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Big John: A Christmas Story....well, kinda

This story was forwarded to me in 1998. I was told that it is a true tale despite the bizarre details. Since it is holiday related I decided to post even though I had some reservations since many people despise the combination of death and Christmas:

Hello – I have a disturbing Christmas-related story that took place in a remote small town located on Mount Desert Island, Maine. My name is George and I have lived here all of my life. I hesitate to name the town since this story could carry unintended consequences for the residents. I know that the story is true because I was a witness to it.

It started in early December 1960 when I was age 12. Each week, my mother and I would walk to the local supply store in order to stock up on whatever we needed at the time. We didn’t have the car because my father used it for his work as a state employee. He was away from home for several days at a time. The walk wasn’t too far but it was a bit hard during the winter since we had heavy snow at times.

The store was owned by a wiry old man name ‘Big John’ Corneau. Big John was well-known in the area since he was a sort of legend after he had saved the life of a girl in the 1930’s who had been attacked by a rogue grey wolf. He would show the scars on his arms from the confrontation to the local kids when they would come into the store with their parents. Big John was also a storyteller – and I mean some real whopper tales, especially when it pertained to his personal history.

On this particular day, I was admiring Big John’s small Christmas tree with wooden ornaments that he claimed he carved himself. There were all sorts of animals, including bears, elephants, tigers, etc. There must have been 50 or so wooden ornaments. As I stood in amazement of the detail in these carvings Big John walked up to me and sat down in a rocking chair beside the wood stove. He lit his small black pipe, sat back and rocked away while watching me examining the Christmas tree. After a minute or so, John asked me if I believed in Santa Claus. I was surprised by the question but assured him that I no longer believed in the legend. John looked away, smiled and said “well, that’s good. I didn’t want you to be disappointed this year.” I was confused by his statement. What did he mean?

A few days later, my mother asked me to walk to the store for a few items she needed. My aunt had stopped over for a visit and my mother was busy with her so I made the lone jaunt. This wasn’t unusual since I was now old enough to do this on my own. When I reached the store, Big John was sitting in the rocking chair reading a magazine. He looked up and asked me if he could talk to me. I sat down on the small chair on the other side of the wood stove anticipating one of Big John’s tall tales. What he told me was more than I ever expected.

Big John’s demeanor started to change – whatever he was going to tell me was probably more serious than one of his typical parables. He looked into my eyes and said “something unusual happened last Christmas Eve.” He paused - then continued “I saw the dead body of Santa Claus.” Well, I’m not sure what my facial expression was but I can tell you what I was thinking – this old man was four quarters short of a dollar. Again he said “I really did see Santa Claus’ dead body.” I’m thinking to myself…why is he telling me this? He started to explain what happened.

Last Christmas Eve he was at home getting ready for the drive to his sister’s house on Christmas Day. He then heard a huge crashing sound in the woods near the house. He looked out the bedroom window but couldn’t see anything, so he decided to investigate. The snow was very deep all around the property and into the woods. It was a clear cold night and the moonlight was bright. Big John held a camp lantern in front of him as he made his way through the pine forest. Then he saw something lying in the snow. As he got closer he noticed a man with a blood-stained white beard and hair dressed in a tattered red-colored coat and pants. Big John knelt down to check the man’s condition. It was obvious that he was dead. In fact the body was terribly mangled though there was little noticeable blood. The body looked as if it had been dead for a few days. Big John explained that he reported finding the body to the authorities who soon retrieved the remains. He said that the police told him that they wanted to keep the death quiet until they determined the identification of the deceased. He agreed not to mention the incident.

I asked Big John “why are you telling me?” He smiled and said “because I have to tell someone.” He got up from his rocking chair, walked behind the counter and reached into a drawer. He walked back toward me and handed me a pair of wire frames without the lenses. “Take these….these belonged to Santa Claus”. I placed the wire frames in my pocket and told Big John that I had to get going because it was getting late. I bought the items I came for and hurriedly left the store – my head was buzzing all the way home.

For two days I wondered why Big John decided to tell me the story. I eventually determined that this was just another one of Big John’s ruses. I placed the wire frames in a shoebox and pushed it deep into the recesses of my messy closet.

On Christmas Eve my mother came home after walking to the store. I was sitting at the table working on a new jigsaw puzzle. I heard her asking someone on the telephone if they knew why Big John’s store was closed. By this time my father was home so he decided to drive to Big John’s house to make sure he was OK. After an hour or so my father returned and said that Big John wasn’t home but his car was in the driveway. He had also noticed smoke coming from the chimney so the fireplace was still burning. He decided to call the local sheriff and make an inquiry.

After several days no one had seen Big John. His relatives and friends were contacted but no one had any information. The sheriff was finally convinced that something was wrong so he entered the house. Nothing unusual was found – no clues as to Big John’s whereabouts. The next logical place to look was the store. Here is where the story gets fuzzy.

I had no knowledge of what the sheriff had found until my father told me a few years later. While searching the inside of the store, the sheriff and a deputy found a large mound of old rugs in the middle of the ground cellar floor. The deputy started to remove the rugs until he started to notice an unmistakable odor. Before he removed more rugs the district coroner was called to the location. What they discovered was both unusual and confusing. There were skeletal remains of a human body with a tattered red coat and pants. Well, I’m sure my jaw noticeably dropped. I told my father the story Big John had told me – eventually I told the same to the sheriff. I also retrieved the pair of wire frames and handed it over to the State Police.

Since that time I have not heard or seen anything further concerning this incident. I suppose there are various scenarios that could be created from the story but I just wish I knew what happened to Big John.

NOTE: at the time I received this story (1998) there had been no further information on Big John Corneau or the body found in the cellar. I did confirm (through a constable in Ellsworth, Maine who had acquaintances living nearby) that a situation with a few similar circumstances did occur in a hamlet in the northeast section of the island very near the Acadia National Park in the early 1960's. He was unfamiliar with 'Big John' Corneau or if the case was resolved...Lon

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This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Happy Holidays Special!


This week, Eric, Lon and the BTE Staff celebrate the Holidays a week early with all our friends, fans and family!

We are your special guests this week on BTE Radio, and Scott "Hackenslash" Walton of 'BTE Movie News and Reviews' will us to help count down the top 10 Holiday movies of all time.

There will be loads of Christmas cheer, plenty of surprises and a big bowl of eggnog to go around. You never know who might be stopping by the show to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

BTE Radio will not broadcast live on Christmas or New Years Day night as we take time off to spend it with our we will be spending our Christmas with our BTE Family, fans and friends this week!

So drop by the chat room this Sunday night at 8:00 pm eastern as Eric and Lon bring you tidings of joy and cheer...and celebrate the Holidays this week on BTE Radio! added special gift for one lucky winner - courtesy of Strickler's Celebrity Autographs and Gifts to make it all worth stopping by. Micah Sloat / Kate Featherston (Paranormal Activity) signed 8x10 photo w/ SCA Certificate of Authenticity (pictured above)


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Was It The Frogman...Or Something Else Lurking In Loveland, Ohio?

I received the following anecdote from a woman who had a strange experience while living in Loveland, Ohio:

We bought a little house down by the Loveland Castle Museum back in 2000. It was perched above a ravine and creek, and the back of the house dropped off very steeply. There would have been enough room for a man or a bipedal person to stand behind the house, but the basement windows were eye-level and the first floor was quite far up from the place where one could stand. The reason I point this out is that because it was a very small house, we had to use the basement for our two boys' bedroom. They kept complaining that "something" kept looking in the window at them and my husband and I laughed it off at first. It was a wooded setting, very rural and beautiful, and VERY DARK at night, having no streetlights out there. So it seemed funny that they were thinking something was watching them. We just told them maybe it was a deer (they are plentiful in the fall) and went about our business.

One night, however, I woke hearing a weird sound just outside our bedroom window on the first floor. It faced out back of the house, and I was puzzled as to what it could be because it sounded like a man, breathing heavily. I started to sit up and realized that whatever it was, it was looking in my window, just inches from my head and I was terrified. I did not look out because I knew that I would see it and I kept feeling something urging me to look. We often would hear squeaking noises, screeching (not like an owl) and a crying baby. I woke my husband up and he said whatever it was, it would have had to be 10 feet tall to look in our window. I couldn't sleep that night, but whatever had been there had moved on. I didn't mention it to the kids the next day. The boys came up from the basement, shaken from seeing "the red, glowing eyes" the night before. They were every bit as big as red road reflectors and they heard heavy breathing and the hair on their bodies stood up on end.

This was only ONE experience we had out there in Loveland. It's right down by the Little Miami River, only a stone's throw. Many weird things out there: green glows, orbs, something very large and black on top of the roof of the house very late at night (when light was shone on it, it did not go thru whatever it was on the roof, and it looked like a huge, dark figure.) I'd like to know if you have any more weird stories about this area. We moved a few miles away but still go past that area often. Crystal F.

I assume that Crystal was not aware of the Loveland Frogman sightings. The 1st sighting was in May, 1955, around 3:30 a.m. an unnamed business man claimed that he witnessed three bipedal, quasi-reptilian entities congregating by the side of the road. Later on March 3rd 1972, around 1:00 a.m. an anonymous police officer was traveling along Riverside Road heading towards Loveland, when he came across a frog like creature on the side of the road. A few weeks later on March 17, 1972, Officer Mark Mathews, reported pulling over to assist an injured animal on the side of the road. Upon approaching the creature Officer Mathews was startled by a strange Frogman like creature.

The story of the Loveland Frogmen begins on a barren stretch of road that runs along the Miami River in Clermont County, just on the outskirts of the small town of Loveland, Ohio. (This would probably be in the approximate area where Crystal lived). Around 3:30 a.m. in May of 1955, an unnamed business man claimed to witness three bipedal quasi-reptilian creatures gathered at the side of the road. The business man pulled over to the curb and observed the creatures for what he estimated to be about 3 minutes. He went on to describe the creatures as being between 3 and 4 feet tall, covered with a leathery skin and having webbed hands and feet.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of these creatures however is there distinctly frog like heads, which the business man reported to have deep wrinkles where their hair should have been. As the anonymous business man watched the three “frogmen” on of the creatures suddenly held up with the witness described as some kind of wand above its head, he further claimed that sparks spewed out of the top of the wand. Upon witnessing this strange site the business man fled the scene fearing for his life.

The next documented encounter with the Loveland Frogmen occurred at approximately 1:00 a.m. on March 3, 1972, when a police officer, who chose to remain anonymous, was traveling down Riverside Road heading towards Loveland. The officer claimed that he was driving slowly, due to overly ice roads, when he saw what appeared to be a dog on the side of the road. Suddenly the creature darted out in front of the cruiser causing the officer to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the unknown animal. When the cruiser came to a stop the head lights fell upon a crouched frog like creature.

Quickly the creature stood on two legs stared back at the officer; its eyes illuminated by the high beams, and scrambled over the guard rail, down the embankment and finally vanished into the Ohio River. The officer described the creature as being 3 or 4 feet tall and weighing in the area of 50 to 75 pounds. He also stated that the skin had a leathery textured, and that the animal’s resembled that of a frog or lizard. Later that evening another officer returned to the scene but found no signs of the animal, but did report that there where distinctive scratch marks on the guard raid that the creature reportedly scrambled over.

Another sighting by a police officer, Mark Mathews had an encounter of his own two weeks later. According to Officer Mathew’s report he spotted what he believed to be an injured animal on the pavement while driving into Loveland. Mathews stepped out of his cruiser with the intention of removing the injured animal from the ice slicked road. As Officer Mathews got closer to the body the creature lurched upwards into a crouched position. Startled by the strange creatures frog like appearance, Mathews drew his gun and fired at the creature, wounded the “frog man” limped to the side of the road and slide over the guard rail. Officer Mathew’s description of the frog like creature matched that of the other officers sighting two weeks prior.

Years after his original sighting, Officer Mathews has some what changed his story. He now claims that creature he saw that night was nothing more than a large reptile which had escaped from its owner. He further insisted that the reason he shot at the creature was to help confirm a fellow officer’s story. Wither or not Mathews changed his story due to ridicule or a fading memory of an event which took place one dark night on an icy road outside of Loveland. In the many years following this small string of sightings there has been no reported sightings of the strange creatures which has become known as the Loveland Frogmen.

These areas in and around the Ohio River Valley have also been subjected to many sightings of Mothman-like creatures. Here are a few of the personal accounts from southern Ohio that were forwarded to me:

Here is a report from Sciotodale, Ohio:

Coming back from the grocery store 12:40am 3/10, me and Veronica got out of the van and were walking to the house.

I looked up in the sky and some movement caught my eye. I pointed to the object and Veronica acknowledge it, and tracked it's movement with me.

We could not make out any details. What we could make out was a wide wing span. There was no movement, no sound. I estimate it was moving approx. 20+ mph. It appeared to be flying about approx 20 ft taller than the tallest treetops - so I'm guessing about 80 ft high. It appeared to me to have a tan color. We followed it over our house, across the road, and then it disappeared in the darkness going a NE direction. I would guess the bulk of the wing span was at least 12/15 ft wide, and possibly much wider given the rough estimate of the height. It appeared that we were only seeing the very bottom of the wing, and there may have been areas on the object that were not visible in the darkness.

After it was gone, I was trying to pull all the information together and form some sort of idea of what it was. At first I thought of the possibility of a UFO/flying saucer etc... but after I thought about it a little bit, it gave me somewhat an impression of being "organic" - if this was a flying creature, it was completely gliding - no wing motion.

So what was it? Never saw anything like that. In the last couple of years I have become a big fan of large birds in the area - Turkey Buzzards, Hawks, occasional Eagles, Owls, etc. It did not travel like an of these birds, and not like a bat either.

These encounters occurred near Middletown, Ohio:

Middletown, Ohio: It was about 8:00 pm and I was driving home after dropping a friend off at her house. I came to an intersection, a red light, and stopped. Nothing out of the normal, just a regular night. The roads were fairly deserted. While waiting for the light to change I saw something that looked like the back end of a deer as it quickly crossed the street. I didn't think much of it except for the fact that when I drive through there I have to be careful because deer apparently like to jump in front of cars. That stretch of road is only a couple hundred feet posted at 40 mph. I slowed to about 30-35 mph to watch and look at the deer.

When I looked to see if the deer was still there I witnessed something quite a bit different. This massive thing was standing back a ways but it was clearly visible. The yard it was standing in has a huge white shed with a light attached to the front though, this didn't help because it cast a big shadow. The figure stood on the ground but its height reached to about the top of the doors to the shed. It had two curved like masses coming from the sides. But the most obvious feature were the deep red, glowing eyes coming from the center of the black mass. It was something I couldn't stop looking at. I continued to drive but all the way home I felt I was being followed. - Liz

A followup from Liz:

Well, both my friend and I live close Middletown, OH. There was another encounter I had shortly after I had sent the email and I kept forgetting that I hadn't sent it. I had walked out of my room to wash my face, try and calm myself down, etc. and my brother's room is directly across the hall from mine. I looked straight ahead and it was looking right through the window of his room (that's the picture I had sent). I stared at it for awhile, feeling kind of cold and then feeling really scared and I finally pulled my eyes away and went about my business. When I came out of my bathroom, I didn't look in the direction of his room. My friend reported that what she saw had more oblique-shaped eyes and looked kind of 'angry' (I wasn't too sure about that hypothesis), while mine had large, round eyes and seemed kind of curious or something.

Sorry I didn't include that in the original message; like I said, this happened after I sent the email and I keep assuming I had included it when I hadn't. Other than the weird sightings, there wasn't any strange activity I can recall.

I received a following email from another witness near Middletown, Ohio:

I'd like to share an experience my friend and I have unfortunately been dragged into. At approximately 10:30 PM tonight, I received an instant message from my friend about a rather disturbing encounter she had. She had reported she saw the Mothman. I sent her several messages back, asking if she was alright, if she was there, etc. She eventually sent me a text message with a picture that she drew of the creature attached. By this point, I was literally getting sick and trembling due to anxiety and fright. We began talking about it and I noticed a tapping at my window; a very light kind of sound. My dogs both jerked their heads upward and stared at the window for a long time. Being in the state I was in, I refused to look.

For awhile, the tapping stopped...she and I continued to discuss the matter at hand. Suddenly, the tapping began again, but this time the dogs ignored it and so did I. About four or five minutes later, I fought the urge to stare at my computer monitor and looked at my window. My blinds were closed, but I could faintly see something red and glowing, like taillights that had somehow made their way into the neighbor's backyard. I quickly looked away, not wanting to see it anymore. I looked again a couple minutes later, unnerved to see the red glow was still there. Again, I looked away and continued discussing this with my friend. Finally, I turned my head one final time and saw that the glow no longer remained.

As I'm typing this email, I'm really worried, as the tapping has begun again and I'm really too afraid to move from this position. Above this, I've included my friend's side of the story, and, should you post this, we would certainly appreciate if you could put them both into one piece. We'd discussed calling the police, but she didn't want to make a big deal about it. Her parents brushed it off and I have yet to tell anyone in my house about this.

I'm not sure what this was; a frightening delusion or a real situation, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to face the facts and find out. Allie

Another encounter in Portland, Ohio:

I guess I'll just jump into this story that I've only revealed to a few people. My extended family mostly live along old River Road (Rt 124) in Portland, OH. I practically grew up there and spent entire summers there as a youth. It was and remains a special place for me as I loved exploring the areas.

My aunt and uncle live on a hill over looking the Ohio River and we have fished that area forever. I take groups of buddies every summer and we camp on their lower land and spend the night fishing. Some of us just go for the drinking and fun. There are all sorts of little gravel roads around that area and I know them all.

One evening, two friends and I decided to go walking. One of my friends hadn't had anything to drink but he chose to come along. We were just being loud and laughing since we were litterally in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly I caught a light out the corner of my eye and off in the distance was what looked like a house with every light on. I was totally confused and my friends had no idea what I was talking about because it's just a house. There is no house there. As we were walking closer to the "house" something appeared 20 feet in front of us. We only looked at it for a moment before we all turned and ran full blast back to the campsite. In the light of day, I drove down the gravel road we were on and there was no house anywhere in sight as I already knew.

Some months later, a different friend brought a Mothman movie (The Mothman Prophecies) to my house to watch. Surprisingly, I had never heard of the Mothman. I was almost panic stricken knowing this was the thing I saw. I immediately called my friend who was with me and told him to go rent that movie. He eventually called me back almost in hysterics after watching that movie. This happened almost 8 years ago and I still think about it at least once a day. I've never shared this account with anyone on-line and I'll assure you this really did happen.

More recently, a sighting near New Miami, Ohio:

On Monday May 9th, 2011 around 5:45am, I was on my way to work headed north bound in to the village of New Miami on Seven Mile Avenue. I left the traffic light at the southern most edge of town in to a dark stretch of road when a large flying creature swooped in over my car and snatched up a small animal in the road ahead of me at the edge of my head lights. As a construction worker, I feel I can judge the size of objects fairly well. This creature had a wing span of at least 12 feet and was jet black. It completely blocked the view out of my windshield and then some and moved at a very high rate of speed. I was traveling between 35-40MPH. It had to have been traveling at around 70-80MPH. Like I stated before is swooped down grabbed the animal and was gone over the trees very quickly. I've researched large predator birds and raptors indigenous to Ohio and there are none that fit the description of what I saw. If you have any other questions about my experience please feel free to email me back. Tex

NOTE: I had asked Crystal to read the post...I hope I answered her question. If you have an unusual sighting or encounter, please feel free to forward to Thanks...Lon

Mothman and Other Curious Encounters

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and Other Fascinating Creatures Real and Mysterious

Just the Facts?: Olympic Park Cryptid Killer -- Baltimore County Encounter -- NASA Rejects 2012 Apocalypse

Still looking for the Olympic Park cryptid Killer

Wildlife experts have revealed that a mysterious giant creature is lurking in waters near the Olympic Park in East London.

Witnesses alerted environment bosses after seeing a 16lb Canada goose dragged under the surface, with fears there could now be a pike, alligator or even a large python stalking the waters near the Olympic site.

The number of swans on the river and waterways near the newly-built £9bn Olympic Park is also dropping.

Mike Wells saw the deadly attack on the Canada goose from a boat on the River Lea last month.

He said: 'We were just passing the time of day looking at a Canada goose 30 yards away, but then it just suddenly disappeared.

Nature experts are speculating as to what the mysterious River Lea beast could be.

Pike have been known to grow to up over 40lbs (18kg), but although they have attacked ducklings, they normally prey on smaller fish.

It could be an escaped pet alligator, which typically feed on anything from turtles, mammals, birds and deer to other reptiles.

It could also be an escaped pet python, which normally eat animals the size of a cat, although such a creature may struggle to survive in winter conditions.

Another possibility is a giant turtle or terrapin, which many buy as pets but dump when they become too big.

Terrapins mostly eat fish, slugs and snails, but have also been known to attack ducklings and duck eggs.

'Being a river person, I pieced together what we’d seen in seconds. The goose was prey to something.

'A Canada goose is not a small bird. They weigh about 16lb, so whatever took it was also large.'

Mr Wells, who lives in the Lea Valley, is convinced the beast is the same creature which took down a goose in the same area in 2005.

Lea Rivers Trust staff reported seeing a Canada goose being dragged beneath the surface in 2005, and large holes were found burrowed into the bank of the river.

He added: 'It must be the same creature. Some people I've spoken to think it could be a very large pike and I've seen some turtles about a foot across, but they're not really big enough to take a goose.'

In 2005 experts thought the creature could have been an alligator, snapping turtle, or some other kind of pet which had been released into the wild.

Experts said a trap would need to be set to catch the beast, but it appears to have returned to the same waters last month.

Mark Gallant, of the Lea Rivers Trust, said after the 2005 attack: 'Someone might buy it as a baby turtle.

'After they've had it in their pond, or bath, or whatever they are going to keep it for a while and the thing starts to grow and grow and grow and grow.

'Obviously they can't keep it in their homes anymore so what do they do? They think they are doing a good thing for the actual animal by putting it into a river or stream.'

Zoology graduate Michael Allen, who lives near the Olympic Park, told the Hackney Citizen: 'It might be an escaped pet snake like a python.

'It could survive in this climate, although it would be a bit sluggish. A small goose or a duck could be a perfect meal.'

A spokesman for British Waterways said of the incident last month: 'We don't believe there is a crocodile in the river.

'Things that have been suggested are a big pike or a mink, which can prey on ducks. But geese might be a bit big for them.'

She continued: 'In some areas you get terrapins which get dumped and have taken to the conditions well - they can get to the size of dinner plates.

'But geese might be too big for them to take as well.

'No-one has reported anything to British Waterways, but we would encourage people to get in touch if they have seen anything.' - dailymail


Could This Be The End Of Cancer?

By all rights, Shari Baker should have said her final goodbyes years ago. In 2005, more than a year after three doctors dismissed a lump under her arm as a harmless cyst, she was diagnosed with stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer, which takes the lives of at least 80 percent of patients within five years; it killed Elizabeth Edwards in 2010. Half of those diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread—in Baker, it had reached her spine—die within 39 months. But the 53-year-old jewelry designer in Scottsdale, Ariz., wasn’t ready to die. “I’ve been a competitive athlete and a body builder, I take care of myself and eat right,” she says. “I was going to fight this.”

Baker began searching for a clinical trial, and through the International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN) found an intriguing possibility: a cancer vaccine. In May 2006, she traveled to the University of Washington. The vaccine was injected into her upper arm; she got five more shots over the next five months. Today, with scans detecting no cancer anywhere, Baker seems to have beaten some extremely stiff odds.

Short of a sci-fi nano-camera to capture what was going on at the cellular level, it’s impossible to know exactly what the vaccine did. But based on studies of lab animals and cells in petri dishes, scientists have a pretty good idea. The vaccine contained fragments of a molecule called her2/neu, which, perched on the surface of tumor cells, fuels the growth and proliferation of some breast cancers. Baker’s immune system treated the flood of injected her2/neu like an invading army and mounted a counterattack. Cells called CD4, acting like biological Paul Reveres, sounded the alarm, rousing white blood cells called T cells. The body’s Minutemen, they invaded Baker’s tumor, summoning reinforcements called cytotoxic (“killer”) T cells, which destroyed the tumor cells in Baker’s breast as well as her spine. Enough of the other 21 women who received the experimental vaccine against metastatic breast cancer are doing so well that its inventor, immunologist Mary (“Nora”) Disis of UW, dares to envision a future in which vaccines “control or even eliminate cancer.” Continue reading at Could This Be The End Of Cancer?


Close encounter - Baltimore County, MD

Baltimore Country, Maryland - 5/1/1980 - unedited: Not real sure if it was a dream or it was real but it sure felt real and I have lived with it all my life. We owned a farm in Baltimore County Md. on Rolling Rd. It was about 18 acres or so. The incident took place late at night not sure of the exact time but everyone was asleep in the house. All that I can remember is that it was a very clear night,with a few white puffy clouds.I was standing outside of the back of the house looking up dont remember even going outside of the house the memory starts with me looking up at i guess what some would call a cigar shaped craft .It looked grey on top and bottom with windows that appeared to go around the center of the craft .There was no lighting except where the windows were and that was just white continuous light that wrapped around the craft. The craft was tipped to its side and a person was standing toward the front of the craft waving .I remember that person looking just like we do as far as human features and wearing a jump suit kind of clothing. The whole incident didn't last long at all and as he was waving the craft leveled up and just casually drifted away and as that craft left I looked up and seen high up in the sky several crafts going all kinds of speeds none were super fast they were all cruising different moderate speeds.After that I just went in and went back to sleep. Its a dream that has stayed with me since I was child. I dont know how I got outside I wasn't scared or nothing like that. It actually was a very peaceful feeling .I think it happened in the summer because it was a very warm night out. I do remember going inside and just going to bed like nothing happened. It was a weird experience but a peaceful one - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I live just down the road from this location...and this is not the first report of odd activity. Since this event in 1980 the area has been inundated with unmarked facilities with heavy security and a wide range of microwave antennae and other electronic communication equipment. There have been many 'triangle' craft appear and simply vanish in the same area...Lon


"...there's a man stuck on the roof! Uh...sorry, it's just Santa"

Police rushed to rescue a man stuck on a roof – only to find it was a Santa decoration. The alarm was raised when a member of the public reported that a man was stranded on top of a house. But when officers arrived, they found just a set of Santa’s ladders, fixed near the chimney. The false alarm was branded ‘ridiculous’ by gran Carol Fenton, who owns the house in Barton Road, Stretford.

She told how she spends hundreds of pounds every Christmas lighting up dozens of inflatable snowmen and decorations. And she vowed she wouldn’t be put off by the drama. Carol, 49, said: "When I heard what had happened I was speechless. It’s just silly that someone would see a Christmas decoration and think it was someone on the roof or even a burglar. I won’t do anything different in future – everyone loves our house. My Christmas decorations are here to stay."

Her daughter Kassy Marsland, 31, who also lives at the house with her two children blasted the person who raised the alarm. She said: "You can’t blame the cops because if they think someone is in danger or about to burgle a house, it’s their job to check it out. I thought ‘this has got to be a joke’. Someone must be taking the mickey – surely nobody is that crazy to think a Christmas decoration was a person." The family said that the ladders – which had a plastic Santa Claus attached to them until he blew off in high winds – had been on the roof for around 15 years.

Kassy said: "We’ve not liked that Santa for a long time – we tried to get the ladders down but it was too high up so I suppose it’s quite funny that it was that decoration that caused the trouble." A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed the incident. He said: "At around 9.10am on Friday, December 9, police were stopped by a member of the public concerned a man was stuck on a roof of a house on Barton Road. An officer attended and discovered it was a Christmas decoration."


2012 Apocalypse Fears Unfounded, NASA Says

Despite the hoopla surrounding the date Dec. 21, 2012, the world is not at risk of coming to a halt, NASA says.

Aside from that date marking next year's winter solstice, the longest night of that year, nothing else interesting is expected.

All in all, "sleep well on Dec. 21 of next year," said astronomer Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object program office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., at a public talk yesterday (Dec. 8) about rumors of a 2012 apocalypse.

"What's so special about Dec. 21 of next year?" Yeomans asked. "A lot of people think it's the end of the Maya calendar."

The Mayans

The ancient Mayan calendar was, like the modern Gregorian calendar, 365 days long. In addition to the year, the ancient Maya measured time in longer periods, with a short-count and a long-count calendar, just as we measure time in decades, centuries and millennia.

"The short-count was 52 of our years, and the long-count was 5,125 years long. This long-count calendar is coming to an end on Dec. 21," Yeomans said."Of course, a new calendar would start on Dec. 22. It would be like saying that our calendar ends Dec. 31, and that's the end of time, the end of days, that's it, no regard for how a new cycle would begin. The Maya never predicted the end of the world occurred at that time."

Although there are those who believe Dec. 21, 2012 will bring about a new age of enlightenment, many, many others fear a catastrophe. "I Googled '2012 disasters,' and you know how many hits I got? 35 million hits," Yeomans said. "A lot of people are concerned about Dec. 21, 2012."

Death from Planet X

One concern is over how, from Earth's point of view, the sun will cross in front of the plane of our galaxy on Dec. 21. However, the sun routinely does this twice a year without fanfare, Yeomans said.

Another fear is that a planet dubbed "Nibiru" or "Planet X" is supposedly headed toward Earth.

Yeomans noted that well-known UFO aficionado Nancy Leider, who describes herself as being in contact with aliens from the star system Zeta Reticuli, first said Nibiru would cause widespread disaster in May 2003, only to later change her prediction to Dec. 21, 2012.

"There's no evidence whatsoever that Nibiru exists," Yeomans said. Notions that it might be hiding behind the sun are unfounded, as "it can't hide behind the sun forever, and we would've seen it years ago," Yeomans said.

While believers in Nibiru claim that astronomers and NASA are engaged in a conspiracy to cover up Nibiru to prevent panic, "there's no way on Earth to keep astronomers quiet about anything," Yeomans joked.

Planetary conga line

There are also claims that gravitational effects from planets lining up with each other in 2012 will somehow affect Earth.

"But there is no planetary alignment on Dec. 21, 2012," Yeomans said.

Even if there were a planetary alignment then, it would not cause problems. The only bodies that have significant gravitational effects on Earth are the moon and the sun, effects we see as the tides. The tidal effects induced by the other bodies in our solar system are negligible, and we have experienced them for millions of years without troubles.

Solar storms

Another 2012 fear rests on solar storms.

Solar storms — torrents of energetic particles from the sun — do occur. These usually come and go in cycles 11 years long. When they slam into Earth, they create auroras and can cause damage to satellites and power lines, but it's "nothing that causes lasting damage," Yeomans said.

There are records of a solar "super-storm" striking the Earth in 1859. Although that caused little damage back then, there are fears that such a storm would inflict much more harm now that our world is far more dependent on electronics.

Still, "there is no evidence that one will happen on Dec. 21 next year," Yeomans said. It's impossible to predict solar activity that far out, and even an extremely strong solar storm wouldn't likely bring the apocalypse that some fear.

Pole dancing

The Earth has two kinds of poles — its geographical poles, which mark the planet's axis of rotation, and its magnetic poles, which are associated with the planet's magnetic field that makes our compasses point toward north.

Some fear that either or both of these poles will flip in 2012.

However, the geographical poles cannot flip because the moon stabilizes our planet's spin.

The magnetic poles do flip sometimes, but on time scales of about 500,000 years. These shifts are not sudden, but take place very gradually over thousands of years, "and there's no evidence of a flip on Dec. 21, 2012," Yeomans said. "Even if it did flip, it would not cause any real problems, other than us having to change our compasses from north to south."

Ultimately, smart people can believe weird things for any number of reasons, Yeoman noted. For instance, real data is often confused with junk science, while anecdotal evidence and passionate arguments on the Internet and on television shows purporting to be fact are often mistaken for the real thing.

"Scientists really have their work cut out for them," Yeomans said. "We really have to do a better job educating people about science." - space

12/21/2012: A Prophecy - John J. Ventre

The Day After 2012 - John J. Ventre

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bigfoot in the Hawkeye State

What is believed to be the only sculpture in the world created to scale in meticulous detail of an adult specimen of the legendary "Bigfoot" resides in this Ozark town.

"It took three months to get it from my head to his (the sculptor's) head," said Clifford LaBrecque, 73, of the fiberglass-and-fur model of Bigfoot he commissioned in 1976 at a cost then of $9,000.

"It's accurate to the inch," LaBrecque says.

The striking model of Bigfoot stands 8 feet tall in the dining room of LaBrecque's home. He says it depicts accurately what LaBrecque remembers from sightings and a physical encounter with a Bigfoot specimen on June 18, 1977, and from many descriptions of the creature prior to his experience.

The encounter happened, according to LaBrecque, between 9-10 p.m. near a woodpile behind LaBrecque's home in the Windsor Heights suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. Prior to the altercation, LaBrecque says he observed almost nightly a Bigfoot specimen — about 8 feet tall — that sometimes appeared with two apparently juvenile Bigfoot creatures.

He says he called a Des Moines newspaper to tell of the sightings and had argued with the newspaper over copyrights to Bigfoot photographs should the newspaper act on his tip and obtain photographs.

On June 18 he had decided to shoot to kill the larger Bigfoot and had positioned his car for the shot that he believed would furnish incontrovertible evidence of the reality of the Bigfoot creature.

LaBrecque says he had been open-minded from an early age to the possibility that such a creature as Bigfoot existed.

"When I was a little kid, I heard stories about the wild man of the west, and I began watching out for one," he said. The busy youth found countless stories about American Indian legends of the wild man, and stories of similar creatures all over the world. As an adult he interviewed many people who claimed to have sighted a Bigfoot specimen.

First encounter

But it was not until 1977 that his eyes gave him all the evidence he needed to believe in Bigfoot.

"Our neighbors had a big black lab. One night I heard the dog barking around the woodpile. I looked out and saw what I thought was the dog on the wood pile. I remember thinking: 'That (dog) is going to knock my woodpile over.'

"Then it dawned on me that my woodpile is this high and what we were seeing is much, much taller than the woodpile. I got my wife to look and she saw it.

"We couldn't believe it."

An inspection of the woodpile the next day and after subsequent sightings found bark pulled from the split wood and the inner surface of the tree bark gnawed away.

That first sighting set in motion a series of sightings that would lead LaBrecque to spend night after night in the woods hoping to see the Bigfoot party traveling to the woodpile. He even conducted surveillance from settings in trees, but did not see the migration.


LaBrecque understands the skepticism some people may bring to his story. At 73 he can do without it, along with the skepticism the public would bring to a videotape of what he says shows a Bigfoot in its natural habitat.

He has shown the video privately but declines to show it publicly because of the ridicule that some people have for those who claim to have had unusual or paranormal experiences.

"I'm not going to listen to anyone who doesn't know crap telling me I don't know crap," LaBrecque said. "Right now if one of these creatures walked across the back yard and I called and tried to tell about it, people would say, 'Oh. That's the guy with the Bigfoot model in his house.'

"You are done before you start. You're not going to win that one."

A showing of LaBrecque's Bigfoot model at the 1977 Iowa State Fair attracted many spectators, LaBrec-que said, and several with stories of Bigfoot sightings.

After talking publicly about his Windsor Heights experience, LaBrecque says a farmer came forward to share a story of a Bigfoot sighting and to warn LaBrecque about continuing to talk about the incident.

A second witness to the Windsor Heights incident has long stopped talking about it because of the skepticism, ridicule and laughter the story evokes from listeners, he says.

"You have to understand just how hurtful this can be to the people who have seen Bigfoot," LaBrecque said. He says he has been the subject of extraordinary skepticism for his creation of the Bigfoot model before he actually saw Bigfoot. To LaBrecque it is simply good fortune that the sighting confirmed for him all that he had heard about the creature. It enabled him to better endure the scorn people bring to his story, he says.

LaBrecque said he is resurfacing now in the Bigfoot culture only because of a news reporter's call and renewed interest in the creature that he says was sighted four years ago in a rural area near West Plains, Mo.

"They're here in Norfork," LaBrecque said. "I have talked to people who have seen them."

"This is what they say it looks like," LaBrecque says, pointing to his model. - baxterbulletin


Clifford LaBrecque states he had been watching a creature for about two and a half months on the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa back in 1977.

That night LaBrecque decided to shoot the creature. "It was about 25 feet away from where I was parked in my pickup truck." LaBrecque said. "Two of the creatures walked up from behind a hedge. One stopped but the other went to a woodpile, bent down and started to eat with it back towards me. I stayed in the car and waited for it to turn around but it just kept on gnawing at the wood. Finally I decided to shoot it from behind. When the animals turned and saw me, I got buck fever and couldn't shoot. As it came towards me, I couldn't get the window rolled up fast enough. It was really close." LaBrecque was petrified with fear as the creature advanced. He tells what happened next.

"It loomed over the car. It was about 8 feet tall. It reached through the window, grabbed me and shook the daylights out of me. It was terribly strong. I could feel its face about 6 inches away from mine and believe me I was in a state of tremendous fear. I could feel my whole body shaking. I felt a sensation of being twisted around and pushed down onto the floor. The creature's eyes were burning with fury. I was angry, very angry at me for trying to shoot it. Then I pass out. When I regained consciousness it was gone.

LaBrecque who owned a truck brokerage fir in Cameron is also president of Bigfoot Research Inc. He's been researching Bigfoot reports for about 49 years. He describes the thing that attacked him as "terrifying and enormous." He said that after the attack his memory was vague because of his terror as the thing shook him around. He decided to visit a hypnotherapist who had bought a vehicle from him. Eric Elster of Knoxville, Iowa. Elster stated that he hypnotized LaBrecque so that he would go back to the time of the attack. LaBrecque designed and constructed a life size model of the creature on the basis of the details that came to him under hypnosis as well as what he consciously remembers.

The model is made of fiberglass and covered with artificial hair. He said it represented a typical young adult male. The model stands 7 ft 6 inches and if it were a real creature, would weigh 600 to 1,000 pounds. Its feet, of course, are what gives the creature its name, LaBrecque states. They are 18 inches long and 9 inches wide and they leave a flat impression in the ground about 2 inches deep. LaBrecque said that Bigfoot's fur is dark brown in color and that it has a foul smell. On the model, the shoulders measure 4 feet across! The arms, which are 47 inches long, reach down to almost the creature's knees. Its biceps measure 27 inches around and the short massive neck has a circumference of 40 inches. LaBrecque says Bigfoot can make a wide variety of sounds. It has the ability to mimic other animals, he claims, Its typical voice is a low guttural growl, but at times it can sound like a hooting owl or even a barking dog. LaBrecque estimates that there may be as many as 5 thousand Bigfoot creatures in the United States and more in Canada. LaBrecque believes that no remains are ever found of dead Bigfoot because they bury or hide their dead. During LaBrecque's search for the elusive Bigfoot, he has investigated numerous reports of sightings.

"I searched 15 years before finally meeting Bigfoot face to face," he says. "The animal exists and it's thriving in great numbers and increasing all the time." LaBrecque thinks that the Bigfoot is a very intelligent animal and tries very hard to avoid contact with humans. It's almost as if the beast has some form of primitive telepathy or instinct that warns it when man is nearby. But despite the attack, LaBrecque is still not afraid. "I harvested what I sowed," he said. "It's like picking a fight and then getting the heck beaten out of you."

He offers some tips on where to look for Bigfoot. "The easiest place to look is around a small town or on the outskirts of a big city he says. There's plenty of foot for them there. If you think Bigfoot is in a certain area and there is only one water supply in that area, that is the best place to look.

Finding Bigfoot is difficult enough, states LaBrecque. Catching them or getting close enough to take a picture is almost impossible. The run very fast and they mostly come out at night. LaBrecque remains determined to investigate Bigfoot sightings. "I just got a call the other day about a sighting," he said. "I'll be going up there next weekend to check it out.

LaBrecque feels that one day somebody will come up with positive proof that these creatures exist. Unless we can find the remains of one, the only way we will ever prove that Bigfoot exists is to shoot one. Then the world will have to believe that these creatures to exist. "Authorities won't accept anything like photos, casts of footprints and other evidence that has been presented so far. - The Examiner - Independence, Missouri - 2003

Other Iowa reports from the '70's:

1974 near Stone State Park, Sioux City, Iowa: A man claimed to have wounded a bigfoot with a deer rifle. Published in the Des Moines Sunday Register 12 Nov. 1978.

1978 February 25th: Pella Bridge near Harvey, Iowa: A boy age 10-11 saw Bigfoot on road near bridge; it looked at him, then went into woods Des Moines, Iowa, Sunday Register 12 Nov. 1978.

1978 July 27th: Ottosen, Iowa: Young Donette Henkins, age 9 saw 'short, hairy, apelike animal with fangs and deep-set eyes' which stood in shadows a few inches away and growled / Omaha, NE, World-Herald 2 Aug. 1978, Algona, IA, Algona Upper Des Moines 3 Aug. 1978, Algona, IA, Algona Kossuth County Advance 7 Aug. 1978, Humboldt, LA, Independent 5 Aug. 1978.

1978 27 July Ottosen, Iowa Mrs. Jan Henkins & two others - after Donette's sighting, saw similar creature between 2 buildings while walking downtown / Algona, IA, Algona Upper Des Moines 3 Aug. 1978 & Humboldt, IA, Independent 5 Aug. 1978.

1978 30 July Ottosen, Iowa Dawn Henkins, age 11, Mrs. Henkins & neighbor
saw apelike creature with wide forehead walked from between buildings on Main Street at night / Omaha, NE, World-Herald 2 Aug. 1978 & Algona, IA, Algona Kossuth County Advance 7 Aug. 1978

1978 31 July Ottosen, Iowa - Three or four boys aged 10-12 saw Bigfoot in shed, and again later. It did not attempt to attack. Omaha, NE, WorldHerald 2 Aug. 1978, Fort Dodge, IA, Messenger / & 3 Aug. 1978, Humboldt, IA, Independent 5 Aug. 1978, Algona, IA, Algona Upper Des Moines 3 Aug. 1978.

1978 11 September Ottosen, IA / Anna Dodrill & Elery Lynch / Red-eyed, blackfaced Bigfoot stared in at kitchen window / Des Moines, IA, Sunday Register 24 Sept. 1978, repr. FN Nov. 1978 p.18; Fort Dodge, IA, Messenger 14 Sept. 1978 & Algona, IA, Algona Kossuth County Advance 18 Sept. 1978.

1978 September/ Ottosen, IA / Robert Newell IV (18) / Watched tall, hairy, hunchback Bigfoot exploring farm buildings early in the morning / Des Moines, IA, Sunday Register 24 Sept. 1978, repr. FN Nov. 1978 p.18; Algona, IA, Algona Kossuth County Advance 18 Sept. 1978 & Humboldt, IA, Independent 16 Sept. 1978.

1978 27 September a farm south of Renwick, Iowa. Forty high-school students saw
two Bigfeet in cornfield, one with red eyes and one with blue eyes / Des Moines, IA, Register / Oct. 1978.

1978 27 or 28 September Northwest of Renwick, Iowa. Mark Thompson (16) saw 7-
ft, brownish-black-haired Bigfoot in soybean field. Moved away when witness flashed pickup lights and honked horn / Des Moines, IA, Sunday Register / Oct. 1978.

1979 Sept. Near Manchester, Iowa Jerry Erwing saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with 'topknot' walking bent over / Waterlook, IA, Courier 24 Feb. 1980.

1979 12 October Near Webster City, Iowa Bryon Davis saw saw 7-ft, reddish-brown Bigfoot in woods. It got up and left, as if disturbed while sleeping. It was 3:30 am. Webster City, IA, Freeman-Journal 19 & 30 Oct. 1979.

1979 15 November in Minburn, Iowa Larry Wilson saw dark, hunched Bigfoot in farmyard; officers found prints in grass but no creature / Quincy, IL, Herald Whig 18 Nov. 1979

1980 Early January Adel, Iowa Larry Wilson / Farmer went outdoors when dogs barked and saw'hunched over, dark thing' in yard; police found foot-long prints in grass. This article was picked up by the tabloid Weekly World News 22 Jan. 1980.

1980 13 January Edgewood, Iowa Tim BuShaw & friend / Saw 8-ft Bigfoot with 'topknot' and long hair within 6 ft of their car / Waterloo, IA, Courier 24 Feb. 1980.

1980 15 January Near Manchester, Iowa Cyrii O'Brien a railroad engineer on train saw strange creature on all fours eating carcass; 6-toed tracks found in area / Waterloo, IA, Courier 24 Feb. 1980.

NOTE: The BFRO has only 2 recorded sightings in Polk County, Iowa...listed at BFRO - Polk County, Iowa. I have written about a few recent sightings in Iowa at Large, Hairy Biped Reported Roaming Skunk River Valley, Iowa and Iowa Sasquatch Sightings on the Rise...Lon


Originally posted on July 19,2011, the Iowa Bigfoot video (aka Basswood video) purports to capture evidence of a Bigfoot in Northwest Iowa. Click for video

Here is a list of all the BFRO reports for the state of Iowa. Also, interesting encounters described in the Ottosen, Iowa area.

Bigfoot Across America

Just the Facts?: North Korea Bemoans Xmas Tree -- Abduction / Missing Time -- Saudi Arabian 'Witch' Beheaded

North Korea threatens war over Christmas Tree

Atheist North Korea has threatened to shoot out the lights of a giant Christmas tree-shaped tower that South Korea plans to illuminate near the tense border.

The Communist North warned its southern enemy of ‘unexpected consequences’ if it went ahead to turn on the lights, saying Seoul would bear the ‘entire responsibilities’.

South Korea plans to illuminate about 100,000 lights on the 100ft-tall steel tower in the shape of a Christmas tree at the top of Aegibong Hill, located some two miles from the border with North Korea.

Officials in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, say that switching on the Christmas lights is an act of propaganda because they will be visible with the naked eye from the major northern border city of Kaesong.

It is thought that North Korea is concerned the lights will be regarded as a sign of the affluence of the South and will weaken the regime’s ideological control of its hungry people.

The North Korean website Uriminjokkiri has denounced the Christmas lights plan, saying it is aimed at provoking the North and stepping up anti-North Korea psychological warfare.

It is the second year in a row that the lights will be illuminated. The North threatened last year that it would fire artillery at the tower but nothing happened.

However this year the North has stepped up its warnings.

The Christmas tower used to be an annual event until 2003, after which it was suspended as part of a 2004 agreement not to spread propaganda near the demilitarised zone during a period of relative calm between the two nations.

But in the wake of the North’s sinking of a warship in 2010 and the shelling of a border island - attacks that killed 50 South Koreans - the South resumed the border tree lighting.

When the tower was illuminated last year South Korean troops were put on high alert at the demilitarised zone and fire trucks and ambulance were parked nearby.

The North’s official Rodong Sinnum newspaper denounced the South by declaring: ‘The psychological warfare activities of the puppet regime have entered full swing’.

Mr Tak Sejin, chairman of a church group which is organising the tree lighting said: ‘This is a ceremony for peace on the Korean peninsula and national unity.

‘It is being held with our desire for harmony among our fellow men and between North and South Korea.

‘We are doing this with the expectation that someday our people can become one.’ - dailymail

Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World's Most Repressive Country


Missing Time Scenario in Michigan

Michigan - unedited: Saturday November 5th, 2011 I left my Mothers house around 9:30 PM going back to my fathers home where I live for dinner. It takes about ten minutes to get to the top of the (address moved to fi box) cms 12/13/11 09:27 cst flg. overpass from my Moms. I was heading east on Boon rd and off to my left past the entrance ramp behind the Clam river on the ground was what I thought at first was a fire truck because of it’s size, and color of the lights. I slowed down to 25 put my truck in third by the time I made the bottom, and gazed into the woods at what it could be. I passed what I call “The Bridge to Nowhere" a newly installed bridge over the Clam river off Boon everyone who misses their exit turns around there. There is a thin tree line the rest is clearcut. The car behind me slowed down too at the top of the overpass with an open left lane too pass me. They saw it too. I pulled around in the car pool parking lot they continued on. I went back, and parked at the bridge to nowhere before the Us 131 North exit. It was blocked off by cement blockers and chain. It was right then I knew it wasn’t a vehicle unless it drove in through the back on dirt country roads. This thing was too big for that. I got out of the truck it was sleet and rain. All I had on was one coat, and a crappy pair of Converse. I went out anyway. I just kept thinking in my head. This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen. Like there is some way this should have happened... I walked as far as to the edge of the tree line I wanted cover. When I looked back I couldn’t see the road it was too dark and sleeting too hard. All I could see were the lights. These lights were not caused by blinking bulbs. I dont know what caused the lights, but they flickered like fire, or like magic. Red, yellow, white. Only on the edges the rest looked black metal it was dark it was a disk I couldn’t tell how thick or tall it was, but it was big as to compare it to the size of a fire truck or larger. I pulled my hood down after about a minute of watching the lights to see if I could hear anything other than the sleet hitting my hood. The lights made no noise, but I felt a low humming. Like inside my in my chest. I could hear the sticks on the ground around me cracking. Like something was moving around. By now my heart is beating out of my chest I should mention I have a heart condition so I did think I may die of awe or fright. I remember seeing three shadows in front of the light more cracking. Then the lights turned off. It was like it was gone. I could see nothing I turned and ran as fast as I could. I slipped right when I took off and hurt my wrist, and my pinky finger. I made it too the truck, and locked the doors. I stared into the woods with rain on my windshield for about five minutes before I drove home. I went inside to tell my dad what had happened, and to go back with me, but he was sleeping. His girlfriend was drunk on the couch him and her got into a fight. So I didn’t disturb him. I went back outside to call my girlfriend I told her I saw some lights, and I want to go back in the morning and check it out. I didn’t mention stopping just mentioned it, and she continued to ignore it and chew me out for not having a job instead. Two days later I’m telling my roommates about it in full detail, and they ask me what time did you call your girlfriend. So I looked in my phone it was 12:46 pm I called her moments after I got home. My sighting was three miles down the road from my bedroom. It didn’t take two hours to see this. I didn’t understand why my father was in bed at what I thought was early ten o clock ten thirty. I went back in the morning, and didn’t see any sign of cars or trucks back there. No burns or indents. I think it wasn’t touching the ground. I didnt think it would be like this. What I saw that night was beautiful, and terrifying. I still don’t understand. What don’t I remember. It took a lot to write this down. It kind of makes it feel concrete, but in the end it feels good just to say it. I don’t know where I wan’t this to go. I have no pictures I have no video only my word. What I saw happened. This is my own backyard for the most part. I’ve had sightings before, but not like this. This one was here on the ground. It seems to make a bigger impact. Each sighting seems to leave me with more questions than answers I wish I had a support group, or someone I could talk to about this. Everyone thinks your’e just crazy when you talk about this. Well I’m not crazy yet. I know what saw I’m just sharing now. Which is a lot harder than listening. - MUFON CMS

They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves: The History and Politics of Alien Abduction


Alien contact and attempted abduction

Maine - 4/15/1994 - unedited: When I was a child I suffered from extreme night terrors. I thought there was something taking me in the night. I would awake to blinding light and then I'd wake a second time, as if I were having a dream inside a dream. These terrors kept on for most of my childhood. It wouldn't happen every night, but once or twice a month.
My family moved north when I was 8, after years of brutal nightmares the new environment seemed to calm my mind. This didn't last long though. More frequently I felt as I I were being taken by the white lights. I pleaded with my parents to believe me but they didn't. They had no answers either.
One of the nights I woke before the white lights. I was laying in my bunk bed, my brother on bottom and I m top. I was looking at the glow in the dak stars I had on my ceiling when, in an instant I was blinded by this white light. I felt fear come over me and I couldn't scream for help. I helplessly watched my door creek open. There it was. The night person I was dreamin about. It didn't look at me, it looked around for a second and walked toward the bunk beds. I remember trying to scream but I couldn't. I couldn't breathe or move. It walked up besides he bunk beds, inspecting my brother. I tried to scream and got nothing. It looked up at me with snap of its head. Almost like it was surprised I was looking at it. As if I startled it. It stretched it's hand out to my face as if to grab me. I fought my fear and managed to ball up a fist and try to hit it. I did, but barely. I tapped it, just barely touching it. It recoiled its hand and sidestepped away, out the door. In the morning I told my family. They laughed and said I have new friends. I kept this to myself until now. My family can back up my story. Only 3 people outside my family know this. I'll take a lie detector any day. - MUFON CMS

Alien Abduction: The War of the Worlds Has Already Begun


Saudi woman executed for 'witchcraft and sorcery'

A Saudi woman has been executed for practising "witchcraft and sorcery", the country's interior ministry says.

A statement published by the state news agency said Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was beheaded on Monday in the northern province of Jawf.

The ministry gave no further details of the charges which the woman faced.

The woman was the second person to be executed for witchcraft in Saudi Arabia this year. A Sudanese man was executed in September.

'Threat to Islam'

BBC regionalist analyst Sebastian Usher says the interior ministry stated that the verdict against Ms Nasser was upheld by Saudi Arabia's highest courts, but it did not give specific details of the charges.

The London-based newspaper, al-Hayat, quoted a member of the religious police as saying that she was in her 60s and had tricked people into giving her money, claiming that she could cure their illnesses.

Our correspondent said she was arrested in April 2009.

But the human rights group Amnesty International, which has campaigned for Saudis previously sentenced to death on sorcery charges, said it had never heard of her case until now, he adds.

A Sudanese man was executed in September on similar charges, despite calls led by Amnesty for his release.

In 2007, an Egyptian national was beheaded for allegedly casting spells to try to separate a married couple.

Last year, a Lebanese man facing the death penalty on charges of sorcery, relating to a fortune-telling television programme he presented, was freed after the Saudi Supreme Court decreed that his actions had not harmed anyone.

Amnesty says that Saudi Arabia does not actually define sorcery as a capital offence. However, some of its conservative clerics have urged the strongest possible punishments against fortune-tellers and faith healers as a threat to Islam. - BBC

Getting God's Ear: Women, Islam and Healing in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Yucca Man

The Yucca Man, often described as a large and hairy desert beast, is a Saloon and campfire legend around Joshua Tree National Park. One possible explanation might include the unusual shape of the Joshua trees themselves, which can appear human in an instance of poor light. The following tale is from 1971 and too place at Twenty-Nine Palms, California:

In 1971, the early part of the year, The Marine Base here in Twenty-Nine Palms California had an unusual happening. My Husband was in charge of the armory and the night guard (Marine) was found at the rifle range one morning, almost incoherent, his rifle bent almost in two and he described what was to be called "The Yucca Man." The creature was in the dark and the guard had felt or heard a noise of something in the darkened desert, upon raising his rifle and yelling out to halt, the 'thing' came at him taking the rifle away and bending it almost in two!

Investigation of the area and the guard's description was that of a yeti (ABSM). From what I remember, CIA and FBI were called in; many dark suits were roaming around looking for info. Officials were called in and the neighborhood in 29-Palms near the base was found to have 2 Yucca men seen that same night, one quite large and a smaller one with it. At the corner of Valley Vista Street and Utah Trail the resident dogs were barking and people looked out the window to see these creatures. Johnny and Rae saw these Yucca's and reported them to the officials making the investigation at the time. Johnny has since passed on but his wife, Rae, and daughter are still in the area. Further down the same road later on the creatures were observed near a horse corral where the horses were panicky. Early in 71 another sighting was in the Joshua Tree National Monument (now called a park) and the people sighting them were part of the monument employees.

This is a desert area, not well occupied with people and a lot of the area is not accessible. The incidents were documented and reported by Bobbie Short in February 2001.

Eight years later, in May of 1979, a young couple were leaving their condominium complex in Desert Hot Springs, north of Palm Springs, when a large harry creature emerged from behind a yucca in front of their car. According to the driver the animal, which had "a chest the size of a refrigerator and arms that hung down below its knees", was so large that he could only see it from the mid-section down. The beast that reportedly was covered in long tan colored hair disappeared quickly back into the night leaving no footprint evidence.

Also in 1979 a 12-foot-tall Bigfoot made a visit to Hemet, California some distance to the south of Palm Springs twice in a period of a week. This time, however, the creature left a grand total of 17 tracks in the mud along a rural road during its initial visit. These tracks measured 18 inches in length and were spaced some 6 feet apart.

Noted Bigfoot researchers Douglas Trapp and Danny Perez both conducted a investigation of this sighting, even going as far as to perform a "stakeout" of the location where the tracks were found. But alas, the monster did not return.

In 1988 a couple of service men from Twenty-Nine Palms were returning home from a day of fun in the sun at Big Bear Lake at about 9:00 p.m. when they encountered a creature that the locals call the "Cement Monster", due to the fact that it is said to live near an old cement factory in Lucerne Valley.

As the two men approached the old factory, a large upright running creature moved across the road in front of their car. As was the case 9 years earlier in Desert Hot Springs the animal in question was so large that the men could only see it’s lower half.

In disbelief the two men just looked at each other for a moment before one of them exclaimed "What the Hell was that?" The other replied, "That was the Cement Monster, after him!" The driver hit the brakes while the other reached for a gun that was in the glove box. The two adrenaline filed men searched up and down the road and around the cement factory, but never found any sign of the creature.

The pair came to the conclusion that they had seen some form of prehistoric man and returned to their journey home.

An anonymous source reported the following: I thought I would share this. Over Easter break in in about 1998 or 1999, I was camping and rockclimbing at Joshua Tree with two friends. We stayed in the Hidden Valley Campground. At some point during the trip, I took a picture of our campsite, which backed up against large rocks with a famous climb overhead. Between the rocks was a deep crevice (although not a full cave). You guessed it. When the pictures were returned to me, there was a primate-type face peering out of the darkness of the crevice. It wasn't super clear, but distinct enough that everyone I showed it to noticed it. I showed it to a friend who used to ranger at Joshua Tree and she said "that might be Yucca Man," which was the first I had heard of him. I'm not certain where the photo is now, although I'm certain I didn't throw it away.

True Tales of the Mojave: From Talking Rocks to Yucca Man

Just the Facts?: CIA Linked to Nazi War Criminals -- Mars 'Habitable' - Dulce and 'Colonel X'

CIA Use of Nazi War Criminals was Worse Than Most People Realize

The severity and the extent of the CIA’s involvement with Nazi war criminals has remained undisclosed for years, with the U.S. Department of Justice stifling masses of pages and documents of a frank and open history of how the U.S. government collaborated and even protected Nazis.

In 2005, the National Security Archive finally posted formerly classified secret documents that linked the CIA to the notorious Nazi general Reinhard Gehlen, despite the fact that Gehlen had employed numerous known Nazi war criminals.

The released two-volume history, known as the “Secret Relger”, was compiled by Kevin Ruffner, a CIA historian. In 1999, the report was presented to the German Intelligence Service by Jack Downing, CIA Deputy Director for Operations, in remembrance of the “new and close ties” formed between the CIA and German officials during post-war Germany.

Close Ties Between CIA and Nazi Criminals

The history of these close ties was made public by work carried out by The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG). The IWG had lodged public grievances stating that the CIA had not conformed to the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act, and was concealing documents that proved close ties between the CIA and Nazi war criminals.

In 2010, the entire document that had earlier been censored by the Department of Justice was leaked to the New York Times.

The 600-page report was published in the New York Times, and revealed new evidence that numerous notorious Nazi war criminals had been involved with the CIA in the last three decades.

While previous government reports had emerged which recognized, “the CIA’s use of Nazi for post-war intelligence purposes”, the Justice Department report published in the New York Times just over a year ago is by far the most damning expose of those activities.

The shocking report provides the world with evidence about the U.S. government’s posthumous pursuit of the “Angel of Death” at Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele. In a surreal revelation, the report revealed that part of Josef’s scalp was being kept in a Justice Department official’s drawer.

The report also detailed the government’s mistaken identity of ‘Ivan the Terrible’, a Treblinka concentration camp guard, as well as the vigilante killing of a former Waffen SS soldier in New Jersey.

More Evidence on Operation Paperclip

But the report’s most incriminatory revelation, as highlighted by the New York Times, was its assessment of the Central Intelligence Agency’s association with Nazi émigrés.

Nazi’s, according to the report, were given a “safe haven” in the U.S. This isn’t really news to the many so-called conspiracy theorist that have been investigating activities related to Project Paperclip, however these documents finally provide conclusive and undeniable evidence that the U.S. government knowingly and willingly harbored known Nazi war criminals.

The investigators that produced the report discovered that some Nazis, “were indeed knowingly granted entry” into the United States, and that:

“America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became – in some small measure – a safe haven for persecutors as well.”

Alongside the numerous cases chronicled, describing American intelligence officials aiding and protecting Nazis, the report also disclosed that in 1954, the CIA provided help to Otto Von Bolschwing. Otto was an associate of Adolf Eichmenn, who had assisted the plan to “purge Germany of the Jews,” and who had later worked for the CIA in the United States.

Another shocking case highlighted by the report that implicates the CIA with Nazi war criminals was made in a memo written by the Justice Department’s No. 2 official, urging immigration officers to let the notorious Nazi scientist Arthur L. Rudolph back into the country.

The motivation behind his immigration in 1945 was to bring him to the U.S. to be involved in the rocket-making operation well-known as “Operation Paperclip”. The memo stated that a failure to let him in would be a “detriment to the country.”

The Cover-Up by the Justice Department

It does seem somewhat baffling that the Justice Department would attempt to keep such an important part of history a secret for so long, but as Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archive said on the Archive’s website:

“Embarrassment suffered by public officials is the price they pay for power. It goes with the territory, but here, their cover-up is not nearly as bad as the crime, which was to shelter Nazi war criminals in the name of national security. This the public needs to know and has a right to know.”

In the wake of the accountability investigations for Holocaust victims, Elizabeth Holtman, former congresswoman and member of the IWG said in an interview with the New York Times:

“I think that the CIA has defied he law, and in so doing has also trivialised the holocaust, thumbed its nose at the survivors of the Holocaust and also at the Americans who gave their lives in the effort to defeat the Nazis in World War II.”

In light of the damning report, with content that has been kept secret for far too long, it is hardly surprising that the CIA is now developing an “ethical inventory”, as Kent Pekel, Special Adviser to the Deputy Secretary of State, said on the CIA website’s Need for Improvement article:

“Given our shared conviction that ethics is as much an organizational as a personal issue, the members of our working group decided that an ‘ethical inventory’ of the Agency’s operating culture might be useful in our effort to design a new Agency-wide program of ethics education.”

It is a sentiment that feels hollow and empty, given the nature of what the CIA has done. It also begs the important question, if it took so long for the truth about this activity to make it into the public domain – just how many other unethical activities are being hidden away in the deep, dark recesses of the Intelligence Community?

And if such actions could take place so long ago in the name of America, without the permission of Americans – what sort of practices are taking place today by the CIA without the oversight and consent of the American people? - topsecretwriters

The History Channel : CIA Collection 5 Episodes : CIA and the Nazis , CIA Secret Airline, Shadow Warriors , Mind Control America's Secret War , We Can Make You Talk , - 300 Minutes- Excellent series! Lon


Google compromises U.S. military secrets

Cedric Leighton, a retired Air Force colonel, said: 'Iranians would be most interested in operational bases because that tells them how we fly our surveillance missions.

'Google is making public what was once the sole province of the military and intelligence community, making this a brave new world for the intel agencies as well,' he told

Aviation website Flight Global claimed to have discovered the secret Yukka Lake venue, which shows satellite images of either a Predator or Reaper drone on the airstrip.

It said: 'The satellite image, taken in early 2011 and available on Google Maps, appears to show a roughly 5,200 ft asphalt runway and what appears to be a General Atomics MQ-1 Predator or MQ-9 Reaper UAV being towed on the parking ramp.

'The airfield has four hangars of varying sizes, including a hangar with clamshell doors that is characteristic of US UAV operations.

'Details of the airfield, including a parking lot, security perimeter and ongoing construction are clearly visible.'

The detail makes it extremely easy for foreign powers to look up satellite images to inspect secret U.S. spy planes.

The website added that an earlier image, showing what appear to be a Pilatus PC-12 and Beechcraft King Air parked on the ramp, 'fuelled speculation' it was used by defence firm Lockheed Martin.

Leighton added that he believed Google had the right to show the images to the public, but they should decide not to because they comprise military operations.

He added that the U.S. military had previously blocked Google employees from taking images at bases for Google Earth, which requires more close-up photography.

The publication of satellite imagery of top secret bases is a hot topic, with previous discoveries revealing the exact location of one in Denver.

And in Pakistan's Balochistan province, crystal clear photographs showed Predator drones sitting on a parking ramp at Shamsi Airfield.

Dr. John Michener, chief scientist at security firm Casaba, said Google should be allowed to show spy plane imagery as national laws do not apply above the atmosphere.

He said: 'Get used to it. You know when the satellites are overhead. You can take countermeasures to hide portable stuff.'

He added that it would become problematic if the government started filtering through 'deep-packet inspections', which would mean inserting code onto the web that would block access to secret images, and that Google could then start encrypting its images. - dailymail


German government suddenly goes quiet over UFO disclosure

As governments around the world come forward with their findings on the subject of UFOs a few interesting points have been discovered and brought to the attention of the public. But in the vast choir of voices rising up finally admitting to having an interest in UFOs at one time or another, one member of the EU is remaining oddly silent about the whole thing. Germany, unlike the others, has refused to release its UFO documents or even admit that it has any, despite evidence gathered to the contrary. Is this a case of passing the buck on a controversial subject? Or does Germany simply have no interest in the subject and no records of a time when it did?

Germany has a long history of UFO sightings with some of the first Foo fighters spotted in and near German airspace. Since then, the global wave of UFOs has gained mainstream popularity, and Germany was by no means separate from the rest of it. But why are we seeing a German government apprehensive to share its findings on a subject so many skeptics consider unworthy of a cover-up? An observation made by Open Minds, suggests that it may have been because the government could have been deferring its UFO studies to the better equipped United States Air Force which was - as we now know - certainly taking a very active interest in the subject for a time. In fact, if the German government were convinced it was a military action this does seem to be a distinct possibility. As a result, the governmental admission of sharing the mystery with the west could be a subject of small embarrassment in Germany.

According to a ruling in a lawsuit by Frank Reitemeyer, the German government must submit all relevant documentation on the subject of UFOs and unexplained aircraft - particularly the results of an enigmatic study prepared to be submitted to the Bundestag of Germany. And so it would seem, if Germany were not interested in the subject of UFOs, the now fiscally responsible German government would not be spending money studying airborne enigmas. And so the battle seemed over for a time when a judge ruled the documentation should be turned over to the public. But the government is now taking it to appellate court to have that ruling overturned. And this is the part that has many people scratching their heads. Why would the German government decide this subject is not for public consumption? Why would they fight their own court system and keep it secret?

Of note in Germany's UFO folklore is the possibility that at one point during the Canadian Avrocar experiments, in which scientists were attempting to construct saucer-shaped civilian aircraft, it was revealed that Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl had developed a disk shaped vertical take-off vehicle (VTOL) and flew it on February 14, 1945. The craft allegedly was a success, but quickly disappeared from most official record books. No doubt Germany's apprehension to talk about the subject will only fuel interest in the subject. - unexplainable

Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge


Anthony Sanchez - Hour 1 - UFO Highway & "Colonel X" Dulce Interview

Anthony Sanchez talks about his book "UFO highway" and the interview he conducted with "Colonel X", an insider, about the activities and on goings at the secret Dulce underground facility under Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border. We dive deep into the secret history of mankind, the greys, alien agendas and the world of black op military programs. Anthony Sanchez received his Bachelor of Science in computer information systems from Western Governors University of Salt Lake City in 2008. In addition to being a software consultant for the state of California through his own company, Anthony has been employed for 16 years as a software engineer working for 3Com, Intel, Acer, Netscape Communications, and Hewlett Packard. He became interested in UFOs in 1989, at the time "Area 51" surfaced as a public phenomenon. Since 2000 he has researched the subject matter thoroughly employing various scientific methods and hands on approaches, thus compiling over 20 years worth of UFO related research data. Each year he is a regular visitor to the deserts of the American Southwest, visiting crash sites conducting interviews, and performing scientific field work. Listen to interview

Transcripts of what the Aliens, Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrials Told our Governments


Large parts of Mars 'habitable'

Charley Lineweaver's team, from the Australian National University, compared models of temperature and pressure conditions on Earth with those on Mars to estimate how much of the distant planet was liveable for Earth-like organisms.

While just one percent of Earth's volume - from core to upper atmosphere - was occupied by life, Linewaver said their world-first modelling showed three percent of Mars was habitable, though most of it was underground.

"What we tried to do, simply, was take almost all of the information we could and put it together and say 'is the big picture consistent with there being life on Mars?'," the astrobiologist told AFP.

"And the simple answer is yes... There are large regions of Mars that are compatible with terrestrial life."

Where previous studies had taken a "piecemeal" approach by examining particular sites on Mars for signs of life, Lineweaver said his research was a "comprehensive compilation" of the entire planet using decades of data.

Frozen water has been found at the poles on Mars and the ANU study examined how much of the planet could sustain water "that could be habitable by Earth-like standards by Earth-like microbes".

The low-pressure environment of Mars means water cannot exist as a liquid and will vaporise on the surface, but Lineweaver said the conditions are right underground, where the weight of the soil gives the added pressure required.

It would also be warm enough, at certain depths, for bacteria and other micro-organisms to thrive due to heat from the planet's core.

The average surface temperature on Mars is minus 63 degrees Celsius (minus 81 Fahrenheit).

Lineweaver said his study was "the best estimate yet published of how habitable Mars is to terrestrial microbes" and a significant finding given mankind had evolved from microbial life.

"It's not important if you want to figure out what the laws of physics are and you want to talk to some intelligent aliens who could build spaceships," he said.

"If you're interested in the origin of life and how likely life is to get started on other planets, that's what relevant here."

Lineweaver's paper was published on Monday in the scientific journal Astrobiology. - telegraph

Dying Planet: Mars in Science and the Imagination
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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