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Reader Submissions: The Alien Body, UFO Related Migraines and Scratching Entity

It's time to catch up on reader submitted mail:


Hi Lon - In 1986, my Dad and his sister owned a cattle ranch in northern Puerto Rico. One morning, after finding several heads of cattle mutilated under strange circumstances, Dad decided to guard the ranch during the night armed with a rifle along with myself (I was 15 at the time) and two of his friends.

A few nights later we noticed movement about 100 metres east of us. There were five short grayish beings with very large heads emerging from the ravine and approaching the cattle. The alien beings quickly entered one of the pens and proceeded to float a calf out. The floating calf was very close to the ground and the beings walked alongside it in a shuffling manner.

At that point, Dad and his friends began firing at the creatures. One of the beings seemed to be hit and fell to the ground shrieking loudly. The calf also fell to the ground while the other beings assisted their wounded companion who was writhing in obvious pain. The men fired again on the beings who then ran quickly into the woods leaving the injured being behind. The wounded being attempted to run away but was shot in the back by my Dad's friend. It lay silently on the ground dying. My Dad then struck on the head with the rifle butt caving in the top of the head. It died very shortly.

Pictures of the dead alien being were taken and hidden away. My Dad preserved the body in a large jar filled with alcohol and formaldehyde. He stored it in the cellar of our home and told me to never mention it to my Mother and siblings. I remember seeing it several more times after the incident.

In 1999, my Dad suddenly passed away. His friends think he was killed by the beings since he disappeared for several days before his burned body was found in a remote area. I do feel that my Dad's death was related to the alien beings we witnessed that strange night.

The body of the being is supposedly being kept by one of my Dad's friends who fears the local and US authorities would somehow prosecute him for his involvement in killing it. I now live in Texas and, honestly, I hope I never see that alien body again - though I do believe it should be disclosed that it exists.




Hello - this happened to me back in the early 70's. I was 8 years old and I still remember it well. We lived in a small rural area of Missouri not far from Ft Wood. My brother, cousin and I where out all day playing in the woods and just being kids. I am not sure of the time but as it started to get dark we decided to go frog hunting at a pond about a mile from the house. We spent about a hour at the pond and started home. As we where walking home though the wooded area my brother and cousin, who enjoyed playing tricks on me decided to run ahead and leave me in the dark wooded area and return home (I will point out even in the dark I knew these woods better then most adults in the area since it was my daily playground and me getting lost was out of the question).

At this point I have no memories of what happened after that until around 1 am when I came to my senses and was walking in the field behind our house. I remember seeing a glowing light above me that shot across the sky from east to the west at a great speed, leaving a trail of light behind it. As I neared the house my family was looking for me. The other boys had been home over an hour and had also returned to the area where they had left me and found me nowhere. Everyone at the house saw the lights in the sky that night but they just thought it was a meteor or a comet.

When I got home my aunt put me in the bath before I went to bed. When I was drying off I found what looked like a small burn behind my left ear that also had bump under the skin. For years after this event I had night terror dreams and migraine headaches. I started keeping a journal about my headache as many migraine suffers do to try to find the cause with no luck, at least until I started reading more and more about UFOs. I noticed a corresponding pattern to my migraines and sighting in the area.

I would just like to know if any other migraine suffers may have attacks at the time of sightings in their area. Any info you could give me about this would be very helpful.

Howard S.



Hi Lon,

I have debated a few days as to whether or not to repsond to your inquiry to others about flashes of light seemingly being "pictures." (NOTE: Flashing Shadow Person)

When I lived in Mecosta County, Michigan I had the most terrifying event of my entire life. Single mom of three children and this is where we had a lot of Bigfoot events and stories. My older twins and I continued experiencing flashes of light inside our heads that would wake us up. These flashes were curious, not frightening. But one night, I got my youngest daughter up to the bathroom and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of light out side. I took Sarah Jane back to bed and I went to the front room window that faced the north.

There to my utter amazement and great fright were three balls of light floating at the tops of the trees then floated down to the ground. The balls of light would get brighter and then dimmer, not flashing though. They were very close and between the house and the shed.

I watched and looking back, they were very non-threatening. My fear was of the unknown. They floated down to the gravel road about a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile to the west where they joined about 15 to 20 other lights. They floated south.

I will never forget this. But the flashes of light inside our heads happened occasionally until we moved from there. The next day, my neighbor said her dogs were up all night freaking out, barking, restless and running though their house.

This may be very insignificant, but kept having a feeling I should share this with you.




When I was a kid there was a house in our neighborhood that always seemed to be vacant. Some of the kids in the area would always be messing around in the yard or on the porch of this house - it was a normal thing to do. One day a couple of us slipped in the house through a window that was unlocked. We were only in the house for a few minutes when a scratching sound on the front door scared us all and we went running out. It sounded like a dog scratching frantically at the door to get in.

Well a few months later a family moved in the house and they had a girl that was close to my age. Because of her age and how close we lived to one another we became friends very quickly. It was a year or two later that she confided in me that her Mom and Dad were not getting along and were splitting up. As I was telling her I was sorry she also said that she thought her house was haunted. I asked her why and she said that at least once a week there would be a terrible scratching sound at the front door and when her Dad would investigate it would suddenly stop.

The story would end there but a few years later I learned that the house was built in the same spot where another house had burned down years before. The people who lived there all got out except for their dog. It was found at the front door with scratch marks all over it.


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