Friday, April 08, 2011

Has 'The Nightcrawler' Returned?

In 2008, a CCTV video of a 'stick person-like' creature walking through a San Diego, CA residential yard was recorded and went viral on YouTube. It was dubbed 'The Nightcrawler' and was investigated by at least 2 parties (each with an opposite opinion as to authenticity). Now a recent sighting in Fresno, CA has raised more questions, including...has 'The Nightcrawler' returned?

Click for video - Strange Alien Stick-like creatures caught on security camera above Fresno in Yosemite National Park

Statement with video: A retired couple was having trouble with break-ins in their Yosemite private property and aimed their security camera at the driveway to video visitors. They caught these things on their security camera and called me over to see because they know I am interested in the paranormal. They gave me this digital copy but I can't figure out what the crap they are! They remind me of the Fresno Stick-like creatures but they seem to transfer weight and there are two here. Is one a baby? What are these!? Nightcrawlers? Stickmen? Something new? What?

The most recent version:

Click for video 2 - Strange Alien Stick-like creatures caught on security camera above Fresno in Yosemite National Park

Look at the following video...does this look familiar?

Click for video - FRESNO, stick-like creatures caugh by CCTV: Aliens, interdimensional beings or what???

Click for video - Fresno Alien, Nightcrawler, Stick Figure Stickman Surveilence Analysis - Higher Quality


hall442 said...

The original video from 2008 is authentic. This recent one is not. There are obvious differences in the movement of the creature between the two videos.

The 2nd video LOOKS fake. The 1st does not. And I've seen nothing to convince me that there's a way to fake the 1st video, or that it COULD have been faked. The 2nd video is obviously puppets on guide-wires.

itscrazytime said...

I saw the original video on Fact or Faked and they had trouble proving it a fake, but I have some issues with this video. First of all, if you watch the video around the :38 mark, you can clearly see some form of "knees" bending, and they seem to bend both ways. This is clearly seen on both "creatures" and seems quite awkward. The movement on both is suspect. They are just kind of limbering along, and at times seem to wobble from side to side. Their movement also does not seem as fluid as the original video. I don't know...I think that a hoax is this case could not be ruled out.

Ruby said...

Both are interesting, but this most recent vid looks somewhat computer generated or sumthin like that. Dig this site btw ^_^

Marty said...

I am still wanting to say that it couldl be birds...they walk like birds....perhaps the top part of their bodies were not in focus. I just feel that there is an explanation. I find it interesting that there are happening close to wooded areas....

stephen said...

When my grandfather came to home from work on foot. he saw something on the ground, then he cross the steet to the other side. then crature stood up and it had long, thin legs and no body. The creature began to run after my grandfather and it begun to screamed all the time. then my grandpa got home, my grandmother opned the door and he fell to the ground ... he almost had a heart attack. That was in the 70's
after I learned about the nightcrwalers, things made ​​sense.

Jason McIntire said...

Flamingos. View:

This clip shows one performing, but you see the similarity to movement. And they are native the the this was filmed. Not all flamingos are so blessed with the bright feathering. These are mostly likely a variety with bright feathers eventing down the legs and darker on the body.

Viewing the original video closely shows certain light reflections disappearing as the "legs" pass below them.

Also, emu are reported to roam naturally in certain areas of Florida and are very simaliar in appearance.

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