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Sheep Mutilation Mystery - Dine' Navajo Reservation, Near Hogback, NM

According to my friend J.C. Johnson of Crypto Four Corners, in March 2010, 24 sheep were mutilated at a farm near Hogback, New Mexico, on the Dine' Navajo Reservation. The livestock owner explains that there were large talon marks but very little blood and no evisceration. Was this an attack by a large flying predator? Why were the carcasses left intact? Could this have been a Chupacabras? Was this another example of animal mutilation and experimentation by non-terrestrials, aliens or government entities?

J.C. mentioned that a large cryptid bird or pterosaur may have been responsible for this act. That theory is not as far-fetched as it may initially sound.

For many generations, people in New Mexico and parts of Texas say they've seen birds so big they seem prehistoric.

One man claims the rugged landscape near Las Cruces hides a mystery that's haunted him for several years.

Dave Zander has lived near the Doña Ana Mountains for more than 30 years spending almost all his spare time hiking, exploring and fossil hunting in the range between the Robledo and Organ mountains.

He saw something that he's unable to explain and many people find hard to believe.

He recalls the day eleven years ago when he spotted something extraordinary: two creatures perched on a mountain less than a mile away.

"These creatures were so huge they looked like the size of small planes," Dave Zander said. "All of the sudden one of them jumped off dropped off the top of the mountain, came down the front of the mountain and all the sudden these huge wings just spread out.

"I would say the wings were at least a 20-foot wingspan."

Definitely something out of the ordinary.

"Not a normal bird, definitely of a giant variety," Zander continued. "It makes you feel like it could come over and carry you off if it wanted to."

Zander witness a real-life scene out of the movie Jurassic Park?

One ancient bird in the vicinity is an Andean condor living at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque. But it's wingspan of 12 feet pales to what Zander described: birds with an unprecedented twenty-foot wingspan, with pink bald heads and all-black bodies, and feathers on their enormous wings.

There is nothing on modern record like it.

"In comparison a 20 foot wingspan would truly be a monster and something undocumented by science," cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard said. "I believe what Dave Zander may have seen are surviving teratorns."

Gerhard has made a career studying prehistoric birds.

"What's interesting the reports of these giant raptor-like birds to continue into modern times," he said. "We seem to have a large concentration of them here in the Southwest particularly in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as well as New Mexico and parts of Arizona."

Gerhard documented many of these strange reports from all over the globe in the book "Big birds! Modern sightings of flying monsters."

The book includes sightings in different clusters over the past 30 years.

In 1972 in Maxwell in northeastern New Mexico, Ronald Monteleone of Trinidad, Colo., reported what he thought was a pterodactyl flying out of an arroyo.

In Lordsburg in the 1800s locals talked constantly about the sightings of pterosaurs.

And a picture circulated the country in 1890 out of Tombstone, Ariz., but it's never been considered totally legitimate.

"Other eyewitnesses are describing specifically giant feathered dark birds with an enormous wing span," Gerhard said.

Gerhard said his research falls into two different descriptions from witnesses. Some said the birds look like the prehistoric pterodactyl while others, like the creatures described by Zander, resemble the ancient thunderbird from Native American mythology.

You can find thunderbird images atop many totem poles and also carved into the lava rocks of the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque. Similar images are found in petroglyphs all over North America.

According to legend, the thunderbird is said to have a wingspan the length of two canoes with the ability to deafen people with the sound of its flapping wings.

"It is definitely a real animal, according to the native peoples that lived here," Gerhard said. "It's not necessarily a legendary animal."
(Andean Condor)

However a word of caution comes from folks like Ben Radford, managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, which applies scientific reason and evidence to extraordinary claims.

"There is a desire to link modern sightings with these Native American stories but the problem is they're not necessarily the same thing," Radford said.

Radford said believes the eyewitnesses saw something:

"Ultimately a lot of these sightings, whether it's these monsters, these creatures, Chupacabras, what have you, these come down to eyewitness testimony," Radford said. "They're stories, there's nothing wrong with stories, but they're just not good evidence."

Radford has debunked numerous stories about the Loch Ness monster, crop circles and Bigfoot.

He said he relies on evidence.

"You don't have bones, teeth," he continued. "You don't have any hard evidence, so you look to these stories, you look to these myths.

"We know from many scientific experiments people are notoriously unreliable about estimating things."

And in this case, Radford said he thinks Zander and the other witnesses in Texas overestimated the birds' size.

What makes the reports intriguing is that most experts agree scientists have yet to discover every species on the planet and really have no idea what is out there:

"I believe there's a good chance that a number of large prehistoric animals remain undiscovered by modern science." Gerhard said.

Radford readily concedes there are species yet to be discovered, but...

"Do I think there are giant animals and birds and creatures out there?" he said. "No."

For his part, Zander continues to keep his eyes on the skies but hasn't had a repeat visit from the creatures. The one experience has stayed with him.

"I feel honored to have seen the one sighting," he said. "I had if they're still up there still living up there and thriving, I say awesome, more power to them."

I received the following email from a man who lives west of San Antonio, Texas near Medina Lake. He states he witnessed a large flying creature on August 11, 2009:

Dear Sir. I witnessed a large flying creature this evening that I cannot identify. I found your site during a search. I'm apprehensive of mentioning it to any friends or family until I can get a grip on what this was.

I live west of San Antonio, TX near Medina Lake. Today, I was on a random outing to the area near the Diversion Lake dam. At about 7:30 pm, I was on my way back up the trail when I suddenly heard a loud awful scream coming from below the dam downstream. It sounded like an owl but lasted longer and was much louder. I stopped walking and watched downstream to see if I could catch a look at what caused the sound.

I then noticed a large flock of birds flush out of the trees near the riverbank. Then suddenly this giant flying creature swooped down into the river valley and just as quickly flew back up into the rocks. I continued to watch but did not hear or see it again. I call it a creature because it looked nothing like a bird. I was about 50 yards from it and would say conservatively that it's wing span was 15 ft. or so! It was dark colored and had a very long beak and a strange long thin tail. This sounds crazy, but it actually resembled one of those flying dinosaurs though the head was not as large and it looked like it had feathers.

I got back home and looked on the internet for examples of bird species but found nothing close. I'm not originally from this area and have never heard of anything like this. That is why I'm contacting you. Do you have an idea what it was? I see you have a website, maybe someone who reads your site could help identify it. JJ

On December 6, 2010, researcher Jonathan David Whitcomb issued the following press release:

For generations, the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas, have entertained residents with their strange dancing. On some warmer nights, a ball of light seems to split into two, which will separate and fly away from each other before turning around and flying back together. They have recently been linked to flying lights in the southwest Pacific, lights that natives of Papua New Guinea testify are from large flying creatures.

In southwest Texas, local residents have speculated about dancing devils or ghosts. Scientists have preferred something along the lines of ball lightning or earthlights, but all their scientific explanations have tripped over the resemblances to line dancing. If atmospheric energies or tectonic stresses cause the displays, why do two lights horizontally separate for a long distance before coming back together?

Now a cryptozoologist from California has explained the dancing lights of Marfa. Tales of spooks may hold a spark of truth, for recent research implies intelligence directs the lights: Bioluminescent flying predators may be hunting at night and catching a few unlucky Big Brown Bats: Eptesicus fuscus.

According to Jonathan Whitcomb, a cryptozoology author in Long Beach, California, when one of the bioluminescent predators has been glowing for awhile, not far above the ground, it will be joined by another of its kind, which will then turn on its own glow. After insects have been attracted to that area, the two creatures will separate, which appears to distant human observers to be one light splitting into two. The predators will fly away from each other for some distance, then turn back and fly together. During the separation, bats may begin feeding on the concentration of insects before being caught from two sides by the larger predators.

Whitcomb was a forensic videographer, in 2004, when he traveled to Papua New Guinea, hoping to videotape the glowing nocturnal "ropen," said to be a large flying predator and scavenger. Although he did not see the creature, he interviewed many natives, who impressed him with their credibility and amazed him with what they had seen. Whitcomb became convinced that the ropen is a pterosaur, commonly called by Americans "pterodactyl" or "flying dinosaur."

After returning to the United States, he wrote many web pages about the concept of modern living pterosaurs in the southwest Pacific. He was surprised at the response: emails and phone calls from eyewitnesses of apparent pterosaurs in the United States.

He analyzed the eyewitness accounts of those flying creatures and wrote a nonfiction book: "Live Pterosaurs in America." The second edition of that cryptozoology book has just been published (ISBN-13: 9781456341350).

Although Whitcomb admits that Marfa Lights may come from an unknown bioluminescent bird or bat, he says, "It is more likely than not from a creature similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea, and my associates and I are sure about the ropen: It is a pterosaur." - Jonathan David Whitcomb

NOTE: I have been reporting on Whitcomb's research and expeditions since I started 'Phantoms and Monsters' fact, he has forwarded several reports directly. This theory involving the Marfa Lights is interesting since much of the phenomena associated with the ropen of New Guinea is similar...Lon

A quick history of the Marfa Lights: The Marfa Lights in Western Texas, nine miles east of Marfa, are arguably the most well-known spooklights in the US. Within driving distance of the McDonald Observatory, the Marfa lights have been viewed for over a century. According to a State of Texas brochure, the first recorded sighting was made by a rancher named Robert Ellison in 1883. Apache Indians thought them to be stars that had dropped down to earth. Today they can been seen at night by passersby who park in a pullover spot on Hwy. 90. They are described as changing in color and intensity, and usually move about. Most skeptics believe the Marfa Lights are nothing more than distant auto headlights on another highway, but that doesn't explain the pre-automobile sightings. The town of Marfa even hosts an annual Marfa Lights Festival every September. To read more, go to - Marfa's Legendary Lights

An Account of Close Encounters

I received the following interesting email from a reader who describes many of his encounters over the years:

My Early Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV) Sightings

These are my sightings of "extraterrestrial vehicles"or "ETVs" (a term and abbreviation I've made which is more accurate than "UFO"), as of September 27, 2008. These are experiences I've also reported to the UFO Evidence website, years ago.

Darryl E Berry Jr (Cezyl)


Date - 2000
Location - New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Summary: I saw flashes in the clouds. I went to check it out and a craft came out of the clouds, apparently the cause of the flashes.

Date Reported: 2/26/2005 5:09:13 PM

Day/Night: Nighttime

No. of Witnesses: Only me that I know of...

No. of Object(s): Single

Urban or Rural: Rural..

Size of Object(s):
One to two times the size of average two-story house I estimate...

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude:
About 5 blocks away...

Shape of Object(s):
Like a short barrell, or several coins stacked atop each other...

Color of Object(s):
It was nighttime, so the actual object not sure... Pink light from bottom...

Full Description & Details:
My UFO and ET Encounters Research Report Ready

My biggest encounter

By the time the year 2000 came I'd already seen scores of video clips of UFOs. I'd read article after article, and several books on first person accounts complete with pictures- including Fire In The Sky by a wood smith named Travis Walton. I'd seen hundreds of pictures and portrayals of aliens and UFOs by this time, and now I was ready and willing to see crafts of my own.

I figured that they, aliens and extraterrestrials, would heed my telepathic call to see them. I began to spend time each day in meditation calling to them telepathically: "I want to see you. Show yourselves to me." I'd seen enough evidence to be assured that they are here, and around. I'd seen enough evidence to be assured that the average ET mind is telepathic. I'd done enough research to know the signs and evidences of UFO presence, and my eyes were to the sky and into the clouds looking for them.

I'd just gotten off of work at 11 PM, and was driving home, making my way over the high rise some 15 miles from my home. Looking into the distance I could see some clouds flashing pink, and knew that something was there. After all, lightening is blue. I'd then determined that I would drive until I got to the disturbance and take a look. As I drove I realized that I was going as I would have I been going straight home. I got off at my usual exist, still expecting to take some bizarre route through the woods or something to get there, and ended up going straight into my subdivision. The clouds were still flashing pink off and on, and I continued to the disturbance.

I passed my street and went about 5 blocks down, and then parked my car where the disturbance was. It was over the woods, about 5 blocks away, and about the same distance into the air. I stopped on the side of the street, turned off the engine, and then looked and waited. The cloud would flash pink like a strobe light, and then go off. Then it would flash again, and then off. The cloud continued blinking in this fashion, each successive blink coming faster than the previous.

At this point I was getting scared. This subdivision was less developed then, so there were no streetlights where I was. The closest one was 2 blocks down one way, and half a mile down the other. There were only about 10 houses in the immediate vicinity, with much empty field around. With all the videos I'd seen, and all the pictures I'd seen, I was sure that when I saw one in person I would run up to it and say take me for a spin. But this was not the case. As I watched the cloud through my partially opened car window the cloud started blinking faster and faster, until the blinks were linked together. Then the cloud stopped blinking and radiated a solid pink glow. As I looked upon the cloud, my window still cracked and my eyes wide open, a craft slowly and silently hovered out of the cloud. A strong sense of fear came upon me, and I started winding up my window in a minor panic as though something might jump in to get me, or may already be in the car through the partially opened window! (Or by teleportation or something.) I was afraid to look into the back seat!

I locked the door, rolled the window up tight, fumbling as I did for I was sure not to take my eyes off of this craft. It was shaped like a regular birthday cake, like a very short barrel, or five coins stacked on top of each other. The bottom of the craft was slightly hollowed in, as if under the stack of coins there was a shallow, downward facing bowl carved in. Underneath the craft, in this shallow downward facing bowl, was a light that was like an electrically moving pink neon sign. It was like a long thick conglomerated strand of cable, but glowed pink and was erratically moving about like an ornery snake. In the background of this moving neon sign-like thread of moving light was a softer pink glow that filled the entire bottom crevice of the craft. I also remember seeing something of circular windows around the sides of the craft, like the little circle windows one would see around a tug boat.

I hardly believed my own eyes; even after all I'd researched and seen in film and on paper. I was actually seeing a UFO, and if not for the fact that I was seeing it I may not have believed and probably would not now believe my own seeing myself! In my own town, and only blocks away from my own home. I didn't have to take a trip to Gulf Breeze, nor camp outside of Area 51, as I'd previously thought (and was planning to do). The craft seemed to stay out of the cloud for only a matter of seconds, as if the beings piloting it endeavored to answer my call of letting me see, and then go about their business. Though I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, the craft went back up a noticeable distance away from where it came out. And there was not a smooth transition between descent and subsequent ascension. It was as if watching a movie and someone cut out everything that happened `in the middle,' leaving only the craft coming out of the cloud and pasting that to its eventual reentry. Only the abrupt reentry and its slight but noticeable change in position indicated that something was missing.

And something WAS missing. The entire episode could not have taken more than 2 minutes from the time I parked my car to when the craft was reentering the cloud. I started my car, drove back home, and it was 1:00 AM! I drove home from work daily, of course, and I know that it only takes 30 minutes to get home. I drove extra 5 blocks or so down past my street, so it would have been about 11:35, or 11:45 PM at the latest, by the time I got home. Yet when checking the time after I drove the half a mile back home, nearly an hour and a half had went by!

I was dazed and restless. I think I was experiencing minor shock. I remember stumbling as I walked through the hallway, and I have a faint memory of someone helping me walk. I may have had direct physical contact! Actually, now I am sure that I did have direct physical contact, though it's so hazy at the end. The newness of direct physical contact had no background information to fall on, and it disoriented me greatly. And my consciousness was not yet malleable enough. I plopped down and went to sleep...

I am still afraid of what could have happened to account for the hour and 20 or so minutes of missing time that is there. And I'm still a bit afraid to see another craft so closely again. Yet, I do look forward to the day of seeing one again, and this time remaining fully aware, retaining full memory of the entire episode.


After reading the great book Preparing for Contact by Lyssa Royal I not only know that I did have direct physical contact, but I know how to better myself so that next time I am more prepared and consciously functional...

Some of my other encounters

It seems that this general period of time was filled with UFO encounters. It appears that they certainly took my invitation to heart. One night I had the urge to walk to the gas station a mile away, to get snack- peanuts. It'd become almost a ritual that I happily performed several nights per week. This night was a bit unusual in feel, though the trip to the store had no major changes in script. Yet on my way back home I saw a massive cloud to the North Northeast, off in the distance- perhaps over the lake. It had an area to the bottom right of it that glowed in a kaleidoscope of color. Red, green, blue, orange- it was like a spherical rainbow. This particular area glowed in such a rainbow fashion, the colors constantly shifting, and a large circular area around this phenomenon had a steady color.

I turn my head around to see what the sound was that approached in the air, and a black, unmarked helicopter was flying low, heading straight for the disturbance. It was low enough to clearly see the windows and frame of the helicopter, though the windows were far too tinted to make out any specifics of what was inside. As I walked home I looked at this disturbance in the cloud, and this black unmarked helicopter making its way straight for the disturbance. I continued home, not waiting- not wanting to be the specific attention of either the disturbance in the cloud or the passengers of the helicopter.


Again driving home from work, I saw some flashes in the clouds in the distance. Again I decided to follow the disturbance until reaching it, not knowing how far I would actually have to drive, being unable to judge the distance by the position of clouds too well. This time I had to pass my subdivision, and as I did I approached a disturbance that was filling the clouds for miles around. I made it to the core of the disturbance. About a dozen areas of the canopy of clouds were glowing pink, just like the way the cloud glowed from which the craft came out of that night, a few blocks from my home. On either side of the interstate they were there, all making the clouds out to be a show of lights. They all had the pink light from the bottom, and it looked as if a giant spotlight was going upon the water from the clouds-, which would be the light from the entire bottom of the ship as per my experience of seeing the actual ship.

I wonder how it is that I didn't run off of the road, for my eyes were unflinching stuck to the disturbances, swaying to either side of the interstate to the disturbances at my sides, and straight ahead to the disturbance before me. I looked to the right to see one disturbance quite low compared to the others, looking to be only about 3 stories in the air, and the light coming out of the cloud shown like a massive spotlight upon a structure that mimics a small castle in a theme park like area off the interstate. It was right over the little building, right over it! I could see the cloud glowing. I could see the spotlight highlighted by the dew in the air, beaming down upon the ground and the structure. I could see the reflection of light off of the structure. It was definitely there. I continued driving and looking until I was making it over the lake, in awe and wonder. I crossed the lake and made my way back, and I don't remember seeing them on the return trip.


Another experience I had was a year or so before these, when driving home from Georgia. I used to frequently go back and forth to Georgia, and I would always be looking for UFOs. I would travel to Georgia during the day, and always come back at night, so that I was able to drive all night, looking into the sky for UFOs. I would sometimes park on the side of the interstate in areas of the drive where there were no lights and just look at the stars free from the ambient lights of the city. Usually fear that a bear would jump out of the forest kept me from staying too long though.

One night while driving home, far ahead of me at the horizon, I saw two large clouds in the air. I had to be between southern Georgia and Alabama at the time, or somewhere about. The entire sky was covered with a canopy of could, as if it was the ceiling of the earth, and these two large oval shaped clouds stood out as the only two formations of cloud separate from this flat carpet like canopy that covered the rest of the sky. I knew it was some UFO activity, so I looked unflinchingly.

These two large clouds obviously had something in them that was causing pink glows and flashes of light- both a steady stream of pink, and flashes of more pink at intervals. The interstate where I was had a straightaway for miles, and they were straight up the interstate, directly ahead of me.

After a while of this glow and flashing in these two very un-uniformed clouds compared to the entire rest of the sky, the activity picked up. The flashes intensified, and then a pink bolt of lightening came from one cloud to the next, as if it was a weapon. Not to say that it was, but that is what came to mind when I first saw it from my perspective at the time. Shortly after the pink bolt of energy went between clouds one of the lights took off, and the other quickly followed. If my eyes weren't fixed on the event I would have missed it. Wave your hand quickly past your eyes so that you see a streak behind your hands. That is what I saw. But instead of a hand it was two streaks of bright pink light that went straight overhead, on either side of my car- moving seemingly right above the canopy of cloud, or maybe even `sliding' upon the canopy of cloud itself. So this time I didn't see the actual craft, but the lights that shone through the cloud, and the speed at which this light moved, and what it did, was evidence enough for me. These were craft of a variety that is beyond anything I have seen contemporary human even CLOSE to making!

Apparently the crafts took off at a rapid pace, with no acceleration. It was from a full stop to many hundreds of miles per hour at least. They were at the horizon before me, and they moved so fast that they reached the horizon behind me before the steak of light even dissipated! To be sure I am making this clear, if you look straight ahead wave your entire arm across your visual field from your right to your left you will see a streak of your arm following for the entire distance. Perhaps before your arm reaches all the way to the left, the streak may have caught up to the middle of your body. In other words, the streak `wears off' so to speak, and is like a trail following your arm, rather than just hanging in the air. Imagine moving your arm so fast that you move it from one horizon, all of the hundreds of miles to the horizon on the entire other side, while the very start of the streak is still there! When the crafts reached the horizon behind me, the spot where they started was still glowing. That is how fast they were moving! It resulted in two lines of bright pink light about a hundred feet away from each other, stretching from horizon to horizon; with more light in the cloud where they started from as they sat there and lighted that cloud up. After a second or two the light streak disappeared, and the two craft were no longer visibly detectable as they disappeared around the curve of the planet, around the edge of the horizon. Amazing...

* * * * * * * * *

My experiences with ET/UFOs have so far been amazing. I must also say that the one where `something' happened, whether it is that I was taken aboard a craft, or I had some kind of telepathic or other type of meeting involving a shift of consciousness, I experienced an hour and a half or so of `missing time,' and the entire ordeal scared me. It has been three years now, and I am finally over the fear of meeting with these beings, and I am ready to again see and meet, and experience them and their craft.

Except for the experience with the big cloud that had a kaleidoscope of colors, I was able to see enough of the phenomenon to say that all of these experiences involved the same type of craft. They were made the same, having the same features and effects, which would imply that it was the same race or group of beings. From what planet are they? From what dimension are they? From what Galaxy are they?

. . .

(The first account happened in the summer of the year 2000, these accounts being originally written up in the summer of 2003, now adding details I'd neglected to add previously...)

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: I told several people about it years later. I was afraid/shocked for years afterwards...
Name: Cezyl
Location: Kentucky, USA
Age: 25

Copyright (c) 2008 by Darryl E Berry Jr (Cezyl)

Darryl E Berry Jr

Fortean / Alternative News: Humming Sound Over Texas, Husband Sacrifices Wife and Aliens Abduct Cat

Hutto, TX- Couple Hear Humming Sound Overhead

My friend SW at Lights in the Texas Sky writes the following: I received an email this morning, from a couple near Hutto, Texas, claiming that they each on two separate occasions heard a thumping sound, then a humming noise pass over their house. The husband heard the sound on February 28, 2011 and his wife had heard it less that two weeks earlier. Here is that report:

We didn't see them, but we heard something...

We just wanted to report something strange that occurred around the 28th of February, and about two weeks prior to that. My husband and I both had the same experience, separately, in different weeks, and each of us was alone during it, with the other one asleep. Continue reading at Hutto, TX- Couple Hear Humming Sound Overhead


Woman Sacrificed By Husband in India

A woman was sacrificed by her husband in a village in Jharkhand as he claimed he wanted to achieve supernatural powers.

The incident took place in Hariyari village of Godda district, which is about 500km from Ranchi on Friday, according to reports in local media yesterday.

Funiram Soren asked his wife Fulin Hembrom to bow in front of images of deities. When she bowed down, he hit her head with an iron rod. She started bleeding profusely. Funiram later strangulated her to death.

The neighbours of Funiram informed police about the incident. After killing his wife, Funiram absconded.

According to villagers, Funiram was trying to gain supernatural powers. The black magic deity reportedly came in his dream and asked him to sacrifice a close relative so he killed his wife.

Human sacrifice is not new in Jharkhand. In last seven years, more than half a dozen case of human sacrifice have been reported in the state.


India’s Monster Eater Retires

Restaurant owners in the town of Trissur in the Indian state of Kerala can breathe a huge sigh of relief - the “monster eater” is retiring.

They can now think again about launching “eat as much as you like” lunches and buffets.

That is because Rappai - the man with the giant appetite - has been warned by medics to curb his food intake.

In his prime it would have been an under-statement to describe Rappai’s appetite as voracious.

‘Unlimited meals’

This was a man who quite easily could plough his way through two buckets of rice and accompanying chicken and vegetable dishes.

For breakfast it was said he could devour 75 idlies (rice cakes) and still have room for more.

On one famous occasion, the man who locally became known as Theeta (monster eater) took advantage of a local restaurant’s “unlimited meals” coupon.

He reputedly scoffed three bucketfuls of rice, one bucket of fish curry and 10 kgs of cooked meat.

The restaurant in question ran out of food, and police had to be called in to restore order as a large crowd gathered to watch Rappai in action.

The BBC’s Sridevi Pillai in Trivandrum says that such eating extravaganzas became more commonplace as Rappai’s fame spread throughout the state.

A regular at Kerala’s informal eating competitions, Rappai is also credited on one day with ploughing his way through 700 idlies on top of 10 kgs of halwa (an Indian dessert).

No wonder then that when hoteliers saw this cheerful man majestically walking around the town - adorned in khaki shirt and white dhoti - they would hastily put up the shutters of their premises and close down.

Turn violent

But now 64-year-old Rappai’s huge appetite has had to be curtailed because he recently developed a severe stomach ache.

He was told in no uncertain terms to eat less or face the consequences.

“I am diabetic and my body weight was too heavy at around 115kg,” he said.

“I have decided to listen to the doctors. I think I have lost the power to digest food. My friends, especially my police friends, have advised me to eat more carefully.

My heavy eating days are over, there will be no more competitions for me

Rappai refers to his “police friends” for good reason: there were times that hoteliers became so enraged at his capacity to eat huge amounts of food that situations sometimes threatened to turn violent.

Police rescued him several times, on occasion even taking him back to the station for a little more food.

Today Rappai is resting at his home at Kizhakkumpattukara in Trissur.

He says that other things to worry about apart from his stomach.

“I have my 90-year-old mother to look after,” he says, “and now have to cope with tremendous change in my life.

“Gone are the days of unbridled consumption of idlies, halwa and buckets full of boiled rice.

“My heavy eating days are over,” he says. “There will be no more competitions for me.”

“Now I only take a bowl of Kanji (rice gruel) for breakfast and a little rice for lunch and dinner.

Rappai gives a toothless grin.

“Anyway I have lost all my teeth because of over-consumption of sweets.”


Fear That Aussie Cat Abducted by Aliens

ntnews - There is fear that the Northern Territory's talking cat, Mischief, had been abducted by aliens.

It came after Siberian air traffic controllers claim that a female-sounding alien spoke to them in a cat-like language.

They say that a mysterious object - which they believe was a high-speed UFO - appeared on flight monitors over the remote Russian city of Yakutsk, the Daily Mail reported.

It rapidly changed direction in the sky and reached speeds of nearly 1000km/h - surrounding planes were seen to be travelling significantly slower.

The aviation workers tried to make contact with the ship, as evident in a video posted to YouTube.

"I kept hearing some female voice, as if a woman was saying mioaw-mioaw all the time," one air traffic controller told the pilot of a passing Aeroflot flight.

Darwin locals last night expressed concern the air traffic controller may have mistaken the voice for that of Mischief, the Territory's talking cat, which featured in a front page story in the NT News in August 2009.

The NT has one of the highest rates of UFO sightings in the world, sparking fears the aliens may have swooped on Mischief's Palmerston home and snatched the fiesty feline.

Attempts to contact Mischief's owners last night were unsuccessful.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Zahi Hawass Resigns, USAF Mystery Space Plane and Amelia Earhart's Gold?

Egyptian Chief of Antiquities Zahi Hawass Resigns

nytimes - Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s chief antiquities official for almost a decade and a cabinet minister since January, said Thursday that he would not stay on in a newly formed government.

Egypt’s prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, resigned Thursday, and the army asked his replacement, Essam Sharaf, to form a caretaker cabinet.

“If the government will ask me again, I will not accept this job,” Mr. Hawass said in a telephone interview.

He also posted on his blog a list of some two dozen sites that have been looted or vandalized since the beginning of the uprising that led to the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Among them were the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s storerooms at its excavation site in Dahshur, south of Cairo, which he said were attacked twice.

In recent weeks, Mr. Hawass has been the target of criticism ranging from charges of corruption to complaints that he is a publicity seeker. He was closely associated with Mr. Mubarak, who promoted him to a cabinet position during his last days in power.

In the interview, Mr. Hawass lashed out at his critics but said he was leaving his job because he could no longer protect Egypt’s antiquities. “Those people are insects, they are nothing, but what really bothered me is the situation that you read today on my Web site,” he said.

Egyptologists and cultural heritage experts said they did not know who would succeed Mr. Hawass, and one expert expressed concern that his departure would lead to more looting.

“I am terrified by the idea that this might be a sign to potential looters that now that last element of control is gone, and now we have a free hand to continue looting,” said Karl von Habsburg, the president of the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield, a body that tries to protect cultural heritage in conflict zones.

The director of the Metropolitan Museum, Thomas P. Campbell, said the museum had not previously disclosed the attacks on the storerooms at Dahshur, which took place several weeks ago, because the “nature of the information we were getting was confused.” The objects excavated from the site belong to the Egyptian government, not the Met, he said, adding that museum officials were “gravely concerned about what’s going on” in Egypt.


England's 17th century witch chronicles put online

reuters - A 350-year-old notebook which documents the trials of women convicted of witchcraft in England during the 17th century has been published online.

The notebook written by Nehemiah Wallington, an English Puritan, recounts the fate of women accused of having relationships with the devil at a time when England was embroiled in a bitter civil war.

The document reveals the details of a witchcraft trial held in Chelmsford in July 1645, when more than a hundred suspected witches were serving time in Essex and Suffolk according to his account.

"Divers (many) of them voluntarily and without any forcing or compulsion freely declare that they have made a covenant with the Devill," he wrote.

"Som Christians have been killed by their meanes," he added.

Of the 30 women on trial in Chelmsford, 14 were hanged.

Wallington also recounts the experiences of Rebecca West, a suspected witch who confessed to sleeping with the devil when she was tortured because "she found her selfe in such extremity of torture and amazement that she would not enure (endure) it againe for the world." Her confession spared her.

Carol Burrows, who managed the notebook's digitization, on Thursday told Reuters that Wallington's journal was important because of its connections to the civil war.

"It's a personal account and it tells us a lot about the time -- they were troubled times," she said.

"It's in English and it's very easy to read so it's going to be of interest to the general public as well as scholars," she added.

The manuscript is one of Wallington's seven surviving notebooks. The woodturner wrote 50 journals about religion, the civil war and witchcraft trials during the course of his life.

A team at The University of Manchester's John Rylands Center for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care spent two weeks photographing the notebook kept at Tatton Hall in Cheshire so they could make it available online.

The notebook can be viewed free of charge at


Amelia Earhart mystery takes bizarre bullion said to be onboard downed plane

radioaustralia - Rumours involving sunken treasure and one of the world's great aviation mysteries are swirling around the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.

Locals believe a plane wreck could be the final resting place of the American airwoman Amelia Earhart who disappeared somewhere over the Pacific in 1937.

Even more incredibly they say there's gold bullion on board and that a giant snake is guarding the wreck.

But an expert on Earhart's disappearance says the claim is "silly beyond description".

PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports.

FOX: The rumour mill, or coconut wireless, as its known is always running hot on Bougainville. Many of the tall tales that fly around the island involve gold.

One of them was given prominence by the Post Courier newspaper this week with the front-page headline "Plane wreck believed to be Earhart". It said there are "strong indications" a plane wreck found off the coast of Bougainville was the one flown by Amelia Earhart, who famously disappeared in 1937 while attempting to become the first pilot to circle the globe close to the equator.

If that wasn't amazing enough the report said there was gold bullion on board and a six-metre snake was guarding the wreck. The man at the centre of the claim is local businessman Cletus Harepa who's paying for divers to inspect the wreck.

HAREPA: Somebody saw it when they were diving for fish and they saw the plane but they didn't know the plane was Amelia's plane until I got my divers to dive 70 to 100 metres down, and I told my divers, got and get something from inside.

FOX: He says a diver found two skulls in the cockpit and three boxes of gold bullion but the bars were too heavy to carry to the surface.

FOX: What will you do if you recover the gold? Will you keep it for yourself or do you give it to the government ? What's your plan?
HAREPA: The government can have some, I will have some. What I want to do is to improve the island. Get a good hospital, a good school, good water supply.

FOX: Mr Harepa admits they're yet to find proof the wreck is Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra, but he's confident it is the plane because of another, older rumour that female pilots used to smuggle gold out of Lae on the PNG mainland in the 1930s. Lae was Earhart's last stop before she vanished.

Mr Harepa does say however that the story about the giant snake is rubbish.

HAREPA: It's an eel, it's a brown eel that uses the plane as just a place to hide.

FOX: American Ric Gillespie is a leading expert on the Earhart mystery and has spent the last 22 years trying to find her final resting place.

GILLESPIE: These stories about gold bullion and a six-metre snake guarding the wreckage are just frankly hilarious. There is simply no way that the Earhart aircraft could be anywhere near Papua New Guinea.

FOX: Mr Gillespie says radio transmissions and other evidence indicates Earhart landed on Nikumaroro atoll in the Central Pacific, where she and her navigator later perished from a lack of food and water. He says the story coming out of Bougainville is testament to the enduring mystery surrounding her disappearance.

GILLESPIE: The whole thing is silly beyond description, but I guess it's just an indication of how popular the Earhart mystery is, and how everybody wants a piece of that action.

FOX: Meanwhile gold fever has broken out on Bougainville with armed men reportedly preventing outsiders from diving on the wreck.


Air Force's mystery space plane again heading into space

cbsnews - Intrigue continues to shroud a small prototype unmanned space plane that the U.S. Air Force hopes to launch on Friday from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The first X-37B returned to Earth in December after finishing its 225-day journey. That mission, too, was classified and the military said little other than that it was pleased as punch with the results.

So what's the project all about? The sometimes fevered speculation that's accompanied the project from the start has been annotated by the usual questions: Will the X-37 serve as the prototype for a new kind of James Bond-like spy ship? Could it sneak up on rival countries' satellites and zap them with a laser?

On Wednesday, the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has been critical of the program, added its voice to the debate, registering a public complaint about the vehicle's practical use. "Because of its weight and relative lack of maneuverability, the space plane is not well-suited for a number of missions," wrote Laura Grego, a scientist with the group's Global Security Program "For example, it would have a harder time carrying payloads into orbit, maneuvering in space, rendezvousing with satellites, and releasing multiple payloads. Yes, the space plane may offer more flexibility and is potentially reusable, but that comes at a very high price compared with the alternatives. We have not seen an analysis that shows why it is worth that high price."

In the past, Air Force officials have rejected suggestions that the X-37 project was designed with the intention of "weaponizing" space. And they're still on message. In its most recent statement, the Air Force said that the program was designed to test reusable technologies for future American space exploration as well as for "operating experiments" which researchers can later examine back on Earth.

That and 25 cents won't be enough to get you on the subway. So it's still watch and wait.


Holy sh*t! Thief steals almost $250,000 via plane's toilet - An ingenious thief swiped almost a quarter million dollars on a flight in the Caribbean after sneaking into the cash-laden cargo hold via the toilet, police said Thursday.

A Brink's security employee placed three sacks of cash containing a total $1.65 million in the hold of the Air Antilles plane before it headed from the French island of Guadeloupe to the Franco-Dutch island of Saint Martin.

The security guard took his seat on the ATR-42 turboprop plane but when the flight landed 40 minutes later it was discovered that $236,809 were missing from the sacks.

Police are seeking a man who complained he felt ill and spent most of the journey in the toilet. In fact, he was removing panels to gain access to the hold in the rear of the plane.

Shortly before landing, the unnamed man -- who was travelling with a woman who appeared concerned about his health - asked a hostess for an ambulance to meet him on the tarmac, witnesses said.

When the ambulance arrived, the man said he felt suddenly better and walked out of the airport without having to go through the normal security checks and disappeared, police said.

Cleaners who found bundles of notes in the toilet raised the alarm. The woman travelling with him was questioned in the baggage arrival hall but did not have any of the missing money.

'The 2011 Pennsylvania UFO and Bigfoot Conference' Announced

The 2011 Pennsylvania UFO and BIGFOOT CONFERENCE Announced!

John Ventre, Director of the Pennsylvania MUFON Chapter and Eric Altman,
Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society are proud to announce the 2011
. The two day event will take place the
weekend of October 22 and 23rd, 2011.

Click for video

The event will be held at Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, Pennsylvania. This is a two day event which will feature UFO speakers, displays and vendors on Saturday, October 22 and Bigfoot speakers, displays and vendors on Sunday, October 23, 2011.

The tentative line up of speakers is as follows

PA MUFON Conference line up:

William Konkolesky
Stanton Friedman
Bill Birnes
R Marsh-UFO Witness theater
John Ventre
David Twichell

East Coast Bigfoot Conference line up:

Eric Altman
Billy Willard
Steve Kulls
Stan Gordon
Dave Dragosin
Additional speaker to be added upon confirmation.

Both events will feature speakers, displays, an all speaker meet and greet dinner Saturday night.

Ticket prices are:

Saturday only - $20.00
Saturday night meet and greet dinner - $25.00
Sunday Only $16.00 for general admission and $20.00 for reserved seating (first 100 seats)
Full Conference package 2 days including meet and greet speaker dinner - $55.00


PA MUFON will host a UFO Conference in Philadelphia the week prior on
October 15 and 16, 2011 at the Sheraton NE.

The speaker line up for the Philadelphia event is:

Sat Philly lineup: $31.
Joe Marra
John Ventre
LM Howe
Bill Birnes
Bill Weber
6pm dinner with all conference speakers - $36.

Sunday Philly lineup - $30.
Col Robert Dean
Maj George Filer
Dr Lynne Kitei
Jerry Jonas
Chris Augustin
Full Conf pkg of 2 days plus speaker dinner is $90.

For more information or to purchase tickets please visit the official website

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Deputy Terminated for Contradicting Horse Mutilation Official Findings

EPSO photo: Former El Paso County Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Chuck Zukowski

tucsoncitizen - A UFO investigator in Colorado has been terminated from his volunteer deputy post following a horse mutilation investigation.

Back in November 2010, Fox31 News in Denver posted an article about a strange horse mutilation incident at the Schneider family ranch in El Paso County, Colorado. The family found two of their horses dead and badly mutilated on their ranch last August. After the discovery, the family filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and called in paranormal investigator, Chuck Zukowski, to search for answers.

The horses were discovered with their throats slit and chests cut open. The genitals, tongues, and eyes of the horses were removed. The family stated that there were no footprints around the horses and no blood evident. Since El Chupacabra, humans, predators and satanic cults would leave footprints, Zukowski blamed UFOs, according to the report by Fox31 news.

Zukowski’s findings, as reported by bloggers and the media, were contradictory to the official findings of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, for whom Zukowski served in a volunteer capacity for for 8 years.

Following the posting of the original post in the Tucson Citizen in November, Zukowski blamed ‘bad journalism’ on the parts of Fox31 and the Tucson Citizen for misrepresenting his statements. He stated that the family and area ranchers believed that the horse mutilations were alien or military-related, but that his written findings always conclude as “unknown death”. Zukowksi referred to his publicly posted investigation findings for clarification, which were considered prior to the November posting. However, the statements attributed to Zukowski, as reported by Fox31, were included in the Tucson Citizen post, clearly attributing Zukiowski’s statements to the interview with Fox31.

The official findings from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department pointed to predators as causing the demise of the horses. Zukowski’s publicly available online report and statements made to the news media, does not come to the identical conclusion, which contributed to his termination

Zukowski’s termination letter from the department states among other things:

“The termination is a result of you conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations, and then publicly contradicting and being critical of official Sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum. Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy.” This adversarial position, without having full knowledge of the information gathered by detectives, is unacceptable.”

Zukowski told in an interview: “I know in the letter it says that I contradicted their statement, but I didn’t contradict them per se. Where I mentioned El Paso County Sheriff’s Department was wrong, I’ve never, ever done that.”

A fresh piece of information included in the Tucson Citizen‘s post from November, was the fact that Zukowski served as a volunteer deputy for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department. This information was publicly available in his bio page, on his UFO investigation website, to outline his relevant experience. Although the information is now updated to read: “a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff with El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado”.

Ten days after the post on the Tucson Citizen, an article posted at the website, also identified Zukowski as a reserve deputy for the department. Zukowski told News5 that he never represented himself to the author as a reserve deputy.

Whether the information of Zukowski’s volunteer post with the department was found on the Tucson Citizen or Zukowski’s public website, was not stated in article.


Chuck Zukowski's response:

ufonut - Throughout the course of the television show, The X-Files, agent Fox Mulder was continually threatened with dismissal from the FBI due to his passionate and serious pursuit of supernatural phenomena, paranormal events and government conspiracy. This pop-culture series made clear that our government and law enforcement agencies around the country are not open, philosophically or intellectually, to take seriously the field of paranormal investigation.

One thing I pride myself in, is being honest about my investigations. Now I want to be honest about an event which developed not only from one of my investigations, but circumstances which arise due to media attention I get.

The following blog is about what happens when a person (me) challenges authority and now deals with the outcome. (I deal with the outcome by telling you.) At no time do I mean any disrespect to the fine men and women who work for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, I’m simply stating the circumstances which involved me and now letting the readers (you) decide if I made the right decision.

Chuck Zukowski

On February 9th 2011, two deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff’s department stopped by my home and relieved me of my badge, gun and ID. Most people visiting my website had no idea I was a Reserve (volunteer) deputy, since I’ve never blogged about it. My Reserve title was posted on my bio because I was proud of it.

The following are two segments from the termination letter handed to me.

First segment:

“The termination is a result of you conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations, and then publicly contradicting and being critical of official Sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum. Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy.” This adversarial position, without having full knowledge of the information gathered by detectives, is unacceptable.”

The previous segment is referring to the August 2010 Rush Colorado Horse mutilation. The “publicly contradicting and being critical of official sheriff’s Office investigations in a public forum” started with an interview I did with Heidi Hemmat – KDVR Fox News Denver.

The statement “Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy, the media reports allude to you as “volunteer El Paso County Sheriff’s Department deputy”. This is referring to news media who have picked up any stories I’m in, and then researched me.

The statement,” Although you have claimed not to have represented yourself as a Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy” is because in the eight years with the department. I’ve never conducted an investigation while representing the department.

Also in the segment with Fox News I said, “Local law enforcement, they’re really not trained to look at something like this.” And this is true! I’ve learned some deputies have taken a one week course on investigating animal deaths, but this doesn’t give them the experience needed to decide if it’s of a paranormal nature.

Generally when detectives are called to a potential mutilation site, they’re training involves looking for evidence which could tie it to possible human intervention which caused the death of the animal. This could make it a criminal case in which they would need to pursue the incident further. If lack of human intervention evidence is seen, (ie. footprints, tire prints, animal drag markings) then law enforcement representatives will assume a natural cause of death may have occurred. Without previous study in animal mutilation phenomenons, law enforcement representatives can make the wrong assessments determining the death of the animal. Lacerations in uncommon areas, circular incisions, missing tongues, lack of an abundance of blood, and strange animal behavior of the surviving ranch animals, are the clues ranchers see which points to a kill which they’re not familiar with. This may be difficult for law enforcement representatives to understand if never fully understanding the mutilation phenomenon.

So what type of experience does a UFO/Paranormal investigator have?

My experience includes years of research, interviews, conferences, networking with other animal mutilation experts, and my own investigations. I’m also in direct communication with representatives from Colorado State University’s veterinary lab on every case relaying information to them. The majority of my investigative techniques searching for clues of an animal’s death are also learned by talking to the ranchers themselves. They know the predators which frequent their property, they’re familiar with natural deaths which take down their animals, and they can spot the signs when pointed to something very unfamiliar to them. In 2009 the five ranchers for whom I investigated their mutilated animals had over 300 years of combined ranching experience between them! Manual Sanchez who lost four calves within a month’s time is a “third” generation cattle rancher! If he says he doesn’t know what killed his animals, you can pretty well bet, I’ll listen to him.

Simple communication between law enforcement agencies and animal mutilation investigators could increase the odds needed to find the answers both parties are looking for. Unless law enforcement agencies step up their investigative techniques by increasing the possibilities the animal deaths could be of an unknown nature, they’ll never be able to solve these particular cases. Also, the more law enforcement agencies disregard an experienced cattle/horse rancher’s opinion, the more often a loss of respect will exist between the ranchers and the agency. This is a direction I see time and time again. If the ranchers were comfortable with the investigating law enforcement’s assessment of the animal’s death, then there would be no need for them to involve the press and call investigators like me.

Second segment:

“Furthermore, when spoken to by Reserve Sergeant (name on file), it was suggested you refrain from conducting paranormal and unidentified flying objects investigations, which could be viewed as a conflict of interest if being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office. You clearly indicated this was not acceptable and you would not recuse yourself from such investigations.”

Of course I can’t agree to this. The department could use any type of UFO/Paranormal sighting including animal mutilations which were reported via 911, as being investigated by the department. I would have to refrain from investigating every occurrence in 2200 square miles of El Paso County which 911 was utilized. This would also exclude working with MUFON as one of their STAR investigators, or OpenMinds, or UFO Matrix, or or or…. Get the drift?

Now some questions to ponder:

Is having a volunteer deputy sheriff running UFO/Paranormal investigations on his personal time considered an eye sore to the Sheriff’s department? So much so, that they want him out of their department?

Or, should they utilize his personal skills in the paranormal field?

How about just generally asking:

Should law enforcement personnel acting out of uniform in a non official position be restricted from contradicting statements released by their departments?

Imagine what would happen if our own congressional men and women were terminated for publicly disagreeing with the president who is within their own political party? Could this be a violation of the First Amendment? Freedom of Speech?

Law Enforcement agencies along with some high courts generally make it tougher for police officers who cry 1stAmendment, as a relevant argument. Most cases I’ve read side with the department not the police officer when the statements made by the officer are offensive to the department. This protects the integrity of their department.

So is disagreeing with the Sheriff’s department’s assumptions on a horse mutilation considered so detrimental to the department’s integrity, that it constitutes a dismissal?

Now in my defense:

When I was confronted by the sergeant about this incident, I asked to talk with my commander to explain my position. I also requested to give a lecture on animal mutilations to the deputies who investigate animal deaths so we could compare notes. This would have also given me the opportunity to find out if I was stepping over an invisible boundary.

A meeting was never granted, my sergeant never had updates when I confronted him, and I never received the opportunity to defend myself. Well so much for the First Amendment and the 14th Amendment as well (Denial of Rights to Represent Yourself Properly).

After receiving the termination letter, I emailed the Sheriff’s office in my defense. As of the writing of this blog, I have not received a response from them.

I’ve worked as a volunteer with EPSO for over eight years along side some of the best deputies in the state of Colorado. On duty I would have laid my life on the line for them, and they would have done the same for me. I’ve never had any type of conflicts with the deputies I’ve worked with, and they’ve never had any negative comments about me. (As far as I know.)

Now back to animal mutilations. There have been law enforcement agencies who have investigated cattle mutilations in the past and who have stepped up to the challenge. The following are just to name a few.

April 7th, 1993 the Fyffe Police Department, Fyffe, Alabama released a press conference about 30 animals which had been discovered dead in pastures with various internal and external organs missing.

March 28th, 1997, the State of Florida formed a task force to investigate mysterious wounds found on cattle in Brevard, Seminole, Lake and St. Lucie counties.

August 11th, 2001, Police in Montana investigating cattle mutilations were so frustrated with their lack of progress, that they asked the National Institute for Discovery Science, a Nevada research institute dedicated to the study of anomalies, for help. (Great Falls Tribune article)

So there are law enforcement agencies which are quite concerned about mutilation cases. Remember, since the media release of Snippy (Lady) the horse’s mutilation near Alamosa Colorado in 1967, there have not been anyone caught, tried and convicted of any mutilation crime. And just for the record, the Rush horse mutilation wounds were very similar to the 1967 case. Of course law enforcement wouldn’t have known that unless they studied previous mutilation cases.

So what do you think, did I make the right decision?


The following are full posts on reference to these mutilation incidents:

Colorado Horse Mutilations Raise Questions and Disagreements - 11/9/2010

tucsoncitizen - The Schneider family in El Paso County, Colorado found two of their horses dead and badly mutilated on their ranch. After the discovery, the family filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s department and called in a paranormal investigator to search for answers.

The horses were discovered with their throats slit and chests cut open. The genitals, tongues, and eyes of the horses were removed. The family stated that there were no footprints around the horses and no blood evident. Since El Chupacabra, humans, predators and satanic cults would leave footprints, the paranormal investigator on the case blamed UFOs, according to a report by Fox31 news in Denver.

News reports make no mention of how long the horses were missing prior to the discovery of the carcasses.

The paranormal investigator on the case, Chuck Zukowski, examined the horses and determined that UFOs were to blame. With 8 animal mutilations in Colorado.this year, Zukowski said that the evidence points to the horses being mutilated in a manner that would support his assertion.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s department doesn’t agree with the conclusion of Zukowski’s investigation.

Although they did not examine the horses closely, since the animals were “badly decomposed”, they say that the state of the horses were consistent with a predator attack.

Zukowski and the Schneiders state that they know what predator attacks look like and choose to believe that this was an alien-related mutilation. The family is fearful that it could happen again.

According to Zukowski’s website UFONut, he has 30 years of experience in the paranormal and specializes in “a diverse area including UFOlogy, Roswell, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, UFO investigations and ghost hunting”, Zukowski is also “a Sworn Deputy Sheriff for Colorado’s El Paso County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit”.


Click for video

kwgn - A Colorado family is searching for answers after finding their horses carved up and left to die.

"I just started to cry," Glenda Schneider told FOX31 News.

Schneider discovered two of her horses had been mutilated, with their throats slit and their chests cut open. Their genitals, tongues and eyes had been removed.

Yet, there was no blood, no footprints, and no witnesses to the crime.

"You wonder what happened," Schneider said. "What took place? What did it?"

The Schneider‘s filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and they contacted paranormal investigator Chuck Zukowski.

Zukowski examined the horses and determined the horses died from unknown causes, and said there was plenty of evidence indicating the animals were mutilated.

"The straight cuts, the open rib cage, the flesh taken off. Those are red flags," Zukowski said. He believes UFO’s could be to blame.

The Schneider’s are not alone. Paranormal investigators say there have been 8 animal mutilation cases in Colorado in just the past year.

Hundreds of animal mutilation cases across the country have been documented since 1967.

But the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department disagrees with Zukowski's assertion.

They believe the horses were killed by predators, though they admit investigators weren’t able to examine the horses as closely as they would like to because the animals were so badly decomposed.

Still, the Schneider’s insist they know what predator attacks look like, and what happened to their horses is anything but.

They fear whatever killed their horses could come back, and it has shattered the peace on their quiet ranch.

NOTE: Bottom line - the El Paso County Sheriff's Office is attempting to cover up the truth or to cover their collective asses...Lon

Fortean / Alternative News: Rendlesham UFO Papers Missing, MoD Hoaxed and Lost Mayan Gold

UFO files reveal 'Rendlesham incident' papers missing

BBC - Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the "Rendlesham incident" have gone missing, files from the National Archives reveal.

The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980.

The disappearance came to light with the release of 8,000 previously classified documents on UFOs.

Officials found a "huge" gap where defence intelligence files relating to the case should be, the papers show.

Russian rocket

The documents are the latest MoD files on UFOs released into the National Archives which will be free to access on its website for a month.

Among the documents is testimony from an airline pilot and his son who say they spent five minutes watching an object made up of three circles fly past their garden in Hellingly, East Sussex.

The pilot reported it to Air Traffic Control in West Drayton, and an official labelled his sighting as one by "a credible witness".

But another defence official later wrote a memo saying the report "contains nothing of air defence significance".

More attention is given to the crew of an RAF Tornado who encountered an object the size of a C130 Hercules transport aircraft while flying over the North Sea in 1990.

The pilot describes flying at Mach 0.8 but being overtaken by an aircraft the like of which he had never seen before.

He talks about lights and even "an engine area" but the files also show how a possible explanation emerges - a Russian rocket booster was re-entering the earth's atmosphere on that same night.

Another file released reveals six small "flying saucers" were found by members of the public in locations across southern England in 1967. Four police forces and the army were mobilised before it emerged the incident was a rag-day hoax by engineering students from Farnborough Technical College.

There is also a report from a London man who believed he may have been abducted by aliens.

Minister's request

The files reveal that key documentation relating to the Rendlesham Forest incident has disappeared.

Some UFO researchers believe the episode, which happened over two nights in 1980 is a classic example of a "close encounter".

Crop circles provoked this sketch by a member of the public The incident took place near the fence of RAF Woodbridge - at that time being used by the US Air Force. A group of servicemen reported seeing strange lights in the trees near the base and after investigating found marks on the ground and damage to vegetation.

The files reveal the MoD received a request for its own records of the incident in 2000, but when officials looked they discovered a "huge" gap where defence intelligence files relating to it should be.

The hunt generated a series of notes, with one official speculating that the files could have been taken home by someone and another remarking that "it could be interpreted to mean that a deliberate attempt had been made to eradicate the records covering this incident".

However, among intelligence papers released in 2009, it was revealed that former Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton wrote to the defence secretary about the incident in 1985, speculating that an unauthorised aircraft may have entered and left UK airspace at the time.

But it is not the only gap in the official record. In 2002 the MoD received a request for information from Lord Hill-Norton. He wanted to know about reports of a UFO sighting made by HMS Manchester while on exercise in the 1990s.

It emerged in the file that HMS Manchester's log for one of the periods was lost overboard after "a gust of wind" and the vessel's captain cannot remember anything unusual taking place.

Natural explanations
This latest tranche of documents covers not just people who contacted the Ministry of Defence after seeing lights or objects, but also sheds some light on official thinking about this aspect of the paranormal.

Concern about UFOs and what they might be went up to senior level and lasted several years.

Officials were dismayed when in 1977 the then Prime Minister of Grenada Sir Eric Gairy wanted to call for the United Nations to set up a unit to investigate the phenomenon.

Sketches of UFOs are among the files released by the National Archives The files show how Britain was concerned the idea would drag the UN into disrepute. The premier was persuaded to withdraw his proposal but went on to call for 1978 to be designated "the year of the UFO". He was deposed in a coup the following year.

UFOs have only ever received one debate in Parliament. It came in the House of Lords in 1979, at the height of the "winter of discontent", and the files show how officials laboured to prepare a government position on the topic.

At the end of the discussion the government spokesman Lord Stabolgi summed up what remains the official position now.

"There is nothing to convince Her Majesty's government that there has ever been a single visit by an alien spacecraft. As for telling the public the truth about UFOs, the truth is simple.

"There really are many strange phenomena in the sky, and these are invariably reported by rational people. But there is a wide range of natural explanations to account for such phenomena."


Alien invasion hoax fooled MoD, archive papers reveal

guardian - A "war of the worlds" rag week hoax by aircraft engineering apprentices was treated as a real alien invasion of Britain – for a few hours at least, according to newly released Ministry of Defence files.

The army's southern command, four police forces, bomb disposal units, RAF helicopters and the MoD's intelligence branch were all mobilised in the early hours of Monday 4 September 1967 to meet the threat.

They went into action after the police and RAF were flooded with calls from the public reporting the discovery of six small "flying saucers" in locations in a perfect line across southern England from Sheppey to the Bristol Channel.

It was not until a Scotland Yard bomb disposal squad with orders to check one of the objects with portable X-ray equipment arrived at Bromley police station, south London, that the hoax was uncovered – the Ever Ready batteries were a bit of a giveaway.

Another of the "saucers" was sent to be examined by Home Office scientists at Aldermaston and a third was inspected by the chief designer of the guided weapons division of the British Aircraft Corporation. One saucer which was found at Chippenham, Wiltshire, was blown up in a controlled explosion.

The Whitehall papers released at the National Archives show that within Whitehall the "1967 flying saucer hoax" was regarded at the MoD as an "obviously very successful practical joke".

Perhaps under the influence of Pink Floyd's first seminal space rock album, the Piper at the Gates of Dawn, released just a few weeks before, a group of apprentices and students from the Royal Aircraft Establishment and the nearby Farnborough technical college put together the flying saucers as a rag week hoax.

The papers reveal that a Westland whirlwind helicopter was despatched from RAF Manston to investigate the alien craft that had "landed" in Sheppey.

They also show that 20 years after the incident senior MoD officials thought of gagging a retired RAF group captain who had been the intelligence officer dealing with UFO sightings as part of his MoD duties at the time. He had gone down to Bromley police station as the department's investigating officer.

The retired group captain, whose name had been redacted from the files, described the hoax as "extremely clever". When he approached the MoD in 1997 for clearance to talk about the event they considered gagging him but decided it would leave them looking a laughing stock if they did: "If we cannot trust mature retired ex-Defence Intelligence Secretariat officers, we are in a bad way," advised one senior defence chief.

The latest batch of released UFO files also show that in the late 1970s the potential threat of alien abduction and attacks by extraterrestrials became a serious issue of debate for the UN and the CIA.

A proposal from Sir Eric Gairy, then president of Grenada, that the UN set up an agency to monitor UFO activity and conduct a full-scale investigation became a matter of delicate international diplomatic manoeuvring that included the British Foreign Office.

Gairy had been influenced by the views of a former astronaut and the Grenadians distributed free tickets for the recently released film Close Encounters of the Third Kind to press their campaign.

Britain was resolutely opposed but the files show that at least one senior diplomat was relaxed about the idea: "It must also be said, in fairness, that the Grenadian proposal is no more ridiculous than many other proposals before the UN. Indeed, President Carter has in the past reportedly taken a personal interest in UFOs," said one Foreign Office man warning against taking too open a stand against the Grenadians.


Stillborn Baby Brought Back to Life After 25 Minutes

dailymail - The warmth of her mother’s first embrace lasted only a few seconds for Ella Claxton.

When midwives realised the newborn was close to death, it was decided that only a dramatic reduction in temperature could save her.

A faint heartbeat was detected after doctors fought to revive her for 25 minutes, but there were fears that the baby’s brain had been starved of oxygen for too long.

Doctors employed a new technique which induces a state of hypothermia and, crucially, reduces the risk of brain damage.

Thanks to that treatment, today at nine months old, Ella is happy, healthy and enjoying as many of her mummy’s cuddles as she likes.

The drama began moments after Rachel Claxton, 32, and her partner Jason Anderson, 33, marvelled at the arrival of their new daughter.

But despite a seemingly uncomplicated birth, Rachel’s placenta had ruptured during the labour, restricting the baby’s oxygen and blood supply. ‘I’d held her for no more than two seconds when the midwife told Jason to pull the emergency cord,’ Miss Claxton said.

‘All of a sudden there were doctors everywhere.

‘The midwife was crying, Jason was crying and no one could tell me what was going on.

‘I begged them to tell me what was happening, but I already knew she was dead because it had been so long and I still hadn’t heard her cry. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, I heard someone say: “She’s with us”. I couldn’t believe it.’

Three hours later, the couple went to see Ella in intensive care where they were given more devastating news.

It was thought the little girl had suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy – brain damage caused by lack of oxygen and lack of blood supply.

‘The doctors told us to prepare for the worst and that they didn’t think she would make it through the night.

‘They said that even if she did survive, she would have serious brain damage and might not be able to walk or talk. But we didn’t care as long as our baby was alive. That was all that mattered to us.’

It was decided to take Ella 30 miles from Peterborough District Hospital to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, where a new freezing treatment was used to reduce the damage to her brain.

A cooling blanket took her core temperature down from around 37c to 33.5c, reducing the swelling around her brain.

After 72 hours, Ella’s temperature was slowly raised by half a degree at a time until it was back to normal.

Then at 11 days old, she was finally allowed to go home with her parents.

Since then, she has progressed well. She still needs some physiotherapy, but scans have shown no brain abnormalities.

Miss Claxton, who is campaigning to have the treatment more widely available, said: ‘In the hospital, I couldn’t wait to hold her for the first time and give her a warming hug. We still can’t be sure of the future or what problems she might face, but so far she’s gone from strength to strength.

‘She’s our little miracle and every day she gives us new hope.’


Cracked Mayan Code May Pave Way to Lost Gold

foxnews - Led by Joachim Rittsteig, an expert in Mayan writing, a group of scientists and journalists left Germany Tuesday, on a mission to Guatemala in search of a lost Maya treasure allegedly submerged under Lake Izabal.

According to the German newspaper Bild, which sponsored the expedition, the expedition includes two reporters from the publication, a photographer, a television camera, and a professional diver who will submerge into Lake Izabal in an attempt to find eight tons of gold said to have been lost there.

The expedition is led by Joachim Rittsteig, an expert in Mayan writing, who claims to have cracked the famous Dresden Codex and discovered specific information in one of its chapters that leads to a treasure in Lake Izabal.

"The Dresden Codex leads to a giant treasure of eight tons of pure gold," said Rittsteig, who has spent more than 40 years studying the document, to Bild.

A professor emeritus at Dresden University and author of various publications about the Maya culture, Rittsteig stressed that "page 52 talks about the Maya capital of Atlan, which was ruined by an earthquake on October 30th in the year 666 BC. In this city, they kept 2,156 gold tablets on which the Maya recorded their laws."

The treasure sank, along with the city, into the waters of Lake Izabal, located in eastern Guatemala. But the German academic claims to have found the remains thanks to radar images taken in the area.

Rittsteig calculates that "just the gold in the tablets is estimated to be currently worth up to 211 million euros (290 million dollars)."

The Dresden Codex, drafted in the year 1250 AD by Mayan priests, is one of the four major documents that remain from that culture. It has been housed by the Saxon State Library in East Germany for the last 272 years.

The code was discovered in 1739 in the possession of a wealthy man in Vienna, though no one knows how he got a hold of it. He then donated it to the Dresden Library, where it is kept under bullet-proof glass in a room with other treasured documents.

Joachim Rittsteig has dedicated most of his entire life to decoding the codex, which is composed of 74 pages, 3.56 meters long with 74 distinct hieroglyphics.

The Dresden Codex contains much of what is known of Mayan Culture, including their understanding of astrology, medicine and even the end of the world. In the last chapter, the codex describes the coming apocalypse, which it says will take place on December 12th, 2012.


BTE Radio Welcomes the Rev. Tim Shaw

Join us live Sunday night 10:00 pm ET as we welcome our good friend...the and only Reverend Tim Shaw to the program.

Reverend Tim Shaw has had a life long interest in the investigation of occult and esoteric subjects. The religion of Modern Spiritualism was introduced into his family in the 1880’s and thus he comes from a long line of psychics and mediums. Tim is also an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Medium, Reiki Healer – achieving the Master/Teacher level, trained Spiritualist Healer, Dowser, and Metaphysical Instructor.

As well as following a traditionalist approach to paranormal research he also embraces new scientific techniques and methodologies used by the modern “para” investigator. Reverend Shaw is currently researching and working with “Real Time Spirit Communication” (RTSC) and “Instrumental Transcommunication” (ITC) devices such as the modified “K-2 Meter”, the “Joe’s Box” and the “Radio Shack Hack Box”.

To his credit he has published many articles, most recently in the nationally circulated “Haunted Times” Magazine and has co – authored the book “Haunted Rochester” that is published by History Press. Rev. Tim’s next book is tentatively entitled “Haunted Buffalo, the Nickel City and Surrounding Area” and will be published by Schiffer Books in 2010.

Reverend Tim can be heard each Monday at 9PM (EST) on the Internet Radio Show the “Black Cat Lounge” on the Para-X Radio Network which is “powered” by CBS Radio. (WWW.Para-X.Com) This show embraces a multitude of topics which are of interest to the local and national paranormal and metaphysical communities. Past episodes can be downloaded from www.BlackCatPodcast.Com. He is also the co-host of a “call in” Radio Show “The Psychics Next Door” heard Wednesdays at 7PM on the Para-X Radio Network. When not investigating, teaching, lecturing, writing, or enjoying classes he lives with his wife Nancy and black Labrador Ebony in Western New York. Check out his website

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