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Momo: Missouri's Legendary Monster

Frightening growls and snapping twigs were all it took to put a normal St. Charles County couple hot on the trail of the legendary Bigfoot.

Robert and Cynthia Stayte said they had never given Bigfoot much thought until their personal encounter with the unknown on July 27, 1997.

“It affected me more than it did my husband. I can’t let it go,” said Cynthia Stayte, 46.

It was a hot, late afternoon when the couple drove to a lonely alcove of the William R. Logan Conservation Area in Lincoln County, 10 miles north of Troy, on Highway 40-61.

The couple parked their car at the top of a hill and walked down toward a lake, said Robert Stayte, 49.

“We were told there was some good fishing in the lakes up there,” he said.

At the bottom of the hill, the couple stumbled upon an unusual footprint.

“It looked like a human footprint, but quite large. I’ll never forget the big toe. I told my husband it could be a Bigfoot, but I was just joking,” Cynthia Stayte said.

The couple dismissed the print and continued toward the lake. They were observing the surroundings when they heard heavy branches snap.

“If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you hear animals moving in the brush. It’s not that rare. I didn’t think much of it until we heard heavy breathing – heavier than a horse. It caught my attention,” Robert Stayte said.

“It was like a human, only 1,000 times magnified,” Cynthia Stayte said.

The breathing seemed to be coming from something right next to them.

Then the growling began.

“It was a snorting sort of growl, like gorillas in the zoo,” Robert Stayte said.

“They were snarling grunts, very deep and guttural,” his wife said. “I turned to my husband and asked him if he heard it.”

“I said, ‘Yes, and we’re out of here,’” he said.

The Staytes began running up the hill to their car. Robert Stayte took the lead, his wife said.

“I said, ‘Wait for me!’ I didn’t want whatever it was to come up and get me,” she said.

“I never had anything scare me like that before,” her husband said.

The Staytes do not match the image of a couple “on the fringe.”

Robert Stayte is a TWA avionics technician. Cynthia Stayte is a dental assistant. But after their frightening encounter, they became Bigfoot researchers.

“When we got home, I got on the Internet and found a Bigfoot database,” Cynthia Stayte said. “I clicked on Pike County, which is near Lincoln County. Sure enough, there were sightings listed.”

Further research uncovered a history of Bigfoot sightings in Louisiana and Cyrene County, she said.

Hoping to network and acquire more information, the Staytes attended a meeting of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Bruce Widaman, MUFON state director, said he was impressed with the Staytes’ story.

“Everything she told me sounded true and legitimate,” Widaman said. “I don’t think there was anyone at the meeting who didn’t believe her. She has credibility.”

Widaman said he has documented many Bigfoot sightings in Missouri, especially near the Cuivre River.

“I think there really is such a thing as Bigfoot,” he said. “Perhaps we’ve had one or two come through Missouri, traveling along the waterways.”

Bigfoot was dubbed “Momo,” short for “Missouri Monster,” after a rash of Missouri Bigfoot sightings during the early 1970s.

As for the Staytes, their search continues.

In September, the couple took a trip to Oregon and Washington, visiting the sites of several reported Bigfoot encounters.

They spoke to a young Oregon kite salesman who claimed he and his father found a dead Bigfoot lying in a mountain stream, Cynthia Stayte said.

“They heard a sound and turned around,” she said. “There was a live Bigfoot in the trees just a few feet away, watching over the dead one. They turned and ran out of there.”

While eating breakfast in Seaside, Ore., the couple mentioned to their waitress they had just visited Saddle Mountain.

Cynthia Stayte said the waitress gave her a funny look.

“She said locals don’t go to Saddle Mountain. I asked her why. She hesitated, looked around, then quietly said…Bigfoot.

“They were scared of Bigfoot. She and her husband had seen a Bigfoot standing by the side of a road at 2 a.m. about three years ago. She said it was big and it was real.” - ozarksentinel

A sketch of the creature reported by Doris and Terry Harrison on July 11, 1972, in Louisiana, Mo. Courtesy of MUFON

Momo Returns in May 2001?

Almost 30 years after their moment in the national spotlight, the people of this small Mississippi River town are still split on what to believe. And now outsiders are stirring things up again. In 1972, many put stock in stories about the Missouri Monster, or "Momo," a large, hairy creature with a nasty stench that some believe roamed nearby Star Hill, about 80 miles north of St. Louis. And many didn't. They figured some of the believers were tippin' the bottle.

The buzz began when a 15-year-old girl reported seeing Momo outside her home. The sighting sent a slew of armed locals into the hills, looking for the beast. Some even planted bait, hoping to be the hero who captured Momo.

Reporters flocked in from around the country to give Louisiana, population 4,000, its 15 minutes of fame. After a few weeks, the buzz — not to mention the reported stench — died down. Old differences of opinion faded. People went back to their lives. But they're talking about it again, since an organization based in Tucson, Ariz., spent a week on Star Hill, just north of downtown Louisiana, looking for any traces of the almost-forgotten monster. Mostly, the effort brought laughter. When someone brings up Momo, a light enters people's eyes and a smile crosses their faces. The children of the '70s, who believed, are now grown up and raising their own children.

Momo seems like a fable to them. But for the International Society of Cryptozoology, the visit is serious. Its members examined the area April 14-20, collecting witness statements and checking whether that locale could provide enough food to sustain a Bigfoot-like creature.

Richard Greenwell, secretary of the organization and a zoologist, said this was just one of many trips the group makes each year. The society was formed in 1982 to document and evaluate evidence about animals that have been reported to exist but never verified.

Its Internet Web site boasts that cryptozoologists in the past 200 years have discovered many now-familiar animals, including the gorilla (in 1847), the giant panda (in 1869) and the giant gecko (in 1984). Greenwell said most of his trips have been to the Pacific Northwest. Greenwell said there does appear to be enough food to support such a creature. But he said it will take more than testimonials of the locals to convince him.

"We don't accept things on faith," he said. "We evaluate information. Sometimes it takes years to reach a conclusion. This is just one piece." On this particular trip, he was joined by Bill Riley, a Hannibal native who also claimed to have seen the creature in July 1972.

Riley said Momo chased him onto the porch of a farmhouse along Highway 79. He described the beast as around 8 feet tall, and putting off an odor he described as a mixture of sulfur and feces, only worse. He said he didn't tell anyone about the encounter for six years, fearing no one would believe him. He finally confided in his future wife.

When Riley made this trip to Louisiana, one of several in recent years, he said many other locals came forward with stories of their encounters, some as recently as 1996.

A lot of people don't want to admit publicly what they saw, out of fear of being the butt of humor, he said. It is true that mere mention of Momo can send Louisiana residents into gales of laughter. "I believed in it then," said Candy Barnett, who at 44 has changed her mind about the sightings in 1972. "I think I would actually have to see it to believe it."

Mary Shrum, 52, owns a farm outside of town and said she's never seen anything out of the ordinary — only raccoons, coyotes, deer and the like. No giant, hairy creature and no nauseating smell. "I just don't believe it," she said. Some do believe it though, people such as Beverly Siders, 54, of Elsberry, who grew up in Louisiana. Siders said she doesn't have a reason to doubt those who say Momo exists. "I believe there's something out there," Siders said. But exactly what might be out there remains to be documented. Maybe it was a bear or some other already discovered creature. Or a prank.

The cryptozoologists' visit was not completely without incident. Some of their gear disappeared during the week. Police Chief James Graham said that after his officers asked questions about it around town, the researchers heard a knock on their motel room door and found the missing equipment sitting outside. They saw no sign of anyone — or anything. - Everyday Magazine and St. Louis Post-Dispatch

An illustration depicting the Troy creature wading across the Cuivre River. Courtesy of MUFON

Momo: Menace or Hoax?

Momo sightings have been reported throughout Missouri, even in St. Charles County. But the most famous sightings occurred in Louisiana, Mo., a town of fewer than 4,000 people. Located in Pike County, Louisiana lies 75 miles northwest of St. Charles County.

Bigfoot-like creatures have been reported in the Louisiana area since the 1940s, but it was not until the early 1970s that Momo attracted serious interest.

Bigfoot researcher Loren Coleman describes the now-legendary Momo scare in his book, "Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America."

According to Coleman, the Momo saga began in July, 1971. Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were driving along Highway 79, north of Louisiana, when they allegedly saw a hairy creature that made disturbing gurgling noises. The women described the thing as "half ape and half man."

The most notorious sighting took place one year later. On the afternoon of July 11, 1972, 8-year-old Terry Harrison and his 5-year-old brother, Wally, were playing in their backyard at the foot of Marzolf Hill on the outskirts of Louisiana. Their older sister, Doris, was inside the house. Doris heard her brothers scream. She looked out the bathroom window and saw a black, hairy manlike creature, standing by a tree.

The thing appeared to be six or seven feet tall. Its head sat directly atop its shoulders, with no visible neck. The face was likewise invisible, completely covered by a mass of hair.

The youths reported a chilling detail – the creature, streaked with blood, carried a dead dog under its arm.

A local farmer reported his dog had disappeared. A neighbor reported hearing terrible growling sounds that afternoon.

Edgar Harrison, the children's father, also heard loud growls the evening of July 14. He and several other people smelled a strong, unpleasant odor as they investigated the area around Marzolf Hill. Investigators later reported smelling a similar stench, like rotting flesh.

On July 21 Momo revealed itself to Ellis Minor outside his home on River Road. It was around 10 p.m. when Minor heard his dogs barking. He grabbed a flashlight and stepped outside, expecting to see an intruding dog.
Instead, he saw a 6-foot-tall monster standing in his yard. The black, hairy creature turned and ran.

According to a July 23, 1972 story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, police sealed off a 200-acre wooded area while a team of 25 hunters searched for the creature, which many believed to be a black bear. Police received reports of a creature crossing the highway with a dog or sheep in its mouth. Another witness told police that the creature lifted the back of his automobile.

Not all hunters used guns. Many used pencil and paper.

Bigfoot investigators swarmed Louisiana, interviewing witnesses and taking plaster casts of the creature's unusual three-toed footprints. One of the preeminent researchers was Hayden Hewes, director of the Oklahoma City-based Sasquatch Investigations of Mid America.

"What impressed me was the willingness of people to talk to us. Normally people are reluctant to talk about these things," said Hewes, 61. "This was not just one person spitting in a can, saying `yes sir, I saw it right over there.' These were good quality people who were enthusiastic about what was going on."

Hewes said he was impressed with the witnesses' sincerity.

"These people didn't want to sell something. They didn't want publicity. They just wanted to share their stories. I never got any inkling that there was a hoax."

The Momo scare lasted only two weeks, but it triggered a media frenzy. Television and newspaper journalists from across the nation descended on the small town.

"I did close to 75 television and newspaper interviews," Hewes said. "They flew me to Chicago to do some television there. There were people around us shooting documentaries. We haven't had a case that well-documented since."

Sasquatch Investigations of Mid America is an offshoot of the International UFO Bureau, an organization Hewes founded in 1957.

"We researched Bigfoot sightings in eight states, mainly to see if there was any connection with UFO sightings," he said. "With Momo, we found there was no correlation whatsoever with UFOs."

Hewes said his investigations suggest there are families of nocturnal Bigfoot creatures that continuously migrate across the nation from the Pacific Northwest to the southeast.

"The path begins around Oregon and Washington state," he said. "It crosses Oklahoma around the first week of September, then finishes in Florida."

When he is not conducting paranormal investigations, Hewes runs a talent agency and works in warehouse distribution in Oklahoma City. Hewes has a degree in aeronautical and space engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

While Hewes and other researchers concentrated on Louisiana, one team of investigators focused on sightings in the St. Charles County vicinity.

John Schuessler was living in O'Fallon during the Momo scare. Schuessler worked for McDonnell Douglas as a group engineer for life support systems on the Sky Lab space station, then later as director of flight operations for the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

In 1969, Schuessler helped establish the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an international collective of UFO researchers. The 71-year-old Schuessler still directs the organization from its headquarters in Colorado.

The Momo scare coincided with a rash of UFO sightings, including reports near his home in O'Fallon. The possible UFO connection intrigued Schuessler, so he joined the Momo investigation. Schuessler found no connection between Momo and UFO activity, but he did investigate two incidents that corroborated the presence of Bigfoot creatures in the region.

On June 30, 1972, a month before the Harrison sighting in Louisiana, two young men from Troy were fishing on a secluded bank of the Cuivre River near Cuivre River State Park in Lincoln County. The fishermen, named Vaughn and Tim, stood atop a high bank overlooking an unusually low bank on the river's opposite side.

According to Schuessler, Vaughn noticed a splash and looked up.

"They said they saw something wading across the river – a big, hairy thing. They didn't know what it was," Schuessler said. "Vaughn said, `Hey Tim, look at that silly hippie wading across the river.' Then they realized it was not a hippie."

The men described the creature as standing taller than a normal man and hairy all over, Schuessler said. Like the Louisiana creature, the Troy monster's hair completely covered its face. Its head looked like a dome resting on its shoulders.

Tim scrambled up a hillside while Vaughn held his ground. The creature continued its deliberate march toward him. Vaughn finally panicked and ran. The men found a conservation officer and returned to the scene.

"All they found were fresh, three-toed footprints where the creature came out of the water," Schuessler said.

Schuessler inspected the area the next day and found the prints.

"They were large prints, but I couldn't tell what made them," he said. "We looked for hair, but found nothing but tracks."

Schuessler said Vaughn and Tim seemed honest and genuinely frightened. Schuessler also interviewed the conservation officer.

"He said he'd gotten a lot of weird reports out of the park, but he didn't pay attention to them. I think he wanted to stay at arm's length from it all," he said.

Another Momo sighting took place July 24 near O'Fallon, just after the final Louisiana sighting. Two teenage girls reported seeing a hairy creature at sunset walking along the edge of a wooded area. The O'Fallon incident is mentioned in "The Bigfoot Casebook" by Janet and Colin Bord, but Schuessler does not remember the details.

"It was not as vivid as the Troy sighting," he said.

Momo must have enjoyed his sojourn in St. Charles County, because the creature apparently passed through town again four years later.

The "Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization" Web site lists Momo sightings in 29 Missouri counties, including a 1976 report from St. Charles County. According to the report, two people were in a boat on the Missouri River near Highway 40-61 when they saw what appeared to be a 6-to-7-foot tall creature covered in dark brown hair. The creature was drinking from the river when it saw the boat, stood up and ran into the trees.

Another local story is posted on the "Bigfoot Encounters" Web site. Mark Richardson, of Modesto, Calif., claims to have seen the creature in 1979 when he was living in St. Peters.

According to Richardson, he and a friend were on a railroad bridge over Dardenne Creek one night. Richardson saw shadows moving and assumed it was his friend.

To his shock, he discovered it was an 8-to-9-foot-tall creature with long, matted brown hair covering its body and face. Its shoulders were five feet wide. Its three-fingered hands hung below its knees.

The creature smelled like rotting hair and screamed like a panther. Richardson claims it lifted the railroad timbers and tried to grab his friend.

The two escaped and ran home.

Richardson claims he knows other people who saw the St. Peters creature. He could not be reached for comment.

So is Momo real? Investigators like Schuessler say the sincere testimony of eyewitnesses cannot be dismissed.

"There is definitely something going on," Schuessler said. "I just don't know what it is." - St. Charles County Suburban Journal

St. Charles County Suburban Journal - 10/31/2004
Everyday Magazine - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 5/2/2001



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Just the Facts? Medieval Irish Zombies, Wild Boy in Germany and UFO Abduction Attempt

Did Zombies Roam Medieval Ireland?

Two early medieval skeletons were unearthed recently in Ireland with large stones wedged into their mouths -- evidence, archaeologists say, that it was feared the individuals would rise from their graves like zombies.

The skeletons, which were featured in a British documentary last week, emerged during a series of digs carried out between 2005 and 2009 at Kilteasheen, near Loch Key in Ireland by a team of archaeologists led by Chris Read from the Institute of Technology in Sligo, Ireland and Thomas Finan from the University of St. Louis.

The project recovered a total of 137 skeletons, although archaeologists believe that some 3,000 skeletons spanning from 700 to 1400 are still buried at the site.

The "deviant burials" were comprised of two men who were buried there at different times in the 700s.

One of the men was between 40 and 60 years old, and the other was a young adult, probably between 20 and 30 years old. The two men were laid side by side and each had a baseball-sized rock shoved in his mouth.

"One of them was lying with his head looking straight up. A large black stone had been deliberately thrust into his mouth," Chris Read, head of Applied Archaeology at IT Sligo, said.

"The other had his head turned to the side and had an even larger stone wedged quite violently into his mouth so that his jaws were almost dislocated," he added.

Initially, Read and colleagues thought they had found a Black Death-related burial ground. Remains of individuals buried at the end of the Middle Ages with stones stuck in their mouths have hinted at vampire-slaying rituals.

It was believed that these "vampire" individuals spread the plague by chewing on their shrouds after dying. In a time before germ theory, the stone in the mouth was then used as a disease-blocking trick.

Since the vampire phenomenon didn't emerge in European folklore until the 1500's, the archaeologists ruled out this theory for the 8th century skeletons.

"In this case, the stones in the mouth might have acted as a barrier to stop revenants from coming back from their graves," Read told Discovery News.

Revenants or the "walking dead" tended to be people who lived as outsiders in society, according to Read.

The two Irish men could have been considered potentially dangerous people, such as enemies, murderers, rapists or they could have been ordinary individuals who died suddenly from a strange illness or murder.

Anything outside the norm would have caused the community to fear that these people could have come back to life to harass their loved ones or others against whom they had a grudge.

The mouth was seen as a key part of the body for such a transformation.

"It was viewed as the main portal for the soul to leave the body upon death. Sometimes, the soul could come back to the body and re-animate it or else an evil spirit could enter the body through the mouth and bring it back to life," Read said.

According to Kristina Killgrove, a biological anthropologist at the University of North Carolina, the burials' dating is particularly interesting as it appears to predate historical records on revenants.

"I'm also intrigued by the fact that the two males were not buried at the same time but were nonetheless buried side-by-side in this non-traditional manner, which suggests these burials were not accidental or careless," Killgrove told Discovery News. - discovery


English speaking 'wild boy' emerges from German forest

An English-speaking teenager who walked out of the forest near Berlin told police he had been living in the woods for five years with his father, but had no idea who he was or where he came from.

Authorities have launched a Europe-wide appeal for information about the boy, who is somewhere between 16 and 18 years old, and says his name is Ray.

“We have sent appeals for help to all European countries via Interpol. The boy speaks English and a little German but we really have no idea where he comes from,” Michael Maaß, spokesman for the Berlin police told The Local on Friday.

The boy emerged from the woods on September 5, and said he had been living wild with his father for about five years.

The pair had left civilisation when his mother, who the boy said was called Doreen, died. The boy said he and his father, who he said was called Ryan, had not set up a home but had kept moving.

They had slept in a tent and huts they found in the woods, he told them.

Maaß said the boy had told youth workers he could remember nothing about where he came from, nor anything much more than his own first name.

Two weeks ago he found his father had died, and buried him in a shallow grave which he covered with stones, he told them.

“His father had told him to look at his compass and go north, if anything should happen. And this is apparently what he did, walking for two weeks before reaching Berlin,” said Maaß.

“There he found a youth emergency centre and walked in. We have never seen anything like it. We have no evidence to contradict what he has told our colleagues at the youth services, although we are still investigating, and very much want to find out who he is.”

He said Berlin police would have to enlist the help of colleagues in Brandenburg and possibly other neighbouring states. “I don’t know if you can walk through Brandenburg in two weeks,” said Maaß.

He said the boy had been medically examined and was physically healthy, while there was nothing to suggest he was the victim of any kind of abuse or violence.

“We have no evidence of a crime having been committed,” said Maaß.

“The boy is being cared for by the youth services, while we in the police force are responsible for trying to find out who he is,” he said. - thelocal


Not exactly 'Weekend With Bernie'

Jeffrey Jarrett was 43 years old when he died last month. How he died is still under investigation.

It's what happened after his death that has the family upset.

Two friends are accused of loading his body into a car, hitting a bar in Denver, then another bar in Aurora, before taking Jarrett home.

Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson then ended their night at Shotgun Willie's in Glendale. They allegedly took $400 out of Jarrett's account.

Published reports say Young and Rubinson now face charges of abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation.

"I'm horrified, I'm absolutely, I can't even put into words, I can't imagine anybody thinking that maybe their friend is in trouble and not calling 911," a horrified relative of Jarrett's said. The relative accused Young, Jarrett's roommate, of neglecting to call for help when he found Jarrett dead in their home.

Instead, it was only on the way home that the duo reportedly flagged down a Glendale police officer and told him about the body at home.

Family members--who describe Jarrett as a loving father, graduate of Colorado State University, and a hockey player--say the treatment his body was given is something they are struggling with.

"I'm horrified, I'm absolutely, I can’t even put in to words, I can’t imagine anybody thinking that maybe their friend is in trouble and not calling 911,” said a relative.

Jarrett's family says that while they will continue to mourn his loss, they hope for justice in this case. - kktv


Abduction attempt: High-speed UFO chase on Australian highway

A Territory man was involved in a wild UFO chase on the Stuart Highway in a desperate bid to avoid abduction.

The man, who only wants to be known as Aiden said he was about an hour south of Tennant Creek, when a bright light approached him from behind.

"I was traveling south of Tennant Creek on my way to Melbourne. I had left Tennant around 3.30am after spending the night there and about an hour after I had set off I looked in my side mirror and noticed a light behind me.

"I thought nothing of it as it was probably another car."

Watch the video of a similar occurance on an Australian highway here

Aiden said he noticed the light getting brighter.

"I thought geez they must be driving fast as I was doing 120kph.

"When I looked again after a few minutes the light was really bright but it was in the bloody sky."

Aiden said when he noticed the light was not coming from another car or truck behind him he "started to get freaked out and put the foot down a bit more".

"Then I looked back again and this time the light was huge and the most brightest light I had ever seen but the strange thing is that the light had like an orange colour to it but was white at the same time.

"The light was about the size of a large car and stayed with me for around 20 to 30 mins.

"There was also like a faint drone as well but at the time I put it down to road noise but who knows."

Aiden said he was sure the mysterious light was not another car when he came to a windy stretch of road.

"I went around a bend on the road (and) it was still behind me in the same spot even when the road went left and right," he said.

"It was I suppose about 700 to 800 metres behind me in the sky.

"I said to myself: No, no, not me, go and take someone else, I am not interested."

Aiden said when he looked in the mirror again the light had suddenly disappeared.

"It was gone ... completely, so I stopped got out and there was no light to be seen anywhere at all," he said.

"That freaked me out heaps and in some strange way got me hooked as well due to witnessing something that was incredible to see and thinking this is not from here."

Territory top UFOlogist Alan Ferguson said the sighting was not a surprise.

"This has happened many times to people travelling down the track here in the Northern Territory," he said.

He said two of his friends have had a simular experience a couple years ago when they were heading to UFO hotspot Wycliffe Well, south of Tennant Creek.

"They were travelling late at night and the same thing happened that a light started to follow them.

"As it got close they would freak out then the light would go back for awhile then speed up.

"Then - just like Aiden'ss sighting - it just disappeared without a trace."

Mr Ferguson said sightings of lights in the sky at the Wycliffe Well area have been around for tens of thousands of years.

"The Aborigines called them 'min min' lights," he said. - katherinetimes

Friday, September 16, 2011

Just the Facts? Amazing Randi's Partner Arrested, Banff Bigfoot 'Credible' and Eating Obama

James Randi's Partner Arrested for Identity Theft

Skeptic James 'The Amazing' Randi is renowned as a scourge of paranormal frauds and hoaxers, but it just may be that identity theft isn't one of his areas of expertise. Federal authorities have arrested his partner of more than two decades, 'Jose Luis Alvarez', saying that his identity was stolen from a man in New York some 24 years ago:

Alvarez, who purportedly is 43, was charged with stealing a New York man's date of birth and Social Security number in 1987 to obtain a U.S. passport. A grand jury indicted Alvarez on Wednesday on a charge of passport fraud, Jose Luis Alvareza crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and aggravated identity theft, which automatically tacks two years in prison onto any other sentence.

More immediately pressing for Randi, and Alvarez's attorneys, is securing Alvarez' release from the Broward Main Jail. Prosecutors have said they will seek to have him held without bond. A courtroom showdown is set for next Wednesday, when a judge will consider arguments for and against bail.

For Alvarez to be released, he may have to reveal his true identity, which would be tantamount to an admission of guilt.

"He's in an interesting box," said Jeffrey Neiman, a former federal prosecutor who is now a defense attorney based in Fort Lauderdale. "I can't imagine a magistrate judge giving a bond without knowing who it is they are giving the bond to."

Interestingly, when asked by a reporter if he knew about the alleged identity theft, Randi responded by saying his lawyers had told him "not to comment on our knowledge or lack of knowledge."

The irony in this arrest (beyond the alleged fraudster being the Amazing Randi's partner) is that Alvarez first came to public notice when he pretended to be a channeler of the spirit 'Carlos' in Randi's much-vaunted (not least, by Randi himself) 'sting' for Australian television in 1988.

So far there has been no official comment from the James Randi Educational Foundation about Alavarez's arrest. - sun-sentinel


Banff-area Bigfoot reports ‘credible’ says 'Finding Bigfoot'

Reports of hairy encounters with Bigfoot-like creatures in the Banff area are on the rise.

Earlier this month, crews from Discovery’s Animal Planet show, Finding Bigfoot, visited the mountainous region after seeing photos and video from the Sylvanic group claiming a colony of unidentified primates lives near the border between Banff and Kootenay National Park.

The show features a group of four seasoned members from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Executive producer Keith Hoffman said many claims sent in are rejected but not those of Sylvanic, a group seeking definitive proof of the Bigfoot species.

“We haven’t ruled out their claims, if we didn’t think they were credible we wouldn’t have gone,” Hoffman said. “What we found was that numerous other people have had encounters ... they were called together in a town hall meeting.”

Sylvanic head Todd Standing said he expected the researchers would find people with sightings similar to his, noting he has come within about 65 metres of the creatures.

“Some of the sightings are four years old ... to go through them all would be a lifetime’s work,” he said.

Hoffman could not give a definitive answer on whether Bigfoots actually live near Banff, but encouraged people to follow along with the show and submit their own encounter claims. - metronews


Kecksburg, PA festival features historic event

If you are looking for an interesting event to attend this weekend, head over to the Kecksburg Old Fashion and UFO Festival that will be held on the grounds of the volunteer fire department. The event will feature lots of fun activities, food and entertainment and will also features displays and exhibits on Bigfoot and the famous Kecksburg UFO incident. The festival grounds will be open from 1 to 10 p.m. Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.


Bigfoot Trackin'

New tactic for the at a picnic table in the woods with a camera on a tripod, a poster and a life-sized cutout of a Bigfoot. Assuming a Bigfoot doesn't come within range, they'll be more than happy to tell anyone that comes by a story about how the government stole their 1st Bigfoot


Sentence for a plan to eat Obama: 5 years

A career criminal who threatened to kill and eat President Obama won't be going out to dine anytime soon.

Gregory Dale Brockman, 33, was serving a three-year sentence for burglary in Jan. 2010 when he wrote letters to the Secret Service detailing his culinary plans. According to court papers, in his missive postmarked Jan. 19, 2010, from a Chester prison, he also described how he would precede his meal with the sexual assault of first lady Michelle Obama and then "skin her alive."

He added that after killing the president, he planned to "cut his meat from his bones and put them in the oven," then "sit down at the table and start eating."

In an interview with Secret Service agents a few weeks later, Brockman admitted writing the letter to calm himself down. According to court papers, he told the agents he was upset about the war in Afghanistan, marijuana prohibition, and underfunding of public schools. Brockman also mentioned how he was fascinated by renowned cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 people and consumed several of the victims.

When asked, the former Carbon County resident told the federal agents he still intended to hurt the president and would act on those thoughts if he were released from prison.

In his letters Brockman also threatened to sexually assault Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and kill former President George W. Bush, said U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger.

On Thursday, Brockman was sentenced to five years in prison. He'll serve that after finishing out his term in Chester and another five-year term for threatening George W. Bush in 2008. The sentences, Memeger said, will run consecutively. - philly

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Halloween Expert Lesley Pratt Bannatyne

Halloween comes a bit early to BTE Radio as we welcome one of the world's foremost experts on Halloween - Lesley Pratt Bannatyne

Lesley Pratt Bannatyne is an American author; considered by many as the foremost authority on Halloween. Lesley writes extensively on Halloween, its history, literature, and contemporary celebration. She has contributed the World Book Encyclopedia entry for Halloween.

Bannatyne has shared her knowledge on television specials for Nickelodeon and the History Channel ("The Haunted History of Halloween," "The Real Story of Halloween"), with Time Magazine, Slate, National Geographic, and has given talks at venues as diverse as the 2000 Halloween Convergence in New Orleans and the St. Louis Art Museum. She contributed the Halloween article to World Book Encyclopedia. Most recently, she, with many compatriots, held the Guinness World Record for "Largest Halloween Gathering," from October 2007-09.

Bannatyne is also a freelance journalist who’s covered stories ranging from druids in Somerville, Massachusetts to relief workers in Bolivia. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wheaton College in Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Lesley has written five book on Halloween ranging from a children's book, Witches Night Before Halloween, to her latest book Halloween Nation which shows the holiday through the eyes of its celebrants. Lesley's website is So tune in this week for a few tricks and lots of treats as we take a look at Eric's favorite holiday Halloween and we welcome Lesley Pratt Bannatyne to the show!

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Anomalous Ground Holes: Natural or Ultraterrestrial?

I came across the following article from Pravda in March 2004 while researching sources on ultraterrestrial underground habitation. This may be related to the 'cookie cutter' phenomena that is occasionally reported even though this situation doesn't quite match those other discoveries. There have been other terra firma related anomalies as well. I have posted different scenarios for you to compare and make your own conclusions:

Ufologists suppose, aliens land on Earth to take ground samples

One morning shepherd Pyotr Malinkin took his cows out to the pasture as usual. Having gone five kilometers into the field the man was shocked to find a huge hole in the ground six meters in diameter. The pit was not on the spot the day before, it appeared overnight. The shepherd said the animals were scared to approach the hole, they did not eat the grass nearby. Specialists of the Labyrinth public group to study anomalous phenomena went to examine the wonder in the field.

Local elderly women confirmed the large hole had appeared in the field indeed. They said the hole had a perfect round shape, as if someone took a huge lump of ground with a cup. Local townsfolk built a fence around the hole not to let curious people and cows fall down in it. The hole became a local place of interest: people come to see it and picnic nearby, others take photographs against its background.

As it turned out, the pit was not round, but oval. It does not look like an excavator pit: there are no bucket tracks on its walls, nothing is seen on the meadow around either – the ground is even. The pit is smooth and vertical inside. There is some water on the bottom of the 4,5-meter deep pit.

Specialists of the above-mentioned Labyrinth group believe the hole probably appeared as a result of UFO’s activities: aliens landed their spaceship on the meadow to take ground samples. However, ufologists failed to find any evidence to prove the landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Ufologists also proposed the ground hole appeared as a result of a rare inexplicable natural phenomenon. An identical phenomenon occurred ten years ago in the Ryazan region, when a huge crater reminiscent of a shell-hole appeared in the ground near the Sasovo village. Nobody was able to explain the appearance of the pit. Such hole appeared before in the Rostov and Tula regions of Russia.

Local townsfolk told Labyrinth ufologists there was a larger ground hole two kilometers far. It appeared decades ago. Elderly people say village residents used to sacrifice sacks of grain throwing them in the hole to pacify ‘something’ under the ground. During the Soviet years they used to throw branches and stones in the hole, but they never managed to cover it. Ufologists tried to find the pit, but they could not find the mysterious pit – numerous trees and bushes have grown in the field.

Local people said there was another mysterious object in their countryside. They said there is an ‘angry spring’ on the stream nearby. When a person comes to the spring to take some water, it starts ‘boiling.’ If one starts talking near the spring, the water in it boils harder and harder. There used to be a church on the spot where the spring appeared. Legends say the church went under the ground when Napoleon’s army was advancing in the region in 1812.

The Kaluga region is located on limestone soil. Ground waters can dissolve such soil, creating limestone caves, the vaults of which may tumble down at times. This can be an explanation how the village church went under the ground. It is not ruled out mysterious holes appear for the same reason – the ground was probably sucked in a limestone cave. These holes, ufologists believe, are of the terrestrial origin, although it is hard to explain why the walls of the pits are perfectly smooth and even. - Pravda


Click for video

Weird news report from 1984 near Grand Coulee Dam in Eastern Washington:

No one can figure out how, but a chunk of earth weighing tons was plucked out of a wheat field, as though someone used "a giant cookie cutter," and put down, right side up, 73 feet away. "All we know for sure is that this puzzle piece of earth is 73 feet away from the hole it came out of," said Greg W. Behrens, a geologist with the Bureau of Reclamation at Grand Coulee Dam.

Scientists now believe that the "Cookie Cutter Phenomenon" is caused by two seismic events intersecting, creating constructive interference, and ejecting out a small chunk of earth.


Strange Happening - Scientists are baffled by big 'mystery hole'

Two articles on the Washington state 1984 event:

No one can figure out how, but a chunk of earth weighing tons was plucked out of a wheat field, as though someone used "a giant cookie cutter," and put down, right side up, 73 feet away. "All we know for sure is that this puzzle piece of earth is 73 feet away from the hole it came out of," said Greg W. Behrens, a geologist with the Bureau of Reclamation at Grand Coulee Dam. The displaced slab, mostly soil held together by roots, is about 10 feet long and 7 feet wide. Its thickness varies from 2 feet at one end to about 18 inches at the other. The shape and thickness of the piece exactly match the hole that was left behind, just like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, though it was rotated about 20 degrees. There are no marks to indicate machines were used, the Seattle Times reported Friday, and the land is fairly flat. "You'd think that, whatever the cause, the chunk would have traveled in a straight line," said Don Aubertin, director of mining for the Colville Indians, whose reservation is near the site. However, a scientist "found where pieces had dribbled from the chunk as it moved. The dribblings traced an arc from the hole to where the chunk was found." The site is on a farm in north-central Washington operated by Fred Timm and his sons. Two of the sons, Rick and Pete, discovered the displaced earth Oct. 18 while rounding up cattle in an area known as "haystack rocks," where huge boulders were left by a glacier that covered the area thousands of years ago. The Timms believe the chunk was moved sometime after mid-September, when they harvested wheat in that field. There was a small earthquake in the area during that one-month period, at 8:24 p.m. Oct. 9. It measured 3.0 on the Richter scale of ground movement, and its epicenter was about 20 miles southwest of the displaced earth. However, University of Washington scientists ruled out the possibility that the quake somehow could have moved the chunk. The work of a meteorite also has been ruled out. "There was no sign of impact," Aubertin said. "The hole was not a crater. It had vertical walls and a fairly flat bottom. It was almost as if it had been cut out with a giant cookie cutter." But even that couldn't have left such a hole, he added, because roots from plants in the piece that was moved still dangled from the walls of the hole, indicating they were torn apart rather than cut. Behrens wondered if bedrock could have focused the earthquake's seismic waves on the displaced chunk.Focusing can occur, said UW geologist Stephen Malone, but it could not provide enough energy.

Washington State's Mystery Hole

Fred Timm owns a farm on the Colville Indian Reservation in northeastern Washington. Nothing notable had happened on the farm for a month during the wheat harvest which had begun in mid-September of 1984. However, a small earthquake, 3.0 on the Richter scale did occur on October 9, 1984, at 8:24 p.m. But that event was far away, 20 miles to the southwest of the Timm farm.

So what was the explanation for the mysterious hole that Fred Timm's sons, Rick and Pete, found on October 18, 1984? Rick and Pete were on horseback that day rounding up cattle for their father. They were next to a wheat field on the Colville Indian Reservation north of the Columbia River when they spotted something. Approaching closer, they saw a hole in the ground. The hole was 10 feet long and 7 feet wide and roughly pear-shaped. The north end of the hole was about one-and-a-half feet deep; the south end was two feet deep. Curious, the men dismounted and studied the hole and then looked around on foot. Seventy-three feet northwest of the hole was a huge chunk of earth shaped like the hole. The chunk of earth had been deposited largely intact with a counterclockwise rotation of about 20 degrees in relation to the hole. There was a scattering of fingernail-size soil particles, like "dribblings," occasionally found on the ground across the 73-foot distance.

The Timm family contacted Don Aubertin, director of mining for the Colville Indian Tribe. Aubertin, thinking the hole had been caused by a meteorite strike, contacted Bill Utterbach. A geologist retained by the Colville Indians, Utterbach examined the area and said about the hole: "It had vertical walls and a fairly flat bottom. It was almost as though it had been cut out with a giant cookie cutter." The estimated weight of the chunk of topsoil was 3 tons! But the massive "divot" of soil did not appear to have been cut out of the ground. There was no sign of shearing of the soil. Dangling from the walls of the cavity were roots of vegetation, not cut, but torn. The block of earth did not appear to have been dragged or rolled. Something manmade would have been needed to lift the chunk and transport it, but there were no machinery marks on the ground. Greg Behrens stepped forward. A geologist with the United States Bureau of Reclamation at Grand Coulee Dam, he examined the block of earth and the local geology. He noted that the site of the hole was over a glacial basin about 100 feet by 150 feet formed by strata that had sagged during the melting of an ancient ice pack.

Behrens wondered if the earthquake of October 9 had triggered concentric surface waves, which converging, could have ejected the soil. Stephen Malone of the University of Washington, chuckled. The 3.0 quake, 20 miles southwest of the hole, had been four miles below the surface of the earth. Malone said that if the quake displaced the earth, " it would be the most dramatic and obvious thing ever reported that I'm aware of." It was "very, very unlikely" that an earthquake was the culprit. Behrens admitted that his idea was stretching it. Although focusing of seismic waves does occur, "nothing this large has been documented." He felt most geophysicists would reject his idea. So he looked for other explanations: A freak tornado ripping out the block. No, no swirling of vegetation evident. A complex freezing action causing the block to be lifted up and moved by strong winds. No, the temperature was warm at the time. A gas explosion, like methane. No, no methane in the area. A meteorite ripping the block out. No, the hole did not resemble a crater, and the block was not shattered. Clever people using a large crane excavating the block out; or people freezing the ground, excavating the block out, and sliding it 73 feet; or a helicopter to lift the mass out. H'hhmm; no, extremely expensive with no profits. As Behrens said, "Mr. Timm is quite reserved and wishes no notoriety from all of this. The area is so remote that it would never become a tourist trap."

Perhaps not unexpected was the UFO theory. Behrens came across stories of UFO sightings from local residents. One person talked of a farmer who found a circular burned area, 30 feet in diameter, near his combine as if something had set down and scorched the ground. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization had a report of "a meteor" in the vicinity of the hole on October 13. Local residents told Behrens that at the time of the earthquake they had felt an extreme air shock with it, much more than a sonic blast. The residents had felt ground motion after the air blast. A roar described as an approaching freight train preceded the blast with the doppler effect afterwards. Curiously, in 1979 Bruce Kaliser, Utah state engineering geologist, while doing a routine field check following a 3.5 earthquake near the Utah-Idaho border, was alerted by farmers to a mysterious hole outside Portage, Idaho. The hole was shaped like a cross and entirely undisturbed. It was about 14 feet in diameter. Each arm had two furrows, and each arm had cracks parallel to the furrows, radiating out from the center of the cross. The Idaho slab, unlike the Washington slab, was broken into pieces. To date, no one has explained the "mystery hole" of Washington. Some type of rare earthquake-related phenomenon, or ?

The Cookie-Cutter Phenomenon seems to be the ultimate fortean anomaly, it cries out for some kind of simple, rational explanation, but on further consideration it's baffling in a very thorough way.


The divot from an Andøva moor Yes, the cookie-cutter phenomenon has left its mark again: more mysterious divots and holes in the ground. T. Jo nassen has sent us a study of the phenomenon published in Ottar, a publication of the Tromse Museum, in Norway. Even better, he has provided a translation, from which we quote a few paragraphs: "About 1 km SE of Skogvollvatnet (a lake), at Skogvollmyra (a moor), a slab of turf 5.2 m long and 1.8 m wide, has, in an apparently inexplicable manner, torn itself loose from its 'mother turf' and placed itself 4-5 m away. The slab of turf is completely undamaged and is placed with the right side up. The piece of turf has rotated 20-30 degrees compared to the original hole. The hole in the moor is absolutely even at the bottom, and the angle between the bottom and its walls is 90 degrees. The hole is 30-35 cm deep, and its edges are nicely cut. "From the hole there is a crack running westwards for about 6 m. Close to the hole this crack is somewhat widened, and one side of the crack twists itself 25-30 cm above the other. This twisting decreases as one gets further from the hole. The crack gradually subsides, and it is hard to tell exactly where it ends. "About 12 m NW of the hole there is an arched crack of about 15 m lying with its concave side towards the hole. It is plainest in the middle. Here the side closest to the hole has been twisted upwards about 15 cm. Here also the crack gradually disappears at both ends. There is an open hollow beneath the part which has been twisted upwards, about 30 cm below the surface. One theory has lightning creating a steam explosion from underground water. If this were the case, one would expect to find some fusion of the earth and more havoc wrought to the divot. "The slab of turf has an area of about 5 m2 and this should give a weight of between 1500-1700 kg."

Top image: The divot from an Andøva moor. Above image: One theory has lightning creating a steam explosion from underground water. If this were the case, one would expect to find some fusion of the earth and more havoc wrought to the divot


Strange Holes Discovered in Krasnoyarsk Region

Residents of Novoselovo district in the Krasnoyarsk region have come across a mysterious phenomenon in the field. They discovered several tunnels of unknown origin in an area located some 100 meters away from the highway connecting the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Abakan, in the vicinity of the village of Kurgany, Siberian News Agency reports.

There are about 10 holes in the field. Each hole has an entrance to a cave-like hollow place in the earth. Some of the tunnels are big enough for a person of medium height to stand up straight. According to one of the suppositions, all the underground passages are interconnected in a network. A few daredevils equipped with flashlights attempted walking across the tunnels.

Local residents have a number of theories to explain the origin of the tunnels. Some people believe the tunnels are the work of unidentified pranksters, others blame mysterious animals which reportedly dig holes in the ground. According to yet another theory, the tunnels may somehow be related to an earthquake that occurred in the area 3 years ago.

Krasnoyarsk scientists have not yet made any official statements as to the explanation of the phenomenon.


Strange Hole Phenomenon

In Siberia, human groans heard from a super deep hole drilled on a plateau between the Aral and Caspian seas were recorded and sent to the Soviet Academy of Sciences for further studies. But researchers did not take the mystical phenomena seriously, and the record was lost.

Almost all religions of the planet say that there is some underground realm. At that, each religion has its peculiar description of the realm. Some elements of the description however are typical of all religions. First of all, the population of the underground realm consists of ‘masters’ and people who get there after their death. Second, people get under the surface in the form of shadows, souls and others known today as clots of information and energy fields. Third, the ‘masters’ and sometimes the souls posses unique information about the past and even about the future. To obtain this information one has either to send his soul to the underground realm like Siberian shamans do, or help the shadows become visible and audible for some time. In ancient Greece there were special rituals involving obligatory blood shed.

Esoteric experts state that the bloody rituals were first of all connected with the unique energetic and informational saturation of blood. Attempts to obtain the information possessed by the ‘masters’ of the underground world were taken in all epochs and even in the modern time.

Russian researcher Nikolay Rerich was the first to organize an expedition to the legendary area of Shambala inhabited by wise ‘teachers’ and concealed from people’s eyes under the Himalayan Mountains. He successfully conducted the expedition and brought a message from the ‘teachers’ especially for the Soviet Government. Gleb Bokiy from the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (earlier the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission) also planned an expedition to the mysterious Shambala. The preparation was controlled by the Commissariat Head Felix Dzerzhinsky. When the latter died financing of the project was stopped. It is known that Germany’s Waffen SS of the Third Reich also organized expeditions to Shambala. The structure and objectives of the organization resembled so much those of the mystical orders that existed in Germany before WWII. The organization, as well as the orders, wanted to keep it secret that creatures with superhuman power existed deep under the surface.

The creatures employed meditation and self-discipline to gain power over the natural phenomena and attain the level of Gods. When Adolph Hitler, who as some researchers believe possessed extrasensory capabilities, came to power he supported the idea of a Hollow Earth and even made it official. Russian researcher of the occult magic of fascist Germany Sergey Zubkov states that race clearing in the Third Reich and organization of secret societies were meant to help the mysterious ‘masters’ out from under the surface for active participation in reorganization of the world.

SS even had a special structure for collecting mystical information of the secret societies that at that time existed in Germany and employed the information for researches aimed to create a mystical weapon for solution of war problems. The organization sent expeditions to Tibet and the Himalayas.

The first expedition searching for Shambala started in 1931. The expedition failed to discover the way to the underground world but it brought lots of Tibetan manuscripts to Germany which proved that the ‘mysterious’ masters actually existed under the surface. Later, the organization sent even more expeditions to the area. Who are the mysterious creatures living under the surface and where could they come from? President of the Association of Engineer Biolocation Vladimir Khlopkov is absolutely sure that some sentient beings live under the surface. Ten years ago, he conducted some kind of a brain storm of the planet’s interior.

The most experienced operators of the Association used biolocation frames to find the traces of intellect under the surface. The researchers said that they found out intellect at the depth of 200 kilometers under the surface. Khlopkov explained it was a strong intellect but alien to humans. It is clear that albuminous bodies cannot survive under the huge pressure of rocks and terribly high temperatures under the surface. It is highly likely that the discovered intellect is concentrated in some informational and energy clusters. Later, Vladimir Khlopkov discovered several places on the planet’s surface where the intellect probably got out on the surface.

One of the areas was in the town of Zelenograd very close to Moscow. Biolocation operators came across strange formations there during ground tests and at first called them “traces of UFO landing”. When studied closer the traces revealed coincidence with a deep break that geophysics also discovered there. Every evening operators observed a strange biological field creep out from the break and move at a speed of 90 cm per second towards Zelenograd. Little by little the field filled up the whole of the town. In some time, the field began to withdraw at the same speed back to the deep break. The entire of the cycle took about 3.5 hours. Khlopkov said that the field was reading the information in people’s memory.

In the Russian republic of Khakassia, there is the Kashkulakskaya Cave, the name means ‘the cave of a black devil’, in the Mountains of Kuznetsky Alatau. For many years, researchers from the Novosibirsk Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences regularly came to the place to study the strange phenomena that occurred to people staying in the cave for a long period of time. Visitors of the cave were at regular intervals gripped with horror that made them rush to the exit. At that, those people had optical hallucinations that were the same with all people: they saw an elderly man wearing a shaggy horned cap and with his eyes sparkling.

Researchers fixed high-precision magnetometers and other appliances outside and inside of the cave; they compared the indications of the devices with the emotions experienced by people in the cave. It turned out that bursts of a higher magnetic field fixed with the devices coincided with the moments when people felt nervous. At that, devices fixed outside the cave precisely on its outline registered no changes at the time when there was a magnetic storm inside of the cave.

Some researchers participating in the experiment supposed that they came across some kind of a radio-range beacon complying with a strange program and sending signals vertically up, right into the cosmos. May it be so that the mysterious creatures living under the surface came from the space and used the signals for communication with other beings that stayed there in their home? -

NOTE: there is a variety of other information at Our Earth Is Hollow. Also a few references at Admiral Byrd's Most Excellent Adventure - The Village and the Magic Mountain - The Vril Society: Nazis, UFOs and Conspiracy...Lon

Dybwik, Dagfinn, and Møller, Jakob J.; "Phenomenon in an Andøya Moor - An Insoluble Mystery?

Just the Facts? Time Traveler's Shoe Print, Rabbits Dig Up Human Remains and New Dolphin Species

Time traveler's shoe print left in solid granite?

Beyond impossible artifacts, the best evidence for the existence of time travel and time travelers are the human footprints left behind--from a time when almost everyone can agree no humans could have existed naturally.

James Snyder lives at the base of a mountain in the Cleveland National Forest. Snyder lived a relatively uneventful life until, in 2002, he discovered a fossilized footprint on the mountain above his property. The print had been embeded in the granite, rock estimated to be about one billion years old.

"I go out of my way to make a slip trail where nobody else has been and I was actually looking for gold," Snyder explained about his accidental discovery of the time traveler's shoe print. Read more at Time Travelers Footprints Found


Slow news day in Erie....Sasquatch costume stolen

Erie police don't have a description of the burglar who struck a vacant Old Town home last week, but there's a distinct possibility the suspect could bear a strong resemblance to bigfoot.

Police responded to a home in the 100 block of Briggs Street at about 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 7, after receiving a report that the vacant property had been burglarized.

The homeowner, who is trying to rent the home, discovered last week that someone had entered the home and removed an undisclosed length of copper pipe leading to the water heater.

Also missing: a bigfoot costume.

Erie police Lt. Lee Mathis said the total value of the stolen property has yet to be determined.

"The bigfoot costume was worth about $120, but we don't have an estimated value on the pipe, yet," Mathis said. "That's a pretty common thing for people to steal -- the pipe, not the costume. We won't have a total value on the pipe until someone comes in to replace it." - timescall


Rabbits digging up human remains

The discovery of human bones in the grounds of a monastery has been blamed on rabbits.

A local churchman found pieces of skulls, arms, ribs and teeth beside graves at Kinloss Abbey, near Forres in Moray.

Reverend David Fox described the find as "the stuff of nightmares". He added: "People come here to trace their ancestry and this could be what they find.

"There's dead servicemen buried here. Potentially, their bones could be strewn across the graveyard in years to come. It's horrific. It should be hallowed ground.

"You should have dignity in death. You don't expect to be tripping over people's ribs and teeth when you visit a graveyard."

Lairs at the site date back to the late 1700s.

A Moray Council spokesman said: "Bones being disinterred by burrowing rabbits has been a recurring problem at this burial ground over the years.

"We will look at further rabbit control in the hope it prevents further incidents like this." - dailyrecord


Ken & Barbie Snatching iPads

When Mattel launched Day to Night Barbie in 1984 under the slogan 'We Girls Can Do Anything', theft probably wasn't what they had in mind.

But now two accomplices under the name Barbie and Ken have been caught snatching iPads in Denver, reports the Denver Post.

Turns out this isn't the first time either. Both have been linked to a few iPad thefts throughout Denver happening from April to June.

The real-life Barbie, a 25-year-old, allegedly responds to iPads for sale on Craigslist. When she's about to make the transaction, she grabs the device and speeds off with 27-year-old Ken Sigala waiting in the car, per Cult Of Mac. With the pair's iconic names, it's a shame they didn't pay tribute with a hot pink Barbie Ferrari as a getaway car.

So what awaits the duo? According to The Denver Post, Ken gets a felony charge for providing false information to a pawn broker and Barbie faces charges for theft and robbery with arraignment due later in September.

This isn't the first time Barbie has been accused of a crime. Back in June, Greenpeace called Barbie a serial killer for getting caught up in rainforest destruction in Indonesia, according to a report by the Huffington Post. The environmental organization said because Barbie's packaging comes from the Indonesian rainforest, killing off the rainforest is harming the habitat of endangered animals. See the video where Ken breaks up with Barbie over her serial killing ways. Click for video - HP


UFO hovered over houses

Report made 9/15/2011. Event took place in late afternoon, June or July of 1968, in housing area called Scarborough Farms, a subdivision of 1/4 acre lots/homes in Cherry Hill, NJ. I had stepped outside to my front yard tending to tend to our dog. Between our house and that or our neighbor, which is about 40' from their front door to our front door, I suddenly saw a large, c. 30' x 15' cigar shaped object, light grey metal, silently hovering between our two houses, about 10' above roof lines. It had four very large square windows, positioned left to right on the object, each a different pastel color: one each-pink, yellow, green, blue. All were opaque-I could not see inside. It was totally silent, and motionless. I quickly went inside to call my five year old son, to come and see it. He remembers it to this day. We both had time to watch it together, I waved to whomever was inside it, in a foolish attempt to be friendly, as there was clearly no harm intended to us. Within a few seconds of my waving, it made a silent and extraordinarily rapid ascent off to my right, at about a 50 degree angle up into the sky, until it was roughly about a few hundred feet away. Just as quickly, it made an abrupt turn and ascent to its' left, at about a 90 degree angle and disappeared from view. The entire ascent time, from the position of hovering to being out of sight was less than 2-3 seconds. The entire experience lasted about 10 minutes.

I immediately went into the house and called the Cherry Hill police department to report the sighting. The officer who answered my call was very impatient, and told me to "...get off the phone, lady. We've already had over 200 calls reporting it..."
I have waited this long to report it, 9/15/2011, as sightings and UFOs are still not an accepted topic of conversation in my circle of friends or relatives. My son who saw the UFO, is now 48, and a lawyer in Columbus, OH, and still affirms that he saw the UFO and knew it to be just that, a UFO.

I report it now because some years later, in 1989, I had another experience while living in Dayton, OH, which I firmly believe was an abduction experience. It troubles me, as I have no way of verifying that it was abduction. I am now 72, college educated and with some graduate education, and feel that I am not easily fooled by sensationalist thinking. - MUFON CMS


New species of dolphin discovered

Researchers have determined that dolphins found in southeastern Australia represent a previously unknown species.

Around 150 of the dolphins live around the Melbourne area and had until now been assumed to be one of the known bottlenose dolphins.

But detailed DNA studies and analysis of skulls in museums showed the two populations are in fact a new species.

The new classification as Tursiops australis is described in PLoS One.

The common name of Burrunan dolphins derives from the Aboriginal Australian for "large sea fish of the porpoise kind".

Previous research had shown that the DNA found in the dolphins differed from that of the known bottlenose species Tursiops truncatus and Tursiops aduncus.

But in order to define a new species, more evidence is needed. Kate Charlton-Robb of Monash University in Melbourne and her colleagues studied dolphin skulls found in a number of museums, as well as more detailed analysis of DNA, to show that T. australis is clearly a different animal.

"This is an incredibly fascinating discovery as there have only been three new dolphin species formally described and recognised since the late 1800s," Ms Charlton-Robb said.

"What makes this even more exciting is this dolphin species has been living right under our noses, with only two known resident populations living in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria state."

In fact, now that it is recognised as a separate species it may immediately qualify under Australia's criteria for endangered animals.

"The formal recognition of this new species is of great importance to correctly manage and protect this species, and has significant bearing on the prioritisation of conservation efforts," the authors wrote.

"This is especially crucial given its endemism to a small region of the world, with only two small known resident populations." - BBC

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charles Hickson and the Pascagoula River Abduction

Charles Hickson, one of two men who said they were abducted by aliens, dead at 80

Charles E. Hickson Sr., one of two men who reported they were abducted from the banks of the Pascagoula River by aliens in 1973, has died at the age of 80.

Hickson died Friday in Ocean Springs, officials with O’Bryant-O’Keefe Funeral Home in Gautier said Tuesday.

Hickson spent nearly 40 years reliving the reported encounter. He also co-wrote a book, “UFO Contact at Pascagoula.”

On Oct. 11, 1973, Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing on the Pascagoula River. What seemed to be the beginning of a peaceful night turned to chaos when the pair said they suddenly found themselves in a close encounter with an alien craft and its occupants.

Hickson, then 42, and Parker, then 19, did not want their account publicized, but a reported leak to the newspaper made publicity inevitable.

After reporting their account to the sheriff’s office, Hickson and Parker both passed lie detector tests and were even questioned under hypnosis. Investigators are on record saying the pair’s story never wavered.

“I am not trying to force anybody to believe anything. I just simply tell them what happened to Calvin and me, and they make up their own minds if they want to believe it or not,” Hickson said in a 2008 interview with WLOX-TV.

Parker, who was last reported living in Louisiana, has declined to discuss the matter.

According to Hickson’s account, two of the creatures from the ship seized him and another grabbed Parker, who fainted.

He said the aliens held them for about 20-30 minutes.

“Something came out of that wall, like a big eye. It came up in front of me, it went under me, and it came back up my back side. The next time I saw it, it came over my head in front of me. They turned me around and carried me right back out where they pick me up.”

Then, Hickson said, within the blink of an eye, it was all over. He said the UFO was gone, and the men were left wondering what had happened.

A native of Jones County, Hickson served in the Army during the Korean War.

He is survived by two sons, three daughters, a brother and a sister; and 10 grandchildren and 15 great- grandchildren.

A graveside service will be Thursday at 1 p.m. at McGill Cemetery in Sandersville. - picayuneitem


The Pascagoula, Mississippi Alien Abductions - October, 1973

On the night of October 10, 1973, fifteen different people witnessed a UFO over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. Two of the witnesses were policeman. This sighting was only the beginning of what was to occur the next night on the nearby Pascagoula River. Two fishermen, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson were about to have an experience that would forever change their lives.

Parker and Hickson were good friends, and often fished together. They were both living in the town of Gautier, Mississippi. On one particular night, they were fishing the waters of the Pascagoula River, when suddenly they heard a strange buzzing sound. The two men immediately turned to see what the source of the strange noise was. They were shocked to see an egg-shaped object with bluish front lighting. The object was only a few feet above the water, and about ten yards from the two frightened fishermen.

While they sat stunned, a door opened in the UFO and three beings of unknown origin began to float toward the two. The beings did have legs, but did not use them. They literally floated across the water toward Hickson and Parker. The two fishermen would later attempt to describe what the beings looked like, saying "...about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head."

Hickson sat frozen on the river bank. Suddenly, two of the odd-looking beings grabbed him, while the third being snatched Parker, who immediately fainted from fear. The beings supported Hickson by literally holding up his body. As they did, he felt numbness over his entire body. By some power he could not see, he floated into the bowels of the object to a brightly-lit room. The room had no gravity. He floated while a strange eye-like device moved over his entire body as if it was scanning him.

After the eye-like device was finished with Hickson, he was left floating in the room alone. The beings had probably left to examine Parker. Approximately 20 minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over. Hickson was now floated back out of the craft. Back on the river bank, he could see Parker, who was crying and praying on the ground. Shortly, the strange flying object rose straight into the night sky, and flew away.

After collecting their senses and strength, they began to talk about what action they should take. At first they were afraid to report their experience, but they felt obligated to tell someone. What if these beings were taking other people in the area? Fighting fears of public ridicule, they called Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. They were instructed to report their incident to the local sheriff's department.

Sheriff Fred Diamond thought their story was a hoax or trick. Trying to get to the bottom of their account, the two fishermen were placed in a room wired for sound. It was thought that they would discuss the joke between themselves, and their story would be found out. Instead, they continued to talk about the incident and seemed terribly distressed. Soon law enforcement personnel knew that something had certainly frightened Hickson and Parker, and that this was no joke.

Very quickly, details of the alleged abduction began to leak out to the public. First, the account of the incident was published in local newspapers, soon followed by the wire services. In a matter of a couple of days, the Pascagoula, Mississippi, abduction was a big news item over the entire United States. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) sent University of California professor James Harder to investigate the story. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who represented the U.S. Air Force also would research the case.

Harder and Hynek did a lot of the investigative work together. The two well-known researchers first interviewed the two fishermen together. Harder tried to do regressive hypnosis on Hickson, but the abductee was so frightened, that the hypnosis was stopped. To get things off on solid ground, both of the witnesses took polygraph tests, and both passed without a problem. Harder and Hynek both believed that the two tormented men were telling the truth.

Esteemed UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek would proclaim that "... there was definitely something here that was not terrestrial."

Even after thirty-plus years, both Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson still testify to the same story, and have never wavered in their account of what happened that October night on the Pascagoula River.



Sheriff Fred Diamond interviewed the men, who related their story. After repeated questioning, Diamond left the two men alone in a room that was, unknown to Hickson or Parker, rigged with a hidden microphone.

Sheriff Diamond assumed that if they were lying, that fact would become immediately apparent when the two spoke privately. Instead, they continued to talk about the incident and seemed terribly distressed. This so-called "secret tape" was held on file at the Jackson County Sheriff's department, and has since earned wider circulation amongst UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Parker, who seemed particularly shaken, spoke repeatedly of his wish to see a doctor. A partial transcript of their interrogation and of the "secret tape" is available; immediately below is part of the conversation on the "secret tape", as transcribed by NICAP:

CALVIN: I got to get home and get to bed or get some nerve pills or see the doctor or something. I can't stand it. I'm about to go half crazy.

CHARLIE: I tell you, when we through, I'll get you something to settle you down so you can get some damn sleep.

CALVIN: I can't sleep yet like it is. I'm just damn near crazy.

CHARLIE: Well, Calvin, when they brought you out-when they brought me out of that thing, goddamn it I like to never in hell got you straightened out.

His voice rising, Calvin said, "My damn arms, my arms, I remember they just froze up and I couldn't move. Just like I stepped on a damn rattlesnake." [sic]

"They didn't do me that way", sighed Charlie.

Now both men were talking as if to themselves.

CALVIN: I passed out. I expect I never passed out in my whole life.

CHARLIE: I've never seen nothin' like that before in my life. You can't make people believe-

CALVIN: I don't want to keep sittin' here. I want to see a doctor-

CHARLIE: They better wake up and start believin'... they better start believin'.

CALVIN: You see how that damn door come right up?

CHARLIE: I don't know how it opened, son. I don't know.

CALVIN: It just laid up and just like that those son' bitches-just like that they come out.

CHARLIE: I know. You can't believe it. You can't make people believe it-

CALVIN: I paralyzed right then. I couldn't move-

CHARLIE: They won't believe it. They gonna believe it one of these days. Might be too late. I knew all along they was people from other worlds up there. I knew all along. I never thought it would happen to me.

CALVIN: You know yourself I don't drink

CHARLIE: I know that, son. When I get to the house I'm gonna get me another drink, make me sleep. Look, what we sittin' around for. I gotta go tell Blanche... what we waitin' for?

CALVIN (panicky): I gotta go to the house. I'm gettin' sick. I gotta get out of here.

Then Charlie got up and left the room, and Calvin was alone.

CALVIN: It's hard to believe . . . Oh God, it's awful... I know there's a God up there...

Seeing that the police were skeptical of their story, Hickson and Parker insisted that they take lie detector tests to prove their honesty.

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From 2/28/08

Mississippi Man Recalls 1973 Alien Abduction

wlox - Flying saucers and aliens abductions sound bizarre to some people in South Mississippi, but 76-year-old Charles Hickson of Gautier claims he actually lived that nightmare.

"I was terribly frightened," Hickson told WLOX News.

Late one October night in 1973, Charles Hickson decided to go fishing on the Pascagoula River with his buddy, 19-year-old Calvin Parker. But something happened that night that would change their lives forever.

"It look to me like air, or steam, or something escaping from a pipe," Hickson said.

A piercing sound made Hickson and Parker stop what they were doing. That's when Hickson says he spotted a large UFO hovering behind them.

"It was some kind of craft, it was probably 30 or 40 feet. There were three things, they weren't human beings. I know now they were robots. "

The sight of the aliens is burned into Hickson's memory.

"They appeared to me that they had something like elephant skin, it was very wrinkled. These things came to us and took a hold of me, and one took a hold of Calvin. We went into that beam of light and they carried me aboard that craft."

He says the aliens held them for about 30 minutes.

"Something came out of that wall, like a big eye. It came up in front of me, it went under me, and it came back up my back side. The next time I saw it, it came over my head in front of me. They turn me around and carried me right back out where they pick me up."

The Hickson says, within the blink of an eye, it was all over. The UFO was gone, and the men were left wondering what happened.

"I thought it might be a threat to the country, some type of threat to the country. We talked it over again, and decided we would go the sheriff's department," Hickson said.

After the mysterious abduction, Hickson and Parker both passed lie detector tests and were even questioned under hypnosis. Investigators are on record saying the pair's story never wavered.

"I am not trying to force anybody to believe anything. I just simply tell them what happen to Calvin and me, and they make up their own minds if they want to believe it or not."

Now, 35 years later, Hickson says he still can't get the ordeal out of his mind.

"They're just simply unidentified flying objects that come from other worlds out there, and those worlds are, [pause] I have no idea. "

Hickson and Parker's alleged abduction played a crucial role in the creation of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle. The center is a centralized place for people to call and report strange and mysterious things they see.

NOTE: the original audio clips can be found here Classic Interviews from the very early days of Modern Ufology...Lon

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