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Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 42

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Location: Johnson City, Tennessee - June 18, 1997 - 1:00 am

The witness and his cousin were out hunting and were sitting on the side of the wall of a rather large hollow which consisted of very thick underbrush and lots of evergreen. A larger valley then lead first to a clearing and then on to a supposed old Indian graveyard. All of the sudden they heard the brush in the hollow below rattling and they could tell that whatever was making the sounds was rather large.

The main witness was armed with a Ruger 10-22 rifle with approximately 150 rounds of ammo ready to go. Under his night vision scope he could see what appeared to be a man, but upon further inspection he realized that the "man" was a creature about 7-8 ft tall approximately 450 lbs. It was covered with thick black fur and was slimmer that the popular Bigfoot image, almost skinny with a neck. Also protruding on either side of its head were long tapered "horns" also black in color. On the top of the head also protruded a horn pointing straight up. All horns were approximately 5-6 inch in length and were the same dark color as the creature.

The terrified witness emptied a 25 round clip into the creature and then retreated into a nearby cabin about 65 ft away. The next morning they could not find anything except for lots of spent shell casings and bullet holes on a walnut tree. He thought he had struck the creature several times. Nearby animals traps had been sprung and all the bait extracted. On a nearby ridge the witnesses located a series of tunnels made up of brush and various sizes of tree limbs, vines and leaves. They thought it could have been "the lair of the beast." Afraid they returned home.

Source: GCBRO Weird Stories



Location: near Ajo, Arizona - Spring 2002 - 2:30 am

A 59 year-old man wondered about something or someone he saw one night while driving in the desert on the road to Ajo. He and his friends would go to Puerto Penasco, Mexico every year to fish and enjoy the sea of Cortez. To avoid the heat they would leave Colorado (San Luis Valley) about 3:00 pm and be on the road to Ajo about 3:00 am. His story:

This night I was driving a rental car and everyone else was asleep when I was passed by a naked man running in the opposite lane of the direction I was driving. He was barefoot and moving really fast! I looked in the rearview mirror as I hit the brakes to see if he needed help and he took off into the desert barefoot. As I kept driving I was looking for a car or someone who may have broken down on the road, but no one was to be seen...this really bothered me. The following year in the same area about the same time of the night I was sleeping in the backseat of the car when I woke up briefly and looked out the car window. I saw a very large dog carved out of stone similar to the Chinese stone carvings in a ditch along the highway! I believe I had seen something to do with skinwalkers but not sure.

Source: witness statement

NOTE: very similar to many of the Navajo shapeshifter stories I read and hear...Lon



Location: Near Cleveland, Ohio - March 11, 2003 - midnight

The witness suddenly woke up wide feeling afraid and wide-eyed. He then saw 4 creatures leaning over him. He went to reach over to his nightstand to grab his gun but as soon as he moved one the creatures pointed some sort of device at him, he heard a hum and then he could no longer move. He could not even move his eyes. He could see his wife out of the corner of his eye, but it seemed that she was still sleeping.

His next memory was of lying on some sort of gurney. He was naked and the cart was made out of cold metal. The 4 creatures were taking him down some sort of hallway. The walls were dark gray with a scaly type of texture to it. The hallway was lit up, but there were no light fixtures and he could not see the source of the light. He was no longer paralyzed but his arms and legs appeared to be restrained somehow, but there were no clamps or straps. It was as if they were magnetized to the cart.

During the brief trip down this hall, there was an open door way off to his right, he glanced into the room for a second, and was able to get a mental image as to what was in the room. There were 7 creatures, 2 were standing in front of a panel at the far end of the room. The panel had some small lights on it. Then there were 3 more to the left side of the room studying what appeared to be a holographic map of the earth. There were several red dots on the map. It seemed that they marked certain "targets" or "locations". Then there were 2 more of the creatures standing in the center of the room, facing each if they were having a conversation but there was no sound. There was actually no sound in the structure that he was in. There was complete silence.

They put him in a very bright room, and again he could not see the source of the light. One of the creatures waved his hand over his face. The creature had 3 fingers, resembling 1 index type of finger and opposite thumbs. As soon as his hand went across his face, his body went numb. He was extremely groggy, but he could see what was happening. He could not speak a word. One of the creatures took a long metal object and inserted it in his nose. A sample was apparently taken then the creature inserted the same device into his mouth, reaching almost to the back of his throat. As soon as he started gagging the creature pulled the device out his mouth. One of the creatures then came towards him with something that resembled a device that measures blood pressure. The device was wrapped around the witness penis. He felt a lot of pressure and after a couple of seconds the device was pulled off. A creature then walked behind his head. His head was lifted up until his chin touched his chest. Then he felt a chunk of his hair pulled out. Soon he felt extremely dizzy and passed out.

His next recollection was of waking up in his bed at 4:30 am. His penis was sore and appeared larger than normal. He described the creatures as about 4 ft tall, they wore no apparel, there were no genitalia and their arms and legs were much longer than their torso. They were very skinny, with no muscle tone, no signs of fatty tissue, no veins and no bone structure showing through their skin. Their skin was a blue-gray color, almost like a gunmetal color. Very smooth, almost like they were made out of porcelain. Their heads were longer than wide, oval shaped, large black eyes, no retinas, veins or corneas. There was no hair on their bodies. They did not have ears. There were 3 small holes on each side of their heads. They had 2 oval openings above the mouth. Their mouths were like a slit 2" long, horizontal.

Source: I was



Location: Rauma Finland - June 19, 1979 - 12:30 am

The two witnesses that lived in a rural area were sitting in their living room with the window opened when one of them caught sight of a silvery gray metallic cupola shaped object resting on the ground not to far away. The bottom of the object was blue black in color and it was emitting a blue-black beam of light from its middle section. The beam briefly swept the nearby woods then switched off. Both witnesses had now seen the object and one of them decided to have a closer look. This witness walked very close to the object and was able to see that it rested on small metallic legs. The upper part of the object was transparent and inside two small humanoids could be seen.

These were described a very "ugly" with crooked beak like noses and covered with green brown spots, they had large bulging eyes, pointed chins, large mouths and pointed ears. Both wore shiny gray helmets with antennae with a yellow line on the middle. They also wore black gloves and clothing. The witness was also able to see numerous gauges and levers inside the object. The being nearest to the witness made a sudden move and the witness was suddenly blinded and fell back. The craft then took off emitting a whistling sound. The witness eyes were irritated for the next several hours and he was briefly in a state of shock.

Source: Juhani Kyrolainen & Pekka Teerikorpi - FSR



Location: Devil's Swamp, Louisiana - June 8, 2000 - 6:30 am

41-year old Roger Mixon was hunting in an isolated and aptly named area when he came across a bizarre dark-purple color object the size of an 18-wheeler and shaped like a bat wing sitting on the ground. He could see a drawbridge type door that was opened and nearby saw three creatures attempting to capture an alligator. The beings wore what appeared to be crowns of gold had human-like faces and had long hair and sharp teeth like those of lions. They had breastplates resembling cast iron. One of the most bizarre features was the 4 wing-like protrusions and scorpion-like tail that each creature had. They did not see Mixon at first but when one spotted him he fired his 12-gauge shotgun hitting one in the chest knocking him down, but the creature quickly was on his feet again and apparently fired back with some type of implement that dangled from his waist. A beam like light struck the witness on his wrist leaving a scar. According to the witness he has lost most of the use of that arm as a result of the incident. He fired once more and the humanoids then rose up in the air and flew back inside the object. The door closed and it took off at lighting speed. The witness never hunted in those woods again.

Source: UFO Watch
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