Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cryptid Lizard in the Four Corners

Cryptid investigator Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners just released a video - Video - Lizard Legends Come To Life (C4C) - that describes sightings of a fan-collared or hooded lizard that stands and runs on two legs. In fact, a witness observed the creature capture a flying bird at a height of five feet, then proceed to eat it's prey. The witness states that this lizard looked like a 'water dragon'...Jc estimates the weight in the range of 20 lbs. or so. This particular large lizard was reported in the Hogback, New Mexico in the far northeast edge of the Navajo Nation. The witness also stated that a friend's uncle witnessed one of these cryptid lizards kill and devour a Pit Bull dog.

In another part of the video the team investigate a den system dug under a low hanging tree. There was no evidence that a lizard had recently been there.

The description of size could correlate to a Western Chuckwalla...but other than that the mystery lizard description is unlike any species in that area I am familiar with. Chuckwallas are large lizards found primarily in arid regions of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico and are part of the iguanid family, Iguanidae. Primarily herbivorous, Chuckwallas feed on leaves, fruit and flowers of annuals and perennial plants; insects represent a supplementary prey.

The Reticulate Gila Monster feeds upon small birds, mammals, frogs, lizards, insects, and carrion but is a heavy and slow in terms of sprinting ability. These lizards can grow up to 2 ft. in length. Neither the Chuckwalla or Gila Monster are known to or seem capable of walking or running on two legs.

During Jc's recent guest appearance on BTE - Podcast: Jc Johnson - Beyond the Edge Radio - he described several odd sightings in the Four Corners region...including unknown reptile species. In the past, Jc has related to me other sightings of small T-Rex and mini dinosaur-like cryptids throughout the region.

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