Thursday, July 28, 2011

Possible Bigfoot Detected - Yadkin River, Davie County, NC

I received the following inquiry on Wednesday. The witness is asking for an explanation:

I live in west-central North Carolina. I live at a location that is very close to the Yadkin River in Davie County. The river’s flood plain comes to my property line in a valley with no houses and heavily wooded – however two roads to cross to get to my house. The river’s edge is primarily undeveloped, with almost a 300 yard flood area clearance on both sides for miles and miles. This river floods regularly, but not very muck lately. There are high voltage power lines running across the area as well. Now that the stage is set, let’s go. We have also put a game camera out to see if we could catch anything on is. We so far have caught a fat pregnant deer, several raccoons and a grey fox. That pregnant deer has twins now have been in our garden. The deer are pretty thick around here.

This is not a hot bed of Bigfoot sightings. But I have been hearing something very large walking in the woods beside my house. My dog has been kicked by something and knocked out for a few seconds. All we heard that night was a thud as it sounded like he was kicked in the side. We saw nothing as it was around 11:30 pm on a moonless night. A few moments later, he was up chasing a scent down the neighbor’s field. My son grabbed his flashlight and looked around down at the wood line and caught a pair of large red-orange eyes reflection. We went down later to investigate where they were. There is an opening right where he saw the eyes. We determined that whatever it was had to stand about 4 feet tall or so if it was standing in the field and 9 feet tall if it was standing in the woods as the opening has a steep drop off to the tree he used as a reference spot. The last explanation is that whatever it is was in the tree at that level. We are hunters and spend time in the woods often. We have never seen a pair of red-orange eyes around here. Not sure what a bear’s eyes look like, but we have no bear population around here.

I often stay up very late and go outside to look around with the flashlight around 3 or 4 in the morning. I have heard on three occasions a very loud knock following my spotlighting around. It sounds like two large rocks being hit together, not like a rock hitting a tree. They have come from three different spots down in the back yard in the woods. The knock sounds are only heard about once every 8-12 days. Kind of like what ever it is only passes through this area on some kind of schedule. Not sure if that sounds logical? I have only on one occasion heard what I would call a howl. It was in the distance and was NOT a coyote. Not even close. It was a different tone and lasted too long.

I would love to hear a logical explanation for all of this.



Possible photo of juvenile Bigfoot taken in Arkansas, October 2009

This email was in reference to a photograph (above) I posted with another anecdote:

Hello Lon, my name is Louisa Clingan and my cam captured that pic back in Oct of 09. Thank you for posting it on your website. I am including in this e-mail attachments of the enhanced photo using only hue and contrast to bring out more definition. In the inverted pics you can see more structure, ear, hands, fingers and toes. The cam was set in that location to try and catch what was killing the barn cats, chickens and stealing the eggs.

Don't know if you know the background, but the pic was not taken seriously because our bird was in the following pics. You can see that it's not a bird lol. Also I really think that people think that these animals are born 9 feet tall, lol. This is a small juvenile, from what we figured using the reeds, fence line and bottom of the power box for height comparisons, we believe it is no taller than 18" from the top of the head to the ground in the sitting position, hypothetically it would be roughly 36" or 3' in the upright position. The visual that myself and son had on this same property back in 06 was no more that 3 1/2' to 4'.

My thanks to Louisa!


Wanting said...

In the pic of the young BF...can't see his eyes or nose or mouth...but then the photo is kind of hard to make out clearly.

I hate to say it, but in the first post (and possibly this one about the young one, also), it could be someone playing trick. That is always a possibility...which would be pathetic, because IF these things exist, anyone who is playing a joke on you is just making it more difficult to find proof.
I once went on a "ghost hunt" and got a very clear EVP...however, since my recorder was in the same room as several people I had disagreed with about using their Ouija board(twice), it could have been them trying to get back at me.

I never counted it as real because of that.

PowerPC said...


In this latest enhanced photo I to can see it! This is a human looking face. No hair is evident on the entire face except for eyebrows (although there might be some peach fuzz on the face). The lips, nose and eyes are visible and it looks as human as anything I have seen. If I saw an 8 foot tall hair covered creature with a face like this I believe I would freak out even more than one fully covered with hair. This is an excellent photo and I believe that enhancements are correct. They have to be. Either way, the photo is much better than the two or three posted a couple of days ago. I also had it wrong with the position of the mouth and other features in the first photos. If this picture is the result of your own enhancements, excellent work!

 photo phantom-encounter_zpsbrxtefmw.png

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