Tuesday, October 23, 2012

McKinnon's U.S. Military / Non-Terrestrial Coalition Claim

Since Gary McKinnon is no longer subject to extradiction to the U.S., let's look at his past claims concerning 'non-terrestrial' soldiers and officers being used by the U.S. military. McKinnon's claims are detailed in the following article (other links follow):

As U.S. Presidential candidates debated, UFO Sightings Daily reported that Gary McKinnon “discovered files about twenty to thirty non-terrestrial officers (off world).” Mr. Waring elaborates on 16 October 2012 that Mr. McKinnon “saw their ranks, and ship to ship transfers off world.”

Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker who has been facing extradition to the U.S. for the past decade, has now been given a dramatic reprieve by the British Home Secretary.

UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring, who is a UFO researcher and author who has become an honorary astronomer through his independent investigative research on anomalies in space and on planets like Mars. Mr. Waring had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan.

Many Americans are struggling financially. The main U.S. Presidential candidates say they do “care“. But, Gary McKinnon appears to dispute their alleged publicly stated convictions. That is apparently why Mr. McKinnon had sought to hack NASA. Mr. McKinnon had reportedly sought to bring to the attention of Americans, and the world, the apparent charade of the choreographed Hollywood-like spectacle of American politics and presidential elections, as we, as humans, sell Earth’s sovereignty.

A significant part of the excitement of watching a U.S. Presidential Debate is that it is an alleged competition for the job of “the most powerful person in the world”. But, in 1976, President Jimmy Carter was apparently denied access to the same kind of information about UFOs and aliens that Mr. McKinnon sought to research and investigate through “hacking”.

If then President Carter, was denied access to the kind of information that Mr McKinnon sought to obtain through illegal hacking, then, how could the occupier of the Office of the President of the United States be "the most powerful person in the world"? This reported denial of access to the Office of the President of the United States was also apparently not an isolated incident.

It is therefore apparent that the “architects of the system of information control” who are able to deny access to the Office of U.S. President, collectively act as the ‘real’ Commander-in-Chief. Arguably, this system renders American party politics and the U.S. Presidential electoral process substantively meaningless. Whoever wins the U.S. Presidential Election reports to the same “boss”.

The result is 'perpetuated war', cover-up, corruption, and accompanying policies associated with an “unfolding agenda” irrespective of who is elected to the U.S. Presidency.

The Office of the U.S. President can therefore be viewed to be a well paid-off “employee” who acts not under the direction of the American people, but instead under “the controllers”. The “controllers” were called ‘Archons’ by ancient Pagan Gnostics, based upon Dr. John Lash’s research that he documents on metahistory.org. Becoming President therefore appears to require "selling one's soul", and Mr. McKinnon has sought to provide his own testimony in that regard. - Agora Cosmopolitan

This information had previously been mentioned in certain quantities over the years:

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NOTE: I have posted several narratives on the Reptilian and other non-terrestrial beings that are said to reside on our planet...be it Dulce Base, Reptilian underground forces, etc. Though the evidence is anecdotal at this point there is some degree of correlation with the various claims. I'm not saying that I totally buy into the claims...but it is interesting to research and write on the subject. Here are just a few previous links that you may want to look over again:

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