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Large UFO Witnessed Over Lima, Peru

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Translated by Scott Corrales at Inexplicata - RRP Peru - Residents of Barrios Altos claim having witnessed what could well be the first UFO sighting of 2011. With the video in hand, one expert has already attested to the authenticity of the homemade recording.

The shots were taken on Tuesday, January 4 from Jirón Wari in Barrios Altos, where a group of neighbors equipped themselves with two camcorders and taped -- from different angles -- the oscillating movements of an unidentified flying obect for nearly 30 minutes.

"It's a UFO. You'd have to be somewhat thick to deny it," said Julia Gutierrez, one of the witnesses, who further added that it is common to see such sights in the area, which tend to leave local residents shaken.

"It's definitely a UFO. It's only necessary to corroborate with the Jorge Chavez airport to see if any unidentified radar contacts were picked up at the time," notes UFO expert Mario Zegarra in a statement to ATV.

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Fortean / Alternative News: Weird Alien Encounters, Orange Alligator and Top Secret UFO Tour

Possible Alien Abduction / Strange Language on Radio

MUFON CMS - unedited: Hello. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona a few (2) years back and had at least 4 episodes of seeing UFO's, one episode was followed by missing time for about 6 hours, and another time I awoke with my hair a huge tangled mess like I've never seen my fine hair before or since. I have already reported those events on this website before.

It has been 2 years now since I have seen anything in the sky or had any events. I moved to Maine 2 years ago, and unfortunately, nothing. Nothing until last night when i had the most intense dream of all my life. I dreamed that I was back in Arizona and was (with a number of other people) taken away after a whirlwind and me running to hide in the closet where i was praying as if it were the end of the world or my life. And i am an atheist! Anyway, I was taken to this intermediate station where I was being evaluated by some aliens that looked liked human sized embryo's in suits. They had something attached to my mouth for breathing. They asked me if I smoked cigarettes and proceeded to have me smoke on through this ectoplasm like attachment to my mouth. They were also evaluating my body and seemed to be communicating something about my foot. Now, I have an infection in my R great toe ever since I slammed my foot in a door many years ago. I will either have to remove my nail or be stuck with this nasty fungal infection for life.

Moving on, I was brought to what appeared to be a different galaxy. There were millions of people there. I felt my body was very heavy and I was quite cold. They first greeted me by showing me this hand signal that my hands could not replicate. I kept on asking questions about God and the afterlife, and if I would ever see my family again, etc..They told me the Biblical God was not true. they asked me if they could pick up my mother the following day, but i explained to them that my mother was a religious woman, and would be frightened by the experience. They gave me something to drink, but i apparently drank too much of it and they had to keep me longer for observation. I looked at my hands and they looked frostbit. I walked around this new galaxy which seemed to have housing installations that were similar to our own, yet they had a sort of flexibility about them that i can not explain. And everything was moving very fast. I was taken back to the original examining room where I asked them when they would be back, and they said in 2007. I awoke feeling like I had just emerged from anesthesia, and my whole body was tingling for about an hour afterwards. I kept feeling the skin on my face because my skin seemed to be absent in space or just felt different. I can't explain it. I quickly reasoned that 2007 was backward in time, and convinced myself this was just a very, very intense dream. I was quite shaken up by it and looked and saw that my window was open in the dead of winter! I don't know what to make of all of this. I used to have contact with UFO's in AZ as I had said before. But this is the first time in Maine that anything like this has happened. A dream vs virtual reality?? I don't know. It really shook me up.

MUFON CMS - unedited: I am a retired law enforcement officer with more than 25 years experience with radios, communications, and use of of walkie talkies. While working a security detail on 1-7-11 at approximately 1010 hours PM I and another coworker at the base station overheard a brief, loud and clear voice come across our frequency. This was not bleed over, skip, or outside cell phone or other form of interference. It seemed louder and stronger than our power output. I am very familiar with many different languages, and I can say with certainty...and it really creeps me out to say this, it did not sound human. There was a guttural vowel and consonant pattern spoken at a slightly higher pitch and speed than common human language. It was eerie and unintelligible. This exchange took place when I called in a spot check over the walkie to the base station. The base station replied back to me. I heard approximately 5-6 "words" between a brief one-two second period of time a fraction of a second immediately after I was acknowledged to by the base station. This communication I perceived to be a either a mocking or mimicking of the base station message because it seemed to contain the same amount of phonetic groupings and cadence as was broadcasted to me. The signal was crystal clear and it boomed over the frequency, stronger than the normal signal strength. I was really taken back by it, I remember saying to myself "what the h--- was that!!!" out loud to myself. I was approximately 100 yards away and outside from the base station. It was cloudy with high humidity because of the winter storm closing in, temperature about 29 degrees. In all my years of experience I have never heard anything like that over the air, as stated earlier I have heard many different forms of bleed over transmissions, but it was in clear human language. This voice sounded somewhat similar to that of a young adult female, but like 60 % similar, a mix between genders is all I add to it. I went into see the base operator immediately afterward and they said it sounded like a female over the radio. There was a female security officer working but I knew from what I clearly overheard that it was not her. The operator called the female and inquired about the transmission and she stated negative on any recent transmissions. I saw or heard nothing else unusual as I looked around outside immediately after this happened. Several other security personnel working farther away on the premises heard nothing unusual, including the female. Only myself and the base operator heard this unexplainable transmission. Of any past experiences with unexplained phenomena I have had a pre-dawn clear sky sighting in my youth in 1974 of a dime sized held at arms length object that was a bright white oval shape. When I was walking outside to deliver newspapers I saw it motionless at around 45 degrees to the horizon in the air, motionless. After about 2-3 seconds of observing it the bright oval left horizontally at an extremely high rate of speed directly towards and overhead me and out of sight. My wife in 1978 observed a big white slipper shaped craft with windows overhead a neighbors house at close range in the late afternoon. She watched it for approximately 10 seconds as it sat motionless, then it took off in an instant. She didn't recall it until the next day. She said she thought she was being watched by it, and felt compelled not to remember the sighting. Recently in the third week of November 2010 while driving down the road around 12:15 AM she observed overhead of the street directly in front of her windshield a dark silhouetted craft against the clear starlit sky. She could only describe as a semi circle, or ball shape on the end of a stick or pole type object that was motionless. As she approached it and observed it for a couple of seconds it took off with a trail behind it away to her left and out of sight. This object was much smaller than the slipper shaped craft she saw years ago. The smaller craft seen recently is within a mile of last evenings radio incident. These have all occurred to us in the same town.


Travel Company Launches Top Secret UFO Tour

melodika - Get ready for a close encounter of the atomic kind.

Alpventures Southwest UFO Discovery Tour includes a visit to Trinity Site, where the world's first nuclear bomb was tested on July 16, 1945. The all-inclusive two-week tour in April and October 2011 will cover the history of UFOs in the American Southwest, while visiting significant locations connected to the phenomenon.

Tony Cisneros, Owner of Alpventures Top Secret Tours says, "UFO sightings have virtually become a daily occurrence. We are heading toward a global UFO event - I think we can all feel it is coming."

Cisneros has guided hundreds of tour groups to World War II Battlefields throughout Europe since 1994 and has researched the UFO phenomenon for over 10 years.

The Southwest UFO Discovery Tour begins in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Destinations include Los Alamos, White Sands, Socorro and Roswell, where during the summer of 1947, a UFO allegedly crash-landed and was recovered by the U.S. military. The tour finishes with three days at Grand Canyon, Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona.


Mysterious Orange Alligator Spotted in Florida

ktla - An orange alligator photographed in South Florida is raising questions about its strange pigment.

74-year-old Sylvia Mythen spotted the gator sunning beside a neighborhood canal in Venice near her home earlier this week and she was so shocked, she took a picture.

Mythen contacted her local news stations and a biologist but says she really took the picture because she wanted to show her grandkids in Indiana.

After the picture ran on TV, it caused quite a buzz.

Originally, the biologist thought the alligator could be part albino, but after analyzing the images, experts with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say the animal's coloring is not genetic.

They suspect the gator's coloring came from something in the environment. Some even believe that the orange coloring is a prank, especially since the color is similar to the tone found on the Florida University mascot.


Nazis Were Obsessed With Hitler-Mocking Dog

AP - Newly discovered documents have revealed a bizarre footnote to World War II: the Nazis' dogged obsession with a Finnish mutt who gave not a howl, but a heil.

And, just as absurdly, the totalitarian state that dominated most of Europe was unable to do much about the canine's paw-raising parody of Germany's Fuehrer.

In the months preceding Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, Berlin's Foreign Office commanded its diplomats in the Nazi-friendly country to gather evidence on the dog and its owner — and even plotted to destroy the owner's pharmaceutical business.

Historians were unaware of the scheme until some 30 files containing correspondence and diplomatic cables were found by a researcher in the Foreign Office archives.

Klaus Hillenbrand, an expert on the Nazi period who examined the documents, called the episode "completely bizarre."

"Just months before the Nazis launched their attack on the Soviet Union, they had nothing better to do than to obsess about this dog," he told The Associated Press.

The Dalmatian mix named Jackie was owned by Tor Borg, a businessman from the Finnish city of Tampere. Borg's wife Josefine, a German citizen known for her anti-Nazi sentiments, dubbed the dog "Hitler" because of the way it raised a paw high in the air, much like Germans greeting the Fuehrer with a cry of "Heil Hitler!"

In one photo, Borg, a jovial businessman known for his sense of humor, appears with Jackie by his side wearing a pair of round sunglasses.

On Jan. 29, 1941, the German vice consul in Helsinki, Willy Erkelenz, wrote that "a witness, who does not want to be named, said ... he saw and heard how Borg's dog reacted to the command 'Hitler' by raising its paw."

Borg was ordered to the German Embassy in Helsinki and questioned about his dog's unusual greeting habits.

The businessman denied ever calling the dog by the German dictator's name, but acknowledged that his wife called the dog Hitler. He tried to play down the accusations, saying the paw-raising only happened a few times in 1933 — shortly after Hitler came to power.

Borg assured the Nazi diplomats that he never did anything "that could be seen as an insult against the German Reich," according to the documents.

The zealous diplomats in Helsinki did not believe him and wrote back to Berlin that "Borg, even though he claims otherwise, is not telling the truth."

The ministries involved — the Foreign Office, the Economy Ministry and even Hitler's Chancellory — meticulously reported all their findings about the hound.

The Economy Ministry announced that the German chemical conglomerate IG Farben, which supplied Borg's wholesale trade with pharmaceuticals, agreed to cut all ties, which would have destroyed his business.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office was looking for ways to bring Borg to trial for insulting Hitler. But in the end, none of the witnesses were willing to repeat their accusations in front of a judge.

So, when on March 21, 1941, the Foreign Office asked the Chancellory whether to press charges against Borg, the reply came back: "Considering that the circumstances could not be solved completely, it is not necessary to press charges."

There's no evidence Hitler, who owned a German Shepherd named Blondi, was ever told of the case, even if it made it all the way to his Chancellory, Hillenbrand said.

Finland cooperated with Nazi Germany during WWII, and Helsinki was one of the few European capitals the Nazis never occupied.

As for Borg, he and his company survived the war unscathed. He died in 1959 at age 60; his wife Josefine passed away in 1971.

Borg's company Tampereen Rohduskuppa Oy went on to become Tamro Group, the leading wholesale company for pharmaceuticals in the Nordic countries.

And Jackie, the Hitler-saluting canine, also died a natural death, according to Tamro spokeswoman Margit Nieminen.

She said the company was not aware of the dog's place in history until the recent archive discovery.

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Fortean / Alternative News: Animal Deaths Increase Worldwide, New Bigfoot Video and Man Abandons 'Demon' Family

8,000 Turtle Doves Fall Dead in Italy - Animal Deaths Increase Worldwide

* Blue stain believed to be sign of poisoning or hypoxia - lack of oxygen that is precursor to altitude sickness
* Cold weather and overbreeding blamed for deaths of two 2million fish in Chesapeake Bay
* Disease behind deaths of 100,000 fish in Arkansas River
* At least nine incidents of mass animal deaths across the globe
* Hundreds of confused birds plummeted to their deaths in multiple locations in the U.S.
* Rapid movement of Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may have caused bird deaths

dailymail - Thousands of dead turtle doves rained down on roofs and cars in an Italian town in the latest in a growing spate of mass animal deaths across the globe.

Residents in Faenza described the birds falling to the ground like 'little Christmas balls' with strange blue stains on their beaks.

Initial tests on up to 8,000 of the doves indicated that the blue stain could have been caused by poisoning or hypoxia.

A witness told 'We have no idea why this happened all of a sudden.

'The doves just started falling one-by-one then in groups of 10s and 20s.'

Hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, is known to cause confusion and illness in animals. It is also a common precursor to altitude sickness.

Experts said results from tests on the doves will not be available for at least a week.

They said that cold weather could have caused the birds' deaths as the flock was swept into a high-altitude wind storm before falling to the earth.

It comes after two million dead fish were found to have washed up on shores in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

The alarming find is being blamed by authorities in Maryland on the stress caused by unusually cold water and overbreeding among spot fish.

That investigation comes just days after the deaths of an estimated 100,000 fish in northwest Arkansas, which is being blamed on disease.

A statement by the Maryland Department of the Environment said: 'Natural causes appear to be the reason.

'Cold water stress exacerbated by a large population of the affected species (juvenile spot fish) appears to be the cause of the kill.'

Preliminary tests of the water in Chesapeake Bay have showed the quality was acceptable, officials said.

The statement added: 'The affected fish are almost exclusively juvenile spot fish, three to six inches in length.

'A recent survey showed a very strong population of spot in the bay this year. An increased juvenile population and limited deep water habitat would likely compound the effects of cold water stress.'

Mass winter deaths among spot fish have occurred twice before in the Maryland area - in 1976 and 1980.

The incident is the latest mass animal death to hit the headlines in the last two weeks.

These include:

* 450 red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles and starlings found littering a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* 3,000 blackbirds on roofs and roads in the small town of Beebe, Arkansas
* Thousands of 'devil crabs' washed up along the Kent coast near Thanet
* Thousands of drum fish washed along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River
* Two million small fish in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
* Thousands of dead fish found floating in warm Florida creek
* Hundreds of snapper fish found dead in New Zealand
* Scores of American Coots found dead on Texas highway bridge

Experts have speculated that New Year fireworks, thunderstorms, cold weather, parasites and even poisoning may be behind the deaths.

But conspiracy theorists have also speculated on the internet that secret government experiments could be behind them, with some even claiming it was a sign of a looming Armageddon at the end of the Mayan calendar next year.

Another theory is that the rapid movement of the Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may have affected the birds' innate navigation systems.

Inbuilt navigation systems in birds and fish is believed to be affected by magnetism.

Scientists have said the Magnetic North Pole is shifting at an average of around 25 miles a year.

With birds and fish relying on it to travel to breeding grounds and warmed climes, there are fears that the shifting pole could be confusing the animals which means they do not migrate in time to avoid cold weather.

Tests are being carried out on the dead birds and fish, but results are not expected for several weeks.

Scientists have been baffled by the sudden deaths of hundreds of birds which have plummeted to the ground seemingly simultaneously in several locations.

Two hundred American Coots were found dead on a highway bridge crossing Lake O' the Pines in Big Cypress Creek, Texas.

They are believed to have been hit by passing vehicles while walking or apparently trying to roost on the bridge.

Swedish experts blamed the shock of New Year fireworks for the unexplained deaths of 50 jackdaws found on a street in Falkoping, Sweden.

Many of the birds are believed to have died from stress or as a result of being run over while disoriented.

The largest incident took place in Beebe, Arkansas, were horrified revellers witnessed around 3,000 blackbirds crashing to their deaths into homes, cars and each other as they celebrated New Year.

Another 450 birds were found strewn along a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after apparently hitting overhead power lines.

In both cases, the birds are believed to have become confused and were flying at a lower height than usual.

The deaths of tons of fish across the globe is being attributed to unusually cold water.

Thousands of Brazilian fishermen have been left struggling to make ends meet after the sale of seafood was temporarily suspended when masses of fish were discovered in Paranaguá, Antonina and Guaraqueçaba Pontal do Paraná.

Fish were also discovered rotting and floating in Spruce Creek, Florida, after another period of cold weather.

100,000 drum fish were found strewn along the shore of the Arkansas River.

And the cold snap has been blamed for the deaths of 40,000 Velvet swimming crabs - known as 'devil crabs - found littering beaches in Thanet, Kent.


Real-Life Superhero

telegraph - Jones, who wears a black and gold costume, patrols the streets of Lynnwood, a town of 35,000 people just outside Seattle, Washington. He wears a bullet proof vest and stab protection under his black and gold outfit, and carries a Taser stun gun and pepper spray. He does not have a fancy vehicle like Batman however, and instead is driven around in a Kia by a female sidekick who does not get out of the car.

The case mirrors that of 'Kick-Ass', last year's Hollywood film directed by Matthew Vaughn, in which an ordinary teenager tries to become a real-life superhero.

The vigilante told a television network that he has been stabbed and threatened with a gun more than once since his crime-fighting crusade began nine months ago.

But he said: "When I walk into a neighbourhood criminals leave because they see the suit. I symbolise that the average person doesn't have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing."

He recently prevented a car theft, chasing away a criminal who was breaking into a vehicle.

A witness said: "From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this black and gold suit, and starts chasing him away."

Jones is thought to be part of a nationwide group called the Rain City Superhero Movement.

Its website says: "A real life Superhero is whoever chooses to embody the values presented in super heroic comic books, not only by donning a mask and costume, but also performing good deeds."

Police say would-be vigilantes dressed in comic book costumes are lucky not to have been mistaken for criminals, and citizens should not put themselves in danger by trying to emulate their fictional heroes.

But Jones, who has been in contact with detectives, said: "Everyone on my team either has a military background or a mixed martial arts background, and we're well aware of what it costs to do what we do."


Malaysian Man Abandons 'Demon' Wife and Children on Medium's Advice

asiaone - A superstitious husband in Kuala Lumpur stopped having sex with his wife after a temple medium convinced him she was a danger to his life. The wife, who only wanted to be known as Loh, said her husband has now abandoned her and their two teenage children and is refusing to meet them as he fears for his life. Self-employed Loh, 44, said her husband first started consulting the medium to solve personal problems. She claimed her husband's personality changed after daily meetings with him.

"The medium told my husband I had been casting spells on him for the past 15 years and that I was a demon trying to kill him. He refused to eat or drink at home because he thought I poisoned the food," Loh told a press conference held at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department yesterday. Loh also said there were no prior family problems and that her husband was very loving although he was superstitious.

"I know he misses the children and although my son calls him almost every day urging him to come back, he still refuses to see the children as he is afraid I will kill him through them," she added. She said her husband, a factory manager, moved out of the house on the medium's advice in August and had been paying very little for living expenses and their children's school fees. He withdrew the children's savings before moving out and recently asked for a divorce.

Loh is worried the medium is taking advantage of her husband's trust in him, claiming the medium is also heavily in debt. Loh had also found a newspaper report published in 2002 about another man who had neglected his family after he was "helped" by the same medium. Loh has lodged two police reports. "We have known the medium and his family for 20 years. I do not know why he is doing this," said Loh.


UFO Sighting Revelations Released Soon by WikiLeaks, says Assange

huliq - As if he’s taken on Fox Mulder’s “I Want To Believe,” mantra from the X-Files TV series, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told British media recently that there are numerous “enlightening” references to UFOs in “yet-to-be-published” confidential files obtained from both the U.S. and other foreign government sources.

Assange, a 39-year-old Australian, is believed to be in hiding somewhere in southern England, states a recent report from the London-based Guardian newspaper and online information service that recently posted an interview with the WikiLeaks founder about his bounty of secret UFO files.

When asked about the UFO files that Assange said will be released soon, he noted there are “details about UFOs and extraterrestrials.”

"However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the Cablegate archive, there are indeed references to UFOs,” asserted Assange during the interview.

Britain's Guardian is one of a number of newspapers around the world with early access to these secret UFO files seen by WikiLeaks.

Here in Seaside, a popular resort community along Oregon’s northern coast, there’s been a “boom in something called UFO travel destinations,” quips local shop owner Doris Parsons.

At the same time, there’s more and more urban myths about the Oregon coast and UFO sightings.
And, the popular TV show and movie series the “X-Files” hasn’t helped to squelch such rumors since its first episode was set and filmed at Seaside.

The X-Files was based on fact along with fiction. The X-Files pointed to crop circles as being commonly cited as “evidence of alien visits.” The program also noted that the discovery of life-supporting water in the form of ice on Mars is proof that alien life exists in our universe.

Moreover, in the pilot for the highly successful X-Files series, Dana Scully is assigned to work with Fox Mulder, who’s an FBI agent that specializes in the paranormal. Together, they travel to the central Oregon coast and visit Stonefield Beach, and then Seaside where Mulder believes several teenagers have been abducted by aliens.

While this sounds farfetched, locals say it actually happened.

“I get more people asking about that first X-Files episode than say where’s a good place to have fish and chips. It’s crazy, but good for business,” says Parsons with a sly smile.

Moreover, one of the leading UFO investigation groups known as “MUFON,” for “Mutual UFO Network, Inc.” has a growing population of members and fans here who view unidentifiable flying object (UFOs) as a “growth industry” at a time when Oregon’s tourism industry is on the skids.

Parsons, who proudly displays the MUFON magazine in her shop, explains that “the recession has forced people to cut back on rest and relaxation. But, the UFO stuff is peaking their interest. Now, we’re a UFO destination."

MUFON’s charter states that it will seek to “investigate the UFO phenomenon in a scientific manner as funds and expertise allow. To this end, MUFON strives to establish a presence in every state of the United States and even in every country of the world since the UFO phenomenon knows no boundaries.

MUFON members advise those who are frightened of having “first contact,” that “it’s perfectly safe.”

At the same time, MUFON guidance for “civilians” is a UFO sighting is not so much something “you see,” but “more of a feeling” along the lines of a “deeper psychic intuition.”

One Oregon MUFON expert notes that when he takes say “a couple hundred photos an hour” of UFO’s over Oregon communities that, perhaps, only about “two or three show a UFO clearly enough to say it’s alien.”

At the same time, a local Oregon UFO group called “The Trails End Paranormal Society of Oregon,” is planning their annual gathering at nearby Portland for this Spring, and Parsons says she’s been contacted about having a special tour of the wooded area near Seaside where the teens were abducted.

Here at Seaside, a massive poster from the Sixties cult TV program “The Invaders” hangs prominently in Parsons shop. The poster reads:

"The Invaders, alien beings from a dying planet. Their destination: the Earth. Their purpose: to make it ‘their’ world. David Vincent has seen them, for him it began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a short cut that he never found. It began with the landing of a craft from another galaxy. Now, David Vincent knows that the Invaders are here, that they have taken human form. Somehow he must convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has ‘already’ begun."

The Invaders ran for just two seasons, from January 1967 to March 1968. However, the program has a loyal following in Europe and other parts of the world, and is still discussed in the UFO community.


New 'Bigfoot' Video

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Supposedly this video was taken with what the witness calls a 'hunter's camera'. Your thoughts.

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The Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Overview: On October 15, 1957 near Sao Francisco de Salles in Minas Gerais, Brazil - Antonio Villas Boas, a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer, was working at night to avoid the hot temperatures of the day. On October 16, 1957, he was plowing fields near São Francisco de Sales when he saw what he described as a "red star" in the night sky. According to Antonio, this star approached him, growing in size until it became recognizable as a roughly circular or egg-shaped craft, with a red light at its front and a rotating dome on top. The craft began descending to land in the field, extending three legs as it did so. At that point, Boas decided to leave.

According to Boas, he first attempted to leave the scene on his tractor, but when its lights and engine died after traveling only a short distance, he decided to continue on foot. However, he was seized by a five-foot tall humanoid, who was wearing grey coveralls and a helmet. Its eyes were small and blue, and instead of speech it made noises like barks or yelps. Three similar beings then joined the first in subduing Boas, and they dragged him inside their craft.

Once inside the craft, Boas said that he was stripped of his clothes and covered from head-to-toe with a strange gel. He was then led into a large semicircular room, through a doorway that had strange red symbols written over it. (claimed that he was able to memorize these symbols and later reproduced them for investigators) In this room the beings took samples of Boas' blood from his chin. After this he was then taken to a third room and left alone for around half an hour. During this time, some kind of gas was pumped into the room, which made Boas become violently ill.

Shortly after, Boas claimed that he was joined in the room by another humanoid. This one, however, was female, very attractive, and naked. She was the same height as the other beings he had encountered, with a small, pointed chin and large, blue catlike eyes. The hair on her head was long and white but her underarm and pubic hair were bright red. Boas said he was strongly attracted to the woman, and the two had sexual intercourse. During this act, Boas noted that the female did not kiss him but instead nipped him on the chin and, like the others he had encountered, made barking noises instead of speech.

When it was over, the female smiled at Boas, rubbing her belly and gestured upwards. Boas took this to mean that she was going to raise their child in space. The female seemed relieved that their "task" was over, and Boas himself said that he felt angered by the situation, because he felt as though he had been little more than "a good stallion" for the humanoids.

Boas said that he was then given back his clothing and taken on a tour of the ship by the humanoids. During this tour he said that he attempted to take a clock-like device as proof of his encounter, but was caught by the humanoids and prevented from doing so. He was then escorted off the ship and watched as it took off, glowing brightly. When Boas returned home, he discovered that four hours had passed.

Incident Details: This is the first recorded incident of a UFO abduction in the modern age. It also stands as a well documented "physical" case with doctors examining the effects after his encounters.

Researcher Bruce Rux relates, "reluctant to tell his story, Boas was convinced by Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, Professor of Medicine at the National School of Medicine of Brazil and also an APRO representative, to publicly relate what happened, which he did on February 22 of the following year to Fontes, journalist Joas Martins, and a Brazilian military intelligence agent. Boas had been found to be suffering from radiation poisoning, and Fontes was curious. Among the symptoms were 'pains throughout the body, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, ceaslessly burning sensations in the eyes, cutaneous lesions at the slightest of light bruising...which went on appearing for months, looking like small reddish nodules, harder than the skin around them and protuberant, painful when touched, each with a small central orifice yielding a yellowish thin waterish discharge.' The skin surrounding the wounds presented 'a hyperchromatic violet-tinged area.' The military intelligence man interrogated Boas, and he was subjected to a battery of physical and psychological tests. The most conservative of UFOlogists accept his abduction as an actual occurrence."

While the actual abduction occurred on the 15th, his strange encounters began ten days earlier. A little after 11 PM on October 5, Boas spotted a bright white light in the sky as he opened the window to get some air. Later that night after sleeping for awhile Boas awoke and looked again to find the same light still there, moving toward him as he looked at it. Frightened, he slammed the shutters, waking his brother, who watched with some astonishment as the bright light played through the shutters awhile before leaving.

 Boas lived on his family's farm. They had several fields and plantations, which they farmed at night to beat the heat in the daytime. On the 14th, around 9-10 PM, Boas again with his brother, were out tilling the fields, when they both witnessed an extremely bright light a little over three hundred feet above their heads. Boas, leaving his brother behind, set out to investigate. As he got closer it "suddenly darted away at tremendous speed to the opposite end of the field. He approached it again, and again it darted away, back to where it had started from. This maneuver was repeated 'no less than twenty times.' At last discouraged, Boas returned to his brother."

Boas said, "The light kept still for a few moments longer in the distance. Now and again it seemed to throw forth rays in all directions, the same as the setting sun, sparkling. Then it suddenly disappeared, as if it had been turned off. I am not quite sure if this is what actually happened, for I cannot remember if I kept looking in the same direction all the time. Maybe for a few seconds I glanced elsewhere so it may have lifted up and disappeared before I had the time to look back again."

The next night he worked the fields alone, and when he was at the same spot he and his brother had witnessed the light the night before, he saw a reddish light in the sky which zoomed toward him at remarkable speed, "so quickly that it was on top of me before I could make up my mind what to do about it." About 160 feet above his head, it stopped suddenly. This light was so intense that he couldn't see his tractor's headlights through it at 1 AM. Boas said it looked like "a large elongated egg" with several technical features about it. Three legs extended from beneath it, and as it settled to land, Boas ran to his tractor in terror. When he reached it, the tractor and its lights died. Making his escape out the other side and running toward the house, his arm was grabbed by "a small figure (it only reached to my shoulder) in strange clothes, which he violently shoved away. Three more small figures surrounded him and lifted him off the ground by the arms.
Inside the Craft: The Encounter

Boas described these creatures in great detail, "All...of them wore a very tight-fitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped gray material. This garment reached right up to their necks where it was joined to a kind of helmet made of a grey material that looked stiffer and was strengthened back at nose level. Their helmets hide everything except their eyes, which were protected by two round glasses, like the lenses in ordinary glasses. Through them, the men looked at me, and their eyes seemed to be much smaller than ours, though I believe that may have been the effect of the lenses. All of them had light-colored eyes that looked blue to me, but this I cannot vouch for. Above their eyes, those helmets looked so tall that they corresponded to what the double of the size of a normal head should be. Probably there was something else hidden under those helmets, placed on top of their heads, but nothing could be seen from the outside. Right on top, from the middle of their heads, there sprouted three round silvery metal tubes (I can't tell whether they were made of metal or of rubber) which were a little narrower than a common garden hose. The tubes, which were placed one in the middle and one on each side of their heads, were smooth and bent backward and downward, toward the back. There they fitted into their clothes; how I cannot say, but one went down the center, where the backbone is, and the other two, one on each side, fitted under the shoulders at about four inches from the armpits—nearly at the sides, where the back begins. I didn't notice anything at all, no hump or lump to show where the tubes were attached, nor any box or contrivance hidden under their clothes.

 "Their sleeves were narrow and tight-fitting to the wrists where they were followed by thick five-fingered gloves of the same color, that must have somewhat hindered their movements. As to this, I noticed that the men weren't able to double their fingers altogether, so as to touch the palms of their hands with the tips of their fingers. The difficulty did not prevent them from catching and holding me firmly, nor from deftly (later) manipulating the rubber tubes for extracting my blood. Those overalls must have been a kind of uniform, for all the members of the crew wore a red badge the size of a pineapple slice on their chests, and sometimes it reflected a shiny light. Not a light of its own, but reflections such as those given by the rear lights of a car, when another car lights it up from behind. From this center badge there came a strip of silvery material (or it might have been flattened metal) which joined onto a broad tight-fitting claspless belt, the color of which I can't remember. No pocket could be seen anywhere, and I don't remember seeing any buttons either. The trousers were also tight-fitting over the buttocks, thighs, and legs, as there was not a wrinkle nor a crease to be seen. There was no visible hem between the trousers and shoes, which were actually a continuation of the former, being part of the self-same garment. The soles of their shoes, were different from ours: They were thick, about two or three inches thick, and a little turned up (or arched up) in front, so that the tips looked like those described in the fairy tales of old, though the general appearance was that of common tennis shoes. From what I saw later, they must have fitted loosely, for they were larger than the feet they covered. In spite of this the men's gait was free and easy, and their movements were swift indeed. Perhaps the closed siren-suit they wore did interfere slightly with their movements because they kept walking very stiffly. They were all about my height (1.64 meters tall, in shoes), perhaps a little shorter because of those helmets, except for one of them, the one who had caught hold of me out there—this one did not even reach my chin. All seemed strong but not so strong that had I fought with one of them one at a time I should have been afraid of losing. I believe that in a free-for-all fight I could face any single one of them on an equal base."

It's interesting to note the similarities between Boas' descriptions of the creatures clothing and that of fairies. "The 'unevenly striped' uniforms sound not unlike the sort parti-colored clothing design one might expect on an elf, or perhaps an evil jester," researcher Bruce Rux speculates, "even with bent 'hoses' sticking out of the head like tasseled bells on jesters' caps."

At this point, while resisting as best he could, Boas found himself being pulled up a flexible metallic rolling ladder into a hatchway, which closed behind them "so neatly that no seam was visible to the naked eye." Now he found himself inside a small square room, bare of furnishings, brightly lit—"the same as broad daylight"—by recessed square lights in the smooth metallic walls. Suddenly an opening appeared, from the seamless wall, and Boas was led into another room. "The only furnishings visible was an oddly shaped table that stood at one side of the room surrounded by several backless swivel chairs (something like barstools). They were all made of the same white metal. The table as well as the stools were one-legged, narrowing toward the floor where they were either fixed (such as the table) to it or linked to a moveable ring held fast by three hinges jutting out on each side and riveted to that floor (such as the stools, so that those sitting on them could turn in every direction)."

His abductors then grabbed and held him in place while communicating in sounds that had "no resemblance whatever to human speech...I can think of no attempt to describe those sounds, so different were they from anything I have ever heard before...Those sounds still make me shiver when I think of them! It isn't even possible for me to reproduce vocal organs are not made for it." He compares the sounds to animal grunts, "some...longer, others shorter, sometimes containing several different sounds at the same time, at other times ending in a tremor."

Curiously, these creatures then began undressing him, despite his constant opposition. "They obviously couldn't understand me, but they stopped and stared at me as if trying to make me understand that they were being polite. Besides, though they had to employ force, they never at any time hurt me badly, and they did not even tear my clothes, with the exception of my shirt perhaps." Stripped naked, they rubbed him all over with a thick clear odorless liquid, and then was prompted in another room with red inscriptions over the door, "like scribbles of a kind entirely unknown to us", he would recount. "Soon two of the figures joined him, carrying apparatuses with which they took some blood from his chin, leaving small scars that were later noticed by the doctors at the hospital but that caused him no pain and only minimal discomfort."-(Rux)

Boas says he was left alone for about an hour and made himself comfortable on a large, featureless foam rubber-like gray bed or couch in the middle of the room, with no legs. From holes in the wall from about the height of his head came tufts of gray smoke that quickly dissolved. At first, Boas felt nauseated and as though he was being suffocated. Then he rushed to one corner of the room, vomited, and after that his breathing was easier. A little while later a door opened and in walked a naked woman! Ralph Blum:"Villas Boas speculated that the clear liquid was an aphrodisiac; to my mind the 'logic' of the story suggests that it was a germicide of some kind; and that the 'smoke' was a chemical that permitted the alien to breathe without her helmet (the rest of the crew wore helmets throughout the encounter). It could be that the blood was relevant to some criteria of interbreeding."

 "She came in slowly, unhurriedly, perhaps a little amused at the amazement she saw written on my face. I starred, open-mouthed ... she was beautiful, though of a different type of beauty compared with that of the women I have known. Her hair was blonde, nearly white (like hair dyed in peroxide)—it was smooth, not very thick, with a part in the center and she had big blue eyes, rather longer than round, for they slanted outward, like those pencil-drawn girls made to look like Arabian princesses, that look as if they were slit ... except that they were natural; there was no makeup. Her nose was straight, not pointed, not turned-up, nor too big. The contour of her face was different, though, because she had very high, prominent cheekbones that made her face narrowed to a peak, so that all of a sudden it ended in a pointed chin, which gave the lower part of her face a very pointed look. Her lips were very thin, nearly invisible in fact. Her ears, which I only saw later, were small and did not seem different from ordinary ears. Her high cheekbones gave one the impression that there was a broken bone somewhere underneath, but as I discovered later, they were soft and fleshy to the touch, so they did not seem to made of bone. Her body was much more beautiful than any I had ever seen before. It was slim, and her breasts stood up high and well-separated. Her waistline was thin, her belly flat, her hips well-developed, and her thighs were large. Her feet were small, her hands long and narrow. Her fingers and nails were normal. She was much shorter than I am, her head only reached my shoulder ... Her skin was white (as that of our fair woman here) and she was full of freckles on her arms. I didn't notice any perfume ... except for a natural female odor ... And another thing I noticed was the hair in her armpits was bright red, nearly the color of blood." Bruce Rux points out that "a later recounting of Boas's story included the mention that her pubic hair was also bright red, which may have omitted from the original publication of Boas' encounter due to the sexual mores of the time. Details of his encounter which followed were not published either, but apparently he did discuss them—albeit with some embarrassment—when relating his story to Dr. Fontes and Mr. Martins."

Boas recounts that the woman came toward him "in silence looking at me all the while as if she wanted something from me." Pressing herself to him, he understood what her purpose was. "I began to get excited ... I ended up forgetting everything and held the woman close to me, corresponding to her favors with greater ones of my own." Apparently, they had two sexual encounters and performed a variety of acts together for about an hour, after which the woman pulled away to leave. "[A]ll they wanted [was] a good stallion to improve their stock," Boas would say. He said that he enjoyed the encounter, even if the woman refused to kiss. Bruce Rux remarked that after all, he had just thrown up. Instead the "woman" preferred to bite his chin, while making sounds, that in Boas' mind, sounded like "animal growls." She never spoke. When they were finished , one of the other creatures entered and called out to the woman. "But before leaving, she pointed to her belly, and smilingly (as well as she could smile) pointed to the sky—southward, I should say. Then she went away. I interpreted the signs as meaning to say that she intended to return and take me with her to wherever it was she lived." He seem to be concerned, or even afraid about the last, "for he took the meaning quite seriously and wasn't sure if he was anxious to leave his familiar surroundings or his family," Rux writes.

After fetching the woman, the creature returned Boas' clothes. He was led back to the room with the stools and table, were the crew sat and communicated with each other in their strange way, ignoring him. He felt altogether calm, "for I knew no harm would come to me." Now he had a chance to take stalk of his surroundings, and he tried to remember all he could. He noticed that the walls were smooth, metal and hard, with no windows anywhere. Noticing a box with a glass top that had the appearance of an "alarm clock," he attempted to conceal it. Noticing this, one of the crew seized it instantly and shoved him back. Jacques Vallee said that Boas described the clock as having one hand and several marks that would correspond to the 3, 6, 9, and 12 of an ordinary clock. However, although time passed, the hand did not move, and Antonio concluded that it was no clock.

"The symbolism in this remark by Villas-Boas is clear", Vallee injects. "We are reminded of the fairy tales ... of the country where time does not pass, and of that great poet who had in his room a huge white clock without hands, bearing the word 'It is later than you think.'"

The creatures continued to lead him through the ship, pointing out various interesting features which Boas described at length with a remarkable amount of detail. Boas stressed that there was no doubt in his mind whatsoever that he was aboard a metal craft. The tour finally over, one of the figures gestured him down the ladder, then pointed to itself, to the ground, "and then in a southerly direction in the sky," the same direction the woman had pointed. Boas was signaled to step back, and the ladder retracted, the ship rose, the tripod landing struts retracted—once again, so smoothly that once in place no sign of the opening through which they had emerged was visible—and stopped a little over a hundred feet above his head, "[growing] increasingly brighter. The buzz formed by the dislocation of air grew louder, and the revolving saucer began to rotate at a terrific speed, while the light turned to many shades of color, finally settling on a bright red. As this happened the machine abruptly changed direction by turning unexpectantly and producing a larger noise, a kind of 'shock' ... When this was over, the strange airship darted of suddenly like a bullet southward, holding itself slightly askew, at such a heady speed that it disappeared from sight in a few seconds."

The symbols Boas noticed on the door of the craft

It was about 5:30 in the morning when Boas returned to his tractor, by his reckoning four and a quarter hours from the time he had been picked up. He discovered the tractor had been sabotaged, presumably during the scuffle, meaning that his abductors were smart enough to know he would try escaping and that they had knowledge of how a tractor works: the battery wires had been detached. For about three months after his encounter, Boas suffered various mild medical ailments such as those described above, and excessive sleepiness, a trait commonly found in subsequent abduction cases.

Antonio Villas withdrew from public life to continue his studies, receiving a law degree and becoming a practicing attorney in the city of Formosa, Gojas. He died in 1992 in the city of Ubera, in Brazil's Triangulo Minero.

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Fortean / Alternative News: Sea Shepard Attacks, Mac Tonnies' Afterlife and Pope's Big Bang Theory

Sea Shepherd Attacks Whaling Ship

gattonstar - Japanese whalers have faced a fresh attack by militant activists from the international organisation Sea Shepherd during an Antarctic mission, a Japanese whaling body said on Wednesday.

Anti-whaling campaigners aboard the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's "Gojira" speedboat threw glass bottles at the Yushin Maru-2 and threw ropes aimed at its propeller, said the Institute of Cetacean Research, which organises Japan's whaling mission.

The Japanese ship issued warnings to the activists' boat and none of the Japanese whalers were hurt, the institute said.

The institute condemned the actions of the campaigners and reiterated that the Japanese whaling mission is legal.

The clash followed an earlier attack by the Sea Shepherd's other ships Steve Irwin and Bob Barker against the Japanese whaling ship Yushin Maru-3 in Antarctic waters on New Year's Day.

Anti-whaling nations, led by Australia and New Zealand, and environmental groups have long criticised Japan for its whale hunts, describing them as cruel and unnecessary.

Japanese anti-whaling activists also argue that Japanese demand for whale meat has fallen significantly in recent decades.

However, Japanese officials and whalers have argued that whaling is an important part of Japanese culture.

Japan kills hundreds of whales a year under a loophole in the 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling that allows "lethal research".

Loud and violent protests by Western activists have fuelled Japanese public opposition to the anti-whaling movement.

ALSO: WikiLeaks: cables indicate Japan asked USA for help fighting Sea Shepherd


Horned Man in China

A man from Ziyuan, southern China has grown a bizarre horn on his head measuring three inches - and it's still growing.

Huang Yuanfan, 84, said the odd growth started two years ago as a small bump but just grew and grew.

He said: ‘I tried picking at it and even filing it but nothing changed it. The horn just kept getting bigger.’ Yuanfan says it has now reached three inches and is showing no signs of stopping.

He added: ‘Doctors say they don't know what caused it but if they try to take it off it will just come back. I try to hide it beneath a hat but if it gets much longer it will be sticking out the top.’


Mac Tonnies' Digital Afterlife

Suppose that just after you finish reading this article, you keel over, dead. Perhaps you’re ready for such an eventuality, in that you have prepared a will or made some sort of arrangement for the fate of the worldly goods you leave behind: financial assets, personal effects, belongings likely to have sentimental value to others and artifacts of your life like photographs, journals, letters. Even if you haven’t made such arrangements, all of this will get sorted one way or another, maybe in line with what you would have wanted, and maybe not.

But many of us, in these worst of circumstances, would also leave behind things that exist outside of those familiar categories. Suppose you blogged or tweeted about this article, or dashed off a Facebook status update, or uploaded a few snapshots from your iPhone to Flickr, and then logged off this mortal coil. It’s now taken for granted that the things we do online are reflections of who we are or announcements of who we wish to be. So what happens to this version of you that you’ve built with bits? Who will have access to which parts of it, and for how long? Continue reading at Cyberspace When You’re Dead


Pope: 'God was behind Big Bang, universe no accident'

newsdaily - God's mind was behind complex scientific theories such as the Big Bang, and Christians should reject the idea that the universe came into being by accident, Pope Benedict said on Thursday.

"The universe is not the result of chance, as some would want to make us believe," Benedict said on the day Christians mark the Epiphany, the day the Bible says the three kings reached the site where Jesus was born by following a star.

"Contemplating it (the universe) we are invited to read something profound into it: the wisdom of the creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God," he said in a sermon to some 10,000 people in St Peter's Basilica on the feast day.

While the pope has spoken before about evolution, he has rarely delved back in time to discuss specific concepts such as the Big Bang, which scientists believe led to the formation of the universe some 13.7 billion years ago.

Researchers at CERN, the nuclear research center in Geneva, have been smashing protons together at near the speed of light to simulate conditions that they believe brought into existence the primordial universe from which stars, planets and life on earth -- and perhaps elsewhere -- eventually emerged.

Some atheists say science can prove that God does not exist, but Benedict said that some scientific theories were "mind limiting" because "they only arrive at a certain point ... and do not manage to explain the ultimate sense of reality ..."

He said scientific theories on the origin and development of the universe and humans, while not in conflict with faith, left many questions unanswered.

"In the beauty of the world, in its mystery, in its greatness and in its rationality ... we can only let ourselves be guided toward God, creator of heaven and earth," he said.

Benedict and his predecessor John Paul have been trying to shed the Church's image of being anti-science, a label that stuck when it condemned Galileo for teaching that the earth revolves around the sun, challenging the words of the Bible.

Galileo was rehabilitated and the Church now also accepts evolution as a scientific theory and sees no reason why God could not have used a natural evolutionary process in the forming of the human species.

The Catholic Church no longer teaches creationism -- the belief that God created the world in six days as described in the Bible -- and says that the account in the book of Genesis is an allegory for the way God created the world.

But it objects to using evolution to back an atheist philosophy that denies God's existence or any divine role in creation. It also objects to using Genesis as a scientific text.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mr. Z 's Paranormal Adventure

I had a personal experience in 1969 that most likely defined my acceptance of the paranormal. I had an affinity with spirits since I could remember though I didn't give anyone any indication of what I had been witnessing or feeling. I was born and raised near Gettysburg, Pa. and was fascinated with the history and unusual chronicles of the famous battle. At an early age, I discovered my ability to sense and recognize spiritual energy during my explorations of the battlefield while riding my bicycle.

When I was in the 5th grade I had a teacher named Mr. Z. He was a devout church goer and a strict disciplinarian who had a deep affection for American history. He was also a friend of my parents so I knew I was on a short leash. Honestly, I didn't particularly like Mr. Z. There was something about him that rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know if it was his attitude or the way he would look at you with his thick coke bottle glasses. Then again, my animosity towards him could have been the result of him smacking me on the back of my head in class one day because I was talking to another classmate. Regardless, I was always wary of him.

There was one thing required of each of Mr. Z's students...the memorization and reciting of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. He was animate about it. As well, each of his classes took a field trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield near the end of the school year.

A few weeks prior to the field trip, there would be intense study of the 3-day battle with all the particulars. This was fine with me because I knew much of the information already and Mr. Z was impressed with my prior knowledge...until the day before the field trip.

On that day, the discussion centered around the high number of deaths during the battle and how the wounded and dead were dealt with. I will remember his question to me like it was asked yesterday, "Lon, what was the result of the carnage at Gettysburg?" Hoping that I would answer 'the development of the Sanitary Commission'...instead I answered 'ghosts'. I'll never forget the look he gave me. Needless to say, the answer got me a conference with Mr. Z after class.

After everyone had left school Mr. Z instructed me to wait for him in the classroom. I had no idea what was in store for me. A few minutes later, Mr. Z and my mother walk into the classroom. Mr. Z explained to her what I had said and told her that he didn't appreciate 'my wise-ass remark'. I said nothing...other than to apologize and promise to never talk out of turn again. When I got home, my mother never said a thing about the incident...which was OK by me. I kind of think she had an idea of what I was going through, although we never discussed it until several years later.

The next day my classmates and I hopped on the bus and proceeded towards Gettysburg. When we arrived, a National Park Service tour guide boarded the bus. Actually, the whole affair was old hat for me but I remained quiet and enjoyed the day out of the classroom.

After an hour or so, we arrived at a very familiar and favorite location...what I called 'Death Valley'. This included the Wheatfield and the area leading up to Devil's Den. Soon after stopping at these locations and listening to the tour guide we made our way to the summit of Little Round Top. At this point, we were allowed to disembark and stretch our legs.

We walked to the rocky summit of Little Round Top and looked out onto the vast battlefield. I had always loved this location and had felt many fallen spirits here over the years. We next walked down the road a bit until we reached the pathway to the 20th Maine monument. We trekked the short distance until we reached the short stone wall where these brave soldiers had essentially saved the Union on July 2nd, 1863. It is truly a sobering place.

We stood and looked on for a few minutes when Mr. Z walked up to me and smirked "where are those ghosts?" front of my classmates. I was embarrassed by his comment as the other kids started to laugh and tease. Mr. Z just leisurely walked away with his hands in his pockets and a big smile on his face. He was standing by himself beside the 20th Maine monument when suddenly I heard him yell out. I turned and watched him tumble head first down the hillside. He rolled quite a distance, but eventually got back to his feet...struggling to climb back up to the pathway.

The tour guide asked if he was all right. The first thing out of Mr. Z's mouth was "someone pushed me." I couldn't help myself...I tried to hide the smile on my face. He had torn the inseam of his slacks and received a nasty bump on his forehead. After making an attempt to straighten himself out he shot a quick pissed-off glance my way. I was still smiling.

Mr. Z never said one word to me after that. In fact, I never saw him again after the last day of school. Anyway, Mr. Z was right about one thing....he was pushed but only I saw who did it. Lon

Fortean / Alternative News: Egyptian Secrets, Kid Discovers Supernova and Worldwide Paranormal Update

Hawass' Speculates Future Discoveries

discovery - The tomb of King Tut’s wife, a buried pyramid, the Great Pyramid’s secret doors, and the final resting place of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony: these discoveries could await us in 2011, according to Dr. Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Hawass, one of the world's leading Egyptologists, gave an exclusive interview to Discovery News at an exhibition of images from ancient Egypt taken by photographer Sandro Vannini. Hawass’ many-years-long effort to solve the mystery behind the Great Pyramid’s secret doors and Cleopatra’s burial place is well known.

Less publicized has been his search for a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings and a buried pyramid in the Dashur area.

“We took satellite images over an area in Dashur and we could see that a pyramid is buried underneath the ground. Right now we are excavating this pyramid,” Hawass told Discovery News.

Located some 50 miles south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Dashur is the site of several pyramids. The best known are the “Bent” pyramid, so named because of its sloping upper half, the “Red" pyramid, named after the reddish limestone from which it is built, and the “Black” pyramid of Amenemhat III.

Hawass believes the buried pyramid might belong to a king of the 13th Dynasty (1782-1650 BC), a period marked by rivalry over the throne, with many kings reigning for a short time.

“We do not know the name of the king yet. There are many missing kings in the 13th Dynasty,” Hawass said.

At the present time, Hawass seems to concentrate most of his efforts in the Valley of the Kings, where he hopes to uncover tomb KV64.

Indeed, 63 tombs have been already discovered since the valley was first mapped in the 18th century, with 26 of them belonging to kings.

Called KV64, as it will be the 64th tomb discovered, the tomb is likely to be a Queen’s burial.

“We found some indication that this tomb could be for Ankhesenamun, the Queen of Tutankhamun,” Hawass said.

Born as Ankhesenpaaten around 1348 BC, she was the third daughter of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

She probably changed her name into Ankhesenamun when she became the Great Royal Wife of Tutankhamun, most likely her half brother, at the age of 13.

Recent DNA tests have established that the two female fetuses buried in the tomb of Tutankhamun were most likely his offspring.

The mother is not yet genetically identified, although the data obtained from KV21A, one of two late 18th dynasty queens buried in tomb KV 21, pointed to this mummy as the mother of the fetuses.

Unfortunately, the researchers were not able to identify her as Ankhesenamun.

If KV64 is indeed Ankhesenamun’s tomb, new light might be shed on the family lineage of King Tut, especially if the Queen’s mummy is found.

“I hope this will be an intact tomb for Queen Ankhesenamun,” Hawass said.

NOTE: he's been predicting the discovery of the Great Pyramid’s secret doors for 20 years now. I give him a lot of credit for keeping interest alive though he is a fervent self-promoter...Lon


Pa. Widow Builds Vault, Could Get Corpses Back

aolnews - It looks like Jean Stevens will be reunited with the two people she loved so much that she wanted them to keep her company after they died.

The 91-year-old widow who lived with the embalmed corpses of her husband and twin sister -- until authorities found out and took them away -- is hopeful they'll be returned soon.

Workmen at Stevens' rural property outside the northern Pennsylvania town of Wyalusing have been busy the past few months, erecting a gabled building with gray siding and a white door. It resembles an oversized shed, or a smaller version of Stevens' detached garage.

In reality, it's a mausoleum that Stevens intends as the final resting place of her husband of nearly 60 years, James Stevens, and her twin, June Stevens. And authorities have told her it's the only way she can get them back.

She can't wait.

"I think about them all the time," Stevens told The Associated Press a few days before Christmas, "and I always will."

The coroner, she said, "has them up there in the cold box, which makes me shiver. He says, 'They're all right, Jean, you don't have to worry about them.'"

Stevens had their bodies dug up shortly after they died -- James in 1999, June in 2009 -- because she couldn't bear not being able to see them again. She kept her husband on a couch in the garage, and her sister in a spare room off the bedroom, where "I could touch her and look at her and talk to her," Stevens told AP last summer.

"Death is very hard for me to take," she added then.

Stevens' tale touched a chord. She estimates she received about 70 letters from around the world, most of them expressing well-wishes and sympathy. She's written back to some. One of her new pen pals mailed a Christmas package with fruitcake, mints and a holiday tin stuffed with Chex mix. "Dearest Jean," wrote her correspondent, "you've sent us a Christmas treasure, your letter!"

Stevens also knows that some people think she's strange. She laughs heartily as she leafs through a pair of supermarket tabloids that had blared her story. She says Jay Leno once cracked a joke about her.

But it's Stevens who may get the last laugh.

Bradford County authorities, who have been storing the bodies in the morgue since they took them away in June, have told Stevens she can have them back if she builds an aboveground vault.

Coroner Tom Carman said he plans to release them once it's completed.

"I want to get Jimmy and June back to her just as soon as I possibly can," he said.

Carman has struck up an unusual friendship with Stevens. He's spent hours listening to her talk, mainly about the past. "She's a wonderful lady," he said.

Stevens plans to place her husband and sister in body bags with clear panels, so she can see their faces.

The mausoleum is large enough to hold as many as eight bodies. Stevens said she'd like to transfer the remains of several loved ones to the crypt, including those of her long-deceased mother and father.

One of the spots will be reserved.

"She means to be placed there, as well," Carman said. "She's made that very clear."


10-Year-Old Discovers Supernova

space - It may have only appeared as a tiny, glowing spot hovering over a distant galaxy, but the sight made a precocious 10-year-old amateur astronomer the youngest person ever to have detected a stellar explosion called a supernova.

Kathryn Aurora Gray of Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada discovered the supernova explosion in a galaxy, called UGC 3378, within the faint constellation of Camelopardalis. The galaxy is approximately 240 million light-years away.

"I'm really excited. It feels really good," Gray told the Toronto Star.

Gray made the discovery on Jan. 2 using images that were taken of galaxy UGC 3378 on New Year's Eve. The supernova was then verified by Illinois-based amateur astronomer Brian Tieman and Arizona-based amateur astronomer Jack Newton, who then reported it to the International Astronomical Union's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams.

Gray reported the stellar explosion under the supervision of her father, Paul Gray, who has made six prior supernova discoveries, and family friend David Lane, who has found three others himself. The photos of galaxy UGC 3378 were taken using a telescope belonging to Lane.

Supernovas are powerful and violent explosions that signal the deaths of stars several times more massive than our sun. These cosmic blasts are interesting to astronomers because they manufacture most of the chemical elements that went into creating the Earth and other planets. Distant supernovas can also be used to estimate the size and age of our universe.

The last supernova found in our galaxy occurred several hundred years ago, and they are considered relatively rare events. Astronomers can increase their odds of discovering a supernova by repeatedly checking and comparing many different galaxies.

A new supernova reveals itself as a bright point of light that was not present in previous observations. And, since a supernova can outshine millions of ordinary stars, it is often easy to spot one with a modest telescope, even in distant galaxies like UGC 3378.

Despite being the discoverer of this one, Gray didn't get to bestow a name on the object, which is known simply as Supernova 2010lt.


Alien Life, Paranormal Visitors Get Official Recognition

yahoo - Extraterrestrial life and paranormal beings are moving slowly away from the fringes, as more international governments conduct official studies and even census counts of the mysterious beings.

This week, the Argentine Air Force announced it is creating a commission to document and research all reports of unidentified flying objects in the country's air space, according to the AFP.

Although not fully formed yet, the commission will bring together meteorologists, air traffic controllers and pilots in order to give a more comprehensive scope to UFO sightings and to more officially record and investigate the phenomena.

Argentina is actually behind the times, as neighboring countries Brazil and Uruguay have already conducted similar measures to investigate sightings.

European Union lawmaker Mario Borghezio took a similar approach to researching possible alien life in June, when he submitted an official request asking all EU member nations to release their documents on UFO sightings, according to AOL News. In June, the declaration had received 17 signatures.

Colombian officials are looking to the spookier side of things this week, as its Medellin undertaker William Bentacur has decided to conduct a supernatural census of the city's eeriest residents, according to AFP.

The count, which Bentacur conducted alongside four other funeral parlor workers, has already revealed at least 215 spirits living within the city limits; 23 of those reportedly showed their faces in photos and videos.

The census is far from over, Bentacur told the AFP, as residents or tourists who spot spirits in Colombia's second-largest city may email him ( or call the funeral home to report any supernatural sightings. He expects to take a year for the project, then write a book and try and snag a documentary deal.

Ghost hunters revealed that they're a pretty dedicated bunch when in November, a group announced they will voyage across the North Atlantic in April to meet with the Titanic's spirited guests, AOL News tells us.

Titanic expert William Brower, who will go on the trip, believes that the intense emotional trauma passengers endured during the shipwreck left supernatural imprints that still exist today, nearly 100 years after the gigantic cruiser hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Brower says the investigators will try to recreate the ship's last night afloat by playing the same music that the doomed passengers heard and eating the exact meal served when the Titanic hit the ice; such attention to detail, he hopes, will bring out any residual emotional impressions left at sea.


 Trailer: 'The Rite'

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fallen Soldiers Fight On At Culloden

NOTE: As I sit here struggling with a kidney stone, I decided to post a previous article from November 2007...Lon

Scottish Paranormal say they have unearthed unexplained phenomena at the site where staff say visitors have reported hearing battle cries and marching, some 261 years after the bloody battle where Government forces defeated Bonnie Prince Charlie's Jacobite army.

And now the team, whose poltergeist probes are in greater demand at Hallowe'en, is already planning follow-up visits to the scene of the bloody battle because "spirits are not performing seals" and they want to build up more evidence of any ghostly goings-on.

It would lend weight to the numbers of people, both local and visitors, who have told of strange noises or apparitions at creepy Culloden moor.

Culloden Battlefield visitor centre manager Deirdre Smyth said residents have reported seeing a large ghostly bird that apparently inhabits the area and was first sighted on the eve of the battle on April 15, 1746, by Lord George Murray who was the Jacobite commander. Described as a huge black bird, it is called the Great Scree of Culloden Moor and legend has it that anyone who sees the Great Scree will have bad luck.

Deirdre told the Highland News: "We have had stories of people seeing or hearing strange things. Whether they really have or not I don't know, but it is a very atmospheric place, especially when it's misty.

"Local people have also reported seeing a giant bird rising from the field – it's called the Great Scree of Culloden. Others have also said that when they were kids they wouldn't walk in the field at night."

Scottish Paranormal, which carries out its ghoul hunting on a voluntary basis, recently descended on Culloden to see if the ground of the final clash between the Jacobites and the Hanoverians in the 1745 Jacobite rising, left a supernatural presence in their wake.

Although it was just a preliminary visit, the team was satisfied that there was enough unexplained activity to warrant further investigations after the New Year.

Andrea Byrne, Scottish Paranormal's administration and PR manager, told the Highland News: "All of us are Scottish and we have a passion about being Scottish and have an interest in its history.

"So as well as monitoring private houses and other places such as Mary King's Close in Edinburgh, we like to carry out projects at historical sites, and that's why we went to Culloden.

"The majority of hauntings are classed as what's called residual energy. This is where a traumatic experience or battle happened in a particular area and that trauma or that experience is embedded on that area and like a record, it repeats itself again and again.

"In Culloden, there was a seriously traumatic event which saw a lot of deaths.

"While there, we spoke to the staff and they told us that sometimes visitors had heard the battle cries and the marching of the soldiers. It is as if the march and the battle is getting played over and over again. This happens more towards the anniversary of the battle which lends credence to it being residual energy."

The team, the majority of whom are based in Fife, measured activity at Culloden with a selection of monitoring equipment. This included digital voice recorders that look for any audible phenomena such as white noise or electronic voice phenomena; temperature data loggers looking for any unusual fluctuations in temperature; temperature probes to locate and confirm cold spots; electro-magentic field detectors used due to the belief that paranormal entities emit an electromagnetic field; and digital camcorders to record any incidents.

During the investigation, the team noticed signs they normally connect with a paranormal activity Andrea Byrne said: "One of the anomalies we found was the temperature and humidity. When we were walking along the main path to locations, we were getting a regular temperature, and the humidity was staying the same. But the moment we got to where the English or Scottish soldiers were buried the temperature changed dramatically, and was not consistent with the weather. It was fluctuating up and down.

"We could not come up with a logical explanation for a change in the temperature. So there could have possibly been paranormal reason behind it."

She went on to add they used dowsing rods to see if there were any "energy lines", also known as ley lines, which are of interest to paranormal investigators.

One was found to exist at a 56-degree angle at the Well of the Dead, which Andrea described as "extremely interesting" because if the line is drawn on a map and extended in a line at 56 degrees, it would meet the Cumberland's Stone 1.5 miles away. This stone was from where the Duke of Cumberland, nicknamed the Butcher of Culloden, commanded the battle.

However, Andrea said that the dowsing rods may have moved at this location because there may be water underneath the well.

The group then went on to nearby Clava Cairns to carry out more investigations, but they did not find much there of an untoward nature. They had also not heard any paranormal stories relating to the location. The investigation team is now due to return to Culloden Battlefield in the New Year.

She added: "We find a single visit to a location does not build up enough evidence to say there is paranormal activity going on or not. Spirits are not performing seals, they don't just appear when you want them to or when you happen to be there. We have go back to locations to build up the evidence."

As well as checking out historic sites, the investigators who include a medium and describe themselves as being "highly skilled" in the field, are called in to probe private homes whose residents believe are haunted.

And when they can't find a logical explanation for the ghoulish activity, they set out to prove it is the supernatural making things go bump in the night. They have even discovered a poltergeist or two in their time.

Andrea explained: "In general, we carry out these investigations because we have got a belief in life after death and in proving that or otherwise.

"Because we have got knowledge in the field, we go out to private houses and help the public to understand what's going on. We always look for the logical explanation first, and if we can't find one then we look for proof of anything paranormal."

She claims they recently stumbled upon a poltergeist in a private house in Craigmillar, Edinburgh.

"The majority of poltergeists we find are in private houses", she explained. So far, we have not carried out any investigations in private houses in the North. However, we hope that will change as we now have a new investigator based outside Elgin and she is contacting housing associations and other organisations in the area to let them know we are here if people are experiencing anything unusual in their homes."
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