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Bloodless Carnage: Livestock Attacks Continue in the Four Corners


JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners has posted a new video that references a recent raid and killing of 7 sheep, including a large ram, on a farm in the Navajo lands in New Mexico. The culprit is unknown though evidence suggests a bi-pedal or upright creature. The most astonishing aspect of this particular raid is that there was very little blood found at the scene. Many of the sheep had puncture wounds but scant blood traces were left after the carnage. It didn't seem like there was any feeding on the carcasses...though the 300-400 lb. ram was dragged a fair distance.

There have been earlier reports of hominid attacks on livestock - Bigfoot Raids Farm as well as other raids / maulings by unknown entities - Sheep Mutilation Mystery - Dine' Navajo Reservation, Near Hogback, NM.


There have been reports of canine-like hominids in the area...not unlike those described as shape shifters. In fact, there has been trace evidence collected at earlier events which is currently being tested for DNA.

Could this be an attack of a lycanthrope or possibly a skinwalker / Mai-cob? The activity suggests that, whatever it is roaming and hunting in the area, it will continue to do least in the near future. Stay tuned for updates...

Click for video - Bloodless Carnage at Sheep Pen

This is the location where the sheep with the neck puncture wound was blood splatter or pooling
Above - Example of the many fresh scratches found around the pen
Above - A series of fresh tracks were also found including a few hoof-like prints
Some examples of the carnage inflicted


Coincidentally, I received a correspondence on Friday from an individual with the moniker 'Coy Criptid'. He is a resident of the Dine Navajo reservation and this is a reply to an inquiry I made in a previous post. I have not changed anything in the email....completely original:

Well, where to start......? We are not skin walkers, we are "eaters of all" (closest translation I can do to our real name, sorry) We are old, so old that some of us remember this world when it had many moons and the land flowed like water. We are not evil, nor good. We just are. In the way of modern thinking, we are like animals; not fallen from grace, and speak and hear God directly. I don't know if we have souls, because we don't die, just .... this is really hard to explain ..... we don't go dormant, just change the way we live. Right now I am Human. I look, feel, think, and act just like one of you. I will apparently die just like one of you, only to spread out from where my " mortal remains " fall or are eaten, adsorbed... or interred, mingling with the strings of life (another hard one to put into words) that come into contact with me. Until I decide to become one of them (I have sort of decided on one of the squids, we'll see how that works out). In the time between dedicated forms, we walk in our true forms, remembering all the things that we have been. Its hard to describe being many things at once, but we do go back to places we've been because the "memories of love"(?) draw us back. We watch over you as we are directed to do, letting you live your lives according to Law both good and bad as is the will of the Creator. You are right to fear us in our true forms because we do not think as humans do, but a collage of thoughts from many forms at once.

The Creator bid us to stay our feeding on you many many eons ago, but left us with the right to protect ourselves if threatened in any of our forms (careful with that fly swatter or bar of soap). We have the ability to grasp your, or any other creatures mind if we choose, and hold them while we eat. In this form it is a very unpleasant thought and leaves me nauseous just thinking about it. All of us by now (except the ones that left this world early on for "walk about" or from the great shame) have spent many lifetimes in human form and almost all of them love people deeply. Every creature on this world fears us because you are all from survivors that have sensed us in true form. We have to calm you to walk among you even in dedicated forms.

We have traits that can be used to identify us in any of our forms. The closest thing that I can call them is "tells" mine is that I don't eat feet (yuck how nasty, .....this includes fins, hooves, tips of tentacles, pads, wing feathers or anything used as contact points for locomotion blahhhhuch). One of my co cross mates (don't ask, we have 17 separate sexes, talk about a bitch on Friday nights) will not eat anything "purple" as she sees it. Another friend of mine dislikes certain forms of nerve tissue, says it makes him itch. Short of these little peccadilloes we can consume almost anything and derive energy for life from it, from sunshine to radionuclide and every thing in between, yummy (I know, I know, "feet" have all that and more too but eeuuuuwwww!!) ! I personally have always wanted to taste anti-matter but have never gotten around to going above the cloud tops to taste any. Well, I am rambling on a bit too much, and I have to go to sleep because I have to go to work in the morning, I thought you should know some more about what we are.

With best regards,
Coy Criptid

NOTE: well...what do you make of that? Is it simply legend or are these beings really among us? Lon

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Just the Facts? - Northern Territory UFO, Reward For Bongo and Shaking Event In Ohio

UFO images captured over Australia's Northern Territory

Only a day after the last reported UFO sighting in the Northern Territory a Katherine man has not only seen a mysterious object in the sky - he also took photos of it.

David Schuman was having dinner with his boss Phil Richardson near Katherine's Strongbala Men's Healing Centre last Tuesday when an "unusual large star" caught their eyes.

"We were both seated around the dinner table, discussing various subject matters and running through the day's events when all of a sudden the boss changed the subject and said in a slightly raised tone 'Hey, that's an unusually large star - I have never seen one as big as that before and in fact that's too big for a star, what is that?," Mr Schuman said.

"Through the open window we saw a very large brightly lit object and it just stood there, hovering there for 20 minutes or more, and motionless above the tree line."

Mr Schuman said he walked outside for a closer look, before grabbing his camera.

"I usually carry my camera with me where ever I go - even in the shower, because you never know," he said.

"There was a real glowing about the object and it was very bright and every picture that I took was done with a degree of urgency about it when it started to move."

Mr Schuman said in a later "examination" of his photos he came across what seemed "to display two aura rings within the brightly lit up orb".

The UFO spotter said he also saw what looked like "a fuzzy triangular shape enclosing the object within, which seemed to be cloaking it's outer edge".

"One area at the end of the craft (had) what I perceive to be two hot spots are a fuzzy silvery grey.

"The other end of the craft on the other hand appears in colour to be of a fuzzy dullish orange," Mr Schuman said.

"Is this the real deal or is this something that the military have conjured up to put the wind up people," he said.

"But my boss thinks not - that it wasn't anything to do with the military as it was nothing he had ever seen before in his life."

Mr Schuman said the object suddenly started moving towards him while he was trying to take photos.

"Suddenly the bugger started to change shape then it swung out wide to my far right ducking in beyond the trees and at a height 30 metres at a rough guess and in an easterly direction.

"Then it began changing colour appearing to separate prior to it disappearing as it quietly moved away.

"We heard an almost silent woosh until it finally faded out of view.

"Who knows - maybe we are not quite so unique as we first thought after all.

"We are not alone I think."

Only a day earlier Katherine man Brian and UFOlogist Alan Ferguson had spotted "bizarre" things in the Northern Territory sky. - katherinetimes


Did Giant Reptiles Share the Earth with Giant Humans?

By Brad Steiger - The notion that early humans might have been contemporaneous with the giant reptiles has stoked the creative fires of many a fantasy and science fiction novelist. In Worlds Before Our Own (Anomalist Books, 2007), I pose a two-pronged question: Did a race of early humans exist during the Age of Reptiles, something like 70 million years ago; or did a certain number of the giant reptiles survive until a few thousand years ago?

Early in January, 1970, the London Express Service carried an item relating the discovery of a set of cave paintings which had been found in the Gorozamzi Hills, twenty-five miles from Salisbury in Rhodesia. According to the news story, the paintings included an accurate representation of a brontosaurus, the 67-foot, 30-ton behemoth that scientists insist became extinct millions of years before man achieved his earthly advent.

Experts agree that the paintings were done by bushmen who ruled Rhodesia from about 1500 B.C.E. until a few hundred years ago. The experts also agree that the bushmen only painted from life. This belief is borne out by the other Gorozamzi Hills cave paintings, which represent elephants, hippos, deer, and giraffe.

The November, 1968, issue of Science Digest carried the startling thoughts of Mexican archaeologist-journalist Jose Diaz-Bolio concerning his discovery of an ancient Mayan relief sculpture of a peculiar serpent-bird found in the ruins of Tajin, located in Totonacapan in the northeastern section of Veracruz, Mexico. Diaz- Bolio suggested that the serpent-bird was not merely the product of Mayan flights of fancy, but a realistic representation of an animal that lived during the period of the ancient Mayans — 1,000 to 5,000 years ago. Continue reading at agoracosmopolitan


"House shook like an earthquake, backyard lit up"

MUFON CMS - Ohio, July 7, 2011 - bright light that I could see through with an earthquake effect to the house.

I was lying on the couch at my sons house, I was house sitting, there was a storm then the storm passed and I fell asleep. I woke up to the house shaking like an earthquake, when I looked out the sliding glass doors I thought it was daytime except the light was exceptionally bright like looking at the sun but you could see through it.

I could see the entire back yard about 1/4 or so of an acre.

In a few seconds the light disappeared and it was night, everything was dark and I felt like I was in shock or couldn't move or think I just layed back down on the couch and went to sleep but I felt it was really strange almost dream like.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and wondered if anyone reported anything in Manchester on July the 7th or 6th. I do have another experience that is really old that I have never talked about, I will also fill out a form on that one because I am not sure which experience Cathy wanted me to report.

Also...check out Sunny's recent post at "Linear Formation" of Lights Passes Over Pickup Carrying 6 Passengers


Couple offering $500 for return of beloved monkey doll Bongo

Couple offering big bucks for return of beloved monkey doll Bongo

Two grief-stricken Manhattanites have frantically papered Park Slope with fliers offering hundreds of dollars for the safe return of their closest companion — a beloved monkey doll named Bongo.

Bonni Marcus and Jack Zinzi said their best friend went missing on Sunday night during a routine outing to their favorite Fifth Avenue restaurant, El Viejo Yayo.

The disappearance occurred around 7 pm, as Marcus and Zinzi were walking from their car near Flatbush Avenue to the eatery.

“I walked over to the restaurant, sat down, ordered the food, and reached into my pocket to put Bongo on the table — and saw that he was gone,” Zinzi said. “I tore the car apart. I was in a bad way. Bongo really means a lot to me, so I kind of broke down.

“It happened so fast, because I couldn’t have been in the restaurant 10 minutes before I realized he was gone,” Zinzi continued.

“Somebody must have come along and thought he was as cute as I know he is.”

It’s unclear if police have been notified, but any decent gumshoe would have no problem tracking down a missing person with this description: Peach skin, jet-black eyes, perpetual smile stitched on his face, eight inches tall.

The doll has been a constant part of Marcus and Zinzi’s lives for 10 years now. The two adults are devastated enough to offer $500 to anyone who has happened across the wayward Beanie Baby.

The reward appears on fliers posted all over the area, with “Help Me Get Home” hastily written in black Sharpie.

Marcus, 47, and Zinzi, 58, are not in a romantic relationship with each other, but they regard Bongo as the son they never had.

Zinzi, a Park Slope native, bought Bongo at a discount store upstate a decade ago. He doesn’t recall the name, but he can’t forget the moment.

“There was a whole bunch of stuffed animals, and Bongo caught my eye,” he said. “I thought it would be a great gift for Bonni — and we both became a little attached to it.”

Marcus felt the same way.

“Bongo’s simply a member of our family,” said Marcus, who uses the term “mother” when talking about her relationship to the doll. “We take him everywhere, we talk to him.”

Everywhere? Bongo accompanied Marcus to a Hindu hermitage in the Bahamas. And he was there whenever Zinzi, a manager at a Manhattan apartment building, played handball in Coney Island.

The chances of finding this absent primate are slim, but the dynamic doll-doting duo is optimistic. Since Monday, when the fliers went up, two people have called — one Samaritan saying that she placed Bongo on a traffic meter after discovering him lying on Flatbush Avenue, the other mentioning a separate Bongo sighting at the corner of Union Street and Eighth Avenue. In both cases, when Marcus and Zinzi returned to the site, Bongo was gone.

Nonetheless, they remain vigilant.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get him back,” Zinzi said.

Residents of Park Slope don’t know what to make of the mysterious fliers.

“It must be some kind of joke,” said Maureen Hormaza. But when told that it was not, in fact, a joke, Hormaza’s heart melted.

“It’s very sad and touching,” she said. “Wow.”

Then again, this is New York, where sympathy is doled out with an eyedropper.

“What’s the big deal,” asked Tyrone Williams, who works in the supermarket nearby. “Get another teddy bear!” - brooklynpaper


The Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days is the name for the most sultry period of Summer, from about July 3 to Aug. 11. Named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, the period was reckoned as extending from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius (the dog star) and the Sun.

In the latitude of the Mediterranean region this period coincided with hot days that were plagued with disease and discomfort.

The time of conjunction varies with difference in latitude, and because of the precession of the equinoxes it changes gradually over long periods in all latitudes.

It has been a very hot Summer here in the United States...especially in north Texas where my friend Sunny said it reached 110+F on Thursday and it has not rained for months. It's so bad that some of old growth trees are dying from lack of water. Please be aware of your friends and neighbors who lack sufficient cooling. Keep your pets indoors. Relief is hopefully on the way!

This Week On 'Beyond the Edge' Radio - Author / Lecturer Bill Bean

Bill Bean is a nationally known author and lecturer. His faith in GOD has inspired many people around the country and in different parts of the world. Bill says, "GOD truly delivered me from evil."

In 1970, the Bean family moved into a modest three bedroom ranch style house located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The community was called, "Harundale." Bill recalled his first memories of the house were frightening ones. "It had a very foreboding and ominous feel from the start," he said. What the family didn’t know is that a demonic force already occupied their new home. Bill Bean stated, "My family was literally torn apart by an evil force that co-existed among us. The activity began as noises and gradually escalated into violent physical attacks on us by the entities."

In his book Dark Force, Bill Bean painfully describes in terrifying detail the events that tormented his family. As disturbing as some of the content in Dark Force is, there’s a very powerful message of hope and faith that has affected many readers in a positive way.

Bill starred in a Discovery Channel broadcast about his story. The show aired on September 7, 2006 and is often shown during Bill’s lectures. He's also appeared on such shows as Coast to Coast, Discovery Channel, Syfy Channel, 21st Century Radio, Off the Record, The Sheena Metal Show, Roseanne, America Tonight, Real TV, X-Zone [Canada], Pulse Radio[UK], City Talk [UK], Philly Tonight, Fox 45 Cover Story, Encounters Radio, WARN Radio and many others. Bill has been featured on TV news and has been written about in news papers and magazines. Look for Bill on Cornerstone TV! March 2, 2011.

In his latest book called Delivered, the rest of the story is told.

"Delivered tells the rest of the story. I have had many different supernatural experiences in my adult life. I rejoice in the fact that I'm free from the evil that destroyed my family and tried to destroy me. GOD delivered me from all of it, and I can never thank HIM enough. After you read my books, I pray that you will draw closer to YHWH."

You can order Bill's books at BillBean104

Join Eric Altman and Lon Strickler each Sunday at 10 PM ET as we go
Beyond the Edge!

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Metal Artifact Recovery - UFO Close Encounter - Vaddo Island, Sweden

Two pieces of the artifact (the two left images are piece #1, and on the right is piece #2). (credit: Illobrand Von Ludwiger)

Stig Ekberg and Harry Sjoberg were driving on the Island of Vaddo, Sweden, when they were approached by a flattened sphere shaped object. It settled in the middle of the road, about 100 meters in front of them. After about ten minutes, the object lifted off and accelerated away. At the landing site, the witnesses found a shiny "rock" that was hot to the touch. It was a three-sided piece of metal about the size of a matchbox, and had a heavy weight. Upon analysis, the object was found to be composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt.


The material is still under the possession of Dr. Peter Sturrock. It reportedly came from two witnesses of an aerial phenomenon, one of whom is deceased. Although the material appears to be tungsten carbide, the original shape of the object was unusual and no conventional use for such an object has ever been found.

von Ludwiger compiled this case and what follows is his exact description of the chain of events. Two witnesses, Stig Ekberg and Harry Sjöberg were building a house on the island of Väddö, about 90 km NNW of Stockholm on November 11th, 1956. At about 10 p.m. Ekberg was driving his Ford V8 pickup when they saw a bright flying object with the shape of flattened sphere 8 m. wide and 3 m. high approaching from the right (from the east) against the clear night sky. They estimated that it flew about 1 km in front of them at an altitude of 100 meters. Suddenly it made a sharp turn towards them, at which time the truck engine sputtered and died and the headlights went out. The object started a slowly gliding down. It seemed to rock back and forth until it came to a stop in the middle of the road, about 100m in front of them, one meter above the ground. It was illuminating the surrounding landscape with such a tremendous amount of light that even a barn, half a kilometer away, was visible as if the sun was shining. The air smelled like ozone and smoldering insulation.

After about 10 minutes the light of the object intensified, it lifted off the ground, moved to the left and up, made a sudden turn and accelerated away in the direction from which it came. At that point Ekberg was able to restart the truck normally, and the headlights came back on. Observing that the grass at the landing site had been flattened, they investigated further and found a shiny rock that was hot to the touch. It was a three-sided piece of metal about the size of a matchbox, and had a heavy weight.

After several unsuccessful attempts to have the sample studied, it was taken to the SAAB airline manufacturing company where Mr. Sven Schalin conducted a thorough analysis. Other tests were later run in laboratories in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The general conclusion was that the object was composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt, consistent with manufactured products. According to von Ludwiger, all industrial countries have companies which produce such hard metals, and the manufacturing technology is in principle the same. The overall quality of the material was outstanding, but not unusual for the early 1950s. - excerpts from Illobrand von Ludwiger report


November 11, 1956. Väddö Island, Sweden Ð Classification: CE-2

Prof. Sturrock has custody of a sample reportedly recovered by two witnesses of an aerial phenomenon (one of whom has since died). Although the material appears to be common tungsten-carbide, the original shape of the specimen was unusual and it has not been identified as an object serving a conventional use.

According to a summary of the case compiled by von Ludwiger the two witnesses, Stig Ekberg and Harry Sjöberg were building a house on the island of Väddö, about 90 km NNW of Stockholm. At about 10 p.m. Ekberg was driving his Ford V8 pickup when they saw a bright flying object with the shape of a flattened sphere 8 m. wide and 3 m. high approaching from the right (from the east) against the clear night sky. They estimated that it flew about 1 km in front of them at an altitude of 100 meters. Suddenly it made a sharp turn towards them, at which time the truck engine sputtered and died and the headlights went out. The object started slowly gliding down. It seemed to rock back and forth until it came to a stop in the middle of the road, about 100 m. in front of them, one meter above the ground. It was illuminating the surrounding landscape with such a tremendous amount of light that even a barn, half a kilometer away, was visible as if the sun was shining. The air smelled like ozone and smoldering insulation.

After about 10 minutes the light of the object intensified, it lifted off the ground, moved to the left and up, made a sudden turn and accelerated away in the direction from which it came. At that point Ekberg was able to restart the truck normally, and the headlights came back on. Observing that the grass at the landing site had been flattened, they investigated further and found a shiny rock that was hot to the touch. It was a three-sided piece of metal about the size of a matchbox, and had a heavy weight.

After several unsuccessful attempts to have the sample studied, it was taken to the SAAB airline manufacturing company where Mr. Sven Schalin conducted a thorough analysis. Other tests were later run in laboratories in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The general conclusion was that the object was composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt, consistent with manufactured products. According to von Ludwiger, all industrial countries have companies which produce such hard metals, and the manufacturing technology is in principle the same. The overall quality of the material was outstanding, but not unusual for the early 1950s. - Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 12, No. 3, 1998 - JACQUES F. VALLEE

NOTE: There is no recent information as to where the recovered artifacts are located...Lon

Just the Facts? - Illinois Lake Creature, Columbia Shuttle Debris Found and Rat Kills With Poison

Unknown Creature in Illinois Lake

I am not inclined to believe in the existence of the Loch Ness monster or the photos and sightings of blurred hairy creatures some call Big Foot. But I have to admit I am stumped when attempting to identify some mysterious beings that were very casually surfacing in the water of the east pond at Twin Lakes Park in Villa Park on Sunday.

I was at the Park at the north end of Ardmore to document the newest park playground equipment under construction when I noticed the water swirling in the pond. At first it appeared to be a large fish. Then I noticed another similar shape in the water several yards to the north. The two creatures were hovering just below the water’s edge and periodically breaking the surface sometimes in one place other times in two places. Both objects were alternating between moving and motionless. A few minutes after watching them I began to believe that they were turtles. Then the shapes became clearer and I could see that one of the creatures was at least 3 feet long.

If this being is a turtle or a fish in either case it will be the largest of either species I have seen in any lake, or pond. At times I thought the object was long and thin. Then the shadows from under the water appeared oval and shorter. As I tried to get the clearest view suddenly the creature swirled and created a large impulse in the water. The creature appear to dive a little then slowly rise to just below the surface again.

I took several photos with a telephoto lens and could not see clearly enough to make a decision of what it was. The second creature was no longer visible so I focused only on one for several minutes. It stayed at least 75 feet from the shoreline - and almost in the same spot I first noticed it. So getting closer to the water would be of no benefit.

I started to scan the rest of the lake hoping to find another that I could identify. I kept looking for dark shadows just below the surface. On the opposite side of the lake I noticed one very similar to the creature off shore on my side. But this shadow was larger. Much larger. The same long thin shadow. It kept getting bigger and bigger as it seemed to come closer to the surface. The object never did break the surface of the water. It stayed below and then slowly disappeared. The photos I took of this much larger shadow was at least 20-30 feet long. Objects on the opposite shoreline can be used as a reference in the photo.

What these sightings were is beyond my ability to identify. As I drove home I laughed at the prospect of an underwater creature living in a lake so close to where I lived. What is next? A furry upright animal rustling around the garbage cans at night? Whatever the answer I will find out and once and for all know what creatures live among the fishes in Twin Lakes in Villa Park. - triblocal


BBC deluged with UFO calls

The village of Cottered has been thrust into the middle of the UFO debate after a disc-shaped object was spotted early this morning (Wednesday August 4).

BBC Radio 5 Live was deluged with calls after sports reporter Mike Sewell described seeing the strange sighting as he drove through Cottered on the A507 at around 4.50am as he made his way to Stansted Airport to cover a football game in Sweden.

“I just noticed in the sky straight ahead looking like it was descending was what I thought was plane with a bright white light at the front and a couple flashing lights either side and it was coming down,” he told host Nicky Campbell during the breakfast programme.

The reporter presumed there must be an airfield nearby but the mysterious object then banked to the south in the Wood End and Ardeley direction.

He continued: “I then got a good look on it. It wasn’t a helicopter, I’m not sure what it was, but it was disc-shaped [with] at least two panelled lights – soft white lights – underneath and several flashing lights around it.

“It can’t have been a plane because it didn’t continue its journey. I wouldn’t say it hovered but it stayed in a certain area.”

The disbelieving journalist said he watched it for two or three minutes and soon after losing sight of it decided to turn back. He lost track of the object but did see a higher bright light in the sky with a bright white light.

But he says he wasn’t alone during the time of the incident – a Volkswagen was travelling along the road in front of him at the same time, the driver of which “must have seen it.”

Sally Kingsley, partner at Kingsley Bros farm which has fields surrounding the village, confirmed that they didn’t have any combine harvesters or the like operating at the time.

She said: “I did see a slight flash about 5am or 6am whilst driving up to the farm. It looked as if it was going to rain so it could have been lightning, but that’s about it,” laughing off suggestions that the paranormal was the cause.

Cottered churchwarden and de facto village historian Neville Chuck was awake at the time of the sighting, but didn’t notice bright lights in the sky.

“I didn’t see it and we’ve never had anything like this happen before as far as I know, but I’ll keep my eyes open.”

Priest-in-charge Mike Leverton said: “I’ve got seven people staying my house at the moment but no-one saw it.

“I’m certain there is a normal explanation. Cottered is on the Luton flightpath and there can be weird reflections.

“There are no aliens in the back garden as far as I know.”

But just in case little green men are wandering around the village, he added: “We would welcome them into the Church of England, we welcome everybody,” saying he would offer them a cup of coffee providing they had come in peace.

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire police said they had only received one call on the subject from a member of the public regarding the sighting.

She added: “This is not a regular occurrence but we always encourage anybody to report anything suspect – strange people, strange aircraft and the like on our non-emergency number 101.” - hertfordshiremercury


Columbia shuttle debris found in drought-stricken lake

Debris from the space shuttle Columbia, which burned up on re-entry in 2003, has turned up in a drought-stricken lake in eastern Texas.

The 1m-wide spherical tank was found in Lake Nacogdoches, near the Texas town of the same name where much of the debris initially fell.

The tank was part of the ill-fated orbiter's electrical power system and contained liquid hydrogen or oxygen.

A drought in the region has driven the lake's water levels down by nearly 3m.

A local policeman patrolling the area alerted authorities to the find.

"It had been out of the water for some time," Nacogdoches police sergeant Greg Sowell told the Associated Press. "It had been seen by local sportsmen... People didn't know what they were looking at."

Local authorities will arrange to ship the tank back to the Kennedy Space Center, where other Columbia wreckage has been collected for analysis. Nasa said about 40% of the orbiter had been recovered.

The Columbia shuttle broke up in the skies over eastern Texas in February 2003, killing all seven of its crew. The heat shield that protects the shuttle from the searing heat of re-entry was damaged on liftoff by a piece of insulating foam that broke away from an external fuel tank. - BBC


Giant African Crested Rat Kills Predators with Poisonous Hair

By utilizing the same plants that African tribesmen use to poison their arrows, the furry fury known as the African crested rat can incapacitate and even kill predators many times its size, researchers have found.

"This is the first mammal that is borrowing a deadly poison from a plant and slathering it on itself without dying," said study researcher Jonathan Kingdon, of Oxford University in England. "This is an extraordinary thing to have evolved."

Growing up in Africa, Kingdon was frequently exposed to these rats, even keeping one (very cautiously) as a pet. He had heard this animal was poisonous, but it look 30 years for him to figure out how and why this special animal kills and sickens its predators.

Hair-raising situation

Whenever a predator, like a dog, comes upon the rat and tries to eat it, the animal gets a mouthful of potentially deadly poison.

"It isn't really designed to kill. If it killed every time nothing would ever learn that this is distasteful," Kingdon said. "The way it really works is that you go away and you recover from a terrible experience and you never, ever invite that experience again."

Kingdon noted one example he's seen firsthand: When in the presence of a crested rat, a dog that previously had a run-in with one of the animals quivered in fear and wouldn't approach the innocuous- looking foot-long rat.

Evolutionary marvel

To figure out the rat's secret, Kingdon and his colleagues observed the rats in the wild and ran lab tests on a line of hairs that run along its back and seemed to have a unique structure. They also tested the chemicals in the hairs' poisons alongside that of the bark of the Acokanthera schimperi, which the rats are known to chew.

They found that to make its poison fur, the rat — which averages about 14 inches (36 cm) long — chews the bark of the A. schimperi and licks itself to store the resulting poisonous spit in specially adapted hairs. This behavior is hardwired into the animal's brain, similar to nitpicking behavior of birds or self-bathing of cats, the researchers suspect.

"What is quite clear in this animal is that it is hardwired to find the poison, it is hardwired to chew it and it is hardwired to apply it to the small area of hairs," Kingdon said. The animals apply the poisonous spit only to the specialized hairs on a small strip along its back. When threatened, the rat arches its back and uses specially adapted muscles to slick back its hair and expose the strip of poison.

Poison from this tree bark has been used by hunters to take down large prey, like elephants, for thousands of years. "Evolution has mimicked something that hunters do," Kingdon said. "It [the crested rat] is borrowing from the plant just as the hunters are borrowing from the very same plant."

Medical miracle

The hairs themselves are specially structured to absorb the poison, Kingdon found. Their outer layer is full of large holes, like a pasta strainer, and the inside is full of straight fibers that wick up liquids. "There is no other hair that is known to science that is remotely structured like these hairs," Kingdon said.

It is unknown why the rat doesn't die from chewing the poison, though it could be resistant somehow. "The rats should drop dead every time they chew this stuff but they are not," Kingdon said. "We don't have the slightest idea how that could be done."

Learning more about how this poison works could even help human medicine, since it acts by inducing heart attacks. A related chemical, called digitoxin, has been used for decades as a treatment for heart failure. - Yahoo

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Just the Facts? - Amazing Serpent Crop Formation, Connecticut River Monster and Reporter's UFO Shock

Amazing serpent crop formation

West Woodhay Down, near Inkpen, Wiltshire


Texas lake turns blood red

A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Times, but probably is the end of a popular fishing and recreation spot.

A drought has left the OC Fisher Reservoir in San Angelo State Park in West Texas almost entirely dry. The water that is left is stagnant, full of dead fish — and a deep, opaque red.

The color has some apocalypse believers suggesting that OC Fisher is an early sign of the end of the world, but Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries officials say the bloody look is the result of Chromatiaceae bacteria, which thrive in oxygen-deprived water.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Charles Cruz, a fish and wildlife technician with Texas Parks and Wildlife in San Angelo, Tex.

Texas is experiencing major drought this summer, with 75 percent of the state's area in an "exceptional" drought, the highest level, according to the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC). The state had hoped for some relief from Tropical Storm Don last week, but the system fizzled and brought only an inch or two of rain to areas near the coast.

The drought has taken its toll on a number of reservoirs in West Texas, Cruz told LiveScience. OC Fisher has never been completely full, Cruz said, but it was stocked with catfish, bass, sunfish and other popular targets for fishermen.

"We surveyed the lake, I believe it was last year, and we had a pretty good fish population out there," Cruz said. "It was pretty sickening going out there, watching lake levels just drop and drop and drop and seeing these nice trophy-sized bass just floating dead."

As of last week, all that remained of the lake was a small pond a few feet deep, Cruz said. There were thousands of dead fish, he said, but no sign of life.

"The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in the sea died," the passage Begley cited reads. "The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood."

Begley may not have any more luck at predicting the end of the world than did Harold Camping, the radio preacher who set the date for May 21, 2011. But for as long as the drought persists, the OC Fisher reservoir is a reservoir no longer.

"I don't know what's left in there now. We haven't been back," Cruz said. "But I would guess it's probably pretty much gone already." - livescience


Alien statue unveiled in Perm, Russia

Russia’s first ever statue of an alien has been unveiled near the city of Perm, in the Urals. It marks the site of the most frequent UFO sightings in Russia.

­The wooden statue, almost two meters tall, was erected at the entrance to the village of Molebka. This place was not chosen accidentally as it is considered one of the most popular UFO hotspots in Russia, Itar-Tass reports. Many believe that UFOs land there more often than in other places. The so-called Molebsky triangle was discovered in the 1980s.

“This is Russia’s first monument to a UFO,” the news agency quoted Nikolay Subbotin, the head of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS), as saying. The monument with characteristic alien eyes was done by a local skilled craftsman, carver Viktor Sazanov, and cost local authorities 45,000 rubles (about US$1,600).

Subbotin said that now local ufologists are thinking of opening a UFO museum in Molebka with an observatory shaped like a flying saucer. They want to send the proposal to colleagues in the US city of Roswell, the most famous zone among ufologists.

The “first contact” has already been established, as guests from Roswell attended the festival of creativity and design called “Fact and Fiction of the Molebsky Triangle.” - RT


Deen: The Big Conn, monster or myth?

Loch Ness has her Nessie, Lake Champlain has her Champ, Lake Mephremegog has her Memphre and the Connecticut River, well the sting of it is that she has her monster, it just has not been named yet. The Connecticut River does have a monster or monsters, that is, if you can believe press stories from numerous historical sources, including The New York Times.

One of the earliest reports comes from the History of Lordship in 1878 when an assistant engineer on the steamer State of New York said that he witnessed the head of a monster raised several feet above the waves. The head disappeared and a portion of the body formed an arc “under which it would have been easy to drive a team of oxen.”

In 1881, soon after the Lordship incident, according to The Times, the yacht A.M. Bliss was returning from a fishing cruise when the passengers saw a veritable sea serpent moving slowly along the surface of the calm water.

And an 1886 New York Times article from Middletown, Conn., reported that “all along the banks of the Connecticut River people eagerly watched for a glimpse of the great sea serpent.” According to the story: “Out of the froth rose a big black head as large as a flour barrel and with eyes as big as small plates. The head kept rising higher and higher until 10 feet of the neck appeared. The men didn’t stop to make a long or thorough examination, but they feel sure that the sea serpent must have been a clear hundred feet long.”

The Hartford, Conn., Haunted Places Examiner recounted a story from 1894 when Austin Rice of East Deerfield, Conn., … “a plain unimaginative farmer, who for nearly 50 of the 70 years of his life has resided in his quiet home on the banks of the Connecticut River, says that nothing on earth can convince him that he did not see a snake in the river a few days ago. The report noted that “Mr. Rice’s reputation for veracity among his neighbors and acquaintances is good, and he never drinks.”

Then in 1895, the History of Lordship reported that crew members on the steamer Richard Peck noticed “a coiling motion, and the sea monster, as such it must have been if what they say is true, dove out of sight, first raising its head as if it had not been aware of the approaching steamer and had been disturbed from peaceful slumber.”

There is something unusual about Lordship because again the History of Lordship reports that in 1896 a sea serpent with pea green whiskers passed down Long Island Sound. “He was plowing through the water at a 25- knot clip — and left a wake of foam behind him a mile in length. He was easily 200 feet in length and his head was reared 20 feet above the brine.”

It seems our Connecticut River monster then became bashful for some 100 years. Maybe part of its reclusive time was spent in the nearly mile-long Hog River tunnel under Hartford, Conn. The Hog River flows 30 feet under the city in a 30-foot-high by 45-foot-wide tunnel made of reinforced concrete that is just over a mile long and runs between the Capitol and Armory buildings to the Connecticut River. Those few brave souls who have canoed the river tunnel say, ”The darkness and the dripping and the echoes — it’s like a chance to go to a kind of alien world.” We may never know for sure, but it’s possible.

Then in 1995, according to a press release from the Main Street Museum, that “in the waters just off of Lyman Point in White River Junction, where the White meets the Connecticut River, that an extraordinary monster was seen frolicking. First reports gave indication that some cousin, or closer relative, of “Champ,” Lake Champlain’s Aquatic Apparition, had somehow found its way onto the eastern half of our beautiful state.” They offered the captured monster for display in 1995.

Not to be outdone, in 2008 NBC TV in Hartford, Conn., reported that a West Hartford resident had taken pictures of a mysterious creature living in West Hartford Reservoir Number 1. The photos taken depict something just below the surface of the water that appears to have “ancient looking” spikes along its long tail. The witness showed the photos to officials with the Metropolitan District Commission, who said that the reservoir does not hold drinking water so there is no cause for concern.

All of the sightings over the past 130 years recorded something that looked like an eel, serpent or reptile of some kind with a long neck and body or a longer spiked tail. That’s a lot of coincidence since the first sighting in 1878. Maybe there is more than one Connecticut River monster, depending on its taste for salt water. All of the people making the reports certainly seemed convinced the monster was real.

Believe what you will about The Big Conn monster, but that’s my story, and I am sticking to it. - vtdigger


BBC sports reporter shocked by UFO sighting

Well-respected sports reporter Mike Sewell relived the moment he saw the disc-shaped craft zoom in front of his car as he drove across the countryside in darkness at 4.15am.

Mike, who lives in the Midlands, was driving to Stansted Airport to catch a flight to Sweden, when he saw a UFO with flashing lights around the outside above him in the road.

Hertfordshire cops said they had no reports of a UFO.

Mike told how he had been driving behind a VW van when he saw the craft in the sky.

Speaking on Radio Five Live to millions of listeners this morning, he revealed how he was left "gobsmacked" as the UFO then hovered above a field a few hundred yards from the road.

He said: "I was driving east across country about 15 to 20 miles from Stansted Airport at 4.15 in the morning and I saw this big bright light in the sky descending towards the road and as it got closer it banked to the left.

"As it banked to the left it went cross-country, I could see underneath and it wasn't an aeroplane and it wasn't a helicopter.

"I dread saying this, disc-shaped. It had several lights flashing all around it and underneath there were at least two large panel lights, soft white lights underneath.

"And then it just sat or circled a certain area above a field.

"I was so gobsmacked.

"I was trying to keep on the road and eventually lost sight of it after two or three minutes but what I saw was not an normal aircraft.

"It was weird. I was totally freaked out."

Sewell was on his way to the airport to catch an early morning flight to Sweden for tonight's Champions League qualifying game between Malmo and Glasgow Rangers.

He was just outside the Hertfordshire village of Cottered when he spotted the object in the night sky.

UFO expert Timothy Good said: "It is absolutely fascinating. Clearly it is not a conventional aircraft of any type. I'm most impressed, I wish I had seen it myself.

"I would assume that a number of other people would have seen this object.

"It might well be extra-terrestrial, it might well be a secret aircraft or space craft that have been flown by the United States military and the British military for quite some time." - thesun



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The Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash and Recovery

On March 25, 1948, a UFO was detected and picked up on their scopes by three separate and strategically located radar units in the southwestern part of the United States. It is theorized that [the beam from one of the radars] had some kind of effect on the central control system of the flying object, for immediately it seemed to go out of control. The following is an in-depth overview of the crash and subsequent recovery of a UFO and sixteen humanoid occupants near Aztec, New Mexico.


It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational stories of recovered flying saucers and little men in his best-selling book Behind the Flying Saucers published in 1950. Scully claimed that up to that time there had been four such recoveries, one of which was alleged to have taken place around Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid bodies were recovered together with their undamaged craft. According to Scully's informants, the disk that landed near Aztec was 99.99 feet in diameter, its exterior made of a light metal resembling aluminum but so durable that no amount of heat (up to 10,000 degrees was applied) or diamond-tipped drill had the slightest effect. The disk apparently incorporated large rings of metal which revolved around a central, stabilized cabin, using an unfamiliar gear ratio. There were no rivets, bolts, screws or signs of welding. Investigators were eventually able to gain entry. Scully was told, because of a fracture in one of the portholes, which they enlarged, revealing a knob inside the cabin which when pushed (with a pole) caused a hidden door to open. Sixteen small humanoids, ranging in height from 36 to 42 inches, were supposedly found dead inside the cabin, their bodies charred to a dark brown color. Scully was told that the craft landed undamaged, having landed under its own guidance. The craft was eventually dismantled, the investigators having discovered that it was manufactured in segments which fitted in grooves and were pinned together around the base. The complete cabin section, measuring 18 feet in diameter was lifted out of the base of the saucer, around which was a gear that fitted a gear on the cabin. These segments, together with the bodies, were then transported to Wright Field (Wright Patterson AFB). Some of the bodies were later dissected and examined by the Air Force, and were found to be similar in all respects to human beings, with the exception of their teeth, which were perfect.

New Supportive Evidence?

According to important information published by William Steinman in 1987 there is a large grain of truth in the Aztec story, and he has managed to acquire some astonishing supportive evidence. Like Scully, he is unwilling to divulge his sources, which inevitably lays him open to charges of fabrication. Steinman discovered that the Aztec disk came to earth on 25 March 1948, having been detected by three separate radar units in the southwest, one of which was said to have disrupted the craft's control mechanism. The area of impact was calculated by triangulation and this information was immediately relayed to Air Defense Command and Gen. George C. Marshall, then Secretary of State, who allegedly contacted the MJ-12 group as well as the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) of the Army Counterintelligence Directorate. The IPU operated out of Camp Hale, Colorado, at this time, Steinman claims, and its main function was to collect and deliver disabled or crashed disks to certain specified secret locations. The craft was recovered within hours by the IPU scout team about 12 miles northeast of Aztec. General Marshall ordered Air Defense Command to go off alert status, and the radar units were advised that there had been a false alarm. Marshall then gave orders to the commander of the IPU to organize a recovery team and contacted Dr. Vannevar Bush - the. head of MJ-12 to gather together a team of scientists to accompany the IPU to the crash site. Steinman has named these scientists as follows:

Dr., Lloyd Berkner, Dr. Detlev Bronk, Dr. Carl A. Heiland, Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Dr. John von Neumann, Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer, Dr. Merle A. Tuve, Dr. Horace B. van Vandenberg.

Four of these scientists, it will be noted, were members of the original MJ-12 panel set up in September 1947. Dr. Carl A. Heiland was a geophysicist and magnetic sciences expert who was the head of the Colorado School of Mines, and according to Steinman leaked details of the recovery to one of Scully's sources, Leo GeBauer. Dr. Horace B. van Vandenberg was an inorganic chemist associated with the University of Colorado. Dr. Merle A. Tuve worked for the Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II, and is chiefly remembered as a geophysicist for his techniques of radio wave propagation of the upper atmosphere. Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer distinguished himself primarily as leader of the Los Alamos atomic bomb project , commanding the allegiance of the world's top physicists. He was the Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton from 1947 and became Chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. John von Neumann, the famous Hungarian born mathematician, became a consultant on the atomic bomb (Manhatten Project) in 1943. His main area of expertise lay in the design and development of computers. The scientists, according to Steinman, were told by Dr. Bush to assemble at Durango Airfield, Colorado, 35 miles to the north of Aztec, with the minimum delay. All those involved in the recovery were sworn to an above top secret oath.

The IPU convoy used a route to the site that avoided main roads, and on arrival road blocks were set up at strategic points within two miles of the recovery area. The owner of a ranch and his family were allegedly held incommunicado and told never to discuss the matter (cf. the Roswell incident). Equipment hauling trucks were camouflaged to look like oil drilling rigs during the operation.

A cabin window in the dome of the craft was broken out and a pole thrust through which tripped a release and an access port opened. Dead occupants inside were found slumped over elaborate control panels. (artist: Chan Johnson; source: Steinman/Stevens)

Inside the Craft

A team of scientists arrived at the site a little later than the IPU team and began dissecting the disk. According to Steinman, they entered the craft one by one, entry having been gained via a fractured porthole as described in Scully's account. The portholes themselves looked metallic and only appeared translucent on close inspection. Inside the craft they found two humanoids, about two feet in height, slumped over an instrument panel charred deep brown. Another 12 bodies lay sprawled on the floor in chamber within the cabin, making a total of 14 bodies (not 16 as Scully had been told).

An instrument panel supposedly had several pushbuttons and levers with hieroglyphic-type symbols, as well as symbols illuminated on small display screens. Bush and von Neumann discovered that the control panel had drawers which rolled out, but no wiring could be detected. A book composed of parchment-like leaves with the texture of plastic also contained the strange hieroglyphs - similar to Sanskrit, Oppenheimer thought. This was given to General Marshall, who then passed it on to two leading cryptological experts for analysis, William F. Friedman and Lambros C. Callihamos (who both later led distinguished careers in the National Security Agency).

Dr. Bronk, a physiologist and biophysicist, examined the bodies and asked Bush to get hold of cryogenic equipment with which to preserve them. Cryogenics specialist Dr. Paul A. Scherer, a colleague of Bush's, was contacted and advised Bush to obtain some dry ice. Meanwhile, another small group of scientists and military personnel examined the craft and were eventually able to dismantle it when several interlocking key devices were found which opened up seams at specific points.

Three days later the segments were loaded onto three trucks, together with the bodies, and transported with a tarpaulin marked "Explosives". The convoy headed at night by the least conspicuous and often most laborious route to the restricted Naval Auxiliary Airfield Complex at Los Alamos, arriving one week later. Here they remained for over a year, Steinman claims, before being transported to another base.

Left: Artist's impression of the small bodies found aboard the downed craft, based on eyewitnesses' descriptions relayed through intermediary contacts. (artist: Chan Johnson) Right: Line drawing of the 100' diameter disc-shaped craft. (source: Steinman/Stevens)

The Bodies

Dr. Paul A. Scherer eventually obtained special preservation containers for the least damaged bodies, Steinman relates. One of the companies which supplied equipment was the Air Research Corporation, of which Scherer was Director of Research and Development; it supplied the liquid nitrogen pump, circulation system and refrigeration units. Other specimens were given a complete autopsy, by a team headed by Dr. Bronk, of biophysicists, histochemists and pathologists. The results were put in a report, part of which, Steinman claims, appeared in the "Air Force Project Sign (Grudge) Report No. 13" which has never been released.

According to the report, the bodies were described as averaging 42 inches in length. The facial features strongly resembled "mongoloid Orientals" in appearance, with disproportionately large heads, large "slant" eyes, small noses and mouths. The average weight was about 40 pounds. The torsos were very small and thin, with very thin necks. The arms were long and slender, reaching the knees, with hands containing long and slender fingers with webbing between them. There was no digestive or gastrointestinal tract, no alimentary or intestinal canal, and no rectal point. No reproductive organs were apparent. Instead of blood there was a colorless liquid with no red cells which smelled similar to ozone.


Further Evidence

Veteran researcher Leonard Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer who is the world's leading specialist on what he calls "Retrievals of the Third Kind," shares my misgivings about some of the material in Steinman's book, but we are both impressed with his extensive research into the Aztec case. Stringfield has uncovered further evidence himself. Captain V. A. Postlethwait, who was on detached service with Army G-2 (Intelligence) in 1948, told Stringfield that he was cleared to see a top secret cable describing the crash of a saucer-shaped craft 100 feet in diameter and 30 feet high, with one porthole broken, causing suffocation to the five occupants - who had turned blue as a result. The bodies were about four feet tall with relatively large heads, Postlethwait recollects. The metallic skin of the saucer was too tough to penetrate, although as thin as newspaper. The incident was said to have occurred near White Sands, New Mexico. Aside from a few discrepancies there are some significant parallels with the Aztec case. Postlethwait revealed to Stringfield, for example, that private property was purchased to facilitate transporting the craft.

Leonard Stringfield has also spoken with Dr. Robert Spencer Carr, a retired University of South Florida professor who claims to have testimonial evidence from five sources, including a nurse and a high-ranking Air Force officer who participated in the recovery of a crashed UFO and occupants in 1948 - presumed to be the one at Aztec (although there was another alleged recovery that year, just across the Mexican border near Laredo, Texas). In 1982 Stringfield asked Carr to disclose the name of his principal source, "on the premise that our ages give us little time tolerance in our search for truth."

"When Professor Carr named his source," says Stringfield, "I sat back dumbfounded. I knew his name well in research, and recalled some of his comments on UFOs while he served as an Air Force officer. . . . "Please, Len," pleaded Carr, "keep the name to yourself; please spare me any trouble as long as I live . . . My key witness participated in the 1948 retrieval and saw alien bodies on location."

According to Bill Steinman, two of Carr's sources were aeronautical engineers who provided important information regarding the saucer's construction and propulsion. A source now named is Arthur Bray (not to be confused with the Canadian researcher), a security guard involved with the recovery project. Carr also interviewed a woman whose father was present during the recovery. Information pertaining to the flying saucers must be suppressed, he told his daughter. "If news of this vehicle's water-driven engine got out to the whole scientific community, that would be the end of the oil industry." The comment is of course pure hearsay, but if there is any truth in it a further possible reason for the cover-up is brought to light.

At the still fenced-off crash site on a plateau twelve miles northeast of Aztec, Bill Steinman has uncovered charred and scraped-off rocks of various sizes as well as some metal bracing struts that might possibly have been used for supporting the craft. On one of his visits to the area he was shadowed by two unmarked helicopters.

As for George Bowra's claim that no one in Aztec, could recall the incident, Steinman has traced at least four people who knew where the crash site was located, one of whom, "V.A.," recalls that sometime between 1948 and 1950 a huge disk-shaped flying object with a dome on top skimmed about 100 feet above the ground not far from him. The witness pointed out to Steinman a cliff jutting above the Animas River.

"That thing, or flying saucer, tried hard to clear that cliff, but it hit the very corner up there, shooting sparks and rocks in every direction," he claims. "Finally, it made a right-angle turn in midair and headed straight north in the direction of the alleged crash site at Hart Canyon. That's the last I saw of it. I ran into the house and called the military in Albuquerque. I never heard from them about it."

Steinman first became interested in UFOs in 1981 when he read Frank Scully's book, and has since devoted much of his time and resources on the Aztec case and the other recoveries associated with Scully's claims, often in the face of discouraging odds. Steinman's job in quality assurance and analysis in the aerospace industry has aided him in probing the complex and intricate leads that he has pursued.

Writing in the foreword to Steinman's book, UFO Crash at Aztec, Leonard Stringfield explains how, like many others, he was led to believe the Scully story was a hoax, his disbelief long being conditioned by a succession of ufologists who for years claimed that Scully "was duped by a scheming Silas Newton and his cohort, Leo Gebauer." But now, thanks to Bill Steinman's painstaking research (as well as some of his own leads), he has been obliged to reevaluate the evidence. -

Clcik for video - Aztec 1948 UFO Crash - The Government Cover-Up

Artist's impression of the craft on the ground. Dr. Vannevar Bush, team leader, and Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Aeronautical Engineer at MIT. (artist: Chan Johnson; source: Steinman/Stevens)

Just the Facts? - Humans Are Multi-Planet Species, New Jersey Sasquatch and Noisy Eyeballs

Can Humans be a Multi-Planet Species?

Space may be the final frontier, but Mars should be the next one.

At a spaceflight propulsion conference held by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics on Tuesday, Elon Musk -- the billionaire founder of PayPal and the man behind leading private spaceflight company SpaceX -- spoke about just how to get humanity there.

"Are we on the path to becoming a multi-planet species or not?" Musk asked the crowd at the event. "If we're not, it's really not that exciting after all."

The challenge to getting to Mars is transporting significant tons of cargo and people, Musk noted, a task that will require what he described as a rapidly and fully reusable rocket.

"There's a reason no one has invented a fully reusable rocket before," Musk explained. "It's super-damn hard."

Still, the inventor has a plan for interplanetary travel, and a name for it: Falcon.

Musk described several of the recent advances made by his company's Falcon 9 rockets, which were tested successfully for the first time June 4, 2010. The rocket is designed to generate 3.8 million pounds (1,700 metric tons) of thrust -- making it easily capable of carrying satellites, cargo, and even humans to other planets, he said.

"It's got potential as a generalized science delivery platform for other planets in the solar system," Musk noted.

While he believes there will be a single vehicle for transporting humans to the Red Planet and back -- at least at first -- a Mars base could dramatically change the game.

"As soon as you've got a base on Mars, you've got a 'forcing function' for improving the transportation capability," he noted.

The company did not explain prior to the 4 p.m. EST speech what Musk would discuss, other than referencing the title of his brief speech: "Getting to Mars." But the SpaceX founder has often publicly stated his desire to have humans on Mars within 20 years.

According to a story at, NASA has been tentatively discussing work with the company and its Dragon capsule on an exploratory mission to Mars, a so-called "Red Dragon" mission.

In that mission, NASA's science hardware would fly to the Red Planet aboard SpaceX's Dragon capsule, which the company is developing to ferry cargo and astronauts to and from the International Space Station, reported.

The Dragon capsule is designed to work in concert with the company's multistage Falcon 9 rocket, either on short range resupply trips to the International Space Station or on longer range missions to other planets.

This so-called "Red Dragon" mission, which could be ready to launch by 2018, would carry a cost of about $400 million or less. And the Dragon capsule clearly fits Musk's description of "rapidly and fully reusable."

At the AIAA speech, Musk also teased a new engine development -- needed to bring cargo and people to Mars, he noted -- which he promised to unveil later this year. - foxnews


Searching for Big Red Eye, the New Jersey Sasquatch

Click for video

The search for North Jersey's Sasquatch, Big Red Eye, has been going on for years. Witnesses describe encounters with Big Red Eye and Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman of 'Weird NJ' also lend their expertise to this myth. They also help answer the question on who would win in a fight, Big Red Eye or The Jersey Devil. (Video by Lisa Rose/The Star-Ledger)


Man who could hear his own eyeballs roll cured

Stephen Mabbutt, 57, from Charlton, near Banbury, could also hear his own heart beating.

Mr Mabbutt first experienced symptoms six years ago, when he felt a dull ache in the side of his head.

GPs treated him with nasal sprays and antibiotics, but his hearing deteriorated. Mr Mabbutt was eventually diagnosed with an unusual ear condition in which sounds inside the body are heard very loudly. The condition meant that the noise from chewing food became deafening.

His symptoms worsened to the extent where loud noises caused dizziness and his vision blurred.

Mr Mabbutt told the BBC: "When I raised my voice I could hear it reverberating in my head and the vibrations made my vision vibrate.

"Eventually I could hear my heart beating and my eyes moving in their sockets. It was really distracting."

Mr Mabbutt was referred to Martin Burton, a surgeon from the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital who helped establish the Cochrane Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders Group. A CT scan found perforations inside the semicircular canals inside Mr Mabbutt's ear.

He was diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS), a rare condition discovered by American surgeon Lloyd B Minor in 1995, which is thought to only effect one in 500,000 a year in Britain.

The operation to cure the problem involved a 5cm (2in) incision behind the ear, making a channel through the bone to find the "balance organ" and using the patient's own bone to create a seal around the defect, the BBC said.

It was carried out by Richard Irving, an expert at the Birmingham Ear Clinic.

"It's made a big difference to my life. I feel a different person all round," Mr Mabbutt said. - telegraph


Swede held for building nuclear reactor in his kitchen

Swedish police have detained a 31-year-old man in Ängelholm in western Sweden who was discovered after he sought advice from authorities on the legality of building a nuclear reactor in a domestic kitchen.

The man began his experiment some six months ago and has reportedly been open about his plans to construct a nuclear reactor in his apartment in the small Swedish coastal town, maintaining a blog of his nuclear adventure.

The man, who explained that his interest in nuclear physics was awakened as a teenager, ordered some radioactive material from overseas and acquired more by taking apart a domestic fire alarm.

Despite the man's frank and full disclosure of his experiment, his activities only came to the attention of the authorities a couple of weeks ago when he contacted the Swedish Radiation Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten) to inquire if it was legal to construct a nuclear reactor at home.

The man was told that somebody would be sent to measure the levels of radiation in his flat.

"When they came they had the police with them. I have had a Geiger counter and have not detected a problem with radiation," the 31-year-old told the local Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD).

The man was arrested by the police and taken in for questioning. He admitted to his plans and was later released.

He told the newspaper that had he succeeded in building a nuclear reactor, generating any power would probably have proved beyond him.

"To get it to generate electricity you would need a turbine and a generator and that is very difficult to build yourself," he told HD.

The man is reported to have spent around 6,000 kronor ($950) on his project and after all his equipment was seized in the raid, he has confirmed that in the future he intends to focus on the "theoretical" aspects of nuclear physics. - thelocal


Indian man has hysterectomy after doctors find uterus

An Indian farmer and father of two had a hysterectomy after doctors discovered a "full female reproductive system" in his lower abdomen. The man, identified as Ryalu, was admitted to a hospital near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, after complaining of severe stomach pains. Doctors suspected a normal hernia, but when they carried out an exploratory operation they were shocked to discover it had been caused by a female uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, a cervix and underdeveloped vaginal tissue.

Dr Pramod Kumar Shrivastava, a surgeon at the Chhindwara district hospital said the patient had external male organs, was fit from working in the fields, and lived a normal life. "Usually the contents of the Hernia Sac are abdomen organs like large intestines and small intestines but when we operated on the patient we were surprised to find female reproductive organs. We have removed the organs through a hysterectomy and repaired the hernia.

"The sac contained quite developed uterus, both the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, cervix and a tissue which is undeveloped but apparently looks like vaginal tissue," he explained. The man had not suffered any problems until the stomach pains which led him to hospital. Although he is medically a hermaphrodite, his hormones and sexuality are clearly male, he said.

"The external reproductive organs of the patient were masculine and he has no problems whatsoever with his sexuality. He had functional male genitals and there was no formation of breasts in the patient. It's an embryological accident at the time of embryonic formation," he said. The patient, who was said to be as "stunned" as his doctors at the discovery, is recovering in hospital and is being supported by his family. - telegraph


Chocoholic Giant Fish Gorged On Kit Kats

Aquarium staff have managed to wean a chocoholic giant fish onto a healthier diet after inheriting the gourami, raised entirely on Kit Kats by its owners.

At first, staff at the Sea Life London Aquarium were baffled by the 4kg fish's refusal to eat until they learned it had been fed nothing but chocolate.

The team then stuffed crushed Kit Kat pieces inside grapes to get the 40cm-long gourami named Gary to "take a break" from his daily fix.

"I have never heard of a fish being fed chocolate, let alone being brought up entirely on the stuff," said Gary's handler, Rebecca Carter.

"Gouramis usually eat a diet of fruit but Gary doesn't appear to have suffered any ill effects from his chocolate addiction," she added.

"However, we would not recommend feeding fish confectionery of any kind."

Gary is not the only unusual creature to come to the centre from private owners.

Close by the gourami lives Ed, a catfish with decidedly cat-like tendencies.

Ed will only accept being hand fed and likes to be stroked on the head at the same time.

He has also learned to head-butt a lethal puffer fish who vies for his food, staff said.

But aquarium staff warn that Gary and Ed's peculiar interest in food highlights a more serious issue.

They have nicknamed one display the "tank busters" tank, because it houses a number of large fish that simply grew too big for their owners to manage.

"Many people don't do the right research when they buy fish and end up unable to care for them," said Ms Carter.

"We're delighted we could find a home for Gary but the fact is we simply do not have the space to accommodate the vast number of re-homing requests we receive." - sky

Monday, August 01, 2011

Communion With The Mothman

I received this anecdote from a friend who has shared her paranormal experiences previously though none of the accounts have ever been posted on 'Phantoms and Monsters'. The following remarkable narrative may very well add credence to the Mothman phenomena and, frankly, I have no reason not to believe the account. I have not edited the original text except for a few minor errors. I would encourage reader comments and input:

Lon - I've had some experiences with Mothman since the end of Feb. and its still occurring. This isn't something that can be put in with the Mothman report from Middletown, Ohio of May of this year, at least in total.


In 1967, two weeks before the collapse of the Silver Bridge, a phone call came to our house south of Lancaster, Ohio. It was from dad's friends in southwestern W.Va. Someone else in our house answered the phone and dad was busy watching the evening news so he yelled to whoever answered it to ask them what they wanted. The answer was that they had some trouble over in W.Va. and needed dad to come down. He asked what the trouble was and the person on the other end said it was a big bird. Well, we'd just seen a piece on this on the news and the anchor who reported it laughed about it. Dad laughed and said that was a good one and to tell the person this and then hang up.

A short time after the phone rang again. This was when long distance cost an arm and a leg so dad asked what was going on and again it was that they had this big bird that had done a lot of damage and they needed help to hunt it down. He took the phone call then and we all heard him saying, "All of my guns and all of my ammunition?? What the heck is going on down there?" There were a couple of okays and then I heard him ask why this man's daughter needed to talk to me. It was explained to me that this youngest girl had what they thought was an imaginary friend but asking to talk with me was a good sign that she was coming out of this mentally and emotionally and I was to play along. It was supposed to be for her own good. I was nine years old and she was maybe a few months behind me. I got on the phone and she asked if this was (my name) and I said yes. I asked what her name was and she said what it was. I'd met her once before and she was very introverted and really didn't mix with us. She showed us rocks and bugs but didn't really get involved in getting to know us. That's why I was shocked that this girl asked for me by name. I told her she had a good memory and she said it wasn't her memory that she got my name from! I thought, OK, she's a bit touched as they say, LOL.

I asked where she got my name in order to ask for me and she said it was her friend who was a man - but wasn't a man. I said, "Okay, who is this friend and what does he want with me?" She began to relate that in the course of talking one day he told her my name and said he wanted her to contact me and ask me to come down there to talk to him. I said I'd have to talk to my parents first. I got off the phone and dad wanted to know what was up with this girl. I said there was no way she knew my name. He asked where she got it then. I told him and he got a little alarmed and called their house to ask some questions about this man that 'wasn't a man' and who he might be. They assured him that it wasn't anyone near them as they were out on a quiet country road with only a few neighbors. She said this friend of her's wasn't one of them. They'd checked the woods where she said she'd met with him and never found any footprints or signs that anyone had been there with her. So, because this was urgent we packed up quick and headed down there from central Ohio.

We waited in line to cross the Silver Bridge across from Point Pleasant. A cross member on the top of this bridge on our side of the river was swinging back and forth as it was not attached on one end. The bridge clanged and made all sorts of racket when a car was crossing it. I was told to sit back and rest my eyes because the sunlight was very bright that day and I was getting hot. I felt my eyes get heavy - like I was slipping right into a comfortable rest. The next thing I knew I heard screaming and found myself horizontal above my brothers clawing at the window screaming to be let out that the bridge was going to go into the river. Dad got me calmed down and asked when this was going to happen. I had to rest, I was exhausted. So, I sat back slipped once again and again....found myself across my brothers with my siblings holding my legs and ankles to keep me from going out the window. I realized I was screaming again and clawing at the window. I asked what was going on and they all said I'd been OK and then suddenly lunged for the window to claw my way out while screaming hard. Mom said to beat me for it and so did my siblings. Dad on the other hand told them to hush while he walked me through what I was seeing when I woke up doing this.

I was in a vehicle and it was falling off that bridge into the river below and I saw every inch of the fall to the water and below the water even. I was horrified when it was slow enough for me to see all of this clearly. Dad asked if we'd get across OK that day and when we were supposed to go back home. I searched my mind and saw it was OK to cross. He had me tell him what would cause the bridge to fall and then show it to him on the other side once we got there. When he saw what I'd seen in my mind on the Ohio side before we got to the W.Va. side he was utterly horrified.

Structurally that bridge should not have been in use at all. I won't go into that part but to say that I got it absolutely right on each and every count. He was quiet all the way there except occasionally he would ask me when this would happen. I remember looking in my mind and telling him it would happen in about two weeks. Two weeks to the day we were sitting watching the TV when a news alert came across to say it had fallen into the river. Mom got a calendar right away and checked it to make sure how long it had been. She cried a bit and then asked me to come over to her. She thanked me for saving all their lives. I'd forgotten all about what happened two weeks prior because it was traumatic not just for my visions but for what happened at the people's house!

I hope this helps others, Lon, but I can't have identifying information come back to me about this for certain reasons. I will continue. We drove a long time before arriving and dad went in to talk to these people as we set up our tent to sleep outside. The man came out and said to put it away because we wouldn't want to be sleeping out there with the troubles they had down there. It didn't make sense to any of us how a big bird could be scaring these people that bad but they were scared badly. While the adults got the low down we kids went up into the woods to take care of the imaginary friend thing. The older kids checked everything out to make sure there was no one and nothing to harm us when they left. We were not far into the woods and it was not all that thick with growth. The driveway was pretty wide and it was a sunny day. They all left and I put my younger brother with her brother about 15 ft. from us at the edge of the woods. We all grew up in the woods so there was nothing any of us didn't know how to deal with if confronted with it. We were well practiced. I just wanted to get this over with but the girl was being timid. She said I'd think she was nuts. I laughed and said that sometimes people don't understand but they need to give it time to sink in. I gained her confidence and so she opened up.

She said "he" would scare me if I saw him straight on. I said there wasn't much that scared me anymore with three brothers that challenged my life at every turn. She looked worried and said he was special and didn't look like us. Well, I thought he was disfigured or something but no that wasn't it either. I said that sooner or later if I was to talk to this man I'd have to see him in order to understand what he wanted to tell me. I was thinking that maybe there was some wildlife around there that she wasn't familiar with that she couldn't see clearly so it had scared her. No, she said that wasn't it either. She said I had to promise not to look unless he said it was OK. I said I didn't want to be close to him then if I needed to take off in a hurry. She said I couldn't do that because it would upset him. I let out a Ha! and she just gave me a look and said this was very important to her because he'd been very nice to her and been a good friend when she had no others. Okay, so I appeased her a bit and said I'd play along and be extra nice so I could get this over with. She kept saying not to be alarmed and said she had been the first time she saw him. She said he was very big. I was thinking she must have lost it bad.

I saw movement and there was something looking like a very tall spindly marionette up next to these skinny tall trees. I asked her how she and her siblings had accomplished that. I was laughing but she was looking at me like she had no idea what I was talking about. Then it walked out from the trees without any visible support! I was like okay, there's got to be a sensible explanation to this so I asked if I could move forward after awhile to get a better look. I told her I could take this. Well, she asked him and said he said it was OK. Before that though he wanted to talk to my mind, she said. I thought, oh my God, she's really in La La Land, poor girl, stuck in the sticks of W.Va. and she's lost it! Well that thing moved again as if shifting from side to side in a standing position. That was human like. I begin to hear this man's voice in my mind and it's conversing with me. It's all like 'happy to talk to me finally' and 'so excited by my coming to see him' ...I thought I'd caught this girl's insanity and hit myself at the side of my head to shake this voice out of my head. She asked what was wrong. I told her! She said that was normal. I had news for her but not yet! I had been ordered to see what this was about. This voice seems to be rifling through all my memories like wildfire and then downloading high quality being there in my mind about that bridge falling and other things in the future. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I tried to maintain my balance mentally by reminding myself that I was just playing along and this would all play out to be an elaborate hoax.

I inched closer and closer to the edge of this driveway and then a drop off where the bulldozer had shoved the dirt for it. Movement caught my eyes and I looked down to see these big orange bird feet! I thought, oh my God what is that doing in the woods! I took a very slow, very meticulous look up the legs attached to these feet and they looked stork-like. The feet shifted by one picking up and then the other doing it. It was human like in movement but also bird like. I let my eyes go very slowly up the legs, to the body, ick! and then the chest, also ick! because I could count the ribs! There appeared to be scant feathers on it's skin which was greyish. It was a mix of this bright green color and greyish brown. The more I looked the worse it got but I gritted my teeth and kept my thinking to a minimum. I looked at these wings folded behind it's back but yet out a bit to the sides. I could see through them a bit but they looked leathery and stretchy. I looked at the shoulders which in truth were topped with sharp bumps which I realized were from the wings being folded behind it's body. I inadvertently got a good look at it's head and a wave of revulsion hit me and I said I was going to just back up slowly to get a better look from a distance. I think it picked up that I was scared of it. I heard it in my mind again and it was upset that I was scared of it. I explained with my mind, crazy as that sounds, just thinking I'd seen some people who were disfigured in my time and this was scary too. I'd just have to get used to it. I did want to get out of there with my life unscathed. This was nuts. This thing wanted to chat with me and I wanted to go to the bathroom really bad. I told the girl this and she said we'd have to go to the house. He told her, and I heard it too, that he knew I was scared and he was very upset. Then, he got into a part of my mind that showed what I went through at home and somewhere else, a big building in a big city that I didn't remember except in bits. He was livid at me seeing the entire breadth of whatever that was about. I told them both out loud that this wasn't right for this girl or I to be talking to him.

He said his kind didn't want any of them mixing with us because it was dangerous for them. He'd shown me where they were from, and it wasn't this planet. I was feeling dizzy and my brother saw me stagger a bit. I said I had to go and this girl had to help me down to the house, so we were going to leave now and she and I were about to be in big trouble because I wasn't allowed to keep such a secret. I got out of the woods OK and got up against their garage and wet my pants. Then I felt like I was losing control of my body and was shaking all over. My brother went and got dad. I told him to stay close to the garage because it was out there somewhere and it was huge. He thought I was nuts but I told him sternly that this man that wasn't a man but was a huge creature with wings and big orange feet. He laughed and I said "I wasn't laughing and we had to get into the house."

We all got into the house and the girl was livid with me for saying I wasn't supposed to tell and now he was angry with her. My head hurt really bad. The adults got their guns out. Phone calls were made and in short order men with guns in pickups and cars came flying into their driveway. Dad wouldn't allow me to tell mom or that woman what I'd one. I wanted to cry but felt stunned, shocked, very hard. They got me cleaned up and we all sat trying to be quiet. We tried to listen to what was going on.

That was an awful experience. The men went into the woods leaving the women with guns. They soon came back as it was almost dark. We began to see these huge stick looking figures darting past the picture window out front and then the back windows, and the kitchen door and windows. There was more than one of them. All the guns got loaded and we were put into the middle of the house. There was clawing at the roof, siding and windows. This went on for hours and I finally just went to sleep. I was hot and probably in shock so I just went to sleep.

Everything eventually went quiet and it stayed that way for hours. I woke up needing to go to the bathroom. There was a window so someone had to stand there with a gun as I went. Something came to the window and began to claw at it. By then I didn't know what this was or why it was happening. I was given a magazine and put my whole mind on it and read. When I did this all stopped outside. I got tired and quit doing that while wondering what was going on and it began all over again. We could all hear the tin being torn off the roof. I went back to sleep and everything was quiet the rest of what was left of the night.

The next day we packed up and started home. Dad asked before we got to the bridge if we'd be OK crossing it. I looked in my mind and saw it was OK. They wanted to know this over and over again. I was sure. On the Ohio side of the river my brothers and sisters began to talk about what was going on. Something big swooped down at the car and began to claw at it. This happened off and on all the way home. We could hear this thing holding on to the top of the car!! Once home I was sent to my room and told to go to sleep. Well, I didn't. I was listening to what they were saying downstairs. One of my brothers ran downstairs and said there was noise on the roof. Dad told them to go outside and look to see what it was. My brother returned pale looking and said it was a huge bird like thing with glowing red eyes. Dad said that wasn't funny. My brother said he knew it wasn't but this was true. Dad went out and sure enough he came back to say yes it was true. They were all upset and I was up under the roof that was being torn off. My family was watching shingles coming through the air and landing on the ground out back and front. They got the guns out and I was told to lay down and go to sleep. It was OK for awhile but then it started again.

My brother came to me and said to look out my window. He told me to look at these little red glowing lights outside. They were eyes. I could see huge spindly wings out there walking around on the ground. It was like they were on their elbows. It was really creepy. Dad took a gun out and then I heard him yell to me saying they were going to hurt him if I didn't say he never hurt me. I said I wasn't allowed to tell lies and he asked me nicely to be nice for him. So, I did. I told them I was OK and I was with my siblings who were older and took care of me. He was scared and we could see several of them out there near him. We saw him back slowly into the door.

I felt they were in my mind asking what I wanted most in life. I remember thinking I just wanted to run around and have fun like other kids did. I went to sleep and it was quiet until about 2 am. I woke up to the sound of my older brother's voice asking what we were doing outside with these things and what were they. How did I get outside? My younger brother was behind me and we were running through what I thought was a tunnel on the lawn. I woke up more and saw it was these things lined up with their wings arched over like a tunnel and we'd been running through them! I was horrified and our older brother saw this. He said dad had sent him out and dad was hanging out the window telling us quietly that it was OK, we weren't in trouble but we should come in because it's really late. I looked at my brothers and asked what was wrong with dad. The older brother said dad was really scared to come outside because those things wanted to hurt him. I asked how he could tell! He laughed a little and said he'd never seen him like this before and said he'd woke him up and "asked" him to go out and get us back in the house. We both dropped our jaws and said, "He asked you?"

We went inside and went right to bed before we got beat for it. We never did and the next day it was like no one wanted to talk about it. My younger brother kept asking what those things were and wasn't it funny that dad was so scared of them. My head hurt. I was diagnosed with traumatic childhood amnesia in 1983 but I have a photographic memory. Okay, so I had no memory of these things until some years later. It was difficult to wrap my head around all of this, still is. Earlier this year, end of Feb. 2011 I started to again hear the voice of this thing in my mind. It showed me ripples in a pond. I didn't know what that was supposed to be for and I was busy working so I pushed it out of my mind. My mind was being pulled to Middletown, Ohio on the map. I thought OK, what's this about, spit it out, I'm pretty busy these days. No explanation.

This continued and still is happening even now. I was looking at other things about archeology and up comes information about the thunderbird, dragons, snakes, and how it applies to Native American culture. I'm Shawnee and a direct descendant of Tecumseh. I've still got this unknown 'man' in my mind and he seems to want to chat but I'm thinking these things eat people and people have been known to disappear after seeing these things. I'm thinking I was lucky and blessed to be alive after seeing it that close twice! So, Lon, if you would, say a prayer for me. I'm still very busy with work, photography for home inspections and craft work I have at home. Still from time to time this voice is in my mind. This thing wants to be friends with me but there seems to be something important he wants to convey to me.

I just keep shoving it out of my head. I'm not so sure this thing isn't evil. I mean it did kill a big dog over in W.Va. in 1967. It or they tore it into tiny bits and there wasn't much left of it. If you'd like to turn this into a report I'm sure it would take a lot of work to take out anything that would ID me in any way. I want people to be helped by knowing that these things are real. I can't explain what they are about but I know they are real. Thanks.

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