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Humanoid / Cryptid Encounter Reports 38

The following are previous humanoid / cryptid encounter reports received by various agencies worldwide:


Location: Cheljabinsk, Russia - Spring 2002 - no time given

In the spring of 2002, a guard from the zoo of Cheljabinsk city was alerted though the strange barking of one of the guard dogs. The dog was very worked up, and tried to break free. The guard and random visitors of the zoo were witnesses to a large, hairy being attempting to jump over the fence of the park. Just as it had almost cleared the fence, the dog broke free and attacked the interloper. The being fled, following a short fight. Cries and murmurs could be heard coming from his direction. The dog returned in the morning covered with blood. Tufts of gray hair and footprints were discovered on the fence. The blood and hair were examined. The examination revealed that the hair did not belong to any known animal, but rather to an unknown primate.

The size of the footprints were 50 x 25 centimeters, the length of the stride was about 2 meters. The next morning, and employee saw a three-meter tall being in the forest near the zoo. He walked away from it. The zoo’s veterinarian, Valentin Gorbenko, examined the hair and tracks. He states that this 'hominid being' came to the zoo looking for food following his winter hibernation. He also thinks that the creature was a descendant of one which was seen at the zoo 10 years earlier.

Source: Na Grani Nevozmozhnogo - Russia



Location: West Virginia (mountains) - around 1970 - daylight

Witness statement: My mother and I saw a bird that followed the car up a mountain road. We saw only the tail and the underside of this animal. It's wings were almost as wide as the road. This animal repeatedly flew over the hood of the car as we drove. It did not have a feathered tail - it's tail looked long and coiled up. It was dark in color.

When we witnessed this I told my mother that I looked like a prehistoric bird. This animal was much larger than a turkey, turkey buzzard, owl, eagle, hawk or any other bird of prey that I have ever seen. It had a broad heavy body. In fact it looked so large that it had trouble getting airborne and it used the path of the road to get up in the air. This bird looked large enough to easily take down a dog or deer-sized animal.

I cannot say that it had any man-like features but this was something that both myself and my mother still remember. I have to believe that other people witnessed we saw and I can see why they called it Mothman. This is a true story - for obvious reasons I can see that people blow it off as untrue but we know the truth. I know another person in Maysville, WV that has described something similar. He explained to me he did not know what it was but it was as big as the highway is wide.

Source: Witness correspondence

NOTE: Maysville, WV is near Canaan Valley State Park, an area that has produced several bizarre cryptid sightings including Bigfoot and odd humanoids. Though the specific location of this sighting was not given I suspect it was in the same general locale...Lon



Location: Near East Driefontein Mines, South Africa - 1953 - afternoon

The young witness remembered seeing an object land on the farm. The object was metallic and was shaped like two shells stuck together, it was about 10 meters in diameter and it was standing on three metallic legs. A human like figure came out of the object and approached the witness, apparently communicating with him, telling him that he was going to be taken for a ride in the object.

The man was described as thin, with long black hair, fairly dark skin, a young face, white teeth, and dark angular eyebrows. He accompanied the witness to the house to get a basket of food and on the way there one of the dogs apparently attacked and bit the strange visitor. According to the witness the man then made a strange “crowing” noise, resembling that of roosters, he made that noise continuously after the bite.

Inside the object he saw small windows all around, little lights around the window frames. It had light brown upholstery on motor car seats. The object took off silently. Apparently the witness does not recall what happened next. He later found himself in his bed.

Source: UFO Afrinews

NOTE: There are at least two versions of this encounter and the being is very similar to descriptions from the Zimbabwe school episode in 1994. One aspect that is consistent with both versions is the odd 'crowing' sound made by the being. Truly weird...Lon



In November - December 1995, there was a flap of unusual sightings in rural Dade County, Florida in an area referred to as East Everglades. Four of those reports follow:

On several occasions a farm hand at a ranch located in an area known as the East Everglades noticed a large winged bat-like creature with leathery skin and wings fly over a fence several times and hover over a field. During the same time numerous farm animals including mules were found strangely mutilated by its owners in the same area.


Awaken by the sounds of his barking dogs Rene Revilla Jr., a farm hand, ran out to see three tall blond haired men wearing gray coveralls ride away in what appeared to be 4-wheeled swamp buggy type vehicles. The men were tall and very muscular in appearance. They disappeared towards the west into an area known as the East Everglades. The farm hand fired a shot at the men, bud did not hit them. Soon after they saw a large white light descend over the nearby swamp. Two smaller white lights emerged from the bigger object and shot away at high speed. The light hovered over the area for a while. The witness is quite sure that the men were somehow connected with the bright lights.


An anonymous man reported seeing a brilliant object descend from the sky and appear to land into a nearby man-made lake, behind an apartment complex. Armed with a flashlight he approached the site and reported seeing two beings in the water with large heads and bright luminous eyes that appeared to be flashing and blinking. They seemed to be swimming in the lake waters. The witness briefly illuminated the creatures with a flashlight, and reported that their eyes seemed to flare up. He then quickly ran away from the area and called the police. It is not known if the police found anything.


The witness awoke to a white haze in his bedroom. It suddenly dissolved and several dozen small "angel-like" creatures appeared. These were described as about 3 foot tall, with white wing-like protrusions and with little lights. Their faces seemed to be a gray-human combination with the pupils of the eyes larger than a normal human and the faces larger in proportion to the body. The experiences made the witness feel elated.

Sources: Albert S. Rosales
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