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Humanoid Reports & Other Encounters / 2010 - August 2012: Part 4 Continued....

Part 4 Continued....

Cree symbols, bottom one depicting a Thunderbird

Location. Belcourt, North Dakota
Date: June 18 2012 Time: 07:00 a.m.
The witness was out in the woods collecting firewood when he saw what he described as an ‘S’ shaped object or thing floating about 6 feet in the air. It had no lights but he could see what appeared to be ‘weird looking words’ along the side almost like ‘old Cree writing’. The witness thought that it was not a drone and could see what appeared to be orbs of ‘energy’ gathering something from the ground one of them flew towards the witness and was emitting a strange humming sound it suddenly flashed a deep purple light at the witness and that’s the last thing he remembers of the encounter. He found himself lying on the ground as if nothing had happened. He later recalled hearing a strange language around the object and estimated that had seen the object for about 25 minutes.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: G?

Location. Maine, exact location not given
Date: June 20 2012 Time: 00:15 a.m.
A husband and wife had gone out to sit on the deck for some fresh air after a very hot and humid day. They sat looking at the woods for almost an hour it was the first night that the fireflies had come out. As they sat they both began to notice that all the sounds of the woods had ceased. All the crickets stopped, and all the peepers became silent in the pond behind their house. It was at this time that the husband noticed something in the yard. At first he thought it might be a skunk because all he could make out was a little bit of white. As he stood up from his chair to investigate, the patch of white that he had seen began to back up and emit a very dim glow. At first he was a bit taken back and told his wife to stand up and take a look. By the time she stood up the glow of the ‘life form’ had become dimmer and backed off to the other side of the fence where it stopped and seemed to focus on the witnesses.
The wife stepped towards the glow now about 5 yards in front of them and then the glow became brighter. They felt that this thing was observing them but they did not feel threatened. For twenty minutes or so this went on and that is when they decided to get a little closer. No sooner had they thought of getting closer a second glow appeared out of nowhere five feet to the left of the first glow. The second glow was a lot brighter and was clearly moving side to side. At this point both became frightened and walked back up on to the deck not taking their eyes off the two glowing forms for a second. Once back on the deck the second glow began moving towards them at a fast pace about ten to fifteen yards in front of them. Once it cleared the fence and was clearly in their yard the couple retreated into the house. They were too scared to go outside again and decided to call it a night.

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Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Maine, exact location not given
Date: June 21 2012 Time: night
The same couple of the events of the previous night decided that they would go to the backyard to see if what they saw the night before would return. The night was very reminiscent of the first night. There were no sounds to be heard. They lay out on the deck observing the sky for an hour when the wife noticed something up in the air. Best described as an extremely white bright light shooting across the sky, the main shape of the object was oblong. It was brighter than anything they had ever seen and moving very fast. The most bizarre characteristic of this bright oblong shaped light was what appeared to be appendages or tentacle-like things coming out from each side of it.
They moved from side to side extending and retracting as it made its way across the sky west to east out towards the ocean. They both found this to very strange and proceeded to do some research on an I-pad they had brought out. It was at this time when the husband focused his attention back towards the woods where they had seen the glow the night before. After looking for only a couple of seconds the ‘glow’ appeared again slowly on the opposite side of the fence. He alerted his wife to the arrival of the glow but this time it was not as bright as the night before.

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Source: MUFON CMS Type: D?

Location. Lachine, Michigan
Date: June 22 2012 Time: dusk
A family of three was at the husband’s uncle’s house in order to patch up some holes on the eves where bats had a nest. It was dusk and they were waiting for all the bats to fly out before patching up the holes. Suddenly the husband saw an object in the sky and pointed at it. It was moving very slowly coming towards them and it was black. It was about 3 telephone poles higher than the tree line. The location they were was very wooded and surrounded by farms and fields. The object made no noise and moved slower than a bird. They thought it must be a huge bird, but as it got closer it seemed to just slowly float across the sky. It was bigger than a human. It resembled some type of man-like creature hunched over. The stunned family watched as it flew directly in front of them. It was so dark that they couldn’t make any details on it, nothing on it was moving, it wasn’t a bird, plane, balloon or anything they had ever seen. It continued to go past us and never went higher or lower until it disappeared behind the tall trees and out of sight.

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Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Concordia, Argentina
Date: June 24 2012 Time: evening
A woman reported seeing a tall figure in black that suddenly was ‘absorbed’ into a ship. The witness reported that the figure seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and was convinced that it was an extraterrestrial. The main witness accompanied by her husband and their dog were walking near the grounds of the local Comodoro Pierrestegui Airport when they suddenly turned around and saw a very tall human-like individual at least 2 meters in height that was carrying what appeared to be a briefcase in each hand. The figure appeared to have appeared suddenly and the witnesses did not see any cars around. They described the figure as human-like, more than 2 meters in height, with a thin face, long arms and legs and gold-colored hair. The strange being seemed to completely ignore them and moved in strange ‘robot-like steps’. A few meters away the stunned couple saw the figure stop and place the two ‘briefcases’ into a semi-visible ship or object and then vanish in plain sight.

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Source: Type: B?

Location. Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Date: June 25 2012 Time: night
The witness (involved in other encounters) heard a noise from his renter’s room---a thud-like sound; he walked down the hallway toward his room and called out his name. A bright yellow light was shining from under the door. He called out his name again, nothing. So he went back into his room turned and looked down the hall. It was dark in his room again. He just thought to himself that he would ask him in the morning why he didn’t answer. He went back to bed and woke up again around 3 am to a being at his window---dark black. Initially he thought it was a burglar trying to break into the house. He screamed for him to go away and it then changed shapes to look like a spider attached to the window. The witness screamed again and it swooped away, making no sound. He got up and looked out his window---there were four black shapes, all different, from short and stocky to tall and thin, standing on the other side of his fence. His yard and the neighbor’s were bathed in a light blue light, like back lighting. He could see the shapes very clearly. He then ran to the front of the house and saw two creatures crouching behind his neighbor’s car and two behind his renter’s van in the driveway. He then woke up his renter to tell him what had happened. His renter informed him that he felt that he had been abducted since he was a child, and showed the witness a bump on his leg that he always felt was some sort of implant to track him.
He left the next morning to go camping and call upon ‘good fairies and energy’ to take this darkness away from the witness and his home. The renter is now missing. He left on the morning of June 26th and has not been seen since. The Search and Rescue team did find his van at a local trailhead but no one has found him yet.

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Source: Mufon CMS Type: X?

Location. North Carolina, exact location not given
Date: June 29 2012 Time: night
The witness’s dog had been barking more than usual and he was having trouble sleeping. Going out he saw a thin gray looking alien shape shadow walking down the road following a skunk. He watched it for about 30-35 seconds then it just disappeared. He stayed outside for another 30 minutes but it did not return. He described the figure as about 3-4 feet tall and thin.

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Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. ‘Small town’ upstate New York
Date: July 2012 Time: night
The witness was staying in her parent’s house and while there she would experience ‘dreams’ that there was something in her room. Whatever “it” was she could never say. It was small, no bigger than a fist, indefinable, and she could never really tell what it was. She never thought much of this she thought it was just dreams, and that maybe she was ‘freaked out about bugs or something’.
Then one day she was sitting downstairs watching ‘House Hunters’ with her mom and something really unexpected happened. To the right side of the TV hangs a picture that her grandmother gave to her mother of two eagles soaring over a foaming white river and waterfall. She could not see the picture from where she was sitting. It’s in the corner of the room, perpendicular to the TV, right at the foot of the stairs. The only thing that’s visible is the frame. Suddenly, as she was watching TV, she saw these white, transparent wings, flapping, but floating downward from the wall where the picture hangs. She didn’t see a body, just two wings. The way it moved it almost looked like tissue floating in the breeze, yet there was a steady flapping. It glided downward past the half wall that is the railing of the stairs. She didn’t get up to see what it was. She was frightened. She did check the stairs, for tissue or something later, but didn’t find anything. She believes it was what she had been seeing at night. Then a few days ago she discovered the picture of the ‘Wedding Dove’ from the photos in this site.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales---September 2012 Type: F?

Location. Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Date: July 1 2012 Time: 03:00 a.m.
The witness (involved in other encounters) woke up around 3 am and saw a gray figure at his window. It had a large bald head and large almond-shaped eyes. The witness told the figure to go away since he had not invited ‘him’ to be there. The witness called for the ‘Warrior Angels” to protect him and his home and then his entire bedroom window lit up with what he would describe as an energy field---lines and bright lights---like a television that was putting out a scrambled signal. He screamed for the figure to leave again but he remained. He then threw a pillow and the figure went away. His backyard and patio were lit up and then became dark again.

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Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Near Denver, Colorado
Date: July 4 2012 Time: 02:50 a.m.
The witness was home in the kitchen eating at the table in the ark and staring out the open window toward Denver. The morning was absolutely clear and quiet. He then saw what appeared to be a white light on the wing of a jet and then suddenly grew to 500 times the size and he immediately thought that a jet had blown up. He reported the event to an on-line newspaper but there was nothing in the new the next morning. Then he saw and recalled what he felt and saw at the time. He now knows he saw an intelligence of some kind, with thought transference ability, white, pure, glowing, gentle, smiling. It was small at first and he could just about see it. It turned sharply to him and grew very large, and stared at him, it read his mind, and he felt drained and then felt ok.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: F?

Location. Spring, Texas
Date: July 6 2012 Time: evening
Two men were looking at a swamp at Spring Creek and were standing on shore just looking around. They had seen alligators and a lot of beautiful dragonflies. Suddenly, across the swamp, directly in front of them they both watched the largest ‘bird’ they had ever seen take flight from a tree and head directly for them. It was gray with no feathers. It had a wingspan of just over ¾ the length of a pickup truck and looked like a flying leather “V”. It made a sharp right and landed in a tree. Its weight shook the entire top of the tree and from there they lost sight of it. It had a white head, gray wings, and no noticeable feet. The wingspan has to have been between ten and fifteen feet and had no feathers, only what appeared to be hide like that of a bat.

HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monsters Blog, July 14 2012 Type: E

Location. Phoenix, Arizona
Date: July 11 2012 Time: 23:00
The witness was sleeping when he began to feeling burning in his lower left back. It was an intense feeling. Suddenly he was floating up the top of the ceiling and he could see his body in the living room where he was sleeping and he could see four white colored human-like figures, very thin, that were doing something to his body while he floated and watched from the ceiling. There were two other white colored figures next to him. They told the witness that he had been ‘selected’ for something. He saw that they inserted what appeared to be a piece of wire in his lower back that went through the center of his back through the center of his back up to his shoulder and then it went back to the same way to the right of his lower back and then it went back up again to the left upper shoulder. They finally removed the piece of wire and he woke up around 5 am. He went to the bathroom to check where he had felt the burning sensation and saw a tiny hole apparently where they had inserted the wire.

HC addendum
Source: Mufon CMS Type: E

Location. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: July 15 2012 Time: various
Fabin Torti, a member of the Grupo Tecnico de Asistencia Psicologica OVNI (GRU.TAP Technical Group for Psychological UFO Assistance), provides a psychological and sociological focus for the multiple UFO events reported in the “Western Corridor” or greater Buenos Aires. Torti pointed out “Many strange situations are being recorded, within the Province of Buenos Aires.” An abductee, “Provides details that cannot be invented” says Torti, she noticed that the intelligences taking her did not stand on the floor but were suspended over the surface, and that she saw a human being with wires connected between his head and a monitor that displayed his thoughts.
A five year old girl says, “Small, big-eyed kids come to get her, and take her to play with Jesus,” in her own worlds.” One of the members of the group photographed strange objects in the sky, and in my particular case, whenever Torti leaves home early on a Saturday morning she sees a round object in the sky. A group of youngsters barbecuing outside a house witnessed around midnight an intense luminous orb that irradiated shades of yellow and red. The not yet fully explained explosion of 26 September 2011 in Montegrande may have been the crash of a UFO according to Torti. The researcher recalls that the morning after the explosion, “One could see black SUVs, persons speaking English and German, and teams working behind screens as they took away chunks of metal that were left after the explosions.”

HC addendum
Source: Guillermo Gimenez, Scott Corrales IHU Type: G & X?

Location. St. Louis, Missouri
Date: July 23 2012 Time: 20:00
The witness was out in the backyard moving her sprinklers it was around 8pm and still full daylight. She moved the sprinkler and turned around to scan the sky in hopes of seeing some signs of rainclouds, that’s when she saw it. It was some distanced away, maybe about a quarter of a mile, if that. It was a large V shaped object in the southwestern sky. It was vertical and caught her eye quickly. Her first thought was, “What is that?” She could tell instantly that it was not any type of aircraft. She stared at it, the V shape curve slightly at the ends, like ‘bat wings’. At the junction of the wings, she could see a body mass of some sort. Not large, meaning, not in comparison to the wing size. These wings seemed enormous. However ‘it’ was flying away from her which would cause a foreshortening effect, possibly making the body seemed smaller than it actually was. She noticed that the body part of it seemed also to be moving. One moment it looked small (the body) and then the next moment it looked larger, like something was hanging down from it (legs?). But there was definitely movement. As she stared in disbelief, she was thinking that perhaps it was ‘a living thing!’ It was moving at a steady speed and was slowly twisting and turning a bit as it progressed because she could see the depth of the wings revealed every few seconds. They were substantially wide. She watched this ‘thing’ made a gentle curve and continued watching it until it flew out of sight. Her observation lasted about 20 seconds or so and at no point in her observation did this creature flap its wings. And then it was gone.
But according to the witness she is not the first person in the area to have witnessed such a thing. She knows of two young men, brothers, who four or five years ago swear they saw a gargoyle-like creature of enormous size, vault/fly over the hood of the pickup truck they were driving, northbound on I-55 going over the Meramec River Bridge in Arnold Missouri, late one night.

HC addendum
Source: direct from witness at Type: E

Location. L’Amoreaux, North York, Toronto, Canada
Date: July 26 2012 Time: evening
A girl in her late teens and her boyfriend were returning home after seeing the film ‘Men in Black III,’ which had been released on the same day. As they approached her home they noticed a strange looking woman with long black hair who was dressed in a long black dress and high heel shoes walking towards them as they pulled into the driveway. Even though the vehicle had dark tinted windows, the girl stated that “the woman made eye-to-eye contact with me.” Alarmed by this frightening stranger, they immediately backed out of the driveway and pulled away from the location. The boyfriend decided to circle the neighborhood and then return back to his girlfriend’s home. As the girl looked back, she was shocked to see that the woman was “walking very fast and following us.” They increased speed and eventually lost their pursuant.
The girl called home to warn her brother about the strange woman and while on the phone her brother looked out the window and the same woman in black was standing directly outside the window wildly waving her arms and staring at him. He looked away briefly and then looked again, the woman had vanished. But he promptly noticed something else, a man dressed in a black dress suit and wearing ear plugs was walking in the street past the front of the house. The man looked straight ahead and was swinging his arms as he walked…almost like he was controlled somehow. The man proceeded down the street, still in sight of the witness, and then unexpectedly vanished. The girl and her boyfriend soon arrive at her home. The strangers were not in sight. After the witnesses detailed their experiences to each other they looked out the window to see if either of the strangers had returned. What they saw was a large black cat with bright eyes staring back at them.
“It (the cat) almost seemed to know what we were saying and thinking” stated the girl. As they watched the curious feline it started to slowly walk toward the vegetation along the driveway…and then it simply vanished before it reached the bushes.

HC addendum
Source: Phantom and Monsters blog Type: E

Location. El Divisadero, Rivadavia, Salta Province, Argentina
Date: early August 2012 Time: night
A woman identified as Pascuala Alzogaray rode her horse 25 kilometers in the middle of the night to request assistance from the police officers at the small community of La Union, since, as she claimed, all local ranchers are frightened by the recurring presence of a strange, hairy humanoid of considerable size. Alzogaray claims having seen the creature and described it as a sort of gorilla, covered in hair, walking on two legs and with the aspect of “an accursed being.”
“Something must be done about it, it’s the Ucumar,” she told police officers at the barracks, located 500 miles north of the provincial capital. Pascuala Alzogaray states that she saw the strange creature along with other members of her family, and that fear prompted them to leave the vicinity until the police do something.
“All the ranchers at El Divisadero and vicinity are afraid. This Ucumar, “she says, “roams through the night, steals farm animals and makes noises. When we go out to investigate, we feel him jumping through the tall treetops. It’s a monster and something must be done about it. Those of us who live in the area, creoles and native alike, are very afraid,” stressed the complainant.

HC addendum
Source: Marco Reynoso and Scott Corrales IHU
Type: E

Location. Central Arkansas (exact location not given)
Date: August 8 2012 Time: before dusk
This area has one lane bridges with gravel roads and no road name signs. Many years ago it had been an Amish community. The two witnesses who had lived in the area for a long time had returned to the area to go ‘ghost hunting’ at a cemetery near their old home. None of them are drinkers or drug users and are both middle-aged. They belonged to a local ghost hunter’s club, but this night they were on their own.
They arrived well before dusk to make sure they had a good feel for their surroundings. The male witness of the two stepped out of the car and walked maybe 6 feet when he heard the sound of something quickly approaching him. It sounded like wings flapping, but not the same. Very hard to describe, it was much larger in scale than he had heard before. He quickly turned around and saw a ‘thing’ headed right for him. He was so scared that he could not process what he was seeing. He screamed and hit the ground. The thing flew over his head and landed on the tree limb near him. He looked up and saw it looking down at him. He turned as his friend called his name and was running toward him. When he looked back he couldn’t see it. His friend witnesses it as it flew towards the first witness but didn’t see it on the tree. Somehow it didn’t look the same in the tree as it had looked while flying towards the witness. In the tree it looked more like a large worm or snake but much, much larger. It looked as if it had wrapped it’s self around the tree limb. A bird couldn’t do that. He looked to see if there were any other reports like this in this area but did not find any documented.

HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monster blog Type: E

Location. Panorama City, California
Date: August 15 2012 Time: 2246
A man was outside smoking a cigarette when he called his son to come outside that the object (apparently seen before) was there again. He came out with his binoculars to view the object. His mom also came out to look. Looking through the binoculars he saw what looked like a yellow light with a red blinking light. It stood stationary. Then some clouds began to come in and block the object. A few minutes later, he saw a white object with a red blinking light move in a south to northeast trajectory. As he looked through his binoculars it began to speed away and the red light turned off, and then the white light dimmed out. Then about 30 minutes later he went outside again and took his binoculars with him in case he saw something else. He noticed while smoking a cigarette that the clouds were still there and there was a shape of an alien face in the clouds and he saw a white flash like a strobe behind the cloud where the face shape was. It then looked like the object was about to move out of the cloud cover. When it did, he noticed that it looked like an ordinary plane, but just to make sure he looked through his binoculars and to his surprised the object looked pretty strange.
At first view through his binoculars, it looked like a blimp, but blimps don’t fly that high or that fast. He noticed it had a blinking strobe on the underbelly and a red light on what looked like a tail. It also had 3 rows of white lights that were windows. They looked like windows on a cruise ship. In one of the windows he could see a head looking out and it looked humanoid. As he looked it began to rush away like it knew it was being watched. Without binoculars all he could see was a white and red light. The object was on a northern trajectory. Then about 15 minutes later, he went outside again to see if it came back and he saw another light, so he looked through his binoculars and saw a triangular shaped object with red and green lights and a yellow light blinking on and off. There was an appearance underneath like a circuit board. This one went from south to north and then turned west. After that the witness went out of the apartment building and noticed 2 military helicopters that were going north in the direction where the big object had gone.

HC addendum
Source: http://www, Type: A

Location. Bad Wiessee, Germany
Date: August 18 2012 Time: 02:33 a.m.
Traveling from Bad Wiessee to Gmund the witness spotted a luminous triangle-shaped craft flying low over the roadway. The object was so bright that he had to stop and attempted to take some photos. As he watched he was able to distinguish “an obscure creature” onboard the object. After about three minutes the object vanished.

HC addendum
Source: Type: A

Location. Near Rio Bermejo, Chaco Province, Argentina
Date: August 18 2012 Time: evening
After a hunting expedition Mario Reinoso, 33, returned with friends suffering from a state of shock and partial facial paralysis and unable to speak. However he was able to write to his wife about what supposedly occurred. According to Mr. Reinoso he encountered a huge humanoid figure completely covered in stringy hair that stared at him with a penetrating glance. The strange being approached to no less than 2 meters from his position, at this point he apparently ran from the area becoming completely confused and in shock.

HC addendum
Source: Carlos Sainz Type: E

Location. Cedar Park, Texas
Date: August 21 2012 Time: 23:12
The witness was at home and went to bed around 10:30 pm and as usual fell asleep listening to the television and slept for about 30 minutes when suddenly the television went off by itself. He then began hearing noises like a humming sound so he looked out his window but didn’t see anything so he thought was just hearing stuff so he went back to sleep.
At around 23:12 his bedroom door suddenly opened and he could hear something walking beside him and standing beside him, he had his eyes closed and didn’t open them until he began hearing something in his mind saying “Don’t be afraid. We no harm”. Afraid he opened his eyes and could barely see two dark figures, one standing beside him on his right and second in front of him. So he closed his eyes hoping it was a dream but then things got very real. He could feel being lifted up and being brought out back where he could see a small oval shaped craft in his backyard and another triangle craft hovering above it just a few feet higher. He thought the object was an actual UFO the first time he saw it. It was oval in shape, had about ten windows on the front of it, the color of it was dark gray and the second craft (triangle craft) was black with small diamond shaped windows around it.
Once he was onboard the oval craft the only thing in his mind was ‘how was he was going to get out’. However soon he felt calm and was placed on a silver table while about three beings came by him looking at him and then talking among themselves. He couldn’t understand what they were saying. Soon of the aliens came next to him and shone a blue light at him apparently causing him to black out. He thinks he was out for about 20 minutes and when he awoke he was still on the table as one of the aliens took his hand and had him step off the table and walk around. He looked all around the craft and it was just walls and rooms and windows. Nothing very interesting but he was released about 10 minutes later.
He remembered that while onboard the supposed ‘leader’ of the aliens came beside him and gave him a tour of the craft. He could hear him saying, “We are sorry we terrified you, these are my students for a complete experiment. We will be back soon so do not panic.” He was eventually led to the back door of his house and saw the objects take off.

HC addendum
Source: MUFON CMS Type: G

Location. Chirije, ManabĂ­, Ecuador
Date: August 23 2012 Time: 18:00
The daughter of a local rural police officer 4-year old Nicole Carbo Hidalgo reported seeing a small object shaped like a “turtle” land on the beach shore. The girl could distinguish a tall humanoid figure inside the spacecraft that apparently greeted her. The being was dressed in a white suit and had oriental features, with almond-shaped eyes. The child responded to the being’s greetings in the same manner. The girl yelled for her mother and saw the object lift up and disappear towards the south. No other information is available. The area of Chirije is apparently ‘cosmic window’ area where other encounters have been reported. There are also strange archeological remains in the area.

HC addendum
Source: Veronica Tamariz in Type: A

Location. Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England
Date: August 28 2012 Time: 05:15 a.m.
Near the Knott Hill Reservoir a witness spotted light coming from the ground close to a gate. When they investigated they saw four interlinking windows, through which ‘normal’ looking people could be seen moving around a long walkway. One of the windows was open, from which a man’s face appeared and said “you are not supposed to be here---go home”. The witnesses fled, terrified although they returned later in the day and found nothing but piles of dirt.

HC addendum
Source: Type: A?

Location. Tinogasta, Catamarca, Argentina
Date: September 19 2012 Time: evening
A 35-year old man was admitted to a local clinic in a state of shock where he stayed for several hours until he was able to explain what had occurred. According to the witness he was busy with his farming chores when he suddenly felt the urge to relieve himself. He went behind some bushes and was suddenly confronted by a short humanoid completely black in color which struck him on his back and as the witness attempted to flee the stranger humanoid called him by his name in a deep hoarse voice. He was later taken by co-workers to a local clinic where he was treated for an acute ‘nervous condition’.

HC addendum
Source: Carlos Sainz, Type: E

Location. Near Las Vegas, New Mexico
Date: October 2 2012 Time: 19:30
The witnesses were on their way to San Diego California driving west on Interstate 25 when somewhere around Las Vegas New Mexico they saw something very strange. It was dark and they were going over lots of bridges up and down hills, the road was twisting and turning quite a bit. Suddenly they saw a large bat-like creature coming out of the darkness flying directly at the windshield of the van. They were going at maybe 70 to 75 miles per hour. The creature was on a downward glide (they never saw the wings flap) right into the windshield of the van. At the last possible second it stops hard into a bank and heads back up missing the van by maybe ten feet. The whole incident happened so fast it was over before they could even react. They guessed the wingspan of the creature to have been twelve feet or more.

HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monsters blog October 27 2012 Type: E

Location. Erie, Pennsylvania
Date: October 17 2012 Time: 01:03 a.m.
The main witness’ job requires him to drive at night and the past couple of months he, his girlfriend and his son have witnessed small gray figures running across Route 80 between 1am and 3am. They apparently made his girlfriend’s vision foggy and affected her mind. They are very thin and run with their backs perfectly straight and perpendicular to the ground not leaning forward and their arms straight down on their sides. They also saw what appeared to be red lights landing in the trees on the side of the road which at first he thought was an explosion. The red lights rose up again split into two and followed the witnesses on the highway for five miles. Every time he slowed his vehicle the strange lights would also. Recently he has seen bright green orbs that have come down directly towards his truck and other vehicles. They caused a tractor trailer to slam on its breaks in the middle of the highway and nearly crash. A white light also landed on the side of the road a couple of feet from his truck. The witness reports ongoing varied activity in area.

HC addendum
Source: MUFON CMS Type: D?

Location. St. Ann’s, Missouri
Date: October 19 2012 Time: night
The witness at first noticed a very odd whistling sound, sounded neat but there was no reason to panic. When there were responses first he thought it was homeless people trying to communicate safe havens in the apartment complex he currently lives. When the “songs” reached 5 intelligent communicators he saw what appeared to be a disc-shaped object, massive, approximate 400 meters in radius. It had a single light at the base which flashed to reveal a sort of “webbing” that covered the hull. The witness then went to investigate the real source of the whistling or communicators. As he intercepted their path he was surprised to see two bipedal fully clothed in gray/silver uniforms identical figures. The figures noticed him and sprinted across the street behind a streetlight. Full helmets negated any view of their facial features. He briefly pursued and called local authorities and then all five ‘whistles’ erupted and moved west. He gave chase but the whistling stopped abruptly as there was a sudden increase of military aircraft activity in the area.

HC addendum
Source: MUFON CMS Type: C?

Location. Collieston, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Date: October 22 2012 Time: afternoon
Gary and Amanda Linney saw the strange figure run away from their Aberdeenshire cottage as they tried out a new camera. Amanda Linney picked up an unusual light with her camera. A stunned couple yesterday told how they captured a spooky green man on camera at their home. Gary and Amanda Linney said the strange figure was spotted running away from their cottage as they experimented with a new camera.
The bizarre snaps emerged just days after another family claimed to have filmed a UFO floating above their house about 25 miles away. Former policeman Gary, 52, said there was no explanation for the figure. He said “It looks like a little green man running. It just disperses into the surface of the road. “If you look closely, you can see a head. It’s very surreal. I was a policeman and a pilot for 20 years and have never seen anything like this before.”
Hotel owners Gary and Amanda, 46, from Collieston, Aberdeenshire, tried to recreate the picture but have never seen the strange light since. But they say they weren’t spooked by the images after experiencing a string of paranormal happenings at the Slains Estate House.
Dad of three, Gary said; “This wasn’t a reflection. We live in two old cottages and my children have seen orbs floating around and heard footsteps. It’s usually around the staircase.” Amanda, 45, said staff at their hotel---which is also thought to be haunted---suggested the ghostly figure may have come from there. She said, “I have no idea what it was. We have used the same setting, taken photos in the same location and in different locations and nothing has appeared again.
“We have experienced a lot of strange things since we took over the place two years ago so the staff thinks something spooky had followed me home that night.” Last week Morag Ritchie, of Fraserburgh, told how she was woken in the night by flashing lights outside her house. The 50-year old claimed several members of her family saw a UFO. Her daughter Cara’s fiancĂ©, Scott Bower filmed footage on his phone. A Ministry of Defense spokeswoman could not explain the sighting and Grampian Police said there had been no reports of lights in the sky
Scottish paranormal investigator Malcolm Robinson is now reviewing the footage. He said, “That area has one of the highest concentration of UFO reports in the UK, particularly the Aberdeenshire town of Muchalls.”

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Source: also Sally Hind Type: E?

Location. Rising Star, Texas
Date: November 3 2012 Time: night
The witness was sitting in front of the house with his dog when he noticed something move across the drive in the pasture. He told the dog to get it and the dog took off after the thing. The thing took off running from the dog it looked human at first and then he noticed that it was taller and had a lanky silvery appearance and it moved much faster than a man. It finally disappeared and the dog came back.

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Source: MUFON CMS Type: E

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