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Fortean / Alternative News: Weird UFO, Deflector Shields Real and Police Vampire Training

Unexplained Object Captured on Camera in Western Australia

A Woodvale, Western Australia stargazer has captured a series of extraordinary photographs of what he says could be an unidentified flying object hovering above Bendigo.

Forty-eight-year-old Colin Davis told the Bendigo Advertiser he spotted the object last Saturday night (January 8) between midnight and 5am.

Mr Davis, who is a retired camera operator, said he was standing at the back door of his home, facing west, when he noticed something strange in the sky.

“At first, I thought it was a bright star and it appeared to follow the same path,” he said.

“But I kept watching and once the sun started to come up it remained very bright and I realised I was looking at something very different.”

Mr Davis said he had previously been sceptical of UFO sightings, but the extraordinary encounter had turned him into a believer.

“Don’t ask me who was driving that thing, but there was definitely something unexplainable hovering overhead,” he said.

Discovery, Science and Technology Centre Bendigo planetarium co-ordinator Craig Kendal said there could be a more simple explanation.

“It’s possible the flying object was in fact Sirius, the brightest star in the sky,” Mr Kendal said.

Mr Davis said a similar flying object was spotted by NASA satellite cameras conducting the space tether experiment in 2007.

The experiment, which was a joint venture between the US and Italy, called for a large spherical satellite to be deployed from a US space shuttle at the end of a 20-kilometre-long conducting cable tether.

The idea was to let the shuttle drag the tether across the Earth’s magnetic field, producing one part of a dynamo circuit.

But during the experiment, a UFO, of similar appearance to that sighted by Mr Davis, was filmed approaching the tether before flying out of screen.

“I compared the images with footage from a YouTube clip titled ‘tether NASA’,” Mr Davis said.

“And what was astounding was the similarity in the shapes, markings and hole formations on both the flying objects.”

Bendigo Airport manager Bridget Conroy said that to her knowledge no aircraft, including helicopters, were in flight from midnight to 4am on Saturday.

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Ion Deflector Shield for Interplanetary Spaceships Now a Reality

universetoday - British scientists invent “mini-magnetosphere” to protect astronauts during solar storms.

Space travel during a solar storm just became a little less risky. UK scientists working at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford and the universities of York and Strathclyde have tested a “mini-magnetosphere” enveloping a model spacecraft in the lab. It turns out that their prototype offers almost total protection against high energy solar particles. By mimicking the natural protective environment of the Earth, the researchers have scaled the protective magnetic bubble down into an energy efficient, yet powerful deflector shield.

This astounding achievement is a big step toward protecting sensitive electronics and the delicate human body against the radioactive effects of manned missions between the planets. It may sound like science fiction, but future astronauts may well shout the order to “RAISE SHIELDS!” if the Sun flares up during a 36 million mile journey to Mars…

On writing “Scientists Designing ‘Ion Shield’ To Protect Astronauts From Solar Wind” way back in January, I was a little dubious as to whether the preliminary results could be replicated on a full-scale spaceship. At the time, Dr Ruth Bamford (the lead researcher from Rutherford Appleton) had created a mini version of a magnetic shield that acted as a “bubble” in a stream of ions. As ions were charged, they could be deflected by a magnetic field, so the field acts as a barrier to deflect the paths of these ions around the void encapsulated by the magnetic field. All that had to be done was to scale the idea up a notch or two and then place a spaceship in the middle of the protected void. Solved!

Not so fast. The biggest drawback I could see back in January was the large amount of energy that would be required to power the system. After all, to generate a stable, spaceship-sized mini-magnetosphere would need a vast quantity of electricity (and be very bulky), or it would need to be highly efficient (and compact). As this is space travel we’re talking about, the scientists would need to look into the latter. The mini-magnetosphere would need to be a highly efficient device.

Eleven months later and it looks like the British team have found their answer. In results just published in the journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, they have devised a system no bigger than a large desk that uses the same energy as an electric kettle. Two mini-magnetospheres will be contained within two mini satellites located outside the spaceship. Should there be an increase in solar wind flux, or an approaching cloud of energetic particles from a flare and/or coronal mass ejection (CME), the magnetospheres can be switched on and the solar ions are deflected away from the spacecraft.

“These initial experiments have shown promise and that it may be possible to shield astronauts from deadly space weather,” Dr Bamford said. After all, the effects of radiation poisoning can be devastating.

Prof. Bob Bingham, a theoretical physicist at the University of Strathclyde, gives a graphic account as to why this technology is important:

“Solar storms or winds are one of the greatest dangers of deep space travel. If you got hit by one not only would it take out the electronics of a ship but the astronauts would soon take on the appearance of an overcooked pizza. It would be a bit like being near the Hiroshima blast. Your skin would blister, hair and teeth fall out and before long your internal organs would fail. It is not a very nice way to go. This system creates a Magnetic Field Bubble that would deflect the dangerous radiation away from the spacecraft.” – Prof. Bob Bingham

Bingham added that the team was currently patenting the technology and hopes to have a working full size prototype within five years. So we might have to wait some time until we see some pictures of the system in action…


Virginia Beach Police Instructed on Vampires

wvec - If you don't take something like vampires seriously, retired Virginia Beach police officer Don Rimer may be able to change your mind.

Rimer says, "When I show them the pictures of crime scenes and the interviews with the families and victims over the years, it's dead silence."

Rimer has investigated occult crimes for more than two decades.

With the growing popularity of books, shows, and movies like Twilight and True Blood, more and more frightening cases involving groups like self-proclaimed vampires are turning up.

"Kids have taken this on as a lifestyle and religion and have killed in the name of it. They've killed parents and classmates," adds Rimer.

While it's just an image for some people, some local students are seeing classmates taking things more seriously.

Maury High School student Brittany Tavers says, "Some people are biting each other on their necks. They just want to be vampires or werewolves. I guess they don't realize that it's fake."

Rimer will lead a seminar on ritual crimes Saturday in Newport News.

The ultimate goal is to keep people informed about satanic groups and to keep ritual crimes out of Hampton Roads.

Rimer says, "Cases like that are popping up over the last several years and will continue to do that when we turn a blind eye to what our children are getting involved in."

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Do Moscow UFOs Fulfill Fulham's Predictions?

On December 3, 2010, the recently deceased retired NORAD officer, Stanley Fulham, predicted a major wave of UFO sightings in Moscow in early-to-mid January. This was to be followed a week later by a major UFO wave in London. Fulham’s prediction raised considerable interest given his earlier success in predicting a major UFO sighting over New York City on October 13. What was particularly noteworthy about his earlier prediction was that the FAA radar facility responsible for three major airports in the New York City metropolitan area was shut down for an hour leading to flight delays. Caught off guard by Fulham’s apparent success, I like many others paid more attention to his next prediction about UFOs in Moscow and London. There have indeed been UFOs sightings in Moscow during period Fulham predicted, but to date these have only been reported by one source and been observed over one location. Nevertheless, this has led to one reporter declaring that Fulham’s prediction has been fulfilled.

In his most recent Examiner article, Alfred Webre writes: “A remarkable UFO wave over Moscow, Russia in early January 2011 has reportedly confirmed the predictions of an apparent regional galactic governance council that its interdimensional spacecraft would appear over Moscow Russia at that time.” Webre lists eight youtube videos confirming the “remarkable UFO wave.” The problem is that six of the videos are taken by one person, Oleg Tarabanov over the same location over the first two weeks of January. The seventh is of a hard to see object in an entirely different rural location; and the eighth UFO video has been pulled and is no longer available.

The videos by Tarabanov are the most interesting and clearly show up to two UFO objects over a location that appears to be in an industrial area of Moscow.

While Tarabanov’s videos are interesting evidence of what appears to be up to two UFOs, they hardly constitute a “UFO wave”; and, most importantly, there has been no independent confirmation of Oleg’s videos. Neither the Russian general public nor media have reported UFO sightings in the period specified by Fulham. This contrasts with the New York UFO October 13 event that was seen by thousands of witnesses and widely reported in the media.

So can the minimal UFO activity reported by Tarabanov from Moscow in early January 2011, be put down as yet another failed UFO prediction, or has Fulham been confirmed as Webre claims with enormous exopolitical significance? Of the latter possibility, Webre writes: “The January 2011 apparent galactic governance UFO sightings over Moscow Russia undescore an apparent determination by the ET council to break the USA-Russia ‘conspiracy of silence’ around the extraterrestrial presence…” In this reporter’s opinion, it is premature to declare Fulham’s prediction has been confirmed. Especially so if the goal was to break a US-Russian “conspiracy of silence.” Perhaps, there is more to come in Moscow or a wave of UFOs will appear over London as Fulham predicted, In either case, the exopolitical significance of Fulham’s predictions will deservedly come under closer scrutiny.

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The Delbert Newhouse UFO Film - Tremonton, Utah - 7/2/1952

Introduction: The Tremonton, Utah incident involved film taken during a sighting by US Navy Warrant Officer Delbert C Newhouse on 2 July 1952. Commonly referred to as “the Tremonton film” and “the Utah film”.

The Tremonton film was one of two motion pictures of UFO sightings considered by the Robertson Panel, organized by the CIA, in January 1953.

Some of the documents from "Project Blue Book"

Click for video - original film

Account: Warrant Officer D.C. Newhouse, USN, obtained 16 mm color movies of a group of UFOs which he and his wife observed visually near Tremonton, Utah. At relatively close range, UFOs appeared flat and circular "shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other."

Mr. Newhouse unpacked his Bell and Howell Automaster camera, with 3-inch telephoto lens, from the trunk of his car and obtained about 1200 frames of the UFOs on Daylight Kodachrome film.

During the filming, Mr. Newhouse changed the iris stop of the camera from f/8 to f/16. The film was submitted to Navy authorities, who forwarded it to the Air Force at ATIC in Dayton, Ohio, where it was studied for several months.

According to Mr. Newhouse, frames of the movie showing a single UFO moving away over the horizon (hence providing some ranging information) were missing when the film was returned.

The hypothesis that the objects were out of focus sea gulls was considered by the Air Force, but could neither be confirmed nor denied. The report of Photogrammetric analysis by Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr., Douglas Aircraft Corporation (which included a study of the 1950 Montana film) also examined this possibility. He states:

"The motion of the objects is not exactly what one would expect from a flock of soaring birds, not the slightest indication of a decrease in brightness due to periodic turning with the wind or flapping."

Dr. Baker reports that no definite conclusion could be reached, but "the evidence remains rather contradictory and no single hypothesis of a natural phenomenon yet suggested seems to completely account for the UFO involved."




On July 2, 1952, at 11:00 am, on a bright, clear morning, Warrant Officer Delbert C. Newhouse, accompanied by his wife and two children aged 12 and 14, was driving along the open highway a half dozen miles from Tremonton, in Northern Utah. Shortly thereafter he testified to his Navy superiors:

" wife noticed a group of objects in the sky that she could not identify. She asked me to stop the car and look. There was a group of about ten or twelve objects - that bore no relation to anything I had seen before - milling about in a rough formation and proceeding in a westerly direction. I opened the luggage compartment of the car and got my camera out of the suitcase. Loading it hurriedly, I exposed approximately thirty feet of film. There was no reference point in the sky and it was impossible for me to make any estimate of speed, size, altitude or distance. Toward the end one of the objects reversed course and proceeded away from the main group. I held the camera still and allowed the single one to cross the field of view, picking it up again and repeating for three or four passes. By this time all of the objects had disappeared."

He also wrote to Project Blue Book, an Air Intelligence Officer then interviewed Newhouse and learned that at relatively close range, before Newhouse could start filming, the UFOs appeared flat and circular:

"shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other."

The witness explained to the Intelligence Officer that he had heard no sounds, seen no exhaust or wake effects emanating from the objects. Before, during, nor after did planes, birds, balloons, or other recognizable phenomena appear in the unidentified aerial objects viewing area. He restated that the one unknown which took off on its own pursued a course opposite to its original one and to the flight path maintained by the remainder of the group. Newhouse was convinced the light from the objects resulted from reflection and that they were as long as they were wide and thin (i.e disk shaped.)


Delbert C. Newhouse, at the time of his sighting, had been graduated from the naval photographic school, and was a veteran with nineteen years' service as a warrant officer, logging more than a thousand hours on aerial photography missions, and twenty two hundred [2200] as chief photographer.

He was considered particularly reliable and a qualified observer. He had no implication in UFO research before his experience, and made a sensible report, noting for example that evaluation of distances was impossible from the film because no reference point could be filmed together with the objects.


The equipment Newhouse employed in the motion picture of the flight of the UFOs against the deep blue morning sky was a professional Bell and Howell 16 mm. Filmo Auto Loadmaster camera with a three-lens turret on which he fortunately had time to pivot the turret mount to the three-inch f.1 telephoto lens. He used two Kodachrome Daylight and the camera was hand-held during the f/8 and f/16 exposure times. It was set at 16 images per second.

At relatively close range, UFOs appeared flat and circular "shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other." Mr. Newhouse had to unpack his Bell and Howell Automaster camera from a case in the trunk of his car, then unpack a film cartridge from another case in the trunk of his car, and then only he could start to film as the objects were already far away. He stated in 1956: "When I first saw them they were nearly overhead, but by the time I got the camera ready they had moved to a considerably greater distance." During the filming, he had to change the film, as he ran out of film, he then changed the iris stop of the camera from f/8 to f/16 because he was afraid that the whole film may be overexposed.

He stated in a 1956 interview by the Air Force: "Toward the end, one of the objects reversed its course and proceeded away from the rest of the group. I held the camera still and allowed this single object to pass through the field of view, picking it up again later in its course." He explained that the isolated object did not join the group again and that "I turned, swinging the camera just in time to see the rest of the group disappear over the western horizon."

He added: "I've studied the film and I'm very disappointed. The film falls far short of what I saw with the naked eye - due to the delay in getting the camera going and to my error in exposure. - If I had had that camera on the seat beside me, loaded and ready to go, there wouldn't be any need for questions. The Air Force would have the answer." And: "They were a bright silvery color" and finally: They had a metallic appearance. They seemed to be made of some kind of polished metal."

According to Newhouse, the 10 to 20 first feet of the movie showing the UFOs at closer range were missing when a low quality copy of the films was returned to him. He never received his original films back. The two films had originally about 1600 frames, the remaining version only has 1200 frames, totaling 90 seconds. Newhouse did not make a big fuss about this, but explained later with bitterness that it never occurred to him that he would not receive his films back, and that if he had suspected that he would only have sent a copy. (Of course, if the Condon commission had analyzed the complete film instead of a shortened copy, they would have reached the same conclusion than the previous Navy and Air Force analysis: the objects are not seagulls.)

The claim that the film was returned incomplete are exactly reminding of the same claim by Nick Mariana, witness of a very similar visual and filmed observation in Montana in 1950, and the accounts by witnesses claiming the Air Force does not return photographs and films are numerous.

In April 1954, the Cleveland Press, a Scripps-Howard paper, was asking authorities at ATIC for permission to see the Tremonton, Utah film, because there were other numerous consecutive sightings by US Marines that created UFO interest in the press again at this time. The Pentagon dragged its feet, but finally agreed to let a journalist see it at Dayton. By the time the reporter was ready to make the trip, ATIC told him that their only copy had just burned up. No worry, said ATIC, as there was a master copy at the Pentagon. When the reporter spoke with an Air Force spokesman at the Pentagon, he was told, "we have no copy here, but we believe there is one at Dayton." The reporter gave up. The Press ran a January 6 headline, "Brass Curtain Hides Flying Saucers."


The film was taken seriously by both the U.S. Air Force and the Navy. The Air Force and the Navy were convinced enough about Newhouse's credibility to spend considerable time and money on the analyses and to classify this film as "Top Secret".

The Air Force conducted a first analysis at the Wright Field (home of ATIC, the Air Intelligence, and home of project Blue Book.) The analysis concluded that the objects were not balloons or aircraft, and most unlikely to be birds. Captain Ed Ruppelt, head of Blue Book, and Major Dewey Fournet, liaison officer between Blue Book and the Pentagon, were convinced enough by the analysis to decide that the film, together with the Nick Mariana filming and other evidence, should be presented before a panel of scientists so that they examine their collection of best evidence that there are real UFOs that are not trivial phenomenon.

The USN Photo Interpretation Laboratory at the Navy's Anacostia facilities performed a second analysis, as the Air Force asked them for a second opinion, This team had expended approximately 1000 man hours of professional and sub-professional time in the preparation of graph plots of individual frames of the film, showing apparent and relative motion of objects and variation in their light intensity.

Because the analysts noted the complete absence of any evidence to indicate birds, such as fluttering, birds were the first and easiest discarded explanation. There was almost a complete consensus that birds could not be the explanation; it was so untenable that the analysis concentrated on reasonable other possible causes such as balloon or aircraft.

It was the opinion of the P.I.L. representatives that the objects sighted were not birds, balloons or aircraft, were "not reflections because there was no blinking while passing through 60 degrees of arc" and were, therefore, "self-luminous." Plots of motion and variation in light intensity of the objects were displayed.

It should be emphasized that neither of the two analysis remotely suggested that the objects photographed were birds of any type. Contrary, there was almost a complete consensus that such a deduction was untenable.


Blue Book asked that a first evaluation panel composed of qualified scientists looked at their best evidence, before they would have a larger and official public panel look at it. The CIA took charge of the organization of this Panel, lead by scientist H.P. Robertson, chosen by the CIA. The panel studied the film, ATIC's interpretation, and received a briefing by representatives of the USN Photo Interpretation Laboratory on their analysis of the film.

While the Panel Members were impressed by the evident enthusiasm, industry and extent of effort of the P.I.L. team, they started to look for flaws and loophole in the unspoken conclusion that the film was evidence of extra-terrestrial aircraft.

The astronomer of the panel found that an incorrect procedure was used by the Navy in their densitometer use. It was decided that the Navy will rerun the tests, but this has never been done and it is still impossible to know if this erroneous procedure would have affected the results, and if it would have affected them in reinforcing or weakening the extraterrestrial explanation.

Dr. Thornton Page, another member of this panel, said the objects looked like seagulls. Ignoring the two analysis and the witness description of flying saucers when the were closer and before he could start filming. His argument was simply that he saw seagulls were he lives, and that it was a similar sight than the images on the film. It became the conclusion of the Panel.

Finally the panel explained to Ruppelt that Blue Book should receive more support and increase its activities, and that all reports, analysis, films, photograph should be accessible to the public. However, in the written document of the proceedings of the panel, it was recommended that the public should be "educated" so that it looses any interest in the UFOs, and when Ruppelt wanted to give a copy of the film to the Press, it was absolutely vetoed by the Pentagon. Soon afterwards, Ruppelt left Project Blue Book.


The report of Photogrammetric analysis by Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr., Douglas Aircraft Corporation (which included a study of the 1950 Montana film) examined the possibility of seagulls. He states: "The motion of the objects is not exactly what one would expect from a flock of soaring birds (not the slightest indication of a decrease in brightness due to periodic turning with the wind or flapping)." Dr. Baker reports that no definite conclusion could be reached, but "the evidence remains rather contradictory and no single hypothesis of a natural phenomenon yet suggested seems to completely account for the UFO involved."


The Condon Report devotes nine pages to the case. It points out that Menzel's opinion that the film show birds because of its poor quality is erroneous. But the comments by Hartmann are also at odds with the facts, ignoring the witness visual report of flying saucer, ignoring several important points such as the presence of a telephoto lens on the camera, and trying to extend all numbers so that they become compatible with the seagulls hypothesis.

Interestingly, I have the proof that at the time of the Condon studies, the image analysis were secretly conducted at the NPIC service of the CIA. Whereas Condon claimed that "all guarantees" exist that the Condon studies will be independant from any military influence, NPIC was secretly contributing to the Condon studies.

The Condon report does not conduct any new analysis, the investigator did not care to interview the witness, or to show the film to an ornithologist. It ignored what the U.S. Naval Photographic Interpretation Center found, in brief, that the unknowns are "a light source rather than reflected light," (Condon, p.423) and that no species of bird could be responsible for the glow inherent in the objects. Added to these determinations they estimated the speed of the objects to be within a range depending of the possible distances, indicating that any possible speed is above the possible speed of birds. The Condon Report investigator estimated that if the object were at 2000 feet, they would fly between 20 and 95 miles an hour, and thus be birds. The telepho lens is forgotten, the witness account is discarded, the fact that the manoeuvers of the objects would require resolvable wing flapping was ignored, and again, the investigator concluded that the objects are birds because he drove to Tremonton and watched birds and found that they look similar to the UFOs on the film.


The Newhouse Testimony

Newhouse: The exact date of my sighting was July second, nineteen fifty-two, at eleven A.M., Mountain Standard Time. I was driving on US Highway thirty-south, with my wife and son, Delbert, and our daughter, Anne. We were on our way from Washington, D.C., to Portland, Oregon - on vacation - before moving to my new duty station at the Aviation Supply Depot, Naval Supply Center, Oakland, California. About seven miles after passing through Tremonton, Utah, Norma, my wife, noticed a group of objects in the sky, which she could not identify. I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road and stopped the car. I got out, looked up and saw the objects. There were about twelve of them, milling about in a round formation and proceeding in a general westerly direction. They were like nothing I had ever seen before, although I've logged some 2,000 hours in the air. They were identical in appearance.

Captain: How would you describe these objects?

Newhouse: The shape of two saucers - one inverted over the other. I had no way of estimating the altitude. They appeared to me to be the size of B-29s at 10,000 feet.

Captain: Did you immediately photograph them?

Newhouse: I watched the objects for several moments before I got my camera out of the suitcase. I lost more time getting the film out of a second suitcase and then loading the camera. When I first saw them they were nearly overhead, but by the time I got the camera ready they had moved to a considerably greater distance.

Captain: What type of camera was it?

Newhouse: A Bell and Howell 16 mm. Filmo Auto Loadmaster camera with a three-lens turret. I selected the three inch lens and set it at f:8. I focused on infinity. The camera was set at sixteen frames per second - I did not think to shoot at a greater rate, although that would have improved the coverage. I centered the objects in the view finder and made the first shoot. Then I decided that the objects would show better if the sky were darker. I stopped the lens to f:16 and continued photographing. This proved to be an error, as the film would have been of better quality had I left it at f:8.

Captain: Did these objects remain together as a group at all times?

Newhouse: No. Toward the end, one of the objects reversed its course and proceeded away from the rest of the group. I held the camera still and allowed this single object to pass through the field of view, picking it up again later in its course.

Captain: Did this single object return to the group?

Newhouse: No. I allowed the single object to pass through the field of view two or three times and then it disappeared.

Captain: In what direction?

Newhouse: Over the eastern horizon.

Captain: What did you do then?

Newhouse: I turned, swinging the camera just in time to see the rest of the group disappear over the western horizon.

Captain: What was the weather like?

Newhouse: The day was bright and cloudless.

Captain: Good visibility?

Newhouse: The visibility was excellent.

Captain: How does the film you shot compare with what you saw with the naked eye? You have studied the film?

Newhouse: Yes. I've studied the film and I'm very disappointed. The film falls far short of what I saw with the naked eye - due to the delay in getting the camera going and to my error in exposure. - If I had had that camera on the seat beside me, loaded and ready to go, there wouldn't be any need for questions. The Air Force would have the answer.

Captain: What is your full name, please?

Newhouse: Delbert Clement Newhouse.

Captain: Are you currently on active duty in the Navy?

Newhouse: Yes, sir, I am.

Captain: What is your official Navy rank?

Newhouse: My title is Chief Photographer. I am a Commissioned Warrant Officer, United States Navy.

Captain: How long have you been in the service?

Newhouse: Twenty-one years.

Captain: Is there anything else you can add to the description of these objects?

Newhouse: They were a bright silvery color.

Captain: Can you describe any particular details?

Newhouse: They had a metallic appearance. They seemed to be made of some kind of polished metal.


Tremonton's 'bright, silvery' saucers stand up as one of top-rated UFO sightings

By Emily Jensen

The date: July 2, 1952. The time: 11 a.m. The place: seven miles out of Tremonton, Utah.

The event: unidentified flying objects.

Delbert Clement Newhouse was driving with Norma, his wife, and their two children Anne and Delbert Jr. from Washington, D.C., to Portland, for a family vacation.

The sun shined through a cloudless sky. As they passed through Tremonton, Norma noticed some strange objects flying in the sky. Pulling off onto a shoulder and stopping, Newhouse, a Navy officer, tried to determine what they were looking at; was it planes, or birds, or maybe, unidentified flying objects.

Today, it remains a mystery with no certain solution.

"There were about 12 of them, milling about in a round formation and proceeding in a general westerly direction. They were like nothing I had ever seen before, although I've logged some 2,000 hours in the air. They were identical in appearance," he said.

He went on to explain that the objects were a "bright silvery color" and were "in the shape of two saucers, one inverted over the other. I had no way of estimating the altitude.

"They appeared to me to be the size of B-29s at 10,000 feet," he said. Trying to quickly get out his camera, Newhouse realized that the film was in another bag. By the time he had successfully loaded the camera, the objects were much farther away. Nonetheless, he shot with his amateur movie camera. The family watched as the objects disappeared over the eastern horizon.

Later, Newhouse found the developed film disappointing. In an interview, filmed by Greene-Rouse Productions for inclusion in the documentary, Unidentified Flying Objects, he said, "The film falls far short of what I saw with the naked eye, due to the delay in getting the camera going and to my error in exposure. If I had had that camera on the seat beside me, loaded and ready to go, there wouldn't be any need for questions."

Newhouse was interviewed and the film was examined. In the hearings before the 90th Congress of the Committee on Science and Astronautics on July 29, 1968, Dr. Robert L. Baker explained that "preliminary analysis [of the film] excluded most natural phenomena. More detailed study indicated that the only remaining natural phenomenon candidate for the Utah film was birds in flight," he said. The bird idea seemed the most factual as the Salt Lake area is known for the white seagull.

This sighting, almost 40 years ago, along with countless other reported UFO sightings fascinate thousands of people. One web site, "National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena," boasts that it is "an international peer reviewed directory of the best UFO evidence." This site, found at, directs one to look at various reports and articles on UFO sightings. From this site, one can access the "UFO Intelligence Summary Selected Best Rated Cases." Here, they will find that the Newhouse sighting is ranked as one the best along with 13 other sightings from around the world inclusive of the period 1948-76.

Although not ranked as one of the best sightings by NICAP, another Utah UFO sighting was reported Feb. 28,1959. This time it was in Cedar City. Private Gerry Irwin was heading back to El Paso, Texas, from Idaho when he reportedly saw a glowing object land in a field. He thought he had just seen an airplane crash, so he left a note telling someone to call the police, wrote "STOP" on his car with shoe polish and then proceeded to go investigate.

An hour and a half later he was found unconscious in the field which had no sign of an airplane crash. He awoke in the hospital and couldn't explain the events he had seen. And six weeks later he failed to report for duty and was labeled a deserter.

Another sighting was on Oct. 2, 1961. Waldo J. Harris, a private pilot, was taking off at the Utah Central Airport at noon. In the distance, he noticed an airplane. As he became airborne, he noted that the plane was in the same place, and again after gaining some altitude, saw that it was hovering. As he looked this third time, he watched as the plane tilted and glinted in the sun. Harris reported that it didn't have any wings or tail. He radioed back to the airport and seven people shared binoculars and witnessed what Harris was radioing.

Harris attempted to get closer. As he flew, he watched as the object reportedly rose 1000 feet in a second or less. Harris continued to try and close the distance in his Mooney Mark 20A, but the object flew off before the military jets that the observers had called could arrive.

Finally, there was an update on the NICAP web site on the Newhouse sighting. It was a letter from James E. McDonald to Arthur C. Lundahl, dated May 4, 1970. McDonald, writing about a recent conversation with Newhouse about his sighting, explained to Lundahl that when he asked if he rejected the final "gull hypothesis," Newhouse said was insistent. He said the same thing he had and told those filing the official report, "You'd better go take a better look at some sea gulls!"



Dear Don:

Received your latest bulletin. The order form has been turned over to our engineering library upon request and they intend to send for a membership. This, at the request of the research dept.

I have not heard further from de Garvaho since mailing him your address but expect that you will hear from him shortly.

In a recent TV appearance, Bob Baker and I opposed a Captain Eccles, of Col. Dean Hess' office, and a Dr. Bartolt ( not sure of the spelling) . We ate 'em up, and at the end had the good Doctor on our side. He was one of those endorsing the mirage and optical illusion theories. Capt. Eccles stated outright that he was not going to give personal opinions but would merely be representing the official AF position.

Incidentally, am enclosing a copy of Baker's report on the Montana and Utah sighting. Thought you might not have seen these. The analysis took over one year to complete. Baker is very interested in receiving any further motion picture films on the subject and will do similar analysis work for NICAP free of charge. The only request he has to make is that he be anonymous in the NICAP organization.

Baker is currently working with the Aero-nutronics Company, in Glendale, California and is tied up in AF Farside project, which explains his reluctance to be identified with NICAP as a special advisor or otherwise. I know he would be happy to get a chance to tie into those Miami films if they could be made available. All films will be returned as soon as the analysis is completed, along with a full report on the findings.

Baker's personal opinion (after working on the Montana and Utah films) is that there is a great need for further research of this type. He feels (but won't state flatly) that there are possibilities these things are interplanetary vehicles.

At any rate I think you might well consider Baker's proposition. I did give him your NICAP address and I suppose he will be sending in his membership fee. . . .if he doesn't forget it --you know how absent-minded these scientists are.

That's all for now... I know how busy you are. Meantime let me know if there is anything I can do on this end. I understand from Clarence Greene that the people at Cal Tech borrowed his film "UFO" for a private showing last week at the university. I do not know who the audience comprised.

al chop

Click for video - original film and interview

"Military captures saucer on film: The 1952 Tremonton Film", by Brian Keene - The Golden Age of Flying Saucers #9, October 1998
"Hearings before the House Committee on Science & Astronautics", paper by Robert L. Baker, July 29, 1968
"Report of scientific advisory panel on unidentified flying objects", Robertson Panel report

Fortean / Alternative News: Loughner Mind-Controlled Assassin, Sainthood For John Paul II and Big Cat Prowls Edinburgh

Conspiracy Theory: Loughner was a Mind-Controlled Assassin

ATS - I am assuming that most of you already know about the CIA's MKULTRA program, so I will not waste any time explaining what it is. If you do not know about it, please take some time to do a little research, and it is not difficult to find information on this subject.

I was very troubled when I first read the report about this atrocity in my local newspaper. I became immediately concerned--red flags went up--when I read that he was a being described as a loner. (At the time, I was pronouncing his last name, Loughner, as you would pronounce "loner"). After that, I began to do a little research, helped along by the ATS community, and I am here to report my findings and speculations, as well as to pose some important questions for further investigation.

There are two angles of approach that I will be taking here, the first of which involves the information that we know about Loughner--from news reports and from Loughner's online trail--that seem to fit the profile for a mind-controlled MKULTRA assassin. Another angle of approach involves an examination of the potential fallout of this tragedy, which will frame my speculation regarding a possible motive or motives. After discussing these two aspects, I will pose some important questions that will undoubtedly require independent investigation of dedicated truth-seekers like you and me.

To begin, consideration will be made of some of the videos made by Jared Loughner that are posted on his YouTube channel, Classitup10 (link). I don't know if, or when, this channel will be taken down, like Loughner's MySpace page was, so I recommend checking it out while you still can.

Upon opening his YouTube channel, my early, vague suspicions were immediately and strongly invigorated by seeing a video presentation made by Loughner entitled, How To: Mind Controller. This video is one of only five that have been uploaded by Loughner on his YouTube channel. On this particular video, Loughner writes, "You control every - thought, action, and lifestyle - for the person or people as the mind controller," followed by his concluding statement, "I'm able to control every belief and religion by being the mind controller!" These statements give you the main gist of what this very brief video is all about. It is interesting that at the end, Loughner seems to fantasize about placing himself in the shoes of a "mind controller," which we can easily fathom a victim of mind control might be psychologically compelled to do.

While this video establishes Loughner's interest or even fascination with the subject of mind control, it is even more revealing to consider some of his statements in other videos that help to establish that he may have been a victim of mind control. First of all, I would like to note that in all of Loughner's videos, as well as in his posts made for ATS under the username ered3, he clearly demonstrates that his mind is impaired. When making a point, Loughner must resort to a very labored, highly repetitive approach that takes the form of a transitive relation, i.e., "A=B, and B=C, therefore, A=C." He also says many things that are out of context or simply don't make any sense.

While this gives you a general sense of Loughner's mental impairment, there are statements written by Loughner that more directly help to make the case that he may be a victim of mind control. These statements come from a YouTube video entitled Introduction: Jared Loughner, where he writes, "sleepwalking is the act or state of walking, eating, or performing other motor acts while asleep, of which one is unaware upon awakening. I'm a sleepwalker - who turns off the alarm clock." This is only a clip from the frame where this quote appears, which utilized Loughner's penchant for transitive relations, as does the quote from the following frame that reads, "All conscience dreaming at this moment is asleep. Jared Loughner is conscience dreaming at this moment. Thus, Jared Loughner is asleep." In these written statements, there are key features that are indicative of an MKULTRA assassin. For one, MKULTRA assassins have a compartmentalized consciousness, which Loughner describes in terms of sleepwalking and conscious dreaming. With regard to the mental "compartments" of an MKULTRA assassin, CIA psy-ops have devised it so that there is a barrier of amnesia between them. Loughner indicates this when he writes, "of which one is unaware upon awakening." There is no doubt here that Loughner is describing his own mental condition, of which he must be dimly aware, when he makes the particularly chilling statement: "I'm a sleepwalker - who turns off the alarm clock."

Loughner's apparent fascination with mind control and his statements indicative of a compartmentalized consciousness are very compelling with regard to a possible link to the MKULTRA program, and certain facts that have been revealed about the case itself go even further to reinforce this link. I was particularly interested to learn that the investigators found a piece of evidence in Loughner's home--a piece of paper upon which it was merely written "I planned ahead," and "Gifford" (the name of the Congresswoman who was shot), along with Loughner's signature. I'd like to set that aside for a moment and turn to another interesting fact from the case concerning Loughner's ideological motivations for the shooting rampage (or lack thereof). On his YouTube channel, Loughner lists The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels) and Hitler's Mein Kampf among his "favorite books." These sources of influence come from opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. Other favorite books listed by Loughner include classics such as The Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz, Plato's The Republic and Meno, To Kill a Mockingbird, Siddhartha, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (an interesting sidenote there--the author of this book, Ken Kesey, was once involved in the CIA's MKULTRA program as part of its experimentation with psychoactive drugs). With regard to where Loughner falls on the ideological spectrum, as some in the press have put it, he seems to be "all over the map." With no clear political/ideological motive, we are being led to believe that Loughner was your stereotypical "crazed, lone gunman." And yet, going back to the recovered evidence, we are also supposed to believe that Loughner somehow "planned ahead" for a schizophrenic, murderous rampage with no ideological motive!

These pieces don't seem to fit together, but the MKULTRA link may, in fact, be the missing piece here yet again. If we are to imagine that Loughner is indeed an MKULTRA assassin, then we would reasonably form the conjecture that the CIA would now want to cover its tracks by killing off this "loose cannon." Perhaps, then, Loughner was induced to write the "I planned ahead" paper to help ensure that he would be found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to the death penalty. In any regard, I can't see any other rational explanation than that this message was left deliberately for investigators to find and for prosecutors to use in trial. Remember, the paper consisted of little else, save for Gifford's name and Loughner's signature (and maybe something else too, if I'm not mistaken), which is altogether highly suspicious.

We must weigh each fact alone for its relevancy, but I cannot stress enough the value of stepping back and looking at the entire picture that is being formed here as the information is stacking up. Consider another interesting bit of information that a fellow ATS poster, GeneralAwesome provided in a post entitled "Jared Loughner went to high school in an AZ town with a small CIA airfield" (link). The title of the post speaks for itself, and it is quite convenient, isn't it? If Loughner was indeed an MKULTRA assassin, then this would provided easy access for his "handlers" to get ahold of him if necessary. GeneralAwesome does note, however, that the airfield was "supposedly closed to CIA usage," but this is rumor was probably disinformation spread by the CIA, just like the disinformation that the MKULTRA program no longer exists (although if it does, rest assured it would be operating under a different name). GeneralAwesome also came up with a link that showed that the CIA was hiring an Operational Psychologist in the town in question, Marana, AZ. Very, very interesting information indeed.

Now I will turn to my aforementioned second angle of approach, which is to speculate as to the motives of those who would use Loughner to carry out this atrocity. As it has already been indicated, Loughner himself seems not to have had any concrete motivations. For those behind this, undoubtably some elite secret society with a strong hold on the CIA, the motivations may already be seen playing out. For one, there is already a lot of talk about gun control, and even legislation that is being proposed. Secondly, there is legislation being proposed concerning tighter security measures for our representatives, and some in the mainstream media are even suggesting the possibility of outlawing "rhetoric." So already, we can see the fallout from this potentially limiting our first and second amendment rights. Could this be, as famous conspiracy theorist David Icke would put it, another "problem-reaction-solution" event tied to the process of "tip-toe totalitarianism?" Another motivation here, but probably more of a "bonus" for those behind it, is the great benefit that this has on the mainstream media. Whenever big news events like this happen, their ratings go up. Of course, you already know this but the mainstream media, across-the-board, is an elite establishment that secretly meets with many top-level officials, like the CIA for example, in CFR meetings and the infamous Bilderberg meetings. They also must like the back-and-forth vitriol that this has inflamed between the right and left, who each are blaming each other for this attack in some way, shape, or form. This is part of the elite, mainstream media agenda of creating divisiveness among the public as a distraction from the real issues (a sort of "divide and conquer" strategy).

Now for the questions. The first question I would like to know is whether or not Loughner remembers doing what he did. Secondly, I'd like to know where he learned to shoot, as apparently his aim seems to have been pretty good, and also- where'd he get his gun? Third, I want to know about his family and his childhood. Where did he grow up? What do his parents do for a living? Are those even his real parents? All of these questions will help to either further validate or contradict this theory that Loughner was an MKULTRA assassin. Of course, don't expect any of this information to surface in the mainstream media. What we need is independent investigation into this matter, as the FBI cannot be trusted to carry out a proper investigation.

One more thing: there are some intriguing things written by Loughner that seem like he was communicating in code. On his YouTube video, Introduction: Jared Loughner, he writes about taking the alphabet and replacing letters with other letters and pronounciations. He also has a number sequence on that video presentation that doesn't seem to be random. I wonder if someone here who is perhaps a genius (or a savant), or a mathemetician, or just someone good at recognizing patterns could look at this number sequence. I already noticed that it does not contain the number '5,' and the sequence '1, 2, 3, 4' is repeated three times. Loughner refers to this as a date (B.C.E.), but that of course doesn't make any sense. Anyway, see what you make of it: 987,123,478,961,876,341,234,671,234,098,601,978,618... The last digit may also be '9,' if that makes any difference at all.

NOTE: Personally, I'm not buying into any of the speculation...but it is interesting to read the theories. There are similar threads at ATS 1 and ATS 2...Lon


Sainthood Closer for Pope John Paul II

latimes - The late Pope John Paul II will be beatified this spring, the Vatican announced Friday after the current pontiff, Benedict XVI, certified that his predecessor had met the requirements.

The move puts the former pope a step closer to sainthood on what is already an unusually accelerated timetable that Benedict launched within weeks of John Paul's death almost six years ago.

The Vatican said Benedict had approved findings by the church that John Paul had performed a miracle after his death, a prerequisite for beatification. A nun who suffered from Parkinson's disease, as did the late pope, said she was healed of her affliction after praying to John Paul shortly after he died.

The beatification is to take place May 1, the first Sunday after Easter, the Vatican said.

The decision to elevate John Paul, who inspired millions worldwide with his tough stance against Communism and his resilience after a 1981 assassination attempt, is a spot of good news for the Roman Catholic Church, which has been battered by countless allegations of sexual abuse by priests, nuns and other religious workers.

Many of those acts of abuse were alleged to have occurred during John Paul's 27-year papacy. But much of the blame for the church's slow and largely defensive response to the complaints has now shifted to today's Vatican.

After John Paul's death on April 2, 2005, mourners and pilgrims at his funeral in St. Peter's Square waved signs calling for "sainthood right now," in a mark of their devotion. Weeks later, Benedict said he would immediately open the process leading to canonization, overriding rules that dictate a five-year wait after a person dies.

At the end of 2009, Benedict gave formal recognition of John Paul's "heroic virtues" and granted him the title of "venerable." After his beatification, the late pontiff will be known as "blessed."

For sainthood, a second confirmed miracle is required.

Reports surfaced last year that at least some church investigators were doubtful of claims by Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, a French nun, to have been cured of Parkinson's through John Paul's intercession.

But the panel overseeing such investigations concluded that the nun's recovery from the degenerative disease had no other explanation -- in other words, that it was a genuine miracle.

Although accelerated procedures toward sainthood are unusual, they are not without precedent. John Paul himself put Mother Teresa on the fast track to beatification after her death in 1997. She was beatified in 2003.


Earth 'Wobble' Changes Zodiac

MB - You may be celebrating your fortune based on your horoscope as a Capricorn today, but you might be surprised to find that you’re probably a Sagittarius by now.

A set of new zodiac sign dates was unveiled recently, the Minnesota-based Star Tribune reported, with each symbol’s covered dates being moved by a month thanks to the moon’s gravitational pull that, as astrologers note, ‘wobbled’ the Earth’s rotation on its axis recently.

“The ancient Babylonians based zodiac signs on the constellation the sun was ‘in’ on the day a person was born. During the ensuing millenniums, the moon's gravitational pull has made the Earth "wobble" around its axis, creating about a one-month bump in the stars' alignment,” Star Tribune’s Bill Ward noted.

A blog post on the Washington Post website have also shed light on this matter, citing the explanation provided by Park Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society.

“The moon's gravitational pull has slowly moved the Earth in its axis, creating about a one-month bump in the stars' alignment... Now, during what we think as the month of Pisces, the sun is actually in the sign of Aries…”

Thus the adjustment of zodiac dates as follows:

Capricorn: January 20-February 16
Aquarius: February 16-March 11
Pisces: March 11-April 18
Aries: April 18-May 13
Taurus: May 13-June 21
Gemini: June 21-July 20
Cancer: July 20-August 10
Leo: August 10-September 16
Virgo: September 16-October 30
Libra: October 30-November 23
Scorpio: November 23-December 17
Sagittarius: December 17-January 20

Kunkle added that science has not proven a clear connection between the stars and the universe and its direct affects on people’s character and behavior. “Sure, we can connect harvest to the stars. But personality? No.”

"Historically, people looked at the sky to understand the world around us," he said. "But today I don't think people who are into astrology look at the sky very much."


Big Cat on the Prowl in Edinburgh?

scotsman - They are shadowy creatures who create claws for concern for farmers across the UK.

But now Edinburgh might have its own big cat on the prowl.

Residents of Newhaven have been left feline distinctly uncomfortable after the discovery of huge paw prints in the snow.

They believe an animal - like a puma or lynx - may be behind the tracks and experts say it is possible the mystery cats may be venturing into the Capital to search for food.

Nora Robertson, left, and Maureen Porteous beside the giant paw prints, possibly left by a big cat like a lynx, below
Nora Robertson, 81, who has lived in the area since childhood, discovered the prints on an early morning walk near her home in Andrew Wood Court.

"It was still dark so I had my torch with me, and the light reflected off one of these large prints," she said.

"I followed the track all the way to my neighbour's garden, which showed it had jumped up over a wall.

"I've never seen anything like this. We get a lot of foxes around here and there is a lot of woodland and unused paths."

Sightings of big cats themselves and their prints are fairly common in Scotland, particularly in Perthshire and Fife, where recent pursuits of the Perthshire Puma and the Beast of Balbirnie have taken place.

Big cat experts, who keep a register of sightings, said frequent reports of the creatures were made in the wider Lothian area.

But sceptics have often pointed out that if they did exist, much like the myth of the Loch Ness Monster or UFOs, conclusive photographic evidence would surely by now exist.

George Redpath, a member of Cupar-based Big Cats Scotland, said: "It's unlikely but not impossible.

"We have been getting more sightings in Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow.

"Perhaps - as foxes have - they have come into cities more to scavenge for food, particularly after the freezing weather we've had over the last months.

"It can be difficult to tell from prints in the snow, it can sometimes distort the real size of a print. It is hard to confirm any suspicion like this until there is a conclusive photograph, but the sightings continue. Over the weekend we had one reported from the Bilston area.

"We just don't know what type of cat they could be. In Scotland we've had puma, lynx and possibly leopards."

Other residents of the street also noticed the larger-than-normal paw prints.

Maureen Porteous, 71, said she spotted a large cat in her garden during the summer, but did not think much of it until seeing the tracks.

"I just don't know, it all seems strange, and these prints are certainly much bigger than a normal cat," she said.

"Last summer I looked out to the garden and caught sight of a really big cat, but forgot about it until now.

"My own cat has also been behaving strangely over the weekend, it's never been away from the window but won't go out, which is unusual.

"It's as if something's really spooked it."

The possibility of a Newhaven big cat is not a first for the Lothians.

In October 2005 a mystery "black beast" described as "panther-like" was hunted by police in Haddington. The incident came shortly after a similar animal had been seen in the Dunbar area, and after several big cat sightings near Roslin.

In 2004 a man claimed to have seen a large black cat in the grounds of Merchiston Castle School.

The Big Cats in Britain research group has estimated around 40 big cats are on the loose in Scotland.

Their existence is often put down to the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act, which ruled that such animals could not be kept without a licence. After it was passed, many owners are thought to have let their pets run wild.


Ill workers’ blood shows link to BP crude oil

tri-parishtimes - Test results from blood drawn among residents and workers along the Gulf coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama show a connection between reported illnesses and crude oil released from BP Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20, 2010.

According to Wilma Subra, environmental scientist, president of New Iberia-based Subra Co., and results evaluator for testing conducted through Metametrix Clinical Laboratory of Duluth, Ga., all persons tested showed significant amounts of oil related toxins in their systems.

Curtis Thomas, BP director of government and public affairs, said Monday he was unaware of the report or blood testing.

Blood samples were collected on Dec. 16, 2010, from people, ranging in age from 3 to 43. Those tested had complained of persistent respiratory problems, headaches, nausea and rashes that had been experienced since the deadly blast and worst oil spill in U.S. history occurred nearly nine months ago.

Testing subjects included a diver who came in contact with BP spill chemicals, individuals who visited the coastal communities and wetlands, and people exposed along beaches.

Whole blood samples were analyzed for volatile solvents using multiple testing methods. In all blood samples, the toxic levels were in excess of a 95th percentile value. “When it exceeds the 95th percentile, there is an issue,” Subra said.

The male diver in this test had the highest concentration of Ethylbenzene at 0.63 parts per billion, which was 5.7 times the 95th percentile value.

A 3-year-old boy who had developed kidney stones and other ailments was tested and carried a Ethylbenzene level that was 3.3 times the 95th percentile.

Other chemicals found, and all in excess of acceptable levels, among the test subjects included m,p-Xlene, Hexane, 2-Methypentane, 3-Methypentane and Isooctane.

“It’s alarming,” said Marylee Orr, founder of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network. “These people feel like they are the canary in the coal mine [the deaths of which were historically used as a way miners could detect deadly gasses before they were impacted]. Nothing I’ve seen shows that BP has been involved in paying for the health care [of people impacted by the spill].”

Subra said that some tested individuals had become sick by being in direct contact with the oil while others inhaled airborne elements produced by wind and waves. “These individuals had been made sick by their exposure,” she said. “This was one of the steps in seeing what kind of blood level they had. Now, they are being referred to specialists.”

Subra said that persons made ill by exposure to the oil spill could be treated by either being removed from area of exposure, with chelation therapy or herbal therapy, or with other measures depending on the nature of the illness. She was not certain what kind of long-term health issues might be expected.

“What [the test results] tells us we had these individuals who had been made sick and it verifies that they had chemicals [in their blood] associated with the BP spill,” Subra said. “Mostly it tells is that they need to get to specialists to be able to deal with their illnesses that are associated with the chemicals from the BP spill.”

Subra and Orr said that those who suspect they might have been impacted by the spill could have their blood drawn at local health clinics, with the samples being forwarded to the designated testing center. Testing results and documentation could determine the source of liability in these cases.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bel Air Lights / UFOs - Harford County, Maryland

I received the following comment from the witness in Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland in reference to these sightings: "I'm still seeing UFOs almost nightly around Bel Air MD. If you're interested in getting more information feel free to contact me." I asked the witness to forward a narrative on the activity. When I receive it, I will update here. In the meantime, the MUFON CMS report the witness filed on 1/12/2011:

For the past two months I've been seeing strange lights and aircraft in my area around Bel Air, Maryland. After seeing them on a regular basis I went out and bought a video camera so I could document these sightings.

I started to notice these lights almost every night usually around 7:00PM EST. They appear very low in the sky, usually over trees and sometimes they can be extremely bright. At times they appear to pulsate and move extremely slow. Generally they hang around for 5-10 minutes before fading out. Sometimes when they fade out and start moving away they start to blink a red light or strobe light like you would see on a standard aircraft. However I can assure you that these objects do not behave like standard aircraft.

I have also seen and filmed several large black triangle aircraft with 4 bright head lights. They fly extremely low maybe 200 feet off the ground and are almost completely silent. Sometimes they turn the head lights on and off while flying. I had one fly directly over my head one night while I was filming and even though it was only 200-300 feet above me I couldn't hear any sounds coming from it until it was directly over my head. Once it was over my head it sounded like a jet engine but the craft appeared to be a black triangle shape. It was very eerie to have such a large object flying that low and right in front of me yet completely silent until it was directly over my head.

Click for video - 1/12/2011

Click for video - 1/5/2011

Click for video - 11/5/2010

NOTE: I recently posted the following: UFO Flap Over Central Maryland. I live just west of Baltimore, so these sightings have piqued my interest...Lon

Fortean / Alternative News: Kid's Imaginary Friends, Drunk Birds and WikiLeaks UFO Revelation Fizzles

Researcher Investigates 'Imaginary' Friends

BBC - It used to be thought that children with imaginary friends were in the minority. It has sometimes been assumed that children had imaginary friends because they were lonely and lacked real friends.

Perhaps this is why some parents and others may show concern when a child has an imaginary friend, particularly once they have started school, and older children and adolescents tend to keep their imaginary friends a secret.

Imaginary companions or friends have certainly been a misunderstood phenomenon. There has been surprisingly little research about imaginary friends.

Consequently there has been little information about how many children have imaginary friends, what the imaginary friends are like and why children have them.

Recent research has been providing some surprising answers to some of these questions. Firstly, there is now clear evidence that imaginary friends are a common feature in childhood development.

It is now recognised that imaginary friends are often part of normal development.

A good example comes from the United States, where pre-school children and their parents took part in a 2004 study looking at different aspects of development, including imaginary companions.

The children were then followed up after starting school, when they were aged seven years. The researchers were very surprised to find that 65% of children up to age seven currently or previously had had imaginary friends.

Like other research, imaginary friends which were based on a special toy were included. In a study in the United Kingdom, 1,800 children completed a questionnaire about imaginary friends. Forty six per cent of them reported past or current imaginary friends, including nine per cent of 12-year-olds.

There is a need for more research about which children have imaginary friends and why they have them. We do know that children with imaginary friends are not a homogeneous group.

Certainly, it is now recognised that imaginary friends are often part of normal development. Young children with imaginary friends are often described as sociable, imaginative children who love stories and pretend play. They enjoy playing with friends and at times when friends are not available, they call on their imaginary friends for entertainment.

Children also call on their imaginary friends when they feel upset about something that has happened or about what some one has said to them.

Little girl playing on a pebble beach
One report indicated that nearly half of UK children have had imaginary friends

Some children will talk to their friend about the problem, others will play with their imaginary friend, which takes their mind off the problem and the unhappy feelings disappear. We also know that some children who have endured traumatic life events may also draw on their imaginary companions for support.

The imaginary friends of older children and adolescents are a much more private affair. Often unknown to parents and others, although a best friend might know about their existence. Older children are aware that parents, friends and others may show disapproval.

As part of my research I interviewed school aged children aged five to eleven years and the parents of the younger children. All the children said that their imaginary friends were important and why they were special to them. I have concluded that imaginary friends are often a very positive feature in a child's life.

They provide fun, entertainment, adventures and games. They are often good, kind and helpful friends, good at listening and always available. Some imaginary friends are not always co-operative or friendly, this however seems to make them more real and interesting to the child and sometimes helps them to express their feelings when there has been a problem.

This was a small study and we do need more research.


Romanian Birds Die From Drinking Too Much

BBC - Birds that were thought to have died from avian flu in Romania instead apparently drank themselves to death.

Residents of Constanta in eastern Romania found dozens of dead starlings on the outskirts of the city on Saturday. They alerted authorities, fearing the birds had died from avian flu.

But local veterinary officials decided the starlings had died after eating grape 'marc' - the leftovers from the wine-making process.

The head of the local sanitary and veterinary authority, Dvsva, said that analysis of the starlings' gizzards showed they had died from alcohol poisoning.


Superhero? Not Quite...

sky - A self-styled superhero who patrols the streets of Seattle has been injured while fighting crime. Phoenix Jones, who dons a mask and costumed body armour to thwart criminals and keep his US city safe, has suffered a broken nose while trying to break up a fight.

Speaking to a television station, Jones explained how after witnessing the scuffle he called police and put one of the men in a headlock. The other man then pulled out a gun, forcing Jones to release the man he was holding. That man then kicked him in the face and broke his nose.

But Jones remains undeterred, saying his injury is part of a superhero's job. "I endanger my life with a reason and purpose," he said. However Seattle Police have urged the wannabe superhero to hang up his tights before he gets seriously hurt.

Speaking of vigilantes like Jones, Detective Mark Jamieson said: "They insert themselves into a potentially volatile situation and they end up being victimised as well." The detective urged people not to involve themselves in dangerous situations unnecessarily and said they should report any crimes to police.


WikiLeaks UFO Revelation Fizzles

diatribemedia - Anyone who even slightly believes there may be more life in the universe than just planet Earth perked their ears slightly when Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange said in an interview with the Guardian “it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs.” More speculative parts of the internet believed that the Cablegate archives could contain the smoking gun in a UFO coverup. The New Zealand Defense Force even got a little spooked and released thousands of files on reported UFO sightings.

Unfortunately, the first UFO Wikileak fell short of anything remotely interesting or even unknown. In a 2007 diplomatic cable from Minsk, an official is asked why his department no longer “investigates paranormal phenomena.” He responds: “Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying paranormal phenomena. [Back then], we had greater means and opportunities which we could spend on anything and everything. Today the situation is different. Then, when society was excited by something, it entered our sphere of interest. But when it comes to healers, UFOs and such, we just can’t deal with them any more.” In other words, the biggest revelation so far on UFOs and other paranormal activity is that the Russians ran out of money to spend on hunting Aliens sometime after the Cold War.

While plenty more documents that reference UFO’s probably exist in the Cablegate archives, it’s more than likely they’re about as big a let down as when Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vault. Still, it’s well known governments fired wads of cash to study all different sorts of “paranormal phenomena.” The U.S. spent untold amounts on Project Blue Book. Americans still have no idea what goes on in any number of secret or so-secret-they-technically-don’t-exist facilities-around-the-globe. Even Julius Levinson knew the Pentagon didn’t spend thousands of dollars on a toilet seat. It’s more likely the real secrets will still stay buried for quite some time, since Proxima Centauri has no embassies. Yet, anyway.


New Mammoth Cloning Scheme

telegraph - Previous efforts in the 1990s to recover nuclei in cells from the skin and muscle tissue from mammoths found in the Siberian permafrost failed because they had been too badly damaged by the extreme cold.

But a technique pioneered in 2008 by Dr. Teruhiko Wakayama, of the Riken Centre for Developmental Biology, was successful in cloning a mouse from the cells of another mouse that had been frozen for 16 years.

Now that hurdle has been overcome, Akira Iritani, a professor at Kyoto University, is reactivating his campaign to resurrect the species that died out 5,000 years ago.

"Now the technical problems have been overcome, all we need is a good sample of soft tissue from a frozen mammoth," he told The Daily Telegraph.

He intends to use Dr Wakayama's technique to identify the nuclei of viable mammoth cells before extracting the healthy ones.

The nuclei will then be inserted into the egg cells of an African elephant, which will act as the surrogate mother for the mammoth.

Professor Iritani said he estimates that another two years will be needed before the elephant can be impregnated, followed by the approximately 600-day gestation period.

He has announced plans to travel to Siberia in the summer to search for mammoths in the permafrost and to recover a sample of skin or tissue that can be as small as 3cm square. If he is unsuccessful, the professor said, he will ask Russian scientists to provide a sample from one of their finds.

"The success rate in the cloning of cattle was poor until recently but now stands at about 30 per cent," he said. "I think we have a reasonable chance of success and a healthy mammoth could be born in four or five years."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Odd Anecdotes: Dark Entities, Something Chased The UFO and Did I See A Fairy?

The following anecdotes were either forwarded to me or recently posted elsewhere:


Email received: Hello, my name is Greg. I do not know what I have experienced but recently I have been receiving phone calls from 11 digit single numeral phone numbers with no voice. The calls last exactly 10 sec then end. I have also been receiving 4 digit number calls. When I was younger there were a couple of events. One time I saw something that was completely black and didn't have eyes. A day or so later I saw a weird figure outside my window. It just stared at me. It had a weird looking face with 2 large black eyes, no nose and an enormous mask (it seemed like it was a mask) but it rubbed its face and blinked the rest of the head...seemed to be covered with a hood of some sort.

I didn't have any other sightings at that time but I heard a lot of noise most nights. It got so bad I refused to stay there with my family. Another event happened not so long ago. I was asleep and woke up as if I didn't have a choice. When I looked I saw a large black figure over me with red eyes that glowed yellow at the edges. I couldn't move or scream. When I finally rolled out of bed and slowly crawled though my house. I heard no noise. My family was staying with me but no one was around as if they had gone. I laid on the floor for hours until I lost consciousness. When i woke I was back in my bed undressed. i had asked my family if they went anywhere before I got up. They said they went outside for only a few seconds to get more clothes out of the car. If you would have info on this please let me know.



MUFON CMS - unedited: My friend and I would walk our dogs late at night for a good hour or two over the summer. It was around 1 am and we both walked to our neighborhood's elementary school which happens to be the half way point to both our houses, that's were we split up to each walk home. I was walking my dog home and was pretty close home, just about a block away. I was looking at the sky (which was very very clear) thinking to myself how nice it should be tomorrow. Right as I was looking at the sky I saw a rather large disc over head fly by extremely fast. I'd say it was about the size of the average Frisbee held above your head at arms length. The whole thing was glowing, the center was more white and bright and as it got to the edges it was more of a mustard yellow. I saw it for a good 2-3 seconds before it disappeared. After seeing that I knew I just saw a UFO and by UFO I mean I knew it wasn't of this Earth. I stood there for a good minute thinking to myself what do I do who do I tell. I continued to walk home. After walking about another minute my dog (nicest, calmest, quietest dog, rarely and I mean rarely ever barks) stops walking (and this dog loves to walk). She turns around and starts growling. The hair on her back was standing up she was showing her teeth and everything. This scared the crap out of me. I kept pulling the leash and saying Dixie (my dog's name) calm down come on. She then let out a loud vicious bark. Then I heard the sound of something speed walking towards us from behind. It sounded like a dogs paws on the pavement. We could not see anything but it was getting louder. My dog suddenly turns around and takes off pulling me. The faster we ran the louder and closer it sounded. I was afraid to turn around to see what was behind me but I did anyway as we ran and saw nothing. I let go of my dogs leash and ran into my backyard and went through my back door into my house. My mom woke up from me running into the house. She asked what was going on because I was out of breath. I tried telling her but she got out of bed and kept accusing me of being on drugs. Then my phone started ringing and it was my friend (I had told him to call me when he got home when we left each other) I pick up the phone and started to cry as I tried to tell him what happened. Before I'd get to the substantial information, the phone would disconnect. My house has full coverage... I didn't want to call him back because he was using his house phone and I didn't want to wake everyone at his house up. I went back to my moms room to continue to try to tell her what happened. She started to believe me and was getting freaked out herself. My phone started ringing in my room so I went to go answer it knowing it was my friend. As I'd try telling him again, the phone would disconnect. He called me back right away and my mom was screaming for me to come into her room so she can try to make sense of things. I tell my friend to hold on, I left the phone in my room. As I was trying to tell my mom what happened more in depth, my cell phone started ringing (disconnected while I was talking to my mom and my friend was calling me back) I lost it. I broke down and told my mom every time I tried telling my friend what happened my phone disconnected. She didn't understand. This happened over and over again and I was eventually able to tell him quickly what happened. He was afraid because he said he was hearing humming outside. He went to sleep in his parents room. We were 15 at the time... I counted how many times my friend called me. He called me 17 times within a half hour period. That means that my phone disconnected 16 times in that half hour period. Again, at my house I have full AT&T 3G service. I then stood outside my moms and my room and stared down the hallway for a good half hour as if i was hypnotized, not saying it was from "aliens" that's just how scared I was, I didn't want to move. My dog, sat and stared out the back door all night. My mom was just as scared as I was after knowing the whole story and hearing my phone ringing over and over again knowing that I wasn't hanging up the calls, they were disconnecting. My mom was so scared that she made me sleep with my door open, lights and TV on, and she made me take my necklace off in fear that it could be used to choke me. This whole story sounds far fetched I know and my being 15 at the time probably makes this sound silly but I didn't even really believe in Aliens at that time. After that incident I've become somewhat obsessed with Aliens and UFO's. When I tell friends this story they look at me as if I'm legitimately mental. I don't care what people think when I tell them this story. I know what happened and I take it to my grave.



Email received: Hi...I'm hoping that I can get some answers by writing you. I have forwarded my experience to MUFON and other investigators but I have never been taken seriously.

In April 2008 an hour or so after midnight, myself and a companion were driving back home after some shopping. We were heading west on Davidson Road in Burton, MI. As we drove passed a Chase Bank we noticed something strange flying in front of car. The 'creature' appeared to be flying 3 feet or so above the ground heading south. My companion was driving the vehicle. She turned her head and noticed a flying creature appear in her right peripheral vision. She quickly looked at the creature as it flew in the direction of the Chase Bank before disappearing. She didn’t recognize any distinct features on the creature. For a second though, she did notice a 5 inch furry brown colored body which then turned into a small shape.

The creature was flying horizontally before nose diving towards the ground then reaching the other side of the road. I suddenly disappeared. I was sitting in the passenger seat and looking straight ahead when I observed the bizarre flying creature or object. I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a cigarette butt thrown from a window, but as I followed it with my eyes I noticed it was too big to be a cigarette butt. It had the appearance of a bright orange Christmas tree light or an orange globe. The creature moved perfectly horizontally slightly rising by the time it reached the middle of the road. When it turned and reached the other side of the road it was gone. I am speculating that this was a 'fairly' type creature. We both got a very good look at it. Any idea what this was?
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