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Fortean / Alternative News: Texas UFO, Alien Spacecraft-Refueling Station and Apophis Asteroid Debate

Hovering saucer-shaped UFO - Clyde, Texas

MUFON CMS - Clyde, Texas - 1/23/2011: I was in Clyde, wiping down my truck, when something caught the corner of my eye. I turned and saw this unusual shaped thing hovering over the power lines... I reached for my cell phone and snapped a picture of it.

The craft was there for what felt like an eternity, but was approximately a minute. its lower edges pulsed and glowed white. It was completely silent but the strange thing about it was I could almost feel it's presence. It is hard for me to explain, almost like touching a 9Volt battery to your tongue but milder and throughout the body. Almost made me lose balance... As i stared at whatever that was, it just vanished, I mean, it just disappeared... No sound, no trail, no sonic boom, no visual distortions...

I do realize that I live close to an AFB and I know they do some top secret stuff there, but this what I saw would not be part of our Human weapons arsenal. To move the way that thing did, no chance a human could handle the shock without instant death.

aftermath: felt a bit euphoric i guess or it was the excitement of seeing something out of the ordinary... Let's not kid ourselves people... We are not alone.

I was there with my friend who wishes to remain anonymous, for fear of being ridiculed . I am just sending you this photo in hopes that you can figure out what it is i got a picture of. I wish to remain anonymous but feel free to ask me questions if you should need.

I am a big fan of your work. Expose the truth!

NOTE:  photo of a flying saucer over double-wides in Texas....classic stuff! Lon


Papua New Guinea man 'eats son in witchcraft ceremony'

ninemsn - Residents of a Papua New Guinea mining town say they found a man with a history of drug abuse allegedly eating his screaming, newborn son during a sorcery initiation ceremony.

Police said locals on the outskirts of the town of Tabubil, in Western Province, woke on Thursday to the screams of the baby.

Beset with the grisly sight of the father allegedly eating his child, an angry mob chased him to the police station where he was detained after a short struggle.

Police said the discovery was too late to save the baby, who died of his injuries.

Tabubil police commander Demas Tapea said officers had detained a man and his wife to assist them with their inquiries.

"It is a very disturbing incident," Sergeant Tapea said.

"The community is upset, angry but there is also a lot of fear and anxiety because there is a belief in sorcery or witchcraft."

Sgt Tapea said the main suspect was known to police.

"Locals are saying the man was carrying out a sorcery ritual, or initiation, to become part of some sort of special society," he said.

"The suspect has a long history of drug abuse and we are not surprised something like this has happened.

"A few years ago, he went crazy in what we believe was due to the effects of drugs," he said.

In 2009, it was estimated at least 50 people were killed that year in sorcery-related murders in sudden or unexplained deaths in isolated communities.

Christian missions and the Australian territorial administration of PNG, along with the PNG government, have done their best to end the belief in sorcery, but strong superstitions remain.


Man plans to build an alien spacecraft-refueling station atop Pikes Peak

csindy - When I heard about a guy in our village named UFO Phil and his plan to build an alien spacecraft-refueling station atop Pikes Peak, I had the same reaction as you: Boy, this list of City Council candidates just keeps getting more fascinating.

Turns out, though, UFO Phil has no political ambition. This makes him one of an estimated nine people in our town not running for Council or mayor. Phil would, however, like to bring a being from another galaxy to a City Council meeting, which would be a first. Unless you count Sean Paige.

Seriously, even though UFO Phil and his alien pals are not seeking local office, odd extraterrestrial life forms are still represented in the at-large Council race. I'm talking, of course, about Ed Bircham, from the solar system Krypto-Kinetic-Kaolinite or KKK, and Doug Bruce, who emerged from beneath a rock in the galaxy Azzholius, where the beings are called Azzhols.

Anyway, UFO Phil — his real name is Phil Hill — wants to construct a gigantic Egyptian pyramid fuel station on our famous mountain. You think the artist Christo has a few obstacles trying to stretch a couple of bedsheets over the Arkansas River?

"I contacted the city of Colorado Springs and the U.S. Forest Service about the hydrogen pyramid on Pikes Peak," UFO Phil said during a Sunday morning phone call. "Initially, they did not seem to take me seriously."

And yet people still pretend to listen when Mayor Lionel Rivera talks.

Briefly, here's the plan, which Phil says is based on secret blueprints and schematics given to him by the aliens: The pyramid atop Pikes Peak will be 755 feet tall and will be built with limestone blocks, each weighing 2.57 tons. Phil says 2.3 million of these stone blocks will be needed.

Phil says the massive structure can be built by just 60 men, which sounds like a lot of work, but I remind you that just last Tuesday, in only eight hours, 386 Colorado Springs city employees, working as one, filled a medium-sized pothole and unscrewed another street light bulb.

But before work begins on the alien fuel station, a few earthlings are demanding some paperwork be completed. I would like to share excerpts from UFO Phil's actual letter to the Forest Service and, more importantly as it pertains to the area of humor, portions of the Forest Service's actual reply:

Dear Mr. Jeff Hovermale of the U.S. Forest Service:

I wish to construct a stone pyramid atop Pikes Peak based on extraterrestrial technology. It would mirror the Great Pyramid of Giza when it was in pristine operating condition some 4,600 years ago.

Sincerely, Phil Hill/UFO Phil

And the response:

Mr. Phil Hill:

The Forest Service must evaluate proposals to meet minimum requirements applicable to special uses per 36 CFR 251.54(3) (pre-application initial screening) criteria. An initial consideration of the pyramid-shaped power plant proposal would likely find the proposed use would unreasonably conflict and interfere with the Forest Management Plan and existing authorized uses on Pikes Peak.

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Forest Service and enjoy the National Forest.

Jeffrey B. Hovermale, U.S. Forest Service, Pikes Peak Ranger District

Because while constructing a hydrogen-producing Egyptian pyramid atop Pikes Peak seems like a great idea, if we ignore 36 CFR 251.54(3), the next thing you know we're ignoring 36 CFR 251.54(2) and maybe even 36 CFR 251.54(6) and frankly, I don't think any of us want to live like that.

It might not even matter, because this week Phil got a new idea.

"I think I can build it without any permits," he said.

A cynic might have responded by saying, "Sure, if you quietly slip our mayor an envelope stuffed with $100 bills before he leaves office!" But I'm not like that and instead I guided the conversation toward alien abductions. I'm glad I did.

"I get abducted almost every day," Phil said. "They seem to take one day off each week."

Which makes it a lot like the mating habits of the Kardashian sisters. Although to be fair, the Kardashians are young and sexy and, well, they're only human.

Not like Doug Bruce. That Azzhol.


NASA sees little risk of Apophis smacking into us; Russian experts disagree

msnbc - In 2004, NASA scientists announced that there was a chance that Apophis, an asteroid larger than two football fields, could smash into Earth in 2029. A few additional observations and some number-crunching later, astronomers noted that the chance of the planet-killer hitting Earth in 2029 was nearly zilch.

Now, reports out of Russia say that scientists there estimate Apophis will collide with Earth on April 13, 2036. These reports conflict on the probability of such a doomsday event, but the question remains: How scared should we be?

“Technically, they’re correct, there is a chance in 2036 (that Apophis will hit Earth)," said Donald Yeomans, head of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office. However, that chance is just 1-in-250,000, Yeomans said.

The Russian scientists are basing their predictions of a collision on the chance that the 900-foot-long Apophis will travel through what’s called a gravitational keyhole as it passes by Earth in 2029. The gravitational keyhole they mention is a precise region in space, only slightly larger than the asteroid itself, in which the effect of Earth's gravity is such that it could tweak Apophis' path.

“The situation is that in 2029, April 13, (Apophis) flies very close to the Earth, within five Earth radii, so that will be quite an event, but we’ve already ruled out the possibility of it hitting at that time,” Yeomans told Life’s Little Mysteries. “On the other hand, if it goes through what we call a keyhole during that close Earth approach … then it will indeed be perturbed just right so that it will come back and smack Earth on April 13, 2036,” Yeomans said.

The chances of the asteroid going through the keyhole, which is tiny compared to the asteroid, are “minuscule,” Yeomans added.

The more likely scenario is this: Apophis will make a fairly close approach to Earth in late 2012 and early 2013, and will be extensively observed with ground-based optical telescopes and radar systems. If it seems to be heading on a destructive path, NASA will devise the scheme and machinery necessary to change the asteroid’s orbit, decreasing the probability of a collision in 2036 to zero, Yeomans said.

There are several ways to change an asteroid’s orbit, the simplest of which is to run a spacecraft into the hurtling rock. This technology was used on July 4, 2005, when Deep Impact smashed into the comet Tempel 1.

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Chile's Millennium Humanoid Flap

Several Latin American nations experienced a substantial increase of humanoid sighting at the turn of the millennium. Mexico was starting to see increased reports of 'flying humanoids'. Brazil residents consistently reported UFOs and odd creatures that these craft transported. In Argentina, witnesses described several strange human-like creatures that varied in size and appearance. Yesterday, I posted a number of chupacabras sightings in Chile that occurred during a three month period in 2000.

In the following post, I will again concentrate on Chile and the overwhelming number of humanoid/mothman/hominid encounters reported throughout 1999-2001:


Las Cascadas, Chile - March 2000 - night

For several nights in a row witnesses at a local residence spotted large red blinking lights land on a nearby field. Soon after tall man like figures, bald headed, wearing white tunics and dark goggles approach the house and look inside, and they then ran back to the field without making any noise. Their bodies appear to emit electric discharges as they move.

Source: Caroline Uribe Assef, Diario Llanquille Chile


Laguna Redonda, Concepcion, Chile - May 3, 2000 - 1:30am

The barking of five stray puppies shed had picked up some time earlier suddenly awakened Professor Liliana Romero Castillo. The puppies were living in the courtyard with her fierce mastiff. She looked through the window to see the back of what appeared to be an immense man, standing more than 6-feet 8 inches tall. The shoulder blades were split, as if he had wings. He appeared to be hunched over as if choking somebody. After attempting to wake up her husband without success, she looked out the window again but the tall winged creature was gone. The next day some of the children found a dead dog in the alleyway. It appeared to have puncture marks on the throat area.

Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #19


Baquedano Chile - May 30, 2000 - 6:00am

37-year old Evelyn Esbry woke up early in the morning in order to use the toilet facilities located outside in the terrace. On her way there she heard sounds coming from the patio area. Suddenly an entity jumped on her back, paralyzed with fear she turned around to see a bizarre hairy creature, with a large nozzle, about 4-feet tall, and with large luminous orange, oval shaped eyes. Terrified, Evelyn fainted and did not see the creature depart. She suffered from shock and was treated at the local hospital for deep scratches. The victim told local paramedics that the creature seemed to communicate with her, using telepathy telling her not to scream.

Source: Paranigma Chile


Baquedano, Chile - June 2000 - night

Upon hearing the frenetic barking of his dogs, security guard (involved in a previous encounter) Luis Alberto Calivar armed himself with a flashlight and a knife and went outside to investigate, as he did the dogs suddenly became very still. Soon his lights illuminated a dark greenish form that ran very quickly climbing up a Wasintonia palm. As he shone the flashlight at the figure he felt his arm become "cold" and the knife and watch dropped out of his hand, at the same time the dogs stood very quiet and still. A feeling of numbness overcame his body and he ran back inside his security shack, he was followed by the dogs that hid under the room and began to shake in fear. He could only describe the creature as having large flopping ears, fluid in nature, apparently without a bone structure (!), it gave the appearance of being a flexible mass that moved around like a Kangaroo. It moved silently and was about 1.30m in height. When he first spotted the creature it seemed to have been crouching down, behind a bush. It seemed to twist its body around and never looked straight at the witness, which never dropped his flashlight. Incredibly despite the reactions the witness felt no fear and did not notice any odors coming from the creature. The encounter lasted about 5 minutes and the creature was about 9 meters away from the witness. He further described the creature as having greenish hairs about 5 to 6cm in length. Soon after the encounter Calivar had too see a doctor and lost about 20 pounds.

Source: Ramon Navia, "La Verdad Oculta"


Villa Nonguen, Concepcion, Chile - June 7, 2000 - 4:00am

Julio Reyes and wife Carmen Andrade were awaken by noises coming from the backyard, which contained a hen house and a garden. Looking out they saw bizarre humanoid flapping a pair of large wings. The creature was described as white in color. It ran towards the rear of the house. The guard dog refused to follow it out. Several hens were found dead and strange footprints were also located.

Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #24


Tocopilla, Chile - June 18, 2000 - midnight

*(more detail below)
- A group of young people was on the beach sitting by a bonfire. Suddenly, a large creature came out of the water. They were all astonished as they saw the strange being getting closer. The creature approached one of them making several guttural sounds, as if was trying to communicate with the young man. Moments later, it placed its right hand on the young man's left shoulder, leaving a green stain on his sweater, which they described as the same color as marine algae. The Bigfoot-like creature soon left, as it got back in the water and disappeared in the dark. The eyewitnesses, whom they preferred to remain anonymous, described the creature as 8 feet tall, with long dark furry hair, long arms with hands below the knees, big round eyes, with a long nose and mouth shaped like an animal muzzle.

Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center


Maria Elena, Chile - June 28 2000 - evening

Several witnesses including investigator Jaime Ferrer were leaving a local restaurant through the back door when they all saw a strange looking bird-like creature in the sky. It was flying at an altitude of about 40 meters directly above the group. It was gray in color and it passed by so rapidly that they did not have time to take a photograph of it. Its body was shape like a duck, but it was at least five times bigger. It had a long neck and the strangest thing about it was that if it would have been compared to an ordinary bird, this one had a much larger body in relation to its wings. Nevertheless, it seemed to fly like an ordinary bird; it glided smoothly and it flapped its wings every so often to gain momentum.

Source: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center


Near Puerto Cuatro Chile - July 13, 2000 - 1:30am

A woman and her friend, a professor had just left the Lions Club dinner and was driving south of the city when they spotted "two strange yellow lights" on the road ahead. The driver flashed her high beams at the two intense yellow lights a short distance away. The witnesses began to slow down since the "yellow light" remained stationary. They then saw a figure standing about three feet away from their front bumper. The figure was described as large, lacking ears, covered with extremely long gray hair, particularly around the neck, with two immense slanted yellow eyes. The driver and the creature exchanged looks for about 10 seconds, after which the car drove along the left lane. The creature followed the vehicle's departure with its head, and was apparently capable of making 180-degree turns. Terrified the witnesses drove away, seeing the yellow light again as it lit up the entire road before disappearing.

Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 #31


Calama, Chile - August 2000 - 3:00am

Felipe an employee at a local disco reported that one night there was a loud pounding on the outside door, in the back of the building. Thinking that it was a robbery attempt, he armed himself with a club, opened the door, and was confronted by an upright four-foot tall creature with glowing yellow eyes. The creature breathed out a strong substance, which stunned Felipe, who then saw the being silently glide away. Around the same time other local residents reported seeing metallic bell shaped craft flying over the area.

Source: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo


Sierra Gorda, Calama, Chile - October 2000 - 5:00pm

Three men standing at the front gate of the Mina El Tesoro spotted what appeared to be a pair of glowing eyes at about 30 meters away. They noticed 3 forms, one large and two small, about 1 meter in height. They were somewhat simian in appearance and bounded away towards the nearby ridge. The same guards had seen similar creatures back in May.

Source: Ramon Navia, "La Verdad Oculta"


Los Boldos, Chile - December 2000 - 7:30pm

Artidoro Inostroza Seguel was watching television with his wife and son when he briefly stepped out to the porch for a breath of fresh air. He saw about 50 meters away an approaching yellow-reddish light. He then noticed that it was a humanoid figure that was apparently carrying the light. The figure wore a dark divers suit, with a hood. On the chest area it had a white-gray stripe that glowed. The humanoid approached to within 8 meters from the witness, who noticed that it was about 2 meters in height. The guard dog did not show any reaction at all. The witness walked back inside the house. Later his wife saw strange lights from the kitchen window area; Artidoro then fired several warning shots at the lights.

Source: Raul Gajardo Leopold, CEFAA


Butaco Valley, Chile - December 2000 - night

During a period of heavy UFO activity in the area, Maria Concha Rivas and her husband reported seeing a giant humanoid figure, reddish in color and about 10-feet tall standing by a nearby river. Frightened they did not stick around and went back inside the house. They did not see the humanoid depart.

Source: UFO Roundup December 2000


Colonia Lolenco, Chile - December 8, 2000 - 2:50am

Retired civil guard Luis Arturo Bayer Garcia, 52 year of age was riding his motorcycle along an isolated area when he saw standing on the side of the road a tall, thin, figure, almost 2 meters in height. He was not able to see any facial features, only a gray-yellow texture. It seemed to be wearing a two-piece outfit and was totally motionless. The witness accelerated away from the area at high speed.

Source: Raul Gajardo Leopold, CEFAA


Villa Frontera, Chile - February 9 2001 - 9:30am

George Calderon and several friends were at a local camping ground and were preparing a barbecue dinner when they noticed on a nearby field a group of white tunic clad figures, including what appeared to be children, gathering under the moonlight. At this point the air became filled with bell like sounds and a huge luminous red round object descended over the white clad figures, which appeared to be holding their hands and chanting in an unknown language. It seemed to the witness that every time the bell sound was heard the object descended lower over the group. A little frightened the witnesses retired back into their tents and went to sleep. The next day, they checked the area directly below where the object was seen to hover and they found a large circular imprint on the ground and within that, four smaller circles.

Source: La Estrella de Loa


Angol, Chile - March 16, 2001 - night

At the local scenic lookout of Las Pinas, five persons saw three two-meter tall figures of humanoid appearance and with red lights on their hands. The beings were standing behind some vegetation, and appeared to be talking among themselves. They suddenly turned around and disappeared. Around the same time 20 other witnesses saw two huge balls of light roaming over the hills before vanishing from sight.

Source: Filer Files April 24


Santa Barbara, Chile - April 2001 - night

In a farm a man heard his fierce bloodhound barking, stepping out he saw a tall figure approach. The figure appeared to be wearing a hood. The witness attempted to approach the figure but at this point his dog let out a loud yelp and hid. At this point the tall figure also disappeared. He described as about 1.90 meters in height, with a flat yellowish face, robotic in appearance.

Source: Raul Gajardo


Villa Covadonga, Chile - April 8 2001 - 10:00pm

Freddy Villalobos, his cousin Christopher Huanca Valenzuela and a group of friends had just finished a soccer match in a nearby field, when they saw a strange bird. It was about 70 cm in length. It landed on top of a public light pole. The light fixture dimmed as the creature landed on it; it was to a point where it was almost completely out. The witnesses were able to see that it had round reddish yellow eyes. The creature emitted short squeaking sounds. One of the witnesses turned on the truck headlights in order to obtain a better look and the bird reacted immediately, covering its head with its wings, as the light apparently bothered it. It seemed to be floating on top of the light fixture rather than having its feet on top of it. Suddenly, it opened up its wings for a brief moment and they saw its head; they described it as horrible. It resembled the head of an old man with a long nose and a triangular shaped mouth. Scared, the kids began throwing rocks at it. It shortly flew away and disappeared.

Source: Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center


Calama Chile - April 10 2001 - 7:00am

The director of a local school noticed a group of children starting at a nearby tree. All were silent and were not moving a muscle and appeared to be fascinated by something. As he approached the group he noticed a bizarre bird-like creature, about 1.80 meters in height that was flying slowly around the tree at about 4 meters from the ground. This "bird" was totally black in color and somewhat resembled a Great Dane dog with wings. It seemed to move in slow motion, and would briefly hide inside the tree branches and then exit again. The director obtained a flashlight from his office and illuminated the creature that seemed to resent the light. It had large bright white eyes. After a few minutes it seemed to disappear in plain sight.

Source: Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center


Calama, Chile - May 5, 2001 - 11:00am

On the day following his encounter with a bizarre creature, a local farmer saw three strange looking but very well dressed men that showed up as he spoke to a friend who had also seen the creature. They stood some 30 meters away from a group of acquaintances who were busy sharing a side of flame-roasted beef. They approached the farmer and informed him that they were police officers and were going to arrest him. Surprised he asked why, since he had not done anything wrong. They told him he could not discuss what he saw the day before with anybody. He asked the strangers to show some badges but they refused. He described the men as being almost 2 meters tall, very thin and closely resembling one another, especially in their bearing and constitution. They wore sunglasses that concealed their eyes. One of them had eyes that reminded the witness of "Spiderman." They always kept their left hands in their pockets. They surveyed the entire area, and never once did they call out to one another. All three wore a type of glove, which left their ring and smallest fingers exposed, with the rest of the fingers occupying a single space. Their shirt cuffs covered part of this "pseudo-mitten" over which they wore a thin, shiny metal bracelet. He also described a 'prosthetic" covering the nail of the smallest finger, and a ring placed at the tip of the ring finger. Their Spanish was very strange, sloppy as if they were drunk. They spoke a language among themselves that the farmer was unable to understand, he was sure that it was not English. After they left the witnesses realized that the men had not moved their mouths to speak. The farmer further noticed that the group leader wore a hat "similar to a bullfighter's" which barely covered one of his ears, in which he could see a "V" shaped cut and a darker shade of color. He also recalled the following details: a very sharp vocal tone, short blond hair, broad forehead, high cheekbones, straight nose, thin neck, small mouth (except for the leader, who had thick lips and was wearing a safari-type jacket), a mechanized walk, similar gestures, line eyebrows, black ties and tie clips the same color as the stones on their rings. One of the men engaged in roasting the side of beef remarked: "They approached us at one point and looked us up and down, but said nothing at all. They appeared to walk and spin on the tips of their feet. They gave the impression of weighing less than a normal person." They did not accept any water from the witnesses and threatened the farmer once again. They boarded an ivory-lead colored pickup truck which made no noise whatsoever and vanished after a certain distance.

Source: Jaime Ferrer, Calama UFO Center


Chile: Winged Creature in Angol

Mr. Oscar Solar Valdebenito, married, a sergeant with the Carabineros, was performing his duties as a security guard in the Preventive Custody Center of the city of Angol on Friday, April 28 2000. The facility was under construction at the time.

Mr. Solar was alone and was making his rounds of the construction site’s interior. Once he returned to the guard shack on the southern side, using a passageway located in the back, he noticed the presence of an "animal" standing 1.20 meters tall, average complexion, with a small head in proportion to the rest of its body. The creature sat on top of a metal pole ending in four luminaries, standing some 8 meters tall. The animal landed at the very same time that the watchman turned his attention to the site. Solar was able to see the lights go out and the pole shake as a result of the creature’s descent. The estimated weight of this strange being was some 40 to 50 kilograms (according to the eyewitness). Its head featured two medium-sized ears, sideways and pointing upward, with rounded tips, pricked up like those of a police dog. Two long wings with pointed ends emerged from its shoulders. It never folded its wings, keeping them unfurled "like a vulture under the sun" (eyewitness’s description). He saw no feathers, only a kind of velvety skin, dark grey or black in color. He was unable to make out the face. The wings extended to the creature’s lower body, where he could also see two legs. A pair of stubby arms could also be seen under the head.

The witness was accompanied by four dogs, a beige bitch in the lead. Apparently, the "winged animal" pounced on the dogs, but these took off running and howling in a southward direction, abandoning the construction site. Five or six youths coming down from the north along the train tracks that go beside the site, also took off running when they saw what was going on. The witness explained that he was standing some 30 meters from the pole. He didn’t manage to move or turn on his flashlight, such was the degree of fright and surprise inspired by the situation described. He recalls having heard a sharp, loud squawk as the "animal" landed on the pole. Judging by the tone of this squawk, it was reminiscent of a loudspeaker’s crackle.

The "animal" eventually landed on the ground after making a flight in a gentle curve. It landed on a conical pile of dirt. After the dogs took off, it flew off with two gentle flaps of its wings, flying over a 3 meter wall, above which five wires are suspended, providing light to another streetlamp on the corner. The creature never came close to touching them. The animal came within 10 meters of the witness’s position. Its descent to the ground left prints on the mound of dirt - the witness managed to see "three thin holes" and fenced them off, but they were erased and destroyed on the next day at the order of the construction supervisors.

Personnel from Carabineros (state police) reported to the scene the next day, along with the Servicio de Investigaciones (civil police) who displayed their annoyance with the construction supervisor for having erased the prints, despite having been informed of the situation.

Further details:

The witness confesses that when "the animal" was close to him, flying off with a gentle beat of its wings, he was unable to control a bowel movement, a fact that he has tried to keep confidential on account of the customary jokes that tend to emerge in such cases.

The young men who were walking along the train tracks were never located, although efforts are under way, and Radio Los Confines apparently succeeded in this endeavor. But this rumor has not been confirmed. - Source: - translation: Scott Corrales - IHU



For the first time, this latest case alerted us about the possibilities that the Bigfoot might have some kind of connection with Chupacabras phenomenon, given that northern Chile, for the most part, is well known for its Chupacabras sightings. This was something that never would have occurred to us before.

A strange coincidence is that so many elements in both the Islamorada and the Tocopilla cases are almost identical; both creatures were seen leaving and entering the sea. This makes us think that they might hide under the sea, lakes or swamps. Both creatures left footprints the size of a football and other similar traces behind. Nevertheless, they have never been photographed, and in spite of countless efforts, they have never been captured. Furthermore, no one has ever found any remains of these creatures.

There are many reports of ufos entering and leaving the sea, both in Florida and in Chile. During an interview for Teletrece, a national Chilean television network, dated October 21 of 2001, Jorge Martinez, a retired Admiral and former Chilean Chief of Naval Operations, admitted that he personally had witnessed two ufo sightings at sea. During one of them, a nearby ufo caused interference with the navigation systems and the ship's radar. It is widely known that many other naval officers have seen similar objects, which they call "UUOs", (Unidentified Underwater Objects). According to the former Chilean Navy Chief, this phenomenon is real.

A taxi driver, who we call Carlos, and happens to be a friend of Jaime Ferrer, our associate in Calama, Chile, has told us that during a trip to Tocopilla, he and some customers saw several low-flying ufos coming from the sea towards the nearby Atacama Desert, where later, tracks made by some kind of landing gear, as well as Chupacabras tracks were found. The tracks appeared to be coming from the exact spot where the ufo landed.

Coincidently, just like the Chupacabras and ufo tracks in Chile, there have been reports of ufos in the same areas where Bigfoot creatures have been seen. Although we have not been able to establish a possible Bigfoot-UFO connection in the United States, we can look at the cases reported near Mount Rainier, in the State of Washington, where Kenneth Arnold observed nine ufos in 1947 giving popularity to the "flying saucer phenomena". Yet, in the same area, there have been countless Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings dating back to the XIX century.

On the other hand, in light of the evidence found in Chile, we can now affirm that the Chupacabras is part of the ufo phenomenon. We have not found evidence that it is part of some kind of terrestrial genetic experiment, nor do we believe that it is an ordinary animal. The evidence points out to a ufo related origin; I don't have slightest doubt about it.

All this is creating a new chapter in the investigation of the ufo phenomenon that undoubtedly, many will find difficult to accept. But this is very typical. For example, the abduction phenomenon took more than 20 years before ufologists accepted it as part of the ufo investigative field. Even today, many still doubt that alien abductions take place.

It is not my intention to try to convince anyone that the Bigfoot and the Chupacabras phenomena are the same; instead, like many other strange creatures, these may have a possible relation with ufos. It is not a coincidence that we receive reports mentioning a Bigfoot creature in Tocopilla, Chile, followed by numerous Chupacabras and ufo sightings, in what we could call the Chilean 2000-2001 wave.

We are facing a presence of intelligent or programmed creatures that have appeared sporadically and have been associated with other phenomena for more than a century, to whom erroneously, we have given them different names. To finally understand what is really behind all of these creatures, we have to study their characteristics, their behavior, and most importantly, the other associated phenomena that are often reported when these cases take place. We should know and learn about these phenomena, not only for their physical aspect of these creatures, but for their intentions, and most importantly, for their actions and their reactions.

We are buried in some kind of game where our intelligence faces another intelligence, which happens to be strange or, to say the least, different than ours, where the apparently incompatible logic doesn't seem to work, let alone our intuition. Accumulating data from field investigations is all we can do at this point in time. But, will we finally ever know the essence of these phenomena?

We still don't hold the truth in our hands, but we are looking for it. -

Fortean / Alternative News: UFO Over Glasgow, Police Search For Caveman and Witch Conversion

UFO spotted over Glasgow shopping centre

STV - A UFO sighting over Glasgow's Parkhead Forge shopping centre in the east of the city is being claimed by a visitor to the STV News website.

In an email, Paul Brown said that he made the sighting on January 17 at around 8pm.

"It was heading east and at first I looked up and thought it was helicopter spotlight, it moved at similar speed as emergency helicopter would if low in sky but this was very high - as high as a jet."

He continued: "I watched for the lights of plane or helicopter but nothing. It continued to travel east shimmering like a star in winter sky, a tangerine kind of glow round shaped."

While the description appears to correspond to that of a Chinese sky lantern, the increasingly popular paper and bamboo objects that rise into the air when a small candle is lit inside them. There have been many reports of UFOs in recent years that can be attributed to them.

They are able to travel considerable distances and reach great heights, the candle producing hot air that is trapped in the paper, causing it to rise and be carried by the wind.

However, Mr Brown was quick to doubt this could explain the object.

He said: "I thought maybe a lantern, but it was way too fast and steady trajectory to be wind powered. There was no wind anyway and it wasn't rising, it was heading east at (an) exact height."

He added: "I've studied astronomy for many years and seen many things in the sky this was very new and I've not found a match."


'Caveman' Suspected in Arson Fire

dailymail - The discovery of fire was a pivotal moment in the evolution of man - and one Neanderthal appears to still be entranced by the flames.

A man linked with a blaze looks as if he speaks only in grunts and hunts wild animals with a club.

Police have not called the man a suspect but have released this composite sketch image of a person of interest who bears a striking resemblance to Captain Caveman.

An estimated $135,000 of damage was caused by the fire at 421 Dodge St in Iowa City last Saturday and this man is wanted by police as a possible witness.

‘They know who they are and we need to talk to them as a witness, and hope they’ll come forward for themselves,’ said Sgt. Denise Brotherton of the Iowa City Police Department.

The witness is described as being between 5ft 10in and 6ft tall and was wearing a dark coloured coat and trousers.

He has a heavy beard and long hair and police believe he may be a transient man who is not from the Iowa City area.

Officers have refused to confirm whether they believe the man pictured started the Dodge St fire, with left a dozen people without a home.

Fire officials said the cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

Anyone with information about the identity of this person is asked to contact Investigator DJ Steva at 319-356-5284.

All calls are held in strict confidence and anonymity is guaranteed. Individuals providing information do not have to reveal their identity to collect a reward.


How to convert witches to Catholicism

telegraph - Witches can and should be converted to Catholicism, according to a robust new booklet from the Catholic Truth Society that portrays spell-casting as spiritually empty, exhausting and immoral. Instead of “seeking to change God’s mind or violently alter his plans through circle-casting”, it says, Wiccans should be encouraged to surrender this often frightening burden and accept the love of Christ.

In other words, come to Mass, leaving your broomstick at the door.

Actually, I should make it clear that Wicca & Witchcraft: Understanding the dangers by Elizabeth Dodd doesn’t make any silly cracks about broomsticks. But I can’t resist. There’s no eco-bore like a Wiccan eco-bore. I’ve met a few and, believe me, you need to be under a spell to sit through a three-hour whinge about Mother Gaia from a practitioner of white magick. It makes one long for the days when witches restricted themselves to a quick cackle before riding off into the night. (Just kidding, witches and pagans! Seriously, last time I had a go at them they reported me to the Press Complaints Commission, which proved resistant to their magick.)

Ms Dodd is reasonably polite about Wicca/paganism, but she’s not buying any of its bullshit about being descended from prehistoric totemic and animist religion via the Pharaohs, Rosicrucians, Cunning Men, Illuminati etc. “Modern Wicca’s origins lie in Victorian occultism,” she says (also finding room to mention the movement’s early links with Aleister Crowley). “Wiccans are encouraged to develop their own pantheon of gods and goddesses with whom they are comfortable to work – a religious ‘dream team’ … There are no limits to the creativity Wiccans can employ when creating their religious pantheons: it would not be uncommon to come across a Wiccan who worshipped Odin, Poseidon and the Buddhist Bodhisattva Kawn-Yin simultaneously.” (And was willing to talk about it in detail, I’ll bet.)

As for the overlap between white and black magic, Dodd makes this point: “Whether or not a Wiccan can successfully communicate with the dead or summon a spirit, whether spellwork is effective or not, has no bearing on the psychological damage that can be done to a young person who is convinced that they have summoned the dead, or have performed a spell that has hurt or injured another. Wicca has no hierarchy or support structure in place for these vulnerable young people … The use of magic, the practice of witchcraft, offends God because it is rooted in our sinful and fallen nature. It attempts to usurp God.”

You wouldn’t read anything this feisty from the Bishops’ Conference, but that’s typical of CTS, which stopped watering down its Catholicism years ago and is thriving as a result. Whether Dodd’s tips for evangelising witches actually work I can’t say – you’re supposed to emphasise that Christianity frees us from the self-centredness of Wicca and to find common ground over ecology (though even here Dodd is combative, accusing Wiccans of worshipping creation itself).

One thing’s for sure: should a group of right-on Wiccans convert to Catholicism, they’d be welcomed a damn sight more warmly by certain south coast bishops than the members of the Ordinariate. There’s always room for female eco-fanatics in the episcopal bureaucracy. Especially if they’re already members of a magic circle.

NOTE: yep...this one is going to generate comments from my Wiccan readers...Lon


North American Raccoon caught on camera in Hampshire

metroThe raccoon, nicknamed Rocky, has also rummaged through rubbish and swiped food from a bird table.

The creature is thought to be an escaped pet and has visited the garden in Ringwood four times.

‘It was a shock but I feel lucky to have seen it,’ said John Rothwell, who took the photographs of the mammal from his conservatory.

‘It was shortly after midnight when this animal just walked past.

‘I didn’t know what it was to begin with but I knew that it wasn’t a cat or fox or even a badger.

‘As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. It has such distinctive masks on its eyes like a bandit.

‘It came back for four nights in a row, eating peanuts that I’d left out for the hedgehogs.’

Raccoons are from North America and are nocturnal creatures, eating meats and plants.

The RSPCA said: ‘As they are not native, this is likely to be someone’s pet which has escaped.’

NOTE: to my British readers...please hope that this scavenger does not get a foothold in the UK. If you think the North American Gray Squirrel invasion is bad...these varmints are downright awful. Raccoons can open doors, pull out drawers, open fish traps, etc. Because of their nimble little hands, sheer determination, and natural curiosity when it comes to food, raccoons are notorious for making a mess as they search for something to eat. This species is considered a pest in the United States...especially here in Maryland. On a lighter note, roasted raccoon is very tasty...Lon


UFO mystery over India - object witnesses by five pilots

deccanherald - A glowing round object making a speedy descent near the West Bengal-Bihar border early on January 26 left pilots of five aircraft baffled, triggering widespread speculation about unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The first person to sight the object was a senior Air India pilot who was navigating the aircraft at a height of 34,000 ft during its flight from Kolkata to New Delhi.

“The plane was just entering the airspace of Gaya, close to Bengal-Bihar border, when I first noticed the glowing object, below the aircraft, hurtling down at a very high speed,” Captain Rishi was quoted as saying by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower here at Dum Dum International Airport.

The Air India pilot initially didn’t pay much attention as it is customary for the pilots to notice several such things midair. But when the aircraft was close to Varanasi, the object was still brightly visible.

Without wasting time, he informed the Varanasi Air Traffic Control from where ATC, Kolkata, was alerted.

The officials at ATC pondered over whether pilots of other international flights that might have crossed the Kolkata-Bihar-Varanasi route, had also observed the glowing object reported by Capt Rishi.

Accordingly, the ATC, Kolkata, beamed asking signals for other international flights that flew the same airspace during the period concerned.

To their utter surprise, the air traffic control officials were told by as many as four foreign airlines flight pilots that they had seen the same object and all of them reiterated that it was falling down at a great speed!

FinAir of Finland and Novou Air of Sweden were flying from the West to East while a couple of flights of Cathay Pacific and Dynasty Airways of China were moving in the opposite direction at an altitude between 34,000 and 37,000 ft over the airspace supposed to be in the trajectory of the object.

Once the foreign airlines pilots radioed back the ATC tower here, confirming their sighting of the object, ATC engineers immediately got in touch with the Indian Air Force. However, the IAF engineers pointed out that their powerful radar had failed to track or notice any unusual object.

“It could be a shooting star or part of a meteor or a metal that had a sudden entry into the earth’s atmosphere as a result of which it turned into a burning object and appeared glowing from a distance,” explained Positional Astronomy Centre director Sanjib Sen.

“There is no denying the fact of its existence as so many pilots having seen it.”
But when everyone had seen it falling at a high speed, where and when the object had hit the earth? There is apparently no answer to this question so far.

Flying Translucent Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Hampton Bays, New York

I received a very interesting email on 2/3/2011 that described an encounter with a 'manta ray' shaped flying entity on Long Island:

Hello, Lon...

My name is Jeni and I live in New York; I grew up on Long Island and have always loved heading out East - the Montauk Projects, Brookhaven Labs; we've had a lot of experience with the unexplained out here (I've seen a plethora of various types of UFOs on LI since early childhood). I stumbled across your blog and am writing in response to the post "Winged Manta Ray Shaped Cryptid - Near Ashton, WV - 12/3/2004". (NOTE - follow up at Additional Ray-Shaped Cryptid Sightings in WV Ohio River Valley Revealed...Lon)

Date of Event: July, 2006
Time: 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST (estimated time frame)
Weather Conditions: Clear, bright night. The moon was very bright and large and you could see every star as the further east you go, the less 'light pollution you experience.
Location: Traveling West on Dune Road, stopped at the Jetty in Hampton Bays, NY (the end of Dune Road).

My experience occurred sometime in July 2006, right after my father had passed away. I regularly take long drives out to the East end of Long Island and walk on the beaches at night as it's very peaceful and isolated. The beach in Hampton Bays (the Jetty at the end of Dune Road) is particularly nice at night. I've been there at least a hundred times and had never experienced anything out of the ordinary. I took my then-fiancee out there to show him the phosphorescent shrimp that wash ashore as he had never seen them; we parked the car and proceeded to walk down to the water. The moon was very bright that night, so you could look down the long stretch of beach and see everything. We were alone. No other people were on the beach, no other cars were parked nearby and all establishments were closed; it's a rather remote area aside from a few scattered private residences and a few restaurant/bars. Now, a bit about me: I'm an artist, was raised with an open mind, am a healthy skeptic and I don't scare easily.

As soon as we stepped onto the beach I had a feeling of general unease; that instinctive fear that one would experience in the presence of a predator. I chose to ignore it; occasionally peeking over my shoulder at the long, empty stretch of beach behind me but mostly focusing on the tiny glowing shrimp beneath our feet. At one point I felt a presence and again, chose to ignore it as I've dealt with that quite a bit in my 30 years. I had not voiced my unease to my fiancee, so he was completely unaware. About 5 - 10 minutes into our short walk we were both hunched over, his back facing the jetty, mine facing the stretch of empty beach when he started peering over my shoulder, up into the sky. Perplexed, he'd look for a second, then look away - at this point I was still trying to retain my composure and not look. Finally, after a few minutes, he looked over my head and yelled "oh my god! What *is* that?!" - I turned to look and 'flying' directly over my head was this huge creature I'd never seen! I will detail as best I can:

It appeared translucent/transparent; no color whatsoever - no visible structure outside of the motion which indicated what it looked like; now, I myself am a visual artist, so this left a very distinct impression on me. This 'creature' was shaped and moving in the way a Manta Ray would; yet completely transparent! No color at all; I could see the stars through this thing; the only thing to allow the structure any appearance was the moonlight shining somehow on its' exterior!

It was larger than a standard sedan. It's wingspan was at least, from what I could estimate, 10' in width; while it was 'flying', its wings moving up and down. The movement seemed familiar, like that of a gull swooping down and hovering over the shoreline. It was approximately 10 - 15' over my head; it had no visible 'head' or 'tail'; no discernible limbs or appendages of any kind. It appeared and moved exactly as a Manta Ray without the 'Cephalic Lobes' or tail. I was completely awe-struck, but that fear took over and after about 30 seconds of staring at this thing we both turned and bolted toward the car. While running, we both simultaneously jerked our heads to the right in response to a glowing green light which seemed to flash twice (it was not the light from the tower on the jetty, nor was it from any boat; that water was clear). I never looked behind me. We started heading back on Dune Road when we saw what I could only describe as two, smaller 'rays' which moved more like a bat would, flying together from right to left overhead past the car. These two were translucent and had a grayish color to them... strange. They were flying in the direction of the beach, where the larger, more transparent creature was. On the ride home, we spoke about how confused we were, but didn't compare notes on what we had seen - I told him I wanted to wait until we got home to do that.

Now I consider myself a well-educated believer in Supernatural/Paranormal phenomenon and have a long-standing fascination with Cryptids but I always approach everything with a healthy dose of skepticism. As soon as we arrived home, I tore two pages out of a sketchbook, grabbed two pencils and gave one of each to my fiancee, instructed him to draw exactly what he had seen and left the room; I did the same. When we were done, we placed our sketches side by side and they were identical. That was enough confirmation for me. I immediately went online to try to research any reports which would help explain what we had witnessed, but I couldn't find anything at all! It was extremely frustrating. I did report the sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center (, but still, until I stumbled across this post, was at a loss for any confirmation or additional reports of this type of creature.

I really would love to hear of anyone else who may have experienced something similar on the East end of Long Island... feel free to post this if you like. I'd love some answers as I'm fascinated by this event. It's so difficult to describe the appearance due to the fact that it was transparent, yet we could see the motion. Almost like when heat rises from asphalt and wrinkles the air... I really was amazed and have no idea what this thing could be!

"It was so beautiful and strange! It reminded me of a sea creature more than anything else, maybe our air is like water to them." - I feel the same way; I instantly felt that it seemed to be 'swimming' through the air. I also believe that it's possible that multiple dimensions are simply a vibration away; that many things are likely coming over and going back from time to time...

Thank you,


NOTE: please forward any information similar to this sighting. If you have seen this cryptid, I can post as a follow up and/or forward to Jeni...Lon

Thursday, February 03, 2011

MUFON International Director Responds to Petition Email

Hi All,

Just a note to clear up comments being made by former MUFON members.

First of all, I would like to apologize to SDs and their state membership. I did not want to cause anyone guilty feelings by not being able to send money, even though voluntarily, to MUFON. Some states were able to do this because they have developed an income source from their meetings or by personal donations. Other states were not able to donate since they didn't have any funds. In fact, some states don't even have enough money to pay for a meeting room. MUFON is able to assist states in efforts to raise money for their state.

Even though some states couldn't afford to send funds to MUFON they have provided MUFON with time, energy and commitment to our mission. Money isn't the only thing that makes MUFON run. It is the untiring efforts FIs make in their investigations; it is the dedication SDs and ASDs provide in seeing UFO information gets out to the public; it is the energy it requires for states to hold meetings every month and it is your commitment to seeing MUFON's mission statement is fulfilled. Yes, in kind support of MUFON is as important as dollars. No one was intended to be made to feel guilty.

Another concern that has been expressed to me is the resigning and removing of SDs within MUFON. I will explain.

Over a year ago Ken Cherry made derogatory comments about MUFON members, witnesses, and UFOlogists. I and the BoD asked Ken to apologize publically. Ken elected not to apologize and was removed as SD for Texas. His choice. Steve Hudgeons took over as SD for Texas and is doing a great job.

An aside and for your information. Ken Cherry has started his own UFO group and has written a book about the Stephenville, TX UFO event. I have not read the book but according to those who have reported to me, Ken is not very kind to MUFON even though he was one of MUFON's lead investigators at the event. Maybe he didn't like how he investigated the event?

Christine Dickey, by her request, was removed as SD for Arizona. Chris had health and family problems and wanted to resign as SD. We agreed with her. Health and family are the most important part of our lives. Jim Mann volunteered as SD and is doing a great job in AZ. Chris has since had a change of heart and wants her SD job back.

Marilyn Carlson had a problem with a FI. The FI reported to MUFON there were problems going on within the Oklahoma meetings. Others indicated their concerns about Marilyn. MUFON's ethics committee was asked to investigate what was going on. Marilyn was not the problem in this case. We asked Marilyn to step down as SD until the investigation was complete which might take up to six months. This was asked of her to protect her from the possibility of the investigation appearing to be one sided. Marilyn didn't like this and resigned. Chuck Pine took over as SD and OK is moving right along.

Elaine Douglas was removed from her position as SD because she wasn't truthful about her ASD. Strange, now this same ASD is one if the originators of the petition going around.

Leslie Varnicle was removed as SD of Colorado due to her management style not being beneficial to MUFON's success. In fact, not one person has resigned from the Colorado MUFON Board. Interesting. Barry Roth, Doug Wilson, Jude Talaba, and Cheryl Gantz have agreed to keep Colorado up and running while a new SD is put in place.

James Clarkson has resigned as SD for the state of Washington due to his dislike of MUFON's bureaucracy and his desire to conduct UFO investigations on his own. James will be missed. We have two others qualified to take over Washington.

I would also like to point out there is not a "hit" list on SDs for MUFON. That is silly. MUFON's SDs and their state members are the reason MUFON is considered the best UFO Investigative organizations in the world.

The public and media look to MUFON for the facts and truth about UFOs. The reason they come to MUFON is because the commitment we all have for MUFON and fulfilling our Mission. MUFON investigates, others report.

I wish you all the best. I, also, thank all of you for your untiring commitment, support, and efforts in seeing MUFON's Mission Statement is fulfilled. "The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity."

Hang in there, this, too, shall pass.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.

All the Best,
Clifford Clift, ID MUFON

The Chile Chupacabras Attacks - Spring 2000

In Chile, during the year 2000, there were a slew of cryptid sightings and encounters. El chupacabras and humanoid / mothman-like creatures were reported nationwide. In this post, I'm going to concentrate on the chupacabras rampage that occurred during the months of April-June:

Calama, Chile - April 2000 - night

A witness riding his bicycle was passing by the local Lion's Club building, when he heard a groan and stopped to see what had happened. On the side of the building, he saw a dead dog in the grass, and next to it, a pair of large shining eyes. The eyes were so shiny that the witness could not make out any detail of the creature's body. Suddenly the creature lifted the dead dog with its hands, and in the wink of an eye was only 10 meters away from the witness, after being 50 meters away a second before. Shocked the witness quickly pedaled away stunned as to the manner that the creature moved.

Source: Calama UFO Center


Prat de Calama and Tocopilla, Chile - April 24-26, 2000 - after midnight

Eight young locals looking for the reputed blood predator in the local hills saw a strange short creature apparently covered with hair make a prodigious leap then run into a nearby cave, near the River Loa.

A few nights later, several locals living on the slopes of a hill saw a strange entity quickly climbing up the side of the hill at incredible speed. It moved up on practical vertical cliffs using reptilian like movements, it seemed to expand as if possessing dark wing-like membranes on its back that apparently propelled it up the cliffs. Once it reached the summit, the witnesses began hearing strange growling and screeching sounds coming from the area.

Source: Paranigma Chile


Tucapel Chile - April 29, 2000 - 8:00pm

Farm worker Jose Ismael Pino was looking for a loose wild bull when he came upon a four-foot tall creature, simian in appearance, with long clawed arms, enormous fangs protruding from its mouth, as well as a pair of wings. Scared he ran to fetch some dogs that attacked the creature. One of the dogs came back with a bloodstained neck.

Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5


Maria Elena, Chile - May 6, 2000 - 5:00am

Three men that had been driving a refrigerated truck had stopped at a local truck stop in order to obtain some rest. As the driver turned off the truck's engine and lights, they all noticed that the truck seem to tilt slightly to the right, and its lights began blinking on and off. Stunned they now saw behind the right side passenger window a strange figure, described as having abundant hair; an elongated oval shaped head, with several protruding fangs in his mouth, and with large yellowish slanted eyes. It also had large pointy ears and what appeared to be pig-like whiskers. The creature remained a few moments at the window, then left. The terrified witnesses quickly drove away from the area. Strange marks were found on the truck's cabin.

Source: La Estrella de Loa


Santa Elena de Codao, Chile - May 7, 2000 - 11:00pm

33-year old, G Alejandro Canales was returning back to his home after guarding his rabbit pens. As he took a short cut through an unlit alley he felt something fall on his back. He struggled with the "thing" and managed to shine a flashlight on it. He was stunned to see a short simian looking creature, with large pointy fangs, black fingernails, large golden luminous eyes, and dark leathery wings on its back. He also felt a strong musty odor during the encounter. The creature quickly scurried away disappearing into the darkness. Others found the witness in a state of shock upon hearing his screams. Deep scratches were found on Canales body.

Source: OVNIS Chile


Near Calama, Chile - May 8, 2000 - unknown

According to various sources, Chilean military units in an area near the desert captured three strange creatures, reported to be blood predators or the unfortunately named "Chupacabra." On May 12 at 0627A a Boeing 767 arrived from Miami at Arturo Merino Benitez Airport. It was flight number 501, later a Boeing 767 from Air Lan also arrived at the airport. These supposedly brought special containers clearly marked NASA. Both aircraft then left enroute to Calama at 0800A. The captured creatures were then transferred to special flights that left towards an unknown destination.

Source: Patricio Borlone Rojas, Paranigma Chile


Near Calama Chile - May 10, 2000 - night

A soldier stationed near the city reported seeing a strange creature that was able to make incredible leaps and bounds at times seemingly suspended in mid-air. He described the entity as about 1.20m tall, kind of hairy, and sort of hunchbacked. A patrol was supposedly sent after it. Supposedly the patrol found some strange "eggs" that they brought back to the barracks. Later another patrol reportedly killed two of the creatures and captured a third. It is said that NASA personnel retrieved all three creatures.

Source: Paranigma Chile


Sierra Gorda, Calama, Chile - May 14 2000 - 5:00am

Several security guards posted at the entrance to La Minera El Tesoro spotted several moving figures in the nearby brush. Upon shining their flashlight at the creatures they could tell that they were simian in appearance and moved using incredible leaps and bounds at very high speed. One of the creatures stood up on two legs and it measured about 1.60m in height. It had large glowing yellow eyes and its body was covered with thick hair. The next day the men found a dead dog, which was missing all its organs.


Tocopilla and Los Arenales, Sierra Gorda, Chile - May 25-26, 2000 - night

Local residents heard strange howling and screeching noises in the area, at the same time that several domesticated rabbits were found dead and completely bloodless. Another resident in Magallanes street saw a strange humanoid, with large bright yellowish eyes, that seemed to have a kind of hypnotic affect on him. Another resident saw a similar being standing on top of some rocks.

The next night, a young couple was parked in an isolated area making out, when suddenly a humanoid figure, covered with hair and with large luminous reddish yellowish eyes appeared in front of the vehicle. The young woman then received an apparently telepathic message from the creature, telling her to open the car door and step outside. She was about ready to open to door when she suddenly realized what she was doing. The panicked couple attempted to start the vehicle in order to leave, but could no move their legs. Finally they were able to move and drove away from the area.

Source: Paranigma Chile


Tocopilla, Chile - May 30, 2000 - 2:00am

Local residents living next to the Tocopilla hills were suddenly awaken by strange loud noises. At first they thought it was a person climbing the hill, but after observing it in greater detail, they realized that, whatever they were seeing, not only was not human; it was something they have never seen before. It was a creature that was climbing the hill very rapidly despite the seventy to eighty degrees steep. They described the being as very agile and fast, making reptilian like movements like a small lizard. The creature appeared to be much bigger than a condor, brown in color, with bright red eyes and what appeared to be feathers throughout its body. It emitted loud quack like noises that were heard every night for a couple of weeks, causing dogs to bark and howl at night.

Source: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center


Baquedano, Chile - May 30, 2000 - 6:00am

37-year old Evelyn Esbry woke up early in the morning in order to use the toilet facilities located outside in the terrace. On her way there she heard sounds coming from the patio area. Suddenly an entity jumped on her back, paralyzed with fear she turned around to see a bizarre hairy creature, with a large nozzle, about 4-feet tall, and with large luminous orange, oval shaped eyes. Terrified, Evelyn fainted and did not see the creature depart. She suffered from shock and was treated at the local hospital for deep scratches. The victim told local paramedics that the creature seemed to communicate with her, using telepathy telling her not to scream.

Source: Paranigma Chile


Quillota, Chile - May 31, 2000 - midnight

A local villager heard a loud commotion on the roof of his house. Upon investigating he was confronted by a strange creature that was standing on the roof. He described it as looking like a centaur without a nose, about 90 cm in height. The creature then jumped to a nearby ravine and vanished. The next day the body of a completely bloodless dog was found.

Source: Paranigma Chile


Chupacabras Attack More Farms In Chile

by Joseph Trainor
May 11, 2000

Last week saw another rash of Chupacabra attacks in Chile. Eyewitnesses also sighted two weird humanoid creatures, said to be Chupacabras, near the city of Concepcion,located 300 kilometers (180 miles) south of Santiago de Chile, the national capital.

The new round of Chupacabra incidents began Wednesday, April 12, 2000 in the small town of Tucapel, in Bio Bio province just east of Concepcion. Witnesses reported that "a large bunch of dried brambles were crushed by a strange luminous phenomenon."

On Saturday, April 29, 2000, Jose Ismael Pino, 59, a farm worker employed at the Esperance Ranch two kilometers (one mile) east of Huepil, near Tucapel, had a face-to-face meeting with the Chupacabra.

Leaving the barn at 8 p.m., Pino explained, "There was a large bull running wild. I was walking along when I saw something, and I thought that was it. 'Hey, damned bull!' I shouted, and then I saw that it wasn't. It hardly moved. It just stood there, looking at me. It stood about 1.5 meters (four feet) tall, like a big monkey, with long clawed arms, enormous fangs protruding from its mouth, as well as a pair of wings. I was so scared I turned and ran back for the hounds. I set them all loose and let them chase after 'The Bird.' Cachorro (one of the dogs--J.T.) came back with a bloodstained neck."

"Pino's boss, Jorge Venegas, owner of the 75-acre farm, carries a loaded shotgun on his shoulder."

"Venegas, on his part, lets his employees leave early, since they are fearful of walking around at night, and he himself since the night of the luminous phenomena in Tucapel, has slept with his shotgun beside him."

"'We don't know what we're dealing with here. I'm not so concerned about the attacks on the animals, but I have two children, 12 years old and 15 years old, and I'm not going to let anything happen to them. In fact, right now I'm going to get a floodlight to see at night, in case something weird shows up,' explained the planter, hefting the shotgun to his right shoulder."

Farms in the Huepil-Tucapel area "were affected by the alleged predator, which killed four sheep on one farm and a cow on another."

However, not everybody believes that the the Chupacabra is the culprit. The manager of the Raul Perez farm told the newspaper Cronica, "Years ago, we had a (wild) dog problem. They managed to kill 70 sheep one single night, but we gave it no further importance at the time."

On Tuesday night, May 2, 2000, Carabineros (Chile's national police--J.T.) from the cuartel (barracks) in Santa Fe reported that "eight sheep, all of them pregnant, had been attacked by an unknown animal, which had left them half-dead, making it necessary to put them down."

The attacks were "blamed on wild dogs. Subofficer Alviro Valdebenito of the Santa Fe barracks further added that a characteristic of these dogs is that they are barkless."

Lt. Walter Koch of the Huepil Carabineros stated, "No, there were no reports about it (Chupacabra--J.T.) whatever. We don't even have pumas in this sector, and only in the pre-Cordillera ranges will you find foxes. The only predator of the type we've had are Siberian dogs which have feasted on some chickens."

"Carlos Villalobos, a schoolteacher in Huepil, said, 'I think it's linked to some unknown life-form, possibly alien in origin, but the authorities take the position of not acknowledging it, and they are probably very justified, since a collective panic situation could be unleashed.'"

The Chupacabra attacks continued without letup.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2000, "at 1:30 a.m., professor Liliana Romero Castillo slept soundly in her apartment located at Laguna Redonda in Concepcion, when she was awakened by the barking of the five stray puppies she had picked up some time earlier." The Puppies were living "in the building courtyard with Black, her large, fierce mastiff."

"'I crouched and looked through the window. The puppies were whining, and Black had cowered against the wall and was motionless. I could see the back of what appeared to be an immense man, standing more than two meters (6 feet, 8 inches) tall. The shoulder blades were split, as if he had wings. Its attitude (posture--J.T.) recalled that of a person choking another. That was my impression,' said Sra. Romero."

"Concerned that a crime was taking place in her garden, she woke her husband, who gave the matter little attention. 'I'm not getting up,' he said, half-asleep."

Sra. Romero returned to the window to get another look at the creature, but by then it was gone.

"The following day (Thursday, May 4, 2000) Liliana sent her children out to buy groceries at the local store. using a shortcut located behind their building. Upon their return, they told their mother that they had seen 'a dead dog'" in the alleyway.

Liliana asked her husband to check, and he returned saying that a wooly, beige-colored dog was lying on the ground with two puncture marks in the throat."

'I don't know if I might be in a suggestive state,' he said, 'But it had two deep holes in its jugular (vein), about the size of a Bic pen, separated by five centimeters between them. What impressed me the most was the way the body was completely bloodless and was as light as a feather. The dog was incredibly wooly (furry--J.T.) and in fact I had to move the fur to see the puncture marks.'"

Summoned by Liliana, a team of Carabineros arrived at the crime scene and took custody of the dog's body. They loaded the dog into a black plastic garbage bag and "ordered the family to remain silent, so as not to panic the local residents."

"'But I'm scared,' Liliana said, 'Since I have very young children, and I'm afraid that whatever was there will come back.'"

The Carabineros took the dead dog to the First Comissariat in Concepcion so it could be autopsied by pathologists.

The same day, May 4, 2000, "35 dead birds were found on a ranch 12 kilometers (7 miles) from Pucon on the road leading to the village of Caburuga. The animal attacks, attributed to the mythical Chupacabras, presented the same characteristics as the earlier attacks. (See UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 17 for details) since the dead chickens had cuts and scratches on different parts of their bodies.."

Capt. Roberto Saldivia, deputy chief of the Pucon Carabineros, "confirmed that the animals were found dead in a pen, without a single drop of blood in them."

"Cesar Hidalgo, regional director of Servicio Agricola y Ganado (Chile's Agricultural and Livestock Service--J.T.). explained that SAG professionals were at the scene" in Caburuga and would investigate further. (See the Chilean newspapers Cronica of Concepcion for May 2, 2000; El Sur for May 5, 2000, "Mysterious Nocturnal Apparition in Building Courtyard--Dead Dog Found Later" by Carlso Saso Prieto; and Orbe for May 5, 2000, "Further Chupacabras Attacks." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales, auto de los libros Chupacabras and Other Mysteries y Forbidden Mexico, Gloria Coluchi y Ricardo Concha para esas historias.)


NASA Experiments Gone Wrong?

Chilean Chupacabra watchers remain suspicious, and the case continues. In June of 2000, Chilean newspapers printed accusations from Chilean "UFOlogists" — people who study unidentified flying objects in the same northern deserts where Calama lies — of Chilean military officials finding three "Chupacabra eggs" and even catching the animal itself. The Chupacabra material was then turned over to NASA, according to Chilean press accounts. Radio programs in Chile have also accused the American space agency of creating the Chupacabra in a lab in the first place, while conducting genetic tests in the Chilean desert on mandrills, an animal similar to the baboon.

NASA denies the charge with more annoyance than amusement. "Before this it was the face on Mars, and before that it was modifying the weather, before that we were beaming radiation from satellites to make people impotent," says a decidedly weary-sounding NASA spokesman, Brian Welch. "Before that they were saying we faked the moon landing." Welch suggests the Chupacabra is blamed on NASA because the space agency is the last place anyone in Chile would think to call and ask about it.

"If you were persuaded to believe that sort of thing, you'd blame the last person you would go to for confirmation of it. I mean, people who believe this sort of thing certainly aren't beating down the door to ask us about it." -


The Chupacabra Rampage

El Chupacabra has been crawling all over Chile in the last few months, raising many new questions about this mysterious creature, and resulting in astonishing claims about its origin.

It stands three to four feet tall, has a flexible row of spines down its back, eyes that glow red and long, sharp fangs... some even say it has wings. This is how eyewitnesses have described the strange, unworldly creature known as El Chupacabra - Spanish for "the goat sucker." The creature, as elusive as Bigfoot and as terrifying as a demon, earned its name from the way it kills its victims (mostly farm animals, including goats) - by sucking the life blood from them.

Chupacabra first made the headlines in 1995, when several attacks were reported in Puerto Rico. The small island still claims the most number of attacks to date, but slaughtered chickens, ducks, goats, cats, dogs and other small animals have been attributed to Chupacabra in Mexico, Central America, South America and even parts of the Southern United States.

During April, May and June of 2000, however, there were reports of a spate of attacks coming out of Chile. The mysterious deaths of farm animals followed the same pattern as those in Puerto Rico and other countries, and descriptions from eyewitnesses who claim to have actually seen the creature in Chile match the hideous features detailed in previous accounts.

The animal victims had incisions in their throats and their blood had been sucked out... blood-curdling sounds were heard in the dark.

The stories that came out of Chile - many reported in Chilean newspapers - had an incredible twist. A few of the dreaded creatures, they said, were actually caught and killed... and then their bodies were taken away by representatives of U.S. government agencies. That was the claim, anyway.

The Attack Begins

The recent attacks began in April, and newspapers carried stories of the mysterious deaths of close to 200 goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits in northern Chile. At first the deaths were blamed on packs of wild dogs, but one trademark feature of the killings turned the suspicion on the legendary Chupacabra. The respected Reuters news agency reported that some of the animal victims "had incisions in their throats and their blood had been sucked out." The report also said that "detectives swept the zone with night vision equipment and that blood-curdling sounds were heard in the dark, causing residents not to venture outside."

Victor Espinosa, an investigator for Chile's Ecology Department, was said to take hair samples and footprint castings for examination. "The paw prints do not match those of horses, cows, goats, pigs, felines or wild dogs," Espinosa said. And, according to Dr. Virgilia Sanches-Ocejo of the Miami UFO Center, Espinosa also said that evidence shows that the animal walks on two legs and only attacks hot-blooded animals and not snakes or lizards of the region.

The Capture

In late May / early June, rumors surfaced that three of the creatures had actually been captured. Reported chiefly by Marcial Campos Maza of the Chile's EFE news service and by Joseph Trainor of UFO Roundup in the U.S. among others, the stories claimed that three of the creatures had been caught in the desert near a mine just north of the town of Calama. In the struggle to capture the Chupacabras, they said, one Chilean soldier had been killed. The Chilean military allegedly would not discuss the matter.

More bizarrely, after the little monsters had been held in an army barracks for several hours, a team of NASA representatives arrived by helicopter from the U.S. (closing the local airport, according to one story) and took them away. How it was assumed that these people were from NASA is unclear, as is where the notion came from that NASA - the U.S. space agency - would have jurisdiction over such a matter, if it were a fact.

"Residents of Calama and nearby communities continued to blame NASA for the apparitions and attacks of the mysterious Chupacabras," Maza reported, "which has killed many farm animals in the region and other parts of Chile... their bodies completely exsanguinated and undevoured by the mysterious predator. It was said that the captured animal was kept all day at the regiment's barracks until NASA experts arrived to take it away."

Why NASA? Some residents believe that the deadly Chupacabras are the result of some diabolical genetic experiments gone awry by NASA, or some other U.S. agency. "The gringos had at least three genetic experiments run away from them," one respected Chilean architect was quoted as saying, but it was not disclosed how he came upon such information.

The Chupacabra Strikes Back

It seemed El Chupacabra was not pleased with having a few of its kind carted away. A new rash of animal killings started to occur in early June. In the backyard of a home in the port city of Talcahuano, 14 chickens were mysteriously slaughtered on June 4 - and Chupacabra was blamed. A few days later, the newspaper Diario El Sur ran a story about another attack in the city of Concepcion:

The strange case took place around 4 a.m. while Julio Reyes and his wife, Carmen Andrade, were still asleep. They suddenly heard a loud noise coming from their home's back yard, a kind of small farm in which they have a henhouse and a garden containing tomato, potato, chocla and pepper plants. "The light outside the henhouse was on. I saw the monster flapping his wings fiercely while the hens were crowing - something they never do at this time. That's when I saw the white one running toward the back. At this time, Bobby [the family's dog] came out to take a look, but when he saw the back gate, through which the hens had fled, he refused to follow and remained standing still. He then ran toward the street gate and began barking," explained Carmen, who did not witness the events herself out of fear that the intruder might be a burglar. "Bobby became sort of dopey and turned back. He didn't dare go forward," Julio said. Around 7 a.m., the couple discovered what had transpired. In the very rear of the backyard - which can only be reached by crossing two gates - their three hens and one rooster were found dead, completely torn to shreds, as if they had been ripped open at the chest cavity and scattered in a 10-meter (33-foot) radius. It is worth noting that the house's entrance is a gate covered with chicken wire."

Chile's national police blamed the attack on wild dogs, but Reyes did not accept that explanation. "Based on several paw prints found on the site," the newspaper article continued, "twice the size of Bobby's, the owner was not satisfied with the explanation, given the difficulty a dog would have had in getting into the area." Also, Reyes said he had previous experiences with dogs attacking his chickens, and they took the chickens away one by one to eat them, they did not slaughter them in this manner.

Two days later, another report was called in to a local radio station. The caller, from the city of Antofagasta, claimed to have actually seen the Chupacabra. He said he was awakened by strange noises his cat was making. When he got up to investigate, the creature saw him and "took off at high speed." He claimed that the Chupacabra had virtually destroyed his car by making deep scratches in it with its claws. And it killed the cat.

Certainly, this is not the last we'll hear of Chupacabra. The attacks might die down in Chile, but the nasty little creature will surface again somewhere else. It might be a good idea to keep all your goats and chickens securely locked up. -

Fortean / Alternative News: Haiti Declares Zombies Illegal, Eating Grandma and Skin Gun is Real

Haiti admits and criminalizes the creation of zombies

Haitians are 50% Catholic and 100% Voodoo priests - says a military member of Brazilian peace forces, that are working in the capital Port-au-Prince since 2004. The mysticism of the inhabitants of the western part of the island of Hispaniola, the Caribbean, is considered taboo by most of the western world and has little relationship with rag dolls targeted needles.

Haitian Voodoo has its root in Africa. The practices are widespread in the Caribbean nation, whose deep misery gives to gives the nation the worst Human Development Index (HDI) of the Americas.

Brazilian soldiers who are part of MINUSTAH (United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti), they remember of to have found in the street, at the beginning of the mission, pieces of human bodies, with chest cutted and eyes gouged out. Believe they were victims of voodoo priests, the "bokors", who practice black magic

The brazilian militaries still remember themselves having collected the testimony of an Italian priest who was kidnapped together a novice nun by practitioners of voodoo. The nun was raped repeatedly, including with sticks and wooden stacks, in a supposed religious ritual. The victims managed to escape when another bandits group attacked the firsts and was this episode that created the chance of escape

Apart from the rituals of death and purification, the voodoo includes the mystical transformation of humans into "zombies". This is one of the biggest fears for the secular society. The haitians believe that a zombie is created from the sorcery of the wizard, who would make himself a controler of his victim, able to manipulate the will the person's soul. For scholars of practice Vodouisants are, however, the alleged lethargy of zombies may be resulted from the application of tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin found in puffer fish species.

Article 246 of the Haitian Penal Code makes clear reference to the poisoning made with the aim to produce a "lethargic" state in a person, the main characteristic of those Haitian zombies. "Are classified as envevenamento all attacks on a person's life, the effect of substances that can lead to death sooner or later, independent of the epoch when that these substances had been applied or administered, and whatever the consequences of this procedure.

If most of the practitioners of the Haitian voodoo practiced mixed with other religions such as Catholicism, after 2010 earthquake, when at least 220 000 people lost their lives and, mainly, with the worsening of the cholera outbreak at the end of last year, sorcerers of voodoo passed to be hostilized by the population. At Port au Prince the reaction against voodoo practioners can be something violent.

In houses whose roofs have a sort of scarecrow with red rags, at least 40 priests were murdered, says Brazil's ambassador to Haiti, Igor Kipman. Part of the population attributed to them the responsibility for the deaths of more than 3300 people that were victims from cholera.


Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early Spring (yeah...right)

sfgate - Word is out today that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow in the annual tradition in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Punxsutawney Phil is supposed to tell whether we're going to see six more weeks of winter or not. Apparently, we will not, which is good news for much of the Midwest today. With the weather we've had around the country during the past couple of winters, Phil is encouraging many people that springtime is near.

This morning, however, many families across the Midwest are getting crushed by snow. There is a massive storm in the midwest that is ravaging the Great Lakes right now and is set to affect some 30 states by tomorrow night, with as much as 20 inches of snow around certain parts of the country.

For your reading today, the National Wildlife Federation provides some fun and little-known information about groundhogs.

The groundhog, also known as the woodchuck or the mouse bear (because it looks like a miniature bear when sitting upright), first won its reputation as a weather prognosticator in 1886, when the editor of western Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Spirit newspaper, one Clymer Freas, published a report that local groundhogs had not seen their shadows that day, signaling an early spring.

This story begat Punxsutawney Phil, the legendary woodchuck weathercreature, which begat Ground Hog Day and the familiar idea that Phil (and his namesake successors down through the years) can predict the perpetuation of winter.

It is likely that the story of Phil is based on European beliefs that badgers and hedgehogs can provide signals about the future; lacking those species in his area, old Clymer substituted the local animal that most resembles a badger or a hedgehog.

But the groundhog is much more than a weather rodent. It's also a real animal with a real life.

Here are 10 things from the National Wildlife Federation about this roly-poly rodent:

1.Groundhogs are among the few animals that are true hibernators, fattening up in the warm seasons and snoozing for most of three months during the chill times.

2.While hibernating, a woodchuck's body temperature can drop from about 99 degrees to as low as 37 (Humans go into mild hypothermia when their body temperature drops a mere 3 degrees, lose consciousness at 82 degrees and face death below 70 degrees).

3.The heart rate of a hibernating woodchuck slows from about 80 beats per minute to 5.

4.Breathing slows from around 16 breaths per minute to as few as 2.

5.During hibernation-150 days without eating-a woodchuck will lose no more than a fourth of its body weight thanks to all the energy saved by the lower metabolism.

6.During warm seasons, a groundhog may pack in more than a pound of vegetation at one sitting, which is much like a 150-pound man scarfing down a 15-pound steak.

7.To accommodate its bodacious appetite, woodchucks grow upper and lower incisors that can withstand wear and tear because they grow about a sixteenth of an inch each week.

8.If properly aligned, woodchuck upper and lower incisors grind away at each other with every bite, keeping suitably short; when not in good order, they may miss one another and just keep growing until they look like the tusks on a wild boar; if too long, a woodchuck's upper incisors can impale the lower jaw, with fatal results.

9.Woodchuck burrows, which the animals dig as much as 6 feet deep, can meander underground for 20 feet or more, usually with two entrances but in some cases with nearly a dozen.

10.Burrows provide groundhogs with their chief means of evading enemies, because the rotund little guys (just before hibernation, a hefty woodchuck may tip the scales at 14 pounds) are too slow to escape most predators in a dead heat: the rodents have a top speed of only 8 mph, while a hungry fox may hit 25 mph.

Bonus Fact: Although groundhogs may not be the best weather predictors, they do in fact emerge from dens in early February. This is the practice of males as they rouse themselves to wander around their 2- to 3-acre territories in search of burrows belonging to females, which the males will enter and where they may spend the night. Research suggests that no mating takes place at this time; the visits probably just let the animals get to know one another so that they can get right down to the business of breeding when they emerge for good in March. Outside of the mating season, woodchucks are solitary, except for females with young, which usually are born in early April.

NOTE: I can't believe I actually drove up to Punxsutawney, Pa. one year to witness this spectacle...Lon


Coffin abandoned in woods sparks mystery

nola - About a month ago, Scott Owens set out to find a prime fishing spot near Slidell.

The 37-year-old outdoors photographer from River Ridge thought he had found one off winding, tree-lined McManus Road. But before he crossed the woods and got to the water, he stumbled across an open and empty casket that might have been unearthed from a nearby graveyard that was flooded during Hurricane Katrina.

Owens, struck by the mystery of whom it belonged to, called a local television news reporter. The reporter notified authorities and aired a story about the discovery during the weekend, launching an effort to find the deceased person's relatives and properly recover the coffin.

But on Monday, coroner's office investigators determined that the woman who once rested in the casket is indeed properly buried. Though Hurricane Katrina's flooding unearthed the coffin years ago, authorities subsequently managed to recover the remains and bury them again; the funeral box, however, was apparently discarded nearby and forgotten.

"It was bizarre," Owens said Monday. "I thought it might have been negligence as a result of Katrina."

Owens, who enjoys fishing aboard his kayak, recently surveyed the New Orleans area on Google maps for enticing bodies of water. A swamp near rural McManus Road caught his eye, so he used Google's "Street View" feature to get a better look.

"Street View" pulled up a panoramic of Brookter Cemetery, a private family graveyard. At its entrance, Owens saw a crumbled burial vault and an exposed casket, an image he struggled to erase from his mind.

The vault Owens saw was damaged by the 12- to 14-foot Katrina surge that swamped the Slidell area in August 2005. The surge washed away dozens of crypts, vaults and caskets in southeastern St. Tammany Parish. Some of the caskets were broken, and the remains inside were exposed, including one at Brookter Cemetery, said Melanie Croft, executive director of the parish coroner's office.

Recently, Owens drove to the area. The vault was no longer crumbled. Someone had installed a three-sided fence around the cemetery. Relieved, he marched toward the water he had spotted on the map, but several yards into the dense woods, he found something even more haunting: a silver coffin that resembled the one he saw on Google.

"At first I thought it was junk, a refrigerator," Owens said. "But I walked up to it and there it was -- (the) casket."

Owens headed back home and for weeks was unsure of whom to notify. Eventually, he called the TV news reporter who notified the Sheriff's Office and the coroner's office before publishing a story on the situation Sunday.

Two deputies investigated the open casket but found no human remains in it, said Capt. George Bonnett, a sheriff's spokesman. Fallen tree branches, vegetation and debris blanketed it, but its interior was intact.

On Monday, Croft said, her office's investigators determined through photographs that the casket Owens saw on the Web and the one he found in the woods were one and the same. The remains inside belonged to a woman who once was buried in a flooded-out Brookter funeral vault, but the coroner's office could not determine the precise burial spot and therefore could not identify her.

Two people who believed that woman was their mother contacted the coroner after the storm. DNA analysis showed that was not the case in both instances. No one else claimed the woman was a relative, and the coroner's office reburied the remains elsewhere. Afterward, the keepers of Brookter Cemetery apparently dumped the abandoned casket at the rear of their property, said Denise Brookter, a relative.

Authorities were not immediately sure whether the keepers needed to do anything else to dispose of the coffin because it sat deep in land posted as private.


Video link: Skin gun is real

gizmodo - The skin gun is not science fiction—it's a prototype medical device that literally sprays skin cells onto burn victims to re-grow skin. Old methods like skin grafts took weeks to heal; the skin gun needs about an hour.

We've heard about the spray-on skin gun back in 2008 but we didn't think it'd become this real, this useful, this fast. Though it is still technically in an experimental stage, the skin gun has already successfully treated over a dozen burn victims. The way it works is by using stem cells from the patient's healthy skin and mixing it with a solution to come up with the spray paint. And combined with that fancy gun, the rest is easy. Doctors say "skin cell spraying is like paint spraying".

The video has some graphic burn images, so don't watch unless you have the stomach for it. This clip will also air on National Geographic's Explorer: How to Build a Beating Heart. Stem cells have long been a point of controversy but this is really wonderful science at work.



Charles Manson caught with another cell phone

Cult killer Charles Manson has been caught with a smuggled cell phone for the second time.

Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton said Wednesday that guards found the phone Jan. 6 at Corcoran State Prison.

Manson previously was caught with a phone in March 2009. He had been calling and texting people in California, Florida, New Jersey and British Columbia. He had missed calls from Arkansas, Indiana and Massachusetts.

Thornton couldn't immediately say who he'd been calling this time, nor how he got the phone.

Manson is serving a life sentence for killings including the infamous murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles in 1969.

He faces a disciplinary hearing and could lose early release credits. The Legislature plans to consider a bill making inmates' possession of phones illegal.


Ukrainian boy (named 'Vlad') eats grandmother

mid-day - A 26-year-old Ukranian, named only as Vlad, has been arrested for slicing off and eating parts of his grandmother's body while she was still alive.

He reportedly used a shard of broken mirror to slash the face of the woman who had raised him and then took out her eyeballs and ate them, police sources said.

They said that he cut off parts of her body to chew before killing her in a sickening ritual, The Mirror reports.

"All this time the old woman was conscious and tried to escape, screaming. He responded by slicing off her tongue and eating it," the paper quoted a source, as saying.

The alleged killer, described by neighbours as a religious fanatic, was in his underpants, holding a cross and conducting a perverse funeral service, the paper said.

Vlad's father broke into the flat soon afterwards and found his elderly mother lying dead in a pool of blood, her skull smashed, and her ears and lips also apparently devoured.

The dad fled and called police who pumped gas into the flat in Simferopol, Ukraine, to subdue the man. He was arrested covered in blood and held for psychiatric tests.

"I heard muffled cries. I thought it was people watching a horror movie," a neighbour said later.
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