, and those who are convinced it’s more human than not.

The early announcement of Ketchum’s research “has the ape faction totally up in arms,” Cantrall said. “There’s so much personal psychology involved here — people who have staked their reputation on (Sasquatch) being ape that they can’t back away from that.”

Paulides said forensic testing of supposed Sasquatch hair and tissue samples through the years, including early DNA testing, has always come back as human. That invariably led to the presumption that the samples had been contaminated by the humans who had gathered them, he said — instead of what he said has been obvious for many years to some researchers, including himself: That the tests were correct all along. That Sasquatch is, if not human, at least a distant cousin.

Cantrall said he had “a tremendous fear” over what might happen to what he called “the Sasquatch population” over the coming months and years. If the creatures are indeed human, the government will seek to insure their safety, he said, noting that federal protections for the spotted owl will seem “only miniscule” in comparison.

“Really, the only protection (Sasquatch individuals) need is protection from being murdered,” he said. “Because there’s going to be that faction out there, too.”

Maybe. A September post on a hunting website referencing the two Sasquatch DNA studies ended with this little note: “PS: What gun do you think would be best for when I get my first Sasquatch tag?” - Yakima Herald

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U.S. planned to detonate nuke on the Moon

The U.S. had planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb in the 1950s.

At the height of the space race, the U.S. considered detonating an atom bomb on the moon as a display of America's Cold War muscle.

The secret project, named 'A Study of Lunar Research Flights' and nicknamed 'Project A119,' however was never carried out.

America's planning included calculations by astronomer Carl Sagan, then a young graduate student, of the behavior of dust and gas generated by the blast, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the report, viewing the nuclear flash from Earth might have intimidated the Soviet Union and boosted U.S. confidence after the launch of Sputnik, physicist Leonard Reiffel said.

Under the scenario, a missile carrying a small nuclear device was to be launched from an undisclosed location and travel 238,000 miles to the moon, where it would be detonated upon impact.

The planners decided it would have to be an atom bomb because a hydrogen bomb would have been too heavy for the missile, the report said.

Military officials apparently abandoned the idea because of the danger to people on Earth in case the mission failed, the report added.

The scientists also registered concerns about contaminating the moon with radioactive material, Reiffel said. - Yahoo


Siberian company begins selling End-Of-The-World survival kits

It might not keep you alive for long, but a Siberian firm is offering survival kits to anyone who fears the end of the world is nigh. The apocalypse kit boasts medication, including heart medicine, soap, some candles and matches, a can of fish, a pack of buckwheat, a bottle of vodka, a notepad and pencil – and a rope (possibly intended for the less optimistic).

It also includes a blank ID card, to be filled in by hand should your existing IDs and cards be “demagnetized” during the apocalypse. The kit, which costs 890 rubles – roughly £18 or $28, also includes an instruction card with rules to various games to pass away any apocalypse-induced boredom.

Local authorities are apparently trying to ban sales over the kit’s inclusion of vodka and medication – as both require licences to be sold. The apocalyptic craze is set to intensify in the coming weeks as the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an end on the 21st of December, the day many believe will signal the end of the world.

People across Russia have repotedly been stealing essentials and trying to weasel out of debts, citing the upcoming demise of the world as we know it. Although hypotheses about the exact means of delivering the apocalypse have been voiced, most have been dismissed by mainstream scientists. - RT

NOTE: So...the 'Doomsday Preppers' market is setup to make money selling this stuff because they know that the world will end and that they'll have lot's of worthless money as the result? C'mon, face the truth. If the world does 'go to hell in a hand-basket'...when you finally come out of your shelter, it'll either be so bad that you'll wish you were dead or you'll soon die anyway because someone bigger and smarter will want what you have...Lon

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Scorpion on a plane

A scorpion stung a passenger on a flight from Costa Rica to Spain, which forced the sealing of the Iberia airlines Airbus 340 at Madrid's Barajas International Airport, aviation sources told Efe Monday.

The incident took place last Thursday aboard Flight 6316 from San Jose to Madrid.
The pilot told the Barajas control tower that a scorpion had stung a passenger; the airport's medical service was subsequently notified, the sources said.

Upon the airliner's arrival at Madrid, Barajas doctors confirmed the arachnid sting on the passenger's left arm, for which they took her to a hospital in the Spanish capital.

The woman of Swiss nationality remained under observation until she was released the next day.

The passenger was on a flight from San Jose to Madrid with another five people, who had planned to continue their trip to Zurich.

One member of the group remained in Madrid to accompany the passenger during her hospitalization, while the other four continued on to the Swiss city as planned.

The Iberia plane had to be sealed off, according to the regulations for such cases, in order to find the scorpion and disinfect the aircraft. - Fox News


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