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British Monsters & Boogeymen

Along with my passion for the paranormal and all things strange is my interest in Great Britain's history and mythology. I'm going to piece together many of the vintage tales and occasionally post these collections. If you have a venerable narrative or anecdote that you'd like to share, please feel free to forward to me.

The Evil Black Hound

The old Newgate Prison harbors one of London’s most terrifying apparitions, that of an evil black hound. The legend dates back to the reign of Henry III, during a period of extreme famine, where prisoners were alleged to have gorged upon one another to survive! One of these victims was said to have been a sorcerer of the darkest arts, who claimed near death that he would seek revenge on the inmates. A fascinating account originates from the pen of a Luke Hutton, who was an inmate in the 1500s, and hanged in 1598. This oft-repeated version of the beast comes from 1638, entitled 'The Discovery of a London Monster' and reads as follows:

I maintained that I had read an old Chronicle that it was a walking spirit in the likeness of a blacke dog, gliding up and down the streets a little before the time of Execution, and in the night whilst Sessions continued, and his beginning thus.

In the raigne of King Henry the third there happened such a famine through England, but especially in London, that many starved for want of food, by which meanes the Prisioners in Newgate eat up one another altue, but commonly those that came newly in..there was a certain scholar brought tither, upon suspicion of Conjuring, and that he by Charmes and devilish Whitchcrafts, had done much hurt to the kings subjects, which Scholler, mauger his Devil Furies, Spirits and Goblins, was by the famished prisoners eaten up…

With vengeance promised by the prey: …nightly to see the Scholler in the shape of a black Dog walking up and downe the Prison, ready with ravening Jawes to teare out their bowles; for his late human flesh they had so hungerly eaten, and withal they hourely heard (as they thought) strange groanes and cries, as if it had been some creature in great paine and torments, whereupin such a nightly feare grew amongst them, that it turned into a Frenzie, and from a Frenzie to Desperation, in which desperation they killed the keeper, and so many of them escaped forth, but yet whither soever they came or went they imagined a Blacke Dog to follow, and by this means, as I doe thinke, the name of him began.


The Highbury Hunchback

Mr Stock moved into his home in Highbury during 1849. Although the door number was 13, Mr Stock was not prone to superstition. And the overhanging trees and overgrown garden also did not deter Mr Stock. The rent was cheap, and that was the main thing.

Mr Stock employed a housekeeper, a Mrs Brown. Their first night at the property was a little strange, because as Mr Stock retired to bed, on passing a window he noticed not only his own reflection, but one of a very ugly, almost hideous looking man. Again though, Mr Stock had more important things on his tired mind. The following night whilst reading a magazine in bed Mr Stock dozed off but suddenly awoke. In the glow of the candle he noticed an old woman at the far end of the room. Eerily, the door began to open and the haggard figure slinked out the exit. Mr Stock’s yell alarmed Mrs Brown who comforted him but told him it was just a dream.

Two weeks went by without event, until that night he returned home from the theatre. With candle in hand Stock crept wearily upstairs. Staring once again, possibly by habit now, at the window, Stock noticed in the reflection that someone was following him up the stairs. Turning round he saw a terrifying apparition. A ghastly, wretched face almost obscured by a head of wild, shaggy hair. The figure had a hunched back, and its face was illuminated by some unnatural light. The sinister ghoul clutched a table knife in one dirty paw, and slowly ascended the stairs, step by step, towards the cowering Mr Stock.

Bizarrely, as the figure came closer, Stock realised that the monstrous spectre was completely oblivious to his presence, gliding by him on the stairwell and heading towards Stock’s bedroom. Stock, almost frozen with fear, found the strength and courage to follow the intruder. The beast reached the door, turned the door handle slowly and entered. Stock peered over the shoulder of the wraith at a distance, just in case the hunchback suddenly became aware of Stock, who clearly at this point was not on the same astral plateau.

Stock then saw the elderly woman he’d seen in the ‘dream’. She looked petrified as the hunchback leered with menace and approached her. Suddenly, the door slammed shut by the force of the wind. Stock reached for the handle, desperate to free himself from the horror about to unfold. However, when he quickly glanced back at the room, there was no terrified woman, and there was no evil hunchback. Stock ran downstairs and spent the remainder of the dark hours with gaslight in full flow.

Shortly after, Stock was brave enough to search the house but found no other presence or sign that anyone had been there. However, he did find that many years ago the house had been inhabited by a woman and her rather deformed son. Rumour had it that the woman left home and allegedly died abroad and the hunchback stayed in the house, never venturing in to daylight. Local word said that the reclusive figure then mysteriously vanished.


Dragons Over London

Dragon-like ‘sky serpents’, which have also been connected to sightings of weird-shaped craft throughout history, have been occasionally seen over London. The Brentford Griffin, if genuine, was the last of the ‘dragon’ sightings, but a similar beast was spotted during the 1700s, and was mentioned in "The Gentleman’s Magazine":

“In the beginning of the month of August, 1776, a phenomenon was seen in a parish a few miles west of London, which much excited the curiosity of the few persons that were so fortunate to behold it. The strange object was of the serpent kind; its size that of the largest common snake and as well as could be discovered from so transient a view of it, resembled by its grey, mottled skin. The head of this extraordinary animal appeared about the same size as a small woman’s hand. It had a pair of short wings very forward on the body, near its head; and the length of the whole body was about two feet. Its flight was very gentle; it seemed too heavy to fly either fast or high, and its manner of flying was not in a horizontal attitude, but with its head considerably higher than the tail, so that it seemed continually labouring to ascend without ever being able to raise itself much higher than seven or eight feet from the ground.”

Even more amazing was the fact that the magazine recorded, in 1797, another flying serpent account, this time between Hyde Park Corner and Hammersmith, on 15th June late one evening. The witness, merely known as ‘J.R.’, wrote a letter describing the weird encounter, stating “…the body was of a dark colour, and about the thickness of the lower part of a man’s arm, about two-feet long.”

The witness continued, “…the wings were very short and placed near the head. The head was raised above the body. It was not seven or eight-feet above the ground.”

Whilst the creature seemed very life-like, and indeed almost like a flying snake, the letter ended in morose fashion, concluding, “…being an animal of such uncommon description, I was particular in noticing the day of the month, and likewise being the day preceding a most dreadful storm of thunder and lightning.”


Spring Heeled Jack

One of the most curious and persistent of all paranormal creatures is Spring Heeled Jack. Reports of his existence date back to the early 19th century in Sheffield, England, and he has been reported on and off in England and the US as recently as 1995. And while a decent case can be made that the legend of Spring Heeled Jack is nothing more than a series of cruel hoaxes, it would represent a conspiracy of impressive scope and durability.

In 1808, a letter to the editor of the Sheffield Times recounted how "Years ago a famous Ghost walked and played many pranks in this historic neighbourhood." The writer went on to identify this entity as the "Park Ghost or Spring Heeled Jack," and briefly described its ability to take enormous leaps and frighten random passers-by, but concluded, "he was a human ghost as he ceased to appear when a certain number of men went with guns and sticks to test his skin."

The following is the chronicle of chaos:

September 1837 – Barnes Common. Over the course of two nights a businessman, and then three girls, were confronted by a fiery-eyed, darkly clad figure. The apparition tore at their clothes and laughed.

Early October 1837 – Cut-Throat Lane, Clapham Common. Mary Stevens, heading towards what was then Lavender Hill, was groped and kissed by a laughing maniac. The following night, a carriage on Streatham High Road was attacked by a creature. Both coachmen and the footman were injured in the crash. A woman walking near Clapham churchyard with her two sons observed a tall, thin and darkly clad gentleman who mocked them.

October 11th 1837 – Blackheath. Polly Adams was assaulted by a mysterious, bounding attacker, described as being cloaked, having glowing eyes and a mouth that spat blue flame. With iron like claws the assailant tore at her clothes, exposing her breasts, and then fled in a rapture of mocking laughter.

Late autumn 1837. Rumours of a stalking spectre at Hampton, Richmond, and Kingston.

Winter 1837. Two young girls were cornered in Dulwich; the clothes were ripped from one. In Forest Gate a couple were confronted; the man had his face slashed whilst a gypsy lady hampered the exploits of the criminal, calling for nearby help before the attacker could strike. He disappeared into the mist.

January 9th 1838. The Lord Mayor at Mansion House addressed the audience with mention of a disguised prankster, appearing also as a ‘ghost’, ‘bear’ and ‘devil’, claiming that the “unmanly villain has succeeded in depriving seven ladies of their senses”. In the same month, rumour spread that the ‘Peckham Ghost’ had attacked and killed in areas of Vauxhall, Brixton and Stockwell. In St John’s Wood the ‘monster’ attacked for two weeks and police believed the criminal would murder six women.

Late January 1838. The name Spring Heeled Jack was born, originating from his ways of leaping, described as ‘springald’ – a jumping jack.

February 1838. Sisters Lucy and Margaret Scales visited their brother Tom at Narrow Street, Limehouse. The girls left Tom at 8:35 pm, and as they walked along a dimly lit passageway, Lucy saw a fleeting figure, which then pounced. She was enveloped in his cloak, the glow of a lantern showing his mouth of blue flame. The figure vanished into the night. Two days later at the home of a Mr Alsop, a knock at the door during a late hour disturbed his three daughters, Mary, 16, Jane, 18, and the married Sarah. Jane went to the door and in the gloom of the shadows saw a tall, dark figure wearing a top hat. “I am a policeman,” the figure muttered, “for God’s sake bring me a light we have caught Spring Heeled Jack here in the lane!” he exclaimed. Jane hurried indoors to grab a candle but upon turning around was met by the figure the whole of London had become so fearful of. Again, his eyes were aglow, as was his flaming mouth. He wore a large helmet and tight fitting garb, and with razor claws slashed at Jane’s garments. It was sister Sarah who took on Jack, freeing her sister from his fateful grasp and then screaming for the police, sending the attacker of into the shadows. According to Mr Alsop, the fiend left his cloak behind.

February 27th 1838. A servant boy at Turner Street, off Commercial Road, answered the door to a figure with glinting claws and fiery eyes. The boy screamed and the form fled. The next day whilst under questioning, the boy claimed that upon the chest of the intruder he saw a breastplate showing off some ornate crest and also the letter ‘W’.

1839. Reports of bounding, fiery-eyed attackers come from as far afield as the Midlands.

Early 1840s. A cloaked, spring-heeled figure was rumoured to have terrorised the Home Counties.

August 26th 1843. A cloven-hoofed ‘Jack’ assaulted a man at Commercial Road. However, the victim fought back against the cloaked figure, even setting him on fire, although such a figure seems like a hoax.

November 1845 – Bermondsey. A springing, leaping figure was seen by several witnesses, bounding through Jacob’s Island. The figure then grabbed thirteen-year old prostitute Mary Davis on the bridge crossing Folly Ditch, spat flame in her face and then threw her into the murky depths where she perished. Her body was recovered and she became the first recorded victim of SHJ.

1870s. Reports from 1845 onwards seem a little vague. During the 1870s the ‘Peckham Ghost’ attacked a wagon at Lordship Lane, and was also seen at Dulwich College, but many of these figures seem to appear as pale imitations of the original, sinister terror.

1900s. SHJ haunted parts of Aldershot.

Spring Heeled Jack’s exploits, since their birth, have embedded themselves in world folklore with similar apparitions being sighted across the United States, South America, France and elsewhere in the UK. Many researchers believe that the Marquis of Waterford was the man behind the original London crimes, an eccentric Irish nobleman about whom author Peter Haining claimed, “the exploits of Spring Heeled Jack were wholly within his capabilities”, in his detailed book on the legend (The Legend and Bizarre Crimes of Spring Heeled Jack). Waterford died in 1859, although similar attacks occurred in Norfolk in 1877.

Some theorise that SHJ was an extraterrestrial, but whatever your beliefs on alien humanoids, this theory just doesn’t hold weight. Jack was also blamed for the mysterious set of footprints covering snowy Devon in 1855, which could not be attributed to any known animal or means of human capability.

Whether ghost, devil, serial killer or prankster, the crimes and events that many claimed were the work of the infamous shadow will always remain foggy, because, just like Jack The Ripper only a few decades later, Sweeney Todd, the London Monster previous, and many other puzzling mysteries, they are simply best left unsolved, even as they persist to the present day.

"The Blacke Dogge of Newgate" - Luke Hutton - 1638
"Spring Heeled Jack: The Terror of London" - Anonymous

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The Summer of the 'Fishy-Goat Man'

“Fishy-Goat Man Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth”

That was the headline in The Fort Worth Star Telegram.

In Fort Worth, Texas the summer of 1969 will long be remembered as the summer of the Lake Worth Monster.

Robert Hornsby was a 9-year-old boy at the time when he remembered reading a newspaper article about a monster seen on Greer Island.

Hornsby said the story recounted the tale of about six people who told police they had been attacked by a half-man, half-goat covered with fur and scales on the Island.

Jim Marrs was one of the reporters on the scene investigating the so-called monster. He interviewed the witnesses at the police station. Marrs said the six were quite shaken up.

“I talked to them and it was obvious that something had just scared the devil out of them,” he said.

Hornsby recalled that each day more stories came out about the monster.

“Day by day there were more stories, then the next day there was a monster hunt, then the next thing you know there's a picture from in the newspaper showing where the people had seen the monster and it had thrown a spare tire 500 feet through the air, dispersing the crowd. It was incredibly dramatic.”

The monster hunt got out of hand with carloads of people coming in to try and kill it.

Sallie Ann Clarke was one of the people who claimed to have seen the monster.

She described it as 7 feet tall, with a flat-looking hairy face. Clarke, who claimed to have seen the animal four times in three years, wrote a book and sold thousands of copies on the so-called Lake Worth Monster.

Was it all an urban legend? Years after the first sighting, Marrs said police sources told him that some children from Brewer High School confessed and admitted they had paraded around in a gorilla costume and mask. - myfoxfw


The Lake Worth Monster

During 1969, there was a creature spotted by many people near the area of Lake Worth in Texas. The creature was described by many as a monster, "half goat half man". Some believe it was nothing more than a prankster, while others believe it was a real living being.

The story starts on July 10, when a man named John Reichart, his wife and two other couples went to a police station in Fort Worth. The police officers there noticed the people were so shaken up that they decided to investigate their story. The witnesses told the police while they were near the lake, a big creature jumped out at them and got on top of their car. They described the being as having scales and white hair, looking like a "half man, half goat" creature.

When the police went to the scene of this incident, there was nothing found. However, there was an eighteen inch scratch on the side of the car that the alleged monster jumped onto. The couples said the scratch was not on the car, before the incident happened. About 24 hours later there was another sighting of the lake worth monster.

About twenty four hours after the first sighting, a man named Jack Harris was driving near the Lake Worth Nature Center and said a creature walked right in his path. He said the creature was going up and down a hill. A crowd of forty people came and watched the mysterious beast. On this same day, the front page of the newspaper said "Fishy Man Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth".

Police arrived on the scene with the crowd, and were about to become witnesses of this mysterious event. Everyone reportedly saw the creature, and the police saw it too. The witnesses say the beast threw a car tire at them and ran off into the brush.

During the months after this, people went looking for the lake worth monster with guns in hand. During one incident, it was claimed that the beast was shot, and a trail of blood was followed to the edge of the lake water. Another group of people looking for the creature claimed to have seen dead sheep with broken necks in the area. They say the sheep must have been killed by the beast.

It was later theorized after these events, that the lake worth monster was a bobcat. It was also thought that police might have caught pranksters with a costume, although this was never confirmed. If it was a prankster, he must have been very brave with all those people walking around with guns looking for the monster. The sightings died out in 1970, and no one has come forward to claim that they hoaxed the sightings. - Jerome Clark, "Unexplained!" 1993

Just the Facts? - 1st US Vampire Bat Victim, CIA Collects UFO-ET Data and Holy Water Miracle

US reports first death from vampire bat

A 19-year-old migrant farm worker from Mexico became the first person in the United States to ever die from a vampire bat bite, according to U.S. health authorities.

The man, who was not identified by name, was bitten July 15 while sleeping in his family's home in Michoacán, Mexico. He did not seek out medical treatment for the bat bite and instead crossed the border into the United States en route to work in a sugarcane plantation in Louisiana. But after working one day in the fields, he developed pain in his shoulder, as well as numbness in his left hand and a drooping left eye accompanied by a high fever. He died on Aug. 21.

According to a weekly health status report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this case marks the the first reported death from a vampire bat rabies virus variant in the United States.

Health officials pointed out that the man's roughly two-week incubation period was far shorter than the median of 85 days reported in other human rabies bite cases in the United States.

Another oddity: Vampire bats have traditionally only been found in Latin America. The CDC suggested that the bats might now be moving north because of changes in the climate.

"Expansion of vampire bats into the United States likely would lead to increased bat exposures to both humans and animals (including domestic livestock and wildlife species) and substantially alter rabies virus dynamics and ecology in the southern United States," it reported. - cbsnews


Blow the Whistle on the CIA's Collection of UFO-E.T. Data

(from Larry Bryant of UFOview) - After decades of protesting that it has no formal investigatory role vis-a-vis UFO-E.T. reality, is the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency still collecting evidence of UFO encounters reported in foreign press accounts? Count on it! You see, the agency's Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) continues to cull from various news media abroad any number of cases (particularly military-connected ones) for . . . what - covert analysis and clandestine response?

Historically, the agency grudgingly has granted freedom-of-information access to some of those cases. But - get this - the agency has yet to routinely publish them on its public web site; wouldn't this be a simple, pro-active task to undertake inasmuch as the high popularity of UFO-related web sites remains undisputed? What will it take for this paradigm shift to occur in our lifetime - an act of Congress? (Stay tuned.)

Meantime, I'm FOIA-requesting that the agency send me a photocopy of all its FBIS-collected UFO-encounter reports during the UFOhot period of May 1, 2011, through August 12, 2011. - classifiedads

FOIA Request to CIA re FBIS-collected UFO-encounter Reports


Foot Hooked by Boy Fishing in Lake Turns Out to Be Prop

Crews searched a north suburban lake after a boy fishing hooked what he thought was a human foot, but after several hours, a search determined that the foot came from a Halloween prop.

Divers and sonar teams spent nearly nine hours searching Lake Marie, near Antioch, a release from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities said the boy hooked the foot and reeled it to within three feet of his boat before it fell back into the murky lake water.

Gurnee Fire Department Battalion Chief John Skillman said the search was launched because the boy was considered a reliable source.

The fake foot was found Wednesday evening with the use of sonar.

“Needless to say everyone involved is relieved that the foot turned out to be a fake one,” Lake County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Christopher Thompson said in the release. - foxphilly


Holy water miracle?

Lucy Hussey-Bergonzi was expected to die after she collapsed from a brain haemorrhage.

Her parents called in a Catholic priest to baptise her as they prayed and prepared to say their goodbyes.

But as the water touched Lucy’s skin, her arm shot up in air, the family said.

Within a day, she was off life-support machines and showing signs of recovery, leaving experts baffled.

‘Doctors were saying it was a miracle – people who have brain haemorrhages usually don’t survive them,’ said Lucy.

‘I think it was a miracle. I can’t think of another explanation.’ Mother Denise, 41, added: ‘It could be she was recovering anyway but the way it happened, even the nurses said it was a miracle.’

Child actor Lucy, of Hackney in east London, was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital when she collapsed days after filming a small scene for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

She was on life-support for five days before her parents were told she would not make it.

Despite her comeback from death’s door in 2009, Lucy still had to learn how to talk, walk and even eat again.

Today, aged 16, she is rebuilding her life, despite suffering severe headaches and numbness down her right side. - metro


This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Paranormal Investigator/Entertainer Jason Gowin

Jason Gowin was one of the stars of the hit TV series on A&E and Biography Channels "Extreme Paranormal" and Sci Fi Channels "The Paranormals". Jason has over thirteen years in the field of paranormal investigation after being mentored by George Lutz, the man whose family was the basis for the Amityville Horror book and movies.

A lifetime fan of all things supernatural and ghostly, Jason Gowin started his interest in the paranormal as a mere child watching Scooby-Doo and Ghostbusters. The seeds these shows planted would later sprout him going to the local library as a kid and picking up every book he could on ghosts, demons and strange occurrences. But it wasn’t until meeting his former teammates from Ghost Hunters, Incorporated that he began to look for the spooks that spooked in the night.Jason Gowin began his actual trek into the unknown back in the fall of 1998 with the infamous paranormal investigation group Ghost Hunters, Incorporated, where he spent the better part of 10 years causing chaos wherever and whenever they could. Upon meeting George Lutz, the man who was the basis for the Amityville Horror book and movies, and being shown a new path; changed his mind about certain things in the paranormal and sought out a new way in which to search for it that suited the not quite so blood thirsty (not literary) methods that he had become famous along with his GHI buddies for dishing out. While his convictions about the state of the paranormal remain the same, He’s taken along with former GHI Alum and friends Bill Angove and Matt Ulkins, along with new comer to the paranormal Kyle Haggerty to continue bringing you an alternate source of paranormal information with the same brand of humor he’s always been known for...he just can’t be jumping into dumpsters and riding shopping carts into curbs anymore...his body says no more or it will no longer allow him to get out of bed in the morning, it made this very clear.

Although he left the group in 2007, GHI will always have a fond place in his heart and since that time he has been searching out proof of the afterlife and finding it in haunted houses, storied battlefields and long forgotten graveyards. Jason has appeared numerous times on Ghostly Talk Paranormal Radio and the Ghostman and Demon Hunter show. His investigations have been published in the Encyclopedia of Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger. He has also been the basis for several widely released documentaries including New Gil Pictures “The Graveyard Shift” and Fight or Flight Films award winning “GHI vs BIGFOOT” amongst other videos about paranormal phenomenon. In 2008, Jason was asked by longtime friend and mentor in the paranormal Tim Yancey to become a co-host of the Encounters Paranormal Radio Program.

Jason is currently working on several projects which we will be discussing on the show.

Join Eric Altman and Lon Strickler each Sunday at 10 PM ET as we go
Beyond the Edge!

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Skinwalker Chronicles IV

This past December, I posted Skinwalker Chronicles that referenced stories of the infamous malevolent witch capable of transforming itself into a wolf, coyote, bear, bird, or any other animal. Since that time, I have received several anecdotes and inquiries about Skinwalkers. A few weeks ago, I compiled a few anecdotes and posted Skinwalker Chronicles II and Skinwalker Chronicles III. The following are several more anecdotes that were forwarded or referred to me:

My grandpa lived in Myton, Utah. He always told stories about skinwalkers and how they could take the form of any animal or anyone you knew. I asked him one day "Did you ever meet one?"

He told me "Yes - a very long time ago before you were even born - before your mother was born, when I was still so young and foolish. I went to the Skinwalker Valley. It is a valley where life never wanders to, not even the crows the very guardians of death will never go. They fear the evil that lives out there."

" went out there didn't you'" I asked.

He nodded, " show them nothing existed out there - nothing but they're fears. But I was wrong."

He continued to say that he had gone up to Skinwalker Valley in his old truck to prove to everyone that everything they though they knew were just stories to scare them. He remembered the grass was black as if it had been burned. The trees dead but still alive. He he had seen a house - it was old and the roof was caved in the door gone. He walked to it. There were marks on the sides of the house. Animal skeletons were everywhere around the house as if it were a sacred buriel ground. He then heard her. His grandmother she died long ago but he heard her. They were calling for him, for his life, for his skin, for his blood and for his soul. They were the lost souls they could change form, from man to beast. They chased him, they had scared him but they never forgot him. Whenever I visited him he would have something of his that was brand new broken the next day - crushed or killed. He finally stopped keeping his dogs outside.

"Its just another story" I finally told him after awhile. My curiosity was no longer there. I was just bored by this time.

"Its true" he said, but he wasn't angry.

"Prove it" I snapped at him. He turned around and pulled his shirt up. All I could do was gasp - his back was torn here and there. Not one part of it unmarked. The width of the claw marks looked too straight and too far apart to be human.

I was scared. I started to cry. I remember my mother running to see what was the matter. She screamed and yelled at grandpa as she held me but he didn't do anything but stare at the field across the road from his house. She finally gave up and carried me in but as I looked over my ma's shoulder. I saw a black dog with white eyes, it was watching him and he was watching it as if waiting for it to come to him. It never did.

I never saw that dog again. My grandpa died 2 months later. They said his heart gave out but I knew that was a lie. His arm had fresh marks and his dog died from loneliness - it was still a pup.

Never look into a skinwalker's eyes, for it will never forget you - sooner or later it'll have your soul.


My grandpa would tell me this story when I was little. He said that he was in the field on his horse one day, when he saw a badger walk by. Then he got his rope, got off his horse and put it around the neck of the badger. He said it was so strong that it was dragging him so he let go. He watched it go behind some bushes and then saw the rope sort of poking out from the bushes. But the rope wasn't moving, so he thought it might of gotten loose and left. When he went to get his rope he saw an old man with no clothes hunched behind the bush. They looked at each other for a few seconds and my grandpa got scared. So he got back on his horse as fast as he could. When he looked back he saw the old man climbing over the hill.

Then one time it happened to me. I was in school at the time and I used to live in the mountains so the bus would drop me off and I would have to walk for half a mile to get to my house. I was walking down the hill and I heard something walking on leaves, so I looked down the hill and I saw a guy with no clothes crawling - but he was like an animal too. He had white feathers in his hair. When I saw his face he looked like a wolf mixed with a human. It eventually took off in the other direction.

That night I was laying down and it was so quiet and I heard drums playing outside my window. Then I got up, looked outside and I saw a pack of wolves in the field running around. I don't know what to make of it - really weird, but I'll never forget it.


There are some people with bad intentions because they are motivated by jealousy. That's why I say to be humble. They're actions have effected a few people I personally know. It's hard to believe that what has happen to them is their fault.

Our relatives and family have always been close and loving. We have had good fortune. What a lot of people should have and what we wish everyone should have... Loving relatives with nice big trucks, nice homes, lots of sheep and horses. THEN BAM, out of nowhere we've kind of lost our family.

We are starting to experience mischievous behavior out of nowhere (drugs, alcohol, sickness, death). As a result our family has been torn apart. Our minds have been poisoned. I know, for sure, that we have been good. But as we continue to go through these situations, that we believe someone wished upon us, we will not wish the same to anyone else (I'm alluding to witchcraft). Whatever you do to someone, it will happen ten times worse to yourself.

But then sometimes I'm not sure. Is this some crap that's been fed to us? I don't mean to offend anyone, but by medicine men? Because you never know with people, whether they are telling the truth or not. They could've just told us this because they have to tell us something....


Some ask if there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from a skinwalker. If it gets inside your house, there are two things that happened prior. You have invited it in, they are not allowed to enter your house without your permission. You may have met them before, while not in the skinwalker form. Cedar ash around the house, a prayer and a visit to the medicine man will need to take place to find out its intentions. Dogs are a good thing to keep around and if something is near they bark or cry. Nothing will protect from the frozen fear they cause and how hard seeing something like that shakes your brain, even if you're a hardened combat veteran. This is something that I have heard in all cases with these encounters - I'm speaking of face to face encounters. These encounters usually happen either because of jealousy from another family/person and even hate. Usually of negative intentions. If you kill a skinwalker you kill the person. Something you should also know, long ago skinwalkers were of good intentions but were used more as a defense. They weren't bad to start with. I have been told this by some medicine men as a young child. Watch for family members and how they act. Say you move and no one knows where you live and someone you know knocks on your door - might be a sign that they're something else. All I know is that to become one, its like selling your soul to the devil. Ha'go'ne


One night I woke up feeling thirsty and laid in bed looking up at the ceiling thinking if I should get up to get a drink. All I could hear is silence and the clock ticking. The buzzing sound in my ear, which was a sign it was just too quiet. I reached for my cell phone to check the time. I flipped it open and it was 3:26 a.m. Without making a sound I quietly sat up and walked to exit the bedroom. As I got to the doorway I looked straight ahead at the front door entrance, with plenty of light from the fish aquarium, I saw a man standing there with his face interchanging from an animal and a human. I didn't know what to think, I wasn't scared of it but I froze, couldn’t move at all, and couldn’t speak. As I was struggling for some kind of movement we stared at each other face to face. My eyes wandered looking at his every feature. The white and black paint on his face. Black paint ran in a thick stripe across his eyes. The feather tied to the top of his head. How he looked young, like he is in his early 20's. You can see his muscles, his chest painted in white and he had a pair of black sports shorts. His wrist both had furry buck skin with something on them as were his ankles too. As I stood frozen, still looked at him with such wonder and struggle to say something or to move but still I couldn’t. Yes I was startled at first, but all that grew more into curiosity of this soul who was also startled by my appearance. He seemed to try to erase my seeing him from my mind, I could sense that from his piercing eyes. But as I just prayed to God as I do in my everyday life. As I stood there I prayed in my mind to God to shield me of this being I have crossed paths with. I don't know why he was in my home or if he was just taking a short cut to get somewhere. But as he was still staring at me I begun to regain my physical strength and slowly begun to have control of my body and was able to move. I begun pushing numbers on my phone as he stood still looking at me. Then he smiled at me right then I knew he was only as human as I was. He vanished threw the door which was still locked. Then I heard a loud sound, as if there was a horse running. I regained all power of my movements and ran to the window to look where he went. He had someone waiting for him across the street. He jumped in and the vehicle drove off. I again said a prayer. Then I called a close friend and the police. I told them that someone was in my house but not comfortable about describing his appearance. The police told me that I shouldn't be ashamed to say it was a skinwalker, because they to themselves on the job encounter strange things as that.

Just the Facts? - Jodie 'Contact' Foster Helps Fund SETI, Mystery Tree and Nanu Nanu!

Jodie Foster helped bail out SETI

S.R. Hadden from 'Contact': "They still want an American to go, Doctor. Wanna take a ride?"

The Oscar winning actress, who appeared in the sci-fi film ‘Contact’, was among those who donated over $200,000 to the SETI institute.

Budget cuts had forced the Californian-based science programme, which has been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, to switch off their high powered antenna scanning the skies for radio transmission.

The $50m Allen Telescope Array had to be put into ‘hibernation’ effectively ending the quest to make contact with alien life forms.

But following a public appeal, donations to get the telescope back on-line began flooding in and within a matter of weeks over $200,000 was raised.

Foster, who played a SETI researcher in the film ‘Contact’, was among those who contributed.

Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, who flew around the moon in 1968, also donated.

‘It is absolutely irresponsible of the human race not to be searching for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence,’ Mr Anders wrote in a note accompanying his contribution.

‘Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal of getting the ATA back online!’ read a note posted to the SETI website.

‘Stay tuned for updates. We are discovering more Earth-like planets every day, so now is more critical than ever to look for extraterrestrial life.’

The 42 radio dishes that make up the Allen telescope have scanned deep space since 2007 for signals from alien civilisations.

It has also conducted research into the structure and origin of the universe.

The $50million array was built by SETI and University of California with the help of a $30 million donation from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Officials at the SETI Institute said the donations will get the antenna up and running, but the quest for funding isn't over.

Operating the dishes costs about $1.5million a year, mostly to pay for the staff of eight to 10 researchers and technicians to operate the facility.

An additional $1million a year was needed to collect and sift the data from the dishes.

The Institute is looking for other sources of money for the $2.5million it requires annually to operate.

The SETI Institute was founded in 1984 and has received funding from NASA, the National Science Foundation and several other federal programs and private foundations.

It uses other tools in the quest for alien life, such as a dish at Arecibo in Puerto Rico, the largest radio telescope in the world. - dailymail


UK X-Files: Nanu Nanu! - 'Mork and Mindy' investigate UFO sighting

It was a claim that was handled with a certain amount of scepticism - that two men dressed as TV's Mork and Mindy had come to investigate a UFO.

A woman complained to police that the mystery pair came to her door after she saw 'worm-shaped' UFOs 'wriggling around in the sky' over East Dulwich in London in 2003.

Revealed in the latest release of the Government's 'X-Files' today, the unidentified mother and her daughter reported it to the police but the constables who attended the scene were joined by two men dressed in 'space suits and dark glasses who called themselves Mork and Mindy'.

The woman complained of being made 'to look foolish'. In a letter dated January 21 2003, the woman says 'your men have fed us with a lot of rubbish, presumably to make us look foolish and our story unbelievable, which they have succeeded in doing'.

Police told the MoD they sent two ordinary PCs to the address but 'they could not see anything in the sky and concluded it was possibly a reflection of a star and a street light in her window.'

Other files reveal claims of sightings of extraterrestrial activity at the Glastonbury Festival and a flying saucer outside Retford town hall.

They also tell of how the RAF was secretly mobilised to intercept a UFO near a military base in 1956.

The files contain first-hand testimony on the famous 1956 UFO incident at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

Retired RAF fighter controller Freddie Wimbledon remembers the air force scrambling fighter planes to intercept a UFO seen on radar and by observers on the ground.

The UFO reportedly latched onto to a fighter plane, 'following its every move' before speeding off at 'terrific speed'.

Staff involved were sworn to secrecy, but one official recalls being shown gun camera footage of the UFOs taken from aboard the aircraft at a special MoD screening in 1970.

The new files also reveal that defence experts were called in to examine a 2004 photo of a 'flying saucer' taken outside the town hall of Retford in Nottinghamshire.

The series of images were captured by Alex Birch and having ruled out lens flares and aircraft, he contacted the Ministry of Defence, who sent them to the Defence Geographic and Imagery Intelligence Agency (DGIA) in July 2004.

The photograph was digitally enhanced and the DGIA report stated: 'No definitive conclusions can be gathered from evidence submitted, however it may be coincidental that the illuminated plane of the object passes through the centre of the frame, indicating a possible lens anomaly, eg a droplet of moisture.'

Another report describes mysterious lights seen moving 300ft above the Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival on June 28 2003.

A file also contains a number of sightings reported to the MoD during the summer of 2006, that describe formations of orange lights in the sky.

These appear to be observations of Chinese lanterns, released at parties and public events, the experts concluded.

Other incidents include UFOs spotted by the pilot and passengers of an aircraft over the Channel Islands in 2007 and F-16s scrambled to intercept UFOs over Belgium in 1990. - dailymail


Experts Say Belief in Paranormal Common in US

Surveys show that more than two thirds of Americans accept the existence of ghosts, visitors from outer space, astrology and other paranormal phenomena. While the more sophisticated might think of these people as crazy, social scientists take a different view.

A horse-drawn carriage takes tourists through the streets of historic Jefferson, Texas as the sun begins to set. Many tourists come here to take part in ghosts walks in which guides tell the stories about various buildings and houses thought to be haunted.

A visitor from the nearby city of Shreveport, Louisiana named Jamie says ghosts could provide evidence of an afterlife she believes in. “I have always believed that there is something after, I do not know if we are stuck here on earth or if there is something more, but I do know there is something," she said.

Some people might regard belief in ghosts as loony. But it is not, according to psychologist Brian Cronk at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. “This is not abnormal in any way, shape or form," he said.

Cronk, who has guided students doing research on people who profess belief in the paranormal, says humans are driven to seek answers to profound questions. “One of the things the human brain does that, as far as we know, other animals do not do, is we are always trying to predict the future and explain why the past has happened and that leads us to always trying to come up with reasons for things," he said.

Another researcher taking a scientific look at paranormal belief is Sociology Professor Carson Mencken, at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He and his colleagues have found that those who believe in these phenomena are usually ordinary, solid citizens. “They hold normal jobs, they have families, they pay bills. They are otherwise upstanding people who have what we consider to be a deviant or odd hobby," he said.

Mencken and two colleagues at Baylor published a book last year called “Paranormal America” that examines data about people with various paranormal beliefs.

They found, for example, that men tend to believe in space aliens more than women do, but that women are more inclined to believe in fortune telling and spiritual encounters.

They found that those who dropped out of high school are more likely to believe in ghosts and psychics, but they also found that people with higher education levels were involved in other paranormal pursuits.

Mencken says those drawn to the paranormal are sometimes seeking discovery, such as evidence that UFOs or ghosts exist, but he says many others simply seek enlightenment. “They are looking for some revelation, a deeper understanding about how the universe works, about what happens to you after you die," he said.

Religion provides the answer to those questions for many people. Among churchgoers, Mencken says liberal, mainstream religions are more likely to tolerate members with paranormal beliefs than are Protestant evangelicals and others with a stricter interpretation of the Bible.

“They are likely to see the paranormal as one of two things, one is yes, it exists, but it is part of an evil plot by Satan or, you know, it is heresy," said Mencken.

Mencken says today, belief in the paranormal is fed by the many movies and television programs about ghosts and UFOs. “Look at how many paranormal shows there are. There are paranormal reality shows. There are television networks devoted only to the paranormal now, so it has become an interesting part of our culture," he said.

Mencken says the United States has drawn on other nations and cultures for much of its paranormal beliefs and that immigrants from Latin America, Asia and elsewhere are contributing their ghosts and spirits to the mix. - VOA


'Mystery Tree' survives fires

A tree north of the Valley is getting renewed attention this week after surviving another of our state's wildfires.

“It’s a special tree,” said Arizona Department of Transportation worker Randy Skinner.

After 16 years on the job, Skinner knows the tree well.

“I think the tree gives people hope. They see it decorated every year and enjoy it.”

The tree sits just this side of the Badger Springs exit past Sunset Point; a 20-foot-high, bushy juniper tree that is different than most.

Every year it’s decorated for Christmas and Independence Day. Right now, it’s covered with several American flags and yellow ribbons. It also has its own water system set up underneath, with several large drums and a pipe to feed it water.

That’s where the tree gets its name -- the mystery tree. A mystery person or people decorate it every year, but it’s also a mystery because it manages to have survived several wildfires over the years.

“It’s survived wildfire after wildfire” says ADOT engineer Greg Gentsch. “We’re just happy it’s still here."

Just last week, another wildfire sparked about 200 yards to the south of the tree. It shut down the highway and quickly crept toward the tree.

When it was over, everything around it burned but the tree survived again without a scratch on it.

Maybe it’s the rock formations around the tree, a strange wind current or someone, or something, watching out for it.

“It’s a mystery,” said Skinner. “But I hope it stays for a long time to come.” - abc15


Bats on Planes

A bat got loose on an Atlanta-bound flight, forcing horrified passengers to duck for cover.

The flying mammal appeared about 15 minutes after Delta flight 5121, operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, took off from Madison, Wis., on Friday, and cruised around the cabin above passengers' heads.

“The captain called the control tower to say the plane was returning to the airport to remove a winged animal,” said Brent McHenry, spokesperson for the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison.

A passenger near the rear of the plane shooed the bat into the restroom and shut the door, to the cheers of fellow riders, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. But McHenry said that by the time the plane landed and all passengers got off, it seemed to have vanished. As airport maintenance staff searched the plane, however, a bat flew out and into the terminal, he said. From there, workers coaxed it out to freedom.

“Our terminal has high ceilings, and it’s not unusual to have a bird flying around inside,” said McHenry. “But the bat created a bit of entertainment for our early morning passengers as maintenance crew members with a large net ushered it outside.”

After a delay of a few hours, passengers were able to re-board continue on to Atlanta.

Jarek Beem, spokesperson for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, said the airline was “confident in the maintenance search and that the animal was no longer on the aircraft at the time of the next departure.”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Michigan Dogman Wanders...Again

The following was forwarded to me by Jason K. in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Jason states that his landlord (Chuck) had an encounter with what he describes as a wolfman on August 5th in Baraga County, Upper Peninsula, Michigan on his way to Lake Teddy. I contacted Jason to inform him that a similar creature had been seen by a reader (Rhonda) and her son in nearby Tioga, Baraga County in the Autumn of 2008 (which is posted below). First is Chuck's account of his recent experience:

I was driving north on Craig Lake Rd. towards Teddy Lake. As I approached Nestoria Rd. I noticed something move off the edge of the road into the woods. It was around 6:30 am and a little bit dewy and foggy at that time but I definitely saw something move. I stopped at the intersection and watched across Nestoria Rd. I first thought is was a moose but this it was too agile.

I took a slow left turn and looked to my right into the woods. I didn't see anything so I looked forward and sped up. Immediately, this animal ran out of the woods in front of my car and jumped across the road to the south side. I mean it took 3 long strides and was gone - almost like it vanished through an invisible wall!

I was shocked. I continued driving for a few minutes but had to pull off and stop. I was literally shaking from head to toe. I sat there wondering what that was. It was on all fours and had back legs like those of a large man. It had jet black fur and looked like a very large wolf other than the back legs and the human-like rump. There was no tail. The profile of the head and snout were that of a wolf. It didn't make a sound.

I made it to the lake and drove back home in the same direction on Sunday.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Dogman reports in Michigan and Wisconsin. In fact, there have been a few similar sightings in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Here is Rhonda's account:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - Last fall, my son and I were driving on US-41/M-28 towards Three Lakes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (where I live). The beast ran across the highway near Tioga Creek. I had not heard of this before reading Phantoms and Monsters, but this is exactly what we saw. We are familiar with all animals living here. Moose regularly cross in front of drivers, so we watch the sides of the roads carefully. We were very puzzled and thought it might be some mutant wolf and could not figure out what we witnessed. It ran fairly fast about 50 feet in front of our truck. It was so strange because the front of it was much higher up than the back, larger than a wolf. Very strange to see it on your website.

NOTE: I contacted the witness and asked for any further detail of the sighting. This is what I received:

It did not look exactly like the video or drawings I saw, but VERY close. The side view shape of the animal was almost like an ape shape, with the front legs longer than the back legs which made it run funny. It ran like a bear runs, with the exception of the back legs being shorter if you can picture that. The front, from the angle I saw, looked like it must of had a wide chest. The head appeared wolf-like, but it definitely was NOT a wolf. The color was brown and black mixed. The hair seemed med-long, like a wolf, and I remember thinking it might of had mange, must of had patches of hair missing.

I was telling my son, who is 13, about what I had found on your site and asked him what he remembered. He gave the same description, how very strange and out of place it was. He said that this spring he saw the same type of thing on a logging road near our house (I do remember him telling me that at that time) and it was the same thing. He was riding his dirt bike (we live in an extremely remote area) and it ran across the trail. I know where he is talking about because I pick berries there and do get a weird feeling like something is watching me. A neighbor told me that area is "Bigfoot Central", which I did not know or believe. But after doing further research today, there are a lot of reports of strange creatures in this area that go back many, many years.

Who knows what it is, but as long as it's not hurting anything, I hope it is left alone. I am very familiar with the wildlife. I do hunt and know my tracks. I have not seen any strange tracks, but now will really keep my eyes open. Please keep me informed if you get any other reports from my area. Rhonda

NOTE: Here's a link to another similar account in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Dogman Sighting and Strange Encounter in Cheboygan County, Michigan. Approximately two year ago, the infamous Gable Film was proven to be a hoax....but there have been several credible sightings of this cryptid. What are your thoughts? Lon

Just the Facts? - Orange 'Goo' Identified, Undersea Volcano Prediction and UFO Abducts Shark

Orange 'goo' found near remote Alaska village identified

Scientists have identified an orange-colored gunk that appeared along the shore of a remote Alaska village as millions of microscopic eggs filled with fatty droplets.

But the mystery is not quite solved. Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday they don't know for sure what species the eggs are, although they believe they are some kind of crustacean eggs or embryos. They also don't know if the eggs are toxic, and that worries many of the 374 residents of Kivalina, an Inupiat Eskimo community located at the tip of an 8-mile barrier reef on Alaska's northwest coast.

There's been at least one report of dead minnows found in the lagoon of the village the night the eggs appeared last week. Residents also are worried about the community's dwindling reserves in village water tanks even though the orange mass has dissipated from the lagoon and Wulik River, city administrator Janet Mitchell said.

"It seems to be all gone," she said. "But if they're microscopic eggs, who's to say they're not still in the river?"

Scientists also don't know why the unidentified eggs suddenly emerged on the shores of Kivalina last week. Villagers say they've never seen such a phenomenon before.

"We'll probably find some clues, but we'll likely never have a definitive answer on that," NOAA spokeswoman Julie Speegle said.

Samples are being sent to a NOAA laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina, for further analysis. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation also sent samples Monday to the Institute for Marine Science at the University of Alaska.

Kivalina residents live largely off the land, and many are worried about the effect on some wildlife and plants from the goo, which turned powdery once it dried — and probably went airborne. Mitchell said some people went berry picking over the weekend, but couldn't tell if the goo was on the fruit, called salmonberries, which are the same color of the eggs. The caribou are in the region now, but she doesn't believe the migrating animals pose much risk as a food source.

The eggs were found on at least one roof and in buckets set all over the village to collect rain water. City Councilwoman Frances Douglas said the gooey, slimy substance was widely spread in streaks along the Wulik River and the lagoon, which is a half mile wide and six miles long. Orangey water was reported from as far away as the village of Buckland, southeast of Kivalina.

Douglas estimated the volume of eggs she could see "in excess of a thousand gallons, easily."

The weather last Wednesday, when the bright substance emerged, only intensified the effect, according to Douglas.

"We had an overcast sky, so it really, really stood out," she said. "You couldn't miss it for nothing."

Even village elders don't recall anything like it, said Douglas, who has lived all her 44 years in Kivalina. She remembers temperatures were colder in her childhood, gradually rising over the years. She wonders if that has anything to do with the invasion of the eggs.

"With climate change, anything can happen, I guess," she said.

Speegle called the climate change theory "purely speculative." - msnbc


Inland Shark Discovery Follows UFO Sightings

by Chris Capps - The idea of discovering out of place animals is nothing new in itself, but after witnesses discovered a shark that had somehow made its way some 50 miles inland from the nearest body of water it may be worth noting that the area has seen an elevated level of UFO activity in the past few weeks. New Hampshire is no stranger to unusual events, but this one just might be the strangest so far. What could have carried a shark 50 miles inland and deposited it in the middle of the New Hampshire Woods?

The macabre discovery was made near Milton when residents came across the unusual smell of the decomposing shark. After informing authorities, the shark was examined by local fish and wildlife authorities to determine if it was a threat to the local environment. Deciding there was nothing overtly dangerous about the corpse and nothing unusual - aside from its peculiar location - it was left where it was found. But when we look at the recent string of UFO sightings in the area the story takes a stranger turn. - continue reading at Inland Shark Discovery Follows UFO Sightings


Scientists predict eruption of undersea volcano

US scientists said Tuesday they have for the first time successfully predicted the eruption of one of the world's most active undersea volcanoes off the coast of the western state of Oregon.

Scientists from Oregon and New York have been monitoring Axial Seamount, 250 miles (400 kilometers) out to sea, since it last erupted in 1998, and predicted it would again before 2014.

On an expedition to the area on July 29, researchers using a remotely operated robot discovered a lava flow that was not there the year before, and began noticing that the entire area looked unfamiliar.

"When we first arrived on the seafloor, we thought we were in the wrong place, because it looked so completely different," said Bill Chadwick, an Oregon State University geologist who co-authored a 2006 study that forecast another eruption by 2014.

"We couldn't find our markers or monitoring instruments or other distinctive features on the bottom."

The team was using bottom pressure sensors, the same tools used to monitor the sea floor for potential tsunamis after an earthquake. A couple of their recording instruments soon turned up, and scientists determined that the eruption happened on April 6.

The team was excited at the discovery, but cautioned that most volcanoes remain highly volatile.

"Forecasting the eruption of most land volcanoes is normally very difficult at best, and the behavior of most is complex and variable," said Scott Nooner, a geophysicist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

"We now have evidence that Axial Seamount behaves in a more predictable way than many other volcanoes."

Researchers were watching the level of the volcanic crater, or caldera, rise after its last eruption at a rate of about 15 centimeters (six inches) per year as it inflated with accumulating magma, and predicted it would erupt again when it reached its 1998 level.

"The acid test in science -- whether or not you understand a process in nature -- is to try to predict what will happen based on your observations," Chadwick said.

"Now we can build on that knowledge and look to apply it to other undersea volcanoes -- and perhaps even volcanoes on land." - rawstory


Angolan journalist arrested for reporting on 'mass fainting'

Angolan police arrested radio journalist Adão Tiago for reporting on a bizarre nationwide wave of mass fainting.

Since April, more than 800 people, mostly teenage schoolchildren, have fainted after complaining of sore throats and eyes, shortness of breath and coughs.

Amid news reports of unidentified toxic substances, Angola's interior minister ordered an investigation into the cause. There have been claims that the media is to blame for creating mass hysteria.

Tiago was detained in Luanda over a 29 July report on Radio Ecclesia about the fainting of some 20 students at a local school where he happens to teach English. He was released after 23 hours of questioning.

Mohamed Keita, the Africa advocacy coordinator of the Committee to Protect Journalists, said Tiago's arrest of "highlights the Angolan government's obsession with controlling information... instead of focusing on addressing a very serious national crisis." - guardian


Bongo returns home

It’s a monkey miracle — Bongo has been found! An Upper East Side couple grieving over the loss of a stuffed toy monkey they’ve raised like a son the past decade went bananas with joy on Saturday night after being reunited with their beloved Beanie Baby. "I never gave up hope — I prayed, mediated, and now he’s with us again," said Bonni Marcus, 47, who along with boyfriend Jack Zinzi, 58, were devastated after losing Bongo on their way to a restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on August 1.

The 8-inch-tall doll was found on Tuesday by Luis Barreto, 61, an unemployed Park Slope man, who discovered it atop a parking meter. But unaware that it belonged to the couple and had gone missing — and finding it irresistibly cute — Barreto brought it back to his Sterling Place home, where he displayed it on a stereo speaker. Bongo was only reunited with his "parents" after they returned to Flatbush Avenue by Sterling Place on Saturday to hang more fliers pleading for its return, and Zinzi approached Barreto and some other men hanging out on the street and told them about Bongo and the reward.

Barreto realized he had Bongo and headed with the couple back to his pad for an emotional reunion. Marcus, who teaches English as a second language at a Manhattan private school, Rennert Bilingual, said she "felt Bongo’s presence" even while approaching the apartment. But she said she had to closely examine the monkey to make sure it was Bongo. She confirmed this through the doll’s identifying marks, including a "burn scar" she had accidentally given the stuffed animal five years ago after a lit ash from a cigar she was smoking blew onto it. "I was devastated and gave up smoking after it," she said.

The couple then presented a cash-strapped Barreto the $500 reward they publicly promised for whoever found Bongo — but only after having to beg him to turn the doll over. "I fell in love with Bongo and wanted to keep him," Barreto said. "He looked real to me and is cute." Ultimately, he said he caved in after seeing how heartbroken Marcus was and being promised he could visit the doll. Bongo will also be reunited with his identical Beanie Baby brothers - named Doe, Ray and Me - who Marcus said, “were also suffering.”

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Little Green Men - Harrah, Washington

(Jan. 1977) - Martha Cantu of Harrah said if her son ever tells her again to "come and look," she'll be sure to do it.

Last Wednesday when her agitated nine-year-old son Jose woke his mother up at about 6:30 a.m. asking her to explain the little "man" he saw outside she discounted his story and settled down to catch up on the sleep she'd lost the night before with a fussy baby.

Jose, who had been in the middle of preparing his breakfast, wasn't put off so easily.

He went outside to check for himself— and came back with an amazing story.

He told his mother he had seen two greenish creatures about three feet tall, who rotated on a base instead of having feet, and two "steely" crafts in which 2 other creatures were sitting.

He claimed that one craft rested in the back yard and the other on a flat section of the roof of the house. He told her he had hidden behind a washing machine stored outside next to a shed.

From that vantage point, he said he saw the two creatures join the other two in the crafts. He added that the crafts were brilliantly lighted inside, had "straight stairs" (much like a ramp) and a door that opened in "two parts, like a cross" to reveal the interior which contained two chairs with very tail bases. Jose said the craft in the yard rose from the ground and disappeared into something that resembled a cloud, steam or smoke.

When she heard the story, Jose's mother did what any mother might do in the same circumstances. She sent him to school.

At the Harrah Grade School, Jose repeated the story to Diane Gomez, an aide. "Jose is a serious boy. He's not one that tells stories or lies. What he told me, I took very seriously," Gomez said.

At 10:10, recess time, Gomez and another aide accompanied Jose to his home. There he showed them the places where he said the two creatures had been standing. In one location, where Jose said one creature had rotated on his base, Gomez said she saw two round marks in the gravel. At another place, where the creatures allegedly stood, there were two sets of three indentations.

After Mrs. Cantu spoke to the teacher's aides and they had returned to school with Jose, she called her neighbor, Irene Sanchez, to come to her home. Sanchez said they examined the back yard and found in the long grass a circular impression about 10 feet in diameter in which the grass in the middle was whirled up, and also observed the marks the aides had seen. The circle was easily visible from the window of the house next door, Gomez said, and added that her brother, who lives there, had seen it from that-distance. The circle was still clearly visible when Mr. Cantu arrived home that evening from work, he said.

On Thursday afternoon, when Bill Vogel of Toppenish and David Akers of Seattle, who is affiliated with the Center for UFO Studies, visited the Cantu home, the perfectly shaped circle and "footsteps" were still discernible. Akers examined the area with a Geiger counter and got no reaction.

On Saturday when this reporter visited the Cantu home only one set of "foot" marks could still be seen and only a faint trace of the circle remained.

Because the Cantu family is more at home with the Spanish language, this reporter took along a skeptical translator. After he questioned Jose, who answered his questions seriously and respectfully but asked to be allowed to return to his play, the skeptic concluded that "I believe he saw what he said he saw."

Vogel said he and Akers thought that Jose had "definitely" had an experience with a UFO.

If Jose did, he is in good company.

Barbara Brost, co-owner with her husband Earl of the Huba Huba Cafe in Toppenish, had a similar experience 20 years ago in southern Idaho on a ranch east of Blackfoot.

On a summer morning—about 6 a.m.— Barbara and her uncle were saddling horses and, as they left the barn by a rear door, they spotted an object "greyish white and as big as a boxcar" about half a mile away. Stunned, they watched it for about a minute. Barbara's aunt and Earl rushed from the house when the two called to them, but Earl was too late to see the cigar-shaped object which seemed to lift from the ground with a noise "like the transference of air," Barbara said. It disappeared so rapidly she couldn't tell which way it went, she said.

"When I see those rockets lift off now, on t.v., I just say to myself 'this thing was something else!'"

Another Toppenish resident, a man who prefers not to be identified, made a similar sighting eight years ago over a cornfield in Toppenish. The object that he, his wife, son and daughter saw from a distance of a quarter of a mile or less from their home was "not large. It was huge."

When asked to equate it to the size of a boxcar, he estimated it would be the length of three such train cars. He has described the object, which was off the ground and periodically beaming a light so brilliant that he was unable to look at it without squinting, to a Boeing employee who did his best to convince him that he had not seen the object and, if he had, that it was a helicopter. "I know what I saw," was his answer to that.

At the time he had a loaded Polaroid camera in his home but didn't even think of it, he said. The incident raised the "hair on the back of my neck," he said.

A more recent sighting happened in the late fall of 1958 or 1959, about 9 p.m. when Toppenish resident Ron Gardner was living in a rural area.

Gardner was about 14 years old at the time. He said he was watching television in the family's long and narrow living room with his back to a picture window in the room- A brilliant, bluish-violet light filled the room, he said. At first he thought it was "an electric arc light."

Turning to the window he saw the yard bathed in the purplish light and an object passing about 10 feet from the window.

The object, he said, was off the ground about three feet, was about seven feet high "tapering to real thin at the bottom," was engulfed in the light and the last four foot of "whatever it was" was disappearing behind a building.

Gardner said his father accused him of watching too many Flash Gordon pictures

and he never talked about it very much to anyone but "I know what I saw and I've never seen anything like it since."

Vogel, who seems to be the man in Toppenish to whom all the UFO reports are given, said that there has been many reports of brilliant lights over the Harrah area in the past six to eight months.

He said reports of a bright light over Harrah were made by many CBers the Tuesday night before Jose Cantu claimed to have seen the men and crafts.

A bright light has also been spotted over Toppenish Ridge by Mrs. Stan Johnson of Toppenish, who was Toppenish's Woman of the Year three years ago. She shared the experience with a friend, Judi Farquharson of Toppenish. They reported the lights to the Toppenish Police, who notified Vogel, who watched the light until it disappeared over Union Gap.

The Johnsons, who are area farmers, have seen the light often—and are still trying to explain how three holes, about four feet deep and six feet wide, appeared all in a row in a field in which they were growing sugar beets just south of Harrah.

Those who have seen the lights and mysterious objects all agree that they "know what they saw" but they aren't betting on convincing anyone else of it. - Frances Story - Toppenish Review (Toppenish, WA), Jan. 26, 1977

Just the Facts? - The Government Took Our Bigfoot

'...the government took our Bigfoot'

Click for this idiot's YouTube channel

Click for video

Click for video

I honestly thought this clown had faded into obscurity. Rick Dyer - one of the bozos involved in the 2008 Georgia Bigfoot hoax - is now stating that the 'truth will be told' on August 15th...the anniversary of his 2008 stunt. He now claims that the government took the real Bigfoot body he and his partner had killed and dragged out of the woods and that they were forced to perpetuate the hoax. He also has a few choice words for the 'Bigfoot community' and some of it's more infamous characters.

If you are unfamiliar with what happened in the Summer of 2008, here are several links to posts I made at the time. It seems Mr. Dyer currently has a bad case of 'selective memory':

Georgia Cop Claims To Have Bigfoot Corpse

Georgia Bigfoot Claim: 'Body Was Accidentally Found'

Press Release: Bigfoot Corpse in Georgia 'Real Deal' - UPDATED: Photos Released!

Legend of Bigfoot: Discovery? Try Hoax

Absurdity in Palo Alto: What's Next, Tom?

Bigfoot Body Confirmed a Fake - Whitton and Dyer Have Fled - Biscardi Claims No Knowledge of Scam

Video: Bigfoot Hoaxers Implicate Biscardi and Others in Fraud

The Big Picture: Bigfoot Hoax Could Have Netted $2 Million

Georgia Bigfoot Scam: Steve Kulls Releases Disclosure On Biscardi's Involvement

Indiana Man Who Brokered Bigfoot Deal Was Friend of Biscardi

Press Release: Georgia Bigfoot Hoax Body on eBay

Georgia Bigfoot Hoaxer Wants His Police Officer Job Reinstated

Blame For 'Georgia Bigfoot Hoax' Placed On Biscardi


Woman who can't stop eating her late husband's ashes

We've met the lady who eats dryer cloths, the teddy bear mother and the woman with 24-inch nails. There was even an adult baby who sleeps in a cot and wears diapers.

TLC's reality TV show, My Strange Addiction, takes a look into the less-than-orthodox compulsive habits of some interesting characters. And, true to form, it has delivered some colourful tales in its second series run.

Saving the best for last, the series finale, last night, featured a woman who is so close to the memory of her late husband that she eats his ashes.

26-year-old Casie, who was widowed just two months before filming the show, is unable to stop herself from dipping her finger into her husband's urn of ashes and taking a lick of the grey dust.

She says she first tasted the remains of her husband, Shawn, when she transferred the ashes from a temporary cardboard box into a special memorial urn.

'Some of it spilled out on my hands. I didn't want to just wipe him away, so I just licked it off my fingers.

'And here I am today, almost two months later and I can't stop.'

Shawn died from a sudden and severe asthma attack. The couple married in 2009 after Casie found 'all she ever wanted in a man.'

The programme shows the distraught Casie carrying the urn full of ashes - an unwieldy black box - everywhere she goes. She takes 'him' to the cinema, to the shops and to restaurants.

'I take my husband everywhere. To the grocery store, out shopping...When I go grocery shopping, I buy the things that he likes.'

At home, she tailors her domestic chores to suit Shawn's tastes. - dailymail


SETI back in business

Astronomers at the cash-strapped SETI Institute are poised to resume the quest for extraterrestrial life, after raising more than $200,000 to restart a key array of telescopes.

The institute was forced to put the hunt on hold in April, after cash-strapped governments decided they could no longer afford to pay the interstellar phone bill. To raise the required money, SETI turned to crowdsourcing: It unveiled the website in June and independently raised the $204,129 needed to restart the Allen Telescope Array.

"Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal of getting the ATA back online!" reads a note posted to the SETI website. "Stay tuned for updates. We are discovering more Earth-like planets every day, so now is more critical than ever to look for extraterrestrial life."

In April, astronomers at the SETI Institute said a steep drop in state and federal funds has forced the shutdown of the Allen array, a powerful tool in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

"There's plenty of cosmic real estate that looks promising," Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the institute, said at the time. "We've lost the instrument that's best for zeroing in on these better targets."

The 42 radio dishes that make it up had scanned deep space since 2007 for signals from alien civilizations while also conducting research into the structure and origin of the universe. The $50 million array was built by SETI and UC Berkeley with the help of a $30 million donation from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The quest for funding isn't over yet, however. Operating the dishes cost about $1.5 million a year, mostly to pay for the staff of eight to 10 researchers and technicians to operate the facility. An additional $1 million a year was needed to collect and sift the data from the dishes.

The Institute is looking for other source of money for the $2.5 million it requires annually to operate.

The SETI Institute was founded in 1984 and has received funding from NASA, the National Science Foundation and several other federal programs and private foundations. It uses other tools in the quest for alien life, such as a dish at Arecibo in Puerto Rico, the largest radio telescope in the world.

The difference, Shostak said, was that SETI researchers can point the Arecibo telescope at selected sites in space for only about two weeks a year.

While the telescope in Northern California is not as powerful, it could be devoted to the search year-round.

"It has the advantage that you can point it where you want to point it and you can keep pointing it in that direction for as long as we want it to," Shostak said.

The dishes also are unique in the ability to probe for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations while gathering more general scientific data.

"That made the telescope a double-barreled threat," said Leo Blitz, a professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley and former director of the observatory that includes the Allen Telescope Array. - foxnews


Graves of plantation slaves unearthed as drought empties water from Texas reservoir

One of the worst droughts in Texas history has unearthed a chilling discovery, a graveyard for freed slaves..

While the heat may be taking a toll on crops, livestock and people's livelihoods, it has helped archaeologists to reveal a small piece of American history.

Two graves have been uncovered that are believed to have been buried for more than a century.

'This grave was actually uncovered by erosion from the water,' Sgt. Hank Bailey of the Navarro County Sheriff's Office.

'It was several feet deep years and years ago.'

Cemeteries were marked and moved before the Richland Chambers Reservoir in Navarro County, Texas, was filled in the 1980s, but this small cemetery without tombstones went unnoticed.

Human remains were initially discovered in 2009 by boaters when the water level was low, but the water rose quickly and archaeologists and historians have been waiting ever since for the reservoir to reveal the cemetery again.

Bruce McManus, chairman of the Navarro County Historical Commission, said: 'It's not one of the great finds of history, but it's important to us on a local level.

'It's one of the lost cemeteries we've been looking for.'

The remains that have been found will be reburied elsewhere, ABC News reports.

For now, investigators are keeping the cemetery's location a secret because they are afraid of looters. The discovery of the graves comes after a piece of debris from the doomed space shuttle Columbia was found in a Texas lake.

Drought caused the water levels to recede, exposing the relic eight years after it fell to Earth.

Nasa confirmed today that the object found in Lake Nacogdoches was part of Columbia’s power reactant and storage distribution system, which held the cryogenic hydrogen and oxygen necessary for the vehicle’s fuel cells to produce electricity in space.

The record heat is not only adding to the local history books, but also to the stress placed on energy providers.

The electrical grid is under so much stress that companies are bringing old power stations back to life.

'We are setting all-time peak records three days in a row,' said Luminant spokesman, Scott Diermann.

'We've never had that happen before.'

Texas is not alone. Four of the eight largest power grid operators in the U.S. and Canada have set all-time records over the last two weeks.

In Dallas, the heat is supposed to keep on coming.

Forecasters predict Dallas will see triple-digit temperatures for at least another week. - dailymail

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