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A Mysterious Existence

I received the following email from an anonymous reader who describes an assortment of odd events throughout his life. I'm quite sure some of us could detail a litany of personal experiences though I doubt many people could recall such an array of variations. I have not edited the narrative since I felt it should be completely presented as the writer intended:

When I was 11 years old I had a cousin Patricia who was my best friend. We played together and my sister played with her younger sister Betty. Patricia got sick and went to Grady Hospital in Atlanta. One night mom and dad went to visit Patricia in the hospital and my sister and I stayed home. I was asleep in my bed and in a waking dream Patricia came and kissed me on my right cheek and told me she loved me but had to go. I remember wondering how she did that when my bed was up against the wall but she kissed me on my cheek with a cold kiss. When my parents came home my dad stood in the doorway of my bedroom and said “son wake up I have to tell you that Patricia died tonight”! And I said, “No she didn’t daddy cause she was just here and kissed me!” My dad said you were just dreaming son and turned out the light. I’m 63 now but I remember this like it was yesterday and I believe I will see her again someday!

When I was walking in the woods one day in the 100-acre woods behind our house I saw a dinosaur. I was probably 10 or 12 but I was walking along down the path to the creek thinking about dinosaurs as I did a lot in those days. I was a child fascinated by history and fossils and dinosaurs.

I believe that my focused thinking created the dinosaur in front of me as I stopped suddenly in my tracks and saw a long necked dinosaur eating leaves off the top of a small tree. I stood there not believing what I was looking at all the while knowing I was seeing it! I bolted back home and told my mom I had seen a dinosaur in the woods and she laughed at me. I believe today that my focused thinking created something out of time and space and put it in front of me because I was thinking about it so hard.

When I was serving in Thailand during the Vietnam War I was stationed in a little town on the Thai-Laos-Cambodian border. I was living with my soon-to-be-wife in a bungalow in town when our neighbor, a Laotian girl became possessed by an evil spirit, or so I was told. She was so bad they had to call in special monks in white robes to pray over her.

My girlfriend/wife wanted to go over there and see the exorcism but before she went over she told me “don’t come over there for any reason.” Instead, since I was on a day off I sat on my porch drinking whiskey and getting drunk as I used to do in those days, as there wasn’t much else to do. Later, a friend of her’s came by and asked for her and forgetting what I was told, I went over to the house where the exorcism was going on. As I went up the steps to the upper floor bungalow I walked up to the screen door and looked in and heard the girl, who was standing naked on her bed screaming, stop screaming and point to something just inside the door! She said, “There it is!” In perfect English! I was standing there with my face to the screen door and suddenly I felt as if my face was stuck in a freezer and something was standing there looking at me! The hackles rose on my neck and arms and my wife who was sitting just inside the screen door screamed, “run”! I to this day know something had left the possessed girl to come take a look at me and I was stone cold sober when I got back across the street. This happened in Korat, Thailand in 1969. I had a lot of strange things happen to me in the three years I was in Thailand!

My wife’s second husband died Dec. 22, 2002 and we didn’t go to the funeral because my wife was badly treated by her second husband of 15 years. His name was Carl.

One night approx two nights after his death, at 3:00am we were awaken by a horrible bloodcurdling scream that came from our bedroom door! We both sat up and switched on the lights and looked around and the dogs were looking at the door. The one dog who slept on her bed just inside the door had ran downstairs and was looking back up while the other two dogs were standing up and staring at the door.

We sat there on the side of the bed after looking around the house and finding nothing we both realized we were thinking the same thing. It was Carl who was faced with the realization of how he treated Phyllis and he had to feel the way he made her feel and it hit him all at once. Even though he was dead we heard him scream that night!

My wife and I sold two houses and bought one big house in Douglasville, GA in 1982 and we moved into it expecting to live there the rest of our lives. It was built on the corner of the main street across from the fire station which came in handy when my wife’s mother moved in with us and needed emergency care. One night I was sitting in my rocking chair in the master bedroom watching TV and my wife was in the baby’s room rocking him to sleep. I sat there watching TV and dozed off, I woke up to see a Asian or native American woman standing between me and the TV wearing a burlap bag dress and looking at me with hate as if “I would kill you if I could” look in her eyes! I blinked once, twice and on the third blink she faded right in front of my eyes! This is the same house that my wife and I spent all day putting up shelves and putting stuff up on the shelves in the garage and that night while watching TV we heard a huge loud crash in the garage as if everything we had put up on the shelves and the shelves themselves had fallen. We went rushing into the garage expecting to find a huge mess! Instead there was nothing out of place at all.

This house doesn’t exist today as the county condemned it and burned it to train firemen and tore the rest of it down. I guess the ghost got her wish. Nobody lives there now!

I have been finding a penny a day for years and years! I have found pennies in the strangest places and at the strangest moments. When it first started I was working at the railroad and I had gone about 45 days finding a penny every day until one day I got sick at work and had to go home with the flu. I walked in my front door thinking I haven’t found my penny today and I knew I was going to bed because I felt awful! Because I get too dirty working at the railroad I had to take a shower before I got in bed even though I was sick, so I took off all my clothes and got in the shower all the while thinking “ I haven’t found my penny for today”! Suddenly I heard a coin drop behind me in the shower and I turned around and there in the bathtub with me was a shiny penny! My wife’s explanation was there was a penny on the bed and when I sat on the bed it stuck to my naked butt and when I got in the shower I washed it off! I told her that may be so but all I know is when I asked for my daily penny it fell into the bathtub with me! I have been finding pennies every day since and I take it as God’s notice to me that I should trust in him every day because it says on the penny “In God we Trust! The penny is God’s way of reminding me every day to trust in Him!

My wife and I worked at a real estate company whose office was an old plantation house during the civil war known as the McAdoo House. It was understood that the house was used as a hospital during the three battles that was fought around the house and that the house was haunted. I used to work there late at night on the phone or computer and I and others smelled cigar smoke numerous times. One of the agents also took a picture of the whole team and staff and there on the outskirts of the picture behind the group was a lady dressed in the 1800’s dress with her back to the camera. By the way we had constant trouble with the phones and the computers, as they didn’t seem to ever want to work!

My mother lived in a trailer in Dawsonville, GA and for three months in 2008 I went and stayed with her to look after her and cook and clean. I had to sleep in one of the back bedrooms and every night after I went to sleep I was awakened by a dog barking behind the wall behind my head. Also many times while I was on the phone someone would knock on the back door and when I went to the door to see who it was there would be nobody there. My mother’s second husband and his dog Missy haunted the place. I am sure of it.

NOTE: Please feel free to forward your strange personal experiences or other unusual events...Lon

Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences (Haunted Encounters)

Haunted Georgia: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Peach State (Haunted Series)

Just the Facts? Mystery Aircraft Plunges Into Sea -- Jack the Ripper's Knife -- Pulsating Light From Above

Mystery over aircraft seen plunging into the sea off Scotland

An appeal has been launched to get to the bottom of a "mystery" aircraft seen plunging into the sea off Angus.

Police enquiries so far have been "ultimately fruitless" since the alarm was raised on Tuesday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses who contacted the coastguard at around 4pm remain convinced that a microlight or small aircraft plummeted into waters off the Usan area of Montrose.
Mystery over aircraft seen plunging into the sea

So far no trace of any aircraft has been found and now microlight flyers have been reported missing.

On Thursday, Tayside Police renewed their appeal after an extensive search by coastguard, the RNLI and a helicopter from RAF Kinloss found nothing.

Inspector Mark McInally said: "As it stands just now, the incident is something of a mystery. Eye witnesses are absolutely convinced by what they have seen and yet we have no reports of any missing people or aircraft that would corroborate those reports.

"Clearly, we remain concerned and are determined to establish exactly what may have happened. Anyone who knows someone whose interest or hobby involves flying should check their whereabouts.

"Could it be the case that this was someone who had journeyed to the area alone on a short break or holiday to enjoy this type of pursuit and loved ones remain unaware that they are missing? We’re making every effort to get to the bottom of it.

"The Usan area is popular with walkers and we would appeal to anyone who was in the area on Tuesday, whether at 4pm, or earlier in the day and who saw anyone else in the area."

Tayside Police has checked with police forces across the UK, airports and flying clubs since the sightings of the aircraft earlier this week.

Officers are keen to speak to any local eye witnesses who haven’t already spoken with them to come forward, while they also want to hear from anyone who might know people who own a microlight. - STV - w/ video

UFO Case Files of Scotland (Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters)


Jack the Ripper: Is this six-inch knife used by Victorian serial killer?

It was found among possessions belonging to Welsh surgeon Sir John Williams, a chief suspect in the Victorian murders.

Sir John, known to his family at the time of the killings as "Uncle Jack" was the surgeon to Queen Victoria who lived in London at the time of the slayings.

He fled the capital after the murders and later founded the National Library for Wales in Aberystwyth.

One of his distant relatives has now unearthed the old black-handled surgeon's knife, which he used for operations, and believes it could be the murder weapon.

Tony Williams, 49, Sir John's great-great-great-great nephew, has now published a book, which features the startling image of the knife, to expose his relative's guilt.

He found the blade among a stash of possessions left by the Welshman, including three glass slides which contains smears of a uterus.

Mr Williams said: ''Why would he leave this behind? I am convinced that this is the knife used by Sir John Williams to murder those women.

''It is widely know that the person who carried out the killings would have had significant medical knowledge.

''Sir John Williams was an accomplished surgeon and routinely performed abortions on women. He held surgeries all over London at the time of the murders."

He added: ''Dr Thomas Bond, a pathologist who examined the body of Mary Kelly, said the ripper had used the same six inch knife in all the murders.

''He said it would have been at least six inches long, very sharp, pointed at the top and about an inch in width - a surgeon's knife.

''This is the knife that fits the description that I've held in my hand back in the National Library of Wales.''

Sir John Williams, born November 1840, was a Welsh surgeon and physician who attended to Queen Victoria.

He was raised to the baronetcy by her for his work in 1894.

The medic had a surgery in London's Harley Street the time of the murders - which saw five prostitutes butchered in the streets of Whitechapel in the city's East End.

Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly were killed by the ripper between August and November 1888.

They had been expertly sliced open and some had been disembowelled. Two had their uterus's missing.

Many suspects have been put forward for the gruesome killings - but it wasn't until this century that Sir John Williams was named.

Tony Williams began researching his relative a decade ago - stumbling across an archive of his old possessions in the National Library of Wales.

The surgeon helped found the institution when he moved from London to Wales after the killings.

He become its first president back in 1907, before he died in October 1926 - leaving a sum of money, books and a number possessions to the library.

Mr Williams claims the possessions - including his old diary, the knife and some glass slides - proves his ''Uncle Jack'' had the medical expertise and motive for the murders.

He said: ''I looked through the possessions that he left and found the knife along with three glass slides.

''The smears on the glass slides have been tested and are confirmed as being matter from the uterus.

''I know Sir John was obsessed by the fact that his wife, Mary Hughes, could not have children. I think that was his motive."

He added: ''I think he was a Jekyll and Hyde-type character who may have been driven to commit murder because his wife could not have children. He was also known to be working on a cure for his wife's problem.''

A number of other key pieces of evidence also point towards ''Uncle Jack'', including testimony from a witness who saw a victim on the night she died.

George Hutchinson observed Mary Kelly with a man matching the description of Sir John Williams - wearing a long dark coat with a red stone.

The surgeon's colleague Herbert Spencer wrote about the doctor and the way he used to dress - claiming he always wore a dark silk tie held by a pin set with a red stone.

In 1885, three years before the murders, Sir John Williams also claimed he performed an abortion on Mary Ann Nicholls in the infirmary of the Whitechapel workhouse.

The details were unearthed by Tony Williams in his medical notebook. He also found that many pages of Sir John's diary in 1888 were missing.

He said: ''There is compelling evidence in my view that Sir John Williams was Jack the Ripper. When I began to look into this I found a terrible truth - that I was related to this serial killer.

''The knife, his possessions and all the evidence points to it. A lot of members of our family don't really speak about it - I think they are a bit upset.

''But in my mind the case has been solved - it was Sir John Williams.''

Father-of-three Tony Williams, an author who lives in Swansea with wife Catherine, 49, has now released book, "Uncle Jack - A Victorian Mystery".

The publication includes the picture of the knife and the details of his relative's guilt. - telegraph

Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect

The Complete Jack the Ripper A to Z


'Pulsating light' illuminated rural area three times

(unedited): I was driving on a local road here near Middle Smithfield, PA saturday October 29 around 7pm with my father. We saw a pale pink pulsating light that appeared in front of my truck and illuminated everything including the ground. The light seemed to lasted like 2 seconds then everything went dark again. About 5 seconds later the same light came again and lasted another 2 seconds. Then for the third time after 5 seconds it happened again. We didnt stop the truck but it was very weird what we experienced. I take that road many times during night time and never seen anything like this before. The light illuminated everything from trees, road, houses, etc. and I was doing 35 mile per hour. - MUFON CMS

UFOs in Pennsylvania: Encounters with Extraterrestrials in the Keystone State

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook - I highly recommend this book...Lon


Mystery Animals of the British Isles: London, has just been published

From Nick Redfern:


Roll up, roll up! For the monster mystery tour, step right this way. Read all about, read all about it, panic on the streets of London!

For many centuries the streets, sewer systems, skies, waters, and darkest corners of the capital have been inhabited by strange creatures. Some folklore, some fact.

MYSTERY ANIMALS OF…LONDON, a new, richly illustrated, fully indexed 385 page volume written by full-time monster hunter Neil Arnold, published by CFZ Press, is a unique surreal safari through the concrete jungle of London, which explores a menagerie of the strange, creatures cast from the Ark, half-hinted and yet persistent in their presence.

Recoil in horror at tales concerning elusive ‘big cats’ on the prowl through London’s leafy suburbs, with yarns pertaining to the ‘beast of Sydenham’, the lioness of Winchmore Hill, the Edgware tiger, and the classic Surrey puma - a long-lasting mystery which Neil proves may well have its origins centuries previous to the 1960s flap which made national headlines.

And then there are the abominable animals said to lurk in the depths of the River Thames and other London rivers, ponds and lakes, from tales of alligators, crocodiles, piranha, snapping turtles and even sharks, to grim legends of monster rats, slithering snakes and serpents.

And don’t forget the aerial oddities, with weird tales of giant birds in the skies over London – eagles, parakeets and monstrous griffins and dragons.

MYSTERY ANIMALS OF…LONDON looks at creaky old tales of animals escaping from private menageries, zoo parks and circuses. And then there are the monsters of the mind, for instance, the case of Hampstead’s phantom ape, the spectral bears of Chelsea, frothing hellhounds at Newgate, a ghostly chicken…yes, you read it correct!

And who could forget the ripping yarns pertaining to mermaids, Spring-Heeled Jack, glowing lions, flying jellyfish, birds of death, the London Underground man-beast, the Stratford Goatman, fairies, hellish horses and the case of the Highgate ‘vampire’.

An essential read on a foggy night for any monster-hunter, historian, paranormal enthusiast or general fan of the macabre and the mysterious.


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The Cennina, Italy UFO / Humanoid Encounter

On November 1, 1954 in Cennina, Italy Rosa Lotti was walking when she witnessed a big vertical spindle, "like 2 cones joined at their bases." From behind this craft emerged two little men 3 ft tall, who approached her with friendly expressions, the older one laughing. They were speaking a language that sounded like Chinese, 'liu, lai, loi." Approaching Lotti, they snatched from her the carnations and one of her stockings. Lotti ran away. A deep hole in the ground was later found at the site.


Cennina is a small town near Biicine, in the Province of Arezzo. Rosa Lotti nei Dainelli, a forty-year-old peasant woman mother of four children, living at a farm called "La Collina" which is situated in a lonely region between Cennina and Capannolc, had risen early to go down into Cennina to visit the church and the cemetery. She was carrying a bunch of carnations, destined for the altar of the Madonna Pellegrina, whose procession had taken place the preceding evening.

It was 6.30 a.m.

Rosa Lotti rarely went into town, and spent most of her time on her arduous duties on the farm.

On this feast-day morning however she had put on her new dress and started out along the footpath that leads, through fields and thickets, towards the town. She went barefoot, carrying her stockings and her "best" shoes so as not to get them dirty. She would put them on before she came to the first houses.

She reached a point on this path, regularly taken by her, where it passed through a thicket of low bushes. She knew this path perfectly. She had even gone along it many a time at night, without ever having any sort of unpleasant encounter or noting anything unusual.

Arriving in the middle of a small clearing among the shrubs and sparse trees, she suddenly beheld, near a pine tree and on the edge of the little grassy area, a strange and unwonted object that at once aroused in her both curiosity and surprise. It was a sort of huge spindle, fixed vertically in the ground.

The Craft and the "Little Men"

This is how Rosa Lotti subsequently described the strange machine:

"A sort of double cone, over 2 metres high and about a metre wide in the middle." (In La Nazhnc Italiwa, November 2, 1954.)

"Like two bells joined together at their bases." (In La Settimana Incotn, No. 24, Year XV.)

"The object was very swollen out in the middle and pointed at the two ends. It seemed to be covered with leather." (In Il Giornale del Mattlno, November 2, 1954,)

"The outside of it shone as though it was of very polished light metal. On the lower cone there was an open glass door, and inside it could be seen two little seats, little scats like those used by children. In the central part of the spindle, where it was widest, there was a sort of roundish glass, closely following the round shape of the mysterious machine. Rosa Lotti had heard no sound from it." (In La Nazione Italiana, November 2, 1954.)

Rosa Lotti had stopped in her tracks, astonished and curious. But her surprise was only just beginning. From behind the "spindle" she beheld two strange beings emerge. "Almost like men, but of the size of children," was her description.

The two little beings approached her with friendly expressions on their faces. She had plenty of time to make a thorough examination of them, so that she was afterwards able to describe them in the minutest details. About 1 metre in height, they were wearing a sort of grey overall, all in one piece, including the feet. On their backs they had short cloaks of a grey material, and over the one-piece overall they wore a sort of doublet, fastened, right up to the collar, with little buttons "like shining stars." Their trousers were tightly-fitting, "like the long underpants that our men wear in the winter."

Their faces, crowned by helmets, were normal, but small. Both were no taller than a five-year-old infant, but their bodies were in proportion. "It would have taken two of those things to make a man," she said, "but they were very fine looking, even though rather old."

Vigorous, lively, they were talking away "as though they were Chinese. They kept saying: 'liu.1 lai,' 'loi,' 'lau.* 'loi,' 'lai,' 'liu,' " 3

They gesticulated, but with no trace of menace. Indeed, on the contrary, in a friendly fashion, as though they were trying to make themselves understood and to strike up a rudimentary conversation.

The older looking of the two was the more jovial, laughing and obviously trying to establish contact with her. They had magnificent eyes, fjll of intelligence. Their noses were of normal shape, their mouths just like a man's, but their upper lips were slightly curled in the centre, so that even when they were not laughing their teeth were still exposed. They were teeth like ours, broad, strong teeth, but short (as though they had been filed down) and somewhat protruding, like the teeth of rabbits.

Their ears were hidden under two leather discs, and there was a band around their foreheads, al?o of leather.

Approaching Rosa Lotti, who was now terrified, they snatched out of her hands the bunch of carnations and one of her black stockings. When she remonstrated timidly, the one who seemed the older of the two handed some of the flowers back to her, but kept five of them. Then, having examined the structure of the flowers with an air of curiosily, and laughing the while, he wrapped them in the stocking and threw them into the "spindle" through the small opening.

Then they stepped back a few paces from her, and look two "packages" from inside the machine—white objects, circular, which they carried in the hollow of the arm, holding the arm bent with the hand on the chest. The thing seemed to be wrapped in a newspaper, but it was not a newspaper. (La Naz'tone Sera, November 2, 1954.)

Then they turned towards the lady again, but she had seized the moment to escape. After running about 100 metres, she looked back. Everything had vanished. - Sergio Conti - FSR (Sept/Oct 1972)


The following images are text from a PDF file...might be a bit hard to read but I felt it was important to include:

Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nazi Bell, and the Discarded Theory

Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction, UFOs, and the Conference at M.I.T.

Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon

Just the Facts? 'Sierra Kills' Driver Speaks, Florida Close Encounters and Vikings' Magic Stone

The 'Sierra Kills' driver offers his side of the story

The following transcript is from "Sierra Shooting from A-Z - Everything you ever wanted to know and probably more":

thedriver: Hey y'all new to the forum just got the Internet, interesting reads.. Just wanted to say what's up.

bipedalist : Welcome, you mean, Thedriver as in "Sierra Shootings" driver? If so, sounds like a wild ride. Welcome to the forums

Thedriver: Thanks

TimB: I'm really looking forward to another here-to-for participant extending the conversation. Should keep things moving until the new year...Tell us all about yourself "thedriver"!

slimwitless: Ever been bear hunting in the Sierras?

Jodie: Are you "The Driver" that doesn't have internet and is shying away from the public? Or did you read the thread and become a fan of the missing link in the story and decide to join us to liven things up a bit? Either way, you are welcome, look forward to the pot stirring. We can't let this stew sit for too long you know.

Thedriver: I bleed red white and blue, I love hunting, fishing, budweiser, my family, and a hard honest day of work trying to make a living to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths and in the middle of all this I had a crazy ride... Jodie I'm that guy, the generals buddy, the same guy you talked to when he was in la

HOLDMYBEER: So Driver, are you a part of all the secrecy or are you able to speak for yourself?

Thedriver: Speak for myself? I'm not looking to get attacked on here but in writing for myself right now on my new smart phone

HOLDMYBEER: I don't attack anyone. Just wondering if you bought into all the Non disclosure Agreement stuff or if you are able to shed any light on the mystery of the alleged shooting.

Thedriver: Well unfortunately I'm not into all the jazz of all the stuff that happens after and y'all know that cause I have been "quiet" but I was there I know what happened on October 8 2010 in my truck with Justin on what I thought was going to be a regular hunting trip

Tautriadelta: Hello Driver,.. Welcome to the BFF.

Thedriver: And I'm not saying you attacked me that was for everyone who wants to talk to me cause I won't add to the bull or take any from anyone

HOLDMYBEER: Well, good. With not much to go on, a lot of people just start guessing about the facts, and you know how that can go. Why don't you tell us your side?

slimwitless: Welcome to the forum, driver. We'd all like to hear the story from your perspective.

Thedriver: What do you want to know cause that's a long long thing to write what I can say is Justin has told the story as it was the facts are the facts and the only thing that differs is what seat I was in and what went through my mind when it all went down and If you want me to be able to poetically give you and nail biter story that will be difficult seeing as it was over a year ago last month and alot has happened in my life since then that has nothing to do with that day of Bigfoot in general but facts are facts

slimwitless: I understand. What did you think you were looking at when you happened upon the adult?

Thedriver: Honestly my first thought was a person in a bear suit

HOLDMYBEER: Yeah, I guess I would have thought the same.

Tautriadelta: That certainly is a reasonable reaction. Hard for a person to wrap their mind around.

slimwitless: Were you looking at it with binoculars? When did you realize it was something else entirely?

Thedriver: Yes I had my binoculars that is what made it even more strange they were set up for classing mountain sides so it was fuzzy at first but when I cleared them it felt like my heart sank and I did not realize what I was looking at I would say it took a double take but I couldn't take my eyes off of it

slimwitless: Do you have any regrets? Did you guys bring back any physical evidence from the scene?

HOLDMYBEER: I'll bet it was pretty hard to forget.

arizonabigfoot: Welcome to the forums Driver. I might as well get a question out of the way while I can. It's been floated out there that you may have a sample yourself. Is this the case? Did you keep anything from that day, or did you ever go back?

PacNWSquatcher: 'TheDriver'...Do you ever regret not grabbing the bodies, and becoming millionaires many times over?

Thedriver: Honestly I have two regrets first off I wish it had dropped where it stood because I know either way it died and it would have changed everything and second I wish the kid was never shot because it was unnecessary and I'm not about just the fun of the kill it's more to me than that it's an experience and that turned the day sour for me, and no we did not take any physical evidence home THAT DAY

HOLDMYBEER: Driver, something like that experience probably follows you around. I know it would me. When thoughts about that day come into your mind, what do you remember the most. Was it the view through the binocs, or the shooting of the kid or what?

slimwitless: Did you believe or even think about bigfoot before this happened? At what point did that thought occur to you?

Thedriver: I can tell you that a million is not what in after I work hard every day and come home to my loving pregnant wife and my son and I feel great putting in a honest day of work im not looking for handouts if I was I would go on foodstamps, unemployment, and welfare I wasn't raised that way

arizonabigfoot: Do you have anyone advising you on what to say and what to avoid? Are you being coached up or just coming straight out with your version?

Thedriver: Bigfoot is something I believed was a great story but nothing more and I remember most when the big one was shot seeing the two children run out feeling like I had done something wrong but I did not see them and if I did we all would have nothing to talk about cause that shot would have never been taken

Bigfoot is something I believed was a great story but nothing more and I remember most when the big one was shot seeing the two children run out feeling like I had done something wrong but I did not see them and if I did we all would have nothing to talk about cause that shot would have never been taken

Nonnobis: Wow, Thedriver, what an astonishing adventure. Have you felt like you had to keep this story to yourself, mostly? I can only imagine how traumatic the whole thing was.

Thedriver: I'm a grown man and nobody can put words into my mouth I believe in what our country was founded on and I have freedom of speech and can say whatever I want to

arizonabigfoot: When the children ran out, did they remind you of human kids, or were they more like ape like?

HOLDMYBEER: When the children ran out, did they run after the adult or did they run towards you or how did that play out? Did they make sounds?

slimwitless: Thanks for talking about this driver. Is there any truth to the Ken Walker version that you threatened General after the little one was shot?

Thedriver: It's not that I wanted to keep it to myself Justin talks to y'all and we talk to eachother and that has always worked out just fine for me

So the kids ran on all fours unlike the adult untill it was shot and the chased the adult, and I don't know who Ken is but I never threatened him we exchanged words like wtf why would u do that but never threatened him

slimwitless: Do you still have your half of the flesh sample?

Thedriver: I do have my part of what we recovered I'm holding onto it

slimwitless: Thanks. How do you guys know the sex of the adult?

Thedriver: They ran DNA tests and came to the conclusions they came to I don't know how all that goes down I have seen nothin just what Justin tells me

TimB: Did I read it correctly- the young creature was shot for the fun of the kill?

HOLDMYBEER: So Driver, what is next for you? You said your life has changed a bunch since the shooting. You have plans to do something with Olympic Project or something tied to sasquatch?

slimwitless: Okay, thanks. How many times have you been back to the site? Are you actively involved in the investigation or the book?

Thedriver: Right now I plan on calling it a night getting up for work in the mornin and going to work like I do everyday bf was not my life and is not my life and as of right now I'm going to keep spending my time on work and family that's what my priorities are and try to make ends meet.

Impossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites

The Discovery of the Sasquatch: Reconciling Culture, History, and Science in the Discovery Process


Close encounters / possible abduction with manta-ray shaped UFO

Case Number: 33098
Log Number: US-11032011-0008
Submitted Date: 2011-11-03 03:54 GMT
Event Date: 2011-10-31 02:28 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Ocklawaha
Region: Florida
Country: US
Longitude: -81.9292505
Latitude: 29.0427592
Shape: Other
Distance: One mile or less

(unedited) As usual, I was sleeping at this time of the morning, just like anyone else would be in my neighborhood. But also in the norm of things, when they (Aliens) choose for me to witness something that they are doing or something that is going to happen, they make sure I am there for it. At exactly 2am I awoke startled with anxiety over something that was about to happen. I proceeded to get dressed, grab some coffee and head out the door to sit on the front porch and wait and see what was the urgency of their call. At exactly 2:20am the horses in the field next door were spooked and ran furiously for the barn. At 2:28am flying downward at a 50-degree pitch was a brilliant green Plasma Ship with wave like motion of opal around and with tail that reach out over a hundred feet in length behind. The ship was in the shape of a huge Manta-ray that seemed as though it were trying to use it's wings to slow down it's decent. When approximately sixty feet above the ground, it vanished as if it went interdimentional. The only sound was that of what could be heard by the animals. And all this happened within approximately 4 minutes.

The only feelings left behind were the same as they always are, the longing for home, wishing they would finally set my mind at ease. So many years of constant communication and yet no real commitment. Feelings of being used.

Over the past year or ever since that last ship I spotted approximately a half mile from my home, my health continued to get worse. The ship in mention, was the ship that beamed a light that shown from my head to my toes, feeling as if I were being scanned. Every joint, bone and muscle in my body ached for weeks. Within the past year, I gained over a hundred pounds in water and the doctors cannot figure out why. Now only recently, it is going in reverse, since the last UFO spotting mentioned above.

Also, about a week or so ago, I woke one morning to find something very shocking, something that had never happened before, that I can remember. My ankles were black-n-blue as if I had been tightly shackled. This went away within hours but, happened again a few days later and was noticed by a roommate. - MUFON CMS

Chronicles of the Strange and Uncanny in Florida


Woman disembowels man for breaking her window

A Midlothian mother who disembowelled a man with a pink knife because he broke her window has been jailed for 45 months.

Jade Parker, 23, from Dalkeith, had earlier admitted attempting to murder Anthony McMahon outside her home in Mayfield on 18 October 2010.

When they rowed over the broken window and she threatened to stab him he said: "Go on then."

She was told her remorse appeared genuine at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Mr McMahon had known Parker for years and she called him "Uncle Tony" the court heard.

Solicitor advocate Krista Johnston, defending, said: "He had known this young lady since she was seven or eight years old and did not think she had it in her, did not think she would do it."
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“Start Quote

The injury bled profusely and Mr McMahon's intestines spilled out of the wound”

Laura Thomson Advocate depute

However, the lawyer said, a combination of drink and a wish to show off in front of two men, one her boyfriend, led Parker to lash out.

Advocate depute Laura Thomson said: "She stabbed Mr McMahon in the stomach using a pink knife.

"The injury bled profusely and Mr McMahon's intestines spilled out of the wound."

Minutes later, Parker was trying to help her 40-year-old victim and was calling 999 the court heard.

Sentencing her on Wednesday, judge Lord Brailsford told the mother-of-two that her remorse appeared genuine and she had no serious previous convictions.

The judge continued: "However I have to have regard to the gravity of the offence and the fact that you used, for whatever reason, no doubt drugs and alcohol played a part, but you chose to use a knife."

The court heard that she and her boyfriend did not want the company of "alcoholic" Mr McMahon and sent him away, claiming that Parker wanted to go to bed.

He was "angry" when he later caught sight of her returning home after buying more alcohol.

Mr McMahon wrapped a cup in a bag and broke a window at Parker's home.

After the stabbing, paramedics had to hold Mr McMahon together as he was taken to hospital, where he spent 48 hours in intensive care.

Doctors said his life was in danger.

Police questioned Parker who said she was "raging" after the window was broken.

They found the pink kitchen knife with a seven inch blade in Parker's fridge and noted "a strong perfumed smell."

The court heard that for years Parker had struggled with drink, drugs and post-natal depression. - BBC


Magical Viking stone may be real

The ancient race are believed to have to discovered North America hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus.

Now experiments have shown that a crystal, called an Iceland spar, could detect the sun with an accuracy within a degree – allowing the legendary seafarers to navigate thousands of miles on cloudy days and during short Nordic nights.

Dr Guy Ropars, of the University of Rennes, and colleagues said "a precision of a few degrees could be reached" even when the sun was below the horizon.

An Iceland spar, which is transparent and made of calcite, was found in the wreck of an Elizabethan ship discovered thirty years ago off the coast of Alderney in the Channel Islands after it sank in 1592 just four years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Viking legend tells of an enigmatic sunstone or sólarsteinn that, when held up to the sky, revealed the position of the sun, even on overcast days or below the horizon, the study reveals.

One Icelandic saga describes how, during cloudy, snowy weather, King Olaf consulted Sigurd on the location of the Sun. To check Sigurd's answer, Olaf "grabbed a sunstone, looked at the sky and saw from where the light came, from which he guessed the position of the invisible Sun"

Using the polarisation of the skylight, as many animals like bees do, the Vikings could have used to give them true bearings.

The Viking routes in the North Atlantic were often subject to dense fog and the stone could also be used to locate the sun on very cloudy days.

The researchers said such sunstones could have helped the Vikings in their navigation from Norway to America before the discovery of the magnetic compass in Europe.

They would have relied upon the sun's piercing rays reflected through a piece of the calcite. The trick is that light coming from 90 degrees opposite the sun will be polarised so even when the sun is below the horizon it is possible to tell where it is.

They used the double refraction of calcite to pinpoint the sun by rotating the crystals until both sides of the double image are of equal intensity.

Navigation was based on tables showing the position of the sun in the sky at various times of year, prior to the use of the compass by Europeans, around the 12th century.

Added the researchers: "The Alderney discovery opens new possibilities as it looks very promising to find Iceland spars in other ancient shipwrecks, or in archaeological sites located on the seaside such as the Viking settlement with ship repair recently discovered in Ireland."

The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A. - telegraph

NOTE: I own several pieces of Icelandic Spar and the principle of locating the sun is valid if the shape and size is correct. As a metaphysical tool it is considered a 'cure all' stone for clearer vision & communication, wellness and general cleansing. It works to clear and activate all of the chakras, improving the flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies. Meditation with Icelandic Spar / Optical Calcite can help to improve one's perception of the physical world and of the self, creating a shift in those who experience predominantly negative emotions. Personally, I don't use it in my grids since I am not a metaphysical or Reiki healer...Lon

The Crystal Bible - I highly recommend this book for those who are starting to use crystals...Lon

Crystal Bible 2 - I highly recommend this book for those who are starting to use crystals...Lon

The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Chakra Energy - I highly recommend this book for those who are starting out with Chakra principle and therapy...Lon

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Tatzelwurm: The Alps Dragon

Here is a cryptid from the bucolic Swiss Alps, the home of my Strickler ancestors. An odd beast feared for its cunning skills and ferocious nature...known by many as the 'Alps Dragon'.

The Tatzelwurm is a mysterious cryptid that makes its home in the Alps and is a beast of legend in many Swiss communities. Reports of this mysterious creature vary in description, some sighting claim the Tatzelwurm to be lizard-like while others more bizarrely claim the features of a cat.

A common description of the enigmatic Tatzelwurm is that of a creature between 2 and 6 feet, completely covered in scales and with no hind legs but rather a long snake like body. The Tatzelwurm has 2 front legs and is said to have very big bright eyes and feline like ears which some witness’s claim gives the Tatzelwurm the appearance of a cat covered in scales rather than fur. Another notable feature is that the Tatzelwurm can apparently expel poisonous fumes that are strong enough to kill a human.

Hans Fuchs, a poor Swiss farmer was tending to his farm in the Alps. Suddenly he heard strange noises from his pig pen. He ran towards the pig pen to see what was attacking his prized pig and stopped in shock. What he saw that day in 1779 would not only kill his pig, but he would die the same day of a heart attack.

Before dying the man told of seeing a tatzelwurm (German for “worm with claws”) 5 – 7 feet in length with a snake-like body, clawed front legs and a large feline-like head with sharp teeth.

The creature can become extremely ferocious; If the creature doesn’t run away when it sees a person, it will turn and run toward the person emitting a high pitched call and would try to bite the person.

In 1828, a peasant supposedly found the corpse of a Tatzelwurm which by the time he had managed to bring it home crows had apparently eaten half of the creature. Even so, the Tatzelwurm built up quite a following of believers and was even considered fact in the nineteenth century. Its now believed that even if this creature did actually exist that because sightings are so rare now it may be completely extinct.

It is widely believed that the Tatzelwurm is actually some kind of rare salamander with characteristics resembling a Gila Monster, most notably the preferred habitat of underground burrows in mountainous areas. This could also explain the reports of poisonous fumes as the Gila Monster is extremely venomous and one of the worlds only venomous lizards, though it is not native to the region. The description of the Tatzelwurm even fits that of a Gila Monster even if it is some what of a loose fit. Another theory is that this creature could be some kind of giant skink, although skinks are also not native to the Alps.

The Tatzelwurm is said to have normal hibernation periods; sleeping during the winter in crevices on mountainsides (this is the reason for the name “Stollenwurm”) or they will even sometimes sleep in hay in a hay loft. In the following two centuries, many reports were received about a strange monster lurking in the Alps and attacking the livestock of farmers in remote villages.

There are many other tales of the legend of the Tatzelwurm. The first tale is that of a young girl who was working on a Swiss farm. While chopping down bean poles she accidentally disturbed the burrow of a Tatzelwurm and was attacked. The Tatzelwurm in this account was described as being of a gray coloration and about the size of a common domesticated cat with a fleshy hairless body and possessing only two front legs. According to the story the Tatzelwurm glared at the girl and she ran away describing big bright eyes to intense to meet.

Another story tells that of a man and his son out gathering herbs in the mountains when the man suddenly heard his son scream and seemed to be paralyzed in fear staring at a rock. The man sprinted to his son only to see a ‘gruesome monster’ under the rock near his son which hissed like a snake and had the face of a cat with big bright eyes. The man managed to stab the Tatzelwurm with a sharped stick easily fleshing the flesh. According to the story the ‘green blood’ of the creature sprayed out and burnt the mans leg making his journey home long and painful due to his limp.

In July 1883 or 1884, Kaspar Arnold saw a Tatzelwurm on the Spielberg, near Hochfilzen, Tirol, Austria. He watched it from a mountain restaurant for twenty minutes and was certain it only had two legs.

A two-legged Tatzelwurm leaped 9 feet in the air toward two witnesses near Rauris, Salzburg, Austria, in the summer of 1921. It was gray, about 2–3 feet long, and had a head like a cat.

In 1924 the five-foot-long skeleton allegedly was found by two men, who said it resembled a lizard’s.

In 1934, a Swiss photographer named Balkin claimed to have photographed a Tatzelwurm near Meiringen, Switzerland, but his photo was probably a faked image of a ceramic fish.

In the summer of 1969, a local man reported a 30-inch-long animal with two hind legs near Lengstein, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. It seemed to be inflating its neck.

In 1990, two naturalists found the skeleton of a lizardlike animal in the Alps near Domodossola, Italy. Giuseppe Costale saw a gray, crested reptile moving in a zigzag fashion on Pizzo Cronia in the same area on two occasions, in October 1991 and September 1992.

In the 1960′s a photograph emerged which was supposedly taken of the mysterious creature. This was given to a Geneva newspaper from a source unknown. Most researchers and cryptozoologists who have seen the photo are in agreement that it is probably a hoax – most likely by a mayor of a Bavarian town attempting to attract tourists.

In 1970, reports of an alleged Tatzelwurm were published in the Swiss newspaper La Tribune de Geneve by Georges Hardy.

In 2000 a strange skeleton was forwarded to a local college. Some scientists said at the time is the first physical proof of the Alpine Tatzelwurm. Along with the skeleton came a sizable donation as well. The original owner of the skeleton remains a mystery. The law firm of Gunterhaus Ltd. in Germany handled the donation and refuses to divulge the name of the contributor or why the Geneva Institute was selected to be the recipient.

As recently as 2009, many reports were made in the Tresivio area of Italy, near the Swiss border. Authorities chalked up most of these reports to "missing monitor lizards" that had escaped their masters. Some of the sightings were even said to be of "raptor" dinosaurs! Only the oldest residents of Tresivio called the mysterious creatures by the name they always knew them as..."basilisco" or basilisk. That was the Italian name for Tatzelwurm...a creature almost faded into non-existence.

The Tatzelwurm is also known in other European countries under different names:

* Stollenworm (Tunnel Worm)
* Bergstutzen (Mountain Stump)
* Springwurm (Jumping Worm)
* Daazelwurm
* Praatzelwurm
* Arassas (French Alps)


Flying Cryptids, including: Rod (optics), Jersey Devil, Turul, Thunderbird (cryptozoology), Kongamato, Owlman, Tatzelwurm, Popobawa, Ahool, ... Manaul, Mothman, Wakwak, Santelmo, Ekek

Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature

Walking in the Bavarian Alps (Cicerone Guides)

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The Fort Stockton, Texas Boomerang UFO

Witness renditions

Date: 1974 Time: Between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Saturday)

Approach Direction: From the West. Departure Direction: To the East. Witness_Direction: Facing Southwest.

Description: Although this sighting happened in 1974, I was afraid to go public with it because of my paranoia of the Government and the ridicule of my friends or family. What I am about to tell you needs further investigation because there were numerous witnesses at the time. Yet, it never was mentioned by the media. This sighting happened when I was a Sophmore in High School at Ft. Stockton, Texas. Ft Stockton is a small town of 10,000 in far west Texas on the way to El Paso.

At that time, my dad was a Route Delivery Driver for the Dr. Pepper Company, out of Pecos Texas. I remember that it was a Saturday because Ft. Stockton was his main route on Saturdays. We were on Main street and we were making a delivery to a small Convenience store called "Pick Pack Groceries"

Just as my dad parked the truck in front of the store, he reached across my brother, and slapped me on the chest. Then he said, "You boys ever see a UFO?" I replied, "No, Sir." Then he said, "Well, there's ya one right over there." Then he pointed out his driver side window toward a street called "Colpits Street." There was an Elementary School just a few yards from the corner of Main and Colpits and right up above the school was a Silver object about the size of a Football Field. It hovered about 50 feet above the school and it was shaped like a boomerang. From my position I figured that it was about 10 to 15 feet thick.

But the strangest thing about the incident was, how the people in Ft. Stockton reacted to it. As my dad got out of the truck, he said in a rough voice, "I don't want you boys watching that damn UFO. We got work to do." So my brother and I unloaded the cases that he needed, but every once and awhile I would glance over to the School to make sure that the silver boomerang was still there. I even noticed a couple of cars that pulled over to the side of the road and people getting out and pointing to it.

After we unloaded the truck, I had to go inside of the store to help my dad stock the shelves. But the first thing that I noticed was how weird every one was acting. There were at least 15 or 20 people in the store and not one person was reacting to the boomerang across the street. And it could clearly be seen outside of the store windows. So I asked the man behind the Cash Register if he could see that shiny thing above the Elementary School across the street. Then he replied, "Yeh! What is that thing." And I replied, "My dad says that it's a UFO." "That Right?," he replied. "Strangest thing I ever saw," he said as he continued to ring up a customer. "So, you can see it?" I asked. Because I was confused as why no one was reacting to it.

I thought that every one would drop what they were doing and rush outside to gawk at it. But the Cashier just rang people up like it was an every day event. And everyone else was acting the same way. They were milling around the store gathering up chips and dips and checking out at the register like nothing was going on. So I had to get confirmation that I wasn't the only one seeing things. "So you can see that?" I asked one more time as I pointed out the store window. "Yep!" he replied. But it didn't end there. I knew that we would be making deliveries for the rest of the day and I was disappointed because our route would carry us away from the silver thing.

But my disappointment didn't last very long. I was sitting near the door on the passenger side of the truck as we drove down Main street. My door faced toward the south side of town and Ft Stockton is as flat as a pancake. The Tallest buildings were downtown and they weren't any taller than two stories. But the Junior High School was at least three stories high. And there it was. Another one, was hovering over the Junior High. And I saw one more, or it could have been the same one hovering over the far edge of town near the south. The only thing on that side of town was the main Hospital and a Trailer Park. I got the impression that it was over the trailer park. The whole incident lasted more than three hours, because that is the time that it took us to make our deliveries as we traveled east down Main street.

Every time we took off to the next stop I would look out of the passenger side window for the silver boomerangs and I saw them throughout the rest of the day. But it was how the people reacted that blew me away. People were going about their business like nothing was going on, even though occasionally a car would pull over and people would get out to point in the same direction that I was looking. But it still didn't end there. Our last delivery was to a Gas plant about 40 miles east of Ft. Stockton. Once again I was disappointed because we were leaving something that was utterly phenomenal. But believe it or not, I could see it far to south as it passed us, as we traveled east. I even got the impression that it was following us. Then, there it was again. Another one was hanging over the community of the Gas Plant.

My dad looked terrified and he warned us once more to pay attention to our work and not be staring at the UFO. So he parked the truck facing away from the boomerang. Then we unloaded the drinks and my dad went back inside the office to settle up. While he was gone my brother and I waited in the truck. Then my brother grabbed a magazine from underneath the seat and started to read it. I was astonished at the way he was reacting to everything thing, because I felt like a kid in a candy store. All I wanted to do was get out of the truck and stare at the big silvery thing, but I feared my dad more. So I asked my brother if he could see it. He replied "Yeh! Why?" "Well, don't you even care?" I asked him. "Daddy says that it's a UFO. But every body's acting like it isn't even there." then he replied, "Yeh, and Daddy told us not to be watching it. So I isn't watching it. If you want to watch it that's your problem. But I aint getting in trouble.

I'm going to read this magazine." Then I looked out of the rearview mirror and watched it as I thought about it. I wondered why my dad was so terrified and remembered thinking that they were taking everyone. Including my dad. He was gone for two solid hours. When he came out of the office, he still looked terrified and he never said a word. As we drove off I noticed that the boomerang was gone.

On the way back to town I kept looking for it, but I never saw it. So, I decided to ask my friends about it the following Monday after I went back to school. But I never did. I completely forgot, even though I searched the News Papers for weeks for any kind of story. There were even rumors of a rash of sightings and cattle mutilations. But that particular sighting was never even mentioned. It wasn't a blimp and I knew that our government didn't have that kind of technology back then. I know that there were numerous witnesses and my brother is still alive today. So he can confirm everything that I have written. If there is anyone from Ft. Stockton that remembers anything remotely similar I sure would like to hear from them.

Color/Shape: Silver like Foil - Shape of a boomerang and the size of a football field.

Height & Speed: hovered 30 to 50 feet above town - south side of Ft. Stockton departed east of Ft. Stockton.

TV/Radio/Press: Never Reported.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

Additional Information Gathered by HBCC UFO Research (Diagrams and Graphics as well


Reply to HBCC UFO Research - Brian Vike.

Mr. Vike, Thank you for taking an interest in my story. You are only one of a hand full of people that I have ever shared this with, but my wife encouraged me to get the story out. I would like to find more witnesses from Ft. Stockton though. Last year I sent an Inquiry to the Ft. Stockton News Paper "The Pioneer" and I got one response. Someone sent me an E-mail and they told me that they remembered the rash of sightings in the 70's and then they told me about one of their own experiences. He said that he was afraid of going public with his story, but he told me about a cattle mutilation that occurred on his fathers' ranch. Then he told me of other sightings he and his family had witnessed. But he begged me not to tell anyone.

Now I would like to explain a little bit about my own story. I worked on a sketch like you asked me to but I went a little further. I have been a photographer and an artist for most of my life so you should really enjoy the photos I am sending you. I enhanced them in a software program called Photoshop. So the attachments I am sending you are huge. Just in case you want to make yourself an enlargement or two.

My wife and I live in San Angelo Texas, about 200 miles east of Ft. Stockton. So, to make a long story short, my wife and I drove through Ft. Stockton to see my mother 60 miles west in Ft. Davis. On the way back I took photos from the actual spot that I saw the silver craft.

One of the photos I sent you, shows one of the boomerangs hovering over a building behind some trees. This is the School I wrote about. Ft. Stockton Elementary School. (1st thru 3rd grade) There are two pickups in the photo, one stopped at the intersection on Colpits Street and the other traveling east on Main Street. The scene is almost identical to what I saw, except for a couple of things. I noticed that I was standing too close to Main Street when I took the photo. My dads' truck was parked closer to the store. So it would have been 30 feet back. Another thing that I noticed were the trees. I don't think the trees were that tall at that time. Then there is the boomerang itself. What I saw, always reminded me of a giant silver wing. It was thick at the front and then it tapered toward the back, and it was more rounded. The picture I sent you makes the bottom look flat, but I think it was more rounded.

The other photo I sent shows the same object as it "would have" appeared if I were standing in front of the Ft. Stockton Junior High. The Junior High School was less than half a mile from Main Street. So I could clearly see it because it was so big. The objects I saw were hovering over all of the Schools in town. Which brings up another question.

My dad was known for making me and my older brothers skip school on some occasions to help him with his route. He usually made his Dr. Pepper Deliveries in Ft. Stockton on Saturdays, but it could have been a Friday, because I can't understand why a craft would be hovering over school if no one was in them. So, it is really hard for me to pinpoint the exact day and year.

My dad owned a gas station for two years before I left home. I graduated in 1974, which meant the incident must have occurred in 1972. But for the life of me, I cannot remember the exact month. It was a bright sunny day and I do remember that school was almost over for the year, which means that it was sometime between March and May of 1972.

Thank you to the witness for the wonderful and very interesting sighting report. Also I would like to thank the gentleman for the wonderful diagram and graphic work to show what this object looked like. Also I will be doing an telephone interview with this witness in the next couple of days. - UFO Info ( /, Brian Vike, Director

NOTE: there has been speculation that an underground facility may be present in the area of Fort Stockton and may be connected with an tunnel system that reaches northwest into Alamogordo - Albuquerque - Los Alamos - Archuleta Mesa (Dulce Base)...Lon

FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife

Texas UFO Tales: from Denison 1878 to Stephenville 2008

Just the Facts? New Kansas City Area UFO Flap -- Haunted House Hanging -- Killer Asteroid Coming

NEW UFO Flap Over Kansas City Area?

The following MUFON CMS reports were filed for sightings in the Kansas City area over a 24 hours period - unedited:

Ok, I was having a boring halloween tonight. I have just gotten back from my school basketball tryouts, and i was planning on going trick or treating with my girlfriend tonight, but i didn't. I instead stayed home, watched southpark, and the chiefs game. Before the chiefs game, i went outside to check on my dogs for about 20 minutes. About 5 minutes after i had gone outside, I saw something moving rapidly across the sky. The Object stopped from time to time, Maybe every 5 minutes, But it moved fast and rapidly. Now, My home is in Peculiar, Missouri. This object was in the direction of Lee's Summit, Missouri. I think it was in Lee's summit, but it MAY have been in Raymore.
Nothing really made me notice it at first, I just looked up at the sky, and boom. There it was. This object had very bright lights that seemed to go on randomly, and it moved very rabidly. As i said, it hovered from time to time. I have heard from some of my friends that they saw something move in the sky too. One of my friends from Lee's Summit said that they went outside on their front porch, and they saw something move rapidly across the sky. Another one of my friends was in a car with a group of people. They were about to go to a Halloween party, and they all said they saw something. I looked up Lee's Summit UFO sightings, and i have found out that UFO sightings in that area are very common. I lost sight of the object, when it seemed to look as if it was descending. It MAY of landed, but i am not for sure. I had a weird reaction, I was scared, and i ran inside. However, i went into the sunroom, and continued to look out the window at the object. After the sighting, i talked to my mom. She said that it was probably just an Airplane or a blimp for the monday night football game. I said that airplanes do not hover, and that blimps probably do not move and change direction as fast as the object i saw.


1. on my front porch my dad was letting dogs in and he noticed it
2 vary bright lights
3 plane but it was not moving and had moving lights on it
4 hard to describe a shape , but the lights moved along it axis and fallowed each other then it would pause over a spot and let of a bright glow ..... like an exploshion , it was there for a while hovering and moving back and forth acrost the sky
5we joked that it was a ufo vary light harted , we where amazed by the brightess of the lights
6 we went back in the house and it was drifting off


I was sitting on my driveway in a chair, handing out candy for halloween, very clam out no clouds beautiful evening moon was at a crecent, just enjoying the peacefulness, then i look up at the sky facing south i saw in the sky 2 bright objects, at first i thought they were jets in formation with there lights on, as i kept watching they werent moving they were hovering, then the one a little lower, lights got dimmer and dimmer, i was in awe never have ever seen anything like this, then the other one did the same thing just slowly dimed its light's out. best way to discribe it would be the Phoinex light's all over again with this being in Belton Missouri and only 2 of them and for a shorter time by best guess is they were there for a min or 2 i watched them for at least one min.


My wife and I were driving to take our child trick-or-treating. My car was heading west on Hwy 50 and had just passed the Hwy 7 exit. On the north side of Hwy 50 to the North West I saw a long line of lights moving accross the sky to the north. I pointed at them and told my wife to look because it was such a very long line of lights. They quickly changed direction and moved South East bound right at us. The line of lights moved up as the bottom of the disc shaped ufo was exposed. The bottom was covered in a very large amount of spot lights. As the disc came closer and decended it tilted so far up that the bottom part of the disc with all the spot lights was completely visable. One of the spot lights on the bottom caught my eye as the rest of them shown down. The bottom was curved just like a saucer. It was so gigantic and low to the ground I decided to slow down to 50 mph and took the first U-turn available. Cars all around me were slowing down. I passed Hwy 7 again and turned North. I watched the ufo decend and then hover to the North West. The night sky lit up with a flash of light in a perfect circle around the ufo. I kept my eyes in the sky but didn't see it again. I did notice shortly after the ufo sighting an unusual amount of normal aircraft activity was everyhere. Two planes flying at the same low altitude came from the East flying West bound. They flew right over the location the ufo seemed to land but kept going.


as iwas driving home from a friends house i saw what appeared to be searchlights in the sky but they went in random directions; there were three in all,, one went across the sky horizontally back and forth, one appeared and shot straight out then disappeared, then another did the same thing only in a different direction. i had stopped my car and watch; the lights were coming from what looked like a bright star, but it grew even brighter,,,,,,, then turned a reddish color and started moving. it blazed accross the sky and then slowed down andstarted to blink, red/white and then grew very dim and disappeared. i didnt see itanymore.i have noticed things like this a few timse out here, we're in a very rural area with very little air traffic.. we call them blinkies, and at times have seen up to 27 of them in a 10 minute period or so. sometimes they seem like they have a dim white glow around them,,, other times they just literally appear from nowhere and either blink, or suddenly start moving. they can stop and hover, grow very dim, get very bright, change to a reddish color, and scoot extremely fast accross the sky. they can change directions like a barrel racer, and can get very low to the ground at times. i used to be very scared of them, but ive seen them so often out here now( as well as about 9 other people) that i know im not crazy. i noticed a internet posting about lights seen in lees summit, mo., and thats not very far from here(about 20 minutes drive on the back roads). thats how i found your website.


Halloween night around 8, heading to Swopeparkway Health Center on Bluepkwy in Kansas City MO for a trick or treat event, I saw one of the parking guards pointing and I looked and it was a huge circular object in the sky with lots of lights, I tried to get it on my camera phone but it took off really fast, It was lots of people outside who witnessed it, It looked like the bottom of a flying saucer, huge....., I was really shocked because it was in the area where I saw another ufo about a month ago, I NEVER thought I would see anything like that again in my life, but I did, shocking....MUFON CMS

UFOs in Missouri: True Tales of Extraterrestrials and Related Phenomena

Mystery of the Men in Black: The UFO Silencers


Dracula author's first vampire sketch found

The private journal of author Bram Stoker, in which he sketched his first thoughts about his legendary creation 'Dracula', has been unearthed after more than 100 years.

The thin, unmarked book was discovered on a shelf in his great-grandson's home on the Isle of Wight in Britain. It had been passed down by Noel Dobbs' ancestors for more than a century before arriving in his home, the Daily Mail reported.

Dobbs was unaware of what the book was until an American researcher contacted him to ask if he knew about a journal his famous ancestor had written.

The book that was signed "Abraham Stoker" had 305 entries dating from 1871, when Stoker was in his 20s. The journal also contains romantic poems.

Dobbs sent photocopies of a few pages to his cousin, Dacre Stoker, a professor in South Carolina, who has now written a book about his famous ancestor, based on the journal.

"When I saw it, I was amazed. I thought, 'The Holy Grail! We've found it!'" said Dacre Stoker.

"There is so little written by Bram about Bram. Family, scholars and fans wanted to know what made the man who wrote Dracula tick. And here we had a major set of clues," Dacre Stoker said.

His book, "The Lost Journal", will be published in March 2012 to mark the centenary of Bram Stoker's death.

The last entry of Stoker's journal in 1881 hints at a major character he would use in "Dracula", a man who was driven to eat living things including flies. A passage says: "A man builds up his shadow on a wall bit by bit by adding to substance. Suddenly the shadow becomes alive."

Actor Christopher Lee made the character of Dracula immortal in a 1958 movie. - ibnlive

Works of Bram Stoker. (25 Works) Includes Dracula, The Lair of the White Worm, The Jewel of Seven Stars, The Lady of the Shroud, Under the Sunset and more. (mobi)


Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself At Haunted House

A 17-year-old girl was found hanging by a noose inside a haunted house Thursday night, FOX 2 Now Saint Louis reported.

Patrons of the halloween attraction, Creepyworld, may have even walked past her, believing she was a "scary prop."

A haunted house coworker found the girl unconscious, and she was rushed to the hospital.

While authorities continue to investigate into what happened, KSDK reports that the girl remains in critical condition.

Capt. Ron Arnhart of the Jefferson County sheriff's office told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the girl was an actress who works with the company, and that the noose was usually used as a prop for visual effect.

"How she wound up in there is still under investigation," Arnhart told the paper. "Right now, it looks like an unfortunate accident."

Although the girl's name was not released, reports say that she is from Fenton, Missouri. - THP


‘Continent Killer’ Asteroid On Possible Collision Course With Earth

On the heels of the return to Earth of a pair of satellites — NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) and the German-built Röntgensatellit (ROSAT) — over the past two months comes a report of another object set to collide with our planet.

Only this one is a 20 million ton asteroid that is currently heading towards us at 23,000 miles per hour, and could collide with our planet in approximately 25 years, Alex Hannaford of the Telegraph wrote on Sunday. The asteroid in question, Apophis, is more than 800 feet wide, comprised of a mixture of rock, ice, and dust, and has been dubbed “the continent killer.”

“There are two scenarios,” Hannaford writes. “The first, and thankfully most likely, is that Apophis will fly by in April 2029, the year it is due to make its first ‘close approach’, and that’s the last we’ll see or hear of it. The second is that during that approach, it’ll pass through what scientists refer to as a ‘keyhole’ — a small area of space that can alter the asteroid’s course due to Earth’s gravity.”

“If this happens, it’ll be on a massive collision course with us seven years later, likely to be April 13, 2036 — Easter Sunday,” the Telegraph reported added, noting that experts with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California claim that it is “too far away” to predict which of the two possibilities is most likely, but that they should be able to know more in the near future.

“We don’t know precisely where Apophis is headed but we will soon, when it becomes observable again, probably in 2012 or 2013,” Paul Chodas of the U.S. space agency’s Near Earth Object (NEO) said. “Once we get radar on it we will be able to nail down its orbit and we will know the chances of it going through the keyhole and hitting in 2036. By that time, it could be a four in a million chance, and that could very well go down to zero.”

That might not be the end of it, though, as Chodas told Hannaford that the asteroid could find another one of those “keyholes” — small regions of space that can alter the course of a passing asteroid, due to a planet’s gravity — meaning that even if it misses the planet the first time, it could theoretically return and collide with the Earth’s surface later on. - redorbit

Asteroids: A History (Smithsonian History of Aviation & Spaceflight Series)

Asteroids and Meteorites: Catastrophic Collisions with Earth (Hazardous Earth)
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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