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The 'Four Little Devils' Encounter - Cussac, France

Preamble: August 29, 1967 in Cussac, France, two children saw a sphere-shaped UFO, 2 meters in diameter, and "four little devils" on the ground. One of the humanoid beings was bending over, apparently busy with something on the ground, and another held a mirror-like object. They were observed to levitate before quickly entering the UFO and flying away. The UFO was said to make a soft whistling sound and smelled of sulphur.

Incident: On the Contal plateau in a setting of pastures divided by little stone walls and curtains of trees, a tiny village stands on a hill—Cussac, 20 km. east-south-cast of St.-Flour. It is 10.30 a.m. on August 29, 1967. In a meadow beside Route D.57 ten or so cows are grazing in the care of Francois Delpeuch and his sister Anne-Marie accompanied by their little dog Medor. The weather is fine, the sky is clear, and a light wind is blowing from the west.

As the cows make a move to cross the low wall, Francois gets up to bring them back, turns round and sees, on the other side of the road, what he takes at first to be four children. They are behind a hedge 40 metres or so away. He climbs on top of a few stones the better to see these children whom he does not recognize. Francois and Anne-Marie make out, near the strangers, a large sphere half hidden by the hedge. It is very brilliant and shines so much it is painful to look at.

One of the little beings is bending over and seems to be busy with the soil, while another, holding in one hand an object which reflects the sun (which Francois likened to a mirror), is waving his hands, apparently making signs to his companions.

Francois then called out, "Have you come to play with us?" At this moment the small beings, who did not seem to be interested in the children, became aware that they were under observation. The first one took off vertically and then plunged head first through the top of the sphere. The second followed in the same way, and the third, after getting up, did likewise. The fourth also got up, but before diving into the machine, came down again and seemed to pick up something from ihe ground (his mirror, Francois thinks). Then he took off again and caught up with the sphere which during this time had begun to rise in a small spiral, and was already 15 or so metres up in the air. He then disappeared inside like the rest. When climbing, the sphere made a soft, fairly piercing whistling noise, mingled with the sound of a breeze which neither of the children felt.

The sphere then made several more circles, climbing all the while, and in doing so the intensity of the light given off by it increased considerably. Then the sound stopped and the sphere flew off at full speed to the north-west. At the same time, a smell of sulphur began to spread, reaching the children. The cows started lowing and gathered near to those of Francois and Anne-Marie.

The dog Medor barked at the object and wanted to follow it. The children did not see the object disappear, as they had to look after the cows, which were very upset, and which they drove home half an hour earlier than usual.

Details of the object are scanty. It was a perfect sphere, about 2 metres in diameter, of a very brilliant luminous silver colour, and dazzling. Francois, who wears spectacles and so must have sensitive eyes, experienced running eyes for a quarter of an hour after seeing the object, and every morning on waking for several days afterwards. His sister, who does not wear glasses, felt nothing.

No details were noticed on the sphere itself; it was perfectly smooth, without marking or visible opening. The little beings seemed to pass through the wall of the sphere. The only detail noticed, and one of the points of difference in the children's stories, was by Anne-Marie. She says she saw beneath the machine a landing gear consisting of three or four straight legs, equipped with round "shoes" 10 cm. in diameter. They were no longer visible beneath the machine in flight. Anne-Marie did not sec them retract into the machine. One minute they were there, the moment after, they were there no longer. It may be thought that, as the machine rose and the intensity of the light increased to a point where it was unbearable, the visible details of the object would have been swamped by this dazzling light, which would explain why Francois, with his sensitive eyes, could not see the legs at the point of take-off, since at that instance the machine was very luminous.

The smell of sulphur spread as the machine began to climb in a spiral or, more precisely, helical course. The light west wind was blowing from the object towards the children. The cows started to low as soon as the machine moved off. It may be noted that in sufficient concentration, ozone has a smell which could be confused with that of sulphur (i.e. of sulphurous gas) and that a smell of ozone has already been noticed in a number of UFO landings.

Artist Michael Buhler's impression of the Cussac encounter.

Details of the small beings are more numerous and interesting. They were 1-1-20 metres tall, not all of the same height. Nos. I and 2 (see sketch) were the smallest, and the tallest was No. 4, the one with a "mirror" in his hand. They were "completely black", but with a shiny look which Francois compared to that of silk. The children could not be certain whether the color was that of the beings' skin, or of some sort of protective suit, for there was no visible dividing line between any possible clothing and the heads of the beings, which were bare. If there was a protective suit of some kind, it was perfectly fitted.

The limb proportions were not completely in accordance with the norms of our species. The arms were somewhat too long and thin (see sketches). The children could not distinguish anything which might serve as hands. The legs were short and thin. The head seemed of normal proportions relative to the body, but the cranium was pointed and the chin equally was very much accentuated. The nose also was pointed, and here was a second point of difference in their stories...

Although they did not appear to wear any apparatus on their backs, the beings flew with great ease and speed...

We then went to Cussac where we found little Anne-Marie with her mother and her younger brother, Andre, and were very well received. We questioned Anne-Marie for nearly an hour. There were two of us and we asked questions in turn, in a continuous stream, reverting from time to time to the same questions but differently formulated, in an effort to try to make the child contradict herself. She is a timid little girl, bui she never once did so. After this interrogation she took us off to find her brother Francois who was working in the fields with his other brother Raymond. We walked back with Francois to his parents' home, interrogating him as we had done his sister. He too never contradicted himself. Again, when questioning them together, both at home and at the scene of the incident, and asking them ever more specific questions, we never saw any conniving looks pass between them. They never seemed embarrassed by our questions; either they had seen the detail asked for, or they had not. For example, Francois told us: "From the first day, Anne-Marie has said she saw legs beneath the object, but I didn't see any, so I can't tell you anything!" On this point, incidentally, he thinks she mistook the branches of the hedge for "legs".

All the above only strengthen the feeling, which we had had throughout the inquiry, that we were confronted by a passionately believed and deeply serious case, whose significance and importance we could not overemphasize. - Joel Mesnard and Claude Pavy

Artist's impression of the Cussac UFO and occupants, by Joël Mesnard, published in "Phénomènes Spatiaux" n°16
Claude Pavy of GEPAN (the offical French UFO study program) in 1967, with the two children at the site of the encounter.

Witness Testimony

On the morning of August 29, 1967, at 8:00 AM, François (13 years old), his sister Anne-Marie (9), and their dog Médor left the French commune of Cussac, Cantal, to lead ten cows approximately 800 m to the west of the village. The sky was clear but it was a little cold (12 to 16 °C) and a light breeze blew in from the West. There was fog in two valleys 10 km from Cussac.

While supervising the herd, they played cards until 10:30 AM, when their cows tried to cross a low wall that separated them from a neighbour's grazing ground. François rose to order his dog to call them back. In doing this, François noticed 4 small beings across the road, behind a hedge, approximately 80m from him. He initially thought that they were children. François climbed some stones in order to distinguish them better and found them very strange. They were made of a 'silky' black, without any distinctive faces or clothing. Their sizes varied between 1m and 1.2m, with two of the beings smaller than the others. All had long, fine limbs and normally proportioned heads, although their craniums and chins seemed more accentuated than humans' and they seemed to have 'beards.'

Anne Marie, who still believed that these beings were children, called out, "Do you all want to come play with us?" In response, all four beings dove behind a hedge. At this point, the children climbed on top of a small wall and were able to distinguish an extremely brilliant sphere behind the 'black children' which was between 4 and 5 m in diameter (although Anne-Marie would later estimate this distance as between 2 and 2.5m). The sphere sparked so much that it was painful to look at.

As François and Anne-Marie watched, one of the 'black children" was lowered from the sphere and seemed to begin work on something on the ground. They saw two others in profile, and the fourth—who was the biggest of the group—holding a rectangular, mirror-like object reflecting the sun and agitating its hands as if it were making signs with its companions.

Three of the 'children' then flew away at the vertical and plunged, head first, into the top of the sphere. The fourth followed suit but, before plunging into the sphere, returned to the ground, seemingly to collect something (its "mirror" according to François).

The sphere then began to rise in a helicoid trajectory, and again the fourth being flew away from the spaceship before catching up again about 15m in the air. At this point the children noticed that the being had webbed feet. Anne-Marie also noticed that the being had a "pointed nose".

The sphere continued to ascend in circles, giving off more and more light. Then, a noise which had accompanied the takeoff of the sphere disappeared, and the spaceship moved away very quickly towards the North-West. At the same time, the children noticed a sulforous odor. Soon, both the cows that the children were tending to and those in the neighbouring field had become agitated and gathered closely together. The dog barked after the object and seemed to want to follow it.

François and Anne-Marie did not see the object disappearing, because they were obliged to look after the cows, which had become more and more agitated.

Their observation lasted around thirty seconds, after which point the children hurried to bring the cows back to their farm.

After the children's father, who was also the mayor of Cussac, saw Médor the dog arrive followed by his shocked children, he decided to call the gendarmes of Saint Flour, a town 19 km from Cussac. The mayor knew these policemen well, as they handled all road accidents around the commune.

The gendarmes arrived at 4 PM. They noticed the sulforous odor that the children had described as well as a slightly yellowed grass trace 4 to 5 meters, behind the hedge (which would begin to disappear after the first day). They collected testimonies, and informed their superiors by radio.

The children remained shocked following the incident, and Anne-Marie did not manage to sleep during the two days that followed. François cried during the fifteen minutes that followed the appearance and every morning when waking up for several days. - Report of Gendarmerie Nationale

FSR - Sept/Oct 1968
APRO - Sept/Oct 1967
UFOIC - Dec 1968
Patrick Huyghes - "Field Guide of Extraterrestrials" - 1996

Francois Delpeuch and his sister Anne-Marie (faces pixeled out)

Fortean / Alternative News: 'Jaws' Returns, Roch Theriault Killer Charged and Argentina UFOs

Massive Great White Sharks Seen Off Martha's Vineyards

southcoasttoday - The great white sharks returned to area waters early this year, with an 18- to 20-foot shark spotted off Aquinnah this morning.

Menemsha fisherman Jeff Lynch was trying to catch some mackerel for bait when he saw a dead whale carcass - later identified as a minke - floating close to shore. Lynch maneuvered his 23-foot center console boat closer to take a picture when suddenly the shark materialized from underneath the whale.

“It was like Whoa! It surprised me,” said Lynch, 28, who lives in Chilmark. The telltale flash of white belly and the triangular fin cutting the surface told him he was in the presence of one of the world's great predators. The shark swam around the whale then around Lynch's boat.

The dead minke whale was later measured at 17 feet long, and Lynch thought the shark was longer as it swam by, and close to the size of his boat.

“Everything on the fish was just gigantic; its tail, body, fins. It was one of the biggest things I've ever seen. It had to be over 2,000 pounds,” Lynch said.

Lynch called state Division of Marine Fisheries shark expert Greg Skomal right away and sent him photos from his cellphone. Skomal confirmed it as a great white, and put the size at over 18 feet. The largest ever measured was 21 feet long.

With water temperatures around 50 degrees, Skomal thought it was still too cold to see great whites who prefer water around 60 degrees.

But bigger sharks can tolerate lower temperatures, Skomal said.

“The larger great whites...tend to stay later (into the year) and arrive early,” he said.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution whale researcher Michael Moore went out today to retrieve the whale carcass and, as of about 3 this afternoon, was in the process of towing it back to Woods Hole. Moore conducts forensic analysis of dead marine mammals looking for possible human impacts that may have contributed to its death.

Great white sharks returned to the Chatham/Orleans area of Cape Cod last summer to feast on seals - and even prompted some temporary beach closings as the sharks ventured close to shore.

In 2009 great white shark sightings in Cape waters started around Labor Day weekend, near the end of the region's vacation season. But last summer the sightings began in July.


Man charged with murder of cult leader Roch Theriault

timestranscript - Matthew Gerrard MacDonald has been charged with first degree murder in connection with the death of notorious cult leader and murderer Roch Theriault.

The 60-year-old MacDonald, of Port-au-Port, Newfoundland and Labrador, was arrested in late February after Theriault's body was found near his cell in the Dorchester Penitentiary.

The investigation, conducted by the New Brunswick RCMP's Major Crime Unit, illustrated how Theriault eventually succumbed to his injuries after an altercation with another inmate, believed to be MacDonald.

The Quebec-born Theriault, 63, was the leader of a cult from 1977 to 1989 in various towns across Quebec and Ontario. After more than a decade, he had amassed a strong following and 26 children from his eight commune wives.

He was in the midst of serving Year 18 of his life sentence in the medium-security prison in Dorchester for the gruesome murder of his wife, Solange Boislard, and the mutilation of Gabrielle Lavallée, one his commune wives, when he was murdered.

In 1988, Theriault used a butcher knife to disembowel his wife during a cult ritual. He then proceeded to cut off Lavallée's arm with a chainsaw. He was sentenced in 1993.

MacDonald was initially supposed to enter a plea in Moncton provincial court yesterday. However, as a result of miscommunication between the court and the Sheriff's Department, he was not present. At the request of the Crown prosecutor, the hearing has been postponed. The prosecution requested MacDonald be present to formally receive the charge. MacDonald will enter a plea in Moncton provincial court on Friday, May 13 at 9:30 a.m.


Argentina: More UFOs Reported in Sierra de la Ventana

Reported by Scott Corrales - Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology (Checkout Scott's blog...lot's of great information)

Source: Noticias Tornquist (Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Date: 04 May 2011

Argentina: More UFOs Reported in Sierra de la Ventana

Stories of unidentified flying objects – better known as UFOs – in the Serrana Region, while not the coin of the realm, are often heard of. Stories of the inevitable young person on an evening stroll and seeing a strange light, or the one who saw a light vanishing behind a hill...

Some of these accounts speak of a “black hole” in the area which has been much debated by experts in the field. But few photos have been taken of it. It is so quick in its movements that surprise paralyzes those who see it, and the last thing on their minds is to reach for a camera.

A few weeks ago, while downloading photos taken in Sierra de la Ventana to a computer, a young man from Monte Hermoso saw an oval-shaped object -- visible over the hills – appearing in one of his images. This, without question, was an unidentified flying object. The photo was taken with natural light, it was daytime and the image was blurred.

Last week, a resident of Coronel Suarez (who prefers to remain anonymous at present) was traveling toward Sierra de la Ventana along Route 76 and a thousand meters before the road enters the mountains, where the immense stone walls form a corridor paved with asphalt, he saw a powerful light flying along the clear skies. It was on Sunday, April 24, around 1 a.m. that day. He was driving with his wife and a mutual friend. He stopped the vehicle, emerged from it with his passengers, and took a photo that is published along with this news item.

They were shocked by what they saw...perhaps the best thing. But furthermore, a few meters ahead, was another car that stopped to see the same object. They did not make contact with the driver, but the lights visible at the bottom left are that car’s headlights.

“It was a second – just a flash,” said the protagonist to the Nuevo Dia newspaper of Coronel Suarez. He had already had a previous experience in that area a decade ago. At that time, the intense light vanished behind the sierras, noting that while it moved slowly at first, it took off quickly toward the mountains, leaving onlookers baffled. The photo is available and is published with the article in hopes of seeing if other local residents saw something similar in the area. If so, it would be best if they contacted our newsroom in order to add greater credibility to what our fellow neighbor has told us.

Finally, no unusual sensations were experienced. No extra energy and no bodily sensations. It was all very normal. The only strange detail was the intense white light that vanished after speeding away behind the mountains.


Canadian man's online date turns out to be his girlfriend

metro - Barrie police said the 49-year-old woman turned up at a local coffee shop at the weekend at the arranged time and proceeded to throw coffee in her boyfriend’s face before slapping him.

An off duty police officer then arrested the woman and called for assistance.
Local press claim the woman is currently awaiting a bail hearing.

There has yet to be any comment from either party following the altercation at the coffee shop in Barrie, Ontario.

While there was clearly the odd lie being told between the pair during their online exchanges before their ‘date’, a study last year revealed the majority of people tend to honest about themselves when it comes to online dating.

The research found that most people using dating sites were upfront about themselves, as long as they were confident people.

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Large Cryptid Snakes - San Juan River, Utah

San Juan River - southeastern Utah

Navajo petroglyphs

Click for video

I recently had a conversation with my friend and cryptozoologist J.C. Johnson of Crypto Four Corners in reference to sightings of large aquatic snakes at various locations on the San Juan River in the Four Corners area of southeastern Utah. These sightings were noted in 2005 and 2007. According to JC, one of these snakes made it's way from the river onto the bank and reared itself up to the back bumper of his truck which was parked about 120 feet from the river edge. On the video he describes a serpent with a 10"-12" diameter. JC remarked to me that the snake was dark in color with markings similar to those of a Indian / Burmese Python or a species of Anaconda. The air temperature was in the mid-40s Fahrenheit.

There have also been sightings of smaller aquatic snakes, most likely offspring of the larger cryptids. A witness on the video describes a similar snake with a length of 30 ft. also witnessed on the San Juan River.

There are no indigenous snake species in the Four Corners area that match any of the sightings. Is there a possibility that a python species was introduced to the river system?

The following article was printed USA Today 0n 2/22/2008:

Pythons could squeeze lower third of USA

As climate change warms the nation, giant Burmese pythons could colonize one-third of the USA, from San Francisco across the Southwest, Texas and the South and up north along the Virginia coast, according to U.S. Geological Survey maps released Wednesday.

The pythons can be 20 feet long and 250 pounds. They are highly adaptable to new environments.

Two federal agencies — the USGS and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service — are investigating the range of nine invasive snakes in Florida, concerned about the danger they now pose to endangered species. The agencies are collecting data to aid in the control of these populations.

They examined Burmese pythons first and, based on where they live in Asia, estimated where they might live here. One map shows where the pythons could live today, an area that expands when scientists use global warming models for 2100.

"We were surprised by the map. It was bigger than we thought it was going to be," says Gordon Rodda, zoologist and lead project researcher. "They are moving northward, there's no question."

Burmese pythons were introduced to the USA as part of the pet trade. The first specimens in the wild were discovered in the mid-1990s in the Florida Everglades, released by owners who no longer wanted them, says Skip Snow, a wildlife biologist with the National Parks Service in the Everglades.

By 2003, there was evidence the snakes had established breeding colonies in the wild. Florida began regulating their sale and ownership Jan. 1.

If federal officials had to worry only about Florida, it would be "decades" before the pythons move into other states, Rodda says. But people keep dumping pythons they don't want into the wild. "We just learned about some that had been released in Arkansas," he says.

The Burmese python is not poisonous and not considered a danger to humans. Attacks on humans have involved pet owners who mishandle and misfeed the snakes, Snow says. In Florida, they eat bobcats, deer, alligators, raccoons, cats, rats, rabbits, muskrats, possum, mice, ducks, egrets, herons and song birds. They grab with their mouth to anchor the prey, then coil around the animal and crush it to death before eating it whole.

If you see one, don't attempt to engage it. Leave the area, note the location and notify the authorities.


Burmese Python (Python molurus)

The following report was published Report Documents the Risks of Giant Invasive Snakes in the U.S.

Five giant non-native snake species would pose high risks to the health of ecosystems in the United States should they become established in the country, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said today.

A 300-page report prepared by the agency details the risks of nine non-native boa, anaconda and python species that are invasive or potentially invasive in the U.S.

"Because all nine species share characteristics associated with greater risks, none was found to be a low ecological risk," USGS said in a statement released with the report.

Two of the giant snake species are documented as reproducing in the wild in South Florida, with population estimates for Burmese pythons in the tens of thousands, the agency noted.

A Burmese python peeks over the head of an alligator that holds the python's body in its mouth in Everglades National Park.

These species of snake are of most concern:

Indian or Burmese python (Python molurus)
Northern African python (Python sebae)
Southern African python (Python natalensis)
Reticulated python (Python [or Broghammerus] reticulatus)
Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor)
Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus)
Yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus)
Beni or Bolivian anaconda (Eunectes beniensis)
De Schauensee's anaconda (Eunectes deschauenseei)

Fortean / Alternative News: Ahmadinejad Uses Djinn, Nigerian Child Witches and Polio Virus Stolen

Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery, invoking djinns

Close allies of Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have been accused of using supernatural powers to further his policies amid an increasingly bitter power struggle between him and the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Several people said to be close to the president and his chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, have been arrested in recent days and charged with being "magicians" and invoking djinns (spirits).

Ayandeh, an Iranian news website, described one of the arrested men, Abbas Ghaffari, as "a man with special skills in metaphysics and connections with the unknown worlds".

The arrests come amid a growing rift between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei which has prompted several MPs to call for the president to be impeached.

On Sunday, Ahmadinejad returned to his office after an 11-day walkout in an apparent protest over Khamenei's reinstatement of the intelligence minister, who the president had initiallyasked to resign.

Ahmadinejad's unprecedented disobedience prompted harsh criticism from conservatives who warned that he might face the fate of Abdulhassan Banisadr, Iran's first post-revolution president who was impeached and exiled for allegedly attempting to undermine clerical power.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, a hardline cleric close to Khamenei, warned that disobeying the supreme leader – who has the ultimate power in Iran – is equivalent to "apostasy from God".

Ahmadinejad has so far declined to officially back Khamenei's ruling over Heydar Moslehi, the minister at the centre of the row. In the first cabinet meeting since the president returned, Moslehi was absent.

Khamenei's supporters believe that the top-level confrontation stems from the increasing influence of Mashaei, an opponent of greater involvement of clerics in politics, who is being groomed by Ahmadinejad as a possible successor.

But the feud has taken a metaphysical turn following the release of an Iranian documentary alleging the imminent return of the Hidden Imam Mahdi – the revered saviour of Shia Islam, whose reappearance is anticipated by believers in a manner comparable to that with which Christian fundamentalists anticipate the second coming of Jesus.

Conservative clerics, who say that the Mahdi's return cannot be predicted, have accused a "deviant current" within the president's inner circle, including Mashaei, of being responsible for the film.

Ahmadinejad's obsession with the hidden imam is well known. He often refers to him in his speeches and in 2009 said that he had documentary evidence that the US was trying to prevent Mahdi's return.

Since Ahmadinejad's return this week, at least 25 people, who are believed to be close to Mashaei, have been arrested. Among them is Abbas Amirifar, head of the government's cultural committee and some journalists of Mashaei's recently launched newspaper, Haft-e-Sobh.

On Saturday, Mojtaba Zolnour, Khamenei's deputy representative in the powerful Revolutionary Guard, said: "Today Mashaei is the actual president. Mr Ahmadinejad has held on to a decaying rope by relying on Mashaei." - guardian


Abused, burned and buried alive: The horrific suffering of Nigeria's child 'witches'

Children as young as two are being burned, poisoned and buried alive in Nigeria for being witches, it has been claimed.

Hundreds of youngsters are being subjected to horrific violence or chained up for weeks after being accused of withcraft, according to a report by a children's rights charity.

In one case, an 11-year-old boy was killed after acid was poured over him; in another, a girl who had a nail driven into her head was left permanently disabled.

A number of youngsters have been abused in the country over allegations of witchcraft

Last September a man tried to bury six-year-old twin boys he held responsible for the death of his wife.

Lancaster-based charity Stepping Stones Nigeria has compiled reports of more than 250 cases of violence against children accused of witchcraft in Akwa Ibom state.

Although belief in witchcraft is well established in Nigeria and other African countries, until the late Nineties it was largely women and the elderly who were accused.

Now some families blame their children for every misfortune that hits them - from death to sickness and drunkenness.

Many accusations are made by pastors who then charge the accused child's family a fee for 'exorcisms'.

After the child has been accused the pastor carries out long-winded exorcism rituals. Sometimes children are chained up in churches and forced to fast for weeks, or are beaten and tortured until they confess.

More then four out of five children accused of being witches are abandoned by their families and forced to sleep rough.

In one disturbing case, police discovered an eight-year-old boy locked in a room beside the corpse of his mother.

The boy's uncle had accused him of using witchcraft to kill her and tried to force his head into her body before abandoning him.

Gary Foxcroft, founder of Stepping Stones Nigeria, told the Times that the children were often from broken homes, or were different in ways that set them apart.

'They might be very intelligent or suffer from learning difficulties. Some of them will have physical complaints such as epilepsy, bed-wetting and sleepwalking,' he said.

The charity is set to present its findings to the Commission of Enquiry into Child Witchcraft at the Nigerian High Commission in London today. - dailymail


Infectious polio virus stolen during car hijacking

The potentially deadly virus is considered a biohazard, said South Africa's National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), though the government research centre downplayed the threat of a polio outbreak.

"The risk is fairly small, but we'd like to advise that if the package was found for the public not to tamper with it. Simply return it to the NICD or to the police," said Adrian Puren, deputy director of NICD.

He said there was no risk the package could be used in a terrorist attack and that the carjackers who stole the courier vehicle carrying it probably did not realise what the box contained – stool specimens from the Congo being sent to the NICD for polio testing.

The NICD said the vehicle was stolen on Tuesday and later recovered, but that the specimen shipment was missing.

Carjacking is a pervasive problem in South Africa, which has some of the highest crime rates in the world. - telegraph


E.T. Phones Thailand and Picks Up the Tab for the Call

Everybody from fund managers to jet-setting diplomats is talking about the world's center of gravity shifting to Asia. Now, extraterrestrials appear to be taking notice, too.

Trackers in Colorado at the Mutual UFO Network, one of the oldest unidentified-flying-object research organizations in this world, say that since the slump of the Western banking system in 2008, UFO sightings among Asia's fast-growing economies have accelerated. Suspicious UFOs have shut down airports in China, buzzed resorts in Borneo and lit up the night sky in Myanmar.

All of that is dealing a fresh blow to the prestige of the U.S., which, as the DreamWorks animated movie "Monsters vs. Aliens" observed, "is the only country aliens ever seem to visit."

"It's not surprising, really," says Debhanom Muangman, a 75-year-old Harvard-educated physician and one of Thailand's leading UFO investigators. "Aliens have been coming to Asia for decades, but now they sense a change. This is where the progressive countries are, so they are coming here much more often now."

Extraterrestrials first hit the public imagination in a big way in Thailand in 2006, when villagers in the rural northeast found discarded fever-cooling gel packs and mistook them for visitors from outer space. One woman told local newspapers she cooked a gel pack and served it to her children in the hope that it would make them more intelligent. Continue reading at E.T. Phones Thailand and Picks Up the Tab for the Call

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William Bosak Encounter: Alien...Bigfoot...One in the Same?

Farmer William Bosak, 68, of rural Frederic, Wisconsin (Polk County, Northwest Section), had what he termed as a hair-raising experience at 10:30 p.m. on December 2, 1974. Mr. Bosak had attended a Fanner's Co-op meeting in Frederic and was driving to his rural home southeast of Frederic when, about one mile from his farm, he spotted an object on the left side of the road ahead of him. He had been driving slowly because of patches of fog and his headlights reflected off the object so he slowed as he approached it.

"It had a curved front of glass and inside I could see a figure with its arms raised above its head," Bosak told reporters. When later interviewed by Field Investigator Everett E. Lightner, Bosak said that the newspaper account which appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer-Press was basically accurate except that the ears on the "human" he saw inside were placed higher on the head. (See drawing accompanying this article.)

The object was standing still and appeared to be between 8 and 10 feet in height. The transparent 'glass' area through which Bosak could view the occupant was bullet-shaped at the top, or tapered to a peak. He had slowed nearly to a stop when he came up to the object, but then fear took over and he stepped on the accelerator and left the object behind. He said that when he did so, the inside of his car became dark and he heard a swishing sound like branches of a tree brushing against the car.

The "human," as Bosak referred to it, had hair sticking out from the sides of its head with ears protruding out about three inches and they were shaped like a calf's ear. It had no collar or shirt with seam in front but appeared to be clothed in something tannish-brown in color and fitted (skin-tight) like a diver's suit. Both arms were extended above its head and hair stuck out from the outside of the arms. There was no beard, but there was hair or fur on the upper part of the body. The rest of it, from the* waist down, was not visible because of the fog. The object itself was not lighted, but reflected light from the headlights of Mr. Bosak's car.

Mr. Bosak returned to the location the next morning to search for any landing marks or evidence of its presence but found nothing. He said he was very frightened at the time but the look on the face of the occupant of the craft indicated that it was frightened too. Its eyes were very large and protruding.

Bosak kept the experience to himself for nearly a month, not even telling his wife and son but finally decided to divulge the incident. A later (that night) attempt to view the area where the incident had occurred from the vantage point of his house was unsuccessful due to the fog. "I was so goldarned scared I was afraid to go out at night for a few days," he told reporters later, and said he wished that he had had somebody with him in the car at the time. After reflecting on the experience for a few weeks, Bosak said that he felt he did the wrong thing by speeding away from the object and "should have stopped and tried to show it I was friendly. I wish I could meet up with it again."

Bosak, who has operated a 450-acre dairy farm east of Frederic for the past 40 years, said that prior to his frightening experience in December he had been skeptical of stories about UFOs. "And I'm sure a lot of people are going to be skeptical after hearing what happened to me. But if people don't believe me, I'll take a lie detector test to prove this isn't just something I made up."

Mr. Lightner, who investigated the case, found Bosak to be sincere and a man with a good reputation in his community. - APRO


At about 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 2, 1974, near Frederic in Polk County, William Bosak, a 69-year-old dairy farmer, was driving home when he saw a disc-shaped craft beside the road. "I can remember it just as if it were yesterday," Bosak told me.

The lower half of the craft was shrouded in mist. It had a curved glass window, and inside the brightly lit compartment Bosak saw a creature covered with dark tan fur, except for its face and chin.

"He was looking out the window, and it was a different kind of character than you'd see on this earth," he said. "It looked a good deal like a man, but it had a different-looking face than you'd see. It had a kind of a cow-looking face."

Asked to elaborate, Bosak explained that the face had hair on its sides. The ears stuck out from the head about three inches, and the eyes were large and protruding.

The creature held its arms above its head, and its expression led Bosak to believe that it was "just as scared as I was." After about 10 seconds Bosak quickly drove away, and as he did so his car lights dimmed, the engine sounded as if it were missing, and he heard a soft "whooshing" noise.

The next day Bosak returned to the area and found a round spot, 6 feet in diameter, pressed down into the hayfield.

"There are other people that had seen something like that," said Bosak, "right in this area."

This is the best, and one of the least sensational, of the very rare sightings linking Bigfoot-like creatures with UFOs. It is also the least publicized.

"You know how the neighbors are," Bosak said. "They questioned it. The editor in town didn't believe it. You know, though, something? If you've ever thought of outer space - it's just fantastic, isn't it? A lot of people can imagine such things."

"But this is a fact." -

NOTE: On December 2, 1996, exactly 22 years to the day of his encounter, William Bosak was found dead in his home.

"Weird Wisconsin: Your Travel Guide to Wisconsin's Local Legends and Best" - Linda S. Godfrey, Mark Moran, Richard D. Hendricks, Mark Sceurman
"Backyard Bigfoot" - Lisa A. Shiel - 2006

Fortean / Alternative News: Thylacine More Cat Than Dog, Deadly Weather and Paranormal Wales Revealed

Thylacine was more like a cat than a dog

Its head and body looked like a dog, yet its striped coat was cat-like. It carried its young in a pouch, like a kangaroo. No wonder the thylacine -- the enigmatic, iconic creature of Australia and Tasmania -- was the object of so much confusion, alternately called the "marsupial wolf" and the "Tasmanian tiger."

So what was it? By studying bones of thylacines and 31 other mammals, researchers at Brown University have the answer: The thylacine was a Tasmanian tiger -- more cat than dog, although clearly a marsupial. In a paper published in Biology Letters, the researchers have shown that the extinct thylacine was a solitary, ambush-style predator. That hunting approach separates thylacines from wolves and other large canid, or dog-like, species that hunt in packs and generally pursue their quarry over some distance.

"We provide quantitative support to the suspicions of earlier researchers that the thylacine was not a pursuit predator," said Borja Figueirido, a postdoctoral researcher at Brown University and the paper's lead author. "Although there is no doubt that the thylacine diet was similar to that of living wolves, we find no compelling evidence that they hunted similarly."

For millions of years, Thylacinus cynocephalus roamed mainland Australia. Its numbers declined as humans settled throughout the continent, beginning some 40,000 years ago, and the dingo, a small, dog-like creature, was introduced, about 4,000 years ago. Thylacines' last remaining outpost was in dingo-free Tasmania, but a concerted eradication effort wiped out the species. The last known thylacine, said to be named "Benjamin," died at a zoo in Hobart in 1936.

Researchers debate why the Tasmanian tiger fared so poorly on continental Australia with the arrival of humans and dingoes. Most accept that human activity disrupted thylacine habitat and perhaps its food sources as well. But there is less agreement about the dingoes' effect. The conventional thinking had been that dingoes were the placental spitting image of the marsupial thylacines, evolved in isolated settings, which biologists term evolutionary convergence. When dingoes arrived in Australia, they helped push the thylacines out.

But Figueirido and Christine Janis, professor of biology in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a co-author on the paper, don't think that's the entire story. To make their case, they turned to the thylacine's skeleton and compared it with those of dog-like and cat-like species, from pumas and panthers to jackals and wolves, as well as hyenas and Tasmanian devils, the largest living carnivorous marsupials. They knew from previous research that the elbow joint was a clue to predator habits, as it showed whether the animal was built for flexibility and dexterity in handling prey or for chase and speed in tracking down the next meal. Examining the bones, they found that the thylacine's humerus, or upper arm bone, was oval and elongated at the end closest to the elbow, implying that the animal's forearm bones, the radius and ulna, were separate. That means the Tasmanian tiger would have been able to rotate its arm so that the palm faced upwards, like a cat. The distal humerus on dog-like animals, such as dingoes and wolves, is "more squared-up and shorter," Janis said. This indicates the radius and ulna were closer together in these species, reflecting that these animals' hands are more fixed in the palm-down position.

In terms of hunting, the increased arm and hand movement would have given the thylacine a greater capability of subduing its quarry after a surprise attack. Since dingoes and other dog-like creatures have less latitude in arm-hand movement, that helps explain why these animals hunt by pursuit and in packs, rather than in an ambush setting, the researchers note.

"It's a very subtle thing," said Janis. "You never would think that the shape of just one bone would mean so much."

Yet some cats, like cheetahs, use speed to catch their quarry, while some canid species, like foxes, rely more on the guile of the ambush. Janis said the thylacine's hunting tactics appear to be a unique mix. "I don't think there's anything like it around today," she said. "It's sort of like a cat-like fox."

What that means for the dingo's role in the thylacine's disappearance from continental Australia is not clear, but it does show the animals, while similar in many respects, likely hunted differently.

"Dingoes were more like the final straw [to the Tasmanian tigers' demise in continental Australia]," Janis said, "because they weren't in the same niche. It's not just that a dingo was a placental version of a thylacine." - sciencedaily


Osama bin Laden’s Last Will and Testament?

Osama bin Laden’s last Will and Testament, which was first published in a Lebanese newspaper in 2001, has reappeared this week, which is not surprising. bin Laden supposedly wrote the will in 2001 after the September 11 attacks. U.S. intelligence sources are skeptical on its authenticity, despite it being cited in a recent Senate report.

In the will bin Laden compares himself to a seventh century caliph and suggests his children need to forge their own way in life rather than ride on the back of his name.

“As for you my children: Forgive me for not giving you except but a minimum amount of my time since I have begun my call for jihad,” bin Laden allegedly writes in the will. “And I advise you not to join in the work of al Qaeda.” bin Laden is reputably the father of 24 children with his four wives.

Rohan Gunaratna, author of Inside al Qaeda and head of the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, is convinced the document is genuine however. ‘I have no doubt this document is real,’ he told ABC News. Gunaratna also claimed the signature at the bottom of the document was that of bin Laden’s.

For Michael Scheuer, a veteran CIA agent, who headed the secretive bin Laden Issue Station, and was later the chief of the bin Laden Unit, the will is a fraud. “It’s a Saudi fabrication and it’s been around for years,” Scheuer told ABC News. - dailymail


Hundreds of Nigerian children accused of witchcraft were burnt and beaten

hearaldsun - Hundreds of Nigerian children have been severely beaten, burnt or killed after being accused of witchcraft, a British charity will tell an inquiry tomorrow.

Charity Stepping Stones Nigeria, based in Lancaster, has compiled a dossier of more than 250 cases of severe violence against children accused of being witches in Akwa Ibom state.

Children as young as two have been burnt, poisoned, buried alive or chained up for weeks because their families believed they were witches, according to the report.

Among the cases are those of an 11-year-old boy who died after acid was poured over him and a girl left permanently disabled after a nail was driven into her head.

In September last year a man attempted to bury six-year-old twin boys alive in "revenge" for the death of his wife.

The charity will present its evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into Child Witchcraft at the Nigerian High Commission in London.

Charity's founder Gary Foxcroft, said that the children were often from broken homes and exhibited a personal characteristic that set them apart.

"They might be very intelligent or suffer from learning difficulties,'' Mr Foxcroft said.

"Some of them will have physical complaints such as epilepsy, bed-wetting and sleepwalking.''

Belief in witchcraft has been long established in Nigeria and other African countries, but until the late 1990s it was women and the elderly who tended to be accused.

Today some families blame their children for everything from sickness to a father's drunkenness. Many allegations come from pastors who charge for "exorcisms."

"After the child has been accused of witchcraft - sometimes by a pastor - he will carry out long-winded deliverances or exorcisms to cast out the witchcraft.

Sometimes children will be chained up in the churches and made to fast for many weeks or they'll be beaten and tortured in order to extract a confession," Mr Foxcroft said.


Deadly weather in US could become the norm

It's been a severe start to the spring season in the United States. Tornadoes have ravaged the southeastern US, flooding threatens much of the Midwest, and wildfires are scorching Texas. But according to researchers, a confluence of seasonal oscillations in weather patterns, rather than climate change, is to blame. And growing populations mean that grim casualty figures from such events may become the norm.

"I don't think there's any way of proving climate change is responsible for the weather patterns this week and week before," says meteorologist Howard Bluestein, of the University of Oklahoma in Norman.
Part of the cycle

Tornadoes, floods and fires occur every year in America, and the outbreak of each this year is readily explained by short-term factors.

Texas has suffered drought since late 2010, producing the driest March on record. Ground temperatures in March and April were higher than usual, shrivelling the already rain-starved vegetation. The low humidity, heat, and high winds built a perfect tinder box for wildfires, which have so far burned more than 1.4 million acres in around 800 separate blazes across Texas .

Floods are largely explained by a combination of heavy rains and melting snow. Coupled with recent severe rainstorms, the snowmelt from a very white winter of 2010-2011 has pushed waters at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to record levels, threatening communities in Missouri and Illinois. Elsewhere, the waters have already overrun their levees and inundated nearby towns.

The conditions that create tornadoes are more complex and less well understood. They need the hot, humid air that fuels a thunderstorm and a strong jet stream, although scientists are not sure why this combination only sometimes produces twisters.

Around two weeks ago, a huge mass of humid air blew up from the Gulf of Mexico and draped itself upon the Southeastern United States. When the colder jet stream – narrow, swift moving and cold – began to churn the sultry air, a huge system of thunderstorms arose, along with hundreds of twisters. Between between April 14 and 16, 155 confirmed tornadoes struck, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates another 362 twisters touched down between April 25 and 28, leaving a swath of destruction across the southern US. In all, more than 377 people have died and some are still missing.

Climate change cannot be directly blamed for such outbreaks. And even as scientists' climate models have improved, the question of whether increasing global temperatures will change the frequency and severity of dangerous weather in the future remains open.

Rising temperatures mean more of the warm soupy air from which thunderstorms are formed. At the same time, however, global warming could weaken the temperature difference between the equator and the poles, a gradient that generates the jet stream in the first place.

One possible outcome of these opposing forces is that a warmer world will produce more run of the mill thunderstorms, but fewer tornadoes. In a 2007 study, however, NASA climate scientist Anthony Del Genio NASA modeled a hypothetical future climate with twice the then-current carbon dioxide levels and surface temperatures 5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.8 degrees Celsius) warmer than typical. He concluded that despite a weakened jet stream, violent twister-generating thunderstorms will actually occur more frequently in a warmer world because of collisions between strong updrafts and speedy horizontal winds.

For now, there simply isn't enough data to say whether climate change makes severe thunderstorms and tornadoes more or less likely. But 2011 could prove to be the beginning of a trend.

"We can't say much about one particular outbreak, but if this if this is still happening ten years in a row, we will definitely be wondering what is going on," says Joshua Wurman, president of the Center for Severe Weather Research in Boulder, Colorado.

Either way, the breathtaking loss of life witnessed in the last month may become harder and harder to avoid. The April 2011 tornado outbreaks have killed far more people than anything in the past few decades, despite the fact that warning systems are better than ever.

One explanation is population density: "There are simply more people in harm's way than there used to be," says Bluestein. "Inevitably some people just aren't going to get out of the way. It's a sad horrible thing that over 300 people lost their lives in the last outbreak, but if we didn't have the kind of warning systems we have now, thousands of people would have been killed." - NewScientist


Dyfed Powys Police reveal UFO, zombie, ghost and witch sightings

countytimes - Dyfed Powys Police has revealed how many sightings of UFOs, zombies, ghosts, witches and vampires occurred in the county in the past five years.

The figures, made public because of a Freedom of Information Request Act, reveal 14 recorded UFO sightings in the past five years, along with 26 reports of ghosts, 11 witches and two of zombies and vampires respectively.

One zombie report turned out to be in a horror film being shot in Pembrey; the other a person acting suspiciously wearing a zombie mask in Haverfordwest.

Of the witch reports many of the calls were apparently from the same individual identified as having “mental health issues”. Others simply refer to someone looking “like a witch” but one drunk caller “rang regarding a gang of witches that want to sacrifice him.” There were no reports of werewolves.

Dyfed Powys Police said that they did not find any evidence of supernatural or paranormal activity in any of the cases – however this does not mean every case had an explanation.

UFO sightings included such reports as an “Oblong shaped, bright yellow” object “going horizontally across, about 10 to 15ft off the ground” in Llandrindod Wells in 2005; a “triangular shape in sky with different coloured lights in each corner” in Meifod in 2007; to “three orange lights thought to be UFOs” in Llanidloes in 2009, which ends: “Object seized and discovered to be a night lantern.”

Phil Hoyle of the Shrewsbury-based UFO Research and Investigation Unit said that such statistics were only a fraction of sightings, many of which go officially unreported or are hard to classify.

“Wales has got a lot of UFO hot-spots, particularly on the Shropshire/Welsh border and down around the Radnorshire forest, Knighton, Builth Wells and Llandrindod Wells” he said, saying he had reports from ex-military and police themselves, “The police go through a process of elimination to try to classify it, but people often can’t describe what they have seen - lots of people have reported structured devices, 20 to 30 feet across, quite close up - these are not just lights, and can’t be confused with chinese Lanterns.”

Between 2005 and 2010 there were 36 incidents of big cat sightings or animal deaths where big cats were suspected.

According to the British Big Cat Society’s statistics Wales ranks number four in the UK’s top 10 areas for big cat sightings. Scotland is number one, followed by Kent and Yorkshire.

In response to another request about how much the force had spent on mediums, clairvoyants or other psychics during the last five years it said it did not use such services.

The force has had 3,300 freedom of information requests costing it over £500,000 in the last five years, and has begun to publish these on its website.

Other figures show that in 2010 the force received 21 allegations of crime involving the website ebay and 47 allegations involving the social networking site Facebook.
As of 31 March 2010 there were 294 registered sex offenders living in the force area.

The Dyfed-Powys Police helicopter made 481 flights in 2009 and the force spent £299,078 on its press and communications office and officers in 2009/10.

St. Clair Shores, Michigan: USO, UFO and Alien Entity Encounters

After reading the following UFO/USO report in the MUFON CMS this morning I decided to look back at previous activity in the same general vicinity:

MUFON CMS - St. Clair Shores, Michigan - 12/1996 - unedited: This event I've never been able to explain. Witnessed by a friend at the time as well, so I know it wasn't imagined. It had to of been 96' or 97' at the time. St Clair Shores had just finished it's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the 11 mile and Jefferson Library. On our way home the three of us (me, my mom and my friend) stopped at a party store which no longer runs on the corner of 13 mile and Jefferson. As my mom went into the store my buddy and I waited in the car and were amazed by what we saw. As we were looking out the window in the east/south/east direction over the lake we noticed a light high in the sky was descending from further south over the lake to north lining up with the direction 13 mile points into the lake. It stayed about the same distance from the shore which I'd have to estimate at about a statue mile but still relatively high at roughly a couple thousand feet until it lined up pretty much exactly with 13 mile and went into a straight downward descent at a mile offshore. As it neared the horizon and water level out there on the lake it slowed drastically and orange and green sequencing illuminations were present. The shape appeared to be saucer on the bottom with larger dome on the top. It entered the water very slowly as we had 10-15 seconds of viewing the lights and the craft to get totally freaked out as it disappeared underwater still somewhat illuminating the water from below far offshore. We said nothing to each other the whole time, then my mother returned to the car, and as we said nothing and craned our necks to watch for anything else she drove off. My mother proceeded to drop my friend off without us saying anything.At the time there was no houses left of the house with the big anchor at the end of 13 mile so the viewing was uninhibited.


The following MUFON CMS report was filed on 8/28/2010:

MUFON CMS Report - Clair Shores, Michigan - 1979 (unedited): This is the encounter my mother had back in 1979/1980 in St. Claire Shores Mich at the playground/ballfield by Talbot st.& New York st. It was 7:00pm maybe 8:00pm, August or Sept, she was 45 yrs old & I was 10 yrs old or so, and my sister was 16yrs old. my mother just recalled this past incident about 4 or 5 months ago,and told my sister the story, who then informed me of it this past July. It began that evening, my mother took our dog Rocky out for a walk, she is never gone more than hour or so, but that all changed during this walk. After an hour I began to worry, I must have told my sister because she clearly remembers me being alarmed.

Here is the story my mother conveyed: While I was walking Rocky across the park/ballfield I noticed odd lights all different colors flashing on the ground,I thought It was strange that utility workers would be working at this time in the late evening. Next I saw several who I thought were small children all around me. They didn't look like normal kids though and then they began to talk to me,not through their mouths,but through their minds. I heard them clearly in my mind. The beings said why don't you come with us, and I said to where,and one of said to our craft right over there. I said no i'm busy why should I go with you, and they responded because we want to help you.Then another being asked me what is that next to you? before I could answer one other being said that's her pet. Then one of them said again come with us we want to help you, I told them if you want to help me you should go to Washington. What is Washington? one of them said. After that exchange my mother says she remembers very little.A note to the reader, I had an encounter in my yard when I was 7 or 8 years of age. a craft was hovering over our front yard and I saw 3 beings staring down upon me from inside the craft, which was about 60 or 70 ft above me. Also my sister saw a UFO hovering near her while she was on her bike, she was 10 or 11 at the time, and it occurred at Talbot st and New York st also. Our house is only 5 or 6 houses from New York st. Today the house is still there, but nobody resides there yet. By the way my childhood friend & his family always told me & others that our house was haunted,because they saw bluish glowing or bluish orbs over our rooftop more than once back in the late 70's.


The following reports are subsequent sightings in the St. Clair Shores, MI area:

St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA; September 8, 2009

Name: Thomas

Date of Sighting (and time if known): Sept 8 2009

Location of Sighting: St. Clair Shores Mi USA On little mack next to Gaffke St.

Shape(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Fast bright lights not winged planes. Round

Color(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Both were just big white lights no other lights or strobes.

Number of UFO(s) (If Known): 2

Distance of UFO(s) in sky (If Known): About 3500 feet, just above the clouds.

Direction of Travel for UFO(s) (If Known): East north East. Towards Canada and Lake Saint Clair

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): None only thing is that they flew at the same alt as the clouds.

Further Description of Sighting: There were two Lights that were low alt and very fast with no sound. They were not fighters, they were not sats. One light was flying evenly right behind the other leading towards the east north east. The two lights took less that a minute to fly out of sight. I have never seen any planes fly like that most if not all fighters fly in wings, not one & one behind the other. Dang wish we had a camera! -


St Clair Shores, Michigan, USA; July 27, 2007

Name: Kirk

Date: July 27, 2007

Location: St Clair Shores, Michigan

Message: Saw a object at around 9:30 pm. Looked like a shape of a turtle, four bright squares under bottom, as though they were on fire. Four faint flashing lights 2 in front 2 in back. Flying about 600 ft high. Heading from St. Clair Shores east through Roseville. Heading west south. Traveling at a plane cruising speed. No sound what so ever. Never seen anything like it. Neighbor thought it was a parachute with a fire on it till it keep flying. Not sure what it was. -


St. Clair Shores UFO Sighting, Blonde Haired Human Like Entities Observed

Posted on October 1, 2010 at 10:27 AM

Case Number: 25608

Log Number: US-09282010-0016

Submitted Date: 2010-09-28 16:34 GMT

Event Date: 1979-02-28 00:00 GMT

Status: Assigned

City: St. Clair Shores

Region: Michigan

Country: US

Longitude: -82.891134

Latitude: 42.4931

Shape: Disc

Vallee Index: CE3

I saw a streak of light in the sky while turning south onto Little Mack Ave. in St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 in 1978 or 1979 (I never could remember the year). I was traveling from east to west as I turned onto Little Mack Ave. It was a Friday. I thought that it was a reflection off the wing of a plain or something, and remember it was just dusk at the time and there was still a sunset to the west. Just ahead, at Matin Rd., I saw it coming closer, so I turned west onto Martin Rd. at the intersection (I could never remember if I had to stop at the traffic light there at all, but I know there is one at that intersection), and then I turned directly left into a church parking lot. The disk like craft came down directly over the church/rectory and hovered about 20 ft. above it. I just couldn't believe it. It was silently rotating with bright lights coming off the bottom ot it. It was disk-like with a very wide band of windows around the middle of the thing. Thinking back now, the wide band of windows must not have been rotating with the rest of the craft. It was very early spring time, and I had some young chilren in the back set of the car. I sat parked and looking up at it right straight out of my front windshield. There were people/beings (?) looking down at me. It looked like some sort of open spaced mess hall inside with them sitting around squarish tables. Two of them then were standing up and came up to the windows, and they just started down at me and the car. Others at the tables then turned their heads as if to notice my car. They had shoulder length light hair.

Their hair styles reminded me of the old page-boy style from years ago. They seemed to have on some sort of jump-suit. I remember thinking that one of them must have been female. I knew they could see me, and it felt really weird to me that they could see me and knew I was there. I can't remember if I'd turned my car engine off or if my car was still runnig (I've always wondered about that). I could see right into their craft. It was very brightly lit up inside. I don't remember seeing/hearing any other traffic lights/car noises or anything. It just seemed totally dark out, and there was no noise at all. I remember I had my hands on the steering wheel. Then all of a sudden the craft went right up about aprox. 100 ft. (maybe less), and it veered off to the south-west slowly at first, then it went at lighting speed till it was just a pin prick of light in the sky. I thought that someone else must have seen the thing (no other cars were around at all, no traffic nothing), and I wanted to see where it went. So, I left the parking lot by it's exit onto a side street, whick I took till I got to 11 Mile Rd. But, by then it wasn't visable at all. I turned left (east) onto 11 Mile Rd., and I considered going to the police station there at Jefferson Ave., but thought they'd think I was crazy. I noticed some traffic then. So, I didn't stop at the station, but just turned and contiuned on. I don't know why I just went home, and I didn't think/talk about it at all that night, nor all weekend. Also, I didn't phone or tell anyone about it that night either. The children in the back seat were to young to remember what happened. It's possible it may have taken place early in the spring of 1978. I could never remember the date/year at all, but have tried to often. For some reason I can't, but my best guess is that it was in 1979. I know (I'm positive) it was a Friday near dusk when I saw this. I didn't feel afraid, but there was some mild fear when the two figures were at the window of their craft looking down at my car.

I think I felt this way because I had young children in the back seat of my car with me. I was also in awe that this thing was hovering so close by me over a church/rectory. I didn't have to streach my neck up or back to see it out of my front car windshield at all. It was just like watching something on screen right out of my car windshield. I remember it was totally black out as I watched this thing from the driver's seat of my car. I've wondered about it being totally dark out then, since I could see the sunset when I was turning south onto Little Mack Ave. just a little bit before. I also never took noticed of the time when I got home. The next Tuesday, on the car radio I heard that there were sightings of UFO's over northern MI. I've never talked about this with anyone. I'm an educated person with advanced degrees, and I want to remain totally anonymous and not be contacted by anyone. I felt I had to tell MUFON about what I saw and I hope that it may be of some help to you and also others. The above phone # and email address are not mine, but bogus I'm sorry to say. I had to put somethng in those areas so I could submit this to you. -

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Morbach Werewolf

According to legend, the Rhineland town of Wittlich is said to be the last place in Germany where a werewolf had been killed.

Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer, a supposed deserter from Napoleon’s army and a veteran of the disaster at Moscow, is fleeing to his homeland in Alsace, France. With him are a group of Russians, also deserters. While passing by the village of Wittlich, the hungry soldiers earmark a farmhouse and decide to take what they want. In the midst of their scavenging they are discovered by the farmer, whom they promptly murder along with his sons.

The farmer's wife, witnessing the foul deed, lets out a wail and curses Schwytzer.

"From now on at each full moon you will change into a rabid wolf!" she screams in her anguish.

Schwytzer relieves her suffering by crushing her skull.

As times goes on, the curse starts to take hold. Gradually a change comes over Schwytzer...his personality becomes harder and without inhibitions. He robs, rapes, and murders at his pleasure. He soon departs from his fellows who have had enough, and takes up with bandits and highwaymen. The ruffians are appalled at Schwitzer's excesses, so the ex-soldier flees to the sanctuary of the deep forests.

There the tales of a wolf that walks like a man spreads throughout the countryside. At night men and cattle are brutally slaughtered by the beast.

One night Schwytzer observes the beautiful daughter of a local farmer. Her name is Elizabeth Beierle, and in his carnal lust he rapes her.

Days later, while by his campfire in the woods, Schwytzer is discovered by a group of villagers who take him for the werewolf. They give chase and corner the fugitive near the village of Morbach. Promptly dispatching Schwytzer, the villagers bury him at a crossing. There a shrine is erected where a candle will burn continually. As long as the candle is lit, so the legend goes, the werewolf will not return.

Nine months later, a son is born to Elizabeth Beierles, whom she names Martin. To this day the descendants of this bastard child are a respected family in the vicinity of Morbach, and show no sign of the curse of their infamous ancestor, Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer.

That is until 1988.

Hahn AFB
Canine stationed at Hahn AFB

One evening a group of Air Force personnel are returning to their base at Morbach. Passing the old shrine they notice the candle is out. They begin to laugh and joke about this, for all have heard of the legend of the werewolf.

Later, at the base, automatic sirens peal into the night...sensing someone or something has activated the perimeter fence. While investigating, a security guard detects a large creature, similar to a wolf, standing on its hind legs. It gazes at the soldier for a moment and then flees, clearing a 3 meter fence with ease.

A police dog is brought to track the beast, but upon arriving at the spot where the werewolf was seen, the canine cowers and howls, refusing to go further.

The candle at the shrine is relit, and the creature has been seen no more. - D. L. Ashliman - November 16, 1998

Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer's burial shrine



I was stationed at Hahn from 1988 to 1991, and I worked at the Morbach depot a lot from 88-90. It is a very large area, and at the time it had only perimeter lighting and lights on some buildings near the front gate. It was true that there were several areas, mostly on the east side, that were heavily wooded, but for the most part the area was a tangle of open roads and steep, grass-covered burms.

We joked about the Morbach Monster, but usually only to scare the new guys. I worked with several people who had been there since before the 1988 incident cited above, and none of them ever mentioned it to me. The only stories I had heard were about one of the wild boars that the local Forstmeister kept in the area getting loose and chasing someone up a light pole. Not freaked out dogs, no fence jumping.

If you have never seen a german wild boar, they look like a 4 foot tall brazil nut with tusks and legs. They are dark brown and stinky and hairy and big and could easily be mistaken as some sort of supernatural beast.

Not to be a wet blanket, but I don't believe the story about the 88 sighting at all. It would be just too hard to keep quiet, and there would be plenty of people who would be just too scared to ever work there again. That place can be creepy enough at night as it is.
- CyKa


I was stationed at Hahn Ab. In 1992. The tale of Morbach is true to the villagers. The munitions site is actually where the village used to stand according to the legend they moved the town since they could not get rid of the werewolf menace. Also the candle was to keep the werewolf from coming to the new village.

I honestly think there is a big animal in that wooded area I have responded to many and I mean many calls by the munition workers about a large animal roaming the area. This has occurred both day and night. The only large animal that inhabits that area is a wild boar. Morbach is heavily wooded. The woods are so thick some parts are not passable even on foot and the munition site is 15 square miles. I have seen on three occasions that our fence was torn from the ground level coming into the site which is home to a ton of deer so I think this animal feeds on deer due to the fact I have seen many dead deer in that area. Well that is my two cents on Morbach. I do not think it is a werewolf but a big cat.
- Venom012


I was an Security Policeman ( SP ) at Hahn from 86 - 90 and spent a lot of time at Morbach. I heard all of the werewolf stories too, but never seen anything that would indicate to me that a werewolf actually was there. I walked that area all the time at night, and sometimes by myself. It was always fun to scare the new guys with stories of the werewolf, and then make them do a security check of the perimeter on foot ( the perimeter road was only accessible by foot). One of our K-9,s was this big black bovier with bloodshot eyes. We would always send that dog handeler to the backside of the area to meet the new guys with that dog. there was also reports of a German WW-2 soldier that roamed the area. - GMAC


I was stationed at Morbach 91-93... My buddy and I saw something in the bomb dump on night that looked like a cross between a bull dog and a monkey... and it did NOT like us shining the lights of the VW 6-pack truck on it. It was hairless and muscular and it bared its teeth at us and then ran up over one of the Igloos (hardened storage unit) We didn't think it was a werewolf, but when we told one of out our local friends about it, they laughed and said that the animal was just a fairy tale and that we should stop drinking at work! - Shane


I was stationed at Hahn AB from 83-90 and did many mid tours at Morbach as an SP. We called the monster MO-MO and yes I firmly believe there is something out there. Could have been a large dog, possibly, but many times we heard movements deep in the woods, and loud yowling. It was very spooky and I was very thankful for my M16. The whole place was just damn strange at night. - Kayne


I was stationed at Hahn A.B. from 1987 to 1990 had the time of my life in the area. I think we had about 8 to 10 SP's at the munitions storage area at the time. One night about 6 of us SP's along with 2 K-9 dogs decided to take a walk in the area without weapons we left them in the tractor trailer we had as Central Security Control. We first went to the pig pen that was in the storage area just to take a look the pigs were there and the gate was secure so we went walking down the road. About 100 yards from CSC we went off the road way into the forest that was in the area. Walking along the dogs stopped we and they heard some noise in the brush the dogs yelped they did not want to go any further we heard something in the brush again like if we were being shadowed. Then came the type of howl you could not duplicate nor have ever heard it seemed that it was just 20 or 30 yards or closer. My hair I remember on my arms stood and my body tingled all over, we all ran the heck out of there to CSC and locked ourselves in. I can not explain what I heard, I have spent 20 years trying to justify or explain what I heard. (What I think this could be is the towns people over the years they have mastered this wolf gig) - Albert G.


I was the first commander of the Munitionslager Morbach in 1956. We moved our inventory into the area outside the village of Morbach and our airmen were quartered at nearby Hahn Air Base.

Our unit was the 7372nd Ammosuppron Det #1 and our mascot was a very old dog of doubtful antecedents named Ammo P. Ammunition. We had a complete service record compiled for the dog. His record was exemplary until we arrived at Morbach.

Deer would clear the perimeter fence and then be found deceased shortly thereafter. Ammo was named as the murderer and was about to face a courts martial, when I decided to investigate. I viewed the body of the most recently departed deer and found a 30 caliber slug in the animal's head. As Ammo was not qualified to use either the M-1 or M-2 carbine, I promptly dismissed the charges. This over the protests of several airmen who said that they had had to shoot the deer to "put it out of its misery".

I reported the demise to the local Jaeger who promptly took possession of the carcass (which conveniently been found field dressed).

There were no further incidents of this nature.

This was my only encounter with the Morbach Werewolf
- L. P. McCormick


I was stationed at Hahn Air Base from 1986 to 1989 as an SP. I was assigned as the flight chief for "Charlie" Flight security. We posted people at the MUNNS site more commonly known as Morbach each night. I, too, heard the stories of the Werewolf. Were they real, I don't know, but I do say this, a couple of my long timers who were there since about 82 or 83 swore they saw the werewolf. Were they with Jake, I don't know. But they told me the same story. That they observed a "person" jump the fence, which was the standard 7 foot chainlink fence with the 18 inch outrigger. When it jumped the fence, the "thing" took off on all fours. They also said that when the K-9 unit was brought in, it was taken to the place where the "werewolf" jumped the fence, and the dog became very nervous. I walked the area where this happened. It is very dimly lit, the only lighting was perimeter lighting facing toward the outside. The lights were not very bright. It was a bit spooky being out there. On a lighter note, the newbies who were assigned to the area were always taken to the spot where the "werewolf" jumped the fence, and were told the story. One one occasion, one of the prankster SP's decided to hide under some leaves. When the new troop came by, the prankster reached out from under the leaves and grabbed the young guy by the leg. Screams were heard through the night, and the sound of a round being chambered into an M-16. Fortunately the other cop who was there grabbed the rifle before it was used for its intended purpose. This prank was never played again, at least so I was told. - MSgt "C"


I was stationed at Hahn 82-84 with the 50thSPS. I along with 4 others were sent for a security watch one night to the NATO ammo dump. The 5 of us watched (1 pair of night vision goggles) from a side of a hill the fence line in the near distance below. We watched what we thought was a person run to the fence, then right over and then the person or animal ran on all fours like a large dog. We were all spooked and chucked it up to a large dog.The whole incident lasted under a minute. I don't believe in legends, but this was very unusual. - Jake

"Das Monster von Morbach: eine moderne Sage des Internetzeitalters" - Matthias Burgard

Fortean / Alternative News: Winnebago County Encounters, Man Found Crucified and Uniontown, Pa UFO

UFO Encounter in Winnebago County, Wisconsin

MUFON CMS - near Winchester, WI - 10/6/1980 - unedited: I had just gone to bed about 9 pm. As I was lying there still awake I saw a flash of bright light through the window from the direction of our driveway. I waited for a car door to open and close as I thought we had a unexpected guest, but no one had come. I called to my husband to see if anyone had come and he said no.

A minute later I saw a strange light through the other bedroom window off in the distance. I was watching it because it was doing very strange things. It was making geometric type movements in the sky like circles, triangles, etc. We lived near an airport but this light was not behaving as an airplane would behave.

I got out of bed and sat by the window to watch and called my husband in to see this. As we sat there watching it it came closer to the house. Now it appeared as a very bright white-yellowish light, almost too bright to look at. At this point it was about 200 feet from the house hovering just above tree top level. There was a lone tree in the field next to the house that enabled us to judge it's size and distance accurately. It appeared to be close to the tree and just above it.

As we sat there watching it it emitted a search light rotating around on the ground and the area as though it were looking for something. As the light came around it shown right into our bedroom window. It made quite a number of rotations. We looked at each other in disbelief. At this point we decided to run outside to get a better look.

It was cold and still, not even the slightest breeze. I could hear the traffic from the highway which was a mile away. The night sky was crystal clear. We lived in the country on a dead end road far from city lights. We had a very clear view of the sky since we lived on the top of the highest hill the county. We often sat outside at night to look at the sky and watch the stars.

The craft made no sound of any kind. I felt no moving air from it. If it had been a helicopter we would have been deafened by the noise and barraged with dust and air from the propellers at that close range.

As it hovered, it was getting less bright and we could make out more details of the craft. It was disk shaped with a higher area on the top. There were red lights or windows around the top part. As we watched it we could see more details. The red lights looked more like windows with a red light inside it like a dark room that photographers use. I could see five or six silhouetted human like figures inside it moving around. Some of them seemed to be looking at us as we looked at them. The under side of the craft remained faintly glowing with the white yellow light.

I would judge the size of the craft to be about 50 feet in diameter. It would have fit into our driveway area between the house and the barn.

It just hovered there like that for at least 20 minutes.

We could have walked right under it, but we didn't. It did not make any threatening movements or noises. I never felt any sense of danger.

After about 20 minutes of watching it, another disk appeared from behind our house. It looked just like the first one. It was hovering moving very slow and close to the ground, below tree top level. The two of them hovered next to our house for several minutes then moved very slow down into the valley below tree level. they disappeared from our sight behind the trees in the valley. We didn't see them again.

I was flabbergasted and elated at the same time with our experience. I wanted to report it to someone, but who would even believe us. I had not heard of MUFON yet. The next day I called the airport and spoke to an air traffic controller and asked them if they had seen anything on the radar that night. The man told me he couldn't relate any information about what they see on the radar to the public, even if they saw something unusual he could not talk about it. His response was worded in a way that led me to believe that they did indeed see something on the radar but could not disclose the information.

I did not report it to the police. I didn't think they would write a report on it.
Even though I was reluctant to discuss what we had seen with other people, over the next few days I broached the subject with 3 of our neighbors.

The first was our landlord who lived next to us and I figured if he was awake he must have seen something that night. He was not at all surprised at my story and said that he often saw UFO's in the valley over the years. He had been living at that house all his life since it was a family farm that had been in the family for 3 generations. He was 72 years old and was a good resource of information about anything local. He was a credible witness, but he said he didn't see anything that night.

We did have a lengthy discussion about the UFO's he had seen in the past. It was pretty much the same thing as we had seen, and he added that he had on several occasions found burn circles in the crops.

He said that most of the neighbors around there knew about the UFO's and were ok in talking about it. It was sort of a local rite of passage with new people moving into the area. All the old timers in the area were quite familiar with the phenomenon.

Another neighbor who I frequently went horseback riding with said that it hovered over their house for an hour late that night. They had previous experiences with the UFO's also.

The third person I talked to about it,was a friend who lived down the road. They knew about the sightings, but were determined that they wanted nothing to do with it. They were Born Again Christians and seemed to be very threatened by the experiences.

Two years later we moved due to economic conditions.

Over the years I have talked about our experience with many different people. Some are eager to relate their own UFO experience, most are skeptical. I learned very quickly to use caution and to feel people out before relating the whole story to them. Many people still regard UFO experiences as bunk or ridicule it.

It may not count for much relating this experience so many years after the fact, but it has always been in the back of my mind. I always had a fascination with the idea of UFO's as a child growing up in the sixties.

There were books and stories about it and I held a open minded interest in it as I became an adult. I have always been glad that I had this experience because I know I am not crazy or hallucinating or making it up.

I wish I had pictures but we didn't have a very good camera that night. I was too mesmerized by the experience to want to take a picture. Pictures would have been inconclusive any way. It would have shown the bright light but nothing else.

I don't know if I can find too many people from that area to corroborate my story except for my husband. We are now divorced but I do know where he lives and he does talk about the experience.

We don't live at that address any more, but I have gone by there from time to time.
It would not surprise me if there where still sightings in that area.

The uniqueness of the geography of that area could be the reason for the sightings. The location is the highest point in the county with a very large valley on the southern side. The valley has no houses in it since it floods every spring.

When we lived there we had many storms that produced unusual lightening effects. We where often surrounded by balls of lightening and such intense lightening I would not answer the phone during a storm because the lightening would travel through the lines and ring the phone during storms. I have never experienced such intensity of lightening anywhere else. I was even struck by lightening in the house one day during a storm. Thankfully it was not severe and did no lasting harm.

I also believe that Native American people who used to live there had a burial site there. The neighbors found many artifacts there. The area had unusual geography and history and I always felt that there was something different that set it apart from other places I have lived in. There are also high power lines that run over the top of that hill.

The farm we lived on where we had the UFO experience was located on Pleasant Valley Rd. near Winchester, WI. west of Neenah. We lived on the dead end of the road over looking the valley. It was a beautiful place to live back then. I know that there have been subdivisions built in the area since then. I don't know if the old farm is still there. It was owned by Leslie Dobbie, who is now deceased. He was our next door landlord at the time. The other neighbors names I have forgotten.

I had many unusual dreams and clairvoyant experiences while living at that address, but I never recalled any abduction experiences.

It was a life changing experience for both of us. Since then, I have never viewed life or the world we live in with ambivalence. It made me more aware of my planet and my place in the cosmos.


Greenpeace starts radiation testing near Japan nuclear plant

gulftoday - Greenpeace said on Tuesday it had begun testing water samples from the ocean near Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for radiation contamination.

The samples will be collected outside Japan’s 12-mile territorial waters in line with government rules, Greenpeace said, adding that it would continue to press Tokyo for permission to study water within 12 miles of shore.

The plant has leaked radiation into air, soil and ocean since it was severely damaged by the massive March 11 quake and tsunami, and government readings at the end of March found levels of radioactive iodine-131 3,355 times the legal limit in nearby sea.

Greenpeace has stressed the importance of an independent study of the level of contamination.

Local fishermen have already been ordered to stop catching certain kinds of fish, especially konago or sand lance, which have shown high levels of radioactivity.

The Japanese government has estimated that compensation for damages resulting from the nuclear crisis could reach four trillion yen ($49 billion), a report said. Half the money will come from Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant, with the rest coming from other electricity companies, the Asahi Shimbun said, without citing sources.

The came as TEPCO calculates its earnings and prepares its future budget, the Asahi said.

The Japanese government has officially refused to estimate the total liability for compensation, saying that Tokyo would not put any cap on TEPCO’s burden.

Japanese police are to set up a DNA database to help identify the bodies of those killed reports said.

Police in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures will collect DNA samples from the belongings of people still listed as missing and from their relatives, national broadcaster NHK said.

Under the envisioned scheme, once TEPCO runs out of money to pay damages claims, it would receive funding from a special financial body to be created by it and eight other power companies, the Asahi said.


Salta, Argentina Resident Photographs UFO Over Cachi During Easter Week

Source: Contexto (San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina)
Date: May 4, 2011

Resident of Salta Photographs UFO Over Cachi During Easter Week

Saturday, 30 April 2011 – Last weekend, Cachi was the tourists’ choice not only for its natural wonders and the warmth of the “vallistas” who live there. It was also chosen by unidentified flying objects, who flew over its skies before the incredulous gaze of thousands of onlookers.

One witness managed to capture the moment: it was renowned aviator Tony Galvagno, the protagonist of the 1990’s incident [near the town of] Joaquin V. Gonzalez promoted as the “Argentinean Roswell”, with domestic and international repercussions. At that time, the aviator from Cachi witnessed from the town of Anta the fall of a strange object that caused a tremendous explosion. He later went public about being threatened by various organizations, who caused him to desist from the research he had undertaken.

According to accounts of what happened last weekend, the “vessel” remained suspended in the air for nearly half an hour – between 7:30 pm and 8 pm. – on Saturday, April 23. Galvagno says that he decided to spend a few days with his family at Cachi, renting a house in the urban section of town.

“On Saturday afternoon, during prayers, we saw a strange formation between the mountains, similar to a massive UFO. Being dark, because the sun was behind it, we did not pay it much attention, supposing that it was merely a cloud,” says Galvagno. However, he explains that after a few minutes went by, and as daylight fade, metallic flashes began to emerge from the object, making Galvagno and his family – and hundreds of tourists walking the town square – certain that it was not a plain and simple cumulus nimbus, but a vessel.

“I commented it with other people, as the object remained suspended in the sky, and we all agreed that at nightfall, it revealed the perfect, well-defined and metallic lines of a UFO. And it vanished thus, before the eyes of hundreds of onlookers,” said the pilot. (

Reported by Scott Corrales at Inexplicata

NOTE: honestly. it's looks like a cloud to me...Lon


South Korean Man Found Crucified in Quarry

South Korean police say they've found the body of a man with his hands and feet nailed to a wooden cross.

Police said Wednesday the man was found crucified Sunday in an abandoned stone quarry in Mungyong, about 115 miles (190 kilometers) southeast of Seoul.

Police say they found nylon strings around the man's neck, arms and stomach. They say two smaller crosses were erected on each side of the cross he was nailed to.

They found nails, a hammer and instructions on how to build crosses inside a tent near the scene.

Police said they are investigating the exact cause of the man's death and whether it was a homicide.

They identified the man as a 58-year old surnamed Kim. - NYTimes


Giant disc/triangle UFO hovering over top the nearby mountains

MUFON CMS - Uniontown, PA - 2/13/2009 - unedited: - My father had just passed away that night at the Uniontown Hospital, and I was traveling with my companion back to my home, and my brother and his wife were following us in their car, when we all slowed down to watch a huge bright object hovering above the Mountains, we saw a beam of blue light shine down through the trees,and an object of some kind was lifted up by the beam to the UFO? We were all amazed by what we were seeing? Then the huge UFO sped away, and was gone in a flash? We don't know what it was, but we know it wasn't a plane, or man made aircraft, it had to be 200 yards long, and about 2 stories high? I've never seen anything like that before that big? I have however seen several UFO's throughout my life going back to my childhood? My most recent experience was inside my bedroom last November 2010 when I was awoken by a greenish-blue bright light at the foot of my bed? I couldn't move, except for my eyes? I was terrified, I felt like something was holding me down, and I could see small shadows in the greenish-blue light? This lasted about a half hour it seemed? The light vanished, and I was then able to move again? I can remember small beings coming into my room when I was about 5 years old, and screaming uncontrollably!? I have several other cases I would like to share with you. I'm looking forward to hearing from Mufon? Thank You, Sincerely;
Purchase your copy at Mothman Dynasty: Chicago's Winged Humanoids

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